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File: 1646642175325.png (2.42 MB, 1472x1056)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB PNG
Is this a fucking toilet?
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Japanese toilets must be hell. Sometimes when I'm backpacking in the mountains, I'll have to squeeze out some rocky rabbit poops that take forever because I wasn't hydrated enough the previous day. I'll have to fuckin take breaks in between squeeze sessions because my legs get tired from squatting so long.

I can't even imagine that being the norm in civilization, not the god damned woods.
>Uh oh, looks like I have bad diarrhea from whatever the fuck. Guess I'll squat for 15 fucking minutes while my bowels empty themselves and my legs start shaking.
>rise for a moment to relax your muscles
>poop smears around your anus
>lower back down but lose balance for a moment
>bare ass falls into the diarrhea bowl
The fuck is wrong with the Japs. What if you have a hangover? You gotta squat with your head pounding out of your skull from the increased blood pressure due to you squatting?

For someone that's been "backpacking in the mountains" you sure have weak legs.
Or I could sit on the comfort of a well-crafted throne like an enlightened white man, and not squatting like an animal.
i know you're just baiting, but
>implying humans do not sit among the animals, but above them
ngmi, vulture monkey of the fire cult
Yeah we're above animals. This is ancient knowledge.

So who here is trying to get their shit rocked when the online drops
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File: a very special message.gif (3.77 MB, 500x500)
3.77 MB
3.77 MB GIF
There's only one guy here who isn't trying, and it's the guy who thinks a modestly challenging game is impossible to beat on its highest setting without cheating.
I’ve decided to follow in mouseanons footsteps. From here on out I declare that super Mario kart is literally unplayable without a force feedback steering wheel and pedals
How do you enable gyro aiming?
If. Fucking. Only.
Agreed. Assuming the devs do a good job. I've tried emulating Rogue Squadron with an optical mouse, the usual Xbox controller, and a joystick at various points. All of them leave me wanting for that goofy original controller. Mouse Anon is trolling or something, but Nintendo is trolling harder with the price and availability of that new N64 controller.

File: Boktai_cover_art.jpg (33 KB, 316x320)
33 KB
did anyone other than me like this series? I remember playing the 2nd entry and shoving the cartridge right under a fluorescent bulb to get the sun juice because I never played games outside.
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>one of the most unique gimmicks in vidya with the solar sensor
>gameplay is a neat combination of metal gear and zelda
>kino gothic-western setting
>great art and music
Easily one of the most underrated series of all time.
>your offensive choices only stun enemies,
But that's wrong.
You remembered to pay back your debt, right?
>Gives you one of the best swords in the game
Its funny how did it turns out in the end.
I still hum this tone in my head.

File: diddy.jpg (47 KB, 500x375)
47 KB
As a beginner, what's the most fun character to play as?
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I only ever played as Diddy because I can't be bothered to autistically compare minor differences between nearly a dozen different characters.
Did you know there's a secret unlockable character named Moigle Floigan?
>Implying there is a difference
I don't care I main him anyway because his sounds are hilarious
I played as Tip Tup start to finish as a kid. I regret nothing.

File: 1668249397926.png (225 KB, 267x373)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
itt: /vr/ sequels that make the first game completely obsolete
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I prefer Coliseum's story and pokemon lineup, but Gale of Darkness is a definite improvement as an overall package. Still Coliseum had some very memorable battles. The Snagem admin with Entei Camerupt Eatthquake Protect combo filtered me hard as a kid.
>the pal version of luigi's mansion
Explain. Arent PAL games cucked at 50 FPS?
>Arent PAL games cucked at 50 FPS?
Most, if not all GC PAL games support 50/60. It has nothing to do with FPS. It's Hz, meaning PAL games are in 50 Hz but can also have 30 FPS games.
I regret not buying this and Colo when prices were still reasonable.

Pokemon tax + Gamecube tax is unreal, shit's like 200$ now for the game alone.
well apparently they are from what i heard, but it's not like i can tell unless you put them side by side, not even a euro just honestly can't see the difference
the reason why is that they greatly expanded on the hidden mansion, it's now a fun challenge instead of something that barely even changes
I think Colosseum was good in the fact that you were more or less forced to be creative with Shadow mons if you wanted to unlock everything, but XD in general was better.

File: file.png (313 KB, 500x478)
313 KB
313 KB PNG
>the world detail
>materia system (unparalleled)
>speed of combat
>art design
Just started it, all of these stood out. Crazy how far we made it in 1997.
151 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
>materia system (unparalleled)

People actually enjoy that stuff? I thought it's something you endure in order to experience the story.

