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File: hqdefault.jpg (23 KB, 480x360)
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Never had them until the lockdown started, but I have these thoughts of wanting to be more androgynous, I know this shit is stupid but for whatever reason I started feeling distress thinking of people viewing me as a regular Man. How do I get rid of this?
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you should probably cut your dick off
Do whatever you want with yourself anon, remember the only thing that makes you a man or a woman is your DNA, you cant change your sex, but that dosent mean it has to have any significance, you dont need new pronouns to wear yoga pants or whatever the fuck, you dont need to be "manly" or whatever the fuck, none of that faggot shit matters, all you gotta do is look in the mirror, acknowledge the facts and be you

Porn addiction. You're also possessed by the anima. Read Jung on the Mother complex, you have a negative mother complex.


You also have a negative mother complex. You're possessed by the animus trying to become your own dad to become "anything but her". Was your mother neglecting or oppressive?
working out and eating healthy with lots of meat and diary until your hormone levels are normal again

Join an HIIT gym, yes.

god i am just having the worst fucking week.
I am failing a class, mathematics and i need to bare minimum have it be passable.
My mom fucking hates me, ever since my older brother moved out she has started acting vindictive towards me. she was acting the same way to him, and to my dad. I think that she sees me as the "man of the house", my twin brother is to passive and she knows i have a short temper. I can't fucking stand her anymore, i'm sick of her.
Met this girl, things were going so well, first real hope i had in years and then shit just collapsed.
I can't have fun, anything i do has dread. I hate this shit. I hate my mom, i hate my twin brother for enabling her and i hate myself for failing with this girl.
I have started chainsmoking again.
I just want to be happy
I just want an actual relationship with my parents
I just want a real relationship with a girl.
I just want my mind to not be so low all the time.
I am sick of all this shit.
Is there literally anything i can do, i'm still saving money to move out but man i can't fucking wait. I can't wait to leave my mother to rot alone. She deserves nothing.
I'm sick of people "envying" me for having an "art family". This shit fucking sucks, my mom doesn't even respect me and my dad is mostly absent because she hates the idea of her children interacting with her husband. I am so sick of this shit, i'd be willing to move in with my dad if his place wasn't wrecked to shit.
I want things to work out with this girl, it wasn't even me who fucked it up, she made a joke in poor taste and now avoids me.
What the fuck do i do, i just want a normal life, i can't take this shit anymore. I just want a good life
I'm not respected by my peers and friends because i have a rural accent, i'm not respected by people online because i have a foreign accent. I'm treated as "exotic" by everyone and this shit fucking sucks.
It's not like i'm a different skin color or anything, i just have a noticable accent.
I am sick of the culture of my city, the "posh european" shit. Nobody here knows how to talk, everything is so toxic and passive aggressive. Nobody is just willing to talk shit out or deal with it like a person, not even a man, but a normal fucking person. I hate this shit.
I am so fucking close to hitting bottom again i hate this
Man I didn't read it all but I understand the situation.
Not sure if it's worse or better than mine but in any case, there's not really a cure for it.
You just have to pick up your life and decide what thing need to go and what thing you need to keep.
You wanna keep smoking? That's one thing I'd immediately throw out in the garbage.
You wanna finish college, then better get to study at least 6 hours a day.
Wanna keep hateful and spiteful at anyone? I'd shut my mouth and start doing some of the work I need to be done if I were you instead of running my mouth like you're doing.
You've got bad parents? They're probably not as bad as you think and anyway who gives a fuck? Tough shit you can't change them, stop working against things and do what you can with what you have.
Stop being envious of other people's successes, not everyone has the perfect life and we all have to do sacrifices.

First thing, go to sleep if it's late and wake up early (not too early because you want to chastize yourself, just enough to get some work done).
Start by grossly cleaning your room, don't spend too much on it because I know you will and will enjoy the time you'll take out of the actual things you have to do. Just make it livable like I know it isn't right now.
Then get to fucking work, study if you want to study or start filling resumes if you don't think you can finish college.
Keep yourself occupied till 6 pm and seldomly do 10 minute breaks every hour or so to stretch out and feel the fresh air outside.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Now by the time you'll actually get something done to be proud of, anyone will be having the time of their life and seem like they did every single thing correct and always drove in easy mode.
They didn't, but also fuck off and stop worrying about others you're lucky enough to be where you are. Stop looking at other, look down on your path and keep moving forwards.

