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File: Alaska.png (250 KB, 3047x2197)
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250 KB PNG
Lived in Oregon a bit, fairly affordable, people were fuckton more humble than in California.

What's some of the most low key states to live in and slow down, preferably where humble people can be met more often?
Wyoming but dont come because we're full
File: 2f7.jpg (31 KB, 601x508)
31 KB
Got you, and I won't give anyone else the bright idea
Not Alaska, that's for sure.
Also SW Louisiana (Acadia) is a decent place to live.
Upper Michigan is absolutely based and underrated. If you can handle the isolation and enjoy a fuckton of snow this is the place to be.
Northern Wisconsin is quite nice. Anything above Eau Claire is pretty peaceful.

File: malmoee.jpg (192 KB, 690x920)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
From a teenager's POV


Mods this is 100% /trv/ related because it deals with one of the essential methods of travel.

>Why did 9/11 cause ALL governments to enact extreme security measures, when there were many more terrorist incidents in the 70's that did not cause any increase in security?

>Why has CoronaVirus caused a complete lockdown on essentially all international travel when H1N1 and other outbreaks did not?

Oldfags of /trv/ what was it like before 9/11? Will this coronavirus be the next 9/11 ushering in permanent changes in how airports treat travelers?
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>Why did 9/11 cause ALL governments to enact extreme security measure
only the USA my dude.
Come fly domestic in New Zealand, they dont even do security checks. Just walk in straight to your boarding gate from the car park.
Be fearful when you name the jannies. You have no idea of the power they weild behind the scenes.
oldfag here
They actually did let you visit the cockpit during flight, sometimes. No joke.Happened to me twice.
It's been almost 4 days since you asked...
They are the cleaners of this wasteland, mods.
Flew domestically in the US yesterday and so far nothing has changed but people wearing masks. Despite what the airlines are saying they aren't actually able to enforce that people wear them either so had zero hassle throughout the process so I was pleasantly surprised to not be harassed.

One of the flight attendants on my second flight was discussing the idea that this is "pandemic" just a cover for a massive power grab with a colleague. Was glad to hear this conversation actually being had out in the open rather than just on the internet.

File: 1504067377366.gif (91 KB, 500x500)
91 KB
I'm driving from Chicago to Denver
What are some thing I can do over there
I'm in Nebraska right now

What's the safety situation with island hopping in the tropics on a boat? (Bahamas, pacific islands, Caribbean, ...)
What's the likelihood of locals swimming to your boat to rob you and burglarize your shit?
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Been cruising/fishing Caribbean with the senpai growing up, now I go with the wife/kid.
No worries in the Bahamas, you are allowed to bring a ship's gun if you want (in the mid 80's we always brought one-it was sketchy as hell back then). Just anchor out where other boats are if you are nervous. Only thing to worry about crime wise is dingy theft, or if you have a bad ass new center console with high powered outboards left alone somewhere. Turks and Caicos are worry free zones. Of course avoid the DR & Haiti. PR and the Virgin Islands, again no problems.
Is there radar or something that detects incoming dingies or swimmers?
>What's the likelihood of locals swimming to your boat to rob you and burglarize your shit?
Somewhere between 98-100%
Is it better to only visit the legitimately uninhabited islands?
Or is there really no such thing?
File: unnamed.jpg (49 KB, 512x391)
49 KB
>dingy theft
Step aside, plebs.

File: H7iCcOVh_400x400.jpg (22 KB, 400x400)
22 KB
>Moving from Canada to Los Angeles to pursue a career in filmmaking
Is it possible? Would it be worth it to shill for UCLA or something?
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You will be homeless within 2 years. I can almost gaurantee it. Rethink your plan now
If you want a job in filmmaking move to Vancouver.
Honestly it is possible, but it is much harder with no network (aka front school) and this is EASILY the worst time to try to get into film. The virus has completely fucked the industry for years to come. A lot of productions went bankrupt.
Don't do it. Everyone I know who tried making it in L.A. ended up needing their parents to work 2nd jobs to subsidize their lives and they got fucking nowhere
yeah ucla is great

What are your worst traveling experience? Which countries are blacklisted for you?

