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To put a long story short, this is going to sound unbelievable but i don’t care because it’s true. I had a long distance bf in the US, i kid you not he was the love of my life. I did something stupid and impulsive to which i didn’t even realize would hurt him, especially since he never got hurt at anything. Well he suddenly decided he was super hurt and probably read some incel shit online. Either way it got so far to the point where i had to literally beg for him to forgive me and i didn’t even realize he would break up with me over it because in my head we would be together forever (we were already engaged and planned out our future, all our goals aligned etc.)

Let’s just say he decided to be petty to “teach me a lesson” and basically ruined my life by breaking up with me.

I was trying to explain to him what I did and why and instead he just got fucking mad because apparently all he wanted me to do was not explain myself and admit I was wrong and apologize profusely. At the time I didn’t think what I did was a big deal. Obviously since he ended us over it it was though.

I think a big part of the reason he never reached out to me again was because of the fiancee VISA application. He was always super afraid I wouldn’t get accepted because he read a bunch of horror stories online of people who had dated for 10 yrs and didn’t get in.

Ik for sure he thought if we broke up and had a gap where we didn’t talk we would never be considered for sure.

Anyway i realize this sounds insane to most people but if i can figure out a career where they will let me in i want to try so I can be with him or at the very least have a chance to.

Problem is I’ll be a bit older by then so not sure if he’ll be attracted to me but hopefully someone can recommend a way or career that would get me in that is doable in a relatively short period.
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idk we can talk and find the answers out
Ok well now im scared.. also i don’t rly want kids
in that case you cannot possibly provide anything to a man that he can't get on his own. no citizenship 4 u.
He can get kids on his own retard.
marry an american guy

File: say_she_luv_me.png (1.01 MB, 612x612)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
A month ago I was swiping on bumble and matched this one beautiful girl. Apparently she's a flight attendant and was only there for one night. We ended up video calling and she told me to come over which I did. We had a great night together and I slept with her at her hotel. After she left she'd occasionally text me, seems like she had a really good time with me. I was a little hesitant about it at first but I ended up warming up to her a little bit. She told me she's trying to get another flight to my city as soon as possible. Last week she let me know that she has a flight to my city in 2 weeks. We had already warmed up to each other a lot and we'd even video call every other week and it was generally a good time. We were already discussing some plans for what we'll do when she gets here and that we'd spend the night together again. Today she sent me some bs text saying
>ohhh my schedule changed so i'll be going out with my girl friend instead of you
wtf lol? Just a few days ago she was sending me voice notes about how badly she wants to see me and go out with me and now this. She probably still expects/wants me to go to her during the night but to me it's disrespectful as fuck. What should I do? I'm not gonna get mad at her or freak out, but I won't entertain her anymore either. I have a 2 dates scheduled the coming week with different girls so it's not like im having some oneitis thing going on but she's VERY attractive and we generally have good chemistry, both physically and emotionally. I haven't met up with the girls I have dates with so I can't be certain if I can get laid. In a way I feel like I should be relieved that I won't have to spend money on her ass but still get to sleep with her, but I also feel disrespected and fooled and I'm not sure if I can get over my dignity. Let me know what yall think.
Learn from it pussy
Wall of text so I kind of skimmed it but dont worry about it just move on with your life
call her

File: 1677180546646821.png (2.25 MB, 1200x1536)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB PNG
how do I make everyone fuck off? face tattoos?
Get fat as fuck. Wear short shorts. Grunt a lot.
Practice your resting hate face.
Become a reclusive shut-in and live off NEETbux.

>had 10 dates with my gf before having a formal relationship
>in these dates she told me things of herself that made me put her in a pedestal
>now dating her, the truth comes to light
>she seemed compassionate, lovely, had life goals, everything (even got to think of marrying her)
>she just procrastinates, she actively bullies people, etc
>the girl i am dating is not the girl i felt in love with
>at this point i am just in for sex
Should i talk to her about my mental image vs reality or just go with the flow until i get something better?
Obviously, you should do the first thing. You already know you should.
>willing to use people for sex
You’re not a catch, either

File: me march 2023.jpg (559 KB, 753x1184)
559 KB
559 KB JPG
i look like this rn. Get a decent amount of attention from girls but Im volcel
Am I mentally ill if I want to get bigger. I kind of want to be bodybuilder freak mode but also I know that will make me unattractive to most of the population lol
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Not op but what does narc mean?
I hate 99% of women so I am a "volcel" too probably, or an incel if I feel like human females weren't made to be compatible with my weird brain but it's not my fault so I'm more of a volcel, like I was born in a wrong world/generation
Looking thick, solid, tight. 'Mirin' ngl.

The only mentally ill people are the seething virgins telling you not to get bigger because they are insecure.

