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File: Lau lau.jpg (1.93 MB, 2329x3105)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB JPG
What's your madeleine? For me, it's pork lau lau.
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File: hula dab.jpg (175 KB, 1300x894)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
Most likely sodium deficiency and a lack of vitamin D.
It's the cross contamination factor. Last time I was there, I tried to eat the stuff I could at a recommended restaurant, and I almost died even though I was assured there was no coconut, no pineapple. Best to not even risk it at this point.
Probably from hypernatremia
File: 1684675894374779.gif (242 KB, 526x579)
242 KB
242 KB GIF
Oh! Okay! My madeleine is tuna noodle casserole and hamburger helper!
>search madeleine
>ending up going down a 16 year old murder mystery rabbit hole with recent updates that happened in the last 24 hours
Well, gee thanks /ck/ I just wanted to know what cut of pork and greens were in OP

File: Lotsoftea.jpg (24 KB, 474x266)
24 KB
This thread is for discussing teas, tisanes, and other herbal infusions.
info: types of tea, where to get tea, how to brew tea
Previous thread: >>19314166
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Gunpowder tea is kinda Smokey, its not fancy and its usually not super fresh, some people like that it's a little rough around the edges and some people think is gross. You can try rinsing the leaves in some hot water for 10-20 seconds before brewing and see if that helps, also keep the brew pretty short, like 3 minutes or so. Don't keep the leaves in the water for ages.
Also usually with mint tea you are using a lot of mint and a good portion of sugar which helps to smooth things out a bit. So it works a bit better
I bet I could store pureh like that in florida lmao although then you'd have to deal with bugs
One month without any shipping updates...
Feels bad man
and TEENS on spring break, amirte?

File: 81t6tpw4XbS.jpg (502 KB, 2560x2560)
502 KB
502 KB JPG
Yes mackerel are some of the best sardines but I still think I prefer herring
cod liver, on crackers, with some pickles on the side. heaven
Mackerel is sardine?
KO mack is the shiznizzle. At $2.39/can, it's nice and cheap, too. It's one of my favourite tinned fishes, second only to beech-smoked tuna (when I can find it).
fatty fish liver is unbeatable

File: Nachos.jpg (201 KB, 720x960)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
ITT: post a picture of the food from the lowest rated place in your area, based on Google/Uber reviews etc
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Tragedy at the Hooters
Do they have to buy the tater tots on the market or something?
Who the fuck goes to Hooters for the food lmfao

I thought the only appeal was for horny boomers to ogle at the girls.
I've only been to one once, and their wings are actually pretty damn decent for the price. My dad was worried I was gay since I prefered to play WoW instead of chasing after girls when I was younger. All the women there were flat as boards and looked like crackwhores, so my lack of interest didn't help my case.
they must have been vegan

Only for a week or two in early fall, then they go mealy, but they're the perfect apple when in-season. Tart, unique texture. A great apple for all occasions. 10/10
Similar to the McIntosh in flavor but inferior in texture. A very good but not great apple. Also struggles when out of season. 9/10
>Red Delicious
No shock that they've gone out of favor. A subtle and filling apple with a light sweetness, the perfect size for a snack. Refined and pleasant. 8/10
>Pink Lady
Very nice tart floral flavors, but on the overbearing side. Can be cloying. Texture is very dense and not entirely pleasant. Good as an occasional treat, not an everyday snack. 7/10
>Gala, Fuji, Braeburn
An indistinguishable collection of mid fruits designed to grow easy and fill up grocery store shelves in the off season. Slightly oversweet and entirely uninteresting in all aspects. 6/10
>Granny Smith
A good granny Smith is hard to come by. Many in the store are yellow on the outside and brown near the core. Possibly they don't keep well. Fresh from the tree, they are vibrant and slightly vegetal apples. However the one-note flavor and nearly chewy texture makes these primarily for cooking. 5/10
A "good" honeycrisp is an unnecessarily large behmouth, overly sticky, too sweet and too tart, and with a strange acidity that burns the taste buds. The texture is much "sharper" than that of other apples. What it lacks in balance and nuance, it makes up for in an inevitable popularity. Sadly, with popularity has come a massive amount of very low quality honeycrisps, small, watery, and generally sickly-looking apples which proudly carry their brand name through the off-season. Not good for much beyond the very occasional novelty. 4/10
>[Insert Flavor of the Month Trademark-Name apples eg. Jazz, Cosmic Crisp, etc]

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>red delicious
stopped reading ur dogshit post
I agree, ripe pears are soft and juicy. But off the tree and still a little firm is a very nice texture difference to the store bought pear
Wow based as fuck desu
yeah it's pretty cool. I'm mad now tho because I can't find a pic of the mushies so I'm thinking I deleted shit by accident
>Pink Lady
Does anyone else find these have an almost fizzy taste, like they are carbonated or something? it's pleasant but unusual

File: 1663269671036.png (118 KB, 768x768)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
>it's an every slice is a stem episode
Those aren't nachos

Wtf did I do wrong?

Amerifag here, in the UK for a few weeks. Got sausages and cooked them same as I always do, butter in pan on medium heat and they just fucking fell apart whenever I flipped them. Ended up with a bunch of ground sausage when they were "cooked through."