Forget about getting a girl right now you're clearly gone and want someone to redeem you, either by doing the suff you can't do or excuse your sorry ass, girls don't work like that and are instead most of the time a surplus of problems.
Get your shit together first and they'll come eventually, don't worry.
Things were going so well until now.
I had a stable friend group, i had good grades and i had met this girl.
This girl was perfect, we shared a lot, she liked me, maybe still does, i still like her. It's only been a fucking day things collapsed and it's because of the dumbest fucking reason ever. I really need her right now, if just to go out with. But fuck me i guess
Everything was just going so fucking well.
Then my older brother's parrot died.
Sure it was a sad moment, but my mom took it as a chance to go back to being an egocentrist narcissist. She started talking about herself, ONLY herself. She would insult me out of the blue, call me the same shit she called my dad. She threw shit at me because i told her to clean my stuff when she was done using it. She is too mentally unwell to be a mother. She is an adult baby.
Normally i smoke about a pack and a half ish a week, now it's been a pack a day.
I just can't take this shit, it feels like my mom actively wants to ruin my life so she can feel better about herself. Hell i even caught her lying about me to her """friend"'" on the phone. She just wants people to pitty her 24/7 and the moment my brother became the center of attention she short circuited. I hate her. She's sexist and pathetic and she is fully aware that the only reason she hasn't been beaten to shit yet is because she is female. I just fucking despise her. I know other people have it way better than me, i know other people have parents who actually care about them as a person, and not as a means for social gain. I know other people can have normal conversations with their parents, while i have to watch out what i say cause she has """"ptsd""""
I can't even begin to describe how broken and just evil she is.
God i feel so terrible right now, shoul ld i just take the day off

File: file (2).png (818 KB, 960x460)
818 KB
818 KB PNG
How do people date more than one person without feeling guilty?
Do they not develop feelings for the people they're dating?
You might understand if you get into dating as a working adult, you'll probably only get one weekly date out of people and it feels awful to dedicate that time to someone you're still figuring out only for them to move on. In this scenario your first few dates are really just a trial period of getting to know the person and figuring out compatibility and feelings.
Ideally, once they have developed proper feelings for someone they're dating, they focus in and become exclusive.

File: literally me.jpg (69 KB, 941x1200)
69 KB
>bad at working with my hands
>bad at studying theoretical subjects (dropped out of university several times)
>bad with people
>bad with numbers and minute details that require rigor
I'm fucking worthless, it's like I'm meant to be a fucking neet
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I guess you're right but I've tried quite a lot of stuff, how come I fucked it up while most other people just try one thing and manage to stick to it?
Yeah I'm probably chronically depressed or fucked up in some way I'm sure but it's not debilitating if anything
>most other people just try one thing and manage to stick to it

This isn't true. Failure and frustration when learning is universal. You're comparing the visible part of other people's success with the private details of your own experience, which is a biased way of viewing things.

And yeah, even if your current negative outlook isn't debilitating in the sense that you can't sustain your basic needs, you're clearly limiting your options. I'd suggest getting familiar with cognitive behaviour therapy, and doing CBT exercises on the negative bias until your thinking is more objective. I have been down that hole many years ago and personally it really helped fix my view of the world.
>limiting your options
I think I'm fairly objective in my assessment in that I have tried things and I'm not being biased when I say that some stuff just didn't click at all.
Thanks for the suggestion, I know I need to work on these issues too but the more pressing one is finding a path especially since my family is pressuring me a lot and I'm not exactly at an age where I can keep trying shit out frivolously (I'm almost 25)
I was in your situation and needed desperate help. Friends couldn't help cause they just went like

>duh if u 2 stupid for books then work. In the fields

Parents didn't help because

>duh if you no bueno with hands then just hit da bookz

Random internet dudes didn't help because

>duh u still young bruv you will find your trade

Here's the bitter truth: there's no way out of this hell. This is what I did

>took the hardest, most physical demanding job I could find

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Good way to burn yourself out and become depressed

