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File: bum.jpg (41 KB, 852x480)
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Begging or asking for 'free money'/crypto is strictly forbidden. Encouraging beggars, or posting any kind of 'free money' offer is also strictly forbidden.

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This board is for the discussion of topics related to business, economics, financial markets, securities, currencies (including cryptocurrencies), commodities, etc -- as well as topics relating to starting and running a business.

Discussions of government policy must be strictly limited to economic policies (fiscal and monetary). Discussions of a political nature should be posted on >>>/pol/. Global Rule 3 is also obviously in effect.

Note: /biz/ is NOT a place for ADVERTISING or SOLICITING. Do NOT use it to promote your business, ventures, or anything you may have an interest in. Anything that looks remotely like advertising or soliciting will be removed. Begging/asking (including tipping) for cryptocurrencies or asking for money/capital is also strictly forbidden.

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isn't monero a good buy now? we all know it will go to around 200 euros/ 230 dollars sooner or later, right?
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You should avoid purchasing through an exchange relying on KYC, localmonero is a much better source as purchases are usually done off site through in person cash or mail in cash, that or just literally mine it, I've spent $0 directly on my stack and just mine ETH on moneroocean with an ageing 1080TI which gets directly converted to XMR then sent to me, it may not generate a ton of XMR but it still makes better returns than you would assume.
It's rather shocking how good the returns for mining are with monero on newer ryzen chips or even 10 year old AMD server hardware.
File: doompa.gif (1.58 MB, 640x720)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB GIF
I had removed the QR code from this half a year ago, and yet you all insist on using the crap version.
File: xmrmoon.png (47 KB, 897x382)
47 KB
Saved, thanks
>doc goldstein
Uhm, guys? I think as a monero newbie I might have FUCKED up. I bought monero off local monero. Filled my hardware wallet. It says my balance I know I have in my Linux laptop monero GUI. But on the hardware device itself it says XMR/0. And when I restore a wallet on monerujo android app. It displays NOTHING. Wtf is going on?

File: 1641837468525.jpg (23 KB, 470x439)
23 KB
Are you going to go to nft minting events when they start to be a thing later this year when dropp is up and running? The idea is that they will draw a crowd and drive nft adoption even further.
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can't you just turn your GPS off and get the hell out of metaverse when you're going home?
TL;DR: This shit is literally a Pokemon Go of NFTs.
what are VPNs for?
File: 1641040778489.jpg (10 KB, 229x220)
10 KB
File: 1613216485923.png (62 KB, 396x385)
62 KB

File: y45y45yi4.png (8 KB, 231x218)
8 KB
Bros...I'm 22 in 2 weeks and I've never had a girlfriend. I've tried so fucking hard but every time I think it's working, I just get rugpulled. Please tell me there's a light at the end of the tunnel.
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When you hype up the whole "muh gf" nonsense and you finally start getting dates, it all falls apart
you realise this retarded notion in your head that you would ever have a "partner" or anything like that was a fucking lie
They push this fucking lie and millions of poor idiots fall for it every day.

all this leads to rope in the end, i know better than most
File: 1593570692424.jpg (31 KB, 601x508)
31 KB
Young zoomer here I haven't even held hands with a girl and my prom is in 3 months. I spent my entire time in high school lurking here and playing video games. At least I managed to make 3 ETH so I guess it evens out right?
No dude. Girls will actually hook up with other girls all the time especially at parties. If you were a girl you would've gotten pussy. You're just a loser like me. The only difference is you went insane and lost your fucking mind to the loneliness. People like you are always a warning sign to me. You developed AGP from being a loser, everyone who sees you knows it. If I ever get to that point I will blow my brains out.
I neber had a real gf until 25. On and off stuff but I hit the jackpot when a rich girl fell in love with me. She got a little fat but who cares. wagmi bros
I thought that happened to me once and then I got ghosted after a few weeks. I realized after that, that it's probably not some freak accident I'm alone. I'm alone because I'm a loser that no girl would ever want to be around.

What the fuck am I in for?
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Why are you people not putting your money in GNS? I just don't understand. It has the greatest tokenomics ever, 200% APY, doesn't dump during bear trends, and is constantly burning it's supply.
Why are you investing in stupid risky shit like this instead?
because we will not finance your village in uttar pradesh sir
Cope faggit
If ETH becomes obsolete then you are fucked...
i'm tempted to buy a bag. only 300m mcap now.

