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Im a zoomer from Poland and I'll be traveling to America (SoCal, specifically) when the travel ban is lifted, so probably in September.

What is there to see and do in LA? Is pic related map correct? Red - the only interesting area(s), gray - boring suburbia?

I started a list of places to see yesterday and heres what it looks like now:
>Marina del Rey
>Venice, Venice Beach
>Santa Monica pier
>Griffith Observatory
>Getty Center
>Universal Studios
>Rodeo Drive
>Port of LA

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If I were you I'd skip Universal & Disney, waste of money and time. Try to find some good tacos while you're there, I imagine that's not something you can get in Poland. Enjoy!
>Barring entry for millions of people with American family for 2 years
>Has the audacity to call itself the "Land of the Free"
DTLA is good but don't shortcut through skid row to get to little Tokyo if you plan to visit there.

The green area on your map is bel air. Not walkable and not really interesting other than to drive past as the neighborhoods won't let tourists in. You can visit UCLA area though, has a nice little town center too.

Also in your red area you can visit Beverly hills, weho, sunset blvd, and Melrose ave.

Check out Atlas obscura for offbeat shit to do.
Imagine letting leddit live rent free in your mind, telling you what to think about countries you never been to
Zakopane is shit. Boomer vacation intensifies

File: 0d1p5jrpycn31.jpg (86 KB, 1051x807)
86 KB
What countries in Europe can a amerifat actually move to with little effort?
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Your life quality will be shit compared to western Europe, and your pay minimal.
>Your life quality will be shit compared to western Europe
It’s the same, especially from the perspective of Americans.
File: cyka.jpg (114 KB, 700x468)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
No Poland. Stay out.

I hear Belarus is nice

File: 1627347048637.jpg (67 KB, 1000x1495)
67 KB
Flying from Madrid, looking to get a "german experience" starting from a city into the rural areas. I'd like to avoid minorities as much as possible.
Thats nice dear
These places are less diverse if you aren't there


based on those two pictures, probably dresden and leipzig
nearby there is "saxon switzerland"

File: file.png (945 KB, 613x549)
945 KB
945 KB PNG
What went wrong?
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>What went wrong?

nothing, his content is still entertaining to watch and I enjoyed his recent journey across japan series
You tell me whats wrong bud
China was gunna axe or arrest non-white-monkey-shill foreigners sooner or later.
He did the right thing and got out while he could.
When the majority of this thread has been critical, this sudden surge of positive posts supporting him is odd to say the least. Did something happen?

File: Hulk Ride.jpg (1.87 MB, 3000x2000)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB JPG
What is your favorite roller coaster on Earth?
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100% twisted colossus (in the back obv)
(six flags magic mountain)
x2 is fun and much more smooth then i remember shame arrow went bankrupt because of that
seems fun (i live in california so no cedar point :()
i suggest ghostrider at knotts berry farm in the back row i get airtime for like the entire ride
based 100%

File: camera.jpg (136 KB, 553x553)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Please discuss where cameras worsen or better a travel experience.
For example: is it worth it take yourself out of the moment to take pictures to help you remember the experience later or is it better to simply take it all in on the spot?
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You're better off just getting a newer phone+case. Trying to use a GP for a point and click/short film camera is just asking for a waste of cash.
Don't worry. You didn't do anything new or unique, I promise. Tell me a city you visited and I bet I can detail your exact itinerary. Probably even find carbon copies of your photos on Instagram with the same cliched poses as the rest of the retards.
Spend about 12 days in Shimontia hiking to and around Yokokawa mountains, and a fair bit of Niigata's prefecture/coast line. Didn't get to go to Sado island like I wanted but oh well next time. Met a few friends there and had fun working in some small inns.
File: half-frame.jpg (87 KB, 980x600)
87 KB
I got a little Olympus half frame point and shoot and I'm really looking forward to brining it next time I'm in Europe. Seems perfect for bringing a little more character to the food, interior, street shots I'd take on my phone otherwise.

Took my DSLR on a few Europe backpacking trips and it wasn't really worth it since I was just doing tourist things in the day and hostel shit at night, not dedicating time for anything serious.

