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File: 1541458006763.jpg (426 KB, 700x782)
426 KB
426 KB JPG
Please share your romantic/cute relationship stories :)
File: 1547416604526.png (301 KB, 703x675)
301 KB
301 KB PNG
>be me
>hug body pillow when I go to sleep and talk to it
>pretend it's a bf that talks back to me
>fall asleep
>gf loves me
>gf feels better about her body after all of my compliments
>gf is always happy and cheery around me
>i love my gf
How did you two meet?
>be me
>go to party with friends
>on hrt so dont drink
>friends get drunk
>my best friend who i also have a crush on tries to grab my boobs out of the blue
>i literally jump out of the couch
>land on my back
>best friend jumps after me
>sits ontop of me holding my hands down
>have no chance getting up as the cypro has melted my muscles
>just lay there under him blushing really hard
>look up at him and he also blushes

sadly he got up from the floor because my other friend got mad and started calling us faggots and wondered wtf was wrong with us.

File: Taftaj Transition.png (1.76 MB, 1548x758)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG
Post transition images that give you genuine hope. i.e the opposite of hons
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File: 4rpoch5g25121.jpg (442 KB, 2048x2048)
442 KB
442 KB JPG
She had FFS with Dr Zukowski.
These threads only ever hurt because despite the before pics looking like nerdy unattractive men they still have femme proportions and usually shorter faces :/

Ash saved up a years worth of army salary to get FFS.
Looked *way* better before.
Shorter faces for men means more testosterone...

hi members of lgbt, mostly transgenders.
i just wanted a moment of your time to spread awareness of transdimensional people.
transdimensionals suffer from dimensional dysphoria. there true self is misplaced in this 3 dimensional(or 4 according to some.) form.
In some cases they are actually 2 dimensional souls and deeply desire to become 2d beings. there is an attempt to be able to map their consciousness virtally to let them be their true selves. Others are 5,6 or 7th dimensional. these tend to be spiritual folk who are constrained in a limiting reality.
please support your fellow trans people
File: steamroller.png (714 KB, 960x639)
714 KB
714 KB PNG
>deeply desire to become 2d beings
File: images (2).jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
it's interesting you bring that up, some 2d trans people experience extreme destructive behaviours that may make them try to flatten themselves and in the process die, we need to help these people.
the 6th dimensionals have a bad habbit of commiting suicide based on a hope for quantum suicide, which is where they bellieve they may find their true selves beyond death
File: flat,550x550,075,f.u3.jpg (122 KB, 550x385)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
did Jesus have dimensional dysphoria
We call them anime LARPers, those are the hons that think they are prepubescent anime girls. They all need to be put out of their misery as soon as possible.

File: varg.jpg (44 KB, 720x480)
44 KB
Your letter
Are you a neopagan?

Me: mtf, I worship Tengri. Abrahamic faiths please stay out of this discussion.
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Do white people realize how cute it is when they denounce Abrahamic religions in an attempt to larp as vikings?
File: 1532762495199.jpg (51 KB, 520x597)
51 KB
Should be fairly clear we're all witches in service of the primordial dragoness.
You're right, I'm gonna stop and go larp as a desert tribe instead, rabbi. How could I have been so foolish as to larp as my own people?

World would be a better place without law religions.
>religious and lgbt
Fucking retarded.
Throw yourselves off the roof.

File: IMG_9627.png (738 KB, 1270x1143)
738 KB
738 KB PNG
Is Contrapoints mentally confused?

"a transwoman's penis is a female penis - because of hormones. The hormones make the skin on the penis shaft softer, and the ejaculate is watery. Due to this, the penis is female and it is not gay - or even bisexual - to perform oral sex on a transwoman's penis"

So... if a man is not on hormones yet his semen is watery, is his penis "semi feminine?"

What of transwoman who aren't on hormones? Are they a lower class of trans? Is it gay to suck -their- dicks?

Another classic;

"You have had sex with a woman, if that person self-identifies as female".
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>Tfw look like contra, head-wise

god I hate looking at this ugly hon

HRT is a tool that helps but is not essential. Many bitter hons are on HRT but will never pass.
>Its about hormones
You aren't very smart, are you?
>LITERALLY taking a quote 100% out of context
Must be a slow news day.
This is so stupid. While there are obvious homo aspects to being with a manly tranny, trans isn't gay as most gay men won't bang trans, and it isn't straight either as most straight men won't. If you actively seek out trans individuals, then calling you gay would be just as stupid as calling someone gay cuz they had sex wtih a dog. It really is its own niche sexuality / interest. if someone is predominantly straight but gets with a tranny once cuz things lined up right then they are still straight, but they are putting up with things they may not find hot on its own. The same way you might date a chick who is flat chested, or a little over weight, or who doesn't shave her arm pits, or any number of random qualities that you don't find inherently attractive but like anyone you put up with things because you aren't perfect either.

