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Favorite shows, recipes, cooks
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I bet she sucks a mean cock.
File: 1604274680390.jpg (52 KB, 620x407)
52 KB
The fact that they memoryholed all the episodes with Kimball pisses me off to no end.
I have not pirated anything in a decade or two, but if I found a torrent with every back episode of ATK, I’d admittedly consider it.
I can only hope. That's the stuff that fuels fap dreams, anon.
As much as I like her chubby milf milkers I prefer the young thin version of Bridget. Bowtie guys is just as annoying younger as he is older btw.

File: missteak.jpg (11 KB, 259x194)
11 KB
I literally ate a T-bone steak with my hands and used ketchup as a dipping sauce. I don't see what the big deal people have about dipping steak into ketchup.
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Go crawl back in yo mommas ass
I thought this was an intellectuals' Internet forum ..
ketchup is tomato sauce with sugar and preservatives added
tomato sauces compliment meat, sugar overload cancer goo doesn't
the saucier makes sauces for blander meats like chicken or shrimp and for pasta dishes
No you didn't. This is a particularly shitty bait thread.

File: crackerjack.jpg (15 KB, 166x303)
15 KB
It's baseball season in these here United States.
Some bad news. The prize is now some kind of weird computer scan thing.
Just gimme that crumby prize.
A fake tattoo.
A whistle.
A 10 page flip book.
A hit of windowpane.
Anything except that stupid crumby computer thing.
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You're a lush.
If you peel it apart, it's a sticker.
The whistles were annoying, the little toy cars never rolled worth a crap.
Still useless, unless you want to decorate your Trapper Keeper.
Aw, shucks, they sure don't let us kids have no fun no more.
all cringeball fans do
I wish it came with a hit of acid..

Usually I have someone who has consistently been supplying me with absinthe but she’s become unreliable so... anyone have any recipes or recommendations for something I can make quickly to get drunk? I can’t go buy my own stuff sadly. If anyone from the government asks its because I’m black and can’t get an ID - not because I’m under 21. Thanks friends.
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Spend the 50 bucks to get a proper setup. It will make your life a lot easier. 5 gallon bucket, carboy, airlocks, siphon, a food-safe sanitizer and a funnel are the really essential components.
To create alcohol, you feed sugar to yeast, alcohol is the byproduct. Hence the simplest recipe is Kilju, or sugar wine. A gallon of water, a pound of sugar, add yeast, ferment until it stops bubbling this (means the yeast has processed the bulk of the easily accesible sugars).
Of course this isn't really very tasty so you'll probably want to move on to more complex recipes.
My first brew was with a kit from the brewing store I got the jugs and stuff from - I was underage then too, but maybe I got lucky with them not caring. I don't think they're required to but some places might not sell to you.
After that I made a simple cider - a think I used like a bushel of apples for ~3 gallons. Apples sliced up, cores and stems removed, mashed up, and boiled with a bit of water. Added about an equal weight of sugar because the yeast won't metabolize all the sugars in fruit.
For this I let it ferment for a few weeks in the bucket with the mash, then siphoned and filtered and set to second fermentation in the carboys. A few more weeks then bottles.
You can do this with basically any fruit, juice, or basically anything with sugar.
In most cases two weeks fermentation will get you a ~5 ABV beverage. But you'll want to wait longer for a better beverage, and for the yeast to die and fall to the bottom so it can be removed.
Don't fuck with distilling at all until you know what you're doing, especially not freeze distilling.
>go to supermarket
>Buy can of Cooper's beer mix for $9
>Follow instructions
>Have 20L of beer ready to drink in 3-4 weeks
Seriously dude? You actually bought the, "I'm over 21 but can't get an ID because I'm black" thing? OP is obviously 12, and just wants to get fucked up using shit in his parents' pantry...
A 12 year old could combine the Christmas money and Easter money and probably afford all that gear
I'm 35 and own all that gear. My parents live 200 miles from me, but I'm sure as fuck not brewing anything in my closet while they're asleep - as you're assuming OP is supposed to do.

Post fast food or quick service meals you constantly ordered as a kid.
Do burgers really
nothing constantly, my parents loved me
on the occasion we did get fast food, it would always be mcdonalds, and i would always order a quarter pounder with cheese meal (i thought i was too small for the big mac meal)

I just ate a bag of those THC peach rings and I don’t feel shit. Edibles are a fucking ripoff. Why the fuck do people even eat these you’re basically just buying junk food at a ten times markup.
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>for thc
retarded fag detected
weed is for faggots, heroin is the patricians choice
why aren't you taking them then
>Not speedballing crack & fentanyl
If you have any heart problems it could easily trigger them.

Never had Tamales. What are they? Little food gift wraps?
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That's nice, anon
>unable to tell whether the filling was beef or some nonmeat entity
Yeah, those are Edmonds, not surprised they are still selling them in Chicago, they had Hodges Chili Parlors up there which means you are gonna have boomers eating them for nostalgia.
As to the filling question: “Beef and textured vegetable protein”
Yes, the ones from Costco are trash. I've had fresh ones from a food cart that were moist but still a bit bland.

Is it like a Puerto Rican Pasteles?

