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File: Retro.png (159 KB, 963x699)
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159 KB PNG
Hi /vr/,

Are there are any Harvest Moon like games on Sega Genesis? I'm having trouble branching out from the Genesis' library of shooters, dungeon crawlers, and strategy RPGs.
there were virtually no life sims of any sort on the system.

File: .com.google.Chrome.jpg (14 KB, 271x186)
14 KB
What's the best way to play each of the classic Phantasy Star games?
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good thing you asked again, several new patches and retranslations have come out since yesterday's thread
Yes. This translation for the first game:

And these simple bugfixes for the 2, 3 and 4:
I absolutely recommend you use this translation and enable FM sound. It is the only sane way to play PS1 now that we have the option to do so.

I do not, howerver, recommend any of those patches for the Mega Drive games. Plenty of little balance and gameplay changes that the hacker felt like throwing in for shits and giggles. Just accept the games as they are, bugs and all.
Sounds like you're using Kega Fusion? It does the FM sound, bruv. Press the pause button on the title screen to switch between FM and PSG sound, you'll quickly see if it's working or not.
>Plenty of little balance and gameplay changes that the hacker felt like throwing in for shits and giggles.
Looking at the readme files, I strongly disagree with you. The only thing you can debate was unnecessary is some minor palette changes he did in III. Everything else in those patches is bugfixing.

Did anyone else play or complete this game? I remember having it, listening to the song lady in town a bunch of times, but always getting my ass kicked in the first dungeon and never getting anywhere.
I enjoyed it a long time ago, I remember donning a cloak and phasing through a wall to grab something.
go to gamefaqs, read guides
It sucks.

File: 1536849171276.png (3.35 MB, 1126x2116)
3.35 MB
3.35 MB PNG
Any interesting tales of /vr/ development hells? Game dev is such an arcane process, it's kind of wondrous to think about how anything got made after a certain era in history.
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I can't really hate the guy. It must be really tough to make a video game. I have no idea how to make games at all and I've been playing them my whole life.
hebrew spotted
File: batmanplayfieldlg.jpg (3.62 MB, 2586x4242)
3.62 MB
3.62 MB JPG
>new layout!
Looks suspiciously similar to their last batman table layout
Bravo Stern
The new one's much better though. And it's not so terribly similar. For one, the two ramps are different. That alone makes a huge difference.

File: Aquarium Pinball.png (427 KB, 759x339)
427 KB
427 KB PNG
There's a twitch channel where anyone can play on a physical pinball machine over the internet. Free, no lines because no one knows about it. I'm not affiliated with them. I think the lag's not too bad if your ping is good, but see for yourself.


How to find pinball and pinball tournaments in your area:
US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Finland, London

Depending on where you live, there may be a facebook group for pinball players in your area.

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I too managed the Gobstopper multi on my first try, and same don't know what I'm doing most of the time.
I found that the ramp shots are easy to get the hang of and was just flinging the ball around those.

>Black Knight 3
I had no idea this existed, and it's a Stern? When was the last time they released a pin that isn't a band or movie license??
>There's a twitch channel where anyone can

How is this fucking physically possible?
Some special software/hardware installed in the pinball machine. It's Batman 66, so they just use the action button to auto-plunge the ball when the player wants to plunge it.
Not counting Woah Nellie, the last liceneless Stern release was High Roller Casino in 2001 (or so).
Technically this IP is licensed from Scientific Games, who owns the Williams IP.
page 9 save

File: NEC-PC-Engine-Console-FR.jpg (1.55 MB, 3720x2550)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB JPG
Red pill me on the NEC PC Engine

Give me the best and where to get them
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also not up-to-date with memes so you'll need to help me out here mate!

PS: my original post was meant as a somewhat mediocre joke....didn't turn out well I see..
>some of us are under 15
Hows the homebrew scene
>Tranny Engine
Is this a Bithead thing?
Nah. It's a "still in the closet deflecting" thing.

What are some games where just about everything about them is great... except gameplay
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Though I was one of very few who found the game remarkably boring, which is funny since it succeeds Illusion and Illusion is vastly more engaging and enthralling to me.
Terranigma is one of those games I admire but from a distance. Cool ideas, cool executions around those ideas, but the gameplay of 'you're Ark always and you JUST USE SPEARS' is fucking... c'mon.

Or maybe I didn't get far enough?
Phantasy Star II. Promising idea ruined by terrible pacing and insane grinding.
Silent Hill 2
pic unrelated

File: MarioAxe.jpg (52 KB, 500x500)
52 KB
Why is there no Mario game where Mario wields an axe?

I mean, it's right there in Super Mario Brothers.
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Koopa kreme
This image speaks to me. Basically what happened when I was a teenager
You played tug of war with the Pennybags against a pair of sanitation workers? For what porpoise?
nah I was more free will and realized all my punk friends were just a bunch of commie losers
So wait. If you're friends were the commies that would make you Pennybags? Why were you playing tug of war against a pair of sanitation workers?

File: gold.jpg (44 KB, 474x368)
44 KB
Admit it anons, We've all imagined what our dream rom hack looks like. We've thought about making it, youtubed or googled a tutorial on how to and gave up.

