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File: doom v quake.png (1.16 MB, 1013x507)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
Quake is just plain better than Doom. It had the better maps, better atmosphere and a better multiplayer. Even if its enemy roster was smaller than Doom, the Vore is a straight upgrade over the Revenant, and the Shambler is a more offensive version of the Archvile. While Doom's legacy is an endless trove of user-made mods and TCs, Quake's engine still sees use to this very day in commercial titles.

Quake singlehandedly invented the First-Person Shooter genre. Before it, people only called FPS games "Doom clones." Quake's expansion packs were also way more ambitious than Doom's, with Scourge of Armagon having its own unique weapons and music and Dissolution of Eternity having a cool-ass dragon in it. Were there dragons in Doom? Exactly.

Quake is more fondly remembered than Doom. Quake 2 was the Crysis of its era, and Quake 3 represented the peak of the arena shooter subgenre. Quake 4 was objectively more fun than Doom 3 and Quake Champions was a more authentic way of trying to reboot the series than Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal turned out to be.
>Quake is just plain better than Doom
It's newer. Did you expect it to get worse?

>Quake singlehandedly invented the First-Person Shooter genre.
Now you're just moronic.
Fps peaked with CoD MW2
>It's newer. Did you expect it to get worse?
>New things are better
Why are you even here

File: file.png (174 KB, 300x343)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
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I have a vivid memory of kicking my best friend's brother in the head with a van's shoe on my foot while this game was on the television in the other room. He all just laughed because we were tough fucks. He took a fucking massive kick to the head, and we all laughed about how much my foot hurt.

Man those were the days.

One of the best sports games I ever played
5 on 5 with simulation rules makes the game more interesting defensive challenge. This game built on the core gameplay from 2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge in an interesting way.
Does the AI still have rubber banding in simulation? You can be up 7-0 and all of a sudden the CPU team will catch up in seconds with bullshit shots

There was a thread about retro IPs that didn't receive any game adaptations
But what about IPs that DID receive games but most of them, if not all, were unfairly and painfully mediocre?
If you're a fan of such franchise, how do you feel about never receiving a proper vidya adaptation that your favorite thing rightfully deserves? What this game should have in order for you to feel it's faithful to the source material?
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This game is pretty bad, but the worst thing is that there are a ton of secret characters, and nowhere online you can find how to unlock the last ones - people always say they just appeared without them knowing.

Of all people, it was some Brazilian gamer that managed to pinpoint most of the secrets down.
>Wild Guns
It's Great Battle V. Most GB games are parodies of genres, GBV is a parody of western games, specifically Wild Guns and Sunset Riders.
I still don't know if this game is a fever dream or whatever. The stages are fucking gigantic, and I swear there are like 30 of them.
KR is for newlywed women, because they stay at home while their husbands are working. That's why the protagonists are all pretty boys.

Trivia: Hiro, the current 4chan admin, was the one who revealed this stereotype.
Recent seasons of KR have female Riders, and simply pretty girls as well. Are they for husbands who stay at home while their wives pursue career?

there is no such thing as a good superhero game, except for this one
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> Superman Returns
to play puzzle games
Batman Forever and Batman & Robin come to mind as BAD Batman games.
File: man of culture.jpg (43 KB, 500x280)
43 KB
>Sunsoft Batman games
>Batman Forever
I remember playing this with my friend on SNES and it’s so, so bad. Back then, we didn’t really understand what it meant to call something gay, but even we knew “Big Riddle” was gay.
Batman Forever is awful.

File: 5eb.jpg (25 KB, 639x479)
25 KB
I have beaten dozens of 100+ hour RPGs, some multiple times each, and I have absolutely nothing to show for it.
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You will always have your virginity and your mothers corpse in the attic
that's the worst fucking thing you could say
The grass is always greener.
I wish I had the attention span and/or capacity for enjoyment for games that long. I literally find emulator configuration and getting old PC games to run far more enjoyable.
And yet he will never touch it

You DO have these on your PC, right?
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No, what are programs and why should I have them?
That's cool, I just think it's funny how when anyone finds out I use Wine on Linux the response is "lol you have to emulate Windows lol just install Windows 11 it runs every game lol"
yeah you most definitely need those 4. My protocol is usually DGvoodoo -> WD3D -> VMware 7 x86 -> PCem 98 for getting old shit to run. Usually stops at the former, thankfully, but all necessary for sure.
You're terminally retarded
why would you use vmware over pcem and viceversa?
genuine question, I only have a few games set up on pcem and I mostly have no idea what I'm doing

File: 20220511_210703-01.jpg (2.17 MB, 2673x2750)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB JPG
/CRT/ General Thread

>>Non-Gaming Edition

Bonus points for discussion around CRT's that aren't specially involving retrogaming.

I will start: what stuff do you prefer to watch on a CRT?

Personally I think until we get some kind of Blu-Ray, the Sonic OVA has to be on a CRT.
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Would HD into composite look good or awful? I want to display more stuff on my CRT but I need some kind of HD to composite converter.

