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I'm heartbroken. This game is shittier than I remember.
File: corvus dwi.jpg (31 KB, 500x261)
31 KB
It's a great game. You just need to get past the first episode (Silverspring). The level design and combat both pick up massively.

File: Westwood Studios.png (78 KB, 2000x909)
78 KB
I'm coming here to beg for help with DOSBox because this is something I've been stuck on for nearly a decade and after spending this entire weekend trying to solve it, I'm completely out of patience. I have no idea how to get DOSBox cpu cycles to just WORK ok. I want the cpu speed of the game to be accurate to the machine I'm emulating (SVGA S3 Trio64) without exceeding any frame limits the game I'm currently playing may have.

I've tried mixing and matching every CPU core, type, cycles mode etc. and it either runs like a laggy slideshow or way too fucking fast. I understand emulation for every console under the sun but DOS is absolutely fucking mystifying me and after years of searching online I still don't have a fucking solution to this.
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Can you name some games that you have trouble with?

Btw using cycles is easier than people think at first sight, when i started using Dosbox i thought a slow host computer needed more cycles than a fast host computer to reach the equivalent speed, however this isn't true. A 2008 quadcore and a 2020 quadcore should roughly give you the same results when using the same cycles.

Only if you use a pc slower than the 2008 pc you will start to notice lags more so you'll need to add more, or use max cycles.

Some cycles i frequently use : 10 000 for the oldest games (if still too fast, use auto = 3000), for medium games 40k to 60k, for some specific games like Magic Carpet use 120k, many others can use max cycles if they have their own limiter, for example Wacky Wheels can just run on max cycles and it won't freak out.

You can try my custom made (dosbox based) dospack, it has 100+ games preconfigured (sounds, speeds, controls and resolutions):


P.S. it's best to always use core=dynamic
PCEm is far more accurate if that's what you want. It'll emulate individual PC parts accurately. It's more like bsnes whereas DOSBox is like zsnes.
You can always just set-up PCem.
This looks awful.
>begs for help
>gets replies
>doesn't bother to reply back
reminder that CRT's don't actually look like this and scanlines aren't visible from more than a foot away

File: kyrandia.jpg (114 KB, 1152x720)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Childhood faps
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Acting like you don't know what it means won't make it go away, but then of course people on this board just cover their heads and pretend new things don't exist, because this board is just childhood games, the safe space.
Reddit doesn't even work on my browser, so checkmate.
Lol sorry I didn't fall for your obviously fake bullshit
Enjoy cooming to a tranny
It makes more sense to take that anon's statement as a rejection of the meme more than pretending it doesn't exist. Refusing to go along with a bad meme is entirely valid.
nope, boomers themselves created the meme when they made all those millions of articles where they complained about Millenials. It backfired horribly to put those generational memes in the mouth of millenials and gen z so now boomers will just have to eat shit

The ultimate retro game
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Still not retro. Only the original PC release falls within the board rules.
So any game with a modern port is not retro, interesting. FF7 is not retro then
>merely pretending
File: not retro.jpg (411 KB, 2681x1450)
411 KB
411 KB JPG
FF9 officially not retro.
>happened 2 months ago
does anybody got the original github repo?

Tell me ONE (1) game that all of /v/ agrees is good.
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Deeply outdated. This is over a decade old.

Why did you save it as a hyper compressed jpg?
File: pacman-1.jpg (305 KB, 816x800)
305 KB
305 KB JPG

Pac-Man. Nobody speaks ill of it
Russian Roulette hopefully
if you can find me the original png version of a decade old image, be my guest
File: Spoiler Image (2.49 MB, 3000x3000)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB JPG
Pac-man sucks dude.
Play a better game like this one.

File: coleco.jpg (882 KB, 4000x2667)
882 KB
882 KB JPG

It had a much better looking version of Donkey Kong than Nintendo and a very good version of DK Junior.

I can't count how many hours I wasted playing Zaxxon. It's graphics were superior to the other consoles at the time, until the 16 bit consoles came out, IMHO, I'm sure I'll be corrected.

