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File: noidea.jpg (2.4 MB, 2576x1932)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB JPG
Anyone know what the fuck this is? It was on an official Sony memory card I got off of eBay, and whatever it is takes up the whole card. Tried running it through Google Translate and it didn't give me anything intelligible. Can upload pics of the memory card if needed, too, not that it would really help.
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How bored do you have to be to play a school building simulator?
File: stickers.jpg (137 KB, 675x1000)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Yeah, I got my copy of Ogre Battle for PS1 on a really good deal used with case and manual ($30), but at the time I didn't know it had also originally come with a class map and stickers. They would be nice to have, but honestly I'm just glad they were probably used and not hoarded by some pimply neckbeard.
Sure thing chum

Who would have thought that chart and stickers would be worth $500 some day. You think that chart was actually used? My money is on some kid looking at it a few times and throwing it away. BTW, that folded sheet is a monster chart.
File: mrdink.jpg (18 KB, 406x244)
18 KB
I'd like to think that they were used. I think the more likely scenario is that someone who actually knew what they wanted and what they were getting at the time bought the game/had it bought for them as opposed to some confused parent/grandparent giving it to a kid who absolutely would not understand or appreciate it.

I didn't know the going price for that chart and sticker sheet was that high. Sauce? Coomlecting is so fucking sad. At that point, you're just buying something to -have- it unless you're actually going to peel and stick a $500 sticker on one of your PS1 memory cards which would be at least as stupid. I can see buying the game for around the $100 it's going for in order to play it as intended, but something you're just going to stick in the case or in its own protective sleeve and go:

>Huh-HA! See this, Douglas? It was map and sticker sheet bundled with this here game for which scans and reproductions are readily available, but THESE are original! NO! Don't touch it! It was VERY expensive. HUH-HA!
If that's the kind of person who bought it they probably plastered it on their wall of put it in their book or dork shit or something. The thing is it's not very useful and doesn't look that great. Stickers are probably more interesting more more people.
For pricing have a look on ebay. Someone is selling a CIB set for $700+ and reproductions of that chart are selling for $10.

File: paint pixel.jpg (149 KB, 1280x720)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
What's a good paint program to imitate retro pixel/dot art?

Preferably something that can create automatic dithered patterns. I remember way back in 2013 an anon that used to paint PC 98 style anime girls on Zbrush for Amiga, is this a good idea?
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I'm not suffering in any way. I also used DP for 25 years.
>I also used DP for 25 years.
Right, so you've got 25 years of experience with an archaic UI, and you've got no problem using a clone of it.

For anyone who didn't spend the last 25 years using DPaint, this shit is a nightmare.
show your stuff then
Your problem, not mine.
Kolourpaint is the old superior XP MS Paint but open source, with alpha channel, the ability to save and load palettes, better scaling options, and cropping from 7's Paint added. It feels excellent even though it still has some annoyances both new and left over from copying Paint. Still shit for indexed and dithering must be done by hand, so not for most pixel art. I'll probably check out the DeluxePaint clone and grafx2, interface is so important to workflow so function over form (although I'd argue retro interfaces also look better than modern shit, not just are more functional).

File: sfsf.png (2.12 MB, 808x1077)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB PNG
What kind of cool arcade startup sequences are there?
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All those random tiles and the only accidentally legible word is "shot". Shame.
CPS3 is the coolest
I see a
near the top.

Post overrated games.
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File: 1593661532716.jpg (9 KB, 225x225)
9 KB
It is.
File: smashlook.jpg (286 KB, 1920x1080)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
its not
It's absolutely disgusting that this game gets praised while DKC3 gets regarded as a poor sequel. The entire DKC trilogy beats the Mario games in fun, challenge, soundtracks, and graphics.

