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File: rocky-rodent.jpg (34 KB, 400x258)
34 KB
Here's your Nintendo Sonic brah
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yeah you gotta take a funny way through the apartments to see her, after that, no more peaking. total cutie
Pix plox
beat rocky rodent
looks like a cereal box mascot
File: nitro.jpg (78 KB, 282x512)
78 KB

File: 1557683900058.jpg (16 KB, 218x290)
16 KB
>own game and system
>emulate it anyway
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File: mmmk.gif (49 KB, 280x438)
49 KB
>Noooo someone posted a frog meme on the site they originated from!
Imagine being this soft
I read somewhere that emulated games are legal to have if you've bought the physical official release. Is that true?
It doesn't matter that he gained popularity here, just that anyone who actually posts with him especially now invariably has nothing of value to say.
the boy is not correct, he is flawed
kek nobody wants that now with ode

File: beyond-good-and-evil-pc.jpg (171 KB, 1280x1826)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Why did it fail?
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A lot of cult classics get overhpyed by fans
Does BGE actually trigger /pol/cucks this hard? Now I love it even more.
File: 1612291602177.jpg (64 KB, 750x456)
64 KB
I only played for a little bit, but as soon as the fat pig gets the upgrade to fall on its ass and make enemies bump up into air, he becomes insufferable with nagging the player to fucking execute that move constantly
'Hey, Jade!'
'Ready as you are, Jade!'
'Do it now, Jade!'
'Can't shut up for ten seconds, Jade!'
'Make me strike the ground with my fat swine ass, Jade!'
they released it too close to PoP, which has brand recognition

-Tintin games
-Spirou game(s)
-Asterix and Obelix games
-Lucky Luke games
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File: dog-tongue.jpg (565 KB, 566x848)
565 KB
565 KB JPG
I'm a leaf and I know basically nothing of these franchises other than XIII, which I played through on Xbox and greatly enjoyed. Where should I start?
File: psx_smurfrac_screenshot.jpg (460 KB, 1399x1415)
460 KB
460 KB JPG
>What's the best smurf game?
It was a poor man's CTR, but I enjoyed it as a kid
What. I'm a leaf and we had this awesome tintin cartoon made here.
Fuck how many of those samey -Racer suffix type games are there on PS1? Especially the Kart stuff. Like they all used the same engine and just swapped assets.
File: 6Xb9kV4.jpg (795 KB, 2304x3072)
795 KB
795 KB JPG
I didn't know that. Must be because I'm a borderline zoomer. I know some of my friends growing up read Asterix & Obelix and Lucky Luke, but I never looked into them myself.

File: 1618263366297.jpg (59 KB, 490x519)
59 KB
How do you feel about wisecracking assholes in retro vidya?
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I think he means Roddit
I sure do know how to feel about OP. He's a fgt, as always.
The OG Chad
File: gex static.jpg (51 KB, 400x400)
51 KB
I love them, provided they actually have a good voice and actually cool or funny lines. Most of Gex's references went way over my head as a kid, but at least Dana Gould's delivery and impressions were good.
The man I wanted to be as a kid

File: QlU6i4V.jpg (86 KB, 1280x1024)
86 KB
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but anon those are childrens games
you like tits right
those are for babies too
wheres the frog pic
they're actually much harder than your favorite games

Kirby's Dreamland's Extra Mode is a hardcore challenge
Link's Awakening like all Zelda games should be beaten without a single death. It keeps track of how many times you die, and a single death locks you out of the true ending
Wario Land is easy, but fun and has the best setting I've seen in gaming.
Solar Striker is probably the only game on this list that is tied to nostalgia, but it's still a tough little game. Gunpei Yokoi is such a master that he was making games for calculators with 7 frames per second refresh rates, and they were still fun.
Joust is a simple yet difficult game to master. I can regularly kill the Pterodactyl. Can children? Can you?
Baseball on the NES. Friendship destroyer. Exploitable batting lets you swing half the bat before the pitch and hit Home Runs at a high rate. I love this game. If a human is pitching in this game, the meta becomes super ridiculous wide balls pitched with the batter sometimes actually chasing it. If you throw a ball down the middle it's gone.
Custom Robo... I'd like to see a child beat the bald man after he gets his afro toupee and arms himself with the Dragon gun. Very difficult challenge that filtered me until I had some time away.
I would spank a child at Pokemon. It would get ugly. Azumarill, belly drum aqua jet.
At this point I'm beginning to wonder if you even read my post, or just decided to slander my favorites as "childrens games" in an attempt to agitate me, because the next game is F-Zero
720. Death filters children in the arcade. This is a game for men. I've only ever seen grown men play this game. Even 20 years ago.
Star Fox 64... Just listen to it https://youtu.be/TaIFp41oEoI
some of my favorites are kinda easy, but most of them have optional difficulties too
some of them are pretty fucking hard, relatively

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