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File: IMG_4991-768x1024.jpg (246 KB, 768x1024)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
How bad is the situation of English in France? I don't speak French, how would it be to take a road trip through the French countryside without speaking French, for example? I can speak Spanish, English and Catalan (and some German).
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I looked. she still looks great, what is wrong with you

Damn where'd I put that Michel Thomas CD?
They're all on Youtube, aren't they?
I've got foundation, vocabulary, advanced and builder.
You’ll get refused a lot. People will straight up just ignore you. There’s shockingly so many people there who don’t know a single word of English.
>t. Asshole French family

File: que.png (35 KB, 300x250)
35 KB
>Ask guy where check in counter for my airline is
>He gives completely wrong info
>Walk around whole terminal til I find out it's on opposite side of what he said
>Get to the counter, turns out it's 4 meters from him
>Flight departs at 2:45
>I'm at counter at 1:48
>They tell me sorry gate closed 3 minutes ago, you'll have to buy another ticket
>Turns out that guy is the ticketing agent, they direct me to talk to him
>He blows me off says there is no solution

I feel like it shouldn't end this simply. I'm basically ready to go at any moment's notice. Do I really have to drop 100s on a whole other ticket?
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>Some cards have travel interruption benefits.
They don't cover retards who can't find their way in an airport. Otherwise everybody would buy Spirit/Ryanair flights for $10, pretend to be late and claim benefits every day.
If both flight are in the same booking with the same airline (or partners), the airline has an obligation to get you to your destination, usually they will put you on the next flight or maybe reroute using their partner routes if there are any. They will pay for a hotel if the next flight is tomorrow.
Sometimes if there are a lot of passengers on the first flight who are transferring, it's only a little late and the next flight is tomorrow, they could delay the second flight a little (because they lose less by delaying the flight instead of moving many people to another flight).
Nah I'm a permavacation chad right now. Have been travelling for 2 1/2 months so far and will continue for the next 5 inshallah
Lol the people at the desk actually used the word "gate" but yes you're right
Wells Fargo will look into it

File: 1.png (193 KB, 1121x844)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
IIT: we post countries of interests that are reopening and/or has already opened. Notable countries can be alternatives to Thailand like Cambodia. And in some cases Vietnam which aim to reopen September 15th.

Cambodia: $2000 "deposit" and a negative test result 72 hours before arrival. Meaning you would need a something called a PCR Rapid test, which is available in most states except for: CA, NY, NJ, WA, OR, MN and Washington DC. So if you are from these states you are kinda out of luck.

Vietnam: same deal with the 72 hours but no $2000 deposit.

Feel free to add other countries to this list.
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I've been using this:
It gets updated daily if any changes. I have to leave Serbia in 2 weeks. Hoping a non-shithole country opens up. I'm not taking the fucking test. I'd rather go to North Macedonia.
Plus, you get interrogated and have to turn in everyone you've been in contact with. Basically get treated like you have the plague.
How do you know you are not allergic to dog semen?
Good map, thanks
I want to go to Cambodia but I can't figure out how to get the visa. Does anyone know of a visa I can get?
I found a PCR test ib San Francisco has a 24 hour PCR test for around 400$

File: pobrane.jpg (12 KB, 275x183)
12 KB
I want to do some train surfing through my country. Is there someone who is doing this or done it before? Want to hear some tips
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Greg Plitt did it.....RIP Greg lol

He "caught" the train

I swear the average IQ of this board has dropped 20 points in the last year, and it wasnt that high to begin with
Shiey is a good lad and the train surfing he does looks amazing on video. But you can even see it in that video just how tedious and boring train surfing really is, yeah it's an achievement but you have to basically sit (hide) in a noisy, dusty, uncomfortable shit train for a day or more.
Make sure the freight in your car is tied down or it may fall and crush you
I would expect them to radio ahead that they caught some faggot without a ticket and have the next station deal with you accordingly

File deleted.
Hi cunts! Visiting Las Vegas next month. Traveling with a woman an infant younger than 1 year. Going for a wedding, but going to stay a few days. Gib tips on where to stay, where to eat and what to do. Only been there once in my entire life and didn't really do/see too much. Thanks.
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>Traveling for a wedding
During covid?
>young couple with a kid
Covid's average death age is higher than the American life expectancy.
This, absolutely.
I work near the strip relatively often and for the most part, its either dead or full of niggers.
How's the old strip for a solo traveler now? Thinking about going in November. Not sure if it would be worth it with the covid restrictions.