What's your favorite sidecrolling fighting game?
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it has multiple planes
that's a shooting fighting game though
That's what belt-scrolling means. A sidescroller where the play field has a bit of depth to it.
>forced meme
get that ass saged
Surely you mean Slide 'n Slaps

File: ultrare.png (3 KB, 345x146)
3 KB
>only competent developer in british micros
>ended up doing their best work for a japanese company
>ended up selling their souls to an american company
Why did they hate their homeland so much?
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>I'm American when I'm right
>I'm Japanese when I'm wrong
>But I'm a seething faggot all the time
>when you're a liar and an imbecile
Snaggle-toothed? 'fraid not, Juanito:
>The Stampers were kind of dickheads, just a hello ans they fucked off
Couldn't handle the bantz.
>Why did they hate their homeland so much?
UK sucks for individualists or libertarians. Anyone who makes any money from creative endeavors leaves. If you wrongthink you are going to have a terrible time.

File: 1601281747961.jpg (242 KB, 1531x654)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
What are your honest thoughts on Tsukihime / Moon Princess?
Never played it, but I enjoyed the memes on /a/ back in the day.

This chair.
It's the only VN I've read and I remember liking the atmosphere of the setting. Music helped with that too. Arc and Hisui are best girls.
the best thing about it are the music replacement recs by mirror moon, some amazing tracks there like Autechre Amber

File: Ultima VI.jpg (125 KB, 600x800)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Why didn't this game and its sequel influence and change RPG games in Japan, unlike the first Ultima trilogy and Wizardry?
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Obviously it's complicated. But if you want my opinion in a word: applicability.

It's my understanding that Ultima wasn't and couldn't be a popular hit in Japan. Where the population greatly preferred consoles instead of home computers. But it did influence game designers because they were the scant few who had the expansive interest in foreign videogames for (locally) esoteric form factors, but more importantly travel abroad to see developments in the medium. The general videogame audience in Japan got Ultima first with the NES port. Which was a six year old game at the time. So as a point players didn't become awe-inspired and realize how Dragon Quest/Final Fantasy/Zelda/Whatever you draw a string line from had sprung from it. I don't think players became high end diehard fans off that to get players to want to have limitations of it.

That is where the applicability to Japan and its industry gets dicey. The OG games were extremely focused on being an expansive PC game. U3-4-5 all have full keyboard commands. Ultima 6, Underworld, and 7 when developed pushed then-current PC hardware. While yes: the FMTowns existed and would play as intended. But where most of the installbase was, again, was on consoles. SMS/NES for 3, 4 and 5. Then SNES for 6 and 7. Which, counting Dpad had 8 to 12 buttons to work as 38+ The only way to take the game down is to slow it down by mapping functions to these few buttons. Which they clearly just gave up for the port of 7. Ultima 7's revolutionary advancement in the genre might well have been "A CRPG playable completely with a mouse".

Ultima games in general would either get less in depth or more clunky on these ports because they weren't getting dozens of options for the players to enter commands at once. To even get those options in they'd need menus with the 26 options. Seated menus wasn't going to be viewed by developers as a revolution to design games around. Consoles favored multi-funciton context action buttons.
I don't think I'm stretching too far from that to say Ultima 6 was poorly suited for success on consoles. Even with a phenomenally faithful port: it's clunky to go through the effort of play. Which is because it was pretty clunky on the PC too even with way more hotkeys. The thing does have my favorite story in an Ultima game. But I don't blame anyone who skipped it as a high fidelity sorting simulator with a battle and map navigating minigame.

So that's my answer really. Nothing was really there to propel the games Japan was making and consuming forward, where earlier Ultimas clearly did. Sure there's concepts that it could take. World-to-inventory fidelity, karma, day/night cycles. But those did eventually come in as technology just advanced. It became more obvious to re-use existing rendered elements and the idea of emulating the observable world with a timecycle wasn't unique to Ultima. And Karma/Virtue can generally be thought of as a precursor to measuring the PC's accrued favortism, and relate to relationship values. Which... Japan did get use of in some games I hear about.

Of course the catchy thing to do is mention Ultima's last console port: Underworld on the PS1. Which did have company with other first person dungeon crawls on said PS1. Which included King's Field. Ever-so-popular to draw a direct line from King's Field to Demon's and Dark Souls. But I don't believe it's honest to try to compare the latter to Ultima.
I think icycalm covered this in his JRPG essay.

