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Gameplay and development discussion:
What homebrew / hacks are you playing /vr/ ?

Are you working on anything? Would you like to learn? Projects and questions welcome.


IPS Patcher:

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>Unless your definition of "good" is letting you compile your VS project and have it run at the same speed, and resolution as your desktop PC
in that case you just become STI trying to force their Sonic X-Treme engine to work on the Saturn and wondering why it was 15 fps
it may well not but didn't really look at the ROM to find out
Bionic Granny Atari 2600. Actually this game would be appropriate for the system.
I thought you were supposed to play a kid, but turns out you control granny. Sounds fun.

Bionic Granny was so infamous that inspired this improved remake. The original game would as anon said probably be an acceptable Atari 2600 title but on C64 you tend to expect a little more than that.

Is this the essential Darkstalkers experience?:

>arcade versions of 1, 2, & 3 (Vampire, Hunter, & Savior)
>PSP or Dreamcast version of 3.5 (Savior/Hunter II)
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What the fuck are you even talking about. Do you just want people to not care about getting good? There will always be people who want to be really good at games. A competitive scene forming is natural and inevitable, doesn't matter if the developers "double down" on it or not. High level competition isn't even something specific to fighting games, it happens in any game where humans play against each other. Like fucking Tetris or Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh.
Studying and practicing is not what entertainment is about, in fact people use entertainment as a break from such things. The normal way to learn a game is by simply playing it for fun, not watching videos, reading wikis, and doing repetitive exercises in practice modes.

You could make an exception for those who have actually monetized pretending games are a sport, like sponsored or prize winning players. But those are exceptions and will obviously not be playing games as entertainment. They misuse them in the same way "competitive" eaters misuse food.
Sounds like cope
File: Darkstalkers.jpg (185 KB, 657x900)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
>The normal way to learn a game is by simply playing it for fun
For a lot of people getting good or at the very least competent at a game is the fun. To most people fighting games are a hobby and most people will try to get better at their hobbies as they partake in them. Its why people into gardening will buy books about or go on pinterest to see other peoples gardens or people into playing an instrument will steadily up the complexity of the pieces they try to learn. The process of getting better is all part of it. Just because you have no competitive drive or motivation in your body doesn't make it not fun for the people who do.

>fight speed
Music and some visuals like everyone having a unique flashing color for their supers and ex moves were definitely a little bit of a downgrade from Hunter to Savior. I'd even give Hunter the edge in stages though Savior's Iron Terror, Tower of Despair and Fetus of God are still the coolest looking stages in the series imo. But fight speed? Vsav's speed, neutral and high damage is what helps it continue to stand out among its contemporaries and successors to this day. Not that Hunter's is bad or anything it's just different but I think Vsav still having a niche but dedicated playerbase while Hunter really doesn't despite it being Daigo's preferred game in the series is pretty telling.
Entertainment is about what you want it to be retard. Using 4chan is a wasteof time yet here you are. Stay bad and free.

Has anyone here gotten one of these things yet, and done a teardown of it?
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The fact that this post even needs to be made is embarrassing.
To be fair, the dualshock established the one dualstick format that serves as the template for basically every analog controller from then so early on enough it's hard to even conceive of a time how an analog controller should be layed out wasn't a already solved situation.
They probably don't even realize the playstation controller didn't come with those sticks out the gate and they were invented later.
So you can buy these with just a month of normal tier NSO even though they'll only work with the N64 app? I might pick one up down the line then.
do they seriously only work with the app specifically
How does N64 games play with a gamecube controller?

File: covert-ops-nuclear-dawn.jpg (2.2 MB, 1923x1236)
2.2 MB
2.2 MB JPG
Game is pretty, but no one ever mentions it.
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I don't care as much about the filters, if you think it looks good do it, but it's hard to have a conversation about how good-looking the game actually is if you only show us highres 3D that the game didn't have.
People who increase rendering resolution in 3D games are the same people who use smoothing filters in 2D games.
why are you projecting?
File: 1617065652895 (1).png (279 KB, 600x754)
279 KB
279 KB PNG
>mfw I increase rendering resolution but keep texture warping on
One of the few games I've played where getting the best ending (Scenario S) actually makes the story worse

>Let's just bake dithering into the textures themselves so the image can never be properly cleaned up
Why is this allowed?
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the dithering is what makes this games good actually. they were not designed for big, hd screens in mind anyway
unlike what crtfags might want you to believe there's nothing wrong with playing retro games on an lcd screen without any filters, as long as the screen is SMALL. you should emulate your psx games on a psp, vita or switch, not on a fucking 4k hueg screen in your living room, that's retarded
Because they werent taking emu faggots into account who seem to spend more time tweaking the picture and making threads online than actually playing games

I miss these absurdly over-the-top Japanese titles. Minimalism is more aesthetic, but it’s also less soulful.
>bake dithering
What a retard.
Gotta fit those textures in ram somehow

File: 1615585842785.jpg (38 KB, 500x384)
38 KB
>game doesn't tell you if items you want to buy are better or worse than items you have equipped
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Name 45 games that do this.
I don't even think there's one
doesn't work for some games, disgaea for one
every Sierra point n click
File: unnamed.jpg (78 KB, 512x269)
78 KB

File: 109513.jpg (143 KB, 769x1032)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
There was this 90s PC game similar in style to Lunicus, Drowned God, and Spaceship Warlock. It was a first person sci-fi game, but I can't remember the exact genre. It was very likely an adventure game. I don't remember much about it other than this really memorable part where the character is dying and their AI suit (or some kind of robot voice) tells them to pray and gives them a selection of religions to pray to before their death. I really wish I knew more but that's all I got. I hope someone knows what I'm talking about because it's been driving me crazy.