File: dasda.jpg (25 KB, 308x450)
25 KB
I'm from EU, wanna travel to Slovakia first to visit my friend after I finish college. Can I work with only an ID?

After few months i'm planning on going somewhere else (other country), idk where.

What do /trv/? Got any tips for me?
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make your mind up anon. are you just going to have fun with your friends, or to work as well?
if it's just the former, sure go ahead although i spent three weeks in bratislava once in the middle of fucking winter and even though i like snow and cold weather and it's a pretty nice city generally i would struggle to call it "fun"
but i'm also a contractor and run my own company and it pays not to fuck around with laws about working and stuff because that can come back and bite you
I'm not op, I was just pointing out your autism about the rules, as always the answer is usually somewhere in the middle.
>your autism about the rules
i employ several people including some who are not citizens of my country
what you call "autism" i call "keeping the government off my back"
your opinion will change if you are ever in a position of responsibility

I intend to work and visit my friend, stay for a few months, go to a different country and literally do the same thing
Is that leather man?

File: file.png (1.86 MB, 1024x683)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB PNG
Thailand General

>Tourism update
>Thailand opens up special long-term 90-day visa that can be renewed up to 270 days
>You must quarantine for 14 days

>previous thread
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>So you're either a worker, a student or a married fag (or full of shit). Which is it?
guessing you're a poorfag and haven't actually been here and are doing your 'research'. if you pay the right person, you can stay here as long as you like.

>Enjoy your upcoming 2010-tier civil war and political coups.
get out of your room and media bubble you big baby.

no change in volume or price although discounted overnight given lack of additional customers.
>if you pay the right person, you can stay here as long as you like.

bullshit. if it was this easy there wouldn't be so many kvetching Boomers crying about their retirement visa's, and people with money are delegated to the Elite Visa's or Investment Visa's.
most boomers are dumb, have no local connections and think things work the same way everywhere. no doubt getting into Thailand right now is tough, but staying here is not.
I have come to the terms with the fact that the days of fucking random sluts from 7/11 or nightclubs in the Philippines are over. I have a good conservative catholic girl who would clip my toenails if I asked her to, that I cheated on regularly while I was over there, simply because it was to easy to fuck other girls.

Moving forward, I think I'll tone down the slut mongering from a level 8 to a level 3. Even before I left in January, i was getting frustrated at the level of autism from the random girls.....I think its better to just stick to 1 that you have a good understanding with and treats you good, than to make it your lifestyle mission to fuck a new macaco monkey everyday
ok so what visa do you have? how much did you pay your agent for your special one year extension? and what type of agent do you use to cheat the visa system?

File: hot portugese bitch.jpg (379 KB, 1136x767)
379 KB
379 KB JPG
Looking for a nice safe country to visit that has nice women.
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I went to Perth for a week and no one mugged me.
>traveling to meet women
>having no other consideration as to where to travel except whether it's safe

this is the pussiest thread I've ever seen
you're not going to get laid, and you're not going to have a good time either. Check your priorities
For the most part, that is being safe. Although I might feel slightly unsafe in China rn due to the bullshit between it and my cunt.
Great Chinese food and Mexican, and decent sushi.

Yes, due to gigantic amounts of plastic surgeries.

You better let them show you some youth photos.

File: 1599244498180.jpg (68 KB, 620x400)
68 KB
Has anyone here ever done Vegas during Halloween?

I am planning my dirty thirty with a handful of my friends and was thinking either the week before or of Halloween in Fremont or Vegas. What is it like their with covid situation and what can or cant we do there? Ideally it would be great to have a place where we could drink and chill at a pool all day then go party somewhere at night.
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Vegas is SUPER FUCKING SHIT right now. Hotels are begging for people and spamming anyone who's ever been to please come, comping breakfast, throwing drink passes at people, etc.