At least FF6 had special attacks that were stronger than normal attacks and were free so you could use them all the time. Made charcter choice matter. In FF7 for 90% of the fights you just hold X.
spoken like someone who just did the most basic bitch build for every character
see back then you could joke and laugh about that kind of thing
It's not a love triangle, it's there to show how broken Cloud's brain is. If you thought there was a love triangle, you are Cloud.
better get that shotgun cleaned and ready because you are here forever kiddo

>This confuses and enrages the video game preservationist

Now now, I'll just be up front. There's obviously very little inherent worth in archiving the creations of 11 year old dipshits, but can we be honest with each other? GameMaker titles number well into the six digits, and yet people only seem to have awareness of CrimeLife 2 and Undertale. Maybe a couple Mario & Sonic fangames.

If people are so gosh darn intent on keeping the memory of literal who PC games alive from every era of the Internet, including Adobe Flash, where is the love and respect for YoYoGames?

Mark my words, in about 10 years there's going to be a problem. With sites like Itch.io and GameJolt having such a young userbase, barely anyone will do the necessary work and have functional databases for these games.


Sure, this exists, but look at how barren and clinical it is. The fact of the matter is, nobody knows what the fuck to do with the veritable onslaught of low-quality, yet potentially invaluable slop zoomers and millennials vomited up in the 2000s. In a decade, will there be a comprehensive catalog of each and every FNaF clone ever made, regardless of its quality? Will we see a crisis as Friday Night Funkin mods become spread thinner and thinner across obscure Discord channels? Methinks people should spend less time worrying about hardware restoration and translating PC-98 games, and focus more on games that are uploaded today and could disappear tomorrow. But that's just me.
19 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 3213.png (240 KB, 225x225)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
>OP is a fag as always

no-intro has dedicated sets for Desura, Groupees and JAST USA, you aren't special. There's more awareness nowadays about site content preservation than 10 years ago, and people are already making archives of Itch and GameJolt, even the owners themselves providing help for it.

Instead of coming here crying why don't you start some sort of archiving project yourself??
Used to browse this place when i was a kid.
Binged on all those nifty Zelda engine games they had and shit, also the first place Crusade originated from.
Eventually, there will be congressmen that's willing to preserve all kinds of adult entertainment and not be in the breach of prudish cuckservatives (or liberals) like you
Overrated dogshit, same goes for Metroid 2
>the reddit mentality
once it becomes popular, it's shit

I always see discussion about DOOM wads and Sonic fan games, but never about Mario 64 rom hacks despite the scene becoming fairly advanced over the years.
Have you played any good ones? Any shit ones?
I just finished a playthrough of Mario Party 64. It was nice finding a rom hack with 100% custom content and a reasonable difficulty. I hate rom hacks that force you to use save states to beat it.
Welcome to /vr/ newfriend. Sorry to hear they don't discuss this where you're from. It's discussed frequently here. Check the archives and lurk moar.
fpbp :)
I've played most of the big non-Kaizo ones and I think Star Road (with parallel camera) or Star Revenge 6.25 are my favorites even though those are the big popular ones.
Apologies. I usually frequent /v/. This kind of thread would never get many posts over there.
>Star Road
Crazy to think a rom hack I played nearly a decade ago is still at the pinnacle. I never finished it though, maybe I'll have to retry it again.

File: 31jqaGD39vL._AC_.jpg (12 KB, 390x272)
12 KB
Finally bought one m30. What are some good Genesis and Saturn games that made good use of 6 face buttons.
44 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I have both, definitely prefer the m30. Better ergo and the build quality feels loads better
File: 20110907034720.jpg (52 KB, 480x640)
52 KB
it is though
the other buttons are just combinations of the three
whether the arcade release is or not isn't the argument at hand here, which is why I called your post retarded. Tons of games could be made "three button games" if you worked everything down to modifiers

The point is that a game like Radiant Silvergun made very good use of the 6 button pad as it happened to have 6 different guns, and the natural fit on the layout is overall more intuitive than mixing some of those guns on shoulder buttons
>another 8bit do shill thread
What do you think the phrase “it’s technically a 3 button game” means
I swear the amount of goal post movers here is going up in the recent weeks

