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File: Shadow Dancer.png (209 KB, 1920x1080)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
Tell me /vr/, how do you feel about limited continues in older titles?

Recently I've been trying to get into the Genesis library and finding that I enjoy many games but get stressed thinking about how if I fuck up too much I have to start over. I'm pretty young, 21, so I never had to deal with such a thing in anything I played growing up. I'm not inherently against it but I can't help but feel like any fuck up I make will cost me dearly down the line. I've been trying to play Shadow Dancer and Wings of Wor currently and enjoy both games but as soon as I die like three times I just can't help but feel the need to reset and start again to try to do better. How do you guys manage limited continues when you play? DO you just play and start over, do you only accept taking deaths at certain points in the game?
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File: 1520559058723.jpg (64 KB, 489x541)
64 KB
>Tell me /vr/, how do you feel about limited continues in older titles?
It's dumb.
Never grew up with it, but always hated it.
Shit's not at the arcade where you had to pay 2 win or pass the puck to the next faggot in line when you sucked. What's worse is lack of saving or level select. Maybe instead of making a straight arcade ports, the console ver. lets you unlock those features when you beat the game(s).

inb4 Triggered autists
>Tell me /vr/, how do you feel about limited continues in older titles?
i think it's complete and unadulterated bullshit of the highest level, but it's expected. it's not an arcade game where to pay to progress.
Wait till these crybabies learn about games with no continues at all
i.e. not something that deserves effort and respect from any functioning adult
People that hate it were introduced more to a modern mindset with brute forcing a game in a sitting rather than over a few sittings and getting better at previous levels. Today it has advanced to auto saving at check points and dropping you back there once you die, though modern games are significantly longer so a 30~60 minute set back is a bigger time waste than older games which can be beaten I'm 30~90 minutes.

File: dl3.jpg (115 KB, 1600x800)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
What's the best Kirby game?
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yeah same here. i remember being blown away when i found out it's so many people's favourite
the gameboy-game
adventure. and dream course is the best spin off
Super Star on the SNES.
From retro ones? Kirby's Dreamland 3 (which I should replay btw).

I've never played it and want to fix that. What patches are "mandatory" for the best experience?

At least an uncensor that doesn't cock up the script too. I tried to do the GBA one with the sound fixes but mGBA shows the colors on that one as fucked up.
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File: 1620434312086.jpg (49 KB, 395x432)
49 KB
kys op
SNES version + bugfix/retrans patch of your choice.
>The world doesn't need ANOTHER conversation about all that crap.
And yet you're the one who started it. I didn't even read the filename.
Im "normal" i thought super terra was cool. Idk ff3 was my first completed rpg so its special to me and i avoid most conversations of it. Been meaning to play the gba version but i dont think id commit to it.
>thinking women are cool

buncha simps lmao

File: 51F4GVQQTJL.jpg (62 KB, 500x500)
62 KB
Artificial Difficulty
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Ghosts 'N Goblins made the 3D transition much better than Castlevania did.
andy gavin detected
>carrying 2 herbs, ink ribbons and knife
>complaining about space

This and it's sequel apparently emulate very well, according to the pcsx2 wiki. Never tried it myself though.

File: final_fantasy_nes.jpg (104 KB, 752x1063)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Are the first few levels supposed to be hell on earth?
How do I level up my party when my black and white mage cant do anything after 3 spells ?
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I prefer Bals To The Wall party myself.
Mages are useless in the nes version.

Get all the classes plus a red mage if you want variety(Fighter, Thief, Black Belt, Red Mage), if you want the easiest time get 2 fighter and 2 red mages.

With a fighter you can : Survive shit the easiest he has a lot of armor and HP, he hits the hardest outside of very high level black belt.

Thief is basically an inferior red mage, his only ability is good running away which is bugged anyways. when he becomes a Ninja (the coolest class in the game) he becomes much better but still inferior to the knight, probably second best class but he is going to suck before promoting which makes the fighter just that much superior, only advantage ninja has is low level black magic and that can be useful.

Black belt is like a thief but with much higher attack power and HP. His main use is being cheap to use, a budget character. If you overlevel HE WILL overtake the knight as the strongest attacker in the game and he uses no weapon to do so. Good choice but kinda boring.

Red wizard is godly, imagine a jack of all trade except he can do anything pretty good.
Pretty equal to the black belt in term of attack he can equips good weapons, defense he is pretty shitty because of low HP but he can equip some armor.
The good thing is that he can use black and white magic at an OK quantity, magic is situational in this game and it just works for the red mage. Red Mage is slightly better but not that much sadly, he cannot use the big level epic magic but they are not that worth it. The Red Wizard is just so good they could not upgrade it too much otherwise would break the game.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I always create a White Mage for HARM early in the game because I can't stand nigger undead (namely Ghouls) and I don't want to waste FIRE.
White mage vs Red Mage comparison :
White mage can exit dungeon much faster (up to 4 cast saved, simple menuing that you use like once in the earth cave not that big of a deal) Note that once the red mage becomes a red wizard he can use exit too which nullify this advantage

White mage harm 2 is lower level (you can use more of it) and as strong as fire 2 against the undeads if not stronger, sure white mage is better vs undead but red mage can totally get them through fire 2 anyways

you can use life 2 which fully heals a dead character, truly only useful in the last dungeon where you can get low on potions (altough speedrunners do it at super low level and they manage to do it without life 2, just life 1.

