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File: Daggerfall_Cover_art.gif (46 KB, 288x363)
46 KB
is this any good?
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Not at all. It’s a giant, boring, empty map with zero worthwhile content.
its "interesting" but its not fun in the way a wrpg should be
and what way would that be?
genuinely curious
its not a hand crafted adventure with encounters that play to the strengths and weaknesses of how you build your character
everything in the overworld is filler and window dressing to pad out the time between copy paste dungeon crawls and every quest feels the same
everything is procedural, and on release, was a bug ridden mess with one quest in particular (finding some scroll in a castle) being impossible to complete, because usually, the scroll wouldn't spawn, OR, more likely, the time limit you were given was way too short, because the dungeons are MASSIVE. I swear some of them may actually be infinitely big.

File: smv nv title.png (18 KB, 256x224)
18 KB
Hello, /vr/. I am NOT the organizer for /v/'s latest Super Mario World collab hack. Recently, we got a new baserom with the Cancer Lord fight finished and various bugfixes and level adjustments. The organizer also plans to release a new version with the Sneedzoid fight ready for us to test. Because progress is slow, we can use this thread to discuss any issues with the current build, and to discuss the few works-in-progress we have to finish up (like the Matador fight for CONCEPTION and the cover art).

Email the organizer at vhack2020@gmail.com


Download links for Super Mario /v/orld and Super Mario /v/orld 2

Previous thread: >>8312714
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Are we gonna make it, bros?
yeah just wait another 3 months of delays and we're gonna be all set
I have the final build right here.
Wow, I totally believe you!
Damn, the final boss looks like THAT

File: 1637866379591.jpg (241 KB, 1280x960)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
I'm not really into Sonic games but damn, this game is fucking good.
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Git gud.
I still stand this game needed more polish, as a person that genuinely liked the game for what it is
I hate when people call shit perfect when you no damn fucking well Sonic Team can't make any good Sonic game worth shit. If you wanted a good Sonic game you'd ask any other studio to make it instead, which they'd do it far better with have the dev time.
I can personally attest that Sonic Heroes works fine on Windows 10.
you can play the regular sonic levels in generations with a mod
File: 1560187712697.png (606 KB, 658x543)
606 KB
606 KB PNG
Yeah I know you can play incredibly close recreations of the day acts in Generations but I want to see the whole game ported by Sega themselves, mainly just to see what the modders can do to it.
>First day mod that removes the night act battle music

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File: 1637322301921.jpg (63 KB, 640x640)
63 KB
>collect almost a thousand little korok poopies
>the big korok drops you a fat dookie
it's all shit, all of it
File: hqdefault.jpg (19 KB, 480x360)
19 KB
>Isn't that only in the 3DS remake though?
nope. the game even tells you this the first time you acquire a token.
That's because Korok seeds are designed to be missable. You barely even need 1/4 of them for adequate inventory space and you stop being rewarded for them after getting about 1/3.

Also aside from the fact that people are completionist autismos these days, I don't even really get why people single out korok seeds so much, It's not like the rewards for completing every shrine or filling out the pokedex are much better. At least the golden turd is funny.
I am their audience. It is amusing because generally I don't care for Nintendo games so I don't play too many of them. When I do I just do the minimum to get to the credits. For Nintendo fans they take a big shit in their mouth for being devoted to their games. At least some other developers give a bit more if you go above and beyond or they don't put in as much busy work.
The House of Skulltula was legitimately creepy in OOT.

File: SM_Melting_Crocomire.gif (23 KB, 512x448)
23 KB
Acid or lava?
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Lava has the density of concrete, tho, he wouldn't sink.
File: Spoiler Image (408 KB, 1476x4096)
408 KB
408 KB JPG
It's the vicious brainwaves of Mother Brain at work.
He probably weighs more than concrete though
He fell down as if it was air. Are you telling me he would just sink everywhere if he was walking downtown?
kek I’m glad I clicked into this thread on a whim

File: bomberman64logo.jpg (1009 KB, 2315x1432)
1009 KB
1009 KB JPG
Do you ever use filters/shaders for your games /vr/?
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give me one day
CRTniggers don't understand it's the video signal that makes old games look like not-shit
Does that even work
these niggas get it, what's the setup?
What filter?

File: 20211125_214420.jpg (2.72 MB, 4000x3000)
2.72 MB
2.72 MB JPG
Grabbed these bad boys all for 30 dollars at the thrift shop
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This is a comfy thread.

I picked up a Famicom Everdrive N8 to do some homebrew dev with and while I was at it I grabbed a Mega Everdrive Pro to play Sega CD games.

