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File: maxresdefault (4).jpg (184 KB, 1280x720)
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184 KB JPG
i tried both the pizza hut and papa johns this past week. the papa johns was cheesier, saucier, and the cheese in the crust was actually melted through. not to mention cheaper. about $13 as opposed to pizza hut being like a $15-16 thing. papa johns also comes complimentary with a sauce on the side.
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He's charming
For you
10 sec response time, I'm getting wet
Im going to get shit on for saying this but the little caesars stuffed crust is actually really fucking good. I usually hate little caesars, but for some reason i gave it a shot and it was some of the best stuffed crust ive ever had. OP trust me and give it a shot.
the pretzel crust was bomb too

What are your quick and easy food hacks?
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This is, possibly, the most American image ever taken
>hurr le many patties is american
Fuck off you've seen more american pictures don't lie
basic post work out smoothies like milk, bananas, oats, peanutbutter are good

but as an example I also put oats in smoothies with water, rockets, bananas and spinach. Often times it's a good way to empty your fridge from leftovers too.

If I open a can of e.g. corn for something, I leave the water from the can for next day, so I can make oats with it for breakfast. Just add paprika and garlic, and it's good.
it's like this guy fell into a fucking "sale" bin in a second hand clothes shop.
you cant tell if he's mexican, if he's a cowboy, if he's emo, if he's into metal, homeless or if he's asian
Drop the ketchup and add some turkey, maybe a pickle spear

File: 1357776982467.jpg (61 KB, 616x463)
61 KB
So which 1 was the best.
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File: 1609671934892.png (14 KB, 525x204)
14 KB
my boy Hiroyuki
I will pick Chen. That guy was a legend for dueling Corby with an ingredient that is not used in Chinese cooking, which was foie gras. He also pulled a draw in overtime as well. That guy is seriously flexible and quick in his head when it comes to cooking.
Id kill for a link or if you could upload these somewhere
Looks like the set I nabbed off myspleen

File: spongepop.jpg (297 KB, 1529x2048)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
For me? It's Spongebob.
File: 16534355643.jpg (311 KB, 900x1200)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
File: sanic.jpg (590 KB, 3024x4032)
590 KB
590 KB JPG
For me, it's Sonic the Hedgehog
Aw hell na they turnt spunc bop in 2 a popsicle
i could eat 5 of these in a row

File: _choc-mint-side.png (992 KB, 1200x1200)
992 KB
992 KB PNG
This is the most disappointing Krispy Kreme yet.

It's just a normal Krispy Kreme with a Mint Slice on top.

It's like the guys at Krispy Kreme don't even care any more

Krispy Kreme.
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thos are all just donut with some crumbled stuff on top, some are filled with sugary jiz, what your point OP?
>I can't Kreme!
Imagine being a grown man that patronizes a fucking doughnut franchise.
They're only good right off the line and they don't do that anymore because of the kung flu so RIP
Unless you walk out of there with a box of half plain and half chocolate glazed, you're a fucking idiot

File: 1612990711967.png (306 KB, 526x516)
306 KB
306 KB PNG
how do I heat up the sauce. making a dish pasta and sauce i am about to cook the pasta but how to warm the sauce
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Is this bait?
File: EuihMykXcAQojjp.jpg (216 KB, 931x1600)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
op here no its not..i was tryin to make pasta like i got at restaurants teehe...

thanks so much! <3 but whats the water for if you dont mind me asking
pour it in some hot oil
The water is just to get the last bit of sauce out of the jar. I've always been frugal. You can scrape it out with a spatula if you want but why dirty another utensil? I'm talking a small amount of water. Hold it under the tap for half a second.
People who warm the sauce are retarded. Just add it to the pasta, makes it the perfect temp to consume.

So it’s just the leftover bits of beef made into mince?
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i've never bought a steak umm in my life
someone else explain to him how marketing works beyond just himself, I gotta get some sleep
Fuck NDT, unwise autistic douche. Never trust life advice from an atheist.
Why is black science man arguing with cheese steak company? Everything is so absurd now.
Retard alert.

