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I am going on a one month road trip soon and I plan on using gyms for showers, toilet, parking lot to sleep in. Has anyone else tried this? Got any tips?
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in fairness, I don't think you're really justified in calling someone fat for not knowing about planet fitness >>2423831

I didn't mind too much. the worst thing about it for me (ironically, considering the rest of this message) is its effects on sleep, diet, and training. of course, there's shit you can do on the road, but consistency and repeatability take a dive, and if there's anything you want to do that you need special facilities or equipment for, good luck. even something like hill sprints--not an especially frou-frou training tool, you know? but I've spent a lot of time wandering around looking for good running hills when I was on the road.
Detected fat incel

Regardless. Planet fitness is a low cost gym. I don't care what type of ppl goes there. I go there to get muscle. Get water. Take a shower and use free wifi.

Don't ever reply back to me you fat piece of shit.
OP, I hope you aren't seriously planning on degrading yourself by setting foot in a Planet Fitness
He's just a fat scared retard who knows nothing of the outside world
Car insurance, car tags and registration, reason you're there, etc

File: 5.jpg (31 KB, 500x421)
31 KB
how do you deal with racism when traveling?
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Shut the fuck up, towelhead.
I be white
I'm white so Idk

File: krakow.jpg (967 KB, 2030x1353)
967 KB
967 KB JPG
March 29th- April 5th

date with girl I know, exploring city
Morning - Wawel castle/cathedral
Afternoon - wieliczka Salt mines
Zakopane Day Trip
Easter Markets, exploring city
Museums/Jewish District/Schindler's factory

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Definitely see the art museum inside Sukiennice. Eat zapiekanka.
Klub Kulturalny the best
>Anything else to do?
Yeah give me your hotel address so I can stab you.
Buy your auschwitz souvenir and gtfo nigger there's already too many tourists here
File: IMG_20200425_114319.jpg (6.31 MB, 4640x3480)
6.31 MB
6.31 MB JPG
Exploring old jagiellonian university is a nice option. You can also take a cruise on the Vistula. There's a jazz club on the market square which is fun.

If you want something cheap, you can take the tram out to ruczaj and walk around in the woods. You can get some nice views of the city from out there on the hills.

You should also consider getting a tour guide to show you around to see the little things in the city. Look out for the poetic gutter.
>Jewish District

Plac Nowy for Zapienka
Street Food Market at Sw. Wawrzynca for all kinds of goodies

Your Thursday is pretty packed. I would do the Salt Mine on one day in the morning then some chilling in the afternoon and on the following day see the castle and just hang around the main square there's lots to see and do there.
>Definitely see the art museum inside Sukiennice

He's probably referring to the one that's underground, but if not then that's pretty cool to see. I think the entrance is in Sukiennice.

File: shqipëria-chan.png (654 KB, 900x900)
654 KB
654 KB PNG
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....isn't that african tier? i constantly hear ppl on this board say u can fuck polish and eastern euro girls for 5 dollars but it sounds ridiculous
It is ridiculous. A decent BBCIP experience with a Polish girl is going to run 400-800PLN minimum, sometimes up to 1600 for really good looking ones. Even in Coomlombia, you are going to be paying over 150.000 pesos. There is no part of the world where you can pay 5 or 10 USD for an hour of sex, save for the most degenerate drug addicted whores which you can find even in America.
can confirm, credins are based
this is an 18+ website you spic moron
I hope so.

Live your myth in Greece
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That close to boats? imagine the smell. I'm puking already.
You mean where an Eastern Euro girl has to be paid to fuck an ape for money to escape her shithole?
highest IQ take in the thread
had a grade 11 assignment on this. ancient greece treated women like shit, they couldnt go out of the house and had to starve themselves to stay thin. no rights or anything. just cum dumpsters. pretty based.
>what is Medea
>what is Antigone

Why does flying seem so terrible right now? For months now, headlines have delivered a relentless parade of tough news for nervous fliers: a runway near miss between two planes here, a midflight battery fire there, severe turbulence that projects passengers out of their seats, a 1,400-foot plunge toward the Pacific Ocean, yet another attack on a flight attendant. And then close call after close call on the tarmac.

It is difficult to say whether alarming incidents are happening more often, or the flying public is just more aware of them thanks to social media and flight-tracking sites that provide nearly instantaneous information. Official statistics can lag by weeks or even more than a year.

But some data suggests an upward trend: The number of smoke, fire or extreme heat events linked to lithium ion batteries on passenger or cargo planes reached a high of 62 last year, even before counting December.

There are indications, however, that this year's series of incidents involving passenger jets is more severe or at least demanding more attention from investigators.

Among the chilling scenarios now under investigation is the United flight that in December plummeted within 800 feet of the Pacific before pilots pulled up. In January, a Delta pilot had to abort a takeoff to avoid hitting an American Airlines plane crossing the runway at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

The rash of incidents comes not long after the days-long Southwest meltdown ruined holiday plans for thousands in December and an FAA system outage halted departures nationwide in January for about 90 minutes, causing thousands of delays.

