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File: vt.jpg (142 KB, 767x677)
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142 KB JPG
This board is for the discussion of Virtual YouTubers ("VTubers"), including those streaming in Japanese, English, and other languages. VTubers don't necessarily need to be on Youtube of course, they can be on Twitch, Niconico, Bilibili, or any other platform.

Please note that discussion should pertain to a VTuber's streams and content, and should not pertain to their real lives, relationships, or appearances ("IRL").

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File: 0d2.jpg (21 KB, 499x500)
21 KB
Unlike a shark y'all fell for bait.
After seeing her constantly talked about all year you finally made me take a look.

Not bad, chat seems like its full of based groomers too. Subbed.
File: artemisbait.jpg (189 KB, 1540x1078)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
Yea, at this point the board is truly /trash/ tier and outside some of the generals isn't worth saving.
Chotto a minute...That's not Gura!

File: 1614000406034.png (385 KB, 1080x679)
385 KB
385 KB PNG
▼Phase Connect Links

Official Website:

Official Schedule:

Teamup Schedule:

Official Twitter:

Official Character References:

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>no jodas
...tonight. They switch every night for breaks to keep up with Lia's liabido.
Pippa, if you're /here/ please vaguetweet confirming whether or not you were molested/raped in the past
In chaturbate.
kap is a bitch in a different timezone, kagi is a chad in her timezone

File: 1622210858550.jpg (48 KB, 980x576)
48 KB
Champyon Minecraft server soon edition

This thread is a place to discuss Kiki, /vt/s very own recently debuted Autistic Aussie bunny chuuba!

Who is Kiki?
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/KikiCh-
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bunnyonvt

Next stream: in my pants

Official Discord: inevitable
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oh shit not the holoniggers, what will we ever do?
File: 1606852455158.jpg (84 KB, 980x576)
84 KB
kiki feeling pretty SUS today LOL!
look at the schedule. The Sunday stream is at 10am JST and it is currently 9:07am Sunday morning in the land of the nips.
guess ill check the kikicord's reaction after the collab
This but kiki, next time..Larger font for times...please...

File: FB0u47_VQAsGTve.jpg (643 KB, 1637x2250)
643 KB
643 KB JPG
Busy day tomorrow with the HoloEN Among Us collab leading into her Unarchived Karaoke stream!
Today's stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TNX6qBc4rU

https://mega.nz/folder/PJljFaDC#bERcB4FtvuLJpahT2AFb5Q (Songs, Clips, Misc.)
>Unarchived Karaokes
1414211 (7.29) / 1428330 (9.03 MO) / 1434768 (9.19) / 1440268 (10.05 MO)



>||:Caesura of Despair EP streamlink:

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File: E_oPs_4VUAAkeFF.webm (156 KB, 1000x1000)
156 KB
not much that can be done there, yeah is annoying how much that reeks of bait, but nothing really can be done other than not giving the attention I guess
File: 1630207880225.jpg (536 KB, 4096x2228)
536 KB
536 KB JPG
She's too sweet to lie with any conviction...it would be fun to see her as imposter but I don't think she could keep up the act.
File: E-1_ehJUUAkye3h.jpg (991 KB, 2150x3035)
991 KB
991 KB JPG
eighty minutes to go!
File: 1634975772523.png (1.05 MB, 900x900)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG

File: FBw_xvUXIAEUZ2x.jpg (456 KB, 1300x1000)
456 KB
456 KB JPG
>Next Stream - Meeting

>Who is Beatani?



>Data Archive:

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I'm not a fan of deredere + fat. Fat people have less energy
None of my preferences made a change in this, to be fair. I'll draw her however she comes out.
Not at all, it was decided at random and ended like this, it's by chance, to with intent to mock.
She already has worse on her channel.
It'd be funny if the concept art/pngtubing is appealing, but the actual model is just some fat fuck
it is true it would be a fucking disaster

File: 1634970163764.jpg (57 KB, 605x516)
57 KB
>Short Guerrilla Collab: Minecraft w/ IRyS [No VC]

>Previous Stream:【Members Only】Movie Watchalong: The Truman Show

>First Superchat VOD:

>Debut VOD:

