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File: 07-55-52-images.jpg (11 KB, 250x355)
11 KB
I finished the anime and saw this illustration. Is the MC? and is he alive?
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Pretty sure there are a few anons who have read the raws
It's like a lot of other characters have already told Lena. "You are different from them", "No one is blaming you". Lena has many savior complex-type behaviors. She wants to save everyone, she wants happiness for everyone, a world of equality, but that's far from reality and that's the guilt she feels. In vol 4 Anju told Shin that eventually Lena would turn her back on the Republic and he didn't need to be so anxious about it, and so far nothing. She'll probably do that, but after something really serious happens and she's forced to reassess her position
In volume 1's epilogue it was stated that Lena actually talked with Albas preserving memories about their 86 friends and i guess she doesn't want to condemn the entire country if the upper echelons are rotten. But something tells me Albas won't survive to the end of the story and will go down in a massive trash fire of another monumental fuckup and survivors will integrate Giad and other countries.
>But something tells me Albas won't survive to the end of the story and will go down in a massive trash fire of another monumental fuckup and survivors will integrate Giad and other countries.
This. The handful of decent San Magnolian Alba that exist, including Lena, can't steer their country away from destruction. The survivors, mostly those who emigrated before the war, will live on as a diaspora, but they'll never have a country of their own for the foreseeable future.
I seen it in vol 4 too. If i remember the soldier is dead right? A lot of things about the state of san magnolia now are not definied yet. I seen some spoilers about vol 8 and the priest who creat Shin and the old lady who cared for Raiden are still alive and good. The albas can go to federacy if they want, i think.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (56 KB, 1280x720)
56 KB
>S1, Ep. 21
Do you think Eren made the right choice by not transforming until all the special Survey Op soldiers were killed? Discuss...
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Levi did all by himself and hurt his leg saving Mikasa who almost died. The problem is that there's no replacement for Levi so if the Female Titan manages to hit him then humanity is fucked. And as we later saw on the episode the Female Titan easily OHKO'd Eren
What can be done with Annie? She is ''muh faether'' and that's it
She should have died in Stohess
I see 2 main routes for Annie. She could go back with Reiner somehow and rejoin the Marley cast. Or if you want to be truly dark, you could have the Paradis cast welcome her back into their ranks like with the pie but actually take advantage of her issues and youth to manipulate her into providing intel/being a bioweapon for them.
>She could go back with Reiner somehow and rejoin the Marley cast
I would like this, but, she ends up being the FT that does things and that's it. So, Levi feeding her to Hange (which would feel guilty about it) can create more potential kino for the long-run

File: hisoka.png (1.25 MB, 958x950)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
How would Hisoka have reacted to Adult Gon?
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Deep down he is.
Of course, he's an insanely fast learner. He just only ever had a chance to learn in the last hour or so of his life.
Yeah, if the word genius isn't applicable to a guy who grew up in a literal shithole, never had any formal training yet mastered nen to the known world top tier levels by his teens, then I don't know who it is even applicable to.
File: berserk-ch.363-pg18.jpg (389 KB, 1071x1600)
389 KB
389 KB JPG
Maybe no ending is better than a bad ending. I mean, even though the last page of Berserk was a shota the story and art was currently good.
I think it's because the tradition/unspoken rules we've seen is characters go out into the world and learn nen themselves from a master, class, or organization. They want Killua to be his own independent man (who is loyal to the family) that learns nen on his own as is tradition.

File: 1627208321091.jpg (268 KB, 1920x1080)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
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File: Tojimayhem.webm (2.91 MB, 960x540)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB WEBM
Do you have vs Yukari?
Kaoru always makes me laugh in this. Looks like she gives no fucks at all.
You mean this one? >>226221925
the cour 1 finale

File: sayu.jpg (3.03 MB, 2105x2023)
3.03 MB
3.03 MB JPG
You're telling me you'll throw THIS out back into the streets?
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This is dumb. If you don't want to fuck her then the most correct course of action is to throw her into the nearest police station.