Anyone have some favorite Colecovision games?
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It doesn't have actual hardware scrolling. You can fudge smooth scrolling by shifting the character set though, like in Circus Charlie. Even then it's still a little buggy and has artifacts/tearing.

File: frantic-freddy.jpg (17 KB, 480x360)
17 KB
The Colecovision was my first console growing up. The games were challenging for me since I was probably 4 at the time when my family had one of these, and they put it away within a year or two since my dad decided to buy an SNES. I got to play one again at a game museum booth at E3 years and years later, and it was much simpler to me. Anyways, the games I remember the most are Frantic Freddy, Antarctic Adventure, Pitfall, Donkey Kong, Lady Bug, Mouse Trap, and River Raid.

The controllers were incredibly weird. I remember sliding cards into them to know what the controls for the game were, but they still didn't make sense.
Always wanted one in the early 80's.
Truly the chad machine of its day.
I really love how simple it is. I never had one as a kid but did a lot with it later. By the time it came out I already had similar but more powerful hardware. As with most consoles of the time most of the games are low quality arcade ports. Every one was available within walking distance for either free or a penny a play so I was never really really interested
Some ports are decent and I guess worth playing if you don't want to emulate and there's no better port for hardware you have. A few that come to mind are ladybug, mouse trap, pepper ii. The colecovision really was the king of shitty maze games. It's inconceivable it didn't get a port of munch man.

Also SG-1000. And if you make your own colecovision, which is actually relatively easy, adding support for SG-1000 and certain MSX configurations is also relatively easy.

Doing it on that VDP is kind of a pain in the ass. Not even "teh c64 can't do scrolling" maymay hard. There's actually no hardware scrolling whatsoever built in. There are workarounds like >>7331867 but they require either shifting a bunch of shit thought an 8 bit port or juggling a bunch of shit in the VDP with limited space. Can't be assed to count up all the patterns and other shit but but fairly certain it wouldn't be possible to do well.
The Colecovision also has a really stupid NMI setup which makes it more tedious to program than the SG-1000 and MSX.

Why are the original Shadowrun, Syndicate, and Beneath a Steel Sky better than their sequels?
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early 3d graphics aged terribly. late 2d graphics obviously aged better. and then the 2012 syndicate game is completely soulless

beyond a steel sky is complete garbage

shadowrun returns is soulless garbage
There really is not that much that compares to beneath the steel sky. To this day I often think about it. Heard the new game, the sequel was not too bad.
Wars is a much more varied, colored game than the original and is 2D whereas the original is various shades of rust.

It can be freely downloaded from the ScummVM website.
Different demographics of developers and customers of decently well-off white people living in a better culture.

File: 1611355635998.png (80 KB, 1200x884)
80 KB
>huge library of exclusives
>4 player right out of the box
>first console to introduce online
>cool VMU controller
>only $200 at launch (19 launch titles available, most being exclusives)
>full kb/m support

What the fuck went wrong?
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Good post. The ads in Europe were great though.
for >>7333023
best guess is he means the light gun, where sega didn't sell their own in the US because of columbine, but third parties still made guns so it wasn't an issue?
The entire fucking weapon master mode is gone.
i'm guessing there were still strict filesize limits for XBLA games back then that they had to meet, as there's not really any other conceivable reason to cut that much content from the game.

File: unnamed.png (119 KB, 430x344)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
All the executable file games I used to play from 1995-2002 are missing.

A lot of the flash games from this era are also gone.

Can't find them anywhere on abandonware websites or the two prominent flash game archives.
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>executable file games
>every game has an executable
Try archive.org
Does anyone know if the "Y8" browser is safe to play Flash games?
That jungle hunter rapist game was probably made in 2010 and is probably available

The kind of games i'm talking about are games no one remembers anymore

some games were just standalone executable files in those days
Fuck Microsoft for not even letting you play Flash content you downloaded your fucking self. It's my business if I want to risk my PC.

