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File: triforce.gif (102 KB, 500x500)
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This board is for the discussion of classic, or "retro" games, including consoles, computer games, arcade games (including pinball) and any other forms of video games. Retro gaming means platforms launched in 2001 and earlier, and official game titles for those platforms released no later than December 2007 (homebrew console games made after this date will be permitted). The Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo Game Boy Advance, and Sony PlayStation 2 will now be considered "retro".

Helpful links:
Game Tech Wiki
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File: 220px-Metroid_boxart.jpg (22 KB, 220x301)
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I don't get why people say the Original Metroid and the Original Zelda don't hold up. They aren't as good as a lot of the games in their respective series, but they are a lot better than shitty NES games like Dragon's Lair, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Superman, and Ghostbusters

Back in 1986 (1987 in America), they were huge and exciting adventures and they are still enjoyable even today. They are also fascinating to play in a historic sense
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Oh, gee. Should've taken that into account.
Thanks for the fact check.
I wonder if there's some more efficient way they could have stored the level data to make things more varies...but yeah, what >>7334239 said.
So even going by just your list it has more games worth playing than games from the last 20 years on any system.
Getting lost in Metroid is half the fun. Desperately trying to find some health, wildly attacking enemies, and not even knowing if you’re going the right way are all part of the atmosphere of the game
the first two zelda are shit, megaman sucks, who the fucks cares about duck hunt? bait list

File: s-l640.jpg (67 KB, 466x640)
67 KB
This was a lot better than I remembered it being. In fact, I'm surprised people don't put this up there with 2 and 3.

5 and 6 on the other hand, oh man. Those definitely did not hold up.
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Yes, 4 is the best one out of the original 6 at least.
>better than 1

>3 = 4 > 9 > 11 > Bass > 7 > 10 > 8 > 6 > 2 > 5 > 1

Not bad, mine is pretty close to that. I'd only move 8 a little down the list. 8 fails in so many important gameplay aspects, I'd rather even play 5.
>I preferred 5 to 4
But how? 5 is such a boring slog to play
6 was easily the best. Take off your goggles.
The variations of rush suits were more unique than rush jet (fly over everything) or rush spring (jump high).
The levels with multiple bosses encouraged replaying and the gimmicks in the levels were better.

Sure 3 and 4 had a few more unique robot masters, but 6 still edges them out in fun.

Also 2 is shit. The fact that the final boss can only be defeated with the lead balloon (or whatever) and there is no way to refill it was just bullshit.

File: img_5727.jpg (38 KB, 558x399)
38 KB
DOOM THREAD / RETRO FPS THREAD - Last Thread >>7317483

Gameplay, WADs/Maps/Mods, Source Ports
All other 90s FPS welcome
~ Let's post like gentlemen ~


(or Quake, Duke, Marathon, Thief, Deus Ex)

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Forklift does not work
>OH must be American made.

Shit man build trio had so much ambition you can see it on the first few levels.

I hope we have more build games but with some effort outside level design this time.
File: Bruiserv2.png (300 KB, 535x637)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
Has any mod made use of these Bruiser sprites?
File: 1611606157532m.jpg (57 KB, 1024x616)
57 KB
So Jim Sterling came out as a tranny today... How long till Civvie does as well?
Arms look based as fuck but I don't like that speculum shit on his mouth

That fat fuck still exists?

Were all the curses wasted on total biscuit?

File: deku beytah.jpg (83 KB, 1359x707)
83 KB
Zelda 64 beta stuff more

First: >>7308752
/v/ thread chain: >>>/v/541056554
TCRF page: https://tcrf.net/Proto:The_Legend_of_Zelda:_Ocarina_of_Time/Late_1997_Overdump
ROM with beta maps patched in:
z64me channel with a bunch of footage of beta maps:
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That worked, thanks
So why ISN'T Mido a Sage? Every Sage is a high-ranking leader of their respective societies except Saria (and oldfag Rauru but you can argue he's the de facto head of the Sages). Wouldn't it make more sense for Mido to be the Sage of the Forest? I kinda feel Saria wasn't always in that role, then around this build mid-development they didn't know what the hell to do with Mido and said "screw it, he's just an asshole who never grew up, we don't need to do anything special for him."
Imagine. Everything he said to Link about not being a real Kokiri, and then he also turns out to not be one either.
I now imagine a fully grown sheikah man telling Link he's not a real kokiri like himself.
why is there a grave tucked away in a corner in the early Hyrule Field?

File: Metroid-Prime.jpg (75 KB, 768x768)
75 KB
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ok grandpa, Prime is not stopping you to play your old games so quit your petty hissy fit
But Prime and other shit games like it stopped gaming from being good. It ruined gaming and fucked up an entire generation of so-called "gamers" by making them think style-over-substance trash is actually good gaming.
>wahhhh wahhhh gaming should have stayed locked forever the exact same way it was when i was a kid, muh nostalgia, muh kids nowadays
Just shut the fuck up already.
>get a new car
>your car's steering wheel is above you and is backwards
>accelerator is on the passenger side door
>brake is in the trunk
>putting it in reverse/back to drive/park/shifting in any way requires you to listen to an hour of talk radio
The absolute insanity of modern "gamers".

