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File: 0c3.png (116 KB, 357x411)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
I'm feeling it anons. I'm going for a walk. I haven't been outside in 10 months. I'm going to get a girlfriend on my walk. I can feel it. Today is the day. How do I approach girls on the street? What's the best way to ask them out?
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dont listen to this faggot
have this playing when you approach like it's something you just listen to, then turn it off when you strike up a conversation
>see girl
>think of ANY viable reason at all to go and talk to them
>do so

I talk to random women in the street all the time. Just yesterday I saw some girl walking her dog and I said "Hey I like your dog, what breed is it?" This became a 10 minute conversation. Sometimes they are dismissive and just say one or two words and keep walking and a few times they just straight up ignored me. Around 70% of the time I at least get a short conversation. I have never actually asked any women out this way but if I wanted to I would have and I am sure at least some of them would have agreed to a coffee date.
"You, me, fucky fucky, $10 short time?"

It worked for my uncle in Vietnam
You should just ask them if they would like to have intercourse, it's more time efficient.

File: tattoo-ideas-2020.jpg (97 KB, 1080x1080)
97 KB
I like the idea of getting a tattoo. I'm not scared of the pain or permanency.

Why do people get hidden tats?
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Get a SS tattoo
Get an /ss/ tattoo instead

If you are someone who is convinced that their character or personality will never ever chance, then I will be less inclined to think highly of you.

If you are someone who believes that scratching someone's name into your skin means you love that person more than someone who wouldn't do same then you are an idiot.
>Why do people get hidden tats?
Alot of jobs don't like you to have visible tattoes
Every tattoo, whatever its design, says "Born trailer trash - will die trailer trash"

Is it true that the helium bag is the best way to go? I've been strongly considering suicide, and this looks like the best method.
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Please don't give up. Keep trying to improve your life and improve the world. Your life is a gift and please make the most of it instead of throwing it away. You can do it!
>You gotta fight for what you want in life.
>Nobodys perfect.
lol tell that to the rich kid with millionaire parents.
If you care about a painless suicide you dont want to die.
File: resume.jpg (11 KB, 234x215)
11 KB
If you're worried about pain you're not ready to go.

Why don't more people care about self-improvement and deep, genuine connections? Whenever I make online friends or pen pals, I often at some point tell them what I believe to be their character flaws and personal failings. Sometimes doing so requires a 5 page message. Other times 10 or 20. They usually get more than a hair defensive and possibly even block me. I am forced to imagine that most people are simply narcissists that want yes men rather than true friends and are all the victims of delusional thought, who simply think of friends as being people to talk to rather than having genuine and authentic connections.
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Can you record your voice with vocaroo or something? I am curious in hearing you speak.
>Whenever I make online friends or pen pals, I often at some point tell them what I believe to be their character flaws and personal failings. Sometimes doing so requires a 5 page message. Other times 10 or 20
fucking kek
based autist
Get a 2 diminsional friend instead and write stories about them then
>Tonight we take a look inside the mind of an aspergers patient, struggling with basic social interaction.
You are projecting your own vision of other people too hard onto themselves, without them asking you to do so. No one likes you doing this. Who said you were in the right about your view of "idealistic them" in the first place?
If they wanted your opinion, they'd ask you for it. You are just telling people things they aren't interested in. Not only that, you're forcing a touchy subject on people who aren't comfortable talking to you about that subject. And even worse than that, you're forcing 10 to 20 page essays on them.

