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Any tips on cleaning my ears? A shower used to do but now I produce a lot more ear wax and the inner part of the ear is always greasy and producing dead skin.
get debrox and a small badger or syringe. apply debtox as directed and then blast your ears with warm water.

that usually works for me. huge chunks of earwax come out. like massive.

if that isn’t working for you, schedule an appointment for ear cleaning with an ENT specialist.
sorry i’m phoneposting while taking a shit.

*small baster
*it is spelled debrox
Solli wax drops(use Ur country's version of this kind of ear drops) ,5 drops, morning and evening for about 5-7 days.U can remove the wax with Ur hand itself

File: depression.jpg (5 KB, 496x352)
5 KB
I'm 20, I hate life, things that I hate about life and myself:
-I am not interested in anything
-I don't enjoy anything
-I study subject that I am not interested in
-I hate college
-I don't know what to do with my life
-I am so boring
-I can't talk with girls
-I have no hobbies nor interests
-I am avoidant
-I am self loathing
-I am addicted to internet
what I like about myself:
-I exercise and have good diet and good sleep schedule
-I meditate daily

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By 4chan standards, you sound pretty normal.

Seriously, if you look at your list you will see that about half the items come under the heading of "Being unhappy" and the other half are "Things I don't do." If you tried doing some of the things in the second group you might find yourself escaping some of the feelings in the first.
make a list of goals to accomplish before a certain date and then work on them. 20 is so fucking young and if you start practicing awareness right now, you will accomplish so much in the next few years. Life flies by out of control if you let yourself go and dive into hedonism, but if you are actively trying to improve yourself life slows down like the hyperbolic time chamber in DBZ.
what if I am lazy? how to overcome laziness?
btw I struggle with it for years
File: 158868.jpg (61 KB, 700x394)
61 KB
You have to come to the realization that you are in complete control of your actions. Until now you have been watching the opening cinematic of a video game, it's time to pick up the controller and play. Remember that suffering is good, it means you are doing something right. Don't give up just because things get difficult, you have to expect difficulty and power through.

Hello, fairly young alcoholic here. I never seem to know my limits when drinking and it feels like the only thing that will ever make me okay. It annoys my bf when I get fucked up on a fucking Wednesday and black out every weekend. I want to quit drinking, but I feel like I don't have another coping mechanism to help me deal with my miserable self. What should I do? Please help.
If you still feel miserable the alcohol clearly isn't helping in the long run. If anything it could be making things worse. Just set limits, don't have any alcohol in the house only buy what you intend on drinking on the day you are going to drink it. For example buy 1 beer on wednesday. And have your boyfriend help monitor you. If it don't work seek help or a group.
I was you two years ago. Then slowly I developed a routine, learned what I liked, learned my limits of how to drink to feel good but not throw up, black out, or embarrass myself. Figure this out, and once you do, you need to set limits for yourself if you're not ready to stop altogether. For me, I only let myself drink every other month. But you can't logically continue on the path you're on.

Would it be illegal to look at medical records to look at medical records that she got from the OBGYN of my pregnant girlfriend that she left in my living room, if I am listed as the father of the baby? She left them in the living room in a plain white envelope with no name and I opened it up and saw it was stuff from the appointments we went through

On the second page it said she had two sexual male partners so was basically confirming she cheated on me, but I dont want to confront her if I would be implicating myself in a crime.
1, yes its illegal.
2, listing the medical partners doesnt mean during the time of pregnancy. It just means she has had 2 male partners her entire life. The other one could be prior to dating you. So unless she told you she was a virgin or that youre the first man shes ever dated, then that would imply that yes shes cheated on you.
But the male partners list is for entire life time not during pregnancy or current relationships.
They list it because its important for HPV related reasons. The list could say 5+ depending on the womans age.
I wander if would be legal to not raise the hand and ask permission go to toilet ?

Well I know for a fact she has had more than 2 sexual partners in her life and it was under a section that was outside of her long term medical history. I probably shouldn't say anything and just get a paternity test.

They are only listed as sexual partners if there was penetration of any kind (oral, anal, or vaginal). Handjobs dont count since HPV transmission is lower risk, so they wouldnt be counted as sexual partners despite HJs being a sexual activity.
She may have considered them as sexual partners but the doctor wont, so they wouldnt be listed.

Well of course it would be in a separate section than the long term medical history. Only 2 most recent partners would be listed within the past 5 yrs since they are most relevent to current health. Doctor doesnt have time to look at ENTIRE long term medical history. There will be a current section for them to review immediately for faster appointment.

Yeah just get a paternity test. Chances are you are misreading the charts. Patients always think they know everything lmao
Just make a paternity test.
This shit should be mandatory to be honest.

File: terzi.gif (13 KB, 650x450)
13 KB
How am I meant to stay sober when my country is in lockdown and there's no jobs and nothing else to do?
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It's not.
"Not drinking" is a continuous effort which is based on having something else to occupy yourself with.
Lockdown + no job = not having anything to do. Only a fucking Buddhist monk would be able to do nothing and not get high or drunk.
Damn good question OP. I haven't solved it since March. I always make it like 6-7 hours awake and saying that today is the day I'm not going to the store, and then I inevitably break.