TL;DR Looking for a 90s PC sci-fi game where at one point the guy can die and some AI gives him a list of religions he can pray to before his demise.

Pic somewhat related
File: 169632--burn-cycle.jpg (84 KB, 512x640)
84 KB
Sounds like Burn Cycle. But I'm not 100% sure, it's been too long.
That'd be Quantum Gate.
>Sorry for what? Our daddy taught us not to be ashamed of our dicks.

File: space.png (176 KB, 500x336)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
Rinoa was lost in space...forever.
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I sometimes wonder if perhaps you gotta be a nip to appreciate the romance, like maybe it plays on tropes unique to their culture or something like that and that's why so many people find it confusing and forced.

Or maybe they just have shit taste.
I can't think of any anime examples that are similar.
it felt more like a shitty hollywood action movie where the heroine shows no interest in the hero but they get together in the third act anyway
Welcome to the NHK maybe?
>I'm presenting this sworn affidavit Rinoa will never, ever, ever return!

i'll start
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I played fft first, so i was spoiled
It's soild
How about I bang your head against a wall?
I'll bang your mother too
Boring game desu and charc design suck as always with Amano (dude makes based artworks but ingame portraits are always ugly as sin)
Play Vandal Hearts instead
Why is Terra in that game
This really was a huge sleeper. A magic system with huge flexibility, summoning ever-stronger monsters, creating your equipment on-demand, pretty decent story, and a great soundtrack.


God dammit the final boss in Toxa's story can go straight to hell. "Hey wanna take 150 damage in a game where everyone has 100 HP? No? Okay fine I'll just wipe the party with Garuda Flame instead as my army of Lv17 fyni with HP-draining Seven-Star Swords waltz in and fuck you up, GG."

The 100HP thing was a rather strange design choice. I sometimes wonder if they did have actual HP values but for whatever reason it was expressed as a percentage.

File: supergameboy.png (1.23 MB, 921x708)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
That color scheme is awful.
jusr as the developers intended
Donkey Kong Land has its own color schemes when used with the Super Gameboy. I don't know why OP is using that god awful one.

Why is this game so fucking creepy
Also post other unsuspecting spooky games
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No its not
>use password to try the last level
>eventually memorize the maze
>this shit fucks me up instantly
>keep trying
>completely sick of having to repeat this maze
>use an infinite health cheat
>getting eaten makes the whole screen go completely red
I think this is the only time a game ever got to me.
File: PorkypigSNES_boxart.jpg (25 KB, 367x266)
25 KB
This game feels like a creepypasta, it just has such a bizarre feel to it.
Survival horror games involve open play areas and resource management. It is also predated by Sweet Home and Alone in the Dark which ARE survival horror games.

Apparently when I was 3 years old Kid Icarus absolutely terrified me. I loved watching my mom and dad play any other NES game, but if Kid Icarus was on I'd start shrieking and sobbing. One time I was with my mom in another room and heard my dad playing the game in the living room, and collapsed to the floor wailing. Any theories about why the game upset me so much?
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File: 1617584040881.jpg (46 KB, 720x480)
46 KB
I was just like this when my older sister would play Silent Hill 3, but it's more understandable in that case since it's a spooky game. Now it's one of my favourite games ever and one I replay annually, meanwhile she can't handle horror stuff at all anymore. Go figure, huh.
the grim reaper in the game is kinda scary. the music changes and he freaks out.

Nuff said
I reckon this is the correct answer,especially as you made a thread about it
This still kinda happens to me on the second logo, and specially with PS2 with the red bad disc part

File: Chak.png (844 KB, 528x720)
844 KB
844 KB PNG
Post retro soundtracks that you think are good, but everybody else hates.
Or, post soundtracks that you hate that everybody else thinks is great.
Personally, I love the Chakan soundtrack. Game is questionable, but the music is so atmospheric and hostile. I love it. It's like the whole game wants you dead, and the music captures that feeling perfectly
I'm indifferent on most of Chakan's soundtrack, the water zones have a laid back and kinda menacing vibe to them I enjoy.
But I fucking LOVE the intro song

I always liked the Chakan soundtrack. It takes the whole "symphony of farts" sound that Genesis has as far as it can but it's so intense. Favorite is the wind level, really feels like shit's going down.
I recommend listening to the chakan soundtrack in 50hz. That's how it played on pal systems. It does magic with several of the tracks.

File: Wario Land 4.jpg (1.29 MB, 2560x1399)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
Post your favourite video game boxes. I love the JPN Gameboy Advance packaging. They look like tasty little candy boxes.
16 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Wind Waker in particular is great
File: 552352323.jpg (293 KB, 1600x1200)
293 KB
293 KB JPG
One of the most interesting
why would u do that to ur box anon it will loose collector value on ebay!!!!1!!
Not mine, and PC big boxes are surprisingly cheap even for very rare games.
still, boxes are NOT for scronching

Sims 3 never looked better, observe:
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because he's Italian
When my older brother was in school, he was taught that the typical Italian's grandmother was raped by an African, and that this is why the flag of Sicily (the teacher meant Sardinia) has 4 black heads on it.
They made this nigga look like a French Bulldog
i appreciate that things look brighter and less orange in SA. but everything else looks like a fan project made with unreal or unity.

based yankee.
winter was invented by clothing companies
This bitch looks like she's about to steal Ariel's voice.

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