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File: rj6KDn3.jpg (93 KB, 850x1218)
93 KB
July releases:
DX Ultra Taiga Accessory Set 02 - 7/20
Mini-pla Kishiryu Neptune & Dimevolcano - 7/22
Knightsaur Series EX DX Kishiryujin - 7/27
RKF Legend Rider Series Diend - 7/27
RKF Legend Rider Series Lazer Turbo Bike Gamer Level 0 - 7/27
DX Ultra Taiga Accessory Set 03 - 7/27
So-Do Gaiden Kamen Rider Zi-O ANOTHER1 - 7/29
GP Ride Watch 18 (Capsule toy)
GP Ultra Taiga Accessory 01 (Capsule toy)

July exclusives:
SHF Lazer Chanbara Bike Gamer Level 3 - 7/16
SHF Kamen Rider Amazons The Last Judgment Set - 7/26
SHF Ultimate Aegis / Ultraman Zero Armor Option Parts Set - 7/26

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>Still can't preorder him anywhere
>Not even Amazon
>inb4 someone actually buys 30 of these for the copy effect
> or at least 7 for the all-Combo scene from the movie
Does AmiAmi ever more stock of mini-pla?
I got both the first and second set after it was released, but the third one only got released today and it's already sold out.
I really hope someone does so Bandai is encouraged to make the Combos people actually care about
gamestop my dude

>Previous Thread


Christian Faber's mysterious Instagram posts


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no but i found one on shapeways
Nigger, he's the best set of the six. What is your problem?
The small sets will be based around the same construction system as the Nexo Knights battle suits, using a mixture of Creature and Character building system and small balljoints, the middle characters will be completely Creature and Character, not unlike the Bionicle reboot and the bigger ones will be similar to Umarak the Destroyer and the bigger sets of Hero Factory - Creature and Character core with technic around it.
I was planning on leaking it earlier, but this was the perfect timing for doing it - the cat is out of the bag anyways, so releasing details would only confirm the suspicions.
I didn't say anything about canisters. The sets will be in cardboard boxes, similar to the Bionicle reboot. Lego has indeed tried to find a solution for their plastic problem, with one of the discussed potentials being recyclable boxes but focus group testing showed that children keep on to their plastic boxes, making recycling quite challenging.
I got the titan set as a gift and just gave my canister Mata Nui that sword and his mask after I got bored of it.

I never knew about that sword though. Sucks fucking Mata Nui had to be another "obligatory gimmick launcher with no real accessory" set.

File: 1533703297792.gif (2.31 MB, 323x334)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB GIF
SSB Son Gokû

Zamasu -Fused- [Web exclusive]

Broly (DBS Broly)

Piccolo Daimaô [Web exclusive]

Bulma -Beginning of a Great Adventure-

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Bandit yamcha every day.
Since most people will be voting with their dick, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say Chi Chi will win. I wouldn’t mind that.
Voted Lunch
>expecting people to vote with their dicks for a figure of a child
>being ok with that

You realize you've just outted yourself there buddy?
Come on, we can't stop at 7 when they did two Bulmas already.
We need to get Bandit Yamcha+Pual first and foremost. Then Launch, Oolong packed with her.
I would like to see even more, like Blue, Tao PaiPai and others, I really hope they don't stop at just 7.

File: DSC01352.jpg (2.39 MB, 4896x3672)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB JPG
Old one has reached image limit, so lets get another one rolling! I'll start with some I took today.
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File: FeiYens2.png (1.39 MB, 1200x1082)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
I wish hoihoi's got more love
Post more
File: guyvervsgreg.png.jpg (2.72 MB, 4608x3456)
2.72 MB
2.72 MB JPG
Here's my contribution since the Guyver 1/12 thread is dead.

