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I recently got the big 6 and am surprised at how good it feels.
I never really likes the boomerang design ergonomic wise, so I was very happy to see this one released. Fortunately the start button is still easily accessible without risking misclicks. Mode button is on top and a bit meh but that was expected I guess.
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cool marketing thread

are the 3 regular buttons in the same exact spot as they are on the original?

i wish the start was in a more normal position but i dont know how much that matters
Boomerang design sucks, the croissant is superior
I was gonna get one but it took them so long I just bought the Switch three button secondhand instead. I don't really need the XYZ anyway for the games I play. It is nice that this exists though since Nintendo only offers theirs to subscribers, which I still think is stupid

You mean the regular six button pad? They've always had that
I bought this on black friday last year, its ok not great.
it feels as good an original sega 6-button, maybe you just don't like quality controllers.

File: F9omLnVW4AE_Wo7.jpg (444 KB, 1150x1623)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
Post cool illustrations from old magazines
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WTF were they thinking?
That's just 90s comics
File: mksfegm_69.jpg (118 KB, 600x800)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
>rayman crossing his invisible arms

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>Arcade games were good
Sadly burntends is trying to do a fandub of this including all the songs. Though he can't figure out how to extract or change half the audio files, let alone any of the text so it's probably going to be a massive trainwreck.
There's already a fandub of the Macross: DYRL movie in English thats been floating around for some time. The regular dialog was in English, but the songs remained in Japanese with subs. Don't know who spearheaded it, though. Maybe burntends will call it quits halfway through due to the stress.
He's basically just using it for twitter attention. That's his standard operating procedure. Find some slightly obscure franchise that hasn't gotten a lot of attention in localization, then try to come in and position himself as the savior that brought it to the masses in English. That's pretty much what he tried to do with Sakura Wars, and with that not really working out for him he's now identified Macross as a suitable target. He doesn't care about the quality of what he puts out, only the attention he can get on Twitter.
PS3 is considered retro on here.

Why did Shinji Mikami consider REmake and Re0 to be flops?
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He's been trying to undermine resident evil for decades
Because Capcom had absolutely retarded standards for what constituted a success from the mid-PS2 era to like 2015. Yes it was far worse in the PS3 era but it was still pretty fucking bad before that.

Now ask yourself, how much did they cost to make vs those sales?
>Now ask yourself, how much did they cost to make vs those sales?
Does game promotion work like movie promotion? Budget wise?
Because it was a stupid idea to make them GameCube exclusives, and he finally realized it. Also, the fixed camera survival horror trend was dying back then.
You mean in the concept of "the box office takes half the gross"? No, retailers only get 30% of the game's sale.

File: zork.jpg (262 KB, 743x963)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
I've never played one of these, which ones are good and not too obtuse?
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>Blow Job Drifter
Author: Big Al
Al Lowe?
Forgot to post the link.
Probably not him... but maybe not impossible either?
Big Al writes he made the game in his spare time between 96-98, which does seem to line up nicely with the time between Lowe finishing Love for Sail and starting work on (the cancelled) Lust in Space.
I used to subscribe to his CyberJoke 2000 mailing list in '99 or early 2000s. I stopped reading it after a few months though, but I kept the subscription until Yahoo killed Yahoo Groups. It seems he revives it (including the old messages since '99) as CyberJoke 3000.
>over 6000 messages
kek nice, that's a LOT of jokes

If Yuuko and Reiko were friends, why did Yuuko mop the floor with Reiko to the point that Reiko didn’t survive and came back as Yuuko’s helper guide later on?
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figma is kind of dead, a nendo is more factible.
I'm in it for the pantsu
Isn't the PC Engine remake of 1 the only one to contain pantsu?
File: YukoBrush.jpg (571 KB, 1197x1200)
571 KB
571 KB JPG
Batman: NO!