They get Holy which is like Nuke, not useless but spending the entire game to get this is not worth it.

For literally anything else the red mage and red wizard are superior. WM has more spell charges and can heal more but potions and tents are dirt cheap and anyone can use the heal staff.

Anyways in the end the shitty classes like White and Black mage can end up useful solely through heal staff spamming and zeus gauntlet spamming, it is not like the red wizard will not be spamming these very things in the end too, it is just that despite being shitty i nthe end game red wizard was god through the rest of the game. Black mage has what only Nuke over Red Wizard? He has other spells but they do not work.
File: 20210308_162936.jpg (659 KB, 2187x1304)
659 KB
659 KB JPG
>Mages are useless in the nes version.
That White Wizard FADE on Chaos though

File: maxresdefretault.jpg (93 KB, 1280x720)
93 KB
thread about the X-Wing / Tie Fighter series of games.

Anyone else find X-Wing (1994) really hard?
Never got to play it. Always wanted to because it looks like Wing Commander. Do I need a joystick to play the GOG version? Looks like it says it requires one.
>Anyone else find X-Wing (1994) really hard?
Everybody did.
>Do I need a joystick to play the GOG version? Looks like it says it requires one.
It does, but I'm pretty sure there is some workaround to use a mouse.
I think the original DOS version can be configured to use mouse (I 100% know the OG did because that's how I played it). But i had some annoying issues with that one when I tried it recently and just used the windows rerelease. Ymmv i guess.

File: 1624011148344.jpg (151 KB, 400x300)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
About to play Super Metroid for the first time. Any tips? I know SM is meant to be filled with tons of secrets, how realistic is it to find most of these without a guide or a ton of trial and error?
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If you want to collect everything before the endgame don't enter Tourian (final area under the boss statue)

There's a certain point where the game will lock you in a point of no return. Make sure you're willing to commit when you enter
bad analogy, yurocucks drive stick because stick is cheaper and they're poor, simple as
File: power bomb.png (14 KB, 579x70)
14 KB
reminder that Power Bombs act differently in Super Metroid compared to Fusion and Zero Mission
You get an x-ray powerup to find secrets
do you also believe that yurocucks don't die like flies of diabetes and heart issues because they're too poor to stuff their fat face all the time?

Why was Sonic never popular in Japan?
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Wizardry 1 and 2 did so poorly on the NES they never bothered releasing the Famicom port of 3 in the west. RPGs were a computer thing in the west at the time and did not sell on consoles.
You're embarrassing yourself man, it's paintball arena for little children
Because mega man exists
It's also really fun.
Not him. "Lost Levels" was withheld for fear of backlash only. Back in the day, Nintendo was still trying to gain the trust of retailers, showing that the NES was very different from the "failures" of the past, which caused the american video game crash. What would happen if Lost Levels was released in North America? No one knows, but suits feared people would think its higher difficulty and overall similarity with the previous game would make people spout "look! It's Atari all over again". Later, with market acceptance, Nintendo had no trouble releasing it on the All-Stars collection.

Final Fantasy's case was easier to understand: your average american was new to the genre and nips tried to reach for them. Once the genre was learned, Final Fantasy VI and beyond had the same difficulty.

All in all, it weren't cases of "lol noob gaijin", but a matter of gaining trust.

I hate Yoshi, but I really like this game. All the issues I had with this franchise have been resolved. I still don't understand why they gave up on that kind of design.
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I find controlling Yoshi to be incredibly weird in this game, compared to Yoshi's Island
I've loved it since the day it came out. Always preferred it to Yoshi's Island.
I like yoshi fine but I hate this game. It seems designed for young children. Like Mario and sonic gives off a saturday morning cartoon type vibe while this feels like elmo or teletubbies. The pop-up storybook and happy hearts and those damn voices and that jumping baby in a tracksuit make me feel like I’m playing a game for toddlers. Even the help message blocks read like you’re a 5 year old.

