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File: wear-a-helmet.png (387 KB, 680x400)
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/xs/ is a place to discuss all types of extreme sports and similar physical activities, which include (but are not limited to) skydiving, surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, climbing, rafting, bungee-jumping, parkour, BMX & mountain biking, airsoft, paintball, etc.

File: $400 peice of trash.jpg (93 KB, 1200x900)
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Keep strictly real steel gun related laws and politics to >>>/k/ and >>>/pol/, faghead. Leave the gun and gear porn.

If you have a useful guide or want to rework one for the OP, post it and someone will add it to the next one.

>Newbie pastebin

>/asg/ retailer guide

>Legal comprehensive, crosscheck with your local laws to be on the safe side
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Is that the LCT HK33? I bought the Classic Army version just before LCT announced their's. The Classic Army one is okay, mosfet is nice, but it feels a bit flimsy, LCT must be a brick.
Its built like a brick shithouse and weighs like 10lb but thats good because i destroy guns

shoots great but when i first got it all of the controls were super tight because of LCTs tight ass tolerances.
Yeah, we were NATO. We wanted guerilla ont he 2nd, even got the tickets for it but they swapped us since there were 3 of us and they wanted those spots to go to some other guys that were friends with someone in the cadre for guer. I could see MSW being fun if the people would stop trying to LARP big Army and line-Marines and would just go a bit more "Panty Raid at Delta Phi".

That said, I've heard Desert Fox events are better and there's rumor they might run one nearby in the fall.
File: 3pix.jpg (1.16 MB, 3072x2048)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
I cannot emphasize this enough: GO MILITIA/RUSFOR. I distinctly remember sneaking around the line the first night at Caspian Breakout and hearing an unidentified unit talking to each other. It sounded so unlike any way I've ever heard people talk on RUSFOR, we knew immediately it was NATO, and then we ambushed the shit out of them. NATO gets filled to the brim by weird fetishists who talk like military robots. RUSFOR and Militia is also filled with weird LARPers (I'm definitely one of them), but it's definitely a lot more light-hearted and self-aware.

If you absolutely must stick to NATO though, check out TF Keg. They're 10th mountain impressionists, and they're all super chill too. Desert Fox events are just your typical 3-day pick-up game "milsim" experience but with a neat app. Plenty well produced, but nothing new.
I'm guessing you're actual military. I've heard this complaint a lot from other dudes that are/were and I feel ya, but I would suggest going again and having the mindset that you're trying to help younger guys learn and appreciate the knowledge we have and providing them with some small manner of mentorship. It can be very fulfilling that way

MS Thot edition

>What is HEMA?
HEMA stands for Historical European Martial Arts, sometimes also called Historical Fencing.
It's reconstructing how to fight with swords, daggers, polearms and other weapons based on old European fighting treatises

>What does it look like?
Inside the World of Longsword Fighting - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zueF4Mu2uM
Back to the source - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DBmNVHTmNs
Martin Fabian Sparring - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8QlbKfX84k

>Where can I find these treatises?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Yes, and I think that's part of the issue.
It is. Americans shouldn't be allowed to do HEMA. You spoil it just like you spoiled everything else. Go be fat somewhere else.
Does your club even do 100m sprints?
I tried to introduce sprints, less than 100m, two guys hurt themselves the very first time, don't ask me how.
Haven't done them since.
No, but we do around 1000-1500 practice swings as warm up.

File: keyboard.jpg (119 KB, 800x533)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Is competitive speed typing an extreme sport and if so how many wpm can you type?
How many wpm is needed for
>not complete trash
I'm usually hitting around 12-15 wpm
phoneposters GET OUT

File: dopefish.jpg (49 KB, 500x500)
49 KB
what's in your quiver lads?

trying to talk myself down from buying one of these. was going to get a firewire seaside but don't want to be a chinafag.
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paddleboards are for 50 year old fat guys.

Go a shorter fish (quad maybe?) with a bit more volume?
I still see 50 year old fat guys surfing at my brake, paddleboards are for quitters.
I'm pretty sure you'd get rekt trying to ride waves with an inflatable paddle board, those are just for cruising around flat water
Whenever I try to practice duckdiving, my instinct is to use the knee of my frontfoot. What's going on? I guess it's still ok if I get through, right?

Tomboys are the future edition

>What is bouldering?
Bouldering is a form of free climbing that is performed on small rock formations, boulders or artificial rock walls without the use of ropes or harnesses. Climbing shoes and a crash pad are usually the minimum equipment needed. Other styles of rock climbing (Sport, Trad) use various forms of protective equipment while climbing.

