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File: 14589635245853.jpg (88 KB, 960x640)
88 KB
I've been doing a calorie deficit for 3 months now and for some reason I always crave pizza. I still have it about every other week, but not as much as I did before the deficit. Yet sometimes all I think about is pizza. What's up with that?
calorie-dense food? maybe your body is trying to get you fat again. stranger things have happened imo.
How old are you? 13-19? Do you have any significant DNA anomalies? Have you engaged in any kind of stealthy combat recently?
...are you a turtle?

Carb cravings. Have you been stalling in weight or plateauing?

Might be time to make room for a cheat meal (Don't go crazy but just fit it into your calories and macros, and do a little extra cardio)

For example, eating pizza but then increasing your deficit by 100 - 300 cals a few days before or doing 30 min of more cardio.

Or as >>25153625 said... you could just be a ninja turtle
Pizza is full of everything your body loves. Fat, carbs, sugar, and sodium. Realistically your body is burning through fat and thinks you're dying so it's trying to motivate you to eat high fat foods. You probably crave the cheese the most.

What should you do about it? Well if you're dieting you're going to be hungry, just deal with it and continue to eat in moderation. Don't buy a giant pizza just because you're hungry for pizza, that's only going to slow you down and prolong the diet.
Pizza is delicious, OP. Have a slice or two :)

So I just had sex with this ok/10 girl probably about 5’5 and I’m 5’9 and this is the second woman (other was around the same height) to think in earnest that I was 6 feet tall.

Wtf is up with womens perception of reality? Is it if they are very attracted to you they just attribute your slightly being taller to being Very tall? They boost you up? I meet both on tinder so maybe that’s why? Cause I’ve had 5’2 girls say they really liked me but wasn’t tall enough. I don’t get it
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A lot of women have poor spatial perception or just a bad sense of how tall things are. Don't worry so much about it
They are just being nice to you because they see you are concerned about your height. Stop overthinking it, be confident in who you are.
I’ve heard this before and it’s probably the most likely answer. Thanks anon
I don’t think so, I never mentioned my height or how I felt about it she just asked me “you’re around 6ft tall right?”. Same thing with the other girl.

But thanks for the advice. I never cared about my height until that 5 2’ girl btw. She would flirt with me and lead me on just to say “sorry no you’re just not tall enough” and that did some real damage.
Women are retarded and think that a foot is ten inches. I know from experience. Don't let those whores at subway shortchange you again anon.
Women have terrible depth perception.
That's why you NEVER tell them your dick size. They'll think it's big even if it's just average

File: EkRUSvPUcAATzVW.jpg_large.jpg (194 KB, 1510x1625)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
>be me
>be from Germany
>dream bad tonight
Dream was:
>sitting in a train next to a cute Slovakian girl
>she wants to go home
>leaves at my train stop with me
>takes the same bus
>gives me her cellphone
>I want to go home Anon starts crying
>take her cellphone home
>Oh shit not my cellphone
>Can't find her anymore

Why do I have such bad dreams?
I don't know anon. I dream weird some nights too
something might be bothering you

File: 41ibfgmf47r71.png (448 KB, 960x1040)
448 KB
448 KB PNG
So I know this guy for like 5-6 years. he's alright I guess, he likes to brag about his wealth though and I think is a narcissist, always wants to talk about himself mainly, which can get annoying quick

So I've started to sort of ignore him over time more and more, now I completely ghosted him. His girlfriend even wanted to fuck me once and come over to my house while she was with him haha, which is sad, but I refused out of respect to the guy.

So my question is - is it ok to just ghost the guy like that? I mean, we werent close friends, we just smoked weed on occasion. I kind of dont like him overall, he's pretty annoying with his bragging and shit.

Am i a dick? Even if so should I care? I do have plenty of other friends which I like much more.
You don't even sound close, and friends drift apart all the time. Just don't be a dick and go around shit talking him behind his back, or anything like that.
Shit talking behind someone's back is childish, I don't do that and never will.

I guess it's fine cause we definitely werent close, he just lives back in my old neighbourhood and lol pretty much the only thing we did together is smoke weed on occasion.

