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File: PJN6882.png (72 KB, 480x374)
72 KB
Take the rawpill, anons. Food was never meant to be cooked.
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File: 7fdQMiT.png (912 KB, 700x931)
912 KB
912 KB PNG
Don't get me started on my spiel about Kanzi again
>there's a reason that literally no other animals prefers its food to be cooked over a fire and just eats things raw
my dog literally eats his own shit, I'm not about to ask him for culinary advice
Have you ever tried eating your own shit?

File: small-portion.jpg (89 KB, 1200x879)
89 KB
Have you ever gone to a restaurant and felt ripped off? Like "Damn, those tiny plates are supposed to be an entire meal on their own?" Or "Fuck, I paid $20 for a micro burger with no fries."
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stop going to a restaurant for portion sizes
that 20 dollars is more the food, the cooks making it, the equipment making it, the wait staff serving you and all the nice scenery around you
if you want $20 of food, go buy $20 of food
Imagine the smell
I've eaten at a couple of two-starred places. The first time I went, I paid a couple hundys for a tasting menu. Consisted of 4 or 5 courses, each a bite or two and a sip of some wine. I left hungry and passed off. After a while, I tried another. But this time, I went in understanding that it was about the art and the experience. Dropped a few hundred, enjoyed the experience immensely. Then hit McDoggo's for something to eat.

Stars are for show, experience, art. You're paying out the ass to see what some dude in the kitchen can create. It's not a meal. It's an art exhibit you eat.
Reminds me of a zombie
ok so cant he make his art a little bigger? i get that its fancy, but since when does fancy mean small?

Pears are just shitty apples
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Apples are just buff pears
Op may be a fag, but he's right on this one.
more like pears are apple lite

...apples for begginers parhaps
apples are already shitty apples
Apples are just shitty potatoes.

File: 34723.jpg (49 KB, 504x1008)
49 KB
I saw a thread here about mezcal the other day and a lot of anons were saying they didn't like it. I decided to go try a bottle; I picked this one because it was the most expensive one in the store. It's really delicious. It tastes similar to tequila, but with more bell pepper barbecue and boat-engine flavor, maybe also a clay pot. What a fantastic genre of liquor.

I hope one other person will try it after reading this.
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>now it's one of my favorite liquors
I think I'm getting there. I had Ardbeg Ugiedail, Corryvrecken, and then some more of the Chichicapa back to back and it was all very damn good. To me it's definitely a similar brother-from-another-mother experience as an Islay whisky.
File: ilegal- 375ml.jpg (87 KB, 1024x1024)
87 KB
for me it's illegal
Which one? Is joven generally considered the best variety?
tequila is massproduced and doesnt even remotely taste as good like an hacienda mezcal
How about any fucking other agave that shitty tequilas use?

What is wrong with the Chinese?
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is just after your tiny cocktail peepee.
Kys chink
They exist.
I've always wanted to try but dunno where to get it
Wish my father actually taught me chinese so I could go to china myself
chink parents beat their kids so when a chink has power over another living animal and feels a pang of conscious their parental instincts kick in and of course they immediately start physically abusing it

and so the circle continues

File: QSX0199-RADIATORI-2[1].png (210 KB, 1024x1024)
210 KB
210 KB PNG
For me? It's radiatore
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I would have linked the NYTimes article, but let's be honest: you can't afford it.
For me it's fusilli jerry
>up yours
You too pal
>when shes ready to settle down
File: Bucatini.jpg (96 KB, 924x1232)
96 KB
This is what they took from you

File: food.jpg (65 KB, 1068x601)
65 KB
why does food need to be tasty? as long as it's edible i don't give a fuck.
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I got something edible that tastes good right here in my panties
Because unless all food tasted the same the food that tastes a little bit better than the rest will be the most popular

Basic methamatics
Cock just tastes like sweat though
the same reason other shit needs to taste bad
File: 1616631133040.jpg (48 KB, 466x601)
48 KB
There's a few memes on this shithole that mean the complete opposite of what they're supposed to mean, and most people are just too dumb to realize that they were supposed to be satire, or irony. "Redpill", for example, means the exact opposite of its original meaning in the context of /pol/. "Hipster" is another one; people think that redditers and instagram influencers are "hipsters", when that's literally the opposite of what that term refers to (this is mostly due to 96% of this place being basement dwelling neets). I think OP did it by accident, but he actually nailed the chad meme this time. You're not supposed to idolize the chad. The chad is an absolute tastelet.