Even if you get to absolute monster freak mode, which you are far from, you'll still pull bitches. There's an interesting phenomenon where, at a certain point, you will repel most women, but you also strongly attract a good amount of women who do want that and have basically nowhere to get it. Essentially, your demand would be lower, but your supply is abysmal so your value skyrockets.

Keep lifting. wagmi
Op here, this isn't me, I'm 5'4
I think getting jacked enough is an alternate path to enlightement along with the paths of knowledge, wisdom, and serenity. I've seen it happen. If you don't care about what other people think, do it. Become perfect. I believe in you.
>Am I mentally ill if I want to get bigger
No, but you're no longer doing it to look good. You're doing it for some other reason.

is it worth it? is it addicting? can it get me high?

i never used any kind of drug yet
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>should I try weed?
Yea you should just for the experience of having done it

>is it worth it?
Thats up to you to decide, I like smoking with my friends its fun

>is it addicting?
Can be, but not as bad as even nicotine

>can it get me high?
First few times you smoke it might not
thanks for the advice anons
thanks lol, it's a yak-38
This about weed like porn or goyslop, think about the kind of person that uses weed or porn or goyslop. After that ask yourself if you want something like that in your life and if you can resist becoming like those people, then pull the trigger.
I recommend it. However if you're predisposed to playing Pokemon Go and watching Rick & Morty then I would avoid it.
I’ve done it a few times. It’s ok. I don’t understand why or how people spend hundreds a month on it. It hasn’t been addictive for me, and I feel like I have to smoke a lot to feel anything. When I actually get high, it’s “cool”, I guess, but I have other drugs I prefer (shrooms and alcohol).
My opinion: won’t hurt to try, but be prepared to feel uncomfortable.

File: 1666100088514050.jpg (16 KB, 568x432)
16 KB
I'm tired of her antics, and I want to put her in her place. She's always been an unreasonable cunt, and has a history of closed fisted blows when she doesn't get her way, ever since I was a little kid. She's easy to goad by calling her a cunt, and I'm 99% that I could brutalize her in a melee if I'm ready for her. If I call her a cunt to get her to attack first, would her history of beating up on me hold up as a defense in court if I bloody her up a little bit? She has a "do not approach alone" on her criminal record due to her violent tendencies if that helps.
>tl;dr I'm done being a victim, need to know if prior abuse is a good legal defense if I curbstomp my abuser
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>I feel that I won't ever have peace unless she learns her lesson

That's a dangerous feeling to have. Even if you beat her she's not going to learn anything. You want revenge that's fair, but it's not worth fucking up your life over.
Yeah, I am. And she did this to me.
Then what's your advice? Got a better idea to get some peace of mind?
I don't think that's relevant at all
I suggest you do it but only hit her ONE time and leave immediately after, like don't ever talk to her again after or even think about her.
you can hit her as hard as you want, maybe even hit her twice if she isn't on her ass in one, but as soon as she's on the ground make sure you never have to do any sort of dealings with the bitch again.
like go RIGHT up to the line and not an inch further, if that's what you really want.
then skip town if possible, and make sure you don't fucking kill her
That actually sounds pretty reasonable. Thanks anon.

how can i convince my parents to take vitamin d every day?

i’ve been studying it and realizing how important it is. they live in a shit hole where the sun and t shirt weather is pretty rare.

my parents are getting older and starting to not care about their health i think it would be a huge help and it’s just one pill a day. i’ve been taking it myself for awhile now.
How about you move away from Seattle, and away where people regularly shit in the streets?
it’s north dakota
>hey mom and dad why not take vitamin d every day?
That is way too much. That would be enough for the whole week. Recommended daily intake are 1000IU

how do u grow a yootoobe chanel?
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>making things based on trends

Dude, this hurts. This is so relatable.
Only the "trends" I like
I'm not a normie, I'm based acthually
Then don't worry about it being past it's prime.
I want to stream just because I think it's fun and I'm funny. I don't really care about lots of people watching. I just never know what to stream.

File: download (7).jpg (10 KB, 225x225)
10 KB
So I was diddle by my cousin as a child, im in 19 now and it still messes with me. I dont like girls but I'm not gay, I just have a discomfort with anything remotely sexual. Am I fucked bros? Does anyone with experience, any advice on how to get passed this?
Also fuck you Amaya, you bitch
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Tell Amaya she can come diddle me anytime she likes.

Oh, and you won’t be able to “get over it” until you find someone you love and trust.
I've always wanted to do this, never have cause my parents are retard immigrants who don't belive in that scary word. I'll look out for the opportunity though.
You really should. It's helped me a lot.
Therapy to get over traumatic events like child molestation is one of the non-meme reasons to actually get help.

