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File: change.png (1.77 MB, 680x510)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB PNG
If you realized you were gay or trans after adolescence you're either:
a. prison gay
b. a fetishist
c. afab
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I liked traps at least since I was 14. Does that count?
started testosterone = late puberty
traps = fetish
I had gay sex in grade 7. I just realized that :/ I was young wtf.
Why would you not deny something that is a sin?

File: 1563048090374.png (390 KB, 666x583)
390 KB
390 KB PNG
Why do they do it? No matter how hard they try they will never become biologically female (likewise for FtM). It's also very unlikely, no matter how many thousands of dollars they spend or surgeries they have, that they will even approximate the likeness of the sex they are aiming for. Rarely they will. But even then they will never have anything even close to representing the correct reproductive organs.

They go through so much physical and mental trauma for what? No matter how far they go they will always have in the back of the mind the thought that they're still not close enough. MtF will have a wound where their penis use to be which connects to their colon. FtM will have a meat stick with no feeling at all.

I'm going to state the obvious here, even if it's hated and will get me banned. This is clearly some sexual fetish which got idolized and became twisted over time. They go through all of this, building up anticipation through the praise of their peers, to what they see as their final goal, a full transition, and what they get is dysfunctional replica. They no longer even have the feeling to properly get off. In fact, in most cases it will cause pain.

I don't see how anyone can see this as anything other than a sexual fantasy. Besides bone structure, fat allocation and hair growth (which are changed with hormones) the only major difference between the sexes is the reproductive organs, most noticeably the genitalia. Something which can never be properly altered (at least not yet). This can be the only goal. The alteration of sex parts, a sexual fantasy.

I'd also like to address the idea that people with gender dysphoria are simply "in the wrong body". You genes determined who you were. XX for female, XY for male. If you changed XY to XX or vise versa you would not be who you are now. Your brain would not have developed the same way. This is the only body you could have ever inhabited. It was not a mistake. You'll have more success accepting who you are.
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Also the author of that thread is a genuine pedo who's been banned before. And was again.
I think you have a power fantasy. I wasn't banned. However, the thread was deleted, likely because it became too spammy due to your constant repetitive replies and my responses to them telling you that they were repetitive.
I'm not going to get into it again with you.
But sources for others who are interested:


I know this is a containment board, but it's getting a little out of hand...
Perverts trying to use the transgender condition as a shield. May as well say all white males are mass shooters and all blacks are thugs.

File: d3a9853.jpg (58 KB, 800x600)
58 KB
I wish I were in a cute transbian relationship
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discord is minty#1574
tfw cute and not outgoing switch
>tfw also cute and not outgoing switch

hi anon where are you from?
I'm on the east coast. Northeast specifically, how about you?
Where do I akwardly lurk to get cute and outgoing girls to hit on me?
I have guys hitting on me everytime I work on the weekends (literally the only time I go out), hot guys too, but I have never had a woman hit on me.

File: fuckinglol.png (154 KB, 1067x960)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
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>Trans women are just homophobic men.
i have a bf
Both of you are closeted gay men.
>implying i pass
passing is a myth

File: Waht.jpg (73 KB, 518x522)
73 KB
Hey /tttt/,

Are there any active tranner discords to join? I was in a couple which are basically dead now, and I just want to find other trans people to talk to who aren't gonna be reddit style weird
(I'm in the passgen one which is cool, but looking for more social ones)
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from my perspective the gulag exists to keep you out, not keep me in.
maybe if you ask in ltg for a friend invite and someone can inv u
i think they're just trying to avoid trolls joining too easily
Tgg? Lol
which one is the passgen one again?