Kinda of this. Anyone who can get on a plane or greyhound is headed to vegas and it's absolutely shit.

>Ideally it would be great to have a place where we could drink and chill at a pool all day then go party somewhere at night.
Unironically do Reno if you want to be in NV because dude weed lmao, if you can do any other state go there. What exactly are you planning to do, unless you're looking for a specific show or something then there are plenty of other cities to go to.
Is the old strip better or worse than the new strip now?
well shit, I was thinkin vegas because I figured it would be an easy/cheap weekend thing. As for what to do I had nothing in particular in mind other than drinking and hopefully pool time. I guess we could do something like an air bnb or whatever but idk what we would do if we got bored.
I have. Sluts dressed even sluttier than thenormal sluts do. But this was before cv. No idea what the city looks like now.

Just read in the LV news today a few niggers shot each other on the strip last night.

It's a literal fucking warzone. Would not advise heading there as the feral blacks and mexicans are causing it to turn into a shit hole.

File: 1493915901746.png (7 KB, 256x196)
7 KB
I'm an American on the way to Poland

What should I know
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Instead of reading retards on 4chan, check out this guy:
He's more about living in Poland than traveling to Poland, but he has many good points (for example- always have some spare change, it's a thing here, for some reason. Also, Visa or Mastercard might be enough to paying virtually everywhere if you stick to big cities). Rest is gonna be some basics, like don't say "kurwa" too much out loud and so on).
File: 1592700772254.png (435 KB, 550x535)
435 KB
435 KB PNG
dafuq u goin to euro for?
There aint nothin to see there.
lmao, this.
triggered mutts in the replies
if you're a sex tourist, you should have a decent chance. women are the same everywhere: hypergamy is a real thing. she wants your wallet. sluts in the club are not worthy of dating, just fucking. most actual decent women won't be found in a club and are largely inaccessible to foreigners unless you actually try to be a nice man. polish women are spoiled in polish society. they are not feminists but they are used to being pampered.

if you want to stay longer, my advice is don't even bother. learning the language is hard as fuck and given the extremely small amount of foreigners you'll be the nice exotic foreigner but never part of the family. you will struggle to build genuine friendship circles, even in big cities. xenophobia, even the paternalistic kind, is rife.
I was just in Krakow, it was so safe, even at midnight. What are you talking about?

Where is the best place in the world to live in as a young location-independent and fairly high-income professional/business owner?

Currently in a high-tax northern European country and I can't deal with the boredom here and the extremely high taxes that just goes to fund migrants on welfare. I think the EU is rapidly descending into shithole-status and I'd like to settle somewhere else for a bit and get out before everyone else rushes for the exits.

I've travelled a fair bit when I was younger, particularly in Asia due to my parents being stationed over there and due to an accident of birth I also have an overseas citizenship to India. Getting visas and that sort of thing is no problem (Swedish native/citizenship) but I'm mainly looking for a country that is vibrant, a lot of fun, and preferably is somewhat low-tax. I do like Asia.

Expensive but probably best megacity in the world to live in right now. Somewhat concerned that my semi-regular drunken antics will get me locked up and kicked out of the country, and it does seem somewhat soulless on the surface. Very clean and good standard though, but only visited.

>Uruguay (Montevideo)
Seems very sleepy but has a good tax regime and Latin culture is somewhat similar to European, never visited and it's a 50/50 gamble if it's a good place to live.

>Cayman Islands (Grand Cayman)/Bermuda
Has a very attractive offer for location-independent entrepreneurs and have already been in touch with them, but it's also quite expensive and not too sure about the lifestyle and the kind of people over there. I can't stand obnoxious Americans.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Thankfully Sweden does not have citizenship-based taxation - yet.
>extremely high taxes that just goes to fund migrants on welfare.

No you buffoon, high taxes in your country goes towards healthcare and improving infrastructure, plus pension systems so that when you're out of the job market and shit through a diaper you won't have to worry about selling watermelons in the street to secure bread on the table.
if your country only funded migrants through those high taxes then it would probably have the same infrastructure complexity as rural DR Congo.

