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File: 1602936872832.jpg (46 KB, 800x600)
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/ck/ pics that makes you question your faith in humanity or are just intriguing. Hit me with your best shot
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Were links a buff or a nerf to my nurse/bad reaction anti-heal deck?
Most plants are just straight up hazardous or has some some mechanism that tries to protect itself form being eaten. Literally what is the difference?
Fair point
If i remember correctly it was actually 200 dollars everything. Nigga got scammed hard.

File: pork chop monster.jpg (1.87 MB, 2272x1704)
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1.87 MB JPG
anons, whats the most fucked up dish from your neck of the woods? over in indiana, we like to put a colossal peice of fried meat in between walmart bought buns.
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Pickled king crab tails or smoked boiled black cod.
Im in Iowa and we do the same thing. Every cheap restaurant has them, most gas stations too
Fellow Indiana anon here, and how dare you besmirch the amazing breaded tenderloin. It’s the classic Indiana sandwich and is absolutely amazing
Hmm, hard to think of something fucked up and weird. But it was brought to my attention we have Vegan places around here where 2 double cheese burgers, 2 fries and 1 drink costs like $50. Some place called Monty's.

File: hamegg.jpg (56 KB, 800x450)
56 KB
The term "ham and egger" is a derogatory term referring to common or lower class people, who presumably would enjoy a breakfast of ham and eggs. Does this alter your appreciation for ham and eggs at all?
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Luv norf fc
‘ate souf fc
‘ate m’beke, not racist jus don’t like ‘im
Luv ngubu
Luv me pints
Luv me ham and eggs
Have you honestly never tried country ham and eggs? I get a big ham steak from the local butcher every week or so just to make it for breakfast on the weekends
Yuros don't know country ham. I feel sorry for them.

Even if I make money, I'll never turn into a fucking richfag. Working class born and raised.
for me it's eggs benedict. dad always used to make it for mom and me on mother's day.

File: 1599703316309.jpg (1.33 MB, 989x1405)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
I've come into the possession of 12 dozens of bananas, all having a shelf life of maybe 2-3 days at best. What can I realistically do with them before they spoil? About 2 dozen will likely become smoothies but what can I do with the rest?
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make fried banana chips
or how about some dehydrated bananas? cut a dozen bananas up and slowly dehydrate them on like 4 different oven racks at the same time. meanwhile, why don't you make banana bread, give a dozen away to your neighbors if they want some,
or why not freeze some for icecream?
banoffee pie
File: literally_me.jpg (188 KB, 1242x1540)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
>golf cart weight: 275kg
>forklift weight: 4500kg
Nope, totally the same class of vehicle, bro. Just pushy-pedal, turny-wheel, pully-lever. Moving several tonnes of goods in an industrial environment is the same as bouncing around the golf course half-drunk.
>Moving several tonnes of goods in an industrial environment is the same as bouncing around the golf course half-drunk.

It literally is. I should know, I used to drive forklifts.
Mash them into a paste, get four multi gallon car boys and enjoy banana wine for the next year

File: IMG_20201020_1823017.jpg (2.36 MB, 4056x2704)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB JPG
>my cast iron is a hussy edition

Quickly, go take a picture of the current state of your cast iron/stove top! No cleaning up or wiping down allowed!
>No cleaning up or wiping down allowed!
words you live by apparently
Its stove seasoning retard
Imagine his ass.

File: dutchliquorice.jpg (310 KB, 1158x1500)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
>be American
>actually enjoy black liquorice and anise
>read about salmiakki, and how most Americans hate it
>super curious
>order pic rel
What am I in for?
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Just a heads up that salmiakki isn't liquorice at all. It's just combined with it a lot. You can make pure salmiakki at home with a basic chemistry set. It's popular to sell the powder in the candy aisle of Finnish supermarkets, but thats too extreme for most people. Try Turkish Pepper if you want your own horror story. Try Fazer chocolate bars with salmiakki if you want a nice experience.
This is the classic, but its pretty weak and 90% sugar bullshit that sticks to your teeth.

You need to get these salmiakki skulls, my friend
I recommend Lakrisal
Well sure, sal ammoniac is just ammonium chloride, but usually when people mention salmiak or salmiakki, especially in the context of food, they're talking about the candy.
Dutchfag here. these are all shit except the top right, which will be sweet.
this though is one of the best liquorice. No idea how you'll get it but in terms of 'coin liquorice' I've found this to be the best, although I've never eaten your American branch liquorice.
if you eat three packages of pic related you'll die.

File: smug dinosaur.png (63 KB, 340x294)
63 KB
Fuck meat eaters
Fuck vegans
Vegetarian bros WW@?
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I'm not a vegetarian but I have vegetarian family I cook for.
Quiche and cheesecake are amazing. Curries, bean burgers, meatless chili, eggplant parm, meatless lasagna, biscuits, custard, ice cream, pastries, idk. Quiche is my favorite meatless entree though. So filling, healthy, and delicious.
If you aren't vegetarian, nice troll
If you are, you aren't helping
Based. Got any good curry recipes?
t. triggered vegan

File: download (10).jpg (203 KB, 2000x1256)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
Here you go.
One coppa coffee.
No chocolate, no vanilla, just plain coffee
sir, this is a latte

File: ramen-129052-2.jpg (497 KB, 1980x1320)
497 KB
497 KB JPG
I want to make me some beef ramen and i want the meat to be tender but i don't have a pressure cooker.

