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She lives in Taipei, Taiwan
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>when she is getting her phd and is going to work
Not planning on being a lazy shit. And she would tell me to go fuck myself if I ever suggest she stay home. I respect that.
>not going to get fat, she is extremely paranoid about health and is fitness fanatic.
If anything its me trying to keep up with her.
As much as you may claim I am naive I am very aware of the situation. We share similar visions for the future and work and actively discuss plans for work, education, children, and finances. We communicate our concerns and plans and we discuss them, we leave no stone unturned and do not hide anything from each other. We call eachother out when it needs to happen. And I am aware of the the false build up for LDR. I've done it a few times now where we had to we reused to being around each other. But once you get passed all of that. Its so so so worth it. We build eachother up, we are constantly trying to improve ourselves and each other. There's a reason I am absolutely crazy about her and she is crazy about me. No one else does it for me. Just wish I could be with her again.
Nice blog lady
What the fuck are you on about?
It's an analogy you cunt
You're an idiot. Quarantine hotels in Taiwan are as low as US$35/day, with a ton of options at US$50. Food is included at ALL of them. Here's the official list, courtesy of one of the universities that's trying to bring in foreign students:

mtc dot ntnu dot edu dot tw slash upload_files slash QuarantineHotelsEng dot pdf

fuck the antispam filter

Yes, the hotel food is shit. You are allowed deliveries. FoodPanda will drop stuff off at your door.

> Hotels know they can get away with inflated/non-discount prices.
Yeah, and they also know that they don't have ANY customers except for the quarantine travelers, which is why they price themselves competitively to get a share of that market. There aren't enough locals to fill up occupancy in all of these crappy hotels on their "staycations" and the locals mostly stay at home if they're returning from foreign travel.

Why are you just making up bullshit obstacles? If you're OP, I hope she's already dumped your worthless ass for someone who's willing to put in minimal effort in order to be around her.

>Quarantine hotels aren't cheap.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: cdmx vs sao paulo.jpg (162 KB, 1280x720)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Apparently CDMX/Sao Paulo are really thriving right now, I've heard people compare them to NYC/Berlin before due to the art/music scenes. Is this true?
Eager to hear anecdotes from anons who've lived there. How safe/developed are they? What's the social culture like over there? Any other lifehacks I should know about?
Thanks in advance!
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Oh and the F1 races at Interlagos are so fucking far away, that I wouldn't even bother.
File: downtown.jpg (734 KB, 1019x769)
734 KB
734 KB JPG
Detailed map of downtown. I think it's worth it visiting downtown for the history and architecture, but you gotta know where you're walking. Like I said, if it looks like it's going down, probably best to not go further. I'll highlight some critical points:

The japanese neighborhood of Liberdade is quite safe around the metro station. It's usually packed during the day, and during the night there's people walking around for the restaurants. Just beware if you go to a concert here don't go walking around at 2am, the homeless population in the surrounding yellow area has skyrocketed recently, wait for an uber near the crowd.

From here during the day you can safely walk to the historic triangle. You'll be passing right by a red area, Praça da Sé with its Cathedral, lots of homeless and people up to no good. You'll be fine if you keep to the left sidewalk and don't stop to loiter, lots of people do this path by foot. This area is called the historic triangle because the old city was centered around São Bento's Monastery (green), the Franciscan Convent (yellow) and Carmo's Convent (red). The jesuit school which founded the city is in yellow because there's usually police around, but it's right on the border of the red area. Otherwise the triangle is pretty safe, lots of popular commerce and old corporate HQ's here. You can go up the Martinelli and Afonso Arantes buildins for incredible views of the city.
Instead of going down into the valley (of Anhangabaú, quite dangerous), you may safely cross into República via two bridges: do Chá (passing the Opera and City Hall) or Santa Ifigênia. Santa Ifigênia is a popular tech shop street, not worth your time. Beware, it ends right at Cracolândia. You don't want to venture into the green area right by Cracolândia, as it's just a shopping area (clothes). The best korean restaurants in town are at Bom Retiro, but you can only get here safely by car.

