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File: Wario Land 4.jpg (235 KB, 1024x768)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
There will never, ever be another Wario platform game. How do you feel about it?
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Its a shame this has such a god tier soundtrack wasted on it
File: WarioLandIIHen.png (35 KB, 180x149)
35 KB
literally just a hen with boobs. Love how bizarre Wario can be
Damn, why didn't Wario hook up with this semen demon
1 is fun. 2 was fucking kino with all those branching paths. I started playing 3 last week trying to go through them all and 3 bored the fuck out of me.

File: 1621115227200.png (1.68 MB, 1280x720)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB PNG
Now that the dust has settled, did it deserve 100%?
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File: le frogmeme.png (194 KB, 300x300)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
>Sonichu game released for C64 in 1993
>Chris-chan considers "her"self the CPU Gamindustri goddess of the C64
>Chris won the Sonic sweepstakes contest in 1993
>according to the Kingdom Hearts theory of time travel, you can only travel to a point in the past where you already exist
>future version of Chris-Chan planted a C64 Sonichu game in 1993 for unknown reasons
because people get to actually learn interesting things instead of bitching about the next smash character or how the Steamdeck will kill gaming for the tryhards.

i watched that video too, and it is actually a nice story behind the game, and it does deserve the 100% in a symbolic sense, as the best and possibly last commercial C64 game ever made on the original era.
I think Creatures 2 was better and has more developed gameplay.
Definitely agree, both the Creatures games were better.
MIM just has a little too much of that "Hey check out the cool scrolling engine we developed" vibe to it.

i love it, but i suck too much to beat the game
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Its quite obviously an asset flip game yeah, was probably gonna be some sort of "Anime kids take on monsters with the help of a grandpa inventor" type of story.

Shame that we'll never get to see the original designs, would be interesting for sure.
Are you sure this is the game you’re thinking about?
I think he's referring to the way upgrades changes the way your character shoots.
at least that's the only thing it has in common with R-Type.
File: 9873552610.jpg (76 KB, 630x1200)
76 KB
It was hard then I'm sure to pull this style of game off given development then. The Ghostbusters license is expansive enough to be a rebrand of an original other design or this release. The non retro PS3 release was when technology started to do this franchise true justice with quality. Most titles were 720p then This was one of the earlier 1080p releases.
>inb4 not retro reee

Based HAL Laboratory
wrong pic

File: proxy-image.jpg (242 KB, 800x1068)
242 KB
242 KB JPG

File: u7-map-md.png (285 KB, 408x408)
285 KB
285 KB PNG
>every object in the world can be interacted with
>hundreds of NPCs with fleshed out personalities, dialog trees, and schedules
>massive open world with no artificial barriers or loading screens
>ride carriages, ships, and magic carpets
>decide to rob a bank
>murder the bank teller
>put her inside your backpack
>carry her to Lord British
>have him resurrect her
>sell her back all of the gold you robbed
Poor consolefags, Zelda was no competition.
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Ultima 7 was a downgrade compared to 6.
> I’m a console fag so I probably won’t end up playing the pc versions.
Ultima wasn't even a PC series until 6, anybody who says otherwise is full of shit. The PC ports of 3-5 are missing the music, not like it would be possible at the time on a shitbox that only had a beeper. They were officially Apple II games with ports to various systems.
The NES version of 3 is close enough but 4 changes a lot of stuff. The Sega Master System port of 4 is supposed to be close to the original's design, but with graphics that don't look like ass.
Some people will use PC for any type of personal computer and others will only use it for IBM PC and clones.
This is still much better than U7.
yeah, it could be the greatest game ever but video games are a visual medium and if its perspective is giving me a headache then I'm giving it a hard pass.

File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (79 KB, 1280x720)
79 KB
I was introduced to World Heroes before Street Fighter II so I originally thought SF2 was copying it.
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It is definitely a deeper fighter than SF2 HF
Capcom should've had you on their legal team.
Which one? World Heroes Perfect is pretty damn good, maybe not quite as deep as Super Turbo but still a great game with a nice, varied cast.
Playing this in the arcade was the fuckin shit. You zoomies will never know the joy of using a fake zangief reskinned as Hulk Hogan to dropkick a robot nazi into a wall of spikes.
Just the original World Heroes.

I do like Perfect, I agree.

File: CandySavePointCountry.png (111 KB, 250x250)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
Save points. What's the best way to handle them? Let the player save whenever, or limit it? Does this add anything to the game? Can a game still have tension if you can save it whenever?
Save between stages, granted the game is well-made. Saving at any point during a stage promotes savescumming which will just bore you.
It depends on the type of game. In FPS, it is usually allowed to save at any time which helps a lot. You can start from any point instead of replaying the entire mission.

