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File: pst_0b3.tmx_1.png (34 KB, 512x512)
34 KB
Just left all of my friendgroup after I realised how big of a shitty parasite I was and how bad I had been treating everyone with out realising.

Not sure where to go now, I dont still being friends with them was good becouse I felt like they didnt need eny more of my shit but I dont thinck ill want to be alone forever and I can make eny irl friends cuz covid.

where shoud I go look for enything reseembling a friend group that isint discord?.

I dont expect to get enyone, I feel like im here more to vent to fucking 4chan of all places like the tard I am then acctualy seeking advice.

(pic is just some shit I found on my drive, I didnt have eny pic to attach so that will have to do)
>I feel like im here more to vent to fucking 4chan of all places
Uh this is 4channel. 4chan is down the hall and to the left.
ah my apologies..
Honestly you’re basically fucked atm, find a hobby and join a group that’s it
define "left"
Did you tell them, do you just no longer talk to them with no explanation? What happened?
Congratulations on starting new, anon. Find a hobby, go to college, do something useful with your life.

As for real friends,
Go to a bar or something, or festivals when it's safe again. Ask around for drugs, but don't be too serious about it.

File: jbi.jpg (153 KB, 1280x720)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Should I listen to those dudes? They claim to know about female nature and be masters in the art of picking up, but when I listen to them all I hear is misogynistic bullshit with incel vocabulary.
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>t. Todd V Dating

People mostly want to feel loved and feel powerful, same as anyone else. Figure out how to deliver on either of those feelings and you'll never want for companionship of either sex.
File: focuz.png (81 KB, 544x572)
81 KB
I'm black and used to listen these guys, the secret is that "game" is what you use when you have nithing of substance to offer. Being able to tease and have a positive presence is important but only guys that have it together
will really pull women. when you have these traits you don't really have to look for sex and chase it, you can just find it naturally.
Pretty much this. Doing any research at all to engage women is cringy as hell and seems to completely miss the point. Don't sit at home studying girls on your computer. Encounter girl IRL and tell her you how you feel about her.
im 29 and been on the manosphere shit since i was like 23. I'm MGTOW now. My advice for you is to read The Rational Male. There is no book that is as in depth, autistically enumerated, and well written about so many different facets of female nature, and yes I've fucked 50 girls and the book brings to life so many oddities of women that lacked a concept or context.

If you want to actually successfully game and fuck women, read "bang" by roosh V, and religiously browse /r/TRP and /r/asktrp. I've consciously implemented that shit and successfully escaped the friendzone, fucked a rich NYU girl outta my league in the fucking hamptons of all places, and broke this thicc latinas friendzone attempts AND LMR with finesse. But once you "get it" start applying it. don't just read about it and then do nothing.

As for your youtubers, StephIsCold is just regurgitating whats already been said by everyone else. He isn't bad though. He's doing well for early 20s and he "gets it." The rest of the monkeys in your pic related though, fuck them. They're lukewarm trash.
>incel misogynistic vocabulary
you're not gonna make it if you don't see reality for what it is.

File: 4XTFNGL.png (10 KB, 370x320)
10 KB
Why is it so damn hard to quit 4chan? I know so many forums I used to visit that I couldn't care less about now, but after a decade I'm still on this place.
File: 4chan.jpg (59 KB, 600x679)
59 KB
It's an interesting website but...
Idk OP, i stopped checking threads once i got some great friends, maybe you just need a few and you're unironically forget about it cus you'll be talking and playing vidya with them.
Now 6 months later im finally starting to check a few threads every now and then, just to find funnies for us to laugh at
4chan has a certain raw uncut aura around is imo due to the anonymous nature of this site. So this is a place where people can be real without consequences. For me, at least, watching people interact with each other is why I can’t leave. Plus you can call people niggers without aunt Pauline from fb writing a paragraph on why that’s not okay
Fucking KEK

hi are there any femanons I can add on discord or something? I’ve only ever had female friends to talk to about my feelings n stuff, I don’t want nudes or a relationship or anything like that just advice about getting other girls and someone to talk to :/ keeping it anonymous would be okay.
File: images (58).jpg (21 KB, 431x711)
21 KB
yes i am girl
send me $1000 and i will discuss with you all night and day, OKAY?
thanks, please send $1000usd of bitcoin to my btc address. Give me your discord, i send you address there, OKAY?
picture is me
do you have feet??
mate you're probably only going to attract trannies or men who aren't trannies on here.
I recommend interpals if you want to talk to women, doesn't have to be romantic. Usually you can find some person willing to listen.
thanks friend
no worries, usually if you're sociable enough you can convince the girls on there to move over to whatsapp, telegram or whatever if you'd prefer too.

File: 1594261982053.jpg (16 KB, 225x225)
16 KB
How the fuck do I make friends who don't have getting fucking drunk as their only hobby as a 28 year old guy with kind of shitty social skills?

I've always had a pretty small social circle and was okay with it when I was younger but the last few years I've realized they only really like hanging out if we're going to be getting drunk together.