Letting a high school girl into your home at night is asking for troubles. She could rob you and taking her into your home is illegal to begin with.
So that's why so many men want virgin women.
>You can help her without sticking your Dick in her
Why would I want to though?
I can't think of any reason why having more sexual partners makes a woman more desirable.
Sayu has really sexy panties

File: E0CVk0LVUAIpcjI.jpg (314 KB, 836x1200)
314 KB
314 KB JPG
Not enough Chinese villainesses out there being evil. Especially as this is not isekai.
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You could probably infer some of the Elios gods and Yuusha party standings from their various conflicts with Ranfield, Kuroki and Kuna. Alphos is on-par/slightly weaker than Kuroki. Reiji is stronger than Ranfield but weaker than Kuroki. Kuna and Shirone are about equal.
As far as I know only Alphos put up a decent fight against Kuroki. Odis is a wildcard. He is the head god of Elios but should be powerful enough only on Elios or something.
Yes. The whole point is the villainess in the heroine's body learning that the grass ain't greener on the other side and the heroine in the villainess' body learning why the villainess developed such a nasty personality in the first place. And having the time of the life because she's now fit instead of sickly.
Kuroki is constantly improving and adapting. Though he still needs to get stronger to fight Modes.
Keeping in the right position by stabbing herself for that stable cheekweld?

Chifuyu debut (real).
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It'd be way too anticlimactic if the final fight was Mikey vs a literal who, though. I think South will job against him and maybe he'll trade some blows with Senju but that's it. The last fight should be up to Draken & Takemitchy.
Pah-chin will beat Mikey.
Wait wait wait, I just started watching this anime.
Where did these superpowers come from?
What the fuck?
Sure, the MC can travel to the past, but I thought that was as far as any superpower would go.
File: Spoiler Image (558 KB, 2133x1518)
558 KB
558 KB JPG
Draken is a monster, Mikey is just broken.
>In raw strength he's stronger than Mikey according to the character book
Nah, those gag tournaments were about arm-wrestling but don't account for kicks and such. Mikey has greater feats. Draken landed hits on Hanma 1 on 1 but could never knock him out like Mikey effortlessly did, for example.

And if you care at all about their primary school days, the achievement gap is ridiculous---Mikey, being one year younger, destroyed high schoolers, whom Draken could not fight, and directly broke the dudes who beat up Draken by Draken's own admission. Mikey is shown to be a full tier ahead and I don't see that changing.

The one hit thing comes from the Hanma comparison. Draken is at a similar level, stronger than Hanma and equal to Kakucho, who would've been destroyed by Izana, who Mikey mid-diffed without even wanting to kill. Draken knowing his habits could maybe keep him in the game longer than I'm thinking though.

I have no problem with any hypothetical matchup, I'm just unsure how things are going to develop. I mean, we know Takemichi can't beat him, so I get where you're coming from, but even Takemichi & Draken wouldn't be enough to win a fight, one shot or not. That must mean in any case something indirect has to happen, something that hits his heart first. So the real "here's what Mikey can do" fight must be against the other Deities.

There are no superpowers. The inhuman thing is a metaphor.
File: 1622178270972.jpg (102 KB, 1280x720)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
I still giggle everytime that i see that fucking face

Where did the concept of anime characters having spiky hair originate from?
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I played Dragon Ball Xenoverse and holy fuck Goku's hair looks weird in 3D. It's like Mickey Mouse's ears in that they only look right in 2D.
>Where did the concept of anime characters having spiky hair originate from?
Osamu Tezuka
oh, Togashi is a goddamn hack who can't even finish his manga. Shut the FUCK up.
that just uses eyes and mouths to make variation instead of hair, most of their eyes and mouths are comical and don't match a single art style otherwise it'd be filled with same face as well

>30 years old
>complains about being a virgin
>doesn't have sex with the half dozen women who are throwing themselves at him
I fucking hate this trope
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Anon, people here are literally making shit up, they are not using more than 2 neurons to shitpost.
Hehehe… hehe… heheeeeeeee……….
No woman throws herself at you without some hidden intentions.
>Virgin women do NOT exist...they all get popped somwhere 16-21
Try halving that age and you might get it right.
I wish I was kidding but I've seen and heard some shit.
the hidden intention is usually to be cared for, impregnated, and raise children. it's not really that complicated

File: f0c.jpg (55 KB, 500x750)
55 KB
Bulma should aspire to real men not jobbers
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File: kneel.webm (960 KB, 654x444)
960 KB
Chadroes. I kneel.
Oh no..
>page 7
>"chads" of /a/
Mexico is just waking up.
And what’s the excuse when we’re in peak traffic and threads still take 9 hours?

