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File: Senko No Hathaway.jpg (493 KB, 1450x2048)
493 KB
493 KB JPG
Why's nobody talking about the movie?
I mean c'mon mecha isn't that dead right?
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Damn, Sunrise still got it. Now I'm excited for their new that one mecha show.
Why did they choose to adapt this mediocre novel anyway?

File: 0000.jpg (395 KB, 760x1200)
395 KB
395 KB JPG
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Silhouette piece.
>I told you to chill
Does everyone ITT has autism?
*kisses her feet*
This was awesome.

File: poster_1571910732808.jpg (169 KB, 500x700)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
What, exactly, is the moral of this show?
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My theory about chuunibyou is that Yuta is actually Rilkka's tulpa.
>God will you shit up about the fucking word nuanced? More nuanced =/= very nuanced you pedantic retard.
>It's a lot more nuanced than ''don't run away from your problems lol''.
Also, since you apparently don't know what nuance means.
>a subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression, or sound.
Something that is in-your-face can't be subtle.

>We're discussing whether the show is about whether escapism being bad or not, you're the only one hung up on that word.
You mean a sentence? Your entire sentence was false. Not to mention, your entire argument was about it being "more deep" than escapism is bad. The anime made it pretty obvious escapism is bad, as Rikka isn't using Chuunibyou as an escapism at the end. Also, I can't even tell if you are the same guy larping as two different people.

I think we agree with each other then.
Coping =/= escapism. And from the very start, she became a chuuni because she enjoyed it.
No, you need to rewatch it unless it still goes over your head. Do I seriously need to pull out episode quotes for you to get it?
From episode 7
>I agree that she has to accept it. And I think she understands she does. She understands and that's why she's acting like this.
>You're not running from the truth. You're not trying to ignore it either. But you wonder, "Does everything in life have to be so normal?"
From episode 12
>Rikka thought that being able to live like that was wonderful. That it was so much more honest, even cooler, than bottling up your feelings and living how other people want you to.
>Then what caused her chuunibyou?
>Rikka was a girl who was saved by it. A girl who saw your case and admired your strength.
Rikka's chuunibyou is a part of who she is. She was never running away from anything. She used it to cope with her father's death because her chuunibyou is how she interacts with the world. She was never able to move on because everyone in her life dismissed her and tried to shut her down and nobody tried to get on her level to understand her. Everything happened to fast and she was never allowed to move on, not because she was escaping from reality. Yuuta accepted her, which allowed her to use her chuunibyou to finally move on. That's the great irony of this anime. What everyone thought was holding RIkka back and letting her escape from reality is what actually lets her move on from her father's death. So stop saying it's in-your-face about "escapism bad" when that was never the show's message in the first place.
Yes, and your interpretation is a subtle difference in or shade of meaning from the actual point of the show retard. Can you not read?
>hurr durr you only said one sentence as your argument
are you retarded?
>Not to mention, your entire argument was about it being "more deep" than escapism is bad
Yes, yes it is, that was my point and what I have been arguing about, and I shall repeat: More nuanced =/= very nuanced you autistic twat.
>The anime made it pretty obvious escapism is bad, as Rikka isn't using Chuunibyou as an escapism at the end.
I won't bother trying to explain why this isn't the case considering >>223901382 already laid it out a lot better than I would have so I guess I'll just bow and let them have the productive conversation that isn't pointless nit picking bullcrap.
File: 1465433975895.jpg (684 KB, 1920x1080)
684 KB
684 KB JPG
Find a girl who looks exactly like your sister

Why is Gendo so autistic?
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File: 1618437953656.png (249 KB, 512x512)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
Why does his existence make fat incels fume?
Keep eating fat fat fatty, might as well eat yourself to death since Kaworu will never fuck you.
File: 3464.png (1.29 MB, 2041x3000)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
looks like it haha
oh well, that's life
File: eva2_7.jpg (806 KB, 1920x1080)
806 KB
806 KB JPG
Hey Reibro, hopefully comfier times are ahead haha

File: McFmWvz.jpg (88 KB, 931x384)
88 KB
What's better, 5 Supernovas vs 2 Yonko or 4001 men, including Sanji vs a calamity?
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she's pretending to be Oden because she witnessed his heroic death spee d. reader
And thus when she drops the Oden larp she'll stop wanting that.
I fucking love nami
>If you were a true yamatofag
yeah, i'm not a trannyfag
but you carrotfags are getting so desperate is fun
its all that sky walk and blue walk

