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File: goldeneye-game.jpg (286 KB, 1642x1200)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
Let's have a Goldeneye 007 thread
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Perfect Dark Was Better
Did they censor anything in the game, for example is Boris's password still there?
It's all uncensored, at least on Switch.

Good music in unexpected games
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The music of other versions is painfully bad, but the PS1 version's music is excellent.
Very good.
Mahjong Master (X68000) - Opening Demo-NKWoZ_O2qo0.mp4
The channel this was on got deleted it seems.

File: ps5.png (231 KB, 732x525)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
So, has anyone here tried this controller to play retro games? How is it? Is it good with emulators and retroarch?
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What this guy said. Very happy with them. Ive had a bad experience with retrobit in the past (sold me broken dongles then sent broken replacements) so i was ready to be annoyed but theyve been great.
File: ty2.jpg (34 KB, 422x317)
34 KB
>giving Sony money after 2015
Ok good to know thx bros
I like it a lot. It's really comfortable and I've always been a fan of Sony's d-pads, but they do get looser with wear.

just use the touch pad, it's two separate buttons (right/left)
>That's annoying. I hate Sony.
just get a controller with the little M insignia on the back, those are made by Mitsumi who made Nintendo's controllers also.

File: 53856_front.jpg (210 KB, 640x908)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
What some downsides of this game?
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post it
Not Hot Coffee in the Final Game
GTA IV was a huge leap forward undoubtedly. I remember the impact it had on the industry
A good chunk of the map is empty bullshit with a few towns where basically nothing happens
RPG elements sucked major amounts of cock
The plot veers completely from the gangster theme advertised to more mob shit after like 20 missions and never goes back
At least 60% of the missions in San Fierro fucking suck
That one mission where you have to follow the train across half the map
Gang territory shit is tedious and amounts to very little
Fucked up a few characters (Ryder)

Just purchased this what am I in for
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(You)'re for a serious setback this month?
Imagine being this braindead.
One of the most soulful games ever made.

You are going to set off the shrieking, diaper-shitting autist though. The resident spectrum sperg here hates this game because.. who gives a shit, he's retarded. Fantastic game.
He’s satirizing, good for a kek. There are actually autists who see downloading 30 year old roms as morally wrong and he’s not one of them.
i used to do it with zsnes, great times. i still have an old version around just because the online worked well even back on dialup, but it was removed in the later versions because it would desync or something

File: twistedmetalb.jpg (20 KB, 353x500)
20 KB
I loved this so much.
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>Horrible music
Minion's theme and the snow stage calm theme are among the best songs in the TM series.
the lord giveth and taketh
File: Rob_Zombie_2.jpg (59 KB, 634x467)
59 KB
Our mastah
>Me too, I had never heard that song before and it hit me at just the right age.
Same. Got into real life shit with my parents that almost got me sent to a foster home and I remember playing this shortly after. This game and that song hit hard.

File: 42313141412.jpg (749 KB, 1918x1440)
749 KB
749 KB JPG
Damn, why is no one talking about it, literally one of the best parts along with Bloodlines and Rondo. CV4 sucks, even Dracula X is better.
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sorry, i just had to
>CV4 sucks
So based
the casino graphics and remixes killed my enthusiasm last time I tried it but maybe I'll give it another shot if the gameplay is actually worthwhile. I hate the cheesy 90 degree bend they gave his arms, none of the struts in the old games looked that stupid.

Recommended tate shmups for newbies to the Genre

I’ve played many horizontal shooters from classic consoles but want to take the dive into cave games. So far I’ve tried donpachi and dodonpachi with great difficulty.

What got you into bullet hells/shmups?

Also stick vs controller?
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I saw a horizontal shmup in an arcade cabinet a long time ago, must have been mid/late 90s. The attract mode showed a "wall of guns" type boss and one of the weapons it had shot diagonal laser bolts that had a candy cane-like spiral pattern. I can't really remember anything else for sure. Anyone knows what game I'm thinking about?

I started thinking about it yesterday and checked through videos of dozens of games from around that era and before, but didn't find it.
File: 20230127_145210 (2).jpg (1.31 MB, 2026x4032)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
Been playing Kingdom Grand Prix for arcade, is a sequel to Sorcer Striker which is also solid. This one has some racing mechanics
I don't know how much it costs but I like Eliminate Down more than Thunder Force IV, Gradius II or R-Type II for example.
Reading that makes more sense than your average fighting game lingo that requires hours and hours to understand.

