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File: proxy-image.png (105 KB, 220x220)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
What good is the yellow version?
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No, you're just retarded.
Well done anon, they will always seethe and try to counter saying that they aren't actually mad.
From what I remember, R/B are default Red and Blue pallettes while in Yellow the pallette changes depending which city you're in and Pokemon sprites have assigned colours insted of following the pallette
Team rocket the organization is in Red/Blue/Green. If you're referring to James/Jesse/Meowth they're only in Yellow.
Fellas, you need to distinguish between "Team Rocket Grund with a whip" and "Team Rocket consisting of Jesse James and a fucking talking cat", you're confusing the zoomers

For me, it has to be Karnov´s revenge. Its so shit and fun at the same time.
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The gameplay is fun, but the rest of the game is a bad ripoff of SF2. The stages are cool at least.
>mfw there's a French character named Jean...
>but his name is pronounced "Djinn"
File: clown.png (166 KB, 485x632)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
>Clown has an attraction to young male boys, and is implied to be homosexual.

This is one of the more legit 90s fighters that took on a personality of its own instead of being a a derivative SF2 clone.
It is a derivative SF2 clone, tho.

File: 1582773395190.webm (1.24 MB, 640x480)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB WEBM
would a metroid-like sonic work? the series already incentivize exploration, why not give it a new twist? you get spindash as first ability, then you unlock more abilities... you get the gist.
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Mega Man would probably work really well as a willytroid. You already have bosses that give you power ups when you defeat them, now you just gotta throw them in a huge interconnected map like a city with the robot masters having the part of the city they're ruling coorespond to their respective themes. With a huge ass wily castle in the center or just outside the city that requires all powerups to enter
There's definitely some overlap, the speedbooster puzzles feel directly applicable to some of sonic's momentum based platforming, but the problem with sonic is that it's always in that mode. There's an efficient utility to samus's movement when you're navigating the boring stuff, a quick succession of rooms backtracking, trolling for upgrades. Having to constantly stop and start sonic's movement to get your head around obstuse environments would kind of feel like shit compared to going through the forward tracks of his games.
No. Considering how the one time 2D Sonic tried having a hubworld and mandatory exploration mechanics (Sonic Advance 3) it came out as a complete piece of fucking shit.
If even Kirby and Megaman couldn't be turned into decent Metroid games how can Sonic have a chance?
“Sonic Before the Sequel Aftermath” is verbose but what’s the problem with Sonic Chrono Adventure
Came here to post this. Chrono Adventure is a really good game desu.

File: bio.jpg (41 KB, 640x881)
41 KB
File: body-horror-stuff.jpg (90 KB, 750x484)
90 KB
It's pretty scary
Russian bot farm?

File: mario wrapped.jpg (56 KB, 1280x720)
56 KB
Anyone remember that phrase? You'd be talking about the vidya with bros and someone would say "I wrapped that game!". You knew what it meant, meant they beat it.

But where did it come from? Some possibilities:
>"Thats a wrap folks!" from making movies, meaning you're done filming and the wrap of film is finished.
>"Getting rapped" an old street phrase for someone getting their ass beat.
>"Wrap it up, we're done here" Finished the task. Let's wrap this up for now.

I have this theory that it's a holdover from the arcade days. When a player would finish a game, the content would "wrap around" and you'd start at level 1 again.
>"The game wrapped around"
Pac Man, Donkey Kong and many other arcade games did this. When those gamers went to consoles the phrase stuck to mean that you saw the end of the game. Many NES games did that too, when you beat it you'd start over.

What phrases did you use to mean that you finished a game?
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Where I'm from kids used to say "I flipped it." It's kind of an old arcade term because the game would start over once you beat the last level.
anyone remember when we used to call consoles Indians in the cupboard?
I dont think I've ever finished a singleplayer game in my life. What is wrong with all of you?
Imagine being proud of the fact that your accents routinely mangle standard words.

File: goldenAxe.choosehero.jpg (217 KB, 1025x657)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
Now that the dust has settled: Ax, Tyris or Gilius?
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i never noticed a difference with dash attacks. if you did them too early or too late, the sword dudes would still slice you, regardless of who you were, and it was still the best way to take them out (except for gilius's roll attack).

i always just picked gilius because his neutral attack range was longer than the others, or at least seemed like it.
Hey can we get some more off-topic arguments, fuckheads? Take this shit to a discord or something.
retarded or baiting, the eternal question
final fight arcade > streets of rage 1-3 > final fight 1-3 snes
>and she has a great ass
also known as POOPA

File: GGkid.png (672 KB, 508x639)
672 KB
672 KB PNG
ITT: Good games that ushered in the downfall of their respective genres.
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BG2 is much, much less responsbile for this shit than DAO
Anyway, even DAO, as much as I hate this piece of shit game, isn't responsible for other devs doing retarded shit.
best post ever
I was having a laugh at the expense of the guy freaking out about StarCraft being derivative shit, but now I'm going to have to be that guy, FPS edition, because I remember people acting like Halo was the first FPS in existence. I remember them seeing Doom and saying "hey! It's just like Halo!"
>people acting like Halo was the first FPS in existence
how does that even happen? it's not like the FPS market wasn't already saturated then.
Half-Life didn’t but Halo certainly did, not that it was good in the first place

>renders your hardware obsolete

Let me guess, you NEED to consoom plastic
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Exactly. There's a reason why it's called "PC Master Race" and not "FPGA Master Race".
>This isn't a big brain concept
it kinda is when I see how many people watch metal jesus
Buying new tech to emulate retro game is wrong. Just get the original console and play on a crt.
This. People who use programmable logic to emulate parts that are impossible to find in order to get their arcade boards running are pure evil. Come to think of it, any company that made boards using programmable instead of discrete logic should burn in hell for the same reason.

