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File: bum.jpg (41 KB, 852x480)
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Begging or asking for 'free money'/crypto is strictly forbidden. Encouraging beggars, or posting any kind of 'free money' offer is also strictly forbidden.

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This board is for the discussion of topics related to business, economics, financial markets, securities, currencies (including cryptocurrencies), commodities, etc -- as well as topics relating to starting and running a business.

Discussions of government policy must be strictly limited to economic policies (fiscal and monetary). Discussions of a political nature should be posted on >>>/pol/. Global Rule 3 is also obviously in effect.

Note: /biz/ is NOT a place for ADVERTISING or SOLICITING. Do NOT use it to promote your business, ventures, or anything you may have an interest in. Anything that looks remotely like advertising or soliciting will be removed. Begging/asking (including tipping) for cryptocurrencies or asking for money/capital is also strictly forbidden.

File: 1589744193702.png (889 KB, 1111x597)
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imagine being so lonely that you can only try scam people on 4chan because no one else wants to listen to you.
lmao my friends from india, thats the downside of having internet and a computer.
I’m concerned that when the subcontinent discovers Quant, there will be no fucking QNT left for us!
Billions of Indians and their cousins fighting over 14 million QNT :(

File: 559.jpg (218 KB, 1280x800)
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218 KB JPG
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Need to hodl 5000 rebase and daily u get 5% reward and if u hodl 25k then 10% daily
Ohh wow
File: 560.jpg (21 KB, 277x182)
21 KB
Wat mcap rn
Abound $1M

File: (((jp))).png (922 KB, 932x941)
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922 KB PNG
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File: 1595735245060.jpg (152 KB, 900x900)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
no, they are only allowed to buy one asset. Trust me, I know these things.
no proof of silver suppression
>huge financial bank
Kek, this anon.
Just spoiling for a fight, comes back 90 min later to repeat his challenge
File: 1589902738999.jpg (9 KB, 234x215)
9 KB

File: UNiOnPeWpEw.jpg (61 KB, 513x715)
61 KB


>Immediate resolution of the high gas
>bundled protection
>we literally need this

I am literally going to coooooooooooom.
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Public sale imminent then? Bring it.
1.) attenuated yield in a multitude of situations due to inefficient capital allocation; and
2.) a dire need for broader, scalable insurance across smart contracts and DeFi protocols.
3. A decentralized secondary market to manage risk for protection writers as well as for
protection buyers. A liquid secondary market not only frees up capital but also distributes
risk, allowing the entire DeFi ecosystem to scale more efficiently, much as how insurance
companies in the centralized world are able to take more risk through reinsurance
4. Multi-token protocol that cleanly separates governance from the market dynamics of
protection buying and writing.

yep. this is really the one isn't it.
File: pepetension.jpg (45 KB, 720x900)
45 KB
where to buy, marketcap?
But also, lets be honest, this is a micro peen compared to Cover protocol's 10 inch Andre cock

File: Sakura_Miko_Portrait.png (847 KB, 1000x1000)
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847 KB PNG
Miko is back edition


>Stock market words:

>Risk management:

>Live Bloomberg stream:

>Educational sites:

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AMZN has peaked. They can't expand their business anymore.
Guys help me out

I want to simulate the stock market, I have an order book partially implemented, as well as an order (that can be stop, limit, market) and a trader class (to keep track of each trader's net-worth).
I just have no idea how do I make these behave naturally.
>AMZN has peaked
i thought that for years.
File: 214235436567796545.png (112 KB, 972x905)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
>which picks aside GME?
I plan to hold only for 5% gain since the last bottom

File: 1603238472876.png (270 KB, 600x591)
270 KB
270 KB PNG
1. No matter whats in your wallet Gods most important and ya cant take your money with you.
2. tithe it will take any guilt from making profit away
3. ok now the basics: you need a skill and a job or your own gig to make baseline money. even if its minimum wage.
4. college is useful for certification only, and if there's no laws saying you need it to do that job theres no use going to school for it. also if a trade school can get you in the business you want go there first before uni
5. dont spend above your income, add up what you earn a month subtract everything you pay. if its over what you make cancel stuff you dont need
6. now with your extra income invest in a broker to get you money through stocks.
7. work with him or on your own if you feel youre good at stocks, to invest in companies that are good for the community or at leasf fulfill a need but will also have the ability to make a return on your investment, this is passive income and acts like a secondary income you can use for saving up for retirement, or obviously family, or whatever. small business loans, commodities, property, bonds, and mutual funds are all things you can invest in but you may also loose money in them which is why research is necesarry.
8. buying a house with a mortgage is cheaper then paying rent even including repairs, and if you take care of your house you can resell it later down the line which is the only real purpose in purchasing property.
9. buying a car is a loss statistically and you should take care of all cars for as long as you can. its not bad to buy new just saying.
10. addiction sucks your money dry, always. moderation is key.
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invest in stocks? that's your entire plan? fuck that.
what a retard here’s a better plan
>work part time
>buy 1k LINK
>auto buy $200 of VGT stock on robbinhood and $200 of BTC on cuckbase
>you’ll have $1M in a couple years from link and another million in 10-20 years from vgt/btc
>10. addiction sucks your money dry, always. moderation is key.
hello boys
What do you mean auto buy? Buy more every X amount of time?
Ill research and do this except im buying $6k link
B-b-but addiction to crypto is ok, r-right? I have to feed my village.

