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This shit tastes great fried
I will NOT eat the bugs

Fuck off spider poster
Ok Greta

File: SEPT17_19Crimes1.png (295 KB, 500x521)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
Red wine? Beer? Liquor? What kinda brew are you drinking?
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I thought about getting some of this, what's it like?
t. brokefag
where i grew up we had fruit trees and you could pick the partially fermented fruit off the ground so that it was still sweet, richly flavorful, but with a bit of alcohol warmth, and absolutely no bitter taste like i've always found in bottled stuff, i've always wondered if there were a fresh lightly fermented product meant to be similar to this but i don't know what brand or alcohol class this would be called. does someone know what fresh lightly fermented stuff is called?, is it even a thing going for fresh instead of aged? Thank you for any help you anons can give me
Bojo nouveau, vinho verde, etc. The young wines don’t get much respect but when they’re done right they are sublime
renfaire novelty shit

File: anime-girl-laughing.jpg (39 KB, 1021x574)
39 KB
>he actually uses house knifes
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Dumb weaboo
Can't handle the 120+ general, punk?
Me too, sometimes I open my mail in my car with the folding knife I keep in there but foodwise I only use that knife if I have to put guacamole on something
i work in the ranch and murdered a bunch of cows before , you actually need a long knife to stab them in a specific place of the neck so they die in an instant.

if you do it with a short knife a bunch of blood pops up , the animal gets scared obviously and the meat end up not so tender.
with the big hunt knife blood doesnt come out and the animal die quickly , the meat is tender due to them dying before getting having the time to get nervious.

Still never used my own knife since i dont do that kind of work anymore , i buyed it at first to fight pumas ,they often hunt cows.

Do you like hot dogs? whats your favorite hot dog recipe?
when i was a child i had really shitty food at home so i would go to the bar and ask for a hot dog
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>sweet onions
there are sweet ones? is that why mine stand out so much? i try to fry them a bit before putting them in the hot dog
thx for the webm
i have to make steaks tomorrow or they'll go bad but the next day ill make at least one hot dog!
Bit late, see >>13530247
Japan style hot dogs
File: zoyiimqm2gx01.jpg (269 KB, 1663x1515)
269 KB
269 KB JPG

holy shit this is surprinsgly good
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But what were you doing in the summer of 69?
neapolitans aren't people
Yeah OP, there are two versions of school/cafetaria mac n cheese

The clumpy pasty dry kind, kind that is typically ice cream scooped and is so thick it keeps that shape on your tray

Then the really soft, saucy, almost soupy kind.

The Boyardee mac is pretty much that second kind, it is tasty in a childish nostalgia way, I mean it just mostly tastes like mushy pasta in salty cream
If you've played Arkham City, the inmates constantly complain about the food being bad, and if you look closely, it's cans of mac and cheese. I imagine them to taste exactly like this stuff since I had it once or twice.

Realistically, is there a chance McDonald’s will go out of business in our lifetimes
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But we're talking about craving things not available at McDonald's when all you're eating is things at McDonald's.

The minerals aren't as bioavailable as the brain hopes and gets stuck on a treadmill of expectation and disappointment.
i feel 8ad bcs i shidded myself in a maccies. it was a good shit but i feel gay
Oatmeal, salad, and a burger is actually pretty close to fulfilling all nutritional needs.
You'd certainly not be developing deficiencies within one month.
It's more likely she just got tired of eating the same shit every day and wanted something else.
Or maybe the burger simply wasn't filling her up.
Trying to explain it as an actual sign of nutritional deficiency just shows you don't actually know anything about nutrition.
I doubt it, they have been expanding beyond a simple burer place into healthy eating and the cafe business and now home delivery. Seems to be doing well for them so far.

The only time my McDs closed was for a few days to renovate from their classic theme to that wood theme they have going now.
everybody knows this
only 12 year olds who are just figuring it out are blown away by this

Nasty food thread?
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File: 1419310611505.jpg (70 KB, 300x374)
70 KB
Are you YSAC?
I'd eat that.

Do you eat it?
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Marrow with honey is unreal.

Should try some deer or moose marrow, one bite and it's like eating a full meal, so fucking rich.
File: 1545801759739.jpg (6 KB, 224x225)
6 KB
It's snowing heavily outside, and I just saw this pic.

Gonna fucking coom help me.
Thats because the butcher cut the bones part with a bad ass high speed band saw. You are eating the bone dust.
I have eaten and it was really good, don't cook it myself but if i am offered a meat soup with bones i would eat the marrow.
>Not eating the most nutritious parts of animals
Never gonna make it.

