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File: 01_avellanas.png (216 KB, 1200x800)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
Am I a tastelet or this are just overpriced peanuts? They taste so similar its hard to justify the price tag
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Don't need one because of the great cycling infrastructure. I'd much rather save that money for food, booze and hookers.
you might have the coof, dawg
Ah I miss this joke. I'm glad Delta V showed up.
Those priorities i can accept. Proceed with honour and blessings.

OP is probably a tastelet or has some mushrooms growing on his tongue
My monthly wage is 400 usd fuck off you eurobaby

File: 1504739193100.jpg (26 KB, 350x500)
26 KB
what can I do with ground turkey breast.

I've already done
>burger/patty melt

help me based /ck/
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I'm losing my shit over this image and i have no idea why.
File: Son Goku 7.jpg (66 KB, 500x563)
66 KB
>put block of turkey in pan and brown the fuck out of it in a brick
>flip and do the same shit
>break up into pieces bigger than taco meat but smaller than small meatballs
>add sweet chili or teriyaki sauce, ginger, garlic and a little water or cooking wine
>bring to a boil and add stir fry vegitables, onion and bell peppers
>sriracha to desired level of spiciness
>simmer till your veggies are desired tenderness
serve over rice.
I swear the comedic sensibilities of your average co/ck/ are sub-facebook tier. its like if boomers were gay. I fucking hate you faggots.
tater tot casserole
sounds like diabetes

File: Jekyll-Hyde.jpg (91 KB, 640x558)
91 KB
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>you're referencing a meme older than 6 months! you must be from reddit!
Bet you post frogs and feels man without realizing the irony.
Tell me the eyes look back and forth and he is constantly tipping his hat
File: Ryan's Steakhouse.jpg (69 KB, 750x513)
69 KB
this one time, at Ryan's...
Murder yourself frogfag and don't drag spurdo into your autistic lovefest with Pepe/Apu.

Anyone ever had Hakka food? I keep hearing about it and now I wanna make some chili chicken
hakka lougie in your food
I like the salted chicken
chilli chicken is good shit, I prefer the dry kind which is basically double fried and tossed in the sauce instead of cooked in it and sauced as some places serve it

>ctrl + F
>no recent bakes thread
Recent bakes thread. For me, it’s a classic round loaf. Ate a couple slices with jam, probably making a grilled cheese later and posting OC
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How do I get more pockets into the bread? So far, my bread results have almost always been good, but no air pockets.
Enough kneading for strong gluten development.
Sufficient fermentation.
Gentler handling when shaping.
Higher hydration.
Proper scoring.
Loads of initial heat in the oven, preferably with some steam.
Meant for:
File: 28181_4909.jpg (138 KB, 540x540)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
you maybe be over fermenting your dough and that's why it pancakes. High hydration doughs ferment faster.

Another reason is that you just didn't build enough tension during the bulk and shaping. You need to think bread as a bag with balloons inside it.

Gluten formation alone will not make a bread stay stiff. If you've ever made a high hydration dough like 85% it will come out of the mixer very slack. It will pass the windowpane test (meaning it's got complete gluten formation) but won't be able to hold itself up. When you fold the dough over itself you build that outer skin (bag) and you have the different air pockets (balloons) stacked on each other inside that bag. That is why after a few sets of folds when the dough has started gas production the dough will hold its shape.

The internal balloons are your air pockets. If you took a bag and filled it with empty balloons the bag will be flat. If you filled those balloons to the max the bag would be very taught and stand upright. If you filled the balloons only halfway then there is some give in the bag. Pic related is basically how you can understand bread.

Now when you put your bread in the oven the air in those balloons expand by a huge amount. If your balloons were already filled to the max before you put them in the oven they will burst and then your bread will collapse. Not filled enough and the bread doesn't have enough gas to expand and your bread is dense. If you proof it just right the bread will expand and not overburst. The tension of balloons will hold together.

Scoring allow those balloons to expand greater than the bag will expand on it's own, but if you score it too much all that tension of the bag will be lost. That is also why or certain high hydration breads like ciabatta don't need scoring since the outer skin is more than capable of expanding sufficiently.
File: unnamed.jpg (78 KB, 341x512)
78 KB
I am just regurgitating what is said in this book, which costs money but if anyone wants it I could share a google drive link.

