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File: Warren-Spector-hl.png (243 KB, 303x428)
243 KB
243 KB PNG
Is there a greater single visionary in games than Warren Spector? John Romero gave him the chance to make his dream game and he made a masterpiece that hasn't been topped
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File: image.jpg (285 KB, 1541x606)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
>When it came out Deus Ex was a very left leaning game

Huh? I don't understand how Deus Ex is supposedly either left or right wing game. Both right and left wing have the same goals in the end because it's all rooted in human needs, and to claim otherwise is like claiming involvement of some kind of alien agenda. It's the ways to get to those goals that make the difference, but even then it's not that simple because no party owns the exclusive rights to think certain way. Some left wing guy might not the ultra rich who pay money to lobbyists to influence politics that will make the rich even richer, while some right wing guy might not like politicians who make laws that infringe with citizens' rights just so that some organization will have room to expand the reach of their corporate tentacles for a firmer grasp on society. It's like how 2+3=5 makes sense, but so does 1+4=5. I guess people see what they want to see, and that's just how brilliant the writing is in Deus Ex. By going around painting Deus Ex as one or another is just shooting yourself in the foot.
Based, the game asks you many questions but it's up to you to answer them outside of the game itself.
no one said that, he's just starving for the (You) you just gave him
Interesting. Having read a few Gamasutra postmortems before and being a big Deus Ex fan I'm surprised I hadn't read this one before. Really cool how they got those 1997 Rules of Role-Playing almost perfectly implemented, they're definitely a big part of the game's charm.

Also I wonder why he laments the state of AI so much. I think the AI in Deus Ex is legit kinda awesome, a bit in the same way that the voice acting is great. It's definitely something that keeps reminding you that it is just a video game, but nevertheless it sometimes surprises you with crazy unexpected stuff.

How come only the first game got a remake?
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File: Aragorn protects.jpg (44 KB, 700x1040)
44 KB
I had a spotty access to PC with net for past two months. Here, even if it's still easy to find in any given archive. Also, someone who isn't me posted it twice, too:

The Aragorn-posting Polish dump of Core-era TRs is back once more, GOLDs and top patches as always included.

>TR1 + GOLD (Unfinished Business)

>TR2 + GOLD (The Golden Mask)


>TR3 GOLD (The Lost Artifact)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>small team or solo designer announces an unofficial project to remake or remaster a game for Likes, either with no intention of completing it, or naively underestimating the enormity of the task.
>if the license holder doesn't immediately C&D after the announcement, the team releases a demo of their work so far which usually gets their attention.
Many such cases.
If they had brains, or the desire, to actually deliver their projects, these kinds of morons would operate quietly and anonymously until the job was done and dump the final product online where nothing can be done about it, but they're just attention-seeking faggots.
>t. filtered
>All this crap
There are men with penis balls-deep in their ass that would be still entitled to call you the real faggot
Also, your "perfect" solution is still a copyright infringement, which according to Mickey Mouse is equal to murder when in court, so good luck with that. But it's not like you care, all you want is just getting a game.

File: Super Mario 64.jpg (14 KB, 256x187)
14 KB
Why do i suck at this game
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I've never seen someone complain about the side flip. Seems pretty intuitive to me, you build up some momentum so you can do a flip. Once you get the timing down it's trivial to execute and feels more satisfying than just pressing a dead simple button combo.
The 3D platformers that have followed Mario 64 are so fucking slow and boring in comparison. Banjo is the perfect example with his slow and stodgy movement. You're forced to just walk everywhere and take on every challenge in a linear fashion because the controls don't provide any freedom.
There's a very keen sense of momentum in 64 that has only been replicated, at least as far as I know, in the later mario titles. And those ones also decided to reduce the complexity of his moveset, a needless change if you ask me. I can only see complaining about it if those complex moves were required to beat the game and you just couldn't grasp it but I think there's only 1 or 2 stars that require the wall kick. The game is designed in such a way that you don't even need the more advanced techniques, you can just run and jump your way to the finish line. Fundamentally it's designed for 8 year olds to beat. The huge moveset provides a freedom of movement to more experienced players and allows you to complete the levels smoother and faster as you become more skilled with the controls. You don't have to be a speedrunner to enjoy it.
I don't even find it hard, I just hate it that I have to play a level multiple times to 100%.
File: yikes.jpg (62 KB, 709x570)
62 KB
Imagine being filtered by Mario 64 lmao. I beat this game and got almost every stars when I was 10 years old
Now that I'm 37 I can finally fit that n64 control stick in my ass.
I want to walk with this reasoning for a bit

What if someone replied to you and complained about double jumping, and argued that everything should be reachable with a single jump as it is even more simple and elegant and has even less redundancy

It's obvious that person doesn't *get* platforming. That person doesn't get that your character is a toy and you don't make a toy more fun by reducing it like a tool.

