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Yelp Gore Thread
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>styrofoam bowl
>plastic fork
>ice cubes in anything other than iced coffee
Gonna be real honest with you Senpai, being in an upper middle class urban environment has really showed me how sad small towns really are
You're psychotic. That food looks great.
m-maybe she w-will you don’t know!!

File: salmon.jpg (78 KB, 800x628)
78 KB
Why is the price raising so much faster than anything else. $10 for one fucking plank now
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Bruh I live in wicker park in chicago. I walk home from my friends place in lincoln park at night after gatherings sometimes. I live across the street from a korean steakhouse and down the street from the best ramen spot I've ever been to
What ruralcucks don't seem to realize is how localized the crime is. Won't catch me in garfield park day or night, but the most dangerous shit near me is drunkards walking into traffic
but what if salmon were shitskins??
I remember before covid I could get 3oz of low quality salmon at dollar general for 1 dollar. Now they don’t sell it and the cheapest place in town is about 12$ a pound
File: th-3272272166.jpg (6 KB, 196x196)
6 KB
they're whiter than you and me combined.
keep looking
my favorite supermarket ofthen sells good salmon for 7.99/lb

File: 1617553331037.jpg (49 KB, 480x480)
49 KB
>order greek takeout yesterday
>literally just chicken shawarma on rice with garlic sauce and 1 pita bread, some tzaziki sauce (maybe I didn't see too much)
>my nose is packed full and I have that sour feel to it ever since

what the fuck happened?
Somebody who was sick prepared your food. It's a risk you take with goyslop.

What is the point of this?
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Pretty cool, never thought to do this
> no gorilla's choice
I'd have to buy all three lol
It's so you know which ones to shove up your ass
The advertising or the sticker itself? The sticker is so the cashier can scan it without having to type in a number code. It saves a few seconds which adds up over hundreds of transactions in a day.

File: barley-porridge3.jpg (31 KB, 400x296)
31 KB
>Bad food becomes god tier food when you just season it correctly
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He's right, mayo is a trash
look at this fucking baby. look at this fucking baby and laugh. hahaha.
Cos ya can't survive on herbs and powdered fruits and roots and shit, and it would be pricey
little bitch baby can't handle some tastes
Unfortunate opinions

File: 1663597017368033.jpg (39 KB, 1024x539)
39 KB
>White cheddar cheese
>Rasher bacon
>Pre-ground black pepper
>Frozen Peas
>Snapped spaghetti
Yup, it's carbonara time!
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out of peppercorns
Peas are the only vegetable that can be frozen for up to 6 months without noticeable loss of quality. Fuck cheddar factory farms and fuck bacon on top of that, if possible. Everybody breaks spaghetti, except the Guidos from Jersey.

Pre ground pepper is saw dust compared to the real deal. Especially once you get into wild vs long and Lampong vs Tellicherry vs Penja.
stfu dumbass
>Especially once you get into wild vs long and Lampong vs Tellicherry vs Penja
Pre-ground pepper is better because it completely covers the food and sticks to it so you get an intense flavour. The bits from the freshly cracked pepper just fall between the items on the plate, or you get a really hard bit occasionally and then nothing the rest of the time. Cracking your own pepper is a meme. I want a blanket of pepper snow on my food.

File: IMG_4341.jpg (3.07 MB, 4032x3024)
3.07 MB
3.07 MB JPG
Made some beef jerky bros. Used skirt steak cut into strips, but it came out a bit chewy/fatty by the end. Whats a better cut of meat? Maybe one thats not so expensive either, skirt steak is $9.50 a lb here
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grim. u could always buy a bag of pre made jerky till u can make ur own
thought about it, but it was 12.99 for 12oz of jerky and thats too much
London broil is what you're looking for. Or hunt a deer like a real man.
Isn’t round supposed to be one of the best cuts for jerky?
Eye round actually works well for jerky.

Nothing beats it
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I want to bleed you like a Christian child
Is this a fetish thing? I could probably get into that. I'd be naked and you'd be in some weird bdsm getup right?
its the vegetable (sneed) oil
good if you have GERD
not that bad
few soups are complete without them

Hey lads
I jumped into this without a lot of due diligence

The temp went to like 500 but now it’s at 300c
It’s been cooking for like an hour maybe hour and a half I didn’t time it

How do I know when it is done?

Why are the bones all twisty and shit?
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Only the one side is lit I just make a little circle with the leftovers cause uh

Thank you I wrapped it up and tried to get temp down

Is it okay that it was like 400c+ for a while?

