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File: cajun.jpg (89 KB, 901x676)
89 KB
Post and rate people's dinners. I made Jambalaya and Chicken + Sausage + Shrimp Gumbo.
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File: 1590345962846.jpg (189 KB, 750x413)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
hence, oxTRAIL >>15452374
Got it at Canadian Tire at their end of summer clearance . Works great for the price
Maritimes canada
Nothing like a little crispy edge on a pancake, they look decent.
File: IMG_20210125_155410.jpg (2.43 MB, 4608x2112)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB JPG
Fillet with taters and shrooms, beetroot salad with yogurt and garlic and a piece of spinach pie
File: IMG_20210125_183745.jpg (2.05 MB, 3264x1840)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB JPG
It's just some coconutmilkbased sauce with salmon and prawns. Over rice

Is this stuff any good? I see it at the grocery store all the time and I am curious but I never get it.
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What does “premium quality“ mean?
It’s ok
It’s fine. Ok with crackers or spread on a sandwich etc. Canned corned beef hash is much tastier.
good on a sandwich with sweet pickles raw onion and mustard

its the best potted meat imo
Mix this with two same size cans of mayonaise and jalapeno peppers and spread on a large tortilla. Lightly press it on high with a electric grill until it spreads to the very end.

File: tomato slice.jpg (96 KB, 864x612)
96 KB
>ruins your sandwich
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>he thinks people use greentext exclusively to quote
Go back to whatever dogshit forum you came from
I like veggie on a sandwich, in a wrap etc...but tomatoes make the sandwich too wet and soggy, and I prefer a savory sandwich as opposed to a sandwich with sweeter tomatoes and condiments.
This is the only way to put tomatoes on a sandwich without turning it into a watery mess
Spotted the mutt golem, what is it with americans hating tomatoes? I have attended numerous business meetings where fucking grown men with families will insist upon the waiter to ensure there are no tomatoes in their dish.
the tomato is one of the best bites
are you a subhuman?

File: Swartzie.jpg (86 KB, 600x813)
86 KB
Many fast food brands are international, but different countries have different standards and laws that govern their food industries. Therefore, a hamburger from McDs might taste different in different countries.
Rank your countries fast food establishments, and indicate your country.
In Canada:
Your Local Joint>A&W>Harvey's>5Guys>McDonald's>DairyQueen>Wendy's>BurgerKing
Your Local Joint>PizzaHut>LittleCaesar's>Dominos

File: 1501164828891.jpg (349 KB, 1024x788)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
Food related vintage America pics, pls post yours, posting mine
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thank you for replying en-masse to everyone one of op’s posts at once so I knew which ones you were talking about based retard
Niggers will nig
This one goes a bit deeper.
frog post all you want but you're still full of shit
Prove it.

Now that's intriguing, doesn't sound dissimilar from what interested me in Lasch. Ill take a look, thank you.

Does anyone have a recipe for the Chef Boyardee Meatballs?

The only information I was able to gather is that the Meatballs are made from a mixture of chicken, pork and beef.

Please send help.
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My apologies, Eustoce.
this cannot die, shameless bump
I got drunk and made steak quesadillas instead. I’ll attempt the ultimate boyardee meatball later this week, though I don’t have high hopes in much success.
The joo fears the homemade meatball maker. The recipe is coveted. Be afraid... be very afraid!
I asked the same thing about Spagetti os meatballs months ago. No one knows and you will NEVER get the smooth mouthfeel even with a food processor.

Is it fucking worth it my dudes? That’s all I need to know. It’ll cost me £250 queens heads to get. I cook mostly every day, so is it a solid investment or pure fucking memery?
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“Meme” is /ck/-code for “can’t afford it”.
Enjoy your quality item, OP.
spending more doesn't make you better, just go with a similar cheaper option.
After any years of use I sent my slightly chipped Dutch oven to Le Creuset . Three weeks later they sent me a new one.
You can get an enameled cast iron dutch oven for way cheaper that is still made well. No idea why people want to spend 4x the price on a name brand on these.

File: alt-fat-acid-heat.jpg (277 KB, 1399x1759)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
is SALT, ACID, FAT, HEAT a good book? Will it help me become a better cook?
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File: 918TUq6tXEL.jpg (691 KB, 1966x2560)
691 KB
691 KB JPG
He is trolling you, there is real culinary book called bible. And yes, its very good.
I've read the flavor bible, the flavor matrix, I know they exist.
Watch it on Netflix like a normal person
File: morpheus.jpg (122 KB, 1400x793)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Unfortunately, no one can be told what The Flavour Matrix is. You'll have to taste it for yourself
But the bible is a cookbook
Ezekiel 4:9

File: arby.jpg (107 KB, 1000x562)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Arby's every now and again is one of my favorite things, it's comforting in a way to me because of childhood memories. Any food makes you feel this way?
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Is there any other food chain similar to arby's with better quality?
I'd attempt to find a local deli shop around your area, maybe something along the lines of BBQ.
I enjoyed Arby's
It was different.
>It was different.

Literally the reason I go to Arby's. The food is pretty unique.
Yes they intentionally fed me gutter oil and msg, you fucking twit.

File: 124802349240920.png (185 KB, 444x340)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
For me it's the McChicken
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Hot & Spicy McChicken will always be my favorite fast food item. Wifey and I were deeply disturbed to find out that some McD's don't even carry them.
>order McChicken and double cheeseburger
>total $5.82

What the fuck, bros
For me it's the long chicken
I'm long btw not sure if that chickens
>He doesn't get the bogo for a dollar McDouble and McChicken
ngmi, champ.