File: unnamed.png (15 KB, 512x381)
15 KB
Why do they have such a bug up their arse about emulation and ROMs?
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This is unrionically why the N64 and the Wii U were some of my favorite consoles. Very little shovelware! But I knew I was buying a NintendoBox and didn’t expect any third party content to be good, so I had already accepted that reality.
bruh thats literally included with the Nintendo Online subscription for Switch. $20 a year for me to play animal crossing and smash with my friends, plus like 20+ SNES and NES games with more added every month. I’m currently playing Breath of Fire, and the emulator is rock solid. Nintendo really did okay this gen, even if the DRM is stupid. But for slightly more than a burger a month, I have access to a decent library of retro games on my switch
But I bet they still only offer basic bitch US releases and there's no licensed games and no Famicom/SFC stuff.

>neat, I can download Super Metroid
Come back when they offer Umihara Kawasii
Because they're Japanese.

File: Pocket_Monster.png (4 KB, 256x224)
4 KB
Bootleg thread. Post the best, the worst, and the best of the worst retro bootlegs and/or romhacks.

Pic related, i loved playing Pocket Monster as a child. It was so good that 9-years old me thought it was an actual, official Pokémon game.
I dont know if it was being in the US or being from the Midwest but I never saw or heard of any sort of bootleg videogame anything growing up. The first time I even heard it mentioned was on AVGN. The idea of a famiclone would have blown my 80s kid mind.
I remember when I was a kid a Britbong magazine actually had a small article about Somari, a bootleg NES game featuring Mario in Sonic's world. I was absolutely blown away with the idea that this thing could exist and never forgot about it, often wondering what it must have been like.

Of course, years later I finally got to play it via emulation and...well, let's just say I liked it much more when it was a mysterious "illegal" game from a foreign land that I didn't think I'd ever play.
this is the only game i would actually physically buy.
What is it?
I love Somari, Kart Fighter and that Speedy Gonzalez romhack with Sonic.

File: 10418.png (23 KB, 768x448)
23 KB
When you emulate arcade beat'em ups, how do you play them?
Besides the normal "coin-feed through the entire game with some friends", I mean?
Trying to 1cc most beat'em ups is too much of a chore, especially since early stages are often very long and then there's an extremely sharp difficulty spike. Just like shmups, but the first couple of stages can take 5-10 minutes to beat, so trying to elarns omething ons tage 3 is a chore.

Some fo the shit I've been doing, including multiplayer with friends, is:
- Everyone takes one coin when beating the stage; out of coins = game over.
- 1cc every stage and save at the beginning of each new stage. Just replay the stage until I can beat it without paying.
- Use three coins max per game, like many console port did with the continue system. Three lives per coin. If the game doesn't have a life system of any sort, then 3x3=9 coins.
- Everyone takes, like, 50 coins. The one to have the most coins at the end of the game wins. but that only works in multiplayer.

How do you make arcade beat'em ups challenging?
In b4 some absolute simpleton with no reading comprehension writes "play however you like omg haha just enjoy the game haha dude".
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>irony II: a new cope
>>hes using turbo
>>on a beat em up
look up a random 1cc and unless it says 'real hardware' it will almost always use turbo, very few people seem to care. I mean posters ITT will claim to care, but most actual people don't.
Is there any difference when playing beat'em ups with turbo? It's not like you can burst fire like in shmups with limited bullets on screen but unlimited firing speed. Doesn't it just turn beat'em ups into FFXV without any particular benefit?
The main benefit is that you don't have to mash the button, some games (mainly Punisher) benefit from this a lot because it gets insanely mashy during the gun sections. Besides that there are some scenarios where the consistency from autofire is beneficial, for instance when shifting in Final Fight, Captain Commando or Sailor Moon since you don't have to worry about syncing your button tapping and can just focus on turning around at the right time. In extremely rare cases the consistency can make certain strategies far more viable, for example the "stand and punch in the center of the ring" Sodom strategy works even with Haggar if you use autofire, but without it his punches will be too irregular to work. Overall it doesn't mean much, if you can 1cc a game with autofire, you can 1cc the game without autofire just as well.
Oh, gee, alright, I see.

