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File: 74346.png (3.51 MB, 1592x1126)
3.51 MB
3.51 MB PNG
Even when the difference is subtle, why is US box art always so much worse than PAL/JP?
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File: CaseFront.jpg (87 KB, 555x767)
87 KB
The face of The Boss in the trees is his artwork, and the CG Snake is more than likely part of their marketing plan to show Snake blending into his environments.
I remember multi-page magazine articles dedicated to Snake Eater where most of the in-game screenshots had Snake hiding with camouflage so the reader had to hunt for him like he was Waldo or something.
I thought that was Volgin's face
Could be. I always assumed it was The Boss because she's watching over Snake and the true "antagonist" but it does look more mean than The Boss usually appears.
I was looking at classic Silent Hill box arts recently and decided that these are the best ones:
US (Jap is cool too)
Jap (EU is too saturated [Jap cover has a dumb face though])
Minamilism is, more often than not, very fucking lame.

File: 508024-fhbvmxea-v4.jpg (44 KB, 950x536)
44 KB
is the coin sucking aspect of arcade games an inherent flaw? Kind of disheartening to sink my teeth into any of them when I know the primary design concern was making a grimy owner cash 25 years ago.
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correct. the MRI machine is operating as intended until it radiates the shit out of a patient.
Every single Gradius game
ok the owner is long dead, you're playing it for free on an emulator, running as intended in that context is simply being a quality game.
Yes, MRI machines are famously radioactive
Konami games are prone to this (Haunted Castle for example).

There are games that won't let you continue after a certain level (Rastan, Rygar, etc).

Twin Snakes is unironically superior. Anyone who says otherwise is a emotional deluded nostalgiafag.

>able to fast forward codecs
>PAL key backtracking is now optional
>PSG1-T added so you don't have to backtrack to the armory
>card keys don't need to be equipped to be used
>runs at 60 FPS instead of 30
>vastly superior controls and graphics
>superior voice acting for most characters (Go back and play the original. A lot of the acting is not good.)
>MGS2 mechanics add new depth to boss fights (shooting pipes during Ocelot, ducking in the ditch to avoid the tank)
>non-lethal weapons give you more options during boss fights
>bodies no longer disappear, making the game more difficult
>improved enemy AI and longer evasion phase discourages hiding and waiting
>confirmed canon by MGS3 and MGS4
>cutscenes directed by an actual film director

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I enjoy /vr/ and would rather not shit up the board any further by taunting you. Have a nice day, OP.
Yes. I do everything from replacing old kitchens to rail track maintenance. I work for the local council. Please call me a wage slave. It's fine. I'll just wipe the tears away with a wad of cash.
So, this is you conceding? You are weak.
What's there to concede? Having wasted one's time, maybe.
Yes. I didn't capitulate. I'm not a mindless drone like you. You've yet to counter this with any real kind of reposte:
None of you can. None will even try because you know you have no argument. Again, you're nothing but hypocrites. The worst kind, and you know it. Disgusting.

With the World Cup happening soon, it's that time again. Which are /vr/'s favorite soccer games?
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based chumawamba

File: Pokemonstadiumbox.jpg (62 KB, 380x263)
62 KB
Man, say what you will about the N64 Pokemon Stadium games, but they were top-tier expansion packs. Just being able to take your Pokemon to the big screen and see them battle in 3D was great, but then you had things like the Gym Leader Castle which added an extra challenge beyond anything in the regular game, and then you had the mini-games which were always good fun. And if nothing else, being able to play the actual Game Boy games through the Game Boy Tower without digging out the SNES and Super Game Boy was also really nice. Worth the retail price at the time? Debatable, especially if you didn't have well-trained Pokemon to transfer over (rental Pokemon are a joke), but they were still well worth owning at the height of Pokemania.
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Good. The BF was pure RNG bullshit.

>Sun/Moon reveal that the Frontier in Emerald was destroyed by Ultra Beasts
Kek. Based.
Lol in the jap 3ds version the crystal mobile network was not restored.
You just couldn't use the battle tower at all, unlike the usa edition which had fake trainer teams based on popular teams.
At least they were kind enough to make the Celebi event available for everybody everywhere.
nah he's right. I always dreamed of a PKMN rpg with Ocarina of Times visuals. But no, we got Stadium.
Yeah, funny enough you can get a debug version of stadium 2 that allows you access to a save editor for crystal version. You can use it to set one variable and complete the event.

