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File: lhdxqbm8aby51.jpg (46 KB, 750x750)
46 KB
As a 20 year old unattractive guy, should I visit a prostitute to lose my virginity? Or would that make me hate myself even more? I basically have no friends and my social skills are ridiculous. I will never catch up to normal people. What to do?
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No one cares about what you personally think is shameful.
No one cares about your reply either.
desu thought about this myself, don’t do it.
If you're the type of person who would feel bad about it, then yeah you will feel bad about it.
Just don't.
Go see a hooker if you want. No one cares and you may find out that you like sex and want to find a girl who is not a hooker

File: 1645672079008.png (295 KB, 500x500)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
My husband is trying to persuade me against enlisting in the military. I feel like it would be a reasonable way to handle some of our debts and help cover college, but he's insistent that I shouldn't do it.

He says the male soldiers might sexually assault me, and cited a bunch of past incidents of women in the military being treated poorly. Is that still a concern in 2022, or am I safe to enlist?
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>want to help him more than I have been though, and I feel guilty for relying on him. I feel like this is a chance for doing my part for both our family and our community. In a little under a year our son will start kindergarten so I won't need to stay home to babysit him during the day.
Help by keeping the home clean food ready its nice to come home to a clean home food and and clothes. Rather than be all tired and then have to cook clean and wash.
It is a concern. But your likelihood of getting killed or raped or something is fairly small. If you enlist you will experience sexual assault, harassment, etc, and like all female soldiers you would find a way to deal with it.
Being an absent mother because you wanted to pay debts is not selfish it's retarded. Enlisting would also harm your relationship with the father.
And boy oh boy how those kids end up
If you're joining just because you want to pay off your debts, there are much better ways to do that.

The military is a desperate last chance for some, and a calling to higher purpose for others, but joining it because you want the pocket change is a bad idea.

File: 1664440274428.jpg (142 KB, 466x587)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Gonna go try college again after basically being a semi-neet all these years, trouble is that most of my peers will be 18/19 years old. Is it too weird if i try and be friends with them (i really need friends as i have almost none)? I just feel like the age difference might be too great...
Also, how can i maximize my chances of getting a gf? Since i know college is my best chance at getting one
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On a similar situation here, going back to school at 23 for a compSci degree, hope it goes well
No it’s not weird at all. You should try to sleep with hot 18 year olds. Idk why this is even a question
>I will say as an older man these young girls are BORING. they all seem like little kids
I’m 22 and my best friend on campus is 30. Nobody’s going to make it a big deal unless you make it a big deal.

File: 1659866726635544.png (354 KB, 709x698)
354 KB
354 KB PNG
A big ass boil grew on my jaw and its kinda spreading a bit

what do i do about it
only antibiotic i got is doxycyclin

You wait for it to pop naturally. It will take a week. After that it will take a few more weeks for the scar to go away. There really is not much else you can do.
Go to the doctor, they can lance it and give you something for healing. Or if not soak it in warm water and wait for it to pop

Should I grow a mustache?
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File: Stromboli.jpg (17 KB, 612x408)
17 KB
Yeah, go for the Stromboli
Staches are for pedos
File: WW.jpg (29 KB, 480x478)
29 KB
Nope, see >>27401877
also Heisenberg
That isn't a mustache.

Life is actually gonna get worse. Alot of Gen Z people and later generations like me might live in poverty for a long time, and will be forced to dedicate our lives to shitty jobs with little to no possibility of benefits or retirement. I'm most likely won't afford nice things in life like a home, privacy, or free time. Theres also climate change, water shortage, and famine. Don't forget possible 2nd American Civil War, WW3, or next great depression.

It's not looking too bright this century. What do we do? What are your plans for the future?
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Did you experience the year without a summer in 1816?
Did you experience the great gale of 1880?
Once in a century storm
not that crybaby, but what about that time there was no sunlight for 18 months in the northern hemisphere?

or how 100 years ago folks our age were likely getting their legs blown off in piss-filled trenches in Europe and then dying a shitty death after inhaling too much mustard gas and drinking too much diarrhea water

>I've never experienced a heatwave this bad in my life
all 20 years of it yeah
>Have you endured the heat wave that happened? It's the worst that its been since ever. I've never experienced a heatwave this bad in my life. I never went outside during that time. California experienced a tsunami wave a couple months back, that was unheard of. Florida is going underwater in the next couple of decades lol, it's probrably gonna be the same for the west coast too.
536 was clearly the worst year ever
You don't know what poverty is and you don't sound like you've ever been in a classroom you weren't legally required to be in.
I genuinely hate westerners for this.
I literally live in your ""dystopian nightmare"" just man the fuck up holy shit it's not even that bad.
"Oooh noo i can't get my fruits all year" go fuck yourself

File: download.jpg (11 KB, 225x225)
11 KB
what are the side effects of eating fruit every day?
pineapple is fucking delicious brοs
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File: 1663186146896557.jpg (123 KB, 570x823)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
>too much fruit can give you cancer
God fucking dammit
>living gives you cancer
its over
p sure that's from all the americans who eat their fruits unwashed just yum yum yum the wax and pesticides really gives it an extra depth of flavor
Pineapple is high in sugar and bad for your teeth. The acid softens the enamel so if you brush your teeth directly after eating pineapple you can damage them. You need to wait an hour for the enamel to reharden. Talk to your dentist
is this why Americans brush their teeth -before- breakfast?

