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This board is for the discussion of classic, or "retro" games, including consoles, computer games, arcade games (including pinball) and any other forms of video games. Retro gaming means platforms launched in 2001 and earlier, and official game titles for those platforms released no later than December 2007 (homebrew console games made after this date will be permitted). The Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo Game Boy Advance, and Sony PlayStation 2 will now be considered "retro".

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mmmmmmmmm richer
why did he move so much
I seriously believe they had no storyboards for this and just animated it out of the script or description of the scene, otherwise there's no way it could be this shit
I've not played it but in the secret of mana merchants dance like a dervish too.

File: 81TEm8E+zJL._SL1500_.jpg (173 KB, 1060x1500)
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Was it kino?
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Few adaptations can claim they actually influenced in turn the source material. Lots of "plot" details and characterization that the filmmakers came up with for the movie were adopted into the game series afterwards
And Dee Jay, and E. Honda/Balrog bromance, and Ming Na who is still hot in her 50s...

The live action movie is better because it ironically is the one that embraced being a cartoon. It's a perfect distillation of action adventure cartoons of the prior 10 years from He-Man, Ninja Turtles, GI Joe, etc. Its a really well realized concept.

The Animated Movie is like a cartoon pretending to be a live action late 80s urban decay themed martial arts movie like Above the Law or Showdown in Little Tokyo.
File: shiranui-mass.gif (382 KB, 640x360)
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382 KB GIF
Fatal Fury is better
Yes, easily the best vidya anime movie.
Van Damme is just so bad it's *almost* good. It's still shit.
The acting is mediocre, but the soundtrack for the dub is one of the few instances where the new soundtrack is better than the original. I also believe who ever at Manga Video that selected Korn for the end credits must've felt like a smart motherfucker when they got huge a few years later considering how unknown nu-metal was in 1994.
I'm sure your favorite e-celeb said that at some point, but Street Fighter wasn't supposed to be a "cartoon"; as silly and over the top the character designs were, the chief influence was Hong Kong martial arts movies and violent manga from the 70s and 80s.

File: 2328998_4.jpg (14 KB, 540x309)
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Does anybody else feel like that Playstation was the "poverty console" that every lower-middle class/trashy household owned while the N64 was for the spoiled-ass rich kid who had sleepovers every weekend?
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>n-not where I g-grew up!
The N64 was literally more expensive, more powerful, and offered multiplayer in a way PSX couldn't. Cope with reality, PSXtards.
Since you mentioned the rich kid I member him now and his mother that forbid us playan killer instinct cause muh violence hah
Yeah I'm from the lower class and we lived in a shithole area where basically most people had a Playstation and not a N64. My parents were jobless and on welfare. I wanted an N64 but in the end I got a Playstation. Paid for by my grandpa who was the only one in the family with a bit of money to spend.

That was in 1998 and I got the Playstation together with Tekken 2 in a bundle. I was allowed to play it for a bit and then we brought the system to a modder. This guy then soldered in a modchip and we bought about 20 burned games off of him. So the reason I got the PS1 was only because it was easier and cheaper to pirate games for it.

We had multiple people in the neighborhood who earned a lot of money being "game dealers". Almost nobody had internet so most people just went to these dealers where you could buy burned games. It also was not unusual to switch between dealers because some of them were raided by the cops again and had to stop for some time.

I only knew one or two kids who had an N64 and was super jealous because of OOT, Mario 64, Pokemon Stadium etc.

BTW I am german. So in america this was probably different since internet was a lot more widespread in the 90s in america.
>cheaply made hardware that's competing on price
>not both being poorfag choices
The true '90s rich-kid 'console' was PC and spending a fortune on upgrades every year.
File: ab8.jpg (38 KB, 425x283)
38 KB
Imagine writing out all this to try and claim PS1 wasn't a poor person's choice. Dude it's ok, cheaper consoles and games are a good thing. With the ps1 you got a decent product for the price. But you can't come on and argue that the poor kids all got the more expensive console, that is plain ridiculous.

File: ps2_adapter_thing.jpg (168 KB, 1099x1051)
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168 KB JPG
what's the best way to get PS2 to output HDMI?

PS2 specific adapter?
PS2 Component out to HDMI adapter?
An ideal adapter for ps2, will pass-through the signal without scaling.

You can use a normal hdmi cable, or you can use a sharpening upscaling cable like mCable.
that's what i was originally thinking.

too bad though, i was hoping to get a single component adapter to handle my GC/Wii stuff too.

File: template.jpg (336 KB, 1253x895)
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336 KB JPG
why was 90s youth culture so awesome compared to today's?
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We absolutely could and did. In fact, online was one of the first places to joke about and call bullshit on the whole phenomenon. Go fiddle-fuck a DS.
Well that explains a great deal
late 2000s childhood holds up
>club penguin is the best online experience
>wii has the definitive platformers and sports games
>ds has amazing games of all genres
>flash games and newgrounds' peak
>playing games online with friends even if you live far away
What's it called when you like a game and hate everyone that plays it? 'cause I'm pretty sure that's exactly how I feel about Minecraft. Notch made millions and millions off of that and I still feel bad for how he left it all.
If the Nazi's won WWII, Gunpei Yokoi would've lived.

File: cdi.jpg (5 KB, 280x180)
5 KB
Does it have any redeeming qualities? Any hidden gems? Anything?
There's a fun minigolf game on it.
The eugene levi one? I didn't enjoy it a lot, felt like there wasn't much startegy to when I actually hit the hole, maybe I'm just stupid and didn't notice something though
It has a neat version of Tetris.