For me I've always wanted to make View To A Kill 64 or License To Kill 64. I have downloaded the engine to do so and looked up youtube tutorials and I just can't get my head around it.

What about the rest of you? What have you wanted to make or dreamed of?

Also what are your favorite Rom Hacks? For me its Goldefinger 64
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This seems beyond the scope of a romhack and I'd say try it out with a newly developed fan game instead. Then again, that Super Metroid/A Link to the Past mashup randomizer exists so I wouldn't say it's absolutely impossible. Good luck!
I was watching A View to A Kill yesterday and thinking about how I would make each scene into a romhack level like Goldinfger 64 did
>needlessly uncompressed
Actually it has a purpose. Textures are huge in the latest DirectX compression format because if they were more compressed to take up less space then theyd take exponentially more longer to load. Its also because devs are lazy and every texture is 4k-8k when it could be smaller for absolutely 0% difference in quality since modern hardware allows it. There are also a lot of redundant and underused texture files in modern games because there is no size limitation keeping them in check.
Plus mipmaps have doubled in size.
>because devs are lazy and incompetent
Well those are excellent reasons.

>your old video store’s sticker is still on the cartridge
>it’s been a quarter of a century
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Whats the cure?
File: 1563527376222.jpg (195 KB, 1039x692)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
Autism bucks neetdom or death. Or find fulfillment in your life. Be that a hobby or otherwise.
Even though I have lots of >>6071607 symptoms, I'm glad I can still enjoy video games.
We lose our imagination somewhere. When I was in 6th grade I used to imagine World War I storylines when playing Melee and Mario Kart DS battles. Something like Bowser completely annihilating Ice Climbers was supposed to be the archduke assassination, which brought all these other characters in on alliances and so on. I play now but it’s not much more than what’s actually on the screen.
about tree fiddy

File: RocknRollRacin.jpg (29 KB, 480x360)
29 KB
Name 1 reason to not like this game
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rap and pop are far more toxic to society than rock music ever was.
I'm afraid I can't agree with that, m8. Dio may have a much better set of pipes than Ozzy but Sabbath's best work was most definately done with the Ozzman.
Association with Chingzzard.

File: logo-mame.png (106 KB, 760x233)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
Anyone else here curate their MAME romsets? Instead of dumping a full set of crap or picking out like 5 games, actually going through the entire MAME library and picking stuff out? Latest version I have has 2001 games and 1045 if you don't count clones. All hand-picked. Also, I'm using Arcade, which removes 99% of the crap that's been added the past decade or so.
Curate your life and kill yourself.
Actually don't kill yourself. Instead be the hero we need and upload your curated set somewhere for your vr brothers. Save us from the hell that is having to deal with the mame's weird obsession with calculators and fruit machines.
Also as a list of ROM names. Maybe if you have a source you could convert this into a list of files to download. Assuming they're not full merged, or you'll get all the crap bootlegs and useless regional variations. https://pastebin.com/Amf4dYRL

If they didn’t want to use CDs, why didn’t N64 use these from the get-go?
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File: 1329431117867.jpg (63 KB, 640x480)
63 KB
You couldn't afford a flash cart for that?
Needs a gameshark to complete the stack.
File: 1406307678328.png (282 KB, 283x750)
282 KB
282 KB PNG
your kung fu is weak.
Why not add a few other boxes between the CD64 and the DD it's not connected to?

You know you love FFVIII
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Draw points would have been fun little things to keep track of if it wasn't so fucking easy to manufacture literally anything. Like if Mag-RF just wasn't a thing and single enemies only had a finite number of spells, like ~3 or maybe you would occasionally "crit" and get close to 10, or it scales with your Spirit or something.

This is what fucking kills me about FF8. You can take literally any aspect, and in five seconds come up with several alternate gameplay designs that are far superior.
FF8 was an overall good game, the only thing it did wrong was having level scaling.
I liked it like 20 years ago. I should play it again
I stopped midway into disc 2 back in 99, tried playing again in 07 quit early in disc 2, it’s just not for me.

Post em
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Fuchikomas also have that and they're better.
Here's Ishino DJing in Love Parade 98
You can find his Love Parade 99 and 2000 videos as well.
Also, one of the most popular tracks by his band Denki Grove, Niji, got its own remix release by Mijk van Dijk
There's also many collab releases Ishino did with other producers, most closely with Beroshima/Frank Muller, who actually edited most of Ishino's solo stuff and some Denki Groove in Germany through his Muller Records label.
Just this year Ishino visited Germany and hanged out with Westbam. Not sure if he performed anywhere, maybe private parties.
File: magical taruruuto kun.jpg (160 KB, 640x896)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
Magical Taruruuto-kun is a very underrated Mega Drive platformer. Never watched the anime, though.
File: hinotori.jpg (483 KB, 2000x1275)
483 KB
483 KB JPG
File: 2332-oni-002-fpjvt.jpg (89 KB, 800x600)
89 KB
does oni count? i've spent more time than i'd like to admit poking around old bungie fansites

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