It's only 15$ at Walmart to get an Onn HDMI to RCA converter. That's what I got for my setup with MEDNEFEN and other emulators. Keep in mind most of those units do some rather fucky scaling to the image if your settings on the device isn't just right. And mine refuses to output at any signal other than 1920x1080p without the overscan getting fucked up.

I resolved to have my PC output at 1440x1080p with a full screen stretch.

It works pretty nice. Haven't used the converter on anything else other than my PC. Worth the 15 bucks to try it imo.
I have a CRT in front of me and i want to get rid of it to get me a flat screen.
looks like breath of the wild?
Then do it?
Not sure why you’d think we care what you do

File: 7mQBFftpYM.jpg (297 KB, 1260x927)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
what are some cancelled retro games you wish had came out, or would love for a prototype to see the light of day?
the Duke Nukem leak reignited the glimmer of hope. i'm still waiting on that 90% complete build of Resident Evil 1.5 to drop some day in an official capacity
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I doubt it was on the Saturn, it was a spin-off game for a spin-off add-on.
Apparently there was a Saturn build at one point in time, although it was lost: >>8917320
what a lost!
File: Ultimate_journey_ad.jpg (678 KB, 777x1024)
678 KB
678 KB JPG
Ultimate fucking Journey
Shining Legend
Koran RPG for the DS

File: cg10360142.jpg (147 KB, 497x497)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
The most kawaii game in the world
whats the most kuwaii?
File: popn6.jpg (103 KB, 512x512)
103 KB
103 KB JPG

File: Startropics NES.png (29 KB, 512x448)
29 KB
Supposedly Nintendo didn't localize the first Earthbound on the NES because it was too expensive? But then again it may also be that they were already releasing Startropics as a Western market exclusive so they didn't want to overkill with two RPGs at once. Startropics would have been the more costly game to produce though since it had a bigger ROM and a special variant of MMC3 customized for this particular game. So IDK.
The reason Mother wasn't localized is largely due to the SNES. It would have been near the ass-end of the life span of the NES, and they didn't want to cut into SNES sales. Whatever reason they gave, that's definitely the main factor.

File: url(6).jpg (18 KB, 266x182)
18 KB
This framerate is awful, it makes the game completely unplayable. Why didn't people have standards for framerate like we do now back in the day? No true gamer would accept this low fps now.
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the dc version is the definitive version
>lower framerate
>lower resolution
How is it definitive again?
I played it with a controller.
faggot, go neck urself

File: openttd-9073-1.jpg (300 KB, 1024x746)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
Can we put together a list of all Open_ retro games?
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No, Doom 3 engine.
ive played a little bit of multiplayer on yamagi; what's busted? i've only played vanilla, so no grappling hooks or anything.
man it looks beautiful
Tiberian Sun I believe is good but OpenRA2 is still some way off.
That's such a lame name.

>Doom is 2D
except its not
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I'm not going to argue with you anymore. Its a 2d game engine.
Are the Build games also 2.5D?
Can I view the front, back, and interior, simultaneously?
No, so it's not 2d.
How about we meet in the middle with 2.5D
No such thing.

File: the other akuji.jpg (14 KB, 259x194)
14 KB
I find myself intrigued lately by Win9x/XP PC games by small teams or single devs, and I'd like to try more of them. Preferably translated or EOP playable enough. Titles like Akuji the Demon, Cave Story, Warning Forever, abd Engage to Jabberwock. Any other Nipponese hidden gems?
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Well, good on you. Game's pretty neat from dabbling with it. Guess saves are earned somehow?
it's been a while, I remember saves in PS being very limited. They definitely want players to replay the game, with or without the help of the base factors. Sora is pretty brutal without something like nova
As a note, .zip (specifically) files do not have native UTF-8 support, meaning characters will be fucky when extracting. You'd need to change the System Locale (to Japanese, Chinese, or Spanish, etc. when applicable) and open them in the newest 7-zip for them to extract the contents with the proper filenames. If they've been extracted and re-archived with the busted, "mojibake" or other bad characters, there's no way of fixing that without manually rewriting them.
Yeah, got all that sorted now. Guess this is something I've never actually been affected by til now.
>look into Platine Dispositif's works
>emulate Super Zangyura for Switch using Ryujinx
it's p good

You must choose! Does the Saturn having a full five years of life make it a better console than the two year dynamo?
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Off the top of my head some notable Dreamcast games from similar genres are
Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation
Rayman 2
Resident Evil 2, 3 and Code Veronica
Dino Crisis
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 & 2
Space Channel 5
Quake 3 Arena
Soul Reaver
Zombie's Revenge
Skies of Arcadia

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>if you ever played games outside your moms basement you are zoomers
also hellslave, and you can play duke online
You don't like video games
>Sega Dreamcast because it is a good platform. The Sega Saturn is bad.
Woah I never thought of it like this... My mind is changed

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