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/vst/ is a place to discuss all types of strategy video games, including both turn-based and real-time strategy, turn-based and real-time tactics, single-player and multi-player (including MOBAs). All platforms are welcome.

Does this mean discussion of strategy games is banned on other video game boards? No! /vst/ is just a separate board specifically focused on strategy games where discussions about your favorite games can thrive.

Please familiarize yourself with the rules and remember to use the spoiler function where appropriate!

Please note that, like /v/, "Generals"—long-term, one-after-the-other, recurring threads about a specific game are not permitted on /vst/. Such threads belong on >>>/vg/

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>Ever wanted to play Crusader Kings 2 but persistently multiplayer with actual domain and city management? Search no more, this is the game you're looking for.
Lands of Lords thread.
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File: check'em.jpg (123 KB, 1252x704)
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Ingerland should colonize Kaldor. I want another Rhodesian crisis.
>irrelevant shithole cope
What is the point of being the president of an economic society?
Ahhhh another perfect day in Kaldor without any trannies or Russians
*Checks newspaper*
Oh dear the Ingerlish are seething and coping again
*Sensible chuckle*
Well I guess I'll go tend to my wide range of agricultural products that aren't buried under 10 feet of snow then.
>Well I guess I'll go tend to my wide range of agricultural products that aren't buried under 10 feet of snow then.

File: wc1.jpg (1.03 MB, 969x1213)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
I'm wanting to play this, mostly as a lead-in to WC3 and WoW, but I am unfamiliar with the RTS genre. Am I going to have a rough time? Is there anything I should play before this to acclimate me to the genre?
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You really don't need to play it and can go straight to WC3.

But it's actually prefect for a beginner RTS player. Very basic gameplay but watch out for the expansion. It can be brutal.
It's based because it has roads. Wish they'd kept that in later installments.
You're talking about WC1? Did they roads do anything.
Yes. In WC1 I believe they were required in order to make buildings. Buildings had to be adjacent to a road tile, and all the roads needed to be connected. It was a neat little mechanic that made it feel like you were building a real village instead of just a barebones military outpost, like it feels in later WC titles (and SC).

If they just wanted to simplify the game mechanics to be more fast-paced, they should have taken out population instead of roads IMO
IIRC you could only build on roads.

Wow this game is good
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File: coomchalice.gif (10 KB, 121x90)
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AoE4 only has staying power because RTS market had been dead for so long even a 5/10 game will seem like a 9/10 for someone who been wanting to play a new RTS that isn't dead on arrival.
>inb4 wh:tw babs
shut the fuck up your game is trash
Why would anyone choose to play Age of Empires II when Age of Empires IV is out? It's the superior game.
>Greater civilization asymmetry and flavor
>More interactive; get to choose interesting landmark when aging up instead of just clicking a button
>Sheep automatically herd to scouts
>Can build scouts starting in dark age from TCs
>Farms are the same size as mills and can fit nicely around TCs as well
>Gold and stone deposits aren't weird shapes so placing mining camps is much more intuitive
>No quickwalling/quick building nonsense; buildings can't block units meaning no more annoying stuck units/traffic jams and units navigate easier when moving across your base
>Walls are much more interesting; units can go on top of the walls and fight
>Neutral trade posts are a thing meaning trade is also well integrated into the game
>Less techs; meaning techs on average are more useful and focused, yet many civ unique techs
>Able to queue any commands for any units sequentially to your heart's content
>Counter system actually works; every unit is important yet not a single unit type is dominant because the counter system works, meaning players using mixed armies are rewarded leading to much more interesting battles
>Heavy infantry line actually useful

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

10/10 post. They fixed the garbage from 2 and made it more compelling and varied.
they're running windows xp pentiums plus mongols are still broken

It really is nothing more than an APM sink. Adds no value to the game, no strategic decisions. You are better off starting people at the unit limit.
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Op is right on this
File: 1642033114883.jpg (41 KB, 680x339)
41 KB
>an influx
People seething at the mechanics of RTS game has been a thing since the 90s, anon. There's always been a specific breed of moron who thinks they'd totally be a genius player if only these evil jock 'mechanics' and 'APM' weren't getting in the way of his strategic brilliance.

Incidentally, these same people bitch about randomness in card games, and about memorization in Chess and Go.
Its a remnant of a time where the computers at the time could not support more than the pop limit. Even today, if you load 1000+ tanks on c&c the computer lags up. And c&c is a very old game.

C&C solved the specs problem by making resources very finite. The rest solved it by setting pop limits.
Population mechanic is only dumb when there's no customization to it.
Age of Mythology would have been way more popular if you weren't always limited to about 20 guys and a minotaur for most games
i always hated the warcraft upkeep mechanic.
like whats the point there? i guess rewarding the losing player after he loses a battle? just a rubberband to punish winning?

