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File: HEB.png (109 KB, 809x340)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
I am moving to texas in 4 days and I've never been there. Is the meat there good? Hoping to find a good place to buy large cuts.
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Yeah that number is a little high, not to mention all the OG Texans were a mix of white dudes and vaqueros and farmers who were also sick of the retarded Mexican government.
There's a difference between hispanic Texans and Mexicans from Mexico
Tejanos have been long displaced by mojados and anchor babies
dickered catfag here, youre in for a treat m8
Central markets mogs whole foods

it is happening boys. im moving out of my parents basement and will have to prepare food for myself. what are some of your best tips for single household cooking? what can be prepared in batches and what should not be, same with freezing stuff, what to buy in bulk, what to get fresh, useful gadgets/equipment, shit that is a waste of money and should not be bought, other general tips whatever you have
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more like 233lbs PURE TURD
thank you
Go back to fucking reddit. Christ faggots like you are cringe.
>During a pandemic
It’s not even an epidemic anymore you fucking lemming
>With bacon, it depends on how often you use it.
yeah i keep my pack of bacon in the freezer and move it to the fridge saturday night so it's thawed for my sunday breakfast and then i use what i need and return the remaining bacon to the freezer

not really sure if there's some degradation going on from thawing/refreezing but it works
Stainless steel bowls. You don't need many. One medium should be enough to start. Sauce pan is handy, in addition to cast iron. A good knife, but this is something that you can upgrade over time. Don't reheat food in microwave in plastic storage dishes, esp. anything with tomato. You will never get it clean. Try to set up a "system" of where you store stuff, just the plates, cups, silverware, spatula, dry goods, etc. The "hunt" for objects can waste precious time. At least once a week give the kitchen a good wipe down (stove hood, cupboard doors, spills in fridge, etc.) For basics-plus, go to thrift store (if you want to upgrade pans, etc., get a nifty gadget, etc.) For regular basics, dollar store is fine (basic utensils that will someday have to be replaced, but are serviceable; sponges, dish soap, towels, etc.). Food shopping--check out the manager's specials, don't turn up nose at dollar store pinto beans, dry products, salsa, etc. Compare prices with regular grocery store. Sometimes dollar store, ethnic stores, etc. are better deals for herbs and spices but good to have ballpark for essentials. (As in---should 5-lb bag of all purpose flour be $1.79 or $5.79?)

For me it's spaghetti, chocolate cinnamon meat sauce, and a bag of shredded cheddar
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why are there fucknig noodles innit???
sketty has gone too far
I think I would like this if it didn't have the chocolate/cinnamon in it. Might give at a go sans the chocolate/cinnamon. I realize this probably will just make it spaghetti with chili dumped on top, but I absolutely hate the taste of anything that reminds me of sweets in savory food. Especially cinnamon and chocolate. Can't stand that shit.
What's a puckle?
Fuck off you shitposting faggot

File: PXL_20201128_225605473.jpg (3.63 MB, 4032x3024)
3.63 MB
3.63 MB JPG
What's on the grill tonight boys and girls?
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I also had depressing looking steak, onion, mushroom and pepper skewers.
should’ve used charcoal my dude
Wicked! Looks like we have a theme going tonight!
I prefer to taste the meat, not the heat my main man
You're supposed to come at me with an angry retort. I have nothing to come back at you with. Enjoy your food.
G-d bless you and your next meal

File: 20201128_110118.jpg (460 KB, 1080x1847)
460 KB
460 KB JPG
Someone call the BASED delayment. It is hot some time.
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Based truthful poster
Unbased and cringe

Depends. I got some shit at a farmers market in like March that expires this month, but Im sure Cholula is good for years.
File: Literally_me.jpg (55 KB, 524x490)
55 KB
Based and truthpilled

File: burrito prep.png (1.36 MB, 1206x684)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
you're watching me make a burrito, don't try to fight it. Also what else should i put in this bastard?
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i'm green olive kinda guy, the briny flavor add a nice kick to a burrito but i've been told that its blasphemy
Blackened chicken, cilantro, rice, lime juice, black beans, diced onion, and marshmallow creme. Soft flour shell and optional corn based salsa. You are welcome.
File: night fry.jpg (33 KB, 800x450)
33 KB
genrally yes but if you put then in the deep fryer they become god tier
File: fried burrito.jpg (55 KB, 800x450)
55 KB
put them on a bed of crisp iceberg lettuce

File: 1599787445351.png (277 KB, 509x401)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
Is there a good way to combine rice (white basmati) and bison meat? I could incorporate some veggies.
What does bison taste like? Does it taste like beef or more like venison.
I'd say a gamey beef. It did remind me of venison the first time I had it.
What the fuck is that