File: 1579258869852.jpg (65 KB, 615x820)
65 KB
Healthy eaters BTFO

>A device that allows people to empty a portion of their stomach contents into a toilet after a meal has just got the go-ahead from the US Food and Drug Administration.
>The device allows patients to remove about 30% of the food from the stomach before the calories are absorbed into the body, causing weight loss.
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Absolute uneducated bullshit.
PEGs have been mentioned several times in the thread already and they have a very low risk of infection after the initial procedure.
File: download.jpg (7 KB, 214x133)
7 KB
Remember that Scottish fat guy like 45 years ago that fasted for 1 year while only consuming vitamins and water under medical supervision? He lost all the weight and ended up keeping it off because he had to totally reform a relationship with food after not eating for a year. Maybe other fat people should take a page out of his book and look into fasting if they can't count their calories right.
That sounds like a big fat lie.
What was his name? I want to read more about this.
Angus Barbery

He then died at like 50-something from heart problems

File: Weetbix vs Oats.jpg (30 KB, 499x372)
30 KB
How the FUCK do I eat 30+ grams of fiber a day? I barely get 20 right now
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Only in isolation from what I understand? That's why you got to consume it properly through eating vegetables and legumes and not stupid supplement powders
File: fiber.jpg (99 KB, 924x685)
99 KB
Today I will remind them.
>Whilst it is often stated in physiology textbooks that bulking agents improve peristalsis, there is no proof of this in practice nor experimentally. Regardless of the food ingested, small intestinal and right mid colonic contents are fluid and all ingestible dietary fiber is suspended therein. Dietary fiber, therefore, cannot act as solid boluses for the initiation of peristalsis. In fact, dietary fiber had been shown to retard peristalsis and hold up gaseous expulsion in human experiments[22].
>Dietary fiber is also associated with increased bloatedness and abdominal discomfort[22]. Insoluble fiber was reported to worsen the clinical outcome of abdominal pain and constipation[18-20]. In our recent study, patients who followed a diet with no or less dietary fiber intake showed a significant improvement, not just in their constipation, but also in their bloatedness. Patients who completely stopped consuming dietary fiber no longer suffered from abdominal bloatedness and pain. These symptoms are caused by the fermentation of dietary fiber by colonic bacteria, which produces hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane[23]. Gases that are trapped by peristaltic colon exert pressure on the walls, causing the abdominal pain experienced by patients.
>In conclusion, contrary to popularly held beliefs, reducing or stopping dietary fiber intake improves constipation and its associated symptoms.
>Sixty-three cases of idiopathic constipation
nice cherry-picking
Fiber one bars and wraps made with Mission carb balance tortillas..
Thank you. Setting a minimum goal for fiber intake is a fucking meme.

File: 20200117_192255.jpg (3.3 MB, 4032x3024)
3.3 MB
3.3 MB JPG
What do I do with this?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
substitute it for pork in bbq
But it doesn't taste like pork.
Why do people pretend that jackfruit tastes like neat? Who started this lie?
give it to a homeless person but dont provide them with a can opener

What's the best (and cleanest) vodka under $30? I've been drinking a lot of Ketel One lately, but is there something better?
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Throw them into the big container labeled "Glass", quite complicated stuff
File: sobieski.jpg (6 KB, 183x275)
6 KB
extra cheap, made from rye, burns clean.
no hangover
Also, whats the ideal temperature for consuming vodka? Room temp? Fridge temp? Freezing temp? Or it doesnt make any difference?
Reuse the bottles for water.
Smirnoff notably has no flavor and is made under license
Stoli is tasty as fuck and always imported

File: 20200117_163354.jpg (3.43 MB, 4160x3120)
3.43 MB
3.43 MB JPG
I might just sit here and the entire chorizo, cheese and baguette. Prolly half the whisky while im at it.
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dont forget to vape, chemical consoomer
whats up with this brand of whiskey?

my sister got me some for christmas, and Ive seen it on ck a few times recently.

is there a lot of marketing for it, or some other reason it got popular?

honestly i did not think it was that good.
i posted it in a whisky thread last time i bought a bottle. I just like it.
won’t you miss it

File: obam.jpg (47 KB, 580x423)
47 KB
what are the best herbs/spices/seasonings to add to beans and rice? i'm sick of cajun seasoning

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I caught my ring finger between a metal pan and walk-in door once when I worked at a kitchen in high school
Slimy kikes wouldn’t take me to the hospital next door and made my dad drive 20 minutes to come get me and take me there and then tried to get out of the hospital bill until my dad threatened to lawyer up

Was kind of silly considering I only needed a few stitches
epic reading comprehension
I feel bad for laughing as hard as I did at this
Yes, we even have unions, plebeian retail/fast-food workers can't afford such luxuries though.
Yeah, I’m thinking based

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