It looks and smells good idk

Wish me luck thank you buddy
If it ends up too rubbery or tough just chop it up and use it for stew
>Is it okay that it was like 400c+ for a while?
You're flying with the eagles now, OP.
"A while" and ~400 are vague enough that it could meh or okay. I'm sure it'll taste fine, but report back either way.
My butcher had so much hope and I’m scared to go back if I fucked it up man

It’s been 300c steady for a while now
She’s in foil and at the edge of the coals

I started drinking just in case

Wish me luck lad
I present: air fryer French fries and beef back ribs

They’re… a lot

File: images.png (12 KB, 225x225)
12 KB
Im either buying lunch for the office at Jersey Mikes or Capriaittis tomorow. Thoughts? Ive never been to either place
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Never heard of the other place but mike's is the best chain sandwich I've ever had.
It's easily sub chain, although I'm still pissed that they removed the meatball sub from their menu.
*easily the best
Jersey Mike's is good. I have no idea what Capriaittis is.
Reddit >

File: 1659268540618863.jpg (37 KB, 739x415)
37 KB
What are some good grab and go breakfasts that I can eat in the car? Starting tomorrow I have to get to work by 5am and I want to save some time by eating on the way.

I was thinking a cereal bar, apple and monster?

What do my bros who eat in the car eat?
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>t. Wagecuck
4 hours of sleep(less than 7 for that matter) will rot your brain.
It didn’t do any harm to Margaret Thatcher… oh wait never mind.
I'm not a fatty and I don't stuff my face full of junk in the evenings, so like yeah, I am pretty sapped of energy if I go for <12 fucking hours without eating. Great if no breakfast works for you but claiming breakfasts are unhealthy is just plain fucking stupid. Also there's a difference between a healthy breakfast and a full american breakfast.
Eating while driving falls under "distracted driving" and gets you a $150 fine and lose half the points on your licence, at least here.
Ofc depends on your local laws OP but honestly, just go to bed earlier and wake up like 30min earlier

My sibling has been diagnosed with some heart issues. What are some meal ideas I can make them besides cheerios?
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not every doctor is a psychiatrist y'know?
Anything you want + statins
same shit at this point desu they both gaslight
holy shit
Get arginine and collagen protein powder from Costco. Those things help muscle functions

File: logo.jpg (11 KB, 345x190)
11 KB
Just had Baja Cali for the first time. Everyone was harping on about how great it is.
>its the best fish taco Ive ever had!!!!
I am severely disappointed. It was over priced and only average. Whats more is I've been having liquid shits all day because of it. Tacos Ensanada is far superior.
i got a fish taco for ya right here

Are spicy foods the biggest meme foods in existence? I don't think I ever had a pure spicy food that didn't taste utterly flavorless yet more and more of these shitty dishes continued to be served everywhere in the USA
67 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
I have a friend who used to get autistically annoyed about spicy food. He would say people are trying to be macho, that it's stupid to like it, etc. He'd get angry. But he likes spicy food now. It's something that just clicks after you've built up a mild tolerance. So many world cuisines use it. If you can't open yourself up to trying it, to getting used to it and eventually enjoying it, you're missing out.
The endorphins are kind of nice, especially after a particularly crap day when a workout's just not on the table... but there are some flavours you just can't fake. I've been trying to breed the heat out of some of my peppers for a few years now, because my girlfriend's never had more than a bite of most of my Mexican, Caribbean, or Southeast Asian repertoire, unless I've toned it down and killed half the flavour. Galangal, lime, garlic and a quarter of a seeded chili just isn't the same - needs a shit ton of soya sauce or salt, on top of the extra shrimp paste to even try to make up for what's missing.
Chile peppers can add flavor if used correctly. Only problem is a lot of people use it either to mask food, or just douse food in spicy crap because it's supposed to be cool or something
Shit like hot cheetos or fast food places with "HECKIN FLAMIN HOT CHICKEN SANDWHICH" are just marketing ploys
>white people unironically claim that they don't season their food because they enjoy the "natural taste of food"
Who says this? Never heard it in my life
>can someone explain to me in detail what the fuck the "natural taste" of chicken is?
Have you never eaten chicken?

What’s a good budget steakhouse where I get good bang for my buck and it doesn’t break the bank?

Ruth’s Chris or Morton’s is just outrageous at like $100 a person. What about a place like Black Angus or Texas Roadhouse?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Texas Roadhouse is fucking great for the price
Sex with kids bruddah. √
Longhorn Steakhouse
There's one in my county. Not bad honestly
I encourage everyone to go out and eat steak at restaurants while beef is cheap.

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