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All memes aside, why do they always have to ruin a great tasting sauce by making it unbearably hot? Pic related tastes really good, but the heat makes it impossible to enjoy.
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Have you ever tried not being a whiny little bitch?

File: 20210723_200606.jpg (1.75 MB, 1526x3225)
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Rate my dinner
steel reserve tastes like pennies
10/10 actually only comparable to salmon or steak.
10/10 very good anon

File: heaven hill.jpg (317 KB, 1207x666)
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Whisk(e)y thread
Discuss, ask questions, try not to sperg out at each other, sperg out anyway

I picked up these four bottles today, which should I open?
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File: carts.jpg (264 KB, 943x641)
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264 KB JPG
Wood glue is overwhelmingly a scotch note imo, or for bourbons aged too long, too far up in the rickhouse (15+ years)

Get into application security, every company I'm aware of right now is hiring.

Old pic, I've since moved but all of my liquor is with a friend currently until I have a place to put it. As far as chocolate in pikesville, I was same boat until I realized I had chronically blocked sinuses. Can you hold your nose shut, attempt to blow, and pop the pressure in your ears? If not, you might have clogged sinuses too--a lot of people do but don't realize it. I certainly didn't. Once I fixed it, I could smell all sorts of things I couldn't before.
I'm about to go get drinks with some friends and I usually just get a beer because I don't know what to order.
What's a good whiskey cocktail to get? Or should I just order it neat.... trying to not be autistic
whiskey sour, simple but delicious
i have a deviated septum(occassional infections), but I can pop my ears no problem. Rittenhouse was one of my first ryes and I kinda dont try to dissect it anymore, just enjoy the smooth sipping rye.

I'm going to get a older bottle for my birthday coming up, hows the Glenfarclas 25? I have a bit of the 12 left to compare. Does it taste considerably old? I heard the quality of the younger stuff(12 and lower) is poorer than their older core range and at the price its hard not consider. It would be the oldest I've had yet. One anon nearly sold me on just by the description a few threads ago as it reminded me perfectly of a childhood memory. Otherwise I'll be saving for a 2022 Glendronach 21.
broilermaker or irish car bomb

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Quiznos made Subway shit its pants for a few years. It’s why the $5 Footlong existed and why every Subway has an oven now. Those ovens are pretty fucking expensive, and one of Subway’s biggest reasons for success was how inexpensive opening a franchise was. If Quiznos didn’t shoot itself in the foot by fucking over investors and franchisees, there was a very real chance Subway would have lost dominance.
i think your uncle's just a pants shitter bro
Wtf. I was just watching a compilation of early 2000’s commercials and that Quiznos one was in it and stood out the most because it was bizarre and I didn’t remember it and then an hour later I see this
>I was just watching a compilation of early 2000’s commercials
Why though

File: mussels-tomato-garlic.jpg (129 KB, 1024x512)
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I have some slightly freezer burned deboned muscles. How do I cook them?
what more English will help me discern whether someone asking me to demonstrate my chidhood trauma on a doll is being facetious or not?
You're beyond help.
I doubt that
>oh boy a mussel thread, I fucking love mussels--

I use to hate the taste of certain foods as a kid like mushrooms, Mayo, mustard, pickles, fish, and more. Now I love the taste. It’s interesting how your flavor pallet can change over time. What are some foods that you use to hate as a kid but you now love as an adult?

File: smartinthekitchen.jpg (561 KB, 2048x1365)
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561 KB JPG
What's your favorite chimichurri recipe? Looking to smoke some meat this weekend and want a good accompaniment.