Ungrateful people like you are pathetic, you should have your citizenship stripped away from you and given to someone who's actually willing to work hard and contribute to their country.
Why are you capitalizing random words?
This exists in Switzerland too but they finance it with 10-20% tax rates instead of the insane 60-70% rates we have in Sweden.
It depends on the canton you reside in, and the legal structure of your finances and income streams. But yes, the confederation is resource rich with relatively low tax rate, and with the added benefit of a favorable tax treaty with the United States. The issue is getting here in the first place, but once you are in, it's great. Not many undesirable leeches due to the astronomical cost of living (many flee to more generous cuck countries). Lots of albanians though. On the bright side, prostitution is legal and the quality of the product is excellent (though expensive).

What do? For me, it's learn Classical/Flamenco guitar online.
11 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>learning languages other than english
pick one and only one
never leave my house and not notice any difference in lifestyle
I haven't seen anyone saying 2+ years. Their economy will be absolutely fucked if it takes that long. Especially since their export market is getting hit by the strong currency too.
File: gromit-reading-S.jpg (24 KB, 238x320)
24 KB
i was quarantined recently. but it was when i came home from asia
i read a ton of books, messed around on the internet, played games, played guitar, watched the entirety of star trek next generation and voyager and picard, ordered loads of food, caught up with literally everything that had i had fallen behind with workwise, learned some new stuff, tidied up my house
it was fucking great, i wish i could be in quarantine every week, i'd get so much done

File: tVOuWhM.jpg (120 KB, 500x750)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
So as the subject says, I'm planning on making a backpacking trip by myself parting from Mexico City towards a coast. I don't have any experience doing a trip of this nature so I would appreciate suggestions on which cities to avoid/things or places to look after and tips or pointers of this kind of travelling even from people who haven't visited Mexico but maybe similar places.

>I'm planning on travelling frugally, just enough to get me by, my interest is on talking to different kinds of people, experiencing nature and freedom.
>I'm also expecting that travelling this way would minimize my chances of getting robbed or worse, how realistic is that line of thinking?
35 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>yo no onions

Lmfao at the filter cucking the wetbacks
Get on a plane from cdmx to Puerto Escondido. Merida is also a beautiful town. Mexico is great, there's a reason it's one of the most visited cunts in the world.
OP/ I love Merida as well, I'm tempted to visit it again but this trip might be better if I just visit new places, I'm seriously considering passing through Oaxaca and Puerto Escondido, but I hear so much from that place that I fear it's more of a tourist trap than a simple and charming town like what I'm mostly looking for, what do you think of it? Anyways, thanks for the suggestions, friend.
I'm in Mexico right now. Been here 2 weeks.
Started off and spent a week in downtown Cancun and its a shithole with almost everything closed except for a few nice hostel bars that close at 11pm. The hotelzone which is not backpacker friendly is the only place teeming with life, safe and with no covid restriction. I almost got robbed for at least twice for the first time in my life while in downtown cancun, I have never felt unsafe in all of the countries/places i've been to and I know spanish and come from a shithole country.
Playa del Carmen on the other hand feels extremely safe and comfy. I recommend you start here so that you don't demoralize yourself with the rough parts that is criminality in Mexico. There are no more covid restrictions in Playa del Carmen and plenty of nature and things to do.
The unsafeness of Mexico/ south america is making me consider jumping through all the hoops to get back to Cambodia or Thailand. Even in playa i've already seen some on Facebook expat groups people being robbed at gunpoint in their own hotel/airbnb. You can tell how unsafe Mexico is because almost all buildings have steel bars in windows, electric fences, tall fences, barbed wire, etc.

File: EW9T_9oUwAAcXFq.jpg (50 KB, 506x900)
50 KB
I'd like to visit Korea in the future when COVID dies down. Any general tips that would be good to know?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I'm not looking for sex, anon
Korean girls are easy and crave white cock
Why do your two buddies want to go to Korea of all places?
One is Korean and has lived there for quite some time. The other is Vietnamese and hasn't been to Korea is a decade.
>when COVID dies down

File: costa.jpg (253 KB, 1664x1080)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
Going to Costa Rica next month with friends and my girlfriend. Anything we should really consider seeing/doing? Restaurants, sights, etc...
Also, girlfriend is vegan so is she basically going to be eating fruits and rice 24/7?

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