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File: IMG_20200529_162641.jpg (750 KB, 1080x1424)
750 KB
750 KB JPG
It's been almost a year, and I still haven't gotten over her. She's a coworker I fell in love with last summer. We got kinda close, spending work breaks together, texting each other daily, and even going to a couple of "dates" (more like group activities, but the line is blurry).

However, every attempt to advance our relationship was met with resistance from her side, and she kept playing hot/cold leading me on for couple of months, so I decided to save myself from trouble and end it, distancing myself from her.

It was painful at first, but slowly I found my rhythm again, and continued my life. I thought I was finally over her, but a few days ago I was browsing through some old photos, and stumbled upon some photos of us having fun together and being happy. And it all came crushing back to me.

How do I stop obsessing about her and rewire my mind to see her as just another coworker?

File: blocks_your_path.jpg (578 KB, 1500x997)
578 KB
578 KB JPG
I asked her if someone told her to stay apart from me. She started having an anxiety attack. I tried to apologize the next morning and found out she had to get sectral or whatever its called from the pharmacy because her heart palpitations wouldn't stop rising. She said I wasn't sorry and called me a selfish and spiteful creature.

Today is my birthday. She said this to me this morning. I'm sad. I don't think there's any hope of getting back together anymore. But I think there's another reason I'm sad.

File: Amblypòa.png (253 KB, 1000x712)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
Can amblyopia be cured?

I'm 25 and now have a visual acuity of 1 and 0.7, yet I need at least 0.8 to pass a certain medical test, what can I do to increase it just 0.1 to pass?
Used to be treated by wearing an eyepatch on the dominant eye. Though often the dominant eye became the lazy one. Nowadays I think your best bet is 3D glasses treatment, I used to do it but got bored as I didn't care enough.
But it's suposed to work right?
I guess, but you'll have to do it a lot. And it's boring.
weeks, months... years? It's to pass a medical test so I don't mind
Dunno, probably depends on hrs/day spend treating yourself. Googling it I find a page that says it generally takes several weeks to several months, but this is on children. And they have to keep up the treatment for years to come to prevent losing their results.

File: 1569858258892s.jpg (6 KB, 250x250)
6 KB
How do I go from ugly virgin to ugly non-virgin in about 3 months?
File: dahl.jpg (65 KB, 500x561)
65 KB
>regular exercise
>good diet and correct amount of water x day
>excellent hygiene
>suitable haircut
>read books, a little everyday
>stay positive toward you future goals
>don't spend too many hours on the computer
>be nice and educated to people you encounter on the street
Get laid
Why do I have to fake? Can’t people be humble and settle for what I am? Aren’t all the females desperate for social acceptance? Why do I have to change? I don’t want to do all of that and be a cuck
It's not changing, it's getting a shower and eating some vegetables that don't make you farts smell like petroleum. Aren't you expecting a gf that had good hygiene, looks nice and has some culture? I'm don't think that the list I've written is too much.

I'm an 18 year old zoomer who has been living in California for a while and I fucking despise it. I plan to get out as quick as I can but don't where to go to. What's a comfy state to move and settle down in ?
Oregon is fine if you stay away from Portland.
Can't speak for anywhere else though sorry
Well why do you hate California?
I thought about Oregon a lot,anywhere you can recommend aside from Portland?
Tons and tons of reasons man. But I've just never felt comfortable here.
The problem with moving someplace else to start over is that when you get there you're still you.

