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File: wear-a-helmet.png (387 KB, 680x400)
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387 KB PNG
/xs/ is a place to discuss all types of extreme sports and similar physical activities, which include (but are not limited to) skydiving, surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, climbing, rafting, bungee-jumping, parkour, BMX & mountain biking, airsoft, paintball, etc.

File: stance.jpg (35 KB, 700x394)
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ITT: Describe a martial art technique. If it already exists in a well-known style, it is disqualified. Others judge if the technique would or wouldn't work. If it works, it gets added to the official /xs/ martial art.
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The good old S'lock:
>slow down time
>calibrate his every move
>move faster than the speed of light
>as your final move, discombulate
>foulard official /xs/ weapon?
>I'll let others decide
I'm voting yes.
Shin kicks
Disabling your opponent by slowly breaking down their ability to walk
That’s pretty metal

File: stonerplank.webm (2.91 MB, 1194x606)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB WEBM
>American skaters
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>practice it every day as an athlete it would be a cakewalk for sure, but getting actual hangtime with a skateboard feel

It is a binary for female, not a non binary competition. Maybe Alana should have choosen mens competiton!!

And the pin is quite readable on the TV... not!
lol "i'm a man now"
clean, what an athlete
It's Arizona not Arizonia, this is much more upsetting than the wrong pronouns.
What the hell happened.

File: 1620187785434.webm (1.7 MB, 640x360)
1.7 MB
Should headbutts be allowed in MMA?
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Or Lethwei.
Actually it will diminish it.
Look at soccer kicks (sc). The segment of ground and pound game from guard and mount as well as the guard passing has risen up in ONE FC since they banned sc.
It would diminish the appetance for risk the cage game and part of the strinking from top on the ground.
File: 20210607_181637.jpg (63 KB, 449x695)
63 KB
>Implying I don't want gladiatorial style combat without regard to how the gladiator is going to wipe his own ass tomorrow

Absolutely pathetic faggotry from this mother fucker right here
Why not?
I feel two ways about soccer kicks.
On one hand, you need a lot of skill to land a good one unless you're aiming at the legs. Just getting the chance isn't easy.
On the other, I expected some meta to develop against them, like leg attacks. But people that stay on their backs tend to be hurt or tired already.

Generally, banning soccer kicks feels like a way to lengthen fights. And it is very unlikely a grapplefag in SEA will show a solution to a bad position while already hurt.

File: an.jpg (34 KB, 452x427)
34 KB
You are never to fat or old to skate on a healthy diet of concrete and pain.

Skateboarding is 90% Mental, 10% Physical

Beginner Tip: Skateboarding is 100% Physical

Trick Tip: Visualize the follow through after the land

Thread Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0kNev2FLGU

How To Make WEBMs: https://cloudconvert.com/mp4-to-webm, Audio Codec: NONE, Video Codec: VP8

Old Thread: >>58965
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File: bamred.png (473 KB, 431x539)
473 KB
473 KB PNG
>mfw Compton Ass Terry wasn't just a nickname
Nice. I like american diy skate culture
File: fs.jpg (100 KB, 855x483)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
madman did it barefoot

This file title is way too accurate. I've got 86a Ricta Clouds and its still fucking tingly at any decent speed here. Honestly considering trying longboard wheels or the 60mm OJs/Rictas and just learning to pop well with them.

Why do our roads suck so bad?
>Honestly considering trying longboard wheels or the 60mm OJs/Rictas and just learning to pop well with them.
I have a set up specifically for cruising with 60mm OJ Super Juice and fuck me, they glide over even the crustiest of roads, fast as fuck as well.

I also have pair of 86a and 78a rictas in the 55mm area and they are both good, but still have nothing on the 60mm super juice. Obviously you're not going to be doing anything technical on them, but they're the only wheels I've tried that makes it seem like UK roads are maybe not as bad as I thought - that's how good they are.

Why are helmets so fucking lame? Why haven't they been able to make them cool in the decades of production?

Why is going helmetless just so much cooler?
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I had 4 before turning 16 and I'm perfectly able to walk in a reasonably straight line, provided I've taken my headache pills.
File: 1627966313494.gif (361 KB, 580x799)
361 KB
361 KB GIF
You literally could have posted any other helmet album but you posted the one that’s actually good.
lol retard.
I’ve never worn a helmet
Never had a concussion cause I’m not a retard
How fucking pathetic and weak are you that you're bitching about how much a moto helmet weighs? Are you a fucking infant? Do you have some kind of muscular degenerative disease that targets your neck?

