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So as a kid i was heavily into star trek ever since i got Star Trek Armada 2 on my pc. Throughout the years i have played a few others as well like Elite force 1, Legacy and armada 1. Are there any GREAT star trek games out there that are must plays? What kino am i missing out on anons?
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>I enjoy trek fans
I just don't understand why I've never met a normal well adjusted trekkie. It's the same with warhammer but I've met a few normal fans of that. One time a cop was buying warhammer and I hate cops but at least he wasnt a disgusting blob.

Lexx was always my favourite sci fi show.
yo way yo

Original Zev was best sci fi girl.
Picrel is an ok ST game if you like the Klingon stuff. Elite Force is def the fps ST game of choice

The Fallen?

>Then the floodgates open
That’s the best part bc stargate is basically ancient astronaut theory, so hardcore gate fans have usually read up on some of the more entertaining sci-fi conspiracy theories like dulce wars, etc.

>never met a normal well adjusted trekkie
Trek fans can be hard to know at first; they’re used to normal society mocking them for their interest, despite normies having their own interests that some consider strange (eg fantasy football). It’s the young guys who don’t shower who are the hardest to talk to, they’re often standoffish. Like I said, the older people are generally better. Paradoxically the ST cosplayers are usually quite normal and confident.

File: file.png (285 KB, 300x450)
285 KB
285 KB PNG
Ok, I gave in. I have been a faithful ZSNES user and I finally gave it up. I'm finally using RetroArch. And holy shit it's pretty cool. I can't believe I was this stubborn but I'm glad I'm giving it a chance now. It's so fucking neat how you can have all of your roms in one fucking program. I'm glad I'm RetroArchpilled.
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They're identical, but I'm pretty sure the flycast dev maintains the core so that's not too surprising.
I believe this (srs)
I don’t think they steal it, but I do think they can sap your spiritual energy like nobody’s business. A beady eye constantly pointed at you, a mic on at all times, always online… it’s a hell of a thing to just accept in our daily lives. It’s the absolute last thing I want to interface with when enjoying one of my favorite hobbies, playing video games.

Sent from my iPhone
Yes. If you have a million Xbox 360-like controllers, then it's all smooth sailing. But have a single different controller and it all falls apart. Many people don't notice, since most controllers play by the book nowadays, but when you go back to retrogaming, things weren't so uniform in the past.

Anyway, that's only one of several UI problems RetroArch has. In fact, the whole project would benefit much more if there was some sort of "features freeze" for a couple of years, so the devs could focus *solely* on improving the user interface; and, no, I'm not talking about changing the xmb or ozone style, just making things simpler and/or more functional. I'd suggest:

1. Instead of mapping buttons to a RetroPad abstraction, do the obvious and have each core declaring its intended gamepad (SNES, Genesis, whatever) and let the user map each button of their controller to the core gamepad (not the all-encompassing RetroPad). Of course, an entry of the core gamepad could be associated to one or more buttons of the actual controller, facilitating the creation of macros. Inb4 "muh autoconfig": no one cares about that. There's no one-for-all solution, so the user will always have to reconfigure stuff.

2. Better manual playlist control. Being able to add a single or multiple games to a given playlist, avoiding the necessity of txt editing, and manually associating a game to a database entry (for cases in which the game wasn't automatically recognized; for info and thumbnail support). Of course, all through the UI. I'm not editing txt files unless I'm setting up a server.

3. For last, but not least, fix the rendering when some error occurs, especially in the xmb menu driver. Classic examples: you select the online updater, but there's some problem with your connection. The updated will fail. Fair, no problem, it's on the user side. However, the UI will be locked in some superimposed and garbled text, requiring the user to input several "cancel" actions.
Save a separate main configuration file for each controller, and load that config when you start retroarch with that controller.
Whatever the "it just werks" auto mapping is supposed to do doesn't work, it's for babbies who plug in "retropads" to their Raspberry Pi miniconsole and use the same controller for every system.

File: file.png (476 KB, 639x361)
476 KB
476 KB PNG
I'm asking here because / vr /> / v /.

Anyway I'm a programmer who wants to get started with game dev (not necessarily for money) and i'm struggling to come up with a game idea.

In the past days, I have came up with a "reinterpretation" di Populous 3: The beginning (Discovered thanks to a CD demo that came up with SimCity 3000) in the 2000.

