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I'm looking up recipes for sushi rice but they all have 1:1 ratios with their rice but that seems insane to me. Is that common knowledge or should I use 1 cup of rice with 2 cups of water like I usually do?

File: 8792894.png (240 KB, 900x451)
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>Enjoy cooking every day
>Depression kicks in
>Stop putting the effort in
>Forget what I used to cook and go back to simple shit

It still helps to cook as I'm doing something but it's lost its meaning and I've lost my passion

What's your go to depression meals, depressed bros?
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>How do I get my motivation back bros?
start speed running xbox 360 games.
this, deli chicken (discounted after a certain evening hour) with a 4 pack of steelies
living the dream.
>finally go shopping
>get a bag of chicken patties
>wind up eating none of the other food
>go back to the store just for buns and more patties
>other stuff has gone bad
File: buldak.png (474 KB, 440x884)
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474 KB PNG
I had just put this on white bread bc they were close to my bed. It gave me such bad acid reflux that I accidentally aspirated the regurgitated sauce. It filled my lungs, so I was also drowning and burning simultaneously
My depression meals were Uber eats and door dash.. but I can’t afford that anymore so it feels like cooking is one big depression meal because I feel poor. :(

I have wings and Mac/cheese on the menu and should be frosting a cake. It’s fun once I get into it but I’m realizing that I have expensive taste and need to level it up I guess lol.

Its a simple question.
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File: 1628063012252.jpg (56 KB, 647x450)
56 KB
Why not an amalgamation of the two?
File: 1541514139349.jpg (61 KB, 406x542)
61 KB
Or like this
You can reheat any of the pizza you don't eat right then and there easy, but how much time would you need for sushi in the microwave?
first time i see someone misspell dog dick this many times in a row

Something so simple, yet satisfying.
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Ugh, how fat are you
You would think.
I went to some hipster bar, coffee shop place, or whatever the fuck it was supposed to be like 2 weeks ago. I asked for a breakfast sandwich and it was like $13 for just the sandwich and it came on the driest homemade English muffins I've ever had, with the most flavorless eggs, white cheddar for some reason, and pretty decent bacon. Hipsters usually have pretty good food so this surprised me.
people who don't like eggs deserve bad things to happen to them
I'm surprised fast food restaurants never tried making Breakfast sandwiches with waffles as the bread
Croissants and those disgustingly sweet McGriddles are already a thing, why not cheap frozen waffles
My local bistro sells their breakfast sandwiches for $12. They’re good but not $12 good, so I only get them a few times a year. My fav breakfast is just good black coffee and a good plain croissant

File: probably fat irl.png (859 KB, 1080x592)
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859 KB PNG
How long could you keep a Subway sandwich in the fridge before it's compromised? Lets say I order a meatball marinara and put it in the fridge. How long can I keep it there before eating it risks botulism/food poisoning?
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>The bread texture will be horrifying though.
Daring of you to call the plaster they use "bread"
You have to eat it on the 2nd day. Otherwise it's soggy as shit
six months
that's fucking disgusting, and the reactions from the others indicate that this is a routine occurrence.
>everyone else's reactions in that clip
yup, she's a lardass irl.

File: FGA4W4oXwAYdl3s.jpg (224 KB, 1080x1080)
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224 KB JPG
I'm about to make and drink my first ever cup of mate. What am I in for? The supermarket only had two varieties of mate. The one I got which is flavored mate leaves in a bag, and then a bottle of ready-to-drink mate which was with added sugar, caffeine and carbonation. My bag says it's 78% green mate, 18% roasted mate and then various flavorings. I'm going to be brewing with a paper filter.
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Weak fucking drink and I used a whole tablespoon. I'll go back to black tea.
I had some mate drink from the supermarket a coupe months ago. Dear fucking god it was awful. It tasted liek someone had steeped two dozen old cigarette butts in a cup of hot water overnight and then sold that rsulting liquid as a drink. never again.
>4% "Various Flavourings"
Throw it away.
it says what flavorings dumbass, I just didn't list them all
Don't do it anon you'll get addicted to it. I tried it once and it was too strong for my taste but after a couple of refills I was hooked. Next thing you know you are sipping on that shit all day like and Argentinian junkie

File: 1642484923197.jpg (599 KB, 1440x1920)
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599 KB JPG
what's your favorite sandwich from subway?
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I always order a 6-inch white bread sub with only american cheese.
>cucumbers AND pickles
sick bastard
The half eaten egg salad out of the trash at Pelham Parkway.
Oven Roasted Chicken... with pickles and mustard
>not going to firehouse subs, or quiznos
everyone in this thread is condemned

File: z-Olive-Oil-721397206.jpg (997 KB, 2560x1600)
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997 KB JPG
Is expensive olive oil actually better?
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Apparently there is some sort of international mafia conspiracy to mix and dilute olive oil with other oils. You can't really trust that your olive oil is 100% olive oil unless it is from California, or certified as single origin.
Are there any US regions outside California that can even grow olives?
Duh. The olive garden, dummy.
Theres a bit of mystery around this so I will try to clear it up to the best of my knowledge.

Italian olive oil is allegedly the stuff that is cut with cheaper oils, and apparently that's only for the American market.