File: 1562158047201.gif (268 KB, 546x546)
268 KB
268 KB GIF
Have you ever met somebody IRL who uses xie/xim or zie/zer pronouns or something other then he/she?
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Yeah, I hate it too lmao. And the thing is, those people would never ask that to someone who looks perfectly cis. It's basically just announcing to everyone around "hey, clocked a tranny over here!" Just so they can feel progressive with no regard for trans people's actual safety. If someone asked me that I'd probably just pretend I had no idea what they were talking about
The people who are really into asking pronouns actually DO think you should ask cis people, just so they can also the actual tranners without making it obvious that you clocked them.
Actually though it's usually not directly asking pronouns but trying to make it a thing to indirectly ask your pronouns by introducing themselves with their own pronouns.
Reading afab amab is annoying, I refuse to use that. Just say mtf ftm you idiots
My therapist has brought up the possibility that the symptoms I've described could be a result of gender dysphoria. I don't feel satisfied trying to identify as a female, but I don't feel wholly right identifying as a male either. So mostly between my friends, I like it when they use they/them to refer to me. I won't correct people if they say he or she, but I guess I fall under the umbrella of someone who uses something other than he/she.
Singular they/them is also my go-to for when I don't know someone's gender, but I'm decent at phrasing to where I can entirely avoid pronouns in conversation until someone else uses one.
I met someone at a trans group that used xe pronouns I think. They didn't super care if you messed up or used they though so I just tried to use they most of the time. I hate using neopronouns but it could have been worse and they seemed like a decent person

What can I do if I'm trans but I'm too old and ugly to transition? I am a legit 1/10 and my reflection upsets me everytime I see it. Being a woman is not going to work no matter how much I always wanted it.
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Go on hrt and perma boymode/manmode, if what your saying is true it cant make you any uglier so fuck it.
if you're gonna 40% yourself anyway, might as well try to get on hrt and boymode
stop fapping, there are things other than sex in life you can enjoy, you do not have to live out your cute gamer girl fantasy
>Posting the crazy fat monster lady from Apocalypse Zero
I hope you end up looking like a gigahon.

Might I suggest escapism? Go to work to pay the bills, and buy whatever computer hardware you need for your alternate life. Every waking moment not spent eating, sleeping or working can be spent in the virtual universe of your choice with the avatar of your choice. Hell, maybe there's some good VR stuff out there at this point, I don't even know.

Maybe try to feel like the virtual world is more real to you than the physical world. Perhaps you can develop a positive sense of self this way? I'm just grasping at straws, at this point, I have no idea if anyone's done this successfully. It just sounds like you're a pretty extreme case, so it's probably time to get creative.

File: IMG_20190715_184205.jpg (2.82 MB, 3840x2160)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB JPG
Hi /lgbt/

What is it like to suck a cock?

Pornos make it look like so much fun.

Can anyone give me a rundown? Sight, smell, taste, technique, etc?
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Only one way to find out for sure.

Hoping for something a little more detailed.

Sight is different every time obviously, but if you mean looking for any signs of STDs, check for sores around the crotch area and any leaking fluid that isn't precum.

The cock itself shouldn't smell or taste like anything if they have good hygiene, but if they haven't showered it's similar to what you'd get if you licked your armpit/ballsack. Had one guy who smelled and tasted like coffee tho, that was pretty nice.

Every guy is different, but I prefer giving sloppy BJs. Lots of drool, licking the head, alternating between sucking the head like a pacifier, deepthroating, and licking up and down the shaft. Using the drool to jack him off as well. The little line below head on the lower side is very sensitive, use it to your advantage. Learn how to control your gag reflex, there's plenty of tutorials online.
nice but very tiring especially when they are thick

Thanks for your response.

What about foreplay?

Positioning. Is on your knees best?

What about mouth hand coordination?

Eye contact?

How long will this take?

More abt taste please.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Saika.jpg (49 KB, 600x300)
49 KB
What childhood video games equate to which letter you are?
For example: a male playing cooking mama would 100% be mtf or a twink
Also, best character creation games
28 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
im B male (agp bottom). right now i like raising sims (like princess maker), visual novels (like phoenix wright), jrpgs (dragon quest), and platformers. my most played games r tf2, slay the spire, civ 4, and dragon quest (various). bye.
>Johnny Rocketfingers
>Metal Gear Solid series
>Gears of War
>FPS games
Only RPG I liked was fallout because you could blast people.

