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File: 1626921058800.jpg (889 KB, 1125x1075)
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What are the cullinary or nutritive implications of there no longer being animation on the boxes of dehydrated creme of wheat soup?
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it just werks
My eyes bled.
maybe learn self control instead of demanding the world change to fit you
lmao this nigga got sensitive little bitch eyes

File: Cubano.jpg (72 KB, 1200x1200)
72 KB
This thread is for posting your opinion on what is considered a "God-Tier" Sandwich, and it's place of origin. I'll start...

>Cuban Sandwich on proper Cuban Bread
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its easy to make yourself. the bread is the hardest thing to find and you can find it. olive salad is probably everywhere but i don't know, considering i live in louisiana.
File: file.png (731 KB, 480x599)
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731 KB PNG
It is natural to meet something superior with hostility
For me its a Ham,Brie and Jam, maybe a little bit of arugula x

File: 1603445147083.png (763 KB, 500x500)
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New to food
What's some good entry-level foods to start with?
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File: huh.jpg (97 KB, 1000x799)
97 KB
new to food nigga wtf what planet are you from
topkek i can't believe no one caught on to that yet.
Penis pot pie
new to food haha this dude aint never eated before dude

There is always a small subset of water when I cook and serve my bolognese sauce, no matter how long I leave it in the pot. What am I doing wrong?
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where is the water...is it coming from the noodles?
>Mix the sauce with pasta on a pan with heat underneath and serve when it looks dry enough for your liking
this is correct
What OP has pictured is food service style, where they aren't even making your noodles to order, just refreshing them a minute in hot water and then ladling over sauce. Someone cooking for you would add some sauce to the drained noodles, combine, and then ladle even more on top of your served bowl.
Use more tomato paste
only good answer

Love fish and eggs, me.
fish is a bit too ethnic for me
Looks super nice.

File: 1612274939324.gif (252 KB, 112x112)
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252 KB GIF
So, what's the evidence on fasting/intermittent/daily fasting?

Anyone here try it?
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have tried. works find if you're young.
when you get older, it's harder: you get indigestion, mood swings.
if you can deal, sure; but that stuff get's harder to deal with when you're older, too.
bad news champ you may be retarded
File: file.png (119 KB, 230x230)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
Whatever ketolard
never even mentioned it you're obsessed. literally rent free
Probably the dancing that only looks good when holding glowsticks and its too dark to actually see the jackass dancing like that

If I go to the store and buy green jalapenos, and leave them out at room temperature... will they turn red? Or, will they just rot?
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They will not ripen to the point of turning red after being picked. They will turn soft and rot way before that. Jalapeños take quite a long time on the plant to ripen enough to turn red. They will stay green after growing to full size for WEEKS before starting to turn red. That’s why grocery stores sell green jalapeños, the people (mexico) growing them don’t want to wait to that long harvest them when they can just sell them when they are green. Our local HEB sells red jalapeños most of the time, they cost 3x what the green ones cost.
here green and red cost exactly the same
This is my first post on this board and I know you probably won’t read this, but I laugh at these posts every single time I read them and they always cheer me up. Thank you for these posts anon.
>This is my first post on this board
I can see that
You can turn green/yellow tomatoes red by wrapping them in newspaper and keeping them in a shoebox at a cool temp. I don't think it works that way on jalapenos, though.

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never change /ck/
Better work on your will
You got long egg now.
you should visit the doctor in a couple of weeks to check it's growing ok

What would you eat from prehistory?
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Eve's pussy.
I have informations about a bunch of rich and cultured guys that once got served frozen mammoth's meat at a gala in Paris last century.
I have no idea how this entered my mind since idk where I read/watched it.
Still I remember the interviewed man said it tasted like rotten meat.
If u wanna try something similar just go for Indian elephants I guess.
Why can't nobody explain why would this fish have the need to come to land?

>Why can't nobody explain why would this fish have the need to come to land?

Did you not see the fish head in the OP?

It was safer on land.

File: P2930057[1].jpg (161 KB, 1200x901)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Ice in a cup noodle is the pinnacle of haute cuisine
tl;dr incel
OP is just saying that adding ice to cup noodle is one of the most modern expressions of haute cuisine or high culture related to gastronomy.

File: unnamed.jpg (86 KB, 900x900)
86 KB
>ferrst, put ze ingredient into ze food processaire
>next, ve are going to add ze agar agar
>now mix ze alamond powdar with ze powdar shugar
>an don' farget ze white chocolat
>takes bite
>falls over
>an don' farget, ze only way to taste it... is to make it
>creepy grin
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I follow a couple of channels that do more high-quality cooking:
>Italia Squisita (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCETyhmgxupv93Ix4VnIiQJQ)
>Great British Chefs (https://www.youtube.com/user/greatbritishchefs)
>Heston has tons of videos on different channels, like BBC
>Reynold from MCAU (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBCrz2N9JVA0He1vYcBac_g)
>sort of 80s/90s though
get stuffed
Are you saying I'm wrong?
you're not even wrong
Still love him. Easily one of the best Foodtubers because his skill is on another echelon and he can do savoury and pastry on a pro level.

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what about tonka beans
File: index.jpg (732 KB, 900x1200)
732 KB
732 KB JPG
some of the more aggressive nightshades can strangle a tree if you let them
I really love our global encyclopedia. I used it already as it first time emerges. But nowadays sometimes half the time of my day on wiki. But i think if i would go outside to collect sth. i would still prefer a book.
>you've never had Cinnamomum verum, you've been eating Cinnamomum cassia your whole life
ohnonono, der ewige midwit strikes again
File: lidl ceylon.jpg (126 KB, 767x1600)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
bitch it says ceylon cinnamon right on the label

File: Ferrero-Rocher.jpg (449 KB, 1000x674)
449 KB
449 KB JPG
why are these pieces of shit so expensive?
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>tasteless item only sells for it's status symbol
>bugmen with no taste love to buy and gift items only for status signaling
seems like a match made in heaven to me, whats the great mystery?
i used to take a bunch of these at work since the plastic boxes get damaged so easily we would have to throw it out
it's over.
File: finger.png (270 KB, 313x308)
270 KB
270 KB PNG
i'm 5 feet

File: dogs.jpg (506 KB, 1000x750)
506 KB
506 KB JPG

File: 1474861511168.png (63 KB, 220x218)
63 KB
What are the cons of not eating anything and drinking only water for ten days?
No, this is not fasting for weight loss. I probably don't need to lose any more weight.
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>What are the cons of not eating anything and drinking only water for ten days?

You mean besides dying?
Just as the other guy said, you need to replenish salts and minerals.
The fags doing intermittent fasting know more about that shit so you should look it up.

My lady roommates did this back in college (water lemon cayenne honey and I'm a dude for the record) for a week or so ever 2-3 months. Your shits are gonna be watery and I have significant doubts of any real health benefits. It's the same with juice cleanse, smoothie diets, alternating between vegan to exclusive protein diets, it's all bullshit.

That's an odd reason to prove that you can do something even though you admit you are already underweight.

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