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File: salazar-family-crown.png (229 KB, 450x360)
229 KB
229 KB PNG
Who threw the Salazar family crown down the well?
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Wasnt it a trap door?
Yes. It wasn’t a fucking well.
It was probably Salazar's dad or something that he dropped down there.
>try to convince salazar to quit disgracing his family name
>present him with the crown his ancestors wore
>"lol nah bye nigga"
>get dropped down the pit

File: Super_Mario_World.jpg (256 KB, 1600x1166)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
SMW was the first Mario game I didn't particularly care for. Maybe because that was the first game that seemed to cater more to small children. The game just seemed too "kiddie" for me with the goofy sound effects and music score. I thought Mario in SMB3 was much more intrepid. Much tougher. Much cooler and stoic.
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yeah man that's what i want from my games about an Italian plumber jumping on turtles and rescuing the princess, gritty realism. i don't want bright colors and fun sounds, i want it to be dour and miserable and manly. just as Miyamoto intended.
So as I believe was explained before, I think Nintendo's plan (certainly Yamauchi's anyway) had always been to make a locked-down casual kiddie toy console but the Famicom ended up kind of getting too big for them to control (they were able to impose more tight controls on the US and European markets) and the games still ended up being hard as balls in most cases because the hardware was primitive and the arcade mentality still ruled.

Beginning with the SNES they gradually managed to create the casual kiddie shovelware box they'd wanted all along. With the NES it just happened to not work out that way because the vidya industry was still in its infancy and not well-understood yet.
File: 1621828351067.gif (256 KB, 249x222)
256 KB
256 KB GIF
Play an edgy horror ROM hack like Coronation Day or I HATE YOU if Super Mario World was too kiddie for your tastes.
If you think about it, the Mario franchise is deeply subversive. Shingleroof Mongoloid turned a hard working trade man like your grandfather or even your father into a literal prancing faggot lala homo man, turned a cool dinosaur buddy into a twerking little dweeb with a tranny girlfriend, made the classic princess into a grrrl power symbol and so much more. The only Gayrio games that are of any value are SMB1 and 3. It all went downhill after Yoshi's Island.

File: donko.jpg (437 KB, 2048x1716)
437 KB
437 KB JPG
you must be 18 or older to post here
Based on what we've seen from Rare, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the development team though that level name was fookin' brill mate.

File: 1624863182054.jpg (51 KB, 800x638)
51 KB
what was Nintendo thinking?
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>teaming up
Zero chance. They want to gobble up all the profit for themselves.
They sort of did. The N64 used NEC developed RDRAM, uPD488170L.
The N64 used super expensive RDRAM. Going with a cheaper kind of RAM would have been a drag on the system as things like the texture cache were designed around the idea that you could either stream them from RDRAM or the cart at full speed, no massive latencies caused by PC style DRAM for instance. If they had to use 8MB of cheaper, slower RAM to make it affordable then they'd have to increase the texture cache on the chipset which is REALLY REALLY expensive RAM.
I don't think releasing games as a two piece set like that would have been an option. First, the games would still be as expensive as normal N64 games were, about $10-20 more than PS1 games. Second, it's awkward for the end users. We're talking about what Nintendo could have or should have done when designing the N64, not what fanciful ideas someone sitting in 2021 can come up with.
While I doubt Nintendo expected sales to be as low as they were in Japan, I suspect they had an idea it wouldn't be as big over there as it'd be overseas. The whole system was built around communal play. Packing four friends around the system for multiplayer was never a thing the Japanese were known for.

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Because that was the same time you realised you are gay
>>last generation on standard definition TVs
All 7th gen consoles can be used on SD TVs with first party analog video cables.
>>before always online, DLC, microtransactions, and day one patches took over running gaming into the ground
Which 7th gen games require you to always be online? Many 7th gen games have no DLC or day one patches, including every Wii game.
>>didn't have to create any social media, you just hooked up the console and started playing unlike future gens where you had about 30 minutes-1 hour of setup time
Setting up a PS3 or Wii console from scratch takes about 2 minutes. For PS3, you don't have to create a PSN account and you don't have to install patches before playing games. The only wait is for games with mandatory HDD installs, which are a minority and in most cases over with quickly.
>>consoles were all about games. No social media to message your buds or display trophies/achievements, no third party streaming software like youtube or netflix, and no built in web browsing. Just games.
For 7th gen, trophy notifications, online accounts, apps and web browsing (and internet connection in general) are all optional. You can play games on a PS3 without ever connecting to the internet.
>>the future generation would bring us consoles like the PS3 which had no games, the wii which relied on motion control gimmicks, and the 360 which had horrible overheating issues
The PS3 only had a lackluster game lineup for the first couple of years after launch, it developed a solid library by the end of its life. All Sony and Microsoft consoles prior to the 360 were unreliable - the early revisions of PS1, PS2 and Xbox all had unreliable optical drives, among other hardware issues. Later 360 revisions don't have overheating problems.
>>no downloads, all digital media and games were physically owned
Almost all 7th gen games are available as physical copies, barring low budget / indie games.
i grew up on 7th gen (had fathers xbox handed down prior to that).
xbox was so much better than the 360. the overheating issues, the drive space issues toward the end, and the day one patches, dlc, etc.
That contributed to it and took away the main benefit of a console; convienence.
File: 1604241521234.jpg (152 KB, 800x1144)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Sonic Unleashed is allowed on /vr/
File: 1614545499771.png (428 KB, 411x577)
428 KB
428 KB PNG
>including every Wii game.

