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File: oldies.jpg (141 KB, 1133x457)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Do you always pirate oldies? Even when they are dirt cheap?
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File: verycheap.png (209 KB, 1324x555)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
>when they are dirt cheap?
Not if you play Nintendo games.
You’re a moron. Those games are unplayable in general - they suck
I did. My dad used tu buy me pirated/burned games all the time (Collin Mcrae, MOHAA, Will Rock etc.) I remember my firstly downloaded game, Army Men RTS, and i was like 8 or 9 at the time... golden BTJunkie dayz

Also, in Serbia u can buy all kinds of pirated shit on thr flea market and no one gives a fuck rly
Luckily that game is mediocre, so no one cares.

File: M64vsQ.png (697 KB, 1008x314)
697 KB
697 KB PNG
Which game was more revolutionary?
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I wish I would sleep for a change.
Mario 64. it was greeeeeeaaaaaat
I know you are referring to the PC version. But I got freaked out when I tried playing Quake 64 as a kid. I think it was because the TV I was playing on had bad contrast. I just remember the screen being really dark and hearing the sound of dogs barking at me.
No it didnt set any standard. Show me what game it influenced? It's nowhere as influential as tomb raider.

Imagine if every Zelda game was like this. They tried to bring the dark themes back for Twilight Princess but overdid it and gave us a 2006 emo's wet dream instead.
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By the same logic people are using here Star Wars is the darkest edgiest series ever, because wow, they blow up a planet and luke uncle and aunt die! But the main thing here is tone and the tone in MM is never as dark as people make it out to be. Sure you use the ghosts of some dead tribesmen in your quest, except this is not presented as some ultrazomber brooding edgelord black metal song, its presented in a wacky and fun way and the characters themselves are really fun. You go do wacky goron races and play in a Zora band and as a Deku every character you meet is a funny cartoon, the whole thing with the nagging princess, the dumb king and the monkeys is fun.

Oh but the buttler son died, and you probably have his mas, thats a feels melancholic momment, well, lets shape all the fun shit we done so far by this one specific thing!
The tone is exactly what's dark you hippo.
I have a feeling you're just absolutely tone-blind.
Use more hyperbole, it really helps your stance. Your argument is as dumb and superficial as "The game is colorful! How dark could it possibly be???"
Or maybe "This one scene has a joke! How dark could it possibly be???"
I can't tell if you're baiting or just too entrenched to admit you were wrong and have to play up every little thing so you can feel like you had a point.
File: moron.png (595 KB, 641x468)
595 KB
595 KB PNG
This song is a wacky happy song because it's in major and it's fast!
Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess are both Top 5 Zelda games.

File: DK_Country_2.jpg (32 KB, 370x269)
32 KB
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zoomers can't even deal with anything below 6th gen. For most of them their first console was the Wii
File: gayluigi.jpg (66 KB, 1024x1009)
66 KB
you see the irony in your post, right?
File: 1598759487398.gif (465 KB, 510x415)
465 KB
465 KB GIF
You don't need to use filters retard.
Emulate at native res at the correct aspect ratio with 16bit colour depth and dithering.
Using filters is gay. Going above native resolution is also gay. Fuck both of you.
God of War (PS4)

Is this really the best Castlevania game?
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Classic style probably. Bloodlines is really fun too. Out of the Igavanias honestly I like Circle of the Moon quite a bit because it retains the stiffer feel in jumps and is harder than all the other metroidvania style ones.
This guy gets it. Circle of the Moon is the best of the metroidvania Castlevanias. Portrait of Ruin was better than Aria and Dawn also.
I replayed Lament of Innocent last year. It actually holds up pretty well.
Is it possible to have a civilised Castlevania thread?
It might hold up, but it was never very good to begin with.

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (77 KB, 616x353)
77 KB
They re-released this badass motherfucker for PC and who knows what else. XBox/modern gamepad supprt built in, this that hot shit. Nothing like controlling a beautiful, blood-thirsty goddess and spraying blood/chopping limbs off everywhere now is there?

The whole thing feels kind of floaty and dreamlike, but its a good time.

Never did finish it back in the day. Yeah, this is technically retro. So go play that shit instead of arguing about which old machine gets your dick hard, the fuck is wrong with you anyway...
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Yeah I still have my original Blood Rayne on PS2, it it worth replaying? I have a sort of a backlog of games right now but I was thinking about it.
>it worth replaying?

I mean: yeah. If you love beautiful digital 3d women and fictional violence with pretty decent controls.
hecking told them fellow coomlector , have an upvote

I hope this means they're working on a 3rd game in the same vein(hahaha) as the first 2.

File: download (86).jpg (83 KB, 1400x762)
83 KB
what was the best Sega Saturn game?
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Certainly not Dragon Force. That game is overrated as fuck.
Silhouette Mirage
You're a massive faggot. That is all.
That's a tough one, but I'm gonna go with the Japanese version of Fighting Vipers because of Pepsiman.

The pc engine objectively has the worst designed hardware out of any major console ever made. Lets go over some of the fuck ups:

>only one controller port
>used retarded gimmicky cards that meant that games couldn't save without a ten no koe
>had rf only so composite required a av booster
>the ten no koe and av booster couldn't be used at the same time
>cd addon requires this ugly briefcase thing
>almost all worthwhile cd games require extra ram
>saves on the cd automatically delete if left powered off for too long
>the cd prevented the use of the ten no koe

It's baffling how retarded the engineers at hudson and nec were. Even the atari 2600 from 1977 didn't have alot of the same issues.
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This wouldn't have happened if NEC got gud.
But Mario 3 and the Game Buy was able to get back most of it until the release of the Super Famicom.

