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File: constructor5.png.jpg (373 KB, 640x480)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
I bought Constructor for nostalgic reasons recently and uninstalled it after two days. Even through my nostalgia goggles I sorta remembered it as being more of a novelty than actually good gameplay. Plus I sucked major ass at this game, and still do now: only barely got to level 3 tenants before either failing or giving up.

The controls are highly unintuitive, there's zero AI (as in, workers will ignore a fight going on near them and there is not even a setting to change this behavior), the damage model is ridiculous (you can have 10-20 guys gang up on 1 enemy and still take a long time beating him down and maybe lose 1 or 2 guys before they do so).

I know I'm not supposed to play this like an RTS where I just send an army to take down my opponent, but the way they seem to have made that unfeasible ist just plain not fun.
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Defs worth a play on a rainy afternoon. Probably need DxWnd to play it though
File: 1575108644013.jpg (44 KB, 625x415)
44 KB
>Starting in Holland — where soccer-fan violence is a more serious domestic issue than in any other European country — you direct a gang of thugs wanting to get to the match. Moving through the isometric (and admittedly well-detailed) cityscape, you loot stores for cash, guard piles of bricks to use as missiles, chant boorish songs to attract NPC “supporters,” and then throw down against the opposing side’s mob.
Yeah I thought it was England that had the biggest issues with hooligans, not the Netherlands.
I still find Theme Hospital the most satisfying management RTS around
I have fond memories of playing that over network. How's the remake?

File: bugs.png (2.02 MB, 1237x928)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB PNG
If you play the Bug's Life demo found in the Toys R Us - Interactive CD Sampler Disc and press pause while looking through the telescope there are broken sprites on the screen. This happens in every emulator I've tried and even in the burned version I tried on my real PS1. I wonder why.
thank you for bringing this pressing issue to light - i’ll contact the dev team right away.
See that they fire the imbecile responsible.
File: atta_0024.jpg (9 KB, 191x264)
9 KB
Anyone else wanted to fuck Atta?
IIRC this game had more computer bugs than actual bugs, so that not really unexpected

File: cherstmas.png (64 KB, 320x240)
64 KB
And received every unicorn beta
How would you get them online?
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I'd use a VPN to upload them to archive.org
Just use megaupload lol
Just use an incognito tab on Chrome, duh
>How would you get them online?
that would be illegal.
It's too late to play the moral card here, you already hacked nintendo which is also illegal.

File: rcD1hAe.jpg (3.89 MB, 2988x2200)
3.89 MB
3.89 MB JPG
I have a few shitty CRT's that I want to upgrade. How do i know which ones are better for gaming?
What should I look for?
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Test them out and see which one you like? There’s no right answer to this question it’s all personal taste.
>What should I look for?
/crt/ in the catalog, newbie
Educate your self. Then use your knowledge to determine which ones are better.
Imagine collecting junk
Imagine being a bitter little guy

File: microsurgeon.png (3 KB, 588x338)
3 KB
Are video games art?
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This nigga think movies and arts aren't interactive.
If you turn off your brain when you watch a movie, it's on you.
File: WHY.jpg (9 KB, 226x232)
9 KB
>Is pizza a food?
Is it enjoyable?
pineapple or anchovie pizza is not.
Well it doesn't matter anyway because Pizza is considered a food, along with all his many variations (yes even those who aren't enjoyable by any margin), from the clusterfuck of ingredients that it is made of, it is a food.
So by that Logic, video game are a form of art because it's a clusterfuck of Drawings, Music and sometimes they might even be the fucking brushes to do art (Level editors and modding) so yeah Video games are obviously art
good post anon, its also why i was against using the word art for a while, because it means so many god damn things to people that i rather dont have anything to do with them.
says the guys posting TMNT

File: img.jpg (43 KB, 646x484)
43 KB
I'm interested to see what games you have positive feelings for that you hated playing.

Pic related because you spend more time doing shitty/frustrating/boring bosses instead of the cool stealth. The stealth and the avant-garde storytelling through gameplay are really epic and then it's infuriating when you get thrown into another damn boss battle where you have to use the shitty weapons or the boring cqc.
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The codec sequences are comfy and I enjoy smart people talking smart stuff. If you want non-stop action play Doom or something.
Never got the hype behind this one, gameplay wise is late 80s generic as fuck.
I think it's mainly that the setting is really good, the themes are pretty resonant, and the localization is good.
What's that N64 game?
Densha de Go 2

File: HENRY SHITPOST.png (61 KB, 1015x923)
61 KB
>want to emulate Silent Hill
>haven't emulated PS1 in a long time
>look up best emulator in 2020; it's mednafen apparently
>download BIOS etc.
>run emulator
>ERROR: no command line argument specified
>what the fuck
>don't want to open fucking command prompt and cd to the folder
>the other option is to fucking drag the iso onto the emulator like a neanderthal
>ERROR: file too large, maximum size allowed is 67108864 bytes
>64 fucking mb
>read it's because it recognizes .bin files as Mega Drive games or something
>change it to .cue
>Error opening CD: Uknown directive ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ
Holy shit why do these guys make their emulators so hard to use on purpose? 10 years ago you could just download an emulator and run a game with some tweaks to plugins and speedhacks, has having a simple functional UI fallen out of fashion?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>i'm retarded
>it's everyone else's fault
every time
sorry computer isn't as easy as microwave
Someone wrote "awesome port of a PSX classic" in steam lmao
Some people have zero capacity for being critical to anything at all.
You should lurk more.
You should zoom less

File: carmelo.png (118 KB, 750x650)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
My mom always told me I was kewl
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The starting kid is the one that uses snowballs and dodgeballs, and new weapons are used by the other kids. I thought there was a set order but watching playthroughs I'm not entirely sure.