File: 1527201827372.jpg (88 KB, 334x334)
88 KB
burgers: how do you get drugs to your travel destination when flying? I'm going to a destination wedding for a week and I'm staying too far away from a resort to confidently purchase drugs out there
Have them shipped to your hotel
Put them in capsules in a vitamin bottle

File: peepee.jpg (24 KB, 474x450)
24 KB
Hey /trv/ what are some comfy travel shows/documentaries to watch while I sit in my room stuck on my prison island and unable to go anywhere?
I watched Rick Steves' European Christmas and found it really comfy: https://youtu.be/vVVTDwxJBWU
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>watch all the thai vloggers as they realize they are witnessing the end of an era
end of what?
also recommend I used to watch this as a child
pls just kys aussie frogposter so they'll finally give up the charade and let me back into to see my sick mum
I enjoyed Michael Palin’s travel documentaries; they’re quite old now (made in the late 80s and early 90s), so if you’re one of those travelers nostalgic for days gone by, or days you missed because you were born too late, some of that itch may be scratched as well. I recall some very late Soviet Russia/other USSR in one of them, for example.

He wrote a book of at least one of the series, too—it was amusing.
>Michael Palin’s travel documentaries
I would also recommend these, they never seem highly editorialized so you get a very realistic perspective of travel, same with anything from Anthony Bourdain.

>here is our tall building we built
>here is our park/aquarium/museum
>here is our restaurant with food that imitates what you would find in actual towns with locals
>we are sports fans too, go watch our game, our fan culture is unique somehow
>isn't our skyline that imitates other skylines great?
>go visit this one goofy building that looks all funky, aren't we edgey?
>wow a cool reggaeton dive bar
>here is the slum wow poor people, go volunteer and give them some canned food

what's the point? and it's rarely local people there and the local people that are there have sold their souls
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>New Jersey forest

ok faggot america has other forests , that look "german" .

>you’re German descent, you’re on ground your ancestors came from.

spare me your larp faggot
why are you obsessed with "culture" there is no culture outside of cities. There is a reason it's called "hicksville" you fuckin hick.
Nairobi is unique you idiot. Have you been there? Have you been outside of it?
File: St Peters Basilica.webm (3 MB, 1200x506)
3 MB
fuck nature, Man made is where it's at

File: world-map.gif (125 KB, 1200x715)
125 KB
125 KB GIF
Is there a country - outside of South America & Africa - that I can just bunker down in for a year or two, getting a decent apartment on the cheap so that I focus on attaining employable skills online? I am going to lose my god damn mind if I keep living where I'm at but right now I only make enough to live in really bad areas (US). I'm open to literally anywhere so long as it's safe, good-quality, and my money goes far there.
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I'm willing to move anywhere in the world since I'm not financially or emotionally tied to any place, I'm an autist so whether I'd do well socially or not wouldn't matter as I do poor socially here at home, and America is simply expensive overall unless you want to live in bumfuck nowhere (I need the Internet for my living).
Damn this site seems like a godsend


OP consider Montenegro or Bosnia. Will be a lot cheaper, only downside is less people speak English.
I would think India or Southeast Asia would be best.

I live in a small college town in the Northeastern US. I pay $400/mo. for rent so I think it’s pretty cheap but I’m about to live out of my car for like 6 months.
$400/month in a college town? Do you have roommates or do you like in a shed?

I'm an American looking to do a Central Europe (Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, or Hungary) trip in late September/early October. What's the covid situation like there? Are hostels, bars, cities in the Alps open to vaccinated people? Will I have to get a covid test before I enter those countries?
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>im not op
Are there border controls in Europe noe when travelling by car? Like from Denmark to Germany or Germany to France etc...