The problem with the 'it isn't gay if...' conversation is that it is a complete fucking joke. The whole 'its not gay if the balls don't touch' joke came about to make fun of people who argue about whether or not something is gay. IF you want to do it, but don't because it is 'gay' well then you are still just as gay you didn't act on it.

What people like hontrapoints try to do is rationalize it thinking that if she says it often enough and loud enough people might believe her give in to their secret urges to suck her dick. It's so fucking stupid.
File: trigger_warning.jpg (196 KB, 1509x1001)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
Contra is almost too far right for most of her triggered audience.

File: 1532995561949.jpg (133 KB, 638x696)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Anyone else discover you are bi but still decide to only pursue the opposite sex?

File: 2genders.png (661 KB, 800x645)
661 KB
661 KB PNG
does it bother you that afabs can essentially choose their genders and gender presentation?

>cis woman wears mens clothes
>nobody cares or thinks differently of them, or thinks theyre inherently a lesbian even if they arent

>cis male wears womens clothes
>mocked and laughed at, thought as gay even if theyre not, possibly beaten and murdered

>trans man transitions
>passes completely regardless of starting age, nobody knows about them or is really bothered by them

>trans woman transitions
>has like an extremely small pass rate and only if they start young, mass hysteria over them, raped/beaten/murdered constantly
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Yeah, honestly MTFs (I'm MTF, too, just to clarify) are pretty fucking narcissistic and loud about their struggles. I guess since we hate our dicks we need to have a dick measuring contest about something else
File: top surgery costs.jpg (267 KB, 1468x874)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
>I'd much rather be MTF than FTM. Way more cosmetic advancement, also.

You know just because it exists doesnt mean its affordable right? I can buy a nice luxury car if i had the money its just so happens that i and most people don't.

Meanwhile for most ftms they just need top surgery and testosterone to pass.

>Top surgery is $8k-$15k.
Go work at an employer with a plan that covers FFS?

LOL most employers unless its a company paying $150K+ isnt going to have health plans that cover FFS.

My GF is a programmer who gets paid a pre-tax income of 100K that becomes 50K net and she has to pay her student loans and her healthcare plan doesnt cover FFS.
Starbucks exists.

I will post after a few other people post because I’m a coward
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You pass, the only debate is how pretty of a woman you are
True story
Go get them (but inform them before you get physical)
Go get who? I have a bf^^
And I always informed before anything happened though. Maybe not for a dance on the floor but before going home with anyone of course.
Holy shit you're cute, I knew a girl that looked like you that I had a massive crush on
i find your nose charming, adds character. good pass

I love cock but find men repulsive, the fuck is wrong with me?
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It's not who raises you but how.
And unless your dad was a blatant misogynist, homeschooled you and never let you watch tv/access the internet without supervision, you were raised gynecentric.
This is what degeneracy does to people. It fills your head with ideas of faggotry you don't really want to act on but can't keep out because your mental boundaries have been eroded.
Porn addiction. Do nofap and noporn for 1 year
Bullshit, nofap/noporn was what finally made me permanently gay. Ever since I tried this to get rid of my gay tendencies, I stopped feeling shame when jacking off to gay porn/being attracted to men.
A lot of people don't understand bisexuality. It doesn't always manifest itself as a 50/50 attraction, girls are a good example of this. Have you ever noticed that most bi girls would NEVER seriously date or marry a woman? That's because they only find gay sex enjoyable, but being with a woman does not fulfill them on a biological level to the point of experiencing the desire to pair bond with a woman. Bisexual men are the same way a lot of the time, that's why you see so many guys like yourself who like cock or traps but have no desire to have a bf or husband, and everyone knows that bisexual men usually end up with a woman in the end. Essentially we have a normal pair bonding instinct to be with a woman, but we also acknowledge that sex with a guy can be fun, but since they don't tick all the boxes that woman do, your attraction to them is very limited. This feeling is often clocked as internalized homophobia, but after seeing the sheer number of guys who have the exact same MO (Attracted primarily to woman, but love cocks), I'm convinced that we are just the male version of the female who is casually bisexual but only has interest in seriously dating men.

