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> Introvert, poor social skills, fauxpass expert, a detached selfish retard.
> Married, wife fed up of my immaturity and inaction towards family betterment, says no more sex.
> 3-4 days of any week are full of arguments followed by heavy chested, passive hate absorption periods for me.
> Don’t feel like taking any action or starting an affair due to social stigma.
> Wife wants no sex with any other person, she has become disinterested. Sure about this.
> She has zero empathy that I’m not getting sex, been about 2 months now. Never takes the initiative to start.

The only good things about my life are my job, my music and my son. I just keep imagining, day dreaming about a healthy conjugal relationship, cute things we could do for each other. How can I make my life better?
Diagnosis : Depression

Both you and the wife
>wife cucks husband
>wife wants husband to make her his
>wife finds out husband has no balls
>wife finds substitute
>it's a bbc
your wife sound like a raging cunt. how long where you in a relationship before marrying? and may u tell us one of your worst faux par?

File: IMG_20210206_190525_820.jpg (37 KB, 1536x1536)
37 KB
Hi Advicers, first of all thank you for you for the support you give for this board visitors, according to my calculations, Lots of users have benefited from your help, and this is heartening, without wasting anytime
Im here because i noticed some people giving weak advices that doesn't solve the vister problem
And to be specific their Advice is like
1 - One Liner advice
2 - ignoring the whole thread
3 - making fun of the visitor
I think need to ban this act especially

What proper advice containes :
1 - Full advice
2 - understanding the situation
3 - giving advice to every sentence in good order with eazy language
4 - empathize the visitor
5 - take your time to help visitor

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Sometimes the best advice is as simple as one word. If a dude gets cheated on, the best advice is just "leave". He already knows why that's the best advice. Advice doesn't require empathy or coddling. That's therapy, not advice. Sorry you got made fun of because you got friendzoned by a girl and people called you a cuck while telling you to move on, but that is their honest opinion and sometimes tough love is needed.
That's therapy, not advice, that's mean you are fake and im real.
Fuck off fag, advice comes in many shapes and sizes. A single word can make a difference, that’s good enough
What a faggot lmao
>Sometimes the best advice is as simple as one word.
But 99.99999% percent of the time it isn't.
But usually, most of the time it doesn't.
Stop justifying giving shitty advice.

File: 1620107609527.jpg (653 KB, 1048x1544)
653 KB
653 KB JPG
My gf came over today in tears to tell me that she cheated on me last night while she was drunk. Up until now we've had a very loving longterm relationship (spent several days a week together, went out together, were very open with how felt including about how things were going). She was very apologetic, but she did say that at the time she did want to do it. Im not sure what to do, I love her a lot and the last thing I'd want is to leave her but that seems to be a legitimate option. For the record, we had like a rough two days but things easily went back to normal. Or maybe I was just mistaken. I dont know we got pretty emotional.

What should I do? I've never been cheated on, nor really loved someone like this. Totally new shit for me.
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She infected you with Clamydia from her ex?

Well if he is battling with himself now and still with her, he will feel resentful and his relationship will end in a toxic way whether he stays or leaves.
If he takes time to think and she has time to think about what she has done, he can make a more rational decision based on calmed emotions and walk away calmly with a clear head or stay by choice that he has made after thinking.

He's hurting at the moment. Either way, he can't make this decision with clouded judgement.
Fuck off retard.

He only needs to do one thing and that's dumping her. The only exception is to keep banging her while he looks for another girl or cheats on her, and only until he can monkey swing to another girl.
Her ex was in another state...
I know it was bad, very bad that it happened.
It was a very dark moment. Funny thing was she was tested negative.
File: urr8l11u4h221.jpg (61 KB, 700x875)
61 KB
im genuinely convinced women are reptilian, i was talking about it and a girl was so defensive about it just like she would be cheating

does anyone have personal experience/ researched the topic of buddhist monasteries? this is something i’m really interested in, but just need some confirmation that it’s a valid idea
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Watch/listen to everything Alan Watts has recorded.
Not op but thanks.
I've considered trying to join a monastery for about 10 years now on and off
in thailand (and probably other countries) you can do meditation retreats in monasteries for free (donation based).
If you got time do a month of silent retreat, but its gonna be rough most people quit after a few days
How much are flights to thailand?
I might consider a week or 2. I doubt I can get a full month though
would thailand be a better option compared to say india ?

