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File: tmp.png (55 KB, 2560x1280)
55 KB
Best country I’ve been
>great weather
>lovely nice people
>girls are the slutiest I’ve ever seen
>all girls want to sniff cocaine from your ass
>easy to sex
>easy to work
>almost everything is easy and not stressful
>sovl cities
>great transportation
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Anon, wtf, don't tell them about SEQ.
I cannot wait to leave this shithole.
gr8 bait
File: linus.jpg (6 KB, 201x251)
6 KB
-Good weather, except when its too hot or decides to rain all week.
-Generally nice people if you avoid the poor areas.
-Girls act like men, slutty for all the wrong reasons.
-I dont do cocaine.
-Easy to sex if you're chad. no sex for autists or ethnics
-Plenty of shit jobs, plenty of depressing office wageslave jobs, almost no specialist jobs outside of office careers.
-Easy on weekdays or outside. Awful as anywhere else during business hours inside.
-Expensive as shit compared to the US, and no our wages dont make up for it.
-Soulless cities, theres no real history here to admire.
-Transport is mediocre.

The best reason to come here is that its safe, and you can be comfy bumbling doing day trips.
Its awful for cooming, although if you're desperate you can get decent fob asian hookers for a fair price by western standards.
Theres little in the way of nightlife or events worth attending.

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File: general-info_2.jpg (57 KB, 1180x885)
57 KB
This is the Dead Sea, the most dangerous body of water on the planet and a famous travel location. No life can survive in it. If you drink the water, you will die. If you get the water in your eyes, you will go blind.
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One time many years ago a hot girl at a mall kiosk asked me if I had heard of the Dead Sea. As I froze in confusion as to why she was talking to me, she took my hand. Fortunately I managed to flee. So as you can tell from my vast life experience the Dead Sea is scary. Also malls.
i dont get it
>Definition ofalkaline

>:of, relating to, containing, or having the properties of analkalior alkali metal:BASIC
>especially,of a solution:having a pH of more than 7
What happens if you have bruises?

File: Europe-Map.png (199 KB, 4688x3994)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
What's the best place to visit here as a single male in his early - mid 20s for a 2 week vacation? Ideally meeting lots of people and being able to say it improved my perspective on life?
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actual OP here, so you think i should stay in berlin for the whole 2 weeks or just the weekends and travel elsewhere? or will i be too tired from partying during the weekend to do much?
Spain was fun the moment I was there
where is the most fun in italy? i was in rome for a few months, i liked it but it was more of a go to museums kind of place to me
thanks lad hope you make it back soon
i live in hamburg but a lot of my friends are moving to berlin so i'll probably visit this summer
Memrise taught me how to say "The Technoclub". I didn't know that's why...
You guys have any good clubs to check out in Barcelona? Im not into high-end stuff, techno place would be ideal but anything goes if its reasonably priced and not full of posh assholes or british/american tourists.

File: pilot.jpg (50 KB, 669x500)
50 KB
What careers would be best for enabling a lifestyle allowing you to travel regularly as opposed to the normal M-F, 9-5 routine? Notable mentions...
>Software Development
>Seasonal Jobs
Recommendations, tips, general advice, or questions are all welcomed.
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Don't they pay well below poverty levels as far as your stipend goes? It probably won't be a big deal if you're in a shithole where cost of living is minimal, but when your service is finished you'll end up destitute if you don't have a safety net of savings.
That's how it works with all immigrant physical labor. There's ten guys who don't speak a word of the language and one guy who's at least somewhat communicative. The employer makes him the team leader, pays him extra (still peanuts compared to the locals) and then has him relay every single order to the others.
t. Eastern Euro

And what's an entry level position like? What kind of job and how's the day to day work?

Dunno about your country but in mine you have to go through one of the toughest exams ever to be qualified for a 4 years training course so that you can finally become a diplomat.

Then you gotta stay 2 years in your own country, then 2 years in a shithole, back for 2 years in your own country and then you get to choose a nice place to go for another 2 years and so on.


