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File: 1578191228855.png (13 KB, 248x204)
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>jap restaurant near me makes a mean california roll
>they're going out of business soon
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>mfw I can easily find all of those ingredients
I literally live in the deepest flyover imaginable and I can find all those things.
This is the face that I meant to post
Welcome to adult hood, zoom zoom. One day your grandparents are going to die, but before they do you will take them out to their favorite restaurants while they can still go out, and they're going to do nothing but complain about how it's not how it used to be and how everything is going to shit.
File: disgust.jpg (10 KB, 305x301)
10 KB
>in sushi

File: rez.jpg (20 KB, 640x321)
20 KB
How can I maximize my white rice experience?
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>White rice is the same as plain rice
Use coconut water instead of regular water, it adds a nice taste.
Oops. Forgot to tag you! I was too busy watching rick and morty. Wibbabubbadibbdibb!!
Jasmine rice, washed, then boiled in chicken broth, preferably Knorr's. That's literally it. If you can't appreciate the flavor, eat more rice until you can.

>wild rice
Not even once.
File: DSC_0034.jpg (2 MB, 4833x2801)
2 MB
rinse thoroughly to remove starch
boil to fluffy(1 cup water per cup of rice + 1/2 cup for evaporation, let sit for 5 minutes after done)
then flavour in a non stickpan but melting butter and adding some colourful flavours
turmeric and curry powder for yellow
paprika for red
pureed spinach for green

mix in some black rice you boiled separately for extra aesthetic and texture, I go a 1:4 black to white ratio

File: 000078920-1.jpg (53 KB, 416x416)
53 KB
ITT canned essentials
File: Del_Monte-Yes.jpg (15 KB, 318x159)
15 KB
these badboys
Really saves time and money during the holidays

File: theonionpill.jpg (32 KB, 500x491)
32 KB
Why do people eat a raw onion with their meals?
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Because they enjoy it.
On the rare occasion that I go to Subway, I tell the person making it to add raw onion to the point of their personal revulsion, then add another handful.
another redditor pepe thread
sometimes I get Lavash (Armenian bread) and put a piece of raw onion in it. Delicious.

My guess is they like to smell like an opened trashcan to themselves and everyone around and be reminded for days afterwards when they take a warm shower that their skin still excretes satan's sweat....
Same shit with the other poisonous meme plant aka. Garlic. Enjoy your stomach cramps for the rest of the day and similar trash smell

File: 440px-Testicoli.jpg (24 KB, 440x330)
24 KB
Do you guys like Rocky Mountain Oysters? Fried or unfried?
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Check out some Denver restaurant.
You'll get more rocky mountain oysters than you can shake a dead pole cat at.
Beware the road apples!
I had them once in a hole in the wall restaurant in Tokyo one of the times I was there. Sliced quite thin, deep fried in a thin batter (no, not tempura), then laid on the plate and drizzled with some sort of sweet, tangy sauce, can't remember exactly what it was.
It was pretty good, would definitely devour again.

Is Popeyes chicken better than kfc? Only had kfc before. For fast food fried chicken, it looks better than kfc.
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You are literally eating recycled food from a week ago.
Even Bojangles destroys KFC
but if you want the best fast food chicken, look for krispy krunchy chicken
greatest tenders
lmao could u imagine picking kfc over popeyes
fuck off samefag
Oh, I wasn't calling KFC good, after all how many niggers go there? No, niggers with good taste find the cash only, greasy shack owned by an old Asian couple.

has St Petersburg anon been posting his daily sadcore meals of potted meat and tea? I'm worried about him. I hope he's okay.

File: IMG_20200125_094701.jpg (3.75 MB, 3264x2448)
3.75 MB
3.75 MB JPG
brekkie thread

post yours, rate others

pic related, my brekkie
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Here's mine! Most important meal of the day! :)
post more brekkies, fellas
Genuinely the proper response to babyspeak-fags
why is /ck/ consistently the easiest board to bait
its not you fucking idiot fuck you

File: milkduds.jpg (42 KB, 500x500)
42 KB
How many Milk Duds could you theoretically eat?
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Maybe he pretends that they're cocaine balloons?
I've eaten a box in a single sitting before, so... probably at least one box, theoretically.
Why are you on this board you clearly hate food
Lets not get crazy, stay within the realm of reason
Well you didn't mention timescales, Im sure the number could be well into the millions given enough time and dedication.