Previous thread >>24374
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I'm 172. You just gotta get creative, or get good at dyno. In ifsc for men 2021, the average height must be around 175-178cm or so. (the guy who came second was 172cm)
File: cropped_image_l.png (594 KB, 960x539)
594 KB
594 KB PNG
Noguchi Akiyo
try moonboarding for a couple months straight, it'll teach you to fly
I always get so quiet and antisocial when i boulder, I treat it as I'm at a gym. Can't really not do it, it's like my brain goes into "don't care, gtfo"-mode automatically. Which sucks cuz I wanna find someone to climb rope with. What do?
I find that the easiest way to meet people is to ask for help on beta. Everyone likes to give advice. Look for people who are a little better than you, or on the same project.

That will get you some bouldering partners. Finding someone to get on a rope with you will require a little more work.

File: 1617888000085.png (746 KB, 716x668)
746 KB
746 KB PNG
>Be 22
>End of 2019 I wanted to start skating because I hanged out with skaters and felt like a bitch rolling and sitting by myself watching
>Get Inspired Blokes, Heroin, Craig questions and Gou Miyagi
>But I'm was way over 200 pounds, buy 9" deck with 58" wheels "fat man set up"
>Really slow learner can bearly ride
>Feb 2020 Skating crusty UK road, over stone fall and twist ankle
>Walk it off smoke a joint and then my mate breaks my deer man desk doing a hardflip, then we walk around the forest, agonising pain that night worst ever injury, swelling, bad bruising, take a couple of months out (This will be important later)
>April 2020 friend gets me a blast skate deck by this point I'm big into the culture, watching small UK indie parts, Vague skate mag/ Baghead Crew
>Losing weight, skating my uni campus, empty lockdown square, do loops for hours (pic related)
>Start doing more dangerous hills, loving it but just wanna focus on riding don't even bother learning to ollie
>Skitch my local hill holding another mate on a bike, at night on ket, Fuck speed-wobbles, we're going fast, love the rush, don't fuck up, at this point, I'm cruising street roads like it's nothing getting a few bangs but nothing bad
>July 2020, Do massive hill without knowing it, crusty hill, into a smooth bank, Oh shit its like butter, gain loads of speed, Fuck! it's crusty again, roots under the road but holy fuck I did it, put a foot down to slow down, slip, smash shoulder into the road
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You will have less injuries, you will be more agile, you will flow faster.
Jesus Christ dude. You need to stop getting influenced so much by what you see. Skating isn't just what you see on Thrasher or YouTube, it's much more then that.
Skating over 200 is fine. See general you're not too fat to skate. Youre not 15 anymore and you have to rest sometimes its ok
sadly this but if he loves skating at least its good for him
skating culture is not dead lmao.........it's developed. people who say skate culture is dead don't skate lmao....

>*delete all TK scenes*
Ah yes, the perfect skate video.
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I hate this vid. Disgusting greasy wannabe rockstars. Very cringe. Bag of Suck is the perfect skate video.
wasn't ali on this? wheres his name?
terrible bait man. try harder next time timmy and go to bed, you have school tomorrow.
The best skate videos are Blind video days and Birdhouse the end.
clearly bait kek

File: IMG_2598_720x.jpg (122 KB, 720x720)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Never bought one of these, any thoughts from my fellow skate boarders?

I need a new deck

local shop has them listen as "BLANK TOP SHELF SKATEBOARD DECKS"
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Anyone skated on of these Globe "blank" decks?
File: Blank.jpg (171 KB, 1152x941)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
oops forgot pic
blanks seem the way to go. im seeing company decks around 96 to 106 dollars, and this is why blanks are better. literally only paying for the graphic. i'll paint my own graphic for free.
covid-19 retard. are people this dumb?
blanks can be good but its hard to tell the quality of them really just check it before you purchase them i guess

File: transitiondrop.jpg (554 KB, 1440x1800)
554 KB
554 KB JPG
If you ride mountain bikes off-pavement, get in here. Commuters and pavement ebike boomers stay home. Only extreme riders allowed

Share mtb stories
post your bike
talk about your techniques
talk about your routes
ask about any of the above
discuss hatred of hikers who wear headphones, are looking down, and have their dogs off leash then have the nerve to get mad at you for passing them even though you have your bell on the whole time

Previous thread: >>104
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It's OK if someone rides a 26er and has fun. Some people even have enough skills to outperform your gay ass on a 29er.
File: ShitIsPokingItsHeadOut.png (210 KB, 444x500)
210 KB
210 KB PNG
>It's OK if someone rides a 26er and has fun.
Does not mean that 26 or 27.5 isn't obsolete.