Anyway, when I just started setting up the game engine, I blocked myself. First because it comes to my mind "Shit! I don't know arts, barely 3d modeling and nothing more"; Second, I thougth "well, how the fuck i'm gonna "reinterpreter" an RTS like this? It's already original in it's own way. What i'm gonna do? Adding a card game system?"

And then i shut it down that idea. In my videogames experience I do have played only few genres: fps, roguelikes, JRPGs, Survivals, cards game, MMOs, city builders and any kind of simulators.

As base, i pick up games from 2008 to the early '90s, cause for me, after 2008 the market get saturated with shit e just few game pearls.

Anyway, does anyone in /vr/ has been in my same situation? Do you suggest books for solving my problems? Do you suggest any good retro game that can be a source of inspiration?

Sorry for my bad english and have a nice day
Nigger simulator?
Unless you're planning on making your retro game actually run on old hardware, it's not retro.

you are probably not creating an entire game engine on your own, so i would recommend to start learning the development environment of a "regular engine" like unreal 4 or unity.

the point would be to get up to speed into getting "something" running, understanding the innerworkings and limitations of the game engine you picked.

and only then start designing a game idea within the engine limitations and your capabilities with it.

if you were to do an RTS, certainly a starting point would be to build something that deals a lot with a mouse driven interface, probably a grid based object positioning system (for buildings and entities) and some rudimentary level of AI. (pathfindind in those is way harder than it looks superficially)

as a tip, i say that there is a good reason why most "successful tiny 1 man dev teams" aim for really simple games... because complex ones (like RTS's) arent generally within reach of the skillset of a single individual.

File: sids.jpg (561 KB, 1396x1003)
561 KB
561 KB JPG
>the heat of the SID cooks the chip
File: 1661169044493959.jpg (152 KB, 703x763)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
>1982 NMOS technology

File: hbg_Streemerz.png (27 KB, 743x725)
27 KB
Gameplay and development discussion:
What homebrew / hacks are you playing /vr/?

Are you working on anything? Would you like to learn? Projects and questions welcome.

Homebrew Lists & Links (very outdated and sometimes redundant, needs serious updating):


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I know this is a stupid question, but I wanted clarification.

Okay, so there are several games which have been reverse engineered and decompiled to work on C. Super Mario Bros., Metroid, A Link to the Past, etc.

There is also a programming tool for the Genesis that allows you to program your game using C.

Why is it not possible to just import the code from one system to the other? I could understand if LTTP is too complex, but you’d assume that some decompiled NES and GB games would be simple enough to work on a Genesis.
>decompiled NES and GB games would be simple enough to work on a Genesis
Nope, ports between old platforms take serious work even with source code available.
Depends on architecture. GameGear is similar to Master System, and almost all of the GG library has been hacked to run, decently to poorly, on Master System. MSX is also similar, and there's been a few hundred hack-ports to SMS on smspower.org.
> there are several games which have been disassembled* and reverse engineered like Super Mario Bros., Metroid, A Link to the Past, etc.
> and decompiled to work on C.
...sayyy what?
You can't "decompile" something to C that was never in C to begin with. These games are written in assembly with a unique combination of the console and processor it is targeted for.
Any conversion to C would contain some emulation layer of the original system, and that is gonna be a performance snag. You'd have to rewrite the graphics and sound routines, at minimum, to work with target hardware, even if all of the game logic has been ported to C.
> Why is it not possible
Who says it isn't? Go for it!
Do you have links to any of these C conversion projects? I'm certainly curious...
File: JediKnight-cover.jpg (20 KB, 279x356)
20 KB
Jedi engine for Super FX SNES and Sith engine + Mara Jade‘s expansion pack for N64

File: mpv-shot0270.jpg (398 KB, 1920x1080)
398 KB
398 KB JPG
>Season 26: Episode 9 (#345) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles {Famicom / NES} premiered on Thursday, September 22nd.
The Western title of this arcade port is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game.

>Season 26: Episode 10 (#346) "A manga original" premieres on Thursday, October 13th.

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Japan doesn't use pronouns in sentences, thus when you translate you have to guess. It defaults to male.

This is actually insanely impressive since it's not translating from text, but vocals. I pretty much already understand 50% of the game challenge dialogue in the show without any translation, with at least some translation it all comes in even if I know it's full of mistakes.

