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/vst/ is a place to discuss all types of strategy video games, including both turn-based and real-time strategy, turn-based and real-time tactics, single-player and multi-player (including MOBAs). All platforms are welcome.

Does this mean discussion of strategy games is banned on other video game boards? No! /vst/ is just a separate board specifically focused on strategy games where discussions about your favorite games can thrive.

Please familiarize yourself with the rules and remember to use the spoiler function where appropriate!

Please note that, like /v/, "Generals"—long-term, one-after-the-other, recurring threads about a specific game are not permitted on /vst/. Such threads belong on >>>/vg/

The New Frontier Pass has wrapped up, now we wait to whatever happens next. To add to the speculation, Firaxis dropped this yesterday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZPmQslq_wc so feel free to use your detective skills.

OP's starting question(s):
Which civilization benefited the greatest from the patch? Which could use a bit of revisiting or the patch wasn't enough?

For me the clear winners were the Khmer and Mapuche while Poland and Georgia left way too much to be desired.
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Boosting through spy duh.
File: 1620636162158.png (1.51 MB, 1920x1080)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
Square Rigging (I usually beeline Industrialization before getting gunpowder)
Military Tactics (I rarely build spearmen)
Games and Recreation
Military Training
Reformed Church/Theology
File: HFRrC[1].png'.png (544 KB, 551x475)
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544 KB PNG
And who said that Civ is "alt-history"?
File: Untitled.jpg (643 KB, 1523x1054)
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643 KB JPG
Why game not let me settle here?
Nevermind, I had the dark age no new cities card plugged in.

File: 20210503221304_1.jpg (617 KB, 1920x1080)
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617 KB JPG
Let's keep the shitflinging to a minimum this time
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File: RTW.jpg (278 KB, 1008x859)
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Some info on how General's stats affect troops in RTW / TWR:R
Does anyone know how to install workshop mods for the pirated copy of rome remastered?
If you are smart enough to pirate, you are smart enough to code your own mods.
kind of outdated info anon
i have win 7 so cant help

based edition

continuation of >>566982
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A mountain range in central nessos, some shrubland
Oh you just sent a dude out to the shrublands and got an action to find horsies?
Yea some forage action, guy came back with 10 horses
File: file.png (374 KB, 634x844)
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374 KB PNG
I am about to become the hazel king
>based edition
>continuation of >>566982 #
Fuck off to /vg/, shill

File: v2_27.png (929 KB, 1366x768)
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929 KB PNG
This is a big-ticket item that just came out. Great mod, great experience, great fun, great potential, great HPM challenger and rival. Check it out, my lads:
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Why doesn't vic2 have a Schlieffen plan decision? it was a pretty important event all things considered
its called justifying and then declaring on belgium
it's called sphering belgium and asking for mil access>>588115
it's more like Germany attack Belgium on short notice. If you want to outflank France then you need to attack Belgium in one day, not justify 100 days and attack when the war is over
>ethno-nationalist autism mod
Yikes, no thanks.

File: Master of Magic.jpg (90 KB, 616x353)
90 KB
So anyone heard that Slytherine is making a remake of Master of Magic? It seems it will be very, very close to the original.
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Played the reworked Caster of Magic that is literally Master of Magic, but patched to hell and back.
At this point I'm VERY cautiously optimistic. A dozen games have tried to remake MoM and failed.
>generic UI

I'll stick to the Community Patch version which is already literally perfect.
Looks gross. I just want more resolution options for the original.
File: 1592828372037.jpg (456 KB, 1920x1080)
456 KB
456 KB JPG
I'm liking some of what I'm seeing. But that UI is giving me a "russian porn game made of stolen assets" vibe.

File: galciv4.jpg (153 KB, 1280x720)
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153 KB JPG
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3 was full of these lolsorandom joke races, right? I hope they take their own game a little bit more seriously this time
>lolsorandom joke races
Only one I can think of as a "joke" is that pirate squirrel.
Made by the same studio and Star Control was garbage compared to the original.
The only lol-randoms are the Squirrel Pirates and the DLC factions from the Star Control remake...which is shit BTW.
How do the GalCiv games compare to other 4X games like the Endless series and Civilization?

