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File: fairchild-channel-f.jpg (37 KB, 600x400)
37 KB
GenXer reporting in. I had a Fairchild console when I was a kid and it actually predated the Atari 2600.
Anyone else remember old or obscure consoles?
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It's an LED screen. People used to use it when LCD manufacturing was expensive. LED is quite power hungry.
Many consoles predated the 2600, and the fairchild. That's literally why those are called the second generation. I had an odyssey 1 and a few of the hundreds of pong machines made at that time.

>Fairchild also invented the first integrated circuit (IC
No. They invented the monolithic integrated circuit.

>all that stupid and zoom
Jesus christ kid, have you no shame? It's a fucking light bulb with a cylinder of film. Take your underage retarded bullshitting back to tik tok.
>monolithic integrated circuit.
come on now, we both know that is the same thing.

An integrated circuit or monolithic integrated circuit (also referred to as an IC, a chip, or a microchip) is a set of electronic circuits on one small flat piece (or "chip") of semiconductor material that is normally silicon.
>We both know wrong things
Not at all. I'm an engineer who gets his information from documentation and experience instead of wikipedia. There's a reason that isn't accepted as a reliable source. Also, that opinion wasn't added until 16:16, 14 March 2011, so not retro.
I get that nearly all ICs today are monolithic and that when someone says IC they ackchyually mean monolithic but to use it in the context of inventing is silly. If you want to be wikipedia smart you need to do more than skim one article. To quote from your bible
>There is no consensus on who invented the IC
Cool. I don't care about the power out of something that small. It can't be drawing anything insane, I can't believe it.

File: MP-Duel5.png (1.49 MB, 1440x810)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
What are the best Star Wars games
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So you got filtered by the platforming, got it. I beat all 3 games, you just suck.
>you don't enjoy diarrhea therefore you're bad
OK, kid.
Im am ashamed ti admit i could nit beat super empire without cheats
P-please don't hate me uwu
>calls games he's bad at names

Just because you can't play it doesn't mean it's bad, maybe try to get better at a game before throwing a tantrum that you can't beat it instantly with no effort. Maybe LEGO Star Wars is more your speed. (I am shit talking, but LEGO Star Wars is unironically good.)
>Maybe LEGO Star Wars is more your speed.
That's hard sometimes, though.
All the same I'm enjoying your talking down to me.
t. crawling up the leaderboards

File: rickmortypinball.png (1.16 MB, 742x960)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
Anybody ever play this? I played it the other day.
I though it was a bit average honestly and I like Rick and Morty
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Pity the music on it's a bit shit
There are a lot of things discussed on this board that ypu could scream not retro to if you want to be a pedantic faggot about it.
>No Paulie
Wasn't there a Doom or Quake pinball machine?
No, sadly.

File: leona.png (170 KB, 640x760)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
This is my daughter-wife, the General. Say something nice about her.
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File: PM2_GB_01[1].jpg (207 KB, 1280x1287)
207 KB
207 KB JPG

A lot more princess Maker guides and books.
File: 1599728904355.png (11 KB, 850x375)
11 KB
I really like the combat sprites, though I wish the DOS version were capable of more colors. 16 looks pretty rough when you zoom into small stuff.
It was an artstyle of the 90's early 00's.
I think it's mostly bad game design. A lot of the times the endings feel like you don't have that much control over the result, making it very frustrating to get certain endings. Or maybe it is how the developers intended to have muh secrets and replay value.
It's fairly simple to get the ending you want when you know the requirements, but I guess if you're playing it blind back in the day there would be no way of knowing shit like queen by marriage and royal concubine being separated by one point of charisma.

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there are some levels where the came annoys me like inside the volcano, i always end up using the camera focus button which is akward and makes a shitty sound, thats the part of 64 that aged really, the movement is fine and very fluid, the levels look weird and barebones but they are fun to traverse still.
I played Super Mario 64 for the first time at a kiosk in Hill's Department Store around Christmas in 1996. it was so horrible I asked my parents to get me a PlayStation instead.
Clicked for the comments, was not disappointed.
I wonder how long it'll take for people to shit all over dark souls franchise in the next generation
I unironically love the fucking atmosphere in 64.

For example outside peaches castle there is no music, just ambient sounds like birds and water. So fucking comfy.

All of Mario 64 has something lonely to it, like there are not many NPCs, also a huge castle that is almost empty is pretty surreal. Overall it is an interesting and surreal experience and I love the atmosphere the most. I don't care if it is a masonic initiation rite or personalized or something I still like it.