File: IMG_9d1ix0.jpg (9 KB, 176x162)
9 KB
>pretty balanced mix of barbie, bratz, catz, dressup games and fps, fighting, and racing games
>tranny "non binary" bisexual queer fairy
it all checks out...
Played Starcraft Brood War and Age of Empires 2, I think equates more on 'autism'
Dunno really
>Newgrounds dress up games religiously.
>Tf2, AOE, Age of mythology.
>CS 1.6, source and Half-Life
>Sims( had more fun playing female characters looking back. Made anime families and more recently female athletes)
>Fallout 3 Chibi mod
>Various hentai games(Artificial Girl 2 was my earliest)
>Tony Hawks 3/underground
>Love Hina Dating sim


File: dragon-gayge.jpg (162 KB, 1200x675)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Advise a fantasy book, the main character of which is gay, and in a world where homosexuality is prohibited, persecuted by the authorities, meets the hatred of society, is persecuted by the church.
Just play dragon age and change the word mage with homosexual.
maybe study some cases of sharia law?

File: 1561953128786.jpg (162 KB, 1000x1335)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
A lot of us live hermit lifestyles. Meeting people usually involves chatting online through whatever forums we browse.

How does one meet people in real life? Is is usually through work? Clubs? Grocery stores? Mutual friends?

So if one were to take concentrated effort to go out and meet people, would he or she just go to meetup.com?

I have no reason to ever leave my room. I go out for quick groceries, then I come back. I work and work and work in my room, at my computer. I exercise in my room and run at night.

So... without casual encounters in daily commute and routine through school and work, is that all? Just extracurricular meetings and clubs?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Ewwww. Y
File: large (1).jpg (28 KB, 500x544)
28 KB
I'm too socially awkward and i rely too much on having someone i know by my side. When i was dating that person we'd go out and i'd socialize with many people, most notable mentions are the guy from a gun store that would go for hours talking to us and getting me into airsoft (which i ultimately didn't try), to people in a card game store.

Since then i never really socialized in a deep sense. I'm currently dropped from college but i never connected with anyone there either, everyone was into drinking/drugs and horses while i like other things like cars, guns and science shit. And i was in STEM.

I told a childhood friend about my situation and he was surprisingly accepting, he's moving back to my city in some days so i'll see if i do something with him and meet people. Thankfully he's also into my weird hobbies, but he also told me about his college parties he'd bring me to, and idk if i'm anything into that. I have the convenience of knowing someone already, so i can get to know his friends etc.
I also thought about making a tinder to try making friends or anything else (yeah, stupid idea? but i heard it before alot). But i'm unfaithful in my long-term social skills. Anxiety builds up when i talk with someone out of nowhere, out of context, and i isolate myself often.
Weirdly enough, i'm pretty good at random, quick conversations with strangers. To the point people would sit in my table in the cafe and we'd talk alot without any business.
Really??? i do it all the time, and women tend to not get a creep vibe off of me... hell usually get a legit number out of it too..
You might be getting a predator vibe off of those people.
idk, people tell me they like to know me...
i mean i asssume you would want coffiee with me because i would be buying it for you, and the business i have with you, is you looked alone, and i didnt think you should be alone. i may not know who you are, but i really do just want you to be happy, even if it costs me a simple cup of coffee just to be sure that i did not contribute to your shitty day.
Horrible monsters please stay home.
Don't frighten children.
I would be really creeped out if someone did this

Agree or disagree?
16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
He just got too into the idea without realizing it was dumb and i didnt want to stop him since he insisted it was a good deal and he would need a new phone anyway
Lmao he went from samsung to apple, im still on samsung and im the one paying off their student debt
Then theyre retarded for not just getting an iphone to start with
I would love to have a caretaker bf
get a sugar daddy
I'm the dom top and I pay all the bills (mortgage, utilites, etc). My femboyfriend is a nurse; makes good money he uses his money for his car, he always pays for vacations, and he saves a fuckton of it because I got most of the bills handled. It works out well. This also allows him to only work three-shifts a week, which means he cooks for me a ton and always cleans this house. Shit is cash.

