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File: diet 17.jpg (124 KB, 1094x753)
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124 KB JPG
How are you guys dealing with nutritional deficencies when living on take out? In europe I could survive on kebabs, but in asia its pretty difficult, because of the rice meme. They dont even have cheese or milk there, only source of calcium would be fish bones
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eat a fuck load

Just eat a multivitamin + omega 3 on the side and you are good to go

There are other sources of calcium. Leafy greens, sesame seeds, almonds, calcium enriched onions milk
How about not being a massive faggot and just getting on with life rather than worrying about an iron deficiency
Why can't you cook or go to the supermarket faggot?

>Have you been to China?
>Pros/cons of China
>Interesting experiences
>General questions
>Anything else you want to share

Previous >>1891921
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definitely would
File: poli.jpg (123 KB, 1009x1158)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
This is true. People don't understand a lot about China and just assume a country with 5,000,000 can be ran the same as 1,500,000,000. Rumors even as dumb as "laundry soap will protect you against the Fukushima" radiation caused panic in many coastal cities.
File: 5555.jpg (16 KB, 380x298)
16 KB

It will be a lot easier and cheaper for me to travel to countries with testing on arrival because the flu hysteria is never going away. I mean a system like Egypt where apparently you get tested there for like 30$ then they give you your result in 48 hours max and you can stop quaranteening if it's negative.

Does anyone have a list of all the countries that do testing on arrival or is Egypt the only one?
Nobody complies with the test in arrival quarantine procedures. Not even in strict destinations like Dubai
So what are those destinations tho? That's part of the point, that I can ignore them if needs be. Some places require you've already had the test when you come in, or is there a list of countries that doesn't take that seriously either?
Not really sure what your point is OP as 95% of places now require a negative test before you get on the plane, this is then on top of any arrival testing.
Barbados for example does the testing on arrival then release with a negative test but no one will let you on a flight there without a negative test.
You're best going to eastern Europe where you get a negative test to get on the plane and once you land you're free to go.
NZ also do arrival quarantine and they're doing the best at suppression of the virus but they're about to go into a full lockdown over 1 case.

File: images.png (7 KB, 286x176)
7 KB
What is the most underrated travel destination? Iran? Mongolia? Other?
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Iran has two modes: one for civilised people and one for anglos.
If you're in the first group, you'll have a good time visiting an underrated region
If you're in the second group, you'll pay through your nose and are still limited to whatever they'll approve for you to visit.
Dear diary, no one gives a fuck faggot
>underrated travel destination
Sub 70 iq mongoloid incoming
File: IMG_20190226_082042137.jpg (2.42 MB, 3264x2448)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB JPG
Gotta second Jordan
It was becoming touristy in 2019 but still had some generalized unique, atmosphere and weirdness all around
Lifestyle appeared more exotic than say thailand or south america to me (eurofag)
Which is exactly what I want from a travel.

>Men-only sports bar serving only hookah and lemonade
>Donkey carts cruising on the wrong way of the motorway
>Entire streets in central amman selling the exact same sector of commercial goods, you have the electrical supplies road, the fabrics road, the food bazaar, the artisanal machiners alley and so forth for some unknown reason
Korea and Japan are nothing alike. The people are polar opposites
Have to disagree on Korea. I've been and it was mostly soulless grey cityscapes and very little real history because it's all been destroyed. Would much rather go to a great many other places.

Any info on Hudson, NY I heard it was an upcoming scene.

Or will I die
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File: hitbot.png (1.38 MB, 1269x1245)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
>tfw my friends wanted to go to Philly for half a day on a road trip through the East Coast
Never trusting their judgment again. Fuck Philly and their stupid bell.
Yeah. I'll believe it when I see it.
I had a random dream like OP about Vagabonding around and ended up doing it but I never posted a thread. It happens, you're probably right in that OP won't do ti but I'd love it if he did
>Fuck Philly and their stupid bell.
I went to go see that a few years ago. I was expecting to see stuff about the American Revolution, Liberty Bell history, Ben Franklin type stuff. I was sadly mistaken. It was all about US slavery and how White people need to feel guilty.

File: Download (10).jpg (13 KB, 188x269)
13 KB
So im applying for my first uk passport.
It is mentioned that it could be that i need an interview.
How does that work if i live abroad?

