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I have a weird nostalgia for this version of the game including its quirks: the music, character names outside of the life bars, simple win icons instead of mk logos, red pants Cage etc. Even with the arcade version being much more easily available today, I still prefer to play the SNES port. Other ports feel just too wrong.
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When this came out it was amazing. Sleepovers me and my friends would stay up all night playing this. It was like the arcade in your house. It was such a huge leap above MKII, the gimmick was still fresh, and the graphics control and sound were just perfect.

MK3 changed the aesthetic, and I didn't like it when it came out, but playing them all over again, including the arcade versions (on the PS3), MK3 is the best classic MK. It's because of the combos and run button. MKII just feels so slow after playing it. Yeah it removed a lot of characters that were beloved in MK2, but Ultimate and Trilogy fixed that, along with adding new problems.

I'd seriously kill for a modern arcade quality MK Trilogy release. The PS1 and N64 versions have so many downsides.
File: mk2.jpg (21 KB, 720x480)
21 KB
I miss the way I used to feel when MKII was still in the process of being released and updated, every gaming magazine promised more and more hidden stuff and the entire experience seeing it all come together via magazine peaks and reviews was just so amazing.

It had that characteristic SNES "smoothness" aesthetic. Hard to put my finger on what does it exactly, but SNES games always felt smooth and Genesis was always "gritty." Just all around, it was more than the graphics.
I thought the "new" blue portal looked stupid. Like they came up with it at random.

MK3's portal looked better.
Wasn't it like a secret stage? its pretty much just the existing portal but with a blue palette and the pit3 bridge (and for some reason the pit2 mountains+bridge)
MK3/UMK3 really had this terrible feel of just slapping shit together going on.

>average speccy enjoyer
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>did limeys really play this garbage?
yes. and then many decades later they decided to try and rewrite history about how it wasn't a machine that people laughed at, and that people took it seriously in the 1980s. nobody ever took it seriously and it was always embarrassing.
muskrat is just a lucky investor who knew how to throw money around. Doesn't do a single bit of engineering on anything, just picks up the tab and takes all the credit. A good example of the kind of people that are dragging this world downward.
I maintain that the only reason these two games maintain such a following is that Doom and Quake were both revolutionary console/arcade games that just happened to be made for the PC.

On the subject of PC, the japanese computers don't get much love here either. It's mostly just posting pretty artwork. I suppose that's what happens when you ask for game talk about games that are largely text-driven but in a language that the board as a whole barely understands.
I wouldn't play that shit if I was getting paid to
Sounds like a really poor financial decision to me

File: Mmx2_box.jpg (36 KB, 391x268)
36 KB
There's so much I want to love about this game, but why did they think that locking most of the upgrades behind annoying as fuck pixel-perfect air dashes (or charged fire dashes or whatever) was a good idea? It gets even dumber when you realize that the air dash is completely underutilized in the rest of the game, for anything that could be actually fun.
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Nothing wrong with that, but the Sigma stages are ridiculously short, especially the second one.
Lol? Game is more fun if you DON'T shoot! X is a pacifist and solve his problems through mutual understandinh.
Reminder that X canonically never collects any upgrade (except for the mandatory legs in X1), so unless you can finish the games with base X, you didn't actually beat them.
File: X (3).png (793 KB, 1191x752)
793 KB
793 KB PNG
>X is a pacifist
X is a peacemaker, not a pacifist.
A pacifist refuses to fight, even if when attacked. A peacemaker fights and kills to keep the peace.
I can see how the levels being divided up might be annoying, but I love blasting through each stage and it never really bothered me. Felt more like a breather between "sections". I can see why the mini-boss explosions can get annoying in subsequent playthroughs but I feel like that also is just a nitpick

I enjoy the "tank" enemies too because it means you have to actually engage enemies or get creative in how you dash around them, instead of the constant "charge shot and dash" for everyone else