Hope you can get the help you need, OP.
Guess you like latina teen mom bronx trash.

File: 1591310321332.jpg (121 KB, 614x518)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
What hobbies do girls have? I tried joining hobby groups to try to find a potential gf, but they're all filled with nothing but guys
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kek i feel so bad for zoomers.
Most people have hobbies, every one has hobbies in one shape of form its just not everyone has skill based hobbies (1 in 2), very few (maybe 1 in 5) care to make it a part of their identity, and even smaller, literally maybe 1 in 1000, are dedicated enough to actually master said hobby. (You aren’t more likely to find a master of a skill in an autistic girl by the way, just one that identifies with their hobby as they take it so personally they can’t be honest with themselves) I pulled those numbers out of my ass but they should serve find as a rough estimate. Woman hobbies are shit like sewing, cooking, drawing, reading, dolls, history, volleyball, and film. I say this as a nontranny real woman. Women execute their hobbies differently too. Like they probably wouldn’t like WWII history but maybe mythology or Ancient Irish history. They are less likely to want to draw realist loomis shit from imagination, but would prefer to draw cartoons. They read more romance than say self help.
why not? there's nothing else worth spending it on, might as well get to speak to women
hot girls can be found at nightclubs, concerts, expensive restaurants and in random parks
nerd girls can be found only at home and in the local supermarket
Bro, unless you’re Chad, even if you did find hobbies with girls in it, they’re not interested in you bro. This is the reality for modern times. I truly feel sorry for average youngfags because its not that it’s over, it never even began.

What are some good questions to ask your peers in a writing class about your/their work? Like if you're in a class with younger students and their material doesn't particularly speak to you, what are some questions you can ask to get the conversation/peer review going?

File: 1674702740192067.jpg (629 KB, 1920x1080)
629 KB
629 KB JPG
How do I learn to be comfortable being alone?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>sometimes I look around the table at a restaurant and see other patrons, seeing them at times not having a good time due to whatever disagreement they have makes me appreciate the peace I can have on my own.
This has helped me with being alone more than anything. Went to go see a concert months ago on my own. Noticed in front of me a guy with his girlfriend having a horrible time. Girlfriend was passive aggressive not as into the concert as him, she ran into some other girl that knew her and they got loud and started gabbing and wanting attention despite the dude really obviously just trying to enjoy the concert. For some reason they couldn't. Observing that I realized there was nothing stopping me from making my way closer to the stage, away from their weird drama, and enjoying myself in the mosh. So I did that and had a blast.
> By pretending you can be temporarily happy while alone until you get back on your feet or whatever you are just deluding yourself. If being comfortable alone is mental illness then how can you be happy while alone?
This is exactly what I said /not/ to do.
Yeah I go to concerts alone all the time, its always a good time, unless when the band really sucks. It also helps that there's a few approachable people too since there's a thing in common from the get go
>The correct response is to identify what gets you down or and rectify the problem
Yes, but I can't figure out how to fix the problem of my loneliness.
If your happiness is not dependent on being around other people then you should be able to be happy while alone, yes? Do you not see the contradiction here?

File: Help.jpg (611 KB, 1386x1385)
611 KB
611 KB JPG
How do you show women, and also people in general, that you love them without saying it? Is this the way to get a girlfriend and friends?

My bf is a bartender at a strip club, he got me a job as a waitress there whcih was fine even if i feel awkward in the outfit but now has started to encourage me to flirt with customers for tips

Im awkward and look like Velma's blond cousin so I dont get many tips and he says if i am more hands on I will.

This whole scenario makes me uncomfortable as hell because it seems he doesnt care if i get felt up by other men.
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
and you've endured all that for 2 whole years, amazing.
>it seems like he thinks sex works like it does in porn
What does he do? What porn does he watch? What would you do if he was a cuck? Think you'd be able to go with it?
he likes to spank and boss me around in bed
he watches some extreme orgy shit

and no that would be a deal breaker

lol dude is into cucking + swapping or swinging or whatever its called

poor girl
Probably a larp, but

You're the one who has to tip out the bartender. More tips for you means more tips for him. He's probably also getting pressure from management since your performance sucks.

There, literally, are two types of guys who hit strip clubs:

1. Drunk young guys celebrating some stupid milestone. They travel in packs. Play them against each other. The biggest tipper gets the most attention
2. Sad, unfortunate men who can't get a woman. The fat men, ugly men, old fucks - they don't have options. Treat them like they're the most special person on the earth and they will happily part with their wallet. Learn the regulars, find out their names. Brush their arm with your hand.

I doubt your boyfriend is a cuck. He knows he can replace you. He also knows what a whore you are, which is why you're working this job. So act like the whore you are

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