File: 1200px-Onion_on_White.jpg (223 KB, 1200x1200)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
I had an onion
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I like how a bloomin onion resembles a spread out butthole
i feel nicocados presence
Shedding tears due to irritated eyes isn't the same thing as crying, though.
Go on...
no need to shed tears due to irritated eyes about it

I have traveled all over the United States and can confidently say that Maryland has the best food of anywhere. Their seafood is miles ahead of anywhere else. Great Italian food. They have a food culture that doesn't exist in most places. The only other place that comes close is Chicago.
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>Maryland is such a shitheap of minorities
>Houston is the best food city

> Hispanic 45.0%
> Black 22.6%
> Whites 24.4%
> Asian 6.8%

> White 41.1%
> Black 30.6%
> Asian 7.0%
> American Indian 0.2%

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
eww this nigga on a gay date.
>30.6% black
that's the only number that matters and is the main reason to steer clear
Maryland is outclassed for every type of food, Massachusetts has better seafood, Texas has better barbecue, Louisiana has better soul food, DC has more Michelin star restaurants. Maryland is a mediocre hodgepodge of foods, just like the state itself
Thanks for your input.
Says the state with 2 mexicans for every white

>Pour cereal into the bowl
>Open the fridge
>No more milk
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coffee whitener is fucking disgusting. would you actually put that shit on cereak, let alone ruin a coffee it?
first off, not your mate, pal
They enjoy it. And so do I, dammiy!
Learn to uppercase your posts. It’s embarrassing to think an adult would still type like this.
Op that is better than, pour cereal in bowl, pour milk in bowl, eat half of cereal, then notice worms floating in your cereal milk.

Cashews remain as the KING of nuts, followed by Brazil nut.
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Macadamia nuts are simply the best.
>brazil nuts
you mean niggertoes? You uncultured cretin
File: 1626805168059.png (407 KB, 463x718)
407 KB
407 KB PNG
Brazil nuts are very good and they make you cum amount skyrocket
Check yourself
Buy better ones

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330ml is standard size in New Zealand too.
I've lived in the east of Germany (ex-GdR) and here 0.5l are the standard beer bottle size. Maybe, the north is just different. Not sure about the most western states of Germany. (Rheinland Pfalz, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Saarland)
So you can shove the whole bottle up your anus
citation needed
I don't know how credible this source is. They say that the NRW bottle (0.5l) is the most sold beer bottle type; hence, most sold beers are 0.5l. (https://www.sueddeutsche.de/panorama/getraenke-die-verschiedenen-bierflaschen-im-ueberblick-1.3181913)

File: pd.jpg (40 KB, 500x505)
40 KB
potato downies
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Who the fuck is Tommy K?
These were served all the time with school lunches in America, it’s not just a bong thing
>Potato waffles
>Oven Crunchies
>Potato footballs
>Alphabet shapes
+ turkey drummers and beans.
tomato ketchup
honestly never had these in the state, and not just saying that for the memes. i only ever see these on bong threads.
I saw them in elementary school near the end in the 90s along with uncrustables. I also see them in the freezer section. I guess it stays better in a cafateria-style setting, but I'd rather just have tater tots if we're eating potato waste products.

File: 1620034104456.jpg (56 KB, 1200x655)
56 KB
Are Japanese eggs superior?
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they literally just have higher sanitary standards that makes any and all eggs safe to consume raw.
In my country sometimes we give children rice with egg on top, but it's cooked like scrambled eggs.
Then they eat it with a spoon instead of using sticks.
aww, jannie didn't like my eggman joke
Why do people say "in my country" when they could just say the fucking name of the country. We're not gonna find out where you live, retard.
File: aed.jpg (157 KB, 742x1080)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
pretty much everything Japanese is superior
>inb4 american gigacopes

Cope edition

Now that it’s summer, it’s time to bring out those gars to go along with the BBQ. Post and discuss pipes, cigars, cigarettes, hookah, snus, snuff, dip, etc.

Previous thread: >>16436757
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i am still waiting on someone to prove tobacco is not food
>Is ingested and assimilated by an organism to produce energy, stimulate growth, and maintain life.
>A specified kind of nourishment.
>Nourishment eaten in solid form.
Holy worked
Of course i dont have it but would like the lower the chance of it

Mine’s picrel
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File: Chef.jpg (53 KB, 600x255)
53 KB
He's a character. Groucho Marx and Moe Howard are also fictional, FYI
I don't understand this at all. That's like saying Brad Pitt is fictional because it's the name of an actor.
File: chefcurry.jpg (141 KB, 1200x1200)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
chef curry wit da shot been cooking with tha sauce
File: 1628188202395.jpg (565 KB, 1288x2289)
565 KB
565 KB JPG

File: Beer.jpg (953 KB, 2560x1920)
953 KB
953 KB JPG
YOU are stocked up right?
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This is probably a marketing stunt to get people to go out and buy cases of steel reserve.
what is it with this board and people shitting blood, is it the fast food? this isn't the first time i've read this, i've been drinking for 10 years and i've never shat blood, just lots of puking the next morning, puked blood a few times from ripping my esophagus.
thats the wall brother
Honestly I wouldn't even be surprised. Fuck this gay Earth.
Is that you Bill Dub? Or is this the Hollywood Hulkster? Either way, I'm dragging my feet right now. Could've used covid lockdowns and the de-facto universal basic income to get sober, instead I did the opposite and just drank. Guess I should either shit or get off teh pot.

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