Do you think she's fat already?
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oink oink
If your gf will eat this, try for a threesome, if you catch my drift on the down low

architect time

File: brain.jpg (160 KB, 700x700)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
If I know for a fact that childhood abuse (about ages 0-10) severely fucked me up how realistic is it ACTUALLY that I can substantially improve?
Everybody says "Go to therapy" "Get help" "It gets better" but I think everybody also recognizes that if you reach your early twenties and are dealing with the exact same serious issues you have always dealt with, you are probably going to suffer with these things for life.
(I'm happy to elaborate more, just want to keep the post reasonably short.)
I am going to therapy and I have had one session so far, but I don't know how much seeing someone for an hour every two weeks will fix me. I have gotten to the point that I'm jealous of the criminals who plead insanity, because they get these long free psychoanalysis sessions where somebody really can tell them what's wrong with them, and I don't even know where to look and I'm sure I'd have to pay out the ass.
Anyway, all advice is welcome, just be honest. Thanks everybody.
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don't do met
smoking weed or doing lsd a few times won't ruin your life. It's useful trying them at least once so that you learn new perspectives. Drugs show you how much your perception of reality can change. Usually you need months or years to change and it's difficult to notice the change.
Yes, that is true. We can't talk about it, nobody gives a shit. Worse, you can even be abused the 2nd or 3rd time if you open up. Never open up in front of women because, from my experience, they don't give a fuck and they later on use it against you.
I'm much better now, thanks.
>I hope to. Do you have any particular advice besides drugs? I feel like the therapy (1 hour per 2 weeks) is probably not going to do much, but besides that I don't know how to actually develop myself to the point I'm supposed to be. I don't know if drugs will help me become normal, but you may be right. I don't know.
Do that plus anything else you can, all at once. Most people who are stuck just try out 1 thing and it fails and they give up. So try doing more. Go to therapy, go jog or go to the gym (if you're physically able). Talk to friends if you have any. Stop worrying about stuff which makes you more stressed out. Basically start coping better. People here throw around the word "cope" but even laughter can be a cope and it's a good one.

Drugs shouldn't be a cope. They should just show you a new perspective. But then again, maybe they won't be for you. Anyway, I've done all sorts of drugs (except coke and heroin) and it's very difficult to get addicted. I was never one of those "smoke weed every day" faggots. That's how you turn into a "meth gronk"
>they won't work for you*
sorry for the typos I'm tired
I'm going to therapy, so I've got that.
I read much if the first book and honestly did not find it to be particularly relatable or helpful. Much of it was about the kind of relationships the victim forms, and takes for granted that they are able to form relationships and that they can function romantically or sexually, both of which are beyond me. The book may be helpful in the future if I improve a lot.
I'm reading the second right now. So far it's promising.

>We can't talk about it, nobody gives a shit. Worse, you can even be abused the 2nd or 3rd time if you open up.
>Never open up in front of women because, from my experience, they don't give a fuck and they later on use it against you.
I'm not opening up in front of anyone. I have to befriend someone before I could theoretically broach this and I don't have the tools to befriend anyone at this point. I don't have a personality.
>Go to therapy, go jog or go to the gym
Therapy, doing that. I've worked out for years so that as well. Friends, covered above. Worrying, sort of can't help it, but trying.
I think I am coping okay. I don't really know where to make the change. That's the problem. If I were fat, or a NEET, or something, I'd have a goal and I'd at least start there.
Bumping once - will let die a natural death after this.
I think I’m in a similar boat you are. Had a mother that tried her best but didn’t quite know what she was doing, and an adoptive father that beat the absolute crap out of me. I also witnessed some pretty horrible things that made me greatly fear any sort of sickness or death.

