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So it’s just the leftover bits of beef made into mince?
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i've never bought a steak umm in my life
someone else explain to him how marketing works beyond just himself, I gotta get some sleep
Fuck NDT, unwise autistic douche. Never trust life advice from an atheist.
Why is black science man arguing with cheese steak company? Everything is so absurd now.
Retard alert.

Favorite snack food thread
>Pic related are fantastic, although I enjoy any type of Unique pretzel
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beef jerky
They keep me coming back for more.
>berks co
Bitch I havent posted anything but this in here and i know of them from being in hawaii over christmas a few times. They are so fucking good
what? I'm the one who posted the onion chips, not you
But this = the post you replied to (my original post), I was lurking otherwise

do you watch Tasty? I go on the site sometimes and I think why do I watch the youtube videos? These recipes look pretty bad or really complex. I hate buzzfeed but I like speed up cooking videos. If you do, do you mute them and listen to different music? I can't stand the background music in those videos. also post good cooking youtube channels or blogs if you have any you want to share. I really like Chow and Chatter.
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No. I don’t enjoy watching trannies make shitty food.
They slowed down on doing stand alone cooking vids because of covid. Now they just repeat vids and put them in "top five" lists.
actually buzzfeed typical is cucked soyboys or fat black women.
it's always fat people hands or brown/black hands that make the food, and the ""food"" is always retarded shit like asparagus wrapped in bacon and covered with cheese
Not for me, but then again I’m not checking daily. Most shits I just update apps on my phone and by then I’m ready to turn the bidet on.

File: egg burger.jpg (18 KB, 825x527)
18 KB
>Go to restaurant
>Decide to try out one of those egg burgers that I keep seeing everywhere
>Take a bite
>The egg yolk bursts and makes a huge mess
Why do people like egg burgers so much? I don't understand.
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If you don't like sucking dick like me then I can understand not finding that sensation of the warm yolk bursting all over and around your mouth and dripping down your chin enjoyable
St. Louis
Decades ago I got the original at O.T.Hodge’s, loved the Top Gun, which was a slinger with a tamale on top. All the diners around here have slingers, they run the full range of dog food to divine. Best I’ve had in recent memory was from Case and Bucks.
Nothing better than biting into a runny yolk on a burger and having it cum in your mouth.
>rent free
Egg burgers are great for that extra protein and fat boost. As long as youre young and do some cardio the cholesterol doesnt matter too much. Personally i prefer a more jellied yolk than outright runny, as it feels like im not only making a mess but wasting much of the egg. Thats why moco loco is so good. Its like some Hawaiian American shit that Japs kind of took over but its really good

File: very cool picture.png (1.35 MB, 1360x569)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
i eat egg with oranges. i literally cook oranges with eggs in pan. when i say people "i eat egg with oranges" they look at me as if im a idiot.
it really bad? do you like egg with oranges? if you saw people who like it, what you would to do?
Explain your method
One of the best kept culinary secrets is dipping scrambled egg in applesauce. Maybe this is similar

Also, for anyone reading this, try the applesauce thing. It's seriously way better than you're imagining

You know, on first thought, that sounds pretty fucking disgusting.

But then, I remembered I almost always drench my scrambled eggs in syrup. So who knows. Maybe it does work.
i fry eggs with oranges and little bit oil on pan
I eat farts with shit

File: i216.jpg (288 KB, 1528x929)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
how much would you pay for this serving of crabs and rice? we paid $190 and i feel fucking robbed. it's san francisco.
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A retard is soon parted with his money
lobster,Crab,shrimp,crayfish all taste the same...
File: thetops.jpg (259 KB, 1531x859)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
...and you say they just let you walk around out in the world?? All by yourself??? Well, I think that's just the tops.

I challenge you to name the restaurant.. I want to pull up the menu to prove you're lying.

How does one enjoy chorizo optimally?

Redpill me
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Have it as it is, with only the addition of a little pepper and olive oil, or alternatively dip it in red wine or eat it with a swig of red wine, or with cheese also.
with eggs in the morning or if you have a strong spanish chorizo cook callos stew
my step dad use to cook it
love how fucking meds put oil on the greasiest stuff imaginable
I actually ordered it today since you brought it up, and it seems to be surprisingly little on the spices, just:
>Re-fried Beans
>Flattened chicken breasts
>Mexican-style Rice
Probably add salt and pepper on the sides and the chicken, of course.
It's an extremely simple dish, and I'd compare it to sloppa, really. I usually mix it up before eating it myself.