File: goomer.jpg (128 KB, 880x480)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Gaming is literally the only thing keeping me going. I played video games since I was 5 i think. I tried going a whole day without gaming but I always felt empty at the end of the day, then Id go on a gaming spree the next day. Its consuming my thoughts too. I cant study without thinking "I should be playing video games". What can I do?
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Looks gay
>What can I do?
Don't quit something you enjoy. I think the problem here isn't gaming per se, it's the lack of other goals. Try adding something else that you enjoy doing and is more productive.
also what he said
Just out of interest, what you playing?
I have the opposite problem where I used to be able to game all day, but now most games can't hold my attention for long. I want to be able to find games where I can just get absorbed into it again.
>I have the opposite problem where I used to be able to game all day, but now most games can't hold my attention for long. I want to be able to find games where I can just get absorbed into it again.
you have the same problem, you're just further along the line. add something else to your life. you have a need for something that isn't being met and your brain is withholding your reward chems
I did. Stopped gaming for 4 years and started hiking. But I still want to find games I can play that I can enjoy

How to study 100 pages a day? I procrastinated and now i have to study like never before...
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Just trying to get OP to tell us the course he's taking
op here, i study in italy so i don't know how the course is called in the US. Anyway the translation is corporate economics. We study corporations, how to manage them, and accountability.

I already made the accounting part of the book, now i have to study the theory
1. Start with 0 counters
2. Study one page
3. If you have 99 counters, go to step 6
4. Add 1 counter
5. Go to step 2
6. You win
Wait here on 4chan for another few hours for advice.

File: RwfeP8S.jpg (3.72 MB, 3440x1440)
3.72 MB
3.72 MB JPG
When do you take a conversation on an online dating app to texting or facebook (in the days of quarantine)?
"Hey can I have your number?"
"Hey can I add you on Facebook"

Seriously, never over-think dating shit. Learn to not care.
As soon as possible. And then you move from print to voice as soon as possible

File: Chitose_thinking.png (358 KB, 720x546)
358 KB
358 KB PNG
I found a small amount of money, about $100, that I was responsible for as part of a club about a year and a half ago. Nobody noticed it was missing. I've since left said club, only just found the envelope.
Should I return it?
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A year and a half? You’re thinking about this NOW?
literally who cares bro, the amount of school money ive seen wasted on retarded female-organized bullshit makes me want to be elected for student president and cut every one of these programs.
Go spend it on cigarettes and alcohol while you still have the money
Yes, of course.

But I just can't spit it out because I know the 80/20 rule is true and I can't start believing falsities just because I want to.

11 replies omitted. Click here to view.

It's a fact that most men live in a state of sexual scarcity and serial LTRs
That's not a fact. It's simply not true.
>I can't start believing falsities
>80/20 is true

Stop lying to yourself the 80/20 meme is a cope to justify your sexual and social stupidity.

Get your shit together
It's more like "a small portion of men and women have sex in their early, most people have sex in their late teens, a small portion of people have sex in their early 20s and later than that". Like a normal distribution.
Doesn't prove the 80/20.
You don't need bluepilling. Your beliefs are relatively fine and I'm sure they're well rooted.
But, you know, nobody can know everything and all sorts of crazy things happen in life. So your beliefs won't help you much in day to day life I think. I share those beliefs but I keep them at the back of my mind and don't let them condition my decisions or my conversations.

How did I put them there? It wasn't easy. I also lost people because I talked too much. And besides, many people will make counter points that are just as valid and just as flawed as our beliefs.

So I did this to sort out my mind: I looked at my thoughts and beliefs about life/women/society and ran through everything in my mind. I was not ready to "disbelieve" or move on. I thought and I still think those things are valid and true, at least relating to my life experience and circumstances. Then I tried to look at this from someone else's point of view, a more successful man, or a woman, and I tried to understand why these beliefs wouldn't hold up in their minds. I thought those imaginary people were wrong, but I was willing to accept that they thought they were right.
Then I did the opposite: what do they believe? I tried my best to sum up their beliefs and look at it all without judging. In the end I still disagreed with almost everything.
I was willing to admit that just like they can't understand/internalize/accept my beliefs because of their individual circumstances, but my beliefs are still valid, even if I can't understand/internalize/accept their beliefs, those beliefs are still valid

After all, I'm not getting paid to push redpill ideas and I'm not gathering votes for political candidates. all I want to do is get through life taking the best out of people and giving my best in return. Pointless pseudo political drivel doesn't help one way or the other
Haven't had a political argument since. I don't bring up this crap any more and when I see a silly normie's opinion I move on.

