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File: 1618889158880.jpg (177 KB, 1600x1200)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
NYY: Aroldis Chapman fans two in final rehab outing
CWS: Hendriks (forearm) to throw sim game on Friday
ARZ: D-backs place Zach Davies (shoulder) on the IL
MIA: Chisholm exits due to renewed back discomfort
CIN: Pham scratched Tuesday with stiff lower back
SD: Tatis (wrist) on track for late July, early August
SD: Machado (ankle) still absent Tuesday vs. D-backs
CHC: Seiya Suzuki (finger) nearing a rehab assignment
PIT: David Bednar (back) unavailable Tuesday vs. Nats
MIN: Polanco (back) active for second half of twin-bill
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>fuck I miss when just the bench was crowded with a bunch of Latinos instead of the entire city
>God damnit i miss good hot sauce... Louisianas best
>i fucking wish Chelsea would shut the fuck up about that stupid shitty clothing line
>Im guaranteed to have a gay son now aren't I?
Loup is ass
Ohtani might unironically be a virgin
He acts like the generic asexual sports anime protagonist who’s hyper focused on improving his skills and pays no attention to the heroine
Its renewed a sadness in the fans even. I like olson and think that in the end its the smarter move on paper probably the best way to spend the money and will lead to a better baseball team but I wish we could turn back the clock and Freddie was on 1 knowing now that he seems to have been unaware of just how far that agent went
>Noo you can't just get me a 6 year $162 mil contract..
Freeman is a phony let's be real about it
He took the doo bag (which he should) and now he wants to pretend he's still loyal to barf

File: 1656019003954.png (121 KB, 801x566)
121 KB
121 KB PNG

>Countdown to Neguinho home GP:

>Previous thread:

>/f1/ Essentials:

>Mick Schumacher races without scoring a single point:
31 (30 starts)

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File: 1656013647446.png (1.13 MB, 832x1040)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
I don't give a fuck about /soc/ whores. /f1/ femcels are much better.
File: =1.jpg (54 KB, 521x937)
54 KB
Only subhumans care about attention whores.
Retarded mutts

Supercars : cars like the SLS, R8, 911 GT3/Turbo, 458, V12 Vantage, Gallardo, Cayman GT4 RS, DBS etc....

Exotics : cars like the SLR, CLK GTR, Murcielago, Carrera GT, LaFerrari, 918 Spyder, 911 GT2/GT1, One-77, 599 GTO, Zonda etc....
They all are Big V8s cars
Keep seething low iq nigger brain mutt

File: draftin.jpg (80 KB, 544x680)
80 KB
MIA: Heat ready to offer P.J. Tucker 3-year, $27M deal
LAC: Ivica Zubac inks 3-year, $33M extension w/ LAC
UTA: David Fizdale hired as Associate GM with Jazz
UTA: Will Hardy to become next head coach of the Jazz
CHA: Hornets GM: 'We're going to bring [Bridges] back'
CLE: Cavs extend qualifying offer to Collin Sexton
IND: Pacers GM: We're not shopping Myles Turner
DAL: Fischer: Knicks favorites to land Jalen Brunson?
LAK: Woj: Russell Westbrook exercises player option
PHX: Suns tender qualifying offer for Deandre Ayton
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>markets dictate the contracts
And retard bettors inflate it
>Knicks reportedly going to offer Jalen Brunson a four year $110 million offer
That’s a matter of fact, the Knicks PGs since then include
Jarrett Jack
Frank Ntlikina
Emmanuel Mudiay
Pablo Prigiono
Derrick Rose (twice)

They have not had a good player running the offense in over a decade depending on how you feel about Rose. Brunson is a RFA so the Knicks have to overpay in order to prevent the Mavericks from matching

They also own Dallas draft pick next year so it benefits them if Dallas is a lesser team, losing their secondary scorer, playmaker and by all accounts second best player probably does that

We’ll see, you haven’t seen him play a game in NYC.yet and I watch more Knicks/Mavs games than you
hopefully now derrick rose will be free to join a contender. hes still pretty good
>That’s a matter of fact,
No one cares. It's an irrelevant narrative.

File: kane and son.jpg (306 KB, 1920x1080)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
The magnificent duo edition.
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I'm not celebrating top 4 or second though, what gave you that idea, retard? I specifically implied it HURT Tottenham fans not to win the title in 2017 on 86 points, the point was THAT was far more painful than any meaningless FA cup results.