File: images.jpg (101 KB, 1280x720)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Why Amiga fandom/fanbase is the most obnoxious, loudmouthed, narcissistic bunch of oldfags within all the gaming/hardware fandoms out there? I'm was seeing this back in the 90s and I still see it to this day, people that spent a lot of money on a sub-par IBM PC rip-off try to not only convince, but force the rest that only AMIGA is worth anything. You gotta do some research on their John Carmack hate and their 25+ years (and counting) efforts to port DOOM on Amiga, holy shit you're in for an absolute autist treat. Is it because Amiga was directed mainly at poor European market? You'd be surprised at how many people use these old junks for document formatting or video editing today. Hell, I remember visiting a local radio/press station in 2005 and all that those fuckers had were 12+ year old Amigas. Of course the media output was ridiculously outdated but every time you tried to talk to them about PCs or new design strategies/programs they literally started to act out so actively aggressive like if they had a real emotional connection to their machine. Amiga fandom across Europe is also the only one that actively sabotages its own fandom and is radically insular about any "newcomers" (if you weren't born in the early 70s you weren't "at the time to experience Amiga" and emulators doesn't count). Why's that so?
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it's too bad that the Amiga's entire game library has been reduced to a handful of terrible shovelware platformers and arcade ports so nobody knows the actual good stuff
A lot of these are cross platform. Are any of them amiga exclusives? I know the ones I listed earlier are also cross platform. And I know beneath a steel sky is inferior on amiga compared to pc because the music stops during dialogue scenes.

But I'm sure cannon fodder and defender of the crowns graphics are better on amiga than the other platforms
Shitter game/port on garbage system
DOTC does look the best on the Amiga but I'd argue that Cannon Fodder looks best on the PC, but the music isn't as good, resolution is slightly shorter and the mouse pointer doesn't move as smoothly. It's still just as fun to play.
We (14 year old boys) all wanted a ten year old Amiga with Protracker after Jeroen from Neophyte was interviewed on TMF Hakkuh in 1996. The games were of no interest to us.

File: based nintendo.jpg (68 KB, 604x960)
68 KB
ESL anons, tell me about life in the 3rd world with almost zero access to the best consoles ever made. Were clones openly sold? Were they reliable? Did magazines cover the official hardware?
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This. Imagine it's the early 90's, pokemans is years away the most popular GB game is Tetris. Or you can have it for a few bucks. You can even get a keychain version. You don't even have to be a poorfag to appreciate this. Having a tetris game with a battery that lasts a year that's so cheap you don't give a fuck if you loose it, break it, whatever is great. inb4 12yo boomers project their poorfaggotry.
In the balkan countries you did not have sega. Only Nintendo, and even that you usually had to go to a more civilised country like Austria to buy the cartridge and then smuggle it over the border.

Later, psx. Easily pirateable. People earned decent dosh selling bootlegs.

Later on, ps2 and onwards we became more civilised and could do it the same as everyone else. But even with those consoles, we were predominantly pc centric. Consoles were an exception not the norm.
>People earned decent dosh selling bootlegs.
IIrc Project Red founder made his capital by selling bootlegs and later localizing stuff during the commie era and shortly after.
I had a friend when i was still in Venezuela who's father worked for one of the National energy industried in the 80s when the country was still filthy rich and the world's top oil producer, since the company had some sort of allegiance with a Japanese energy company and his dad was involved in one of those project he got a Japanese Famicon and then later Super Famicom for free with a bunch of japanes games. The japanese execs just gave it to employees for free, apparently even janitors, truckers and all the plant workers got those, not just white collars.
>nu pogodi
I once went to a russian festival and they had this playing for kids so i watched it, actually pretty funny and reminds me a lot of tom and jerry

File: oldies.jpg (141 KB, 1133x457)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Do you always pirate oldies? Even when they are dirt cheap?
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File: verycheap.png (209 KB, 1324x555)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
>when they are dirt cheap?
Not if you play Nintendo games.
You’re a moron. Those games are unplayable in general - they suck
I did. My dad used tu buy me pirated/burned games all the time (Collin Mcrae, MOHAA, Will Rock etc.) I remember my firstly downloaded game, Army Men RTS, and i was like 8 or 9 at the time... golden BTJunkie dayz

Also, in Serbia u can buy all kinds of pirated shit on thr flea market and no one gives a fuck rly
Luckily that game is mediocre, so no one cares.

