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How often do you fap? I feel like complete shite when I fap more than once per day
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they are never satisfied, only temporarily placated. and don't worry about the size of your dong. insecurity turns them off more than a below average dong.
>5 times a day
are you kidding?
once a week and that's pushing it
>inb4 low-t
Not only it can, but it does. It's the average girth

Used to be once a day, sometimes more if I was horny. Now I have acquired a gf I don't fap, it's better to wait for her to make me cum.

File: liv-bay.jpg (81 KB, 1000x563)
81 KB
Get in here lads
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File: 1550255124825.jpg (39 KB, 600x525)
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File: 1521142901853.png (451 KB, 794x1102)
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451 KB PNG
milner on
Based and checked
File: 1546718169021.jpg (94 KB, 1059x696)
94 KB

File: 1550590591869.jpg (155 KB, 550x675)
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155 KB JPG
previous: >>90961802

>Wednesday 20th of February
21:00 Atletico Madrid - Juventus

>Wednesday 20th of February
18:00 Seville - Lazio
>Thursday 21st of February
18:55 Napoli - Zurich
21:00 Inter - Rapid Wien

>Friday 22nd of February

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Juventus needs to go all-in for Ndombele in the summer
Could be. Thanks fra
Hey lads, how about we all buy a house in one of these little towns and build our own /seriea/ community?
Will there be grills?
that sounds awful

File: Manny-Machado-5.jpg (55 KB, 950x460)
55 KB
LAD: Padres to sign Machado for 10 years, $300M
MIL: Brewers announce deal with Mike Moustakas
STL: Carlos Martinez (shoulder) down for two weeks
SEA: Mallex Smith (elbow) could miss Japan series
SF: Bruce Bochy retiring after 2019 season
LAA: Angels, Trout haven't had extension talks
LAA: Justin Upton dealing with patellar tendinitis
BOS: 'Extremely unlikely' BoSox re-sign Kimbrel
CIN: Reds sign INF/OF Dietrich to minors deal
BOS: BoSox have talked extension with Chris Sale
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File: 2f7.jpg (31 KB, 601x508)
31 KB
>w-we totally didn't want him I swear!!!
File: DubNHYIXgAAIc-s.jpg (123 KB, 1024x512)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Oh yikesies! Oh boy!!
Is it even physically possible for the padres to land machado AND harper?
but why did they do such a thing?

File: DzyjDlSX4AYWny1.jpg (379 KB, 1080x1920)
379 KB
379 KB JPG
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File: 5.jpg (51 KB, 620x350)
51 KB
File: 30yoboomer.png (70 KB, 380x349)
70 KB
if lyon had juninho wed be up 3-0
>rating vidal
Thoughts on the game so far for Barca?
>Ratking should've been sold two seasons ago
>Rakishit should've been sold to PShitG
>Valverde is a terrible manager who's style doesnt fit this team and its strengths
>Coutinho was a mistake
Who's Terrier and is he really good enough to justify not going 4-3-3 with Tousart at DM?

File: tim-tebow1.jpg (406 KB, 2000x1658)
406 KB
406 KB JPG
Tem Tibow
>le christian man

File: edgybrah.png (597 KB, 440x538)
597 KB
597 KB PNG
The earth is unironically flat

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File: cheer up.jpg (247 KB, 480x846)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
new here, can anyone tell me what MMA stands for?
Who is this absolute stud?
File: miocic ngannou counter.gif (2.79 MB, 380x247)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB GIF
>He knows he'd get heemed by every HW now cause DC snatched his soul and eyes

There isnt a HW close to Stipe in last 5 years (unless you are allowed to eyepoke). NCAA wrestling, scary GNP, scary chin, best boxing in HW. Get real nigga
its an inside joke from an old worldstarhiphop video.

If you believe otherwise you’re not English and you’re certainly not a real man
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yeh, WC was international. cheers to France!
File: 1464969407384.png (513 KB, 768x576)
513 KB
513 KB PNG
I would give our WC to be in the Nations League final 4
File: DiVM4vvX4AU1oG8.jpg (14 KB, 484x323)
14 KB
>tfw not elite
you're in the tiny minority there mate
I admit it, I only pretend I prefer domestic football as a cope since Ireland got relegated in the Nations League

File: Image.jpg (119 KB, 1200x889)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
What the fuck is Paul Ince's problem?
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>could probably play lower-mid-prem level
he's tried. he was awful.
reasonably skilled but a very poor decision maker
>could probably play lower-mid-prem level
He's had multiple chances to do that and done nothing each time. He's a good Championship player but nothing more
W-What do you think he he means by that uWu
You mean he probably wouldn't have a career at all if his dad didn't push his little bitch ass.

Is he a narcassist/psychopath?
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oh shit
File: 1460968415639.png (205 KB, 630x950)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
What if he raped her ass while pretending he was raping a dude's ass?
basado y rojopastillado
retrousse tits are fucking god tier, too bad it's impossible to tell until you get the girl naked
They should have a retrousse tits filter in dating apps
File: Oasis.jpg (49 KB, 615x409)
49 KB
Do most white Brits outside of London think the way you do, based Englishbro?

The English used to seem like "take no shit" lads, but all the SJW and importation of Muzzies changed that?

In the early 90's I visited Manchester, Newcastle and London, and most of the lads seemed pretty fucking based and would always "call you out" on any bullshit you said -- then they'd make fun of you for being a "cunt" and laugh about it in a cool bantz kind of way, but I always felt like a lad would go off and throw a beer at my head.

File: p122798.png (434 KB, 500x500)
434 KB
434 KB PNG
*gets torched by Gnabry in front of you*
he made gnabry look useless most of the time
I watch the bundesliga and I've never seen gnaby look this useful before
robertson is terrified
>i watch the bundesliga
sorry to hear you have no life

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File: Heil.jpg (47 KB, 737x470)
47 KB
Gott strafe england \0/
i'd rather cut my dick off than support buyern munich

File: 1546413048036.jpg (354 KB, 1500x1000)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
Waiting for things to happen edition

>Langrenn (World Championship Seefeld)
21/02 12:00 Sprint F Qual
21/02 14:30 Sprint F Finals
23/02 11:00 Skiathlon Ladies
23/02 12:30 Skiathlon Men
24/02 09:15 Team Sprint C Semifinals
24/02 11:30 Team Sprint C Finals
26/02 15:00 10 km C Ladies
27/02 14:00 15 km C Men
28/02 13:00 Relay 4x5 km Ladies
01/03 13:15 Relay 4x10 km Men
02/03 12:15 30 km F Mass Start Ladies
03/03 13:00 50 km F Mass Start Men

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Yep, this one’s going in my cringe compilation
Never knew Kalle was such a fucking CHAD! Northug BTFO

fuck bros Americans are laughing at us again
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Lord of the Rings trilogy
Patrician score
skiing in the summer
Tolkien was english
South African

Does /sp/ like AC Milan?
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alonso is great but he's also not a leftback by any means. he's a left sided midfielder who does ok at wingback
Imagine Susu, kessie and kebab just one game per full moon actually contribute forward or have a decent game without excuses...

Wtf is wrong with them?

Don't tell me they get tired of the defensive work. Just don't.

The bench is not the solution either
Why does't Laxalt play well?
Fuck me he was more than decent on Uruguay's NT
They play 3-5-2 or something

We should adapt that at some point. As a second option/ plan B. Maybe after we secure cl? We have the players for that

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