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Why won't they give you breakfast at 10:31am?
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So many stupid NPCs ITT.
The film was centered around the lack of humanity and empathy within American society, and the only anon>>15655746
that understands, is the one none of you notice while he serves you.
File: glasjak.gif (13 KB, 220x293)
13 KB
>to break fast
>implying there's only select foods to be eaten at any given time
fuck off retard, that image is you
Not him but Mc Donald's started all day breakfast in 2015. I'm not even American but I know that because I was doing some kind of business thing in the US at the time and it was advertised everywhere.
Also I checked Google and I'm right
So I think you're the zoom zoom here for not knowing that.
You boom boomed that zoom zoom

File: file.png (356 KB, 550x413)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
Can people really eat it in one go?
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Post body

That's about as much pancakes as my standard recipe makes.

I eat until I'm full. That usually means at least half of the pancakes and sometimes I finished them all.
I haven't even posted ITT until now, but if you post your body I'll post mine. I'd just be curious to see what a 5'7 195 person looks like, I was cucking this one guy who was dating my ex and he was about those proportions. She said he was totally weak though. I'm 5'11 and like 155 lbs right now.
I made pancakes at homer from scratch from a family recipe and stacked 8 of them, they were much wider than those you have and i downed them, im only 130 punds
Can all the skellyfags on this board fuck off to /fit/ and kill themselves?

File: unnamed.jpg (36 KB, 512x473)
36 KB
How do I clean mold from stainless steel dishware?
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bring a pot of vinegar up to boil in it and then slowly stir in thinly sliced potatoes
Boil it off, bleach it away, iron scrub it, use a moldicide. Lots of option. I had a purple disinfectant that would kill everything it touched, fucked around once and made by brown hands pale white from being dry as shit.
File: 1602500714359.png (101 KB, 500x500)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
You know what to do
As soon as you see mold, get that shit out of your house or apartment and wipe down every surface in your kitchen with 70% isopropyl alchohol. Mold spores will spread so fast and food will get moldy faster if your not careful.

If you have mold in a stainless steel pot or pan and won't just throw it away, pour bleach in a container and throw the stainless steel in. let it soak for 12 hours and then pressure wash that shit off.

this except eat it instead, humans biologically are designed to eat food moldy or not for survival

File: 1614305901322.jpg (87 KB, 900x900)
87 KB
It's okay
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does the gas expand because it's carbonated or something?
liquids expand when they freeze
No. Gases are more soluble in colder liquids. The liquid expands when going from liquid to solid phase and puts strain on the glass bottle. I’ve had a few shatter in my fridge before.
>I’ve had a few shatter in my fridge before.
You did this multiple times? lol
Yes :(

File: AR2VUp3.jpg (59 KB, 1194x662)
59 KB
Can I cook with the french method of braising? i never see anyone cook meat like this. but this is actually the most practical cause i would only need to use a little amount of wine and i dont ever have stock. the only difference is the coals, would I need to broil the sunnabitch at the end for 15 minutes?

fat boys on his way to his first heart attack

File: PXL_20210226_014555872_1.jpg (1.2 MB, 2160x3199)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
(my meal)
The cheese isn't melted, what else is in it?
(Formerly, Chuck)
Looks raw

File: tfrdeszszssz.jpg (72 KB, 1280x720)
72 KB
Is he /our guy/ now?
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>gay pop historian
>not reddit incarnate
I've been trying to shill bruno for some time, but now he sells his recipes and I am kinda disappointed in him. If you're good at something never do it for free I suppose. I would rather buy a cookbook published by him.
File: 1614255327374.jpg (73 KB, 1024x709)
73 KB
>6ft tall chad
>Actually has blue eyes
>Amazing pastry chef
>Makes women wet
>Teach young people how to make real european food
>Makes mutts seethe
Yes, I'm thinking the most based chef on the internet.
>hates on poor mans puck
>posts plebbit poster boi
what did he mean by this?

Learn to cook
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give me rice recipe
Cue grubhub flute
Yeah, that looks great.
That fucking stove. Jesus Christ OP get your shit together
Nice one faggot

File: no-1.png (403 KB, 640x489)
403 KB
403 KB PNG
I have a very short list of foods I would not try a second time. However I dont understand how this is appealing at all. The snot like texture mixed with the taste of rancid food I've been told my whole life to not eat. Red pill me /ck/
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Japan here, we just eat it so we can laugh at gaijin who ask to eat culture food.
True, much better things to bash them for, like the rape of Nanking for example or the latent pedophilia embedded in most anime
To me it tastes like flavorless baked beans with a slimey texture.

I tried eating on rice with wasabi/mustard. But it's still just meh tier. I wonder if it would taste better on something like a saltine cracker
I think it's because it's supposed to be super healthy for you.
I'd think that's as good a reason as any to eat something.