File: hotgirlclimbing.jpg (557 KB, 1280x720)
557 KB
557 KB JPG
Hot girl in OP edition

>What is sports climbing?
Sport climbing is a form of rock climbing that may rely on permanent anchors fixed to the rock for protection, in which a rope that is attached to the climber is clipped into the anchors to arrest a fall, or that involves climbing short distances with a crash pad underneath as protection.

(Formerly known as /bog/ - bouldering general)

Previous thread: >>38676
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>I'd rather do weight training than bodyweight.

seriously reconsider my fren, bodyweight is GOAT for application to climbing

personally, I do planche progressions on paralletes, handstand progression and ring dips
Thanks frens. I think you're right and I'm going to focus on bodyweight, and just do a single day of compound lifts for the fuck of it.
File: 1624857291818.gif (2.01 MB, 260x260)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB GIF
One guy at the local gym had the same thing happen. Surgery, 6 months off and after that really slowly back to climbing. After year he was back climbing normally.
biceps tear?
I don't go to /sp/, tell me what happened

File: 5 rings.jpg (429 KB, 1312x2000)
429 KB
429 KB JPG
What are some good books on martial arts? Not trying to learn to fight from books, I'm looking to learn about as many arts as I can, as deeply as I can. Ideally looking for books falling into these categories:
>The relatively objective history of the art's development and branches
>Various techniques and stances developed and used by the style
>The philosophy behind the art
Picrel mostly falls into the third category, I really enjoyed reading about Musashi's view of the world after being a samurai for so long. I'd recommend the translation by David Groff if you were looking to read it yourself.
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I'd have an easier time reading mas oyama if it wasnt for all the stupid bullshit attributed to him. Kinda taints everything and makes him sound like a bullshido artist.
that was just marketing bullshit to get people coming in the door

he built the most legit striking TMA with that marketing so it was clearly worth it
Guy Fieri de Liberi's Tatakai no Hana
I think it would be fair to say his legacy of marketing bullshit gets more attention than the art he supported.
Okay but his most promoted students were not the most skillful in the art. He promoted students who could make him the most money. Kyokushin is legit all right, the legit birth of Mcdojos built around marketing.

File: image.jpg (3.28 MB, 4032x3024)
3.28 MB
3.28 MB JPG
Keep strictly real steel gun related laws and politics to >>>/k/ and >>>/pol/. Leave the gun and gear porn.

If you have a useful guide or want to rework one for the OP, post it and someone will add it to the next one.

>Updated Newbie pastebin

>/asg/ retailer guide

>Legal comprehensive, crosscheck with your local laws to be on the safe side

Last Thread >>47795
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Where is the best place to get thunder-b's?
You don't, because there are better, more economical options for sound grenades these days. Get one of the Airsoft Innovations nail blank grenades.
Not that guy, but I've been trying to decide which version to get. I don't want to blow eardrums, but I also see some comments that they aren't that ear shattering either. Who to trust???
Still less gay than speedsoft.
*Runs right past your milsim gear and destroys your entire life with an automatic m4 mag conversion pistol*

File: targets-header.jpg (382 KB, 1500x800)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
/DGG/ Disc Golf General
>What is disc golf?
Its golf but with frisbees or discs. Generally played at parks that have free courses.
>What do I need to get started?
A disc and some shoes to walk around comfortably. (You should probably also bring some water anon and maybe download UDisc for a scorecard, or print / make your own)
>I'm new what disc should I buy?
Pretty much any decent frisbee or disc will get you out and playing. Don't buy a starter set immediately, instead buy an innova skeeter as its a pretty easy to throw disc for a beginner and then buy more discs from there.
>Are there courses around me?
Almost certainly, check https://www.dgcoursereview.com/ for a pretty comprehensive list of courses and recommendations as to what ones near you are good.
>I bought a starter set and cant throw these things straight or far at all!
Go onto youtube and lookup guides idiot. Also learn to throw your putter first. It's most likely the easiest disc to throw in your bag and just because it doesnt fly as fast as a fairway or driver disc, It'll probably fly farther as It WILL fly straighter.

Most people you meet out on a disc golf course are gonna be pretty chill guys who'll either help you out if u get a disc stuck in a tree, or even give u a quick tip if you're new.

Feel free to post photos from your local courses or discs.
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I like both.
Pro coverage is fun, hopefully it won’t get too legitimate though.
Would a new new DX Teebird be noticeably more understable than a slightly used Star one? I'd like to throw nothing but Teebirds at different levels of stability for my fairway drivers.
The biggest difference I’ve noticed was in grip, DX feels better to throw. Supposedly DX is the most understable plastic.
Frolf has made my significantly more racist.
My goal is to hit as many people as possible whenever I'm out on the course. I hit one middle aged woman who was surprised and then she noticed she was just standing in the middle of the fairway. I politely let her know that basically the entire park is a 9 hole course and she should watch out or keep her bearings.

