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File: amazing_tater.jpg (23 KB, 299x300)
23 KB
Games for which it is 99% certain no unopened copy still exists.
Every thread deserves a reply
I thought about doing it yesterday but I couldn't justify it.
I'm unfamiliar with Amazing Tater

File: S2_sms_title.png (3 KB, 248x192)
3 KB
Are the 8-bit sonic games anything other than mediocre?
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do you have a single satisfact to snack that up?
Are those fucking marihuana leafs? Based koshiro
To step in, "he said so", but I just don't believe this to be accurate. Sonic 1 was in development for a long time and multiple ports were planned to home microcomputers during the design phase. It makes sense that they would also port it to their 8-bit home console that already had a well established market [in Europe/Brazil] since 1985. The Game Gear was being developed around the same time, so sure, it got added to the list, but I don't believe it be the absolute reason for S1 8-bit to exist, and it's provable by the code that work began on the SMS version first.
There also seem to be more colors used in the GG version. That said, I like the MS version more for a few reasons. Also, it appears (superficially, at least) that Sonic's life icon is based on the MS version, if that is significant or not.
I don't understand why is it so important to you if either version started developed first or which version is the real reason why the game exists. Both came out at virtually the same time (GG took 2 more months, likely to add GG-exclusive polish and I guess also to time it with the holiday season), probably started development at the same time and done simultaneously.
>and it's provable by the code that work began on the SMS version first.
You keep saying this but how can you prove it? I think, in difference to the planned ports for amiga etc, Sonic 1 8bit was different. Yuzo specifically created Ancient for this game and I bet he wouldn't have risked it or picked up interest in doing it for the old mark III, I'm thinking the exciting new Game Gear handheld was the main motor behind Yuzo's enthusiasm on making this game. Doing a Master System version was just a no brainer because it'd be very easy to make both at the same time, but both Yuzo's own words and the fact GG got the preferential treatment make clear which version was the central one.

File: SF64_Corridor.jpg (38 KB, 750x695)
38 KB
Have you ever considered the possibility that Popful Mail (Sega CD) never really existed? That it was only seeded onto the internet recently as a pseudohistorical construction?

How hard could it be to infiltrate the admin staff at GameFaqs?
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>Oh, I see the misunderstanding
>I posted cope and now I have to post cope about the cope to cope
yo dawg
>But since you bring it up, what's the difference?
Anon, when was the last time Sega of Japan caused you to ingest potent psychedelic and mind-altering drugs without your consent?
is that something the cia did to you

no judgement anon, they do that sometimes
She looks like a shitty lina inverse clone
Imagine *it* on your mouth and nose...

File: hqdefault.jpg (12 KB, 480x360)
12 KB
Featuring crystal clear graphics and rich creamy

File: press F.jpg (1.52 MB, 1920x1080)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB JPG
>yfw Saturn wouldn't see the 21'st century
Saturn more like Saturd.
I mean...it did well in Japan. Still had a great library.

File: mystara.png (379 KB, 959x551)
379 KB
379 KB PNG
Essential arcade beat-em-ups?
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SOM has pretty good boss fights but really? Most beater boss fights are pretty bad.

As the anon mentioned, boss rush beat 'em ups are just single player fighting games like Monster Maulers and Oni Yukihime because fighting game mechanics work best for 1 on 1 scenarios. That said, Battle Circuit feels kinda close to a boss rush game because the levels are short and simple.
Knuckle Bash
64th Street
DD Crew
The true holy trinity is
Final fight
Double dragon
How the fuck am I supposed to kill the alien queen with he cyborg girl?

>stay in place
>get acid to the face
>get close
>get stabbed or grabbed
>jump attacks
>it headbutts me

the most effective thing Ive done so far is shoot, jump with the desperation move while it shoots acid and then try to get close and finish it with the weapons in the floor + the burger and more desperation moves
>How the fuck am I supposed to kill the alien queen with he cyborg girl?
just mash the buttons faster, beat em ups are mindless fun

>level select code requires a second controller
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>implying we could afford a second controller back then
bought so many shitty 3rd party controllers that broke way too quickly
Is it true you needed a second controlled plugged into the second slot to progress in MGS?
Top kek kid
File: meryl.png (993 KB, 1000x1333)
993 KB
993 KB PNG
This is a half-truth. It makes the Psycho Mantis fight much easier though, yes.
You don't need two controllers plugged in at the same time though, you can just switch slots.
and pushing the reset button. ;)

File: proxy-image.jpg (170 KB, 1280x720)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
Is Alundra kino?
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File: ludo.png (533 KB, 679x660)
533 KB
533 KB PNG
Simply because death exists does not necessitate my surrender to it
...A shitty knockoff of "Sorry!" ?
Ludo is older, and both are based on a even older indian board game(Pachisi).
and what a shitty name "Sorry!", what were they thinking?
>Zelda clones

Hydlide clones, of which Zelda is one.

This isn't bad actually
The wonky collision and short horizontal jumps just makes it more of a precision game than most platformers, which is something you get used to
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Okay, let me find the crappiest honkytonk piano and orchestra hit samples and I'll see what this bad boy can do. As for the harshness, eh, I'm just dicking around between this and work and don't mean nuthin'.
>Okay, let me find the crappiest honkytonk piano and orchestra hit samples and I'll see what this bad boy can do.
Go do it, I'll be waiting.
Really though, low quality samples are not correlative to bad music. Lo-fi music is a thing (and no, I don't mean the new "lo-fi hip hop" meme shit from youtube)
>strawman x2
of course

>Where's the straw man?
you are talking about sound quality, then jumped to "science for good taste" and "entirely subjective".
Why not to the c64 instead? It’s more powerful and has the same CPU.
The hitbox better follow that hat
It's not about bitcrushing or any lofi shit, just cheesy samples that will ruin even the best song

What's /vr/'s opinion of this game?
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The music is too star trek for me in a lot of these older space sim/combat games. Were there any with electronic soundtracks?
Best console space sim!