Turn into Ipiranga avenue instead. República is the bohemian neighborhood of old, housing old-school retail and offices. Traditional restaurants and bars. Sleazy porn theaters and prostitution abound. The crossing between avenues Ipiranga and São João is famous. There are underground-scene shopping galleries, good for record shops. You can pass by República square, but don't go inside, as it has become a homeless encampment. Copan and Itália buildings are on the same block. There's a rooftop restaurant in Edifício Itália, but you can get similar night views in Pinheiros, for much cheaper. Estadão's pork sandwich is a staple of the city.

Talking about food, if you wanna taste the city's other staple sandwich, the bologna sandwich at the Municipal Market, you'll have to get dangerously close to the red area. You go down a steep incline (Ladeira Geral) near São Bento Station and go down the crowded 25 de Março shopping street so you can approach the market from behind, instead of via the dangerous Estado avenue.

If you wanna go to Paulista avenue from downtown, take the yellow line at República station instead of walking the Consolação or 9 de Julho avenues. They may seem safe sandwiched between green zones, but it's really not due to all the buses connecting downtown to the city's deep southwest. See in the map "Paraisópolis" and "Heliópolis"? Those are the city's two biggest favelas, and some of the biggest in all of Brazil.
>le chaos is so wacky and random
no, shut the fuck up, it is torture and whoever romanticizes misery should fuck off to a favela and get brutally murdered.
t. third worlder sick of this shit
Any CDMX locals care to point out the cool vs. dangerous neighborhoods?

File: goa-india-425x315.jpg (34 KB, 425x315)
34 KB
Been wanting to go to India for a while now, I've been into mysticism and meditative practices for as long as I can remember so I'm looking for somewhere that's not so much party mode and bustling city life.

I'm from Persian/Indo-Aryan descent so I figure I could fit in quite well, however I don't speak any Hindu. I mainly want to go there to live at some point, and just dream about going to some relaxed beach like environment and meditating with a bunch of cool guru dudes lol.

I was thinking maybe South Goa, Varanasi, or Puducherry? Any insight guys? I'm only just starting to research what I can so if there's anything I can take into account, please let me know.

My budget hopefully, if I'm only travelling at the time is maybe $10,000 AUD at most - and that was me thinking it's too much.

I don't drink really or like partying, even more so I don't really buy anything like clothes and stuff but just little knick knacks here and there.

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>We will search your deepest shakras for true meaning
Doesn't that always lead to shoving things up your anus?
Street cleaning will help me learn? How
It is great.
floors =/= streets
If your current existence is useless (which it probably is, since you are here) then actually doing something else that does not involve you crawling up your own arse on a daily basis would improve your life and demeanour.

I am guessing that since you have to ask you are probably a lost cause though. Better luck in your next reincarnation.

File: falseflagpassport.png (456 KB, 743x593)
456 KB
456 KB PNG
Where are you going first with your IATA Travel Pass™? The Philippines recently announced that foreign travel will likely be returning soon with the use of the IATA Travel Pass™ which helps you to safely and securely manage and present information important to the tourism industry such as vaccination status and test results! Don't tell me you're going to stay in your country forever anon... this is the new normal!
MANILA – The Philippine government is considering the use of the International Air Transport Association's (IATA) travel pass as part of the country's preparations for the resumption of international travel amid the pandemic, the Department of Tourism (DOT) said Wednesday.

“This move is parallel with the steps undertaken by other countries that have successfully relaxed borders to visitors amid the Covid-19 pandemic,” Tourism Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat said.

"Albeit on its testing stage, the IATA Travel Pass, which offers safe and convenient travel, has so far been helpful to airlines that have adopted it for trial," she added.