Germany is introducing a universal COVID documentation requirement for entry to the country, effective as of Sunday, August 1, 00:00 hrs. CET
Effective as of Sunday, August 1, 2021, 00:00 hrs. (CET), there will be a universal obligation to carry COVID documentation when entering Germany. Persons 12 years and older must have proof of a negative test result, proof of recovery from COVID-19, or proof of vaccination when entering Germany. The negative test result must be no older than 72 hours (PCR test) or 48 hours (rapid antigen test).
You might not be able to answer this, but it is related and google is not useful:
If I am traveling by car from Norway through Sweden and Denmark into Germany, can the covid test be from Norway or does it have to be from the place I was last i.e Denmark? I will obviously use less than 48 hours to get to Germany, but I will maybe stop a few places in between
Visit Montenegro. No one cares about masks in tourist spots like waterfront Herzeg Novi, and even further inland no one would dream to ask you about vaccination. Clubs are open, no masks of course. At most you'll need one to enter a boogie clothing store.

File: green knight 2.jpg (60 KB, 1200x636)
60 KB
where can i travel in England to feel like im in a king arthur tale?
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Damn son
File: incel rage.png (69 KB, 480x640)
69 KB
>>a fucking shitskin
>This is what happens when you let a guy literally named Benjamin D'Israeli run your country
hmm salisbury steak
anon you are okay with me

File: 1_14932_02.jpg (172 KB, 1461x822)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
So I have a 20 hour layover in Istanbul, Turkey.

Arrival predicted for c. 5 pm; departure predicted for c. 12:30 pm the next day.

How do I make the best out of this window? This will be in early september, btw.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
It'll be the big international airport (IST). Are there any dedicated train or bus lines that take you downtown? I'll be carrying only a carry-on so I'll save some time there.

Realistically, and from the little I know about Istanbul, I was thinking about heading straight down to the area around Hagia Sophia. Hopefully in time to watch the sunset over the Golden Horn. Eat some food. Hit a bar and some other cool spot. Spend the rest of the night just walking around, soaking in the vibe, if it's safe. Watch the sunrise. Hit a market or shopping street. Head back to the airport.
Before Covid, there were very useful bus lines specifically designed for people with short layovers, like you. Dunno if they are still active.
Mind you, they have 2 massive international airports AFAIK
>Are there any dedicated train or bus lines that take you downtown?
There's limited public transportation to the new airport. However, there is a private company--Havabüs/Havataş--that offers regular bus connections into the city. I can't remember what their fare from IST is, but it should be less than 20-30 TL.

I typically stay near Taksim whenever I visit, so I'm not sure whether they connect to Sultanahmet or Fatih. However, you could just stay in a Taksim-area hotel, drop off your luggage, and then walk over to the Golden Horn and Ayasofya. If you walk at a brisk pace, you can make it to Galata Bridge in about 30 minutes. Just walk down Istiklal Caddesi, go past Galata Tower, and you'll end up right near the bridge.

So far as the rest of your post: You can definitely do all of that. I'd do the Hagia Sophia first, if you can manage to get there before sunset.

The area around Galata Bridge and the Golden Horn will be pretty lively in the evening, so you'll probably enjoy walking through. From there, you can get head up to Galata and Istiklal Caddesi, where things will be lively until very late at night. Alternatively, you can take the ferry to Kadıköy to get a more "Turkish" nightlife experience.

>if it's safe
Istanbul is very safe, and you don't really have to worry about much of anything walking around at night. Just don't trust any strangers who offer to take you to a bar or club or whatever the fuck. The only shady places you'd want to exercise caution with are Tarlabaşı and Dolapdere, both of which are close to Takism. But honestly, you wouldn't have any issues there, either.

Aksaray can be a bit sketchy at night, too, but it's nothing to stress over.
Very useful, thank you.

Are there any notable 24/7 spots? Like a castle, palace, mosque or park that stays open throughout the night? Are there night markets? Sounds like Istiklal Caddesi is the closest thing to a 24/7 avenue, will definitely check it out.
A lot of restaurants and bars in Beyoğlu stay open so late every day they may as well be 24/7. However, I can't think of any marketplaces--off the top of my head--that operate around the clock. The same goes for castles and mosques. FYI, there aren't many "proper" castles in Istanbul, unless you're counting the city's periphery. I think Anadoluhisarı is free to visit, and you might be able to walk inside at night, but it's also a ways away from you're likely to be staying. I also wouldn't be surprised if they put down a gate at night.