I currently have two roommates, one of whom i'm in my second year of living with and one who just moved in who had been friends for a while before we got a place together, and they have a bit of a group of people they have over now and then. They have the group over probably at least a few times a week and everyone's nice to me but I don't feel myself being "accepted" into the group if that makes sense? Like even a year in I'm not sure if any of them would call me a friend probably just an acquaintance if not just "roommate of my friend" or "my roommate".

How do I go from a relationship to a friendship?
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Considered becoming an international criminal? It would make you more dangerous
This sounds like decent advice, thanks anon

Lmao I'm not sure I'm at group therapy yet either but who knows

Same anon, I think conversation is my weak point. I have a hard time making small talk which I think makes me off putting to people
Ok anon, do you have ANY hobbies or interests besides:
do you do anything remotely creative?
aka drawing, animating, 3d modeling, music, that kind of shit
most people are generic faggots, that's why i ghosted all my friends. the only thing we had in common was turning up and fucking bitches. I only drank and smoked weed (occassionally with weed). These faggots would do every and any drug that was put in front of them. I was always left out of the coke circle, the ketamine circle, it got so fucking tiresome. most people are just primitive rats.

Why do you need friends? im serious. Like, I went to Thailand for 6 months completely alone, fucked 65 hookers, and i had a blast. i never made a single friend, but i had some amazing, riveting conversations with dudes from all over the world; sometimes about very esoteric subjects. that's more palatable to me than the company of faggots for 8 hours
Who even has energy to do anything but consume things after work? Boggles my mind.

File: question.png (151 KB, 360x345)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
No, avoid any psych meds at all costs.

File: Wojak_cropped.jpg (10 KB, 180x179)
10 KB
How do you keep friendships interesting?
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I simply allow them to fade away
start drinking alcohol with them. or buy a pair of electric bikes and go on exploring adventures. both are fun
If you have to ask it'll never happen. It either happens naturally for people or it doesn't.
After 5 years, something happens to me and fucks up the friendship. So with my current best friend. Besides what im needing help with. We talk about him and his DnD, having things in common like Smash Bros, and vidya games. Me and him can talk about anything that doesn't have to be about a damn thing. So just try and talk to talk. If one or the other person is having fun, just keep going at it

File: images (2).jpg (6 KB, 210x239)
6 KB
Serious. All the girls I come across are all super lefty and in love with the gay shit. Or maybe they're not super lefty but they still think it's impolite to say faggot.

Where do homophobic women hang out?
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Name them
You could if you were speaking spanish.
>If you don't like the idea of shit-covered dicks as an identity you are LITERALLY a moron
the absolute state of leftists
File: Homofobia.png (16 KB, 777x480)
16 KB
go to tinder and say that you want homophobic women only
As a woman myself I unironically would like to know where as well. Not that I'm homophobic I just think the word faggot is super funny and I'm upset that I haven't been allowed to use it outloud since roughly 2015

File: 1593127310954.jpg (80 KB, 766x960)
80 KB
Anyone found a way to have a girlfriend yet?
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>How are you doing?
*Looks at friends*
*Awkward laugh*
Uh, can I HELP you?
*Looks back at her friends*
*Friend whispers*
oh my god Becky
*You turn around to leave*
They start laughing
If this happens to you then you deserve it desu, this doesn’t happen in rl unless you’re autistic and can’t hold a decent conversation
File: 1023.jpg (14 KB, 600x436)
14 KB
This happened to me too many times lol
They get whatever is coming to them
Understand women (it's not that difficult, just frustrating during the moment), look hot by their standards, and tell them the gospel of the lord Jesus Christ.

File: 1567979255738.jpg (19 KB, 600x600)
19 KB
I feel a bit sad
333 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
Never fall in love with a girl that has low self esteem. There was this nice girl who used to be friendly and kind but she has a low self image of herself. Now that she hanged out with a certain type of crowd and gained confidence, she became a raging feminist that want to cut guy dicks for rapes that they didn’t even do. It’s kinda funny that the nicest girl in class become the most bitchest after high school.
Don't you think it would be romantic to raise a girl's self esteem? Given you have high self-esteem to begin with. If you don't you won't be able to raise someone else's.
please don't start a rumor or anything I was just kidding, I just like her eyes, that's not a common shade of blue
this sounds like a tamil girl i knew
I'm sorry for posting about you here. I know I'm dumb. It's got to be pretty awkward reading all this crap about yourself that never happened. Even though I know better, a part of me wanted to believe that there was something more there. Everybody wants some spicy interactions to remember from their younger years, I guess.

I'm also sorry that I kind of messed things up socially. I couldn't even begin to thank for you for your patience and consideration for me. It was never my intention to hurt anybody, and I honestly believed in the moment that I was doing what was best for the people around me, but I also realize that in doing so I've more than likely inadvertently hurt the peoople around me. My problems are no excuse for that, and I regret that deeply.

If for some reason you find yourself here, just know that you're appreciated. I've never really had a friend like you. Thank you for all you've done.

We may not be particularly close anymore, but know that I'll at least try to have your back. I really feel that's the least I can do. I'll also try to do a bit better by myself so that maybe one day that can mean a bit more than it does now.

