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Monty is a mole
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A Roger Rabbit game got localized as Bugs Bunny in America due to license. Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle
Japs love theme parks.
This looks like one of those "How to draw manga" book only instead of teaching manga badly to Westerners it's about teaching comics badly to Japs
And this
>horry sheet Yamada your handwriting's so shit it looks like Roman alphabet!
yeah, galo sengen

File: ossc-final_1-2.jpg (136 KB, 1440x603)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Who the fuck is the audience for upscalers? If you want mario 3 on your LCD flatscreen just emulate, if you have a crt why use this, it's the mot expensive option for something that is solved so much easier
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chad og xbox appreciator vs virgin zoomer shitposter
Real Hardware and newer tvs have hdmi input only.
lemme guess, you're an incel
Steel Battalion
Most multiplats are amazing on Xbox. My favorite is Outrun 2. Has two versions also. The modding scene is very cool too, because of its relatively simple exterior you can mod it and paint it and stuff.

File: ung.png (216 KB, 517x814)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
Were you ever tricked by retro reviews?
Back in the old days I remember a review talking about Rampage for the NES and how you got to play as monsters and destroy cities all across America.
It was written like this was the funnest game ever.
There were no pictures or anything (save the title screen), so the beautiful word picture the author painted managed to trick me into buying a terrible game.
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Pat looks like Vinny Chase from Entourage if Vinny never discovered vaginas
>the autistic rambling about mario bros. in the middle of the addams family review
That shit makes me laugh every time.
> Spends a paragraph talking about the plot and gameplay of Mario Bros.
> This game is nothing like that. Except if you like Mario Bros you'll like it.

Pat is the greatest comedy writer of all time.
That was prolly your dad came back for eternal champions and the rest of his stuff he left behind. Based sega chad
eternal champions looks cool but it's not much fun to play

New Resident Evil thread because why not. What is your favorite game and character? I like RE2 and Rebecca.
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>his also explains why the pc/dc versions dont have higher resolution backgrounds for the police station interior in re3

Don't they though?
Either way I'm not buying this explanation for three reasons

RE3 has new camera angles in the police station
like the close up in the radio in the STARS room, the unused close up on the desk in the meeting room, and this >>7740131
they couldn't have made those if they didn't have the source material... unless all of these are actually leftovers from RE2 dev but we have several versions of the police stations and those shots are nowhere to be found there (although it would explain why that shot still has the old door and the keycard reader).

the third reason is it's pretty fucking obvious RE3 is based on RE2's engine, down to how the option screen looks and the way you have to use the same cheat to turn off autoaiming in the japanese versions, the format of all the files is the same just updated. Between that and the fact that RE2 was a best seller that sold 5-6 millions copies on PS1 alone and that it was still getting new ports, there is no way they threw that stuff so early.

By the time the PC ports came out, it's another thing, but those hi-res backgrounds aren't something they pulled out of their ass, neither were the hi-res FMVs in the sourcenext version. Maybe a bit of content was lost here and there, that's a possibility, but there is no way the entire game was thrown in the trash.

Re-rendering the backgrounds from the source material isn't something they'd do for a simple port by then, because even if you have the source material, you have to realize that a lot of work was done on the backgrounds themselves after turning the 3D environment into bgs, rather than doing everything in the 3D version to begin with. This work can't be redone easily and won't be redone the same, which is exactly why ports that attempted this like the HD REmaster suck ass
The most logical explanation would be that the hi-res backgrounds come from backed-up devs personal files, before they were resized to 320*240, and that as a result there could be discrepencies with the final game like that corpse. For RE2 maybe they didn't have those, which doesn't mean that they wouldn't have had the source files of the game, or perhaps RE2 devs worked differently, and unlike RE3's, did the manual work on the backgrounds directly at 320*240 which is why no hi-res version exist.
Ha, Todd McFarlane Toys is also in Dino Crisis
Resident Evil Directors Cut
Barry and Hunk

how the fuck do you get good at this, its so fast paced compared to the puzzle games I play
Git Gud? Try playing the earlier games in the series?
Practice makes perfect :3