File: 1654622071205.jpg (136 KB, 900x864)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
I have a weird interest, and I've lost several bfs because of it. I like pushing guys into being increasingly feminine, and eventually getting them to start hormones. I wanted to be a man growing up, but I started feeling like preventing men from being men was better.

My current bf is a lot more masculine than any other guy I've been with and hasn't gone for a single bit of this with me. I'm thinking of just finding a lonely guy and making him feminine as a side thing, and maybe introducing him to my bf to have fun with, but a sane part of me feels like this might torpedo my relationship. Should I stop?

You should break up with all the men you are with and find a guy who is into that. You should also consider that your sexual issue is because you are into a kink of male domination of other males. You pretend you are the male because you have penis envy. Instead of enjoying your own body and how it can give you and your partner pleasure you focus on your desire to own a penis. This is being dishonest with your partner if they dont know its what you are wanting from them. Most guys want to be with a girl who are happy being a girl, having penis envy will be a problem with you your whole life and you may need think deeply about what you want out of life.
This is the equivalent of a guy who dates overweight chicks and then gaslights them into developing anorexia.
If this isn't bait you have a paraphilia that is harmful and unattractive to most people. If you want to do a harm reduction strategy go date transwomen. If not, just stop or maybe seek professional help.

This. If you try to get a normal man to do this you're harming him.

File: 1641236459724.jpg (838 KB, 1284x1255)
838 KB
838 KB JPG
They gave me 3 FREE WEEKS on the job, and I'm bored as fuck. As stupid as may sound, I like to go to work and I don't want these free days because I have nothing to do and I just keep drinking beers.

I don't want to travel. My friends are working now. I don't have any substantial hobby.
What do?
If you're bored you're a boring person. Not sure what else to tell you.
>I don't want to travel
>I don't have any substantial hobby
Perhaps these are things to consider beyond 'no I don't wanna?
You are the perfect NPC employee. You are gonna spend your entire life contributing to nothing in particular, then one day you’ll wonder where it all went.
How do I get a hobby? I can't focus on something for so much time.
Nah, there's people used to follow a routine. Change the routine and I'll most likely adapt.
If you like to stick to a certain routine,make one for these 3 weeks,don't waste them,just stick to a certain schedule,and make it fun,don't think about work,and try new things.

File: color.png (35 KB, 600x500)
35 KB
Two months ago, I had a concussion. I think it has permanently retarded me. Even today, I find reading hard, find focusing hard, and find remembering hard. Even focusing through an entire 4chan thread of discussion is difficult, now.
Unfortunately, all of my hobbies, like reading, writing, programming, and roleplay, are no longer accessible to me.
What are some hobbies for idiots and retards that I might enjoy?

Talk to a doctor about it.
I already have. "Wait longer and you'll recover all on your own" or "take notes while reading" are basically the only responses I get.
Spending time on the computer will not help your focus
Try watching cartoons, and maybe talking to a doctor about how you could feel better.
Simple jigsaw puzzles, and simple games like tetris or pacman might be good.
Children's crossword puzzles (or other puzzles) might help to 'retrain' your brain.

I don't know much about this shit, but it seems like doing tasks that require you to push yourself a little bit (not a whole lot) might be helpful for recovery.

Maybe you could get into children's books? Look up funny books that are good for parents to read along with children, and then make a game of reading them to your partner or friends or something, and making silly voices or mocking the book if it sucks. Make a game of it. Make it fun. Over time, you'll probably be able to progress to older books.

Taking notes while reading sounds useful in some ways - even if it sounds stupid.
Movement (eg: bobbing your leg or twiddling your thumbs) improves memory. Idk why - I'm not a doctor lol. But there's a damn good reason that physical notes written with a pen tend to be more memorable than typed-up notes.
You might have to start with easy books. Maybe start with books for 10yo and under? Do a chapter at a time (or less, if needed) and take notes. There are some decent kids' books out there. You could also take notes in general, just to improve memory.

File: how.jpg (52 KB, 800x532)
52 KB
29 khv here. Shy and insecure nerd, but it turns out that i am not so hideous and some girls are into me. I've installed tinder and met with a girl. We have been on four dates, but i could not make things romantical or intimate. I know i should have touched her, flirt with her, just do anything that would be a clear sign that i am attracted to her. But i could not do this. We have talked, it was nice, but i knew that we would be friends and nothing more. So i stopped texting her. I have to rethink some things.

