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File: dragon warrior II 56.png (4 KB, 256x224)
4 KB
incoming smartass king telling me I had no excuse for this to happen even though he's not the one out here being hacked up by multiple overpowered enemies
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I have love/hate relationships with games that make me think. What do you mean I can't just hold down attack? You fuck, you're making me actually use my brain, that shit's smooth as hell now.
it's not even bad
you are supposed to get lost for a bit after getting the ship and explore different places little by little, leveling up quite a bit in the process, progress is bottlenecked by an item that you find in a place you are rarely going to get early on, requiring some clues you get from other towns to find it. i imagine its only a problem if you use a guide to skip all the exploring and end up underleveled
cave of rhone its kinda bs but that's more due to that room with the pitfalls rather than powerful enemies
then the final boss can not let you win if he wills it that way but the final checkpoint is EXTREMELY forgiving and it shouln't take more than 10 minutes to get to him again (also sub-bosses stay dead if you dont reset iirc)
File: Untitled.png (168 KB, 1154x851)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
Not the same game but instead of making a new thread I'll just ask here. How the hell do I deal with these fucking faggots
>immune to everything
>sap your MP
>can resurrect their buddies

Is there any trick other than grinding to the point where my hero can wipe them out with a whip? They aren't killing my party obviously, just making it annoying as fuck to grind because I have to go to an inn and recharge my MP every few battles. Game is DQIII SNES remake
Really? Played DQ1 and am playing DQ3 right now. Skipped 2. The thing I love about them is that you CAN do that if you want. The game makes it really easy to grind for 20-30 minutes, save, put the game down and do something else, rinse and repeat until you are strong enough to spam attack to win. The places you really have to think are the boss battles obviously, but the random encounters can be blown through once you get an idea of what enemies are immune to what. I'm about 3/4ths of the way through the game so maybe that changes in the endgame but so far this game has been pretty easy and it has a ton of quality of life features that you wouldn't see until games made after 2010. I haven't played a JRPG that's this accommodating before.
I haven't gotten around to 3 yet, but running away should be a viable answer, no?
I assume the rewards aren't worth dealing with the MP saps.

File: OIP[1].jpg (12 KB, 474x237)
12 KB
ITT: 128bit consoles.
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It's kind of a bad point made without an understanding that the PS2 was the overcomplicated hardware of its gen; it had 2 VPUs running parallel to CPU instead of a GPU that together amounted to slightly less overall power than an XBox. Nearly anyone porting normal single threaded code (ie code from literally everything else including PCs at the time) generally kept it that way instead of properly using the VPU setup, so you end up with ports that either looked or performed like ass compared to consoles weaker than it (like the comparatively simpler Gamecube), coexisting alongside exclusives and PS2-first games that looked substantially better.

So using "so and so game from elsewhere ran like shit on the PS2" to say it's an incapable console for games of the era is misguided; if they had been made properly for it, they could have run fine, doing so was just out of scope and budget to publishers pushing mass-multiplatforming of titles. PS2 was San Andreas's native platform (featuring effects that were actually cut for the port), so the idea that contemporary games with fewer demands than that are too big for the system just isn't true.
>imagine playing this with the keyboard and mouse on a vga crt
>I think it would run
If you gave it to SCEA, at 5fps give or take
>slightly less overall power than an XBox.
The Xbox is like an entire generation ahead comparatively. The PS2 simply cannot do something like Doom 3 with its limited RAM, CPU and GPU.
>contemporary games with fewer demands
Does not describe Doom 3.
God bless em

What were the first video games to feature "idling"? Whether it be a change in music/ambient noises, idle animations, special dialogue, etc.
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Apparently there is a game called Android Nim from 1978 that has an idle animation. Both Sonic the Hedgehog and Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse both came out in 1991 but Mickey Mouse came out 3 months before.
Boulder Dash from 1984 had a foot tapping animation.
Jimmy Whites Whirlwind Snooker was the first one to scare the crap out of me, totally unexpected. skip to 1:38
In Pitfall, one of the protag's idle animations is levitating in the lotus position.

File: Rmx5_006.png (127 KB, 594x840)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
Can you hear me, /vr/?
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I imagine so. Andrew looked young but Ciel made him old, because his wife was feeling too self-conscious about her age because he wasn't aging, so I imagine the first Humanoid Reploids were converted from pre-existing reploids and the humans living then and there.
From one of the test rooms, I couldn't find a debug camera of the actual cutscene or good rips of the model in the final game.

