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File: 20190405_191656.jpg (821 KB, 2496x1404)
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821 KB JPG
Are cook alongs the best threads on /ck/? They seem to be.
I'm going to make lasagna tonight. I don't know if I feel like taking a zillion pictures during cooking and posting them here. But if you nigger faggots want it I'll do it. Went well last time I made something.
Pic related is how it looked last time.
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>enamel cast iron dutch oven
I don't have that and I'm not going to buy one.
Not that anon but I would highly encourage getting one if you make a lot of roasts, soups, braises or stews. I love mine, and it's just a $30 Cuisinart one.
Op here. My sauce wasnt as think as you say either. I had it covered but with the vents open on the lid if that makes sense. I need it covered with something since it'll splatter. Maybe one of those mesh lid things?
Threads by a Redditor for Redditors.
No, you have it just right: lid on but slightly ajar so moisture can escape. I do the same.

File: campari-bitter.jpg (55 KB, 700x700)
55 KB
What do you love that everyone you know hates?

Also Campari thread.
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ive yet to have any bottled or canned cocktails that lived up to a fresh made one (and some where downright terrible)
A shot of malort in a grapefruit stiegl radler, with or without a shot of gin, makes for a refreshingly bitter drink. Highly recommend.
It's because the economics don't work out. If Campari wanted to make a good negroni, it would be $70 for a 750ml.
File: RanchoAlta_Mockup.jpg (1.01 MB, 2500x3750)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
Thoughts on sangria from a bottle?
Try several farmers markets and other fish stores, there could be some in big supermarkets. I don't know about catching them, but look into it, apparently it was pretty easy if you had a little river and a chokepoint. You can fry them yourself and fishing is a fun way to spend time and bond. I loved fishing with my uncle and those memories of catching and tasting something I pulled out of the water myself for the first time are with me till the end. Frying isn't that hard, but there is some clean up involved, it can be quite a quick thing tho if you're efficient about it. And you can teach your nephews about cooking and fishing, if your frying game is great enough you can elevate it to a family specialty.

Why is Texas Roadhouse so much better than other chain casual restaurants?
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Mediocrity and peanuts.
It's a casual steakhouse with no dress code, $25 huge steaks and big beers and they build it around a bar so if you're a married boomer who is hiding his alcoholism from your wife or traveling alone on the road you can sit and watch tv and eat a steak at the bar like a kang.
He asked about TRH not your life
Same thing, faggot. Except I can afford cashews.
for me? its TEXAS voadhouse

File: 1467545242.png (103 KB, 487x720)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
I forgot this bottle of hot sauce that I bought at the grocery store in my car and there was this guy smoking pot out in front of the apartment building and when I walked by him he asked to see my bottle of hot sauce and he took a look at it and reviewed it right in front of me and told me things about scovilles and ghost peppers. I didn't really get it.
Is the pot smoking hot sauce afficionado in the room with you right now?

File: 2353.jpg (1.78 MB, 3264x2448)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB JPG
What's the best preparation of eggs and why is it Eggs Benedict?
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Look at that gum-obliterating toast. Hope you like tasting blood!
Cheese Omelette for me.
Melt the better, add the lemon juice, temper the yolk/s and beat it all together with a dollop (or more, depending how much you're making) of mayonnaise. The mayonnaise prevents splitting. The only possible issue you could have is not tempering the yolk correctly and winding up scrambling them instead, but it's quick.
How do restaurants do it when doing bulk? Do they do them beforehand and then just reheat before serving?

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the weird mist/cloud food they were eating in Umbriel in the Elder Scrolls novels
So much this. Well done.
life hack: the hobos at the park are free, you can take them home.
I would, but they're needed for testing. Unfortunately they keep dying and... hey wait a second, I think you may be onto something.
I'd like to taste a ponut

it’s almost $5/ lb at my local supermarket. it’s more expensive per pound than organic ground pork. it’s way more expensive than pork chops. why eat highly processed industrial meat when real meat is cheaper
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Does too much salt (a very excessive amount) cause cancer? I heard how the soldiers basically lived on this shit and got cancer from it. It's probably fine to eat once in a while but i wouldn't make it my daily.
I'm happy for you. Yes here in the US prices are getting out of control
hawaiian goyslop delicacy. the place that gave you pineapple on pizza
Processed meat is proven to cause cancer, because of the chemical reactions in your gut between the meat and nitrates used to preserve them.
>The discrepancy was the result of a single theft most likely.
Not him, but...
I'm not connecting all the dots here, please help me out.
Why are you trashing the food, and how is a theft related?
Also, is the food Food Lion's property, or a vendors?

File: Genji_sush_station2_2.png (888 KB, 770x578)
888 KB
888 KB PNG
You just can't beat it!
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>colored horseradish that's way too strong
>old sour ginger that's supposed to be sweet
>thin pale slices of fish
The true american sushi experience. I almost prefer it to the real stuff.
Kroger has surprisingly delicious sushi.
If you're not gonna eat with chopsticks, then just use your hands. It originated as a finger-food after all.
My grocery store has an asian guy who takes his sushi stuff very seriously and makes really good shit for grocery store tier stuff. Also does sushi bowls which are good as shit
this is the grocery store I used to work at. They're fire.

