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File: 001.jpg (641 KB, 1304x2048)
641 KB
641 KB JPG
The new volume just dropped, time to dump the extra stuff.
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Liner notes of the omake

"I was thinking of continuing the swimsuit reward with Kyoka, Tenka, and Fubuki, but if I depict this in too much detail, it will jump the frame of a shonen manga, so I made it like a diary and pushed out the harem feeling all the way out, but I think I succeeded in putting each person's description in the frame of a boys' magazine."
On top of that, she can copy Slaves, meaning she can double for Kyoka if something happen. This, and her character development, also make her the second closest to winning the Yuki bowl.
>"If that reward was extended, it would be straight porn so instesd you niggas got this"
File: Get fucked Ren.png (2.17 MB, 1430x1785)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB PNG
Ren's rewards are peak comedy
Himari's rewards are peak eroticism

File: 1683337398618601.jpg (161 KB, 714x1024)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
>that empty feeling after finishing a great anime/manga
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i just finished Higurashi 1st chapter. looks like it's gonna be pretty epic
>Tfw you then realise he was a one hit wonder
it's good but do not go beyond Kai
nta but I just finished chapter 3 and it's fucking insane
File: Chrollo.png (41 KB, 540x234)
41 KB
>that horrible feeling after getting caught up with a manga that goes on hiatus all the fucking time

File: denpowa_fa.png (1.2 MB, 850x1063)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
The new vol cover is either Nayuta or Yoshida.
File: 1695269292787625.jpg (162 KB, 1520x1500)
162 KB
162 KB JPG

File: Look at er go.gif (177 KB, 814x747)
177 KB
177 KB GIF
Observe. She goes.
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How do I get her to stop?
Köszi, doki
Gracias, doctor.
Salamat doktor.
Gi mati lah, anjing indo

File: 1696193451202616.png (1.22 MB, 3200x3200)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
Make or request /a/rt.
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File: 20230919_190817.jpg (461 KB, 1176x698)
461 KB
461 KB JPG
Requesting the "Nightmare" scene from Anastasia recreated with Minako Aino (Sailor Venus) being magically encouraged to sleepwalk off the edge of a boat.
File: 1696187082323320.jpg (74 KB, 577x433)
74 KB
Requesting Joseph Joestar Bring the family to vacation in Japan and meeting a young Ryohei and Tomoko Higashikata
Requesting a much younger Karen from Far East of Eden: The Fourth Apocalypse (Tengai Makyō: Daiyon no Mokushiroku), being cute.
Requesting for Aoki doing the guts pose on top of a piled of downed boxers, including at least Takamura, but preferably also Kimura, Geromichi, Itagaki, Ippo, coach Kamogawa and manager Yagi, with Aoki’s disciples admiring him on the sidelines.
These always seem much quieter than /co/ drawthreads. How come?

I heard that anno calls asukafags masochists and reifags sadists, is it true?
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No, he's just angry fans aren't consuming it the specific way they're SUPPOSED to.
Manchildren apparently
Kensuke is a masochist?
File: teh rei.jpg (51 KB, 632x475)
51 KB
>want to hug Rei and make her smile
>want to throw Assuka off a cliff
Where do I fall on the spectrum?

File: 1687726857940464.png (1.24 MB, 2072x3071)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
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Hate on Gojo all you want, but Kashimo jobbing in the span of 2 chapters is something I'd hardly describe as "good".
he can literally see the ground being cut
and if he couldnt see the net it he wouldnt be running backwards
cant freeze nonjackpot FEVERkari
File: F69fFGTXYAA76sc.jpg (228 KB, 1003x1062)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined
Sukuna should've won after the first time he broke Gojo's domain. But Gege wanted to stretch the fight out.