What's your favorite /mom/ food?
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File: cube steak.jpg (15 KB, 275x183)
15 KB
Cube steaks cooked in Worcestshire, and served on canned biscuits. Delicious as fuck and cheap & easy to make.
File: tunanoodlestovetop.jpg (10 KB, 259x194)
10 KB
I was gonna be snide, then I I thought of stove top tuna and noodles. My Dad had a good job and he and my Mom would go out Friday nights for dinner with their pals.
I remember there were fish sticks too, on a cookie sheet. Plus the tuna and noodles.
My Mom had nine kids.
Fight me.
You feed them.
My mom rarely cooked, but always made spaghetti for my birthday. My late grandma's pork chops were the best. Flavorful and juicy.
Ma's doubled dredged friiiiiied chicken
Oh man, for my it was my Dad's tuna rice casserole. So many memories. My favorite /comf/ meal to this day.

File: ramencreamchick.png (642 KB, 805x610)
642 KB
642 KB PNG
These salt soups have zero nutritional value, but they do make a tasty snack from time to time. My inquiry is about this flavor, the one I've began eating for this period of time, the creamy chicken. Since when are chicken and cream usually paired? It's very interesting to me. I've been even upping the concept by adding a bit of white cheese to melt into this.
Perhaps a bastardized take on alfredo sauce?
File: 1611084918374.jpg (265 KB, 680x995)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
Cream sauce goes well with chicken. Include white wine and mushrooms = wa la
That's a bit different

File: chicken.jpg (83 KB, 768x1152)
83 KB
lads im cooking with some chicken in the instant pot tonight and i realized one of the trays has a "sell by" date of 5 days ago. everything has been refrigerated and stored properly, and nothing has an off smell. i dont have anything else to eat right now but im worried it will make me sick as fuck. is 5 days past the sell by date still ok?
probably. if it smells fine you're probably fine.
It'll be fine. Those "sell by" dates are just there to save themselves from lawsuits by retards with no sense of smell.
its not really a sell by date,its more a sell before 900 hands fiddle with the package
File: smile.png (261 KB, 396x395)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
thanks lads, youve eased my mind a bit. heres hoping i dont spend the next week puking and shitting my brains out.
Sell by != eat by

File: 1614285416691385430106.jpg (959 KB, 1944x2592)
959 KB
959 KB JPG
Who is this message for?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: IMG_6735-900x861.jpg (56 KB, 900x861)
56 KB
For when the kid hits the pen a little too hard. Cant blame him, working at Jack in the Crack
jonah hill
ur mom
what is?
I agree. People tend to underrated it. But it's open 24/7 and it's got bomb ass burgers as well as nice variety which I don't particularly care about.

File: IMG_20210226_073741.jpg (1.56 MB, 3985x2269)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG
I've always wanted make it, but the sugar just wont caramelize properly if I torch it on top of the custard
Same sugar, same torch and it caramelize just fine if I do it in a separate bowl, pic related
Where's the problem in this? The custard?
20g yolk (from 1 egg)
8g white sugar
50g heavy creme
25g whole milk
No vanilla here
Pinch of salt
Mix well, put into serving container and steam for 1 hour at 80C, or until set.
All sources and articles just point to muh sugar types, thin layer, etc.
21 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: IMG_20210226_084044.jpg (95 KB, 1036x810)
95 KB
well, now that the problem is clear, I shall go make a new batch of custard to brulee later.
Adios, /ck/, thanks for the tips
File: IMG_20210226_090754.jpg (65 KB, 609x539)
65 KB
new batch in steamer
i want to do a proper creme brulee once in my life
Use more sugar, and turn the creme while you blast it, constantly waving the torch back and forth slightly.
Sweetheart, that's not sugar. You can't burn sugar if you don't have sugar to burn in the first place.
File: umm.png (79 KB, 240x261)
79 KB
Fucks sake dude. Well at least you figured it out.

File: Innocent Pretzels.jpg (2.85 MB, 3024x4032)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB JPG
Hi /CK/,

I usually frequent /k/ and don't own any food but I just found this in the middle of the road at an intersection, I picked it up because it was blocking the road but want to know if it is eating at all or should just compost it?

Is it even legal for me to have this without a Chef's certification? Sorry I don't know anything about cooking, I live in Florida if that makes any difference
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Learn from the master's, kiddo, melt those fuckers down and sell the ingot for profit.

This is more profitable than you would imagine if you have access to a crucible and is able to secure scrap metals.
Mmmmmmm . . . Utz chips or pretzels, with a cold Yuengling. Good times
File: 1612153328327.jpg (37 KB, 540x297)
37 KB
Package it 50 per and sell it online
Take it to a scrap yard and get paid, scrap brass is decent money.

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