File: alia.jpg (1.53 MB, 3677x7962)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB JPG
have boobage chips instead
I am an enlightened man that likes both booty and booby. Thank you friend

File: ditheronoff.jpg (473 KB, 2006x768)
473 KB
473 KB JPG
Do you like PS1 dithering?
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File: SH.png (1.37 MB, 2239x1440)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
Yes but I wish duckstation had better dither scaling.
If you scale to resolution the pattern breaks and becomes super small. Something like half native monitor res would be neat.

It's only acceptable in games like Silent Hill because the color banding would be too noticeable otherwise.
>calling sovl a problem
I dont care, i don’t even know what dithering is.
File: King chad.png (884 KB, 800x1200)
884 KB
884 KB PNG

File: 416R+lJLPGL._AC_.jpg (20 KB, 449x393)
20 KB
Sup. Looking for recommendations for a hand held emulator with the classic GBC form factor that has built-in RTC (Real Time Clock) support.

The Miyoo mini is nearly perfect in size and shape but lacks the RTC and I don't want to bother with work arounds that barely do anything like high-noon etc.

Can you guys suggest anything?
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Yeah, I have those, I just like the size and form factor of the old Gameboys.
>.000000000000000005 BTC has been deposited into your account
why not just patch the time changing menu back in (so you dont need to do a series of autistic inputs everytime), and just set it when u load it up? the rtc doesnt run once you are in the game, only when it is off (well it runs, but the game doesnt use it)
Berries don't grow that way
Any of the Android based handhelds would do the trick. Some of the Anbernic ones can do Android and also the Retroids. Might a bit bigger than you're looking for though.

Shit in /vr/ games that just never was explained
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you can fight him
you talking about the same game that had the lead character shot point blank in the face with a murder beam by an evil alien parasite?
why the fuck did they ask me if it was my real name?
File: wtfmilk.png (41 KB, 512x480)
41 KB
never understood this,

What was the best Jurassic Park game?
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Primal Rage
Absolutely fucking not.
Stranger things have happened, I mean.. we got that Sonic 3D DX hack by the original developer.
but yeah, I'd love to see someone attempt this, the first JP game is a great game but the slowdowns can hinder the experience quite a bit.
I tried playing JPOG over a decade ago but by then it was basically incompatible with modern PCs despite only being a few years old. Is it easier now to get it running?
people don't know this one enough, one of the best games of the console imo

How expensive is retro gaming compared to other hobbies?
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You'd seriously spend 4k on a cart and not bother to buy a console and controller ??
porn is free, so infinitely more expensive compared to other things you could be doing
You can choose your level of investment. Emulators are basically free, coomlecting isn't.
the material and mass between the points the strings are connected to make an audible difference to the vibration
the entry level guitar or intermediate is really all you 'need'. though.
File: 1358158564290.jpg (13 KB, 387x309)
13 KB
It's definitely not a poorfag-friendly hobby like it used to be.
I loved collecting games and kinda miss that but I came back in late and it's really hard to justify current prices when I remember how much this shit was years ago. I pretty much quit when I noticed how much PS2 and even some PS3 & 360 games were going for now.
I ended up saving for a really good gaymin PC and monitor upgrade, I just emulate everything and while not always perfect, it works for me. Closest I come to collecting retro anymore are old controllers and joysticks, it's really fun and I can get more use out of them with adapters for emulation.
Collecting retro games isn't fun anymore, too many fakes floating around and prices got even higher. I just use my spare cash to commission fetish porn these days, it's also an expensive hobby but it's easier to justify than spending 200-400 bones on a single SNES game that I can play in Higan for fucking free.
>Captcha- POSTY

File: psone-console-1536x1152.jpg (305 KB, 1536x1152)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
Why do we hate the PSone? I thought it was cute :3 and mighty compact?

For comparison the PS2 slim never got the same hate
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File: 1652330938566.jpg (7 KB, 240x240)
7 KB
I'd trade one of my OG PS1s with all the outputs for one of these. Who am I kidding no I wouldn't lol.
its spelled KENO dumbass
and thats a rhythm game not a gambling sim
>Why do we hate the PSone?
Because """We""" is a faggot zoom zoom thirsty for (You)s

So what's the best scaler to get nowadays? Last time I looked at the market, there was the Framemeister, the OSSC, or various vintage linedoublers.
I have the OSSC currently, but it's not fully compatible with my plasma tv, anything above line2X will either be off center or flat out not work.
I'm looking for something that takes RGB Scart (composite/s-video input would be a bonus, my C64 can't do RGB), and outputs fully in spec 1080p signal even if that means full processing of the signal.
It would be also nice if it could do decent deinterlacing, the OSSC looks like ass with hi-res Saturn games.

picture unrelated.
Hey! That's my pic!