File: rouq3uzyvnf11.jpg (134 KB, 1200x675)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
I'm pretty much unattractive In almost every way, where can I pay for sex in such a small state and city
I would advise against it anon. If you start it would be very-very difficult to stop and may even stop after 10+ years. You went to the brothel for the first time and it was nerve wracking. You see the naked prostitute but you are already aroused beyond anything that aroused you before and its a naked female body. You became astounded at just how far you have gone, its mind blowing. You have sex and after she gives you the girlfriend experience. So you went back, this time the thrill is a little less and a spot of regret. Eventually the guilt was stronger than the thrill and lasted up to a week, you are left with fighting an addition that you trace back to that one time 10 years ago with that urge. If only, you did something else...
Lurk on usasexguide.nl
You know back in the 80s when Bernie Sanders was mayor the city provided free sex workers to residents. Only problem was that there was a 2 month waiting list and the sex workers were former schoolteachers (mainly 60+ year old women), but that's government pussy for you.

I am having a mental breakdown. Im crying right now. Im 40. a big milestone right. haha. and No one came to my birthday. no one called. my parents are dead. no one cares about me. because im FUCKING OLD. life is over. im gonna be like that old bitch screaming about things. dont get to this point. life is over. life is over. life is over.
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Be happy you aren't the father I almost killed a few minutes ago
Would you like an internet friend? I'm getting older too and I feel very similar
Happy birthday. Celebrate your 40th by ruining the relationships of others and encouraging single women to abstain following their hearts so you can hoard their company in misery, its part of the sisterhood. Stay away from my romantic interest so I dont divulge your dirty laundry; I stay out of your yard, you stay out of mine. :0)
Are you m or f?
You basically have no reason to live.
Do the world a favor and ensure everyone knows your name.
Go an hero by shooting up something actually relevant. Google HQ, The SEC, anything.
Just as long as they are in Minecraft because I am talking about you shooting arrows at creepers in custom maps that look like those locations.

Spend hours and hours styling my natural curly hair and diffusing it only to get told that curly hair is ugly and to flat iron my hair.
Spend hours flat ironing my hair and trying to get it pin straight only for my hair to become dry and damaged and filled with split ends and breakage and the end result doesn't even look good.

Curly haired people truly can't win. Fuck it I might just get a keratin treatment. Anyone got it done? What was your result like?

Pic is kind of how my curl pattern looks like after they're styled but much less voluminous and no curls at the roots.
20 replies omitted. Click here to view.
post a picture of your hair
File: Flying anger.png (65 KB, 500x522)
65 KB
That's why I shaved it and now I'm proudly bald.
But seriously, my hair wasn't curly but a wavy mess. I had fights with it every other day. Now that is falling I kinda feel like I'll miss all the struggle.
I advise you to accept your hair as it is. People saying it's ugly don't know what they're talking about. I had this crush once, during an archaeological excavation. T'was this beautiful turkish girl with a hair somewhere between curly and wavy. By the gods, I'd never been so much in love with someone just by their looks. But that mess of a hair... God damn.
Anyway, tell people to suck a dick There seems to be a bias against curly hair but that's bullshit. One treated carefully it's a beautiful thing to lock at.
If you are having problems with it, if it falling, breaking, dry, I'd argue that the best course of action would be to go to a specialized hair saloon to evaluate the status and proper treatment of your hair, or a dermatologist if you think/feel there's really a problem with the health of your hair. These generally come as consequences of stress, bad habits and mental health issues (depression, anxiety, etc.)
I like frizzy hair. More volume always looks better than less. Short frizzy hair that looks borderline unkempt is my jam. Girl or guy I'd be down.

Don't live your life for the sake of others, find your own style and then surround yourself in people that appreciate it the way you do. Its the only way everyone wins.
Oh dear. Alright, here's a basic step by step routine:
When I say buy argan oil, I'm not referring to shampoo. Shampoos are soaps, soaps remove oils. Argan oil is a hair product, think along the lines of a moisturizing cream for dry skin. Go on amazon and buy some. Pure argan oil, or argan oil with vitamin e or similar, either way you want to make sure whatever you're buying is mostly argan oil and vitamin e. This goes in your hair after a shower, and any time it feels dry or straw-like.