I got 250usd on Trump popular vote +440

I got a stack on trump to win the election

Anon, this is easy money. Why are you not gambling on this election. Hunter fucked his Neece on video, joe is caught being corrupt.
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>10k in Link
>30k in Cash
>throwing in 5k on a rigged election
yeah, dog, you're certified retard.
If you had any serious wrinkles on your bean, you'd already be at least 80% allocated to Link.
File: index.jpg (12 KB, 270x187)
12 KB
woops, sorry, wrong quote, but we all know that was for OP
They are Taiwanese, people from Taiwan refer to themselves as Chinese, but they hate CCP China and want to remain independent.
You are a fucking idiot. The people leaking this are from Taiwan, not China. People from Taiwan simply refer to themselves as Chinese. They want the guy that has been hard on China with trade wars while trying to create some level of military peace in SEA. You're a fucking delusional cunt if you seriously can't understand the people of Taiwans position here, and everything they have at stake.

Remember Free Hong Kong?
Hahaha you fucking mongrel! I have a lot more link than you

File: Pr6Hz6aY_400x400.png (28 KB, 400x400)
28 KB
- linkpool converting to erc-20 will put it on front page of cmc
- higher payouts through derivatives
- no idea what "strategies" are
- subdomains crumbs from yesterday: >>23472142
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If you have less than 10k LINK you should just stay in LINK, so far the theory of LP being like a leveraged up LINK hasn't held up and LINK outperformed LP on almost all timeframes. I think LP will lag behind LINK for a few more years, it's only known to maybe 10% of LINK holders (oldfags) at all at this point.
I bought 0.04 LINKPOOL yesterday so I could could qualify for capital gains tax in New Zealand which is zero percent. Can I move my LINKPOOL to my ledger? It's in a metamask wallet at the moment which doesnt seem secure
Yes fagget
Ah but LP has pretty much always maintained being 2-3k LINK per share it is always in this range and your LINK does not give ownership in a node. A personal node will not be able to compete against Linkpool or T-systems, and so the only way to gain exposure to it is by owning LP.

At current rates if you trade 2k LINK for 1 LP that will print out 2k LINK in about 40 years, but this is very early stages of the network, it is possible this could be paying more like 1k LINK per year per LP, which would clearly be better than holding LINK.
What do you mean qualify for the capital gains tax?

File: 1603216059468.jpg (29 KB, 290x290)
29 KB
When is the housing market going to correct?
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>all their McMansions
all their McMansions will go to the sons
who tells you they will sell at loss?
>implying they won't sell the house to go on vacation for the rest of their lives
lol.. ridiculous counterargument
No it will be reverse mortgaged so the boomers can pay for Caribbean cruises. If millennials do inherit it will be immediately put on the market and sold to fund their onions and avocado addiction.
>Inflation and the actual value of a house staying the same
so this should work also with stock market?
When 30% of population dies either in nuclear war or another pandemic.

File: lition_logo_navy.jpg (56 KB, 1200x576)
56 KB
Name another crypto where the usecases have a higher revenue than it's market cap.

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The genesis phase has been active since March.
Where do you think all those staking rewards came from without the mainnet being active?
So the fact that there's enough demand to secure 20% APY doesnt give any information about how many households there are since we don't know how many transactions are occurring per household.
your mom has bad tokenomics
Explain your logic if you have any.
There are massive amounts of transactions that are rising rapidly and pay a fee to stakers.
Price will rise as staking rewards rise and as the market becomes aware and realizes that these staking rewards are sustained by the usecase rather than through inflation of the supply.
Bad tokenomics, because...? If you try to sound smart then give atleast some explanation for your cancer cell of a though
This is unironically one of the few projects where the token is even needed

File: Quant.jpg (12 KB, 512x512)
12 KB
Buying this now is like buying link at $1.
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Is this guy a retard :


What a scammer and looks disabled

Quant is going to hit LINK’s market cap before the year is done.
$300-$400 QNT is happening, frens.
just another XRP where the banking fundamentals are strong but the token is a) not needed and b) will not pump
Token is needed for every Overledger feature to run.
QNT is pumping.
Are you a brainlet?
Not needed... DYOR. Stop the crap FUD

i feel like i'm taking crazy pills here. there's so much to look forward to. did i ingest on too much hopium? is this the bottom?
Mah man, this token is always on bottom discovery mode, just be patient and eventually you will have all time lows you have never even dreamed about.
It's still in farming mode wait until it completes it's transition to YFI style mode
Vault 2 fren
Keep holding, faggot. Your holdings are being diluted everyday while you hold this shit to the ground. Your stack that you bought at $20-40 is a tiny guppy stack compared to stacks that I can buy with the same amount at $1. And this is not even near the bottom. Just wait when the whales decide to salvage what dwindling dollar amounts that they are farming instead of hoping that the price goes up. It's free money after all. This will get dumped to below a dollar once the ball gets rolling again. Keep holding faggot.
I give it 80% chance we go to 50$, 20% chance we go to 0$. Do with that info what you want.
The devs deliver good work but their marketing and timing are dogshit. The coin might die before everything is in place at this pace

File: 1603458905701.gif (117 KB, 220x220)
117 KB
117 KB GIF
This golden bullrun is over.
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File: 1603484359821.jpg (61 KB, 412x481)
61 KB
the lower high after the huge dump is the best time to sell.
Nigga. If its over now it wasn't no golden bull
lower high on which timeframe?
monthly. BTC was just catching up, the rest of the market topped a while ago.
>BTC was catching up
BTC wasn't "catching up" on the alt season, the halving happened few months ago and as always it takes time for BTC to push for a new high after this event.

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