File: UHOHSPAGHETTIOS.jpg (535 KB, 1066x1600)
535 KB
535 KB JPG
So what is the final verdict on the Marley arc? Was it good or bad
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You'd only be stuck for 8 years
File: 1620704254875.jpg (40 KB, 667x667)
40 KB
rolling for Mikasa for mah boy Jean
Hafu waifu
Jeanbo gets sasha
gib hisu

The movie came out a few days ago. Did you like it?
Also new episode soon.
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If it got axed how come it got an anime?
Didn't the author end it voluntarily?
Who are you rooting in euro?
The mangaka always planned to end it at 55 chapters. It is his longest work at the moment.

Griffith charges into battle.

Remember to use spoiler tags when discussing future story events, and to avoid posting images during the dump.
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evil man casca
Wouldn't the seconds-in-command take over from there? Knowing Ganishka it just kinda seems like fleeing the battlefield would just result in your execution later on
Fuck you too, If nobody asked then do not respond
I hope you do, sooner than later
File: johnbauer.jpg (788 KB, 2242x2060)
788 KB
788 KB JPG
really like this section. Reminds me of John bauer


Leak thread >>223853181
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Yep, Matsuri is done. She has accepted her feminity.

You're never going to get with a 10/10 anything so you might as well accept 2D.
File: 05.png (1.03 MB, 1000x1428)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
See >>223898871
and ask that question again. Also the MC literally has a pits fetish because of the wench
Fuck. Suddenly I realize that TLR Darkness ended years ago and I'm thinking what's Yabuki up to now. Oh a "new" series that has already been going on for a year now. How did I spend this time without even accidentally seeing or hearing about this?
So people can't deny it's a harem anymore, right?

New Chapter Is Out!
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im sad we're gonna have to wait how ever many years or months for a English release, why isn't it simulrelease for volumes now, it can easily be done. I'm probably gonna buy a japanese copy when they come out so i can support it
You can play Monster Hunter with your girlfriend.
This was fun
Shhh keep your voice down Taiki-kun, you are going to wake your parents up
source for the left image?

File: 001.jpg (653 KB, 1842x1600)
653 KB
653 KB JPG
Breakfast! Baki!

Last time: Jun caught a fist with his face.
Volume 1: >>223504082
Volume 2: >>223559573
Volume 3: >>223613020
Volume 4: >>223670906
Volume 5: >>223726753
Volume 6: >>223777092
Volume 7: >>223830197
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Can't exercise with a boner, anon.

No, many people do roids, but none of them can stop a spear with their abs
I...don't want to see Olivia get hurt...I can sleep through tomorrow night's dump right?
Doesn't make him any less of a fraud.

File: bejita ss purple.jpg (94 KB, 1280x720)
94 KB
We all know Goku will win and Vegeta will job but will Vegeta at least get SSJ Morado in addition to his newfound Hakai powers?
I think that would be very cool and very marketable once this arc gets animated in about 5-7 years from now.
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Looks like Im filtering beast next
File: God, I'm handsome.jpg (70 KB, 1000x1000)
70 KB
Bejitabros! I just found this great anime, where the MC is literally bejita! (bald and short) You're gonna love it!
File: ji.jpg (253 KB, 1077x1064)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
>d-don't say that wor-
Jieast the Beren.

File: 1620923386468.jpg (144 KB, 1280x720)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
new volume released
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Ok Jashin-chan. Yurine is going to chop you up good again.
Pino's so small
Holy shit, look at the thigh gap on Minos. I want to live there.
File: 1590189062163.jpg (177 KB, 1000x1325)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Her tits absorbed all the nutrients required for height gain.
It would be better to live in her mammaries where you can get milk.

Angry Laura
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File: 90512148_p0.png (850 KB, 1000x1000)
850 KB
850 KB PNG
Back to your containment thread
my cute wite on the left.
File: 90530995_p1.jpg (673 KB, 800x1207)
673 KB
673 KB JPG
File: 90530995_p2.jpg (687 KB, 800x1207)
687 KB
687 KB JPG

File: Adobe_20210613_012752.jpg (103 KB, 960x602)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Confederate Deku
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File: 1623603565090.png (174 KB, 957x861)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
>Confederate Deku
You know.
Cry, leftycuck.

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