Our hair needs oil in it to keep it healthy and from flaking. Our scalps produce oils for our hair and brushing our hair helps to evenly distribute it. When our scalps are too oily it can cause yeast to take up residence which is what dandruff is. Dandruff is not dry, white flakes that look like powdered snow. It's yellowy, oily, and smelly and sticks together. If you have a dry scalp, you'll have white flakes and should avoid dandruff shampoos. These strip away A LOT of oil and can turn your hair straw-like. If you have actual dandruff that's slightly yellow and smelly, you can use dandruff shampoo, but discontinue it after. It's possible to have both these issues at once, in which case treat the dandruff and then treat the dry scalp. More on this later.

Shampoo is a soap. Conditioner is a type of moisturizer, often with a little soap thrown in. A shampoo will strip out much of the oils in your scalp, and hair. This can cause dry scalp and/or straw-like hair, as your hair needs these oils to look and feel healthy. You should be shampooing about once or twice a week, and after swimming to remove chlorine or salt water. After you shampoo, you need to replace the oils you've stripped from your hair. Apply conditioner and rub it in, then without rinsing it, go about the rest of your shower. Once you're done, rinse the conditioner thoroughly. All of this will help to replenish the oils you're losing from shampooing.
iktf op, except i'm lazy and low on patience for hair styling efforts. using the flat iron to curl the ends and straighten the rest all in one fell swoop is fairly quick to carry out and strikes a nice balance between the extremes of volume & curl all over vs limp & straight all over. keratin treatments did make a noticeable difference but not to the extent that i could just let my hair dry and have it look decent. still had to flat iron it and the chemicals used are harsh af so for me the trade off wasn't worth it. i've been using henna for the past few years and am super pleased with the results there though.

argan oil is truly great stuff. a few things to add to what's already been said: first, the amount to use each time. a little goes a long way and putting too much in at once is easy to do and will leave your hair looking greasy af. how much to put in depends on how much hair you've got. mine goes to just below my shoulder blades and the amount i use is about the size of a penny when it's in my hand. if your hair is quite short i'd start with a very tiny amount, like half a pea or so, then assess and adjust from there. other thing worth mentioning is to avoid getting it on your face if you're prone to acne and get break outs easily.

another option to consider is cassia obovota.
link there for some info and amazon link for the brand i'd recommend if you decide you wanna try it:

File: 1624251008196.gif (64 KB, 220x220)
64 KB
I can't take it anymore. Every day is a fucking chore. I work a full time job at an office every Monday - Friday and then I work another seasonal job during the weekend and right after my other job on Monday. I have little time for my hobbies such as gaming, guitar, programming, and preparing for the upcoming semester. My friends apparently think I'm a narcissist and recently, they seem to be acting more hostile towards me. They keep laughing together saying "heh ur racist lel" or shit like "you don't now how to talk to women" etc etc. I thought we were all cool with being retarded? I want a gf and I know I can't talk to women at all. I know that I'm socially inept and I don't need to be told this to may face, especially by friends. I'm so lonely and tired. I have no deep connections and can hardly indulge in the things I'm passionate about. I know I ranted a lot, but any advice on anything to improve my situation will help
Why are you working so much
My parents make me work or else they'll kick me out. I've also been investing in crypto and need more money because I don't get money from the government or family
How the fuck is a full time job plus a weekend job that goes through to monday not giving you enough money to move out? You're working yourself to death. Do your parents not care? I did something similar to this and after six months I was completely drained.
My life is on the brink of collapsing fren. I have to uber to work which is a decent amount of money but I don't want to move out. I mean, I want to but it just isn't financially feasible. I'd need assistance if I want to build any kind of wealth instead of working just to live the next day.

Is there any black women on /adv/? How come whenever I try to help you all I get yelled at. Whats the best way to help you without triggering your rage?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: (you).png (75 KB, 646x564)
75 KB
File: fedora17.png (662 KB, 645x560)
662 KB
662 KB PNG
>I didn't know /adv/ have race bait. I assumed this place was kinda normal.
it is a genuine question as I get yelled at by so many of them. one needed my help today that I didnt bother. I felt bad but been burned so many times.
It's okay OP. American nigger society does not value personal responsibility, cooperation nor civility and teaches that it's everyone else's fault and that life is out to get you. Authority (which the wypipo embody) are distrusted.
Imagine you are dealing with a poorly trained dog. It acts up because it wasn't taught how to behave properly to the benefit of itself and its family. Detach yourself emotionally.
by not acting black.