What are we doing brose
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r we pumping again ser
we are moving back to the $0.20 peg as promised in the oasis network whitepaper
Why is this coin so fuckin hard to buy? So apparently they don't let it on exchanges in US. So if I have BEP20 USDT can I use wormhole to send from metamask to Oasis wallet and buy it there? But I don't think I would be able to buy it because I don't have any ROSE for gas to begin with, unless there's a faucet somewhere. Binance gives me shitty US version, does Kucoin detect region as well? Why does this coin hate boomer burgers like me so much, when I got into crypto I didn't think I'd have to learn how to use a computer as well.
digits confirm america is the great satan
Hey, Satan. Just use Kucoin and transfer to the official wallet. Works like a charm.

Can anybody explain what is happening and why is it happening?
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File: images.png (10 KB, 210x240)
10 KB
Its a Shemitah year and debts must be remitted (but not for goys) in accordance with the torah and other meme books.
>Fed keeps interest rate at 0% for 2 years after printing an enormous amount of money because they're retarded
>People borrow as much money as they can and throw it into literally any assets
>Other people emptying their savings account because they're scared of inflation and throw it into literally any assets
>1929/dotcom-tier bubble is formed. Except this time it's across all assets
>Fed says they will raise the interest rate by 0.25% in march, and tech stocks lose 40% in 1 month

Worse than 2008. Probably not as bad as 1929. The Fed will probably try to blame the corona virus instead of taking responsibility for their disastrous monetary policy decisions
How likely is it that we are never getting another bull run again? Or is it going to be a repeat of the may crash? I just get this overwhelming feeling of dread that this run was the last chance to escape the rat race.
ignore retards like

the reason crypto went down is because of the Maker dutch auctions which were going to market dump 600M worth of ETH
now, the guy managed to, at the last minute, pull the plug and only liquidate 60M worth of his ETH
but because it was last minute, every arb bot was going insane trying to predict a knife catch, which happened on 2250USD/ETH

the reason you don't see volume on any CEXis because all of this happened on chain

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
the best part about this whole episode is that if you follow the right accounts/ discords/ telegrams, you could have made SO MUCH FUCKING MONEY, shorting on the highest leverage you're comfortable with
but this board has a fucking XRP general, we're plagued with the presence of the dumbest faggot niggers of the entire industry

File: R.jpg (42 KB, 800x450)
42 KB
Why rock now only pebble.
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Too many berry pickers
Control all rock
Same berry pickers
Control rockcoin
Grug see many shining rocks in yellow tribe cave, Grug give many pebbles for one shiney rock. Grug collect many pebbles for many moons to trade for more shiney rock. Now every tribe need pebbles to build war tribe, Grug stuck with few shining rock. Grug try to give shiny back for pebbles again but no luck. Grug build big war tribe with many pebble gatherers from now on. Only trust people who look like Grug does in water pond reflection. Grug walk many miles to trade shiny rocks for war clubs with old friendly Grugs. Big group of friendly Grugs build biggest war tribe any Grug has ever seen. Many Grugs walk many miles for many moons to see what big problem is. Grug take all the shiny rocks and small pebbles and pebble gatherers from now on. No more problems for people who look like Grug. Grug not silly person, people different from Grug silly person.
Okay sounds like gurg makes back rock.
rock break down over time make pebble

long nose tribe has shiny rock

shiny rock never make pebble

grug tribe only have rock

so make stack turn to pebble

grug need take what is his
What is grug's preferred altcoin of choice?

File: 1410198029428.png (403 KB, 2560x2465)
403 KB
403 KB PNG
i just want y'all to remember that huge crashes that have no cause aren't simply crashes, they seem like manipulated stuff. It's like when Elon pumps DOGE, but inverse. So hell, i wouldn't be surprised if all of this is a huge shakeout
>huge shake out
by... the fed? interesting take anon...
>huge crashes that have no cause
we're still living in a post 2008 world, everything should be worth about a 10th of what it is atm
This is still because Elon took a huge shit on the market in the middle of the bullrun. You can look at the chart and it looks like someone took a bite out of 2021. We would've continued up and probably had a blow off top at 200k in november
It could be but without any direct evidence it's a guess at best, I'd still be cautious however.

