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/xs/ is a place to discuss all types of extreme sports and similar physical activities, which include (but are not limited to) skydiving, surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, climbing, rafting, bungee-jumping, parkour, BMX & mountain biking, airsoft, paintball, etc.

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How did it feel?
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what if your 6'4, 240 lbs. and none of the women can reach your neck?

Possible. But I've seen high level BJJ bitches just fuck up massive untrained dudes and get them to tap.

I've seen some very good Muay Thai bitches rag on big untrained dudes just with sheer speed.

Yeah obvs once big dudes are trained they'll literally rape those women.
I mean you could just throw them. Like just grabbed them by their little neck or hair or even the collar of their shirt and lift them up and slam them down.
i insulted this girls mother, she wanted to fight me. I accepted the challenge. Little did i know she was kickboxer. She beat me hard.

File: mtb01.jpg (300 KB, 946x2048)
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300 KB JPG
Delusional Boomer Shitbike Ad Edition
Post pics of ads of shitbikes priced way too high
Post monstrosities that used be good bikes but were ruined by boomers

> What good bike can I get for under $500?
a stolen bike. Possibly a newer used entry level hardtail but don't expect it to survive rock gardens, jumps, or drops. Or an older mtb which won't be as good as newer ones and will still have a front derailleur, but it'll be good enough.
> What good bike can I get for under $1000
Used hardtail
> What good bike can I get for under $2000?
New Hardtail
> What good bike can I get for under $3000?
Used full suspension
> What are the excellent value brands?
Marin, Commencal, Canyon, Polygon, YT, Propain, Kona, and many more. Sometimes the expensive brands have an excellent value bike

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> I gave you some papers on brakes pads
I remember that paper. It was unapplicable because (now this is from memory) pad compound is likely different to want you would be using on an MTB (i.e. not all metalic compounds are the same and different mixtures will give different performance) and the experimental model was too different to MTBing to draw accurate conclusions. Learn to science buddy.

> And we can easily prove that rotors get to those high temps due to rotor bluing.
When was the last time you saw someone with a blued rotor? I have done descents with my brake pads touching my rotors. Now they were crazy hot at the bottom, but the rotors were not blued nor did I see a degradation in performance (this was on organic pads too).

> And you will not post it
Grew up riding South-East Queensland, have rode the major Alpine parks in Australia, New Zealand, and Sydney (including Jack Moir's local trails).

> Just ride road, you go fast aswell
I do already, but going fast on an MTB is different to going fast on road.

> Ofc it shits them up, it makes them better and a bit more natural
Why not ride actual natural tech? Or are you not good enough to ride natural tech?
The differing pad compounds is an interesting point. I have notice that pads of the same compound from different brands will perform differently.

> I won’t make any claims on brake fade
I have personally done descents with organic pads rubbing against the rotor and that did cause any fade.

I still maintain that if you want the 'best' braking, you spend the money on a set of good down hill brakes and the biggest rotors your bike can fit. I will do more for performance than piss farting around with pad compounds.
File: 20221126_131857.jpg (1.47 MB, 3024x2953)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB JPG
>It was unapplicable
Compound might be different but still made from organic bounded by resin and metal from compact metal powder. Yet there was a relationship between metal/organic and temp, the same relationship on mtb brake pads. A 4x2x1cm pad heated(from braking) to x temp will behave the same to a smaller brake pad heated to x temp.
>When was the last time you saw someone with a blued rotor?
My rotor lmao. Purple. And you can see thats after cleaning.
>I have done descents with my brake pads touching my rotors. Now they were crazy hot at the bottom, but the rotors were not blued nor did I see a degradation in performance (this was on organic pads too).
>Grew up riding South-East Queensland, have rode the major Alpine parks in Australia, New Zealand, and Sydney (including Jack Moir's local trails
Are you running finned pads, "sandwiched" rotors, finned rotors? Either that, no brake flow trails, or just not using them.
>Why not ride actual natural tech? Or are you not good enough to ride natural tech?
I do. When you shit on it and the trail gets fucked that means there one more trail to ride. It has the jumps with the flow AND the steep berms gets better. There's one trail that was a jump line with big berms and to do the jump on the berm's exit you gotta plow through the fucked up berm. You can barely clear the jump when before the trail did everything.