In platformers/action games saving between stages or in special places scattered on map is ok.
There is no "best" way to handle them. Saving systems work differently for different games because they're inherently designed differently.
Save points (or passwords) were always a function of hardware limitations and not a deliberate design.
If you save scum you ruin the game for yourself. Should the developers protect you from yourself? No, that's retarded.
File: 1516255949039.png (271 KB, 333x421)
271 KB
271 KB PNG
I really liked how the pokemon mystery dungeon games handled quicksaving

Basically in addition to being able to freely hard save in town or between dungeons, you can quick save at any time while in a dungeon. Quick saving saves all your progress and the exact state of the floor, but after quick saving you're forced to quit the game. Later when you want to start playing again, you can load your quicksave BUT doing so will delete your quicksave (leaving you with you last hard save), so you won't fall back to it if you die and you won't be able to use it for save scumming.

It's a great solution for being able to let the player stop playing whenever they want without trapping them until the next save point, while also keeping them from having the tools they need to be a save scumming little shit. I never liked it in PC games when you could just quicksave and quickload non-stop.

File: n64controller.jpg (2.56 MB, 1992x1946)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB JPG
Anything but #3 filters out the zoom zooms.
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Wires in older controllers (pre-xbox 360) were way more robust, which you would know if you weren’t a zoomer.
I like the symmetry of 1 and 3 but I always did 2 as a kid as literally no-one was autistic enough to do that back then.
You mean wear it like jewelry? Why?
The problem with this, is that it ruins the cord where it connects to the control via over-bending. Smartest to use a rubber band and do a loose circle larger than your fist and store it that way for less damage over time

Thoughts on the Strike series?
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>Thoughts on the Strike series?

Desert is boring.

Jungle is 10/10

Urban...it's good in some aspects, and shit in other ones. Urban strike is a good game but I'm not so sure if it's a good Strike game.
Based goy
>not one mention of the best entry; Future cop, LAPD
File: 1583498190902.jpg (11 KB, 720x708)
11 KB
good, good. semper fi, oorah.
It's okay but it's no dessert strike.

File: download.jpg (3.1 MB, 1534x2100)
3.1 MB
3.1 MB JPG
It's too hard.
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> yes there is, you can save up a lot of distance to make mistakes

Dunno man. I replayed that level like 100 times with savestates, always with the same result. With each turn, that spinning thing gets closer and reaches me in the middle of the level.

Maybe there's some trick for making these turns. Like with ramps in stage 3 when you think you need to push button to jump from them but you're actually supposed to not push anything.
that just means you are doing every turn wrong then. Good turns increase your distance

The stage is easier with no input lag. Just like punch out on NES is easier on a crt and an original NES.

Try it that way if you can? I assume you're playing on emulator (which is fine for most games).
it's just a series of "how can we fuck the player as much as we can in this section". It's a series of cheap shit that is you are supposed to react to before you know it.
People clown on the turbo tunnel, but that's only the beginning, and it's not even that hard once you get your rhythm.
>Arctic Cavers
Good stuff, best ice level in the whole NES library period. Aside from few tight jumps - zero cheapness.
>Surf city
No speed horseshit, I would say that it's much easier than TT, but I've heard that it filters people, not sure why, to be honest.
>Karnath's Lair
Climb on snakes, fun stuff. Then you get to the second stage and the game throws a bunch of cheap quater of a second windows for you to make a prejump, bunch of precise jumps from the fast moving snake, at least one blind jump that I can recall and all that jazz. Good luck memorizing this shit with limited lives and no safestates, faggot. Any mistake in an instadeath. Oh, and the end level hole? Yeah, that's a precise jump from a fast moving snake as well. Fuck you.
>Volkmire's Inferno
It's fine. Gets a little crazy in the end, but it's tight an fun, and you can get 1up pretty reliably here. It's just bit too long.
>Intruder Excluder
It's fine, until you get to the boss, which takes 7 years to beat. There are few instadeath traps, but nothing too crazy again.
>Terra Tubes
Pure bullshit. It's long as fuck, it's a water level, it has a few chase sequences that require you to just know that there will be spikes, you have no room for the error and there are spikes and sharks fucking everywhere. It's a slog to play through and there is a whole bunch of "they fucking knew" traps that you will fall into. Good luck memorizing that shit and replaying the whole game just to try it again, faggot.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1624815851205.png (6 KB, 1172x896)
6 KB
>Clinger Winger
You don't need a CRT for this one, but it is a frame precision, so good luck on getting that rhythm down. It might seem like you are doing everything perfectly, but still losing. And it's long. It's so FUCKING long. And there is a boss in the end as well.
>The Revolution
It looks amazing, and there are bunch of insta death traps. Lots of precision jumps, lots of small platforms disappearing. You will die, and die a lot, but it feels more fair after all that you've been through.
>Final Boss
Easiest boss in the game aside form the first one. If you get here with more than 2 lives - you won the game.
Anyway, NES Battletoads in the hardest game on the system that I've played and it can go fuck itself, I feel no satisfaction in beating that shit.
Just play Genesis version, from 3 levels that I've played it's not as ballbusting.
Fuck NES Battletoads.