What /vr/ games have featured your native region or country? Both real life or loosely based examples work. Bayou Billy / Gabriel Knight one had New Orleans and Gabriel Knight two had German areas like Munich. Shadow of Memories loosely based Lebensbaum on Rothenburg. Koudelka played out in a Welsh monastery. You get the idea.
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>Hitman: Codename 47
>The string of missions where Bogotá is a rainforest filled with natives that talk perfect english and notScarface holed up in his hacienda with a small army.
Spot on. Better than nothing, I guess.
>Talk instead of speak.
I also remembered that USN mission in the Andes in Front Mission's extra scenario for the PS1.
You go to a base high in the mountains to eradicate — you guessed it: guerrilla forces opposing the United States of the New Continent. Their based gets nuked with an orbital laser as a propaganda stunt, almost killing the Alpha squad you were supporting.
North Mississippi, so it's always just American Civil War games, where we canonically are ignored by our main forces, and lose.
Soldier of Fortune
Kosovo. I’m Serbian BTW so I’m saying that Kosovo is Serbia. Gracanica doesn't look anything like this.
France is everywhere, WW2 games etc but the best for me was Onimusha 3, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Mt Saint Michel

Mt Saint Michel is used on the cover of SotN as well if that counts

File: download.jpg (7 KB, 238x212)
7 KB
why the fuck are there no USB Dreamcast controllers with VMU for PC? Emulators exist and they also emulate the VMU. What's the best way to play Dreamcast without owning the console with its shitty drive?
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Spot on post. It sucked that there were no alternatives that fixed these issues without creating more problems.
I have this controller in slime green.
It fucking sucked. Hard rubber coating making sliding/mashing painful. Awful dpad somehow worse than the original.
I just doesn't look like anybody is actively developing towards full VMU support fot pc. I have one of those Bliss Box adapters and a real DC controller and VMU but last I checked it was so primitive all you could do was use a tool to flash an image onto it while it was connected. Nothing that can actually link up with your Dreamcast Emulator's "VMU". Shit's basically useless until some sperg decides he wants to do the work on it

File: 1499100_2_1.jpg (768 KB, 2500x2500)
768 KB
768 KB JPG
I'm looking for a studio monitor that is magnetically shielded to use with my CRT TV.

I bought JBL 305P MKII and the datasheet says that it's shielded but it's not and causes discoloration near my Sony TV.
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File: index.jpg (23 KB, 512x384)
23 KB
you can pop open the cabinet and install a shield on the driver
There are some seriously deluded retards in this thread implying any upgrade from some shitty TV speakers is a placebo, not realising the amount of work that went into both the sound design and down/upmixing since even the 90s. Go fucking wank over your shitty fake shaders you pathetic zoomie cunts.
>audio is important
it really is. if i can't make EAX work in the games that supported it i'm sad.
File: 1660976512122694.png (292 KB, 959x1084)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
Do you play all your vidya on mute?
if not he should. he also should never turn them on, being so retarded, he can't get too much out of them.

File: yo.jpg (3 KB, 326x136)
3 KB
do you play any retro console games with widescreen hacks applied? i only know of Super Mario World, what are some good ones?
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so what games do that besides F-Zero and Gargoyle Quest?
Pilotwings, Super Mario Kart
File: crug.png (968 KB, 1280x720)
968 KB
968 KB PNG
Usually only 3D games, but the new SNES and Mega Drive widescreen options are tempting.
what mega drive games are there? i know the source ports for Sonic are widescreen (and very very good)
File: file.png (1.47 MB, 1920x1080)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
Genesis Plus GX Wide

I decided it's finally time to play through this again, which I haven't done in at least 10 years, and now I own a copy on PC I decided to look into mods. I remember seeing a very impressive Remako mod a while back and wanted to give that a try, but now I'm trying to stop myself falling too deep down the rabbit hole. I've figured out I should use the Final Heaven mod manager to make things simpler, and there are a few basic mods that seem essential and harmless enough (classic icon upres, original bgm, 60fps etc).
The graphics are where it gets sticky though. Apparently Remako has been discontinued, but there are other mods that do similar things. However I can't find any kind of comparison between these mods anywhere. I'm looking at OGFields and Satsuki Yatoshi mods, but no idea which is preferable. I also can't determine if these mods include smaller improvements like the mods I mentioned previously. On top of that, I don't want to fuck with the look TOO much - I see a lot of pics of 'improved models' that just look horribly amateurish. Lastly there's the "New Threat" mod which apparently adds a few secret bosses (?) which sounds fun, but I don't know what else it messes with...
Any advice on all this greatly appreciated, also FF7 mod general I suppose?
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>bootlegs done by Chinese game developers
god, as if demakes couldn't sound any less appealing
>I think sprite graphics are better than polygons so if a sprite demake of a 3D polygon game is intriguing to me.
then play it yourself
>god, as if demakes couldn't sound any less appealing
I'd rather a demake than a remake. As least a demake involves putting some creative effort into it.
Demakes are actually a really good way of reframing a game to assess its quality. So many games over the years have become popular based solely on their impressive graphics and other shallow shit. If a demake can be done properly, maintaining the elements of a game that should matter to its objective quality (gameplay, mechanics, story etc) while stripping away all the superficial bullshit, then it should still be great.
If a true demake is a shit game, then the original is a shit game hidden by superficial bullshit. I would wager a FF7 NES demake would still be a great game.
Naturally this doesn't apply to games/mechanics that require 'advanced' tech like a physics engine, but only when such things are directly necessary for the gameplay and not just a pretty distraction.
Dude FF7 Remake is a sequel
It's been a while since I played New Threat, but it's not designed to really be a hardcore difficulty mod at all. I can't say if everything is perfectly balanced, but it's generally meant to make the player at least consider their loadouts and strategy somewhat, or else some of the tougher bosses will definitely beat you back.

