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This board is for the discussion of classic, or "retro" games. Retro gaming means consoles, computer games, arcade games (including pinball) and any other forms of video games on platforms launched in 1999 and earlier. With the release of the 8th generation of consoles, the Sega Dreamcast will now be considered "retro", though the remainder of the sixth generation (Xbox, PS2, GameCube) will not.

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Rom Dump when?
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Name consistency has never been Castlevania localizations' strong point.
If you want an actual straight translation, it's
>"Congratulations on making it this far, Dracula-kun! But there will be nothing but death for those who defy King Galamoth, emperor of space!!"

The official translation is definitely more accurate.
>Picks text from the part hit the hardest with technical restrictions (only 10 characters per line)
>Uchuu Tei-Ou Garamosu King
>fan translation: Garamos ruler of all creation"
Isn't that the kind of bullshit official localizations are given a pass for because it "adds flavor"?
By the same logic the official localization is inaccurate because Galamoth doesn't congratulate Dracula-kun, and doesn't mention he's the king of SPACE.
Please make up your mind. Do you want a localization or an overly literal translation? Because neither versions is literal.

Besides, it's not like the fan patch changed the overall "haha me garamoth me real king me kill you now", and considering the game is three lines of story, 14 quiz entries, and minigame text
and your official localization you're stanning for still messes up most of the quiz and minigame text, you really shouldn't be one to talk about accuracy.
Simon Belmondo laughs at this thread
Compressed tilemap or text in this case.
Unless you can 68k assembly, you can't.

File: revenge.png (316 KB, 1280x720)
316 KB
316 KB PNG
>leave 4chan for ayear
>return to find /vr/ct gone

Fuck me.

If there's anyone left, post things you've made in RCT. I recently finished this sequel to a coaster I posted here back in 2015.
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His site is on the Internet Archive. All of the RCT2 files are downloadable from there, and most of the RCT1 stuff is, too. This link has all the RCT1 stuff.
is that new one for Switch any good
that sucks. Sorry if not retro. I thought it might have been a compilation
Mods put a 1 week time limit on threads, so they stop bumping after 7 days, and only on /vr/.

God knows why, some of the best threads on /vr/ are the long winded ones where people talk a lot about a game over weeks, and it kind of kills a lot of the good generals on here.
Big ones like /doom/ and /homm/ seems to survive, because they're populous, but it's nearly impossible to keep the RCT/Sim generals running like this, which is unfortunate, because I think these threads can be very nice.

Nobody knows why they're doing this, and just on this board, and for how long they intend for it, but I really want them to stop it and restore it back to normal.

This game is extremely overrated and mostly appeals to people who don't actually play shmups. Actually pretty bad for a shmup imo.

>Health bar
>Shopping for items after every mission
>Grinding money for items
>Limited use of items
>Some missions impossible to beat without the required items

Gradius III, R-Type III and even Darius Twin are better than this game.
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>Grinding money for items
I'm pretty sure this isn't necessary unless you're buying everything your jet can equip and then dying, repeatedly.

>Some missions impossible to beat without the required items
Ah, the cave boss. This is a legitimate complaint, but actually not impossible.
Buying and equipping items doesn't belong in a shmup
would have to be talked about more than once a month to qualify
It's often labeled as the best shmup on snes on many different websites and YouTube lists. It's a good game but there are way better shmups on snes.

Darius twin
Darius force
Macross scrambled valkyrie
Rtype 3
Super rtype

For example are better
Why is that? Not him but it's one of the things I enjoy about Fantasy Zone is trying different things from the shop. I don't usually care for "normal" shmups though.

File: 1359664732315.png (64 KB, 250x250)
64 KB
DOOM THREAD / RETRO FPS THREAD - Last thread >>5588307

Gameplay, WADs/Maps/Mods, Source Ports
All other retro FPS welcome
~~ Let's post like gentlemen ~~


Doom, Quake, Duke, Marathon, or Thief:
-Album of infographics with setup information and user-made content recommendations

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I don't own any Doom figures.
post lines 17 to 20
He’s not bad, but he’s nowhere near as good as the original.
Haven't played it yet. I'm assuming they toned down the "generic Asian stereotype" to avoid trouble, but what makes him different?
Strange. Never had to problem myself. Try resetting your conf back to default, and then trying again.

File: image.gif (1.11 MB, 307x335)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB GIF
Which is the best and worst Wario game?
When did you last play through a Wario game?
What is your favourite thing about Wario himself?
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Mario has Mickey Mouse/Pikachu syndrome. Being the mascot of a company forces him to be squeaky clean, non-offensive, boring and aesthetically bland.
Bullshit, I still fucking LOVE the NES games and kind of like World. And I only have nostalgia for SMB3, as I never played any of the others as a kid.
Pikachu was always intended as a cute little pet though, so I'll say that he's been consistent.

Mickey Mouse DEFINITELY blandified, which is why I always liked Donald Duck better, because he's a hot-headed underdog.