#ourokronii (General)
#krotime (Streams)

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Wait she showed up during flare's stream?
File: kronii gates.jpg (123 KB, 733x900)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
its over shitposters
It's just sad at this point. He needs legitimate help.
only on chat

File: 1619180785107.png (154 KB, 448x427)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
/sopa/ - /luña/

Previous thread >>11836142

Today's streams (So far)

Karaoke with Lunita

Sopita Hambaga cover

Love letter championship/battle royale with Rose (With prize!)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1613054285510.png (28 KB, 839x175)
28 KB
Pal is sick, Why do girls get sick so often?
File: inh.png (144 KB, 254x321)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
La perra vieja is made for breeding and abandoning
why would you abandon such a great wife anon?
Clean your house and vent your room niggas it ain't hard
Mami por favor levántame por la mañana, vamos al supermercado los domingos y luego pasamos por el bingo.

What do we need to do in order to save Matsuri and stop her from being a menhera, /vt/? And how do we stop her from self-sabotaging her relationships with her friends and family?
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I know this is a joke, but if she keeps playing APEX you know it's not getting better. I don't mean her career (that too), but her mental health.
Apex isn’t even that bad and Matauri’s been getting better at it.
She is. Matsuri has been improving and she’s been gaining back viewers.
Matsuri always has her ups and downs, she's getting back up before she does something that makes her go down.

File: 1603547439529.jpg (283 KB, 1920x1080)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
Photo Courtesy of Ironmouse Edition

Welcome to VShojo+! A thread to discuss VShojo, and any vtubers frequently associated with them.

Froot's birthday has come and gone and it was another great one. Minecraft, Jackbox, Apex, and then reading a bunch of messages. It certainly turned out better than most would have expected, and a lot of that is probably owed to the wonderful power of alcohol. Normally quieter and reserved even when among friends, Froot opted to get a couple drinks in her before beginning the stream in a decision that probably paid off wonderfully. From the moment she entered the Minecraft server she was darting around like she was on amphetamines, wandering the wilderness for landscapes and structures to admire. At several points her friends had to corral her into following them, but she was giddy and excitable and really fun to watch. Especially because it doubled as the debut of her new 3D model! Any moments that would have been dead air were replaced with her dancing in place, which is probably also thanks to the alcohol. A great stream from beginning to end, and a reminder that a drunk Froot is very, very, different from a sober one.

As for other Minecraft related updates, one has to admire the effect it's been having on the people playing with it. All of the VShojo girls have their own friends outside of the group that made it in, and it's been really fun seeing people who would probably take years to meet up and hang out with interact with one another completely at random. While some like Mouse's pal Lord Aethelstan and Silver's friend John Silva are still just hitting it off, the best interactions have to be coming from Anny and Haruka. You'd think Anny's constant innuendo and Haruka's inability to recognize a sex joke even when it's right in front of her would mean they have little in common, but you'd be dead wrong. They're cute together and seem to genuinely appreciate each other's company. Highly recommend watching Haruka's stream yesterday, and Anny's stream today to see more of them together.

The Minecraft server has really turned out to be something special and while nobody can be sure of how long it will last it's nice to see new memories being made. Froot's birthday was a great time, and wouldn't you know it but it's time for Halloween in a week! Nobody knows what'll happen but as we move into a slower weekend we can only hope to find out soon. Make sure to keep things comfy by ignoring bait, being excellent to each other, and look forward to whatever else is planned next week.

VShojo is:
Nyan - https://www.twitch.tv/nyanners
Silver - https://www.twitch.tv/silvervale
Froot - https://www.twitch.tv/apricot
Mouse - https://www.twitch.tv/ironmouse

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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We need to keep increasing the size...
File: jmb9hd.gif (21 KB, 138x134)
21 KB
Finally caught a karaoke
Congratulations wiggly anon. What will you do with your life now
based schizoposter
File: isisat.gif (27 KB, 128x124)
27 KB
Spam wigglies in chat until it's over, of course

File: Spoiler Image (504 KB, 720x900)
504 KB
504 KB PNG
K-Son(Korean Winning Son)
민수하 from NijisanjiKR
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File: Spoiler Image (124 KB, 828x582)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
죄송합니다만 관심이 없습니다.
don't shitpost with Suha Min you faggot
He's cute
He's a treasure

