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File: Untitled.png (390 KB, 594x608)
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390 KB PNG
Looking back, was it worth the wait?
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yes, but in 2040 when modders finish fixing it
stay safe, anon
Do Jews commit incest?
Probably not. They're barely human, but the only ones they respect are their own.
Did you know that Duke Nukem Forever was delayed for like 10 years and there was a hilarious joke that it was called Duke Nukem Forever because it was delayed.... FOREVER. LOL, get it? Because it was delayed FOREVER so people were saying that's probably why they called it forever LOL.
There was no wait. No one actually expected it to be released.

ITT we discuss Toki, the last based monkeformer.
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I am, I'm a lolicon.
It's pretty average but on the highest difficulty setting it's bastard hard.
It frustrated the hell out of 9 yo me but I learned to appreciate it since the early 90s
As you can see >>7644717
reviewers who had nothing to gain with monke posts always liked Toki. Face facts Nintendrones you lost, again.

Anyone else getting this?
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I dunno. I’ve attempted to get through this one so many times since it released and can never keep interest. New content seems cool, but I just don’t like the battle system. I’ll probably cave it an give it another shot.
Too bad no physical release though.
People with shit taste. The 1st one was way better.
I just downloaded it
Second one is better imo but as far as typical SaGa games go Frontier 1 is superior

What's the best way to play SNES FF 4,5, and 6? There's like a new translation or improvement patch released every other day. Mind boggling. Should I just play the vanilla versions?
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>Modifed Woolsey patch
is edgar a pedo?
Peh... I'm just fine with the GBA translation. FFV is already a mostly-silly game as it is compared to IV or VI, but it does know when to can the jokes and get serious (like Galuf's raging death).
Naw, just a groomer
Terra a cute
PSP Complete Collection or DS. depending on what you want. The former looks better and has the full story. The latter is 3D is just the main game with added dialogue and cutscenes. PSX is alright. SNES is press X to win.
PSX or SNES, take your pic.

File: 1477613045014.jpg (210 KB, 305x437)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
I'm gonna play Half-Life, the first Half-Life. This Half-Life was really awesome back in the day; this was probably one of my favorite games, definitely one of my favorite games. I played the hell out of it.
This seems like a good game to play because it's not all that long
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I want to get to the good parts. The parts where you shoot aliens.
True its always been a great game.
File: hqdefault.jpg (43 KB, 480x360)
43 KB
Too much soul
i think these threads are some meme, right? but if not just remember not to play the steam version because the gamma is fucked and it makes the game looks about 10 years behind how it really looks
Real talk, which extra content did the GOTY had compared to the original?

File: alishas_adv.png (422 KB, 648x497)
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422 KB PNG
Gameplay and development discussion:
What homebrew / hacks are you playing /vr/ ?

Are you working on anything? Would you like to learn? Projects and questions welcome.


IPS Patcher:

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CSP2 style fighting game based on anime/manga series.
Hey, I was just about to start studying for how to make a game for the SG-1000, which is almost the same specs as the MSX, if we could keep in touch somehow we could probably pool knowledge and bounce ideas back and forth, if you'd like
The SG-1000 is more like a Colecovision but the controller is different and it uses the IRQ to flag the vblank like a sane hardware designer would do not what the Colecovision does.
it's more reliable too because it didn't use stupid outdated 4116 RAM chips that get hot

So now that these games are considered retro, what does /vr/ think of the Manhunt games?
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Fucking women I swear. It's always waterworks and guilt with this fucking species
No, his mom tapped into her dark nature and beat it before he did.
women aren't a species, humans are the species. Women would be a race or something.
true, they were female.
I couldn't play rockstars table tennis because im left handed im still pissed off about that

File: 1430072071302.jpg (20 KB, 300x300)
20 KB
Been a while since I've seen one of these.

You know the drill, describe a game you can't remember the name of and others will try to figure it out.


Here's one that seems like it should be easy but has plagued me for some time.
- Win 3.1 era
- Jigsaw puzzle game
- Pretty simple, you put the puzzle together and when it's done it turns into a short little animation with music.
- The one I remember vividly was an ice age scene with hunters and mammoths. The people were very small, almost like stick men. When you finish the puzzle they raise and lower their spears and a little song plays.
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It's a Mario clone for DOS/9X, koopas are snails IIRC and instead of of the fire flower you get a gun
I’m thinking it could be The 7th Guest, but it seems like a stretch considering the vampire you mentioned
>First was an adventure game where you played as a monkey in a zoo or in captivity. Your first puzzle was escaping your cage. I think it was a dos game with typical pixel art.

Sadly, it looks like Im unable to copy system ringtones onto sd card and I don't have the cable to connect phone to pc.
I may try to put together something so I can record it for you jack-to-jack from earphone socket, but thats later today and quality may vary.
You may have better luck searching by the filename on the internet.
Also, later today apparently means now, for I found to jack-to-jack it from existing hardware at hand!