At the end of the day, Tottenham are looking to win bigger trophies than the FA Cup. The FA Cup in this day and age is merely a bonus, not a serious objective. For Arsenal, it's a coping mechanism in comparisons between them and Tottenham.
Thank you for admitting the league and champions league is what really matters, cuck. You didn't need to dig your heels trying to stress that the FA Cup is meaningful, because it really isn't unless it's part of a treble or something.

At the end of the day, Tottenham right now have Champions League football, a better squad, a far better manager and far better scope for improvement than Arsenal. That's what really matters in any comparison between the two clubs.
Ah man, you're sticking to your guns about the FA Cup being a meaningless trophy, eh? It's so funny watching you squirm over this. I especially like how you avoid admitting the obvious truth that your fans would be absolutely ecstatic if they somehow managed to win the thing. Audi Cup my arse. It's okay, I'll let you pretend to believe something we both know you don't really believe.

Speaking of meaningful achievements, congratulations on being ahead of Arsenal at the moment. I know that's massive for a small club like Spurs. God knows how you'll cope the day Arsenal finish above you again. I guess you'll have screenshots of past league tables on your walls to cheer you up.
Enjoy the UEL, bro
Still waiting for that list of artists from when Spurs last won what you think is a meaningful trophy.

File: Game III.jpg (796 KB, 1079x1358)
796 KB
796 KB JPG
Blues BTFO DRAGqueensland. Decider set at Suncorp.
Round 16 of the NRL season kicks off this week.
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take me back lads
what happened to us lads
File: sotrue.jpg (101 KB, 873x871)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
>Sitting in the dressing sheds after the Blues romped home 44-12 winners, Radley spotted that the TV camera were focused on him as the Channel 9 panel analysed the game and discussed which players would be available to play for their NRL clubs this weekend.
>The Roosters enforcer then mimicked an explicit act on club teammate Joseph Suaalii before reeling away laughing and now NRL chief executive Andrew Abdo will seek a sit-down meeting to address the incident.
Are all poo foul felchmen gay or just most of them lads?
ever since that time napa was filmed fingering his own asshole while kane evans or whoever was just chilling nearby i'm not surprised by any weird gay shit any player does anymore

File: FTTs3_8XEAgZdlQ.jpg (52 KB, 694x428)
52 KB
Today's matches GMT-3.

Emelec 1 - 1 Mineiro
Paranense 2 - 1 Asuncion (LIVE)
Corinthians 0 - 0 Sr Jacob (LIVE)

Nacionalguay 2 - 0 Union
Culox2 1 - 0 Inter de Milano (LIVE)

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based mufa
File: 111297939.jpg (30 KB, 720x720)
30 KB
We need more time
Ngl I die on the inside whenever a macaco incident happens. The fact I'd never be accepted as an equal by a villero... It shouldn't be like this...
File: Mufa.s.a.png (57 KB, 1200x1457)
57 KB
create a new club and win everything against them

File: tan.png (1.6 MB, 1420x920)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
>Order of Play


>Live scores and results

previous thread
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too manly
Roll xD
Pls be rybakina
Wtf sashnovich is my waifu now. The latest post succeeds !
File: Julita+Saner.jpg (96 KB, 1080x719)
96 KB
not bad

Previous >>121540724

>July 2nd ESPN+ USA
Mairis Briedis vs. Jai Opetaia

>July 2nd BT Sport UK
Joe Joyce vs. Christian Hammer
Jason Cunningham vs. Zolani Tete
Callum Johnson vs. Igor Mikhalkin

>July 9th DAZN
Dereck Chisora vs. Kubrat Pulev
Israil Madrimov vs. Michel Soro

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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True or not Haney certainly celebrated it
File: 1654936904891.gif (2.96 MB, 465x261)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB GIF
bet the house on ggg i hired a filipino witch doctor to put a spell on canelo for 3000 pesos
Canelo is unbeatable 160-168
He lost to old GGG twice mijo
In September 2022, Canelo will now hold 3, yes THREE Victories over the biggest FRAUD in Middleweight history, the biggest duck coward in Boxing, gennady "lowercase g" golovkin. The bum who "only cares about belts" but in 3 years since his loss to Canelo, hes REFUSED!! to fight Demetrius Andrade (WBO) Champion and Jermell Charlo (WBC) Champion, instead he fought 1 "Champion" who hadnt fought in 2+ years, Ryota Murata, the 16-2 (WBA) Champion who got promoted to (Super) for.. what? not defending in 2 years. Other than that he fought Steve Rolls at catchweight, Derevyanchenko for the vacant IBF and Kamil Srezeremeta.. What a fucking Bum!!

lowercase g is going to get put on his ASS!! By a real fighting man like Canelo Alvarez and it will be epic.