File: index.jpg (9 KB, 259x194)
9 KB
King's Field thread: Big Fat Fuck edition
A thread to talk about everything related to the KF series, from lore discussion to gameplay tips/hints
Shadow tower and similar titles are more than welcome
33 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Eternal Ring is decent, has an interesting ring crafting system, and has combat similar to KF but it's a bit faster paced.
this is me again i finished KF1, Shadow Tower AND Eternal Ring is few days lol

KF1 is surprisingly a solid game despite being FromSoftware first game it was simple and fun i liked how it's separated in 5 floor you explore instead of the frustrating maze-like island shit in KF2, i found odd how you needed to level up your STR and MAG until you can use the Moonlight Sword magic which is the only way to beat the final boss

Shadow Tower is a gem i loved the dark creepy atmosphere and those monster designs are really cool (Evergrace tier) i used a cheat code of infinite durability (the biggest issue with the game) and it made it even more fun to play, there is a lot of monsters/items/weapons i missed due to how big the game is, oh yeah i fought Auriel and shee was harder than any boss in the game and my reward was nothing...except unlocking her in the VS mode, so i reloaded my save and didn't kill her instead in the final stage of the game you find her behind a hidden wall and she'll give you a soul pad with 53 points then she disappears forever (until the sequel) totally worth it

Eternal Ring i heard lots of negative stuff about it but it's not that bad at all i liked it the gameplay is fast and smooth the enemies are hard but no frustrating the the ring system is interesting, magic is so OP i fused level 4 low fire magic and started bombing every unlucky bastard i encountered, the story is nice but the voice acting is so horrible lol, and the music is quite good, my favorite track have the same Evergrace music style


oh yeah i also did the secret dungeon behind the cave and boy was it hard and damn the boss took me a long time to beat but it was worth it for he drops the moonlig..ah i mean the Eternal Sword as it called here, the final boss on the other hand was piss easy but he reminded me of Evergrace final boss too (both are children and a result of magical experiment shit)
so now that i played the 7 FromSoftware games of this genre (including KF3 Pilot then again it's more like a demo) my ranking is:
KF4 > SH Abyss > KF3 > SH > ER > KF1 > KF2
>frustrating maze-like island shit in KF2
anon exploring that island in no particular order was what made the game ludo in my eyes. I dropped Shadow Tower Abyss because of its hub design.
>I dropped Shadow Tower Abyss because of its hub design.
you can literally jump to the last wrold when you first reach the ''shadow tower'' (the place with the stairs that takes to the next level)
so you can go to and do whatever and whenever you want, i'd say it's more non-linear than KF2

File: PSX-Original-Controller.jpg (1.32 MB, 2620x2280)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB JPG
What PS1 games are better with analog? I only have the original controller
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
MediEvil, simply for the fact that you don't have to double tap the d-pad to fucking run.
File: SLUS-00373-B-ALL.jpg (413 KB, 1741x1381)
413 KB
413 KB JPG
Apocalypse, a twin stick shooter. The non-DualShock controls for it are pretty decent as well (use the d-pad and face buttons as you would the sticks, like Smash TV on SNES), but it's definitely improved by the sticks letting you shoot at just the right angle you want. The devs made some accommodations to sort of allow this without the sticks (if you, for example, hold Square and tap Triangle repeatedly, you can shoot WNW) but it's definitely not as intuitive as the sticks.
Also, first person shooters like Medal of Honor Underground and Alien Resurrection tend to have better control options with the DualShock.
Usually the 3D games from 1998 and forward have well done analog controls. Medal of Honor is a funny one that I found playing with both the d-pad and right analog stick, the left analog stick has a lower movement cap probably related to the stick deadzone. d-pad however is instantly top speed and you can press an angle to do the old speed doubling. Combining this with right stick aiming felt nice.
Alien Resurrection
Ace Combat 2/3, Spyro 1/2/3, Crash 2/3, Medal of Honor, Parasite Eve 1/2, Vagrant Story, MGS, the giant fuckpile of great racing games. I'm probably forgetting something.

