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This board is for the discussion of classic, or "retro" games, including consoles, computer games, arcade games (including pinball) and any other forms of video games. Retro gaming means platforms launched in 2001 and earlier, and official game titles for those platforms released no later than December 2007 (homebrew console games made after this date will be permitted). The Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo Game Boy Advance, and Sony PlayStation 2 will now be considered "retro".

Helpful links:
Game Tech Wiki
Emulation General Wiki

File: Aero_Fighters.png (213 KB, 475x347)
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If you didn't use the guy with giant laser beam then you were a bitch
jokes on you that game looks gay and I don't play gay games, fag
File: 1669162581843073.png (408 KB, 1000x871)
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408 KB PNG
>Ripped by me, Magma Dragoon
Hien chad here.
what about the dolphin?

File: conkers-bad-fur-day.jpg (64 KB, 811x648)
64 KB
ITT post your rarest/most expensive video game(s).

You can also post any delisted games that you have from Steam or wherever.
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File: PSX_20221126_004107.jpg (2.34 MB, 3369x2298)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB JPG
A cross-section of some of the "rare" / expensive stuff, tried to avoid games that are just highly in-demand like Dracula X Rondo of Blood or Sega CD Snatcher which aren't particularly rare, but it's so hard to keep track of what's truly "rare" versus just priced to demand nowadays.
File: SLPS-01036.jpg (16 KB, 250x250)
16 KB
Deadly Skies for PS1, a japanese exclusive unrelated to the later series with the same name by Konami
There's fuck all information about this online and it rarely shows up on auction sites, probably because it shares a name with another game as said above
There was supposed to be an US release but that got canned along with a Saturn port. Fun game though, 1v1 jet fighting. Japanese text with english voice acting clearly spoken by japanese people.
>the freak is using a different table
File: DSC_0254.jpg (3.31 MB, 4032x2268)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB JPG
Not a photo meant to show off rare games specifically, but I can't be bothered to take another one.
Rarest game I own is Kowai Shashin.
As a horror fan I like it as a collector's piece, since the game is subject of 2ch creepypasta and is supposed to actually be cursed.
Paper Mario Thousand Year Door
Chibi Robo
Four Swords Adventures PAL version
Silent Hill 2
Chrono Trigger DS
Zelda Collectors Edition disc on GameCube and also the Wind Waker special edition with the red OOT disc

All bought back in the day for cheap or launch prices. I could probably sell Chibi Robo since its worth so much and I have the least attachment to it but it just feels weird to let it go. I really don't need the money right now and I don't buy vidya anymore. But it also just feels weird to have this crazy expensive DVD case tucked away in a shelf. Oh well.

I was born in 1992. Didn't get a super Nintendo until 1996 and didn't get a Nintendo 64 until 1999. And I didn't get a PS1 until 2001 Christmas alongside my GameCube.
I considered 1991-2000 to simultaneously be an era I really liked while knowing that there are tons of games I never even got to play a single title of within series.
If I want to go back and experience the feelings of this era, and play games I didn't grow up on, which are the ones I'm most likely to enjoy?
Zelda ocarina of time
Star wars galactic battlegrounds
Pokemon blue version
Operation C
Resident evil 4
Metal gear solid portable ops
just get a dreamcast

>If I want to go back and experience the feelings of this era, and play games I didn't grow up on, which are the ones I'm most likely to enjoy?
I think EarthBound would probably hit the spot just right. Assuming you haven't played it, it's an RPG about kids in "199X" going on an adventure.

File: 1669418426828.jpg (1.05 MB, 1036x1344)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
gentlemen of /vr/, it's time to discuss this beauty.
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The rockabilly soundtrack is killer.
For me it's Бpaтaн.
They are obviously made by different people. One of them is quite decent. The other one makes very flat amateur garbage. There's also stuff like the sewers and factories which are competent but infuriating. Over all, it's mixed.
>There's also stuff like the sewers
Yeah, man, I don't know why they made a level that is completeable in, like, 15 seconds either.

