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I go to Church because I’m part of a Christian program. I always believed in God since my acid trips and I thought I was so spiritual and smart and just thought Christianity had the same exact beliefs as me for some stupid reason.

Anyway, after church I felt unbelievable gratitude. I am blessed. I’m ten times happier, productive, grateful, I truly love life since I found Jesus Christ.

My advice to you all is to find something you believe in. Even if you have to go to Church a thousand times or pay for a thousand hours. Once you find that “thing” your life will change overnight.
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I've been really depressed for a while and wanted to go to church for weeks now but always postponed it. I really should go. Thanks for reminder
File: 0098f-toptem39.png (73 KB, 387x348)
73 KB
God bless you anon, take your long walk with Christ on the path to the Kingdom, this material world and all in it is temporary but the love of God is always and forever.
You don't have to go to church just be baptised and read the word of God in Bible and build a relationship with Jesus Christ.

>But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

Matthew 6:6
I was thinking about exactly this when I saw ops image and just how petty someone would have to be for them to point it out. As if Jesus would care.

File: E5dfjIyX0AInZEt.png (616 KB, 962x684)
616 KB
616 KB PNG
How come every time we build something nice for people, liberals swoop in to ruin it?
Yeah! Liberals are the ones ruining things. Not the predatory exonomy that keep wages stagnant, mutilates the environment, destroy families, contributes to urban sprawl and displacement. Liberals are obnoxious but identity politics is a thinly veiled distraction from real issues.

You can handle a few heated discussions on Twitter fgt
Thank you for your insightful input
>predatory economy
A lot of sjws and liberals are dangerously close to learning about a community they know well and would have every reason to want to eradicate it, yet are kept so far away from such a realization. They can justifiably point out symptoms of them all say yet are unable to say the cause.

File: 1622707211089.jpg (170 KB, 1200x1223)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
What are ways that I could make myself funnier? Depending on the ppl I'm with I'll be varying degrees of funny, I can't intentionally bring forth a comedic ability. I've made friends, coworkers/classmates, teachers/bosses & strangers laugh. The issue is that I can't control it, it just happens. I have an easier time making my close friends laugh than anyone else. I want to become funny more often and intentionally
maybe if you watch a lot of comedy
Just replicate what funny people do, roughly speaking. Being social in any successful manner is 40% regurgitation, 45-50% performance/presentation and charm, and 10-15% originality.

Okay so once a few months ago, I let David Liebe Hart crash at my apartment while he was doing his “tour”. Ever since then this guy has called me at all hours of the day to complain about random people being so horrible to him. How do I gently tell him that I want to cut off contact?
Have a spine.
>gently tell him
You don’t have to tell him shit just block his number lol

File: 1628118075057.jpg (57 KB, 598x824)
57 KB
How do I fall back in love with my boyfriend? Last week he got really sick with a bad stomach bug and puked 20 times in one day, and that was so gross I went from infatuation to just losing all my feelings.
get a bit older, realize you are just as gross when you end up in a similar situation. Passing through the disillusionment of the reality of relationships is part of growing up and having mature relationships
bruh wtf this has to b8 kill urself tranny
File: 1627595942642.jpg (40 KB, 524x228)
40 KB
Kys selfish tranny

File: 1620665081482.jpg (759 KB, 1400x1980)
759 KB
759 KB JPG
Is there any website/application that helps me questify my activities or should I just use paper?

Ever since my early 20's ive found that i have no attraction to any woman i dont actually give a shit about.

I appreciate a nice piece of ass but the lust is gone in all but relationship type situations... Randomly going out and meeting a woman has been pretty much pointless for me whatsoever as no matter how hot they happen to be, i wont give a fuck unless i actually give a fuck.

Am i depressed or just getting old?
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I'm 27 at this point and find casual sex dramatically less interesting/alluring than sex with someone I have a romantic interest in. It's fucking annoying because I do fine on Tinder or whatever but I lose steam really quickly because there's no romantic attraction which traditionally takes months to grow.
My sex hormones are pretty much exactly where they should be for my age, some a little high than others.
When you don't derive self worth/validation from random people, casual sex just isn't that interesting.
You may be Demi-sexuale
File: 20210502_112325.jpg (27 KB, 433x591)
27 KB
oh no not awkward social situations!