File: hqdefault (5).jpg (45 KB, 480x360)
45 KB
Final fight trilogy on snes or streets of rage trilogy on genesis, your choice.
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That's only true if you pretend Golden Axe or Double Dragon don't exist.
>Blaze Fielding
Only in SoR1 when she's got that proper outfit.
Final Fight Arcade yes, but the snes version is so bad, as well as the other 2 games. So I'm going to have to go with Bare Knuckle/SoR
SNES version is based though.
>Street Fighter 4 screenshot


File: download.jpg (6 KB, 244x206)
6 KB
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Not if you have small jap hands
Wii U has a pretty good library failed console or not

including multiplats
>amazing emulator and multimedia platform
>some pretty good action games, a lot of scrapped dreamcast games end up on it
>controller can also function as a cluedo murder weapon
ive beaten it plenty of times i never even knew anything was "missing".

looks better in every area of the game. Literally every area. There is rain slowdown and that is the only "outdoor" area with slowdown. nice reach and cherrypick. The magic of the xbox version is literally every mundane room in the game looks 20 times as good because everything has crisp edges and proper textures.
Gas yourself.

File: e4m2.jpg (190 KB, 1280x720)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
Playing through Doom for the first time on UV and e4m2 is the first mission to make me mad. What is this?
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You mean ludo, fool.
A casual filter.

Now git gud
true, but E3 is shit too.
E4 is easy, faggot.

Gameplay and development discussion:
What homebrew / hacks are you playing /vr/ ?

Are you working on anything? Would you like to learn? Projects and questions welcome.


IPS Patcher:


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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In another thread (now dead), anon was wishing he control the Option modules manually with L and R in S.C.A.T aka Final Mission

so, I decided to do that. Select moves the Options counterclock wise, A moves then clock-wise. With emulators, you can then map Select and A to L and R or whatever you want.

I hope anon sees this because I suck at this game so I could use a tester before "releasing" the hack.

This should work with both players BTW; hopefully that doesn't glitch out at some point (harder to test when I'm alone). Also if you press both buttons at the same time the options shouldn't move, either.

hacked rom beta version download:
anonfiles b48d67Cdp1
I updated the patch archive with most of the English translations, GBA "trainer" patches & the rest of smspower.org's patches.
This has been updated with 1500+ ROMs, most are Chinese.
>Yep. The PPU uses the PPU_DATA pointer to draw the current screen. If you try to change it while it's drawing, the PPU becomes very unhappy with you and your frame

New issue now and I guess this is what is happening. My code works fine but under situations when there are 2 players, it'll make the 2 player sprite jitter up and down the screen and flicker (and that happens whether or not I deactive my extra code related to the 2 player).

I suppose that it's getting confused by another code writing to the PPU at the same time but I'm not sure, in which case I'm not sure what I can do here...
Yep, that's exactly it. There is a routine that animates background stuff which is only active once in a while, and my code gets in the way if activated at the same time. Funny how it only screws up when there is a 2 player on screen.

Well, I'm stumped. It's not like I could run my code after that one to make sure they don't mix up either; since it's not the only that can potentially get in the way
File: smb2_dma.png (86 KB, 1692x772)
86 KB
Well, first things first, you can use the step through debugger on a frame when the graphics screw up to see if it is running past vBlank. If you can verify that's the issue, then maybe you can rework it.

File: EpxXFLGXcAYY1Gp.jpg (692 KB, 3554x1999)
692 KB
692 KB JPG
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the second one is hotter though. You are the one who sounds like a zoomer that only discovered 4chan after gamergate
>"second one is hotter"
>looks like actual tranny
>mans forehead

kek. You're literally a faggot then aint ya.

>muh goobergate
>muh soggy knees
>looks like actual tranny
Yes zoomer, everything is a tranny, rent free
>the second one is hotter though
Here is your Jill aswell, breh
File: 170.jpg (667 KB, 2560x1440)
667 KB
667 KB JPG
nuJill looks terrible on this cover art, but in-game looks nice. I heard a theory it was made for sjws who don't play games and judge it by the cover.

Based or cringe?
36 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Just a nice reminder
>Links to a post that mentions this in the second or third sentence.
Imagine being this low effort with your bait.
Cringe in a based way
yeah sly 1 got filtered by me who sees it as an inferior crash clone with O button gimmick. 2 is when the series got its own actual identity
It was kino
Please, speak english.

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