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>can't even get mint Juul pods at the convenience store anymore
Welp, just ordered a caliburn online, hope it's good. This whole situation just sucks, I wish the feds would back off
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Snus does not cause cancer.
Dude, you're only supposed to breathe in good clean fresh air, not aerosolized glycerol.
It's been known for decades that stage and theatre workers operating fog machines have horrible lung scarring. Talk to 1 bouncer who worked a goth club one single night, and they'd tell you they stepped outside when the fog machines came up for Bela Lugosi's dead, because they would cough all day the next day. You're intentionally inhaling the same oils into your lungs? Dumdum time. Even OSHA knows it is bad. So, yes, it is proven to be unsafe. Just no one wants to do a study because people quit smoking using the devices. But, you want a different kind of lung failure that isn't cancer?
>What if you have an oral fixation?
Lollipops or other candy. Since you like mint, get into some Halls cough drop addiction.
i used to have a caliburn
i would empty THC carts into their pods and vape the dab oils like that.
the caliburn vapes THC better than any of those screw-on atomizers.
super long and clean hits with no coughing, got high as sheeeeeit.

It's all over the local restaurants in SE Michigan
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Yeah, Oberon and a pasty is some haute cuisine

Fuck Michigan.
>The nearest one is 11 Mile and Greenfield and I’m in Warren at 12 Mile and Mound.
Make the drive.
>Pretty much once you move to Warren, you never leave.
Please, anon. I need to leave.
I bet you’re from shithio.
File: 1539644121035.png (136 KB, 363x296)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
>be in mid michigan
>95% of food is just chain-shit

File: 1575761438024.webm (541 KB, 720x404)
541 KB
>SIR you didn't pay for your third packet of McChicken sauce
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I bet you the Waffle House was still open.
>helping their employees
File: 0 dextarity.webm (2.01 MB, 450x254)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB WEBM
Why do they let womanlets like that be a cop when they cant control men
do austrians really?
She was obviously undertrained. In that situation a properly trained woman would have been more effective than a properly trained man. Women are much better at emotional manipulation than men are. For some reason she thought she needed to subdue the autist by force to prove herself, probably because she had spent too much time around men.

Why did no one ever tell me Popeye's was better than Chick-Fil-Gay?
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Most immigrant food chains tend to be decent. Poo's are desprite for work and bust their ass to keep their visa. Whereas an american working as a manager past mid 20s is probably a fuck up in life
Stupid fool. Try Monroe's hot chicken sandwich.
Cook your own food you fucking Faggots
>this chicken is the best!
>you just have to deep fry it in animal fat and then cover it in two day's worth of season salt!
>isnt the chicken great! what do you mean all you can taste is salt and grease, isnt the chicken so good?!
Why the fuck is this such a constant thing with country people these days? You move to a Southern city or town and ask what's good to do there, and they always tell you some shit 3 hours away that's basically in another state. You ask what's good to eat, and they give you fucking condiments and seasoning instead of the actual food.
This is the same shit that Whataburger does. They sell you cheese and sugary sauce - the burger itself is completely fucking flavorless. Popeyes chicken is low-quality, brined horseshit. The literal cheapest chicken at a grocery store fries better after soaking it in butter milk for a few hours, with only some salt and pepper in the breading. The ONLY part of the chicken that has any flavor is the obnoxious amount of salt that is added to it, and the grease it's fried in.

I know the South actually knows how to make food. I grew up in Georgia. Where the fuck did people lose their goddamned minds about food and life? You people are getting worse than city shitters who pretend that caring about vapid consumerism is culture.

File: fl_bc_hard_seltzer_12.0.jpg (154 KB, 1200x800)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
Has anyone tried this yet? I cant find it anywhere
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Too many teens either drowned in lakes or drove enough cars into houses. Not joking.
Caffine and alchohol is pretty much a low dose speedball. I agree its not a good combo but I do miss drinking everglow. It was a liquor made with vodka, tequila, and ginseng. Tasted like mountain dew.
yeah it was also ginseng and taurine I think, more energy drink horseshit. Those three plus alcohol were the FOUR in the loko.
I want to try this something fierce
File: hottieforsaucy.jpg (83 KB, 400x400)
83 KB
>ok boomer

File: EK9hUDPX0AA3CAX.jpg (87 KB, 1080x1080)
87 KB
Comment below.
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My daughter definitely isn't queer. She loves my cock.
i'm gonna go ahead and call your dad based
Imagine not eating something unless it came with a free bonesaw for you newly diabetic foot. Bet your dinners come in a box that says CAPTAIN YUMMY'S CHICKEN NUMNUMS

Would you?
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Why are all of these "American Style" pizzas so fucking foriegn that no american would ever eat one of them?
File: Canadian Pizza.jpg (121 KB, 760x570)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Canada was a mistake.
File: 1575440730755.jpg (134 KB, 670x670)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
How will they ever recover?
File: 1575594913275.png (873 KB, 636x657)
873 KB
873 KB PNG

File: sweetsweethoney.jpg (100 KB, 741x1000)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
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File: DSC_0097.jpg (3.34 MB, 4608x2592)
3.34 MB
3.34 MB JPG
You just have to know where to look :)
I want it so bad
Bro, my Jo crystal lost its charge, wanna come and jerk off with me to recharge it while we eat pizza and watch some movies?
I think it's basically saying "Dont use this blood unless it's the only kind that's available for the patient" since AB is the rarest blood type?
I have the uncontrollable urge to eat my dice whenever I see them

Anyone else get the worst fucking case of diarrhea after eating these?
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God I hope so, I'm always constipated
No but wendy's spicy nuggets did me in badly. I ate them four times in a row and got spicy diarrhea each time.
You’re just a Melvin. I could eat one that was two days old and be fine.
I ate 7 today. They're not even spicy.
They're decently spicy. I ate them in intervals of 20 or 10. You're probably not noticing anything because you're eating baby back bitch portions.