File: 1629701007260.png (752 KB, 828x780)
752 KB
752 KB PNG
How many tomorrow?
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Hope this whore loses so I can laugh for 1 minute.
Chileno poster tier
kek'd pretty loud, ngl my m8
im going to emma!

File: 1625123810927.jpg (162 KB, 832x1000)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Does /sp/ train in any martial arts?
File: 1638834480978.jpg (105 KB, 1920x1080)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Budokai is my passion
I used to do karate if that counts, got a black belt but didnt learned shit cause the "school" closed about a month after I got it

File: hoc-asg.jpg (56 KB, 680x680)
56 KB
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Thank you gary
vasilevsky's fantastic playoff stats come off the backs of the islanders stars and habs' embarrassing excuses for "offence"
>he’s not good because he played the opponents tampa got to face, and didn’t choose
>if a player didn’t score 114514 points in the liiga he’s shit-anon

HERE WE GO (autism)! Edition

>Tottenham want to sign Brazil forward Richarlison, 25, and English winger Anthony Gordon, 21, from Everton in a double deal. Chelsea are also interested in Richarlison. (Sky Sports)

But Everton are not interested in selling Gordon, whose contract with the Goodison Park club runs until 2025, as part of any transfer involving Richarlison. (Liverpool Echo)

>Spurs are also firm favourites to land Barcelona and France defender Clement Lenglet, despite interest from Roma in the 27-year-old. (London Evening Standard)

England midfielder Jude Bellingham, 18, will be Real Madrid's main transfer target next summer , although the Spanish club face competition from Chelsea and Liverpool. (AS, via Mail)

>Having opened talks with Manchester City about signing England forward Raheem Sterling, 27, Chelsea are also trying to sign Netherlands defender Nathan Ake, 27, from the Premier League champions. (Telegraph - subscription required)

Liverpool and Egypt forward Mohamed Salah, 30, is expected to leave at the end of the 2022-23 season as a free agent. Salah has scored 156 goals in 254 appearances since joining the Reds in 2017. (Mirror)

>Arsenal have submitted a £35m offer for Ajax defender Lisandro Martinez and appear to be leading Manchester United in the race for the 24-year-old Argentina international. (Mirror)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>It nearly always goes to penalties anyway and England always fucks up
Yeah I noticed that. England nearly always get beat don't they?
Does the women's team have as much "diversity" as the men's team or will that not happen until more people start watching it?
they've lost last 3 or 4. No, there is a lot of seething over it, think the last team was all white.
>they've lost last 3 or 4
>think the last team was all white
Shall be supporting the brave lionesses in that case.
i really hope >we dont sign him. i dont rate him at all
A good number of PL clubs are linked with Wijnaldum, which one has the most chances to sign him?

What is the link between Boca Juniors and Bolivia? And why do River fans bring this up so much? I cant get it
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Is true that they are a shalom club?
boca is the most popular club here and all inmigrants start follow him in 90s and 00s in his peak, the boom of bolivian diaspora was a coincidence then.
what about Libertad and Guarani?
File: Average.png (131 KB, 330x442)
131 KB
131 KB PNG

File: m.jpg (10 KB, 299x169)
10 KB
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lets hope so
swinging at 3-0 is based
Typical Mariners relying on the opposing pitching to win us games, not their bats.
losing is the new winning
absolutely. And Santana should have been able to crush that middle in fastball.

File: 1656167444759.jpg (89 KB, 1200x1200)
89 KB
When does footy start again edition
190 replies and 31 images omitted. Click here to view.
>did super well there
but that's just not true. if his name wasn't Mario Götze, nobody would care about him.
It is.
File: fatze.jpg (118 KB, 989x625)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Didnt look. Go back to /r/soccer, Mohammed.
>Bankfurz customer calling anyone mohamed
stay BTFO, bitch

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