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there is not a better cookie
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Peanut butter cookies are the most powerful cookies.
the thinking man's choice
File: IMG_9924[1].jpg (1.52 MB, 2592x1728)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB JPG
yes.. yes, HOWEVER

well anyway, nice one.
I am a dingus

File: 1606726851467.gif (734 KB, 220x220)
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734 KB GIF
How do you decide which one to use? Do you have like a go-to site or something like that?
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File: Untitled.png (208 KB, 263x451)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
tire industry invests in travels guides and issues rating on businesses to encourage the use of tires so they can sell more tires
actually basic
He also teaches techniques in his videos, even if you don't cook the meal, you can learn from him. People give him shit, but he's at least a passionate asshole.
>Learn to actually cook instead of being dependent on recipes.
>I use recipes
You're an idiot. Ever heard the saying think smarter not harder? How do you think everyone else learns how to cook? By following the recipes and techniques of better chef's until they develop their own taste pallet.

>I always wing it and adjust things, change up ingredients
This is STUPID. NEVER do this, especially when baking. You can't just "wing" how many eggs you need or how much butter you need to add. It's important to follow recipes you use for the first time, TO THE LETTER. This teaches you what happens during the cooking process, why it was done, and what flavors it produces. I'm sure you're making your taste tailored slop, but if you want to cook for other people, you need to ensure what you're cooking is acceptable for the average taste pallet.

Hopefully, OP, doesn't take anything in your post seriously. Do not try to wing your own bread, do not try to wing your own Roux, do not try to wing your Carbonara, do not try to wing your Spaghetti. It will taste like shit, waste your time, and you'll learn nothing.
Ah I didn't know. Upvoted.
File: christmasqueens.jpg (55 KB, 675x236)
55 KB
ur a fag
can't make bread by feeling texture of dough

File: front_en.6.full.jpg (1.32 MB, 3686x2764)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB JPG
i chew at least 5 pieces a day
What an insightful and interesting thread, nigger. How about you delete it and save the system the trouble of auto-deleting it?

This place always hits the spot in my opinion
I've never seen this place before. But there's a place near me called simply Greek that's run by an angry fat lady and she does the food like "chipotle" style customize it yourself gyros and bowls. It's okay. A side of fries is $4 and they also have "Greek fries" for $7 and all they do is put feta and olive oil on them. Fuckin Mediterranean jews

Has /ck/ taken advantage of this amazing offer?

all this time, i could have been having free pizzas?

i've lost out on hundreds of dollars.
hi sohla. i knew you lurked /ck/

File: Castiron-skillets.jpg (68 KB, 1113x683)
68 KB
ITT: We talk about how excellent cooking with well seasoned cast iron and carbon steel.

Stop buying that junk teflon that'll eventually start poisoning you with PFAS and PFOAS.

Anyone else here cook with this supreme non stick option?
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Is Enamel good anti stick?
you are using oil to cook with right?
>cant even manageto cook eggs without them sticking
Just season it, you dont have to stick it in the oven for 1 hour, just heat it at the oven top after cleaning and oil it up
non-sticklet will never understand. It has the non-stick of cast iron while having the maneuverability of steel.
ideally they're for consecutively frying and baking. >/thread

File: enchilada.jpg (119 KB, 1200x1680)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
I'm European so I've never had en enchilada.

Are they any good and do you have any tips for making them?
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Anon pls go and stay go
File: pierogi_tacos.jpg (156 KB, 1235x926)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Funny. I used to make Polish tacos on occasion at a place I worked at.
Incredible bait.
Holy shit I'm dying
Callate puto, hasta en juarez comemos mas maza que harina.

File: 3123.jpg (132 KB, 1280x720)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
the great debate. box mix vs stratch
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Homemade with real cake flour is the best.

I refuse to believe that box cake mixes are made with cake flour. that shit has to be all purpose.
I remember watching a video where a professional baker compared her scratch recipe to a box recipe and even she admitted box mixes are superior because they have additives that enhance the texture and flavor in ways one can't with kitchen ingredients.
I used to work in a bakery that primarily served to restaurants every once and a while we'd get a special request from a client for a cake and every single time we'd use betty crocker mix
Making cake from scratch is barely more effort than using some shitty box mix, i have no fucking idea why anyone uses it. Is taking 30 seconds to measure out some flour and sugar too much of a pain in the ass?
This is correct. The cake part is not difficult, it's really simple and doesn't take much too be good. The frosting is what always makes a cake bad.