Puyat raised this possibility during a meeting with the IATA and local tourism industry leaders to explore the adoption of the pass for passengers visiting the Philippines as she highlighted Manila's push for the gradual reopening of tourist destinations with health and safety as top priorities.
I'll just use the paper documents that my local government provides since I'm not from a shithole.

File: Penguins.jpg (771 KB, 1024x768)
771 KB
771 KB JPG
what do you know about Ottawa.I am going there this fall and this will be my first experience aboard so I am really excited
Well I moved to Ottawa from Vancouver two years ago so I know some things. Ottawa and surrounding areas are beautiful in the Fall but good leaf foliage doesn't last long but for a good three weeks this place looks incredible. It's more useful knowing French here than any other part of Anglo Canada I'm aware of. Whites are roughly 2/3s of people with bl*cks and middle easterners comprising the majority of the rest. Before Coronavirus I actually thought the nightlife downtown was pretty fun or at least for a Canadian city so hopefully that returns. I don't know what do you want to know?? you didn't give any info.

File: bruh.jpg (524 KB, 1200x800)
524 KB
524 KB JPG
Is Switzerland as good as I imagine it to be?

Im a 20 year old Aussie and I earn around 400k gross a year through multiple Youtube channels, so money is not really an issue in regards to moving somewhere

My country right now is on a knife's edge with this Covid bullshit and it can either go one way or another. We have literally devolved back to the old days of State Jurisdictions controlling everything, with the federal government too scared to do anything or overrule these seperate states. I am lucky that my state is relatively based, however I don't know how long this will hold.

With that said I've drawn up a conditional contingency plan that involves Switzerland as a potential outcome. I have seen that Switzerland has really solid gun laws, it's a nice first world country with a reasonable amount of tax, and it historically safe from warfare and shit hitting the fan everywhere else which I predict it very well may in the coming years.

I would like to know from people who are residents/citizens of Switzerland if it is really worth the hype in the political sense and what the process is like for becoming at least a resident over there.

I have been there before and I adored the natural beauty of it, however would like to know a bit more about the politics and governance of the country. E.g. how are you guys handling covid? Are there a lot of lefties? etc etc

87 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
One already is one too many
Honestly I am worried how many people claims it's difficult to make friends. I'm kind of a loner where I live now and it's quite an open country, I would probably get seriously depressed there
who the fuck cares about friends, are you 12?
Sounds like a larp. In fact I guess at least half of the threads on this board are.
Great country, but I wouldn't want to live there. The German speaking people from Switzerland I have met were decent but had no charm at all.
Can't say anything about the French/Italians in Switzerland, too few experiences.

File: queen of mongolia.jpg (355 KB, 1280x1280)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
I want to hear your HOSTEL stories -- whether they are comfy, funny, crazy, wholesome, or whatever else.

It has been more than a year since I stayed in a hostel and I really miss them.
43 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
She gave me the "I'm on my period" business at one point when it was getting hot and heavy. I didn't press the issue. I wasn't sure if I had an STI at the time so I didn't risk it. A month later a wart popped up down there so I guess it's a good thing I didn't risk giving it to her.
>I know it's satire but I need to point it out and laugh at it to feel superior
winters the best time to surf wtf are you talking about
it was depressingly clear bait, too...
/trv/ nerds provide some stories I’m bored as hell

File: default498322904.png (1013 KB, 1037x829)
1013 KB
1013 KB PNG
Are there any countries in West Africa or West-Central Africa with no visa requirements or easy-to-get visas, that aren't too boring, and have relatively cheap accommodations? And also friendly accessible women. I like to have sex with women. Especially women who look like picrel. The countries in the region that have visa-free travel (Senegal, Gambia, Guinea Bissau [?], Ivory Coast [?], Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin, Gabon) all seem kind of boring and/or expensive. Am I wrong? Do they have lots of girls and action in these places?
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Try and cross the niger-libya border, you'd be the first white to do it for over a decade.
if you know anything about airfare and visas // livable housing you would know its not the cheapest u mongrel
You d need to speak french though since outside of ghana, gambia and sierra leone its mostly francophone countries.
Forgot about nigeria, liberia.
If you are fluent in french senegal is pretty good.
Thanks and checked

