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File: feudal-burn.jpg (79 KB, 640x480)
79 KB
How do you respond without sounding mad?
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Based traditional seether
lovely kunoichi fishnets
File: 109681.png (21 KB, 452x497)
21 KB
Does the kunoichi fishnet trope have a definitive origin?
File: ayane.jpg (423 KB, 1579x2032)
423 KB
423 KB JPG
well they say they have to be seductive at times so...
File: 42692.jpg (14 KB, 240x320)
14 KB

File: Wood Elf.png (78 KB, 251x313)
78 KB
I liked that Everquest thread we had.
Shall we have another?
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Cazic Thule = Cthulhu
>Is it soloable?
Yes with right classes.
>Is it too different from a regular mmo for me to have fun with it?
Probably. Not sure what you mean by "regular MMO" though. EQ is the grandfather of most 3D MMOs but the genre has evolved substantially in the last 20 years.
File: LoE_wallpaper_1600_01.jpg (396 KB, 1600x1200)
396 KB
396 KB JPG
Been playing the RTS, Lords of Everquest, and it took seeing this picture somewhere to clue me onto the fact that Erudites aren't your regular niggers but big head niggas.
File: image2.png (759 KB, 793x627)
759 KB
759 KB PNG
Talk about Paludal Caverns!

File: link-marin.png (49 KB, 320x288)
49 KB
Just finished LA for the first time. How did they manage to turn a it was all a dream lmao story into something genuinely moving? It's a good game, but Turtle Rock and especially Eagle's Tower were kind of bullshit.
What do you think of it, anons?
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File: darknut.jpg (8 KB, 201x251)
8 KB
>human knights which is awesome and feels way better than fighting random abominations like in other Zeldas
Are Darknuts human? Also Moblins are cool.

I just remember hating navigating the mountain area over and over. My feelings might change if played again. Ultimately I think Oracle Of Seasons is the best of the three.
I tried DX years ago but there were a lot of minor things that over time annoyed me so much I stopped playing about 2/3rds of the way through. Apparently most of these weren't an issue in the original game.

I tried the switch remake when a friend let me borrow it, but I found the artstyle really offputting.

I'm currently playing the original game and having a good time. It's fun. I consider this the best version. People will think I am autistic or lying because the issues with DX really SHOULD be considered minor, but they bothered me enough that it became a big deal. Sometimes little things in a game mean a lot to me, for both better and worse.
Theres a DX romhack fixes the issues you probably have
>feels way more open with a more organic world
Probably my favorite thing about it and why I've returned to it countless times in my life. I think LA may be the more carefully crafted, heartfelt experience, but ALTTP just resonates with my sense of pure exploration and adventure. I can barely describe the exact texture of the nostalgia I get every time I get to the Eastern Palace, I'm transported back to those days of Nintendo Power guides and carefully listening to what old men in caves have to say and wondering who made that ancient temple. It just feels so "alive".

Does anyone have any good resources for case artwork? Looking to spice up my DuckStation and PCSX2, but a lot of places either did US, PAL, or JPN, but not all 3 in a uniform style.
This is made for PCSX2's integrated cover downloader:
File: yz4gr4.png (3.2 MB, 1854x1031)
3.2 MB
3.2 MB PNG
Never cared for that one

Saw those and I didn't much care for the canted look and how some are wildly different. I found one similar, just front view but with the case, but no PAL/JPN.
i would like to use these 3d-like covers but some of them come in inconsistent sizes and some are straight up missing.
Does anyones for FULL PAL set for ever console?
thanks in advance.

File: 626262 (2).png (80 KB, 272x407)
80 KB
Is it worth it?
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They're the same franchise in japan
>Someone actually asking for 4.5 thousand dollars for a GB Sokoban game about vegetables
So stupid. Actual parody.
Finally, a game for DEVO fans!
File: devo-other-33.jpg (155 KB, 900x1466)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
duty now, spud
SEETHING poorfag.