File: 1688439104458218.jpg (96 KB, 736x552)
96 KB
This week marked the 33th anniversary of Super Mario World.
Try to leave the SMB3 vs SMW falseflag shitposting aside for this one, eh?
Do you remember the first time you played this game?
Do you remember how did you unlock your first entrance to the Star World? Did you find it on your own, or with tips from friends/mags?
Favorite level?
Share memories, art and whatever else related to this timeless classic.
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File: super-scope-6_review.png (7 KB, 256x224)
7 KB
Here's some more similarities I've noticed.
In Blastris type A, the wooden border reminds of that of SMW's title screen
File: EUZQe9HWAAAaZ6O.png (17 KB, 512x448)
17 KB
And then there's Mole Patrol. This always reminded me of SMW, these strange geometrical hills on the back, there's even a Mario pipe there.
And well there's Mario himself, along with Lemmy Koopa, doing a cameo as well. His SMW design.
File: ss_ss6.gif (11 KB, 256x238)
11 KB

File: devil may cry 2.jpg (237 KB, 1000x1000)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
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File: IMG_1932.jpg (1000 KB, 1125x1378)
1000 KB
1000 KB JPG
It should’ve had the BioHazard 1.5 treatment; getting scrapped and eventually morphing into DMC3.
in other words, the DMC2 we got becomes DMC 1.5 and the DMC3 we all love becomes the actual DMC2
Is there a BioHazard 0.5?
File: aitd2.png (487 KB, 710x533)
487 KB
487 KB PNG
That would be Alone in the Dark, Capcom just copied it well and changed the IP
Unreleased SNES tech demo

Been putting it off for years, will I enjoy it?
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File: half life 2.webm (2.64 MB, 800x450)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB WEBM
It's shit. Play HL1 instead.
File: 1671730215061421.gif (3.9 MB, 476x452)
3.9 MB
3.9 MB GIF
Its good gameplay wise but half life 1 will forever be the best both gameplay and story. Zen was fucking sick and opposing force was incredible. Blue shift is also really good. Half life 1 was way bigger than hl2 was if you were around back then. HL1 was a boom and HL2 was a bang.
I don't think it really matters. Most of the weapons are horrible, the companion AI isn't incredible, shitty vehicle sections, and the enemy variety is horrible. The best parts are the gravity gun, music, and certain environments are pretty cool and eerie.
If you don't play it, you're not really missing out on anything too crazy or fun.
ignore every retarded attention seeking contrarian in this thread and play it. on the continuum of games that are worth playing once, and games that are not worth playing once, hl2 is the former.
id say that webm about wraps it up. the ai in hl1 was never this fucking retarted

File: Neko Tako [PD] 2021.png (81 KB, 512x480)
81 KB
Gameplay and development discussion:
What homebrew / hacks are you playing /vr/?

Are you working on anything? Would you like to learn? Projects and questions welcome.

Active Communities:

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Just been looking over my ROMs and found that I have 3 different Pokemon Crystal hacks, Polished, Perfect and Sour. Which is the better hack of these? Or is there a better one that I've since missed?
Vietnamese version need good translation.
Sounds good.
Why long face?

File: images (16).jpg (47 KB, 500x500)
47 KB
>2 button fighter, only has light and heavy attacks.
>Is genuinely good and doesn't feel like it's missing something
How come it took until the later half of the 90s for good 8 bit/portable fightans to be made?
Also, is this game's campaign as "grindy" as people say?
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SF and MK were the most popular and those games wouldn't budge on their "3 punches 3 kicks" format which obviously doesn't translate well when you take away buttons. Making fighting games with less attacks and a more basic system can work fine enough for a fun little handheld for casual play, and that's what needs to be done when you literally don't have the buttons for more. SNK was always more willing to let their games experiment with attacks even on the main releases, which is why their handhelds are some of the better ones.
>Also, is this game's campaign as "grindy" as people say?
I've never once heard this game mentioned by a single person that wasn't myself, but words cannot do justice to how "grindy" this game's campaign is.
Decent game but the lack of variety really kills it.
>How come it took until the later half of the 90s for good 8 bit/portable fightans to be made?
Honestly, I don't know. I'd chalk it up to something as simple as trial & error, but either way I'm glad that PQ turned out as good as it did. Probably one of the GBC's best games.

Also Speed is cute
A man of taste i see.
I remember this game, think my buddy had it as well but can't remember that information. just remember getting bored after a while.

File: Game Over.jpg (12 KB, 480x360)
12 KB
How come almost everyone seems to believe nowadays that limited continues in a videogame is a bad thing? I can't think of a single game made past the 16-bit era that has limited continues, and I don't consider that to be at all a good thing. Limited continues have so many good traits that it's hard to list them all.