I've heard your sausage formula here is slightly different, meat reinforced with grain. Is it the sausage skins? are you supposed to cook them any differently here? Does Waitrose just suck?
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Pro tip: the best method for cooking sausages is in the oven. You're welcome.
debrief is needed
File: tidesnax.gif (516 KB, 652x562)
516 KB
516 KB GIF
a few tablespoons of water would work better
Yup a little water is how I was taught
Fuck off we're full

When combined with the right toppings, pineapple on pizza is fucking delicious.
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not possible because pineapple tastes bad.
>My wife and I like black
I bet you do cuck, I bet you do
Mutt's Law strikes again
File: 1685716487824739.gif (1.5 MB, 498x448)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB GIF
For me? It's ham, pineapple, and anchovies. Anchovies and pineapple is pure mouth sex

File: latest.jpg (51 KB, 212x255)
51 KB
what discontinued food or drink would sacrifice your pinky toes for? here's mine.
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The reason for this was they had to change the recipe for all of the sauces, including the normal Boyardee pizza sauce. They got rid of a few products that they couldn't get to taste right and changed the others. I was addicted to the pizza sauce. Governmental limit on M.S.G., even though M.S.G. was proven safe in the 90"s after the chinese food witch hunt. I guess money talks and demorats talk, guess who was in control of congress at the time.
I always wondered why all the Boyardee shit seemed like it tasted bland
litchrally none of these mental gymnastics are true. you people will make up fucking anything to gratify your fantasies
keebler used to make a vegetable cracker that was great but those assholes changed the recipe now they suck.
File: 1641793170853.jpg (16 KB, 480x360)
16 KB
Just read this. If your old enough to remember and kept track of U.S. politics, sadly it's true.

File: giphy.gif (2.42 MB, 480x270)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB GIF
does anybody still use picrel? I haven't seen any tv chefs mention it in a while.

File: download (1).jpg (12 KB, 226x223)
12 KB
I just know one of you motherfuckers are autistic about water filters. please give me recommendations, google is effectively useless nowadays
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My niece has fluoride stains on her teeth and it makes me so fuckin mad. Not at her, she's just drinking water, but at the retards who poisoned it so they could sell her a cure in 20 years.
go find project farms review
wrong. zerowater removes everything that's charged. that's why it reads 0 on tds.
>b-but it has to be charged to dissolve in water!
dude if i take a shit in the top of your zerowater you're going to have a bad time
OP, if you drink distilled, purified, or water filtered via reverse osmosis, you will die because the minerals have been stripped out of it and clean water is bad for you. You need to drink unfiltered water straight from the tap because fluoride is an essential mineral and it will make you eligible for a government job in the USA. You can't get a Top Secret or a Q security clearance unless you have fluoride in your blood. Yes, they test for it when they do their drug tests.
take your meds lad

File: images(8).jpg (8 KB, 311x162)
8 KB
I like fishing. I live on the coast and catch things like grouper, snapper, redfish, flounder, amberjack, sea trout, sea bass, mullet, etc..

I always catch and release, though because I'm concerned about pollutants. Am I retarded or are my fears valid?
Retarded, just eat it dumbass,the birds pick the rest up.
Water pollutants, you dumb fuck. I'm worried about pesticide and glyphosates.. not polluting the ground with fish entrails.

are you a regular at your local dive bar?
116 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yes. I'm here right now playing pool with this random guy who I've been chatting with
Forgot pic
Eh. Practice some self control, Firstly you should be able to limit yourself to 4 drinks over the course of about 90 minutes - 2 hours.
and be able to handle that amount without being drunk. When you finish you last drink you don't need to sit up and leave, order a water , sit around for another 20 minutes socializing, get up outside smoke a stogie, sit on a bench for a few, then go home, also eat a little food there when you drink. order a plate of fries or something.
You shouldn't want to be sitting at a bar for 3+ hours lol, that's degenerate asf

just relax man, a bar is supposed to just be a place to feel human and sit around with other people, not some competition to get hammered.

if you are going to get drunk, then walk, take bus, use uber, ask a sober friend to drive.
i can drink the entire remaining bottle of liquor at the bar over the course of several hours and still be completely sober
>i can drink the entire remaining bottle of liquor at the bar over the course of several hours and still be completely sober
So usually when you go to the bar, you drink EVERY bottle of liquor and there's typically only one left when you leave for the night?
That's fucking IMPRESSIVE, dude.
I'll bet you were a Navy SEAL, and you probably 360 noscoped a bunch of motherfuckers with a Ruger Mark 2.

how long does sauerkraut take to ferments? some recipes say 4 days and others say 6 weeks
It's temperature dependent. Warmer=faster
Just go by the experation date on the lid
I usually do 4 days. When you go longer it just gets softer and more funky.

File: 1522721805486.jpg (34 KB, 616x462)
34 KB
beef patty, bacon, cheese, egg
some salt & pepper, ketchup, and mayo
now that's what I call a tasty burger
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Lose the egg and replace the bacon with pickle and now we're talking
>bbq sauce
lose the pepper and add some more salt and now we're talking
lose the patty and add 2 patties and now we're talking
>t. bogan

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