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File: 0409-017.jpg (326 KB, 1066x1600)
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How did we go from this to..
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can't defend this shit
Uhhhh toonforcekeks???? Why is Luffy stalemating with a punch with a fucking jaguar instead of throwing a pie at him and murdering him
File: i.jpg (490 KB, 964x939)
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490 KB JPG
Will you please shut the fuck up
This is actually one of the few times where reaction shots are appropriate, as the crew is receiving critical information concerning the nature of Luffy's Devil Fruit.
Read the chapter
They aren't surprised by Gear 5 itself. What the are surprised by is the information that Vegapunk gives them concerning its implications

File: 1670265789621278.jpg (411 KB, 1447x2046)
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How old is Lenko-san?
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like 99% of the posts in this thread
File: cheadle point.png (354 KB, 539x595)
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354 KB PNG
He should be a double or triple star hunter at this point
Why won't the Hunter Association acknowledge our good deeds clownbros?
File: gon jak.png (25 KB, 1012x1000)
25 KB
Do you know what tranny means..?
Imagine feeling threatened by a literal anon who doesn't gain anything or hurt/prevent other translations.
It's just one autistic faggot, I remember him complaining in an old thread because he kept getting banned for posting them

File: download (12).jpg (15 KB, 300x168)
15 KB
They reconned fucking everything. All of the jojo series doesn't matter. I've read all the Manga but watching the anime ending just reminds me everything before the end of part 6 doesn't even fucking matter as it was all erased from the universe and none of it matters.
I'm not even going to fucking read part 9 this is retarded I'm throwing out all my merch. Part 6 was a fuck you to the fans
pretty sure everything untill part 6 happend and only part 6 story never happend, Jotaro still had to do with Dio bullshit and Giorno still became underage mafia boss
It was a bizzare adventure, it was about the journey not the destination.
Does it really matter when Part 7 isn't even a continuation?

File: zaki.png (184 KB, 294x282)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
Why do so many agree with his take that anime has gotten worse because of the inbreeding of influence, when that so called inbreeding is what was largely responsible for most of the great anime of the 80s/90s that were spearheaded by the otaku generation?
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No it wasn't, what the fuck did it even refute, main shonen character being handed a super mega robot to fight aliens by his relative? In its root it's very much most mecha series imaginable and it builds off that. Evangelion in its conception was envisioned as "a simple work featuring robots" and Shinji ended up being a teenager because that's usually who is the protagonist in mecha anime, that's the reason, really, look it up before you spout bullshit. The only thing Evangelion did that went directly against what goes into making a mecha series is designing mecha without being toyetic in mind, because all the designs were limpy half-demons freaks and toy manufacturers liked them big and bulky. That's it, that's the most you can wriggle out as refutation of what was popular in mecha genre at the time.
how is the Church going, Sir?
>he thinks cults are the worse thing the government bedded
don't forget to mention the yakuza families and seedy western investors
He called it misery porn. I think it's just his personal gripe, he probably saw the same mentality that coined him a nickname of Kill Them All Tomino, so he cringes more at himself than AOT is what I personally believe.
I feel that way too, it reminds of two things that back up your interpretation as correct one:
1. Miyazaki was ready to hijack Up on Poppy Hill from Goro because he just wasn't getting "it", and what re-invigorated Goro was Hayao drawing how he thinks main character should be walking, after that he stopped overseeing Goro's progress. Details like that are very important to Hayao
2. While working on Kaguya hime Isao Takahata lamented about the watermelon cutting scene in Grave of the Fireflies, so he made his staff cut cantaloupe in the studio to get the cutting part in the movie just right, thus fixing his own mistake from decades ago. Details like that I imagine are what's most important to Hayao who learnt about animation a lot from Isao and borrowed a lot from.

>introduced in the show in the first episode
>Ein levels of seethe toward the MC
>never given an opportunity to pilot anything on screen
>suletta fighting dilanzas in the PV
He's the final boss, isn't he.
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I enjoyed Mika showing off what he can do with his legs.
I actually saw that while looking and thought it wasn't him. Only now noticed the back portion of his hair.
I mean it was sort of gay but it really wasn't worth the slog.
I'm amazed they haven't destroyed a colony yet in an emotion filled rage.
What permet level is optimal for the strap-on during their wedding night, and who wears it?