File: 20190131_222414.jpg (2.4 MB, 4032x2268)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB JPG
Read The Guide:

Prev. thread: >>7636730

>Hand Scale Stylet
>DA Sophia Delayed to after August

>Upcoming releases:
>July: DTA SAO, MSG Heavy 20, 21
>August: FAG Stylet XF-3, Stylet PVC, DTA Stylet, HG Bulkarm Glanz, Governors v1.5, MSG Supply 15
>September: FAG Hand Size Gourai, DTA FGO 3, HG Booster Pack 003, Early Governor 2, MSG Weapon 43
>October: AGA MD Sitara, MSG Crash Mantle, Side Mantle, HG Booster Pack 004

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looked ok to me, but then again I'm not an english major or whatever so could you point out how it is being misused because to my uderstanding it's meant to be a pause (at least that's how I read it)
Note that the support vehicles are made to fit around a manlet Gridman
>Not Gridmanlet
one job
Perfected the tolerances. Everything should snugly fit and I went the extra mile so the STL files can be printed reliably even on the most low end FDM printers and clean the printed model with minimal effort. While Jinrai Armor ver 4 is currently printing, I am using the previous versions to practice detail painting... once all is perfect, I will share STL so all of you my Brothers and Sisters can print your very own Jinrai Armor Add On...
don't have a printer, this is why you were requested to upload it to shapeways

File: Untitled.jpg (85 KB, 666x597)
85 KB
What was your fav SDCC reveal, how much have you preordered already?

Old: >>7655831
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Does anyone here know what affect 99% isopropyl alcohol will have on the plastic siege figures are made from? I want to try removing the battle damage and I haven't been able to find 91%.
File: IMG_7977.jpg (440 KB, 2048x1536)
440 KB
440 KB JPG
the two peas in a pod are here !
File: IMG_7978.jpg (391 KB, 2048x1450)
391 KB
391 KB JPG
Cute couple
I've never even seen 99% before, but fact is even 91% doesn't always work, depending on the method of application of the battle damage paint. It won't remove the battle damage paint on Hound for example.

You are getting the new digital monster pets, right anon? It's only 20 ameribux each
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Not when you want a certain digimon or need one for a specific joggress.
Even than it might just not evolve.
If you don't care what you get and just want the surprise, sure. But if you're aiming for something in particular, those charts rock. Especially considering if you're good at the "game", you'll likely always get the top care mon and that gets boring quick.
Well now I regret importing a Japanese one a few years ago since this is a cheaper option. I'll probably still buy one or two of these though. Probably Yellow for nostalgia (I had the yellow one as a kid) and maybe Blue for Agumon.
at least ya still had years of a headstart before Bandai America stopped being retarded and brought them west
Where do you preorder these? Amazon wants an omegalul of 108 bucks

File: wonderful-plans.jpg (94 KB, 800x800)
94 KB
Warlords of Wor- Toxic Avenger, AD&D, GI Joe, Battle Beast homages
Battle Tribes- Golden Ax, Tron homages
Kabuto Mushi- Butterfly Wingz, Saturnia White Mushi/Nemesis
Toy Pizza- Chakan the Forever Man (AFOTM July), Mikros, Pizza Con

>Onell Drop - Late July
>Anniversary Drop

>CappySpace (7/17) - Ecopod & Scarabite figs from DCON 2018
>Spaced Out (August) - New Geodraxus colors
>Mega Merge - Dark Souls

>Ongoing Topics

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you are dangerous, anon
It's so funny because these guys sat in the store for months.
ZED is a fantastic color but it was literally run basically once. We had new versions of 2 figures run like a year later, then outlander a couple years after that, and then 4 years later we got a zullen. If it came out again I'm sure it would do well. The Pheyaos debut wave felt like a decent approximation of what neo ZED release would look like, and that turned out great.

EMD was a great color as well, it's been kind of switched into Esedeth, but having that Orange and grey combo is perfection.
Move over Crapbuto Mushit
AAAAHAHAHA what dis because if it's an official release TGB will b SEEEEEETHING

Anyone else preordering this? Because I am
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You won't in 5 months when this is actually released and you'd actually have to pay for it?
>Marvel Legends
>in a German brick and mortar toy store
Wo denn bitteschön findest du die hier?
I preordered it when it went live. No way I'm ever gonna see her for less than 35-40 online, and it'll sell out whichever store manages to get them...probably Best Buy.
Jesus, that's a blast from the past.
>Putting cuck Scott in the same package to watch chad Logan fuck his wife
What did Marvel and Hasbro mean by this?

File: 20190719231250.jpg (208 KB, 2048x1023)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
Old thread >>7644315
Apparently he's due to be arriving to Taobao sellers next week.
92 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
Forgot image

Full amount upfront.

I paid the entire amount when i ordered the exlcusive star saber.
Shit, that wont work out then, my hobby funds are still being held for starsaber.
The fuck kind of jojo pose is that?

