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File: s-l1600.jpg (403 KB, 1600x1200)
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Hey /vr/, I got a Genesis recently and I'm looking for recommendations. There are a few games I've played before and know I want (Sonic games, Castlevania Bloodlines, Rocket Knight, Streets of Rage) and I've been trying out a lot of games on emulators before I get them. I'm mostly a fan of platformers and beat 'em ups but I'm also trying to get into shoot 'em ups. Any help would be appreciated.
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All Genesis/arcade/GG Shinobis are great, 3 is just the prettiest

Also just get a flashcart
everdrive and a 32x addon
the cd hardware is cool but not worth what it costs
Get a Sega CD as well or a MegaSD.
Sonic CD is a really great game and so is Hideo Kojima's SNATCHER (a visual novel/interactive anime film).
It's easier to burn your own CDs or play them on a MegaSD than to track down used copies.

File: e553.png (45 KB, 300x250)
45 KB
>we're not in 19xx anymore
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>ecofascists get the wall
Why are tankies so cringe
>they also behave better than westerners online
because they never post anything meaningful which would be risky
What do you mean? PC culture/cancel culture isn't really that much of a thing in Japan.
It's just that westerners are way louder and more entitled, they always need to be loud about their obnoxious opinions online and argue with everyone all the time.
t. someone who understands neither what capitalism nor communism means
Capitalism is the opposite of corporatism. Corporatism (ie, big businesses using politicians to own everything) is objectively leftwing and is a step towards communism, because it, like communism, is against competition and opportunity.

File: Ghost-zone-press-kit-2.jpg (1.35 MB, 2461x3259)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB JPG
Lost/cancelled/unreleased betas and prototypes thread
>not on rails
>unlike other mascots


is there a single good game for this?
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>people ITT recommending bad ports
come on
File: x3 3do DSC01133_20.jpg (123 KB, 800x600)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
The 3DO actually had some fairly good ports, dont be fooled
Why does it seem like the 3DO was almost popular in Japan? There seems to be quite a bit of involvement, like D.

Have the years been kind?
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Rare simply didn't gave a fuck.

They had to create a new DK and simply shat a worse shitty Banjo-Kazooie clone in less than an year, while games that Rare actually cared like Banjo, Jet Force Gemini and Conker took years to release of development since their initial reveal. The game credits don't even cite a main designer, just a generic "Development Team".
The actual main designer, George Andreas, never had directed a game before.

The game is slow, clunky, the colors are garish, the music sounds like circus music... it doesn't feel like a DK game in any way, just like a Banjo-Kazooie but shit.
No, it's a slog.

>soundtrack is good

Not compared to DKC trilogy
>soundtrack is good
It's goofy circus crap. The whole game is too goofy.
Oh it's you again. Eternally obsessed with Rare. I wonder why would that be, I wonder if it has to do with them being the only good british developer who ended up peaking on Japanese hardware, I wonder.

This documentary I've watched is called From Bedrooms to Billions which shows the European side of the gaming industry in the 80s and 90s, but seeing people like Mathew Smith he looks like he's broke and been to hell and back. If the gaming industry was so successful there then how come people look like wrecks and titles that were developed there had no impact anywhere else in the world?
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>And most of the developers were prole scum so they wasted what money they did get on drugs and booze
And Liverpool tix.
>80s & 90s
Western yuropoor (particularly UK) studios dominate
>00s & 10s
Eastern yuropoor studios dominate
>shane what the fuck
>shane this is an office building
took a few rereads before I was able to comprehend all of this
not British

What did people think of it? And what hopes are there for the upcoming game?
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It's much better than the first one and you can play as the tanooki.
you might be able to overclock it like superstar
Last I checked, you only play as Pocky. Any second player controls Rocky (or the other partners) in the same way they control Tails in Sonic 2: as a heavily-gimped minion who lacks all the same abilities as Pocky.
Check again cuz u wrong nigga.
How about the FDS game? I didn't even know "Becky" from the GBA game had a prior appearance in it.

I am putting an end to the debates once and for all. The sky in super mario bros is BLUE. Not purple, not fuschia, but blue. I went to my local arcade and took a picture of the cabinet myself. This is the official cab from Nintendo, so there’s no room for argument. It’s blue.
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This. The quirk is that by generating NTSC composite video in the PPU, the NES doesn't have an easily definable color palette. It depends a lot on the TV and without an RGB to work from you can't say one is right or one is wrong. The best you could do is find out what TVs were used by Nintendo during development and calibrate to that.
Sonic looked a lot bluer in 2.
File: file.png (1.44 MB, 1600x800)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
This is the canon sky color, as per the official Nintendo product Super Mario Maker
Fucking retards think aoi means green and japs dont have a word for green.

Its midori.