It wasn't until the PS1 when Nintendo was truly fucked and by 2016 they killed off their home division and became handheld only because Japan became a handheld only country.

That and only their handhelds were selling by that point anyway.

>had rf only so composite required a av booster
well of course, so did many other early consoles. also they did it to keep it cheap and test the grounds.

>he ten no koe and av booster couldn't be used at the same time


>saves on the cd automatically delete if left powered off for too long

wrong, saves aren't on the cd

>the cd prevented the use of the ten no koe

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Would you fuckers stop race mixing. It looks fucking disgusting.

What's your favorite retro console?
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Gameboy and PS2
If the PS2 is thrown in the mix. PS2 mainly for variety of quality games and how stupid easy it is to mod the system to play games from either burned discs or a hard drive.

Dint play anything before the original Gameboy so I cant say I'm nostalgic for pixel art. My first console was the N64 and that thing only had a handful of good games. If anything the N64 was superior at was local multiplayer. At the time If I had people over I'd most likely choose a N64 over anything else.
Probably a tie between the SNES, PS1 and PS2.
I'm an RPGfag though so that should go without saying.
Sega Saturn. If I had to rank them, it would be like this, with the top being the best.

>Sega Saturn
>Sega Dreamcast
>Sega Genesis
>Nintendo Gamecube
>Super Nintendo
>Nintendo 64
>Playstation 1
>Playstation 2
>Sega Master System
>Nintendo Entertainment System

File: doommower.png (986 KB, 680x734)
986 KB
986 KB PNG
Why can't I bring myself to enjoy any new games? I feel like I'm just becoming a closed-minded boomer, and I'm only 33.
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going out on a limb here but I'm guessing you have a job and you have to work 40 hours a week to pay rent and put food on the table
cook, clean, do laundry, mow the lawn, fix the car
your parents are getting older
with all these other demands on your time, doesn't an unskippable hour-long tutorial seem kind of insulting?
ok dad
Huh? I have never connected my Switch to the Internet and I don't care. What I see in BOTW is nice and all, but I get no pleasure from all that.
File: xeno crisis.jpg (415 KB, 770x500)
415 KB
415 KB JPG
>Why can't I bring myself to enjoy any new games?
could be playing the wrong ones
Anon... those problems only come up for people who play shit games.

File: Untitled2.png (335 KB, 1107x731)
335 KB
335 KB PNG
>Be Me
>Be thinking about buying a MiSTer
>Imagine my surprise when I discovered it's ridiculously expensive
>My mini consoles are cheaper, which I already own and could play at anytime
>But I do need to buy HDMI converters for my remaining systems such as the Sega Saturn, N64, Dreamcast, and Gamecube.
>Don't need one for the OG Xbox or PS2, Since I can play Xbox games on the Xbox 360 and PS2 games on the PS3.
>The amount of money I have to spend for HDMI converters aren't that expensive
>Buys all the HDMI converters
>I am set and ready to go

Is the MiSTer a huge waste of money or what?
15 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>get it in less than 24 hours off Amazon
>wait 3 months for chink mail
>save 10 whole dollars

File: EOiOdKiXsAAcgeT.png (1 KB, 214x198)
1 KB
Well that's where you pay your extra ~280$ meme tax for your impatience.
Don't know why people try to complain about the MiSTer and then just go to bring up run of the mill best selling consoles. Do you just want to play super mario or some shit or best selling game #342? Just buy your original consoles or whatever, + flashcart.

When I consider buying a MiSTer its for its Amiga, PC Engine, and recent developments in stuff like arcade cores: CPS stuff, CAVE 68k (well for now, just DoDonPachi), Neo Geo, etc. Buying one of these + a way to skip the collector prices on games like a flashcart is almost more expensive than one MiSTer set up. The cheapest way of getting a DECENT Neo Geo set up is buying a MVS, the yellow multicart, and of course a JAMMA adapter and a powering method, which is going to be what, 150 minimum?

Community led FPGA projects are the future of accuracy focused retro gaming. Hell, following this scene has been the most fun thing in a while with how much people have been pushing the envelope (a fun thing is looking at older MiSTer discussions and seeing them talk about how long a Neo Geo core would take, while one year later it exists)
Also to add, I don't know if a lot of people on this board realize it but most of the good accessories that come out for actual consoles are fpga based too, like how flashcarts will allow for Sega CD games or PC Engine CD games while only plugging into the cart slot, or recreations of the special SNES chips in the SD2SNES
File: Gee Mister.jpg (99 KB, 641x800)
99 KB
It's even cheaper if I just emulate on my PC.

File: sly.jpg (110 KB, 1280x720)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Did you have video game role models growing up? When I was young I wanted to be like Duke Nukem and Sly Boots. I was obsessed with them
File: poison eating ice pop.png (21 KB, 352x224)
21 KB

What's the consensus of the difficulty on this game? Personally, I can't play any higher than Pink on the Inside. Anything higher and the enemy health as well as their placement feels a little unfair.
Agreed, for the most part. I sometimes try to fuck with the difficulty above pink, crispy was it? Something like that. I think the consensus is to duck a lot at higher difficulties.

>you can bring any weapon to the tournament
>dude shows up with a spear and full armor

Well fuck you man. Next time I'm bringing my gun.
fuckin lollll

This board needs more light-hearted, hilarious posts like yours, OP. This place is a fuckin slog sometimes...thanks for the laugh, dude

Here's your controller bro

Thanks, bro! LOVE these!
was it last found shoved up your partner's anus?

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