I don't feel too much difference in compounds from companies but I do with organic/metal. Ran my old metallic pads from Brake authority before putting the finned metallic pads from shimano and the difference wasn't too big, but I can tell it takes a more to heat up. And when I removed the old shimano metallic pads and put the brake authortity pads I said there was a difference, which doesn't make sense as I'm back shimano compound and feels the same. I'll need to wait for summer to give proper hell to the brakes on huge descents and races.
The temptation to buy a fork on sale is too great
Might get a Marzocchi Bomber z2 to replace my Suntour pogo stick
Do it, anything but a pogo stick. It will make the ride better

Is there some type of thing or place where you can just spar with other random people, just along as u dont really injure the guy u could both do anything u want, not like "fight club" but something where u both can walk away just tired and sweating but still fine
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As a trained fighter, willpower and killer instinct is incredibly important. That's why Uriah Hall sucks despite being elite at striking, and why Vettori would body him

True but that's different to what OP is arguing which is that training makes you worse and his will power can defeat trained fighters. Which is retarded.

Vetorri has trained since he was 13 years old. Him being hungrier for success against someone roughly equally well trained isn't the same as OP thinking no training makes him better than trained fighters..
Most people who have trained will still get wrecked in a fight because they do it for fun or personal discipline, and don't like hurting people. Willpower won't automatically turn the tide, but it increases your chances as an untrained person from maybe 20% to 35-40%.

Myself, I started training because I like fighting people. Not a single noble reason for it. So I have the willpower, killer instinct, and the training.
File: 884616004.jpg.jpg (147 KB, 1400x1050)
147 KB
147 KB JPG

A trained person can lose from a lucky shot against some untrained retard flailing around like a spaz. But training reduces that chance.

I still don't buy that desu as I don't think people understand how much modern combat sports (i.e. boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, MMA) athletes train. These guys are fighting 4 to 5 nights a week. You have to be stupid lucky even with this keyboard warrior cope that you're just built different and want it more..

The other thing the dumbass saying training makes you worse at fighting is missing is the amount strength and conditioning work these dudes put in.

All the competitive grapplers I know also are decent if not competing strongmen, and the strikers do a fuck load of hard cardio conditioning to build their gas tanks. And the MMA guys both..

So you're going up against a trained opponent who fights most nights a week and has done hard pressure testing in competitions plus weighs say at least 1.5 times as much as you with lb per lb strength multiple times higher than you and will be fighting at full power when you're gassed out 30 seconds in..

Realistically it doesn't matter how lucky you get or how much killer instinct you have. You're going to get fucked up by them.
You're implying I didn't do the same when I trained. I say it as someone who did 10 hours of intense training a week, on top of framing houses during the day. That's a lot of physical activity. I sparred and was incredibly competitive against local champs when I had only around 2 years of training, because I took it seriously. The ability to take a shot and keep going, or increasing the duration of being held in a choke, is ENTIRELY about willpower. Everyone who believes otherwise just doesn't have it.

And I'm not talking about only competitive trained people, I'm talking EVERYONE who has trained for a decent amount of time.

File: IMG_0526.jpg (239 KB, 800x1098)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
>2023 trend predictions edition

Basic brand information for beginners:
>https://pastebin.com/CxdBGA6W (embed)
Shoe reviews:
Submit a shoe review:

Old thread: >>124878
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Vibed. What is this new word? Is it when you misinterpret the language of someone else? Because if you never cared about what other people are doing, or saying, then it's impossible to get Vibed. Unless my definition is incorrect.

I went to the skatepark today. Nobody was there. So I was not Vibed. So because I was not seen or heard, and because I could not see or hear anyone else. It was impossible to experience vibes.