File: 4161.ElmoJackBlack.jpg (127 KB, 640x356)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
One of my old best friends and I had a huge falling out over the years and are now true enemies, not reconcilable. From our old group, our mutual best friend and one of our other closest friends flew town this weekend and it's rare to even see them, much less have the group all in one spot.

I got to hang with everyone for hours last night, and one of the old group members is hosting a pool party tomorrow, who lives just five doors down from the ex-friend. The ex-friend has a messy life and hasn't been able to see our old group and hang out with them. The friends are trying to convince me to come over, but it'll absolutely ruin his time if he sees me, and he'll probably throw a fit, even some punches, and try to ruin the party. He might even try to bust up my car.

I've been telling my friends I probably won't come, so the ex-friend can get his moment drama-free with everyone. I can be civil/be in another room, he can't. But I still want the guy to be able to enjoy what's left of his friends.

Should I go, or just defer so someone I used to be super close with can have one moment of brightness in his dark life?
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Because it is a unique situation you are giving up something rare and you are letting someone who can't control themselves ruin it for you. He's not owed their friendship, and if I was his friend I'd want to know how volatile he could be before I invite him to anything important like a wedding or something.

For me, when I tried to be a bigger person, it never worked out well. Maybe my friends are just very different from yours, but they didn't actually respect how bad our relationship was until we had a very public and shitty fight. Then they finally admitted that they thought I was exaggerating until then.

I don't want to assume I know more about you than I do, so this may be way off, but it doesn't sound to me like you have been able to fully hate this guy yet. You want his life to get better and him to enjoy time with his friends, yet you hate him? Why? If you think he's such a bad person, why do you want your friends around him? You think he might assault you, but you're willing to pass up a rare chance with friends for his sake? Sounds like the most suitable thing for you to do is attempt to reach out to him for civility, because it seems like you're not as over him as you claim.
I hate him because he picked arbitrary reasons to end our friendship for three years, and I tried to reconcile, only for us to break down again. I personally don't think my friends need to have loyalty to me in order to be friends, and he has always felt different. If someone has wronged someone he deems his friend, he wants the rest of his friends to hate that person.

Our friendship was challenged because I remained friends with a guy who disrespected a good part of our friend group, but back in college, when I was hundreds of miles away doing my college thing. He felt disrespected by that friendship.

It's all weird dude drama, but at the end of the day, he cut off our friendship because I missed his girlfriend's kid's (and now "his" kid) 3rd rescheduled birthday party. We tried to reconcile years later, but it didn't last long. His girlfriend is ruining his life. He's fallen apart.

I miss my friend, but I did shit on him by telling him it's not his kid, and we got into a fight at a pizza place.
Well, it may be worth a shot to say "Hey, I get that we aren't friends anymore, but we both like so-and-so, so I want us both to be able to go. Can we be civil enough to just stay away from these topics if I we both go?"

If he says no, then tell your other friends that's why you won't go, if he says yes, then hope that's true. If he ignores you, then you have to decide if you're willing to risk the confrontation of going anyway, or if you want to sit this out. Because this is a very uncommon event it seems a shame to miss it to me, but it may not be worth it to you.
We hate each other so much that we're blocked at all points of contact.

I'll be honest, I'd love for him to take a swing so I can be the one to beat the everliving shit out of him and not be the guy who took the first shot.
In that case, you should definitely go. Could be your only shot to kick his ass if you have no other contact.

what are some must have things for a guy in his early 20s?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
A pursuit
bed frame and an idea of what you will do in your late 20s to provide for yourself
And one bullet

File: 1612929705152.png (167 KB, 864x864)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
I'm missing 2 teeth right to my front teeth. I look like a meth head if I smile.
Should dating be out of question until I get my implants done in a few months, or will women not mind? My mouth is not rotten or anything, I just never grew permanent teeth there so the two teeth I had there were baby teeth and fell.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
it filters out judgy people. but how is your skin quality? are you skinny? i mean really skinny.
I'm about 15%bf. I don't look like a junkie with my mouth closed if that's what you mean
yea thats what i meant. i say go for it. just be honest. maybe make a joke about it. confidence is cute and you repel stupid whores.
Thanks man, I needed this boost
Wear one of those fake teeth retainers you dumbassad4dn

So I was seeing this girl and everything was going great, lots of sex, both seemed to enjoy hanging out together etc. So after going out a few times she started this new career and basically alluded to the fact that she cant keep staying up late as fuck with me and be productive at her new job (which she has very long hours currently as she is new). So i just texted her "Let me know if you want to get together this weekend" she responded with she's going camping and didn't offer a different date to get together so I just haven't texted back for about a month now.