Basically it's because: Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy were huge financial hits. They were copies of Wizardry and early Ultima and the executives didn't want to kill the golden goose by changing the formula to match WRPG trends.

Other companies saw this success and being risk-averse they just copied Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy forever.

The Japanese culture of tradition might have something to do with it. Even decades later they are still making Wizardry and Ultima 3 clones, they just got a lot flashier.
Probably this. PC gaming was never huge in japan.

If you mean moralfaggotry in jrpgs, Breath of Fire furry series was pretty antichrist in a way.

File: mother 2.jpg (1.06 MB, 2000x2200)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
what was the most memorably part of the game(s) for you?
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File: jeff 45.png (82 KB, 247x326)
82 KB
does jeff browse /k/?
File: ness.jpg (88 KB, 768x1024)
88 KB
is getting a new PSI move determined by a set level or is it randomized?
All PSI moves are learned at certain levels, though with Mother 1 it's hard to gauge it because it doesn't even tell you want you learned, just that you learned something.

File: AlteredBeast.jpg (363 KB, 999x1409)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
Can we finally admit that this game fucking sucks?
Having a cool meme sound byte doesn't make the game any less boring.
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SOS sucks because it's a shitty copypaste of a shitty Amiga game made by some Danish guy.
>just another ill-informed post confirming the current state of nu /vr/
Not an argument.

Another MD lemon was Double Dragon 2. This is basically the NES DD2 but with more colors and the Japanese gaming press panned it hard. It was judged not worth releasing internationally and stayed in Japan.
oh well that explains a lot
>ITT butblasted zoomie tard who can't beat worlds easiest game rages and shits on it

File: cotm.jpg (176 KB, 866x680)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
>Konami's best Willyvania had no involvement with IGA
lol eat shit Koji-kun
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You're missing the point entirely. Of course it's designed so you don't get everything. SotN is designed like that too, but SotN wasn't dumb enough to put literally everything on item drops and it has a shop with new stuff appearing in it along the way, where you can buy gear AND learn magic powers (the equivalent to cards), as well as having weapons (some with unique abilities) and gear you can find in the wild as well.

No RPG bases its entire customization and attack game system on obscure item drop, because having to kill the same enemy over and over being the only way to get a piece of armor let alone being able to use the unique game system the game wants you to use, without even being able to know which enemy drops what, is just dumb as fuck.

Item drops are supposed to be the cherry on top of the cake, not the entire thing.
>No RPG bases its entire customization and attack game system on obscure item drop

You don't have your entire attack system about drops. You have your whip and the subweapon, and the subweapon is more powerful then the cards once you get the cross.

And yes there are games that have all or almost all gear drops from items. Roguelikes and diablo-clones.

>because having to kill the same enemy over and over being the only way to get a piece of armor let alone being able to use the unique game system the game wants you to use, without even being able to know which enemy drops what

I just played the game normally without grinding and I got plenty of gear and cards. If you're grinding that's your own fault. No one is fucking forcing you to do it. The system is designed to DEINCENTIVE grinding. It's about making due with what you have rather then whining that you didn't get all the toys. And you eventually DO get all the toys once you unlock magician mode.
>No one is fucking forcing you to do it.
The bosses like Dracula make it apparent you need better cards if you don't want the fight to be retarded bullshit
>And yes there are games that have all or almost all gear drops from items. Roguelikes and diablo-clones.
Good Metroidvanias aren't supposed to be Diablo clones or Roguelikes. Circle is a testament to how unfun ot is
>And you eventually DO get all the toys once you unlock magician mode.
An extra mode to fuck around with doesn't invalidate the normal game's fuckups.

I think Circlefags don't fundamentally understand Castlevania. They don't know why the Igavanias are enjoyable to play, nor do they understand why Classicvanias were "hard".
The truth is though IGA really doesn't know how to make good 3D games and fucked up the transition to 3D, meanwhile CAPCOM and even TECMO succeeded.
>The bosses like Dracula make it apparent you need better cards if you don't want the fight to be retarded bullshit

There's only one card that makes the fight much easier and that's unicorn, which can give you invunerability against his deadly meteor and dash. The only way to get is in the battle arena which is actually harder then beating dracula. So you are totally wrong.

