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Have I been playing this wrong? The game keeps chiding me for killing the terrorists, but they shoot first and the non-lethal weapons aren't all that enjoyable or useful.
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Prod is for fags. Baton works until you get the Dragon Tooth.
What's your favorite map/area in DX?

I always enjoy the Paris portion and Vandenberg.
Liberty Isle and Hong Kong
There's no actual penalty. You can play the game however you want. NPCs treating you differently based on how you act was just supposed to be a cool extra detail.
File: baton stun.webm (2.46 MB, 640x480)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB WEBM

File: garou.jpg (31 KB, 220x324)
31 KB
Anyone up for some of Garou Mark of The Wolves on FightCade? Get in the Lobby.
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I would not mind that at all.
I don't know anything about Garou but I know a little bit about fighting games in general.
>Is it exceptionally well balanced or something?
That's generally not a criteria people use when judgining a fighting game. Two of the most revered fighting games are MvC2 and Melee* and both of them are freakishly unbalanced, with a few top tiers that trounce the rest of the cast.
Probably the main criteria people use to judge fighting games is their skill ceiling - basically, how much is there to learn about the game, how much can you keep improving before it stops offering new challenges. Something like tic tac toe has a very low skill ceiling, because once you know the one optimal strategy, it's impossible to lose. Whereas the skill ceiling of Chess is high enough that new strategies are still being developed after hundreds of years of study of the game. Different fighting games can be compared in similar ways.
* (yeah yeah Smash is just a party game, whatever, there's a reason it continues to hold tournaments with 1k+ entrants 20 years after its release)
Come on. I am JoeMusashi1989 in the Garou. Let us play!
I got rekt, lmao.
ggs. I forgot how fun this game is, how flat-out good it feels to play. It's like if SF3 turned out to be more in-line with ST and still kept the high-framerate visuals. Plus short hops.

File: 20190817_193153.jpg (492 KB, 720x984)
492 KB
492 KB JPG
How different would this game be if it was made for the SegaCD instead of the Sega Genesis? Would it be better or harder to play?
You'd get some unskippable cutscenes, bad voice acting, and over-produced music.

Sega CD doesn't really have anything that can make a platforming game better.

File: 1565955658693.jpg (131 KB, 800x584)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
File: AAAAAA.jpg (67 KB, 216x322)
67 KB

File: images.jpg (10 KB, 300x168)
10 KB
Good news and bad news
Good news: cancel your pre-order and save some money
Bad news: 11 frames of audio lag

Fucking M2 could have gone with open source Genesis Plus instead of making this pile of garbage
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Audio won't bother me too much and if the modding scene happens to surface like it has for past mini consoles it will likely be fixed.
Fuck euro niggers.
Well, to me, the audio lag is pretty much unnoticeable
I live in a 3rd world hell hole, so getting original Genesis consoles is almost impossible and they scalp the hell out of you, so I'm definitely getting this
>retrobit genesis controllers work
>retrobit saturn controllers don't
File: 1564752410985.jpg (44 KB, 340x371)
44 KB
>hating on GameSack
I'd rather not have people like you visit this board.

Friendly reminder that purple skies are objectively correct.
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Not literally but it saturates with red, smart ass
Guess what my nestopia looks like >>5817489 because I'm not dumb enough not to configure it to look like the real thing
The 3DS Virtual Console version is the most accurate.

All official depictions of the SMB Mario sprite in games and media show him with vibrant red and orange colors, which NEVER appear on palettes with purple skies.
fuck you
Which is wrong because vibrant colors wouldn't have made sense when playing as a kid in a former commie country.

File: sms.png (163 KB, 676x380)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
How did this thing become so popular in Brazil? And in case any huehuehues browse this board just how popular it was (/still is?) there?
TecToy had a license to produce Sega hardware and software in-country, this bypassing Brazil's ridiculous import taxes. Nintendo and the other big name corporations did not, hence their stuff was imported and this was prohibitively expensive compared to locally created Sega hardware. This made the choice easy for a mostly poor Brazilian population.
Did always wonder the reason. But as far as I remmeber my childhood, famiclones were way more popular.
My guess would be those were produced locally as well. Overall, the import taxes screwed a lot of choices.

File: houseofthedeadthread.jpg (41 KB, 480x360)
41 KB
I will assume that most people know about the mythical FPS Arcade game "The house of the dead" But my question is if any of you could share a forum, information about the development of this game.

Thank you very much for your help.
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>>>5817081 (You)
>That's the sequel.

Oh, i see. Thanks for the clarification.
That game never comes up enough. Anon, you're alright.
I only made it that far a handful of times, that game is hard as hell. Pretty neat how the final boss is basically Magician though.
Zombies Revenge is one of the games I remember most on my Dreamcast. I bought another dreamcast specifically so I could play Zombies Revenge.
There was a thread on some forum that referenced info divulged by one of the Tantalus employees, namely that when Sega sent over material for them to make the port, there were textures included for a scrapped female boss. I'd have to look to find the thread or blog post or whatever it was again.

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whos' better dorrie from mario 64 or dorry from finding nemo/dorry
What the fuck.
this is the kinda shit this board needs more of! keep it cummin anon!