The games too easy. Fruit is everywhere. Melon runs are the hardest part, but its nowhere near as hard as like yoshi’s island, a game that I would say has a balanced difficulty ramp up. “Sniffing” might be the worst mechanic ever. Stop everywhere and push a button to see if theres something there. Easy bosses, easy levels. People like to say its actually hard and you’ve probably never beaten all the levels in it or gotten all melons. All melons is the only interesting way to play if you aren’t an infant or disabled. Its also easy, I got all melons in all levels as a child. It wasnt hard then and it still isnt. I dont think there were any real difficult n64 platformers to compare it to, kirby is easy too, maybe mischief makers. But if you compare it to nes or snes games its piss easy.

Some of music is creative I’ll give it that, but I find the theme especially annoying.

Yoshis island blows this game out of the water in almost every respect. Going with the cgi graphics is fine I guess but yoshis island got way more charm out of sprites. The YI level design is worlds ahead of a game released years after it. The bosses are better. Everything yoshis story does seems to screw up yoshis island.
>lock the levels behind collecting hearts which isn't explained
As an adult I get it, but as a child I didn't get why sometimes I started a world and had the choice of five levels, and sometimes I had one or two.
>As a kid, it made it possible
you don't think you could've beaten all the levels as a kid? I don't think that goes for most ppl. I best do key kong country as a 7 year old.

I miss these little fuckers like you wouldn't believe.
it's a cool concept for a game but I think barely anyone is even aware it exists, though I just checked gamefaqs and someone put up puzzle solution guides for it a few days ago
Based Piecesbro, I'm surprised at how obscure this game is. I made a thread here a while ago and almost no one else knew about it. Shame because both the presentation and gameplay are great.
As far as video games are concerned, it was the first real experience I had with anime as a kid in the 90's.

Why Halo is so hyped? It is like one of the hundreds of trash - mediocre - bland shooters from the early 00s. Imagine people hyped by Chaser, or Chrome or Gore: Ultimate Soldier

Also, thread for mediocre forgotten FPS games from 1998-2007 go.
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Cool scifi movie story
fun multiplayer
4 player splitscreen plus LAN means it's easy to play with friends
Coop was cool
For me the Halo series will always be that colorful yet sterile by the numbers FPS.
M$ shilling
every time someone whines about how Halo ruined the FPS genre a potential new arena shooter gets canceled. call it karma.
Was a much better game than its contemporaries like serious sam, so it stood out. Frankly it's a great game

File: ss27.png (13 KB, 512x448)
13 KB
ITT: short haired retro qts.
I need inspiration, /vr/os.
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File: Eo8f1VXU8AAljSe.png (615 KB, 517x726)
615 KB
615 KB PNG
At least we got this recent art for her from the upcoming M2 sequel/collection.
File: 1626311905068.png (46 KB, 640x400)
46 KB
This is an important thread, it must live.
File: oni_my.jpg (127 KB, 640x480)
127 KB
127 KB JPG

File: 6039-12-age-of-empires.jpg (139 KB, 800x600)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
>Cold day
>Grab tea or coffee
>Cover myself with a blanket
>Launch and play AOE
Describe a better comfy experience
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Everything that comes with being an adult. Even if you are some degenerate homebody who won't leave the basement you still have the fact that you're not ignorant to the ways of the world. Ignorance is innocence.
Fag you're just as much of a nerd as him.
i played microsoft demo disc to death which had age of empires, monster truck rally and close combat

File: Displace Treadmill.jpg (31 KB, 639x477)
31 KB
I read that you can use the OCP to disable the treadmill a guard is running on in the Displace Int. level, causing him to fall and get knocked out. Decided to try it out for fun but the guard just keeps running after the treadmill is disabled, as if nothing had happened. Is this feature broken in the PC version or something? I can't seem to figure out what's causing this. Done a bit of testing but no solution as of yet:
-Issue occurs on both the base retail v1.00 and patched v1.05
-Issue appears to occur everytime, regardless of which path you take through the level
-Issue occurs with the framerate locked to 30 and 60fps as well as at the 100fps cap
The strange thing is that he will fall and get knocked out if you get his attention after disabling the treadmill. I found a few videos online demonstrating this cool little detail so I know it's possible. Any ideas?
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Disc version has Starforce or whatever. Steam is clean (other than Steam DRM). What about Ubisoft version?
I think you have to use Ubisoft Connect to activate it.
It always worked 50/50 for me. I thought it depended on accessing the server in that room first, knocking out the other guard (there were two guards in that room, right?), or switching off the lights in the office area.
Xbox and cracked PC (RELOADED) versions btw.
Thanks for the info. I figured there was probably some weird chain of events that prevents it from working. I'll do some testing.

File: captaincomic.jpg (59 KB, 854x480)
59 KB
Anyone play this on DOS? (so not the NES version)

This was my entire childhood.
+1 the first DOS platformer I actually cared for enough to play through. The shareware episode anyway
I got it again on shareware/abandonware (forgot which) and the music was different, but other than that I'm not sure if there were other differences.
Actually I may get a copy and play through again. Pretty sure it was an early version. The later version level designs were slightly different

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