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Whats the best way to play this game?
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>caring this much about the translation either way
The dialog is bad in every version.
Either you appreciate the story in spite of this is not. Nothing else is the game changes.
Only after you have played the original and want something new. Even then, I could only stomach for a single playthrough which was a decent enough challenge. Tried to pick it up a couple of years after beating it, and it's just too tedious
>use steal on random field enemy with Locke
>enemy hard counters with some attack that wipes your whole party
>try to suplex the doom train
>doom train hard counters with some attack that wipes your whole party
Rinse and repeat for the whole game. I couldn't put up with it again. Not being able to suplex the doom train is probably its greatest sin as a mod, a complete slap in the face to the fans of the game.
>The dialog is bad in every version.
It really isn't but you can keep coping.
You're an unempathetic schizoid if this is the extent of individuality in your mind. Kill yourself. You will never be Japanese.
File: FF6BE.jpg (390 KB, 1366x768)
390 KB
390 KB JPG
Unironically, the Old Version on PC with Atma Weapon. All the GBA content, native on PC, the mostly solid GBA translation, and no visual compromises. The default version looks like ass but hey people are already recommending you patch the GBA version so Old Version with mods is fair game. https://www.nexusmods.com/finalfantasy6/mods/2 The UI is not great by default but it's pretty solid when using the Tab Left mode. With Atma alone you get much more improved character sprites (or literally the SNES ones if that's what you want, it makes the game look like the Romancing SaGa remasters), music options, UI styles, fonts... It's a pretty damn great package and there's an update planned to include some newer mods. You could also wait a while so the mod in picrel is complete. Shame Square were retards and delisted it, but just get a crack and you won't have that issue

File: -jt915.png (731 KB, 644x675)
731 KB
731 KB PNG
>If the player saves their game in the middle of the battle and waits over a week (At least 8 days) before playing again, The End will have died of old age. The player can also just set their PlayStation 2's internal clock 8 days ahead to get the same result.
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It's cool and don't question it.
It's the same as saying that Ocelot telling you to push buttons on the controller is not immersive.
>bro, it's like what, Snake holds a Playstation controller or something? haha Yikes!
The internal clock also rots your food and restores your stamina when you're not playing.
>peak era of gaming
MGS3 came out about 5 years after the peak of gaming. While things were much better in '04 than they have been any time since, things progressively got worse and worse every year after '99 or so. Not saying that no good games ever came out after '99, but the industry we loved during the 80's and 90's was being killed off and replaced with mainstream corporatized bullshit being marketed to low-IQ normies with ADD and "shiny object syndrome" and the decisions about which games get developed are made by suit wearing executive pricks with business degrees who never played a game ever in their entire faggoty lives.
the original design doc was that the fight would take days, realtime, like real WW2 sniper duels did. having the end die of old age was like the bad ending for being too shitty to win properly
i think the version we got is much better though. it is possible to rush him with a handgun or whatever but there's a sniper in the arena and the tense back-and-forth is preserved. my first time fighting this bitch it took me 45 minutes real-time and i had an absolute blast
more like difficulty adjustment that you know nothing about. which plagued a lot of games during that era like re4 for example

File: mpv-shot0552.jpg (112 KB, 854x480)
112 KB
112 KB JPG

>Game Center CX DVD Challenge 11 - Castlevania [GooseCanyon]
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File: 1362376549834.gif (28 KB, 600x600)
28 KB
To be fair Arino is not an accurate representation of how hard something is.
He gets completely stuck on the most random of things and he has a hard time learning how to do something that needs to be done in a way different from how he'd approach it the first time.
Arino clearing something is usually more of an indication of "Can this be beaten if you bruteforce it long enough?", and with Castlevania 1 the answer is yes.
Castlevania 3 has way more areas that have a puzzle element to them, with a certain path through the screen needing to be taken, meaning that Arino's approach gets stonewalled.

I feel like C3 would be way easier to the average player not affected by Arino's own brand of "difficulty".
This, it's the platforming puzzle element that will fuck him up.
Like how he was stuck on that falling block area for 7 hours until Abe told him to use Alacard's bat ability to cheese it.
As for the use of password, it was a last ditch effort to let Arino try and clear the game, it's hard to say is Arino actually did manage to do it if they'd allow it to stand.
The absolute state of Playstation games
I seriously believe that all future live challenges will be games that Arino can easily brute force and they'll just use the left over time to have him play Panel de Pon and drive the staff insane.

