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Anyone watch this last year? What u think?
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This. The first episodes are great for hooking you but it becomes painfully obvious who the villain is. The last thing I remember is the chairs in the desert before I stopped watching it because I was so bored.
File: 81401877_p0.jpg (946 KB, 1576x1586)
946 KB
946 KB JPG
Loved it. The threads had some nice speculation, enjoyed them too.
good but missing something, villain was too basic could have done something cool with it
>it becomes painfully obvious who the villain is
It's supposed to be you fucking retard.
File: 1589215506955.png (320 KB, 600x407)
320 KB
320 KB PNG
the dream worlds got really stupid and arbitrary as the series went on. it's that thing where the more in depth into the mechanics of how the "puzzle" is being solved a show goes, the more it feels like there aren't any rules at all. MC was based and he should have hung out with the midget more.

File: freezacute.jpg (149 KB, 842x470)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
He got away with everything
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Well he's bound to return there again if he does dumb shit
>he got away with everything
dude's just a real-estate agent. Blame the rich fucks who pay him to obliterate planets so they can have a cozy summer planet to brag about.
he cute
You mean HFIL the Home For Infinite Losers?
No one cares about the dub shit anymore except TFS retards.

01 ・ Jujutsu Kaisen ・ CHAPTER 140: EXECUTION
02 ・ My Hero Academia ・ NO. 303 - TOP THREE
04 ・ UNDEAD UNLUCK ・ No. 053 Have Any Black Tea?
05 ・ High School Family: Kokosei Kazoku ・ Chapter 28: Our Golden Generation
06 ・ WITCH WATCH ・ 4 Let's Go to a Family Restaurant
08 ・ Mission: Yozakura Family ・ MISSION 72: WEAPON
09 ・ Me & Roboco ・ Chapter 31: Bondo and the Button
10 ・ Magu-chan: God of Destruction ・ CHAPTER 33: ENCOUNTER IN A WINTER WONDERLAND
11 ・ Hard-Boiled Cop and Dolphin ・ Depth 32. Sunken Ruins, Part 9
12 ・ Ayakashi Triangle ・ CHAPTER 34: ORIGAMI FOLDING GODS
13 ・ i tell c ・ chapter 5: after
14 ・ Nine Dragons' Ball Parade ・ Chapter 3 A New Dream

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>still no new one-shot from Tsunehiro Date
He's never gonna make it is he?
I know. Those two didn't deserve their fanfare, they should have gone quietly in the night,
Ole Golazo editor is in charge of Witch Watch and Blue Box so that design may crop up again
>I bet it'll increase for the next volume
we'll see
Vol. 2 releasing in June amongst the Jujutsu/One Piece deathmatch so whether it helps or hinders it we'll see
File: dolphin_chako.png (66 KB, 330x291)
66 KB
Dolphin bros. . .I don't feel so good

File: nagatorosan_key.jpg (66 KB, 460x650)
66 KB
How can people watch this? MC is so pathetic and beta. I can't even self insert even though I'm a beta myself. Whole show comes off as cringe
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File: TwinSoulForm.png (536 KB, 783x701)
536 KB
536 KB PNG

I only got into it within the last few months. Around the sick chapters, I think, maybe a bit before. I was just lurking the threads and didn't go back to read it all until after the sick arc. I thought "Okay fuck it, this is too cute to not read."
I was really hoping Gamo would have more reddish hair instead of being orange
The OGs produced some good OC back in the day, and I was getting into the BDSM scene when the later ones were getting translated. I'm not a sub by any means, but it was good content from a degradation point of view, even if it rode that line of consensual and abusive. I wasn't on /a/ for a few years and when I poked my head back in, it was just announced. Been following it since.

Not really MC self-insert material for me, but it's a fun ride to self-insert as Gamo and watch those two dorks fall in love as you cheer them on.
Geez, at least dick her down first.
File: 1609776144140.png (122 KB, 354x386)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
>being so beta
>I'd have sent her to the fucking hospital.

If you react with anger you are emotionally weak and then you are a beta, you retard.

An alpha guy wouldn't mind, or he would even joke about it.

File: 1589732372108.jpg (394 KB, 2507x2507)
394 KB
394 KB JPG
>hafu character
>japanese dad/foreign mom
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You're mad
It's not like you'll get a woman anyway so why do you care who's fucking them?
Galko-chan reverses this, Galko's dad is white.
Funny cause irl it's 99% the opposite.
File: AMWF vs WMAF.png (954 KB, 1289x861)
954 KB
954 KB PNG

File: fatbakugo.png (339 KB, 387x391)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
Spoilers starting!

Chapter title:

My Hero Academia Chapter 309 Title: “I can’t stay being a kid”

Original: 子供じゃいられない

finally a Bakugo chapter
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Sounds more like desperate wishful thinking than bait
>No Bakugo in this chapter btw.
What is this from?
Is atsushi reading our threads? Lmao. OP says it was a Bakugo chapter then Atsushi twitted “no Bakugo in this chapter btw’
i know youre in this thread atsushi

146 Spoilers are out.

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He actually was just scared of Tengen.
File: IMG_20210408_042837.jpg (33 KB, 238x434)
33 KB
>says thanks to Choso
>are you crying?

Touching goodbye between Choso and Yuji
It's over Chosobros ..
Might be a bad translation
>A lawyer
>An angel
>A comedian
File: kenkoba 18.03.jpg (59 KB, 848x480)
59 KB
New player looks like pic related kek.