In Ireland I was had a job full of latvians. Nobody spoke english but the latvian boss (who was also a pain in the ass)

File: brickell1.jpg (323 KB, 1920x740)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
Leaving for Miami soon where I will have 2 days in the city before going on a cruise. Never been there before, what should I do? Not interested in nightlife/partying. Would like to walk around some nice waterfront/downtown areas at night, eat some local cheap food, go to the beach (which one?), visit a cool historic or cultural site, just get a feel for what the city is like and maybe go to a museum or aquarium, something indoors for the middle of the day when it's too hot.
Fuck you sound like an old boomer fag
you're barely even traveling
for your type of trip, literally just google "what to do in Miami other than club"
here faggot,
Which ship
>historic or cultural site

File: maxresdefault-4.jpg (253 KB, 1280x720)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
I'm considering going to Cape Town soon, it looks stunning however the crime make cities such as detroit seem like disneyland. Is it worth going to?
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>the crime make cities such as detroit seem like disneyland
Stop watching FOX News.
The only crime you hear about are in the Cape Flats away from the touristy areas and even there its just petty crime that you should have common sense for.
Go either October or March. Its packed over the summer holidays, dont go during the winter months - its wet and cold.
Get Tickets for the Table Mountain cableway ahead of time; it will spare you standing in line for hours.
Be sure to venture out of the city into the country; the place is known for their wines, olives and other local agriculture
The waterfront can be a great place to walk about, but just be aware of pickpockets and people begging for baby formula/diapers
Go to the beaches of Bloubergstrand for a great scenic view of Table Mountain while watching hordes of kite surfers
Go south to the Cape of Good Hope for great seaside cliff views where the two oceans meet and where The Flying Dutchman sank
Are you look like the gender you transfered into? Then yes. Otherwise there will always some problems.
Be sure to see the penguins. They're so cute and adorable. :)

>Go south to the Cape of Good Hope for great seaside cliff views where the two oceans meet and where The Flying Dutchman sank

Yeah, but watch out for the baboons. Those can be some vicious motherfuckers.
>Yeah, but watch out for the baboons. Those can be some vicious motherfuckers.
Anybody who treats wild animals like Disneyland mascots will get their face swiped.
>stop watching fox news
Bro you don’t know shit. I’m from Johannesburg and I moved to Cape Town a few years ago (Don’t live there now) - The amount of crime I experienced first hand in the 3 years I lived there, was more than I had experienced up here in Johannesburg my entire life up until that point (23 years), and I was out and about the city often in JHB so that’s saying a lot. Fuck Cape Town. The people and city are bullshit, the only thing worth going for is the sea - and the nature is better at places an hour or two away from the actual city.

tl;dr would not recommend, look for places outside of Cape Town or along the South Coast like Knysna / George etc
t. South African from Johannesburg who lived there for 3 years.

So I'm going to Europe with my wife and kids by the end of July late August. I understand this is the worse season to go since its vacation time over there. but what can we do. Ill be based in San Sebastian, Spain. which is near the border with France. I want to do at least 2 mini 7-10 trips and rent a car for each. and I want to avoid tourists like the plague, I'm not interested in beaches. or touristic hotspots. mostly small towns and natural scenery

I'm considering in going to Bergen, Norway and the Fjords for a 7-10 day trip. would that be enough for a leisurely pace? How is it in August?

I then want to do another trip. I'm between Paris and the Alsace region, or somewhere in Italy.

Please help me decide!
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>All of the Parisians would have fucked off
Why though?
Summer vacation, simple as. August is quite sacred for frogs, most companies/offices are closed for at least 1 week. Even small businesses.
7 to 10 days in the fjords might be pushing it, especially since you have kids unless you're a family who really likes hiking
If I were you I'd do 5 there and spend a few days in Bergen and Oslo
>settled in Spain
>Renting a car to drive to Norway
>With two kids
Why won't you fly there? That whole ordeal sounds like a huge pain in the ass and a waste of vacation days.
Didn’t he say he’s going to rent different cars at each step of the trip?