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While interesting, my experience at angkor wat wasn't that great due to massive number of Chinese tourists milling around and spitting everywhere. I also found out that Angkor way was a Hindu temple and Cambodians are just squatting in it pretending it's their own history. They are Buddhist so it's pretty cringe.
salty OP got cucked by a big virile churka BVLL

>They are Buddhist so it's pretty cringe.

They were Hindu but slowly converted to Buddhism over the years, but its still their past and culture. Parts have just been changed, but a lot is still very similar.

Also, if you didn't know, Buddhism is actually a branch of Hinduism technically, similar to how Christianity came from Judaism.

Same here, India is simply overwhelming and not in the good way
Ignore that retard. I loved Cambodia. I was there for 6 days, I didn't need more than that to be honest, but it was a great 6 days.

File: sdfsd.jpg (123 KB, 1000x750)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
What are the best options for driving in your holidays. If you can't drive from home. Rental cars are the best option as far as I know. But the fancier the car, very quickly it's costing a shitton of money. For example driving an audi a6 for a week would cost about 1200usd, more than the total price of my own piece of shit car .
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>Rental cars are the best option
You say this as if there is some other option. Well, technically you can also buy a car at your destination and then sell (or dump), which can be a decent option if you want to do a long trip.

>driving an audi a6 for a week would cost about 1200usd
This is bullshit, a rental car costs roughly between 20 and 50 USD per day, depending on the country. Unless Audi A6 is some luxury car, I'm not sure about that. But why do you care at all what kind of car you rent? They are literally all the same, the differences are just extremely small.
>Unless Audi A6 is some luxury car, I'm not sure about that.
An Audi A6 is classed as a luxury/executive sedan so it would be one of the more expensive cars to rent.
Yeah I was considering buying a cheap car for a few weeks, but considering I'm not speaking the native language I'll prolly get scammed. And I would have to infrom myself about the required paperwork in the country, it's probably too much of a hassle.

TTIL, thanks anon

File: images (17).jpg (23 KB, 678x452)
23 KB
Does anyone have any experience working as a divemaster / in dive shops in any capacity anywhere around the world?

About to graduate and I'm not ready to start a career yet. I have my rescue diver course already done and I speak Spanish and French (English as first), so I'm fairly suited to working with tourists. What is the job like and would you recommend it?

What REALLY happens here?
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File: e9ce8eas-960.jpg (168 KB, 960x640)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Chechen kiwi.
(minced rice wrapped in beef tongue)

This. The road from Kislovodsk to Jyly-su hot springs with a wall of Main Caucasus ridge covered by snow rises at horizon is very nice.
That just sounds like a slightly more disgusting version of haggis. I mean, I'd still try it.
I prefer Alps, in Caucasus due to immense heat, most of the year the scenery is sunburnt and meh tier
File: 4dd42ecs-960.jpg (231 KB, 960x640)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
I used to go there at very late summer, mostly at septemper-october, and at new year eve. Yes, at august at the plain before the mountains it could be very hot and stuffy, when I was going to the top of Sarykum sanddune at 5am got totally sweating because of the heat, but upper in mountains air is fresh and not so hot.

File: bikepacking.jpg (94 KB, 640x480)
94 KB
>website for planning routes

>Your thoughts on routes, bikes, gear, stories from the road
Come have a seat by the hearth traveller, you're amongst friends here.
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Why dont you just put some drop bars on it though?

Camp outside. If you hate it, sell your tent and start spending the nights at hotels
Is it even possible to do this without spending a fortune on the bike and equipment?
Yes, but it'll take time and some effort. Police/local municipalities often sell off discarded bikes for close to nothing, sales and clearances, there's second hand items online and in decicated stores, use your personal network and put it out there that you're looking for free/cheap stuff etc.
Anyone have any experience with modern Trek bicycles? My father gave me his old Trek 930 about two years ago but he took it back before I joined the military and I'm hoping to get my own 930. He said they make good quality Trek bicycles for tall people. I'm six foot 1 inch/185cm if that helps
Should include, I need something with a softer seat as I'm post-op transitioning and fairly supple down there still.