File: poketea.jpg (103 KB, 717x479)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
I am really interested in anons Pokemon teams from g1 or g2, please tell me who your main Pokes were/are
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i usually end up using nidoking at some point. it's the perfect filler pokemon. i also enjoy jynx and mr. mime
Jumpluff is so cool, it's a shame his moveset it's lame.
Back in the G1 and G2 era my teams usually had:

In Red:

I still remember my first team in Silver back when I was a weelad:
>The three dogs
>The two legendary birds

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I never realised hello kitty was such a big deal

When you're laid up in bed or in a significant amount of pain and need a distraction what do you play? I find retro games work better for this purpose, modern games have too many movies and too long an intro.

Always found Sonic 2 to be one of the best. Instant start and relatively engaging from the first level. Mario world does a similarly good job too.

File: kid icarus.jpg (39 KB, 355x500)
39 KB
this is fucking impossible
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The underworlds kinda tough and eggplant wizards suck. Other than that its easy
How come Kid Icarus never got a SNES sequel? It could've easily been a mainstay franchise.
It should have. We barely got super metroid. Just money reasons really. A super kid icarus made by the super metroid team would have been perfect. A kid icarus on n64 similar to jet force gemini (3rd person shooter/platformer) but more linear with vertical platforming and the occasional rail shooter segments could have even worked.
The Game Boy version is similar. It's hardest at the start when you have so little life and your attack power sucks. If you work hard at grinding enemies and finding every secret possible, you get increased life meter. I would say that once you get out of the underworld tower, only the bosses are remotely challenging.
godly post

Was this game really about "capitalism bad, communism good"? Or did it have another meaning?
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m2 is not great for gameplay, but it has lots of soul. m3 has a tad better gameplay, but they sucked out soul from it.
If you take away the gimmicky rhythm mechanic, mother 3 has a much less intricate combat system. There's not a whole lot of strategizing you can do with buffs and debuffs compared to the first two games.
exactly. after i figured out rhythm, i was pretty bored. although there were still some elemental weaknesses and such.
if Mother 4 did happen, it should be under a name that represents the departure of Earth.
I beat the game without knowing about the rhythm thing, probably had to do a bit more of grinding, was pretty ashamed

File: cpq1lxdbysi21.jpg (697 KB, 1347x873)
697 KB
697 KB JPG
what went so fucking wrong for Nintendo 64 in Japan? PS1 sold over 21mln units there, when N64 managed only 5.54mln, and it even got narrowly outdone by Saturn, of all consoles.
it's clear that many factors played a role, such as lack of JRPGs, especially DQ and FF (which were some of the top sellers during SFC era). also Nintendo's own shady practices drove away devs, and no CD drive was a huge disadvantage. but how the fuck they lost to Saturn? Sega were completely behind Nintendo in Japan before 5th gen.
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Powerhouse is a bit of a stretch
According to Sega's 1998 Financial report they had sold 8.8 Million Saturns by that point. The final number is a little over 9 Million. Of those numbers about 2 Million give or take is from the US, Europe, etc. The rest is Japan.
File: 1611533568541.png (327 KB, 640x480)
327 KB
327 KB PNG
There's the major lack of RPGs, not many Fighting games above mediocre quality, and the fact that it has 4 at the end of its name. Said number has VERY STRONG connotations with death in Not only Greater China, HK, Taiwan, and Singapore, but also in Korea and Japan.
>that pic
"we want the Genesis audience"

not him but it was the best 2D gaming machine on the market at the time.

saturnchads... I kneel
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looks like someone will translate this video version tho
File: honkai impact.webm (2.71 MB, 668x836)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB WEBM
makes you think when the best we've gotten is an event for a shitty gacha
File: Shito Ikusei 10.png (36 KB, 896x576)
36 KB
the n64 one is cool for what it is if you like the show. but yea they're not great. few anime games are worth playing if you don't care about the source material
During the 8-bit and 16-bit era some developers made a few cool licensed anime/manga games that were platformers and shmups and what not.

