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File: 1611310430562.png (2.18 MB, 2048x1440)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB PNG
>Final arc will be answer to Watadamashi!
>This will start play during finale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_ylNrVEvzY
Your reactions?
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>It will be answer, but roles will be reversed and it will be K1 who confess this time.
>ALIVE will play during confession.
>Putting a low effort filter over an otherwise normal shot is visual direction
Matter a fact, why do I even like these fucking cute girls so much? How does he do it?
I'm not even a heavy anime/manga/vn autist but something about R07's writing is so captivating and cringe at the same time, its fucking brilliant.
It may be just a simple filter but I think it's great.
meme word
Yes anon, distortion of normal scenes is common in horror. Should they have Tim Burton'd the entire thing to make it obvious for you? Maybe they should have put some scary monsters because simply changing the direction of the scene wasn't enough for you?
Use your fucking brain.

File: 1596825586415.png (928 KB, 926x962)
928 KB
928 KB PNG
this perfect woman does things to a dragon
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File: DzUViUsX0AETULH.jpg (231 KB, 2048x1655)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
I'm not tailanon
>dragon snacks
>dragon loli
>dragon meat
>magic sword
>set of three different maid dresses
>dragon puns
>dragon wedding tiara
File: mfw_maid.png (502 KB, 556x589)
502 KB
502 KB PNG
>set of three different maid dresses

File: x5.jpg (329 KB, 728x1157)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
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File: 1611376672423.jpg (811 KB, 2000x1300)
811 KB
811 KB JPG
>oh such weird triangles
>it defies logic and common wisdom!
>that is why these are forms utilized by men who create legends!
this silk is fire
File: i00372.jpg (345 KB, 835x1200)
345 KB
345 KB JPG
#1 this thread is cancer
#2 what happened with sumahi torashimu? did that turn out to be good?
#3 has no one else seen this shit?
M-masaka how could a simple inverted triangle ever harness the power of a true triangle. These triangle men are strong. The triangle is beautiful
ur a faggot.

This gay cat is stronger than your favorite non-Angel character.
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That's the one. Thank you, anon.
File: 46159189_p9.jpg (1.32 MB, 1773x2106)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB JPG
Of course not.
The only gay porn we should be posting is Goten and Trunks
They aren't accepted and aren't most of the posters.
File: 1610170058664.png (567 KB, 720x540)
567 KB
567 KB PNG
>the guy who made that video has a fart fetish

File: mpv-shot0002.jpg (77 KB, 720x528)
77 KB
>Where is Vegeta? Someone tell me, now.

File: 1609593682397.jpg (126 KB, 1280x720)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
>Just started reading the Hitori Bocchi manga after finishing the series

my depression is gone, and my day is saved
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She's a spikey haired punk.
File: 1559945516176.jpg (5 KB, 73x119)
5 KB
Which organ would you remove from bocchi?
The manga will continue through High School.

>anime/manga fan
>never been to Akihabara
What’s your excuse?
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Built for foot traffic. Most of Tokyo isn't like that though. Think New York City but not as good DESU. It was bizarre that a girl copped a feel of my ass on a train right before she got off.
not even who you're replying to but only the purist of autists will unironically learn Japanese to watch animations
Damn, even the women grope people on the train there? Japan must have a serious problem with sexual assault after all.

You must be really going all out my trip there cost maybe $2.5k total including flight
Can't afford to go yet. And travel advise to go to Tokyo on the cheap?

File: 1118538.jpg (47 KB, 600x600)
47 KB
Android boy
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Damn that looks cool
That book is amazing. One of my favorites. Nice Asanagi haul too.
File: pjimage.jpg (316 KB, 1000x1000)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
Chocola due this month. No payment request yet, though no delay e-mail either.
>Cute feet
>giant weirdly placed nipples
I saw them as a top seller and figured I might as well.
Glad to know they're actually good looking

File: v2.jpg (313 KB, 1800x2560)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
chapter 19
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>kyouko pulls out a huge dildo to play with ayano
File: 1350153072809.gif (268 KB, 500x371)
268 KB
268 KB GIF
>that bra lift
Damn, it wasn't even in the anime.
This was a pleasantly lewd chapter.
Chitose is truly the yuri fanbase in its purest form personified into a cute girl
File: EsV0RcnVkAEdhcQ-orig.jpg (294 KB, 1378x2039)
294 KB
294 KB JPG
Since there's no Aria thread, I'll just post this Akari from Aria that Namori just drew. Goddamnit, her drawing skills are already perfect, now her tastes are too?