I missed out on all the retro mini consoles that came out a few years ago, but now I feel like it would be nice to own one of more of them as collector's items. Should I try to get my hands on them, and if so, which one would you recommend getting?
66 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
There is quite a bit of input lag on the ones I’ve played:
but then I’m used to playing on og hardware on CRT, so maybe someone who is used to emulation on a modern display won’t notice, but I sure do notice

for me they are just neat display knickknacks
I thought the SNES one had pretty decent emulation ?
They're pretty cute but not great emulators. You could do better with a Pi and there are retro case options out there for them.
File: trollposts.png (61 KB, 1311x205)
61 KB
/vr/ janny is on a tear recently.

what are some retro games where you fight crime by gunning down degenerate criminal garbage in the street
32 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Patlabor games
File: 0110.png (11 KB, 320x224)
11 KB
Crime City, Rolling Thunder clone by Taito for arcades. Notable for its distinct lack of doors to enter. Don't believe it was ever ported anywhere.

Elevator Action Returns
What the fuck did change their perspective?
The notion that people of trans* are not literally just men is quite a new one, at least in the mainstream

Taito rules

Is this actually a masterpiece like everyone says or just hipster meme garbage like Planescape?
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
It’s a cookie cutter JRPG, and so it will probably disappoint on those grounds alone. It has a few interesting ideas and mechanics, though, and it’s certainly a competent game.
I played it a bit, but before you get the dragoon forms it's pretty much just spamming the same 1 or 2 additions. The combo and Dragoon systems are really neat ideas, but they needed a lot more work and variety to be able to carry the combat.The visuals are great and the music isn't bad at all.
Decent. But seeing you thinking its hipster just makes it obvious your a zoomer
I think it's funny how popular streamers dictate threads on /vr/ and /v/. Ever since Kyle Bosman started streaming this game there are several threads per week about it, whereas before that there were never any at all.

File: paprium.jpg (276 KB, 1616x1080)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
member me?
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There hasn't been a demo because it doesn't even run properly on a Mega Drive. Everyone saw that with the footage from the "launch party". There's also been some debate about the screenshots, whether certain effects would actually be achievable on real hardware.
>Irena Genesis Metal Fury
This game has been in development for how many years though ? 2 years I think and it does not seem much advanced. Looks like they are focusing on random details (like the title screen or the cover) but are struggling with actual game development.

I would certainly not put it in the same league as Phantom Gear or Xeno Crisis, and at this point, it even seems less advanced than Paprium. The main dev being as much deranged and egomaniac as Fonzie is not a good sign either.
The reason why most homebrew NES games don't go past NROM is because there is no cheap way to make physical copies with more advanced mappers
File: images.jpg (21 KB, 350x131)
21 KB
Why are Spaniards so good at making games?
Been in development for about that long, but at the end of the day, there's a playable Demo and updates regardless of how egomaniac he is. He didn't dip away from everyone and actually responds unlike Fonzie. Go to the Irena Genesis Metal Fury Twitter and you'll see the updates. Little updates beats the blank (Paprium). And plus during that time, they've explained that they moved the project from a Windows OS to Linux while showing videos. Again, some of these developers update Twitter folks before the strict forum sites that police every word that you type. Check out Irena Genesis Metal Fury イレナ (@_irenagenesis): https://twitter.com/_irenagenesis?s=09

There were so many people playing with their noses in that release party video, all I can do was scream "druuuuuugs" at the monitor.

I agree, they have pushed out better homebrew than most countries IMO. Dedicated to their profession that's for sure.

File: umiharakawase.jpg (78 KB, 616x353)
78 KB
I can't get past the F25 multi-fish boss (I'm not using save states). Should I keep slamming my head into the wall, try to reach more skip doors, or move onto Shun for now? I can do the F36 seahorse skip, but I can't get to the top door and the bottom door seems to be a trap.
I will admit I used save states to practice that double fight level, managed to clear it once as part of a legit run then proceeded to never go there again. I say try reaching more doors if you actually care about random opinions.