What happened to /a/ creating a mangadex alternative? I really expected it to work.
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I'm glad mangadex is kill because it was run and moderated by a bunch of fucking fags
How would it work when nearly everyone wanted to filter out normalfags, guaranteeing it to be dead on arrival.
MAYBE 1 month from now and that's me being optimistic.
Never, they'll keep their donation bucket out and then keep pushing dates back until nothing
I love Miko

File: 1618280989854.jpg (363 KB, 654x1500)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
Make or Request Art.
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File: download.jfif.jpg (113 KB, 1000x1333)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Someone PLEASE draw Misaka Mikoto with the following conditions:
1.) she is fat
2.) she is retarded
3.) she is actively brapping on anon's face
File: download (1).jfif.jpg (138 KB, 728x1115)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
here is another good photo to work off
Sexy Arc mage! She deserves more fanarts.

File: tenor.gif (849 KB, 498x272)
849 KB
849 KB GIF
"Hello! Its a beautiful evening glow!"
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You will never be Daki.
File: '3481294.jpg (75 KB, 639x716)
75 KB
it's over, season 2 never
i'm doing it tonight
She is so cute
How does the manga end? Was it a good ending?

Why do so many anons think that Shamiko is hot?
34 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
she is meant to be cute, not hot. is this an underage femanon that doesn't understand men or something? you must be 18 to use this site
File: Ey7zr_8VgAIBlvn.jpg (869 KB, 4093x2894)
869 KB
869 KB JPG
Although even if you spelt it correctly I don't think it makes sense there.
I want Watermelon juice! I want watermelon juice! I want watermelon juice! I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it now!!
Your image excites me. I'm so envious of Momo.

File: Spoiler Image (732 KB, 1189x1834)
732 KB
732 KB JPG
Spoilers are out.
File: Spoiler Image (779 KB, 1287x1756)
779 KB
779 KB JPG

File: 1618274851849.png (1.84 MB, 1018x1602)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB PNG
How do you justify this ending when all the way back in chapter 94 we got the revelation that made Eren's character a far more layered one? Eren is not influenced by his environment insofar as his actions are concerned. To explain for speedreaders and assorted tourists, he literally says "I wish something would happen". This proves even before he is revealed post-timeskip that he always was a sociopathic autist (BASED) and his external environment had little effect on his person. I mean we knew this by virtue of the knowledge that he murdered two adults as a child and called them subhuman garbage right after, but some people like to ignore these things to fit their foolish ramblings that Eren being muh failed Lelouch makes perfect sense when in the SAME ARC there are very obvious swings in good writing and irredeemably trash writing. While his environment may have played a small part (like Reiner), he always operated on a higher ethical ground compared to any normal person save for Reiner, meaning, in regards to the broader scope of personal convictions and motivations for those convictions, it far surpasses any environmental effect. This goes deeper into the 'Faustian' will they both have. These people are both insane for completely opposite reasons, and it makes their characterization absolutely phenomenal. Eren in chapter 99 and 100 discusses with Reiner the nature of these things and his personal views on the subject. We are shown that just like Reiner, his motivations for doing what he's done and will do are inversely similar to Reiner's. Not simply to protect Paradis, but "beyond that" as chapter 131 tells us, which is yet another parallel with Reiner if chapter 100 didn't spell it out enough for you with the "born this way" line from Eren. This can all be hearkened back to Eren's chat with Falco about seeing a "hell beyond hell", whether it is yet another hell, or something else, thus, to find out, we must keep moving forward.
267 replies and 74 images omitted. Click here to view.
Imagine a version of SnK where Armin and Mikasa didn't exist
File: 1615147133591.png (661 KB, 1342x1199)
661 KB
661 KB PNG
>muy country
Lmao, then how about using Historia? She could have eaten Zeke there. Oh wait this is when you bring NOT MY HISU XD, right? You reduce Eren to be a waifufag with Historia
>What does this have to do with the story and the manga?

And this is proof you have literally never consumed any other manga in your life and you simply do not understand how it works.
more like completely fucking butchered you retard.
It really is awe-inspiring how one chapter killed a story nearly a decade in the making.

is subaru allowed to talk about japan?
32 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
>why can't she remember anything?
She does. She remembers language. Babies don't speak language. Someone who was reincarnated and had their soul obliterated and recycled would become a baby. Rem isn't a baby, therefore that didn't happen.
>Do you have any information showing she has?
She can speak and understand speech. A baby doesn't.
>Had to go. Didn't want you to think I was incapable of answering.
You literally aren't capable of answering. You back up your headcanon with headcanon and nothing from the story that you haven't read a word of. So fuck off. You replying actually makes it more clear you have no idea what the fuck you are talking about and are more incapable of actually answering than if you said nothing at all.
File: bad boy.jpg (224 KB, 1080x1290)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
lost in memories
i was just kidding about that being emilia's mom though, she's just some sketchy half-elf
File: 1617767696500.jpg (98 KB, 450x617)
98 KB
Chapter full of Subaru's deaths and suffering will come soon, but only if groove the gumlet in this thread right now.
Lost in Memories, and the first one is Shion, who is a half elf and not Emilia's mom. She's the manual girl for the game. The second image is Lailah, who I think is another half elf and an antagonist for the game's OC plot.

Chobits was an anime
No it wasn't

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