Favorite snack food thread
>Pic related are fantastic, although I enjoy any type of Unique pretzel
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beef jerky
They keep me coming back for more.
>berks co
Bitch I havent posted anything but this in here and i know of them from being in hawaii over christmas a few times. They are so fucking good
what? I'm the one who posted the onion chips, not you
But this = the post you replied to (my original post), I was lurking otherwise

File: D8pAmztVUAADYxE.jpg (45 KB, 750x415)
45 KB
bitch don't grill my cheese! lmao
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Gordon ostensibly charges more for this to be fair

>but it comes with kimchi
Thats a melt
doesn't look particularly melty
There’s some sad irony for you
I bet you retards would laugh if I said “but wrinkles”

do you watch Tasty? I go on the site sometimes and I think why do I watch the youtube videos? These recipes look pretty bad or really complex. I hate buzzfeed but I like speed up cooking videos. If you do, do you mute them and listen to different music? I can't stand the background music in those videos. also post good cooking youtube channels or blogs if you have any you want to share. I really like Chow and Chatter.
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No. I don’t enjoy watching trannies make shitty food.
They slowed down on doing stand alone cooking vids because of covid. Now they just repeat vids and put them in "top five" lists.
actually buzzfeed typical is cucked soyboys or fat black women.
it's always fat people hands or brown/black hands that make the food, and the ""food"" is always retarded shit like asparagus wrapped in bacon and covered with cheese
Not for me, but then again I’m not checking daily. Most shits I just update apps on my phone and by then I’m ready to turn the bidet on.

File: egg burger.jpg (18 KB, 825x527)
18 KB
>Go to restaurant
>Decide to try out one of those egg burgers that I keep seeing everywhere
>Take a bite
>The egg yolk bursts and makes a huge mess
Why do people like egg burgers so much? I don't understand.
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If you don't like sucking dick like me then I can understand not finding that sensation of the warm yolk bursting all over and around your mouth and dripping down your chin enjoyable
St. Louis
Decades ago I got the original at O.T.Hodge’s, loved the Top Gun, which was a slinger with a tamale on top. All the diners around here have slingers, they run the full range of dog food to divine. Best I’ve had in recent memory was from Case and Bucks.
Nothing better than biting into a runny yolk on a burger and having it cum in your mouth.
>rent free
Egg burgers are great for that extra protein and fat boost. As long as youre young and do some cardio the cholesterol doesnt matter too much. Personally i prefer a more jellied yolk than outright runny, as it feels like im not only making a mess but wasting much of the egg. Thats why moco loco is so good. Its like some Hawaiian American shit that Japs kind of took over but its really good

File: very cool picture.png (1.35 MB, 1360x569)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
i eat egg with oranges. i literally cook oranges with eggs in pan. when i say people "i eat egg with oranges" they look at me as if im a idiot.
it really bad? do you like egg with oranges? if you saw people who like it, what you would to do?
Explain your method
One of the best kept culinary secrets is dipping scrambled egg in applesauce. Maybe this is similar

Also, for anyone reading this, try the applesauce thing. It's seriously way better than you're imagining

You know, on first thought, that sounds pretty fucking disgusting.

But then, I remembered I almost always drench my scrambled eggs in syrup. So who knows. Maybe it does work.
i fry eggs with oranges and little bit oil on pan
I eat farts with shit

File: i216.jpg (288 KB, 1528x929)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
how much would you pay for this serving of crabs and rice? we paid $190 and i feel fucking robbed. it's san francisco.
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A retard is soon parted with his money
lobster,Crab,shrimp,crayfish all taste the same...
File: thetops.jpg (259 KB, 1531x859)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
...and you say they just let you walk around out in the world?? All by yourself??? Well, I think that's just the tops.

I challenge you to name the restaurant.. I want to pull up the menu to prove you're lying.

File: 1584595273061.png (563 KB, 1080x1246)
563 KB
563 KB PNG
>eat fruit
>take a clean, solid shit
thank you based fruit
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No prob, wojack. My pleasure.
Dried plums are the best. Always give me nice easy poops
File: 12454726.jpg (117 KB, 594x396)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
>Eat two packs of bacon, eight sausages and half a dozen eggs until I feel like puking
>The next day I try to shit
>Won't budge, I can FEEL the shit but there's literally 0 movement
>Spend the next hour using my fingers to break apart and pull blood stained, rock hard lumps of shit out of my anus
mfw I sat down and was finally able to shit normally
pears are good. At work my boss has pear trees and he's cool with me having a few here and there.
happened to me but with pumpkin seed shells

How does one enjoy chorizo optimally?

Redpill me
60 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Have it as it is, with only the addition of a little pepper and olive oil, or alternatively dip it in red wine or eat it with a swig of red wine, or with cheese also.
with eggs in the morning or if you have a strong spanish chorizo cook callos stew
my step dad use to cook it
love how fucking meds put oil on the greasiest stuff imaginable
I actually ordered it today since you brought it up, and it seems to be surprisingly little on the spices, just:
>Re-fried Beans
>Flattened chicken breasts
>Mexican-style Rice
Probably add salt and pepper on the sides and the chicken, of course.
It's an extremely simple dish, and I'd compare it to sloppa, really. I usually mix it up before eating it myself.

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