Zoomers are unimpressed with the gameplay of MGS, but the gameplay wasn't the point, not even in 1998 was that impressive. What made the game so memorable were details like this that made the real world and the game world merge into one.
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>leaving porno mags
i don't remember that part
It helps when you play the thing instead of just the tutorial missions.
I prefer the gameplay in MGS1 to 2 for some reason. I actually approached MGS1 like a stealth game. I got bored of all the backtracking in 2 after a while and ended up just cartwheeling everywhere without even bothering to sneak around for part of the game
Yes, this. Honestly it’s a totally different way of enjoying something. If QOL features, realism, and post-processing are your metrics for enjoying games, you’ll forever be stuck with a smaller and inferior library to enjoy.
MGS and Pop'n Music

File: 1495246618006.png (110 KB, 453x508)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
Why do I keep hearing shit about "how physical games won't last forever" from gamers? I hear shit about disc rot but I have CDs from the 80s in the jewel cases that work perfectly fine, they even ripped to my gaming PC without any problems.

Maybe it's the musicfag in me so I'm very used to taking care of my shit, even when I was a kid I wouldn't ever throw away the cases or manuals for games. Are gamers just slobs who don't know how to take care of shit? No wonder games are starting to go the digital/streaming only route. I never hear about how "records and discs won't last forever" from music collectors, but people who collect games always parrot that shit.
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dude, its a meme
It's a meme but a lot of people genuinely believe it.
They learned but it's still a lot of effort just to place baby's first rpg
Audiophiles are even bigger retards than retro game collectors
your feat should be not your CD collection lasting but how you will buy a replacement CD player in 20 years.

File: nightshade stage 6.png (867 KB, 874x645)
867 KB
867 KB PNG
Well, I *was* having a good time.
Goddamn these games are so cool but 2 hard 4 me.
Just play NG Black bro

File: vidya.png (47 KB, 673x554)
47 KB
What are the most important games? Like if humans had to leave the earth and could only take the most culturally enriching vidya, which would make the cut?

Post a game you deem important and state the reason of its importance.
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>Punch Out
isnt that a fighting game? are all fighting games sports games?
It's a boxing game retard
boxing is fighting
boxing is a sport, fighting isn't you gay faggot
>there, now you can blow up earth
Imagine the Earth blowing up, spaceships ready, everyone is loading them with history books, Renoir paintings, Kurosawa films, etc and then there are /vr/ bros running with hard drives full of ROMs
There is a certain charm to it, despite people saying that vidya isn't important it would be a very passionate act

ITT: post underground games nobody ever gives a fuck about but you have strong emotional bounds.
Picrel is my first game. Everything about it nostalgic to me:the music, the sounds and even the graphics.
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File: th (1).jpg (11 KB, 172x240)
11 KB
death duel on the genesis. never heard anyone bring up this game. probably because its not very good. but it had gore (destroying limbs, heads) and my friend and i were such edgelords at the time that it was worth renting periodically just for that.
File: jetstrike.jpg (33 KB, 324x236)
33 KB
Jetstrike! I still want to finish the campaign some day but 150 missions with permadeath is hard as balls
Lufia 1.. my first rpg. Actually my first was Dragon Warrior that came free from Nintendo Power, but I had no clue wtf to do back then.

Lufia though, was the real eye-opener. Then shortly after that was FFIV. Those were the days man.
File: Kung Fu Master.jpg (115 KB, 1280x720)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Kung Fu-Master
the only arcade game I ever completed and with one credit no less.
to play it in an arcade with a small crowd watching me beat it was special

File: cover.jpg (191 KB, 527x730)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
games that filtered you back in the day, and your plans to set things right in 2023.

pic related, gonna beat this motherfucker in Q1
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File: 1654016204433.jpg (1.61 MB, 2307x2409)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB JPG
I was never able to beat it as a kid because I didn't realize the only way to progress the story was to complete ALL the training challenges
im a (may Allah forgive me) phonefag so the java version im playing includes it. ill work my way past the vanilla game first

fuck beholders tho...
Every Ultima games.
God Hand is my big goal. Also RE Code Veronica and 4. While I was not filtered by them (aside from trying to get them to work on Win 10 now) I also plan on playthroughs of Baldur's Gate 1 and 2, Icewind Dale 1 and 2 and Temple of Elemental Evil. Mechwarrior 3 and 4 as well.
are you me? I never finished Ultima IV, V VI and VII and this is my eternal shame

File: 74522_8[1].jpg (51 KB, 450x800)
51 KB
Was it a better Silent Scope?
It was definitely more stylish.

