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I can’t believe people like this thing
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Hmm, did you watch Totally Spies as a kid? If you did maybe one of the girls' name? I'm trying to think of something related, don't know too many spies.
How does Greyfax sound?
File: ERaHX6jWAAELo2f.jpg (272 KB, 2048x2048)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
i warmed up to it
Didn't know who this was, I'll admit, so I googled and she has a really neat design! I do think it would fit quite nicely! Plus the name per se sounds interesting.
Why shouldn't i like it?

>What is Pokémon Masters?
A mobile Pokémon game that's real time instead of turn based and focuses on collecting trainers instead of Pokémon.

>How to Play and How to Win

>Model ripping/datamining project (3vp) FAQ


>Eggmon Simulator
>Lucky Skills List

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File: Nice.jpg (285 KB, 965x499)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
It is comfy up here. I don't wanna leave...
Gloria is the strongest trainer on Pasio now with this bullshit.
Gloria's stamina efficiency is really ridiculous. She reminds me of Lusamine with that insane speed and multiple MGRs, except she doesn't have paper thing defenses and her attacking moves are way better than shitty blizzard.
She is pretty good.

File: 059Chezetta.png (91 KB, 424x424)
91 KB
>A full-scale adventure between two fully featured regions
>386 monsters designed by /vp/
>Completely custom soundtrack
>Gen 7/8 standard battle engine
>1.3 is real,this is not a drill
>Competitive-grade battle AI that switches
>Difficulty for veterans of the series
>Custom battle backgrounds
>Custom exp gain mechanics
>GSC-style berry trees
>Wonder trading
>Sprite portraits for important characters
>New custom Poké Balls

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File: space fury.png (35 KB, 1920x1080)
35 KB
Does anybody know for sure whether this is Oreon's signature move? If so, I'll throw that into the wiki page, since there isn't one currently.
Anon told about the trick in one of the threads but apparently not many noticed it before he deleted the post.
kuuroba into S. Choice band makes that mon stupid as hell.
Isn't that Hoopa-U move? I think it's just shortened to fit the character limit
Hm. So it seems. Thanks, Cochise.

Thoughts on Spinda?
File: tiny s.jpg (8 KB, 277x182)
8 KB
more like spindass
Fuck off spermbrain
How many variants can there be? It would be fun rating anon's ones

File: DdClrdM.png (90 KB, 740x676)
90 KB
>ITT: Learnsets that make you want to gouge your eyes out
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Volcarona in gen 5
File: 1592309537417.png (273 KB, 315x402)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
>be a flying type pokemon that isn't a bird
>want physical flying coverage
>best options for like 20 years was either bounce, fly or aerial ace
Oricorio doesn't need any physical stab for those types? that's like getting mad your gardevoir can't learn psycho cut and zen headbutt or something
File: file.png (15 KB, 524x263)
15 KB
>bro why do you hate Baby Mons so much?
>They expand the moveset of their evos so much!
File: unknown.png (38 KB, 463x438)
38 KB
>this is a levelup moveset for a ground-type in 2018
this would be acceptable in g2-g3 where the movesets aren't always the best
but in fucking g7 things get some kind of STAB by levelup?
oh yeah, by the way, phanpy didn't make the Galar cut so this is the most recent moveset.
why does donphan get ground moves but not phanpy

File: cradman.png (2.19 MB, 1920x1080)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB PNG
I made cradily in blender
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Nice! How long have you been doing Blender for and how did you learn it?
About a month now
dolphin what?

File: My Kanto Team.png (918 KB, 3272x2256)
918 KB
918 KB PNG
My Pokemon Team
a thread died for this
it was probably nothing of value

File: maxresdefault.jpg (41 KB, 1280x720)
41 KB
Why do people cope so hard about the female protagonist's ages?
I saw an anon unironically claiming that Dawn and May look 18+.
It's ok to fap to anime 10 year olds. You don't need to lie to yourself and say they're older. Just accept it and move on.
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File: ARTFXJ-SeleneRowlet-30.jpg (233 KB, 600x800)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
The only "loli" I beat my meat to is Chicken-chan. I'm not a lolicon, but when they add that fat malasada of an ass on her wagon, what can I even say? Her thighs are very nice as well
fap to more lolis
Well, were they in whatever pic they were talking about? Artists tend to give them the proportions of an adult so they can lewd them. Not to mention no protag is actually 10 unless we're talking about the anime and even then, it doesn't really count because:
>looking their age
It's the ones that feel the need to shout pedo all the time that are the real problem. Where are they when the furfags come out? That shit hangs around way too long for my liking.
>Protagonist is always ten
SM's protagonists are explicitly 11, as that's the age children go on the island trial. I believe it's also Red's stated age in the Japanese RG manual, it's been a while since I looked into it and Bulbapedia is no Sonic Retro when it comes to important information like that. A few protagonists were designed to be older, the BW ones were explicitly designed to be more teenaged (although the only source to that is related to B2W2 so the exact age is poorly phrased). They're all various degrees of under-age, but the numbers might vary a bit more than you'd think. Whatever, I think age of consent is too low as it is, the human brain isn't done developing until about 26.
All protags are either older than 10 or have no canon age
Only ash is 10

Can we have a thread dedicated to discussing romhacks and fangames? Not like /rheg/ where the focus is development but the act of actually playing them.