What I’ve been doing is reading up on children’s psychology as I’m going to be working on a cartoon soon, as well as watching children’s tv shows that I felt had a positive impact and it has surprised me to find out just how many basic tools these shows provide emotionally to help children deal with every day scenarios that I’d been completely lacking. Ever since I’ve started watching things like Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and, more recently, Bluey, I’ve found that my anxiety levels have been reduced greatly, my anger issues are practically gone, and dealing with unexpected things has become much more manageable. Dunno if it’ll help you like it has been me, but it might be worth a try.

File: 301064358.jpg (14 KB, 300x299)
14 KB
I'm not normally one to open up about such personal matters, but I feel like I'm confused...

a few years ago my psychiatrist at the time (I no longer do treatment) warned me about the possibility of a beginning of depression, a feeling that caused me anguish at the time, I was medicated and got better...
but lately the same feeling of lack of courage has returned, the lack of intensity in several feelings have returned along with the feeling of being alone (I feel that way even though I have close friends and a girlfriend who has been with me for 5 years)
but this time it's different... I feel good with this feeling of loneliness... I resigned from my job and started working from home, I don't leave my room anymore except to get food or go to the bathroom... and every step of isolation I take makes me feel better... should I continue to cultivate my loneliness? before I felt tired and exhausted with no motivation for anything... but today, isolated, I feel more alive... is that right?
Sounds like your job was boring and shitty and you're enjoying being out of that rut. I wouldn't do anything to alienate your friends though, they are precious and you might be taking them for granted. Solitude can be very nice and maybe you need some time to be alone, but "cultivating loneliness" sounds fucked up

Solitude is good. Do creative things and learn stillness. Meditate.

Loneliness is not good.
The average person's engagement with the economy in terms of work is across a hellscape where the only autonomy they have is choosing their employer or being their own company. Withdrawing from that and other aspects of society should make you feel better. The two main concerns here are 1.) are you now making less money, and 2.) are you becoming some kind of an agoraphobe.

Give me one good reason not to have a mistress.
you're gonna find her in the bathroom turning the condom inside out
It will hurt a woman you ostensibly love and you'll inevitably catch feelings and fuck everything up for every party involved.
None, there are several good reasons not to get married in the first place. Especially for men who can get mistresses in the first place.
This is possible.
What are those several good reasons? I feel pressured to get married right now.
You invite mischievous missy over for an evening while wife was to be elsewhere. You just bought some toys to experiment with, and to defile her in ways your wife would never let you. Her pussy much fresher, unscathed, and relatively younger compared to Household Hag's beef curtain, quivered with every touch. Her moans and muffels make you feel much more of a man. Her petite lips around the base of your cock, her delicate fingers fondling your nuts- it's living the life you deserved. But oh no... wifey's scrapbooking club ended early- Christa's kid had a tummy ache in need of attention and thus concluded the meeting. Your wife unlocks the door and greets the house with a shrill acknowledgment of arrival. You scutter to conceal the evidence, warning your frazzled missy of the encounter to be avoided.
Too late. Beef curtain bares witness to the aftermath of the deed- cum all over the bed you slept in together, toys carelessly thrown into the closet, soiled lingerie on the body of someone beyond her league. Successfully cucked, wife submits to her place and leaves. You hustle your distressed missy out and try to console your distraught wife behind a locked bathroom door. "God, I'll never hear the end of this".
But she doesn't say anything, actually. Her sobbing ceases, and hours go by.
You finally unlock the door yourself, initially afraid to confront anything but now the anticipation eats at you. As you enter, careful not to impede on wife's privacy, you are met with the overwhelming stench of iron. Wtf did this bitch eat?
"Wife?" No answer.
Blood covered the toilet seat and floor, pooling underneath her limp, hag corpse- resembling much of a beached whale. A stained xacto knife lay beside her slashed wrists. You are now known as the neglectful hubby by all her family and friends. Your name and face to be posted on many Facebook posts. "What a pig!" "How cruel..." You wallow in rumination over some pitiful cunt. No mistress wants to fuck a loser.

I have a really hard time making decisions, so please have mercy on me for being a sperg.

I'm starting college in three weeks. I want to use those three weeks to relax, get ready and prepared for school, and all that. It feels like a responsible choice.

My problem is that there's two family trips happening in these three weeks that eat up a lot of time. And I can't figure out whether I should skip one of those trips or not.