File: SM64-Beta19.png (98 KB, 316x240)
98 KB
What is it about prototypes that makes them so appealing to so many people? I don't really get it. There's the "what could have been" angle I guess, but they cut/changed things for a reason.
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File: Mario128titlescreen.jpg (4 KB, 228x188)
4 KB
Super Mario 128. Not the tech demo nor Sunshine but the GameCube game Miyamoto worked on for years until cancelled it for Galaxy.
Oh wow, I had no idea this was even in the works. I always thought that Sonic Xtreme was the only Saturn Sonic platformer they had a concept of.
I love her
this guy was so integral to the e3 demo trailer, it's honestly shocking he was cut.

I decided to start this over since I can't remember shit about what happened up to the point I reached before (I had Red XIII in my party, that seemed to be about how far I got - the clock said roughly 6 hours of playtime).

What should I expect? Also how do I not suck (I don't really get the "right" way to play JRPGs)?
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Why are you German
and why aren't those MPs robots?
It's not hard at all. It's babies first RPG at times. If you get lost look at some guides, and i'd recommend looking at some of the fun ways to approach things like doing the potion dupe, or how to farm materia end game and do the final attack phoenix knights of the rounds shit so you basically never have to touch a button to beat the final boss. Just go crazy with it man.
Did they fixed the translation for the "HD" re release on PC?
They have NEVER fixed the translation in any version of the game, not counting the remake, obviously. And the only fan retranslation available is one of the most autistic translations in ROM hacking history, and apparently one made by a total amateur to boot.

what's a game you love but you never see anyone talk about/consider special
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Pokemon Puzzle League on n64 is fantastic. I get the anime voices and aesthetic aren't for everyone, but I really enjoyed playing an actual Nintendo-published game starring Ash and co. Plus some really cool game modes, especially the team rocket game mode with the 3D puzzles.
All these modes are available in Dr.Mario/Puzzle League and Planet Puzzle League (and express), but it feels so goddamn dead there without the Yoshi and Pokémon theme. Just absolutely soulless somehow
damn, sounds awful. I heard a recent animal crossing game featured puzzle league as a bonus game, I hope that's a sign nintendo learned their mistake and will publish a themed puzzle league game in the future. But I'm not holding my breath.
I forgot about that. It's a really decent addition for such a game but something about it feels off IIRC. It's not made with the advances techniques in mind, if I'm not mistaken
Unfortunately Nintendo is just kind of mistreating the franchise somehow. Which is sad, because it's one of the rare action vs puzzler along with Tetris and Puyo Puyo where the skill ceiling has practically no limits, and that the modes and such are pretty fun. I wonder what else they can add. But maybe it's another classic Nintendo case of them being done with it because they don't know what to add anymore
it'd be nice to get a Tetris99 revitalization for the Puzzle League series. Tons of potential with that.

Who gave a fuck about what was the first CD console?
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Yeah that was odd. Why call them "Johnny Turbo" anything when there's no Turbo Duo games in those Switch releases? I think they gave up and quit producing anything, thankfully.
saved, this is amazing lol
yeah really
>"We've been releasing games for 2+ years and literally no one even noticed wtf"
it's weird that they think this is a flex
Also he fills his boyfriend's extremely homosexual brain with Turbografx propaganda nightly. Kinda based, honestly.
it was funny to see him get mogged by the professional looking and probably cocaine snorting Sony rep with his portable CD Rom computer thingy
he should have appeared in more computer chronicles episodes

File: 1z5mZ7gX.jpg (43 KB, 1077x762)
43 KB
is scp toolkit the only way to play with a ps3 controller on pc (mainly emulators)?
19 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Just simulating holding that abomination and pressing the triggers gives me tendonitis in the index fingers.

Anyway, SCP Toolkit is the best choice. Motioninjoy is chinkware. Anything else I tried is old, outdated and doesn't work.
Australia-kun's favorite gamepad
Ive gone through 7 PS3 pads since launch, they're pieces of shit that have faulty l2/r2 triggers. The worst Sony pad. Dualshock 1 mogs it
No, they added support to DS4windows
Didn't Sony make their own drivers within the last 3 or so years?