Nintendo didn't make Super Mario Maker. It was originally developed by HAL Laboratory as Doki Doki Maker but then Mario had a dream that subsumed reality and turned what had once been a fictional play into a real universe in which, it turned out, this game existed. Now That's What I Call Knowing Gaming

I made the world's first remix of the Alfred'N'the Fettuc level theme from action 52.


Maybe it's some max level shit, but I had fun making it.
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Thanks for checking it out.
nice song op
Thank you for checking it out man.
Nothing I’d go back and re-listen to but it’s not the shitshow some anons are making it out to be. You should keep making these anon. The animation was kino, as well.
Thanks man. My next one is going to be either the rad gravity title theme, or the back to the future NES hill valley theme.

I like the idea of taking bad video game tracks and giving them a second chance to be decent.

The animation was a fun afternoon project for my wife and I. It gave us a chance to bust out the camera lights and modeling glue, tons of fun.

File: pixel311.jpg (37 KB, 530x348)
37 KB
Can u make NES roms using C?
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This is a really neat website with browser IDE that lets you see your program on a variety of different hardware. They sell a book on NES programming that includes some C.
>not a faggot, a complete fucking retard.
No a faggot, it would be harder than just writing them in straight assembly.
So no

Hello assembly language larper guy
Don't listen to these faggots who never touched a NES gamepad much less tried to program in one. C is viable for simpler games with a touch of assembler here and there for video updates. Zooming Secretary, a game better than whatever /vr/ will ever produce in retro consoles, was made in C.
>Don't listen to these faggots who don't even know how to program in NES gamepad. I wrote an NES game in ahk. It runs an emulator which loads a ROM that contains a game that uses a library written in assembly but that totally makes it a game written in ahk
>i'm totally more than 12 years old and not retarded

File: gryzor.png (57 KB, 766x589)
57 KB
Was the Amstrad CPC a worthy competitor to other microcomputers of the time? Serious question, it isn't memed about like the C64 and Spectrum but it seems to be regarded as one of the Big Three along with them in the UK at the time.

What are the best games? Any RPGs? Is it worth buying and running on real hardware or should I just emulate?
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Exile was written for the BBC Micro as well. It was a pretty interesting game with advanced physics and AI for its time and a procedurally generated world.
File: damocles.gif (662 KB, 316x197)
662 KB
662 KB GIF
Hate to brag but you ever find it funny that British guys figured out how to do free-form polys on the NES but the Japanese couldn't do it?
Even when they did it on the SNES they had to get a bunch of Bong teenagers to do it.
The important part is the NES isn't very friendly to these kind of graphics. It's strictly a tile-based setup for 2D arcade games. A platform like PC compatibles with a bitmap-based frame buffer is simple to pull it off but the NES wasn't. Imagineering found a way though.

What's the best version for this? PS1, Saturn, PC or PS2?
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PC has virtually no loading times, also no input lag like you'd get from emus
I'm sure this is the first time you've made this thread.
The Saturn version is weird because it has some transparencies but not others. The spotlights are dithered and the dash trails are solid but other transparencies like the glass tunnel work fine.
>What is the version they have emulated on the recent X collection for Switch/Xbone/PS4/PC?
PlayStation. This is also true for Mega Man 8, X5, and X6
The Saturn Mega Man 8 never getting ported is a crime.

The best sandbox games for retro consoles?
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Uncharted Waters
>sandbox games
artificial depth
Everything in video-games is artificial, twerp.
Romancing Saga

File: 71IFenZVQ1L._SX466_.jpg (31 KB, 466x320)
31 KB
This is objectively worse than 3. Aside from the save feature and yoshi, it was basically a step backwards. Less interesting levels, worlds, and power ups and the item save feature was idiotic. Instead of focusing on new gameplay, the only thing it tries to do is add idiotic "secrets" bullshit to extend the run time. World is definitely the black sheep of the series.
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SMB3 is the best 2d Mario, true, but all the others are fine.

Same goes for Galaxy and 3d Mario games.
Nothing wrong with save features/states.
I think that the GBA port was probably peak Mario. Was for me, anyway
>have been playing nothing but super mario world romhacks for the past 3 years
Do I have an issue?
3 is better. But this game isn’t awful, just feels like it missed some potential.

Anyone else feel a little sad that this line of classic preservation has come to a close?
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File: coolreddotman.jpg (60 KB, 600x283)
60 KB
sega is not known for sound business decisions
File: fastgogotta.jpg (39 KB, 675x900)
39 KB
Honestly I'm disappointed that we didn't get dreamcast sega ages. Guess it's time to just dust off the old dreamcast
They probably assumed no one wanted a Sega Ages for Dreamcast since they just finished it for the Saturn. I just wish they didn't fuck up the Smash Pack, it seemed like the right time to celebrate the Genesis after 10 years, but they had rush it out.
I would it they weren't all stuck on 3DS and Switch for the last decade or so. Fuck you Sega, should've brought them to PC.
>they just finished it for the Saturn
u wot m8

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