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My mouth becomes dry for a day or two after I binge drink. I googled it and dry mouth is a symptom of liver disease. How fucked am I?
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Don't worry it's just diabetes.
You're dehydrated, retard. Drink some fucking water when you wake up and through the day. It takes literal decades of heavy drinking to get the various diseases.
anime website
Jesus, anytime I think I was bad, I read other people's accounts and realize it wasn't shit. I've definitely had some pretty noticeable negative health effects due to boozing pretty heavily for a few years, and more than likely did permanent damage to my liver and probably a couple other meat parts, but I'm lucky to never have had jaundice, weird colored urine, shits or vomit. I was throwing up for a little while, but that was more because I was on a whisky diet and not eating food. By the way don't drink on an empty stomach if you like not having an ulcer. The fucking dumbest thing you can do that alcoholics rationalize by "it will get me drunk faster" and calorie counting.

It's still embarrassing to me that I let it get that bad, but it is possible to come back from it. You don't even have to go complete tee teetotaler mode. I think it's probably harder to learn moderation than abstaining completely, but it's fucking worth it. Booze has its place and time.
Not always. Everybody's different, there are tons of things that can go wrong. Also if you're an alcoholic, chances are that you're neglecting other aspects of your health as well, which might contribute to diseases. You read people getting liver disease after three/four years of heavy drinking pretty often. That's probably not typical, but it happens.

what’s for lunch, /ck/?

<<full slab, red potatoes, baked beans and some corn
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File: woody.jpg (26 KB, 480x360)
26 KB
>doing my bait
Based and checked. Theyre good on toast.
Needs beans
>hello fellow goyim. I also love guns and food but dont you think its time we went vegan and banned assault clips?

Give me one good reason why you guys have 10+ bottles of niche hot sauces...
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>Ladyboys aren’t delusional like trannies.
In the sense that they don’t think they are actually women. Don’t be such a fucking nitpick, faggot.
Ladyboys is a porn term, just like shemales, and refers mainly to Asian trannies.
Ladyboys just want everybody to get what they want and be happy. Trannies are insufferable cunts who don't want anybody to be happy.
Ladyboy refers exclusively to the kathoey of Thailand, and is the usual translation thereof.
They're not quite trannies, they don't generally identify as women. The term has some wiggle-room and can apply to gay men who have no intent to transition at all.

Thailand has a long history of fluid gender roles and the kathoey were traditionally thought of as what we would call intersex or a third gender.

File: frogs.jpg (104 KB, 948x580)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
In a few hours, I'm gonna eat frog legs for the first time of my life.
What am I in for?
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to me they have a very slight fish taste but yeah, mostly chicken. i guess depends on the seasoning used.
So they are disgusting?
Not disgusting but i wouldnt call them fine dining.
It was ok when I had it but I couldn't get over the swampy aftertaste. No idea from where the frogs were sourced but I bet farmed frogs taste slightly better.
You know how fresh caught fish will taste a little bit like the water it was caught in? Frog is the same.
If you've ever had gator, frog logs are similar.
The texture is like chicken thighs, but with a slightly "fishy" taste.

Just make sure it's cooked throughout. It will be white.

Share some good cheap vegan recipes with me lads. I'm a student so i'm really on budget here
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>Spices cost money
only vegans buy spices?
>finely chop some garlic and peppers
>put some olive oil in the pan, turn on medium high
>and garlic and peppers
>when garlic gets golden brown, add some pureed tomatoes
>taste with salt and pepper
>let simmer for a while
>cook pasta in the meantime
>just before pasta is done, take some of the pasta water and add it to the sauce
>strain pasta
>mix pasta with sauce
>garnish with parsley
wa la
Imagine eating only plants and not realising that if you put water on a plant egg you can basically get infinite plant for free.

Meanwhile, the carnivore must be cunning
Used to do this except with some meat on the side. Do you use any substitute for cheese?
Why would I? I'm not vegan. But I thought it would be palatable without the cheese. Maybe dried and ground mushrooms?