It was peaceful.
cool, good for you man but why are we still talking about this
Vibed has been said 12 times in this thread. So I needed to ask. Why are you busting my curiosity, bra?
>i'm so fuckin cool i just wear headphones and don't talk to anybody at the park and i have no friends to skate with but that's fine because no one vibes me either

Blah blah blah shut up cunt
I've heard Salba, a man just short of 60, use the term "vibed". It's not new.

File: climbing perfection.jpg (45 KB, 1080x720)
45 KB
Peak performance edition

>Should I start climbing?
Yes. Get a friend, find your closest gym, go there and rent some shoes. Start with bouldering. Usually two colored tape-marks set the start of the route and the color of the tape is difficulty. Route is the same-colored grips up until the topmost grip (not edge of wall). There's usually a difficulty chart around the gym somewhere. Two hands on the last grip = you've sent it, congratulations.

>How do I start toproping?
You have to learn how to belay. Almost every climbing gym has toproping courses if they have toprope walls. Same grip-color system as with the bouldering, but here it's more common with each route having a specific grade instead of being within a range of grades. The grading system differs internationally and for style see here for more info: https://www.sportrock.com/post/understanding-climbing-grades

>I just bought a BeastMaker 2000™, will I finally git gud?
No, you'll just fuck up your tendons. Google "Eva Lopez fingerboard routine" to learn how to use a fingerboards safely.

(Eternally remembered as /bog/)

Old thread >>107234
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all the talk about
>and then i connected with my therapist
>and then i went to social media to share my experiences, and make a safe space for larger bodied people
every fucking time, when will these people look in a mirror and accept reality for once?
70% of Texans are overweight. Half of those are obese.
yeah well 99% of gyms are conventional planet fitness type fatoid friendly gyms

File: front by anon.webm (1.41 MB, 1280x720)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB WEBM
Parkour thread.

Where are you at with your training? How have you been working around the limits of weather and lockdowns? How much do you apply the utilitarian Hébertist mindset of being strong to be useful to your training routines?

Freerunners can post, too. Maybe even gymnasts and trickers if you don't get your own thread up and running.

original thread >>1236
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Modern parkour incorporates a lot of tricking which is just gymnastics without the rules.
How big is this gap? also do you guys think it is stickable? maybe a long jumper that learns side pres cant stick this?
made typo i meant
can stick this*
Hello new here I just started because of this guy

how long and tough would it be to get this to level
idk how long it generally takes.

i think the toughest calisthenic thing he's done is here @ 2:11 mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_QZHaPBrIo

lache to bar followed by a muscle-up w/ a bit of kip.
I see he also has a parkour video from like a decade ago here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKP5YJdGJS4

looks very clean and controlled to me. reminds me an ex-parkour guy called "Teghead" on youtube. I think his climb-ups will be the most difficult to emulate since they are more boring to train than jumps and vaults. there are parkour dudes with worse climb-ups that have been training for several years now. but they focus more on jumps, vaults, and tricks.

File: Women of ADCC.jpg (435 KB, 2048x1012)
435 KB
435 KB JPG
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu General
Support woman grapplers edition


Belt Checker

Previous thread

Thread question
>What is a technique you have learnt from a woman grappler?
For me, it was an X-Guard sweep from Michelle Nicholini
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When I throw my legs up for triangle I keep kicking them in the head what do
>he doesnt watch danaher or cary kolat
File: viper kill myself.png (1.9 MB, 1024x1024)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB PNG
any good no-gi takedowns for extremely passive stand-up players?

