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Is ACGC worth checking out again? I played it back when it released but my memory is hazy - Wild World was the one I played the most. Didn’t really enjoy NH - I remember the villagers personalities being more varied in the GameCube version.
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absolutely. its vibe is still so sick, and the core gameplay is all there. there are some weird quirks, but there's so much little weird stuff in it and it's still a ton of fun. i would say new leaf is the best objectively, but it was the beginning of the end in regards to AC losing itself personality and gameplay wise. every game is its own little time capsule that's worth visiting minus NH imo
I don't get the appeal of these games at all, i was bored out of my mind after a week and it was a chore to play
what the fuck is the difference between animal crossing and harvest moon?
I think people shit on City Folk too much. It's basically Wild World 2.0. The only legitimate criticism I ever see is the grass dying, which is fair.

Hell, I even miss the fucking pointer controls. Typing and clicking on things with that shit was comfy as hell. Typing anything on NH was dreadful in comparison.
idk if nostalgia could carry it, every game improved on the formula.

I know we have threads about this game / series every five minutes, but there isn't one right now and I have an opinion I'd like to put forth that I think has weight to it.

Pretty much every guide or discussion you come across, Bianca is believed to be the canon wife of the hero, the one you are "supposed" to choose. I don't think that's actually the case and the game guilt tripping the player into thinking they should choose her is a test. Sure you are childhood friends with Bianca and go on adventures, but after you're captured and she had the sense you were still alive what does she do? Farts around in hicksville for 10 years. If she were actually worthy of the hero she would have set out herself to find what happened. Nera on the other hand was raised to be a dainty stay at home princess wife but as soon as she is chosen by the hero, insists on following and helping him in any danger they face.

Another thing which is less official, but in these series of games there are loose connections many of which are aesthetic. Heroes usually have green or blue hair. Nera had blue hair, granting her children with the main character have blue hair making them true Dragon Quest heroes.

Bianca was a red herring all along.
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But in games they always win.
Name 5 games.
Sticking to /vr/ appropriate games, there's
Final Fantasy VII
Dragon Quest VIII
Fire Emblem
Fire Emblem Gaiden
The Legend of Dragoon
Yuffie is the best choice in 7
I like Yuffie best too, but you don't get a choice though, Cloud and Tifa always get together.

Did he have fun?
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Bout the same
sometimes I would get insanely bored and just explode the letters for fun, the sound was satisfying
Is there not a website with archives of found hacks with game genie and game shark?
It's probably a creepypasta writer here

Sounds like it
He knows what lies beyond the flag pole.

File: png.png (126 KB, 286x197)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
this game got a bad rap but it's so good, save for team rose which i could do without, the other three groups are really fun and add a lot to the experience. has to have the best music in the franchise too even.
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idk ask sega
>there are better examples of the mechanic!
>no the example you gave is shit
>yea b-but I don't like switching on the fly so it's better because it's not really doing it!
anon, are you perhaps retarded?
I'd really prefer if you didn't have to play through all four campaigns and get the chaos emeralds in some of the jankiest 3D stages in gaming history. What the hell is going on with the physics on those emerald stages?
lol, yeah the special stages aren't that great even if they're a callback
Great concept, finicky execution.
Par for the course for Sonic Team.

File: hqdefault.jpg (37 KB, 480x360)
37 KB
You guys never talk about Mortuum.
Well I'm fed up.
Talk about Mortuum or I'm gonna lose my shit.
Convince me, OP.
OP I looked up this game on youtube and all that came up was a single gameplay video of level 1. Is this game even real?
Apparently these guys have it, but it's for Win 3.1 so you'll need to figure that out to play

File: 1641029529564.webm (2.38 MB, 1920x1080)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB WEBM
Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner filming his little brother with a VHS camera to use as the basis for the animations in his original Apple II game. Has anything ever contained more SOVL?
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For such a know it all twat you don't know shit.
Floridian here. Can confirm. Most of us get tired of jet fighters because of how often we pilot them here.
You're not wrong, anyone disagreeing either lives in South America or comes from there.
I'd like to hear more things that never happened.
wouldn't those people know the most about how shitty it is instead of romanticizing it?