File: 71lrYtUxR2L.jpg (238 KB, 1997x1144)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
Is it a good console or just overpriced crap?
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You talking about old or new KOF?
File: Fatal Fury.jpg (199 KB, 707x1000)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
>You don't live in a 3rd world country. If you did, then you would know the struggle of getting KoF over here.

Tournaments are played on console/pc ports and on emulators since the arcade versions are not available or outdated.

The topic is this thread is '' Thoughts on the NeoGeo AES'' well no one plays or owns one except for collectors because they would rather hoard games then play them.
It's kind of ironic how a person could buy an AES and AES carts and be like

>wow! finally! this is the real thing! I feel like a real arcade pro with now!

Meanwhile all the very best players of Neo games grew up playing pirate MVS carts and emulators.
Brfag again. Thank you for your post! It's nice to know how things are around the world!
>The topic is this thread is '' Thoughts on the NeoGeo AES'' well no one plays or owns one except for collectors because they would rather hoard games then play them.

The Neo Geo AES sold well in Japan and parts of Asia.

It sold poorly in the West like the USA and Europe. Those markets were dominated by Nintendo and Sega.

File: 1656420177177.jpg (1.13 MB, 3816x2264)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
DOOM THREAD / RETRO FPS THREAD - Last thread: >>9433170

Gameplay, WADs/Maps/Mods, Source Ports
All other 90s FPS welcome
~ Let's post like gentlemen ~


(or Quake, Duke, Marathon, Thief, Deus Ex)

Same thing, in video format:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>You at least have to actually fight the enemies in the new Doom games, there's the finishers and the resource pinata aspects, but you do actually do some thinking on your feet, you have to avoid damage and continue damaging enemies to get results.
This. But I was referring to how lax the game is on the lowest difficulties. You can also replay levels with cheat codes and no achievements are locked behind difficulty settings. They were strict on not allowing cheats on levels you haven’t beaten, and disabling those slayer gates if you have cheats enabled.
>The only thing i would hate or cringe so hard if the player is just some fucking mr. douchebag nobody (just like the most from trannyworld) sends me his demo/YT video playing my maps like shit -or- he wants to be this hipster snob retard critizing the level design/custom wad for dumb reasons.

cofcofDWmegawad Clubcofcof
i'm just shitting, don't take my jokes so seriously
>Also Doom’s biggest appeal.
I don't fully disagree, but I always found Doom lacking in all of its areas compared to other games. Games like Duke3D, Hexen, Quakeworld and Serious Sam together cover all of Doom usecases better (and no, I don't mean that you need all of them to just replace Doom, but more about the focus on different aspects after which Doom seems lacking).
The only reason I stick with Doom is decently active modding community.
>I really don't agree, the worst parts of Eternal Doom don't become better, or avoid becoming even worse, by completely trivializing the combat. For that matter you're making the better parts worse.
I didn't mean tame wads like Eternal Doom (which is good btw). But maybe stuff like Three is a crowd? As much as I appreciated the gimmicks some of the encounters felt less like something enjoyable and more like a chore, Sometimes just getting the intention is enough.
I share a similar sentiment of, "I'm fine with mappers using Gameplay mods with their mapset", the only thing i don't agree is that they put filtering, really that's it, even if the gameplay mod simplifies the fucking map to a pathetic breeze, i don't give a fuck.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (164 KB, 1280x720)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
I mean, all I can find on the internet is how "this is an enhancement chip like SuperFX", list of emulators supporting it and links to the MSU1 hacks. Is this an actual real chip? There is no info on the specifications and no evidence that is can be actually made and used in real SNES carts. SD2SNES apparently has it but it's just FPGA. What's the deal?
Think of it like the add-on chips lik the SuperFX and CX-4, except it only exists in non-physical form. It's only been implemented using emulated software and FPGA.