File: E7nPe-2WEAIIcJw[1].png (584 KB, 768x432)
584 KB
584 KB PNG
Episode 59, "Bolt, HerakleKabuterimon", airs in 1 hour. It's time for best bug to go to Ultimate!

Episode 59 preview: https://youtu.be/EhnXWhvxT-Q

Episode 59 synopsis: Guided by the Crest of Knowledge, Koshiro and Tentomon return to the great canyon, which has an array of rocks. Nanomon, a knowledge-crazed Digimon, awaits them there. Nanomon challenges Koshiro to a riddle-solving game to determine who the true master of knowledge is. Having joined up with Taichi, Koshiro attempts the dungeon prepared by Nanomon in order to rescue Whamon, who has been taken hostage. However, it turns out that each time he solves a riddle incorrectly in the dungeon, one of his friends gets taken away. In the end, can Koshiro solve Nanomon's riddles? And, who will become the true master of knowledge?

Also a very happy Odaiba Memorial Day to all. Digifes 2021 is on about 12 hours from now, so we should get confirmation if Digimon Ghost Game and the rumoured 02 film are legitimate projects.
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Just because they had a plan doesn’t mean it was a good one.
Thank god we're moving on from Adventure shit
That is nonsense, executives forced Ryo to be in Tamers because muh wonderswan
It doesn't change anything about the fact that Tamers was planned from the start.
Its just a movie. I kinda feared we gonna get another 50-episodes of Taichi and Agumon.

File: Stone Ocean.jpg (1.21 MB, 801x1200)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
>entire premise based around prison
>only starts to get good when they leave prison
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But why Hamon and not Ripple, then?
Is it actually live streamed or pre-recorded like the last one?
the many more guests line implies that it's going to be more then Ai there. Potentially the whole main cast expect for Pucci

File: Eureka-Seven.jpg (53 KB, 1080x1080)
53 KB
Like, really good.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
does it need to be continued in your opinion? would a sequel be necessary?
I liked the show. Movie or whatever it was, not so much. Pink-haired girl best cunny.
Good series. Too bad they never made any sequels
Best parents. I love them so darn much
i liked it when i was a teenager. it probably doesn't hold up at all because anime has zero rewatch value.

File: 001.jpg (137 KB, 774x1200)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Breakfast, Baki!

Last time: Musashi continued his bloody war with the local law enforcement.
Volume 1: >>225484571
Volume 2: >>225532956
Volume 3: >>225583421
Volume 4: >>225628130
Volume 5: >>225672097
Volume 6: >>225758645
Volume 7: >>225798567
Volume 8: >>225839261
Volume 9: >>225881163
Volume 10: >>225922958
Volume 11: >>225962271
Volume 12: >>226002734

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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our boy out of the loop
what a bunch of shitty friends the baki gang is
> What the fuck did nobody tell him?
> Hanayama didn’t know about Retsu? What the heck? Some friends the gang are.
Probably busy with Yakuza stuff
Absolute fantastic sequence
Hi Itagaki
Yujiro literally got sniped in the first series bro

File: kawaii.png (372 KB, 796x914)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
So what's the video player of choice these days?
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>codec packs
my time machine worked
>uhh I use mpv + ultra high def volume peepee package + poopoo hyperrealistic color graphics
>uhhh mpc hc + asdfghjkl420 + lgbt+69
VLC only needs to be downloaded and installed and it does the job without any bullshit helper apps or extensions
90% of vlc posts are shitposts so that's 6 if I'm being generous, mpv wins
mpv, but I hate configuring it.
I still use MPC-BE with KCP

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