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Shrimp in mayo/sour cream-dressing. Basically. Quite disgusting.
Here is a regional variety of "pølse i lompe": "pølse i vaffel", that is sausage in waffle. It's much better than you think but there's still a reason it's only popular in a small stinky (literally famous for it's smell) city not too far from the Swedish border.
Missing mashed potatoes
FUCK OFF! Moss never smelled that bad, besides the factory is not in use anymore so the smell is gone
>t. estonian

You can try to larp as a scandi all you want but estonians are and always will be balts

The best brains come from lambs and sheep. Ox brain is firmer and along with calf’s brains, is cheaper to buy, so these two are often used as a filling for pies. It looks pretty vile in a butcher’s window – a handful of what looks like large veins, gelatinous and grey with red veins that have to be removed before cooking.

Usually, they are lightly dusted with salt and pepper and flour and fried before adding sautéed garlic, parsley, and lemon. It’s called Sautéed Cervaux (fried brains) on French menus.
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ever thought he might just be squirrel brained?
viets do goat brain hotpot with lotus root that's really tasty, the brains are kind of just a vehicle for the broth though, they absorb flavor quite well. texture's a little off

Please develop your enlightened point of view
brains, eyes, and genitals is where I draw the line unless in a survival situation
Base prion disease consuming frogs.

File: 000175322.jpg (158 KB, 1300x1300)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
patrician candies thread
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>soiboy detected
stick to pretzels
these are just fantales for sad people
You can say soy here, newfaggot.
Too dry.
I could say the f-word too if I wanted but my momma taught me better.

File: kobe-beef-sukiyaki.jpg (58 KB, 550x366)
58 KB
>boils your $30 per oz beef
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>it will still be tender
You want to cook it to a higher temp in order to soften those gobs of intramuscular fat. Medium-rare is actually juicier and tenderererer than rare. Really high fat wagyu is better cooked all the way to medium.
>the euro way is the way that caught on
Shame you can’t produce a delicious cow, then.
>it's a rhetorical question
Don't answer that
File: Bermuda32.jpg (484 KB, 1024x1024)
484 KB
484 KB JPG
imagine believing the grill meme

Find a flaw, I dare you
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The pickles are too strong.
Their burgers are literally greaseballs
File: image.jpg (105 KB, 768x678)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>"buffalo" enders
>just spicy breading
It's not buffalo. It's just spicy tenders. Fucking stupid as shit
Everyone kept hyping up their ice cream to be the best thing ever. I got a vanilla shake and it wasn't any better than Chick-fil-a's
File: 1585445888452.jpg (75 KB, 700x624)
75 KB
>doesn't even get the reuben

Are you team ramen or team pho?
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This guy fucks
Kys weeb
What I remember as chinese food growing up as a young kid in Hong Kong

>turtle/shark fin soup
>fried chicken feet
>pig uterus noodles
>fried rice with pork knuckle gristle
>unidentifed fish balls on a stick
>boiled dog meat
>one time, monkey brains

Americans have no idea how bad it really is. No one in china knows what the fuck beef and broccoli is or sweet and sour pork. Chinese food is disgusting. Literally the worst parts to eat of any animal. Makes sense because chinks are the race of humans closest to animals. They make disgusting noises when they eat, slurp everything, men in the streets lift their fucking wife beaters over their sweaty stomachs while laughing and chewing with their mouths full of food. Like what kind of idiot decided 2 sticks is the most practical way to eat grains of fucking rice. Starving Nigerians who eat grass have a better diet than the average chinese.
Ramen, pho noodles are viet umbilical cords
Imma go with the pho, there aren’t many japanese or people that know their shit when it comes to ramen in Poland. But surprisingly plenty of vietnamese dudes in larger cities and they make good pho

File: back.png (722 KB, 1036x498)
722 KB
722 KB PNG
I haven't eaten fast food in years. For some reason I've gotten a craving for garbage and shitting my brains out tomorrow. Cast your votes

Popeye's chicken sandwich or
McDonald's 1/4lber

Pic unrelated for the most part.
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McDonalds double 1/4lber
Popeyes chicken sandwich will make you shit within 10 minutes of eating it.
40 chocken mcnuggets
McDonalds is actually repulsive if you haven't eaten it in awhile. So go there if you want to break your nostalgia.

The popeye's chicken sandwich is mediocre and way overhyped, but not too bad. Definitely the winner of the two choices.
File: 1610614427186.gif (566 KB, 550x555)
566 KB
566 KB GIF
McChicken is literally 49% filler.

would you buy a pre-fried egg?
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I get a big sack of tendies from Walmart and walk around the store eating them all and stashing the bag in an empty storage container in the home storage area. Free tendies are best tendies
File: 1605505315380.gif (2.85 MB, 200x234)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB GIF
fuck off newfag
Good, fuck Walmart
wtf bros i'm turned on by prefried eggs???
Which Michelin star restaurant is this?