I CANNOT find a fucking component CRT in Brisbane for under $100. The two I found were both wanting 250 for a massive Trinitron
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File: cool story paul hogan.png (304 KB, 736x491)
304 KB
304 KB PNG
be half puerto rican, it works for me
In monkey land (brazil), good CRTs have become so scarce, you cannot find a decent one for less than $150. People are definitely NOT giving them away.
They look the same.
File: 1616755427184.gif (7 KB, 250x237)
7 KB
>rural aussie
all leftover sets are dogshit and it's impossible to get any good sets out here without paying $200 for shipping

File: GTA3boxcover.jpg (78 KB, 280x362)
78 KB
>blue banshee
>omni trio - first contact
314 replies and 57 images omitted. Click here to view.
Problem is the overhead view completely removes the player from the biggest point of the game - the dense 3D world.
That's very true.
File: IMG_4297.jpg (154 KB, 1280x720)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
>GTA 2 was sort of like a shmup
If a modern indie dev were to make GTA-but-also-a-shmup I would give them many moneys.
File: ijustwanttodie.png (174 KB, 500x492)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
I really hope the RE3 devs are still working on the game behind the scenes. I'm always afraid T2 probably contacted them personally and either really scared or paid them off to stop and not go public about the outcome.

File: 1632880442070.jpg (15 KB, 400x240)
15 KB
>Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time, universally considered the greatest games ever made and more fondly remembered than anything on PS1
>Star Fox 64 and Sin & Punishment, the two best 3D rail-shooters that are vastly superior to the shitty and repetitive muh cinematic movie game Panzer Dragoon
>One of its only JRPGs, Paper Mario, has more engaging gameplay and deeper customization mechanics than any on PS1, completely mogging it at the only genre it has
>The best console roguelike, Shiren 2. A proper roguelike too, unlike the braindead babby-tier Baroque which is loved by people who never played it
>So much multiplayer kino that sad lonely JRPG virgins will never understand: Mario Kart, Mario Party, Smash Bros., Pokemon Stadium minigames, the list goes on
>The most graphically impressive game of the generation, Conker's Bad Fur Day
>Two Castlevania games that are better than Symphony of the Shite, the worst game ever that kill Castlekino for decades
>A completely new Doom game and the best console versions of Quake and Duke Nukem
>A ton of unique and creative games like Majora's Mask, Pokemon Snap, Animal Crossing, Doshin the Giant, Hybrid Heaven
>Puzzle games like Dr. Mario 64, Wetrix, Tetrisphere that don't get any attention on /vr/ for not pandering to pedophiles like Puyo and Money Puzzle Exchanger
N64 is by far the best console of the fifth gen and it's not even funny. Preferring the PS1 is honestly a mental illness at this point.
91 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
dude, I hate the n64, why are you sperging out on me.
but I would put the dc in top 1, because of the amount of good games, 60fps and vga
File: adventure games3.jpg (3.06 MB, 3000x2821)
3.06 MB
3.06 MB JPG
So what are the PS1 games seriously worth playing today? I don't hate the console btw, I only remember reading about Panzer Dragoon on a thread some time ago.

I agree about Melee being a clear improvement but the N64 Smash is still fun to play and I very much prefer it over Brawl/Wii U/Ultimate.

No one really cares about the FVII remake, the future is now old man. They should have striked when the Iron was hot and that was in the following years of the E3 2005 tech demo.
File: IMG_20220521_161240.jpg (2.48 MB, 1440x6201)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB JPG
panzer dragoon is a saturn game.
Is putting the controller down to watch cutscenes and dialogue or hold the analog stick forward to travel from A to B really what an adventure is like?
>So what are the PS1 games seriously worth playing today?

Off the top of my head:

>Spyro 1 (better than the remake)
>Abe's Oddysee and Exodus (better than the remake)
>Metal Gear Solid
>Silent Hill
>Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

I was a poorfag and I didn't give a shit about JRPGs so there's probably a lot more.

File: Jeff Minter.jpg (74 KB, 1280x720)
74 KB
>Gameplay autist
>Acid casualty
>Animal enjoyer
>Never sold out
>copyright infringer
fookin' legend, simple as.
post your favourite games from this smelly bastard
18 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
yeah it does, typical Minter madness
Have a few comments on this but will have to post later. The baby just made another """game""" and it's my turn to change the diaper.
Hardcore on the Atari ST is mental, pity he never finished it
Space Giraffe
Tempest 2/4000

The original Gridrunner on the Vic-20 was one of the first videogames I can remember playing.
this gives me hope, will Jeff return to the C64 to code another game?

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