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File: masvisoi.png (84 KB, 269x320)
84 KB

Fights saturday
Perry in jail
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Reminder Mike Perry committed assault on an elderly person and should be banned from the UFC and in jail
File: Reem.gif (642 KB, 240x138)
642 KB
642 KB GIF
One last run on heem
File: Troglodyte-5e.png (702 KB, 803x1000)
702 KB
702 KB PNG
>me entering the thread seeing anons pearl clutching over Platinum
Even worse, they should feed him to Vick.
Sorta like that overrated rat, conor?

File: espanyol.png (33 KB, 288x288)
33 KB
I've been digging a grave
with the parts of my brain that still work...
File: IMG_20200709_010859.jpg (100 KB, 454x762)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Have some respect you twatless cunt!

>can't even load the logo thumbnails

File: 1.png (492 KB, 676x640)
492 KB
492 KB PNG
Lads, it's time. Today we finally decide who the GOAT of /sp/ is!

Join in and show your support.
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File: 3.png (489 KB, 1231x924)
489 KB
489 KB PNG
File: 4 (rip).png (44 KB, 357x537)
44 KB
The absolute state of Messoy
>Sanchez and Pep
Kek just imagine

File: 1593992979908.jpg (578 KB, 1004x664)
578 KB
578 KB JPG
>BoavistaXMarítimo (19:00)
>AvesXVitoría de Setúbal(21:15)
>PortimonenseXRio Ave(17:00)
>Gil VicenteXVitória de Guimarães(17:00)
>SportingXSanta Clara(19:15)
>Paços de FerreiraXBraga(21:30)
>B SADXMoreirense(19:15)

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File: 1592975441849.png (264 KB, 785x1000)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
>o campeonato ainda nao acabou
>Chegamos ao jogo no dragao? Alguem me explica o trabalho do VAR, o pepe devia ter sido expulso.
>Outro arbitro da associacao do Porto. Em 31 etapas do campeonato, 19 foram com arbitros da associacao do porto.
File: man41809.png (248 KB, 500x500)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
You tried to warn me but I didn't listen.

You were right. I see it now, so clearly. I cannot doubt Portobros ever again...
File: 1556506680980.jpg (7 KB, 236x236)
7 KB
vagangs filho de uma grande puta
it took you 3 years to figure out the artist
File: 1571909025571.jpg (49 KB, 640x549)
49 KB
>sporting gets a free player from betis
>its william

File: Manc Memes.jpg (32 KB, 615x409)
32 KB
Post athletes you wish to suffer career-ending injuries and not just any injury but that kind that would affect them for the rest of their lives

>Pic extremely related
These 2 overrated Mancs (one a Bruno babby, the other a Bald Fraud long con) will ruin England's world cup dreams before the tournament starts.

The Future is Sterling, Rashford, and Sancho with england's brave Curtis Jones setting them up. We have no need for them at all.
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File: lads.jpg (107 KB, 707x1200)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
They're so cute :)
Its crazy how overhyped Greenwood already is. For example, Lineker on twitter saying that in ten years time, it'll be an unarguable opinion that he's the best English player of all time.

i must be missing something that everybody else sees when they watch him? no doubting his shooting is elite, but what else? he doesn't, at this stage, look to me to be particularly special at dribbling, passing or massively pacey
fuck off Curtis

File: manchester united.png (14 KB, 223x226)
14 KB
>manager is a legend of the club who single handedly won us the UCL
>local academy products like rashford, greenwood, mctominay are tearing up the league
>more soulful english players like maguire, wan-bissaka
>basically the whole team is loveable lads
>the club itself is already SOUL due to its roots in northern, mancunian, working class culture

Just admit it, /sp/. Manchester United have a monopoly on SOUL. We are the good guys of the PL against bindipping Scousers, Arab money Man City and Abramovich's rent boys.
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>Right but the thread is about Man United being supposedly "soulful". You can't claim the music as an argument for United's "soul" when many of the most famous Manc musicians were City fans who despise United.
It was some other mong who started banging on about the City itself rather than United so fuck you and fuck that poster.

Football, Music, whatever. Manchester is King.
>The problem was beating the shit teams

..who you were struggling with because your players (youngest average age in the league) were constantly getting rattled by away fans. Thanks for proving my point.
Why is my IP range suddenly banned from /pol/. Seething.
Rangers and Chelsea are strong, independent brexiteers who don't need no forrenas.

The truth is that this season doesn't really count. It will always be known as the COVID year.