File: N64 Analog Stick.gif (2.59 MB, 640x726)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB GIF
Would it be possible to retro-fit a N64 controller with a Hall Effect joystick? It's getting harder to find a quality replacement for my controllers that isn't some ripoff Chink Chong that barely even fits, much less works and lasts more than a few months. Is anyone even working on hall effect replacement sticks for any of the older retro systems instead of current ones?
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>Of course it's possible. Hall effect thumb sticks have been around for decades. It'd be easy enough to use one in a replacement module for the n64 stick.

I know they aren't new tech, apparently Atari used them. The issue is nobody is using them at all and they only recent resurfaced as a fix for the JoyCons. The N64's joystick is also rather infamous for wearing out and is an easy to replace part as it's separate from the rest of the controller and requires no soldering, so I figured there was a good chance someone must have been working on a such a mod. People made a steel version of the N64 joystick for fuck's sake.

>that looks like way more moving parts than you want in a stick

They aren't infamous for wearing out fast for no reason. To be fair though they were one of the first to have such a tiny analog stick as standard or even at all in their controllers though.


It has a LOT of moving plastic parts, and it's all centered around a hard plastic sphere with grooves on it. Just normal use will wear it out. Try taking two pieces of hard plastic, cutting grooves between them that slide within each other, and then keep rubbing them back and fourth. See how fast they wear out. That's what the N64 joystick is doing. And that's only a simulation of the sphere in the center, not even all the other plastic parts.
3d printing metal parts is a thing that is possible now.
I wonder if you can get a 3d files and just have them printed by a third party.
>nobody is using them at all
Many people have been and are currently using them. But they've generally been extremely high quality and much more expensive than just buying a new controller. People who can't afford an OEM controller certainly can't afford those. Time will tell how well new cheap chinkshit works.

You can. People have. Some parts work well 3d printed. Some require precise finishing. For others it's completely retarded.
tl;dr: (You) can't.
Mario Party is infamous for wearing out the analog stick.
The reason you don't do it yourself is the same reason why noone else will do it

File: zniggy dark.jpg (3.34 MB, 3000x4251)
3.34 MB
3.34 MB JPG
>Oi, m8! Welcome to Zniggy! (TM) (C)

It's about time to get working on the much awaited sequel to Zniggy,
Zniggy II: Dungeon Quest.

The original meme might imply that the sequel was also a game for the speccy, but personally I think it would be fun to explore other platforms. The same goes for gameplay, where the meme might imply it was a platformer, but a top-down puzzle solver or rpg could be fun too.
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File: zniggy.jpg (68 KB, 670x405)
68 KB

were do I download the original?
Zniggy lives on
any actual ideas?

post cryptic stuff in vidya (it's like boo edition)

Martial Masters was an arcade game released on Taiwanese arcade hardware called the PolyGame Master, which was by all accounts basically a Neo Geo knock off. I can't speak for many of the other games made for the thing but this game was pretty rad if you like 2d fighters.
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That's why I said "closer"
I saw one in a cinema arcade in the midwest USA.
THE king of obscure mostly forgotten but slightly decent if you have nothing else to play Taiwanese 2D fighters
2 is a fucking blast
File: pol fighter.gif (593 KB, 466x354)
593 KB
593 KB GIF
That's not Tough Guy

File: maxresdefault.jpg (251 KB, 1280x720)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
it's another neat little NES deep cut. and 512k of ROM. they really went all out with this one.
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I like how all the villains have menacing sounding names and one of them is just Keith.
I beat this after I played the Goemon games.

At first I thought the game must have had to be made using Goemon's code as a base, from the same publisher.

But nope. Not at all. It's actually pretty amazing how alike Goemon it is, I wonder if they licenced the code or just reverse engineered it and stole it.
I was just about to bring up Goemon, it's like a Western version of it. Honestly it's better than the Goemon games on the Famicom.
i am amazed how much gambling this game has. like, betting is one of the best ways to gain money. i never really got into it, but it is a very interesting, out-there game
Did Nintendo always ban gambling or was that something they started in the 00's?

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