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>despite reading all the guides I still don't understand mahjong

I want to read FKMT but mahjong is such a big part of a lot of his work.
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File: truth.png (63 KB, 278x263)
63 KB
This is the only thing you need to know about mahjong.
It's just cards with added autism about points.
> hasn't read it
>says FKMT
Yeah. that right there is pure reddit
File: 1584709002015.png (105 KB, 359x380)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
>I don't know poker
disgusting, how can you call yourself an adult when you can't play a simple game like poker?
learn that first before going into mahjong
Just read it even if you don't understand jackshit like I did

The owner of longcat ("Nobirun" "Nobiko") reported that the cat has passed away after struggling to breathe for about 4 hours. It had a long life for a cat.
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you're not wrong though technically, the oldest fags came from somethingawful
He's technically correct. It used to be a rite of passage of sorts. You'd discover anonymous posting on 4chan, get the compulsion to make dick jokes out of your system, and then move on to the proper boards.
/a/ was made a few weeks after /b/. I think /a/ was made along with lolikon and guro boards
use mpv like a fucking normal person
Not Anime and manga.

i watch anime for highly eroticized media of barely teenaged girls.
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I love middle schoolers,peak atractiveness.
Damn, I thought that was misaka's sexy, pitiful sideboob from the thumbnail
File: Hina.jpg (130 KB, 664x1309)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
File: MOE.jpg (93 KB, 520x492)
93 KB

File: 1599077169739.jpg (210 KB, 1024x1423)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Soon Rembros.......
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GAH what episode is this from, I can't remember
Before the whale battle. Under the Flugel tree. When Subaru said that it is because of the flip phone that he knows about the whale... that's the scene where Rem says he is lying.
all that power and he still couldn't save his mother
Holy shit
lolimilla best emilla
too bad she is telling Louise to stand up

Webrip out, BD soon™
So will Tsukushi pick up the pace now?
Would we even have enough material for a S2 currently?
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Nah, she already did all het testing on Mitty.
Yeah, pretty sure that's the one.
What kind of retard are you? I get a fucking headache from trying to read your ESL posts
File: danmark_veko.webm (935 KB, 740x914)
935 KB
Is Bondrewd the most sane insane character?

Do all shonens turn to shit and end badly? Bleach's ending was a wet fart, Naruto's ending was a wet fart, One Piece is preparing to meet the same end. Or is it just the Big 3 because their authors got too cocky?
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dragon ball is more popular than naruto
>Do all...
Big three just referred to three concurrently serialized super-popular jump manga. Dragon ball had nothing to do with it, and it's no longer a thing.
File: 1599120186659.jpg (104 KB, 640x668)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Don't lump Kino Piece with these other mediocre series, everything points towards it getting a good ending
Why do shonen heroes never fall in love?
Watch better shounen.

File: Ships.png (391 KB, 1172x307)
391 KB
391 KB PNG
Why are boys shown to be more cultured? What did Aka mean by this?
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>such little differences
Men will never understand.

Funny, On Chika "I Love You" Chapter game.
We didn't get the match between Ishigami and Kaguya.
Too early. Aka knows when to bait and when not. Perhaps he saved it for later. Unlike the IshiMiko one.
Ah well here's a perfect opportunity for a cheesy old line: Not all men!
Sure *most* men won't make heads or tails of the inane batshit-crazy bullshit so many girls explode out of their addled mouths. And of course the creeps who may not actually understand but are convinced they do because they think saying they do makes them real women while they hide behind their little game of pretend when anyone points out they don't seem like they understood a goddamn word.
But then you've got the creeps who do understand and use that to manipulate, the creeps who understand because they're just as fucked in the head, and the rare mostly-just-in-movies-but-theres-exceptions-out-there "mr.perfect" who actually does understand the female heart (yaoi analfests and all) and win in all ways at life - most especially if they then give a finger to the crazy by also being gay.
File: Bondage Chikas.png (1.7 MB, 1200x1200)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB PNG
F does wish to be ... 'a little forced'