File: 1470891313.jpg (264 KB, 1240x1754)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
I have had this idea for quite some time now.
Whenever I play poker games or play poker with my friends, I am noticeably better than everyone else. Now my friends and random people online are not professionals, but still, I am not a professional aswell.
I really like the game, turns out I am better than random strangers, its fun and I enjoy playing it.
When it comes to playing poker with real money, I dont have any experience though. So I was thinking maybe I could make an account, put like 100 bucks in it, play the lowest entry tournaments and if I win something before I run out of those 100 dollars, then its good, but if I lose them all and not win anything I would be "folding" for eternity.
However, my family and people around are really not profound on any idea where you put money and you aren't guaranteed you will get something in return. I get it, makes sense I guess.
Do you anons have experience with online poker for real, can I get addicted, is it easy or hard when it gets to playing with real money?? Anything at all that you have for me? Literally any advice would be helpful!
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You can always play poker for free. There are several apps. I use wsop (free). If you make a lot there, maybe give real poker a try. You will go up against not so casual poker players in wsop in the higher ranks.
There's a lot of math into it. Study the math beforehand and know it confidently before you play for any real amount of money.
I know closely someone who plays professionally and he always knows what his odds are, and after he is done playing he studies every hand he lost and every hand he thinks was "interesting" to see what he could have done better.
Yeah, I will try that one aswell. I play occasionally ZyngaPoker, when I dont study, but even in the high ranks there is a lot of traffic there, and not a lot of good players.
Thanks anon, will do, I am interested in analysing things but I have rough schedule until mid February so I'll probably just play casual games and when I have more time get into it deeper.
Online poker is much harder than real-life because poker is NOT about cards. It is partly about statistics, and knowing at every second what the odds are; and it is mainly about psychology and being able to read your opponants.

File: 1610809778130.jpg (27 KB, 808x500)
27 KB
Clearly most adults feel this compulsion, to have sex, to have kids, to get married.
I've never felt this in my life. I'm 23.
I think I've mostly accepted that I am abnormal and maybe defective in some form. But I'm more concerned about what other people might think about me:
That I'm weird or dangerous in some way.
That I am repressed and/or gay and that I am either degenerate or that they can fix me by trying to hook me up with people.
That I am immature and don't have my shit together and incapable of handling myself.
That I am coping in some form and am secretly desperate and/or an incel.
That I am rebelling against my parents in some form, or against nature.
That I am a disgrace to humanity who will end his family's bloodline.
Stuff like that
Because like it or not peoples' perception of you matters and impacts their behaviour towards you. I don't want people to think I am scary and need to be watched, or that I don't deserve the promotion because I'm not mature enough, and I don't want to be constantly pressured by family to do something I don't want to do and don't care about but at the same time I don't want to feel like I'm "ending my bloodline" and disappointing my parents.
I don't know how to manage this feeling.
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>Guys control the relationships
No, normal guys do not control the relationship. Only the type of men you go after do. You're chasing tingles, not love. When you're 30 and alone, you'll blame all men for your predicament and become a seething roastie. Do yourself a favor and start looking at other types of men before it's too late for you. Women have an expiration date, men do not.

I personally have decided to stay single. Women just aren't worth my time. All the good ones got married a long time ago, and as a mature man I have no desire to date 18 year olds. Such is the price for such relentless devotion to my business. I didn't have much choice though. I went from having absolutely nothing to being upper middle class. My only options now are to date immature women, roasties, or mentally ill women. I'm hoping that once I get closer to 35/40 I'll have a better selection (divorced women who were in a long-term, committed relationship that just didn't work out). By then I won't have to worry about her having a young kid either. Older kids (10+) are fine, but I don't like young kids.
lol, ME after ANYBODY. Suuuuure, friend.
You will find her. Don't worry.
File: IMG-20210123-WA0198.jpg (81 KB, 720x711)
81 KB
Im in the office environment and have people from 20-68 yrs and the married ones are looked down due to been alwys unhappy and complaining of their wifes.

They are liked by companies becauae they are easier to keep/not jump into new jobs and can get away with less rises and more workload due to how much they don't want to return to their homes
>Nobody will think you are weird for not wanting kids or wanting a relationship
It's easy to get this impression when you spent your time on leftist websites dominated by fags and antinatalists. But you're wrong.
>What's your favorite coherent sheaf?
Durr I know algebraic geometry buzzwords so I must surely excel academically!
Go back to >>>/sci/.
"I'm saving myself for someone I can truly relate to and respect as a fellow human being with big tits."

