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File: 511D0XwdwIL._SX342_.jpg (15 KB, 342x353)
15 KB
I thought it was more powerful than the PS2.
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File: RE4.jpg (41 KB, 854x480)
41 KB
>I thought it was more powerful than the PS2.
It is.
GC has faster GPU and CPU. Only advantage the PS2 has is disk space.
no, separate ways is superb becaus of mah waifu
>Only advantage the PS2 has is disk space.
lol no the PS2 can do transparency effects that no other console from it's gen(and the gen after) can manage. The dense Silent Hill 2 fog native to the PS2 has yet to be achieved on any other platform, same with the rain on in MGS2.
Separate Ways is not worth the game both looking and controlling like complete shit. The PS2 port is an abomination, only Brazilian smurf RE4 is worse.
It's honestly shocking to me that considering the game's unique (for the time) behind the shoulder camera perspective that makes sure Leon almost always takes up 30% of the screen they didn't at least bother making the back of his model look good on PS2.

File: 45919.jpg (82 KB, 430x320)
82 KB
I have always really liked the lore of the franchise.
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mortal kombat is the best fighting game series because it focuses on the lore and fun instead of multiplayer autism
prove me wrong
it is called soulmation

a sorceror trapped the souls of the actors in the game
Just make it a comic or anime and be done with it. If lore is all you care about the "game" part is irrelevant.
It's dookie
I tried watching it again a while back and by the reptile fight I was bored to tears
>It's dangerous to go alone, take this.

File: ffvii.jpg (581 KB, 1676x1002)
581 KB
581 KB JPG
have you taken the CRT shader pill yet anon?
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The solution to your problem with shaders, the reason they look like your sitting close to a CRT is because you are literally sitting too close to your monitor
cringe retard
File: 53265326523.jpg (300 KB, 1015x1500)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
yes exactly. And I'd need a huge screen with really high resolution for it to be usable while sitting further from it. And with these shaders the distance needed for it to look good seems to be a lot higher than it is with a real tv.
Then you are not viewing the image at correct scale

>renders your hardware obsolete

Let me guess, you NEED to consoom plastic
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This is a personal attack
stop flexing on me man
Why should I spend $500 on an FPGA system and barely play PS1, when I could add a GPU to an old PC for half the price and play PS2, maybe PS3 and Wii U?

I don't see a retro waifu thread, let's fix that shit
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>I always felt like Celes got the shaft and had to play second fiddle too often.
You get to play her in the WoR as "main" character, at least arguably. She never left my team every single playthrough since the first time.
File: zxcv.gif (39 KB, 384x640)
39 KB
Best character from the series.
File: kureogif.gif (33 KB, 160x200)
33 KB
File: grel.jpg (50 KB, 397x512)
50 KB
>no high resolution of this official art exists
Very cute! Reminds me of >>7310661

File: deku beytah.jpg (83 KB, 1359x707)
83 KB
Zelda 64 beta stuff more

First: >>7308752
/v/ thread chain: >>>/v/541056554
TCRF page: https://tcrf.net/Proto:The_Legend_of_Zelda:_Ocarina_of_Time/Late_1997_Overdump
ROM with beta maps patched in:
z64me channel with a bunch of footage of beta maps:
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TCRF is incomplete currently, you're better off checking the pastebins on the previous /v/ threads.
They're currently reeing at each other on discord, it'll take a while for everything to be up.
>TCRF is incomplete currently, you're better off checking the pastebins on the previous /v/ threads.
Therein lies the problem. The conversation surrounding this game has largely been carried by unemployed teens and young adults who weren't even born until after Ocarina of Time was released. You're telling me to wade through God knows how many threads full of zoomer autism to find what I'm looking for... I mean, the quality of your average /vr/ poster is hardly any better these days, but still, most of us can't spend every hour of the day bumping threads to the limit like they do.
>Currently people believe the overdump's GTG was the Spirit Temple at some point which has 3 entrances for 3 different trials, unlike the final.
But the final game's Gerudo Training Ground has three doors as well, so...?
I assume that the really old maps still conform to the Fast3D (Mario 64 microcode) limitations like syotes/syotes2.
>8 Heart Pieces for a full Heart Container
I want it so bad.