I don't know if she genuinely just wanted to focus on work until her schedule normalized or if she was kind of losing interest or a combination of both. Honestly i always felt she kind of had the mindset of letting me initiate dates/hangouts because she didn't want to come off needy or something anyways so I haven't been too worried about her not reaching out.

Point is though I was going to shoot her a text and see if she wanted to get together again, you think thats a good idea, and if it is, is that the best way to go about it?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Because she clearly treats this as a FWB.
You didn't seem to care enough to gf her.
So what do you want from this?
Shoot your text, who cares.
I didn’t think we had gone out long enough to be at a place to be exclusive yet
But it seems she didn't have the time.
Getting women is all about identifying and managing emotions with adequate timing.
You have been REPLACED.
I'm sorry for you anon. It's time to move on

File: Be A Man.png (100 KB, 640x426)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
I've only fucked ugly girls and sex dolls. Is there more to it? A onahole is as real as it can fucking get and it's disappointing. Never been in love nor have a girl want me to fuck them other than paid whores.
>Never been in love nor have a girl want me to fuck them other than paid whores.

Well this is why.
Learning sex isn't great is just like learning Santa isn't real.
Everyone has to go through it, but we still keep the magic alive by pretending so young people can feel hope.

Basically unless a woman is a complete whore she won't make you feel as good as your hand, and if she IS a complete whore you'll never be able to love her anyway.
Sad but true.
The appeal of sex is the intense desire to have it.
In the moment it's pretty lackluster.
Sure it feels good, but its not nearly as mindblowing as my 13 year old hormones would have had me beleive.
And its obnoxious having to go through the effort to get it. Even in a good sexual relationship you both have to sync up on it.
You want it today but she's not in the mood because of some drama with her friends.
She wants it finally but of course its on the day where you have an upset stomach because you took a dare to eat a ghost pepper that one guy in your friend group whose entire identity is based around hot peppers brought to the hangout.
Then you finally are both in the mood and are sexting all day but when she gets home she realizes she just started her period.
Its more trouble than its worth some times.
this. sex is only amazing if it its the love of your live

File: suffering.jpg (236 KB, 680x868)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
3rd time typing this, keeps saying it's too long so I'm gonna try to keep it short but I will answer any questions

GF and I have been dating for 3 years. We're both 24 but she has an 8 year old son. I didn't care at first because I was gonna pump and dump but I ended up catching feelings for her.

About a year ago her behavior shifted and she started acting like a feminazi bitch. I thought that maybe it was birth control so I talked to her about it and she agreed to stop talking it but her behavior kept getting worse.

Fast forward till a few weeks ago when my gf tells me that "our" son wants to be trans. I thought she was joking at first but when she saw I wasn't taking her seriously she get pissed and doubled down on it. I asked the him if he wanted to be a girl and all he said was "I don't know". I told her that she was retarded and that he is only 8 so how would he even know what transgender is.
45 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>she has already been doing research online for doctors that will perform the operation on people as young as him.

This might have been believable if you didn't include every horseshit right-wing talking point. 0/10. Do some research online and see if you can find a doctor that can perform the surgery that will transition you into a person with better bait.

Honestly 8 seems a bit young for most kids although you do hear about the occasional ones. Honestly though the kid is more likely than not gay or bi. You should sit down with them and ask them what they want and why they want it.

No place will allow the surgery at that age and even hormones are most likely out of the question until 12. I would say the best thing you can do is to get the kid a therapist because at the very least that starts a paper trail either way.
>dating for 3 years
>8 year old son
>our son

Yeah no. If it was your kid I would have tried resisting the child abuse and you could still do that. But you should probably break up with her. Wouldn’t want her to do this to your actual future kid.
Must have been the mother and his teachers instilling unnecessary doubt about his own sexuality.

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