File: 1664245144681836.jpg (198 KB, 800x806)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
The source code for Red Dog: Superior Firepower, a 2000 Dreamcast-only video game was uploaded to GitHub as open-source software under the MIT License.
Assets are not included, and the game is not available anywhere right now.
I wonder if anyone would bother to make a source port for it.
>The source code for a shovelware game no one's heard of or cares about

File: winnie.jpg (26 KB, 386x504)
26 KB
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yeah it sure would suck to have to be around a hot girl with big tits all day.
File: Triangle-boobs.jpg (377 KB, 1024x768)
377 KB
377 KB JPG
>your tit- I mean, tea. Lady Croft.
That old man was probably in the military, a lot of old butlers and valets for high class places were military, particularly from support units. They're old but want to keep working, no one's *forced* to do this job.
He is into being bossed around by young women. Lara is doing him a favour.

Lmao I bought a PS2 With the intention of hooking up an HDD to load games from and it doesn't even have a spot for the network adapter to connect. Wtf Sony!
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75000 slim, if I had a fat PS2 I’d test it but I don’t.
I want to add that gradius v is a CD game, which means at maximum, absolute maximum, your PS2 drive is reading it at about three and a half mb a second, and even on a fat you should be getting at least those speeds.
It’s a 440 mb disc, so even if that video is half the size of the disc (which I highly doubt) and even if your network connection was 2mbs, that’s more than enough to stream the video without stuttering. It’s something on your end.
That's it then, as far as I know SMB isn't an issue at all for deckards. Many games are fine even with USB, in my experience.
Actually, no. I have a PS2 (fat) and a PSP at my parents house but that's in a different country. I have a PS4 and a Vita but my PS4 is in the back of my closet and the Vita is in a drawer somewhere. My brother had a PS1 at some point when I was a kid and I got to play that.
Generally I do buy my games - I have a pretty big collection (pic related). But I also have flash carts, and now I'm going in on ODE's. And in the case of PS2, loading from HDD. Of course I prefer to have a physical copy, but some games are stupidly expensive and quite honestly there are some games that I would enjoy to play but don't care about enough to own.
Sorry I don't play Western games. They're all shit.
I'm only active on /vr/. I post on open 2ch and 5ch as well.
Kinda weird, especially since sly Cooper is boring

I think you're just a faggot probably

File: .png (929 KB, 658x658)
929 KB
929 KB PNG
Are there any companies that make blank cases for X68000 software? I have some complete games (including covers) that didn't come with a box. I'd buy some other games to use the cases of but shit's expensive
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A Chinese stereotype wrote this post.
So you can have a nice box to put your disks in.
You're mixing up Chinese arcade vendors with Japanese retro PC collectors. COMPLETELY different groups. You frickin' racist.

Measuring the boxes I do have, these options seem slightly too large but I'll give them a go, thanks!
Go back , esl-kun

File: sh.jpg (57 KB, 541x637)
57 KB
Just entered the hospital, when does this game get scary?
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Those things in 2 after Laura locks you in the hospital room. Like corpses just suspended in the air, tracking around the room. That or SH4's staircase descent into Walter Sullivan's consciousness.
Five Nights at Freddies might be more for you OP.
This is both terrifying and hilarious all at the same time.
Bros cybil won't fucking die. WTF do I do
Pour the red liquid on her. If you didn't collect it at the hospital ya dun goofed.

File: N64-Controller-Gray.jpg (2.55 MB, 3280x2520)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB JPG
Did this console have any, like Secret of Mana on the SNES?
don't think so, in fact the only game I can think of at all besides Secret of Mana that only supports up to 3 players is Trine
The rampage games.
Gauntlet Legends without the Expansion Pak. Yeah three players max, not two, but exactly three with just the standard Jumper Pak.

File: suikoden.jpg (59 KB, 696x391)
59 KB
Will you play the remasters of Suikoden 1 and 2 when they come out soon?
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Good enough translation to become an acclaimed game until now. If it's actually shit enough, someone will make a psf patch with the new translation sooner or later.
No reason to fund korean pachinko mafia.
Possibly the most miserable fuck on this board
>im wondering if the content from the saturn version of suikoden1 will be in.
lol of course it won't
>play the remasters
Lol no.

What's wrong with drunkenly mashing and credit feeding through beat-em' ups with three of your boomer friends on a multicade with cheap shitty controls and a stretched image on a bargain-bin modern LCD? You're telling me that's not worth $2999 to experience once or twice?
Boomers didn't play video games they had families that did


File: FIjO6QUXMAcykZJ.png (299 KB, 488x579)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
When will nintendo release consoles with see-through colored plastics again?
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Many of these aren't even comparable beyond being in the same genre, and even then you're making major stretches like comparing Smash to Capcom fighters.
>modern gamers
you mean the tranny groomers or the genderfluid children?
Nintendo is dead.
>literally so mad about the N64 that he made a completely subjective comparison chart in his free time
gr8 b8 m8 I r8 8/8

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