I really like my girlfriend and she likes me too but Im worried I may smother her with too much affection. I dont want to be clingy and scare her away or make her believe Im desperate/insecure.

What are ways women enjoy receiving affection? I want her to feel like the happiest girl in the world but dont want to over do it. Should I only reciprocate? I like being affectionate toward her because she makes me feel amazing but I dont want to make her uncomfortable with it.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I’m honestly not being a cock here, I wanna give you advice, but honestly mate just use common sense. If you don’t understand the line between being excessive and not then no amount of internet advice is gonna change that. Show affection, don’t be a one way weirdo, don’t suffocate her and don’t try to give affection when she’s busy. It’s something you learn in your early relationships
Literally half the reason I want a gf is so I can show her affection. The fuck do I do?
I encourage my bf to give me a lot of affection. He enjoys it, and his sweet little boy side comes out when we’re alone. I love how he pampers me and I pamper him with love too. Your gf might be different, but I love it in my experience.
she has said not to worry about it when I casually mentioned it and to keep being myself.

I just dont want to mess this up because I really have a good feeling about this one and I know Im stupid when it comes to being too sweet to women. In the past Ive even heard girls tell me to never stop being kind and affectionate only for them to cheat on me and get abusive. Maybe thats why Im paranoid but its been a long time since that happened and I really just want to express my feelings properly without weirding her out that some guy really really cares about her.
File: download (2).png (6 KB, 226x223)
6 KB
pls be hapi

When’s the right time to buy a house? Seems like it’s a sellers market right now. If Biden takes the presidency will that cause any shaky in the housing market?
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
That’s what really scares me. I see some nice houses for cheap, but I wonder about the neighbors. I’m driving by one tomorrow to inspect it for chicken bones, watermelon rinds, and 40’s.
My realtor taught me the codes they use to describe what you're talking about, kek. My favorite was
>"this is a very 'democrat friendly' area"
>"I think you could really make a lot of different kinds of friends here"
Oh, Democrat friendly. That’s a good one. I know it’s so strict on what they can and can’t say. Absolute bullshit that they tie their hands like that.
File: 5486468.png (998 KB, 1074x452)
998 KB
998 KB PNG
I know it's Reddit, but look at this list


There's some very, very solid advice there that can help you tell if a home is a time bomb or in the hood.
Yeah, this is already solid. My moms got a farm house and there is absolutely zero cell reception out there, if I bought a place like that I’d lose my mind. Socket testing is another thing I didn’t consider, solid advice so far. Will keep reading

File: 20200621_184000.jpg (2.31 MB, 3264x2448)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB JPG
So I was molested by my grandfather and when I told my family they basically blew me off and said I was either exaggerating or taking it the wrong way. And being middle eastern it's like a normal thing that happens. It was over 18 and 20 years ago. Still bothers me should I confront my grandfather? I never have and now he lives with my dad, step mom and 2 brothers. I'm worried what should I do?
29 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I did the same thing with my moms friend. She said I was lying and still hangs out with him to this day.
You need to remove yourself from those who enabled him. It sounds like you have little support.
Ok to the person who said I shouldn't share stories like this. I wouldn't have done it unless it was anonymous. To the other one who said I made it up I wish that were true and i share it here because I'm literally seeking advice for what feels like a black hole in my life that i cant seem to overcome. I've talked to therapist and they have documented it. But i am too scared and feel guilty if I send a 80 some year old man to jail where he would die. Which I shouldn't feel any remorse for him but in my family I was always put down and taught no matter what your elders do you smile and pretend like they are incapable of bad basically. I would feel guilty for fucking with my dad's household cause he currently lives with him. Im scared that's why I'm posting anonymously and seeking advice.
And also people outside of the Internet do know. Like my husband and aunt and cousins. I've also already told my father of you scroll up you will see I already said I told him and he just blew me off about it saying he didn't believe me / i was just imagining it and taking it the wrong way but there is no other way to take a naked old wrinkly man on top of you.
Take care Sweetie <3

File: 1580951362596.jpg (31 KB, 470x470)
31 KB
I don't why I thought asking this on /b/ initially was a good idea.... anyways I'm looking for some help.

Are there ANY good/legit hookup websites? I'm in a somewhat low population area and would love to pay for a whore but I don't believe there are any here (or they are ones you really don't want to touch). How about sites I see advertised everywhere like adultfriendfinder or fling or maybe even ashleymadison? I'm okay with spending money on a membership if it means access to a decent amount of real women.

File: images.jpg (9 KB, 275x183)
9 KB
Doctor says I most likely have sleep apnea. Anyone here have sleep apnea? Wanna hear stories and testimonials?
What are they going to do to help you? I had it only two nights in my life a few months ago - the whole "your tongue relaxed too much and cut off airway in your pharnx" shit. Woke up gasping for air two nights in a row. Awful, awful stuff.
I still need to do the sleep study but the Dr said most likely cpap
I use CPAP.
Makes a world of difference,but i have only mild Apnoea.
Thanks anon good to know.
Sleep apnea is a pretty bad comorbidity. Causes depression and shortens your life span. As already mentioned, CPAP is the major treatment

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