> Some people even have enough skills to outperform your gay ass on a 29er.
And I have enough skill to outperform a majority of riders on 26 and 27.5. What is your point?
OP's skills
>Show up with expensive bike
>talk shit
>bomb hills relying totally on the bike to keep it together
>talk more shit about older bikes he sees on the trails
>leave if someone with actual skills shows up and might make him look bad
>Run to the Internet to soothe his fragile ego
File: FB_IMG_1617045798629.png (883 KB, 720x721)
883 KB
883 KB PNG
Stop being poor and upgrade that 26er
Sorry my ultra wide fisheye broke so I can’t join you

File: image11.png (119 KB, 425x345)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
GX1000 - Roll Up

Skull Skates - Burns my Bones

Powell Peralta Presents: Andy Anderson

Blood Wizard - The Occult Part 3

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Almost.jpg (2.08 MB, 1507x2186)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB JPG
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukqBz4CjPu0

Yes, I'm old.
flip sorry, flip really sorry, flip extremely sorry, yeah right, streets on fire, public domain
Real - Kicked Out of Everywhere


Fancy Lad - Is This Skateboarding

Big Brother - "Number Two"

Bronze 56k - *IT'S TIME*

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: speed vault.jpg (363 KB, 999x1500)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
Now that /asp/ has been resurrected as /xs/, it's time for a parkour thread. I've been getting back into parkour the last couple months and I have to say I missed it as much as I missed old /asp/. Where are you at with your training? How have you been working around the lockdown chains of Corona-chan? How much do you apply the utilitarian Hébertist mindset of being strong to be useful to your training routines?

I guess freerunners can post, too. Maybe even gymnasts and trickers if you don't get your own thread up and running.
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very old timer here that sometimes lurks the threads (~2006-2009), trained this spot a few times when it was still painted orange. that pre is actualy not *quite* as bad as yo might think. Scary for sure but the distance isn't insane and if you overshoot you're pretty safe
is jimmythegiant accurate for general parkour history info? I've seen some complaints that his vids are too UK-centric.
>Do humans carry bias? I heard this UK guy carries some UK bias.
He is accurate enough when you remember that he does indeed come from the UK scene. Jimmy is an enthusiast inside the scene who knows people who know people, not an actual historian, so that's the perspective you get. The massive jams and cross-culture pollination of the early 2000s has died down and lots of scenes fragmented to different stuff and some scenes have died out with the march of time, so to get "proper" historical overview would require translators and contacts from those different scenes around the world to actually go beyond the personal network of contacts that Jimmy has.

Best case scenario would be proper studies by academia, but that requires traceurs in universities to do actual work and not just jump the gaps.

Other than that, I'd like to see someone like Jimmy to come from different scenes. Maybe some eastern european, or Finn, or German, or hell, get some guy from France who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows one of the yamakasi, and you're off to a good start for getting a perspective different from UK scene.
Has anyone done a video about this yet? The overplayed running-from-security era of parkour videography was silly and fun.

File: coke vs weed.jpg (56 KB, 700x825)
56 KB
Ok here's the things I learned in fighting and from watching others fight.

You need:
>Hard. fast hands
>Some takedowns and cranks

You don't need:

Generally, fights start in a punching distance.
1. Punches are thrown
>Someone may get KO'ed -> Fight over
>Othewise, someone will start clinching
2. Standup grappling

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Everybody engaged in threads like these are laughed at by every fighter of every style, even karate twinks can't take you fat cunts seriously
>sorry im not that fucking autistic man
More autistic than going into a street fight unarmed and thinking you can Just Win? Really?
People who think ground and pound styles work in the street often do not understand that most people that are willing to fight some random stranger often travel with friends.

You start choking a dude out, or do some shit that makes the fight boring for them to watch, they will start coming over and stomping you out. It's literally bar fighting 101 shit
I unironically believe walking around with a pair of escrima sticks 24/7 is peak autism.
Iunno man.
I tend to carry a messenger bag or training bag (basically yuppie bullshit I know) around so nobody's gotta see it. If I don't have time to get 'em I'd have lost the encounter anyway.

File: skiing.jpg (130 KB, 1182x887)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
>bought a season pass
>wasted money because of the fake pandemic
I am mad, lets hate on snowb***d cucks. Give me your best snowb***d hate stories.
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Thank your politicians for inflation buddeh
File: Pepe.jpg (11 KB, 300x291)
11 KB
I am the best skier on 4chan
Hood (Oregon) has year round lift accessed skiing.
Rainier (Washington) and Timpanogos (Utah) have year round skiing if you're willing to hike.
Zermatt (Switzerland) has year round lift accessed.
Beartooth (Montana) has lift accessed summer skiing. Other places in Montana have lift accessed winter/spring skiing.
Squaw has been open into July a few times, but April or May is typical and Snowbird usually stays open later than Squaw. Late May is typical for Snowbird, July at the latest. Snowbird goes later than Alta.
To clarify: Rainier and Timpanogos have summer skiing if you're willing to hike. Winter is a bad idea on those mountains, you'll fucking die in an avalanche. But there's plenty of lift accessed winter skiing close enough to those mountains.
And another clarification: Beartooth only runs the lift during summer.
For east coast, I think Tuckerman is hikeable all summer.

File: ski bernie.jpg (7 KB, 271x186)
7 KB
Extreme skiing is. Come over to the ski general. >>17567

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