File: ovq644rska631.jpg (117 KB, 1047x1085)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
>The most sexually attractive character in ShounenShit is a guy
File: 1670398045605194.jpg (263 KB, 1848x2464)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
pretty sure she isnt
File: kurapussy.png (2.36 MB, 1067x1431)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB PNG
This nigger turned me gay
File: 1646221786955.jpg (99 KB, 800x1035)
99 KB
>ikezaki misa

>Anime has positive influence on their viewers
Whats her name /a/?
Boku no pico
The anime that has the most positive influence on its audience is Thinly Veiled no Recommendation Thread Daibouken.

File: 1670426874895.jpg (274 KB, 1446x2048)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
Happy birthday to the cube. Fuck these breaks I want the cat to be healthy
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Meh. I don't think Yuji's character is heading to that direction.
File: O.o.jpg (133 KB, 657x999)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
It'd be interesting if it did. But Yuji's the one character where I'm not really hedging my bets, seeing as he has a lot of options
how many more chapters until we see yuji use his sukuna abilities?
We're getting enchain first
I honestly don't see much in the way of character development for Yuji at this point. I feel like the story has progressed past the points of where any important development would happen.

Like, in terms of plot, I feel like we're entering the final phase/arc of Kenny's shit. Then we've got whatever big twist Gege has set up for us and Sukuna's stuff, with the lead up phase for each of these, of course. And then the manga is probably done.

Never. I think Gojo was right in how it should have progressed, had Yuji been a regular vessel, and not a vessel so bloody good at supressing Sukuna.

File: 20221207_155859.jpg (1.21 MB, 1920x2160)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
Is makima -san a good person?

File: Untitled - 251.webm (2.96 MB, 1796x1010)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB WEBM
Blu-Rays for Super Hero are finally out if you didn't know.
It's time to watch it in HD.
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File: CASTRATEDlin.png (1.17 MB, 960x654)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
His fantasy. His goal. His dream. His one desire.
I could tank that.
Goku is Jewish.
kek wow.
File: Freeza's training.webm (2.01 MB, 1036x648)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB WEBM
Can you do this scene when you can?

File: nana2kaoru.png (556 KB, 448x639)
556 KB
556 KB PNG
Nana to Kaoru and its sequel Black Label were the best romance manga of the 2010s.

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>You have to understand that with sufficient employee protections you can't really do any of that.
With sufficient employee protection you have the right to a raise as you gain seniority. That is very different from Dave getting a promotion since he is working the dayshift alongside a bunch of people doing what Dave is doing, but Dave is actually socializing with the people over him in the hierarchy. Dave gets promoted first, the people working the dayshift gets promoted second, and the nightshift is generally bad for your career.

But I am partially getting the vibe that you live somewhere in the world with poor employee protection, lack of rights, and possibly live in a "at will" employ vs employee relationship.
This makes working night shifts or away from the main office even more dangerous.

The problem with meme language is that its nondescript, and therefore do not convey useful information unless both participants agree on the definition.
My other favorites includes:
-The 1%
-"you know who"
and a bunch of them.
The general trait is that by using a shorthand you avoid exposing your position, and thereby avoid being honest.
It’s good but it still dragged shit out for way too long for the sake of dumb melodrama.
>But I am partially getting the vibe that you live somewhere in the world with poor employee protection, lack of rights, and possibly live in a "at will" employ vs employee relationship.
No, I live in a country with most of these protections, we have years of maternity leave here. Which is why I know that this works. The key issue is getting the first child to be born at a reasonable age, the second one will happen, it's just about getting one.
If you discriminate because of maternity, then you, as an employer are fucked here. And it's quite easy to prove. Same thing for night shifts and the like. A lawyer will be happy to negotiate the case for you, because these things are easy money. I don't know how it is elsewhere, but the system works.

Another major issue are the exact anxieties you are presenting. You have to make people believe that these protections have teeth, even if they exist on paper. Again, emplyoee protection and faster education for decently paying jobs. Those things are key and some are implemented well. Others are not.

