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so what are some cool souls and builds?
Why did they fuck up the art for the sequel?
Looks no more fucked up than in Rondo of Blood.
mate the igavanias don't have builds

Why some People dislike the Remakes of the NES Mario Games in All Stars? i enjoyed them and i grew up with those Versions
Like in all works of art it's best if you enjoy the originals rather than glib facsimiles.
its a good remake and an excellent cart to own especially with smw. i get hating on the visual changes, but w/e, play the old ones then

I grew up on all stars but years later I realised I'd been playing the shittier versions. It was only good since it had lost levels and us in the west had never seen that before. It's a lot like playing old 50hz Sonic games. It's just not as good as 60hz once you've experienced it.
because remakes will always be soulless. /vr/ generally willing to shit on modern remakes then it's also willing to shit on older remakes in order to stick with its guns
They're not "bad" but in 2023 it ultimately comes down to preference. If you had an SNES then having four or five Mario games, especially one that never came to the west, on one cartridge was pretty neat. Now it doesn't really matter.

Chances are any device you own can play any of the original versions of these Mario games as well as All-Stars. If you want to play All-Stars then there's even romhacks that fix things like the block physics in SMB/LL.

File: Rayman_1_cover.png (218 KB, 279x357)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
Recently I saw a video by one of those innumerable British game essayists on YT reviewing Rayman 1 and going through every level in the game in excruciating detail, making dramatic commentary about how "hard" and unfair this game is, particularly singling out the "trigger" mechanic in the game that spawns enemies and obstacles if you pass by a certain point.

I have been hearing a lot of people say that this game was very difficult, but I remember playing this game on PC as a child and I didn't have any trouble with it at all. I mean sure it is rather challenging at points especially Cave of Skops, but to say it's "the Dark Souls of platformers" is really silly. Apparently this sentiment has been prevalent ever since it released? This is the first time I'm really noticing it. A lot of people online are saying this game was ball-bustingly hard or they never beat it. Are people just really bad at platformers these days? I don't get it. It feels more like a zoomer thing to say because I relished in the challenge. I didn't cry about having to hunt for lives or have only 3 hit points. I just found out you could have up to fucking ten (10!!!) hitpoints in the DSiWare version which I just find completely kekworthy. The trigger mechanic never bothered me either because I just learned to brace myself whenever I heard the sound cue, which is a VERY distinct sound you can hear easily ahead of time.

That leads me to my next question: Which is the definitive version of the game? Is there anything that the PS1 or Saturn versions have over the PC version? And how do you feel about Rayman Redemption?
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For the millionth time: kids brains are EXTREMELY good at adapting to patterns. Like how kids can learn a language fluently in a very short time which is impossible as an adult. Kids also have unlimited time and they'll try over and over until it works. They don't get frustrated when they die because playing the game itself is already enjoyment enough. It's really not such a mystery. Our adult brains are much slower due to the neuroplasticity decaying after reaching adulthood. Not to mention all the alcohol and other stuff we use that make us slower in the long term. So yea, literal kids are better at vidya than we are. Simple as.
I'm not sure it's necessarily "definitive" but certainly the most "unique" version is the Jaguar original. It's missing a few things, but it also strangely has a few things that were bizarrely removed in later versions. It's definitely worth checking out at least.
The most "complete" package is Rayman Collector for PC.
So you're saying we need to breed children in a type of farm to extract their neuroplasticity?
>Which is the definitive version of the game?
each version has something over the other and no version has everything unless you're talking about the fan game thing, but that goes into OC territory

>how "hard" and unfair this game is, particularly singling out the "trigger" mechanic in the game that spawns enemies and obstacles if you pass by a certain point.
yeah this can be pretty harsh in later levels because you 100% need all the cages to fight the final boss.
The game is trial and error but it's manageable. It only becomes hard because of the lives system, nothing in the game actually requires good execution (outside of 1 or 2 parts like the infinite hover hair sections) but there are many parts of the game where you will need luck not to die in your first attempt.

People nowadays and get frustrated when they run out of lives because they feel like they've wasted a bunch of time. Rayman has a punishing lives system because you can gain lives by collecting 100 tings but you lose those when you die, meaning you can be in a situation where you've died 2 or 3 times but are effectively 5 lives down from where you would be if you had played perfectly. The flipside of this is that it makes getting the early levels memorised very satisfying as you can reach Picture City with a huge amount of lives saved up.

File: Sailor Moon.png (1.02 MB, 1280x720)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
Which retro-games have the most attractive /erotic spritework?

