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/vst/ is a place to discuss all types of strategy video games, including both turn-based and real-time strategy, turn-based and real-time tactics, single-player and multi-player (including MOBAs). All platforms are welcome.

Does this mean discussion of strategy games is banned on other video game boards? No! /vst/ is just a separate board specifically focused on strategy games where discussions about your favorite games can thrive.

Please familiarize yourself with the rules and remember to use the spoiler function where appropriate!

Please note that, like /v/, "Generals"—long-term, one-after-the-other, recurring threads about a specific game are not permitted on /vst/. Such threads belong on >>>/vg/

File: rimworld.jpg (534 KB, 1200x676)
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Is it even a strategy game, and how is it? I heard that it is extremely low iq. Is this true?
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bibles are free, i've never needed to buy one.
>and even visuals look too primitive.
Remember how Tynan "asked permission" from Prison Architect to "use their art style" because they both use basic shapes?
This game is like minecraft for me where the initial setup is fun but everything after that gets too tedious and I quit.
Nothing worse than a normal modded Rimworld. It ran fine on my old potato and it was before 1.0 optimized the game. You will probably lose interest in the colony or get fucked in the ass by storytellers way before you experience noticeable performance drops.
You know a game complete trash when its most commendable feature is how moddable it is

It's been a while, and Planet Zoo just announced their Aquatic Pack coming out later this week, let's open up a thread dedicated to the kingdom of animalia.
>Zoo Tycoon 1
>Zoo Tycoon 2
>Planet Zoo
and any other simulator dedicated to creating something focused on animals is welcome here.

Zoo Tycoon 1 Modpack: https://mega.nz/file/EtpXCIiY#COIh3BKZMFbWbLcA-CDZabYK8grXR0BKEMs2aDcp5rk
ZT2 Mod Library Wiki: https://zt2downloadlibrary.fandom.com/wiki/ZT2_Download_Library_Wiki
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Tyto Ecology
It's nice that they're adding water feeders but why are the only for salties and the 4 new animals? Shouldn't gharials and polar bears be able to use them too?
>5 animals
Maybe Zoo Tycoon 2 spoiled me, but this seems like an underwhelming amount.
Anyway, where the fuck do I download ZT2 these days?
>inb4 Am*zon
>inb4 find your old physical copy
>Maybe Zoo Tycoon 2 spoiled me, but this seems like an underwhelming amount.

ZT2 got 1 expansion a year with ~20 animals for 40$ (inflation adjusted), PZ gets 4 DLC a year with 4 animals each (not counting exhibits) for 10$ a piece. In other words 20ish animals for 40$ vs 16 animals for 40$, it's not that bad when you consider how much higher quality the PZ animals are in general.
File: 4kMZaz4wGx-4.png (27 KB, 300x250)
27 KB
>the failure of Spore
This is unironically what killed my optimistic outlook on life. I'll never ever forgive what they did.

They confirmed that other animals should get it in the future, it's just a time constraints thing. They probably want the pack out before the holidays.

It's just a mix bag with how slow information is, and these packs itself just feel small. 4 (real) animals just feels rough, especially when these are supposed to be themed after regions, and sometimes the selection is pretty questionable (Like Dingo, or Arctic Wolf.) Also the Zoo Tycoon expansions came with loads of extra scenarios and gameplay mechanics. Deep Diving is the only real substantial thing we've gotten from Planet Zoo (I know they've done other stuff, but UI improvements aren't as interesting or helpful in keeping the game fresh.)

My biggest hope for Planet Zoo is they seriously consider making mod support for it, it'll need that if they want the game to have any long term presence like Zoo Tycoon does.

File: Mitchel WerBell III.png (46 KB, 155x209)
46 KB
The most chad man ever
Government isn't paying you? Overthrow them and unite Russia, cause fuck it!
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If it was I who promised that then I'm sorry to say I moved onto a different project. Your best bet is to just go into the mod folder find the Dirlewanger events folder and remove his deaths. He has plenty of decisions to meme around his corner of the world so that is the closest thing to dirlewang and the dirlegang world tour most people are going to get. Unless other people promised it than ignore me
you can choose to raid or not to raid in russia
File: 1xtt2g3qhs261.jpg (66 KB, 380x515)
66 KB
Why did they change Huttig's portrait into a shit one again? The cutting room release had him looking better
Speaking of Huttig, how do I go full on afrikan genocide?
You win the war, and try to retain control as him by crushing uprisings, doing the focuses and raiding terror groups. You'll start getting events and modifiers for devastation with massive population losses every month, retain control for some years and then you'll win