I already send in my birth certificate etc so what sense does it make?
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I can't really remember exactly, it was maybe 2-3 months. You have to remember this isn't like just applying for a new passport in your own country, they have to verify all the documents and what not and it is corona so shit may take longer.

I didn't have to translate the birth certificate because it was in English already. And the reason I sent the whole passport is because my Mum didn't have a current passport so I had to send in her old expired one. This was about 7 years ago, things may have changed, I dont know.

Just follow the instructions and if you mess something up they will just request more documents I believe, relax bro.
Yeah i relax, thanks
Thats same for me, but i just wait for my mum to get hers renewed, this year traveling is probably over anyways....
>one of the weakest passports in Europe

You’re a retard. This is basic info you can look up..


Why do faggots start a sentence this way?
In my case it seems extremely useful

MANDATORY 14 day quarantine for all incoming international arrivals- including returning US Citizens- coming into effect via the new Biden Administration's Executive Order. This is in conjunction with, not in lieu of, the already existing 72 hour COVID test all international arrivals already must possess before boarding their flights to the US. Good job retards, we're now all trapped in this hellhole of a country indefinitely with no way out.

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You've got them mate, you caught them out...you're fucking retarded, do you think they're testing and keeping records (properly) in shithole countries
Stay the fuck in your shithole, amerifats.
the autistic part is that, statistically, you've obviously talked to only a few women because the combined incidence of those individually as well together it's not hard to find many women that aren't
actually they are you moron
they've also been conditioned for decades from health programs to fight everything from aids to TB and various other diseases.
african governments have more immediate concerns that high level pandemic hoax power grabs and economic restructuring

File: 11.gif (1.18 MB, 300x169)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB GIF
Going to nyc next week

Are there any mafia owned Italian restaurants left? I’ve always wanted to eat at one.

I heard some place called patsies in Spanish Harlem is mobbed owned

>in before mob fag

Thanks for the help!
You do realize indoor dining is closed , right? Otherwise you can freeze your ass off in their outside dining if they even have that as an option
There's an Olive Garden on Long Island that's mobbed up. You sorta gotta know a guy to get in, as it's really a social club. Just be cool...ya' know, like wear a nice Adidas tracksuit, only order the chianti in the straw wrapped bottle, pair the "Oreo Lava Cake" with an espresso, etc. Oh, and if someone slights you, put them in a wood chipper.

Also, the breadsticks are to die for.
I went to Little Italy and as an Italian I thought it would be a certified scam (they even had a tout speaking italian outside of the restaurant) but we ate pizza and it was really good. It's sad how much of LI is left, that's literally one block.
File: 1317726561959.jpg (11 KB, 250x250)
11 KB
This, how fucking stupid are you op

File: trv map.png (544 KB, 4972x2517)
544 KB
544 KB PNG
Map update 4.0.1

Just making a new thread for this rather minor update of the Real Traveler's™ Map. It's mostly just cosmetic changes, as well as reversing the previous update of Slovenia. Pic related is the updated template, I'll also post a simple .png file you can copy and paste over your old map in MS Paint so you don't have to fill in the entire map again.

>Reverted Slovenia back to traditional regions
>Removed the Hala'ib triangle and Bir Tawil, as the former is under de facto Egyptian control and the latter under de facto Sudanese control, and neither are actual subdivisions
>removed the black dots from Lake Titicaca
>fixed literally a single pixel in Algeria
>fixed literally a single pixel in Artsakh
(This does not affect the pre-war Artsakh map, for those who use that)
>fixed the borders of the counties of Ireland, most notably counties Louth and Monaghan
>connected Isles of Scilly and Lundy to the South West Region of England

In other news, Egypt is apparently in the process of relocating its capital from Cairo to a yet to be named planned city, temporarily called the New Administrative Capital. This hasn't affected the governorates as far as I can tell.
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From >>1941950. The Balkans were my favorite part of Europe. Everything's inexpensive, the terrain's gorgeous, and the people are considerably friendlier than those in most other parts of (non-Mediterranean) Europe.
>It's already this autistic in Europe
According to Wikipedia, there are 3,143 counties in the US, and I haven't counted this, but I'm willing to bet there's only a few hundred subdivisions in all of Europe. Besides, why use the map when you neither like it nor want to use it properly?
In the previous thread, someone suggested breaking Australia down into smaller subdivisions, and the OP had to veto that idea because some of these subdivisions would literally be less than a pixel on the map.
File: canada-municipalities-map.jpg (716 KB, 2608x2416)
716 KB
716 KB JPG
Compared to the US, Canada doesn't seem so bad.
>cross county line into texas
>cover it all green
fuck off retard most euro cust are smaller and they get sub divided
we should break it them up into thirds or dif ecological regions

Do you think it's a good thing or a bad thing?