File: 1590023289635.jpg (597 KB, 844x1200)
597 KB
597 KB JPG
After Deliberation
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Wow can’t believe this has over 500 chapters
File: 11.jpg (678 KB, 844x1200)
678 KB
678 KB JPG
I wonder if the 10 Souichi saw was a reference to the 10 seconds of CPR Yakou is allowed to do
541 in total, and it still feels too short.
so far, Leader´s near-death experiences have been much more poignant than Baku´s, although we still have to wait for the details of how Baku met Eba in the past.

There is only one episode left in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.

Do you feel Dream Ranker has been adapted as well as Daihasei arc?
What improvements could have been made?
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I really like her psychological conflict. Damaged pride, insecurity over falling behind. It feels like a coming-off age theme and hits really close to home.
Theres no real reason for the scientists to dote her when you really think about it since they(Aleister) already got what they wanted from her which is the DNA map specially since there was already a much better Electromaster at Level 5 by then
Because she is trash. The dragon doesn't view her as a treasure.
>Except that wasn't her own efforts
Parameter list doesn't automatically level up someone. It's just an indicator of potential. It's like a highly intelligent student getting alloted the best teachers but they still have to work to succeed.

Mikoto putting in no effort is like saying a prodigy never works hard to stay on top just because they inherently have more brainpower than others.

File: 153460982654.jpg (42 KB, 512x411)
42 KB
>mfw the opening is an actual pre-enactment of the ending
>mfw the penultimate scene of episode 9 is a parallel for what happens at the very end
Rewatching Utena, and I just love seeing all this mad foreshadowing to later events in the story, makes me happy knowing that Be-Papas knew where they were gonna go with it since the beginning.
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I didn't justify anything, though. I just pointed out how wrong what you said was.
And again,
>but it is only half of the show!
Utena threads are fun. It’s always like *picture of a cow* [wall of text]
File: TSSwordPull_Fullsize.png (469 KB, 3000x4383)
469 KB
469 KB PNG
This is the first time I've seen someone earnestly read into Toga's line about same-sex couples positively. Intriguing take, even if I don't necessarily agree due to Touga's rapsheet.
I think it's both menstruation and unplanned pregnancy, basically Nanami's egg is a symbol of the worries of an adolescent lady who will soon become an adult.

Interestingly, this episode happens towards the end, where Nanami has gotten plenty of character development by then and was maturing quickly. Sasuga Be-Papas.
if we analyze it, nanami likes to be in charge, acting like she's above everyone but it's a childlike behavior as she lives in this fantasy that she one day be with her brother forever and ever. the egg is that knock on reality that she's finally ready to take that step so of course fantasy and reality do not go together but is also a sensitive topic because imagine all the girls who see you as someone above knowing you're being the last to finally become a lady, is a mix of pride and facing reality. but also being her first time experiencing of course she feel this is something odd that's why she felt relied when juri told her she experienced this more than once, as both are women. in the end, the egg cracking is the analogy the student council parrots everytime in reference to abrazas, just this time is a smaller world, her body.
touga can be a manwhore but he's not heartless, from a big brother perspective, if you have experienced a lot of weird shit, the least you would want is your younger sibling(s) to go through that IF you know is not a pretty experience to live. the elder sibling instinct kicks in and simply wants the best for the younger siblings.