File: rietastynoodles.jpg (94 KB, 1280x720)
94 KB
About to go to the local asian market tomorrow.
Its called H mart.
Any suggestions for what to get?
I'm going to get some seaweed and some sashimi
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The costa mesa one has top tier chicken katsu in the food court
steamed pork buns and dried seafood (shit is amazing in soups)
Get some sideways pussy and corn toes.
File: 481e.jpg (58 KB, 640x429)
58 KB
White Rabbits.
oh i love H mart, see if they have any ponzu. i always pick up ponzu at these places.

gonna dump some vintage recipes

post em if you got em
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>don't foo yourself real mayonnaise makes a real difference
Wait, did they have fucking fake mayo in the 50's?!
Huh, so that's why my grandmother would eat slices of beefsteak tomatoes with mayo on them.
>beef sloppy joe
Oh yeah!
>chicken sloppy joe
I guess
>egg sloppy joe
No, I need you to stop.
If I was drunk or high-
>tfw the only way you can enjoy aspic is from a nice head cheese

File: IMG_2358.jpg (58 KB, 720x661)
58 KB
On vacation in america
Decide to buy some chocolate
Read label
Go for a salty crunchy snack instead
Say fuck it and go get myself a sandwich
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If you don't like our Jewish citizens, you can get the fuck out of our country. We don't accept that kind of bigotry here in the United States of America.
Every race, religion and nationality is welcome here, as long as they are tolerant of other people. We are a nation of immigrants!
Jews aren't a race. Even if they were, there's no such this as race, only the human race.
File: IMG_1417.jpg (1.58 MB, 4032x3024)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
Racists are people who categorize other people into races and then stereotype then accordingly.
So no, Jews aren't a race, but it's racist to say that they are, and to then say that the Jewish race is greedy, shifty, untrustworthy, has crooked noses etc.
>On vacation in america
>Decide to buy some chocolate
Confirmed for never visiting America
Our candy aisles are 60 feet wide and have two 8 foot shelves packed to the brim with candies. You'll find Hershey's, competitors Mars and Lindt, several generics and cost-cutters, like ten different hipster and hippie brands of too expensive candy, candy for freaks with broken bodies that can't take dairy/sugar/gluten, maybe a local brand, Mexican imports, British imports, and euro imports.
It's honestly disgusting to see that much of the garbage all at once.

File: coffee.jpg (138 KB, 1280x868)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
French press > drip > traditional coffee pot > pot on the stove poured through paper towels > Keurig > instant coffee
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Switch instant and Keurig, at least instant coffee doesn't insult you by sharting compost water out of it's $100+ orifice and give you the gift of extra plastic shit to throw away. Instant coffee doesn't pretend to be anything better than it is.
At a certain point, it's like...why even drink coffee in the first place? If you're going to drink the worst possible coffee in existence, why bother? Do you need the caffeine that bad? There are many more pleasant ways to get even more caffeine into your system.
Yeah, anything else is an extra step but at least you're not drinking shit.
You're right. Consider instant and Keurig switched.
I drink my coffee instant and my liquor straight from the bottle. I am trash and I don’t give a single fuck about it.
>why even drink coffee in the first place?
Well it is still caffeine (yes I'm one of those morning coffee drinkers).

Freshly prepared coffee absolutely is much better, no argument there. It's just not something I could do every day for every single cup.

File: Untitled.png (833 KB, 834x686)
833 KB
833 KB PNG
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There are two kinds of men, those who suck dick and those who know the difference between browning and caramelizing onions
I do both, what's my prize?
I meant to type men who don't suck dick and...-

But apparently straight boiis can't type for shit.
File: 1566329601770.jpg (200 KB, 750x569)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
Straight man can and do cook. They say no homo before sucking dick. And its only gay if you push back.
Its definitely not gay if you beat them up afterwards.
This guy can't cook. Non stick pan for caramelizing? Lock him up and throw away the key

File: giphy2.gif (972 KB, 540x288)
972 KB
972 KB GIF
food crimes that force you to lose respect for someone

