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File: file.png (331 KB, 1434x382)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
Olympic Games Road Race

Musashinonomori Park - Fuji International Speedway
234 km


Live stats:

whatever channel bought the rights in your country
11:00AM Japan time

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Motors giving the wrong times during the race
>dutch didn't attack because they didn't know there was someone way out in front
Holy fucking shit my sides
Wow what an upset. She doesn't even ride for a pro team
Just ban race radios desu

File: op.jpg (110 KB, 720x720)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Also known as Chinawinslol

15:50 JST - Men's 61kg Group A (LIVE)
19:50 JST - Men's 67kg Group A

Big records coming up

Previous: >>111427791
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It’s fake like all western uyghur so vietanon shouldn’t worry.
Ahh, shit. My bad
the fuckn refs
no lift, left arm
China waiting at 171 like the final boss

File: 1623364497060.png (109 KB, 400x300)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
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I don’t get it
>Russia is banned from olympics
>but they can still compete

How does this make ANY sense?
They're punishing the federation, not the "clean" athletes
In what way does this punish them? Their athletes are still competing. If you really wanna punish them you’d just actually bar their athletes from competing
athletes protested, threatened to take the IOC to international court, they had no choice

File: gold.jpg (1.23 MB, 1080x1350)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
Golden Girls edition

Australian schedule
New Zealand schedule
Brisbane will host the 2032 Olympic Games
Watch live and free

>what's on today?
>Women's Artistic Gymnastics: 4:10pm

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You won everyone's hearts :)
no fuck YOU esse
>they all have american accents
Well not mine
around the same time as we got shit at rugby and good at cricket

File: skateboard.jpg (6 KB, 299x168)
6 KB
This was the most obviously rigged shit i have ever watched, what the fuck
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based and Andy Anderson deserves a gold, only time I ever am supporting a fucking leaf
I stopped watching as soon I seen Nyjah failing and getting frustrated wasn't his day didn't even think America would medal, lol, I thought the Brazillian guy was gonna win though good to see Japan win for the hometown
Nyjah is the goat. Nobody will ever top his prime
I was enjoying it so much until the rigging came in.
File: 1604489058471.jpg (195 KB, 604x580)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
>another americope thread

File: 1608901110573.jpg (67 KB, 980x554)
67 KB
100% Jesus edition

2nd matchday - starts in 1 bong

>Japanese Time
Egypt - Argentina | 16:30 - Group C
France - South Africa | 17:00 - Group A
New Zealand - Honduras | 17:00 - Group B
Brazil - Cote d'Ivore | 17:30 - Group D
Australia - Spain | 19:30 - Group C
Japan - Mexico | 20:00 - Group A
Rumania - South Korea | 20:00 - Group B
Saudi Arabia - Germany | 20:30 - Group D

use reddit soccerstreams or check >>111436189 streams
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Never thought I'd live to see a good NZ blooter on the world stage
It’s Olympic football don’t get too excited.

File: file.png (699 KB, 700x467)
699 KB
699 KB PNG
Comfy edition

Old bread: >>111436189

>Official Schedule


Streams (feel free to add to the copypasta):

>Free USA streaming with cable/hulu/google tv subscription

>Free official Streams with VPNs (or for non merricans)

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Are you guys on your own continent now?
Absolute legend
Because it's beneath them. That shit is pathetic. Even pick up games at the local gym are 5v5.
She was so ahead the whole race the rest of the competitors literally forgot she was even up there.
...yeah, what?
speed-skating oval in Richmond.
anything else?
we sure paid through the nose for that shit, but what benefits did we get? next to nothing

File: bet1.jpg (126 KB, 1368x772)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
>sports consultants
previous >>111179164
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keep the same energy when romrom bets on 1.30 favorites and loses
Bookie boosting France -1 against South Africa (@2,25)
Tempted by 1-0 argie HT but Egypt cucked spain
I saw multiple websites showing different results for gombos giron, it seems I could have obtained some wrong odds from the bookie... Fuck.
Women's Volleyball: China - Turkey is going on right now and Turkey is winning. Pre-match odds hugely favoured China and Turkey was over @6 to win. They still have somewhat decent odds despite having a large lead so if you can afford I would get on that right now before the odds completely tank.

Turkey beat them in the Nations League last time they played but bookies always tend to underrate them for some reason. Maybe it's because it's fucking women's volleyball

How many?
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File: 799667454668.jpg (19 KB, 223x349)
19 KB
Are you sure you aren't confusing it for Chinese?
Hope this bitch loses so she loses sponsorship.

Only way the japs are accepting her it's because of her performance, literally all other gold medal japs are local japs.
You mean other Japs don't have good performance?
They have better performance.

The reason is the japs are so hooked to this halfbreed is because she's good at tennis, if she loses here and make them lose face, it's over.
Anata wa baka yarou
Kitte Kudasai

>Nihon just took the lead
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course we do Giannis
>kosovo and thailand gold medal
wait till track and field my nigga
Frenchbros...I don't feel so good
congrats, ColombANO

I dont care about olympics I just want football to come back
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File: jyOWoBt.gif (1.55 MB, 480x270)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB GIF
>*blocks your path*

Two words: Winter Olympics...

One more word: Curling.
I like the trends of sports and sports teams. Like why are the Buffalo Sabres are still so fucking terrible. Or how certain sports are being ruined by analytics. I find it fascinating, but I hate it at the same time
You were presumably born and raised with soccer. It is a truly boring spectator sport (great and fun pick up game though). 1-1, penalties, diving, passing sidewaays and back for 80/90 minutes, no suspense at the end because of the nature of passing back etc.
Basketball and American Football are much better as spectator sports if you can get past all the ads
Snooker doesn't really go against his point.

File: 1615734583950.jpg (56 KB, 720x720)
56 KB
In ancient Greek olympics, the winners of the horse races werent the jockeys, but the horse owners
Makes so much more sense. Breeding and training a horse is so much more work than driving it around.
Brb lads, I'm just off to drive a horse
Similar sentiments still apply in motorsport
This Pepe makes me feel anxious.

File: download.jpg (7 KB, 300x168)
7 KB
Lack of crowds is unironically good for athletes because they can concentrate more and not get heckled

File: 1603654529109.png (493 KB, 750x750)
493 KB
493 KB PNG
Swans FLOGGED Fred by 40 points
Cats 9.3 (57) v Tigers 3.5 (23) - NOW - MCG
Dons v GWS - 6:10pm AEST - Metricon
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The Fugitive
The Taking of Pelham 123 (original)
The Irishman
Rear Window (give me ALL the Jimmy Stewart impressions)
Midnight Run
This middle judge is a prick
pussy poogan
Why was there no free to air game today?

Just how much better would this olympics be right now if it was in Europe or America?
I swear the last 2 olympics have been straight trash!
They need to stop awarding it to non-white countries.
All sports are white inventions anyway, so only white people can truly appreciate them
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There would still be no crowds and a cheap performance no matter what country due to COVID.
Not enough LGBT rainbow I say.
Soulless, just like all gook insectoid bugpeople
>There would still be no crowds and a cheap performance no matter what country due to COVID.
We just hosted The Euros and had 70% capacity crowds. Japs need to get vaccinated

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