Thanks for the answer anon

/Alcoholic General/

How are you holding up? I am on Day Three.
Almost a whole week. Last weekend I killed 2 bottles of whiskey and around 15 beers in 2~ days. The insomnia, sweats and hallucinations really sold sobriety to me. I can't keep doing it.

Just woke up my first Saturday sober and I feel great. The pull is still there but I am going to stay strong. You can stay strong too. Get some zinc and magnesium supplements. Take them with a bunch of water. Multivitamins too. You got this, King.
Day 1, thinking of getting a couple beers for the evening but I'm almost broke so probably wont
day, uh, 17 i guess. not really counting. doing okay. obsessed with getting lean at the moment.

How to treat inferiority complex around attractive women?
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Attractive women power revolves around making others feel inferior. So when you try your hardest to actively not give a fuck, you are effectively reducing the collective effects of their beauty.

If anything, you should treat them as subhumans as to benefit mankind as a whole.
It is, but every person has that potential. Trouble is they’re pretty much asleep. They seek out unconsciousness, because they don’t like what their lives feel like. That is very easy to do in this entertainment based culture. Also makes them extremely easy to control.

It also means that it is very easy to get ahead of most people however. Reject unconsciousness, start becoming attuned to how you actually feel, and learn how to control that by how you act. Be more playful and imagine how you would LIKE to feel. How it could be possible to feel. Understand how you’re holding yourself back from feeling that way. If you can design and live in an attractive emotional reality, that is what people love to be let into. And at that point you will start to understand how other people have previously felt about you. You will see that a lot of people don’t know how to contribute. They are so used to being pandered to and getting everything spoon-fed.

Most people spend almost all of their time just absorbing the emotions from other people, media, entertainment, products, etc., and through a completely unexamined, unconscious process, they just become what they eat essentially. They squander the ultimate gift, which is consciousness and the ability to create
>don't care about what women think but actually secretly do!
Top quackery. I do not care what women think so I slouch, get fat, wear beat up shoes, only bathe when I get dirty or it's been a week, and do not groom at all.
This does not attract women but I don't care.
No it doesn’t. They respond to you this way because you are a creep. They sense you are not treating them like everyone else, just because of their beauty, and you are unable to see them as a full person, and that is impossible to respect.

Treating them like subhumans is better, but to be a person of character who is the same person with everyone regardless of looks, that is what they really love. They don’t want to feel this creepy vibe that you want something from them, and you’re kind of hiding it and making yourself submissive in the hopes of getting it.

So the tier list is:
- being obsessed with their looks, and hiding your intentions
- being obsessed with their looks, but at least being open about it
- being seemingly unresponsive to their looks and treating them normally
Think about the specific thoughts that have an impact on your perception of those women, and your petception of yourself, related or not to these women.

For instance:

Im out of her league
Shes way too attractive
Im unattractive
Im less attractive than she is
Im worth less than her
I could never date someone like her

And then look deeper into those thoughts.

Im out of her league: how do i know that she is better than me, i feel inferior so maybe its about how i feel inside, not how i look like, and what if i just go for someone else that i feel is my equal? If theyre ugly then does it mean i consider myself ugly? Then if i do what makes me ugly? And then what can i change about myself and what cant i change? And what do i do with what i cant change? And then what if i tried to look at myself differently, what do i like about myself and what can i work on? Etc....

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1620945615513.jpg (131 KB, 570x1191)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
I think that I might have something wrong with me. I'm not even thirty yet but I think i have something pretty bad and I need to go and get it checked. I don't know whether to try and tell my boyfriend or friends but I wanted to get confirmation first. In the meantime I've been really alone in my head about it and I'm finding it really hard to focus on even simply things I enjoy. My boyfriend and me haven't spoken much recently either and I'm afraid of bothering him and my friends have their own issues. Should I wait?
What is it that you think is wrong with you exactly?

I think I might have cancer or a disease in my breast

I'm very young but it runs in my family and I've noticed some changes in the last half year or so

It keeps me awake and I know stressing is psychosomatic and you end up aching BECAUSE you're stressing but I've become very aware of some changes that even the doctor wasn't completely sure about when I saw them. I'm probably going to try and get a mammogram but they are really hard to get before forty.