File: civ 6.jpg (870 KB, 3000x1800)
870 KB
870 KB JPG
what are the advantages of civ 6 over 5?
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AI has a hard time in combat, which is of course compounded by 1UPT. Their district planning is the worst, however. I don't understand why district removal or repositioning hasn't been added to the game. Along with building over strategic/luxury resources
1UPT shouldn’t be a problem. There’s countless TBS games with AIs that can handle such a concept.
The district thing is ridiculous, though. That’s just numbers. I don’t expect them make optimal triangles, but they’re just throwing them down wherever. If the STILL hasn’t changed since release than I really want to know what the fuck they’ve been doing instead.
5 is dogshit compared to 4 and 6.
6 is dogshit compared to 5, 4, 3, 2, Call to Power 1, Call to Power 2, SMAC/X, and the entire Endless series including Humankind. Your game is garbage, mate.
yes it is casual. its certainky more interesting than your cookie clicking simulator

File: Infamy_2.jpg (7 KB, 135x83)
7 KB
Infamy sucks.
any mods that fix it?
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Mods are cool, but in my opinion, should be used only to exchange the gaming experience after you tire with the vanilla game but still want to play it for some reason. Also bug fixes or some quality of life improvements at most.
All mods need to have prolonged exposure to very high levels of X-ray radiation
Who else is going to charge the machine guns in the great war?
>tips fedora, leaving cheato dust on the brim
Too fucking real
Did you reply to the wrong post? The discussion was about why you gain infamy from trying to take a random island in Asia.

File: 1641495621341.jpg (526 KB, 600x835)
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526 KB JPG
WARNO just got released into Early Access, what do we think about it?
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Most of the time in video game dev audio, UI, and other things are save for last or for a polish stage. Assuming they aren't a shit dev team, IMO we'll get new voice lines seeing as how the Russian one is from Steel Div.

The US lines are new at least and IMO we'll get more.
I wish it was set in 1984 instead of ripping off WiC's plot and setting it in 1989. I always thought that was super gay and unrealistic.
>Red Dragon players will switch
God I hope not. I really don't want to deal with these autistic retards.
Precisely in the way it plays. It plays just like SD44.
>arty has no lethality
>AA has no lethality
>Infantry of limited value on the whole
>Units aren't stackable

>All of it is balance
We shall see. Eugen has rarely been good about balancing, at least within Wargame.
>We'll get more
I hope you're right. The voice acting is so deadpan and boring (at least the Americans), or blatantly off (select a Bradley: "TANK IS READY").
Soviets are alright enough.

File: IMG_0943.jpg (64 KB, 336x323)
64 KB
which one of you fucktards forgot to make another thread
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Conquest has an omnishield. Getting fucked in your thrusters is already a skill issue.
sure but you also get fucked in your everything else too atm so it a skill issue among many and the shield arc is hardly enough to block the entire side of your ship so you end up on some 30 angle just so you dont randomly eat a hellbore to your fat ass. a 270 degree front shield would make worrying about your thrusters due to flanking or overextension the only skill issue for the most part.
How, if at all, would you change the skills now?
increase level cap to 20. still count civilian ships with militarized subsystems as non-combat ships for the 240 combat ship dp counter for skill bonuses. make wolfpack tactics apply a weaker effect to frigates and destroyers without officers rather than nothing at all.
just go back to the 7.0-9.0 system. rather than keep applying bandaids by reworking the tree and nerfing/buffing skills with dumb qualifications/caps just go back to the old system which worked fine enough, or even go back even further to the system with attribute points and skill points.

Let's find how many people remember these forgotten games
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Soldiers of Anarchy
man i cant get this worked on my system, i can get to the menu but once the game really start its just crashes to desktop all the time
Did you patch it?

File: hommv.jpg (44 KB, 341x447)
44 KB
What am I in for?
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3 but less polished
better presentation, stronger faction delineation
Deleted my prior response because I thought you were responding to my post about H2. I think HIII is stronger than HV for a few reasons, mostly subjective:
>towns built around classical fantasy aesthetics with a more grounded feel as opposed to nearly straight-up Warcraft/WHFB knockoffs (H5 Dungeon is literally just WHFB Dark Elves, for example)
>more cohesive visual presentation overall
>more "soul" in the scenarios with lots of humor
>combat feels smoother without the bloat of abilities on every single unit
>might/magic split on heroes
As stated, this is mostly subjective, and I certainly wouldn't consider anybody crazy for having V as their favorite, especially if they're the kind of gamer who enjoys having a lot of mechanical complexity. I particularly like the caravans & the alternate units added in TotE. But for me HIII is still a stronger overall package.
Also, while V's OST is still good, III's is truly superlative, which ties back into III winning on presentation overall in my eyes.
I see. It really is subjective then. I slightly prefer 5 for
>you can use large units for blocking
>balance (especially Necro)
>abilities on every unit make them a more impactful choice on the battlefield
>HoMM5.5's AI