The Dracula fight is very hard, he hits so hard that more defense isn't going to do anything. His dash and meteor will still kill you in 2-4 hits even with the best equipment in the game. During his flying phase the amount of damage he can receive is hard capped (I think at 47) so more damage isn't going to help. The only way you can win by grinding is to grind for an ungodly amount of healing potions. In other words you win by actually mastering his pattern. If you absolutly, absolutly want to grind the bears+arachnoid pair just before his throne room have the best consumable drop rate in the game, high xp, and easy patterns. But you're better off learning the pattern then grinding.

>Good Metroidvanias aren't supposed to be Diablo clones or Roguelikes. Circle is a testament to how unfun ot is
I had fun. So much fun I played it 12 times. This is my favorite of all the metroid style vanias, it's the only one where you CAN'T cheese the game just by shopping. You just suck at the game. By how you talk about Dracula you have demonstrated you have an atroscious understanding of how items and cards effect your performance. And from this horrible perspective, you want to fucking criticize the game?

I think you don't have real critism you're just frufrstate that you are sucking and want to blame the game rather then getting better.

That said Dracula is a fucking monster on any mode except Magician. So I can understand your frustration.

File: valh.jpg (855 KB, 1395x1400)
855 KB
855 KB JPG
Valhollian (斬魔超奥義ヴァルハリアン), a Sega Saturn Strategy RPG has been translated by the same team which has done Brave Prove (PS1) and Linkle Liver Story (Saturn)

Download the patch here:
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File: 3249_front.jpg (94 KB, 640x640)
94 KB
You have this for that
Nah, it's not the same...and it's also not exactly great. I imported the soundtrack in the 90s though.
>it’s another run the game script through google translate “localization”
yeah no think I’ll just learn japanese and play it as the developers intended, thanks
>japanese writing
Its not like they ruined anything

For games that came in card board boxes, do you store them in the old box, loose, or buy a custom plastic game for them?
Aside from my MVS cartridges I store all my cartridges in individual plastic sleeve protectors, which are then stored in large plastic containers.
The few MVS carts are stored in individual shock boxes with art inserts.
>buy a custom plastic game for them?
I don't do that. Whatever that means in your fucked up head. I guess you mean custom case?
I've mostly played backups since the early 80's so I store nearly everything I bought new in the original packaging. For stuff I bought loose I store most in large plastic boxes. I pretty much only keep carts I can't play using a backup device out. That's not a lot these days.

This game fucking rules. It's not just a Space Harrier knock-off.
As a kid, it always reminded me more of Super Mario Bros, if the camera was behind Mario instead of a side view. The game is divided into worlds with four levels each, featuring a boss on level 1-4 following the Mario format, it has platforming elements, you get items that grant invincibility similar to the power star, and you get a missile power-up that lets you shoot enemies directly in front of you, not unlike the fireballs in Mario. I always imagined it like playing SMB from a different perspective.
ya this is a fun one to zone out n play. like the big ole jumps
There was a Japan only sequel, is it any good?
Want to impress Uematsu at your next convention? Bring this game. It'll be a refreshing change from all those FF carts pushed in his face.
It’s pretty good until the giant pits that you have to jump on top of pillars for
That shit is impossible

How do I actually get the PC port of Super Mario 64 running at 60 FPS with HD textures and models? All the videos explaining how to do it were taken down by Nintendo.
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
*and I will make black people slaves again!
Thank you for calling /vr/ tech support! Have you tried pee pee and poo poo in it?
Please stop announcing sage.
Not sure what you mean. All you need is a ROM with the right checksum and you can build it yourself. Shit I even got it up and running on a Raspberry Pi 4.

This worked out fine. I also found out about SM64PCBuilder2, and when I had to make some additional changes to my build that made it piss easy. Render96 has an official discord where I was able to download their HD model and texture packs and now I have the game set up the way I wanted.

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