>Extend the playtime so that even a short game can take weeks or months
>Slowly turn you into a master of the game by forcing you to memorize patterns, develop strategies, and gradually turn each moment and level into something you have complete understanding and mastery of
>Raise the stakes and the feeling of tension
>Makes the ending - an ending which you weren't sure that you would ever see, an ending which you've built up in your mind to be almost mythical - that much more rewarding to earn

To be clear, I don't think that limited continues are absolutely necessary to enjoy a game, but I find it baffling that I'm almost alone in considering them to be a good thing.
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A video game is no different than a movie. You wouldn't have a memorable movie you only half watched. For that reason I use save states.
But arcades had unlimited continues.
>Which arcade games had limited continues
Haunted Castle
File: pepe arms folded.png (89 KB, 304x360)
89 KB
I bought the game, I should be able to slam 100 quarters in a single run if I feel like it
>b-but muh challenge???
If the game is any good I'd replay it with self imposed limits.

File: file.png (53 KB, 918x805)
53 KB
>The adventure began
>Four light warriors, each holding an ORB, came from afar to the land of Coneria
>There was Batman, the Dark Knight, Jesus, the White Mage, Ash, the Tamer, and Strago, the Blue Mage
>There, they saved the princess, and made their way across the world, eventually blowing open a canal into the world at large
>From there, they travelled into the depths of the Earth shrine, defeated the LICH, and awakened the Earth ORB
>Then they passed an ordeal to have their power unlocked by Bahamut
>Then into the Gulgu Volcano, where they faced off against KARY to awaken the Fire ORB
>Then into the water shrine to fell dread KRAKEN and awaken the Water ORB
>Now, they have received a lead on the location of the Air ORB
>Can they bring balance to the world?

What's this?
>This is Final Fantasy Renaissance, a rebuild of the classic NES game that spawned a franchise, with some QOL and bugfixes, as well as overhauled classes and new classes
>I'm playing, but you're getting to make key choices
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Its well worth it once it gets rolling after like year 2/3. Its rough as fuck at first later on once he gets the hand of things the layout plot wroting etc turns out good.
>Black Belt can uh... heal himself.
He should have level 1-9 gates as magic with gate 9 he goes ssj99 damaging himself each turn but doing over 9000 hits and 9999 damage but takes a shitload of damage.
don't be afraid to use the dark knight's magic. He gets DARK pretty early.
not everyone has any field ability whatsoever...making people move seems hella useful.

WM has nothing on the overworld. Tamer has increased rare spawns...which is only useful near the endgame.
Black belt is guaranteed to be your hardest hitter once you level up enough. It was give him a chance to heal or give him kick. Kick would be game breaking

The most underrated game in the mainline series. Everyone puts the first two on a pedestal, and some wankers even claim Wind Waker is their favorite. However this is where the traditional formula capped out.
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I mean it's understandable because that addition was from the 3DS port. Wii U exclusively ends it the way they described.
Shit, he never even got to fight Ganon, that sucks.
wait until you play Shinobi or mario 3
Just like OOT.

I loved it as a kid but I think it's unbearably slow now.
Nah it ends after Ganon's defeat. Cia's missions are DLC, and the Wind Waker stuff (where she comes back) and Linkle's stuff were all new story mode added with Legends.

File: mewtwo.png (5 KB, 522x527)
5 KB
This genetic experimented freak was the best legendary
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magikarp SUX
no u
I bet, you'll have to ask James
>Was the 3D remake any good?
It's on Netflix
What do you think?
It wasn't a huge part and even in the modern competitive scene it isn't actually something you see used THAT much. But it's extremely fun to have that kind of risk/reward factor to it.

>It's very specifically modern simulators that use a weird hybrid of Pokemon Stadium rules (sleep clause) and the gameboy glitches for some reason.
The people running the simulator and forums and such decide on the rules based on what is "skillbased" while still retaining the weird quirks of the original game in some areas. I agree it's a mess and wish things were different. At the very least everything is open source so anyone could do their own thing if they really wanted to, most of the community is just too apathetic to adapt to anything except what has the biggest playerbase.

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