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File: 1570634249099.jpg (264 KB, 1280x720)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
Idort edition

Reminder to report and ignore shitposters

New to the Series?
Quick Start: https://i.imgur.com/NxViVd4.jpg

Catch up, quick!
KINGDOM HEARTS HD I.5 + II.5 ReMIX is available now on PlayStation 4 (both available separately on PlayStation 3)
KINGDOM HEARTS HD II.8 Final Chapter Prologue is available now on PlayStation 4
KINGDOM HEARTS The Story So Far (All HD Collections in one) is available now on PlayStation 4
KINGDOM HEARTS III is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

KHIII Press Site:

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File: 537.jpg (401 KB, 900x1350)
401 KB
401 KB JPG
You are welcome, anon
File: 538.jpg (607 KB, 900x1350)
607 KB
607 KB JPG
File: 539.jpg (507 KB, 900x1350)
507 KB
507 KB JPG

File: undyne.jpg (50 KB, 661x752)
50 KB
Happy Fish Edition

Previous Timeline: >>272042273

Spoilers ahead, proceed at your own risk!

-The New Game

-Toby's Situation On Deltarune (read after playing)

-The Old Game

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File: 1573250874744.jpg (44 KB, 1206x640)
44 KB
I'm gonna study human anatomy with Asriel.
>that awkward growth spurt where Kris only fit into Toriels old clothes
>Kris blushing as he walks to school in a cute dress

File: 1570525773530.jpg (1.15 MB, 3996x2160)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
Archived edition

>>PC crew:
New member Guide (How to join, Rules, Tips): akari.in/howtojoinnofn
>>Console crews:
https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/gtag_vg_-_ps4 (PS4)
https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/meat_for_the_grinder (Xbone ft. 100% crew black)
>>Alternative color crew:
>>Other crews:
Join a crew by posting your SC name and crew you want to join in the thread.
Then clicking one of the links above and requesting an invite.

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File: XOCollo.jpg (91 KB, 1280x720)
91 KB
What the fuck am I looking at here, partner?
I insist that you forget about it

File: 1558851760939.jpg (734 KB, 1884x2654)
734 KB
734 KB JPG
Skaven DLC announcement any day now

>FAQs and General Info

>Roll Charts :

>New dev update

>Warhammer 2 Info
Gotrek & Felix FAQ - https://www.totalwar.com/blog/total-war-warhammer-ii-gotrek-felix-faq/

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haha that's a sick burn
File: Face14.png (84 KB, 421x406)
84 KB
The point is to prove that being burned =/= being disqualified.
(+ The Asur using trick for their Phoeninx King is prior to ET).
You seem upset.

File: 1573852034684.png (979 KB, 604x739)
979 KB
979 KB PNG

>Patch 3.8: League [Ends Dec 3rd]
>Patch 3.8: Major Patch Notes
>Patch 3.8: League Rewards
>Useful Links and Tools
>In-game Honey Pot Chat
/global 1488

Previous Thread;

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File: Leaker.png (1.48 MB, 1834x1075)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
This pretty much confirms GGG devs actually lurk here.
why not letting Mathil play on stage? oh right no chair high enough for him
honestly can't quite disagree, missed opportunity.
Maybe in Poe 3....

File: 1464287987181.jpg (159 KB, 853x574)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
nerfed edition
previous thread >>272145324
>READ the pastebins BEFORE asking stupid questions
GENERAL FAQ: http://pastebin.com/wyz3Ye1g
Additional FAQ, SERIOUSLY, READ THIS ONE: http://pastebin.com/GHStmm22

>Notable links
Wiki: http://warframe.wikia.com
Alerts and other timers: https://tenno.tools/
Buying and Selling items: https://warframe.market
Farming Prime parts: https://tenno.zone/
Riven Prices/Riven Calculator and other utilities: https://semlar.com/
Tridolon Guide: https://pastebin.com/PFFRBqkP
Droptables by DE (probably rigged): https://forums.warframe.com/topic/809777-warframe-drop-rates-data/
DPS calculator and weapon build planner: https://github.com/GottFaust/WWDC/releases/

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Don't bother, I just looked at it, it's shit. Turns into guro halfway through.
I can't wait for them to embarrass themselves when they're forced to sheepishly drag out Railjack's mouldy, spider-web strewn corpse at next years Tennocon
File: Gara.png (34 KB, 512x512)
34 KB
Let me guess, you're Inaros shitter.