hope you live through this somehow, Anon
This lmao. Women are humans and you’re treating them as such, good job. This is how every man should think desu.
i'm the same way

i might be slightly autistic as well but this has also been a constant factor for me my entire life. hot strangers will come on to me and the only time it goes anywhere is if i'm drunk enough to pretend they're someone i care about

currently head over heels for this girl right now but i'm probably going to screw it up if she doesn't

hopefully it all works out tho

File: 1628160597310.png (361 KB, 427x576)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
Title. Stuggling a lot with work as customer interactivity stresses and tires me out. Any tips on how to reduce this besides showing up slightly buzzed?
I feel for you anon I work at a call center and before the week ends I feel like genociding everyone in the building, taking the customers adresses and going Jason Voorhees on their asses. What helped me was getting some hobbies outside of work and not making them another hustle I tried that and almost lost it. I'm learning to draw and into gunpla and slowly building a Warhammer 40k army. I'll sketch or plan out my models while at work and it helps time go faster and keeps rage and stress down.
I would though there's sadly little downtime for me. I work in retail and planning my hobbies would look bad.

File: 1627320859851.png (71 KB, 598x457)
71 KB
What do when youre so ugly you cant even find love? When even your own parents left you to your own luck the moment you made 18? Cant even get a fucking job in a store because of my looks.

Is crime the only real road left? This is not a bait thread btw.
It’s in your head. Post face.
There's also the military you know?
in regards to love, dont. focus on yourself, the only love you need is self love.
You can't love yourself unless someone else loves you

File: 1600800381190.jpg (166 KB, 1600x855)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Get it off your chest while you still can, anon.
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I just want to surrender, I don't have it in me any more.
I try and I do what I can but life finds a way to fuck with me and humiliate me. I feel my life is a cruel joke, the worst things I can imagine are coming true as if I have some kind of gay superpower.
it is since she pretended to be interested in my friendship for so long now I have no friend left
I can only be myself around very like minded people who I know won't judge me or that I know accept me the way I am and know the way I am and I know they are ok with that, or even like it.

But when I'm around my parents, I feel like I can never be myself fully, like I need someone there with me that understands and knows me, then I can be more comfortable being myself but at that point I become self conscious about being myself so I'm being selective about the things I do, say, or how I say them, like I'm filtering out all the excess that I know people like my parents don't accept or like or would humiliate me for.

Thing is, that translates onto other people too, say my supervisor in my last job, she made me feel extremely self conscious and I would block out like 80% of my personality and what I'm really like, but when she wasn't around I was ok being myself around others. It sucks because that job required me to use my personal skills and essentially take advantage of being myself because thats what worked with the clients I worked with, but then my supervisor enters the room and I'm that awkward, quiet kid sitting down and whispering everything because I'm too afraid to make myself known or something like that. The shitty part of that is that I NEEDED to be at my best when my supervisor was around because its her that evaluates my work, and what she sees is that I'm incompetent and incapable and the word of others that work with me means nothing to her if she can't see it, but I just can't ever bring myself to BE myself around people like that. I don't know what causes this, but it cripples a lot in my life, I fucked up a lot of jobs because I was surrounded by people I couldn't be myself around and it made the work 100x more stressful and time just dragged on forever and I knew I couldn't work there anymore. I wish I was able to remove that and just be me at all times, I hate how selective this shit is for some reason but its crippling me
A code shift is normal and most people do this. Your cultural homogeny is different than those around you so you shift to something more suitable. People who don’t do this are either dicks or “confident” and some are just socially unaware or autistic.

Watch how any of your friends change tone and posture when they get a work call, that is a code shift. These codes are basically what is taken for granted and what is straight up rude, professionalism is being shifting without hindering your performance.
I wish I had brain cancer

File: file.png (1.11 MB, 1165x1280)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
I'm a student, so everywhere you ren't you're kind of stuck with foreigners. The worst are the Pajeets, I had a rreally bad experience with one
>constant staring at white people (I don't know if this is a normal thing for them)
>comments on every little thing, how you cook, what hobbies you have, "Sir, why do you do like this?"
>doesn't understand our humor, couldn't handle bants. got so offended by it he lost his shit over it 3 weeks after the fact.
How the fuck do you deal with this or find out if there are foreigners in a house? I've tried to bring it up casually when viewing like "So, are the people in this house working? Undergrads? Masters?" with the landlord but I rarely get info like whether it's shitskins out of them. Asking directly would get you ignored or hung up on unfortunately.
Can anyone speak from experience and say which foreigners are worst/least bad? Chinese are probably a no-no, I'd consider Americans or Canadians but haven't had experience with them personally.
Canada is pajeet/chink colony now, anon. It's our country now bitch. YOU are now the foreigner, mayo ass. GTFO of all pajeet and chink owned lands now.
I'm not in Canada, I'm in western Europe. I said I was considering living with Canadian or American international students.
I live in an apartment in Japan, the Japanese tenants around me are all no problem at a but one of my neighbor is a Pajeet who literally throws garbage out of his window and talks loudly on the phone until 3am on weekdays around 3 days a week
Yeah I'm just saying don't ever come to Canada as it is no longer a white majority country and belongs to pajeets and chinks now. As soon as the boomer generation dies off it'll be about 20% white. You have no right to come here.