If I had a wife, kids, or literally anyone to hold me accountable for something, I might, but my roommate's been boozing most of the year too.
Re-read Homestuck. That will keep you entertained for days lol

I actually might, they have the sequel out now too

Im not addicted to alcohol im addicted to drugs lol

It's literally impossible to say sober when i risk getting arrested for going outside

I'm really behind on a lot of my uni work and finals week looms
Is there any hope for me or am I doomed
Should I even keep trying

File: images.jpg (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
> in a relationship with my bf for 3 years, live together
> he’s depressed
> can’t sleep well
> he just wakes up in the middle of the night and goes in the other room because he can’t sleep
> complains to me in the morning about how he can’t sleep as if I can do anything about it
> hates his job
> wants to change his job but also get more money
> can’t, because the hard pill to swallow here is that he doesn’t have the skills to make up for it and he’s already overpaid at his current job
> whines about how his developer friends get more money (he’s a tester) but never get’s motivated enough to learn programming
> constantly tells me that he’s “bored”
> tell him we can watch a series/movie/documentary, play games together, we can go on a trip somewhere, or go for a walk or whatever
> “nah I don’t feel like it but thanks”
> just… sits there, staring at a wall, making me feel uncomfortable in the house that I live in
> constantly gloomy
> doesn’t do any house related chores unless I bring it up and even then hardly

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Welcome to animal biology. females leave useless males. If you forced yourself to stay you will see your feelings go from love to contempt.

anyways, depressed men that dont put in effort are really just lazy. my friend lost a good girlfriend that way, but even now he still blames the woman.
yep, time for an ultimatum. OP good for you being able to realize that your BF is exhibiting some toxic intolerable behavior, and unless he snaps out of it is only going to get worse.

tell him to get his shit together or you're outtie.

>whiny beta calling others whiny beta
How am I a whiny beta buddy? Just telling it like it is.
yes, you need to save yourself
>yep, time for an ultimatum
Yeah, I've been thinking that as well. I suppose I also don't speak my mind as often as I should. I'll put my thoughts into order and have a talk with him.

File: 1603581573408.gif (1023 KB, 265x260)
1023 KB
1023 KB GIF
How do I stop hating myself?
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I can't not feel like a bad person even if it's out of my control
Just accept yourself for who you are and actively improve. If you are a masochist then please continue having that type of mentality and never post on here again.

Is the OP pic that guy who ate faces?
1. Make a list of everything wrong with you.
2. Forgive yourself.

File: 1604568868485.jpg (133 KB, 1024x903)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Got a gf who's stupidly hot, but despite me bieng extremely attracted to her it takes me alot to actually cum, even when she got an IUD just to help me cum easier. Iv been jerking off daily for years and the only way i can orgasm is if i go extremely hard and fast, and being slightly long it sometimes bruises her, how do i fix this so i can orgasm normally? Or am i fucked?
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Changing the way you jack off is fine, it's just that I don't see the reason for that when he literally has a GF.
the odds that his GF wants to have sex as often as he does are nill. face it ppl in relationships still masturbate. its fine.
>how long does it take to heal
it doesn't "heal" or just go away. your body has been trained to reach climax a certain way. you have to actively retrain your body.
You probably trained yourself to respond to a particular pressure. Try doggy or other rear-entry positions. The front wall of the vagina is firmer than the rear one, and may give you the friction or pressure you need. And remember that most of the pleasure opportunities for both of you are at the shallow end - you don't actually gain much by going deep.
>you dont actually gain much by going deep
depends on anatomy. very back walls of my gf are extremely pleasurable to me (not so much for her though lol).

File: slit.png (19 KB, 126x113)
19 KB
I want to kill myself but I have no money or gun, what to do?
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just jump in front of a train
make sure it's not slowing down when you do it
Its just that your to pussy to go through with it.
File: comfortzone2.jpg (251 KB, 644x472)
251 KB
251 KB JPG

you don't
I hope that image is a joke

File: 1605144303971.jpg (107 KB, 960x960)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
>have best friend in high school
>we play games together and hang out all the time
>both of us are now almost done with college, he recently came out as gay
>we've grown apart a bit but still keep in touch
>he finds out i voted for trump
>confronts me when we hang out with some old friends together, basically telling me I'm a shitty uninformed person who dosent want him to have rights
>need to check my white privilege and that kind of stuff
> I stay calm and try to have a civil discussion but he is extremely hostile the entire time.

Now it seems like he's cutting me off. Even though I don't think I did anything wrong I still feel like shit. It feels bad when someone you considered your best friend tells you that you are a bad person
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Exactly. He didn't think there could possibly be any reasons to vote for trump other than me knowing nothing or being a racist/sextist/etc. And I won't suck his dick because 1. Im not gay and 2. Now whenever I think about him all I can see is the look of pure hatred he gave me
>choice shaming
That's pretty stupid don't you think? What else could you shame someone for if not their choices? The problem is that social media has turned people into retards who can't think for themseves. OP's friend has been brainwashed into thinking Trump is evil and so are the people who vote for him. So from his point of view he is perfectly justified in cutting OP out of his life. He is wrong though, like so many others. They don't understand enough about politics to make an informed decision, but their time spent in social media bubbles convinces otherwise.