File: file.png (65 KB, 767x552)
65 KB
The 90s were such a different time. No wonder games were better then, the market demanded good games.
No one cares about your scaler, Mike Chi.

What are some good PS1 games?
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Lmao this post
>the other zelda
Don’t listen to the angry coomers, she is in fact ugly in that photoshoot. Like a 9 year old raiding her parents closet, and then doing heroin before “posing” awkwardly. Not even heavy photoshopping and a Vogue logo could trick the non-coomer. It’s the female equivalent of wearing a fedora to look sophisticated.
>50% weeb shit
>50% extreme sports
>also Beyblade
Weirdest taste I ever saw
I would say the same about FF7 though
centipede sucks lol

File: sakura-wars_1.jpg (284 KB, 1024x768)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
I recently got into Sakura Taisen on the Saturn. I was surprised how much was packed into this series. Deep lore, expansive plot, the LIPS system, and a decent combat system (from 2). Anyone else want to share their persepctives?

Retro only, so no discussion of Shin Sakura Taisen.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Semi-linear gameplay where you can change the outcome depending on how "waifu" simulator goes. Good animation and fun turn-based strategy parts.
Was this made by the same guy who made the Tenchi series? Or maybe the same animation studio? They look similar.
File: PC_version.jpg (645 KB, 2592x1944)
645 KB
645 KB JPG
It is impressive how Sega bet the farm on both Shenmue and the Sakura Taisen series. Both ended out to be money toilets. Their budget for the Sakura Wars games was immense spanning years and they got nothing for it. The game series is representative of all of their failures and a cautionary tale which has kept their competition afloat.

A full game from the dollar bin. It is a flawed game like Monopoly, which everyone seems to have played but is ultimately unenjoyable, but at least it was only a dollar. They are plentiful like Maddens.

It is made by Sega, famous for failure. You probably recognized the failure.

The story and scenario is by Akahori, who made a career out of "one guy and many girls" and getting an artist to depict it. When Sega asked him for his best concept, he said "one guy, FIVE girls" then Sega was like "bah gawd! We have a HIT!". The sequel came along and Sega asked for more, and he tricked them they thought it would be 6 girls, but he said "No! One guy, seven girls!" and Sega was floored again by his genious.

The artist they chose to do the character designs are by Fujishima, who did the original comic to You're Under Arrest and all the Tales games. I guess you might see it similar to the Tenchi series as it was made in the 90s and it is in color. Otherwise, I cannot see any relation.

File: 1597712243467.jpg (99 KB, 700x700)
99 KB
Is there a platformer that you would consider superior to any Mario or Sonic game? Are you prepared to come forward and name it?
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Well all platformers are different. No platformer tries to be sonic or mario and outdoes the real deal. But some collection/puzzle platformers are better at their niche. Wario lands DKC2 and Yoshis island come to mind. Some labyrinth style platformers like metroid or castlevania sotn are better in that way. Megaman is its own thing and its a better shooting platformer than mario or sonic. Whats prince of persia 1? Idk but its good at that. Dk jungle beat has the absolutely ridiculous control market locked down.

Once you go 3d it gets even harder. The tony hawk games are kind of platformers and theyre nothing like mario. Hard to even compare them really. That said there are hundreds of 3d platformers better than the 3d sonics.

Sonic games are about momentum and mario games are about precise platforming and powerups. I guess kid chameleon tries to be a really hard, complex mario and came out ok. But Id say they’re both the best at what they try to do.
donkey kong country 2
File: vincee.gif (3.89 MB, 200x200)
3.89 MB
3.89 MB GIF
Theres not even bottomless pits in Metroid and lava and spikes do very little. Crap platformer.
File: 1597517275967.gif (1.81 MB, 320x180)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB GIF
How do you know the pits are bottomless if you die the moment you leave the screen?
You try to confuse. Listen all I'm saying is in Metroid if you fall off a high ledge or touch lava/spikes you should explode like Megaman.

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