>ordering a burger without cheese
>putting ketchup on a burger
>ordering a burger less than medium
>ordering a steak more than medium
>eating bacon when it's not used as a small part of a dish complimenting other flavors
>eating eggs, ever
>removing any vegetables from a dish
>ordering french fries
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"Fresh" doesn't necessarily mean better. Quality canned tomatoes are 99% of the time better than "fresh" tomatoes", for example.
Frozen green beans are supposed to be healthier than "fresh" ones, because they usually aren't really all that fresh, while the frozen ones are frozen right after they are picked from the field, and thus preserve the nutrients better than the ones that have been sitting for weeks in some storage.
File: 15365321262342.png (74 KB, 300x256)
74 KB
>eggs are used as a binder for burgers
Pouring on condiments before tasting.
so you never made a single burger in your life
I'm making burgers several times a month. That's why I'm so confused by your retarded statement.

have you guys ever tried an Aussie pizza?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
They can be great, but I rarely order them because of the risk that some cunt will throw a bunch of onion or some other retarded bullshit on there that ruins the simplicity.

Weird how if you change the way you make a food it might become a different food, huh?
>Weird how if you change the way you make a food it might become a different food, huh?

Swap the egg for 'ineapple and you've god yourself the nectar of the Gods.
>prawns on pizzs
Get out.
>burnt cheese
>vegemite sauce
>emu eggs
ill pass
>Eggs are great. But they do little for flavour on pizza.
It's not about the taste. The whites add delicacy which compliments the mozzarella, and contrast to the strong flavours of the ham etc which usually gets lost in a pizza.
If you're putting hot sauce or whatever the fuck on there it's only so you can experience something while you're shoving pizza down your food-hole.

There's other ways to prepare it though which I prefer over the OP image. Like putting the eggs on before the cheese and subsequent toppings, which gets some salt where it's needed and can break em up a bit so they flow around everything.

File: _.png (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
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>Hasn't had Jersey Mikes
You poor poor man
The chicken is good, but its pretty expensive and the portion of chicken they give you is fucking sad
File: 1565451083804.jpg (12 KB, 225x225)
12 KB
>Thinking Jersey Mike's is better than going to the local deli
Absolutely uncultured.
supporting the right to refuse service is "crawling into your bedroom"?
are you schizophrenic by chance?
the left invented identity politics

File: kitchen fan.jpg (71 KB, 640x682)
71 KB
>be me, a japanese
>buy a house in America
>kitchen fan doesn't discharge the inhaled smoke outside.
Then what's the point of this kitchen fan? To fill the house with smoke efficiently?
34 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>be a small brain jap
>bought a cucked house
>blame america
>make americans look stupid

You are the stupid one, retard.
They aren't going to knock a hole in the wall until you install the hood and only if your stove/oven comes with a full hood including an exhaust fan plus ventilation duct work.

Laws in regards to residences are not universal. They are much more locally defined. For example NYC has a lot of laws in this regard. Probably most major cities do. If you live outside of such a place then your building code is more defined by the state.
For most things in an older home you aren't required to upgrade in order to sell it. A very old home that originally had a cast iron wood fire stove might have a hole knocked out in the kitchen for the chimney. Also a newer home or one that got a kitchen remodel might have a hole. I live in a home probably built in the 60's and there is no hole to accommodate ventilation. If you burn the food you open the garage door and fan the smoke out.
I know! Every time I have to look for an apartment and I see one of these trick fans, I nope out of there. Its like people dont cook anymore.

I had a crummy apartment in grad school and by the time I moved out the walls were coated in a greasy film from all the food I cooked because, you guessed it, the fan didn't actually take any of the smoke out from the stove.
It’s probably the type that needs a carbon filter. It’s either not in there or it needs to be changed. Or the duct was never hooked up.

File: 1555518759337.jpg (112 KB, 785x731)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
>Chinese human dies

>Chinese cook a dog
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I'd rather they just eat dogs instead of like, human babies and sewer oil.
Also, you can kill a dog without torturing it to death in a shit-spattered public street, Chen.
pick one
right about that one

Only libtard peta faggots think it's any more immoral to eat dogs compared to cows
File: 1554079721468.jpg (56 KB, 512x512)
56 KB

Hoo hoo hee hee wahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
My Chinese wife got pissed when I wanted to eat a dog. She also didn’t notice when an old lady got exploded by a truck 50 meters down the road from us...

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