What do I do in Kona Hawaii? It’s so weird here. Like Midwest Walmart McDonalds aesthetic but with lava rock and palm trees
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I dunno lol
im trans and that matters
OP here, I'm trans if that matters.
top some surfer buttcheeks
If not a LARP, get in the ocean. Surf, freedive or join a canoe club. If you don’t love the ocean why are you even there

What's China like for Indian guys?

I would like to work there one day. ( I am a Brit mauritian - basically have majority Indian blood)
15 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Brother, why would you want to marry a Chinese woman?! They support Pakistan aka Porkistan aka Terroristan
poor nigga fell for the yellow fever meme like almost every faggot on /trv/
>caring about politics
top kek
File: rogerlaugh.jpg (100 KB, 677x833)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
good shit

Previous Thread: >>1931170

Roller Coaster General, for discussion about roller coasters and amusement parks.

>Sit back, relax, and talk about roller coasters and amusement parks!
>No need to bump unless the thread is about to die before hitting bump limit, /trv/ is a slow board!
>Ignore spammers and trolls!

Amusement Park News Sites:
117 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
I just checked the hard rock hotel and it’s like $340.. so probably not worth it.
Yeah, I was thinking next winter when I go I want to stay in an actual hotel instead of a motel for once, originally I was looking at Surfside or Dockside but the Holiday Inn by the park is considerably less expensive so that may be what I go with
All the places around the park are pretty clean and safe. Before I moved here I stayed in the extended stay on international drive (I-drive), which is pretty cool if you want to do some exploring with some night life. - you mentioned you’re a ride op, where?
If you can afford a slight bump in price, I'd recommend keeping an eye out for deals on Cabana Bay. Stayed there for the first time when the parks reopened and really liked it. Felt like a moderate hotel at Disney for the price of a value. The walking access to Volcano Bay is also great if you intend to visit that park.
>you mentioned you’re a ride op, where?
Kings Island. I wanted to do Cedar Point originally, since it would get me away from home for the summer, but then I got a girlfriend, and it would be kinda shitty of me to just go away three hours north to do the same job I do at KI for no real advantage. Plus, I hear they can work like 70 hour weeks up there, at KI we can only do 60, so I assume they are actually being scheduled out the ass up there, which does not sound fun. The dorms are also cramped and shitty, so I’m glad I chose KI instead. Still a 45 minute drive from home, but when you live in the Midwest that’s nothing.

File: outdoor3_2048x2048.png (703 KB, 1279x836)
703 KB
703 KB PNG
A bajillion stores sell these now. Best travel decision I ever made.
I'm one of those hyper cautionary autists that ALWAYS carries his passport if he's walking around another country. I used to wear one of those lanyard passport holders under my shirt, but those start to wear on your neck after awhile.

These things are way better - you just tuck your passport into on of the hidden zipper pockets (for the ones that are made specifically for passports) and you're good to go. Also helps to hide money in case you're in a non-white country.
20 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Why would you carry your actual passport around? What if you get robbed dumdum? If you’re gonna carry anything, carry a passport card in your wallet. I just leave it at the hotel. If any official whoever really needed to see it I’d just explain it’s at my hotel and we can go get it.
I hitchhiked around Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, sleeping on the side of roads and in forests and never had the $6000 usd I had in my backpack stolen
>in cash
Fucking autismo
ATM fees are not that fucking high Jesus Christ.
Fidelity and Charles Schwab have cards that refund ATM fees.