File: Claire-Saffitz.jpg (47 KB, 453x550)
47 KB
Did you know she went to Harvard?
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>she got engaged
>it wasn't to me
it's not fucking fair
I can't wait to cuck her husband when she gets bored of that fat piece of shit.
I can't wait to quean her when he gets bored of that fat piece of shit
and she can’t even temper chocolate
she's perfect

do not be alarmed this is just dickered food & cooking things pls move along

this thread is for anyone to post a cook-along, bake-along, lime-along, drink-along, snack-along, sing-along, pickle-along or OC food/drink pics, post your meals or what ever if you don't want to make or use another thread

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Just saying if you wanna get together and fuck each other in our fat, sweaty asses, I'm down
yes i am full weab now pls no bully

Like you have to ask on this godawful website
File: 1533686902349.jpg (24 KB, 600x337)
24 KB
When you see a Patti

For me, it's dipping steak into some Ken's Chunky Blue Cheese dressing
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I eat when I’m not hungry.
used to mix crushed potato chips with mayo or cream cheese, add more cheese, pieces of ham or whatever and some other things, micrawave it and eat it over warm white rice or on bread.
This reminds me of my brother. If we went out for breakfast, he'd always get the All-American pancake breakfast
>scrambled eggs
He'd grind it all together into a giant mush, cover it with syrup and eat it
File: gravy.jpg (86 KB, 1200x800)
86 KB
I once made and ate half a pot of gravy. No meat or mashed potatoes, just the gravy.

File: Brie_01.jpg (87 KB, 1200x675)
87 KB
Redpill me on cheese.

>good kinds
>what to look for, what makes a cheese good
>best ways to prepare/serve/consume
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>good kinds
White cheddar, gouda, havarti, romano, porter cheese, goat cheese, jarlsberg
>what makes a cheese good
When you taste it, and you consider the experience positive
>best ways to prepere/serve/consume
Prepare: Either melted in a fondue pot or sliced up at room temp.
Serve: See prepare
Consume: If melted, a spoon, a piece of meat, or a piece of good bread. If solid, either on crackers or just slice some off the block and eat it. Pair with wine either way.
i eat cold brie on baguette or wheat crackers all the time.
melty is ok, room temp is best
Ok sorry >>>/mlp/
The answer is all cheese is good.
All ways to prepare cheese is good.

Just start somewhere with one or two things, try something new.
I'd suggest trying your hand with the full food pairing with wine experience. Walk into like a Whole foods, chat up the cheese guy there, and get some samples. Walk out with like a basic rioja or nice white wine, a piece of a soft cheese like a herb or ash coated goat, a strong manchego, a mild and nutty cheese like a havarti, maybe something you want to cook with like a brie or cheddar, I am fans of the wenslydale kind of stilton and fruit you see this time of year, . Anyway, they will slice off this or that for you at your whim. Barring a real cheese store in your town, Whole Foods is the way to go to sample. Get some fig loaf or jam or some smoky nuts on the side, and a freshly baked bread,(might toast it) and a fancy cracker. Invite someone over!
Cheap mode: Aldi, get 1 of each cheese they are offering right now, and a couple wines. Get a bake it yourself french loaf, that italian round loaf they have for paninis. Olive it up, or butter garlic toast it, and smear away.
So the good kind of cheese are the one coming from the holly trinity of cheese :France/Swizterland/Italy. If you're starting you might want to try hard cheese first like comté/gruyere/parmesiano.

As to how to prepare it's easy, the only thing I'd say is don't eat it too cold, so take it out of the fridge 15 minutes should be fine. Then take some bread and some wine and enjoy. For maximum authentic points, you can use a wine of the same region of your cheese, but this is probably going too far.

I bake a shit ton, and my friend who works at a restaurant is offering to buy me the occasional 50 lb bag of high glutten flour.

Is high glutten flour going to be noticeably different from bread flour? It'd be nice to not have to go through 2 bags of that a week
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
thanks anon.

anyway it's okay if it's not exactly the same, I'll probably use it anyway for the savings.

The 50 lb bag would be $17, compared to like $6 for a 5 lb bag of bread flour

There's more to flour than just how much glutten is in it, anon
you don’t know the difference in flour?
high gluten flour is quite literally on the package. if you baked at all, you would’ve seen it or have heard about it
from your original post, you don’t know anything about any flour which is disturbing for a supposed baker

Or, well, I know the difference between flours I've used before (ap, bread, ww, semolina, pastry, cake). I've never used high glutten flour before.

>high gluten flour is quite literally on the package.
What is that even supposed to mean?
is this the new "galze"?

File: IMG_0711.jpg (51 KB, 1200x1600)
51 KB
What can I use to season my milk?
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Lemon juice for the win
maple syrup
grape juice(purple cow)
pepsi(boomer meme)
What fucking milk do you drink that's full of sugar? Is this some kind of processed shit Americans have?
lactose is sugar, which is around 4-5% of milk composition

I just put dry flakes in and let it sit for a few minutes, but surely there's a better way to infuse the taste out there in the world

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