Fuck we were playing footsies and he Korean back dashed into a ball tickler uppercut followed by an ass licker combo
Toaplan's Slap Fight is underrated.

File: 2012-08-22 18.39.05.jpg (391 KB, 1600x1200)
391 KB
391 KB JPG
I was thinking, how difficult would it be for sega to create an actual new genesis model (with cardslot and all)? Perhaps even base it off the neptune shell.

Is actual (new) hardware still possible? Or does it have to be an fpga

And additionally re-release their old catalog on real genesis cards for reasonable prices. Retrobit is doing some re releases already.

The current 2nd hand market is very shoddy, overpriced games or they look like they are full of aids or something. And old hardware breaks down over time.
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>I'm super curious if anyone knows much about the fabrication side of things. I keep hoping we'll get some breakthrough that would allow for small-market access to custom fabrication runs.
For $50,000 you can get a test run of a couple hundred chips made from some small scale fabs. Just if you were wondering, the major cost is making the masks for the chips the same way plastic injection molds or any other kind of tooling costs big bucks.
You can get about 300 130nm chips for 10K at efabless/skywater, even though its old technology you can pull some incredible things like the 1st gen CELL processor was made in that node size but at a larger area.
The main issue at the moment are the PDKs and tools which arent up to snuff compared to commercial ones IE the high density PDK can only go up to around 200mhz and the high speed one can go up to 800mhz when with custom sillicon you could be able to reach about 4ghz on some designs
If it's rubber then it seems more likely to me that it is heat insulation for the other chips. A metal heat spreader under a DIP would be superbly dumb, though.
can you hack these? i did my friends snes and loaded it with a bunch of roms

File: Papermario.jpg (80 KB, 620x434)
80 KB
Paper Mario was The Real Mario Mainline Game on the 64 also Mario RPGs are better than the 3D Platform Games Fight me
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well me too, and i'm sure op does too, but i figured it's more about the simple preference part rather than pretending one thing is the devil and the other is god
...even Super Paper Mario? That one doesn't seem to get enough love from the fans
for me, yes
got a lot of nostalgia for that game, even aside from the story
Doesnt Thousand Year Door consist of constant tedious backtracking in every new area you visit?
I think I'll end up liking it too.

File: vd03.png (40 KB, 608x448)
40 KB
Post pro wrestling references in /vr/ titles here. Actual pro wrestling games with licensed wrestlers are not allowed. Pic related is Hulk Hogan in Vendetta.
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Stop replying to yourself
File: das_muta.png (13 KB, 304x224)
13 KB
its a pro wrestling game bit nobody is licensed, # count bout for Neo Geo has "red dragon" thats obvious Muta
File: J6nQ5x.gif (232 KB, 612x382)
232 KB
232 KB GIF
damn they be stealing his likeness errwhere
Apparently, all the fighters were based off of wrestlers who were popular in Japan at the time.

File: 1644241699262.jpg (610 KB, 1920x1080)
610 KB
610 KB JPG
While you fags shriek and squeal about shaders vs crts and hardware vs emulators, people who don't waste their whole day on retarded NPC arguments are doing things like this:


tdlr spoiler for you zoomers with no attention span: he plays SNES Super Mario World on a physical NES
What's your excuse?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
All he does is output the video signal through the NES. He's using a Raspberry Pi to do everything interesting.
It's really not that impressive, nor is it useful.
File: yikes.jpg (120 KB, 1163x654)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Indeed. Much better to spend countless days making retarded autistic fail. Then waste a whole day making a video of your cringe.

I saw very little evidence of talent in the videos about this. Autism and ignorance in spades though. Brainlets will be violently triggered by this statement. But anyone who has a basic understanding of electronics will find that cringe hard to watch.
that's cool but idgaf, i'm still going to post my crt in shader threads
File: SuperMarioWorldTitle.png (3 KB, 256x240)
3 KB
it was done 30 years ago
So what is the objective? Is it an art project with a message? Is it like taking a statue of Elvis, installing a combination urinal/drinking fountain inside of it, and hanging a "whites only" sign around its neck? Because it's definitely ridiculous, but maybe there's point to this I'm not getting.

