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>get isekaid
>save a girl
>suddenly felt entitled for a pussy
I sure hope that no one in Japan really thinks like this.

>40 chapters and still ongoing.
This is going to be highly repetitive of the same entitlement, isn't it?
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She only tortured Akiba because he tried to rape Shibuya. They're both retards that caused their own downfall.
he wouldn't have tried to rape her without the complete cascading mess that she caused though, he was already trying to steel things into a somewhat normal relationship, if awkwardly
Pushing this to the bump limit
File: file.png (292 KB, 533x455)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
It was doing a dog pose naked, which might have escalated to rape but Adachi conveniently saving her just shows how the author was just forgetting what kind of things she did.
Also I actually already forgot but wasn't Akiba under threat of death if Shibuya lives ran out? The partnerships were set in stone by that point so even if she resists his sperging he'd have to literally choose suicide to actually punish her.
File: 4-o.jpg (468 KB, 1070x1600)
468 KB
468 KB JPG
Says the girl whose introduction is happily murdering someone, and her only regret was not torturing them MORE, by the way.
>Also I actually already forgot but wasn't Akiba under threat of death if Shibuya lives ran out?
>The partnerships were set in stone by that point so even if she resists his sperging he'd have to literally choose suicide to actually punish her.
Actually not exactly, he could have opened the tutorial/training mode and punished her there like at the start of the series, as adachi conveniently points out during her plot to get back at him by getting him murdered by the mobs there, they don't lose lives during the tutorial/training.

File: 1679608437909.jpg (19 KB, 204x321)
19 KB
How far can he see the future?
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It took you this long to realize that?
>calls out what Sanji is about to do before he does it
File: file.png (116 KB, 250x484)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
because i wasn’t trying. i just ignored the larpers, which was a mistake
File: 10000.png (430 KB, 974x461)
430 KB
430 KB PNG

Would you let this hobo crash at your place for free?
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It's not just gacha, half of the megucas in Suzune made frivolous or outright spiteful/harmful wishes.
Berries are a type of fruit
Also, vegetables are either a nutritional category that includes include fruits like tomatoes or a category that includes ANY plant humans eat.
It's almost like QB only asks retards to contract, makes me wonder has there ever actually been an intelligent meguca I guess Touka and Nemu count from Reco actually.
>if I took in an underage girl I would go to jail

Why do americans do this?
File: 1663875954631540.jpg (528 KB, 2097x2976)
528 KB
528 KB JPG
As the ugly bastard approached Kyouko with his sleazy advances, she immediately knew what she had to do. With a flick of her wrist, her enchanted spear transformed into a deadly chain-spear. The metallic links rattled menacingly as she twirled it around, ready to strike.
The man didn't even see it coming. Kyouko launched her chain-spear towards him, the sharp end piercing through his skin and organs with ease. The man writhed in pain as Kyouko maneuvered her weapon, insuring maximum damage. Blood sprayed everywhere, coating the walls and floor in a gruesome display. Kyouko felt a thrill of satisfaction as she watched the man take his final breaths. This was justice, in her eyes. No one had the right to harass her, or any other girl. She was more than willing to defend herself with deadly force if necessary.
With a final satisfied smirk, Kyouko withdrew her chain-spear from the man's corpse and walked away, leaving behind a clear warning to anyone who dared cross her path.

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Chapter was good but the complete AfO beatdown kind of undermines him as a threat. I guess it's meant to imply he's so powerful it takes 40 people to take him down but at this point it's just like some royal rumble with a line of people entering and beating him down.
AFO should have taken Shinso's quirk.

That he doesn't have a brainwashing quirk after all these years is the biggest plot hole
the whole heroes dont kill and killing makes you just as bad as them is retarded. is there actually a hero that killed before?
Nagant and Hawks?
Hawks especially seems like a John Smith tier glownigger
I would if I could. Bitch!

Is Assassination Classroom worth watching?

Chapter 124 leaks
>asa is hanging in there
>yoru is starting to panic too due to their helpless situation
>"for the next dish i present you: la dégustation des lamentations"
>asa enters a catatonic state
>she's in a different place wearing dirty clothes and wandering around the streets, looking for food in the garbage
>she states how unfair and wrong it is for a kid her age be left by herself with no one to look after her, remarking that this city is rotten to the core ruled by incompetent politicians
>asa starts to think how much better her life would be right now if her mom was still alive
>she feels helpless about her situation and concludes it's her fault her mom is dead and it's only fair she dies as well
>suddenly she feels an eerie sensation, looking around she spots an uncanny presence
>"i've been looking for you. It's been so long.. and all this time you..."
>"i'll never let you go"
>chapter end
next chapter april 11th
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How many more flashbacks about Asa's miserable past do we need? Also, do they deboonk the FC theory?
Different taste.
FC never existed
wonder who the person or creature looking for her is?
Her BF

File: volume 14.jpg (213 KB, 867x1380)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
Act 76: Days of Our Youth Part 1
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Yes then you could still use it. There's a bit of ambiguity in the sentence.
I feel like it's acceptable in colloquial usage, but it's still violating some obscure grammar rule nobody follows and
>before I could accidentally crush it
is most correct. Something like
>I interrupted before he gave the speech
He still gave the speech after?
>I interrupted before he could give the speech
He didn't give the speech?
It's not correct. As some anons said, crushed is past perfect tense. You can usually skip the auxilliary verb in sentences which is in this case, "had"
>I had crushed it
>I have crushed it
both do not convey the meaning shown in the panel.