It was never physically produced because Byuu was the one that created it via software emulation.
Most SNES carts don't have the outside pins on the cartidge slot, one of the things a cart can do with them is stream audio straight to output. The only licensed cart that does that is the Super Game Boy which is basically a full GB on a SNES cart, and this is how it ouptuts audio. With MSU-1 a game can select a numbered audio track and play or pause it by writing to specific registers. There is also a data API that works the same way. An actual cart needs a chip that can process those commands and storage for the data. As you already know, the only "real hardware" implementation is the SD2SNES. There isn't a reason someone with enough time, interest and money couldn't produce an ASIC for the logic. There are a bunch of ways to handle the storage but almost all of them involve a variable level of latency which is one of the reasons that aspect of it is rarely used.

byuu's site used to have a spec for the format and API. IIRC there were caveats with the sample rate he never thought through and had to change at some point years later. Shitloads of bad decisions by him led to a huge chunk of his work never being properly archived, but there are probably rough copies of it floating around.

File: png.png (103 KB, 357x244)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
i don't think it's too much of a stretch to declare Link's Awakening the best game in the series. it has a lot of high notes and a high concept idea for its plot. call me crazy but even though it's supposed to be a shorter smaller gameboy adventure, the mechanics are more advanced than the Super Nintendo Link to the Past.
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fuck the GBC version
>very interconnected world that still has space to have a few quirky enclosed areas (rapids, desert)
It's one of the more railroady maps in the series, 2dwise. Everything is blocked off it seems.
I'm in the second dungeon
just beat the mini boss and now I'm stuck.
can't move the blocks where the stairs case is and have no idea where to go to or what to do???
Filtered by Zelda riddle.
Second dungeon as the infamous kill these three enemies in order puzzle, idk which one you are taking about though

File: s0skhkyhoub61.jpg (77 KB, 792x522)
77 KB
How "impossible" of a port are we talking here?
55 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Give it to Factor 5
LOTS of ports of games were recreations in other engines which didn't use the original source code (sometimes because that wasn't even a realistic or useful approach). Shows how much you know about the subject.
shoutout to simpleflips
the game itself would probably be possible, just look at what they did with GoldenEye007.
However the biggest issue would be audio and voice acting. No way there could be cutscenes or audio cues from scientists/soldiers.
File: CodenameGordon.jpg (67 KB, 1024x501)
67 KB

>transmogrify a bad ass USAF Major into this French twink
What were they thinking when they made this guy?
19 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I like KOF character design. they have a lot more charm than street fighter's roster of ethnic caricatures
>Yes, I love edgy Japanese 16-year-old twink #127
File: literal-clowns.jpg (144 KB, 1000x1200)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Both are over the top and somewhat shallow, but the Capcom approach is more based on "character" than KoF's (which barely convey identifiable identities beyond "cool").

KoF heavily relies on supplemental tie-in materials and all that, so I guess the priority is to make appealing characters to the target audience, without a need to make them self-descriptive like the Capcom ones.

Also a KoF pitfall is how EXTREMELY their approach gets tied to the aesthetics and trends of particular eras.
I don't see that as a pitfall, I see it as a great thing. I strongly prefer KoF designs to most street fighter ones.
The only worthwhile KOF characters are the females (for the porn) and based Geese

In modern controllers natural resting position of index finger is on top of triggers.
So for retro consoles without triggers it makes more sense to map shoulder buttons to triggers.
For PS1/PS2/Ps3 most of the time it makes more sense to swap L1,R1 with L2,R2 given triggers are the main buttons right now unlike in the past. Button prompts do get confusing.
Also there is no travel distance with triggers as our fingers act instantaneous and given you are mapping a digital button to an analog button it would get activated as soon as you press.
There's a reason Nintendo is using triggers even digital buttons. Its comfy.

Do you prefer shoulder buttons or triggers for shoulder buttons?
I usually just use a Dualshock 2 with its perfect shoulder buttons. Xbone on onward controllers suck either way since you either use a trigger or a stiff and uncomfy "bumper".