I'm not sure how Mario has even changed over the years, barring the color of his clothes, I never felt he had any substantial character.
>Wario got the genie to give him a castle AND immortality at the end of Wario Land 1

He got the immortality at the end of Virtual (Boy) Wario (Land).

File: GBC_SYSTEM_TEAL.jpg (27 KB, 350x416)
27 KB
Is there anything good for this thing?
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Wario Land 3
Nope, nothing at all. Get a GAME.COM instead.
Azure Dreams
mario zelda, kirby, metroid

This game fucking sucks. Ugly graphics, shitty compressed music, boring, sluggish level design, and you have to consciously avoid bonus stages because anyway becoming Super Sonic ruins the game even more.
Sonic 1 is perfect and no other Sonic game ever came close to it.
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>it's the best soundtrack of the classic games aside from certain CD songs and Mania
But the best Sonic soundtracks are 1 and 2
>Sluggish? The levels are the fastest in the series, Sonic 1 which you're praising so much is way slower
Sonic 1's levels are all fun from begininng to end (inb4 people who can't into Marble Zone, it's very possible to do Marble fast if you're good). Sonic 3 and Knuckles has levels like Marble Garden, Carnival Night or Sandopolis Act 2 which honestly are among the worst in the series. Long and boring levels.
I don't understand this mentality. Why does a game need to be challenging to keep it from getting boring? What mental disorder is it called when someone thinks challenge = fun? For me it's enough to simply be entertained by the game's art, music, style and how it's fun to just move around and go crazy.
Why do people unironically claim that this game has the best story in the series? I think both Adventure games had way better stories even with their flaws and inherent corniness.

I mean, yeah, Sonic 3 and Knuckles has a simple story without any potential for cringe. But it's WAY too fucking simple to even be considered a story, let alone the best in the series. It's just "Robotnik tricks Knuckles into fucking with Sonic, he fucks with Sonic for the whole game by dropping him into pits, Sonic destroy's Robotnik's death egg, Sonic gets fucked some more, he eventually confronts Knuckles and makes him understand Robotnik is the real bad guy. They fuck him up. The end."

How the hell is that even a good story?
>How the hell is that even a good story?
>Sonic 3 and Knuckles has a simple story without any potential for cringe.
There you go
It's still just as much of a non-story as the first two Sonic games.

Adventure 1 and 2 pull off an enjoyable story full of charm and heart, even with all the cringe.

Do you still have fun playing retro games?
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Yes, but I never finish games now days. An hour or two and anything pass that stops being fun
I see you had the same attitude with your English lessons
The buzzword per word ratio is off the charts with this guy
The assmad per assclown ratio is 1:1 with this guy
File: 1397016619800.webm (2.52 MB, 800x600)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB WEBM
Its the only fun I have.

Discovering games I never got to play, and replaying my favourites sometimes is the only joy I have.

Modern shit I usually try it sure, and they are very convenient. But there is something we lost when gaming was more niche.

File: 1532224956952.png (581 KB, 1200x892)
581 KB
581 KB PNG
What was the first bad sonic game?
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This is pretty much my opinion. As much of a slog as Big's scenario is, overall I enjoy SA1. I can't say the same for SA2. Only thing I like about it is "runnin' around at the speed of sound..."
Legit bad: Sonic adventure.
I don't like it but I can see why others might: Sonic 2.
Have no fear


Amy Rose is here
Sonic CD
Best cutscene in the franchise.

File: tt.jpg (91 KB, 1200x606)
91 KB
What's the rarest/least known retro computer you own? Pic related is mine. I have an Amiga 4000 too but you hear people talking about that all the time. This is a niche of a niche here that lasted less than a year.
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I do have an Atari 1200XL. I've cleaned it up, but I've never powered it on. I've used my 800XL quite a bit and I also have a 600XL.
File: DSCF5704.jpg (106 KB, 1000x533)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
This one probably is my Rarest. At least for here in the States. I have a UK Atari 1040 STE that takes the really old and weird ram that has the Pins. Mine came with adapters for socketed ram but you still have to jam the adapters into the pin sockets.

If you want a pic of my actual machine let me know I could try and get some off of my phone that I took.
Whoa. BeeCards! Also, you’ve got like $500 dollars of Konami shooters too.
That's a very common looking setup, including the period desk with overly compartmentalized hutch. I saw many such arrangements in computer/office furniture catalogs in the '80s, and owned a similar desk for my computer setup back then. Overall that pic is an accurate snapshot of the time.

I still have a couple Tseng ET6000s I used as fast little test cards. Up until a few years ago, I think there was a company that would buy Tseng Labs cards from individuals to refurbish old ATMs, but anyone into old DOS games would never give them up to be used for that.