File: 1605349647081.png (169 KB, 460x215)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
>resource at +300
>suddenly goes down to -200
>no idea what the fuck could be the cause
>there's no way to look at previous months' income/expenditures table to compare and see what went wrong
>get desperate
>start doing and undoing a bunch of shit at the same time
>eventually resource goes back to green, no idea why
>repeat ad infinitum
wtf is wrong with this game's economy? It fluctuates so hard and sudden. It's straight up unplayable this way.
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>a task they have made needlessly difficult
Open jobs tab on a planet
Click job you want pops to prioritize
wooooow so hard so complex
Stellaris sucks at giving info. No graphs, stats or anything.
If Stellaris was made in ye olden days by Paradox it would be more like excel spreadsheet aurora, too bad it was made by nuparacuxx with monopoly players in mind.
stellaris sucks balls
Older Paradox games were even simpler, they just had garbage UIs
Stellaris is a game that sounds so much cooler than it is in practice.
Designing your own species with their traits, ethics and political system sounds really neat.
But in the end it just comes down to +2% fire rate or +5% food production.
And similarly with pretty much all other element in the game.

File: ibCyiPd[1].jpg (116 KB, 1294x725)
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116 KB JPG
Do you guys actually follow the suggested research options it gives you? Or is it better to ignore and focus on what you personally want/need?
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getting trapped like you did is probably a restart. usually if them or hissho are my first neighbors I switch to early military and start expanding the other way.
>Emperor Zelevas may not be visible in Diplomacy and menus
W-where did he go?
Attending to his harem of lumeris, sophon and craver girls.
I-is that what he meant by "darker pleasures"?
>>I want to be a gud boi and give my people a high standard of living and advance society with my contributions
>>Pass turn... pass turn... pass turn... queue a new investigation or construction... pass turn...
>>It's turn 100 and I have yet to see anything really interesting happen
Literally fucking me holy shit, I'm trying so god damn hard to enjoy Endless Legend right now but I can't not play like that and then my ADHD brain misses the constant random warring of Total War. I feel like the smoothest brain not because I can't win, but because I can't enjoy winning.

File: westwood-games.jpg (55 KB, 728x410)
55 KB
Gentlemen.. it's a nuclear device. Time is running out and there are still no new announcements.
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What if there was a Command and Conquer game that was like Hearts of Iron on a global map, with different focus trees and leaders and allowed you to map paint but once you got to a specific area like a capital or a fortification you go into the tactical (AKA traditional mode) to fight them?

There'd also be a skirmish mode that let you play the traditional way as well with no global map.
>and I'm still waiting for C&C 4.
we all are anon, we all are...
>C&C Crossover game with this
>GLA and Nod clusterfuck in Africa
I don't care over the lore, give me this
to be fair, vainilla Red alert 2 also uses the whole "soviets paid a lot of reparations and were unable to build double barrel heavy tanks" stuff from the end of the first game.
a C&C general mixe with Risk world map?

Steve is a deranged manchild edition
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wew, if that's really the case then the complete loss of data WILL happen. It's only a question of time.
I dont care about any dev's turbo-autism unless they're either pedos or trannies
I cleared the precursor ground forces and population off of a planet, but that planet still shows up in the known populations list in the race tab. How do I remove that entry from the race tab?
You can’t because the turboautist dev hasn’t built that feature in yet and likely never will because he doesn’t give a fuck
...why? Is he allergic to backing things up? What level of autism is at play here?