How do you fellas think it's gonna turn out?
SST has a fairly bad track record outside of the book and first movie. I'm hoping this game pulls out ahead.
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very cautiously optimistic. looks like it might be shovelware like anon said, but i enjoyed their battlestar galactica game for a few hours until it became mind numbingly repetitive for me. and i'd say that was kind of lazy as well.
but i'm a sucker for the starship troopers setting so i think i could get even more hours of fun from it.
terran ascendancy was pretty great imo. and with an ini hack you can make it more fun by adjusting bughole spawns. i made it so i'd only fight hordes of warriors like in the movie. and whatever other enemies there were on the map of course. spitters, bombers and rhinos were fun to fight in small doses but in some missions you get waves of bombers and spitters and that just makes for tedious gameplay
Does terran ascendancy work on modern systems?
last i played it was on win 7, a couple of years ago. if it worked as far as win 7 it might work on win 10 too. i might have had to acquire a widescreen patch from somewhere but i don't remember.
it looks like a game from the 2000s but i dont care abotu that as long as it plays well
my concern is a lack of unit variety and repetitive missions

File: header (1).jpg (61 KB, 460x215)
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Worth getting on sale?
What's the difference between total conflict and general deluxe?
How is comp-stomp/Co-op?
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Is that not in? No, they were going to make it so that not every tank had a range of 2km.
Joke's on them, I ain't buying the game until co-op campaigns are in.
Now that'd be an actually sensible change. Always tickled my tism that a 20mm autocannon has the same range as an 88
RD balance was fucked by who I mentioned way before the paid DLCs came out
Unfortunately, European Escalation was their last good and nicely balanced game.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (75 KB, 900x720)
75 KB
What was he supposed to do?
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Uther should have told the little snot that Kings have to have Law and Order and not tyranny or people move or hang the King.
You can't just remove people of their lives and property or everyone else will hear of it and remove you.

All grain would be infected not just one shipment.
So they should have beelined it back to the KING and told him all grain was infected maybe then Quarntines could be imployed or defense set up if not.
Of course thinking like a adult in a childs game is not fun and ruins the story.
based and crompilled
So what's the best classic/non-reforged version of WC3 and how do I get it?
Just pirate the original/Frozen Throne
But I want to know which patch is optimal.

Reminder that FE1 Shooters have 1-2 range.
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give him his supports and a Wu Dao and he gets over 100% chance of critting
Looting is actually not hardcoded to classes, it's an AI package that can be assigned to any unit, including greens.

>YWN get a hack where you have to escort a ram to the gates of the village
When someone dies does all their stuff go to Merlinus or is it just lost?
Alan is dead, I don't really care other than I was using him to visit the villages.
If you can't withstand a blitz by 5 soldiers and an archer you are garbage and don't belong in my team, sorry.
Unless they changed it for FE7 and 8, it's gone. Sucks when they had something nice like an Iron Rune.

Why do people say it's bad? I'm playing it after Warhammer and it seems pretty good. I like the cities.
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I agree
atleast for single player
File: image1.jpg (61 KB, 412x233)
61 KB
>plus after watching the pre alpha battle I pre ordered and what I got was hot trash compared to that footage
When will people finally stop falling for the preorder meme? I've never preordered anything in my life but I swear you people have no self control.
And it's certainly not a steaming pile of trash in 2020 as it was after its release
>Worse artstyle then shogun
personal preference, i prefer Rome 2 artstyle
>stupid region system
also personal preference
>the ui looks like ass
>less tactical then shogun 2
lmao, what exactly was tactical about shogun 2?
>overall just wasn't as fun as shogun 2
atleast it has some replayability and meanwhile shogun 2 has like 5 units total
>That's just, like, your opinion bro. Personally, I love eating shit.
caesar in gaul is pretty fun, so is imperator augustus
forget to add empire divided for based aurelian

File: 1583347285088.jpg (30 KB, 460x215)
30 KB
It's out
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>Is is still worth playing without having to download a million mods?
That hasn't been the case since launch.
none of that is going to happen but I want better resource aquisition, there's tonnes of planets without any form of resources on them and that's just dumb especially since you can literally mega engineer entire systems. make barren worlds and asteroid belts you primary mineral gathering sites, stars and gas giants your primary gas gathering sites and make planets your refineries and power plants
File: shotgunstance.gif (2.58 MB, 394x331)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB GIF
new player here. what are the point of armies? they can't do anything without the support of your fleet and you can just bombard a planet's defensive army until even a small army can take it. perhaps i've just realized the obvious.

in what situations are armies useful?
Time. 200 basic assault armies can conquer any planet with zero bombardment and your fleet is free to go elsewhere and do something more useful.

>What's your favorite ship, modded or otherwise?
(Pic Related).

>What do you hope future versions of the game will add?
Better, more complex colonization mechanics and role-playing features, particularly featuring NPCs and your own officers.