File: ohnonono.png (2.45 MB, 2498x1303)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB PNG
Now compare it to current /biz/. Do you notice something? This board is still not pink enough. We're going lower.
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bitcoin was never 2k in 2018 so this screenie is clearly from 2017 or earlier
File: 1613503157174.png (196 KB, 620x398)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
>sells missed by 30 sats
when did we stop caring about sats?
File: jrtyjtyj.png (77 KB, 1854x1500)
77 KB
when bitchcoin took on such a horrendous risk-reward ratio

>inb4 just adopt a 20 year investment horizon bro
If you look closely at this screenshot this was during one of 2017 dumps to 2k, anyone who held would have been up 10x in a few months. So it's not the best example for the point you're trying to make, also exposes you as a newfag

File: Bubble.png (35 KB, 620x589)
35 KB
Weekend doubts edition


>Stock market words:

>Risk management:

>Live Streams:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1642115392480.jpg (83 KB, 308x457)
83 KB
>what's the point of piss jugs if you live alone?
Rocker, I... I'm not fucking getting up if I'm sleepy or in the middle of trading
File: options.png (2.23 MB, 3360x4982)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB PNG
Was waiting until the next thread but I made an infographic by scraping shit from https://www.optionstrat.com
Awesome good work, anon.
>(even if they're wrong)
I find most people who say things this meaningless and vague haven't given the specifics any thought at all.
Give a couple examples on major policy issues.
Seems like a good idea, funnily enough my finance professor at Tufts was floating the same exact strategy 3 years ago.

roll trips and post your spin from the link. Trips decides the best performing alt in 2022



Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: xmr_win.png (172 KB, 1330x838)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
Aw yeah, got it first try as well

File: capitulation.png (494 KB, 900x900)
494 KB
494 KB PNG
I am going to fall asleep and get automatically liquidated overnight
why don't you have a stop loss sir?
low IQ
sir why are you interested in trade if you have low iq sir?

File: uncle j.jpg (38 KB, 474x632)
38 KB
hey biz. 1st time poster, multi-year lurker. my uncle wants to buy bitcoin. should he buy now or wait for a retracement? and in his sleep he always says its a catch 23 situation. thx xoxo
pic rel.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Frig off Barb
Tell Ricky to all in that fucker, shit's been falling like a lead baboon, gotta hit the floor sometime right?
Even if it don't pop off right now, shit'll do'er sooner or later.
Is that the hex scammer guy?
It doesn't take rocket appliances to realize buy now otherwise you'll end up water under the fridge. Peach and cake. Now smokes, let's go.

>TVL $75 billion
>Market cap $7.5 billion
i'm not fudding you dumb faggot
post proof of sergey
>Total Value Lost
a metric of how fucked all the bagholders are

File: download (1).jpg (12 KB, 300x168)
12 KB
Aside from other currencies or assets?
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
gold, silver and drugs
yes, research chemicals
>even knowing whatever that is
I've only ever bought a weed seed. So really, only drugs have been bought in this thread so far, aside from other commodities and currencies.
it's more flat ugly shit with rigged animation. looks like all the other shitty "animated sitcoms" today.

File: 1630653676324.jpg (2.91 MB, 3000x2121)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB JPG
I'm looking at staking on Kraken for a low-effort long (a year) hold. Can someone convince me out of it? Could I do better with a little more effort? What are the better ways to stake? I'm researching on how to run a validator node, I'm interested enough to swing it (with a raspi or AWS instance).

I understand the other major ways to make it are liquidity mining and getting in early on an alt, but these are too high level for me.
File: kraken_staking.jpg (164 KB, 1182x944)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
These are the offerings.
File: 1639509230002.jpg (99 KB, 467x439)
99 KB
I'm still here, doing muh research, open to opinions on staking.
I've learned that kraken is okay for staking and that setting up your own validator node can be very annoying but perhaps profitable. Basically you need to be a linux sysadmin which I wouldn't mind learning.
I think the exodus gives higher rates
File: 1638389936995.jpg (288 KB, 811x1081)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
Exodus's 'earn crypto' webpage shows lower APYs for most of those coins, except Cosmos (13% on exodus, 7.5 on kraken) and two others that Kraken doesn't have staking options for (ONT, one other). Unless I'm missing something and exodus is lowballing the estimates, Kraken looks way better.
You won't get airdrops but there's no lockup

File: 1626925286517.webm (2.59 MB, 484x720)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB WEBM
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r u for real?
getting shilled by some biztard into buying a scam coin called vesper.finance made by some faggot named jeff garzik (scamik). Fuck that faggot ! Dumped the entire run that stupid nigger couldn't even pump the price just sat on his fat ass all run doing jack shit mother fuckin cock sucker
same here
So private you don't know when the devs are dumping on you
I should probably sell if im talking shit about the coin when i made 2x but i thought it was going to go higher, too stubborn to my "5 year plan" now im stuck bag holding for a coin that i don't believe in.

If i think the market is going to crash, i should probably sell and rebuy during the crash instead of HODLING.

I should take profits...during a bullrun.

File: 1617917676706.png (241 KB, 657x527)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
>doing interview for WFH
>survey about workstyle
>questions are super weird and esoteric
I have no idea if I'm royally screwing this up.
The technical stuff was at least more clear as to whether I got it right.

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