File: SDCC-2019-Mezco-One12-013.jpg (409 KB, 1920x1278)
409 KB
409 KB JPG
Where the fuck is a new Batman reveal edition
27 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
I don't normally like Mezco but that GL is nice
Oh boy, I can't wait for the pleather jacket to fucking disintegrate!
Don't worry, anon, you'll have killed yourself long before that happens
Soft goods were a mistake.

I have been buying Mezcos since the DKR release. Mine of mine have had any issues. I am concerned about how well the vinyl is going to last on Spider Man though.

File: 1560099392421.jpg (510 KB, 1524x762)
510 KB
510 KB JPG

-We have e-mails for a reason. USE THEM.
-Be sure to have PRICES (with photos preferably) in your SALE listings - NO "feeler" posts, just post the thing with a price.
-Ignore price-policing posts, as someone will ALWAYS complain. E-mail the seller and communicate accordingly if pricing is an issue.
-Don't be a fag.

Previous Thread: >>7584796
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>Just as a heads up, the glavenus hunter is 60 new at most places.
based information but that's not how you greentext
It was funny though.
File: jojo.png (3.19 MB, 750x2311)
3.19 MB
3.19 MB PNG
Hey there, downsizing my collection and generally losing interest in toy-collecting so throwing a bunch of my JoJo SAS stuff here for cheap. Some other misc. stuff underneath.

>Jonathan Joestar: $50

>Joseph Joestar (Blue): $50
>Caesar Zeppeli (Green): $60

>Jotaro (Blue): $40
>Star Platinum (Purple): $40
>DIO (Yellow): $40

>Rohan (Pink): $60
>Kira Yoshikage (White): $50

not pictured but willing to sell (feel free to email for pictures, they're just in storage but I can get them out):

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rohan and Star Platinum: SOLD

Killer Queen is also for sale, forgot to mention. Priced at $60.

File: anikiproto.jpg (122 KB, 800x800)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Upcoming releases:
>SAS: Johnny Joestar 2nd TBD
>SAS: Funny Valentine 2nd TBD
>SAS: D4C 2nd TBD
>SAS: Kenshiro: TBD

Out now:
WF Exclusive Prosciutto & Grateful Dead

Where to buy:
>HLJ: https://hlj.com/search/go?lbc=hobbylink&method=and&p=Q&ts=custom&uid=999988468&af=selectitemtype%3aactionfigures%20selectmanufacturer%3amedicos
>Amiami: http://slist.amiami.com/top/search/list?s_seriestitle_id=205&pagemax=40
>Mandarake: https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/listPage/serchKeyWord?categoryCode=020103&keyword=メディコス+超像可動

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: jolynecustom.jpg (144 KB, 600x857)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
1st for Jolyne 2nd.

The thread for all 1/12 scale weapons, vehicles, furniture, clothes, and any other accessories. Including dioramas and dollhouses.
152 replies and 60 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Yotsuba Murphey.jpg (53 KB, 1152x648)
53 KB
That's a good idea. I made a mold of scale soda cans and I could print that out.

Did you see the Sealab set palisades did? It's a shame they didn't keep that line going and make a Murphy and this machine.

Nearly a dozen posts that add related content versus your one post that adds none.

What did he mean by this?
Pink Tank makes a vending machine model kit.
I’ve been browsing for LOTR weapons (need fantasy gear) and I’m seeing huge lots for hundreds ...but I don’t want the figures they come with. I just want some slightly sleeker weapons because the ordinary swords that come with Mythic Legions are a bit chunky and the only bow designs they have literally look like the unique DLC end game bow from Skyrim.

File: 1lf6IZUx4ss.jpg (305 KB, 925x1143)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
109 replies and 28 images omitted. Click here to view.
Pretty sure he's talking about the style, which is very much Yamaguchi-like, who is japanese thus greatest ever toys ever made ever and also because the company is japanese.
Thus, weeaboo favored.
It's not even remotely yamaguchi styled?
>cartoony and disproportionately long legs, stumpy looking arms
>not yamaguchi-like
well, even if you don't agree, it's still noticeably japanese-y anime style
That is pretty cool anon.
Barely, unless you're some autist like Subjectanon that thinks the slightest departure from the source design is "stylized anime weeb crap" that "ruins the figure".

A Yamaguchi Master Chief would be cool though.

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