A few years ago, at the party, there was a girl that was 100% into me and she wanted me to kiss her. But i was paralyzed. I could not do this. What the fuck is wrong with me? Should i go to prostitute to get rid of the fear of getting intimate and initiating contact with women? What else can i do?
i don't know, have similar issue. i'm not a touchy guy and have to force myself to touch them during dates, touching their arm to remark something i say
the first kiss is too hard for me, i have to push myself to do it at the end of second date

Being honest with women is the best option. Most girls will melt if a guy they are into says they have never kissed a girl. It will make everything easier. Being honest about it also shows you are able to open up to her about more private things and she may trust you more. If a girl has a problem with it she would never have gone along when she found out you were a bad kisser anyway so no loss.
> Should i go to prostitute
No, absolutely not. Prostitution is vile.

File: hinge-logo.png (10 KB, 1200x670)
10 KB
anybody have any experience with apps like hinge or bumble? not trying to get a quick fuck, i'm considering using these apps to look for potential long-term relationships
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Alright, going hat mode from now on
>that grouping
/k/'tism intensifies
It was 50 yards and a new raifu gimme a break senpai
File: 4t424e.png (229 KB, 537x454)
229 KB
229 KB PNG
>50 yards
>'tism intensifies harder
i'd also work on getting a new wardrobe too. maybe get a few oxford shirts, chinos, some nice boots or a nice pair of sneakers like stan smiths. stop by /fa/ for some ideas

File: 1664404053856098.png (21 KB, 2560x1280)
21 KB
If you're educated, have some wealth, and speak English and/or French, is moving to Canada worth it?
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>in b4 all the qanon retards start shilling the USA

I mean, what do you want to do exactly, be a NEET millionaire?
You’d be better off learning mexican if you want to get a job
Quebec is about to get full of Haitian NIGGERS, so don't go there.

t. Tijuana beaner seeing a decrease in Haitians
>about to
if the CACA party wins the provincial election again which they're likely to they're gonna double down on their anti-immigrant policy

I am a young man in prime age bracket, yet I cannot attract women. What solution is there for a modern male such as myself to attain a relationship? What can I do to alter my physical appearance to become more palatable to women? Please advise. I am desperate nearing suicide.
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File: test.jpg (89 KB, 960x960)
89 KB
I have been told I look like Spongebob a few times back when I had hair.
File: 154.jpg (10 KB, 300x100)
10 KB
Hmmm you lack wisdom or are just to dumb /blind to see that Its not your physique its your personality. Pearls before swine I guess good luck stay away from committing crimes if you can help it in your process to achieve your goal. Adv is wasted on u since u actually maybe retarded in the legal sense.
>I am unable to progress to relationship status and I do not know why
If you do everything right they should be asking you "what are we", "we should be exclusive", etc. Otherwise you are making mistakes

What is the appeal of nofap? I asked this question in a /sig/ discord and I got banned because of "doomposting." The truth is that I don't have anything with my life and porn is the only thing that excites me. I don't have friends, family members my age, I don't have anything to do in my town besides work and college and I can't move out. You can't really talk to some rando guy or girl with the halo affect being a thing. Porn just gives me the excitement and fun my life doesn't have, it helps me go to sleep for fucks sake. My question to nofap tards is, what am I gonna do when I have urges? Read more psychobabble, read skydaddy stories or talk to skydaddy or do scams like meditation and prayer? I hate nofap retards but I also hate my porn addiction.
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Take a break whenever you start wanting to move onto non-vanilla shit.
>What is the appeal of nofap?
Nofap is actually do nothing, it wont automatically improves anything in your life instantly. But think nofap as a framework for other self improvement, it gives you nothing but it will be easier for you if you want to do self improve or learning something else in your life.
Porn on the other hand has become way more dangerous than what people thought. Addicted to porn, you'll no longer interested and satisfied in normal sexual intercourse, you'll find yourself getting excited to any kind of degenerate fetish like cuckolding or scat porn (basically /gif/ lel) and later on, leads you to become trannies or other lgbt faggots, the reason why those people exist is because they are a heavy porn addict.
>My question to nofap tards is, what am I gonna do when I have urges? Read more psychobabble, read skydaddy stories or talk to skydaddy or do scams like meditation and prayer? I hate nofap retards but I also hate my porn addiction.
Distract yourself, find irl no fap friends (this is important), socializing more, and makes yourself really really busy You'll fail in the first weeks, or maybe year like me, but as long as you can maintain those thing, you'll be fine. Just try nofap and good luck anon.
I don’t know about nofap but porn industry is just bad in general. Use your imagination, get more creative.
simply jerking off is disgusting
>The truth is that I don't have anything with my life and porn is the only thing that excites me.

Then find something meaningful.

>I don't have friends, family members my age, I don't have anything to do in my town besides work and college and I can't move out.

How can someone be in college and not have friends? Literally just start talking to another awkward nerdy dude in one of your classes.

>ou can't really talk to some rando guy or girl with the halo affect being a thing.

Yes you can. As long as you are groomed and presentable, and know how to fuck off when people want to be left alone there are no consequences towards trying to be friendly.

>Porn just gives me the excitement and fun my life doesn't have, it helps me go to sleep for fucks sake

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