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>Steal everything from the chinese and the greek
Total hacks.
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boy piss eggs alone are more culture than america could possibly hope to ever have
I've heard stuff about Oaxaca and Chiapas here in Ibiza. Thanks, anon.
this thread is pure cringe
noodle thieves

File: 7up[1].jpg (28 KB, 400x300)
28 KB
Sprite or 7Up? Time to decide once and for all.
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File: vkcruew8n0g51[1].jpg (156 KB, 1024x963)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
storm gang in the house
>*teleports behind you*
Ginger Ale (Canadian Dry, Vernors, or Seagrams) > Cherry 7Up > Sprite > 7Up
Crisp and clean with no caffeine!
My dad used to do an impression of him when he'd get drunk.

File: lucid absinthe.jpg (107 KB, 585x800)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
/Ck/, I fell for the absinthe meme. I could've eaten a box of Stella D'oro anisette toast or twenty black licorice jelly beans for the same effect. You're paying to slowly watch alcohol get swirly and change colors.
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No, the wine industry made that shit up.
Thanks for the heads up.
>it's not that expensive
I don't think that was OP's concern
>im drinking it to feel like im van gogh or some shit.
This would also be my reason for drinking it

OP here, while I wasn't expecting any hallucinogenic effects I was hoping for a more complex flavor profile and maybe some strange mouth sensations. I was expecting something more akin to Green Chartreuse but it's little more than a potent one note anise liqueur. I'll still make good use out of it but only as a cocktail ingredient for drinks like the monkey gland. I'm not putting up with that drip bullshit again.
If I had a bottle, I'd use it as a talking point/novelty for guests. Say, if I had my parents over for saturday dinner, I could pull out the bottle and say "hey look what I got," and we'd all try a glass for the fun of it.

File: salad.jpg (147 KB, 1272x764)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
What do you put in your salads, /ck/?
my fork
I don't get salads. They're nice but what's the point of taking time to prepare them. Why not just eat the original, uncut vegetables together by just biting into them? They'll mix inside you anyway.
here recently its been
>chopped apple
>dried cranberries
>carrot matches
>hemp seeds
>goat cheese
>raspberry vinaigrette
if you don't make your own dressing every time, then turn in your entire kitchen.

I went to the local food bank yesterday and a can of beef was in one of the boxes they gave me.

I'm not sure what to do with it, canned meats can be very "iffy".

What to make with it?
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Tamales. Fajitas. Tacos. etc.
Just drain the meat, rinse it in a strainer, boil it in a skillet with water, drain it, then cook it in a skillet with a bit of salt and tons of chili powder and garlic first. This should make it edible.
My two cents? Make a tomato meat sauce for pasta or lasagna or something. Or do what >>15945386 and >>15945542 said and make tacos or chilli or something. Watch the salt though.

Makaroni po Flotski.
It's basically ground beef (hamburger). They put it in raw and cook it in the can.


File: chef_pantydropper.jpg (685 KB, 2048x1825)
685 KB
685 KB JPG
> Coffee is for wagies, incels and people with bad breath
>Tea is for patricians, chads and people of noble lineage
Well, was he right /ck/?
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Tea has been the choice of royalty since it's discovery by a literal Chinese Emperor when a leaf from the tea bush fell into his pot of boiling water, and who was quoted as saying
>Surely this leaf must have come from heaven
After having tried tea for the first time

Coffee on the other hand was discovered by the dancing Ngubus of ethiopia when a Shepard was observing his goats eating certain red berries which made them have crazy goat sex. So the Ngubu not wanting to miss out ate some berries to have the best goat sex of his life. Unfortunately they were so bitter he decided to take some back home to cook them, which he ended up burning but he said good enough and that's how coffee was born

So your choice is between a plant descended from heaven and drank by people with the finest tastes in the world Or a burnt nigger berry used for inducing homosexual acts of bestiality.

Yeah, no that's not really a choice.
south australia particularly the barossa valley is better than cali
File: 1611434298367.jpg (90 KB, 1000x1000)
90 KB
File: 1553656625401s.jpg (2 KB, 124x124)
2 KB
why not both?

File: 1605558467156.jpg (75 KB, 500x370)
75 KB
By special royal permission
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This is my first post on this board, and possibly my last. Sardines are revolting. Mackerel on the other hand...
Deenz in tomato sauce are good desu.
Do you ever eat only half a can then save the rest for later?
why aren't you?