looking for cute femboy bf in Massachusetts to pin down and fuck then cuddle and share our souls
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
well, he's willing to date a tranny
What are ya studying?
I’m looking for other trans girls in greater Boston (I’m in newton) to potentially make friends with/hang out

If your interested my Kik is aubrey_the_aubergine
you post yours
bump OP please post info

File: smok.jpg (76 KB, 1000x1014)
76 KB
>accept limits of current technology
>repress healthily for life
>live vicariously through fiction
Who else?
File: 1547537987178.gif (290 KB, 346x366)
290 KB
290 KB GIF
>>repress healthily
Isn't possible unless you don't have GD
I just femboy hrt to prevent further body dysphoria and live vicariously through fiction for the social aspect. I'm still depressed, but the anxiety is almost gone.
File: stalin laugh.jpg (54 KB, 960x539)
54 KB
Oxymoron. At least take HRT like >>11573434 .
File: ASS.jpg (12 KB, 200x267)
12 KB
>The false dogma is that repressing emotions is bad and expressing them is good — a folk theory with roots in romanticism, Freudian psychoanalysis, and Hollywood, but which is contradicted by a large literature showing that people with greater self-control, particularly those who repress anger rather than “venting,” lead healthier lives: they get better grades, have fewer eating disorders, drink less, have fewer psychosomatic aches and pains, are less depressed, anxious, phobic, and paranoid, have higher self-esteem, are more conscientious, have better relationships with their families, have more stable friendships, are less likely to have sex they regretted, are less likely to imagine themselves cheating in a monogamous relationship.

File: 3fe.gif (5 KB, 569x510)
5 KB
why is female clothing skin tight
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Religious customs are all about trying to tame the nature of people so civilization works.
See also: ten commandments (rule of law), marriage (monogamy)
Because it's ugly
Why do you think, retard? It's to compete with each other for male attention by showing off their bodies.
Social engineering by religion to decrease promiscuity.
Social custom.
A few hundred years ago, men wore skin tight clothes and women wore billowing dresses and baggy burlap sacks.

File: unnamed-1.png (535 KB, 634x684)
535 KB
535 KB PNG
THIS is how you transition. If you don't pass you're pretty much a nasty freak. You look like a guy playing pretend. Pic related looks all woman and its sexy! She wont be getting misgendered anywhere she goes and btfo most biological woman.
7 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
THIS is how you transition. If you don't pass you're pretty much a nasty freak. You look like a guy playing pretend. Pic related looks all woman and its sexy! She wont be getting misgendered anywhere she goes and btfo most biological woman.
how do I become an instagram tranny?
where do I find those shoes?
Because she's only wearing a pound of makeup, posing, and had massive surgery (like obviously at least a BBL). Totes natural.
why are you so bitter anon?

File: 1547540057366.jpg (120 KB, 1079x1056)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
My lifes been sucking pretty hard lately my mom keeps rummaging through my room looking for my girl clothes (she recently found a bunch and took them without saying anything to me) she tried to tell my dad about it and he doesn't believe her (thank god) the one therapist I tried had no clue what being transgender was and was 0 help and idk a good way to find a new one honestly I'm just considering suicide at this point my mom goes through all my mail and every package I recurve so DIY isnt a option and if I go legit shes just going to find my hormones and steal them honestly have no clue what the fuck is the point of my life anymore and I just want all of this to be over
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
No but working at my dads rent houses gets me enough to buy gas food etc
Depends on how much you make but if you have a bank account and can earn at least 130$ a month then you’d be able to buy hormones and have them shipped to a P.O. Box you rent for about 30$ your mother wouldn’t be able to find them there all you really need then is to hide the pills from them
Hiding them is the hard part and I REALLY don't want them finding the pills
Idk if you're the previous poster but I could afford them I'm just worried that the next time she rummages through my room she'll find my pills

heyyyy guysss i think i'm a girl but i've been a boy my whole life! i have a benis but just ignore that! I feel like a girl, so I am a girl, common sense can't tell me otherwise! I'm above common sense :3 ever since I was a young girl I knew that I was a female, mommy said so! is there any FTM MTF MTTFTMFTM lesbians that want to rub our clits together owo. gawh i'm sorry i'm so random xD i look so kawaii in girly clothes tehehe~ anyone of you n-naughty boys want to see! uwu

oh hey do you mind if i use the ladies room?? i'm very girly and will fit right in xD I have a vagina after all! i'm totally a sane and normal trans person and was just wondering if you guys could give me advice on how to train my voice, put makeup on, be an interesting person, take hrt and fix all of my imaginary problems I have in fantasy land :3 thank you for reading!!
cool owo

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