When will Italy open up to US tourists? My fiancée and I see just going to do a quick wedding rather than have to wait for 2 years to get married.
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Buy them now, prices are going to skyrocket in a week or two.
Its opening up for EU tourists early June. Don't know about burgers tho your country is still fucked due to Covid. Are you even allowed to leave?
No one is going to allow US travelers because the US has not controlled their covid problem
Yes, because we have rights
And its always the same two Chinese bots posting
>Murcia le big broblem hurrdurr
In every single thread.

Before all this China Virus started, I had a pretty well paying job in Guangzhou. For simplicity's sake, my job was to monitor quality of products manufactured in my company's factory over there through a contractor. Can't share more in case my identity is revealed. I took a vacation 2-3 days before Christmas to visist family and do some traveling and planned to go back by end of January.

Now I'm stuck at my parent's home since then with no way of going back. The plant there has started operations, but the most of Chinese workers there have not reported for duty and no real work is going on. My seniors called in a meeting few days back and they expect me to go back as soon as possible.Now most of my friends and family members are completely against me going back to China. My brother in law had a similar job there (in a different company) and he always goes around shitting on Chinese people and culture. He calls them street shitters, scamming theives, soul less eveil people with no conscience and what not. I've been working there for 9 months and had some bad experiences and saw some shit for myself like he mentioned. But I don't really agree with him and don't want his views to affect my parents.

My father is asking me repeatedly to join his construction and home repair business, but have no interest in that doing that job in 1-2 cities all my life. To be completely open, I am not such a huge fan of Chinese way of life myself. I always have to be on my guard against various scams and people usually have no sense of hygeine and personal space. Even dating life is not that great as most Chinese girls show interest in me mostly because they like white skin, money and the fact that a marriage with me will get them easy visa to a western country.

18 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I see your reasons to go back, but do you really think that you will be happy in that dirty place full of scamming street shitters ? I spent 8 years growing up in South Africa.
Since then, I've been to Colombia, Ecuador, Tanzania, Kenya, Egypt and a few more 3rd world countries and China is the worst among them all.

There were some beautiful places. But people, their attitude, entitlement and selfishness is worse than it is Africa. I wouldn't recommend against visiting the country as a tourist on a short trip, but certainly can't see myself spending more than 9-10 days there.

The literal shitting culture, people trying to scam money out of you everywhere and casual racism is just too much.
hi serpentza
how do i get a job like yours anon? Id love to get a non TEFLfaggot job in China JUST to see whats it like with my own eyes. I have no issue working/living in china but i just cannot fucking stand teaching kids english its so pathetic and demeaning. how did you get into your job?
>what do i do
I have no idea because we're clearly at odds with China bigly right now and the travel restrictions are absolutely justified
>the travel restrictions are absolutely justified
They're just beginning to be lifted now.
Give it a few months and it might be possible to travel again.

Going to be rough for teachers and schools if it isn't lifted by September though, a whole lot of ESL schools will be out of teachers and unable to recruit more.
Many of the ones that are here are probably going to be pretty happy to stay given the situation back home but some will want to get home to family in case they die or something. I've seen a couple leave because they want to be around if something happens to their parents/grand-parents.

Salaries are climbing for reliable long-term teachers in Beijing, I heard of someone being offered 40k+everything. Probably similar in other tier 1 cities.

OP needs to check if they have a service visa. If they do, China is allowing foreigners into the country.

I'm curious to what /trv/ likes and dislikes from Europe.. Name one overrated city/country that you've been too and one underrated country/city that you really liked. Also list an recommendations you might have in a place to try or see.
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So you're saying that denmark/sweden/norway are just copying icelands identity? Or how am I supposed to understand that?
so England is OK but Wales and Scotland are copying identities?
Are Romanian women easy? asking for a friend
literally the only right answer
add Malta

File: 1589914232048.jpg (994 KB, 1440x1439)
994 KB
994 KB JPG
what are the fucking chances italy opens up to americans this summer


italy thread
15 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Skylar233.jpg (170 KB, 1080x1350)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
>tfw no qt Skylar gf
>raceplayed me gassing her
So, dutch over?
He is a man
Is this Skylar Grey?
Shit. Didn't know there was already a thread on this.. I'm hoping it does, so that I can go there for my honeymoon (getting married in July)

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