I'm also the guy who mentioned getting rid of my 600XL earlier. I'd told my parents that the 1200XL was the system I really wanted for Chirstmas, but they got me the 600XL and a BMX bike instead, and I think that was a way better deal for them and for me.
Yeah msx games are fucking expensive desu

Could we please stop recommending knock-off Russian "ports" like NBlood and BuildGDX now that the official remaster is out?

It's confusing the shit out of new players and giving them a bad time.
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No it isn't. The work needed to create good clean sprites is still immense.

t. artist
Sorry sweetie, this isn't how it works at all. Nice trolling.
Based Kaiser still fixing bugs.
I saw that Ion Maiden had a steam update, anybody know what it was for?

File: MarkIII.jpg (348 KB, 1024x768)
348 KB
348 KB JPG
Hello. I was a hardware developer for Sega of Japan. We have had this story around the company for years, and i thought it would be time to ler the public know. It's 1986, and the Famicom disk drive has been released. Since the games for the Sega Mark III were less complex (example: we had stage-clear games while Nintendo had The Hyrule Fantasy.), we had to find a way to compete. After some ideas, we decided on a disk drive extension. It was planned to be released in 1987, and we were planning some games for it, but the only one I can remember is Phantasy star. Sega told me that the extention would not be revealed until the design was finished. I aggreed and we continued working until news came that the Famicom disk drive had a large piracy scene, which caused us to think if we should continue working. Eventually we figured out that we should not continue, and we moved on and Phantasy star was moved to cassette.


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I know enough Japanese to get around.
Also, that timing is incredible.
Yeah, I know losers want to roleplay and play pretend for attention because you have no other way of getting it, but the fact that you spent all this time begging for attention but couldn't put together a single Japanese sentence just goes to show why you are here pretending instead of living your life. Nobody is stupid enough to believe you completely forgot how to speak Japanese and can't even put together a sentence on the level of a four year old, as well as completely forgetting Japanese culture. But I am sure other people desperate for someone to talk to will disregard that and play pretend with you anyway.
I didn't say that I forgot Japanese outright, I just said I wasn't that good at Japanese anymore. Next time, actually analyze what people are saying before responding.
Anyways, do you guys have any more questions?
If anything, you're the loser here.

Maybe i am saying it too harshly, but, as someone who didn't grow up with the ZX Spectrum, i recently decided to try playing it since it was an important part of British gaming history and i like learning about it.

The problem is, that a lot of the supposed classics are ones i don't find very fun like Manic Miner or Jet Set Willy, or they tend to have some slow down, or little to no music.

It's not entirely bad and has some games i enjoy, but man, now going to Spectrum related videos and seeing people call it their favorite system of all time shocks me because my experience leads me to not consider that at all.
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I grew up with the ZX Spectrum, and I can confirm that it's 100% shit. There is not a single game worth playing in the entire library.
Yeah, OP here, i feel guilty for not liking the ZX Spectrum, it just wasn't that important here, as a kid i have more memories of the NES, Genesis and DOS games, i really only tried ZX Spectrum right about one or two years ago.

I don't know, i picked up the magazine Retro Gamer and they talk about micro computers a lot and i became interested since it was a side of gaming i wasn't used to, and Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy were mentioned a lot and were the favorite games of some of the writers, hell, i think they are part of their list of "Top 100 games you must play before you die!".

But when i tried the Miner Willy games, i just found them really slow and the only thing hard about them was needing to memorize things, which is fine, if not for Willy walking and jumping slowly.

And the music, i hate to say this as maybe i sound spoiled, but i like games to have music and sound effects, and a lot of the time, ZX Spectrum's music wasn't that great or didn't exist with only some sound effects here and there.
Computers of the time (including the ZX Spectrum) widely advertised their capacity for spreadsheets AND games, in order sell themselves to overprotective parents with the promise that their kids had a guaranteed entry into an Ivy League university just for having a computer (it's a productive device), unlike those godless degenerate consoles, that would only ensure their kids didn't study and ended as jobless deadbeats. Sounds stupid, but it worked wonders among the technologically illiterate.
File: Dreamcast.jpg (28 KB, 650x419)
28 KB
I don't care for most arcade stuff except Crazy Taxi.
Sonic Adventure games suck.
Series I love like Resident Evil and Tomb Raider appeared elsewhere.
Controller is shit.
Weird games like Space Channel Five, Jet Set Radio or Seaman don't appeal to me.
It's still a good console that popularized online, VGA progressive output and keyboard/mouse but I don't care for most of its library.
*crack sip*
It's a classic.

File: 220px-SA1_01.jpg (22 KB, 220x172)
22 KB
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Why play a watered-down console port when you can play the real thing in all its perfection?

The sa1 hack is technically impressive, but completely unnecessary.
The game mod is very cool. That cart mod is pretty cringe.


Autism. >>5596924
Very interesting technically though
it's substantially different via design choices, not simply by technical limitations
some folks prefer the port over the arcade version despite the massive slowdown, and now the massive slowdown is gone
Because it's an interesting thing to do for a game with slowdown that lots of people complained about when the game was new.

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