I'm between wanting to lean on my boyfriend and friends and not wanting to annoy them or sound crazy though. I'm really fatigued and publicly trying to seem productive and energetic but, I'm really struggling and my depression isn't the best. Thanks for replying anon
What I would do is refrain from talking about this until I get it checked. Only because I don't want others to worry about me (especially parents).

To aleviate the worry that you have I'd take some simple sedatives (idk if that's the right word) to calm you down. CBD works great if you have access to that.

Once I have it checked and know for sure if I do have the disease, then I would tell somoene you care about just to have that support from them. Personally I still wouldn't tell my mom specifically cause she starts to worry like crazy about things like this.

About the depression, I too have this, had it for years. Only thing that actually helps is meds, but also not strong ones so I don't feel like a vegetable. Just some simple ones that help control your mood.

Lastly, I wouldn't try to pretend who I'm not... if you don't have the energy to stay as productive and energetic as you've always been, why pretend? Just be who you are. If people ask questions just say you feel under the weather or something, nothing wrong with that.

Just my two cents
Get it checked NOW. It is not a death sentence - not even a breast removal sentence - if caught early enough. NOW.

Sorry, I ended up sleeping for a bit, exhausted, I ironically have a CBD drink in my fridge for this right now so that was just as well

Thank you both anons, I'll get it checked but I will probably do something about my vegetab- DEPRESSION, fuck, sorry, sleep got me that's too funny to backspace, too. I was on meds years ago but they were really bad and didn't mesh with me but I appreciate this

I'll try to just rest and not feel too conscious about anyone finding my energy drop bad.

I will also go back about a mammogram now there's more evidence of it, my mother has just beaten breast cancer for a second time! I hope they accept me this time. Love to you both.

My mother has developed a kind of toxic negativity that has driven everyone in her life away.
>be constantly negative
>push people away
>become upset people leave her
>blame people for upsetting her
>try to lure someone else into ""learning" from her
>put them down as well

There's no way I can stop her doing this, it's ultimately her choice. It's so bad she ends up with basic, vital tasks like moving a mattress and her desperate requests for help are universally rejected.

You come to help her with mattress, you fall for trap. She micro manages you, constantly berating you and putting you down, she fabricates various obstructions to lengthen the time she can spend berating you, you finish and leave angrily, she calls you crying hysterically blaming you for upsetting her (because you left).
If you ignore her she becomes malicious, making serious accusations against you behind your back in an attempt to make you re-engage.

I don't know what to call it, but it's a serious and destructive pattern of behavior.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Yeah my mother and grandmother was similar, it's a toxic femoid game

I don't know the solution but a psychologist can help by listening to this and advising on how you can deal with it

She would benefit from therapy but my mother always strongly rejected the idea, she didn't even register with a GP, but ofc complained about her health all the time and always rejected the idea of going to a doctor

Could be bipolar? Codependent? Dunno but a shrink can help

Sorry about it anon
She's beyond help. Tell others she's crazy, and they can find out for themselves if they don't believe you. Being sick or in a wheelchair or whatever doesn't magically make sociopathic behaviour okay.
I'm not a psychologist, but she reads on psychology so I know she knows exactly what she's doing.
But why? Goes nowhere desu, die alone
She did this all her life, being old is just he most recent premise.
Everyone in her old life disowned her, not one friend from school, not one family-nothing.

As a child I was like a prisoner, my family hated by my whole town and I didn't understand why, always a tool.

It's not rational. It's called mental *illness* for a reason... probably rooted in a childhood trauma of hers she did not overcome. Some mental illnesses like bpd and narcissism are extra bad because the person doesn't want to be helped and yes will provably die alone.