File: 1587754679513.png (176 KB, 1730x1000)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
I'm incredibly stressed and worried all the time and it stops me from doing any work. I start doing something and I just start worrying so much I can't focus at all. And it all just becomes this fucking unbearable cycle where I can't do anything and I hate myself for not doing anything.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Sounds like you're used to being an unprovoked asshole.
I was simply pointing out a fact.
If it's a long term thing, mere advice will do it little to no good. Seek therapy.
Yeah, we already know that a lot of people are lazy and careless. Thanks for all your wisdom.
I was pointing out one of the possible reasons why they are lazy and/or careless.
But please, by all means, keep being an asshole for no reason.
don't feed the trolls/edgelords

File: 1579030770565.png (1.11 MB, 1024x683)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
How to go about achieving my dreams for the future if nobody actually supports me? Not even my own family.
They claim they'd sooner disown me or kick me out in order to "teach me a harsh life lesson" (which is to just blindly follow everything they tell me to do without questioning it) than let me chase my "childish fantasies".

Been wanting to get into game devving for years now, I got some components of it down like drawing, animating, sound but I still need to improve in actual programming and so, because that's something they heavily criticized me for as a kid and said I shouldn't try it at all just because I wasn't good at it. They instead want me to become an English teacher just so they could have what to boast about to others, about my 'high status job' or whatever.

In reality, I just want to start small as an indie developer, then work my way from there towards creating my own game company, or at least a bigger team to work on shit with. I would 100% have who, and know who to hire for it as a good chunk of my old classmates are doing majors in shit that would go just hand in hand with it, Comp Science, Arts, Business and Finances, etc. My family are Boomers though and legit do not understand how this could work out or that it could make you money at all.
I'm not sure whether they'd really kick me out or not but I'm just somewhat afraid of it actually happening, because it'd be fucked then.
You honestly don't need anyone's "support" to work on this. Get a job, pay your bills, do your indy work on the side.
>How to go about achieving my dreams for the future if nobody actually supports me?
Just do it yourself.
>In reality, I just want to start small as an indie developer, then work my way from there towards creating my own game company
Have a backup plan in case that doesn't work. Something practical like mechanical engineering.
Don't worry about getting kicked out. Homelessness is not a big deal.
That's true but I was hoping to just be able to focus my entire day on it if possible. I have money saved up, I could just pay them rent since it'd be cheaper than actually renting an apartment but I doubt they'd accept it at all.
I've started several ambitious software projects in my time and trust me, you do NOT need to focus your entire day on it. In fact, if you give yourself TOO much time, you're more likely to fail since your urgency will be low and, as they say, "no pressure, no diamonds"

File: 1587230403758.jpg (51 KB, 445x600)
51 KB
People who are happy: what does that feel like? How does one achieve your state of being?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I'm in a similar boat to you anon. Grew up in a broken home, have mental issues, low self esteem. I hope we both make it some day.
accomplishment or progress towards goals.

satisfaction with current status in life.
File: uebaruxsupiz.jpg (286 KB, 2118x1352)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
you can be happy in misery, you can be happy in illness, you can be happy in loneliness
you need to learn to see the good in your life and you need to let it make you happy
you need to accept that no matter who you are and where you are in life, your happiness is your own and you deserve to feel it
no, it won't make you stagnant
it won't make you stop working on your problems
if anything, it will do the opposite, working as positive reinforcement
it won't "hurt so much more" when it ends
don't be afraid of being happy, even just for a moment
It feels amazing

It just sorta happened you know

File: ce.jpg (220 KB, 961x1200)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
This moment was bound to happen, sooner or later, but I was oblivious. The realization of the abysmal mistake I've done. I have, not only wasted, but thrown away my life. I find myself, at age 27, without ever having friends, love, health, job, money or any experience whatsoever, after literally sitting in front of my computer for 8 years, doing nothing.