File: executioner.jpg (13 KB, 205x202)
13 KB
do you like two handed cleavers? i like two handed cleavers
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If a simple mod like tryout breaks the difficulty, then there really wasn't very much difficulty in the first place. It's just rng. It's "difficult" in the same way playing the slot machine is "difficult."
you seem to be upset because you're bad at this game. it's time to leave this thread
>you seem to be upset because you're bad at this game.
I'm better at the game than you. I'm so much better that I'm capable of pointing out a part of the game that in general gives you very little to no useful information in regards whether or not you want to get a character and therefore is practically useless. At best, it's only good for avoiding "Dastard" on any background or "short sighted" on a hunter or for getting extremely niche things like "tiny" on a character you want to be a tank or gimmicks like "brute" on a character with bonuses to headshots (even though if you can't hit anything when you get no talents and bad rolls on recruitment and level, you won't be getting headshots). Otherwise, you can easily adapt to most of the other traits since their long-term impact in negligible if you can get good rolls on levels or stars in the right places.
>it's time to leave this thread
You seem like a retard. Maybe you should go back to posting on /b/.
there's no need to respond to the troll but since he's expressing a popular opinion among bad new players, it's worth saying something.

1. randomness is just a way to model processes that we don't understand and can't predict. your computer is generating numbers using a formula, it's all predictable you're just unable to predict it, so you call it random. there is no such thing as 'true random' that phrase doesn't have a literal meaning.

2. unpredictable processes are required for turn based strategy games because they are about calculation. the game needs to obey rules which allow players to make inferences, and information needs to become available in stages in order to make players plan for multiple eventualities.

so anyone who thinks rng is bullshit doesn't understand the genre. the game could have used things like fog of war to replace dice rolls and it would have operated the same way, because things unknown to the player hidden behind fog of war, for all intents and purposes are random.
your posts are so full of unnecessary assumptions and logical leaps that there's no need to bother with them. you said try out doesn't make sense because of a stupid lore reason like being able to see whether someone is fat. this is a stupid reason and you know it because you are trolling. i ignored it because it is stupid and responded for the sake of other people browsing this thread explaining why try out makes sense mechanically. your response was that i didn't give enough examples, so try out is only useful in niche cases. i purposefully gave only one example because the point of my post was to illustrate a general concept. you then proceeded to give suggestions about how your money is better spent doing other things, all while telling people how they ought to play the game. your suggestions are bad because you are bad. please stop shitting up this thread.

File: tito's champions.png (1.01 MB, 960x763)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
make sure you have enough recons in your deck
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>that can play both on Blue and Red
I don't see the logic behind this
Italy switches sides joke probably.
thanks, GAY SEX PUTIN is my favorite
I don't get it, why would Italy switch sides during the cold war?
Teamgames are more super heavy focused because you can bring a high-end combined arms force to a single "lane" on the map instead of being everywhere alone like in ranked.

Is Grand Tactician the best strategy/tactics simulation, or the BEST strategy/tactics simulation?
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>Actual documented events are myths.
Well this is to be expected of yankees. After all, they also believe shit like having trannie sex offenders read to children.
File: suvvin victuhree.png (302 KB, 2000x1227)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
hyperrealistic alt history map for if lee had won at appomattox (he would have inevitably used the momentum to make a comeback and utterly demolish the demoralized and exhausted union forces)
File: 1614274178794.jpg (134 KB, 1064x1618)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Based beyond human comprehension.
yeah, anything related to canada

It'll be better than AOE3, and that's a fact.
22 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
have u read a dev interview? it's literally being designed to be dumbed down and for consoles
AoE3 failed to work it into the game mechanics. Most maps, you're still hunting wild game into the industrial era. Natives are just a way to get extra troops.
Ideally you'd be setting up farms and plantations after the discovery era, natives could be kept as soldiers or attacked for some economic bonus.
Unit variety was fun, but British longbowmen fighting gattling guns also clashes with the colonialism flavour.
Have you? I got the complete opposite impression. I remember one interview where the dude said it was not coming to consoles because they don't want to release a keyboard only game for the xbox and they haven't thought of a way of making it work on a controller. Meanwhile they have their community council made of pro and top rated players in all aoe games who according to interviews led to all sorts of changes. Then considering things like the color palette and huge arrows are there for the same reason the competitive crowd mods aoe2 with small trees and terrain grids (visibility in detriment of aesthetics), and that Microsoft sponsors aoe2 tournaments all the time, I'd say they're targeting the hyper competitive esports crowd while ignoring casuals.
No, but that's a bar set too high.
>Pandering to Compniggers
Literally DOA lmao

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