File: gluttony.jpg (64 KB, 600x412)
64 KB
what's the most food you've ever eaten? doesn't necessarily have to be a huge meal, it could be a lot of food consumed over the course of a day.
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Were you a stoner?
the entire nachos party box from taco bell with extra meat and cheese. i felt like a pregnant lady after it.
File: 1623689716611.jpg (138 KB, 1024x971)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
kek manlet
a wafer-thin mint
File: 1520666277660.jpg (19 KB, 552x624)
19 KB
smoked 2 buds of head cheese over the course of the day, ate about 10-12 white castle sliders, baby back ribs with mac and cheese, 1 container of ben and jerry's cookie dough and a few bags of cheese doodles and chips ahoy.

File: m.jpg (210 KB, 496x348)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
>Buy higher quality ingredient than usually
>It tastes better
>can't always afford the higher quality ingredient
>Now the old one I've always used tastes like shit
What now anons?
Did you also encounter the same problem once?
I moved from Europe to America and now all the ingredients are lower quality.
Ironically I did the same thing except to Australia. It's really frustrating.
Okay, then go back. No one invited you here
I used to eat the cheapest brand of butter and thought it was fine, then I tried the more expensive stuff and the cheap one started to taste rancid by comparison. I buy a slightly more expensive brand now because the price difference isn't that big and the taste is worth it, but the most expensive brands are still too costly to eat all the time. I'll buy it for special occasions though.

The opposite happened with cheese. I tried a bunch of expensive cheeses and it's not that they tasted bad, but they were too strong to eat very much of. I actually prefer cheese sandwiches and things like that with cheaper brands of swiss, cheddar, provolone, etc.

File: roman-main-food-uber.jpg (172 KB, 1200x1200)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Did the Romans eat any meat? I don't just mean fish, but actual meat. Or could they only sustain themselves with fruit, wheat, barley berries and beans?
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idk watch this gay guy, his videos are pretty good
Prometheus is the one who made it so humans could eat the meat and then sacrifice the leftovers. He had Zeus pick between bones covered in glistening fat, and the meat. Zeus picked the bones because they were shiny, and didn’t realize until after they were just bones. A deal was a deal, so humans got to eat the meat and sacrifice the leftovers, but Zeus was still pissed at Prometheus. Prometheus did a bunch of shit to help humans that Zeus didn’t like. Zeus/Enlil, Prometheus/Enki. Same deities.
Cane sugar wasn't, but beet sugar was.
Food hasn't been invented yet.
they unironically ate field mice

File: pic223.jpg (555 KB, 2048x1536)
555 KB
555 KB JPG
Do you ever get canned food at the convenience store?
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not really. im not so lazy i can't boil pasta and add sauce. im pretty fucking poor but i've never been dollar-store poor. i always looked at it like you just got out of jail & live at the halfway house shopping.
Using canned tomatoes to make your own sauce is a billion times better than using some jarred trash sauce and costs the fucking same
i keep a few canned things on hand
tomatoes, coconut milk and a variety of pulses
Only if desperate. I hate paying 2-3 bucks for something one could get for 75 cents at a real store
the jarred sauce is made from the same tomatoes that go into the can

File: 1627103138414.jpg (1.02 MB, 2047x2730)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
it's pizza time
26 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
For some reason I get the craving for launchables pizza for nostalgia reasons, you can make like the adult version with boboli's shit. It's great.
What's everyone's favorite Red Baron pizza?
I like Classic Crust 4-Meat.
File: x8v4PmV.jpg (138 KB, 630x756)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Don't like red barons crust, they changed it since I was a kid. If I'm going cheap I go tombstone like >>16464506 said.
Then why does the local pizza place make such good pizza dough?
I like to infuse the oil with garlic and oregano.

File: brazil nuts.png (414 KB, 590x443)
414 KB
414 KB PNG
>poisons AND irradiates you
11 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1620680248624.jpg (48 KB, 571x548)
48 KB
>dies from 0.0000000000057 sieverts
I'm going to jam my nigger toes in your mouth.
Eating nigger toes on the reg help you create huge cum blasts
>igniting plant matter
what will they think of next
Enjoy your selenium overdose

File: baggedsalad.jpg (2.83 MB, 2500x1407)
2.83 MB
2.83 MB JPG
Seriously, who eats bagged salad? Are you dumb or do you hate yourself? Drop your favorite salad recipes bros.

I'm currently on red cabbage, spinach, carrot, chicken, garbonzo beans, and cashews.
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I will usually wash the veggies and dry them in a strainer. And pick the bad parts out. That might help you. Also, just make enough for like 4-5 days
Sounds good man
I like balsamic vinaigrettes but thats about it
Because I don't feel like chopping up a bunch of veggies when some mexican did it for me.
My recipe:
bag of lettuce
pieces of chicken breast
shredded sharp cheddar
pieces of boiled egg
whatever salad dressing, they're all pretty good
The price mark up is like 50 cents, totally worth it to avoid cutting, washing, and drying varying portions of different greens. It’s less waste overall.

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