One of the trips is tomorrow and it would eat up five days of time. I don't know if I can afford losing that time or not; but then there's the FOMO. My family says they really don't mind if I don't go, which is nice, but I'm still a decisionfag who can't think for crap.

Which should I do, anons? Should I take the time to focus on myself and stay at home, or should I go out with family?
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So long as you try to spend that time doing actually productive and good things and not doing what I do when I'm alone in my room, you should be good.
Another bump
It really doesn't matter what choice you make.
Please help me

File: atoga.png (283 KB, 713x586)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
Last: >>26475316
Picrews, toonmes, rate me shit, and hookups go to the /soc/ ATOGA: >>>/soc/31201447
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No we aren’t
>I am starting to think this isn't really a good place to ask for advice or opinions.
Correct. This place is 25% e-celeb persona circlejerking, 50% malding retards who respond to advice with excuses and denial, and 15% trash talk.
Yes there are people who wish to resolve their problems and who will take useful advice, but they're about as rare as a girl who _actually_ likes you for your personality.
Did you intentionally make that add to 90% you autistic retard
The KKK is a christian organisation, not a racist one.
Well I can't get the former and the later seems to be my future, but yeah

Gf only wants to have sex like once a week. Actually never initiates (says that’s just her personality even when she wants to) but says she’s willing to do it like once a week. She says it’s really satisfying though when we do it. So satisfying that she just doesn’t want to do it that often. Is this an actual woman thing or is she just coming up with bullshit to avoid telling me I’m bad at it? How do women’s sex drives even work? She’s otherwise very cuddly and I like her a lot but the thought that she secretly hates having sex with me is really fucking me up

And just to get some point out of the way...
>Just ask her honestly, bro
I’ve done that like three times now
>She’s cheating bro
She’s not
>Try experimenting, bro
I do and whatever we do she says she prefers slow and gentle missionary every time

Also side note, she says she’s never masturbated before which sounds like bullshit but she also has zero knowledge of vaginas so I don’t even know what to make of that
79 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>I want a girl to actually want my cock in her not a girl whos forces my cock into her
I know exactly what you mean. I have the same issue. I’m just trying to be grateful for what I have. Yes, sex is highly disappointing for me. But, the other aspects of the relationship are great
Yo you white guys are seriously fucking up when you "try to talk to her" about the lack of sex. You can't negotiate attraction. You're actually drying her up even more
She's not sexually attracted to you. Get out.
Womb woman here. Low libido in women is very common. My sister is 22 and has had one sexual experience despite being propositioned all the time. For me I used to have a really high drive in HS but then it just took a steep dip around June 2020 and now I MIGHT feel something downtown maybe once a week. It just doesn't interest me or cross my mind anymore even though it was always on my mind before.

The best way to go through it is to compare how she treats you to her past partners, if she's shared that with you. If she seems like she's been more active with other people it could be that she's not attracted to you. Either way though... if you're wanting more and she's not giving it to you, you two might be incompatible and you'll only be able to tolerate it for so long.
Is she on birth control or anything that messes with her hormones?

File: pepefroggie.jpg (35 KB, 780x438)
35 KB
Everyone always says Tinder is harder to get likes on as a guy than Hinge but my experience is the opposite.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Demonstrate value
Sociopathic drivel. OP's value is self evident. Maybe he could use a better bio though. I looked at hinge and the bio questions were pretty chringe.
I'm very bad at answering prompt questions in a witty manner which probably contributes. My tinder bio, even if no one reads it, is way funnier than my hinge question responses.
The questions are bad, designed by and for petty boogie retards. "What's your favorite 80s pop song?" Dying of AIDs by The Meaningless Questions.
Did you really just get triggered by two very basic words? Just because they also showed up in an IASIP episode? You can pretend I said "Hinge expects you to present your personality and attractive qualities in addition to your photos" instead.
I've no idea what that is. I've just been here over ten years and I can proudly say I've witnessed a decline in that fagioli you are a product line of reasoning. I (male) assumed OP has value and he shouldn't be with any bitch who doesn't assume
that about him. Now if his answers to that corny app are stupid I guess that could be betraying some social inexperience or something. But what is the point in sitting here and guessing why his match rate is better on Tinder. Maybe Tinder matches are lower value compared to Hinge matches because they're less likely to result in anything. These apps get paid regardless if you get laid or form a relationship. It's kind of homosexual to begin with, to put pictures of yourself up and hope someone fucks you based on that. Like make sure to show a picture of your asshole waxed.

