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/vmg/ is a place to discuss all types of mobile games, including both Android and iOS, phones and tablets. Please note that Nintendo and Sony handhelds are considered consoles, and that threads pertaining to those platforms and their gaming titles should be posted elsewhere.

Does this mean discussion of mobile games is banned on other video game boards? No! /vmg/ is just a separate board specifically focused on mobile games where discussions about your favorite games can thrive.

Please familiarize yourself with the rules and remember to use the spoiler function where appropriate!

Please note that, like /v/, "Generals"—long-term, one-after-the-other, recurring threads about a specific game are not permitted on /vmg/. Such threads belong on >>>/vg/

File: nomnom.jpg (332 KB, 2000x1100)
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The comfy months continue!
everyone's dead after the last Theater
Just a rerun this month. Also some tacticool stuff is finally coming in.
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File: sororitas doll.jpg (32 KB, 720x720)
32 KB
Not really worth it for dolls. Better burn your resources on fairies 2bqh
It's a meme for non-SG collectors. Heavy equipment-Fairies on the other hand is much more important. Anyways, Thompson's a good SMG and a decent character one of the stories.
Duly noted. Thanks again frens.

Also, thank you to whoever of ya'll use my trash echelons in your missions, and a very hearty thanks to you with the Nanda frenshelons.
Wait did you post your ID before?
Yeah I did, roughly a week and a half ago. My frenshelon is now just over 19k day combat rating; massive improvements with the explainers and tips ya'll have given me.

File: Cid Raines.png (567 KB, 471x892)
567 KB
567 KB PNG
You pulled for Cid, right?
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Lv.90 was a gigantic power spike for the entire playable cast so I don't see challenge quests being awful ever again unless they are in the new difficulty instead of Luf/Luf+
Good reminder that when CQs became a thing they were Chaos while the Chaos meta was still going.
Is there a new Crystal type for the 81 to 90? If so, how rare/difficult is it to obtain?
Yes. They're about as hard as getting the crystals to go from c70-c80. You get them from doing co-ops and such.
another lufenia+ done
also people need to take their speed passives off Yuna I don't need her taking turns she just needs to sit there looking pretty like all bitches should
Leaving units at c70 is okay? Dont really care about doing Cosmos/Lufenia as I dont find that fun, I just want to play with my chars and pull for the ones I like.

File: NY Luluca.png (532 KB, 1156x1493)
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532 KB PNG
Ressurected /flip/

>October's New Year events

>JP Team Comp/Tier list

>JP Database

>Global Team Guide

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I'm so sorry anon, I stole all your rats. I got 3 in the free pulls so far.
light fever
Uncle Cag get
>Don't have Clarisse or Marina
It's over...
Skill damage is the most fun

There are games similar to magicus??

File: St.jpg (126 KB, 1158x1142)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Do it for her
No matter how many plat Hectors you get
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Dex buffs gunners, and gunners are crazy
They don't call him "Crazy Fuse" for nothin'!
I wanted to roll for School Sif (only Sif style I'm missing, she's a fave) and Doll, only have the Monika style there. But I agree, no discount no roll.
Meant Cotton, sorry. Would also like Doll though. Speaking of elemental gunners, I'm surprised global hasn't gotten a GLEX Mei-ling yet, considering we got a GLEX SS sun gun just for her.
The only time it was seriously used was BlackX Romancing and Aunus Romancing because both counters direct attacks with some bullshit
But the first one saw more play then the third one by far

File: 1570316234067.jpg (159 KB, 1105x1549)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Alright lads, here are the cheapest set-ups I can find for Ishtar fest CQs.

1st: vs Bride, OH LALA, and Use Me...
>Bikini dork

2nd: vs Eric Bloodaxe, king of the Bloody Axe who wields a Blood stained Axe
>Mecha Liz

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>jpg roulette
Thinking about it like this actually helps. Plus learnt to never roll down completely again on a single banner.
I got spooked by Jinako early on so I'm not mad
File: 1626765792327.jpg (70 KB, 828x447)
70 KB
>Summoned Space Ishtar
Realized there were only 9 days left in the event and saw people were having trouble Liz. Burned my seals and got them out of the way. That leaves 2 revives for the next 2 CQs if I really need them.
That Liz CQ was no joke.
I tried "farming" with 2 Skadi and Xiang Yu and need CS to gun them down.