Hard mode: No fighting games (since most of those are pretty obvious)
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what gaem?
An oxymoron is not a useful descriptive term. I'm not telling you what to like, but that is not useful. And I've recently dated a woman who looks like that.
She lifts almost every day and eats like an NFL player. She described herself as "chubby." I'd say more like "strongfat" or really "strongthicc" might be better. She had neither rolls nor ripped definition. But she certainly was not "slim." It's not an insult to you, your waifu, or my date. (That didn't work out because she's crazy and I only bring it up because words are supposed to be useful.) Good luck with your (x)thicc waifu.
Hissatsu Pachinko collection 3
Is there a tag for these kinds of clothes? Skintight but with specific patterns cut out of them? (More the arms, obviously boob window is something else)

You used to see them a lot

File: goldeneye-game.jpg (286 KB, 1642x1200)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
Let's have a Goldeneye 007 thread
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Did they censor anything in the game, for example is Boris's password still there?
It's all uncensored, at least on Switch.
>Have to have the digital version of Rare Replay or pay for Game Pass
>Can't purchase it separately

What the FUCK were they thinking?

File: twistedmetalb.jpg (20 KB, 353x500)
20 KB
I loved this so much.
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the lord giveth and taketh
File: Rob_Zombie_2.jpg (59 KB, 634x467)
59 KB
Our mastah
>Me too, I had never heard that song before and it hit me at just the right age.
Same. Got into real life shit with my parents that almost got me sent to a foster home and I remember playing this shortly after. This game and that song hit hard.

are there any N64 games that aren't playable on anything but real hardware? N64 emulation gets a lot of shit but it seems pretty good to me these days.
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So how is World Driver and Body Harvest these days? When I last tried Body Harvest years back there were some buildings that could not be entered on second floors and bridges still had issues and WDC just wouldn't work.
i don't recall N64 being able to run Floigan Bros. Episode 1 at all
The "ParaLLEl" core is nothing other than the old Mupen64Plus-libretro core from around 2015 or so with the new ParaLLEl plugins (plus Angrylion) tacked on. It was rebranded as ParaLLEl-N64 to capitalize on the new ParaLLEl-RDP plugin developed by Themaister (the original creator of RetroArch), and was advertised essentially as a whole new emulator that would put all the others to shame. Unfortunately, it turns out it had a lot of latent core issues that were very hard to fix due to the current RetroArch lead dev making a ton of code changes and rewrites that made backporting fixes from upstream Mupen64Plus really hard to do. So another guy had to do a whole new fork based on the latest Mupen64Plus code with minimal changes plus the latest plugins, and so we got Mupen64Plus-Next, which is what you always want to use now. It's still apparently a touchy subject with the lead RA dev, too.
They both work fine. Body Harvest has a minor issue with cutscenes such as that in the intro running too fast and heavily desyncing with the music and sound effects, but the game itself is good.
What settings should you be looking for when your frame rate is out of sync and things that should be flickering on and off every frame are either always on or always off.
It's happening in bomberman for iframes and it's thrown me off a few times I've walked into an enemy that I couldn't see for a second.

File: RCT crash.gif (279 KB, 218x120)
279 KB
279 KB GIF
Previous: >>9579549

Awesome Downloads:
>OpenRCT2 - Currently the best way to play Rollercoaster Tycoon. We use the latest stable version for multiplayer unless otherwise noted:

>/v/ pack - updated to include the latest scenarios and tracks made by 4chan users and some other communities (we're updating this file as more stuff is created, currently has 129 scenarios and 175 tracks, includes sandboxes):

>UCES - includes all objdata files already extracted from each scenario upon loading, and includes tracks:

>Amazing Earl stuff - adds some custom-made rides and scenery:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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dead general
at least wait until we hit page 10 to declare we are dead
File: wddwq.png (378 KB, 1912x1081)
378 KB
378 KB PNG
Nice. I also haven't played for years so this is how it turned out after getting back in the saddle (last week's map). I'll try to jump on when I can.

Right now the catalog is filled with hardware spam and multiple threads for castlevania, street fighter, pokemon, and bing bing wahoo. I also don't live on the internet.
>no server
it's over...
Check again, my friend.

File: chaotix.png (253 KB, 265x366)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
This music has no right being this good for this shitty game, lmao.
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yeah fair "bad" might be too strong a word when the mechanics themselves are strong, but it's usually called that cause of mostly the level design itself desu, they don't take as much advantage of it as you'd figure

The only track that matters
You are a peice of crap for linking that garbage.
Everything about Sonic Chaotix except the actual gameplay and level design is top notch. If only the game had actual fucking level design instead of randomly placed chunks we might have actually gotten something good. Also cut down the acts from 5 to 3 at most.
Forget Sonic waterfalls, getting the Chaotix of or belonging to Knuckles color cycling waterfalls to render transparent is where it's at.