Stuns them and they leave you alone.

I have a weak chin and have been considering getting plastic surgery for it while I’m at college, however I don’t want to tell my parents about it. If I get it what are the chances they won’t notice? Or is my plan retarded?
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It is likely they will notice. In my opinion it's just better to tell them beforehand, if you're firm about it they will eventually agree to it. If you do it and wait for it to blow up afterwards they can get really mad. Some parents are very liberal about everything but when you talk about modifying your body in some way they freak out, so this could ruin your relationship with them if they don't like it and you do it secretly
what's up Ashtin
I don't know who that is
>>23469534 (OP)
Not sure what your relationship is with your parents but Im basically in the same boat as you. I also have a dogshit chin, and it took me about 1 year to muster the courage to tell my mom and she's still a bit hesitant. At least with my mom, she doesn't care about the money but about my safety, so the hard part is convincing her about that. If I were you, I would consider telling your parents. This is because you need all the support you can get mentally and it's way better than telling people outside of your family.

Plastic surgery is not a fucking joke. At the end of the day, it's still surgery and there will always be risks involved with anesthesia. Think long and hard about why you want it. I kept lying to myself that "it's for myself" when reality I just wanted to get bitches, which is totally fine. I never got a choose as to what genes I got so why not try to change that. However, plastic surgery can be a slippery slope; once you get the first one it's likely you'll go for more. Not saying everybody is like that but it's definitely possible. Try to avoid wishful thinking. Understand that plastic surgery WILL NOT solve all your problems in life.

Also if you're really considering getting PS regardless, I would suggest doing a sliding genioplasty instead of an implant. Search up "bone resorption" and you'll fine scientific articles that show implants will actually rub of the bone in your chin. Think long term and understand what risk management is. That means don't cheap out on some sketchy surgeon because you just want it done, save money, do your research so you are doing it the right way. It's kind of like how some people will never play the stock market because "you'll always loose money". Yeah no shit, you'll lose if you don't do your research.

As for myself, I haven't done it yet as I've been careermaxxing. Who knows maybe I'll do it in the future but as for now, I find myself battling these demons every day.

Is this a good shampoo for dandruff and if not what is?
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Anyone who doesn't use the green apple scent is a chump.
Heh. Mine too. Been using it ever since!
Yeah. I had a case that the extra strength stuff with selenium sulfide would touch it. Kinda smells odd, but it works.
stop using shampoo
To be fair, this gives credit to their marketing department more than it does their actual usefulness.
That being said, works for me.

I have to quit alcohol. Don’t ask why but I have to do it, or else my life will be ruined. I’ve had good success staying sober thus far, but the biggest problem is: it’s boring. What the hell am I supposed to do for fun that doesn’t involve drinking? I feel like quitting booze just means resigning yourself to having a lower energy, less exciting life.
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>quitting booze just means resigning yourself to having a less exciting life.
no you have the same boring life as before, its just that now you're aware of it and are mentally competent to do something about it.
I don't have an answer for you man. I'm in the same position. Just offering support. I've managed to go sober multiple times for shorter stints (and have to go indefinitely sober again in two weeks), and it's like being a little kid. You can't do anything an adult would.

People basically just tell you to cut out your friends and exercise, which is BS.
>Video games
>Substance abuse
Yes anon, exactly the same
Im a chick in my 30s and will be sober 10 years come October. When you start, it is soooo boring. My first outing I had with my friend, we literally had no idea what to do. Ended up marking Xmas wreaths in October haha!

My thing was teaching myself a how to do a unique task/ hobby. So, I learned how to make fresh pasta. Then, I became a volunteer dog walker at my local rescue. Met other people there that I befriended who didn’t prioritize drinking. I also taught myself to replace doorways, trim, make dog houses, needlepoint, and graphic design and animation. It crazy how much free and creative time you have when you don’t have a hangover.