I just got a ZX Spectrum +2 in the mail. Always wanted one since I was mesmerised by the graphical aesthetic
So what’s the best way to get games onto this thing? Loading them from tape is fine and all but surely there’s some kind of modern flash storage option available?
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File: seething.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
how do shitposters affect this?
File: 590472714015.jpg (41 KB, 550x400)
41 KB
How do i activate full screen in fuse emulator? Fuse is still the best emulator?
just take a look at this thread
Is there any good stand alone Spectrum emulator that support CRT shaders?

File: PPRwQWRQ.jpg (117 KB, 1252x1252)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
>Hasn't aged well
Can someone explain this meme to me
107 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
I definitely think controls can be dated or aged by virtue of being surpassed by a much better control system. Like no one is going to go back to arrow key aiming in doom after society as a whole figured out how much better mouse aim is for a FPS.
It's a pretty good explanation for how zoomers react to tank controls though
2:03 https://youtu.be/w025kQRMZwA
Merit is a nonspecific quality. If you enjoy Pong on the merit of being a competitive social game and not a challenging table tennis simulator, you'll be playing the game as it was intended and you will enjoy it more. You can't talk shit to an AI, and an AI is designed to intentionally make mistakes thus relying on AI for enjoyable Pong gameplay is not taking it on it's own merit. Writing off Pong because you got bored waiting for the AI to challenge you doesn't make the original intention of the game any less fun. The only good singleplayer is Pong: The Next Level anyway because it adds variation to gameplay and the AI won't waste your time
Some may still play that way occasionally for fun. Sadomasochistic fun, but fun nonetheless.

File: 1590429231184.png (1.03 MB, 1280x720)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
What's the point of owning an N64 if its games look better on the Wii?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: ado.png (507 KB, 620x769)
507 KB
507 KB PNG
what's the point of owning consoles if games look better on emulators?
I never noticed any difference between playing on wii or a N64 on my CRT.
None of the pics posted itt are at the correct resolution.
She's the cutest collection of shapes and colors I've ever seen, I love her. Any chance to see her again is a good choice
because N64 enthusiasts are extremely autistic on this website, any sort improvement with speed or visuals is frowned upon
Wiis render the games at 480P instead of 240P like N64s. And no, you can't get 240P output out of Wii N64 VC, it'll just run in 480I. It's super noticeable on a CRT.

File: megaman2ss.jpg (83 KB, 509x446)
83 KB
This is fucking gay
95 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I like dissapearing block puzzles. They don't annoy me because I'm presented to it in a safe environment first, and then they up the challenge. If there were cameras at some parts of the stage and I got a refill before the boss, then it would be a fun boss. Instead, when I finally figure out that the cameras are weak only to crash bombs, I may have wasted to much, as no one ever used the crash bomb while fighting an enemy because it's a shitty weapon with it's main purpose being a utilty item, I probably broke too many walls and too little cameras, then I die, have to grind for ammo, and then try to figure out the puzzle while trying to avoid the cameras & counting how many crash bombs I can use in the fight. It's a trap.

tl;dr- dissapearing blocks are good puzzle design, the cameras aren't.
It's almost like the endgame is supposed to be hard and Dr. Wily is trying to keep you out of his fortress. In fact I would argue that arranging a safe space for a platforming challenge is Dr. Wily mocking you Instead of being careful and assessing the situation at the room's pace, you allowed yourself to be overwhelmed by it and ran in headfirst which kills you, this is by design. Dr. Wily literally called it a trap, so it makes sense not to run directly into it (I know the name wouldn't be apparent when first playing, my point is regarding the intentionality of calling it a trap despite the ability to beat it).
>Traps have keys. The trap can be overcome. That objectively makes it a puzzle.
The fact you're still butthurt about this decades after its inception is a testament to how good of a trap/puzzle it is. Why exert this much energy into hating something that is mocking you instead of learning and overcoming it for your own sake? It's time to mentally evict Dr. Wily, don't you think?

>Disappearing Block Puzzle
>A person is triggered because a 10/10 game have a 3/10 boss and need to defend it.
You died anon. Megaman is dead! If you were him you would have been annihilated?

such injustice!

oh the humanity.
>...because a run'n'gun game had one endgame puzzle and needed to make an online post about it 30 years later

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