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File: 1674705274408.jpg (3.14 MB, 2842x2337)
3.14 MB
3.14 MB JPG
Alright lads, what's on the barbie today?
For me, it's simple Epping snags, fried onions (don't have a hotplate on the barbie), bit of butter and fresh homemade bread.
Gonna have some burgers with the lot for dinner.
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are epping snacks from epping? also clean your fucking barbeque
I hate really tanned skin, I have no idea why that became a trend. Light tan is okay but I prefer pale
i'd like to see a dog use scissors
File: 1674811452338080.webm (2.89 MB, 1280x720)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB WEBM
>father was a drugged up wigger piece of shit
I mean I'm sxe right now but I'm a bit worried bros...

What foods make or help you pass the best bowels to clear out the digestive system to stay healthy
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I still haven’t gone. I just know it’s gonna hit me right in the middle of dinner D:
frequent alcohol consumption fucks up your stomach lining or mucous membrane iirc, so yea your bloody shits are probably from drinking too much and eating indigestion bricks (instant ramen).
the FODMaP diet is specifically designed to clean out the digestive system and provide only food that is easily digested so it passes through your system quickly and doesn't hang around to feed the bacteria that lives in your gut.

when i was on the diet for two years my poops came out so cleanly that i didn't need to wipe.
ringworm is a fungal skin infection, not a parasite
shit causes like irritated ring shaped skin spots

What are some of the more interesting meats you’ve tried? Any tips for preparation?
I’m particularly interested in alligator, raccoon, and kangaroo.
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ostrich is really good
cat and dog, not so good
What's exotic to you weasel boy?
I had whale steak. It's pretty good.
Has a soft liver taste
Must be eaten blue
sheltered flyovers have deluded themselves into having a self-image as the global culinary epicentre, they'll always think their limited perception is the norm despite having never left their home county, let alone their state
Flyovers invented cooking. City fags can only imitate like some kind of cargo cult, putting gold dust on ice cream and stupid shit like that.

You like meat? You like vegetables? Some rural kid with a stupid haircut provided that for your parasite asshole to get burned

File: house-fire.jpg (94 KB, 1000x665)
94 KB
I may have forgotten to turned off my oven
>smart stove glitches
>burns your home down
>big tech refuses responsibility
>you're personally liable for everything and your insurance company won't cover it because the SmartGrill wouldn't ever fail

I got it for you, bro.

I also made sure your wife (mom) got securely tucked into bed ;-)
I forget all the time
File: 1673596588429518.webm (2.55 MB, 640x360)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB WEBM
>government wants to ban this
its my god given american right to die in a house fire
I have a couple Oirish friends who burned their apartment out front leaving a pizza in the oven while they went out drinking. After the landlord renovated it for 6 months he let them move back in and the first weekend they burned the place down again by passing out drunk with a pizza in the oven. Almost died the second time

I suddenly realise compared to French and Italian, I don’t know anything about Spanish cuisine. Espana-sisters, is Albert a good source to start out?
I got drunk with a Spanish guy at an AI Conference once. Nice guy. He was also a graduate student and told me at his university in Spain they played soccer for 2 hours or so every day during the middle of the day.
He basically fulfilled all my stereotypes of a spaniard.
i recently had a spanish vacation like a month ago. the best food i had was pretty simple. ham, cheese, and bread to start, pic related was in santiago and it was just sauteed octopus on a bed of fried potatoes, but they also had pork loin and cockles. nothing fancy just well done. just get some jamon and tetilla, serve regular straightforward dishes with decent wine and you'll have spanish food i guess
I love Spanish chorizo it’s especially good in omelettes
The great thing about Spanish tapas is you can figure out what flavours you enjoy quickly and on the cheap. Most if not everything I have eaten in Spain has been wonderful.

Perfect hot dog
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Ivan is mad he is losing the war, takes it out on hot dog posters on /ck/
Shove it up your ass
gee bill, 20 wieners?
The guy with the red sunglasses to the right is absolutely biding his time until he can become the hot dog king.

File: 77915321.png (168 KB, 830x838)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
After eating and getting used to more authentic mexican food, I can say america ruined tacos. The mexican version of tacos is healthier and has a bigger dimension of flavor that america ruined and turned into goyslop. and also I hate lettuce I prefer onions and cilantro
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ground beef does exist too. it's almost like tacos are up there with the most amount of varieties in dishes
I make picodillo con papas fairly often actually. Good easy meal. But yes, my main point is that tacos are tortilla and filling. Mexico is an old, large country, folks do all sorts of things down there.
This shit about "authentic tacos" is just ad-copy for people who get a boner imagining that they're getting some secret, more real version of a dish then other people.
Yeah, I agree with you. I think people forget there's tacos with cow cheek (barbacoa) or even fish. Shit is just as diverse as a pizza with different toppings.
those are called "quesadillas" but yes, it's practically a taco with cheese included.
Where i am from we call a "gringa" to a quesadilla with carne asada on the inside of a flour tortilla.

american tacos r shit but thats ok, they can't help it, they were britons once
>tex mex = store bought