Also, when I do go out with friends (remember I’m 10 years in) I get a ridiculous drink instead of just a soda. Like straight up normal adult at the bar with a Shirley Temple and 18 cherries haha! Also, “faux-jitos”(fake mojitos) is a really good drink. “Mock tails” (cocktails without alcohol) are becoming a popular thing in restaurants and clubs

File: 09b9ab78.jpg (68 KB, 699x485)
68 KB
Is it normal to constantly have an imaginary dialog with my ex? Literally, every time I'm alone with my thoughts, I think about my ex. Specifically, I imagine our last conversation when he said that he's in love with another girl.
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Wow this point of view is so horribly warped...I'd refute specific points but there's just too much wrong with this.
thanks frens
What a weak response from a weak person.
>already knew each other
Yeah, I know this feeling. The secret is, though, that unless it's literally an existing friend group or a very tiny community, they didn't all join at the same time. Some of them came in late, just like you, and just hung out long enough to become part of the circle. And you can do this too! Introduce yourself and just give your 2 cents on whatever topic comes along. Unless the server is full of dicks, nobody will mind, and they may enjoy having a new perspective on things. Rinse and repeat until you get to know people-- or worst case, DM the coolest person in there and try to make friends 1-on-1. It's easier than you probably think (most people are flattered to get personal attention, unless you're super weird about it).

If the server has regular VCs or watches movies/plays games together, see if you can get into that too. Good luck OP! I believe in you.
Oh, and one last thing-- if the server you pick is actually full of dicks, or if you somehow spill your spaghetti and ruin everything, just leave and join a different one. Don't get discouraged! It's online, there's zero stakes.

File: going.jpg (10 KB, 299x169)
10 KB
I couldn't take it being poor. I'm already 21 years old and I only have $11k in savings. While I'm wasting my youth and time slaving away, my friends are having a good time traveling around the world before the pandemic. Even now, they're still traveling locally and going to high-class restaurants while I have nothing and living along with worthless retards who tries to push me to weed everyday. I wasn't so lucky to be born in a rich household even though I'm surrounded by rich people, that didn't help me become a better person. Everyone here seems to be having relationship problems, but how come nobody here has problems financially? Is everyone here rich?
Not that many people have access to 11k in a savings account man. I have a really small savings account because I simply have to spend the money I earn to, ya know, have a place to live and a car to drive around. Things could be a lot worse for ya

What's stopping you from traveling around the world yourself? You have enough money for a trip to Europe or Asia. That is, once the pandemic clears up
>21 years old and I only have $11k in savings
I had 3k savings then my car broke down. Now i have no savings.Stop thinking about it and do some lines cunt. Get some hobbies also.

File: 7xkryc3q6iky.jpg (199 KB, 1242x1225)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
I feel like I'm making a horrible mistake but I don't know what else to do.

>Be me
>Age 25
>For medical and personal reasons, stayed at home this whole time.
>Only have 20K in savings
>Live in a small nowhere border town
>Goal was always to head to university the moment my operations were done. Use that as a way to enter a bigger city.
>Passion has always been for filmmaking. That's all I want to do.
>Figured I'd go to university, meet people to act in my movies, submit those to festivals and allow the work to speak for itself. Get noticed that way.
I'm finally ready and I'm following this plan because it's the only one I know. But I can't help but freak thinking that I'm 25 and hopping in to this world of debt is crazy and a mistake. But even if I don't make it in to school, what the fuck do I even do? How do I take the next step in my life? I missed out on youth because of my medical problems, but that's over. I want to be young, I'm a KV, I want to experience things for the first time. I don't want to make a wrong decision here.
Bruh I don't have 20k in savings what the fucc