File: 1615370950587.jpg (107 KB, 814x1241)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
>tfw want to sell one of my bitcoins and spend another year in SEA doing nothing but everything is still closed.
-Whats the situation around there?
-Whats the first country that is going to open?
They NEED our money right?
47 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1616247976029.png (136 KB, 384x239)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
What should I do if I want to fuck a courtesan instead of a hooker? I don't want to stick my dick in some poor monkey that was getting penetrated by miles of fat old boomers mere hours before me.
>that pic
Too accurate although mostly the younger girls. You can see packs of them and can’t tell them apart.
>-Go to Hong kong
for what? expensive as fuck there, plus with china on the rise it's a done place
Went to bui vien last week and it was all vietnamese or other asians. Drove around a corner to one of the exits of bui vien near a major road and there was a shitty coffee shop with 20 odds white guys packed together and a table of 4 niggers in the corner. They all looked shabby al malnourished. Are they the wannabe mafia westerners, does anybody know the place I'm talking about. These people definitely weren't tourist or expat looking, they reminded me of victoria bogans.
Check the archive and find someone saying that exact same thing ten years ago.
Also bitcoin is up about 8% since you wrote this garbage bait.

File: 5tg2lpau96j31.jpg (276 KB, 1024x1280)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
Where would you go ? What would you do?

Buy land in Utah ?
Spend 5 years in Pattaya?
16 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>5 years in pattaya
Uh retard you could spend like 40 years here on a 2k a month budget, which I’m fairly confident is all that is required for you to ball.
that's £730k, invest it all in a tracker and you'll ge £29200per year. Double that if you throw some in property rentals in the north.
>Somewhere familiar but with nicer people and more exotic
Barcelona or Valencia
>somewhere crazy but nice
Taipei or Ho Chi Minh
>somewhere exotic and quiet and nice
Parts of Bali or Chiang Mai
>get laid all the time in the sun
>Completely off the wall
Phnom Penh
You qualify for the D7 visa in portugal and will be income tax free for ten years. Do what everyone in europe does and abuse the schgen zone and live wherever you want.
I don't care that much about traveling but I'd be ecstatic about never having to work again. At least not without enjoying it.
However it's "only" 20k/year for 50 years so it's not like you can go crazy with that if you want it to last.

For traveling I'd buy a nice cottage near my primary location and whenever I feel like it fly to a nice destination. No need to buy when you have enough money.
Five years of land ownership in utah probably will pay more of a return financially.

Five years in pattaya is to much, but you could probably make as much of a savings/return by being cost negative and dropping costs from usa easily. $400/month condo vs $1600-2000 a month rent. The monthly open of $1000 is doable, but, I'd rather do general bangkok or chiang mai, edu visa, etc.

Fuck I think 30 days in pattaya is to much but the food is good and the whores are plentiful, but for five years your runway needs to include self help, learning and education. Chiang mai and a language school tuition will give you friends for a lifetime.

Fucking the whores would be fun for a few weeks, but the other losers like you -- err expats in pattaya would ruin it for me.
if your housing is squared away you can live on peanuts. when you factor in mortgage, insurance, property taxes, home repair, new appliances/furniture it adds up quick. if you factor in auto + housing its half your income. if you can square those two things away you can work half as much, whether that's half as many weeks in the year or half as many hours a week is up to you but its very easy to do this.

if you ever get a large sum of money dumped in your lap you do basically this >>1989999 before you do anything else. Idk if I'd necessarily escrow that much but it is still the right idea.

File: seoul.jpg (121 KB, 1000x667)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
My Girlfriend and I are moving to South Korea once the pandemic has calmed down a bit in the U.K. We were meant to go last year but our flights were cancelled and we decided to wait. What can I expect when I finally make it there? I'm white and my GF is Latina, is racism an issue over there? Is there anything else I should be aware of? We're both experienced travellers.
29 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>moving to a country where you know jack shit about what it’s like there

How about you travel there first retard
American in Seoul here. Would recommend breaking up before going
Yeah, why?
Black man here, why?

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