File: utopiasnes.jpg (65 KB, 640x499)
65 KB
Anybody else Utopia?
5 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Does the Amiga version have any cool features that were cut in the SNES version? And is the sequel good?
I've not played the SNES version to compare. The sequel is excellent, definitely worth a play if you liked Utopia.
>The sequel is excellent, definitely worth a play if you liked Utopia.

are you referring to K240 or to Fragile Alliance?
K240. I haven't really played Fragile Allegiance, just loaded it up one time and poked around
>isometric map with a space backdrop
why is this so fucking kino

File: Pokémon_Yellow_cover.png (438 KB, 500x496)
438 KB
438 KB PNG
>game becomes pretty much nonlinear after exiting Rock Tunnel

They absolutely nailed it first try
190 replies and 27 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Japs do this all the time (because they're used to all the homo
Bro you can't just say that out load
>game becomes pretty much nonlinear after exiting Rock Tunnel
What things can you do in different orders? I don't recall any time where you can choose multiple gyms to go to or anything like that. There's some backtracking I think, but that's not what nonlinearity is, everything still has a specifically set order.
Quite a bit
You don't actually need Lt. surge's badge until the last of the 7 before Giovanni
Once you get to Lavender you can go to Celadon, get a drink for the guards which opens up Saffron
You can beat the Fighting dojo/get the
You can also buy a Pokemon doll that you can throw at the Marowak ghost and get the Pokeflute before getting the Silph scope at the game corner
You could win any game center pokemon only 2 badges in
And if you choose to go to Koga, you can get surf and go to cinnabar. You can't do seafoam without the Rainbow badge from celadon, though.

So basically, you have access to most pokemon in the game besides legendaries(you can get Zapdos, however) just 3 badges in, with LAvender town's Pokemon tower as the only major thing you need to do afterRock Tunnel(the Lavender sequence break will let you go to Silph and get Lapras, too).
While its still necessary you do certain things, it does allow a lot of grinding spaces to be open to you which helps you level up Pokemon that would be a pain in the ass otherwise. For example, as late as Cinnabar you're still fishing up level 15 pokemon that are massively underleveled by the time you get there organically. But since you have all the trainers available in the routes and GameCorner/Silph, its far easier to level them up instead of grinding for pittance exp in the wild.
Its more open and less of a hassle from FR/LG, where things are locked more and level scaling is worse(getting level 5 fossil Pokemon late in the game, compared to RBY where they start at level30.
>surf's up
And so am I
>They absolutely nailed it first try
Yellow is bad though

File: kum9eqh0gg691.jpg (2.33 MB, 4032x3024)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB JPG
Why does Halo get so much hate for ruining FPS?

Games like F.E.A.R. and Doom 3 were definitely more Half-Life than Halo.
54 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Was just a /v/ meme, hating on Halo as baby's first FPS was the cool stance to have back then.

I heard it was going to be a multimedia "happening" with Bjork doing the soundtrack, and also individually playing all of the members of the Flood.
File: fps before halo.png (630 KB, 977x9258)
630 KB
630 KB PNG
>Why does Halo get so much hate for ruining FPS?
Because it set a new standard that essentially dumbed down fpses for a younger audience.

If you were an adult playing fpses before halo, the 10/10 scores across the board was mind-boggling.
In reality the game didn't excel in 1 area that games before it didn't already succeed.
For many people it really was just their first fps, much like how Zelda botw is this generation's first open world game for nintendo fans.
Halo ce is pretty good but the copy pasted levels bogs the game down
"did halo ruin fps games" is a different question than "is halo good"

File: shinmegamidesu.jpg (156 KB, 1280x720)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Playing Shin Megami Tensei II for the first time on a whim. First time playing anything in this series, Persona included. I've watched the first Megami Tensei played through before, and the vibe struck me as unique. I have played Dragon Warrior I and Final Fantasy I before, as well as other JRPGs. What am I in for? Any fans of this game here? (Playing the English patch of the Super Famicom versoin)
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1674847831845534.png (3 KB, 562x156)
3 KB

idk im playing nocturne after finishing a playthrough of 1 and it doesnt feel like the formula changed all that much, still mostly dungeon crawling albeit with shorter dungeons. less npc interaction too obviously
Make sure you play SMT If... when you're finished with 1 and 2.
I love shin megrim tensei. SMT persona 5 being my favorite. SMT persona 4 used to be my favorite. but they are both real good! I can't wait till you play persona 5 then we can steal some hearts together! the singing and dancing is what does it for me, its like watching an anime! I can't wait to move to japan
File: 1641749208355.png (26 KB, 510x556)
26 KB
Here's my overview of the series as it stands in 2023

