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This board is for the discussion of topics related to business, economics, financial markets, securities, currencies (including cryptocurrencies), commodities, etc -- as well as topics relating to starting and running a business.

Discussions of government policy must be strictly limited to economic policies (fiscal and monetary). Discussions of a political nature should be posted on >>>/pol/. Global Rule 3 is also obviously in effect.

Note: /biz/ is NOT a place for ADVERTISING or SOLICITING. Do NOT use it to promote your business, ventures, or anything you may have an interest in. Anything that looks remotely like advertising or soliciting will be removed. Begging/asking (including tipping) for cyptocurrencies or asking for money/capital is also strictly forbidden. Want to advertise? Buy a banner /biz/ targeted banner ad: https://www.4chan.org/advertise?selfserve

File: bum.jpg (41 KB, 852x480)
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Begging or asking for 'free money'/crypto is strictly forbidden. Encouraging beggars, or posting any kind of 'free money' offer is also strictly forbidden.

Ok biz please I need a new car ASAP.

What IS the most BASED and RED PILLED car to buy on this earth right now?

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Holy kek @ poorfags itt buying chink cars.

>not buying audi, bmz, benz, porsche
stay poor faggots
Spotted the low test sõyboy who drives a fem Mazda. You’re probably seething while drinking your latte right now. Go back.
what about buying american
File: 1530785711797.jpg (42 KB, 600x400)
42 KB
And mazda is ranked #2 but you are deadset on shilling for your boring cuckbox. Why is that?
It’s my garage at home fag. See the garage door in front. Keep seething though. That Mercedes is brand new & so is the a8L. The Porsche and bmw are used though. I sell used and new.

File: hahahaha.png (288 KB, 2094x810)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
For the last weeks we witnessed perfect setup from crypto market makers, and just as I'm writing this more than 1 500 000 LINK changed ownership.

1,5MIL tokens were sold for ~2,2 USD.

This is the same token, same fundamentals, running network, growing ecosystem everyday and most promising project in crypto space right now.

>shills/larpers intensified on twitter/chan/reddit
>old system "oh look big conference coming"
>gulible and new holders get set up in a trap
>almost identical presentation
>1.5MIL shaken out

Now ask yourself, who bought that, who sold that.

Friendly reminder that larper threads have 200+ replies here, while zero of those threads provide actual insider info.

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File: 1564432879432987.jpg (42 KB, 604x604)
42 KB
It's all so tiresome.

I don't want to go back to waging. If Link doesn't work out, it's all over. /biz/ will die alongside it if that's the case.
File: ezpz.jpg (241 KB, 1273x808)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
honorable mention of one of the worst larpers in /biz/ history "watchbro" aka "whorebro" , buy NEO at 80 bucks bros
>muh watchbro
>muh swissbro
Who else? The coca cola kid. Assblaster (obviously). Um, omegamaker? I don't know if that fucker ever had followers though.
Z! Muh shhhhhhhhhhhhhh
File: ez10.png (92 KB, 1522x790)
92 KB
most of them are not even worth a mention, but assblaster was interesting at first, then he went full tinfoil hat. definetely provided good insight, not like this retard in question, i fuckin crushed his soul and he didnt came back since. have like 20 screens on him that i dropped in his thread and he went running
i told link tards this would happen, we're years away at best.
This is a better buy than LINK

File: 3A6.jpg (435 KB, 1090x2448)
435 KB
435 KB JPG
>About 20 million people are having sex RIGHT NOW

How do I profit from this?
Invest in condom and bc pill companies?

Most people like sex. Most people like to have sex recreationally without a baby
Make better condoms than what is used now
Run in a heavily populated mall in Texas and slap as many people as you can with your penis and take a baby hostage and say to the police that if they try to harm you that you and the baby will fling off the highest point of the mall and will splat on the first floor in front of the victoria's secret shop like a pancake covered in rasberries
wheres the version with all of the text on it?
That few?

What are your bad habits /biz/?
>dont jerk off in weeks
>get drunk
>wake up hungover
>jerk off several times that day
>jerk off once every second day, then every 4th, etc until its every few weeks

falling for the alcohol jew is always a bad idea for me
This is me but on cocaine/amphetamine. Feelsbadman.
Hunting down thotposters, dousing them with gasoline, and lighting them on fire while they sleep.