Other than that, no. The CD-i was a fucking dumpster fire as far as gaming goes, it's very obvious while playing a "traditional" game on it that the hardware was never designed for such things. It's a glorified proto-DVD player.
>any redeeming qualities
yes, it kickstarted sony into the gaming industry
File: robi_mappletwink.jpg (721 KB, 1920x2560)
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721 KB JPG

I'm entirely convinced /vr/ is made up of 20-somethings that grew up watching AVGN thinking they were the cool kid for knowing and caring about "retro" games, and can't handle the fact that they're old enough now that the consoles they grew up with are also retro by any reasonable metric.

Like you said they only recently accepted the fact that a 20 year old console is retro, at a time when I know adults that are nostalgic for childhood games like Skyrim. I dunno if I'd go so far to say the PS360 era fits on /vr/ too but that's an actual argument to be had, unlike systems that are literally old enough to vote.
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anime website, back 2 reddit subhuman
its true but you have to take into account that some people just grew up dirt poor with a technology lag of like 20 years. dude im 28 and grew up with a fucking commodore 64 lmao

Don't be a shit post next time OP. Be a truth seeker.
I'm just a 31 year old looking for shit I missed and maybe a conversation about nice memories

File: 4gi0b5.jpg (80 KB, 729x342)
80 KB
The progenitor of the Metroidvania is Jet Set Willy, which should rightfully be called Willyvania. Ignore the Willynician troll.

File: 1597604565429.png (594 KB, 640x400)
594 KB
594 KB PNG
Retail releases of Planet X2 for C64 and Planet X3 for DOS.

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You must be as old as my dad.

Yeah, he mentions it in one of his keyboard vids
Could be. 1970 vintage.
I don't. As soon as the wall was gone I moved into western Germany.
That's cool as Hell, even if he is a boomer that subjects priceless hardware to failing ghettorig experiments.

File: burns.jpg (28 KB, 474x296)
28 KB
This jefe takes forever to beat.
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File: mambo.jpg (11 KB, 238x183)
11 KB
File: bury.jpg (4 KB, 200x200)
4 KB
Posteen alcaldes kinos.
Based ESL chads
It's called ringleader you stupid Mexican fuck!
That 大ボス looks pretty 怖い

File: singleboard.jpg (32 KB, 498x375)
32 KB
what is your guys opinions on single board computers?
i want to get something that can emulate sega saturn and n64. i also want to create an all in 1 emulation box for my mother in law. she needs something thats as easy as turn on, you see a clear and easy to understand list of game systems to choose from, and then a just as easy list of games to choose from. it has to be very old person friendly. all thoughts and experiences with doing something like this are greatly appreciated.
They don't make enough x86 ones.

aww yes... castle shikigami for the sega naomi... now THAT was a shmup...

post other games that were a shmup
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yup, playing fighting games was a mistake
who the heck is SJ?
Socialist Jew
no, they are on mark msx sanctuary under different names
That's what I thought, wonder if we can weed them out

File: c64.jpg (57 KB, 975x566)
57 KB
Never thought it would be possible, but someone is porting Another World to the C64.

based autists

File: emerald-version.jpg (83 KB, 640x640)
83 KB
Pokemon Emerald is hands-down the best retro mainline Pokemon game ever crafted, and Gen III the best generation overall to that date.

Emerald has
>best metagame/competitive play
>best creature designs
>best graphics (including spritework)
>best story/plot
>best difficulty/challenge and balance
>best postgame
>best music
>best pokedex and the most pokemon
>best region/map
>cloning, for infinite items and infinite mons
>best starter trio (at least from 2nd stage onward)
>the most content

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: guttedkanto.png (2.68 MB, 2877x3000)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB PNG
>Kanto is literally just a bonus victory lap. People always talk about it as if it's double the game or some shit
yep; it's pretty disingenuous
>gen 3 designs are when they started to slap on random lines and shapes (Pelliper)
According to you Spinarak's shape and coloration are pointless as well; something like Xatu too (despite the fact its coloring is important to its theme). This is such a retarded opinion to have, like you fags wanted monochrome Pokemon everywhere.
>it definitely hints at what was to come
It's bullshit. What Hoenn accomplished was making far more intricate and sophisticated theming and ideas than any mons before them. Just look at Blaziken: there's nearly 10 different concepts stuffed into that 1 Pokemon.
small mention that the polished crystal romhack, despite its other additions, restores kanto at least a bit.
Your very pick shows that they really aren't. Sentret is a ferret with rabbit ears and a tanuki-ish tail. Zigzagoon is a tanuki with a little bandit eye coloration and a shape that's based off its concept of locomating in an unsteady way---in zigzags, by being jagged itself. Sentret is a ball with three ovals and generic beady eyes. Even Linoone is again superior in concept to Furret.
I'll assume you mean Kingler.
Kingler has 130 base attack and a respectable physical defence, Hyper Cutter, access to Hidden Power and Quick Claw, and still has Guillotine. It takes more creativity than the average mon but it's not useless by any means.
>You know nothing about early gen meta
Actually I do, and I can tell you Gen II's (at least OU's) is the worst, in terms of how long matches take and the relative inability of Pokemon to end matches quickly and decisively; even Gen I's is better in that respect.

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