The only issue is you aren't really going to find anything good raw aside from Tuna Rolls. I assume everyone has discovered five dollar sushi wednesday

File: MacAndCheese.jpg (159 KB, 540x831)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Why was macaroni picked for this dish when it was invented? Surely you could do it with any tubular pasta. Why is it not Penne & cheese? Considering its mainly a cheese sauce with pasta, why they not use some sort of spaghetti? That must have been more common to find
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i'm sure, faggot
Didn't Thomas Jefferson bring it back from Europe and that shape stuck here? You can use other shapes now, like shells or rotini or cellantini or things shaped like cartoon characters. It's not illegal.
You can put whatever pasta you want in there. I'm still calling it mac and cheese.
File: Mac&Cheese.jpg (237 KB, 956x981)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
Before the UK was known for shitty food, they were known for their pies like the french are known for their cheese and the italians known for their pasta

File: 20220923_115805.jpg (2.29 MB, 4032x2268)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB JPG
So how the heck can I make meatballs as good as Spagettio's meatballs? I know it must be complex as hell because they use beef, chicken AND pork.

Do I need a better food processor to make them nice and smooth like that? Anyone have a copycat recipe? The ones I put in beside it are beef only meatwise. TIA!
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Its the spices
Preteen jizz must flow

ShrinersDude 2.0
Sex w xhikdreen √
You sound like a fucking faggot
>So how the heck can I make meatballs as good as Spagettio's meatballs?

I know you are trollin but the answer to a good meatball is using ground beef and ground pork. Also don't fry the meatball just start simmering it right in the sauce. I know this is heresy but that's how you get a tender meatball vs the more traditional meatball.

File: IMG_oehr4t459676.jpg (64 KB, 800x533)
64 KB
Whenever I cook eggs I like to toss in a couple shells for the crunch factor. There's nothing like scrambled or fried eggs with the shells mixed in.
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ecks dee bro ecks dee
I feel like my teeth are breaking when eating those, the sensation is not good
File: maxresdefault (14).jpg (180 KB, 1280x720)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
Maybe you have a calcium deficiency?
This here. Soft boiled eggs are just right for the nice CRUNCH and then sucking out the soft insides. mmm

Why would you season both sides of the burger right before putting on the grill, as opposed to just seasoning the meat thoroughly when you shape it?
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it's honestly insane how far we go with another creature's flesh.
Right? Like fuck you im eating you when i want to lol
I always did that so you could season them all at once and I'm not touching the salt shaker 6 times with raw hamburger hands
File: lois.jpg (129 KB, 2000x1125)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Shut the fuck up PETA.
It's insane that we selectively bred the mustard plant in the dark ages in europe and inbred it on itself that it produced broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, kohlrabi and brussels sprouts.

That's way more in depth than simply raising a steer.

File: Kroger-Chuck-Roast-1.jpg (56 KB, 600x450)
56 KB
Sup, /ck/?

So my local grocery store had beef chuck roast on sale for about the same price as it use to be before prices for food shot through the roof recently. I bought some and now I've got 3.5 pounds sitting in my fridge that I'm going to have to do something with tomorrow. Normally I make a stew or a basic roast with potatoes and veggies, however I decided to come and ask you lot for ideas.

What's your favorite way to cook chuck roast, /ck/?
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i put that shit in the slow cooker with peas, onions, garlic in a stew
$7 a lb seems like a steal to me. At least in Colorado.
OP here. For reference, I payed $4.47/pound here in western Washington. This is a lot closer to the "normal" price for chuck per pound. Outside of the sale it was almost $8/pound
Shredded beef for tacos. Don't forget a speck of liquid smoke.
Damn. It really does make a difference where you're located. For reference I'm out in Ohio. Here the local grocery regularly has chuck roast at about $5 a pound for the non sale price.

File: 1637572890260.jpg (784 KB, 1920x1080)
784 KB
784 KB JPG
for me? it's the nacho fries.
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>noooo I cant eat mushy food thats gross!
/ck/ is a good board but it's full of literal man-children who can't even boil water and spend every day trying to act like they don't like anything because they are afraid reddit is going to bully them for liking things.
Nacho fries are a definite guilty pleasure of mine. Only one place near me makes them unfortunately. They're pretty good, but not great.
You can't imply global Jewish domination on reddit
Says a retarded frogposter lmao

Both of you pozzed up newfags should be killed off

When's the last time you've eaten with your family?
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On Labor Day. It was fucking awful and I went out to buy a TV dinner afterwards.
dude, it's noon I'm not going to drink wine with lunch. I've got to drive to work.

And Diet Coke is just Midwestern Seltzer. La Croix is for weirdos. I'll take a DC, original grey can please.
About 4 hours ago
Once a week with dad and twice a month with mom. Some of us aren’t degenerates. We have our own apartments and go home regularly because our parents are loving, supportive, and fun people. If you don’t have that you are welcome to join us.

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