File: ITS OVER.png (24 KB, 674x454)
24 KB
I'd just like to take this opportunity to remind everybody that console wars are a pointless exercise. Nintendo won and it's not even close. Not only has the Big N sold more systems than every other pretender, they also turned a profit on every system. Please do not persist with this foolishness, you only look uneducated.

As you were.
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But that shows Sony dominating the console market.
It doesn't. Also, Sony lose money on every console shipped and Nintendon't.
It obviously does lol, and revenue from software has always been the main source of income. Most Nintendo consoles tend to be pretty crappy because only their first party titles sell.
This. It's like people claiming Ronaldo is a good player - he wouldn't be much without his dribbling, ball control and finishing and a lot of the time he did well he didn't have direct competition.
>only their first party titles sell
And these games are the best-selling games of their generation. See the Switch who's got at least 5 exclusives that sold more than any PS4 game.

File: 20210118_044815.jpg (461 KB, 1440x1440)
461 KB
461 KB JPG
30+ /vr/os: As we all know how taxing moving the thumbs rapidly can be on a decaying nervous system, what supplement stack do you use to combat loss of reflex?
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>i posted another retarded nonsensical rant
>i'm literally bat shit crazy
>and then i posted another retarded nonsensical rant
>i'm literally bat shit crazy
Stop using thumbs like a retard.
If it's NES, place controller somewhere and tap buttons with other fingers. For other consoles get an arcade stick.
If you are emulating a keyboard is fine too
You forgot your wojak faggot
I'm 50 and can still beat all the games I could when I was a kid. Stop wasting your gaming ability on shitty new games and keep playing old, quality games and you won't lose your ability.
Kamilia 3 nigger. Then you can talk.

File: qxDNnqC.jpg (111 KB, 636x900)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
The war is on. The future of shmups are decided by this battle.
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watched a random report about that dude on TV years ago
buff bald dude with a pussy, quite strange isn't it
you happen to look like her, minus the muscles

Chav with the pussy!
What do you think, sam? Is this post transphobic or obsessed with trannies?
btw chav, do ftm trannies leave frontskids too
File: skidmarks.jpg (15 KB, 203x248)
15 KB
This is for shoot e'm ups, not amiga driving games.

File: images (19).jpg (26 KB, 909x337)
26 KB
; )
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it's the other way around these days, it's children yelling at the clouds thinking co2 is going to murder them in their sleep, fuck that oblivion npc looking Greta
File: EUtjIcMXgAAHhf1.jpg (64 KB, 1029x772)
64 KB
>literal facebook boomerposting
why are you children here?
I wouldn't doubt the crisis and tf2 threads are made by the same few spiteful idiots, but the wojak spam, ecelebs, and spike in console warriors is definitely caused by the influx of /v/tards.
>literal tiktok zoomerposting

File: Wind Wanker.jpg (25 KB, 318x445)
25 KB
Wind Waker is the worst 3D Zelda in the entire Zelda series.
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True. The Wii U and the Wii U version of BotW will be rare and valuable as fuck in 20 years
>Minish cap that low
>DS games that high
it fucking hurts
Egoraptor already admitted he was wrong anon.
The Minish Cap was a GBA game that came out almost two months after the Nintendo DS launched in North America. The DS also sold a lot more units than the GBA did.
Too bad all of the charging ports on the game pads will be broken by then

File: EsMgIDJXEAQXOGg.jpg (65 KB, 1000x750)
65 KB
So uhhhhh? Paprium got dumped and working?
Any one got sauce?
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File: fonzie13.jpg (166 KB, 1024x582)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
>Fonzie can send my copy

you're money waz spent on kokain and blowjobs, sorry frend
I wish the ingame announcer said COCAINE instead of OKAY

Retard, you don't even understand what's going on.
The ole Fonzie ponzi. You would think people would have learned by now.
>dat text
Ayy lmao, dump other pictures like that if you have them

File: ffvii.jpg (581 KB, 1676x1002)
581 KB
581 KB JPG
have you taken the CRT shader pill yet anon?
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CRT shaders just can't quite do it for me. Royale looks pretty awesome but there's still an uncanny valley effect in knowing that it's really on a flat LCD screen. This also makes it unsatisfying knowing that being on an LCD means you inherently don't get other benefits of CRTs that shaders can't approximate, such as real black levels, no motion blur, and no input lag. Instead I go for NTSC shaders to at least approximate what it would look like to plug one of those consoles directly into my monitor. This way you can still get a lot of the originally intended look without experiencing a half-complete version of the CRT experience.
omg soul
On what preset did you build this up? It looks really good.
File: 22f.png (20 KB, 640x591)
20 KB
>omg soul

its a meme

I don't see a retro waifu thread, let's fix that shit
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File: carolpose.gif (55 KB, 123x170)
55 KB
>trip fag regails us on the time when he first awakened as a huge faggot
>of course it was Sonic

Load the white phosphorus rounds.
BOOBA! the character
File: 1529435571322.png (212 KB, 311x565)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
If you knew...

File: Tripsnameshim.png (3.85 MB, 1916x997)
3.85 MB
3.85 MB PNG
Trips names my Druid

>Nothing that will get me banned in game
>No barcode names
>If no Trips i'll pick my favorite name
also learn how to post count.

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