File: quacker.png (854 KB, 895x719)
854 KB
854 KB PNG
I wanna play the console versions of Quake II, what version should I start with?
>play the pc version
Already did that, besides, I'm curious about these versions because apparetly they're different games.
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Whoa never knew about this version. Neat.
cool beans i got the initial run then.
i played it once, just to test it. guess i'll have to actually play it sometime
Same here, I just threw it on to make sure the disc worked and that was it. I had never gotten Quake 4 on PC so this was my first time playing it and it fucking sucked, at least at the beginning. Never played either one again until I saw some people specifically looking for that bonus disc with Quake 2 and looked into it further. I am playing through it currently and it's a good port, I have played through Q2 about a million times on PC over the years.
>You do realize that a good majority of Saturn games run in 24-bit color right?
Only the VDP2 layer, the VDP1 layer, which is usually the vast majority of the screen in a 3D game is in 16-bit color.

I might have to look into that, thanks anon. Though I do remember thinking that the option for Hi-Color might have been mislabeled as it appeared to increase the resolution rather than the color. That would make the noise dither less obvious too if that was the case, but anyway, will check it out.
File: Jesus_PC.jpg (154 KB, 1252x1252)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
N64 port runs on Quake 1 engine and ends up looking very jerky due to poor animations, also the maps are quite different.

PS1 version used a different engine entirely and is very close to the PC version level-wise. It's the better version to play and also has the soundtrack intact. Also quite colorful and ends up looking better than PC version art-wise.

File: 1590077594234.png (155 KB, 1040x1824)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
Looking for grids/collages of vr games.
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God damn this has so much soul.
What the fuck happened to Sonic?

Look at those color contrast, look at the hues.
That's Sonic Mania. Not technically retro. Still quite nice. First good game the spiky blue rat got in years.
I really like this one.
File: RETRO_JRPG.png (2.2 MB, 1600x9206)
2.2 MB
2.2 MB PNG
That's an old version of the chart. Also, is there under the name "The Legend of Dragoon"
Tales of Destiny has a Tales of Eternia screenshot in that picture.

File: psx_maddn2k5_screenshot.jpg (313 KB, 1422x1413)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
for me, it's Madden 2005
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Because its a game after 2000.
Doesnt matter. Its on the ps1 which released in 1994.
Underrated game. Cool soundtrack and really neat level design with a lot of hidden shortcuts.
File: hahahaha.png (285 KB, 852x585)
285 KB
285 KB PNG
is it just me or did konami make the best sports vidya

When does this get good? Been playing for a bit and the story is very generic (find the seven mcguffins etc) and the combat is very shallow.
28 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
How did Square pull off making an entire series of mediocre to shit games? The Mana series had so much potential but always fall short.
They're meant to be sort of casual easy on purpose anon. So that you can bring some art major qt over to your room and be like here try mashin some buttons and lookin at this gorgeous.
The first one was a good zelda clone with great gimmick(every weapon had an use).
Secret of Mana was the productor wanting to do a FF4 being an action oriented but ended up being a Mana title, so it ends up being weird.
Trials is the persons trying to improve secret, but it ends up being overshadowed by Terranigma.
After Legends of mana ,Square didn't care until they got a decent team to remake Trials of mana.
>but it ends up being overshadowed by Terranigma.
pretty sure Terranigma lost money
Mana had potential but a lot of it is just them not getting enough budget or unfortunate circumstances. Also doesn't help that it had a series of experimental games during the PS2-DS era along with SE's notorious mismanagement for non FF/DQ series.

Let me fix that for you.
Secret got killed when the SNES CD addon got canned forcing them to scrap a lot of the game.
Trials is far more popular than Terranigma in Japan especially for the people who grew up in that era. For example, there are multiple references to it in Pop Team Epic and Trials still managed to have a decent enough doujin scene despite its age over time.
Its being overshadowed is a western problem because SE decided not to localize it due to it being a late SNES game.

File: Untitled.png (248 KB, 754x536)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
did i do good?
61 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
i know, right? imagine being so poor you can't afford to pass on things you've used for less than you paid for them when they were new
>imagine being so poor you have to cope about cope
N64 is one of the few cases in which I prefer physical cartridges over emulation. The control, the look and the aesthetic is way too different on PC.
File: eddie.jpg (116 KB, 1280x725)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Do you enjoy your purchase?

Does it make you happy?

If the answer to either is :Yes.

Then play the motherfucker and shut the fuck up.
I got the same shit, except it was GCN compatible, had some games, plus an 80 GB HDD for like 40 bucks lmao

File: p643.jpg (36 KB, 449x320)
36 KB
You weren't lying /vr/, this game is condensed comfy.
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I have a percent in that mission, and I didn't go that fast...
Yeah you don't really need to be that insane in order to get a perfect score.
I'm still not sure if that webm is TAS or not.
In fact, that is the only crescent island jetpack mission I do have a perfect score on.
>condensed comfy

SNES version is a tad more comfy on a rainy day.
Fair enough. 64 is more comfy on summer afternoons though

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