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File: bonk.jpg (84 KB, 200x240)
84 KB
>Nintendo has charismatic Mario
>Sega has cool Sonic
>We have... BONK
I mean what were they expecting
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>Opa Opa
SEGA had such a great mascot and they dumped him for some faggot and a furry
Just because he got another game in 1993 doesn't mean he was still thought of as the face of the system at that time.
They had Johnny Turbo.
He looks like Krillin
>We want the Tommy Pickles audience

File: 1610291661920.jpg (56 KB, 500x521)
56 KB
I couldn't find a 1CC thread in the catalog, so here it is. 1CC stands for one credit clear, usually being used to describe arcades, so completing a video game without using a single continue, though its meaning can vary depending on what you're playing, for example when regarding consoles, the concept of credits isn't really identical to how it is in arcades, so many consider a console 1CC to be a completion without losing a single life, instead of simply not using continues, though opinions may differ, and some still consider a console 1CC to also be a matter of simply not using continues at all instead.

>What 1CC are you currently working on?
>What's the latest 1CC you've managed to get?
>Which 1CC of yours are you most proud of getting?
>How do you perceive console 1CCs to differ from arcade?

I struggle a little with 1CCs, as I do love the idea, that of mastering whatever you're playing completely, which is what it takes to even stand a chance, but it can definitely be a shame to be on a good run only for it to go to waste near the end. I personally consider a console 1CC to be a perfect run, not losing a single life, unless we're talking about arcades, which is where this idea originated from, and with that in mind my proudest 1CC is probably Sonic the Hedgehog, the original SEGA Mega Drive classic, I grew up with it, so getting a 1CC, and with 100% completion too, was both fun and special to me.
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No female would ever fuck somebody who 1CCs either
>literally anyone can 1CC a Shmup
Not even remotely true
Currently working on Turtles in time Snes on hard.
The turtlesaurus boss fucks me up, he was an easy one on normal, on hard instead he is a rape machine.
post clears
anyone with the right amount of autism and self-hate can get high scores too

File: 81XYMRdLO5L.jpg (316 KB, 2468x2162)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
Any of you use these large aftermarket PS2 memory cards? Do they have issues like save corruption or are they fine to use? Would be cool to have all the saves in one place without having to FTP them constantly
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Mine always erased my saves after a while.
I've had one of these for close to ten years now and it's still working. Although I've never tried to fill
it up all the way. I do back up my saves to a USB every couple of years though. You never can be too careful
Some games like MGS 3 will not reliably work with any card above 8mb. It's not really worth the hassle of even 'officially licenced' larger memory cards when the 8mbs are so easy to find.
Don't fuck around with memory cards. Official ones are still cheap and worth using over chink shit that WILL fail.
File: 1604546861887.jpg (24 KB, 286x361)
24 KB
If you buy used games or consoles you wouldn't have any need for these since you'd just naturally accrue memory cards without paying anything. I got 6 8mb ones and have plenty storage, though it's cumbersome to
keep track of what's on them

File: 77877778.jpg (210 KB, 800x1116)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
I've been playing games on the new playstation 2 and it's a pretty complex system. Action games like devil may cry make you get all technical with it, unlimited saga had me pissing and shitting and thinking a whole bunch, stuff like that. I don't really know if the playstation 2 has a more casual and simple side. If anyone has recommendations for relaxing or just simple ps2 games that would be neat.
neo contra
and shattered soldier
File: KatamariDamacybox.jpg (40 KB, 263x382)
40 KB
I would recommend these and a couple bullet hell shmups but anon said relaxing and i can't think of any
besides the obvious
I heard this game was originally going to tie into Final Fantasy Unlimited since Kawazu was a producer for that show too

I think it's better than the Final Fight console games
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Oh you mean SoR2, the arcade is just a port of the console game with limited lives and fixed difficulty, just play the MD one.
>Oh you mean SoR2


>the arcade is just a port of the console game with limited lives and fixed difficulty, just play the MD one

Thanks, anon. I'll do that.
SoR2 has special move inputs
Skate is so annoying
>Final Fight console games
Best FF was the 2P arcade one; the rest were all significant downgraded.