File: dodger_dog_loaded.jpg (97 KB, 1200x628)
97 KB
for me, its the Dodger-dog
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California has never produced anything of value.
Silver and Gold
Silver and Cold
File: weisswurst-3-hp.jpg (74 KB, 980x367)
74 KB
Weißwurst? A Bavarian specialty, best enjoyed with sweet mustard (only by Händlmaiers), a pretzel (but not that American bs) and a German beer by a macro brewery.
Needs 'chup.

How we doing lads?
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File: 1609855927221.jpg (35 KB, 1010x542)
35 KB
I just ate chicken nuggets sitting on the bathroom floor and damm those streaks look goof
why brother
Checked. Problem?
File: 1611889574044.png (684 KB, 800x600)
684 KB
684 KB PNG

File: 1615698799288.jpg (58 KB, 669x521)
58 KB
How do you guys balance healthy eating and cooking?
I really want to make some unhealthy stuff but it'll either end up being wasted or I'll eat it and fuck myself. Is this what having friends is for?
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You look like a bugman, you're not a real woman.
I am a /fit/ crusader on steroids and I despise trannies

And I am here to tell you a fasting focused lifestyle is THE healthy way to live. Fatties can seethe in response
I calculate the total calories of everything I make then weigh out my portion so I know exactly how much I've eaten. I cook and my girlfriend does all the tracking and math. We're very fit.
Nigga I just said that because I didn't want to ramble on about my protein intake and turn this into a /fit/ post because that wasn't the point of my post. Curb your autism.
I spent years on /fit/ you guys are fucked not healthy, go do your gomad and starting t-rex strength rippletits disciple. Or better go do some tren and clen like your """natty""" god scoob

Post YouTube chefs you like

This is Chef Wang Gang


File: 1613730309842.jpg (112 KB, 1280x720)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
kys, Chef Wang is no celebrity. he's a cook

File: intro-1598366441.jpg (111 KB, 1000x563)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Going on a Midwest voyage this week. Please recommend good spots in Minneapolis and LA. Who has the best juicy lucy in the Twin Cities? What spots are amazing in LA but not too expensive and filled with Instagrammers? Bless me.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>2000 mile separation
>only one in Midwest.
Is one of these just a long layover, or are you rolling for 30 hours with the doors locked, windows up, trying to avoid the ‘rona?
cool thread you retarded faggot

bay cities
>italian deli, great sandwiches, lasagna etc... order ahead or wait in line

india sweets and spices
>indian grocery store w hot food

>hawaiian bbq

>persian (get persian food while ur in LA. ive also heard raffis place is great)

andy's submarine sandwich's

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
also can just find a taco truck or taco stand on the sidewalk that looks good. especially in a salvadoran neighborhood
ikes love and sandwiches

Necessary appliances
Pic related
>craving some frozen mini empanadas at 2am
>”preheat oven to 400”
>set thing
>hits 400 before I even get the empanadas on the tray
coffee maker. I got rid of mine, so now I'm making it like gif related until I get a new one.
Yo is that the one that flips up when not in use? How is it? Seriously considering one of these.
Yep and it starts the timer for you once it’s preheated which literally takes 30 seconds. Thing is the best I’ve ever used for prefrozen stuff. Makes great ass toast too

Who else used to put now & laters down the middle of their pickle?!
ill go down on your pickle :)
Are you from the south? just curious. I'm from the pnw and I do not
No one human

File: 16qp30.jpg (78 KB, 1252x1252)
78 KB
>Click on a recipe
>50 different spices
27 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
>click on recipe
>6 pages of some roastie swine talking about her grandma and childhood
Kwalski, options!
Pro tip: you can buy the 50 different spices and then use them later for other feed that needs 25 of the 50 different spices. Not 50 same spices. Spices are good.
I will not use the onion powder
I will not use the garlic powder
If you cook more than the same thing over and over you should naturally build up your spice cabinet. What the hell are you cooking that needs on ass ton of spices?

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