File: 1642184670534.png (306 KB, 677x677)
306 KB
306 KB PNG
Get in here and discuss the mod, any submods you're looking forward to?
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>Bohrmann has a hidden modifier that he gets when he's loosing that just gives his units a 200% buff
That explains a lot
tranny mod belongs on /lgbt/
Loads fine to the main menu but crashes while loading up onto the main game itself. Playing this with the beta patch while on the cracked version
The meme "2-3 game speed only" warning is still there? I thought they already removed that a few patches after its launch in 2020
>Wow, I love being railroaded in my strategy games, I love reading retarded drivel dreamt up by some lunatic who thinks he is a woman, I love obsessing about old nazis as I magically win as a fucking anarcho communist state that spawns tanks out of the ether
Have they fixed the fact that there are focuses that will just insta kill the nation you play as because a nation on a different continent picks the wrong focus?

File: medieval-vomit.png (483 KB, 455x589)
483 KB
483 KB PNG
>he doesn't roleplay when playing CK2
>he just minmaxes and games kingdom annexation cbs to blob
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But I’m a nationalist and I always prefer roleplaying as an insane medieval king or as a modestly large financially stable country (that I force collapse in the last years of the game because nothing good trvly lasts)
LMAOing at the braindead idiots who get mad that they can’t conquer the world or even a good chunk of it, which someone with half a brain shouldn’t struggle to do. Really makes you think about how the average Paradoxuck must live
>Liege demands revoke title
>Pay for mercenary army, beat liege, white peace
>Liege immediately demands revoke title again
>Raise another mercenary army, win again, white peace again
>Liege immediately demands revoke title AGAIN
>No money to pay more mercs
Fuck this game, playing in the HRE would be fun if I didn't have to deal with this shit
just accept bro
Paradox based its business model on providing games for inferior minds to play. That was the key to success for ck2, every should-have-been-aborted can still play ck2 and convince themselves they are just "role playing"
That's why they go so turbo at anyone who points out that wc is incredibly trivial, they dont like to be reminded of their inferiority. Citing "role play" gives them a refuge from the reality of their subhuman intellect.

Any games that take place in Southeast Asia? I feel like the archaeologic nature of it could be a lot of fun for naval combat.
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
give me a detailed source on whatever the fuck happened on Indonesia or East Timor in the interbellum and WW2
Do mods count?
50 political parties trying to get the diplo victory for independence
Japanese victory against DEI and allies
In fact, a Japanese campaign in the SEA would be pretty fun.

It's not until after WW2 where the real fun begins. You get a battle royale between the Republicans, the Dutch, Islamists, and Communists in the span of 4 years. Unlike WW2 where it's total war and only needing to push the line forward, they have to act as if everything is fine since their win condition is being seen as legitimate in the world stage. This is how you get "Policing action" and operation crow.

Personally, the late 1400s-1500s seem like a more interesting setting.
>Dying empire
>Squabbling lords
>Old empires influence sprouting from the west
>New empires setting up shop in the east
>Hindu Buddhist aesthetic

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
i merely testing you, but thank God there is someone who understand the basics at least
>It's not until after WW2 where the real fun begins
nah, personally 1920s is way more interesting
political squabbling between various ideologies and infightings throughout the decade that culminates into the premature 1926 Revolution which results of destruction of communists as a legit political force for 20 years, imprisonment of several nationalists, and Boven Digoel
but post-WW2 is a close second since there's infighting in the communists (between Stalinists and Trotskyites), infighting in the Dutch Cabinet (Van Mook has once being branded as a Republican sympathizer just because he was the first Indonesian-born governor), and infighting in the nationalists' side (things like Bersiap etc.)
of course being a HoI4fag i am, 1936 is the third most interesting point since Van Mook can be appointed earlier and could have coordinating with the Brits and the Americans to contain Japan
There is that Warband mod with an undecipherable name that takes place in early gunpowder era SE Asia. It's pretty good.

File: 1642086610320.png (1.69 MB, 1878x1075)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
How go your kingdoms?
What would you like to see added in further updates lads?
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Yeah, I white peaced the first war out. Treaty wore off though but I've rebuilt a bigger and better army and they're at war with someone else now so time to strike again.
white peacing was a big mistake, sunk cost is not a fallacy in this game
I wanted a true timer to let me prepare for them properly.
File: 20220122223101_1.jpg (516 KB, 1920x1080)
516 KB
516 KB JPG
>The Great Conqueror ruling Gawed finally dies
>Not before I spend my gorillion favors to insert a relative as their heir
>My dynasty rules a Gawed that has blobbed a large portion of Cannor
So this is the power of the Diplo Vampire Jew...

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