File: DoDonPachi18.png (31 KB, 240x320)
31 KB
Shmup stands for shooting game. It's a genre about collecting medals, coins, and chaining kills while your ship auto scrolls passively. All the games are 100% solved so the trick is to copy yt replays frame by frame. The basic way to brag to other shmup players is to list your 1cc kills. 1cc stands for one continue credit meaning you didn't use any credits to beat a shmup. The more 1cc you have the higher you are on the totem pole, right now Jailers is best player in world with most 1cc.
There are two big strategies: point blank and self-destructing. Point blank means killing enemies before they aggro and call for backup, self destruct means intentionally dying to increase the difficulty and scoring potential.
I recommend you start with Gradius 2 , Rtype 2 or Dopdop achi, pic related as its got a fun chaining system and 2 loops you can 1cc. A player named Bananas beat both loops in 70hours while a player named Bork Bsx took 10000 hours for the 2loops clear. This means talent is really important for shmup.

Let's fight and dodge together!
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Rtype leo is relaxing and fun
TAC looks very uncomfortable around the tranny.
I was on grindr recently and there were some pretty convincing cute asian trannies (way better than tranmui ofc) and femboys
I might take the plunge bros
>try Vertizontals? like Gigawing or Sokyougurentai, they scroll vertically but the screen dimensions are horizontal
Is Vertizontal actually what people call them?

get aids
it's a sort of goofy term but people have been using "vertizontal" to describe 4:3 vertical shmups since at least the 00s. Any Neo Geo shmup is going to be in that aspect ratio as well with like 1 exception.

File: d22a312cdcf6c.jpg (832 KB, 709x1044)
832 KB
832 KB JPG
What was the best OS for gaming back in the early 2000s?
Windows 2000
Windows 98. It was supported until 2006 (2 years more than Microsoft planned), could not be ignored by gaming industry, and was compatible with 9x era games.

Obviously, newer game hits required newer hardware, and you couldn't rely on your trusty Pentium II with 8 MB VRAM 3D accelerator in the early 2000s, but it wasn't often clear why should an average system run slower and heavier XP, and it only gained a lot of momentum after SP2.
XP will be better for anything released past 2002.

File: f9195051[1].jpg (1.38 MB, 1815x2599)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB JPG
Has /vr/ played this game?
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I've played it on Famicom and Tandy CoCo. The Famicom version has nice music but the gameplay is better on the CoCo I think.
I played both the DOS and PSP versions. It's pretty fun to run through and get progressively further each time. Plus the main theme kicks ass.
The Famicom port is NROM, it's significantly cut down and you don't want to bother with that.
I played fucking Thexder for Windows 95

as a kid I thought it was pretty badass desu

I have gotten most of the consoles that I want for normal retro gaming, and I'm wondering if it's worth getting some of the more difficult stuff like a Consolized MVS, 3DO, etc.

Alternatively, I would like to use an older spare computer and an AMD RX280x I have lying around to set up a dedicated emulation box for the CRT with CRT Emudriver, and it makes me wonder if I should just not bother with the more rare/expensive consoles.

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Not going to spoonfeed a tard who can't even do basic homework but will point out that if you think there's a 131-in-1 cart that has all the games someone would want you need to do some basic homework.
Bro, just use MAME.
I'm not poor or degenerate.
Consolized MVS arent hard to get. just buy that shit off alieexpress
You are a complete fucking retard and a larping zoomer.
And so are you.

File: scorpian.jpg (14 KB, 228x261)
14 KB
Scorpion rules.
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File: guilewhatsadhalsim.gif (1.96 MB, 340x259)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB GIF
That's not Guile. That's Duke from G.I. Joe.
True, they're all at least twice as cool.
Kano wins

File: 1444702163278.jpg (109 KB, 629x500)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
When I think about it, this game actually kind of does suck. For an RPG, it has no replay value to speak of

>99% linear with no side quests (woooow, you can buy a pointless house :O, hella freakin' epic lois)
>No party organization to give certain characters priority over others
>No unique equipment builds that reward smarter thinking, not harder thinking
>No way to truly test your characters skills with the lack of a new game+ feature

Would have been nice to have, but this is give or take:
>Alternate party members
>Alternate endings
>Monster/boss arena

At the end of the day, it's still a VIDEO GAME and not an "interactive experience". You don't cut Gone Home any slack(the hipsters that love Earthbound LOVE Gone Home as well), neither should you with Earthbound.
5 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
This. Also JSR/F fans as well. Sorry guys, you're rooting for Sega but I can't take it. Earthbound and JSR are peak posercore.
But it's an rpg that LOL HOLDS UP SPORK, that makes it the BEST EVER.
Its a great dragon quest parody but americans are too retarded to know what NES dragon quest was.
File: greeksalad.jpg (56 KB, 750x750)
56 KB
i dont want pay many money for game tho i like having game collections on phone instead of taking up space in apartment desu
I must have finished Earthbound around 6 or 7 times, about 4 of those being full runs and the others being through the NG+ hack, plus a run I quit in right before the Carbon and Diamond dogs. Yeah, I'm thinking I'm based.

I loved this game as a kid, yet I couldn’t beat it. I thought it was very charming and fun. Anyone else play this or its sequel? Any other games like this?
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There's an entire series of these games. Some of them have fan translations
The part with the fake glitch screen was one of the most shocking and unexpected moments in retro gaming

I played it once on an emulator because I'd been into Kung Fu Heroes as a kid and it's connected to that in some way I guess. (Kung Fu Heroes is kinda dumb but I like it a lot anyway.) I had fun with it but eventually lost interest. I don't think I ever got stuck.
I beat the super nintendo remake. There was an airship that looked like getter robo. Super ninja brothers I think it was called.
File: walk108.jpg (12 KB, 256x223)
12 KB
Yep there it is.

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