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Business and First
Okay, do you mind responding to this
I try to avoid the absolute cheapest airlines because I think they simply have to be cutting costs on maintenance personnel and staff in general, which makes the experience worse overall. I don't think the most expensive airlines are worth it either though, they're just ripping you off. You can probably fly from the east coast to Las Vegas with American/United/Delta/Jet Blue and have a totally fine time.
Thanks a lot anon I appreciate your response
Don't get Spirit or other cheap airlines. It will be nothing but blacks.
That sounds exciting. I wonder what the passengers thought during all of this? I never saw any passenger accounts of the incident.

Those stupid booklets we all need to travel. To show other countries we are nice people and won't do shit on our destination. Tell me /trv/ can you travel anywhere with your passport?

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Those mobility metrics are so dumb, they don't account for things like work mobility.

Australains and New Zealanders can work in either country.

EU can

South Americans can.

These are the only things that matter, not how easy it is to go for 10 days.
U.S. passport sadly does not work for North Korea.

It looks nice though. On the same level of aesthetics as the U.S. and U.K. passports. Way better than trash like this >>2423142
All those passport rankings have some weak points that make them less useful than they seem.
>work mobility
For travel it’s much more important where you can go without having to care about a visa or with a very streamlined process (visa waiver, e-visa, visa on arrival, etc.).
A fictional passport that grants you freedom of movement in 10 countries and nothing else will be less attractive to travellers than another fictional passport that allows you to visit 100 countries for 30 days each without a visa.

Obviously there are many more variables such the already mentioned work mobility, the number of working holidays agreements, how many countries you can stay for longer than a month or two with not much hassle, if there are any countries that ban you or make it particularly difficult to visit and, last but not least, if you passport is valid for all countries of the world (looking at you Pakistan and America!).
Maybe the cousin of mapanon could create the ultimate /trv/ passport ranking.
>Work mobility
Who the fuck cares?

It looks like the passport of a third-world shithole dictatorship... oh wait, lol

I’ve never had an Air Canada flight that wasn’t delayed or outright cancelled. What fuck is their problem?
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Where did you go?
I've been to one in Chinatown. She was in her 30s, Chinese, costed me $60. Sex was not bad fwiw but I wouldn't go again.
>The poojeets do not use toilet paper when they take a shit.
How do you know this?
File: toronto3.png (1.31 MB, 1462x714)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
Visiting Canada is a hassle.

I can't think of a worse place to live than Canada.

Whites in Canada are distrustful. They're afraid of the poojeets and Changs who are buying up all of Canada's homes and businesses. White cops are violent thugs. White politicians pass laws that destroy the country (importing 500K poojeets yearly) while serving their own self-interest.

Even whites in Calgary with low self-awareness are becoming aware that they have brown neighbors and Indian cuisine stores all around them.

Living in Canada is like living in Greece or Venezuela: it's a steady social disintegration in front of your eyes.
Greece at least is nice to be in.
I asked them. You can do your own research on google. They do not use toilet paper. They use 1 hand to wipe their anus, and the other hand to eat.

File: FB_IMG_1678669102139.jpg (52 KB, 750x863)
52 KB
SO, quick backround, my wife and I are going to Japan for a 2nd time, 1st time we did a lot less nature seeing and everything was a bit faster paced as we went down to Hiroshima almost immediately and then made our way back to Tokyo, within a week. Anyways what I'm posting for is should we skip staying in Hakone, maybe just going to the skywalk and then an Onsen later in Tokyo? Or should we stay in Hakone?
Btw this is a very rough draft. And I wanted to do the Fun2Drive place but we're going to rent cars in tokyo anyway.
Day 1 5/13 be at airport by like 630am flight is at 815 , be in LA at 1130 and den head to near air bnb ,get uber to Universal studios and try to be there by 130 or earlier. FASTPASS
Day 2 5/14 be at airport by 830 minimum flight is at 1025 and then yall flyin bro.
Day 5/15 Monday touchdown tokyo should be there about 230pm get on Shikensen to kyoto air bnb needed in Kyoto
Day 4 5/16 Tuesday Do shit in Kyoto air bnb experience or some shit. Maybe go to distillery*nope they closed* then.
Day 5 5/17 Wednesday uhhh Suzuka circuit shit? And whatever?
Day 6 5/18 Thursday Go to Hakone in the morning get to air bnb. Then uhhh Do the driving thing? Later a Hotspring?
Day 7 5/19 Friday- get to Tokyo airbnb - figgur out if doing the concert shit or karaoke stuff I spose
Day 8 5/20 Saturday find out a car rental and drive to Ds racing cafe and probably check out the subaru museum do the concert thing or Karaoke thing that wasn't done. Also see stuff. Either way d7 and d8 are probably interchangeable.
Day 9 5/21 be at the airport by noonish!! Leaving at 240 should be back in LA in the morning at 830 or so plane leaves at 1130 so plenty of time to lounge around!! Be home at 5pm!
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why would anyone go to japan at all when its globohomo extreme
because its not?
nigger there is a mcdonalds on every corner and every other male wants to kill themselves. teh woman are spoiled and dumb
OP Should've posted this in the Japan general in order to avoid the mouthbreathing retards.
I'll be in Phils (BGC/Cebu) for three weeks. I don't have time to pipeline girls from the dating apps because I don't want my wife or mistress to call while they are around. I figure a whore won't care.
What's the best way to get high quality prosties in BGC/Cebu?
I would prefer to have them delivered to the apartment as opposed to barfines, but can do that if I have to.
39 yrs old. Sold a startup 3 yrs ago, so long as the banking system doesnt tank, then price doesn't matter.
Any advice appreciated. Thank you