>buy frozen meals because I'm busy at work and my roommates hog the fridge
>find high protein power meals adobo chicken
>I'm pretty active at work so I'd like the protein and leanness
>look at the box while I'm putting it in the microwave
>It's not chicken
>It's fucking Chick'n, plant based fake stuff
This shit should be illegal, how can that not meet the standards of deceiving the consumer? It's like if I started a brand calling my food Veg'n, because it's something you'll want to veg on.
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Bro lemme tell you about eggs
Here in sweden, "stora" means large
I went to buy a 20 somesuch pack of eggs. Says STORA in large letters on the pack, must be the right stuff, surely
I get home and open it, smallest eggs I've seen
Look at the pack, what do I see? There was a very tiny O infront of STORA
In swedish, this is basically an inverter, oSTORA directly means unLARGE
File: anon is a dumbass.png (156 KB, 633x406)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
You "glanced at the cover" and somehow missed the giant 'PLANT-BASED" in big bold writing on the front cover?
Also not the one I bought. I would have noticed goddamn tofurkey brand. I bought an adobo healthy choice bowl and then a healthy choice chipotle not-chicken bowl.
The one I bought isn't really important. It's about blatantly misleading advertising.
File: Arnie.jpg (75 KB, 980x490)
75 KB
got a point
got a point
In all fairness, some branding spells shit like that an use at least a modicum of the real thing.

The average consumer most likely isn't going to read something at the grocery store that could be in fine print because they're either in a hurry or they're too busy shopping while looking at their phone.

And before you say anything, that last part irks me too.

Is there anything you can do if you oversalt your food?
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I think adding some acid can cut salt, but there is a point of no return where this won't work. Try adding lemon juice or some other citrus juice.
Potatoes are like salt magnets
Add more pepper or add more food to balance it out
Yes, add more food.

File: 20210124_190759.jpg (3.55 MB, 4128x3096)
3.55 MB
3.55 MB JPG
I present to you New York Strip as prepared by my boomer parents, cooked to perfection. Described by my father as a perfect "medium." Wa la.

I tried a bite and I'll say this, I had no idea steak could literally crumble in your mouth
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you're not making a ridiculously incendiary post but i still have to ask: you wouldn't post "try and focus on the nice things instead" in almost any 4chan thread, so what is it about these parent cooking threads that bring that out in you? do you have such a warped sense of morality that this is where your priorities lie?
I think you're reading a little much into this.
I don't get upset with the parent bitching on /ck/ but I don't really think it's a big enough deal for a new thread either.
I have a few pics of my mother's bland cooking that I sometimes post if the subject comes up anyway, but starting a new thread here because your dad overcooked a roast just seems both whiny and simply uninteresting.

Some of the horror stories we get around the big holidays about drunken family rows are at least interesting for others to read although it gets depressing after the first 200 or so.
"My mom doesn't use salt" is, amusingly, as bland of a topic as the cooking being complained about.
I know some parents are genuinely awful people but /ck/ just seems like a weird place to bring that up in the first place, and if the worst you have to complain about is a well-done steak they honestly can't be all that bad.
A large portion of people for whatever reason feel a compulsion to defend complete strangers by virtue of them shitting out a kid.
why does it have a fat cap like a tenderloin? ny strip should not have a fat cap. i think that is actually a roast cut to look like a steak.
Yes Mexican, your great-grandma living in with you is gross when you're trying to have maritals.

File: basedemu.png (169 KB, 782x728)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
whats the riskiest food youve eaten? expired meat? moldy bread? gas station sushi?
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File: 1601950643386.webm (1.02 MB, 480x480)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB WEBM
im a pussy, so nothing. besides like expired meat, or chinese food.
I have too many questions to even bother asking them
It sounds like there were probably enough preservatives to prevent a proper infection of the fish, but enough to taint the taste. Luckily our brains are smart enough to figure out that any amount of harmful bacteria tastes terrible while our digestive tracts are strong enough to kill it.

I recently ordered fried rice with shrimp and mistakenly left it out overnight, the next day I gave it a shot but I was immediately met with a toxic taste so I spat it out and threw it away. I probably would have been fine to eat it despite the awful taste, but in the circumstance it wasn’t worth the risk.
File: 1591394318625.png (966 KB, 1117x1182)
966 KB
966 KB PNG
Once when I was still learning to cook had a large pack of chicken breasts that I kept in the freezer uncovered. Didn't cook very often because I knew jack fucking shit and could barely microwave a hot pocket so that pack of chicken breasts sat in the freezer for a month or two. One night I dug one of the frozen breasts out and started to thaw it, noticed it had a terrible smell to it, but cooked it anyway. Whole time the rotten smell was making me gag but I cooked it very thoroughly because I figured that would be good enough to save it. Ate it over some rice, each bite more sickening than the last, and I didn't finish the whole thing. I was sick for three days after that, frankly thought I was dying. Yes I am retarded
looks tasty, anon.

File: photo0jpg.jpg (95 KB, 550x413)
95 KB
Rate my steak
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fucking sear your shit
thats a tripfag bro, namefag doesnt use trip

stupid newfag
Not the worst , I'd definitely give it a try.
You're retarded, if I trust Americans to do one thing right it's to cook a decent steak.
Shlak ate there it must be good

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