File: 1634987976761.jpg (418 KB, 1493x2048)
418 KB
418 KB JPG
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoSrY_IQQVpmIRZ9Xf-y93g
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gawrgura
Schedule: https://twitter.com/gawrgura/status/1450029257330200576

First original song: https://youtu.be/WGgEFoI9MhE
STREAM KING: https://youtu.be/qNIhngowViI

AX: https://otakumode.com/shop/pickup/hololive_AX2021 (5% off)
Pop Up Parade: https://special.goodsmile.info/popupparade/en/ (TBA)
Vtuber Tour: https://fanexpohq.com/fanexpocanada/fan-expo-canada-x-hololive-en-2021-vtuber-tour/

Previous thread:>>11865271
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File: FAlo7SvVkAUs7O6.jpg (691 KB, 2266x3399)
691 KB
691 KB JPG
After all these months I'm still annoyed that this animation was anal.
File: 1635020305777.jpg (252 KB, 1552x2048)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
>trusting anything the threads say
Same desu. Someone needs to do one with her cunny being pumped full of goom as it should be.

File: E2qzUjeX0AMrll0.jpg (152 KB, 1200x1085)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
am ogus

Schedule: https://twitter.com/takanashikiara/status/1450102120003379201

Art by: https://twitter.com/CrManzana/status/1399127883562504192

Previous thread: >>11815009
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File: file.png (24 KB, 440x156)
24 KB
She answered to him.
I love kiara based
>idk if the guy is still here
kiara, he is dead.
nah but hopefully they don't give this fag any more attention.
As a final addendum, I missed it the the first time around but his bio linked to a suicide note:
https://pastebin.com/BPyFG7FR (posting the link purely because he removed it)
It's a generic non-specific suicide note about not wanting to live and not being someone who can be helped out of it.
His bio now reads:
"I live for now. I deeply apologize for what I've done."
So either he chickened out and wasn't as resolute as he claimed about the suicide he planned for over a year (in which case, fuck him, but I hope he gets better), or more likely, he was (and is) a massive fucking menhara multi-gosling dramawhore.
She's too kind. Probably should've just ignored it but still, she's too good.

File: K0vrzn6.png (75 KB, 836x175)
75 KB
>vtubers are supposed to be more soulful than normal streamers
>the most popular vtubers all belong to corporations
what went so wrong?
133 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
The most popular streamers are all corporate as fuck, they're tied up in a web of merchandising and sponsorships harder than any Hololive member. The only difference is that such streamers are their own bosses, but they absolutely have to police their own content to stay on the good side of investors.
It wasn't like when the first batch of NIJIJP happened, I blame these en e-thots who wanna be hololive joining NijiJP.
There are a few good ones, like koragi_ch. But by diamonds in the rough, I don't mean just vtubers, but other content creators in the west that can be transplanted into becoming a vtuber. The state of EN vtubing is stale exactly because corpos for the most part ONLY hire vtubers with experience, and not literal randoms with unique skills. Just browse the EN internet music scene and you find a few ones. There are OTHER strange and niche communities in the English speaking world, because almost everyone speaks the language. To limit recruitment from the incestuous EN vtubing pool is a travesty.
For example, the creators of this fan song have been singers for years. Japan has tapped into their utaite to vtuber pipeline, and I see no reason why in the west we can't turn these people into vtubers. I'm glad Mori, Ame, and to a lesser extent Kiara is drawing talent from their fan community for projects, but the EN side of Cover hasn't done shit and Nijisanji just hired a bunch of vtubers. The only Niji I'm closely paying attention to is Petra because she does have an uncommon skill set.
Dokibird but she's gone anons...I still miss her to this day
Patra is the gamer
Mico voice actress
Char n/a

File: Amogus.jpg (129 KB, 680x512)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
How is all the waiting rooms doing?
Where the fuck is it?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Is this the Gura killer betting table?
File: SaltGG.png (374 KB, 699x393)
374 KB
374 KB PNG

Gura gets killed three times.
I will make sure of it.

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