Why did Link awkwardly run away from Saria like that?
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>weird mommy complex about an ageless loli that's horny for him
Now that’s a take I had never considered before today
The way link runs away IS the implied romance. Otherwise it would just be more like
>please come back some day link
>link looks over his shoulder
>gives her a thumbs up and then strides boldly into the unknown
But instead we get link spilling his spagetti all over like ever other anon has done next to a girl they liked when they were a kid.
There's definitely implied romance, but it's ambiguous enough that younger kids may not know it's there. Mainly in this scene, and in mido's jealousy of Link being Saria's "favourite". What age did you guys play this at?
Saria clearly cares deeply about Link, but it's left completely up to interpretation if you think it's "love." Mido clearly has a complex about Saria liking Link best, so I feel like that's a "maybe."
File: Shiekah_manga.png (22 KB, 150x179)
22 KB
Wait hold up, I thought we all agreed the dickSheik creeps were the real weirdos?

Also it's Korean-proof, for some reason.
Korean are afraid of the BEAST
Cataclysm > HW1 > HW2 > remakes, simple as.

I miss these old flight games

File: 1280px-SNES_US.jpg (79 KB, 1344x742)
79 KB
what went wrong
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The hilarious part is, as soon as you dare to mention that the snes is the weakest 16bit hardware around, the nintendo defense force goes: BBBBBUT SEGA... There were many 16bit platforms starting with arcade boards in the mid to late 80s. And 99% of these platforms are better/faster than the snes. Which at this point just runs on fanatical fanboy'ism.
>when in fact your shitty Nintendo console, as usual, is massively superior
Even you can't admit that the SNES isn't superior than Genesis in your own shitpost lmao
Nothing. There's a reason it got games deep into the 5th gen while the Genesis more or less died immediately from the Shiturn.
That's because the N64 got released late so the developers for Nintendo couldn't jump ship, genius
I wouldn't say that '96 is "deep into the 5th gen". I'm pretty sure that those late SNES titles like KSS and SMRPG were using SFX/SA-1 chips which is like a GPU/CPU upgrade that made it more powerful than the stock Genesis.

File: 1607305113648.png (54 KB, 340x293)
54 KB
what is the ultimate "you had to be there" game?
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*best, not beet mother fucking god damn piece of shit touch fucking screen typing bullshit

android/gboard licks my ass
>CE 2 sucks dick, however
I dont understand what people hate about it. I like the first CE more, but I still thought CE2 was solid for something different.
>something different

This is the problem. It is TOO different. Strays too far from the Pac premise imo
The screen blinking out to the hideo screen messed with me more than anything, as the display color and font were identical to my tv's.

File: 1588096798314.png (400 KB, 650x337)
400 KB
400 KB PNG
Did they ever appear?
98 replies and 28 images omitted. Click here to view.
there was also no trace of lara, it was 100% implied that they were hers, the advert was also heavily hinting at the much sought after "nude code", but it wasn't explicitly stated, I'm not asking for people to look for this, I've already search everywhere myself and come up blank, im fine with just the memory
what magazine published all this?
File: 01.jpg (2.1 MB, 1691x2325)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB JPG
File: 1539996727710.png (348 KB, 695x521)
348 KB
348 KB PNG
File: next gen gaming.jpg (181 KB, 629x950)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
Kinnard is based as fuck.
Pic related was an actual full comic (Next Gen Warz), sadly only one issue and ends with a cliffhanger.

File: the overly tired debate.jpg (139 KB, 1234x511)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
These debates never end on /vr/ and nobody seems to actually change their minds anyway, so it just looks like people talking to themselves at length, nearby one another.

Have any of you ACTUALLY changed your minds on these? What spurred it? I'm interested solely in the opinions of these specific anons.
77 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
what is there for the x68000.
>someone to lazy to do a basic search online
The best Genesis games are better than the best SNES games, but the SNES has more good games than the Genesis. Overall I prefer the Genesis.
PS1, N64, and Saturn all have such different libraries from one another, but they're all pretty decent libraries. PS1's is definitely the biggest, so I play mine the most out of the three.
Same goes for PS2 and GameCube. PS2 has an incredible library, while GameCube has some pretty good exclusives. Xbox is a bit lacking. PS2 is my favorite of the three.
Nobody actually cares which ones are better or not. We just argue for the sake of arguing.
I haven't changed my mind on these, but for 6th gen I have changed my mind. I now like the Dreamcast a bit more than the PS2.
File: 1579576303763.png (174 KB, 762x800)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
>playable today

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