I don't know why these people are the way they are. If they are so interested in politics, why don't they learn anything about it? They just read tweets from celebs as if those offer sufficient information to make a decision. Ask 80% of liberals where they get their news from and they will say 'Late night tv'. Those are comedy shows.
While some friendships can last a lifetime, it is also perfectly normal for some friends to grow apart as time passes. A third alternative is to agree to disagree, declaring some subjects off-limits and never to be spoken of, and enjoying the rest of the friendship.
Well, i said it is a choice in opposition to other shamings people do (like body shaming => you dont choose your body, racism=> you dont choose race ik wat i mean).
Also pretty sure a vast majority of people voted Biden just for the memes. We did the exact same thing in our country and now we are facing economical collapse and insane religious discrimination. Corruption is ruling my g.
Challenge: Say this to a Biden supporter.

File: 1596390293715.png (31 KB, 344x326)
31 KB
So I haven't had a job since I graduated university. I was a full time student before so the only job experience I really have is a few summer gigs. I have a degree with honours. Not in the most marketable field but still. I have up looking for a job in my field a long time ago but I have applied to hundreds of jobs, even fast food and retail. I never even get interviews. They don't write back. Everyone I've shown my resume says it's good, but no one ever replies. Is it my lack of experience? I mean I can't even get in at McDonald's I don't understand it. It's going on three years now unemployed. I tried volunteering, I tried temp agancies. I tried my alumni services. Nothing. I don't know what to do anymore.
This may seem stupid but have you checked to make sure your resume has the correct phone number and email listed? Have you tried calling yourself with another phone to see if calls are going through or if voicemails can be left? Is your email a professional one and not a personal xx420blazeitTom@yahoocom?

File: images.jpg (5 KB, 206x244)
5 KB
How to destroy gf's social life? I want her to be dependent on me socially so I can control her happiness and make her submit completely to me. I want to make her my sex slave.
Moralfags fuck off.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
same fucking post every fucking week
First you need to have a gf.
File: groner.jpg (54 KB, 720x360)
54 KB
...listen bend over and start finger fuck yourself , I will squeeze your ass and fuck you hard it just me and my baddy... It is OK to cry for beginning, but then you will get use to it.

Moral fags fuck off.
Social control is a meme. When she sleeps with you put a nicotine patch on her, she won’t notice and it will feel like hell as her body goes through withdrawal if she fucks around. It’s nasty but fuck moral fags.
ok loser

File: 1541901878537.jpg (267 KB, 1280x828)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
Good day anons, this is a bit of a long one.

I'm Bulgarian, but moved to Germany for family reasons. It was incredibly sudden and out of nowhere, but I was in no position to object because I was under 15 at the time. I'm currently 18 (will be 19 in March) and I've finished Werkrealschule (secondary school) two years ago. By recommendation of my cousin, I set eyes on a vocational school where I planned to move forward.

Now I'm second year in here out of two, and my success has absolutely plummeted. I've been fighting with myself a lot in regards to where to go from here, but the depression all of this has left me completely unmotivated to plan out my future and how to proceed, as well as what the root cause could be. I'm absolutely certain it's the language and the barrier I still can't overcome which comes with it.

I've previously attended classes and courses directed towards people new to the language (one was even mandatory when I first enrolled in a school here) and while I'm able to somewhat converse normally, in regards to understanding things "professionally" and grasping concepts and theory in school subjects has left me in the dust. Words have started to blend and none of it makes sense to me anymore, tests after tests being met with Fs except for IT and English related subjects which are my only advantages as far as I'm concerned.

I've completely given up on the language and feel like dropping out of here, it's not like I would've graduated either way. The only diploma I have is from the Werkrealschule I've managed to squeeze through. Hell, sometimes I even fantasize about moving to a proper English speaking country because that feels like the only way forward, but there's no way to tell anymore.

File: 1510694587097-1.jpg (55 KB, 546x896)
55 KB

Has anyone else experienced something similar to this? I genuinely want to turn things around, and the first logical step for me would be to deal with the language problem. I'm genuinely afraid of thinking about how I would do in an Ausbildung or a job where German language knowledge will inevitably be required.

I'm sorry if a thread died for something pointless, all I humbly ask from you anons is some sort of advice, no matter how small. I hope you have a pleasant day, thank you in advance.
Desperate bump
Take a year for nothing (except maybe a part-time job) but intensive study of German, with an emphasis on the technical language of your chosen field. And then go back to school.

File: 1604467003585.jpg (96 KB, 1024x862)
96 KB
I know this is a really cringey and autistic question but I'm at a loss

I've been on discord since 2016, I mostly use it to chat to irl friends.

In those 4 years I've never managed to join a server of strangers and actually converse, I just get ignored most the time.

How the fuck am I meant to speak to these people????

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