>What kind of mods do you want to see made?
Something that adds more systems controlled by vanilla factions so that you can have a more populated Sector without so many Faction mods.
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>with possible romance
>Would kill to have that
This is why this game will never be really good.
He admitted the game was pretty much dead before Sseth decided to make a surprise video. So its more like he has an actual reason to start working on it again. Since he released the changelog that generally means we should expect him to actually finish the update since it matches his dev patterns.
Some anon gave me this a while ago, haven't tried it yet
>Remnant-tier enemy-only faction (non-boardable)
>The result of an ancient shipment of nanites getting lost in hyperspace and getting their programming fucked with
>they now do nightmarish bio-mechanical fuckery with whatever ships they infest
>mostly found loitering around hyperspace on the far edges of the sector, hopefully adding a slight Warhammer 40K Warp feeling of threat

>ships are mutilated and mutated versions of existing models, mostly ships that in their regular forms excel at aggressive close-range tactics, since that would make infestation more likely
>shields are weaker since the emitters are forced to compensate for a misshapen hull
>armour is weaker for similar reasons
>hull is considerably tougher, reflecting that parts of the vessels are now made of non-traditional materials that conventional weaponry isn't necessarily designed for
>Possesses limited hull regen and some EMP resistance due to being partially organic
>Flux capacity is shot to hell - the ships are literally cracked open in places, so they can't hold flux for shit
>Flux venting is through the roof for the same reason
>When they use active venting, the haphazard, busted-up nature of their vessels results in particulate matter being blasted along with the flux into the surrounding area
>not enough to cause any damage or infestation, but enough to shunt a portion of the flux into any ships caught in the vicinity
>This means that one-one or smaller skirmishes aren't much of a problem since they're overall weaker

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

v2.04 can also be found on the Nexus page for the mod, under old files.

Dragon or Serpent clan?
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Yeah let's casually forget that StarCraft also had plenty units with abilities and, oh, had a custom map where you controlled 1 'hero' unit while fighting waves of creeps down lanes to get to the enemy base, but sure, better blame BR which is nothing like WC3
clearly you haven't read the dev blog, zoomie.
>better blame BR
No one is "blaming" BR. People are just talking about well-documented video game history.
Always played as wolf

File: WITE.png (349 KB, 1016x944)
349 KB
349 KB PNG
Are you ready? We'll get our first peek into the game tomorrow at 17:00 CET.
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There have to be smaller scenarios or i might just kill myself
I want to try this game out. I see the latest installment is war in the west should I play that one or wite
War in the West has the overhauled air system along with other changes that will be implemented in WitE2, so if you want to be already roughly familiar with all of the inner workings of the game by the time it comes out in 2021, maybe WitW is the thing for you. But honestly I'd just pick which theater interests you more. If commanding troops on the western front 43-45 appeals to you, go for WitW. If you prefer the eastern front 41-45, go for WitE. Both are excellent in what they do.
Yeah, there are scenarios of varying scale and difficulty so you don't have to burden yourself with the entire 41-45 campaign from the start. Some of them are specifically made to introduce the player to various mechanics of the game. Operation Typhoon scenario for example puts you immediately at the gates of Moscow two turns before rasputitsa hits, after which you get familiar with how mud, snow, and blizzard turns work. Road to Smolensk/Leningrad/Kiev scenarios each have you dealing with only one army group so you can see how far you can go in each section of the front for the first 17 turns. Road to Minsk is a very good starting point. You take control of Army Group Center for three turns, encircle and crush as many Soviet forces as possible and try to advance as far as you can.
File: Bez naslova.png (875 KB, 1566x879)
875 KB
875 KB PNG
The event system.
Oh nice, thanks.

File: sexy habsburg.jpg (8 KB, 270x270)
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How fares your Empire /vst/. Done any achievements? Excited for MEIOU 3.0? Prayed 5 times a day to Johan?
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They're spending money on coastal defenses and drilling. no seriously I'm not joking.
>spending an entire shitty idea group to reduce that 55 AE to 44 is terrible.

>Diplomatic is just a straight upgrade
No. But it doesn't have to be.
what happened to arumba? did pdx jew him out?
JUSTed into oblivion. His wife left him and took the kids, alcoholism, all his streaming was 24/7 rage until he finally snapped and called someone a faggot on stream, understandably Paradox backed away from him. Then he started deluding himself that Paradox owes him something and he was cheated somehow by this. In reality he's a has-been of a literal who whose legacy is a set of keybinds. If he had any hair to begin with it'd be falling out right now
depends on the nation. Taking it for a nation like Ethiopia where you're the only religion of your type around gives you a slight advantage with the holy war casus belli

File: VGH.png (3.52 MB, 1920x1080)
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3.52 MB PNG

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