What you can do is to save yourself. Limit interactions, and consider therapy for yourself on how to deal with this and how to handle possible outfall incl fragments of this behavior entering your behavior

File: a97315_c9.jpg (20 KB, 400x299)
20 KB
im fat gross and bald
what is the point of my life?
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
oh ok i see
the point is to just be
You know about videogames, right? I'm attractive and in shape and I'd still rather play games than be around other people.
>uh but as you get older they stop being fun
No they don't, you just overuse them so your mind denies you the pleasure so you'll do something else. Consider reading for a while instead, or even dare I say it thinking hard about things.
fat bald men still get pussy. figure out how.
I'm fat and bald too

I need to find someone to pull all kinds of evil pranks on someone. Like, sign them up for all kinds of weird magazines and information have hookers going to their home and work even have people going to them thinking they are gay or a hooker get them flooded with calls and texts and more. Where can I find such a person?
this is pussy level shit, you live with spics now which means the world is a favala with no rules, honor, or religion. you need to hire someone to break into their homes and inject them with chemicals in their sleep to ruin their lives.
I know the treatment for what you're going through, but sadly, I'm not capable nor legally allowed to give it to you.
Some dnm sells call spammer services for cheap

File: arino too late.jpg (32 KB, 503x580)
32 KB
Do any of you have experience with chiropractors?
I went to one for the first time today and I'm pretty confident that they're scamming me.

Anyway, what is your experience with chiropractors and are they at all legitimate?
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Chiropractice is about restoring mobility to joints, mostly vertebrae but anything else too. If they break out the crystals or start referring to chakras or reiki, you want to find another one. Best chiropractor I ever had would talk to me about the bible and his religious beliefs. None of those religious beliefs involved him thinking he could lay on hands though, at least that he ever told me. It's better to go for preventive visits than after you're hurting, but that's literally everything else too and it's impractical so go when your back hurts or something.
If they're skeptical about themselves, they're trained scam artists. It's repositioning joints to release pinched bits of tissue or place them back in a correct position. There's very little mystery about it and they should know exactly what they're trying to do and it should be very immediately obvious to both chiropractor and patient when it works in nearly all cases.
If you're not just shitposting please tell them to quit or get straightforward training so they're not putting other people at risk.
>they're trained scam artists.
All chiropractors are.
You're a dumb nigger.
Better than being or going to a chiropractor.

File: wagie.png (1.06 MB, 1680x1050)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
thats it ive checked out of life in basically every way ever
>no friends
>no gf (ever)
>spend 98% of the day shitposting and trolling
>finishing useless degree in math with no job prospect
how do I officially become a NEET and never have to be a wagie? all I need is four walls and internet and power access.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
get a wife from the Philippines willing to support you in exchange for a greencard
five years later get another one
Ask biz , you have a degree now get a job. You think bitcoin is gonna but itself ?!
Math isn't a useless degree. Learn2code, save and invest cash, and then go NEET that way.
Do you have rich family or a disability the states is willing to pay for?
If not you're pretty much fucked
File: 67876543.png (2.88 MB, 1886x1048)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB PNG
Invest in Dogecoin.

File: 1568916412071.jpg (582 KB, 1080x2280)
582 KB
582 KB JPG
How do you go about getting a side chick?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I dont even know how to get a main chick much less get another girl after
date girls
Pro tip put adds on shit like Locanto dating where bottom dweller females hangout.
Say you want to put ducked in the ass with a strap on.
Meet up, fuck her first, when she wants to fuck you, just laugh and say no and leave. You’ll get 2-3 good fucks from hopeful fatties.
Be rich, get sugar baby, give her enough sugar that she's happy enough in rent and a purse that she'll avoid the wife
Just dump your gf you sad pos Jesus christ wtf is wrong with people in today's society

>8 months without sex
So this is what it feels like to be an Incel. How do I settle into my new life bros?
15 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
alright, so you're still doing better than 30% of males. if that makes you sad you belong on reddit.
Lol good point, I’ll give that one to you.
alright, so you're still doing better than 30% of males. if that makes you sad you belong on reddit.
>21 years without sex
kill yourself, you made it. not all of us did.
Friendly reminder that for the cost of 2-3 dates you can hire a good looking escort for one hour of "gf experience" + sex

So my personal doctor prescribed me topiramate for migraines a few days ago, and since using it I'm experiencing a myriad of symptoms already.
>Heart Palpitations
>Extreme Fatigue
>Brain fog
>random joint pain
>worsened depression

I'm really concerned. especially about my heart. it's beating so hard right now that it's rather uncomfortable. i've never experienced something like this before. should I call an ambulance?
I'm pretty sure there's someone much more equipped to advise you on this sort of problem. Perhaps try that one first, and maybe a second opinion for security.

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