File: shit.png (258 KB, 1920x1121)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
$50 for 25 wings plus tip, app and delivery fee???? Holy shit when did this shit become so expansive.....
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No one cares, Chang.
File: 1535532495249.png (72 KB, 700x373)
72 KB
$2 USD a wing?
What the fuck???
Enjoy eating low quality trash meat peon.
>throwing out perfectly good meat
this is bait
no small business would ever waste like that
Can you post a picture of your wing prices? I live in Texas, meat is extremely cheap here. Chicken wings are always $2.50 or more per pound, usually $3, which is pricey considering it's mostly fat and bone. Thighs are regularly less than $1/pound here, $2 or so for boneless.

File: IMG_20210118_154148.jpg (162 KB, 874x1165)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
First time ever cooking, how did I do?
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How do you fuck up following instructions?
I can make out possibly bacon, onions, and what is either the remains of an egg or a big slab of congealed blood.
Your husband should beat you for this
Looks terrible and burnt. Keep trying and learning and hopefully you'll get better.

File: 0.jpg (1.62 MB, 1840x3264)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB JPG
Meat and beans.
Can't go wrong with that.
In this case it's a duckleg, a duckbreast, some smoked bacon, and a frankfurter because the 'rona has closed down my butchers' and I couldn't get the sausage I wanted. Oh well.
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Wish I had bought ammocoin
Looks like steel wool to me. Fine grade kind that's rusted or dirty
>Meat and beans
Chili thread?
File: 4-760-pinto-beans.jpg (88 KB, 760x760)
88 KB
Another great American beans and meat dish is soup beans. Thought of as an Appalachian dish but I'm sure all kinds of cultures share a similar recipe since it's such a simple dish, my childhood in KY was full of it. I make it by roasting a pork butt then simmering the whole thing in a pot of pinto beans and bacon with carrot, onions, and garlic for hours. Eat with some cornbread baked in a cast iron pan, can't go wrong. Lot of people just use a ham hock and diced ham/bacon but the pork butt provides way more meat and fat. Super cheap ingredients and makes enough meals for a week or two.
You seem like a good guy. I hope people will buy your shitcoins so you can finally sell your bags

File: 20210118_175930.jpg (1.78 MB, 3978x2131)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB JPG
Eat cheeses like authentic Roquefort and others for optimal health.

They are rich in many nutrients that are very bioavailable and some also contain good amounts of Vitamin K2 which is vital for human heart arterial and bone health as well as proper skeletal development.
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That is some hd blue.
What's a simple way to incorporate more cheese into a diet besides just eating it straight or on crackers. Trying to keep carbs down and I don't like cheese very much by itself.
Sauces to pair with meats
Some fish goes great with lights cheese
Beef, pork and lamb goes godly with blue cheese
You got the idea
File: r6riLWU.jpg (96 KB, 1280x720)
96 KB
>tfw don't like bleu cheese
I'll figure something out though. Sauces are a good idea.
There are plenty of great cheeses out there anon. Have you ever tried aged Dutch Gouda? tastes like rich butterscotch.

File: 7e5.png (48 KB, 460x568)
48 KB
can the British "people" on this board give an adequate explanation to what a pudding is?How can yorkshire puddings be puddings same as chocolate pudding be pudding same as blood pudding be pudding?if it is texture; then it is contradictory,if it is flavour; then it is contradictory, if it technique; then it is contradictory. is the word pudding just contingent and arbitrary? why even have a language then? i demand answers. thank you.
52 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
no need for semantics but they mean the same thing.

Définition de crisp en anglais

adjective mainly approving
UK /krJsp/ US /krJsp/
crisp adjective (HARD)

hard enough to be broken easily

used to describe cooked foods, such as pastry and biscuits, that are well cooked so that they are just dry and hard enough


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>british """""""""""""""""""""""""""people"""""""""""""""""""""""""""
File: yankss.jpg (131 KB, 1024x768)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
>means vowels
>Doesn't listen to Radio 4
Stay in the Norf Abdul and never come South of Coventry.


File: enkclkcn.jpg (6 KB, 276x183)
6 KB
>5 pieces of thick cut hickory smoked bacon
>5 large scrambled eggs with cheese
What's your favorite classic American meal?
5 slices of bacon
4 sunny side up eggs
2 real buttery pieces of toast
Big greasy pile of hashbrowns smothered in gravy and fried onions
2 sausage patties
2 sausage links
3 cups of coffee
1 cup of orange juice

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