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/ck/ - Food & Cooking

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Happy birthday to 4chan :)

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File: 1602936872832.jpg (46 KB, 800x600)
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/ck/ pics that makes you question your faith in humanity or are just intriguing. Hit me with your best shot
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>cheap yeast
Prison yeast is free, just don't wash your balls and inner thighs for a week or so.
Also, I only counted 6 "put me in the screencap"s, which was less than I thought but still 6 too many.
are you not supposed to eat the white mold part ? I did and nothing happened

What’s worth getting from this place?
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This. The frozen shit is good when you're in college but it's pretty crappy food. I might buy it on a night I really don't want to cook but also want booze. Mine doesn't sell liquor though because DC is a shithole.
Their produce is pretty meh, not great but not horrible. Same with the meat. I'd rather go elsewhere though. And like I said, the prepared stuff is pretty crappy or just good in a pinch.
They do have cheap staples though and every now and again a seasonal/store brand item will be good until the 4th or so iteration and they cheap out on ingredients.
Also $4 6 packs of 7% beer is great for college students/budding alcoholics
It feels like Trader Joes is a cheaper Whole Foods. Lots of organic foods. I have Aldi too but it just feels like a regular cheapo grocery store. Seems to be similar in size. Also, it's a misconception that Traders Joes is from Germany. It was an American grocery store that got bought out by the members Aldi's family.
I don’t get it. He was fucking your grandfather?
a dent from the parking lot is my usual
also relatively cheap milk, cheese, soap, frozen vegetables
wew how's u street doing these days? I saw u hall closed recently
File: DSC00571[1].jpg (345 KB, 1600x1155)
345 KB
345 KB JPG
Crack in hotdog form

File: 20201019_085631.jpg (615 KB, 2560x1440)
615 KB
615 KB JPG
Too many ducks. Im going to do my least favorite part of this and traffic cone some ducks.
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tru on the cut hand bit.
Though I think instead of stewing my campbells I'm gonna try this recipie and halving the ingredinets.
why do farms always have to look like google images of trailer trash?
Can't you guys make a proper fence and clean up a bit?
you may have autism
I never knew there were so many whiny autists on this board who seriously have a problem with learning where the meat comes from.
Good thread, OP.
File: 1601548236237.jpg (55 KB, 544x589)
55 KB
>guaranteed replies

next month, I'm ditching the bird
yeah, call me a heretic, a pariah, an apostate but turkey is more trouble than its worth
hell it wasn't even the main dish for the settlers
and yet it's been whored throughout the decades.
Overhyped in media creating a cavity of historical inaccuracies.
For a bird the size of a Shetland pony, it hogs up all of your time
and no matter how many times you broth it up the meat is mostly dry with a texture between chalk and sand.
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i drive by the local shithole looking mosque in my area and lob pork products on the east side of the building.
Turkey is sacred OP, you don't know what you're doing
>no matter how many times you broth it up the meat is mostly dry with a texture between chalk and sand.
That's because you aren't injection marinating it and deep frying it.
Hey, fellow leaf.

I skipped turkey and made beef wellington. Was awesome and I was able to get it mostly done in the morning, toss it in the fridge, and bake it half an hour before dinner.
Turkey sucks my family always did pork

File: maxresdefault.jpg (110 KB, 1280x720)
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110 KB JPG
I unironically cannot think of anything more wholesome then wanting to become a Master Chef all because his mother used to cook for him up until the day that she died and to continue her legacy developed a passion for cooking himself
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Not an argument
>brooklyn pussy
yeah it's exactly what you might imagine
it's mostly chicks from the midwest living life in the big city riding the cock carousel trying to impress you with how much of a degenerate they are
My mom used to cook for me and my brothers but only because it was cheaper than getting us the fast food she enjoyed constantly. She wouldn't eat with her family for this exact reason as well. The food she made was really low-effort, and when I learned that, I decided to learn how to cook for myself so that I could enjoy better food in spite of her.

And now I cook for my family because my mom never really feels like it.

QTDDTOT /ck/ edition

Why can't I put ice in my beer? They do it with cider.
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see >>14935403
>ruins the taste.
too late
I need a recommendation for a decent application, website, or telegraph service that takes a list of your inventory and recommends recipes. I'm unimaginative and uncreative, but I can follow orders and complete basic tasks so that makes me the cook of the household.
Please and Thanks.
how do i use the tea leaves to make tea? ive spent my whole life using tea bags so idk
Can't tell if trolling so I'll answer honestly.

You put the tea leaves inside an "infuser" which is like a ball or cage that keeps the leaves from ruining your drink. If you have a teapot, it's more like a little colander that goes in the top. Some have holes but those are a bitch to clean.

When you buy the leaves, you can ask the staff about how long it should be steeped, but sometimes it's on the package.

Try to buy a little bit of each kind of tea to see what you like. Black, white, rooibos, green, and fruit/herbal teas are all good choices. There's basically 8 billion types of herbal teas so make sure you get a decent variety. Have fun exploring!

File: 51WA7CANZXL.jpg (46 KB, 500x500)
46 KB
No other candy/dessert even comes close, except maybe mastic gum.
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File: 71Slmz9pGkL._SL1500_.jpg (87 KB, 1053x1500)
87 KB
This is the only good thing from turkey
when did this trash become legendary?
w2c good turkish delight in bongland
based and gazozpilled
I'd buy that shit in niggercattle-sized gallon jugs
>rose flavor
do roaches really?