i can't wrestle for shit, so my main takedowns have been:
>arm drag to inside trip
>outside trip from the over-under clinch
>tani otoshi from the clinch

i end up in the clinch often and it feels completely random whether or not i can manage to do anything from there.
i think a big problem is when my training partners create distance and i can't seem to close in for the outside trip or the tani otoshi, resulting in me getting stalled and wearing myself out.
what If I dont want to be a soft belt? what options do I have? I want to go to to like nick diazs school now I have to be a weak belt my entire life cuz thats not an option?
File: 1602359138781.jpg (73 KB, 680x679)
73 KB
How do you guys go on about defeating someone who does nothing the entire match? Lost in comp today to a guy who used to train at my gym but he switched gyms. I used to smash him before but today he did fuck all and won on points. Match was 7 minutes long, hes a faggot so he has no stand up and he pulled guard instantly. I engage and he sweeps me and mounts me. Again hes a massive faggot so he doesnt attempt any submissions at all and I manage to do an elbow escape into single x and we both stand up. As soon as we stood up I go into a double leg but he runs out of the fighting area. Referee resets us in the middle and he pulls guard again instantly. I go into passing and almost take his side but he goes into turtle. I go to take his back and get one hook in and one of my hands lands under his throat and I dont manage to choke him and I also dont manage to put the second hook in cos he turned into me while I was setting up the choke. Then somehow idk how he triangles my leg and does fuck all and just stall for the remainder of the match. He did 0 attacking and 0 submission attemps. Just good old anti jiu jitsu and stalling. What should I do? Should I just be a really agressive guy and always go 100%. I always do good in competitions when I'm depressed but now going into this one I was in a good place mentally so I didn't really care about shit desu. I got another competition in 7 days and if this guy signs up I want to seriously injure him, like suplex him onto his head.

File: 1654689689405.jpg (46 KB, 271x548)
46 KB
karate thread - Kyokushin Bull edition

previous >>85346

This dude had essentially 2 wives as his first wife encouraged him to bone some other bitch?

newaza edition

Thread for judo (other jacketed wrestling styles welcome)

>IJF World Tour Schedule 2022

November 4-6 - Baku Grand Slam
December 3-4 - Tokyo Grand Slam

>IJF World Tour Schedule 2023

January 27-29 - Portugal Grand Prix
February 4-5 - Paris Grand Slam
February 17-19 - Tel Aviv Grand Slam
March 3-5 - Tashkent Grand Slam

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Of course. Boxing and judo complement each other well. And they're both dirt cheap. If you throw in some Muay cut kicks, you pretty much have your bases covered.
some mma competion to test bith?
Which Judo throw would be the most effective for taking down a Sumo wrestler?
banana peel
Is that an Ippon?

File: Untitled.png (238 KB, 610x328)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
Discuss how much this martial art sucks. It's totally useless for the streets. Just learn to wrestle or Judo so you don't end up on the ground on your back. Judo has standing submissions. It's boring as ass to watch.

It's gay as fuck and basically just simulated sex with another man. It's pointless except for fighting other Brazilian lady boys on a beach in Rio or in the cage. It's basically run as a combination of a cult and Ponzi scheme. All it's high level practitioners like Gordan Ryan are total cunts. Fuck this gay art man. K1 should have become the dominant martial art & combat sport not this shit.
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>it’s only useless if you don’t train other martial arts that don’t suck
Lmfao this is exactly what people used to say about aikido.

No argument here. I'm the OP. That's my entire issue with BJJ it's only the best in a very specific domain. One which I don't think really occurs in real life self defence situations. So I don't think it should have eclipsed almost all other arts in the way it has. Boxing, Muay Thai, wrestling, and Judo are better imho for most people & most situations. It's just best for the cage
i just like to fuck up skelly 6'6 guys being their same weight or heavier makes judo trowhs perfecr
aikido is useless to fuck up people.
boxing isnt.

Eh I think Aikido is as shit as the next person but breaking a dude's wrist will definitely fuck them up. Maybe more so than a knockout.

File: 400.jpg (43 KB, 600x393)
43 KB
Is there anything I can do to learn a martial art without having to go to a gym. Getting the basics down at least. I want to be able to defend myself.
75 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah maybe OP is wrong, but what about going to a Muay Thai gym only once a week, buy a punching bag, and practicing what I learned at home during the week?
I do bjj and it's already hard to go 3 times a week, I wanna start going 4 soon too. So going twice to a Muay Thai gym, without sacrificing the times I go to bjj, would not only be hard, but unrealistic too.
I don't wanna get that good at muay thai, I just want to learn punching and kicking technique, because it's fun, and because it would replace my current cardio at home, which is one of those boring stationary bikes.
As long as you get some instruction when you’re doing things wrong and also some ring experience you should be fine drilling at home.
You can train your body, and you can read strategy/theory/psychology. There is an infinite amount of conditioning work you can do before ever throwing a single punch.

