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File: 1584253833384.jpg (695 KB, 1280x862)
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695 KB JPG
Been playing N64 games lately, beat Banjo-Kazooie and now just made it through Pilotwings 64 (great game), now playing Wave Race 64 and it's amazing.
Are you playing anything N64-related lately?
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File: unnamed (2).jpg (381 KB, 1212x1713)
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381 KB JPG
Everdrive probably has better compatibility, emulators and more options and customization (i think you can even emulate controller paks with latest FW), but like I said it is way more expensive.
ED64+ is pretty much an older version of Everdrive and most games work fine but some games must be cracked (like Banjo-Tooie or Jet Force iirc) and some games don't work (Animal Forest, DK64, Star Wars Racer and Perfect Dark don't run i think), also you have to reset before changing game or your data will be lost (at least for battery-saves).
The x5 also requires a reset to keep save data apparently, but that doesn't bother me. I dunno, I'll mull over it some more. Thanks.
I have an x5. You have to hit the Reset and wait for a moment before shutting off the console or else you'll lose whatever changes you made to your save file since you started playing last. Not a big deal so long as you remember to do it. I haven't really delved that deep into stuff you can do with the EverDrive, Smash Remix is pretty cool and it sort of has NES emulation
File: DtNKU1dUcAA0c5N.jpg (591 KB, 2554x1590)
591 KB
591 KB JPG
really? guess it must be another Everdrive cart then.
ED64+ also has romhack and homebrew compatibility so you can play shit like goldfinger, DK64 swap anywhere or mario 64 sapphire, i also tried the doom and wolf3d ports and they work.
I have a Super64 (pretty much ed64+ but cheaper) and it does its job pretty well.
File: CV64.jpg (162 KB, 780x1035)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
That's what limited memory, hardware, budget, and resources does. You'll notice a lot more cut content in older titles. Developers had to decide what was worth implementing, every little thing had to have some level of importance to them. Less staff meant there was usually some common interests between the team too. But it also meant everything included required so much more effort and effectively meant that much more. Artists couldn't just easily slap a texture or asset in without help from programmers, even composers back then needed to have some coding knowledge.

To create a game like Castlevania 64 with a cohesive tone and atmosphere throughout the entire game is a monumental effort and deserves some praise for that alone.

File: Headcrab[1].jpg (18 KB, 469x212)
18 KB
Name a more frustrating enemy
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Together with those Pain Elemental niggers.
Hate those dicks. Also, the crab. Though I must concede that they're being positioned in tight corridors make most of the difficulty dealing with them.
>make same thread on /v/
>get zero responses
>see this thread
>it actually has people replying and discussing with one another

What was meant by this?
File: MW-creature-Cliff_Racer.jpg (120 KB, 1300x1000)
120 KB
120 KB JPG

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stop slandering my generation you fucking limp dick faggot.
Beat my highscore in Atari Pac-Man bitches
it was an ok port for the time but no real reason to play it today. didn't even have the intermission screens because it's on an 8k cartridge.
Why isn’t 8k enough?
For one thing the arcade game was 24k and it was also Z80 code which takes less space than 6502 code.

File: xbox_transparent.jpg (25 KB, 500x333)
25 KB
What kind of USB device did you use to softmod this thing? Apart from the ones recommended on wikis.

Do Ipod Nanos really work?
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That is one way to do it, yes. I haven't messed with an xbox in a few years, so I don't know if the action replay software is required or even works on windows 10.
If you can connect your memory card to the PC like this, you can use Xplorer360
DriveDroid off my old moto e worked pretty well, in case anyone wants to try that route
Does it matter? Back in the day I remember just using some shitty USB drive I had in surplus and a cable I cut and taped back up with electrical tape.
The port on the Xbox IS a USB port just enlarged, you can make your own cables using old Xbox controllers.

File: 1594956498713.png (223 KB, 394x454)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
ITT: Artificial difficulty
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>he still doesn't know how to quote people
Just you wait, mates.
Don't make me report you and your other pol friends to Janny. Just leave now.
You will never be a woman.
>many such cases
ok buzzworder.

File: Medievil.jpg (48 KB, 640x480)
48 KB
Any other games with this kinda vibe?
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Ever since the rule change some of the posts here are bait posted about games they haven't played to get (you)'s.
Nightmare creatures 1 & 2
I fucking hate hitstun.
World of Warcraft and WC3
Castleween (Spirits and Spells on Gamecube)

Are any games improved by the dualshock?
Do games other than Ape Escape even utilize it?
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Digital is really fucking annoying because you can only move in 8 directions. You can definitely walk in a straight line with analog controls if you don't have parkinsons
I actually didn't know L&D used analog. I haven't played much of it though, I need to get back to it
It's like a showcase game for analog controls. I'm not even sure if it supports digital, never tried.
I can't figure out how to set up analog controls in my emulator. In Duckstation when I set it up it won't work for some reason
Check force analog mode on reset in the controller options

File: 10908-GameGenies.jpg (111 KB, 481x761)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
if you owned a cheat code peripheral growing up, what was your experience with it, and what was something interesting or cool you did with it?
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its like a paragraph long and press L1 to play the next match naked or something
it will crash randomly and I think later gamesharks or codebreakers try to block the code due to lawsuit.
however the original japanse doa 2 ps2 release has a savefile with the outfit unlocked.
Game genie was fun but if you didn’t have the codes on hand or lost the book, it became a paper weight
i still have the nes game genie but lost the book aeons ago
just use it to make the games work every time without having to reset or depress the game up or down or rebend the pins

I also had the n64 game shark me and a buddy used it to absolute tear open goldeneye and modify all kinds of shit messing with the code editor
moonjump in OoT was great too
>Made my characters in ff7 level 99 and still couldnt beat the final bosses
The final boss actually gets majorly buffed if any of your characters are Lv99 or if you used Knights of the Round on the fights before him.
Reminds of the two stupid catmen you have to fight in FFX where they get their HP scaled up depending on how high Kimahri's stats are and if you gameshark him to max stats the catmen have billions of HP

What is /vr/'s opinion on this game?
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Forgot to ask, is the Steam version the same as PS3 or the emulation is slightly worse?

you won't be able to play online with anyone else once the store closes, and you won't be able to play at all once the PS3's CMOS dies. if I were you I'd just play it on f*ghtcade
Hack your PS3 (every model on every FW can be hacked now) and pirate it to keep it forever.