SMT5 is the most approachable one just because of how many QoL features are shoved into it (like compendium fusion) and the fact that you can avoid battles whenever you want
SMT3 is the one I started with, it can be really unforgiving at times but it's phenomenal. The HD remaster is fine (it's lazy) but it adds a major QoL feature during fusion that doesn't make the game easier but saves a bunch of time
SMT4 is known mostly just for being the easiest mainline entry and having a totally retarded true ending path, but its still good. SMT4A is worth playing if you liked SMT4 just because the core gameplay is even better, even if everything else is retarded
SMT Strange Journey is excellent as well but imo it's not the best place to start. It's more in line with "classic" SMT. But it's really great.

SMT1 is probably not the best place to start imo, but the new PS1 translation is the way to go for this one
SMT2 is definitely not the best place to start imo, probably the worst of all mainline...

SMT If... is considered the proto-Persona, it is extremely polished for a Super Famicom RPG. There's also a PSX version with an easier difficulty but i dont think this is translated...
The Persona games are also worth a look, I would probably start with Persona 4 (P4G is fine too if that's easier to access now). Persona 5 Royal is easily the most braindead easy game in the entire megaten franchise so that's the easy recommendation for someone who is totally unfamiliar with JRPGS and the series at large. Despite it being piss easy it has a lot to offer in terms of presentation style stuff.

Finally there are dozens of spinoffs, but the one I would recommend first and foremost is Devil Survivor.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
If... is legit the best smt game

Has the weeb high school shit from persona and also all the weird smt cliches

File: powerslave.jpg (117 KB, 616x353)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
So what is this game? They say it's a mix of the Saturn and PS1 versions but aren't those very different games? What does that mean exactly?
>They say it's a mix of the Saturn and PS1 versions but aren't those very different games
Nope, they're basically the same except with some sprite variations, graphical presentation (saturn looks better), performance (saturn runs smoother) and some level design tweaks between them. I've beaten both, I think there's a level exclusive to each console but honestly I don't remember but I can say for certain the Saturn one is the best to play. The new release is modern smoothening and recreation of the quirks possible in both versions with a mish-mash of their features. It's a fine way to play the game if you're too mentally invalid to operate a controller.
I think saturn has red spiders while ps1 has blue scorpions and they're both in the remaster.
Its the PC version of Powerslave that is a very different game and runs on the Build engine

The Saturn and PS1 versions of Powerslave are similar to each other and run on Lobotomy's own engine. The Saturn version is generally better with larger and more open levels which were cut down and changed for the PS1 version.

Powerslave Exhumed is closer to the Saturn version but includes some additional bits from the PS1 version added in to create a hybrid of the two.
i wanted to buy it for old time's sake but it won't even run on my 4th gen i7 laptop.
the devs are total retards for chosing that engine

How the fuck are you supposed to know, in 1993, that you're supposed to push a random corner in a wall, which has no texture difference or no other clue whatsoever, to then open a secret SO THEN YOU CAN GET THE COMPUTER AREA MAP TO REVEAL ALL THE OTHER SECRETS!?
16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
These faggots never heard of usenet. Nor have they heard of map editors.
File: DAS_COOMER.jpg (52 KB, 680x693)
52 KB
>100% completion
I believe that's the problem with zoomers. They need to coomplete their games for the achievements or whatnot as if it's a given.
>Nor have they heard of map editors.
I'll have to play IArch-Vile's Advocate on that point.

Setting aside that OP's point is LUDICROUSLY insipid and retarded, if his argument is that there were no resources in December 1993 to tell you about all the secrets (even if there was), then map editing software wouldn't be a counter argument, as iD never published any tools for Doom, and people had to develop that themselves.
There might have been some incredibly rudimentary map editing or map viewing software for Doom during December of 1993, but if there was, it probably wasn't widely available, and probably wasn't easy for the layman to use. Mind, the first custom level for Doom ever made was created with hex editing, which was a simple square room that didn't even work because it had no nodes built for it.

Also, if OP is a fucking retard (and his posts strongly suggest that he is), I doubt he could navigate something like the trial version of DeepSea, or DoomCAD, because those programs weren't particularly graceful or userfriendly even for normally intelligent people, you had to just get used to the way that software sucked.
Kids don't know how good they have it with modern editors.
You remembered having to do the same thing in Wolfenstein
> finish level
> secrets: 0%
> wat

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