Do you have the Golden Cartridge of Ocarina of Time Right?
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File: 1648517858778.jpg (26 KB, 680x447)
26 KB
Nope, but my grandfather did have the gold Zelda 1 cart, which is how I played as a kid
>Live in Australia.
>All OoT cartridges are gold.
Didn't really make up for getting everything later than the United States, but it was a nice gesture.
I have a Rose Gold one
I have absolutely no idea where my N64 and most of my games, including gold cart OoT and MM, are unfortunately. Only games I can find are Rogue Squad and Banjo.

>A klansman with a swastika
How did Nintendo allow this?
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Based. Playing now
klansmen aren't the only people who wear capirote hats retarded yankee. And swastikas have a completely different meaning in the east.
>NES game
>Text box clearly has moon runes
I’m not just being a sperg here, Nintendo of Japan and Nintendo of America had vastly different “content guidelines”, as we would call them today.
What's that one game where the Israelis attack the USS Liberty to start a war in the middle east? I can never remember the name
All of those are swastika, anon.

British Gaming Excellence
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They made more enjoyable platformers than yoshis Island.
Great music, games range from okay to horrible.
This. I remember all the local game mags bullying them for it. "Oh wow here comes a new movie game from Ocean. You don't really need to read this review to know what it's going to be like".
I mostly remember Ocean games a being movie tie-in multi-loader hell games
Britshart movie license jank made by bedroom coders

File: cd-i.jpg (6 KB, 301x167)
6 KB
Is interesting how many exclusives this system has.
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Is there a good emulator yet, or do you still have to wrestle with Mame for subpar results?
Is this the only way you've found to interact with people?
He's bitter and lonely, yet still hasn't realized that this is why. Only his Sega Saturn understands his pain
It's my understanding that this thing is pretty much just for playing movies. And it has this system where it basically does proto dvd menu technology for "interactive" features. Like point and click education software. And somehow, somewhere, some people in the company really overestimated the DVD menu tech and commissioned some really unsuitable games to be made for it. Is that right?
Play WoG/FoE Remastered

File: download (6).jfif.jpg (15 KB, 300x168)
15 KB
What was the general reception of this game when it came out? It always came across a shallow style over substance thing to me. Any anons that were around during that time care to give their thoughts?
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File: ninjagaiden koei.jpg (421 KB, 1200x1200)
421 KB
421 KB JPG
It was kinda fun, having weapons and animals as a bit novel at the time. But I'd always rather spend my last few tokens at darkstalkers. There was a lot of competition with the MK games, Street fighter and the more linear arcade beat em ups.
File: 5rt59l9.gif (784 KB, 500x583)
784 KB
784 KB GIF
This 100%
I lived in that time and thought Neo Geo was rad, however in the US it was like the 3rd option. Tekken and MvC wasn't big yet.


I don't even like it, feels like there are far less fluidity to the fighting. Also a good lack of moves which bores me. However, just like KoF it looks beautiful.
What fluidity? It's samurai sword fighting. You're not supposed to be mixing combos. You're supposed to get in there and get good clean power shots. It's not meant to be played like SF. It's meant to be more like Bushido Blade.
Yeah I was talking about mixing combos. I really enjoyed doing that in other games. Last Blade too was a bit of a let down because of this.
I've heard that for a few months at the height of SF2 craze it was more popular in japan when Samurai Spirits II came out, but who knows.
For me personally a pizza spot had an MVS in it and SamSho2, which I spent hours on as a kid. To this day it's my favorite arcade game.