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing is a historic trendsetter in the typing genre of gaming that was further elaborated upon by games like Typing of the Dead on the Sega Dreamcast. It boosts WPM, therefore boosting practical viability in a good number of different workplaces.
The Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing catalog stretches across 5 decades, starting with a 1986 release on MS-DOS.
It has gained a healthy speedrunning community.
8 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
You idiots ALWAYS say this. lol
The Yoshimitsu of typing. I wonder how they choose a successor.
It's somehow reassuring to know that ideas born from the human mind can live on eternally. Even after we're all dead, someone will inherit the name "Mavis Beacon" and teach kids in the future how to type.
And then they all rise from the grave seeking human brains to devour.

File: 1648701272814.jpg (160 KB, 800x785)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
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ah yeah spoony king of neet
man I remember when this game was EVERYWHERE on the web back in 2006, gaming sites just could not get enough of its strangeness.
it must be pretty shit too, I've never seen anyone talk about this ever
yeah, that line didn't aged well
Made specifically for the budget gaming aisle in Asda at the time.

What’s the best football game if judged purely as a videogame? Which one is the most fun to play, has the best mechanics, etc.
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File: nes_tecmosuperbowl.jpg (113 KB, 697x960)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
I liked Tecmo Super Bowl better
Pretty good I enjoyed playing against friends I just don't remember liking it more than Tecmo Super Bowl.
football < soccer
They're just different.
I think gridiron football is the most entertaining sport to watch, with the perfect blend of strategy, tactics, skill, athleticism, and violence.
College football 96 or 2k5. 2k5 is master piece. I doubt there will ever be as good a football game.
If you want a purely fantastical arcade style game, NFL Blitz or Mutant League Football
If you want a realistic simulation, the Madden and 2K series
If you want a hybrid between the two, the NES or Genesis versions of Tecmo Super Bowl

File: Assault_cover_art_artwork.jpg (1.18 MB, 2370x3169)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
It was the perfect alchemy between the Old School StarFox High Score flying shooter, and the new School 3rd person Shooter, with amazing on foot missions with the Blaster (and other weapons), godlike Orchestral music and a good story.

This is the direction StarFox should have keep after Assault.
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Which star fox did the most to arouse furries?
assault, no question
Do you blame it on the leather outfits, especially Krystal who somehow looks more slutty than ever? Adventures had her half naked but at least it fit the whole tribal motifs that dinosaur planet had going for it so it didn't feel our of place.
File: crayon krystal.jpg (147 KB, 1200x898)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
What's wrong with appealing to the kemoner audience? Okay so one of the games had a furry foxgirl in a jungle costume? And, so what? It sounds like you're insecure and probably like it really.
I have an issue with her assault outfit. Adventures at least looked appropriate for the game setting though they also could have given her a bit more clothing.

File: 71cCzzt+eEL._SX522_.jpg (27 KB, 522x343)
27 KB
What are the best sites to get protectors for old unopened games or consoles? I've got some stuff that I got recently and I'd like to buy some cases and stuff to put them in so that they'll stay in good condition for a long time.
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Can't imagine anything more autistic. Bought some brand new in box stuff the other day (it was cheaper than used units without a box), opened it up and started playing that shit. Treating this kind of stuff as an "investment" is just sad.
After jan6th, who knows anymore.
wtf is wrong with you?
Imagine wasting more money on some "protector" than the console itself. Protection is what your father should have used when he came inside your mother.
lmao bro if you display video game shit in your house, you are 100% verifiably more autistic than some chad who lives out of his couch and doesnt decorate

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