File: images.jpeg.jpg (25 KB, 275x183)
25 KB
I've been embracing my Dutch heritage more since my grandmother emigrated from there in the 50s and she won't be around much longer. I am going to order some food stuffs from a Ditch company but I only know about cookies and am interested in some of their sauces. Are there any must have packaged foods I should order while I'm at it since shipping is so expensive? I've been looking on thedutchshop.com for reference
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> once this is all over :^)
Imagine being this daft
Hachee is easy and amazing.
Dutch food is garbage and Dutch people are robotic cucks. Renounce your heritage. Trust me, I live there.
BItterballen. Appelbollen. Pepernoten/kruidnoten. Hotchpot. Pea Soup. Herring! Spice for cookies, etc. usually a combo of cinnamon, nutmeg, anis seed, cloves, pepper. Marzipan filled spice cake or gingerbread is also a lot of fun.
Also in Amsterdam there is a pancake restaurant (pannenkoeken) on every corner--mix between American pancake and French Crepe, large and thin, can be savory, typical with apple.

File: kankerburger.png (68 KB, 200x200)
68 KB
Fictional food you want to eat
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There's a Big Kahuna Burger in São Paulo, Brazil
those rice balls from pokemon
File: 189[1].jpg (43 KB, 600x545)
43 KB
all I remember were Jelly Donuts
The jelly comment is what made me hate this the most

File: 64678.jpg (165 KB, 771x960)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
How do you eat your corn starch?
Which brand gives you the best crunch?
Self made or from the shelf?
Did you had a Thanksgiving feast?
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File: 1592597419186.gif (2.54 MB, 390x373)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB GIF
Yet another quality /ck/ thread. Good job, OP.
1tsp corn starch + 1tsp of baking powder(+ your seasoning) for every lb of wings. Let dry in the fridge overnight then bake, and walla. Crispy wings
I’ve head you can put cornstarch in eggs to make fluffy eggs
Most of my corn starch use is in Chinese food

Who here /yoghurt/?

This stuff is amazing, it's like being able to have ice cream but a sixth of the carbs and none of the fat. Not as good as vegetables but a great snack.
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Yeah, but I compare it to the super artisnal imported vegan fair trade yogurt so that I can brag about saving money even though i lose money on the deal
why not make icecream without sugar? serious question. I havent put sugar in my coffee in 10 years and now I hate the taste of sugar in my coff ee. cream is enough. I wonder if ice cream would be similar.
I like how I can pour myself a cup of yoghurt and sip it as a liquid/solid snack, ice cream wouldn't be quite the same.
Yea but I eat a lot of yogurt, maybe a gallon/week? And making it is really easy too.
I may be wrong about this but I think the sugar is essential for texture reasons

File: xip.jpg (1.16 MB, 1064x4160)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
Hello veteran sippers,

Is this an Ok sip? Do mind that it was sold as "Formulated Caffeinated Beverage".


File: website_event_turk.jpg (17 KB, 400x400)
17 KB
Ok I was promised that turkeys would be stupid cheap after thanksgiving
Does that mean today?
Where can I find these cheap turkey?

Post amazing deals in your area!
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there are warehouses that are just large deep freezers that run 24/7 forever. The relative cost of freezing an item is low when you have such quantity. Also the more full the freezer the lower the cost to keep it frozen.
I think they didn’t let them grow as big this year or as many big ones rather
There are other commodities that need that space. No way it's worth keeping a turkey for two years.
It may be cheap but the numbers don't work out
Turkeys are always stupid cheap.
Not cheap enough for me.
To me something was cheap if I got it for less than everyone else did

File: download.jpg (36 KB, 600x400)
36 KB
I don't have a lid that fits my pan...
can I use aluminum foil instead to cover the top?
like maybe fold it a few times to get it thick and cover the top with it?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
yea. Or do >>15138406
Do not do this. Better off just cooking without a lid. Or just fold up some bath towels and put them on top.
Your mom married your cousin?
bad advice--without a towel, OP will be soaked and completely unable to dry themselves off if they need to take a bath
yes. how else could you interpret it, dumbass?

File: etouffee.jpg (437 KB, 1920x1272)
437 KB
437 KB JPG
How do you guys keep track of your recipes? I need to find a way to organize mine.

Pic unrelated: it's etouffee
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She doesn't have the motivation anymore, but years ago my mom would keep two or three notebooks where she pasted cut recipes from magazines, promo flyers and more, with notes on the side about how it turned when she did them. She had one for general dishes and other for desserts.
With that said, just put them on your PC. Keep folders with the documents classified how you see appropriate (per country, per entry in a course, etc), and keep a spreadsheet with the folders and names for easy reference.
This was my first post
I should keep a notebook.
I bake and my masculinity is no more fragile from it, in fact most women I've been with likes it. Especially if you can give them little treats they can eat guilt free.

Anyways just use basic folder organizing, all recipes on digital files in folders sorted by what kind of category within cooking/baking they fall under, often listed by main protein/ingredient
Wow what an asshole-filled thread. It would seem that bakers are the biggest jerkoffs in the biz. Like cunta on the rag whew lads

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