File: 1586698652431.jpg (29 KB, 500x351)
29 KB
How did such bad character design fly in FF games?
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File: gs you get used to it.jpg (43 KB, 459x530)
43 KB
>No idea how straight men stomach this
Baten Kaitos 2.
For future reference: crop the image to one page only, else google reverse image search is useless.
it's also what makes him repellent to anyone who isn't a perpetually chuuni autist
I'm a raging faggot and I don't understand how raging faggots can stomach it either. The appeal is endemic to sweaty hambeast fujos, I'm certain of it.
When I was a teenager I thought it was the coolest shit ever.
I still like a lot of his designs, but I also recognize how goofy they can be at times.

This was literally the reason given for Vaan's inclusion in FFXII, Balthier was originally the MC iirc. But they added Vaan because of girls, and so younger guys would self-insert.

File: yoshi-s-safari.png (19 KB, 256x224)
19 KB
Remember that one time Bowser went full Mobile suit?
pretty smart idea, would be smarter as a giant though since it would nullify his egg to nose weakness, but who's gonna make a giant suit of armor for him? i don't even think kamek could make that without some real effort
remember the time he turned himself into a cube?
Always wondered why he has some kind of nuclear reactor in his lair.
File: hqdefault.jpg (31 KB, 480x360)
31 KB
Why not? He's a conqueror warlord.
Who would win?

Love Siegfried/Nightmare from Soulcalibur. Aside from his moveset, I love his story, his character-progression and the arcs he goes through throughout the games. For a fighting game franchise, Soulcalibur has a lot of really in-depth lore and well-written and interesting characters.
50 replies and 30 images omitted. Click here to view.
Well think fast because I wanna see.
Even Ryu and Ken's fighting style aren't real actual "shoto", it's kinda weird that stuck for decades and is now standard terminology. I think it solely comes from one game manual
How about that new chick in Tekken? Lidia? Most Tekken characters fight with mixed styles, her's is more legit.
File: download (2).jpg (137 KB, 1280x720)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Loved them in the arcades and PS1.
File: hqdefault (2).jpg (14 KB, 480x360)
14 KB
I really like the Blob from Clayfighter 63⅓. I remember renting this as a little kid and getting my dad to play with me, I was just mindlessly button mashing and somehow got him stuck in some kinda ridiculously long combo that went into the triple digits, about halfway through it he dropped the controller and vowed to never play this game again.
It was funny as hell.

File: bouncer.jpg (175 KB, 1024x1024)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
What are some forgotten 3d brawlers? I don't care if they're good.
10 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Sion, a man haunted by a tragic past
>Within him lies strength and kindness, but also great sorrow
>All this will change when he meets a girl named Dominique
>These are the residents of DOG STREET

Absolutely based
kingdom fists
That’s proto-Sora
Spikeout, model 3 original is great, and so is the Xbox 1.5 version
>I don't care if they're good
Altered Beast ps2

File: 1674743405063.jpg (518 KB, 978x1110)
518 KB
518 KB JPG
>Mission 3 and its infinitely spawning droids that pierce shields in a rusted sheet metal hellscape
Jesus christ.

Does it pick up after this? Or should I just skip it and go to 2?
29 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Because the people making it were super geeks who respected the source material as much as their audience. They knew people wanted to feel like an imperial conscript just like in the movies, so that’s what they gave them. Those kinds of people are not making video games anymore, and if they are, they are being bogged down by a culturally sick committee.
Podracer is amazing and I loved it back in the day but I still hate the prequels. Podracer game is literally the best thing to come out of them, it is weirdly atmospheric especially in the menus.
File: 81C5GWd74ZL.jpg (423 KB, 1510x2138)
423 KB
423 KB JPG
the Prequels Era Give us KOTOR
They came out during the prequels but aren’t a direct result of them. BioWare decided on a middle ground between the OT and the PT, and that’s exactly what KOTOR feels like. Rumor is Yidsney is working on old republic or “high republic” movies so get ready to watch that one burn too.
Started but not finished:

Can’t wait until it plays outlaws. The gog version is fine but widescreen and native resolution rendering would really make that a dream on a modern setup.

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