The Wikipedia article makes it really sound like PS3 os the only one made by CAPCOM.
The loading times are better on the overall for PS3 since the first game plays without the 4MB RAM cartridge on the Sega Saturn. I guess some may prefer that it is on one disc on the PS3 so it is faster to switch between the two games.

Welcome to The Garage, a thread where fans of racing vidya can discuss their favorite arcade, sim, kart, and any other kinds of racing games. If you’re looking for something new to play or are new to the genre ask other anons for recommendations and remember to gear up and have fun.

Old thread was archived >>7636001

Interested in a series to get started with?

https://pastebin.com/Vke5tf9e (embed) (embed)

Remember to bump, /vr/ has been faster as of late and threads get archived much quicker now. Don't be shy: ask questions, share experiences! If anyone has ideas for community events speak up!

test drive is good
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It's the PS2 version, though. The 360 version is much more in-depth.
File: cover.jpg (229 KB, 614x625)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
Early NFS OSTs were so kino
>no cerebral plumbing
You need to up your game anon.

>have stressful day at work
>get home
>ahah, time for some /vroom/!
>put one of those multiple hour long sound of rainstorms from youtube on
>boot NFS III or high stakes
>spend then ext hour or so racing around, cockpit view only on tracks at night with weather on
It is a very relaxing and comfy experience.

File: Rezerobox.jpg (28 KB, 220x308)
28 KB
The majora's mask of the RE franchise

ie: the best one
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I don't like Majora's mask but its better than shitty Zero
Rebecca is cute.
0 isn't a fantastic game or anything but i like that they did one more traditional-style RE game before re4 came out
I’d like to get in Rebecca’s Chambers.
Twilight Princess is the best TLOZ imo and Code Veronica is the most underrated of the RE franchise imo

At the end of a systems life cycle they often have a shit ton of bad licensed/cash grav games released on them. Is it because the hardware makers simply does not give a shit anymore? See ps1/ps2 and GBA/DS
56 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
One probable reason is that there are enough resources and people with experience to do it cheaply at the end of the cobsole's life cycle. Also large enough customer base that even garbage games can sell enough, so there is little financial risk. The first few years people are learning how to use the tools and how to get most out of the system.
I liked the part where you played as Emmett trying to sneak out of his house without being seen by Hyacinth. She would always catch me and start shrieking opera songs at me.
The hot babes was a joke since young mr grace always had a young secretary that kept him young at heart or something. I couldnt stand as time goes by as a youth but its really not bad now that ive grown up. As a kid and an adult i still loathe all the detective shows and masterrpiece theatre stuff. Does that shit really go over that well in merry ol england?
It's pronounced "Bou-quet"!
I think it's always been more for (baby/actual) boomers and above (my dad still watches the detective shows and masterpiece theater, Father Brown, Doc Martin, Luther, etc). Dr. Who even started out in the bboomer era, but is practically a sóynerd show now like Big Bang Theory, so that may be the sort that the more youthful normalfags in Engelant watch.

File: maxresdefault_jpg.png (1.48 MB, 1280x720)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
Theater for people who never go to a theater. How frustrated should artists who work with electronic games be? Do they use these platforms to work on bigger things. As the composer of earthbound

Considering Fuse's scenario is getting included, I can say it's something to look out for.
For one thing, it will be a finished complete game.

How did monster hunter get so damn popular with it’s slow clunky gameplay and boring gameplay?
173 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
There's been barely any mention of Rise other than it sucks and isn't like MH. And lots of talk about the first game. Whine whine whine
They stopped making hard games way before this game came out.
>it's so clunky

no, it's deliberate. you have to commit to every action you take. it's not unlike dark souls in that sense.

>it has no story

true. the world is very lovingly-crafted, though. still, if you want story you'll be disappointed.

>it's just like an MMO

it has none of the downtime, microtransactions, or tedious level-grinding of an MMO. you only grind for loot, like diablo or PSO.

>hunting monsters takes too long

once you get past the initial learning curve and understand how the game works, hunts should take you 10-20 mins. less if you're playing with others. if it's taking you longer, you're doing something wrong.
>once you get past the initial learning curve and understand how the game works, hunts should take you 10-20 mins. less if you're playing with others. if it's taking you longer, you're doing something wrong.

Overall yeah. Particularly in the earlier parts of the games yeah but there are tons of endgame and dlc (all MH dlc is free btw) quests that will give even full parties of experienced players a run for their money and have to keep up efficiency.
What about MH X on 3ds?
I want to try to start my MH experience with it,
or i better not?

What's THE dinosaur game?
23 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
Turok, Dino Crisis, Primal Rage
File: Primal Prey.jpg (14 KB, 480x360)
14 KB
Based blind anons
my ctrl+f is not an ai that reads images, anon
File: 1602969287181.jpg (412 KB, 997x657)
412 KB
412 KB JPG

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