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File: Pretzel 'ogs.jpg (91 KB, 750x938)
91 KB
About to have me some pretzel 'ogs with 'chup.

What are you eating for lunch, /ck/?
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God I want to be face fucked by a train of uncircumcised teen boys.
>my 'made 'ni 'gers.
same thing I ate yesterday and the day before, nothing
Those are pigs in a blanket you stupid bong.
Consider suicide instead.

File: Jamie Oliver.jpg (841 KB, 1439x1429)
841 KB
841 KB JPG
Did he fuck the Thai Green Curry up?
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Chinks are right about nothing.
>Canar ala orange
File: crying toddler.png (291 KB, 960x540)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
>"chef" uses ingredient substitutes instead of standard Thai ingredients available at Asian markets
why it doesn't taste just like in Thai restaurant?
Go ahead and go to your hipster Thai restaurant. Enjoy the food poisoning.
>you have to copy me exactly or you're wrong and nobody is allowed to enjoy it!
why are you gay?

File: yungjames.jpg (95 KB, 640x552)
95 KB
>What ya drinking?
Americano made from a Zambian Honey Process off a slightly sour shot :(
>Where's it from?
Zambia - Isanya & Kateshi Estates - 1300-1650 m.a.s.l
>You getting any more?
No, probably not. Even good shots taste a bit too *spiced* for my taste and don't quiet have the body/richness that I like. Kinda want to try a darker roast next time

Previous Thread
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I like coffee.
Why is my first cup of coffee good, but my second cup of coffee terrible? This happened whenever I did pour-over or french press. Every fucking time. Even if I measure the water and beans each time, the second cup is always worse. It usually has a sour flavor. What the fuck is this?
>The only thing I haven't tried is roasting my own. I've tried pre-infusions, etc. Am I retarded or can you not make good espresso with this thing?
Roasting your own isn't going to negate getting scammed by a frisbee manufacturer, or a company preying on those who buy shit from frisbee manufacturers. You essentially bought an accessory for your crocs.
> I also heard that it's hard to keep level on a cup
Stop parroting hoffman. Most people buy the resin ring, not the wooden one. Resin has grooves to hold the "folds", wood does not.
>less dilution
You understand you're brewing with less water to account for the ice right? Your total volume will be the same, but you grind finer and brew with less water for the nipice.
Didn't know the resin ring had grooves, looks like I have to check that out. I know the wood ones are smooth all around, which seems like a design flaw that I hope they fix cause it looks beautiful with the wood

sexy as fuck, good luck on your pour over journey
File: img11o.jpg (57 KB, 710x710)
57 KB

ITT: foods that suck

these are cyшки, shitty tea snack that is something like a rock hard stale bit of bagel or an unsalted pretzel
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Was it the shitty, soggy fries they claim is intentional because none of them can cook? I bet it was the shitty, soggy fries they claim is intentional because none of them can cook. It's more of a hangover food, though.
Imagine being this upset over a piece of bread
get a life losers
people like to hold on to tradition
File: water-biscuits.jpg (50 KB, 350x256)
50 KB
who the fuck actually buys this shit
They look pretty good, anon. You just have shit taste and can't pair food worth a damn.
me. they're good

File: download (1).jpg (10 KB, 194x259)
10 KB
today we're going to cook pizza
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Chris-chan, I thought you got arrested.
I'm a sex haver Ill have you know
enjoy your plague
Is this your first time visiting?
i have a cat so no rats you ignorant fool

This thread is for discussing tea, teaware, tisanes, and other herbal infusions.


Previous thread:
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Has anyone here had the old "White Whale" brick from White2tea? It has been sold out for ages, and it tasted like nothing else I have ever had... are there any other similar teas out there?
What did it taste like specifically? It was a white wrapper warehouse find so you best bet is probably digging through random old noname teas on King Tea Mall.
If you are in the US take a chance on this guy
I had 12 grams of Earl Grey between the morning and the afternoon but now I want to drink more, is that a lot for a day?
Thinking about getting a podstakannik for grandpa style brewing at work, since I currently can't conveniently drink tea at work. Do you think it would be too small at 7 ounces? Never done the grandpa style before.
I brewed grampa style every single day last year.
I have used an 8oz mug however i found that it's not ideal, you have to refill too often. I currently use two very thin walled 12-14 oz mugs with about 4.5-6 grams of tea depending on the type. I think that is about the ideal size since you can drink around 8oz before refilling.
Drink more tea