If she wanted to use crushed, she could have said
>before I could have crushed it
which is probably what the translator was going for.
fucking min max genes.
Have you read "I want to punch women?"

It's over.
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File: 1676003403079956.jpg (787 KB, 1920x1080)
787 KB
787 KB JPG
>was asleep through the live watch
>still managed to get one of my posts in
6 are ari.
Is this some Bored Ape level of shit getting a show type of thing?
Is it the Japanese equivalent of Seth Green?
The threads were pretty bad. I just ignored most of the posts and collected images.
Lots of trolling to try and kill the show on /a/, the same old shit that happens every season.
Will the BD dare to show nipples?

What anime couple has the best progress for a relationship?
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Blame all the subhuman otaku who consume trash like isekai and het harems. All they want to watch is garbage wish-fufillment went the protagonists have girls fall into their lap with zero effort and beg to be their onaholes.
There's hardly any legit non-isekai that have harem endings while being at least a 4/10, and even then the only decent harems in isekai is MT(more polygamy) and Arifureta(100% harem there's like 10 wives)

All in all Harems are shit and feels forced 99% of the time.
I also think about trannies when i’m horny.
are they actually fucking or is this just the kissing that looks like sex that these dog shit romance manga always do like Tonikawa?
was this anime actually good? thinking about watching it

File: kino cuckholt btfo.jpg (160 KB, 822x1043)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
What is your favorite manga moment?
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why's reiner so smug
File: 2.jpg (305 KB, 1128x750)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
Kino and sexy pairs

When Haruhei Sakura entered in an exam school, he fell in love with a girl who also goes to the same school. She is the daughter of a millionaire, but strangely works at a part-time job in a cabaret. He wishes for her to quit her job and also hopes that she will be intent on studying for the entrance examination of college with him.

An earlier work of Kouji Kumeta

Chapter 8: Home Delivery Sex Service
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File: 1666663696297086.png (436 KB, 680x660)
436 KB
436 KB PNG
The only test I ever got a 100 on
Tiger Mask Whore would be an interesting ero premise.
39 OP
Thanks OP. One test I took said it averages out at 140, with being as high as 180 (visual-spatial) and as low as 90 (logical-mathematical). Another one just said it was above 130. Never took a real one prepared by a trained psychologist or whatever so I take it with a grain of salt, but I like the results.
Run, anon! Don't let the attractive woman seduce you with her homemaking skills! What if she gives you a large family? That'd be horrible!

File: Genshin-Impact-anime.jpg (71 KB, 1200x675)
71 KB
Haven't played the game for a while, any news/leaks about that upcoming anime?
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What "anime"? All I've seen is 3dpdcg shit.
File: 1620863186240.png (1.24 MB, 1228x868)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
weird... still no incest shipperfaggots
File: 1673340967246550.jpg (401 KB, 1516x1030)
401 KB
401 KB JPG
No Coom in Loom then?

File: Sayonara... Son Goku.png (119 KB, 1024x1536)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
At what point did you realize the Android and Buu arcs are no where near as good as the Saiyan and Namek arcs?
33 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Man, I LOVE Dragon Ball GT. It is pure KINO.
seethe. you tried didn’t you
I've successfully mindbroken my brother by constantly whispering "BEJITAAA!!! MY WIFE!!!! NOOOOOWWWW!!".
The most contrived part of the Android Arc is actually how after getting killed, the protagonists just do jack shit while Gohan and Trunks get mauled when we have seen two arcs in a row where they have afterlife in the autonomy.
The entire arc is functionally built on a plot hole.
>that's not only invisible
i can't believe the one of the anime's worst mistakes was making dumbfucks believe this

Thoughts on Vegeta getting Goku's techniques?
Vegeta is a fast learner when he's shown the right path.
Goku prolly stole that technique off the dinosaurs/dragons he fought
File: CHADllinCHAD.png (463 KB, 853x642)
463 KB
463 KB PNG
The strongest.

File: 1672713288495739.jpg (660 KB, 2179x3000)
660 KB
660 KB JPG
>Knock knock
>Open up anon!
339 replies and 131 images omitted. Click here to view.
Average shart poo lover
File: 1677888829275293.png (93 KB, 377x589)
93 KB
One of the comments I saw is "does this work even if I'm brown?" I'm completely speechless is this a genre of videos? Do girls genuinely listen to this bullshit?
>what is the appeal around completing lifes innate biological purpose
cooming is nice for a reason
Don't let Asassissies see this. They will really fry their brains trying to turn into a cute girl.
File: asawave.jpg (321 KB, 1041x1500)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
I want to have (four*) Aryan children with Asa Mitaka

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