File: olddoritos.gif (49 KB, 276x307)
49 KB
Doritos tasted better when the bags used to look like this
File: bob-roll.jpg (58 KB, 592x851)
58 KB
Doritos taste best when the bag is purple and it reads "Spicy Sweet Chili".
>nacho cheesier
I remember those and I also remember "Cooler Ranch". I miss my childhood.
i like to make a pb&j and put doritos on it
anyone else?

File: caption.jpg (19 KB, 550x309)
19 KB
If you have one of these near you order a sprite and ask for 1 spoon of strawberry 1 spoon each of their new blueberry and peach poppers to get a tropical fusion sprite its pretty good desu
Yes I'd like a half gallon sized sugar water and add some extra sugar, extra sugar, and go ahead and add some extra sugar. Why yes I'm a ham planet. Is my gravitational field giving me away?
But the sugars taste different
Ok Cartman
The employees at my local del taco barely speak english. I don’t think they’ll understand what I’m saying if I ask for that
I work at one too and i have the same problem.
>boss says "take the bag of lemons"
>*no lemon or bag in sight*
>boss yells "TAKE THE BAG OF LEMONS"
*sees no lemons whatsoever*
She points at a cardboard box of fucking limes

File: 81LJSKnKT1L._SL1500_.jpg (134 KB, 799x1500)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
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fucking hate mashed potato but I like every single other form of potato on earth
its a texture thing more than taste
it's like a chimera of mayo and sour cream, wretched and vile
Mayo Pickles Cheese(unless its on Pizza or Macaroni) and Mustard
File: image.jpg (88 KB, 900x900)
88 KB

What’s the absolute best stoner food you can think of?
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I think most people think of kebabs as a drunk food rather than a stoned food
A bullet through the roof of the mouth
why does it make you so angry
That figures. I'm basically on drugs all the fuckin time (in my free time).
Aw fuck, I could've have had quadruplets, lol.

File: 1604124378284.jpg (26 KB, 554x554)
26 KB
>leave grilled cheese to me
File: 1444258274692.jpg (40 KB, 697x427)
40 KB
>leave shitposting to me
I think I got shadowbanned. test

File: San Antonio Texas.jpg (182 KB, 1024x842)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Food wise, what am I in for?
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> Burger Boy
This is bait too right?

tacos, shitty riverwalk, shit drivers & traffic, stuck up fat goblinas, and Whataburger.
I’m so fucking sorry. Hope you can get out sooner rather than later. I finally left and it was the best move of my life.
Best advice- drive to Houston.
Blandest Mexican food you’ll ever have.
the first time i ever went to San Antonio and to an inner city restaurant, they literally honked their horns at the intersections like in Mexico. At this point it is just hipsters bitching about taqauerias getting their tortillas from panderias.

Tell me how to make red beans and rice
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You forgot hocks, or pickled pork shoulder
Buy beans and rice
Boil them
Throw them in the bin and buy human food
-Soak red beans overnight (12-24 hours) in large bowl
-Drain beans, keep large bowl for later.
-Parboil beans for about 20-30 minutes
-While waiting for beans to finish parboiling, Prep your sauce/thickener in a skillet with desired ingredients, bacon, andouille sausage, chopped vegetables of your choice (holy trinity, usually but I just use a mix of bell peppers and seasoning + tomato paste to make a dark gravy), season with choice of peppers or other seasonings like cumin (go easy) and the like.
-Carefully drain beans again and set in pot for final cooking process. Add 4-5 bay leaves to the pot, throw in ham hocks if you have them (don't worry if you don't) pour in your spiced andouille sausage or bacon gravy to the beans and stir. Fill large bowl with water and add as much as desired to the pot until beans, gravy and leaves are submerged but pot isn't overflowing.
-Cover pot and turn on heat once more. Let set for about 80-90 minutes on medium high (6 if your stove has numbered dials) stir every 15-20 minutes. Your broth will reduce, it's up to you to add more water but do make sure you add enough salt to taste.
I've actually never cooked with ham hocks before but I went and checked my cookbook and it includes them in the recipe. here's paul prudhomme's red beans recipe and it includes ham hocks and tobasco:
1/2 pound dry red kidney beans
Water to cover beans (about 10 cups)
3 pounds small ham hocks
1 1/4 cups finely chopped celery
1 cup finely chopped onions
1 cup finely chopped green bell peppers
3 bay leaves
1 1/2 teaspoons Tabasco sauce
1 teaspoon white pepper
1 teaspoon dried thyme leaves
3/4 teaspoon dried oregano leaves
1/2 teaspoon ground red pepper, preferably cayenne
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
File: 3357.jpg (54 KB, 1020x612)
54 KB
No matter how you make them, just make sure they don't miss her

File: TunaOliveOil_OpenSpoon.jpg (405 KB, 2048x1978)
405 KB
405 KB JPG
Open a tin of tuna just about, drink all that lovely juices straight oughta the can.
Mix what's left with mayo and make a bloody hell sandwich.
6 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
add a little mustard, it's my favorite
sounds good.
try to add some wasabi,
and use sauce tartar instead of mayo.

you can also fill some onigiris with this.
I fucking love this.
>lovely juices

Is for the kitties you monster!
Is this just pretending to be retardation?
File: 1600372696701.png (592 KB, 560x460)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
Imagine buying anything else.

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