>board is filled with fast food addicts
Let’s post some actual /ck/

Pic related. My din din
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looks like you got a deal in the frozen bargain bin
Oh yes your 3 servings of broccoli, weird chicken with skin, and baby vomit potatoes look so appetizing
File: cigs and alc pepe.png (273 KB, 959x701)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
im actually addicted to alcohol and nicotine
just alcohol for me, never could get addicted to cigarettes
One of the bagged deli ham brands was on sale for $2.50/lb so I got 6 lbs. So I just cooked myself up a nice ham, cheese, and mustard sandwich.
Actually, Americans classified as "white" are genetically more caucasian than average "white" Europeans. All the "mutts" are classified as whichever race gets them the most tendies.

File: pizza.gif (3.36 MB, 480x640)
3.36 MB
3.36 MB GIF
I ate this and bread today wtf do I do? where do I even begin in changing my diet? I just don't want to feel like shit all the time

File: 20210413_184810.jpg (2.88 MB, 1946x2304)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB JPG
Ground beef, can of shitty mushrooms, frozen beans, frozen peppers, and soy sauce. Over leftover rice.

Didn't want to cook.
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>nutrionally OK
Sadly, that's probably true
When you cook it yourself
It actually is just fine. It's just really sad. Tastes like no effort.
Yep. 'Murrica
I don't buy frozen peppers but I usually buy 4 packs of bell pepper and I'll usually have 1 or 2 that go bad before I use them so I'll cut them up and freeze them.
oh yeah thats bachelor chow I've been meaning to try it but I'm so fucking lazy I just eat cereal
I've eaten worse. Truth be told, it's probably not terrible.
I can smell that picture... and it smells like shit. Nothing beats a fresh vegetable.

File: 1201501876648.jpg (26 KB, 500x375)
26 KB
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The worst part might be the tomato paste sauce base
there are actual mcd's pizzas though. they got em in italy.
And only one in the US actually still serves it but I forgot which one.
I think it's in Florida, Report of The Week went there a few years ago.
I actually made one years ago using a box of discontinued marinara dipping sauce packets when Mcdonalds stopped selling Moz sticks

>tfw Whole Foods kicks me out for trying to use food stamps there
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I'm too much of a pussy. Even though I've worked retail and I know 99 percent of stores have a no-stop policy and if you just hit the store once no one will give enough of a shit to go after you, I'm too a-scared.
no you are leches, you take from everyone and give nothing back in return. the world would be better off if we killed each and every one of you
go literally anywhere else if you're on food stamps, whole foods is retardedly expensive.
Time to take your meds edgelord.
>kicked out of Whole Foods for exposing my erect, precum dripping penis to several women

File: 1613036973051.jpg (469 KB, 2048x1365)
469 KB
469 KB JPG
ive read that you should salt your steak at least 12 hours before cooking and store in the fridge wrapped in plastic. my question is why should i do that? to have it be more salty?
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
fucking based
Ok chud
Seriously listen to people in this thread (you know about the steak, not the retards arguing about the word incel). I started dry brining my streaks before grilling them and now I'll never not do it. The crust you get when you do that is almost like fucking magic I swear to God. I usually try to let it sit in the fridge for 24 hours.
Ah yes the classic meat spin method.
It's called dry brining, salting it too early, like less than half an hour before cooking will pull the juices out making it dryer however after that half hour(at least really squeezing it, 12 hours is pretty ideal) the steak reabsorbs the juices and salt, it also tenderizes the meat in the process. Saltiness will be more uniform throughout the steak so unless you have a really thick piece or a big cut you're gonna divide it's easy to over salt it.
Dry brining is just about the simplest best thing you can do for red meat without using any special equipment and there's almost no reason you shouldn't, i say almost because I can't think of any but there's probably some sperg that can

File: kielbasa.png (140 KB, 400x400)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
this cut up, grilled, put on some bread with mayonaise and garlic powder or garlic salt is
fuckin delicious
I prefer snausages
Yeah that is good stuff, no doubt. I dip it in brown spicy mustard. Yum.
Why do you grill it?
You know its precooked right?

File: c2f.png (430 KB, 667x670)
430 KB
430 KB PNG
>want to find a new recipe
>go online
>it always has to start with some long story that the author has to tell

just give me what I need for the recipe not your fucking life story
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
unironically go to jamie oliver website. lot of recipes, good categories, no such story telling bullshit
True, his website does have a lot of great simple and to the point shit. Ty based olive.
File: 1616617919061.png (861 KB, 831x896)
861 KB
861 KB PNG
serves you right for using shitty bloated websites
File: stu.jpg (11 KB, 300x300)
11 KB
>have main ingredient x
>look up recipe using x
>half of dozen things I don't own in the recipe
use something like "copy me that" to import the recipe to your own personal account.

or better yet, use cookbooks because the internet is shit

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