File: mmm.png (730 KB, 557x481)
730 KB
730 KB PNG
Anyone ever worked at an Amazon Delivery Station? How was the experience?

Completely burned out and decided to quit my job a couple months ago but nothing is going forward in my life. Thought that taking some time off would help me but I'm barely able to get out of bed recently. Depression is just going deeper day by day.

They basically hire anyone without interview. Think it's a good idea to work there or it'll just fuck me up even more?
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>Though like you said if the place is pure slavery and abuse I don't think It'll help my mental health much.
It is exactly that, might do you some good to feel what real depression is like.
speaking from experience?
You only do these jobs for the money, so if you can handle being treated like trash, then go ahead.
Jump ship when the first opportunity arrives if you take the Amazon job
File: MotoFeels.jpg (1.82 MB, 4000x9326)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB JPG

It's different for everyone. I heard/read people saying it was so bad.

I got a job at amazon and still working here with no problems. I just listen to music all day and do the same task over-and-over which doesn't bother me one bit.

And I get paid better than when I worked at UPS and fedex. Those aren't dream jobs, but again. I have the opposite experiences people are saying here.

You do you. There's a chance it might be fine and you will be ok doing it till you find something better. Or maybe you will like it and stick with it.
>They basically hire anyone without interview.
not a good sign. Means they have a high turnover rate which means the job probably sucks. However, it doesn't mean it's a bad idea. Especially if you are in a rut. Doing something, anything, can help you change things up and get going again. You don't have to work there forever.

It's been 5 weeks till i broke up with my loving gf because i was bored and feeling like im wasting my youth with her. I managed to fuck 4 different girls ranging from petite asian to huge nordic beast with insane tits and ass. Im 27 and have braces, not good looking for sure.

Im doing nofap so im horny as hell.

What should i write to her?
25 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
If you keep indulging in your hedonistic desires you are going to be fucked.

Your trying to satiate an appetite that cannot be satiated. Key things that can't be satiated
>The want for Power
>what do I do?
Stop indulging in them and resist. The more you do the easier it gets.
Post body.
Just because you're a genetic deadbeat that peaked at 23 doesn't mean everyone else is. Let the man have happiness before destroying it permanently with marriage
Leave your gf alone. Bad enough you broke up with her only to have vain sex with strangers like a manwhore, but now that you miss her you need to contact her to... what exactly? "Stick it to her"? She has probably realized by now that you're an awful person and partner and will probably only cringe to death by you trying to brag about your ongoing STD collection. Or perhaps be happy she doesn't have you in her life and just block you. You're a fucking retard coomer, OP.
When you hit 35 there will be 0 worthwhile women left for you. Enjoy your fellow used up post wall whores and how you both will try hard to delude yourselves into thinking what you're doing is love and fulfilling.

File: RoXKNzi.jpg (13 KB, 300x241)
13 KB
>"gf" doesn't text me for 4 days
>texts me "heyy" this morning
>leave on read

Did I do it right?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
sounds like you're just fuckbuddies and not in a relationship. I haven't spend a single day where I didn't talk to my gf, even if or especially if we have a fight.
She's done it in the past and usually gives some bullshit excuse but this time she didn't even try to give one.
maybe she's seeing another guy who knocked her up
If you two really care about your relationship, you have to actively try to talk about your problems to solve them together. If you guys just avoid doing that, your relationship is practically over.
If you DO want to solve that problems but she doesn't help, it's over too (in that case, I'm sorry, but you have to know you deserve more than that).
If you dont really care about your relationship anymore but you still enjoy her company, i'd say you should keep going, but knowing she may not be a real girlfriend anymore
OP likes Final Fantasy VIII, he means "Guardian Force".

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