File: IMG_20190715_073911.jpg (106 KB, 1200x675)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Going to accept no bf, but I'm going to stop repressing
Are there any cheap but decent, 7 inch insertable dildos? Anyone have experiences with weighted blankets?
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Don't buy sex toys off of Amazon. They're all made of chinesium that will give you ass cancer even if they say they're made of silicone. Funkit toys has a bunch of dildos for around 25 USD in a bunch of styles if you want to try out ass play but aren't too sure yet.
File: 1562021340557.jpg (303 KB, 1242x1693)
303 KB
303 KB JPG
Try mine?
Why do they look like one of those third world children you see in human trafficking documentaries?
I recommend vixen since I love mine but it was 110$ no not cheap.
Tantus is usually cheaper+has good sales

I haven’t tried fukena but they seem to offer pretty cheap dual density dildos which is what I like the most, and seem to have an alright reputation.
Also glass wands from Etsy are cheap and nice, get one with a nice curve and a ball on the end they’re like 25-30$ and great for prostate shit

Which Trip do you think would be the most romantic? Someone who would make you feel like the most special person in the world?
26 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>What do you mean precisely by unorthodox ways?
I only share the details in private to people who have demonstrated they will benefit from that information.

>It's arrogant like a cult of personality.
It is a cult, but not of _personality_. Recall when I said people are vessels for my values. That goes for myself too. My philosophy is a part of my intellectual work. My intellectual work is far more important than me as a person. We only have some decades on the world. My intellectual legacy will be here after I no longer am. I will “live through it”, in a metaphorical sense. It is the closest thing to immortality we have.

>this brain child shit is like some religious all father.
Not at all. It is nothing extraordinary and common. Example: PhD advisers, philosophers that influence people with their thoughts, etc.
while I don't agree with him on a lot I still think they'd be the most wholesome and loving. I genuinely feel he's an honest working guy who loves deeply when he loves at all and would be the kind of person that would go through hell and high water not expecting anything in return but did it because he cares about you. people like that are rare
you should know he's also very handsome. nice beard.
this only makes my conflicted yearning stronger
Ksenia, stahp being an odd noodle
Honestly they probly just have the narcissistic tisms

I think I might have AGP even though I’m biologically female. I’ve had dysphoria about being perceived as feminine for the past few years (mostly hang ups over voice, height and tits) sometimes it’s more intense than others. But it goes away when I’m horny; when I’m horny I want to be a woman and please my boyfriend. But after I’ve cum the dysphoria eventually comes back. What the heck does this mean
20 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
see you on r/ftmspunished next year
Just how tomboy were you?

You're submissive in all your fantasies and sexual activities?

Do you imagine having a more feminine body than you actually have? Do you look at other women or art of women and AGP fantasize about being them? Transgirl AGPs do that a lot but you might be different.

>Sometimes I get off by imagining myself as a man trapped in a female body which is so many layers of depersonalization.
Tell me more about that please. It's a TG fantasy of having been turned into a woman, or a fantasy of being an FTM?

Maybe your dysphoria is over issues with gender roles and how women are treated, but you've fetishized that too as part of a submissive sexuality or to cope with that female socialization.

Why do you figure it's MTF bait?
I think I may have developed AAP as a coping mechanism or something. Sometimes I'm aroused by my own dick and the implications that follow, to the point of having a mild misgendering fetish. But after finishing once or twice I immediately go back to wanting it off of me, it's weird.
Sounds like AGP sub fantasies, similar to this AGP here >>12898383
I still have trouble believing this subreddit is real.

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