File: 1593474669027.gif (43 KB, 384x288)
43 KB
I'm going to Salem this weekend. Are there any retro game stores I should know about?
Sailor Moon S
Which Salem? Massachusetts or Oregon?
Why bother? You are going to be paying eBay prices.
Ohio? Then Stone Age Gamer. It's more of a museum than anything. Not sure how it's been since all the various lockdowns.
Literally more than ebay prices from what i've seen.

When it's a Mastertronic £1.99 release, well, you get you what paid for.
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>two challenging levels
fucking kek
What do you in Bionic Granny? Basically you're this...old lady who has to beat up students coming out of a school with your cane and avoid getting hit by candy they throw at you, which instantly kills you (diabetic shock?) It's also way too fucking fast and needed to be slowed down a little, it's almost unplayable due to that. I'm sure this was made with some game construction kit and not coded from scratch in assembly language.
you could determine the quality of a game by how long it took to load off tape. if it took like 5 seconds the way most of these Mastertronic budget titles did, you figured you shouldn't expect much.
Commodore 16 is such a weird machine. It was created as a Speccy killer, yet it retailed for a price of a proper computer. In a world where mid-80s Commodore weren't a bunch of braindead fools C16 would certainly have way more software made for it.
Jokes aside, it had something of a cult following in Germany after Commodore dumped them cheaply into the local ALDIs. Kingsoft made a lot of servicable games for this machine. In true Euro-Fashion, most of these were clones of more popular titles from better, or let's say "more capable", machines.

File: sidewinder3dpro.jpg (22 KB, 400x400)
22 KB
When's the last time you used a flight stick? They make any game that supports them more fun, especially if they support the rudder twist functionality.
36 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: missionstick.jpg (23 KB, 427x378)
23 KB
Last time I played Space Harrier.

I had one of those bad boys. Loved using it for Mech Warrior 2, of all things.
File: s-l300.jpg (18 KB, 300x300)
18 KB

Also had a Gravis Eliminator as well...
Concession accepted.
Cope accepted

File: MS-DOS_icon.png (2 KB, 600x600)
2 KB
Looking to get into DOS gaming, never really bothered as a kid.

Any recommendations of must-play DOS games?
63 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
No, I never did unfortunately.
VirtualBox has recently (v6.1) dropped support of their eternally experimental D3D support under WinXP guests. VMware has started progressively dropping support of Win95 guests around v10 or so.
Well, that's not surprising, given they are not really meant for gaming, more for enterprise-level shit. Funny how even DOSBox is probably better for that at this point.
They are meant for as accurate emulation of physical hardware as far as guest programs are concerned as possible.

based as FUCK

Very good game I especially like the part where it stops you dead in your tracks and demands you grind chips until you have a set amount, I also like when I die and lose two hours of grinding thanks capcom very good fuck you and your whore mother
170 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
>having it's own ways
School has failed you.
So this is the power of having sex.
Monocode is boring, two code lets codes that doesn't have a million chips attached to them still have value
At least normal sonic boom is a good viruses clearer
Plus we got double life sword so it isn't all bad

File: rs=w_1200,h_1200.jpg (54 KB, 1200x696)
54 KB
Is installing an Optical Drive Emulator (ODE) to disc-based consoles frowned upon?
75 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
it does to an extent. but it doesn't emulate the skipping and low performance of a dying laser, which is most of them.
We really need to start calling flash carts cartridge emulators

They also don't emulate the drive sounds. Fortunately there are mods for that.
Retard anon who was trying to fix music skipping on xstation and thought it was overheating in ps1 laser repair thread. It was the SD card. Got a certified genuine sandisk card, full formatted it, completely fixed. Integral SD card I was using must've been fake or knackered. If you get an xstation, make sure you use a legit SD card!
>doesn't emulate drive sounds and hardware failures
This is like complaining that fleshlights and realdolls don't emulate the risk of STIs and pregnancy that you get with real sex.
>it believes you can't get an STD from a sex toy
Gotta admire your devout commitment to the incel lifestyle by not having sex even if only with an inflatable.

File: s-l300.jpg (13 KB, 300x300)
13 KB
>needed to get extra hardware to play a 2D fighting game
166 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
The point is that you're going to be using an AR cart anyway for the jap imports, and the AR cart has built-in 1mb/4mb ram carts, so that's that.
This doesn't make any sense. Link to proof or explain why/how?
Point number 2 on page 1. It's the same exploit that allows Pseudo Saturn to boot CD-Rs.
So the distinction here is executable code (program code) vs assets (character animations)?

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