File: 1594319619325.jpg (204 KB, 1080x1080)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
How do you even compete?
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ronaldo has the weirdest lats I've ever seen
Are you looking at naked men everyday? You little fag
lol this is weird but i have the same body type as ronaldo
i believe you

Ohio St. pauses campus workouts due to virus
Ivy League rules out playing all sports this fall
UNC halts voluntary workouts after positive tests
Harbaugh: Near deal with U-M before pandemic
Wrigley won't host Wisconsin-N'Western game
Toledo DL Jahneil Douglas dies after being shot
Austin Peay names Lovings interim head coach
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will there even be an nfl draft next year?
Yikes didn’t even think of that. Gonna be so many busts.
Nebraska was never staying in the Big XII after TA&M and Mizzou bailed, so this is a hypothetical that's going to go nowhere.
>WVU academics in the Big Ten

File: 1547109231349.jpg (589 KB, 1998x2000)
589 KB
589 KB JPG
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wtf? why are you so mad. how is that a "shithole"
we will get there in 300 years. we will be like sweden.
unions aren’t just for manufacturing and detroit’s failure is only their’s, it doesn’t condemn other unions
I commit thy work to God

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these pictures are great op. can i have them?
File: mesi.png (1.16 MB, 1427x788)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
simply magesterial from the little maestro...

File: maxresdefault.jpg (163 KB, 1280x720)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Why doesn't it have more sports teams? They're the 8th largest city in the US, and combined with Tijuana have 5.5 million people in the immediate area
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where are you from, lad?

Inner city St. Louis. Was bussed to some really ghetto schools growing up.
oh fuck

yeah, I heard that among cities not in the middle of a war, st. louis is literally one of the most murderous cities on earth

get out of there ASAP m8
It sucks balls man. I dont want to leave. I grew up here, my family is here, and some really good friends of mine who grew up in the same situation (white kids living in the hood) are here. St. Louis has an awesome legacy and excellent built environment. But fuck, there are no worthwhile tech jobs here, and it is getting to be more of a South Africa situation every year.
SF may be gay and filled with unbearable libtards and La Raza Mexicanos. But at least I can be employed and not have to carry a gun when I go to the store.
Thanks for the kind words my man.
Then why pay for a new Padres stadium?

File: Based dabbing p.jpg (141 KB, 1080x1080)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Recent Jose teams that cut the virus loose and are thriving now while Spurs are sooo bad now where they have ZERO shots on target against Bournemouth
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File: 1593781934151.jpg (142 KB, 600x600)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
>4 signings were CB, RB, AM and RW (the positions Mourinho wanted in 2018)
>non symmetrical fullbacks
>workhouse technical AM
>right footed right winger
>pivot of Matic and Pogba
>counter attacking against big teams

>the Media narrative is that Ole has tore apart everything Mourinho did and rebuilt the team successively

It's over for him, there's no way he can beat this PR masterclass
>pressing in opposition half
>Small technical striker replacing Lukaku
>literally what are crosses

Just because Jose spotted the obvious problems literally any other person also saw, doesn’t mean he deserves any credit for the revival.
I don't know what to believe anymore, is it his tactics or these Spurs players? I think the situation at Spurs is a little unfair to him because they are also garbage and need to seek half the team. He has stopped the leaky defense though
The success of manager’s tactics depend on the quality of the players. His tactics worked fine at Madrid and Inter because he had good defenders, players willing to alternate positions on the pitch, attacking players had good defensive workrates, and they were elite at counter attacking. This Tottenham team isn’t versatile at all and is lazy, they’ve given up
But who will take:
Lucas Moura

Previous: >>100624888

>Thursday July 9 ESPN
Carlos Takam (Replacement for Pharma Baby) vs Jerry Forrest
Jared "Big Baby" Anderson vs TBA

>Friday July 10 BT Sport and ESPN+
Brad Foster vs James Beech Jr.

>Tuesday July 14, ESPN
Jamel Herring vs. Jonathan Oquendo
Mikaela Mayer vs. Helen Joseph

>Tuesday July 21, ESPN
Oscar Valdez vs. Jayson Velez

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1557359630591.jpg (153 KB, 1080x1325)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Years later and they're still seething.
File: images.jpeg.jpg (7 KB, 276x182)
7 KB
File: Bomb Squad.webm (1.21 MB, 700x422)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB WEBM
File: Bumsquad.jpg (125 KB, 998x1071)
125 KB
125 KB JPG


File: bombzquad.jpg (39 KB, 768x432)
39 KB

File: is an woman an jockey.jpg (26 KB, 469x312)
26 KB
Career-ending pregnancy for leading Irish jump jockey Lizzie Kelly.
OOF that man jaw
File: 154218947240404.jpg (69 KB, 649x800)
69 KB
who cares, she's no mccoy


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