File: Spoiler Image (90 KB, 442x680)
90 KB
out and dumpin'
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increasing the number 9 to a 72 point font doesn't count
NTA but appreciate the post
huntershitter have adapted their shiposting thats all
I'm disappointed. This should be the arc that Luffy proves himself to be a true yonko

File: F7cPh_wbEAA8psu.jpg (752 KB, 1191x842)
752 KB
752 KB JPG
Happy 1st anniversary, G-witchbros.
New event at Shinjuku Sumitomo Building Triangle Plaza
>October 7th 15:30-17:00 (JST)
Ichinose and Lynn will appear, there will be a simultaneous viewing party (WFM episode 1) with live commentary by Suletta and Miorine's VAs. You'll be able to watch it on Bandai jewtube channel.
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Probably because schedule reasons since it's 4 of them.
Nobody cares about grassley
File: F0bkt4SagAIOEsg.jpg (40 KB, 388x409)
40 KB
I care.
>Out of curiosity, who is everyone's favorite GWitch character?
The titular Witch herself. She's just so gosh darn likeable and cute. Also based as fuck, because she did nothing wrong, and she'd do it again too. That, and she's one of the few Gundam protags who actually succeeds in the "Oh my god, just stop fucking fighting already." stratagem.

Oh yeah. The fact Banrise is making hot bank of off her alone speaks volumes.
Yeah, I just want to hear more comments from Peil's students and Grassley's students

File: re5.jpg (234 KB, 1280x720)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
Now when she is out and it's between Ruby and Kana, Wwhat is her endgame?
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File: 1696412905636.jpg (407 KB, 1536x2048)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
File: 1673594139504575.png (580 KB, 1376x2072)
580 KB
580 KB PNG
>getting a psychology master
>entering the police
>Marrying an hard boiled police officer
>having 2 kids
>Marrying a hard boiled police officer
Aqua isn't becoming a police officer, though.
No. She will continue being a great actress and be rich.

File: 1695741285449.png (1.05 MB, 1155x860)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
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Golden Kamuy is a manga about crazy people
File: shittaste_shortformat.jpg (880 KB, 1500x1125)
880 KB
880 KB JPG
As a Sato fan, I’ve never seen Frog. I should fix that.
I’m not sure if this should pique my interest or destroy it.
I know nighthawk invisible and rain, what are the others?
Not that anon but
>Koneko no Rakugaki
>rain town
>Aru Tabibito no Nikki
>Yodaka no Hoshi
Not sure, reminds me of Tezuka's shorts. Maybe Ningyo?
>Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san
>On Your Mark: CHAGE & ASKA
>Chiisana Eiyuu
Thought it was on your mark but haven’t actually watched it, thanks for the rest

File: IMG_0792.jpg (190 KB, 568x965)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
What is the ideal female body physique?

File: 20231002_123916.jpg (245 KB, 680x680)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
Elf-shaming chest
284 replies and 94 images omitted. Click here to view.
My Hebe Elf ToT
Demon lives matter.
I prefer chest shaming elf
You are replying to a crazy schizo who is fighting "yurifags" inside his head, in fact he posts "yurifags" posts on his own just so he could fight "them"
The whole premise of the story is about how long lives distort your sense of urgency. Why have kids now when you'll live for another 10000 years? You've got plenty time even if you spend the next couple millenia wandering around autistically obsessing over finding or getting better at something.

File: 1670179640268768.jpg (1.11 MB, 1920x2169)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
What is the appeal of the "Gyaru with a heart of gold" archetype?
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File: 637_651cf557baf2d.jpg (879 KB, 1115x1600)
879 KB
879 KB JPG
File: 644_651cf56151225.jpg (777 KB, 1115x1600)
777 KB
777 KB JPG
File: 646_651cf563cc004.jpg (897 KB, 1115x1600)
897 KB
897 KB JPG
File: 647_651cf565219dc.jpg (971 KB, 1115x1600)
971 KB
971 KB JPG
File: 654_651cf56e581b1.jpg (952 KB, 1115x1600)
952 KB
952 KB JPG

File: DyspoHit1.png (356 KB, 799x732)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
Will Hit ever nab that Wascally Wabbit?
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Filthy TARDkurat...
File: file.png (187 KB, 987x421)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
Wait so that means these two are just the same guy then. He just posted twice what a fucking weirdo lmao.
SHITjitapigs are the scum of our halls.
>belgian time
File: file.png (784 KB, 894x894)
784 KB
784 KB PNG
I feel like YOU'RE the Bejita Gigi poster trying to cover xer's tracks.

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