I’m still playing Blazing Emerald. I’ve been running around the region after reaching Mossdeep to see what I can find. Here’s my team btw
Previous thread: >>45538308
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this webm makes me angry, and not because of the story
no, it's because it reminds of the worst battle in the game
The 12v12 tag battle where you have to team up with Melia 'my OC literally the most perfect beautiful smart strong kind girl ever donut steel' Sue? Where she's fucking worthless and dies instantly unless you babysit her?
I mean, why bother to keep playing it at this point? Forcing yourself to do something you seem to genuinely hate is just masochism, most people here are already well aware of what the game is.
Because I'm a masochist, and the sheer autistic amount of effort put into this pile of shit actually makes some parts quite fun.

File deleted.
Give me pokeboys or give me death.
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File: ASH NOOO.png (248 KB, 650x480)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
>you will never be Tabitha's good little boy
why live
Oh god. Whenever I play hgss I like to imagine that if I/Ethan loses he'll be kidnapped and made into a buttboy for all the TR grunts.
Based, I do similar shit while playing sometimes
Beg for it you little Jari boys.
File: bugsy.png (150 KB, 457x936)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
I prefer girls tied up but every once in a while I can enjoy a character like Bugsy.

File: nuzthanksgiving.jpg (82 KB, 595x420)
82 KB
Thanksgiving edition

Previous thread >>45473482

Nuzlocke info
>Nuzlocke generator
>Guide to running the generator locally
>Links to official games (thru US/UM)
>Romhack links

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File: nuz_diamond_preleague.png (348 KB, 1165x710)
348 KB
348 KB PNG
Took a really long hiatus. About to fight the league.
The Elite Four was not very eventful. There were some time-consuming exchanges but ultimately nothing died.
Vs. Cynthia
>start with Steelix and Stealth Rock
>whittle away with Toxic and Iron Tail
>Switch to Mackinac
>one shot with Razor Leaf
>cant fuck with Ice Beam
>send in Sherman
>take about a third from Surf
>shit myself as a Mirror Coat reflects my Charge Beam
>survive somehow, heal up

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: nuz_diamond_postleague.png (277 KB, 1162x708)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
>send in Libertas
>heal Steelix
>Darwin-tier AI chooses Dragon Rush and misses
>I get ballsy
>try for Confuse Ray
>Giga Impact, of all moves
>Confuse Ray misses but I get it next time
>still alive because of recharge lol
>switch to Steelix
>Garchomp continues to use Giga Impact instead of Earthquake, obviously
>Iron Tail while it recharges
>the poison kills it
So I'm done! I really liked this team, they worked together well, even though I had to throw together a bunch of leftovers after half my team died to Cyrus when I went into Spear Pillar horribly underleveled. I will be doing Pearl next, but I have to emulate it because I don't have an available physical copy. It might be a bit too because I need to come up with a new rule.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
There's a Focus Sash on route 221, use it along with teaching Shedinja Sunny Day to remove the weather and survive the hit?
How do you think of nicknames when doing a nuzlocke? I'm hopeless at thinking of them

This game was fucking based. How come we never got any sequels?
we did get one (1) sequel
but it never got localized
It got one sequel that was never released in America but a fan translation exists if you wanna emulate it

Like all Pokemon Side shit it didn't sell well

This was back during the time where even when the card games themselves came with a fucking instructional VHS tape on how to play the game kids only collected Pokemon cards because they looked cool

Also Yu-Gi-Oh was more popular
I dont remember ever playing any TCGs properly as a kid. I just loved buying packs and looking at the artwork. I still do. Pokemon had the least interesting art, honestly. Duel Masters to me was the peak of card art. Nowadays I still like to just pick up cheap bundles of base set cards from stuff like MTG and sort it out and look through it. Autism kink.
unironically if this was a DS game the sequel would've been localized
if a TCG came out this february it'd be popular
Loved the pre-made decks, especially some Science and Psychic ones. Post some made by yourself in the game if you please, and tell how effective they were. I never experimented and wonder how was the margin for making somethin new and cool.

why the change of heart?
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Nintendo's Yakuza
In an interview he said his grandchildren wanted Kadabra card, and he was ashamed he is the reason they can't have it.
Is he also ashamed at being a charlatan that made a career cheating morons out of their money?
Why would he be?
James Randi died and the 25th anniversary of a long running franchise put shit into perspective that life is far too short.

Holy based
212 replies and 80 images omitted. Click here to view.
>OP edgy fake doomguy hands
>FP Real Doomguy
File: 1605145307036.gif (2.6 MB, 680x499)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB GIF
Abusebros we got outplayed
Hope status:
[_] not restored

File: 1588860012997.jpg (57 KB, 640x430)
57 KB
>can play r/b/y and g/s/c on 3d
>not on switch
why is game freak so fucking useless?
Yeah you can
without modding your console

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