File: stlaz.png (822 KB, 726x674)
822 KB
822 KB PNG
just found out raw meat and bacteria are good for you. why are we being lied to about cooking meat and eating veggies and carbs. all we need is a cow and its flesh and organs
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parasites are natural too
Bullshit, hominids were using fire to cook meats thousands of years before our species even existed.
if you want to die early perhaps. moderate meat consumption, no refined oil consumption and no refined sugar consumption is the easiest and one of the healthiest ways to eat
Watching this now. thx
something being 'natural' doesnt mean shit.
>appeal to nature fallacy
ricin is natural too, doesnt mean it wont kill you

Which country has the most pathetic cuisine and why is it Australia?
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Because post-colonial Australia is less than 500 years old and you won't accept anything it has adopted from older nations as legitimately Australian. It's sad what length old worlders will go to trying to feel relevant.
God hates Australia, land of the sodomite damned! The fag-infested land of Australia is burning. The fire of God's wrath is sending hundreds of those filthy Australian beasts straight to hell!
Abos have the metaphorical boot on their neck in Australia though
you can't make this shit up

File: 154038918209211.jpg (117 KB, 400x400)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
How coveted would spices be if the oceans suddenly become infested and humans have very limited quantity of meat? Would there be trading of people's different spice blends, dealing them like they were precious drugs? I'm talking about a world where our standard currency have no worth anymore.
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If everything tastes nasty, spices will be the new default currency right?
lol no
it will probably be a luxury item warlords use to trade slaves with or some shit. in the event of the annihilation of currency we will most likely go back to bartering.
If I have like 12 cases of water with no fresh water in the foreseeable future I'm not going to trade it for silver or some shit, I'm going to trade some for food.
File: 1602794404884.webm (511 KB, 500x281)
511 KB
Spices that can be grown in your area would probably become common over time if processing them isnt a complete pain in the ass since someone, somewhere, has some of it planted and will figure out its barter value.
The real deal, though, would be salt. Its value both for cooking and preserving meat without modern refrigiration technology is immense.

>if everything tastes nasty
But why would it?
I can grill chicken and steak, and the only seasoning I need if any is salt and pepper
In the past salt was used as a currency for peasants. The great wall of China was built using a salt tax.

File: IMG_0555.jpg (620 KB, 1440x1613)
620 KB
620 KB JPG
Why does America have such low quality meats?
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> you're acting like what the far right

Meant far left here
Because we allow big business, including the food industry, to partially control our government via legal bribery. They write the laws, essentially.
i went through and read the whole argument
you have to be 18 to post on 4chan
you're a fucking retard and you had to google what strawmanning was
have some fucking shame and lurk for a while before posting you absolute faggot
>Hold on, I literally never said or implied this
Fair enough, but your companions on ideology generally do feel this way.
>Everyone does including the right to make points about not being racist by using it to say conservatives supported emancipation
Again, fair enough. Some of the people I usually agree with do the same thing. It's why I won't hold you responsible for the retards that worship FDR.
>Yea, they're all trend chasers and you aren't intelligent for pointing that out, we all know it.
I almost mentioned this, so once again, fair enough. But one party, the Democrats, are far more brazen and rapid about it. They seem to rely on their supporters having the memory of a goldfish. The only thing progressive about them is how fast they progress to the newest, contradicting talking point.
The remainder of your post is delusional schizoid word salad that can safely be disregarded.
I keep hatching those retards and I don't want them

File: bag.jpg (28 KB, 603x612)
28 KB
This thread is for discussing tea, tisanes and other herbal infusions.


Previous thread:
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take them out
It's not the correct way to brew green tea, but considering what they put in teabags it probably doesn't make any difference
Too much EGCG will cause liver damage.
Probably a lot more EGCG than you could possibly get from drinking tea
Anyone have some recommendations for matcha?

Thoughts on this bullshit (and alcoholic spritzers in general)?
Tastes like shitty gin & botanicals mixed with club soda.
I don’t know who this is marketed towards.
Yeah I started seeing a lot more of these. I think maybe Indians like this kinda drink
It's marketed towards women. Women tend to calorie count more strictly than men so they tend not to want to drink a bunch of beer. Also women have low tolerance and can't handle hard alcohol.
Its a new corner of a multi-billion dollar market, you'll see more and more as time goes on and it ends up being cheaper to produce these kinds of products. Thr big thing is being able to produce pure alcohol base without needing a distillery license.
Many get some of the alcohol ABV from the added flavors as well.
Millennial women love this shit, mostly fat cat ladies who can't drink wine because they are perpetually on a keto diet.
It's marketed to dumb women. Can you not tell by the pink can, heart, and organic label?
>Probably not because you are a dumb woman.

File: döner kebab.jpg (164 KB, 1200x800)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
Does dönerkebab taste good? I've always wanted to taste one.
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Gyros,döner,shawarma, whatever variation of the spinning meat on a stick is great.
depends in what country you get it. greek, turkish, canadian, ukranian, mexican etc. are all completely different. ukrainian is probably my favourite but it tastes nothing like an actual kebab
File: 8b7bb89663_1000.jpg (83 KB, 1000x667)
83 KB
pic related is a typical ukrainian shwarma. looks like dog vomit but tastes amazing
In the mid-00s you could get really good döner in any city at several places in Germany. Nowaydays i got ripped off so many times (döner big but shit / döner OK but fucking small) that i dont bother with it anymore.

At least at mcdonalds i know what to expect
theyre delicious

File: secretstadiumsauce.jpg (43 KB, 325x594)
43 KB
Dont mind me. Just enjoying the best condiment in existence.
This reminds me of my childhood when my grandpa would take me to Brewers games in old County Stadium.

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