The fact it is as accurate as it is, and is simply going to get better overt time.
Shocked that they're adding F-Zero X to the DVD box when there's other more interesitng titles out there they could have added. It's the one time I saw Arino completely bomb a game and make zero headway. Understanble since he doesn't get momentum physics in games.
What's a DBD Boxoo Settoh? THe narrator seems quite excited about it.
You should go back and learn English before trying to translate Japanese.
>since he doesn't get momentum physics in games.
>I made this one observation once and I'm going to keep mentioning it in every thread until the end of time.

He is correct though and you seem salty for some reason.

File: toonstruck.jpg (54 KB, 639x361)
54 KB
Games which best suit this overused phrase. Bonus points if it's also mechanically cartoon-esque.
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You get a sword bros. SNES one is good but fairly weak relative to other Capcom games from that Era.
Beavis and Butthead was better on Genesis too
> it's Capcom ergo it's good!
Well, true, but Genesis Aladdin doesn't get enough credit. The only flaw I can name is a bit clunky hitboxes and jumping.

> maze level design on par with Bubsy

If a couple of straight lines placed parallel to each other is hard for you to figure, i'm sorry.
Sonic games must be a real hell to you.
Came here to post this

What are your personal misinterpreted sprites? Any you still have trouble unseeing? This Bowser was a big one for me.
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I wouldn't be surprised if the ambiguity on that one is purposeful.
File: 12958.png (47 KB, 590x934)
47 KB
The deliberately ambiguous ones are awesome. People still argue over whether Mack is a sword with eyes, if it's just the pumpkin's hands gripping the handles, or both.
It's the middle, raised section of the ship. (LIke the bridge on a "real" Star Destroyer )
Personally, I feel like my brain just gave up trying to find the face and just assumed it was some kind of mask. I didn't see it as intended but I didn't see the left either.
File: mushroom.jpg (7 KB, 480x360)
7 KB
At some point I started seeing a pussy on the mushroom.

File: png.png (126 KB, 286x197)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
this game got a bad rap but it's so good, save for team rose which i could do without, the other three groups are really fun and add a lot to the experience. has to have the best music in the franchise too even.
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Sonic Labyrinth is Nihongolese
>I had it when it was new
>Sonic Adventure
Way to out yourself as a poser faggot, Adventure wasn't even made went this existed on sale
Not retro
Controls were horrible lmao, but I still liked it

It baffles me that there are people who insist on remaining an EOP and are missing out on hundreds of amazing games that they'll never be able to enjoy. Very few of them get translated, and when they do the translations are usually awful because most translators for stuff like games and anime (official or not) aren't even fluent in Japanese. You could spend a lifetime just going through what's available. In some cases you might have to wait over a decade for a translation, and in the case of some games it will never happen at all because every team who tries abandons the project due to technical issues.

If you're heavily into this hobby, learning Japanese is a pretty good idea.
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jesus christ
you tried your best but the dekinai thread is in /jp/. Tell /djt/ I said hello.
I believe that's an accurate assumption.
The "dialog" you see with random NPCs in a JRPG is normally intended to be more like a summary or highlights of a full conversation.
>for whatever reason
For sanity.
I don't need to see the generic small talk social exchanges that would realistically happen before the MC asked the interesting questions, and I don't need to see those same questions repeated every single time.
You are mentally unwell, and I am sad you have children.

File: png.png (297 KB, 467x293)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
which Final Fantasy game is your favorite, how come?
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I got FFTA for Christmas and it had snowed that day for the first time in years. It was very comfy and Marche was right
none. FF is just a worse DQ
I liked FF12 a lot, and I have played at least a significant amount of every mainline FF before it. I had no problem having fun with it. By that point in the series the basic formula was beginning to get stale and the last couple entries had tried hard to change things up. FF12 was just taking that one more step further.
The biggest complaints about it seem to be the story and the battles. I understand just not liking the story, but I liked it. As I said, it was trying to be different. At times you felt like the characters, especially Vaan for obvious reasons, weren't even that important. But I also found the motivation of the villains to be interesting and refreshing.
The constant complaints over the gambit system is pure irony. The game only gives you very basic gambits that are active when you get new characters. They are easy to disable if you don't want to use them. If you DO want you use gambits you have to go out of your way and make tons of (admittedly cheap) purchases at gambit shop and then tool around with them to get them to do what you want to do. It gets fairly complex to have the set up just right. I remember not even being able to get gambits to attempt to steal, and then stop attempting once successful. Anyway, if you didn't like the gambit system, it was much easier to simply not use gambits than to pretend that you had to use them. After a while I found a simple setup that I liked for routine stuff, and did most of the battles myself. I found a nice middle ground. I only ever tried going in depth for tough bosses.
The music was very good but again, very different. Most tracks were not the typical "very hummable minute-long melody that repeats forever" FF formula but I thought they worked very well with the feel of the game.
Even though I liked it a lot I never bothered with 13. By that point thing were really starting to look bloated and over-Nomurafied and I lost interest. Same with 15.
Final Fantasy is Dragon Quest that doesn't make you select "Stairs" from the menu when you want to walk down a staircase.
File: 47755cd1e3db7.jpg (133 KB, 640x566)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
I tried to get in to FF a long time and honestly they're much much worse than all JRPGs from other companies. It's almost like the lowest common denominator is aimed for in these games since they're so boring and slow, and I even play Monolith and Mistwalker games.