File: tenor.png (151 KB, 438x334)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
Just looking for tips and advice on moving on. I'm tired of the weather, the places, activities, my family, just everything. I want to move up north in the U.S. I don't mind the people anywhere, I just don't know why I feel like I don't belong in this area. Areas like Detroit, Chicago, or just the metro cities and states up in the midwest interest me. Even feel that the further north I go, the better I will feel. Only thing that is keeping me down here is education and the fact I didn't have to worry much about money with the scholarships and saved up money but I threw it all away. I have one more year left but what's the point. I need to leave. I need to be new again. Any one actually acted on this instinct and genuinely happy? What should I know?
dont waste 3 years of ur life graduate then hit the road
North Dakota
Howdy anon. Ausfag here. I felt similar once and just got a tent, sleeping bag and a bicycle and rode off. 3 weeks only on my first tour, but covered around 1200 miles and mountains and jungles and camped out in random spots and it was a grand experience and have since gone on further rides. Highly recommended, cheap and "raw" way to travel.
All the best, friend.
> Only thing that is keeping me down here is education and the fact I didn't have to worry much about money with the scholarships and saved up money but I threw it all away.
Threw all what away? Spent all your savings? Refused a scholarship? Have you already dropped out?
> I have one more year left but what's the point.
The point is that quitting your education, particularly when you are close to the end, closes more doors than it opens, no matter what anti-education tradespeople might like to suggest. People with degrees have more options and eventually make more money than people without degrees. Even a bullshit degree from a bad school qualifies you for jobs that having no degree leaves you unqualified for, forever (or at least until you complete some kind of degree). Are these jobs you want, or that will move your life in a direction you want it to go? Maybe, maybe not. But they’re jobs you won’t even get considered for without finishing school. Especially since it seems like school isn’t putting you into debt, I think you’re a jackass if you don’t buckle down and get the last year over with.

Have a good summer, travel, maybe go on an adventure like >>2245405 suggests. But be smart, hold your nose if you have to, and go back in the fall.

File: IndiaStateMap.jpg (104 KB, 609x727)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Use this thread to discuss travel to India and the rest of the subcontinent at large.
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tbqh I assumed by "north" he meant Cow Belt states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar

I agree: the Himalayan states, as well as Punjab, are well worth seeing. I rode a motorbike around the Spiti Valley Loop a few years back, definitely one of the best bike trips I've ever taken. Fuck, I'm still using one of the pictures I took as my desktop background.
Dear anon. Thanks for all the info. I've been living in McLeod since before covid, and I have questions I urgently need answered by an expert such as you.

My wife (not Indian) is six months pregnant and we are having the baby here. After much searching we found a doc who would listen to science and not clamp and saw the wisdom of getting ALL jabs in a first world country - but I am honestly uneasy about indian doctors being authoritarian spergs and my ptsd might kick in hard if someone tried to jab or circumsise or take baby away or whatever and that ofcourse will not end well - and what we truly want is homebirth but so far it seems very dificult to arrange.

Any advice on how to arrange this and any tips on other nefarius practices than harvesting umbilical cords they might try to pull?
I meant dehli and Kolkata. I don’t really know the state names. I’m still debating whether to go at all right now on my trip to SEA and europe.
Kolkata is a mess but it’s actually super laid back compared to Delhi. Nothing wrong with it imho. It’s a good place to explore. Spend a few days there, check out the Sundarbans, head up to Darjeeling, go hiking, see the tea gardens etc
File: 65717834.cms.jpg (149 KB, 800x839)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
I travel a lot and set up to meet girls from the cunts I'm travelling to on interpals so I can fuck them while I'm there. India is the one cunt where there are plenty of users but the women I message seem completely uninterested in me, and I almost never get messaged first by indian girls. What signs can I use to sort through indian girls to tell which ones want a fling with a white tourist. There are certain hairstyles and just general ways of behaving that suggest a white girl likes black men for example, are there any hairstyles/clothing styles/anything that advertises that an indian girl likes white men?
I probably want me staying in any city for much more than a week, I need a relatively quick way of fucking, will tinder work for this?