File: 1633490328767.jpg (2.5 MB, 3007x2183)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB JPG
Did you summon for any of this year's Halloween units?
Who do you think the next Legendary will be?
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>a red unit
>on shared focus
>with 700 orbs
DAMN SON can i rub your head for good luck
I got 5 muspells too I should note
That banner was particularly weird, the rates for red 5*s on it were statistically much higher because of how the summoning system works.
Holy shit
Thats some insane luck
Went from 457 to 261 finishing Guin, but I should recover from all the LHB orbs that I missed by the time I spend again.
None, still desperately going after Gustav for Near Save. If I get another Catria though I won't mind, since she's got really good fodder.

File: mech.png (425 KB, 1271x716)
425 KB
425 KB PNG
Meg is OP, yo.
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All pass skins are very impressive and a total visual overhaul. Even characters like Lou and Collette have very solid pass skins. This one feels like an 80 gem random update skin. Like Burger Lou kek
Take it back Burger Lou is soulful.
At any rate I like Lola's gameplay as well. I think itll be fun gunning down a tick or a sprout from across a wall and shes the first solid tanky midranger we've got in a while (squeak is mediocre, bo is mediocre, gene is nerfed, emz is mediocre, nita is mediocre, sandy is op but boring). So a nice skin to go with is just a nice benefit, I dont want to wait 4 months for her to be an epic.
File: august2021winners.png (3.84 MB, 1536x1536)
3.84 MB
3.84 MB PNG
Mapfags still waiting on the 1.0 mapmaker update, it's been almost a year since they introduced the editor and they've done like 1 or 2 small update's worth of changes, not to mention the insultingly low quality maps that are highlighted every day.
Not even contests are worth it, the last one had by far the shittiest and most bland selection of maps. (see pic)
Lol yeah almost forgot about that. Still no knockout even though it's a permanent mode now. Apart from that theres not much to add to map maker anyway, in terms of map creation features. In terms of map sharing/discovering they could definitely do better, still cant even share maps to clan mates or randoms by download links or something similar. Oh well, skins make more money. Just wait for big club update goy
File: Circuit Board.png (2.09 MB, 2050x3100)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB PNG
There's quite a few things i want to see added actually
> More environments apart from just the base ones.
> All the permanent gamemodes
> Move / Delete / Copy + Paste multiple objects at the same time
> Better zoom range
> Save 3D render / Screenshot to gallery

I believe they already have the backend sorted out for proper map sharing, or at least prepared for it, it's just a matter of implementing the front end and figuring out a time to release it.

Also, something i made a while ago.

File: Amphitrite_Intro.png (987 KB, 1000x879)
987 KB
987 KB PNG
Shikkic- I mean commander
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Am I missing something? Why is Draculina dressed as a construction worker?
Read her bio.
because she is one!
you should try it anon it’s hard but honest work
File: 1635027395152.jpg (377 KB, 972x1917)
377 KB
377 KB JPG
>Her performance on the stage, which was brilliantly produced by AR technology, was the target of people's admiration in the past, but when she got off the stage, she was sometimes sent to the construction site. The super-vibration sound wave equipment that Draculina used on the stage showed high work efficiency.

According to her JP and KR introductions, Bismarck Corporation used her model as construction workers when they weren't on the stage.

Could we ever get this game back if we petitioned for it? I miss it like you wouldn’t believe.

File: comfy pulls.jpg (743 KB, 794x1000)
743 KB
743 KB JPG
Excitement is dead without TYBW. Collaborations with untranslated novels and a spin off manga with a handful of chapters aren't enough.
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File: ken patch i.jpg (100 KB, 640x800)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Fucking epic, bust my ass doing the new cancer tower, and as my reward a 6th dupe of 5A Byak (that gave me an equally ebin roll of +1000 stamina)

This shit was SO not worth it.
It is funny to use a power creeped character.
I always use my Power Swimsuit Orihime (She's old AF) because she's cute
>1564 days later and still no One Arrow Uryuu
RNG pls
File: 1618155367202.jpg (64 KB, 1242x685)
64 KB
>loading data..