File: 20210123_055005.jpg (1.5 MB, 3024x1904)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB JPG
How often do you replay the original Sonic trilogy?
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At least once a year.
Sonic 1 - 3 to 4 times a year
Sonic 3 - 2 times
Sonic 2 - NEVARR

I hoped that helped you OP.
Every morning. I don't start my day until I've beaten all 3
I feel like Sonic 2 is the one with the most replayability of the 3. Its because its better or is just the easier one?
I play Sonic 2 3/K and CD a few times per year.

Can't remember the last time I played Sonic 1 to completion. Every now and then I'll pick it up to play for a bit, but it usually can't hold my attention long enough to finish. Special stages are uually what kills it for me if I even manage to make it past Marble Zone.

File: lod.jpg (448 KB, 800x961)
448 KB
448 KB JPG
The "don't play PD2" edition

Useful information: https://pastebin.com/7EaAeCeW

Previous thread >>7224857
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>weapon affixes on rings
The only oddities with affixes on different items are weapon/armor-specific properties (e.g. enhanced defense on armor only applies to the given armor piece, enhanced damage on weapons only applies to the given weapon). There is no issue with throwing weapon stats on rings or even charms.
>max affixes
A lot, at least 28. I think you might be able to exceed the normal limit by conjugating properties as well, like how all resist works which is technically 4 different properties but displays as only one.
>modify affixes

If you want an idea as to the limit of softcoded modding, look at the original MXL by Brother Laz, it's 100% softcoded.
>I've already completed a Holy Grail bar two items
Complete Holy Grail.
What's the best class for hoarding goods if you're a poorfag? currently using plugY and can't use Hero editor
File: 53535155.png (282 KB, 509x454)
282 KB
282 KB PNG
>using cain to identify items
>not squeezing in two more small charms
i shiggy diggy

File: 526[1].jpg (92 KB, 790x620)
92 KB
>just want to relive some comfy childhood memories on rookgaard
>99.9% of tibia OT servers don't include rook
If you could play this shit offline it'd be fucking kino
>just make an OT server bro

>Push button on console to pause game
>Game freezes because you knocked the console

File: 1604775074703.png (229 KB, 320x399)
229 KB
229 KB PNG
Why does he make people on other boards so mad?
i bet you become mad if he puts his huge dick into your tiny asshole

File: download.jpg (6 KB, 244x206)
6 KB
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Yes. Nintendo wanted to make a console that was all about the games but chose to use a controller that did not have as many inputs as the already wildly successful PS2. Along with the tiny dvds, this made porting many games over from the consoles not worth it. The gamecube as a whole was a mess. While the N64 was significantly different from the PS1 hardware wise, the gamecube was just a slightly stronger PS2 with less games and no dvd playback.
Saturn had six face buttons and 2 shoulder buttons
it runs better on the xbox. it looks much better as well because the xbox has antialiasing. ps2 might as well been a ps1.
comes with a lot of extra content on the xbox version.
File: 1600116547729.jpg (33 KB, 250x425)
33 KB

Without pressure sensitive buttons the PS2 MGS games are unplayable

File: rickmortypinball.png (1.16 MB, 742x960)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
Anybody ever play this? I played it the other day.
I though it was a bit average honestly and I like Rick and Morty
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new machines are not old machines
It was alright
real chads play F-14 Tomcat and Whodunit
They ran out of ideas a long time ago. All new tables are effectively remakes of retro tables with different branding.
But they are retro tech

File: DOSBox_logo.png (5 KB, 300x300)
5 KB
>this is not how it's meant to sound
>this is how it's meant to sound

Metal Slug Thread
Let's talk about Metal Slug anons, which entry is your favorite? What's the best way to play these games today? What do you think of the post-Metal Slug 3 entries? Got any tips for 1cc attempts?
34 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
Thanks, I'll check them out
is this worth playing?
Metal Slug 2

>best way to play

>post MS3 games
Boring. I wonder if THIS YEARS Metal Slug will be any good. I bet its gonna be Unreal Engine. And thus complete and lag infested rubbish. We shall see...
for me, its eri
what does she smell like? (she's italian btw)

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