File: 1600205698095.gif (5 KB, 268x172)
5 KB
>have teammate named Double
>he turns out to be a double agent
>"how could this happen to me???"
So this is the power of Capcom writing...
37 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>I'm working to bring about Sigma's return from the scraps Dragoon Magmamaster. It's more than interesting. I've been speaking with witches and scientists across the land. Both maverick and reploid. Working together to collect ancient schematics and lore. Constructing a system with which to pluck Sigma from dust and reinstall in him the world with power. He has unfinished business sir, he owes us death, death in volumes unprecedented. His great work remains incomplete.
Lack of transparency on the dash effect looks too hideous to consider it the best version
Doubles scene was pretty shocking considering it was a KA rated game. Guess its fine if its robots and you call the blood oil
The English translation of X2 also touches this, just a bit more subtly, with Sigma saying Zero was "the last of the doctor's creations." It's annoying that the arc was furthered in X4, came to a head in X5...and immediately evaporated.

Really, the entire X series is littered with great instances of subtlety but ends up botching it somehow. Reploids being based on X and therefore free will being a problem when robots start committing crimes, which is an interesting twist on the situation because now instead of Mega Man being a lab assistant who only fights because Wily deliberately sends robots to do his bidding, Mega Man X is a robot cop, which has a minority-in-law-enforcement stress to it that X sometimes deals with in the small bits of text and dialogue the games provide. And Sigma's schemes are more subversive in that while Wily uses the robots as weapons, Sigma (at least originally, before it all became a virus infection) was winning hearts and minds among disenchanted reploids. X3 makes the politics of it center stage with the Doppler's reploid-only paradise idea.

In X4 it's even easy to miss that three of the robot masters don't have the Repliforce logo beneath their lifebars but the Sigma logo, indicating that there aren't just two factions at play like the main characters think, but three. But the characters are too up their own asses to recognize that they're being used. While Mega Man was always confident that he was doing the right thing, Mega Man X could never be sure.
I think it looks kinda neat, actually. It makes the dash effect feel more forceful. At least it's better they went with a solid color rather than dithering.

File: jkg845.png (310 KB, 512x448)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
Gameplay and development discussion:
What homebrew / hacks are you playing /vr/?

Are you working on anything? Would you like to learn? Projects and questions welcome.


IPS Patcher:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Make sure you have the correct bios files needed for the core to actually work, after that you should be golden
anyone have a rom for trophy?
I don't even know how to start, otherwise maybe I would.
what system?
File: megaman0.jpg (3 KB, 104x97)
3 KB
Here's the buster in Megaman 4 being altered. It's basically this, but with an entire game.

Why are 2nd levels in Sonic games always so bad or boring? Normies never seem to get past them either. I knew a couple of kids who would struggle with the 2nd level.
43 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Flying Battery is Sonic & Knuckles. Sonic 3 second stage is Hydrocity Zone.
But it's an easy ass water level with some nice platforming sections?
File: Kino.jpg (288 KB, 1162x1578)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
>Easy ass water level with some nice platforming
Labyrinth is garbage. It's one of the worst water levels in any sonic game ever. Why? Cheap enemy/boobytrap placement aside, the Achilles heel of Labyrinth is unavoidable water. Let me explain. Starting with Sonic 2 onward, levels had multiple tiered paths. Aquatic Ruins for example, is an incredible water level because it treats water as a PUNISHMENT. (Which, let's be real, water is a fucking punishment in Sonic games.) The first time you play, you're gonna fall in the water because the upper paths are trickier to navigate. But as your skill improves, you can stay in the upper section for a speedy run. Whereas in Labyrinth you're forced into the water multiple times no matter what. It's painful and kills the pacing, especially on replays. Oil Ocean takes the best part of Labyrinth, the slides, but doesn't kill the momentum by forcing you into molasses every single time. Lab and Oil both have sick music though.
Also not having a spin-dash in 1 makes the water even more intolerable.
>2nd levels
You mean ZONES

File: Axel.png (4 KB, 188x231)
4 KB
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The real question is why would you play as Skate
File: 1627509000862.jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB

someone out there will understand

File: goldeneye.jpg (38 KB, 400x276)
38 KB
This is the most well-kept secret on the internet, this is one of the most influential games of all time, sold 10 million copies, and came out almost 30 years ago but nobody has made a tutorial on how to dual wield.
Video tutorial please
35 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
And the tank round, the mines, grenades, etc. double up on knifes though.
I forgot about those. But you can do the three handed Bond trick. Use the dual wield different weapons glitch with the watch laser and Bond will have two hands on the watch and a third with a Moonraker.
You pick up two of the same weapon that can be dual wielded. Fuckin idiot.
i'm sure your wife and kids are extremely proud of you
File: 1628188004035.jpg (14 KB, 480x360)
14 KB
Anyone play through the game dual wielding N64 controllers with control option 2.1?