>The general trait is that by using a shorthand you avoid exposing your position, and thereby avoid being honest.
That is exactly what it is about, alongside it being unpleasant phrases.
>The key issue is getting the first child to be born at a reasonable age, the second one will happen
Congratulations, you are now in a country below replacement rate. Which is where the discussion started at >>246031878

>If you discriminate because of maternity
Look, you are not reading my post.
They are not discriminated because of maternity, they instead get into a position where their promotions get delayed by the fact they had maternity leave, as a statistical fact.
This gap for child 1, 2, 3 and 4 is extensive and can't be fixed by throwing money at it, because the problem is the loss in the social hierarchy caused by not showing up for work for a few months per kid.
>Congratulations, you are now in a country below replacement rate.
Stastically speaking, women who have one child have multiples. Roughly 80% of people have siblings, therefore the goal is to get women to have a child. The rest will work out. It's not the relevant question to ask.

>the problem is the loss in the social hierarchy caused by not showing up for work for a few months per kid
Yes, but as I pointed out with remote work getting more prominent, this can be fixed.
Also, if you force men to take a similar amount of paternity leave, this will largely average out, across a population. But quite frankly this has gotten really boring, because all you can say is "nuh uh"


So, anyway, how's the hope holding out for an AOE? What does everyone think about the fact the series technically truly ends with the high school "au" cast watching themselves in a movie? Are you all ready to accept that that's the true ending yet?
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File: FLLMZBZacAIru11.jpg (164 KB, 1103x1297)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
This is the one version of GODkasa that cannot exist according to the law of physics.
>tfw the pixiv artist that did those really hot old LH doujins wrote a 2 part LHE threesome fanfic but didn’t illustrate it
It’s not fair…
Rico is very focused
File: 1664682127038247.jpg (93 KB, 626x900)
93 KB
File: d.png (124 KB, 385x253)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
>I reckon the fillies ain't champing at the bit to get friendly with the likes of you... Acting all high and mighty bout any feller's mind is no bueno, buckaroo.
>On the contrary, sir, I am exceedingly aware to the point of congenital precognition to the machinations of my peers. Furthermore I was coveted as an alluring specimen by the fairer sex... at one prior point in time...

Kobeni is Death onesis
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Makima's death was very fitting, narratively speaking.The whole point of the twist with her motives is that she never saw Denji, never thought of Denji. She only thought about how she could free Chainsaw Man. Once she did, she was close to her goal and greedily tossed away anything but her target. Thus she is defeated in a tragically ironic fashion, killed by the very same thing that cause our hero so much anguish and trauma.
If someone reinvents nuclear weapons and kills a ton of people with one, would the nuclear weapon devil return?
>what the fuck are you arguing about and why is this important?
Because is failing at adaptation and characterization, something very important in an adaptation.
>something you've imagined and the other is a matter of interpetation.
But is not, you are just being disingenous
>Do you just hate MAPPA/CSM anime for no reason?
I don't, i just dislike some aproachs to the direction and think they should be fixed for a season 2
>Cause it seems to me that you're grabbing at straws
The director not adapting the manga properly is in now way something minor
Which is why they're separate from entities. The horsemen are not LITERAL horsemen. There is no personification to destroy because they DONT EXIST
It's not a gag comedy, it's just situational humor in a love letter to western film.

File: 1670229872259640.gif (725 KB, 521x519)
725 KB
725 KB GIF
So if the anime is ending on chapter 35, then there's really no hope for the bullet date, is there?
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>[Redacted]'s real name gets revealed
>Shipfags hastily retag 10 years worth of fan content

I think it's going to depend on how it's eventually found out. Anya has ultimate plausible deniability since espers aren't supposed to exist so the only way anyone finds out is A) Anya herself tells them, B) documents from her experiment tell them, or C) one of the scientists tells them. So either she admits it to Loid and Yor to stop them from fighting or WISE finds out first.
that’s damian
>Nightfall is for old men only.
Franky isn't that old.
That’s kind of the point. She’s in disguise.

File: 1670446153577.png (1.07 MB, 1366x768)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
This thread will be a Franky thread
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So the reason the best pirates didn't awaken is because there is a chance they would lose their minds?
I kaido's crew case I think they were just too strong from the beginning and never had anyone to push them enough for them to need it.
They are just weaker than Lucci, this is the simplest explanation.
They just got bopped, we saw it, we were there
File: 1663411625274.jpg (577 KB, 1513x2000)
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