File: 1321314299001.jpg (60 KB, 666x968)
60 KB
I'm good all the way up to 7 hours.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Double digit hours in Korea. They literally have a nap room with dimmed lights and fully reclined seating

no (jungle) nigs too, so felt my items were safe
In an airport anything from 3-4 hours. The 6 hour average is annoying, but manageable.
Anything over that then I will make plans for a day trip into the city or a way of sleeping properly.
I normally disregard the first and last hour of a layover since you will be spending it disembarking your initial plane and the latter boarding the next.
If it's red eye hours I can go all night. I love watching planes take off and land when it's dark, the airport is quiet, and I'm not sharing the waiting area with tons of people.
Next time try reading the thread title
Benchot! You are not reading thread!

File: 6cnru5fes3671.jpg (34 KB, 500x500)
34 KB
I'm 28, white, 5'9, live with my mom, virgin, father never came back from buying the milk, never left the US, INTP, work 11 hours a day in an orchard, my car is 20 years old and almost broken and I feel existential dread on an hourly basis. And I have a few $k to survive maybe a year in a LCOL country. And I have enough confidence to be independent, because that is all I'm used to.....

Everyone I know just works and talks about money. I live an ascetic lifestyle. I can’t remember the last time I watched a movie. I don't care about material goods and my family isn't close, so I have no motivation to work much more unlike other people. I have nothing to look forward to. If I die tomorrow I'd have so many regrets, because I’ve worked since I was 14 and don't feel like I've lived a life

I cannot make my mind up about anything. When I arrive somewhere, I don't know what I want to do. Maybe it’d be too overwhelming for me? Should I just see where life takes me with no plans? Should I try and find a remote US job before I 'disappear' and work abroad? I also thought about volunteer work in another country using Workaway but am completely clueless and have no skills. Also this shouldn’t be required as I can afford to rent a room and pay for food, bills etc with my savings

.......Before you say I'm trying to 'run away from my problems'', I'm just trying to make my life different and interesting for once. Since I was a young age, I knew living the typical American NPC lifestyle was incompatible with my alien like brain. Or maybe I shouldnt quit my job to travel at all and get an average job, car on finance and overpriced house now, paying until I'm 66 like everyone else?

Countries I thought about... Albania, Armenia, Argentina, Bulgaria, Romania Georgia, , Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Nepal

Budget lets say $1k per month, 6 months in total. These figures are completely flexible because I don’t have any plans like I said and I have no idea how to make plans.
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is it easy to score coke in argentina
The women are disgusting here though.
>t. in pattaya
File: 1650533784887.jpg (24 KB, 720x540)
24 KB
Just one step, improvement, at the time, OP.
Physical fitness is what jacks some into some sort of perpetual motion. Doing menial things does not, however, seem constructive to you, at the moment.

Meditate. it really is doing something for all of us, or at least acknowledge you really are meditating when others call you doing that 'spacing out'.

Instinct, energy springs forth, your emotions, torrents, stills and flows. Thoughts blow and howl, tells a story. Some of them with a Calling.
Just know what shit holds you back and what compells you. Observe the sediment settle and you'll again realize the present. The flow.

Doing exactly nothing is required to improve your self sometimes. That is the process of healing.
It takes courage to believe.
go to EU then deciede from there, kiwi has good rates, look for a 3-400 dollar ticket.
or south america from miami might be good for you. go far
in the eu things are good enough conditions that you can live a while even on off the street collecting homeless services

File: 1620473373185.jpg (58 KB, 563x638)
58 KB
Am I being blind? There is no option for me to put my nationality/region as United Kingdom/Britain anywhere in the first drop down box? Anyone that has used this site can help?