File: 1652417349427.jpg (165 KB, 1280x720)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
The quintessential debate
80 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>it's really not
it kinda is, at least compared with daytona usa and vr
>don't care about playing stcc "right", just saying the physics are fake as fuck.
you are fake, git gud, you can actually feel the suspensions unlike daytona usa
>daytona is more realistic than stcc
this is some retarded shit
>both of those transfer weights, anon. In stcc you can just floor it up and force steering.
and downshift, and theres no drifting at 200kmh and other fantasy bs appart from the cars doing 340kmh, but thats just a small detail that doesn't influence on the physics, but you can't say daytona feels more real life than stcc, thats just retarded af
>how so? all stages are on tarmac and don't really feel unique from each other.
you sound like you never played stcc, in the first stage on the first corner, there a little drop that makes ur car fly if you dont take the turn correctly, and other things like that, the only track that is 100% flat is the brick wall town circuit, the others are all unique and complex, sure its no sega rally with big jumps aand shit, but its not totally flat like daytona, which feels like the car is glued on the ground.
in stcc you can actually do jumps on the kerbs like you see in some real tc races
no one cares about stcc you dumb faggot
>it kinda is, at least compared with daytona usa
coping with "g-g-git gud" isn't an argument
>you can actually feel the suspensions unlike daytona usa
fake ass bounce/roll/floatiness on cars with stiff suspension on the nicest tarmac isn't realistic, just dumb, this isn't sega rally. Daytona is better done and weight transfer actually matters when handling understeer/oversteer.
>and theres no drifting at 200kmh
did you play the game? forcing the steering at 300 km/h is enough to drift and reduce most of your speed in a few seconds, you don't even need to brake nor downshift.
>but thats just a small detail that doesn't influence on the physics
cars accelerating at a believable speed isn't a "small detail", 0 to 300 km/h in stcc is fake as fuck, it's like 4 seconds ffs. With that kind of acceleration you'd just lock the tires endlessly in daytona.
>but you can't say daytona feels more real life than stcc
not our problem if you can't handle facts.
>there a little drop that makes ur car fly if you dont take the turn correctly
which is cartoonish as fuck, yes tracks aren't 100% flats but they aren't this ridiculous either, especially for DTM cars with low clearance and stiff suspension.
>but its not totally flat like daytona, which feels like the car is glued on the ground.
that's how race cars should feel in conditions like that though, daytona did it better by not being as tryhard, ironically.
Fuck that guy anon. STCC is amazing. Anyone with a differing opinion got filtered, hard.
the game is alright but if you bought the "muh hardcore realism" marketing u got fooled, it's fun in a f-zero/wipeout kind of way

This game is simply not well designed, especially in versus.

If you want this game but actually good, try out Otenki Kororin - Weather Tales for the Playstation.

Also, stack 'em ups general, what've you been playing, /vr/?
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There's just something about Columns that makes me want to eat the pieces
File: the-chad-spike.png (16 KB, 540x767)
16 KB
The GOAT Nintendo-published puzzler.

FUCK Dr. Mario
FUCK Yoshi's Cookie
FUCK Panel de Pon
FUCK Wario's Woods
FUCK Kirby's Avalanche
File: puzzle_bobble.png (29 KB, 879x443)
29 KB
>you now hear the theme playing in your head
Money changer is fun and often over looked.
Neo geo was the best. A shame Nintendo won while all the good developers bit the dust.

dropped OfA very early some time ago, and now I'm trying OfS (allegedly the better one).

2 hours in and it looks like a puzzle/fetch quest game.