File: tropical.jpg (41 KB, 597x246)
41 KB
Anyone actually drink Tropical Fantasy? Interesting history, I wonder if anyone here ever drank it though
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lol are you 10 years old version of me
Don't say shit like that
In April 1991, rumors began circulating in Black neighborhoods that the beverage was laced with a secret ingredient that would sterilize black men.[2] The beverage quickly earned the nickname "Tropical Fanticide." The rumors claimed that the Ku Klux Klan was actually bottling the product and using the low price to attract poor citizens.[3] Similar unfounded rumors about Klan involvement periodically have plagued the Church's Fried Chicken chain and Snapple soft drinks.[3]

Later that year the rumor spread rapidly and provoked violence in many city neighborhoods. Attacks occurred on delivery trucks and storekeepers who stocked Tropical Fantasy. Due to these rumors and rising suspicions, sales of the beverage plummeted by 70%.[citation needed]

Investigations found the claims to be as preposterous.[3] Sales recovered only after an extensive public relations campaign that included then-New York City Mayor David N. Dinkins, (who was Black) drinking a bottle of the soda for television news cameras.[3]

By mid June 1991 the attacks had stopped and the sales had rebounded, but the dark rumors about Tropical Fantasy were not forgotten. Even today, the rumors are still circulating. Many young teenagers refer to the beverages as "Bummies" and "Nutties", mainly due to the rumor that it kills sperm. This is not however limited to the Tropical Fantasy beverage. Other beverages such as "City Club", "Top Pop", and "C&C", are ridiculed in exactly the same way.
I imagine these tasting like Nik L Nips

Is the best candy.
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Why do they discontinue kino?
Cause FDA said no to high malic acid content and ruined future children from living the 90's dream of peeling your tongue skin
File: 1650898122062.png (673 KB, 550x752)
673 KB
673 KB PNG
they still exist sort of
Yeah I see. Never see them in stores and apparently they're not as sour.

I'm going to make a new kebabpizza, anyone have any ideas?
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After it's done add iceberg salad and garlic dressing
Post results when done
sorry, i just don't get the make your own shitty pizza phase
Got a million places around me that make it in a brick oven way better than i could in my stove on a cast iron skillet, let alone the ingredients
Make it
I don't know. Maybe see if you can get a tzatziki recipe that would work reasonably as a sauce with the kebab. I don't know if that would bake well.

File: _20230127_203852.jpg (610 KB, 1644x3281)
610 KB
610 KB JPG
I just saw this Instagram reels to make a like a fish rice burrito.
But look
He pours hot oil on the scales and they
Look what they do
What the fuck?
PS I'm pretty high right now.
So why do they do that?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>So why do they do that?
fish are oily
hot liquids make most things shrivel when poured on them
im fucking high and even i can understand that
Yeah but then they pop out like that
Holy shit here's a Japanese dish that uses it, but the reaction is so different
are you 100% sure thats not a pinecone
No, but the Japanese dish I linked here is called like pinecone scales or some such.

File: 1674608607203798.jpg (44 KB, 292x500)
44 KB
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a new challenger approaches
Imagine believing any one of those three things is good.
Mac 'n cheese is horrible.
Flamin' hot tastes almost, but not quite, entirely unlike food.
Cheetos are carcinogenic, calorie dense, textured air.
Grow up, children.
The song is badass and want that big spoon
I've done this, except with beets.
Only if you are makin chi-chi outta this then it's good

File: 002.png (1.95 MB, 2192x1456)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB PNG
>into the kitchen
>see this

What do you do?
18 replies omitted. Click here to view.
i can math
it was the only subject i was good at.
>is actually half of quater
>half of quater is eeth
>is no eeth it quater
If you're good at math how many of your toes are touching right now?
toast or rice
>avocado and condensed milk
Cram it up my ass

How old were you the first time you drank alcohol? What did you have?
131 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
>you sound like an esl
>i can tell because you sound like a white person from the biggest and most culturally relevant english speaking country in the world
Is that really your argument? I'm not even the person who made that initial post, but you're unwilling to answer even the most basic questions about your incoherent post, but I guess that's "the hill you're choosing to die on" (because that's apparently the only idiom you know).
comfy thread. for me it was 12 or 13, bud light or smirnoff ice i think, with my older brother and his friends. smoked weed for the first time then as well
my aunt let me try her jack and coke, it was disgusting, i was 15 or so. at 16 my friends older brother was old enough to buy shit so i tried a lot of beers. the first thing i bought for myself after turning of age was some shitty high gravity beer.
at a ski resort, my dad gave me a sip of his corona

And why is it the rib-eye?
>delicious marbling
>fat renders down to melt in your mouth
>nutty flavour
Filet is for tasteless.
Ribeye is correct
I agree but a good filet is also very nice, just a completely different kind of steak
File: bones kirk.gif (1.18 MB, 325x245)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB GIF
OP is not a homo.
I'm torn between the ribeye and the hanger. Ribeye is much more widely available, so I buy them more often.
I used to think ribeye was the best but then I tried a veal chop and holy shit that thing was amazing. It's like a filet minion with marbling.

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