What are some food staples the region in the red eats?
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I don't know I only eat rice, fish, and pizza.
Cheese dip is the state food of Arkansas

Coloradofag here. We basically just eat burritos but then go hiking after. Getting exercise is easy when your state isn't a flat boring piece of shit.
Must be all the non-white births.
looks lie a cameron apple

File: mango.650x0.jpg (64 KB, 650x379)
64 KB
what is the most delicious fruit?
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Raspberry > Strawberry > Apple> Blueberry = Papaya > Mango > Banana > Melon
Blood orange. They're better than regular orange but I can't describe how they're different. Just better.
File: 0710_peaches-1000x667.jpg (114 KB, 1000x667)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
You already posted it. Even better when mixed with peaches
Heavily ripened prune plums that have to be eaten at the sink because they are so messy. Dates comes in second for me. The great ones are like eating natural caramel and you can have them so many different ways.
Good man you’ve made the right choice, I remember the first time I had a fresh one off a tree, my buddy had a pear tree in his back yard up in Northern California, I must have had damn near 20 pears over a few days. The were just so good, I couldn’t stop myself. Store bought pears are fucking garbage though.

Hey /ck/ I have come in contact with a bottle of extremely cheap ketchup and as you can imagine, it's absolute garbage

Is there any way to salvage this? Turn it into BBQ, combine with another condiment, sugar? Literally anything because this is fucking trash
yeah you can use it in bbq sauce and japanese curry and crap like that. i keep a bottle on hand though i seldom use it. i mostly make mustard bbq sauces anyway
Mix with soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, and maybe a couple other things for a tonkatsu dipping sauce.
How much of a primadonna do you have to be to make a fucking thread like this? If you hate it that much, the store will refund it. It's Walmart brand. I've brought back fruit that I took a bite out of and said it tasted awful and they gave me a cash refund.

>Don't talk about cooking on the cooking board

pinch of salt, garlic/garlic powder, onion powder, a little black pepper, maybe some blended jalapenos/serranos

File: bubble yum.jpg (42 KB, 425x425)
42 KB
>called Bubble-Yum
>its actually the least tastiest gum
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I like how much volume it has and it has a nice smooth consistency. It is quite sweet. I like watermelon flavor.
sometimes I would take a cotton candy piece and a watermelon piece and smash them together before chewing it
Sugarless anything tastes like complete barf, I get pissed when I buy anything with that shitty fake sugar compound on accident
normally I'd agree with you, but not in this case
sugarless tastes better than regular and keeps its flavor longer

File: maxresdefault.jpg (147 KB, 1280x720)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
>processed food bad
>gmos bad
>non-organic bad
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My local Walmart looks like a refugee camp and always smells like piss during the Summer, so I never go
Dunno about the EU as a whole, but my country banned glyphosate for street use last year so I'm not seeing it. Weeds everywhere now.

Went to a Walmart in Kansas City and there were brown people walking around with turbans on. What the fuck country as I even in anymore??
Obama imported a shitload of refugees in areas were Democrats projected that they would need future votes in.
sounds true, and I believe it

File: 20200125_233507-2016x1512.jpg (413 KB, 2016x1512)
413 KB
413 KB JPG
I'm drunk as fuck. Pray i don't burn down my house. Fuck the haters.
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man Kivas Fajo was the biggest son of a bitch in the whole series
File: red-blue-leds.jpg (56 KB, 800x450)
56 KB
maybe OP thinks his blurple lights will help him grow
File: 20190610_194113-3024x2268.jpg (1.49 MB, 3024x2268)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG
No i use CMH
man of culture I see, carry on
There seems to be a lot of purple in this thread

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