LA had me all the way. I'm missing something?
62 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Zelda Oracle of Ages Pleb Filter Many People is the most Hard Zelda Game after Adventure of Link
fuck off, already apologized. Besides, a lot of anons used it in this thread too so I don't know whats with that
It's funny, like a little running joke for the thread.
File: marin.png (178 KB, 308x586)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
That's a cool take.
My headcanon was that the living beings in Wind Fish's dream were real living beings, but whose purpose would be to act as unaware actors in Wind Fish's dreams, and they would change into completely different beings with different personalities and memories from dream to dream.
In my sequel idea Wind Fish would somehow dream of Koholint Island again and Marin would grow awareness of who and where she is so she would attempt to escape before having her identity wiped for another dream.
DethI Is an outsider evil being who is trying to take control of Wind Fish in order to use it's powers in the real world and wasn't completelly killed by Link.
File: 9312003224_65d0f8327b_b.jpg (318 KB, 924x1023)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
Just since this is a LA thread now, as sad as it is I really like that Link is the only "real" person in the dream. Idk how it fits into the dumb timeline, but you get the sense Link is on his way to do something important before he gets shipwrecked and Koholint is just this very ideal little paradise where he could just relax instead of worrying about being a hero, but instead he chooses to try and leave and get back to heroing. Eventually he finds out that that means the other inhabitants might disappear, but from what one of the owl statues say I think it's also implied his real body is still underwater and he will drown if he chooses not to still leave. A lot of the inhabitants of the island really don't seem to have a concept of a world beyond the island, or a time before their "now". That's also why I like Marin telling Link that he has to remember her song, because in the end after Link wakes up you hear it, and I've always seen that as Link remembering her, which is what makes her real. Like a kind "all good things must come to an end" moral, like the feeling of how your hometown might not feel as homey anymore now that all this time has past and your not a kid. Be happy it happened, not sad that its over. Very melancholy (but I'm a sap who likes that kinda stuff)

File: latest[1].jpg (11 KB, 297x278)
11 KB
I come from a universe where touching the very top of the end level flag in Super Mario Bros (NES) gives you a 1up. I just found out that in this universe the most you get is 5000 points at the top of the flag, never a whole 1up.

What are some retro video game changes you've experienced through the Mandela Effect?
19 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
None, as I'm not a faggot with severe Alzheimers
Sex with this thing
You're thinking of pichu, clod
Every "Mandela effect" is explained by people being retards
The "Mandela Effect" is retarded
Yes, people misremember things. Many people misremembering things is not evidence of two Universes, it's evidence that the brain has flaws

File: 1674075519468005.png (349 KB, 817x619)
349 KB
349 KB PNG
DOOM THREAD / RETRO FPS THREAD - Last thread: >>9580932

Gameplay, WADs/Maps/Mods, Source Ports
All other 90s FPS welcome
~ Let's post like gentlemen ~


(or Quake, Duke, Marathon, Thief, Deus Ex)

Same thing, in video format:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
485 replies and 153 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1640626105122.jpg (17 KB, 300x310)
17 KB
Kinda basic question, but where did the line special for raising a floor and changing a texture go in udmf?
Do I have to script it or something?

>and that one PSX game that's basicly Wizardry with guns for spells

Anon, I would be REALLY interested in an image/webm of that game if you have it saved.
How so, though? NTA, but at the very least they should make a notice on that!
Monster Browser can filter standard bots, but it still gets confused about bots with fake pings like on the Q3retro servers.
What sourceport is that? I don't like that explosion.

File deleted.
Do The Collectors Play the Games and Consoles that they Buy? or is just a Meme?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>grow up with [console]
>never sell it or throw it away because it's fun
>revisit the games every now and again
>decide to pick up games that I missed out on back in the day
>keep the ones that are fun
>keep picking up more games that I never played. keep the ones I like and revesit them every now and again.
>pick up [competitor console] that I never owned and check out the games on that console
>repeat for each console generation
>poorfag anons who aren't able to afford retro games even though after the price increases most of them are still cheaper than new games: HEY YOU'RE HOARDING THERE'S NO WAY YOU ACTUALLY PLAY THOSE!!!!!!!!
>sell the games that I played but didn't like and don't want to keep them in my library because they take up space
>The same poorfag anons from above: HEY YOU'RE A RESELLER!!! YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO SELL STUFF THAT YOU OWN!!!
I genuinely believe that the people crying about collectors are either third worlders, literal teenagers who don't have jobs or make minimum wage, and legitimate losers who are older than 22 and work at Walmart/Amazon/Ikea/McDonald's/some gig job like Uber or Door Dash. Anyone with a read job can afford whatever they want, and if anyone is truly content with emulators like they claim to be then they wouldn't be so upset about other people who choose to collect, because if you're actually content then other people's choices won't bother you.
Like ok. But only if you like suck my dick.
you talk like a jealous poorfag.
I'd say great post but you didn't talk about collecting, so shit post.

I moved overseas and my collection of gameboy, gba, snes, megadrive, Saturn etc is in my old car. Having a mate sell it all for $100 at a cash converters. I'm sad that everything I collected was for no reason. I just play steam these days and only 1-2 retro games on it.
I just find it ironic those same people complaining are likely the types to download a full rom set for a console or have a digital library of gamemaker/unity asset store shovelware they probably not played longer then 5 minutes if at all and only got because it was on sale.

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