File: 20231026_123910.jpg (72 KB, 932x699)
72 KB
little eizo
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Thanks boys. Looks like ~100lbs and of course awkward as fuck to move, but doable. Decent tv for old games?
File: 20230720_211437(1).jpg (3.12 MB, 3265x3024)
3.12 MB
3.12 MB JPG
Yeah component should be pretty nice on it. Since it's a Trinotron there should be a ton of information out there on it. A lot more than the Toshiba I use.
Now that I think of it... Why do PVMs even exist? I get the broadcast monitors, but why did they use low res 15KHz sets for medical imaging etc? Why not a VGA high res PC monitor?
>for medical imaging
didn't they use them as oscilloscopes?
I'd assume they used them more for the non VGA connections
keep the stand bro

Is the ED64 a viable alternative to the Everdrive 64?
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>Stick with stock firmware
How come? Isn't Alt64 better?
That’s pretty much everyone’s reason for buying it
The other is for development
File: tb0La.jpg (23 KB, 485x352)
23 KB
>Stick with stock firmware
I've been reading the github issues pages and browsing various community pages. It seems altra64 may have some issues with some games, even though it adds a lot of capabilities like saving the memory card to the flash cart and so on. The stock card probably works with all games that it comes with. Probably a good idea to have a couple of cards. altra64 is being discontinued and they are moving to N64FlashcartMenu, but that seems to only support (currently) the SummerCart64 flash cart, which is an open source cart that you assemble yourself or pay someone to assemble for you. But the altra64 guy is adding support for the Chinese flash carts to N64FlashcartMenu.

File: whyyy.jpg (2.14 MB, 3840x2160)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB JPG
If he's chosen by the gods, then why did they even choose such an evil person and why is he doomed to fail? Is there any retcon in SS that relates to this?
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>Whenever Zelda fans go "Zelda has such a great story" I just roll my eyes.
No one even says this, you are just obsessed and a schizo. Though I would say this with the asterisk that it's a great video game story with the purpose to walk you from temple to temple. Zelda's worldbuilding is more important and iconic than its story
The conversation between the King of Red Lions and Jabun mentions that WW Link has no connection to the Hero of Time, he's just a random kid. Hence why he has to obtain the triforce of courage rather than being born with it.
Yeah, it's been a minute since I last played through WW. I suppose that kinda makes him more of a badass than most of the other Links
File: aQRRWv8_460s.jpg (27 KB, 460x279)
27 KB
>why did they even choose such an evil person and why is he doomed to fail?
Can you point on the doll where the phrase "on the spot" touched you?

File: RGJX2shots.jpg (67 KB, 435x600)
67 KB
Comfy SATURN thread.
>Wat playing atm?
>wat do you want translated
>most played ss game?
>how many saturns do you own?
>next november will mark 30th anniversary...
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Fair, I looked up the best looking Saturn games and found some actual CRT footage that looks great
Because japanese sellers will be cheaper than western scalpers. And usually their used items are in better condition too. If money isnt an issues get the brook / 8bitdo combo on amazon?
True but also original games like NiGHTS, Clockwork Knight and Panzer Dragoon.
Beetle Saturn is great.

File: 1688439104458218.jpg (96 KB, 736x552)
96 KB
This week marked the 33th anniversary of Super Mario World.
Try to leave the SMB3 vs SMW falseflag shitposting aside for this one, eh?
Do you remember the first time you played this game?
Do you remember how did you unlock your first entrance to the Star World? Did you find it on your own, or with tips from friends/mags?
Favorite level?
Share memories, art and whatever else related to this timeless classic.
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File: ss_ss6.gif (11 KB, 256x238)
11 KB
Incredibly soulful
>theres still not a single rom hack that brings the advance series additions to any of the original games

Still blows my mind. Are people really that okay with that shitty screen crunch?
File: index.png (11 KB, 240x210)
11 KB
Was this a DBZ reference?
Anon, I...