I don't know why but at 19 and after starting experiencing the things listed above, instead of gaining confidence and improving in life like any other kid would do, I did put myself down. I'm not blaming anyone, but the people around you are supposed to push and pull you, to challenge you, to teach you, to show you that you are not less than the others. But they didn't, or I couldn't listen, and I spiraled down.

So here I am, as an old kid, crying myself to sleep, noticing how hard of a spot I've put myself into. Being truly aware of myself for the very first time, there is no doubt something wasn't right in my head. I am so out of place in so many aspects that now everything holds me back when I try to make a step forward.

I am so empty. How can I build myself, if the pieces I'm missing are no longer obtainable?

I feel asphixiated when thinking of all the things I have missed. Because I really need them, I want them, as I never got them out of my system, I am still that 19 years old. I want to get wasted with friends and have fun, mess around, I want to get lost with a girl, and experience, not caring about anything. I desire all the moments that shape you into an individual.
I want, but I can't, because I'm not 19 anymore, I'm almost 28.

I was riding the wave, when without reason, I decided to jump off. Could have grab onto another board, even swim back to the shore. But I just didn't move, letting the current drive me far away into the ocean.

Everything could have been fixed by a well timed helping hand and a firm grip, or just some directions, but the hand I rarely found was unreachable and weak, and I was too heavy.
I am drowning, tired, without sight of the surface, I am so deep, I feel I just should not bother kicking and... breath the water... to end the suffering.
Hurts, doesn't it? Like a steel ball somewhere between your heart and your throat. And no matter what you do or where you look that's all you feel and that's all you see. Gaming doesn't do it any more. Neither does porn. Endless internet scrolling day after day after day and nothing changes.

You think you're done for. I disagree. You want to kill yourself. You shouldn't. This isn't the end. This is a beginning.

You're ready to end your life - you're ready to face fear, pain, and the endless unknown, just to make the suffering stop. You're willing to leave your family in mourning and burn any hope you have left, just for some relief.

It takes a lot of willpower to do that.
I think it takes less willpower to live.

But you do have the right idea. This creature, this thing you've become? It needs to die. Take everything you have and drop it. You don't have a political opinion any more. You don't have a hobby or a waifu or a favorite pokemon.

You're a blank slate. And we're going to keep the old you dead so that the new you can live.
It starts with your body. You need to get fit so that moving around isn't hell and you can do other things with your day. I prescribe you with this form of suicide: go for a run, and run until your heart gives out. Every day. Until you die, or until you live.
why dont you try a website like meetup and check out the things youre interested in and you can meet like minded people. if its a terrible experience, well at least you tried.

you dont have anything to lose
I see understanding in your words, yet I feel no comfort. I just want to reverse this comatose state... I want my time back, but that's not possible, and it kills me.


Thanks for the website, looking it up right now, but I don't know how could I aproach it, I'm too bitter and sad to hold a mask for long. I will try it. Thank you.

PIC is relevant

I really like the IG model body type with a fake fat ass and big tits, but at the same time I really like my GF who is curvy but not IG model curvy..

How could I convince her to get some work done? I can pay for it all, and I already pay all of her bills so working isn't an issue.

If I wasn't dating her I'd just go out and get an IG model type chick, but my GF's personality is really amazing so im pretty attached
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Exercise with her, and do a lot of squats together.
kys coomer
By communicating with her.
Bring the conversation to a point where you talk about a person who has obvious implants. Then ask her opinion on how she feels about implants. If she obviously is negative about it, then you drop it. If she's positive about it, especially if she mentions that she entertained the thought of getting it at one point, that is when you offer to pay.
As long as you are ready to have your own body enhancements and dick enlargement
I know plastic surgery keeps getting better and better but I still would rather keep my less than stellar tits than take the gamble.

Unless you already have some reason to think she'd be interested in surgery I wouldn't mention it you'll just make her feel like shit.

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