File: cyclist2.jpg (92 KB, 776x960)
92 KB
Hardtail, Hard Muscles Edition

What trails are you riding?
What do you want to improve on?
When was the last time you went OTB?
Do people really love mountain biking if they hate climbing?
Why haven't you spent $14k on a Pivot with Fox Live Valve, a wireless dropper? You need your suspension stiffen automatically when you raise the dropper and open when you drop it. Those few seconds will cost you a KOM

Previous Thread: >>39090
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Should I try tires other than Maxxis? Running Dissector front/Rekon rear and probably going to change them out next year and I was wondering if other brands were worth checking out.
You can't go wrong with tires by other manufacturers but none of them are particularly better than Maxxis. If your maxxis tires are doing what you need them to do, not much of a point in switching unless they're better at their niche.

How has your combo been working out on your trails? I bought DHF and DHR for my build for these dusty ass, beat up SF Bay trails

Schwalbe casings are sturdier than the maxxis counterparts but the newest iterations are pretty heavy. Maxxis didn't have something comparable to the now just outdated super gravity casing and the magic Mary is the best allround tire if you want something for looser stuff and compromise a bit on hardpack. Assegai is the opposite. Rock razor is the best semi slick
Diss/Rekon is pretty great. Occasionally I have rear traction problems on wet days or at creek crossings but on dry or loamy days it's fucking fantastic. May consider trying out another Dissector in the rear next season just to see what a little extra rear grip does for cornering.
File: berd.png (38 KB, 545x205)
38 KB
update on my build: my wheels have finally shipped and they are the last part I need to put this together. I'm very excited for the wheels because I'm getting them from BERD
tl;dw these spokes are the lightest on the market, and the strongest. I got them because they have excellent damping so they'll make descending more comfortable without requiring a more plush fork that would weigh more and make climbing harder, they're better at staying true than traditional metal spokes, and they're well priced when compared to other high end carbon wheelsets. My only concern with them is that most LBS's won't know how to work on them or have the tool. It's similar, but not exactly the same to true them

File: cariuma.png (208 KB, 750x231)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
>smells like cariuma greasy wallet fingers
I can’t be the only one who thinks those shoes look like whack Vans rip offs.
they are wack. mike v wears them too. he thinks skateboarding in the olympics is a good thing. they're like the reddit of skate shoes
Can't stand these shills like this jew fro faggot and that Chris Chann guy (i heard he rapes his mother).

File: gimi boomer smile.jpg (34 KB, 430x430)
34 KB
This board is moving so fast no one will notice my Gimi thread
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Anyone to post Gimi after me is a self-confessed nonce.
File: gimis.jpg (61 KB, 600x600)
61 KB
gimi for all ages
Gimi is a nigger
File: Gimi.jpg (375 KB, 1920x1080)
375 KB
375 KB JPG
>it's still up
o fug :DDD
call fire depardmend :DDDD

old thread reached bump limit


>Sumo terms

>Sumo rules

>Watch Sumo

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Well that's a little short-sighted because being in the ceremony is good publicity. But I suppose they aren't interested in getting fans from the rest of the world.
what's that saying...? If you're already on thin ice your may as well dance
I love Hakuho's turn and nod to the wing and then the focus shifting to all the Miyagino lads cheering back there. That's a great shot from NHK's cameramen.
File: The Goat.jpg (931 KB, 2559x1963)
931 KB
931 KB JPG
Total badass. Of course the NSK will think it's totally disgracefu though, sadly...
It literally just occurred to me today that the last time Hakuho completed a full basho before July, Terunofuji was still in juryo. Crazy.

File: 1627444922764.jpg (131 KB, 753x604)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Is caving an extreme sport?
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Was more terrified by the description of crawling through Floyd's Tomb the the supernatural bullshit.
File: 1627001953806.webm (2.53 MB, 1280x720)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB WEBM
i am never, ever, going inside a fucking cave. fuck this.
If you like real life cave horror, the Mossdale Caverns Disaster can't be beat.


My thoughts always go to how I'd feel in that situation. Probably like a complete fucking moron. I'd make every bargain with god possible if I could just get out of that fucking wet tomb and see the sun again. I imagine every single one of them made similar pleas only to a slowly drown in pitch blackness, panicking and regretting the entire time.
Related kino

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