Abrigado gozaimas.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Well it's probably a bad thing because Japan invested billions into this, which were probably a waste. That said, Japan doesn't need more degenerate Western influence and shitty tourists. So no Olympics = less white piggu
>on the brink of economic collapse since the 80’s
I’d say the need white piggu faggot nip
>on the brink of economic collapse since the 80’s
And yet they still keep on going with a high standard of living and a low level of foreigners.
Strange, isn't it?
Japan has an old as fuck population. If you want to make a good living, you are expected to work 60+ hour weeks. I can't imagine all the social rules they are expected to follow that all the foreigners are oblivious to. Doesn't seem very sustainable.
i was supossed to go to them last year had the tickets but what ever man most of the games are just possed versions of the sport

>have to take and pass a test 5 days 4b fight
I swear to God if someone gets me sick and makes me waste 1000s on my reservations I will kill someone
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Where are you going?
Take the test, if it comes back positive just do some photo chopping. Win win
Study harder. But if you didn't pass, you can always retake the ezam
*coof* *coof*

Hello, where can I find a place where baroque is still thriving? Where Baroque artists create music and art. Where I can join the nobles of Baroque. Anon tell me.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
don't announce you're sage bro. otherwise solid post
Doesn't exist outside of small circles usually centered around academia . You can find musicians performing old music from the renaissance to baroque in university music programs. Try to find concerts in your area and meet people there. For other arts you'll also find it in academia. There is no market for it outside of that
tyranny of the mediocre and this word used is a good way of identifying its members. And I guess pretension involves correct spelling
>Seattle snd Portland
cringe retard whose entire worldview comes from /pol/ scrolling and facebook boomer meme trash, kill yourself
File: wsnaxm0hpwx21 (1).jpg (724 KB, 3600x1700)
724 KB
724 KB JPG
>otherwise solid post
>Can probably find pretentous people like yourself in Seattle snd Portland. Sage
your local renaissance faire?
>posts a basedjack image

terrible post, apply yourself

Redpill me on Texas cities. I’m from the northeast and want to move here but so far have only been to DFW, which I liked a lot.

> what cities have the best tech job market?
>what cities are the funnest?
>does any city have a better real estate market?

>inb4 fuck off were full
I vote red, despise leftists/niggers, and like guns
28 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
And? That's nothing in texas. I'm from fuck kike asshole, Houston, TX, and I've travelled an hour just for some mediocre pussy halfway across town.
The issue with galveston is that it is, no lie, probably the absolute worst beach I have ever been to.
Leave your wife, the woodlands is fucking miserable. Neoliberal paradise. Only good thing there is druggie pussy
>what cities have the best tech job market?
Austin and dallas
>what cities are the funnest?
Austin and Dallas
>does any city have a better real estate market?
>I vote red, despise leftists/niggers, and like guns
Welcome aboard
If you are looking for the BEST school, sugarland has clements. It's diverse, but very competitive in everything
nice b8 m8

File: California_map.jpg (493 KB, 1710x1719)
493 KB
493 KB JPG
I live in socal, trying to find a place of my own somewhere in california and would like some ideas. Trying to avoid certain areas like bakersfield, fresno.
>Trying to avoid certain areas like bakersfield, fresno.

Why? Visalia is ok.
Real specific there, bub. What do you do for work? If that's not a concern, then I'd go somewhere in the PNW section in the mountains in the north of the State.
Don't live in california if you aren't very rich.
Recommend the outskirts of Julian. Super comfy mountain town that is still (relatively) affordable, and within a (long) commute of San Diego.
>Visalia is ok
had to live there working for my uncle's restaurant for a few months. Wanted to kill myself by the end of it. Not to mention the pollution issues

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