File: 1604171540511.jpg (19 KB, 360x450)
19 KB
>If it doesn’t matter if a character is female or not, some artists think that adding a woman might create an element of charm, and therefore gain more popularity, but I’m not so sure I agree. I think that even if you’re creating a manga that includes love and romance, you could have it be between two male characters, as long as that fits with your manga’s world. As long as your characters are appealing, you could get away with a world of all men. You have nothing to fear.
2021 and still dabbing on the entire industry.
This is true enlightenment.
Sasuga The MASTER, Araki-sama.

File: 563243165.jpg (80 KB, 600x525)
80 KB
Ruffy is gonna kill Vivi if she isnt already dead
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Damn, can't wait for the spics to go wild for this.
File: kikunojo3.png (641 KB, 1920x1080)
641 KB
641 KB PNG
File: Queengif.gif (437 KB, 954x888)
437 KB
437 KB GIF
Break week is almost over, does the Oda numbers autism dictate that Act 3 ends next chapter?
either next chapter or the one after that

File: Miwa_the_cute_3.webm (2.04 MB, 896x504)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB WEBM
Episode 15 is out now. Todo and Yuji are now officially best friends. Miwa is still cute and useless.
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Gojo would have to be insane to court a woman the way he acts toward Utahime.
And double penetration.
File: 1610893257454.png (64 KB, 497x463)
64 KB
jesus fucking christ this thread
could gojo stop the rumbling
Tomboy. Nothing else matters. Flat or thicc, brown or fair-skinned, angry or happy. If it's a tomboy who likes being seen as a girl by her boyfriend, it's my type

The constant switching to the generic anime protagonists ruins this anime. I wish it was more like the manga and just focused on the dorky Spider girl the whole time.
276 replies and 41 images omitted. Click here to view.
Should I? It'd just be me editing out non-spider story development (OP excluded).
Web is further ahead, but isn't updated anymore.
People have their prefference on the changes.
Everithing dirivative follows the ln.
After the season is finished, maybe. I'd definitely prefer it. I'm wondering if cutting out all the other stuff would impact the story. You could just have spider meet them after exiting the cave and explain that they were training the whole time
yeah they ruined it imo, none of the stuff they are showing is in the manga
I like to think that she dances for real and not in her mind

File: 1611314358395.jpg (1.86 MB, 2852x3583)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB JPG
>Precure's 65th anniversary
Time flies when you're having Precure Thread
392 replies and 110 images omitted. Click here to view.
He chose to join the desert apostles, they implicitly say it in the series. After they put the mask on him he was brainwashed though.
In the flashback we saw, he was offered the mask and he accepted it out of his own will.
I would prefer to see Yuni’s hairy asshole.
File: 1.jpg (294 KB, 1100x1600)
294 KB
294 KB JPG
I forgot that. That makes him pretty bad then.

File: 1609213342524.jpg (475 KB, 1117x1080)
475 KB
475 KB JPG
It's the birth day of the cutest and best idol Kausmin~, please say something nice.
35 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: FjRUJXP.jpg (156 KB, 850x1133)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
>idol anime
It actually isn't, if anything it's closer to SoL CGDCT.
Kind of like how GuP isn't actually a military anime.
Why she not smiling? Sunrise doesnt have budget to draw her mouth?
Love live is idol anime + yuribait + great song.
File: 77769046_p0.png (1.08 MB, 1447x2046)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
it'd be easier to call it an idol anime. CDGCT is such an umbrella term that most anime with an all female cast can be called that, and you also wouldn't exactly call LL and A-Channel to be in the same genre.
Shitposting always gets removed.

Live long and prosper
47 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
whats sex with kon like
File: 1402849197688.jpg (87 KB, 600x900)
87 KB
She'd be a sub until she gets used to her partner enough then she becomes a dom.
There were a lot of changes between the TV and BD versions. I made a comparison a while ago, but I'm not able to post it now. You might be able to find it in the archives.
File: knock knock.png (187 KB, 801x581)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
Open up, the detective is here

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