File: Racing_Aces_Coverart.png (178 KB, 220x372)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
Was this Sega's answer to Pilotwings? How does it compare?
play the game and see for yourself, lazy zoomer

I love Shining Force and this style of game in general but I absolutely despise moments like the start of the second battle.
You begin in the bottom right of the map. You need to guide several characters through this tiny piece of land that I have circled. This takes too many turns to accomplish because the characters are already moving less tiles per turn on that kind of terrain. There are several moments like this in the game, but this is only the second level.
I don't have a problem with the concept of some land slowing you down. I have a problem with choke points. These don't just show up in Shining Force. They are a constant problem in this genre. Even games in the distant future that aren't on grids don't avoid this issue.
Do people find this fun? Is there a reason developers can't just avoid making maps like this for the entire game?
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Aren't the enemies (bats iirc?) also of the flying type which isn't affected by the terrain? They thought they were making the game harder than they actually made it.
That's the next encounter, when you travel from the Southwest town to the Northern town.
while flying enemies do not benefit from land effect increasing defense, they do have double the normal amount of evasion, which can be quite frustrating. i know hans says something like "leave the enemies in the sky to me" or something, but i dont remember if ranged attacks actually have any kind of benefit or negate that extra dodge chance.
No, it's this encounter. You have to go north from the ruins to get to the SW town after the earthquake damaged the bridge you took to get to the first battle.
there are no bats in the second battle. just goblins, dark dwarfs, and rune knights.

battle 3, on the same map, has you going from the southwest to the north, and there are 5 bats. 2 bats to the east, over the bridge (unnecessary to cross and pursue) and 3 to the north in the mountains.

What are some fun collectathon games?
Hard mode: no Spyro
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spyro isnt fun
Pac Man World 2, can't believe it's not as popular of a speedrun game as bfbb
because its pac man
Rayman 2: The Great Escape
Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc
Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2
Kao the Kangaroo: Mystery of the Volcano
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

File: sddefault.jpg (41 KB, 640x480)
41 KB
Will this ever be emulated?

From what I can gather a couple of emulators support the hardware but not a way to scan barcodes, why is that? Wouldn't it be simple to add an interface where you just punch in the numbers of the barcode, or is it just that nobody gives a shit?
that thing had a pile of useless accessories it's amazing
Have you tried Mesen?
Or the SDL version of FCEUX?
Pretty sure I've seen ways of emulating it, albeit tediously.
>but not a way to scan barcodes, why is that?
Probably because it's almost entirely pointless. There are all kinds of ways to scan the barcodes. They're simple short numbers you could just type in.
>Wouldn't it be simple to add an interface where you just punch in the numbers of the barcode
Yes. That's how emufags usually do it.
>There are all kinds of ways to scan the barcodes. They're simple short numbers you could just type in.
My USB bar code scanner has a mode where it just emulates a keyboard and types the scanned bar code numbers automatically.

Maybe this question doesn't belong here, but even though I play retrogrames I'm generally uneducated on stuff like retro hardware and software. I have no real idea what stuff like FMVs or soundchips or framebuffers mean. Do you guys have any good sources for learning about this stuff or is it iust aggregated knowledge?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: SegaMegaDriveGirl.jpg (443 KB, 1600x2400)
443 KB
443 KB JPG
>aggregated knowledge?
For the most part yes, most /vr/ is well documented but there is no single comprehensive source for basic information.
When talking about how the hardware itself works your best choice is Youtube:
On the software side/history of the medium there are people like:
Some even that talk about really obscure stuff like old japanese pc games:

Even watching old AVGN videos you can learn a lot
>When talking about how the hardware itself works your best choice is Youtube:
No thanks.
File: mario-45204-normal.jpg (44 KB, 355x500)
44 KB
Most of this can be easily Googled or found on Wikipedia, but a lot of it is kind of useless information. Some SNES games had special chips like Super FX and SA-1 that allowed them to do different things, but you don't need to know what processor the console is running just to enjoy the games. Same with any other console. If you are really interested though there is a lot of engineering and reverse engineering stuff you can look into for homebrew or rom hacks.
Unironically wikipedia. It's often boring, incomplete, or even inaccurate, but you have to start somewhere. No superior waifu console war emulation threads need die for stupid questions.
FMV is just short for full-motion video. So games using it were called FMV games. The other two are more hardware related. Soundchip being the sound-producing unit of a device. And framebuffer being the part of RAM used for displaying graphics.

Probably easiest is just to look up stuff on wikis as you come across them, or use wikis to read up on your favorite computers or consoles if you're interested.

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