File: 61EeSyjJSrL.jpg (25 KB, 370x269)
25 KB
*stomps Sonic games*
4 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>anon thinks Sparkster is better than Sonic
I did. If you're asking about the quality, it's pretty average. Feel free to play it if you want, but it's nothing special.
Rocket Knight Adventures > Genesis Sparkster > SNES Sparkster > [power gap the size of a small planet] > Rocket Knight
Move over Sonic, Sparkster's in town
I like both, but sonic is rather brain dead in how it plays. The charge>blast off mechanic has more utility and just feels better then any stationary spindash or rolling dash imo. Sonic would probably be really fun with a similar quick charge and blast off attack that doesn't require being on the ground. Sparksters stationary buzzsaw spin is something sonic should have gotten in some game.

What do my friends at /vr/ think of the Legends Trilogy?
38 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
I tried it and honestly it feels sluggish and unresposive, is the game like that or is my intallation fucked?
I don’t think I’ve been disappointed by game purchases that were heavily influenced by my dick:

>Dragon’s Crown
>Nier: Automata

Those were the only two that I think my sexual gaze had a huge role in selecting and they were both great. I don’t think there are any other games, let alone retro ones, that have done that.
I just got finished playing AoD. I think this game was excellent when it came to the music (that main menu theme!) and the overall plot and presentation was great. Lara never looked better imo. The gameplay is what kills it. The last levels from Strahov onward are simply unfinished and cut extremely short. I would have loved to see more of that world and the stuff they would have us raid from tombs. Each classic tomb raider game really did something completely different from the last one. Collecting an Atlantean artifact from lost civilisations that developed from a cataclysm, destroying an Italian cult focussed around a Chinese dagger that turns you into a dragon hunting through sunken ships (interesting choice of tomb), Collecting meteorite splinters from all over the world for a weird social darwinist gone power-mad only to then kill him, and then a game focussed around the apocalypse being started by a haughty Lara picking up the amulet of Seth (1999 had many apocalypse plots, even V:tM Redemption), Chronicles was all over the place, and finally this weird cinematic plot of a serial killer and Icons that you need to collect and periapt shards you need to defeat the weird half-angel Nephilim race.

Tomb Raider was a wild ride. It really pisses me off that the gameplay for the final game was so piss-poor. There is lots of potential in that game and afaik they wanted to do so much more. TR Legend is just a big dumb action game with quicktime events that is over before you know it and doesn't really do anything with the king Arthur plot, not for all the dumb talking they do over it.
I wanna fuck that barbie doll
Have you tried the fan patch that fixes the gameplay and restores the cut content?

File: Ecqp9dpX0AMbA5E.jpg (544 KB, 2048x1536)
544 KB
544 KB JPG
do retro games on "high" resolution crt tvs look good? for example a 240p ps1 game on a 720p crt, how does it look like? better or worse than a 240p crt? i don't understand how it would upscale. i don't know, im confused. i wish i hadn't lost my crt like 8 years ago. i played ps1 and ps2 games on it till the end. the playstation 1 and 2 catalog never disappoints. i still find new games to play but im tired of emulators. wanna find a crt on ebay.
79 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>I'd think you'd want to completely disable the mask as well
Yes, you're trying to get it out of the way for the most part.
However, with a PC CRT of suitable capabilities you can manage triad size 3 at 1344p. 1920x1440 or 2048x1536 would be even better. At those resolutions you can really get creative.
File: 1403154923392.jpg (4 MB, 4128x3096)
4 MB
Now that I do still have a picture of. Might've overdone the blur a bit here, though.
>overdone the blur
No. This is good.
At what resolution is this?
3840x480 with a simple scanline shader IIRC. It had a heap of helping from the monitor itself, though - it was one of those Mitsubishi Diamondtrons that had a SuperBright mode that makes the scanlines bloom, which largely offsets the loss in brightness from the artificial scanlines and gives them shape. If it wasn't for that, I might've stuck to 480p or tried out CRT shaders at higher resolutions instead.
Sony is so bad nowadays. I used to have one Pro line headphones of theirs that lasted like 7 years, bought it again and they clearly changed the internals. Didn't even last a year and it sounded crappier. Was pissed
They used to be an high tech brand that was worth it. Now they aren't worth crap and are still expensive as hell

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