However I thought, back in the day, FFVI was the best, but I don't even like that compared to Treasure of the Rudrahs. . .

What cancelled games are you pissed off never came out?

So unbelievably pissed off this got canned. It had a story approved by Russel and Carpenter and it would have been hilarious to see Solid Snake compete with the franchise he was cloned from.

Curious why this game would get so far only to be shitcanned. Surviving footage implies it was pretty far along (and it looked fun).


It was planned by Namco to be a big series with multiple games, then poof, it was gone. I suspect licensing issues.
The Thing game was pretty good, and clever. It probably wouldn’t have been some 9/10 experience but I loved 6th gen games based on 80s movies.
There is a timeline where this came out along with a Big Trouble In Little China open world beat-em-up game and we don’t live in it.

Every few years I remember this existed and then get pissed off we will never play it unless a developer build leaks.
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>17 and 1/2 years in the making
real rayman 2 on saturn and psx
I wish the Gex series made it past 5th gen
The only game I wanted. The only game I was denied. Now I´m too old to be the coomer I was once.

File: 1663809974502424[1].png (257 KB, 1280x750)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
Does /vr/ like multi user dungeons?
/tg/ did not
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File: madmaze.png (10 KB, 640x480)
10 KB
I play t2tmud daily because it’s the only true game to make me feel like I’m actually in middle earth. lotr online and the overworld map of lego lotr don’t do it for me, I need 1:1 scale.
is a mud just a special form of door game
What was that one that was basically a PvP battle royale using mud software?
Your characters were just score records and you didn't retain anything else between matches
Basically whoever memorized more of the world did better in the matches because they knew where to go and what the answers to the puzzles were to get better weapons and whatnot
If the match went on too long, Death would start getting "bored" and release "dogs of war" and then later "HUGE dogs of war"
My roommate in college was big into it in 1992 or so
I tried playing it once and he gave me instructions where to go the whole match and I got accused of being a smurf which was sort of true I guess
If a mud has shitty descriptions of the environment can you say it has bad graphics?

File: ur-quan[1].gif (36 KB, 486x214)
36 KB
Attention interloper - heed this recorded message!
This drone-vessel speaks with the voice and authority of the Ur-Quan.
You are trespassing within Ur-Quan space.
This world, Earth, may not be approached for any reason.
Nor will hostilities against our orbital platform be tolerated.
In addition, your ship does not respond to standard Hierarchy identification transmissions and is therefore deemed to be independent.
This is not permissible -- only subservience shall be tolerated.
This drone now leaves to inform the Ur-Quan of your transgressions.
You are commanded to remain here and await the arrival of the Ur-Quan.
Disobedience will be punished.
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File: Androsynth-1-1440x2029[1].jpg (660 KB, 1440x2029)
660 KB
660 KB JPG
Design concept of the Androsynth.
End of dump.


(but seriously, to each its own, i preffer the og style)
Shut up, Dill-Rat!

File: 1648701272814.jpg (160 KB, 800x785)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
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The music legitimately hurts my ears what the fuck is this
File: 51-uM71PtSL._AC_.jpg (44 KB, 357x500)
44 KB
Oh and speaking of music that hurts your ears

I have this, it's probably the worst game ever made.
It's so fucking wild this was the label Godflesh were on.
File: 1642026336583.png (128 KB, 450x418)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
>the official game based on the nike tv advert

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