I don't see a retro waifu thread, let's fix that shit
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obscure but good choice
File: sayo.png (5 KB, 198x148)
5 KB
>tfw my first retro waifu was Tails
>and then I found out he was a boy
>mfw I still liked him because he is just that adorable
File: carolpose.gif (55 KB, 123x170)
55 KB
>trip fag regails us on the time when he first awakened as a huge faggot
>of course it was Sonic

Load the white phosphorus rounds.

File: M64vsQ.png (697 KB, 1008x314)
697 KB
697 KB PNG
Which game was more revolutionary?
172 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
I wish I would sleep for a change.
Mario 64. it was greeeeeeaaaaaat
I know you are referring to the PC version. But I got freaked out when I tried playing Quake 64 as a kid. I think it was because the TV I was playing on had bad contrast. I just remember the screen being really dark and hearing the sound of dogs barking at me.
No it didnt set any standard. Show me what game it influenced? It's nowhere as influential as tomb raider.

Imagine if every Zelda game was like this. They tried to bring the dark themes back for Twilight Princess but overdid it and gave us a 2006 emo's wet dream instead.
35 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
By the same logic people are using here Star Wars is the darkest edgiest series ever, because wow, they blow up a planet and luke uncle and aunt die! But the main thing here is tone and the tone in MM is never as dark as people make it out to be. Sure you use the ghosts of some dead tribesmen in your quest, except this is not presented as some ultrazomber brooding edgelord black metal song, its presented in a wacky and fun way and the characters themselves are really fun. You go do wacky goron races and play in a Zora band and as a Deku every character you meet is a funny cartoon, the whole thing with the nagging princess, the dumb king and the monkeys is fun.

Oh but the buttler son died, and you probably have his mas, thats a feels melancholic momment, well, lets shape all the fun shit we done so far by this one specific thing!
The tone is exactly what's dark you hippo.
I have a feeling you're just absolutely tone-blind.
Use more hyperbole, it really helps your stance. Your argument is as dumb and superficial as "The game is colorful! How dark could it possibly be???"
Or maybe "This one scene has a joke! How dark could it possibly be???"
I can't tell if you're baiting or just too entrenched to admit you were wrong and have to play up every little thing so you can feel like you had a point.
File: moron.png (595 KB, 641x468)
595 KB
595 KB PNG
This song is a wacky happy song because it's in major and it's fast!
Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess are both Top 5 Zelda games.

File: DK_Country_2.jpg (32 KB, 370x269)
32 KB
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zoomers can't even deal with anything below 6th gen. For most of them their first console was the Wii
File: gayluigi.jpg (66 KB, 1024x1009)
66 KB
you see the irony in your post, right?
File: 1598759487398.gif (465 KB, 510x415)
465 KB
465 KB GIF
You don't need to use filters retard.
Emulate at native res at the correct aspect ratio with 16bit colour depth and dithering.
Using filters is gay. Going above native resolution is also gay. Fuck both of you.
God of War (PS4)

Is this really the best Castlevania game?
83 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
Classic style probably. Bloodlines is really fun too. Out of the Igavanias honestly I like Circle of the Moon quite a bit because it retains the stiffer feel in jumps and is harder than all the other metroidvania style ones.
This guy gets it. Circle of the Moon is the best of the metroidvania Castlevanias. Portrait of Ruin was better than Aria and Dawn also.
I replayed Lament of Innocent last year. It actually holds up pretty well.
Is it possible to have a civilised Castlevania thread?
It might hold up, but it was never very good to begin with.

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (77 KB, 616x353)
77 KB
They re-released this badass motherfucker for PC and who knows what else. XBox/modern gamepad supprt built in, this that hot shit. Nothing like controlling a beautiful, blood-thirsty goddess and spraying blood/chopping limbs off everywhere now is there?

The whole thing feels kind of floaty and dreamlike, but its a good time.

Never did finish it back in the day. Yeah, this is technically retro. So go play that shit instead of arguing about which old machine gets your dick hard, the fuck is wrong with you anyway...
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah I still have my original Blood Rayne on PS2, it it worth replaying? I have a sort of a backlog of games right now but I was thinking about it.
>it worth replaying?

I mean: yeah. If you love beautiful digital 3d women and fictional violence with pretty decent controls.
hecking told them fellow coomlector , have an upvote

I hope this means they're working on a 3rd game in the same vein(hahaha) as the first 2.

File: download (86).jpg (83 KB, 1400x762)
83 KB
what was the best Sega Saturn game?
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Certainly not Dragon Force. That game is overrated as fuck.
Silhouette Mirage
You're a massive faggot. That is all.
That's a tough one, but I'm gonna go with the Japanese version of Fighting Vipers because of Pepsiman.

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