File: file.png (1.29 MB, 1442x1130)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
>Openly says that she likes Saber, when Shirou asks her what she means by this she freaks out and starts getting defensive
>Openly flirts with Saber and calls her gorgeous
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File: Spoiler Image (57 KB, 800x700)
57 KB
bisexuality is true enlightenment and freedom.

she is and it's glorious
Rin is heterosexual, and was forced to act that way in order to save all their lives. At no other point in the VN when her life wasn't in jeopardy does she show any desire for women, and plenty of times she shows her interest in men.
I want to eat Rin's dirty asshole
>If you didn't realize that this is just how girls are then it's clear you've never spent time around girls.
Where do you think you are?
You just had to point out she lusts over Rider in the HF epilogue. And that after going on the cock carousel with a few random guys, she realized she's probably in love with Shirou.
Honestly the retards who believe Rin to be straight are anime secondaries at this point.
And it's fucking Nasu, every girl is bisexual for fanservice purposes.

File: 1600520947267.jpg (283 KB, 1920x1080)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
It hasn't even been a day and I'm already missing our favorite pits-showing idols. You'll play their game when it comes out, right?
150 replies and 61 images omitted. Click here to view.
Rhythm games are the exception. It's fine if it's a rhythm game.
Tiara wasn't kill?
Look at this sleeping rabbit.
Semen rabbit
>Horrible was calling ReLights and not Re:lights
Shamfur dispray

File: D3GaEoDVYAARqGZ.jpg (237 KB, 1200x809)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
>Otome Isekais
>MC is a real character who has strengths and weaknesses
>Side characters and friends are all real characters that get their own moment to shine and help out
>Love interests all have real reason to fall in love with the MC and are all capable of providing for her
>Threats range from physical threats to complex political intrigue spanning multiple novels requiring a high level of intelligence to understand and appreciate

>Male isekai novels
>i'm just a normal dude who wants to be lazy (haha i'm totally a pervert too, isn't it sooo refreshing that i'm upfront about it!)
>haha cute girls XD
>I'm so strong
>love interests are just generic "cute" girls who would be dead without god mode protagonist
>friends only exist to suck off how strong the MC is
>politics start and end within a single chapter

why are otome novels so much better than the generic male ones? is it because women are just better writers or what?
185 replies and 37 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yuri is a foreign spy so obviously she hammed it up.
>Villager A Wants to Save the Villainess no Matter What!

>dude isekai'd as a npc villager in an otome game
>original storyline has the prince annulled engagement with the villainesses and exiles her. Villainess gets raped by bandit and then becomes a sex slave in a neighboring kingdom. Later Neighboring Kingdom declare war led by the villainess corrupted by an evil sword and was stopped by Heroine only after the enemy kills lots of civilians
>In order not to die in the war, he a) trains to become an adventurer and earn enough money to get his family to safey and b) save villainess from getting exiled so war won't break out
>manages to complete the objectives he set out to do and became in love with the villainess. Villainess is also in love with MC but can't because of class difference
>MC works to become a noble so he can be with the villainess.
I can't believe FOUR heirs of highborn families aren't drilled with the instinct to be careful of honey traps since birth. For commoners, simping is nothing, but their simping for the wrong woman can mean the downfall of the country.
They probably were trained to deal with high-class thots, not "muh normal girl who loves me for who I am" ones.
Because a good chunk of people who read otome isekai aren't interested in games where you actually date those guys.

File: headborg.png (57 KB, 428x160)
57 KB
Why not eat this?
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I'm completely uninvolved as well but in my opinion you should put a bullet in your head tonight. As soon as possible
Pochita is a dog, wouldn't he have just ate it anyway? Dogs eat spilled food all the time.
You're so sad you have to mince words

To retreat into semantics is to admit defeat

Okay, Mr. Internet Tough Guy. Whatever you say. How pathetic are you that you legitimately got upset at something on the internet? Do you not have friends or anything? Surely not with that attitude.
File: 30243636.jpg (56 KB, 421x614)
56 KB

File: EiRK1UrWsAAwDkE.jpg (208 KB, 1024x721)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
Best ship
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File: 1593308481692.jpg (144 KB, 1280x720)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Si, pajero sombero Ruffi, onions yo...
How can other theory thumbnails possibly compete?
>Zoro and Sanji continue bickering even as their friend get's killed right in front of them
I expected better of them

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