File: Sonic-R-Saturn-Box-Art.png (1.52 MB, 723x1193)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB PNG
Why are there only 5 levels? You can 100% the game in 25 minutes.

This game sucks.
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I mean the way Naughty Dog hit it big with Crash, Traveller's Tales never landed that company defining game. They were constantly releasing technically impressive stuff on the Genesis and Saturn but it was all spinoffs or licensed games. Had Sega been like "here, make a real Sonic" they probably would have devised something similar to the 3D portion of Sonic Jam and it would have likely been decent.
File: 1607332585437.jpg (37 KB, 351x500)
37 KB
>Traveller's Tales never landed that company defining game
They kinda did
It's an interesting combination of racing and platforming. The engine was fairly impressive for the Saturn. The game had secret collectables for unlocking characters and for challenge runs it's pretty fun to get first place + all collectables + unlocking secret character in one run.
There's nothing wrong with Sonic driving a car.
>no brake button
>no reverse button

What are your thoughts on their work?
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Any chance we get Turok Rage Wars?
This is the one I'm hoping for, I never got to beat it on N64.
if you recommend SC"""P""" in your ss2 video i will find you and kill you in minecraft as people play a lobotomized version of SS2 where power armor is unequivocally better than everything in the game and psi melee gets broken because the retards at ss.org reinterpreting stim and response penalize thinking outside of the box
They're hackfrauds.
I think half of the bonus content for Shadowman Remastered hasn't been patched in still, if that counts.
SR has more content than the original did as it is, so I'm not really upset here.

File: 1602551593654.png (120 KB, 279x242)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
Still no PS1 port.
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I don’t think it would look as good with unfiltered textures.
The best consumer product available for this is the Lightscribe stuff I think. You need a Lightscribe drive and Lightscribe CD/DVDs, which seems to be getting rarer
It's grayscale tho'. For color, apparently some specific printers could do that. But I have some doubt any of that stuff will be easily available now
>Wipeout is better in PS1
W64 is a different game from W1. It's like W1.5
Probably would be more likely to port it to the saturn than the ps1.
The DS and DSi ports look decent enough without unfiltered textures. But again, that's not really related to actually running the game, that's just a cosmetic difference. Of course it would look different as the hardware is different.

File: doomio kart.png (514 KB, 640x481)
514 KB
514 KB PNG
Since we changed the cutoff point about a year ago to include games made before 2008, why not just make it so that the game must be X or more years old at the date of posting about them? Let the goalpost remain relative, instead of making the mistake of arbitrarily setting a date every so often.

Just a thought.
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Yup. True retro on one board and then zoomer shit on the other (ps2, gc, xbox and up)
There should be a separate board for coomlecting fetishes instead of discussing software.
1-2 were almost entirely just shitty ports of arcade games
Honestly it's sort of hard to pick a cut-off, but I am either old or it really is humorous that if I'm playing the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, I can say I'm doing some retro gaming. I'd argue that doesn't really fit.
Fuck off kiddo.

Is he responsible for killing SEGA?
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yep. early ea and accolade games were cardboard, too.
It's an apt analogy because every mistake leading to that came as a symptom of a broader workplace culture of callousness, overconfidence, negligence and awful communication. There were people *more* responsible than others but fundamentally the Titanic could have been under all different people and still happen the same way because of how the culture of ship builders, workers and sailors had developed.
Not really sure how Mark Cerny destroyed Sega? I mean, Sega is still here, just not in the console industry. Mark Cerny seemed more like a code monkey at SOA. I know he did quite a few Sega Master System ports, and worked at STI. He did work on games like Dick Tracy, and I think Kid Chameleon and has his name in Sonic 2s credit. He worked at Universal games studio and was a producer on Crash and Spyro.
How did Yuji Naka & Shun Nakamura make Billy Hatcher and then go on to make nothing but trash?
We need to stop this meme that other Sonic Team games were anything amazing. Nights isn't good. Billy Hatcher isn't good. Ristar is above average but doesn't deserve infinite praise.

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