File: 10.jpg (825 KB, 1280x1817)
825 KB
825 KB JPG
Cute doujins for cute people edition

>Recent News
Black Knight FLB is live.
New EX pose for V.Clarisse
2 new 30 Moon weapons added to the shop - Nereus Staff and Taming Sari (Light's cap up weapon)
Suptix is up
Rebalance patch is live.
Trick or Treat campaign is live
Rising Force (Drum Master EXII)
Weapon Proficiency Sorting and other filters
New Proud and Proud+ fight. It will award trophies that can be exchanged for items (sunstones, dama bars, etc)
Collab Event with Gachapin and Mukku in December, with playable Gachapin
Anime bonus: 5000 crystals + 1 free Tezcat, Vortex Dragon + 100 pots, 3 rings + 300 light quartz, 1 3* Chev sword, 100 lacrimosas

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>yuriusless wind
>not a dps leech
>(You) circlejerk hour again
Cringey twats
File: 7.png (202 KB, 864x900)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
in-game portrait when?

File: file.png (145 KB, 342x174)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
>I have a question!
>Simulators and resources


Hatred Blooms Red: 11/7 ~ 11/21
Halloween Afterparty: 10/31 ~ 11/21

>Increased Rates

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File: 1537045813725.jpg (35 KB, 583x439)
35 KB
>want to afk & auto some stages
>10 minutes later finish up and return to the stage
fuck this shit so much your stupid pet system does not address anything of meaningful importance holy FUCK this is tedious as hell
You guys are alright, don't play Pokemon Sword and Shield tomorrow.
only a handful when they randomly favor an event or character

Guilds: https://pastebin.com/zCUYwWF0
FAQ: https://pastebin.com/ZU4uUREV

Previous: >>271613639
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what the hell is this picture hahahaha
Save it my friend, it's all yours :)
did you make this picture happen or did it happen randomly?

File: 73325360_p0.jpg (486 KB, 707x1000)
486 KB
486 KB JPG
revious thread >>271937680
Don't forget to use spoiler tags (Ctrl+S)!

>/drg/ OP pastebin (just copy it and paste previous thread link)

>Danganronpa News, Interviews and Articles Updated: 12/21/18
https://pastebin.com/n83HpxJC Spike Chunsoft’s Yoshinori Terasawa. 2019 Keyword: Planting seeds.

>Danganronpa Guides
http://pastebin.com/mnduF4qj Spoiler free guide *MUST READ IF YOU ARE NEW*
http://pastebin.com/MUdQJedT In-depth gameplay mechanics and information
https://pastebin.com/M1sg5ftn V3 TALENT DEVELOPMENT PLAN/MONOKUMA'S TRIAL GUIDE <-contains spoilers

>Danganronpa 1&2

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I never said they were contributing, they're just the ones that responded
and I like the little boy smell posts they're disgustingly funny
nah he smells like a man because his dick is huge and he fucks Mimei and Beekeeper every night
Kabuki Height
Kabuki dick length

File: 1573429818186.png (411 KB, 1876x1200)
411 KB
411 KB PNG
Katawa Shoujo General #3723

30 Year Old Boomer Edition

Previous thread: >>271904623

Official website: http://www.katawa-shoujo.com/ (KS is free)
KS alpha: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/KSPreAlpha/discussions/0/1291816880498430072/
Summer's Clover (Suriko's Miki Route): https://pastebin.com/j5tFNnqt
Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/Wp8y08x2
Writebin: http://pastebin.com/PpGnE3nc
KSG FAQ: https://pastebin.com/6Z28iW1x
Katawa Booru: http://cripple.booru.org/
Hanako Image Database: http://www.hanakoisbestgirl.com
Flockdraw: http://skycow.us/whiteboard

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File: 1400523726192.jpg (377 KB, 756x4850)
377 KB
377 KB JPG
File: 28375940.jpg (241 KB, 1190x770)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
>Your Katawa is real and she is your Big Sister
>Your Katawa is real and she is your Little Sister
Sister age difference is the last number of your replying post. 0 means she is your twin.