File: latest[1].jpg (97 KB, 650x445)
97 KB
What's the sketchiest place you've ever eaten?
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travelers are truly the best people
Pretty sure those men were Yakuza anon
Big black sombrero?
I live in the rural American South so most restaurants around here are sketchy by /ck/ standards. But one time I went to a Greek place that was super dingy and poorly-lit and just generally looked like it was about to fall over. Got a heaping plate of shawarma and the best babaganoush I've ever had.
unironically looks like a wonderful place

do you wash AND soak your rice before you cook it?
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Not usually, but I eat jasmine rice and that fucks up the aroma.
I rinse my rice 3x, but only soak it if I'm making sticky rice
I fry it, then I put water on it
wash, air dry for ~30 minutes, then soak
I mostly buy instant rice, so they did that at the factory already.

File: kit-kat-fruity-cereal.jpg (529 KB, 1195x800)
529 KB
529 KB JPG
*solves candy*
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i've always been a big japanese kitkat guy but im really glad america is finally stepping up to the flavored kitkat plate.
last year's attempts with the piss pore pumpkin pie and apple pie were really truly awful.
Their new attempts with the mint and coffee are great and these fruity cereal ones have knocked my socks off.
Looking forward to where they go next.
imagine getting upset over a company capitalizing resources
I saw these at my pharmacy but decided not to get them. Are they actually good?
solve my asshole
>noo you can't just decide not to do business with a company through your own volition think of the heckin free enterprise

File: 1200px-Onion_on_White.jpg (223 KB, 1200x1200)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
I had an onion
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Go on...
no need to shed tears due to irritated eyes about it
It's a layered joke (like an onions layers)
can I cum in ur onion
Onions taste like nothing for something that somehow manages to provide some of the robust flavors and pungent smells.

File: 1625168981169.png (17 KB, 772x237)
17 KB
So I know what to eat (veggies, fruit, boiled meat and eggs) and what not to eat (sugar, anything fried and too much fat), but what I don't know are the dishes/recipes. do any of you people have actual lists of what to eat for each meal? so basically all I'm asking for is a list of healthy dietary dishes since I can easily google recipes for them and as you can see my current list is rather poor. also muesli recipes since the premade ones are filled with sugar.
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I haven't had breakfast in so long that I forgot it existed. I tried some bread and jam today on a whim from a /ck/ post and unironically cried.
>unironically cried.
Can I see your tits? If they don't exist you should seek some help.
They do exist but only because I'm fucking fat
Nice trips
I wish they'd occured on a more memorable post....did you like the toast or hate it?

File: cellophane-noodles.jpg (246 KB, 1024x576)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
>eating noodles made out of plastics
do the chinese really?
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nature's concrete enema
I apologize for the americans itt
I prefer the Slav version
Malnutrition. If you ONLY eat konjac you aren't getting any vitamins, minerals, or amino acids.

Luckily they weren’t super hot chilies, but still felt like I had smeared the head of my cock with mint toothpaste.
It is worse when you piss capsaicin.

File: 1625246607595.png (743 KB, 640x480)
743 KB
743 KB PNG
How do i make chicken as soft as possible. In all-you-can-eat stores, it is always so insanely soft. i tried everything. please enlighten me.
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None of you culinary geniuses have heard of velveting?
Better to have more time at lower temp
I was expecting homeless fags in the background of this picture.
and a guy doing sick bmx tricks
thanks anon trying this now

>smells like dirty sweaty pubic hair
...and the smell stays with you.
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Fuck off with your kike incest propaganda
File: 1620414712988.jpg (973 KB, 1172x922)
973 KB
973 KB JPG
How dare you call me a filthy kike
I can confirm. Your sister's squish pocket is indeed quite pungent.
Yeah fresh cumin has a strong and distinct smell that's nothing like body odor, but I can see someone thinking that old cumin which has become less aromatic might smell that way.
tastelet detected

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