I tried cutting the tenderloin into smaller chunks, boiling them, and while pieces of muscle fibers broke easily from one another, they were still super dry.

Any ideas?
Anyone experienced with beef?
Ask the Japanese since you’re so in love with their culture
File: 1451642687001.jpg (34 KB, 210x230)
34 KB
Really anon are we really going with that approach

File: 20201020_111823.jpg (1.99 MB, 2312x3984)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB JPG
Bonjour ck ! I have a treat for you today ! My family were cook, patissier and farmer for generations and i have since picked up the family tradition. Anyway here some of my great grandfather treasure. If you want a picture of a particular page ill obliged !
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Although I cannot read French I love it

Thank you for adding new information to the world
Thanks !
Oh no you lost the page with the recipe? That's such a shame
The few québécois I met where really nice 1nd lovely people. But my sister whmant2d to move there and told me people where quite cold and it was gonna be difficult to make friends. Other than that, I never went there myself but it seems cool
It wasnt a recipe it was a bunch of pictures of how and what to serve with tea. Ill get you cake recipes and goûter pâtisserie later if the tread is still up.

File: file.png (952 KB, 2000x1500)
952 KB
952 KB PNG
What do I look into while buying milk?
What do I look into while buying rice?
What do I look into while buying pasta?
What do I look into while buying...?
How do I keep myself healthy when everything becomes shitty. My 332.34mg/l water tastes worse than usual. Buying a 500+ water is impossible. Help me out /ck/.
I forgot to ask.
What kind of bread should I buy? I've read somewhere that bread for breakfast&supper is bad for you, and you should eat fruits instead (1 orange every 2 hours)
>1 orange every 2 hours
Are you sure you got that right? That's really not very much citrus. Like you realize why we don't usually run into scurvy in the modern world right?
I have no idea about anything mate. I've been studying Finance&Math 10h a day for the past 7years. A week ago I realised even if I make it, I'm not gonna enjoy my life for long because of having never cared what I ate. The 500+ rule of water, and 1 orange every 2h came from some sparse research I did this week.

File: Lemon.jpg (47 KB, 590x701)
47 KB
>buy multicooker
>start making a stew
>stew ready
>start eating
>meat is overcooked
>veggies taste like shit
>realize I cant cook.
What now /ck/?
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manual is in russian
Things like onions and garlic go in before the liquid. Carrots, potatoes, etc can be withheld until later if you are worried. Some recipes will saute the carrots with the onions briefly, add the liquid, remove the carrots, then add back in to finish cooking later.

You can do it that way, this is just the method I have found the most success with. It's roughly adapted from a gumbo recipe. Really not much work compared to other dishes but whatever hits the sweet spot of effort-enjoyment for you is good.
How did the meat get over-cooked in a stew?
Pretty much, just sear the meat and fry the veg first (takes about 10mins). You can do it all in one pot.

You can just put it all in a pot without searing/frying, but it won't taste anywhere near as good.
What kind of meat was it? Now you figure out what could have gone better and implement it for next time.

File: $_32.jpg (19 KB, 600x332)
19 KB
Theorem: for ever g*rman or fr*nch or worst of all, am*rican knife at any price point, there is an equivalent japanese knife that has better steel, more pleasant to use, and more aesthetically pleasing

I think we can all agree that this is true for knives priced between $25 and $1000, but what about outside this range?
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I just use cheap knives from walmart and a manual sharpening stone
Good enough for me
I am the op, and you were replying to me
Congratulations, you're still wrong.
Wrong about what? Your mom being a good lay?
You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are under the age of 18.

File: fast-food-wendys[1].jpg (127 KB, 922x615)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
what's your go-to wendys order?
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Wendy is more expensive
I never have eaten on wendy's (not available in my country) but any time I eat in mcdonald's it doesn't fill me enough so maybe is that
Two spicy chickens and a diet coke. I've been enjoying the bacon pubs recently though.
File: wendysburgers2020.jpg (418 KB, 1173x1841)
418 KB
418 KB JPG
Honestly they've got a pretty impressive burger lineup
4 for $4 with a doublestack, srirachi for the niggets, and a Dr Pepper.

File: IMG_7203.jpg (44 KB, 600x400)
44 KB
cacio e pepe
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>water won't break a cheese sauce
Stand closer to your mother in the kitchen. Even if it's tendies 5 nights a week, you might learn something.
I disagree but that's alright.
You dumb fucking nigger. Haha.

I literally just boil water and add cheese to make the sharpest, cheesiest, gooiest cheese sauce possible.

Roux, bechamel, cream, even starch, are all for retards.
t. can't into heat control and thinks it's the liquid that's breaking the sauce
Anyone who's ever seen plain water added to chocolate or cheese, feel free to pity this person. I choose to smirk.

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