File: great-britain-map[1].gif (24 KB, 380x600)
24 KB
any reason to go here?
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Based Donegal enjoyer
File: retards.jpg (50 KB, 828x816)
50 KB
>Not really
>UK is shit

>I might...

Why would you go to the UK over Spain, Italy or Portugal though? Unless you have a personal reason like me I don't see why anyone would want to go to the UK.
As a fellow mutt I agree. Even though the weather sucks I’d rather be a pleb in UK then in muttmerica. At least you can fucj legal whores and bar slags. In muttmerica you are stuck with obese slampigs
You are literal cattle.

The USA is literally THE ONLY COUNTRY on earth where you have to be vaccinated against covid to gain entry to the country as a foreign tourist. What the fuck is wrong with you guys? Even Canada and China don't have these dumb restrictions anymore.
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Now THIS is bait
That's true for pretty much the entire new world, with few exceptions.
all that shit you were talking
It’s bizarre. Hundreds of people are still dying of covid inside their own country but they seem to not care about that.
nyc is a shithole unless you live there for work don't bother

File: 1678157481232300.png (569 KB, 1024x576)
569 KB
569 KB PNG
>with my current job I can only save about 50 usd a month, if lucky
>making a trip anywhere meme would take me 40 months
Its ogre lads
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>Unless you were getting extremely good pussy in that town
Living in anything other than expensive cities is depressing as a young, single American. They may be shitholes, but the alternative is to live in a place where the only people there are to date are fat single mothers and Methanys.
>can't walk or bus/metro to work
>lower than $12 minimum wage
Guess you chose the wrong """city""" to live in
Did I stutter, you fucking ESL retards?
Yes you did or maybe is the fat under your chin lmao, angloids think they are though but they are nothing but fat balding cucks
just go to mongolia

I wanted to travel but then I learned that leaving my highly developed nation requires me to get like 11 travel vaccines cause third world shitholes still have diseases from the year 1500 that will kill you if you get sick.

Should I just stick to the Schengen zone aka white countries instead?
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
man I never got any of that shit and I'm still fine doesn't even seem like that big of a hassle to get one anyway
So you're saying American hospitals are overloaded because people took the Trump vaccine?
You have any sources to back that up?
Cool it with the pro-vaccine remarks
You ever had any customs agent ask you for proof of vaccinations? I never have and I've been to a few places...
Not a customs agent but a some wagie before customs.

3 best vs 3 worst places you’ve been to
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>New York
>>the best music scene
excellent argument and explanation there,pal
California has several of the largest music and arts festivals in the world. Google "California music festivals" and you'll see that the list is several pages long.

There are more live music venues in LA than in most countries(over 400). Only London and New York City have more live music venues. London caters largely to electronic music and not live bands. And a huge number of the venues in NYC are just crummy dive bars. The LA music scene is band oriented with a ton of awesome venues with pro level sound and lighting.

Another reason why I think LA has the best music scene in the world is the variety of bands. Aspiring musicians from all over the world all end up in LA. You can see pretty much any genre of music any day of the week. There are surf bands, jazz bands, punk bands, orchestras, operas, hip hop, electronic, rockabilly, swing, 50's, indie, etc etc.

That's why I think California has the best music scene in the world.
Definitely, sleeping 8 to a room and going weeks without seeing trees is way better.
I hope you commit suicide

File: P1120023.jpg (5.44 MB, 4608x3456)
5.44 MB
5.44 MB JPG
Show us you favorite photos taken on your travels. If it is ot really fucking obvious, tell us where it was taken. Would also love impressions or advice on visiting here ever it is.

On the Mekong in Vietnam. Not normally a cruise fan, but small ships cruising down a river is very nice.
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Thats it
where in france was this? Stunning photo
You fucking niggers really need to start posting the location of where your pic was taken. This isn't GeoGuesser
La Rochelle
Somewhere in southern burgundy I cant recall, lots of cute villages there
Saint Raphaelle

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