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File: fruits.jpg (204 KB, 1200x686)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
does anyone here have problems with eating fruits? i just can't stand the textures and i feel like throwing up whenever i eat them.
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It's because you've gained access to your fruit consciousness. Like all Earthly things, humans are innately related to them in some way or another. You've simply reached the point in adulthood many face where they relate the most to fruit and recognize the organic principles of fruit are similar to their own, the skin of a fruit reminds you of your own skin, the flesh of your own muscle tissue and organs, and the juice of your own fluids. It's normal to become disgusted by the idea of eating fruit during this stage.
I can stand almost all fruts but I really really hate bananas specifically. They always make me nauseous every time I eat them and I can't handle the texture & smell. It might be an undiagnosed allergy so idk.
if it still has a texture of a fruit i can't eat it

it might has something to do with my mental
what is it about the texture that you don't like
I don’t understand how any homo sapien could have an issue eating fruit. That’s like a cat refusing to eat meat. Absolutely fucking mental.

File: Fried-Chicken-4-1.jpg (93 KB, 800x1200)
93 KB
I'm so sick of all the faggoty chicken people are eating these days. Chicken tenders, chicken nuggets, popcorn chicken, boneless "wings," and chicken fingers are all retarded ways to eat chicken. Chicken has bones! You're supposed to eat whole fucking pieces of chicken, not this fucking boneless crap.
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File: bupd.jpg (136 KB, 590x590)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Zaxbys doesn't sell actual pieces of chicken so in my book there shit
>we have the technology to remove it
Removing bones from chicken is not some modern technological concept.
Zaxbys doesn't have nuggets, they just use tenders which are a single slice of chicken meat.

File: butterfried-728x409.jpg (57 KB, 728x409)
57 KB
Foods that help you gain weight.

After 2 years of not having any scales and was shocked to find I weigh only 8 stone 1lb. So post foods and recipes that could fatten my auschwitz ass up.
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Skinny people can't gain weight. You have the skinnyfat gene they always mention
Unironically GOMAD. 2000+ calories alone in that.
Op is popbably ashkenazi jewish. If so, please take all clothes off and feed solely on berries and fish. You'll develop a hunchback like the spawn of satan you are
Colcannon with lots of butter, a bacon buttie, and beer.
mix peanut butter with peanut oil
It's a little gross but you can get a calorie surplus very easily

File: lunchables.jpg (45 KB, 260x320)
45 KB
What was your favorite Lunchable? I loved the cold meat squeeze paste of the Taco
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does anyone remember the "dessert pizzas"? they were discontinued in like 2005 or some shit, but they were really fun while they lasted. You got a cheese sauce pack, a chocolate sauce pack, pepperoni, etc.

I don't think anyone thinks they taste good, the just have that shitty familiar flavor and making the pizza is way more fun than putting some meat on crackers
One time my sister stole one of these chips from me and ran to the bathroom and slammed the door with me in chase. I jump kicked the door down and chipped 4 of her teeth pretty badly.
They had one of those that had a cheese powder in it you sprinkled on top, around 2006-2008

File: food-picture addict.webm (2.69 MB, 640x360)
2.69 MB
2.69 MB WEBM
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Not so much when you consider they're doing it mostly to minimize the amount of time their wagies spend awake and not drawing little girl cartoons.
based pedo
God I hate americans.
File: Pew but less.jpg (78 KB, 878x1560)
78 KB
What brand SniperRifle (TM) did you buy?

I love tacos so fucking much
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It's wasted calories, i'd rather put more meat or cheese on it.
350lbs? 400?
Nigga a corn tortilla has 100 calories or less, how many tacos are you eating were that's going to break your diet? It's not like a burrito where 30% of the meal is tortilla
One time I ate three pink tacos in a row
Not that anon, my Calorie limit is at 1200, so four tortillas is a full third of my daily diet.
If I'm having tacos, I make it the only meal I'm having that day.

File: img23655[1].jpg (1.3 MB, 2419x1613)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
Most people like the Season brand for beginners right? Definitely gonna go boneless, but my main question is how "full" do you feel off one of the 4oz cans?
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Don't bother then. The bones are very nutritious and you dont really notice them anyway. They're soft enough to just chew with the deenz. Quit being a faggot and get a can of King Oscar in olive oil. Add mustard and pepper, Tabasco if you want too. Maybe a little sea salt to taste. I like sharing the last couple with my dogs - they love them some deenz.
Deenz are good
Do some sounding with one first.

absolute tastelet detected
File: download.jpg (15 KB, 201x251)
15 KB
I dont think this guy understands how business is done around here

What if it's actually good? Feel free to pepper this thread with sage, I feel like I'm an NPC shill making this.
Never heard of it until now, if I see it I'll see if I can give it a try
Sounds like another branded gimmick, it’ll probably just taste like regular Mac and cheese. Hopefully it’s better than Mac and Cheetos.
mite b cool

File: img_24reggin169.jpg (70 KB, 500x328)
70 KB
>there's "people" who don't finish their frozen pizza off under the broiler once cooked
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they are a meme. just brush with oil and use an oven brainlet. for extra air frying behavior get a convection oven. then you have a better oven instead of a useless countertop space hog.
>there's "people" that eat frozen pizza
>just brush with oil
enjoy your heart disease
air fryers do convection better. Most shit you want crispy will take 5 times as long in an oven than an air fryer.
They're perfect for dorms or anywhere you don't have access to a proper oven. Also good for saving on power and time if you just wanna cook a small amount of something.