I just can't stop doing it.
Exchanging coins for less risky coins the second things look dicey

Sleeping too late

Eating in cycles of nothing one day and stuffing myself the next

Fucking dumb thots without condoms to numb myself out while I'm still seething over my last ex (I'm lucky to still be clean, but it's getting to a point where I should probably start using protection)

Wasting influxes of money on stupid shit

Vaping constantly when I'm at home

I'll stay awake for two days straight once a month to do nothing but drink caffeine and play civ5

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>wearing pants
not fucking selling
I never had any, can I post then?
>selling link, ever

File: 0879893823.jpg (7 KB, 224x224)
7 KB
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File: sophiemudd2.gif (3.34 MB, 250x444)
3.34 MB
3.34 MB GIF
shut up
I'm sick of hearing you preachy incel faggots whine about roasties (((the ethnics))), fapping and western society.
I'm just here for a quick buck. Not trying to join a eunuch cult.
Day 1 no fap honestly I recently have been on a fapping bender where now I want to fap but my cock is just beat to hell
does she have noods anywhere
Have you seen her? Bro she's literally the baddest woman on the planet it's disgusting how nice her ass is, I literally can't stop thinking it it's so hard not to fap I want to die
Not sure what the point of life is if I can't fuck my onahole to Flandre doujins projected onto my flat screen

File: 1539296283232.png (545 KB, 840x854)
545 KB
545 KB PNG
How the fuck can a decentralised exchange be forced into this? How will a dex store KYC properly?
5k and over only. You some big dicc or sumthin son?

File: chainlink.jpg (66 KB, 1066x800)
66 KB
If one hasn't invested a cent in chainlink yet, it is wise to buy now or just run away and point/laugh at the sinking ship that it is?
Buy, nothing has changed. 1000 eoy
its like buying eth at $10, not the cheapest entry but it is in the long term
I'm new to this. I have 10k in gold, but I been thinking of buying this meme chain. What app is best for it?
> buying on a clear downward trend
> buying the devs bags as they dump 700k almost daily
If you really want to buy wait for it to stabilize. We are not there yet.
but isn't it cheaper right now?

Why is this legal. Wage and slave boys.....
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I drive a Chevy Spark($9798 brand new. Crank windows, auto). My employees drive things like a Mustang and Altima.
I have a $50 phone. They try top dogging each other over a new $800 phone.
I eat $3 chuck eye steaks for dinner. They want shrimp and seem to eat out a lot. Every morning they drop over $6-8 at the gas station for tobacco, soda, carbs, and breakfast.
I hate debt and save money. I make at least monthly minimum payments to my savings as if it was a mortgage. They aspire to make monthly payments... their American way is payments and diesel trucks.

I try showing them the way. Sometimes I do cease a bad choice.
This Christmas they’ll get Dave Ramsey books.
>I try showing them the way. Sometimes I do cease a bad choice.
>This Christmas they’ll get Dave Ramsey books.
You're a good wagie owner.
His logic for firing him is stupid, but I would have done the same thing. Why would you should up to work with a recreational device? You are sending a terrible signal to your employer about how little you give a shit. And yes I realize it's an unpaid internship but the point of those is essentially a trial-run that will, if successful, give you a paid position.
You should probably ask first before you bring your music to work
Based and Chuck steak pilled

Hello my fellow Link Marines
>back by popular demand:
>those digits though...
figured we'd get a 'umble thread rolling for this fine Wednesday evening
Who do we have /in-da-house/ with us tonight?
let's do a roll call and get some chit chat going
this board has been relatively tame ever since I left the (((spotlight)))
>pic related
did you learn how to use the bathroom? still pissing in bottles?
File: thelinker.jpg (94 KB, 927x594)
94 KB
sharing pic related
pleased to make your acquaintance sir
Hi guys, im back

File: 1558139092234.png (819 KB, 885x960)
819 KB
819 KB PNG
Please tell me it's going to be okay. Tell me we're going to make it.
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BTC will be worth literally a hundred million dollars in ten years.
You're going to make it.
We will all make it.
Unless you hold link, then you might be too stupid to make it.
File: 1564432879432987.jpg (42 KB, 604x604)
42 KB
How do we know though. Maybe 2017 was our last chance. Maybe I'm slowly coming to accept this.

2019 was the biggest false hope ever. I really thought we would recover. Bobro is going to return.

I’m gonna make it
People were saying the same thing when BTC's price was still single digits in dollars.
It's impossible to say how far this thing can go, $1000 was considered to be ridiculous, and now we're sitting at $10,000 and people are saying it's a fair price, kek.

Who is going to be in the stock market after the boomers all die?

Everything seems like it's a downed drone or a tweet away from shitting the bed except precious metals.
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We are in clown world. Of course it's going to swing back to PM's...
>Should I fomo
File: silverboomer.jpg (66 KB, 675x601)
66 KB
you better do something kid
PMs and digital currencies are the only smart investments right now. all stocks are overvalued. you would be buying at the top right before a huge correction. also, you would be trusting fucking lying corporate scum to tell you everything is fine.
File: 20190820_235109.jpg (1.63 MB, 2592x1944)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB JPG
Just bought some new ounces i have now 14 kilos of silver.
And 180 gr of gold
I wanted to buy more gold but the price is too high at this time.

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