File: anzu-futaba-64983.jpg (26 KB, 300x420)
26 KB
buttercream frosting > cream cheese frosting
Meringue frosting > regular buttercream
File: 1554177922384.jpg (126 KB, 500x500)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
my bf's cum > any frosting
whipped cream > buttercream

File: SUPERSIZE ME.jpg (526 KB, 1539x2187)
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526 KB JPG
you can seethe, but you can't refute him
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if it's that obvious, explain this
they know it makes them fat
they don't care

Imagine they made a movie and they're like
>yeah heroin makes you feel great, but did you know it's actually NOT GOOD FOR YOU???
>To prove it I'm going to shoot heroin every day for a month.
they dont have it super-sized every meal though
*pukes after a value*
*gets depressed after eating McDonald's for a week*
*becomes infertile*

Wtf is wrong with normies?
File: trainspotting.jpg (57 KB, 1000x625)
57 KB
Choose life

File: images.jpg (5 KB, 225x224)
5 KB
Are the rumors true?
which ones

fucking trannies?
aids from fucking trannies?
The bodies?

File: Screenshot (262).png (571 KB, 892x520)
571 KB
571 KB PNG
We got to cocky babish bros...
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and I thank Mr. Brosnan every day for that
I'd fuck both
? many other languages use a plural you it's english that's backwards...it's almost like words and their usage can evolve over time or something
how is pronouncing something correctly make you butthurt? alliterations are annoying though still, something's wrong with you
Dilating With Troonish

File: file.png (1.18 MB, 750x738)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
What's your go-to here?
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I never liked subway because no matter which one I visit their sub normally has either far less meat, too many vegetables, some of which look spoiled, or stale bread. Having all of the above isn't farfetched either.
yo Just ask the wagie to put some of the meatball sauce on the regular chicken breast.
File: 035.jpg (438 KB, 788x4143)
438 KB
438 KB JPG
best bang for your buck is probably meatballs. ask for a load of veggies. keep asking for more veggies even when they start to look annoyed and it's not gonna fit. also ask a cup of extra sauce
Seafood Sensation on honey oat bread, cheddar cheese, toasted, all salads, blue cheese dressing, pepper, no salt. BOOM.

File: sasuage.jpg (65 KB, 950x535)
65 KB
what do you call this
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Think of that yourself.....or did you need help?
Pigs in a blanket motherfucker, with a bit of American cheese inside and dipped in Heinz ketchup.
snugly piggie smoke in dough-y
Inside-out pig-shitters in puff pastry.
File: download.jpg (11 KB, 225x225)
11 KB
my family always called them doggy dicks. idk why or where that came from and google doesnt show anything.

File: deliciousgaycake2.jpg (1.53 MB, 1492x1406)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB JPG
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Find a good bakery that actually specializes in wedding cakes.

The cake at my wedding was fantastic. The food was great too. These are some of the most important things to get right at a wedding. In addition to shitty cakes, most have shitty food too. Don't do a buffet, especially not one catered by someone offsite (they'll run out of the good stuff before all the tables are served). Also do something edible for your favor. No one wants a glass with your names and the date on it except you. They may bring it home, but then it's going in the garbage and everyone has wasted money.
File: what you really are.gif (627 KB, 477x348)
627 KB
627 KB GIF
>tasting good period
It's kind of a reddit millenial meme thing to do, but we went with a food truck for catering. Rotated pretty quickly through 75 guests, everybody got hot food "to-order" (they chose between like three entrees and three sides), and it kept people outside where there was more room to spread out.
>do something edible for your favor
I'd argue that tools- like a bottle opener, a mini maglite, shit like that, have their place. I've got a "Katie and Mark '15" bottle opener in my drawer I still use and Katie walked out on Mark two years ago.
Yes. You just have to keep the bride from picking a cake based on how it looks.

Go with sheet cakes with butter cream or cream cheese frosting. Stacked on a structures. Then the very top can be the fancy fondant sculpted piece. Which the newlyweds will save in their freezer for the 1st anniversary.
Or not be a coward and have two grooms.

Why is pesto only made with Basil?
>take fresh herb
>Any nut
>Onion/garlic/lemon/ginger (whatever fits)
It's delicious. Every time, doesn't matter what herb you use.
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i make dill pesto with cashew every now and then, works really well with fish
How come tomato sauce is always made with tomatoes ?
I find only Italian pesto in the marked.
Sorry not looking to be a femboy
File: 1.png (47 KB, 194x260)
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