File: 20200805_184626.jpg (2.5 MB, 4032x1908)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB JPG
Who's gonna' drink with me and my boy tonight?
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Based cat poster. Thanks OP, I like your cat.
>clipped ears
Is it a stray cat or do you let it sleep inside?
I'm about to drink a nice cold Keystone Light. I probably won't smoke anything (I just have some old Cuban cigarillos anyway) but I might throw in some Redman chew later.
Stoners are so fucking lame
how old is the boy

File: OrdinarySausage.jpg (83 KB, 900x900)
83 KB
>New to /ck/
Is there some kind of /ck/-core when it comes to foodtubers?

For me, its J. Kenji Lopex Alt, Joshua Weissman, Matty Matheson, and pic related.
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I fucking hate this guy
My friends think OrdinarySausage is doing a fake voice but I think its real, what do you guys think?
>J. Kenji Lopex Alt

I was wondering why this guy had such a long name, it turns out he took his wifes last name when they got married. Gay and rainbow pilled.

why didnt anyone tell me how good cracklin oat bran is
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i only eat basically the serving size so im okay there. and its kinda annoying to leave it sitting in milk for 15 minutes so it isnt rock hard. but man it is so good, it tastes just like cinnamon granola or cinnamon oatmeal
Seriously the best cereal I've ever had. Unfortunately it absolutely shreds my asshole on the way out.
>15 minutes
why do you have geriatric teeth
this shit is so fucking dense and rich it fills me up in like 3 spoonfuls, I swear I feel like I've eaten two entire separate meals after half a bowl, meanwhile I can down an entire box of Oreo-O's in two sittings

File: well-grilling-superJumbo.jpg (670 KB, 2048x1729)
670 KB
670 KB JPG
>be me
>have the inlaws coming over
>decide to grill them some steaks
>charcoal going
>steaks on the grill
>when they're almost well done my inlaw starts stabbing them with a fork
>be perplexed as to why he's doing that
>he notices
>explains me it makes the meat more tender and improves flavour
>now always stab my steaks with a fork before serving

What about you /ck/?
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File: adox0vjcesd41[1].jpg (110 KB, 634x630)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
How does letting all the juice out improve flavor
This is retarded. Please stop.
File: 1535217285263.jpg (37 KB, 960x540)
37 KB
>almost well done
it wasnt even good bait

Like to cook. Been cooking for years. Don't like excessively gourmet shit from high-end resturants, and know for a fact most of the price if food is bullshit although a resturant requires higher startup cost. I want to see gourmet food at slightly-above fastfood prices prepared quickly. I can do that.

Take the burger, for example. Many high end burger resturants try to cram in a bunch of autistic combos "Asian-inspired, with fried mushrooms, in some rando sauce, some asian fried eggs and shit. 1, it's bullfuckingly hard to eat, and 2, you plop cold vegetables ontop of that and it cools down everything, plus the eggs end up getting overcooked because you tried to imitate egg-fried rice and did it wrong.

If you wanted to do a fucking egg-fried-rice on a burger you should have done in in an eggplant burger you fuckwit. I digress.

I want something simple but still gourmet, and cheap. I can do this easy.

Combine heston blumenthal's burger grinding method with sous vide. You can have any burger doneness (medium for me, a touch of pink) already done before the customer orders, cooked in a bag with a bit of rosemary, garlic cloves, salt.

When a customer orders X doneness, whip it out, grill it. Fry an egg in some butter in a reasonably sized onion ring. But, what about the cheese? DIY american cheese with sodium citrate, aged cheddar, pepper jack, montrerary jack. Melty but still complex flavour. Steam a thick slice of this over your burger.

Home fermented mustard, sweet mayo (made with citrus instead of vinegar like most commercial mayos), ketchup into a bowl. Do mushroom ketchup if you want. Salt, pepper, garlic, cayenne, lemon/lime/grapefruit jews, relish, a little worcestershire sauce. Mix. Apply to high-humidity but thick sourdough, fuck brioche.

The onionring egg stuck in the gooey cheese. Twice cooked fries in a lattice ontop of that, another layer of the sauce. Put lettuce and a thick slice of tomato on the side.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
You can't have a whole restaurant based on one recipe, can you?
No, that's just one example. I make a coleslaw that's better than KFC's and better chicken, too.

I'll have only 2 steaks on the menu: Ribeye and filet mignon. One for flavor and texture. I have a steak recipe that's flawless.

File: Homemade-Brownies-2.jpg (46 KB, 600x900)
46 KB
don't know why people like the gross dried out edge pieces desu
I dont know, y are they?
Because some people prefer crunchy over soft
Not that a big of a fan desu. Like they’re fine but they’re towards the bottom of my favor in desserts
In my opinion the crunch and slight burned taste really complements the chocolate flavor

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