England, France, Germany, Sweden, soon all same story. Only different immigrants. Haha I love watching white cancer scum go extinct LOL.
Anyone have the full image? thnx

Why are American Jewish women big degenerates?
4 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
1. American
2. Jewish
3. Women

There's 3 reasons op
My mother isn't.
The trifecta of evil
Lmao good one
Cool. Did she have any daughters?

File: 66.png (105 KB, 594x585)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
>wants to become a mechanical engineer cuz big money
>struggling with physics

is there any hope left or should I go with something else bros
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>just get a bunch of exercises

Yeah, from now on I'll be doing this.

Today I spent 6 hours doing exercises and I kinda liked it. I just hate how the most complicated exercises have the easiest resolutions for fuck sake.

yeah sure bud
>Today I spent 6 hours doing exercises and I kinda liked it. I just hate how the most complicated exercises have the easiest resolutions for fuck sake.
You don't meed to autistically do the most fucking convoluted triple integrals they put in the book. But you do need to do enough that you feel comfortable with the concepts afterwards. If you just listen to lectures and take notes you will *feel* like you get it, but you generally won't actually burn the math into your brain until you do it.

Look into spaced repetition, too. Doing 20 excercises over a couple of days spread out over weeks with other related concepts in between will probably work much better than grinding them all out at once and then forgetting everything. If you are decent at HS math you can grind your way through any non-math STEM major like this even if you're not great.
>>struggling with physics
do you struggle getting good grades and getting >90% on the tests?
Look for a good book explaining the specific topic. /sci/ can usually recommend good books regarding STEM topics.
And do a lot of exercises, like a fuckton of them. Especially focus on exercises provided by your Prof, as the exam will likely look simmilar.
Do you struggle even passing your classes?
lmao, your a brainlet.
Focus on doing the exercises your Prof gives you or examples he does during class.
Try to find common patterns in the solution to specific exercises within a (sub-)topic, try making small changes to the problems and see how that affects the path to the solution. (E.g. "if my system had rotational symmetry instead of axial symmetry, how would I calculate that shit in polar coordinates instead of carthesian coordinates?" or "if i increase or decrease some given values depending on the problem, what happens to the solution?")
As long as you aren't a complete retard, physics can be learned. If you want to abandon ship though, you can go into software engineering. Shits not too bad. They expect you to not know shit and it's cozy work, no physical demand.
Are you legitimately struggling with it or are you being lazy? I'm molecular bio major and I almost choked on chem lab and ochem, but I persevered and was at the very least able to graduate with a decent GPA. Eventually, and after some legitimate work, it clicked.

Engineering is an amazing way to make money if you can put a foot in your door on the job market. Much better than molecular bio.

File: aVYDZ0d_700b.jpg (84 KB, 700x694)
84 KB
For guys:
>No social media
>Joe Rogan / Jordan Peterson
>His favorite movie is Fight Club
>Has expensive computer
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>Guys why are celebrators bad I like them
Bitches want to see some history. Post once a year at least.
>have sex
ah yes,u XX retards never change
this thread is b8,I repeat this thread is b8
No, you zucked zoomer

Every time I get a new job or move to a new class etc I start of sort of liking some people Then withi. A few weeks they start being cunts or I can’t deal with their mood swings or whatever and I just contentedly hate whatever place I’m in.

Like it’s now a horrible place because I can’t get along with anyone and don’t like soeaki to them and wouldn’t want to be friends with them.

Does this happen to everyone? Even if there’s just one person I hate and I have to be around them it ruins my day.
Yeah it does.
You easily get annoyed by others.
I take destress pills on days I know Ill get stressed by people who make me nervous or stress out easily.
I don't like but it helps sometimes
Happens to me too, especially in work environments but even with relatives and friends of my partner.

I end up spending too much time with them and get to see their flaws and weaknesses, notice them each time then they get blown out of proportion. I'm also a faggot for this but it makes me annoyed by various little things and patterns they have. I know I do too

I wish I could stick to the positive things more, even as time goes by

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