I just ate a bag of those THC peach rings and I don’t feel shit. Edibles are a fucking ripoff. Why the fuck do people even eat these you’re basically just buying junk food at a ten times markup.
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>stoner is a retard
Who could've foreseen this??
Is OP kill?
OP is currently on a fucking moon mission for the next 3 days
Can go the savory route also, one can make an excellent aioli with cannabis infused oil
he going to space

File: waitress.jpg (89 KB, 866x1300)
89 KB
>job is literally just ask people waht they want, move plates around, and have a good attitude
>The only low skill job where performance directly affects how much money you make
>Yet they still fuck it up constantly anywhere that charges less than $30 for a meal
Why is it like this?
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face to face interactions with customers is probably the easiest subset of any part of any job ive ever held

what do you tip out of?
Why is this thread on /ck/???
>when my dad was my age you could buy a 4 room house, feed 3+ kids and your husband, own a car and still have a savings account while investing in stocks on just a waitress/waitor salary

I hate modern america

Favorite shows, recipes, cooks
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File: 1605013751424.jpg (47 KB, 466x587)
47 KB
I wish I had an asian wife bros
File: 1598654462610.jpg (32 KB, 552x663)
32 KB
Cooking secrets of the Culinary Institute of America is the best.
Or as it's better known as; Cooking Secrets of the CIA.
But it's where most of us should aspire to be, at minimum.
I want to see the outtakes that show when all these chubby big titty chicks accidentally mash their boobs into each other. You know it has to have happened.
I picked up a bunch of ATK/CC cookbooks a few years ago (found them used for $1-$2 each). Some have extensive background on ingredients, techniques, etc. that I found more useful than the actual recipes I've tried.

File: xFkwZNzzzkI.jpg (63 KB, 718x718)
63 KB
I tried making some ravioli the other night but they came out tough and chewy. The recipe I used called for two cups flower, three eggs, two yolks, tsp salt, and a tbsp olive oil. Made the well with the dry ingredients, added the wet, mixed, then kneaded for maybe 3 minutes. Then I let the dough rest for 30 minutes and I used a hand roller and got the sheet thin enough that I could see through it. Any idea where I went wrong?
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>two cups flower
>three eggs
LMFAO do mutts really?
File: 1304938223524.jpg (47 KB, 369x368)
47 KB
... tough and chewy you say... the usual ratio for volume is 2.5 dry to 1 wet (or 1.5 dry to 1 wet by weight)... so 2.5 cups flour to 1 cup water, or about 4 eggs. You're pretty much dead on that. Did you roll it too thick? It's gotta be almost translucent for stuffed pasta.
Nevermind, I'm high.

Yeah, no idea. Check them next time around the 3 minute mark.
did you use east or west coast water?

What is the best syrup and why is it Mrs. Butterworth's?
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I prefer Mr. Butterworth's to most maple syrup you get in stores
For me it's the consistency--I've tried "100% pure maple syrup"--it's not syrup, it's water. Maple water. Maple water over pancakes. But not syrup. Just like Tabasco "sauce" is actually Tabasco WATER--vinegar pepper water.
Consider going for the darker stuff, Grade A is much lighter than grade B or C (now Grade A very dark)
File: syrup.jpg (57 KB, 604x600)
57 KB
If I could get it for $2.99 I'm all in

File: 662225746.png (3.17 MB, 1070x1462)
3.17 MB
3.17 MB PNG
food general - post images of food
File: 1618329015558.jpg (92 KB, 790x790)
92 KB
Looks a lot better than whatever that guy posted last night with the rubber chicken

Is being a baker a comfy job?
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Is there no protection to help reduce the amount of flour a baker breathes in? Do masks work in this case or is the kitchen too damn hot to bother? I had no idea how bad baking was for your health.
Big Bread keeps it hush hush.
funny enough a former coworker of mine who worked mixer bought a mask to try and reduce that amount of flour inhaled, this was over a year before the pandemic.
doesnt flour tend to ignite and burn down buildings
Excellent, thanks for that.

Reason why I should buy expensive eimported parmigiano cheese when I can buy a Parmesan-style that’s good enough for daily use for a lot less money.
24 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>different people
You made this criterion up
Yes, that's it.
Didn't know about the Canastra cheese, ill have to see what I can find.
My wife is the one one who found the recipe, but damn is it good.
I had to implement a strict once a month rule because I will eat every single one of those things.
>why should I buy food when I can just eat my own shit?
Shut the fuck up, italian. Your cheese isn't so special that it can't be replicated.
Block cheese vs. Kraft green jar

>can be grated or microplaned for different effects
>rind can be used dropped into soups
>more fruity esters imo

>seems to spoil at a slower rate
>can be stored at room temperature until opening

Just what I could think off my head

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