Anyways, you’ll find that it’s impossible to learn martial arts alone from scratch. At the very least you need to learn the basic techniques before you can practice drills at home. If you can’t find anyone to even spar with you, I’d probably just do some weightlifting and wait until your situation changes.

I will say, in regards to learning something new on your own while already being experienced in martial arts, its definitely more viable. You still need a sparring partner, of course, and learning from someone who already knows what they’re doing will always be better. If you’re experienced already, you’ll probably pick up new martial arts pretty quickly, too. That sense of timing and distance (which you can develop only through sparring) sticks with you.

The other guy is being autistic about it, but he’s right. TKD is only a meme art if you have a meme instructor. 100% of tkd practitioners out there are aware of the effect that the olympic ruleset has on the art, and unless their goal is strictly competition in olympic taekwondo events, they aren’t going to be training for that.

If you aren’t at some children’s daycare mcdojo, you will train hand techniques, you will be forced to keep your hands in a proper guard while sparring, you will learn basic grappling, and you will be a competent striker. Tkd as a fighting system has many flaws, certainly, but if you’re losing to a drunk retard in a bar fight (or really, even getting into a bar fight), that’s your own fault.

t. 3rd dan in tkd, trained under and experienced, competent instructor with several national and international tournament wins under his belt
there are people who learned to manufacture gun at home using only the internet.
with the right tooling yes.

Manufacturing a gun isn't an activity that by definition, involves more than one person you absolute bell end. You cannot learn to fight at home alone at all since it requires at least 2 people. At least 1 who already is trained. Absolute dribblimg retard.

File: Diniz Ligier on fire.jpg (285 KB, 1599x1029)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
A new comfy F1 general now that the old one has gone off the rails lately

No Anime
No Twitterposting
No Redditposting
No posting literal shit
Strawposting and Gimiposting welcome

Also reminder that F1 has had more deaths than many of the sports on this board, therefore extreme
76 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
>I didn't get to save that webm of the 3 Nip girls getting their asses in a row
it's over
File: edd straw.jpg (194 KB, 1024x683)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
>Strawposting and Gimiposting welcome

File: sumo.jpg (57 KB, 976x549)
57 KB
In a one on one fight with no weapons, how would you defeat a sumo wrestler in a helmet? You cant really count on a lucky punch or kick to knock him out cause he has a helmet and if you try to get in the sumo wrestler already won. An average person weighs like half of what a sumo wrestler does and definitely isnt stronger than him.
9 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Image_20220316_1210.png (51 KB, 600x800)
51 KB
Yes, but it's considered "bad sumo." It's like dancing and tapping to win on points in a boxing match or stalling with a hip-hinged posture in a judo match.
>option 1
armbar, leg locks, etc. Sumo fatties don't know shut about submissions

>option 2
stay in range and kick his legs until collapses
make him fall to thw ground with judo and kick the shit out of his troath
They are incredibly fat and can't reach the other opponents knees.

Off camera footage leaked by a close friend. Turns out he's a massive misogynist and ISLAMOPHOBE. Based. And redpilled. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNYMIeMovTk
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Get this cocksmoking e-circus monkey out of /xs/. This is not the board for discussing zoomer e-celebs.
>This is not the board for discussing zoomer e-celebs.
Given the state of the boxing industry, it actually is becoming that.
Wasn't even bad?
I think I have that card in my cupboard but in Japanese. Is it valuable?
That he's a raging flagget that wants to kill Christians
This is literally how ever man behaves. It's just. He films himself behaving. And most people would rather not film their entire life.

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