File: news.jpg (77 KB, 500x500)
77 KB
Pro tip: you can't.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Nintoodler greesy and sausage fingers wrote this post
I think I remember playing Phantasy Star on the Sega System but it's been many years
Do nips like this game like US gamers? I grew up with it but I wonder if Dragon Quest V had been localized it could have stolen some of its thunder.
I doubt it, japense people tend to have shit taste
How the fuck is PSIV overlooked, it's literally the first JRPG people think about when talking about the Sega Genesis.

File: 20210803_174408.jpg (1.08 MB, 2560x1440)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
I finally got a SNES, but I didn't know that certain models had possible CPU failing on them. So I opened it up and found out it is an GMP-01. Beforehand, I tested it Starfox and Super Metroid and everything ran fine, but should I be concerened and look to sell it for a different model, or are all SNESes going to be prone to failing soon?
66 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Well my GPM has a CPU-A, but I'm thinking it could just be the SHVC assembly line that fucked it up and then the GPM-01 lines were fixed.
no it would just mean you'd lose the electric contact and be unable to power the unit on or it might shut off when running. you can replace the jack with a different one. this is a problem mainly with old brittle plastic that causes an intermittent connection.
It may be a problem with the PCB design of the SHVC boards as well, perhaps the chipset isn't adequately buffered from voltage spikes or there could have been other issues with the board design that they didn't realize at first.
I have never soldered before, but I know you can replace it with a $10. Where is a good type of place or video on youtube that is good for learning soldering?
I mean, the first run of Famicoms in 1983-84 were not reliable either but the issues with them were fixed before its international launch.

Curios about the Saturn games

Which ones the shortest of them cause SFIII sounds long as shit.
89 replies and 37 images omitted. Click here to view.
regular fighters can outpace her level progression because she is so limited early game. once she even has the mana to match the pace, she's already multiple levels behind. heal is a spell that all other healers have, so she's easily replaceable. none of her other spells matter, because somebody does anything she does, but better. the other 3 healers have aura and/or boost, which are significantly more useful spells than just heal, and they provide their user with higher experience rates, thus outpacing sarah as well.

while yes, sarah can use healing to outscale fighters, she'll still generally reach that "wall" of experience after they already have, and without really providing much to the team besides basic heals or melee attacks that somebody else could have done better. even if you consider all healers "busted" because they can scale past the kill experience wall, she is still objectively the slowest and least useful healer of the 4. in addition to being dumpy looking, she's just not worth the effort.
for some reason I can listen to this forever
healers gain shit exp
basic heal gives 10. boost and aura can give 49. fighters can get 49 from kills (and smaller amounts from dealing damage), but that depends on their level and monster's "level". theres a point where killing a monster will only give 1exp, but healers can still gain their flat rates of exp, which allows them to easily outscale fighter's stats. however, this wall is generally only reached with autistic levels of grinding and repetition, and at that stage of the game/levels, you're probably oneshotting most things anyway.
>arent most of these games not translated? like Shining Force 3?
Shining Force 3's first scenario was localized, but the other two scenarios were not. They have translation patches though. The first Game Gear gaiden game wasn't localized for Game Gear, but is included with the second gaiden on Shining Force CD (which was localized). The third Game Gear game wasn't localized, but has a translation patch.
The only other untranslated games are the ones after the original devs got bought by Nintendo. Most of the ones after Shining Soul 2. Known as the Tony Taka games, because Tony Taka does the character designs for most of them.
>Arent a lot of them not even SRPGs?
Correct. It's the "Shining" series, not the "Shining Force" series. Shining Force (the SRPGs) only represents a portion of the series. Shining in the Darkness and Shining the Holy Ark are DRPGs. Shining Wisdom is a top-down action-adventure (Zelda clone). Shining Soul games are dungeon crawl ARPGs (kinda like a Japanese Diablo clone). Dunno too much about the others after Soul 2.
Camelot was never bought by Nintendo. They became independent from Sega.

They signed a contract with nintendo and ended up just being the mario sports games guys to remain financially stable.

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