I was agonising over this too - is it "England" is it "Great Britain" etc. Turns out that the UK and India are having a tit-for-tat visa dispute and British people now need to apply in person at an Indian embassy until they sort this shit out.
>Turns out that the UK and India are having a tit-for-tat visa dispute
kek, i bet it's because they're buying gas and oil in rubles
No its from covid
India has imposed some rather weird restrictions because of covid. I wasn't even trying to visit India, I was actually visiting a different country, but a common layover for that country is India. For some reason, India banned transiting in like five of their major airports. Theoretically, India would welcome you as a guest if you're willing to wade through the red tape, but under no circumstances will they let you stay in one of their airports for a couple hours before fucking off to another country. I don't know if this is still true now, but it was true as of a few months ago.

I ended up finding another flight with a layover in an entirely different country. It was rather inconvenient.

My job is sending me there for a week, I speak Spanish so I'm good on that front

What's there to do after work hours? Ideally want great food and comfy spots to talk to chicas (no hookers, don't even care about cooming just want to meet locals).
17 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Also MOST of the 18-30 year-olds in CDMX speak perfectly fluent English better than most Mexicans in the US
>I thought they were Chis
A lot of people don't realize that the people who leave Mexico for the U.S are, mostly, poor country folk with little in the way of formal education. Obviously they're going to struggle learning English. And then their children, who likely grow up absorbing poor American culture, end up as stupid and worthless chicanos who can't speak Spanish and get rejected by real Mexicans, and speak poor English and get rejected by their fellow Americans.

t. American spic who's actually got some brains
>no-nooo you must talk like a white cuck to please our masters!
It's called language proficiency. You're an imbecile. And probably monolingual.
Shut up nerd
brainlet moron

File: 1650172246587.jpg (87 KB, 1024x536)
87 KB
I'm 30. US. Single. Saved $600k from working in retirement accounts. About to blow my fucking brains out so I want to retire and never work again. Not interested in cooming and my standards aren't luxury level. Would prefer eating out most days. Would like to avoid humid climates. Ideally there would be a pathway to some sort of permenant residency since I don't want to move often especially since airbnb prices are fucking mental.

I visited Thailand before and hated it. Iceland was nice but doesn't seem practical and food was dumb expensive. Portugal sounds interesting and would like to visit one day, read a lot about it but no actual experience. I could probably get Japanese Residency through the points system (I have enough) if I get a job in the country for a few years but I have never visited the country and it seems like it would be super humid during summers but I know Japan is pretty big so there might be variation.

Anyone here have practical retirement plans? Just tired of working man. Just want to chill somewhere forever. And if I find someone and get married, even better.
155 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
Been to many shitholes. Brazil the only place where i had problems with crime. Brazil dangerous is not a meme. But was worth it
>400K for a house in a shithole without infrastructure and high crime
>just don't ever go outside or meet normal people bro just stay to your gated community and your clubs bro
you people are a special kind of fucking retarded
Gracias a Consilio de Turismo de Colombia. More countries should do this.

As long as you dont get a girlfriend you should be fine.

I retired more than a decade ago on about 2 grand a month and spent several years travelling through latam. The money gets a little thight, with travelling and hotels, but as soon as you rent something for a few months you are golden.

Bogota and the paisa highlands have a wonderful climate for northerners.

>Currently living in Indian Himalayas and I've increased my savings by 10 000 while supporting my wife and furnishing our apartment.
Want a self esteem boost? Select bangkok as your tinder profile location.
I was in Bangkok and matched with a rich Singaporean woman but I was leaving the next day. Damn.

File: Capture.PNGu6.png (76 KB, 337x275)
76 KB
going to prague in a bit any suggestions?
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Lots of cool shit you can do
>Look at the moon
>go for a nice drive into the woods directed entirely by GPS, at night. Alone.
>You can watch old cartoons on local access television
>You can lie down, face up feet together
>Enjoy some nice dreamless sleep
>or you can look at the moon

But remember no matter what country your in, you take america with you.

Anyone else look at the moon recently? I fuckin LOVE looking at the moon.
Yeah, I love doing all those activities described in your text especially during a full moon.
When I visit a country I like to walk down the street and whistle a tune
>Czech food is heavy
Probably a jaunty tune

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