Like here
Starting as Stan (3 in the portrait order), Cartman (1) uses the plunger gun and dart gun when it's picked up.

but in this one, starting as Cartman (1), Kenny (4) uses the plungers and darts.

In both these playthroughs Kenny is the kid that's picked up first, so that's not it.
I remember I played the game with other characters but iirc it didn't matter who you played as, the weapon order would be like that (except when you're alone or missing some weapons).
That being said I didn't play the N64 Version, I played the PC and PS1 versions of the game.
I'd always bring my PS1 and N64 over to my relatives' place, but they'd never let me play this game. My grandparents would let me watch the show and I'm pretty sure my grandma was the one who bought the game for me. I was like 10 at the oldest.
File: tenor.gif (490 KB, 350x268)
490 KB
490 KB GIF
Post your Top 5
>Make Love, Not Warcraft
>Super Fun Time
>The Black Friday Trilogy
Wrong board retard

Post kino /vr/ artwork
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File: 61ZXKMDODYL._SY445_.jpg (44 KB, 311x445)
44 KB
Susumu Matsushita rules, but why did he kept changing the design of Master Takahashi's girlfriend (Tina was it? Or is it Jungle Jina?) on every cover?
File: OIP.jpg (78 KB, 474x683)
78 KB
I understand that, huefag. I had the genesis version, then the sequel. Took me years to figure out they had Dong and the Smog Monster in the original version.
That is a debatable claim.
File: amber moon.png (1.5 MB, 800x923)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
File: albion.jpg (78 KB, 499x639)
78 KB
Loved this one...and its spiritual successor even more.

File: xband.jpg (5 KB, 236x213)
5 KB
Found one of these in a box of gifted stuff. I remember having this as a child and it being my first email. It was awesome when you could find players to play and the music was pretty catchy. A buddy of mine says that the home brew community is or has got it up and running again. So far I haven't found anything besides old forum posts from years ago. Does this thing work anymore or is it just a trip down memory lane?
You had the Sega Channel then you fucking son of a bitch? You rotten motherfucker you?
Seems like all the revival projects have been dead for a few years
Your "buddy" lied to you again
>Your "buddy" lied to you again
Yes and no. There was a revival project, and it made some decent progress.


No gameplay, but considering this is being reverse-engineered by some dudes in their free time, it's some nice work.

File: Wiz.jpg (223 KB, 1280x720)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
Hello people
I decided to finally try and play First Person RPGs on the lines of Wizardry and such, due to me realizing I have the Might and Magic series, Wizardy 6+7, and most of the old DnD games on my GoG (and Steam) library.
I'd like to start a discussion with you fellows regarding this genre I have long time ignored, maybe hoping for insight, tips, and other games suggestions.
File: patches.png (36 KB, 952x463)
36 KB
Make sure you patch wiz6 with the cosmic forge editor.
Speaking of, should I try the earlier Wizardry titles?
I've heard the first two are "better" played as the Gamboy or Mac versions
play the Saturn or PS1 ports of the first ones
>should I try the earlier Wizardry titles?
Yes, I actually like the older Wiz's more than the 6-7-8 trilogy
Might and Magic is a different style of blobber but tons of fun

pls leak neverhood source code
Here it is.
I've never seen this before.
Is it basically Armikrog?
armikrog is to neverhood as mighty no 9 is to mega man
Armikrog is the scorned sequel to Neverhood. It was easy enough to get Neverhood running in Win 7 64 by editing the reg file hack.
Yeah but even then the palette is all screwed up unless you set the screen color to 16 bit

File: 6pbiyq9jkul31.jpg (442 KB, 2000x2000)
442 KB
442 KB JPG
Which retro console do you hope will receive a mini classic release?
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Epitome of trashy. Fuck off with this septic waste.
and most importantly
Fuck that.

I want a 7800 mini with a cart slot because I can't use a 7800 on my TV, the power supply is hard to find and there aren't many great emulators for the system.
Saturn-on-a-chip please.

File: yoshi%27s+banner.png (1.2 MB, 1600x900)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
Yoshi's Island is peak comfiness
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File: sincity.png (56 KB, 2048x1575)
56 KB
i would have to disagree
There's nothing comfy about that game. It sucks hardcore dick.
fuck that just make a sequel with that exact art style I would buy a Nintendo to play it
SNES elevated to art with that game
I found that game highly stressing to play for some reason

File: dios.png (312 KB, 751x508)
312 KB
312 KB PNG
Comfy and relaxing 16bit fm songs. PC88 counts too, although it has a few less channels and is 8bit.
Maybe you should post something first.




My bad, I was busy so I couldn't check, but I accidentally left out a song. This is what I meant to post: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcX-s_4gx3o&list=PLzFTGYa_evXhrScG-OMI_g7qBg5udw-6N&index=11

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