Pic unrelated but it is my collection.
Yeah, salvos
Got Shadow Hearts Covenant recently so now I have the full trilogy, feelsgood

You may not like it, but the optimal amount of face buttons is three. No more, no less.
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File: Qbert_large.jpg (56 KB, 377x700)
56 KB
>Play Q*Bert with the original control setup
I'm confused just looking at that cabinet. Never played a game with more difficult movement.
there are literal arrows
Have you ever been to an arcade or used a stick before?
He's talking about the directions. Q-Bert moves diagonally.

File: DaBkCefXcAEDJn2.jpg (297 KB, 1067x1200)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
Do normies really think more polygons and complex lighting = better graphics? Do they have no concept of the bigger picture of visual aesthetics, art design and color work?
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I absolutely adore the art direction and technical aspects of the original Spyro games, I think Spyro 1 especially is absolutely incredible when it comes to art direction. I will say that overall SRT does a pretty good job all things considered. Most of the levels look good (I especially like the Beast Makers ones as well as Wizard Peak and High Caves (but without that terrible color correction)) while some look eh (Haunted Towers was butchered, and most of the levels in Spyro 2 and 3 are just awful).

What I find unforgivable though with SRT is the handling of Spyro himself, which is dogshit mostly because of the super floaty physics and very imprecise collision. I am also not a fan of the sound design at all, in fact the only sound I legit like from SRT is the dogs' death sound from Dark Passage that's hilarious. The OG sounds present in the game (dragon shaking, portal sound) are so much better it's not even funny.
for lack of a better explanation, the original has a defined "style" where as the remake does not. this is the case with many early 3d games and even films.
people are stupid and have no taste
I hate how they cant get crashes model right in new games
or his personality
>8 gameplay is less tight and responsive
The fuck are you talking about? The game isn't more forgiving because there's more animations, you still have to time them right.

File: soa4i2slf8661[1].jpg (95 KB, 640x853)
95 KB
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>last reply
Weak faggot. I bet a lowly injection molder would destroy you and everyone else with your labor skills.
Well they're wasting time.
VA2s may as well be treated like a limited edition console kept stock. They are very uncommon. Info on them was scarce for years after the DC was discontinued. Having one that still works and reads GDs is rare, especially now that they've been out of production for 20+ years.
Well that ain’t what their getting when they install that thing
PS1 is the exception to this day. At least one of them has gotten it down to a daughter board you just lay down over the various solder points to make it easy to understand, but all of the current ODE solutions for PS1 still require some pin lifting. That's where the real challenge lies for people who just wanted to pirate PS1 games on their system, though you could just cut a chunk out instead and call it a day.

File: 14625_back.png (415 KB, 640x316)
415 KB
415 KB PNG
>We challenged ourselves to reconstruct all the levels, maps, and songs in Super Mario World (1994) based purely on what we could remember. The result is thoroughly unsettling. Please enjoy this testament to the fallibility of human memory.

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>>8362496 >>8362541
redit replies
>Please enjoy this testament to the fallibility of human memory.

Most pretentious trash desu senpai.
>retard calls any phrase he hasn't heard before "pretentious"
>says tee bee aich fayum
Really makes you thunk
cool idea
is there a video of it?
File: 1.png (18 KB, 1411x1080)
18 KB
idk but the new music is hilarious

just play it

File: maxresdefault (3).jpg (97 KB, 1280x720)
97 KB
Why did Halo change the FPS genre forever?
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First FPS that felt good to play on a controller*
Halo is still better with KB+M though

t. launch day OG Xbox ornwer and Halo player
Games are inanimate and do not possess motivations.
>change the fps genre forever
that would be CoD MW but that isn't retro. Halo was just the peak of graphics autism at the time
You posted it with the image, the ability to sit in a group and just talk to each other before the match even begins.
Big team battle is great.

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>Did the game ever catch any flack from nationalists over there? I'm pretty sure Mishima is sacred to them.
It does the both sides approach so they could be placated
Also games like IV have more nationalist subtext by the younger writers, for better and for worse, so they were probably guys who sides with Chaos as kids
Bumping to continue this based thread
How the fuck do I play the iOS version? Do I need to get an iPhone 5?
any device pre ios11
Ty ty

Share must-play ROM hacks and homebrew. I'll go first.

Homebrew (technically): pic related

Romhack: https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/749/
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

Good pick
Any updates to the prepatched links?
I like the Kaze Emanuar hacks for SM64
>nesdev forums are kill

Damn it, and I really wanted to coomission someone to make a simple game.
I'm very excited to learn about this, thanks anon. I've always wondered if SMB Special would be any good if the controls didn't feel like dogshit. I saw a similar hack years ago but it didn't have any of the things unique to the real game like powerups, so I never bothered. This seems like a pretty complete recreation.

File: odd.jpg (18 KB, 188x267)
18 KB
this is the best platformer collectathon i've ever played and i wish i could find something to scratch the itch
Go outside and collect bottles then.

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