I personally avoid olive oil from Italy in general.

Finding olive oil you like thats high quality is as simple as buying a few small bottles and doing a taste test. The higher quality stuff tends to be a brighter green colour and has a very forward olive flavour
Texas, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, Oregon, Alabama, and Hawaii. But California definitely has the biggest market share within the US. Like I said, Australia is pretty reliable too. In addition, I can't say for certain whether the stuff from South America is any good, but it's probably alright. South America is South America though, I don't know how reliable their regulators are.

File: harubye.jpg (60 KB, 848x480)
60 KB
>working with high hydration dough
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the only thing i see in catalog is g*****p and some random grocery store products sprinkled with e-celeb threads and maybe like 10 cooking threads
and then you just slap and fold it or something?
>slap and fold
yes, you can continue to build gluten from there any way you like. if you moisten your hands and tools, you will find this very easy to do without much sticking, as a lot of the work will be done by the dough for you. i often make my high hydration doughs the night before and rest overnight at room temperature. remember to use very little yeast to prevent overfermentation.
that's very helpful danke schoen anon
High hydration is a meme unless you're making something like a focaccia.

For actual bread that you want for sandwiches there is no need to go over 70%, and for plain white that is pretty high. I'd maybe allow 75% for some kind of wholewheat, rye, and other grain mixture recipes
File: maxresdefault.jpg (83 KB, 1280x720)
83 KB
Not boiling your dough

File: file.png (99 KB, 900x900)
99 KB
I think mods accidently deleted my thread so Im remaking it
/BCU/ Babish culinary universe
You can do it eddition!
Important links:
Latest BCU video -> [YouTube] Sanji's Seafood Risotto from One Piece | Anime with Alvin (embed)
BCU channel ->https://www.youtube.com/c/bingingwithbabish/videos
Babish website -> https://www.bingingwithbabish.com/#top
Basics with Babish->https://basicswithbabish.co/
Merch ->https://babish-shop.myshopify.com/
Excelent Babish cookwere ->https://www.amazon.com/stores/Babish/page/916ED02F-A646-4A3D-8648-FEA8C7A9CF63?ref_=ast_bln
Cookbook ->https://www.bingingwithbabish.com/cookbook
Please dont fortget to be civil and helpfull towards our new members and remember
Be nice!
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wtf is this babish
oh. you used the N word. you think you tough huh? well think again child. you are not. and never will be.
and why are you so obsessed with someone's personal life? because you dont have one yourself?
Shit posting is still shit posting.
>Make /ck/ decent again!
No more marketing threads for goyslop fast food
No more Jewtube threads to advertise your virtual best friends since you're a lonely faggot.
I want to rape Babish's little faggot ass

File: 1_FEglS2mlUMWLgtLTMhEa4g.png (315 KB, 1000x1200)
315 KB
315 KB PNG
How come ADHD chefs are better than normie cooks?
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We all do both. The owner/exec will try to make sure people work to their strengths on anything heavy, but we all get cross training. Some of the more difficult services get a little hairy, but the professionalism and general skill of the crew makes it seem easier - difficult but possible if that makes sense.
>Muh self diagnosed mental illness!
I miss when chefs were just meth addicts, not "quirky" meth addicts.
cry more normie
cooking with meth

File: Salisbury-Steak-2.jpg (105 KB, 1200x1680)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Bros. She unironically makes the tastiest pizza. I'm so excited. Don't ban me Janet, I'm 37.

Post comfort food.
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>hes not having dinner with his family

Hope you and your mom have a great time anon, enjoy the pizza
that breading looks delicious
You shouldn’t call your mom that that’s mean bro
what a shitty fucking retard thread, sage this shit
File: Chicken-Pot-Pie_2.jpg (60 KB, 900x1125)
60 KB
Thanks for the bump.

File: FU-i21qUUAEVLmJ.jpg (239 KB, 1200x826)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
What are some of the best restaurants in new jersey?
How did you get my picture
Leaving New Jersey is a great place to start.
What part? If you’re around Morris County or close I can probably help.
>New Jersey
Probably McDonalds or McGuidos

How can this fast food chain be SOOOO good? Every location has lines out the wazoo

Also, what do you typically order?
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>fake honey
How can you say this so casually? The first two ingredients are corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup. I am not putting that on anything.
Chick fil a is white people chicken. Blacks never liked it.
File: 166315929636283318.gif (1.52 MB, 480x360)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB GIF
I laughed hard at this
I don't work at lidl but if I saw you buy a single box of Twinkies from a discount grocery store I would probably think you were a loser
Cut the lemonade with unsweeted tea
2sammich, 12 piece nuggets, large fry, arnold palmer

File: NFF_Tomatoes_Mix-2-W.jpg (877 KB, 3000x2000)
877 KB
877 KB JPG
What tomato is best tomato for sandwiches?
can't beat a good ol heirloom or vine-ripened mater
File: 20220922_173015.jpg (1.74 MB, 1800x3960)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB JPG
Beef stake hair loomed.
File: 00065.jpg (228 KB, 700x700)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
Beefsteak tomatoes
Nice wide slice, not too watery, and strong taste

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