File: Solder_Wick.jpg (28 KB, 440x392)
28 KB
this shit is fucking impossible to use wtf
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You make contact with the joint through the wick with the iron and the solder in the joint will melt and be absorbed by the wick. Don't be afraid to apply pressure with the tip of the soldering.
No, it’s not. Voultar had a nice trick. Dip the wick in flux paste and it’ll work like magic.
File: soldering-40-638.jpg (55 KB, 638x479)
55 KB
wick all of the solder out of those holes. If you have flux, dip the wick in it, put it over the solder, then iron on top. dont hold it too long and give it time between to cool so you dont lift a pad. wiggle the wick back and forth slowly to help it suck it up.
tin the leads of the component (or dont) then clean everything with rubbing alcohol. the pure shit. Hold it on with a clamp or youre hands and solder it from the other side using flux. You only need a tiny bit. you can always add a little more.
I don’t use this at all. If you’re trying to desolder pin through components use a desoldering iron. If you’re trying to desolder surface mount, use chipquick desoldering shit, it works great

File: 90spcgaming1_1.jpg (60 KB, 600x375)
60 KB
Do PCs have Generations like Consoles do?
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i could imagine it was high. I sure I paid around £400 for a celeron 466 around 1999
Pretty much this.

You can classify PC games by operating system and/or CPU, those will give one a pretty good idea which era they are from.
only ms-dos generation and windows generation
For computers before 3D graphics cards became common, I mainly categorize them according to whether they had 8-bit CPU's (C-64, Speccy etc.), 16-bit (e.g. Macintosh, Amiga 600, Intel 286-based DOS machines) or 32-bit (386 and 486).
Then you had Pentium machines, which usually had a powerful 2D card at least.
As we get into Pentium II territory, where any PC intended for gaming had 3D acceleration, I mainly think of games in terms of the revision of OpenGL or DirectX they came out for. Like, Direct3D 6 games often had that ugly-ass wobbly look to it, which DirectX 7 got rid of.
Direct3D 8 then finally introduced pixel shaders, which to me was the biggest revolution in computer game graphics since the jump from 2D to 3D. I still remember how mesmerized I was when I first saw the water surface in Morrowind making those little waves when you walked through it.
File: 1.jpg (2.69 MB, 3008x2000)
2.69 MB
2.69 MB JPG
pre-3dfx era, 3dfx era and post-3dfx era

File: RetroGames.jpg (444 KB, 1920x1080)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
Is it because you don't like modern games anymore? Because you simply have a backlog you still haven't gotten around to finishing? Or did these games just come out decades before you were born, and you want to find out if they are really as good as the oldfags are saying they are?
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I've got some cream for your face kiddo
Personally, the more I think about it, the more reasons I come up with. Alot of it has to do with where the industry is headed, I played through the rise of MMORPGs, which I think proved people were willing to pay over and over for a game. Then came the rise of DLCs and microtransactions. With the boom of mobile gaming, it got even worse and more transparent with games that are basically addiction simulators disguised as puzzle games and strategy games.

I think the balant perversion of those beloved genres Sting the most.

But yeah, I like simple and complete games.
I do it for fun :-)
>I played through the rise of MMORPGs, which I think proved people were willing to pay over and over for a game
MMORPGs were legitimately providing a service. Developers patched the game regularly, fixing bugs and responding to the community. There was an active GM and customer support staff. Servers were very stable with high uptime, handling moderately large scale concurrent multiplayer at a time when the standard was maybe a quake on a LAN or battle.net matchmaking for RTS games.

Maybe retards thought that MMORPGs proved that people were willing to pay over and over for a game but that's bullshit. If anything was going to prove that, it was EA releasing the same sports game year after year with just roster differences.
I liked the edgy ads. Beats a smarmy mix raced couple telling me to buy shit.

File: gfs_44196_2_1419_mid.jpg (61 KB, 540x487)
61 KB
It is by two years not retro (2001), but did end a retro console (GBC) and also prequelled a game made 9 years before so.
I would really appreciate its exception.
10 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
2000 is cutoff for PC games. Console games are by generation. GBA is not retro, but GBC is. Just like 2000+ PS1 and Dreamcast games are all retro, 2000+ GBC games also are.
DMC and God of War and Halo are not "retro" and never will be by the standards of people who post here. What's so hard to understand?
Ask Hiro for that /v2k/ board like people are doing. It would cover 2000 up to before current gen. The end limit would move forward as the gens progress. A bridge board like that would help take the strain off of both /vr/ AND /v/ and would make the jobs of the mods easier in the long run.
Cave Story has been on the dreamcast for a long time. And it's complete.

when did you first realize that pic related literally never made even a single good game
File: faggot.png (14 KB, 637x349)
14 KB
when did you first realize that pic related literally never made even a single good thread
when did you realiz that OP never made even a single worth and good thing in his life
Youre a fucking idiot if you think Sega never made a good game.
File: Faggotry - the thread.png (119 KB, 625x626)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
I guess I never did.

File: mother.jpg (77 KB, 480x320)
77 KB
Obnoxious grinding aside, what do we think of Itoi's first masterpiece?
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How fucking old are you, getting upset that mother characters aren't hot?
>series called mother
>no hot milfs
The last 10 or 20 percent of the game is the best part of the whole series
Because he didn't know what to do at parts of Mother 1? Or something else.
Please elaborate.

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