>Your Katawa is real and she is your Mother
Mother age difference is the last number of your replying post +15.

>Your Katawa is real and she is your Aunt
Aunt age difference is the last number of your replying post +10

>Your Katawa is real and she is your Cousin

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I guess that explains things

File: reno.png (248 KB, 467x352)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
imagine ever picking trans-dragon reno edition

>Deck Lists/Announcements

>Meta Reports
https://teamrankstar.com (Wild)

>Arena Tier list

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Name one non-meme deck where she is useful then
You should have kept the trending word.

Interesting nonetheless. It must be really hard for newcomers to start from scratch nowadays.
Started from scratch like half a year ago. It was fucking cancer, seeing mandatory legendaries like Ziliax and control decks I simply had no answer to.

File: 1573771255475.png (31 KB, 542x771)
31 KB
Duel Links General #967

Wight Support WHEN edition

Solemned: >>272057801

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is an iOS, Android, and PC Yu-Gi-Oh! game that utilizes the VRAINS Speed Duel format.
>New Player FAQ
>Datamines Drive

>The new main box "Aerial Assault" is out with support for Blackwings, Monarchs, Inzektors, Batterymen, and Batter-INVOKED.
>Mission Circuit is back with the new SR "Centaur Mina".

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Speaking of this years lineup is kinda lame
>solomon is just halos
>foolish burial is just a tombstone change
>edge imp should have never been changed in the first place
At least Offerings is cool
>Using a extra deck with monarchs.
>Under any circumstance
You sicken me and do not deserve to play monarchs.
File: opponent_surrendered.jpg (193 KB, 551x1017)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
every time

File: Avrora g.jpg (468 KB, 1960x2546)
468 KB
468 KB JPG
1)Free Belfast date skin. (14 nov - 15 dec)
-Complete daily tasks
2) HMS Glasgow added to light construction with rateup (until 20th nov)



Hololive collab. Glasgow skin.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You can always just quit if you don't like it
Yuri Lane!

File: 1547828455478.jpg (1.03 MB, 2001x2881)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
We don't have an official steam or discord group. If anyone posts in the thread about any "official" or not steam or discord groups, promising MP or not, be sure it's a shitposter group known for organizing raids and shitposting in the thread. They are known for false-flagging. Report and ignore it.

How fares your empire, /gsg/?

Random Country Picker

# News
Hearts of Iron 4: La Resistance Announced

Imperator: Rome Punic Wars DLC Announced

Crusader Kings 3 Announced

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Daamn bro I didn't know Ituk's spine was a narrow passage of water.
Shit, thanks. It's fixed in the archive version.
File: ck2_69.png (3.79 MB, 1920x1080)
3.79 MB
3.79 MB PNG
Unfortunately for Agdji, his distraction caused him to miss the obvious signs that Ituk was unwell.

The proud Uighur had never let on that he was feeling ill. Beholden as none of his people ever before had been to the hospitality and generosity of the Khitans, Ituk did not dare refuse his liege’s request to participate in the invasion of Ferghana, even though Agdji would gladly have allowed him a peaceful retirement if he had but said a word. Instead Ituk suffered through a terribly rough campaign in silence as his health grew worse by the day, and was barely able to remain upright to say his goodbyes to the Huang Di at Kashgar by the time the campaign was over. It was said by his son, Sugr, that his father returned to his seat slumped over his horse, was taken to his bed, and died within hours of his arrival.

The death of his father was an immense blow to Sugr, who was born when Ituk was already an older man, and had seemed to be strong despite his age. Sugr had not been raised alongside Agdji, but the two were intimately familiar with one another, and Sugr respected Agdji and his decision to convert from Buddhism, though of course he did not approve of it any more than Kyi had. But perceptions that Agdji had worked his father to death, as well as Agdji’s own persistent guilt that he may truly have, soured their early relationship as vassal and liege.

Agdji demanded that the entire Khitan host attend Ituk’s funeral, and so it was that the solemn Buddhist ritual was overseen by ten whisper-quiet rows of soldiers, all bowed with heads to the ground, saying silent prayers to Tengri on behalf of Ituk. To his own people he was known as “the Wise,” but to the Khitans he would always be known by the epithet history remembers him by: “Savior of the Liao.” None of them had forgotten what Ituk Daerqa did for them.

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