You should be able to walk close to Topkapı Sarayı, which is right next to the Ayasofya. You won't be able to enter, since it's a museum-cum-castle-cum-palace, and therefore has designated visiting hours. But you certainly can take a stroll through the nearby gardens, which are partially enclosed by medieval (I think?) fortifications.

Similarly, you can walk around and find some of the old Roman and Byzantine walls and gates. Some are fairly impressive, but I wouldn't go out of my way if I was pressed on time.

And yeah, Istiklal Caddesi is one of a very few centrally located places that's going to be lively around the clock. If you want something that's not Turkish, check out Anas Chicken, it's an Arab restaurant with really good, really cheap shawarma.

File: Cash-US-1024x512.jpg (197 KB, 1024x512)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
How the fuck do I exchange money for a good rate? Order it online? Get it in the terminal? I got a bank that gives close to mastercard exchange rates at an ATM, but the bank is shit day to day and has piss poor support besides that.
19 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Here in Europe they are on every corner. Just search for exchange office or something.
Ah you mean bureau de change? They are usually expensive though, right?

I have Starling so I don't know if that is the "proper" bank you mean but it is all zero-fee ATM removals etc. The bank itself has many problems though.
>They are usually expensive though, right?
Some are fair, some are basically cheats. I don't know how universal that is, but you should always keep your wits about you and check the actual exchange rate online before you buy local currency.
This youtube channel has been documenting exchange offices in Prague for some years now
But how are they supposed to be cheaper than the right ATM card? It is completely counter-intuitive.
They are a relic of another age, but older people, and people from countries with less developed banking structures, often carry all their traveling money with them. I admit that I do as well, just to have something on me.
Citibank has braches around the world. I personally use a mix between citi and schwab. Schwab refunds you the ATM fee at the end of the month

File: Untitled.jpg (614 KB, 1484x617)
614 KB
614 KB JPG
what route should I take back?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Stick to the great lakes, look up the california zypher line on amtrak and enjoy.
In that case, I'd propose something like this.
> NYC through PA to Pittsburgh and Cleveland, big steel towns with a lot of 19th century history. Virtually all the steel and oil tycoons from that era lived in this regions and built mansions here.
> Chicago, which is a top 5 city in the US. World-class art museum, Michellin-starred restaurants, and some of the most important architecture of the 20th century. The region has at least 3-4 UNESCO sites purely for architecture.
> After Chicago it gets a little boring, the idea is to get to Wyoming but you can audible with stops to Madison, Minneapolis, or Rapid City (some Cowboy history here, with the Black Hills and Mt Rushmore in the area).
> After Rapid City and crossing into Wyoming, you'll have some more options ultimately leading to Yellowstone. An option I've done in the past was Devil's Tower (famously in Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind), which I think is worth a half-day's drive. Yellowstone itself can be a multi-day thing, but if you want to keep it short you can take the eastern entrance to the park and drive north around the lake (3/4ths of a circle). This will take you out the southern exit by Grand Teton National Park, also optional.
> Continue south through Utah, most of which is directly next to a national park. Some of these are world-class such as Zion National Park.
> Finish through Vegas and back to LA.
Depending on your interests, you might also drive from Yellowstone up to either Seattle or Portland ("meh" cities imo, but with healthy tourism sectors). Doing either would allow you to drive down I5, which could include stops by Crater Lake, Redwood National Forest, or Yosemite.
I'd love to take the train, but I'm gonna be driving, because I really want the freedom to explore.
I'll look into the great lakes. Any good party towns with strip clubs and other such shenanigans?
thanks. My back is wrecked, so camping is outta the picture, any comfy hotels along that route?
>Depending on your interests, you might also drive from Yellowstone up to either Seattle or Portland ("meh" cities imo, but with healthy tourism sectors)
I may as well. I have a good friend that moved out to Portland.
I can also see if I can get in touch with some homies in mendo and humboldt.
File: only way.png (572 KB, 1804x953)
572 KB
572 KB PNG
Ive done every route across the US several times. Definitely take this route, but dont skip the national parks in Utah. Arches, Bryce and Zion are fucking epic. I modified it slightly
this, avoid driving through nebraska and iowa at all costs, it'll make you want to kill yourself unless you do it in the middle of the night when there are just trucks on the road

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