My joints can never hold a modern controller anyway. Too small and cramped for my arthritic aging fingers.
That’s only an issue with the shitty xbawks controllers that were designed to be held one way and one way only thanks to their childish design of shaping the trigger like a literal trigger. You’re simply on the cusp of discovering why the design is dogshit aimed at cawadooty kids
dreamcast and 3d saturn controllers are god tier, they are pure analog triggers that still feel nice and are very good for any game but specially for racing games if you dont want to play with a steering wheel. ps1 and ps2 are just shitty buttons, even tho the ps2 is technically analog, still feels like shit
I use DS4 for emulation myself. Points i made are also true for DS4 and Switch Pro controller.
I just found a trigger image for net.
>even tho the ps2 is technically analog
I believe it being analog is one of the reasons that gives buttons its mushy feel. I do hate DS1,2,3 myself.

File: smt2.jpg (58 KB, 500x488)
58 KB
What's your honest opinion on Shin Megami Tensei II? Is it a masterpiece like fans say or is it really overrated?
18 replies omitted. Click here to view.
MTII is a top 3 Atlus game. I wouldnt even fault anyone for saying that it's the greatest Atlus game of all time.
A horrid JRPG. The pacing is so atrocious, and the core design is horrible. Game consists on numerous fetch quests, and just going back and forth from point A to B, to C, back to A, go to D, back to B, etc., while enemies in the old areas you backtrack to stay the same, ie., you "one shot them" (not really, but you stomp them). All this, while encounter rate is astronomical. Cherry on top of this is that the game is mind numbingly easy, essentially the game plays itself, it's a "mash A button" RPG, where you turn on autobattle to whipe the floor with demons. Not only this, but demons are not needed in more than 90% of the areas. Your 2 or so human party members you'll have, get so strong just from going around, that they'll deal with any demon by themselves on auto combat, because guns and swords are overpowered with effects - just put on sleep, paralysis bullets and such and yawn. Because of this, strategy is non existant really. Why bother with various effects and magic demon's have, if you only need them with few edge cases, maybe few bosses, if humans kill over 90% of stuff with auto battle? If you see something wrong that happens in a battle after half an hour of encounters, you stop auto battle, summon a few dudes, kill the fuckers, and go right back to auto battling. I can see people enjoying this for the atmosphere, and while it is indeed very awesome setting, the game is so shit in gameplay and quest design, as well as easy, that such a small thing as atmosphere won't really save it.

I enjoyed SMT1 way more, mainly as it was a bit more challenging (though it had other issues). Both SMT1 & 2 are overrated. 2 is outright bad, I'd give it a 4/10, maybe.
File: Morpheus.png (452 KB, 518x344)
452 KB
452 KB PNG
>post-apocalyptic nihilism
I know EXACTLY what you mean.
>movement on SMT2 is also significantly slower for some reason
Nah, movement is faster in SMT II compared to I. You must have played I with some kind of QoL patch, cause movement in vanilla SMT I is sloooow.
I don't like it solely because it's set in a sci-fi future.

Gameplay and development discussion:
What homebrew / hacks are you playing /vr/?

Are you working on anything? Would you like to learn? Projects and questions welcome.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
87 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
It has an E on it, its an E-Tank.
>active X vs Metroid war
What do people use nowadays to rip PSX sprites? Tim2View completely refuses to scan Twinbee Yahoo Deluxe Pack so I can't use it.

Which console bios/menu was the best?

I love the ps2’s atmospheric woodshes, but the original PlayStation had the superior CD player with the cool ass visualizer
13 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Definitely check out the Saturn CD player too. I was pretty impressed with all of the options going on in that one. Even a vocal remover for karaoke.
you're going to have to help me with this one anon
FDS where Mario and Luigi fight over the light switch
just a 3d bios nothing much
File: 1468131767571.jpg (48 KB, 499x499)
48 KB
SegaCD Model 2 for the music alone.

Amazing. Thank you, anon.

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