I am also 25 and struggling to grip with my youth passing me by, but idk man. If it's truly the only thing you're passionate about go for it, and try like hell to get your work out there. Then at least you wouldn't regret not doing it

only you can make choices in your life. Neither your parents, or randoms on 4chin can do it for you either. I know my sister got herself into a ton of debt doing a master's program in a big city, but it paid off for her because she used her connections to get a research position. No matter how you slice it, it's a risk, getting in debt to get educated.
I'm no financial expert but taking on debt for some faggot degree is a bad idea. I went to community college and my parents paid for my degree and even I regret college. Not just because of the money wasted, but the TIME I wasted. The time I spent in those dumb classes I could have spent working/starting a small business idea. I didnt learn a single thing from college. You have 20k and are still young. If you go to college, by the time you are done, you will be older, have less time, and have less money. Don't go to college unless you are absolutly 100% sure you have to. If you want to do film making, just know that creative feilds are an uphill battle, and you need to become very skilled in that feild to make money from it. You wont get skilled by shelling out tens of thousands of dollars to listen to some retard teacher for hours on end.
if you're gonna go make sure you know it's because you want to improve your skills at doing something you like and for the social experience. i heard from other film makers that making money after the fact highly depends on connections. going into debt sucks but it's hard to replicate a social environment like that while you're still young. you could technically hone your skill without school (tons of resources online) and just apply to work on movie sets or hire local actors to star in your own productions but that's definitely the harder way in the short term but you stay out of debt. i would not recommend wasting any more of your youth either way
The original plan was to go for a backup or something and then just make friends and use the social foundation I made to fuel my film ambitions. I have all the tech and equipment I need to make movies, I even think I have the skill, but what I'm lacking are human bodies to act in my movies. Now, I've applied for at least 2 film programs of the 4 (almost 5) universities I've applied to. And I'm partly regretting it only because I'm looking at the other submissions for portfolios on YouTube and they're all garbo and pretentious bullshit. But idk what else to do.
It really is the ONLY thing I'm passionate about. I wanted to be a filmmaker before I even knew that it's what I wanted to be. I just don't know what the alternative is for me if not for school.
I absolutely want to just be in an environment where I'm not only social and hanging out with other young people, in a city with actual life to it, and I want the opportunity to get to work making the movies I've wanted to make.

What do you think is the least youth-wasting choice I could make? I don't know that I have the money to both move to a better city and hire people to work on my movies. There's an appeal to working on film sets for me, if not just because I fucking hate working retail now. At any stretch, having a job where I can actually be a part of the industry I love is appealing.
Skip uni
Spend some of savings on movie gear
Make movies

File: pepecringe.png (145 KB, 798x644)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
Going to hangout with my girlfriend of 2 weeks for the first time anons, I've only seen her in uni a couple of times, but today is the day.

Any tips?
Enjoy and if something irks either of you talk it out instead of holding it in.
how have u got a gf but never hung out with her?
This. Just because a girl said hi to you that doesn't means you're gf and bf
>hangout with my girlfriend of 2 weeks for the first time anons.
She's not your gf mate. Not yet anyway.
Go watch a movie or sth

How to find a man that is not a degenerate, porn consumer or sociopath?
30 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Those people aren't actually good, if all they see is a bag of gold.
By realizing that the final form of protestantism is atheism. It is a huge logical jump, but once you see it, you can't unsee it.
>Bible alone is exactly what you and every other atheist or agnostic would expect: a meme.
>The real "redpill" is that there is no perfect man or woman BUT as you search for the Truth, people of good will becomes visible since you have a well defined moral framework.
Don't listen to the bible alone idiots.
you're weak, that's why you think all of them are like that
Unironically get into a sport and hit on guys there.
The most important thing is too probably withhold sex for a couple of months. You might get a few duds while dating is what it is.
There are guys out there i'm one of them.
dm me :)

Any advice on where to find freelance jobs on the internet?
What if I don't have skills
learn them

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