File: fri fait.jpg (81 KB, 1080x609)
81 KB
quien se juega unos free onions heroico y toxico :v
Kys spic grasoso de mierda
Based spic filterer.

File: The Mouthful Title.jfif.jpg (694 KB, 1920x1080)
694 KB
694 KB JPG
For all things Cookie Run, look no further! Players new and old, come in and enjoy your time discussing various cookie related games! Here's what's the latest:

>Super Fashion Week continues with the release of Chocolate Bonbon Cookie!
>Clear the Puzzle Event - Do various tasks to receive prizes and Bon Bon herself!
>Fashion Magazine Daily Reporter - Choose the fate of future Cookie Run content through libel!
>Treasure Mastery: Timeweaver Scissors: Use them for free stuff!
>Shining Glitter Cookie's Fan Club - Do things for likes to exchange them for rewards!
>These events, along with Super Fashion Week, Treasure Trial and Sour Belt Cookie's trial and the Diary rewards end in 9 days!
>Interdimensional Super Mayhem - Set teams of cookies off to fight and die for their kingdom!
>Mala Sauce Cookie and Twizzly Gummy Cookie arrive!
>Mala Sauce's featured gacha lasts for another month, same as most events!
>Receive Twizzly Gummy in the gacha or the Reward-O-Matic with collected Electroids!
>English voiceovers have been added!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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In one day you managed to get almost all the cuties, you only miss Blueberry Pie and Chess Choco, well done my friend.
Inherent femininity? At least with me its not 100% coomer mode with me, theres plenty of charming and cool cookies like nagito cookie rockstar cookie
Also love how the trials force you to use all types of cookies regardless of their rarity with levels made for those cookies in mind
cookies have their own morals and laws, yes? but is sex with the cookiemals, for example, zoophilia? is it illegal to have sex with "underage" cookies? and how does one even categorize a cookie as a child/underage? because we have small cookies who are adults. Does 'toodlercoon' exist in the cookie world? is sex with dough (babies?) a crime? or is it a crime only after the dough is baked? many questions...
Ask Twitter if you want to die. Just fuck the cookies and cover your ears, that's the way.
Kumiho and Pancake can have wedding skins so... Zero problem

File: 1300044776986.jpg (618 KB, 984x1081)
618 KB
618 KB JPG
Look out, an IDV thread!
What's your favorite hunter trait to use? Does anyone still use listen?
418 replies and 118 images omitted. Click here to view.
>no control over whos skirt you're looking up
Slut. You'll do it with anyone.
Nee guy kind of interested in getting into this game after seeing the Bad Random music video. Any recs on where to get started? How f2p friendly is the game?
File: Leo at the computer.png (5 KB, 496x358)
5 KB
>Bad Random music video
I have no idea what that is.
>How f2p friendly is the game?
Very. Every day there's 3 characters available to use even if you don't own them. The gacha is cosmetic only, and you can get lots of cosmetics without spending real money anyway. Someone estimated it takes like 25-30 hours of gameplay to afford an expensive hunter (like 1.2 weeks of play). Once you've got a few characters you like to play the grind to afford them stops being an issue since you're having fun.

>Any recs on where to get started?
Download and play it? There's a PC version on the website, it still looks like the phone version (but on a mobile device that can handle max settings and no touchscreen UI overlay), and it has cross progression and crossplay.

I guess the rest would be explaining how stuff works? Do you know the basics of how the matches play out or are you completely new to asymmetric slasher games?
On the roster pages click n hold on the icons to get tooltips saying what they do.
Don't worry about the info dump text walls when checking out characters if it's too much, you'll figure it out as you play. Survivors all have a pin in the bottom left of their roster sheet, shows what they're good at in a general sense.

Progression is like a battlepass but with only 1 track. It's styled like board game. You earn "Logic Points" by playing, every 1k points you earn gets you a d4 to roll on the board game, you move that many spaces forward, picking up everything you go over. It resets at the end of the season, putting everyone back at 1 and replacing everything you've picked up. Most common pickups are clues (currency) and essences (gacha rolls).

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
so just a shittier Forward? I should really pick up Forward.
>so just a shittier Forward?
While i guess which survivor is better is up for debate cord defiantly isn't just a shittier forward
> I should really pick up Forward
Good luck forward is fun to play unless your team is shit

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