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File: trans-leave-home-900.jpg (180 KB, 900x675)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
Have any of you guys ever picked up your whole lives and moved far away? What's your experience like with that?
I'm feeling claustrophobic in my hometown. Too many bad memories and I need a change of scenery. I'm almost out of college thank god, as soon as I graduate I'm getting out of here. I want to know what you guys did
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if you were plane hopping i mean. costs hundreds to get there, hotels will cost about a grand a week. plus food. if you want to shoestring budget, then you can stay as long as i wrote for 30k but you are not doing as much
>How the fuck do you spend 10k by traveling in europe for few weeks?
Seems pretty steep to me as well, unless you’re flying three or four times a week on full-fare airlines, or taking a lot of the more expensive international trains (it can cost me a couple hundred just to go from my home in Switzerland to Paris by high-speed train, and that’s only a three-hour, one-border trip).

But it definitely doesn’t seem impossible, or even very difficult—renting a house, for example, or an apartment in a desirable Western European city location, can very easily cost a few thousand per week. I spent something like 2500 for less than a full week’s accommodations in the South of France this past summer, and could easily have spent more. This was for a big house with a pool at the apex of high season, so probably nothing to do with what you and the person you’re responding to are thinking of, but it’s definitely not hard to spend.
How is CS not a safe route? Even if you don't go into CS you can fall back on IT and make easy money.

It feels like its probably even easier (when considering time/effort) to pursue a career in IT consultancy then CS anyway
I hate how everyone absolutely butchers these terms but I suppose it cannot be helped now that retards have spread it around in language

Originally it should have been
IT - Information Technology, which is a large umbrella term for the industry, "working in IT" includes ALL tech workers
CS - Computer Science, a branch of mathematics

Thank you for reading my autism outburst blog
As I've gotten older, I have made it a point to do something in IT every year, just so I have an emergency plan B. a few certifications/experience a year goes a long way.

File: 1403045342931.jpg (9 KB, 250x166)
9 KB
Change your life edition!
The only good thread on /trv/!

Is the age of TEFL over ? What is the situation in China, SEA, etc ?

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>The "high on their own supply" term perfectly fits most TEFLers and CELTA folks.

They have the white savior complex. The 30 year old Anglo TEFL loser has to compensate for his $2K a month income while his peers back home make $100K
Seriously though mods need to do their job
cry more esl fag. the truth hurts?
File: 1663223551808443.png (646 KB, 576x512)
646 KB
646 KB PNG
>Student in one of my online classes uses a picture of 9/11 as his virtual background

File: 1662918401618161.jpg (215 KB, 750x857)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
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romanian women look like dogs.
Hogy vagy, Hungary. How the weather in Szeged?
you need to go to very rich parts of asia
where the dad is a white boomer and the mom is a trophy mom

the girls are elite hapas
i've smashed a few
Having grown up in a couple of private schools around SEA.

I would say your best chances are in the most populated parts of Australia and Phillipines. Basically Hapa central

Let's do this:

>"I love to travel" - I like being a whore
>"I'm a yoga teacher" - I'm an escort and/or sex trafficker and/or drug mule
>"I'm a digital marketer" - Money launderer, sex trafficker, intelligence asset, and probable drug mule

Anyone have more? Pic rel- Aruba's only nice beach with a "digital marketer"... Call the cops yet?
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The true test is to make a phone call.
I knew I was proficient when the person on the phone didn't know I was foreign until I mentioned it, and I still know I am lacking some advanced skills in the language but if you can trick a local that says a lot.
>raging bitter incel is obsessed with the actions of women
where is this? i like that the photo shows the effect of land on ocean cloud formation
It's quite pretty. The distant hills slightly occluded by mist are magical.
>"I like to check out the local Jazz seen in every major city I visit"

I like to inflate the ego's of the local singers and then take them home after the bar is closed.

File: 1234.jpg (85 KB, 850x823)
85 KB
Anything to recommend for 2 guys going to Budapest for few nights?
Plenty of things listed in google on tripadvisor etc. so our plan is quite comprehansive already, however I'm looking for something more extranordinary, something that google search will not list on top of results. Places to see, bars to hit, anything that comes to your mind.
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Alright boyos, hows the cooming? Best places and ways to meet local wahman? Are there alot of desperate ukkies? best places for prosts?
good cheap hungarian food
there's a shooting range on the edge of the city where you can shoot AKs and ww2 guns and old wild west guns
>Do you mean actual beer or those faggy IPAs that have infected almost every beer in the US with an abundance of hops. I fucking hate IPAs.
Honesty like IPA but there are so many kind of beers. IPA, red ale, amber ale, stout, porter, lager, pilsner, bock, witbier, hefeweizen and so on. And all of their combinations.
Lol, lmao even.
That said, I've heard that Budapest is already a shithole with loads of brown people.

What is it like living here? Is it worth moving to?
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Yes but to where?
Depends on where in California. I make 80k in San Diego, collect some disabilty each month from Uncle Sam thanks to the USMC, and bought my place back in 2014 and it's pretty damn comfy.
>born and raised in LA

no. fuck this place
I was born and raised in the NoHo Arts District and I'm also an architect, so not involved in the entertainment industry. As other anons have said, it has its good and bad parts. If you come here with the illusion of making it big in the entertainment industry with no backup plans, then I would reconsider that dream since you will have some extreme competition. The city has the capacity of swallowing people up and leaving them homeless if you don't have a cushion to fall back on. With that said, while there are a lot of job openings, it will be in other fields but a lot of the salaries are not keeping up with the cost of living in LA (still not as fucked up as the Bay area though).
Since the Floyd riots, nigs have had a free pass to commit crime in areas previously unheard of like in the San Fernando communities like Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Encino, and Toluca Lake. Burbank has somewhat escaped because of their police department but LAPD has left LA on their own. Neighborhoods are getting back up on their feet but who knows for how long with all the stupid decisions being made by our state legislation in the name of fighting climate change.
I live here too and also make under $100k and people like you (military and retired military) are the only reason this place isn't completely pozzed as much as the rest of California is, a check on the unbridled leftism of LA and SF.

I just feel bad for people who can't afford this area, if you bought in the 2010s you got lucky. I can afford to live here because I bought a house when they were 1/2 as much as today and am paying 1/2 the interest rate you would now. I see friends paying more for a 1br apartment.

why do you do it, glrs? (if there are even any on this board, stop larping faggot)

there are so many obvious downsides to it. stds, getting pregnant by someone you will never see again, someone turning out to be really weird when you're finally alone.

is it part of the vacay experience? being away from home? being free? are you secretly hoping to meet mr right after all?

and this is obviously self-interest but where would you be most open to meet someone for banging in a foreign country? museum, hostel, pub crawl, cafe, randomly on the street? doesn't matter, as long as he's not a weirdo and somewhat handsome?
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>why do you do it, glrs?
Because sex is fun.

Hasn’t happened to me.

>getting pregnant by someone you will never see again
Hasn’t happened but there’s been a few scares. I usually get plan B the morning after.

That’s fine until you go to a country where you can’t get it and then it’s a long plane ride home when reality hits you.

>is it part of the vacay experience? being away from home? being free?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
i am a man, but the answer is novelty.
the real answer is banging random people for fun in a place no one knows you carries no social consecuences
ill never understand the slut shaming and then complaining about not getting girls
Not that poster, but probably because it's much easier to gauge situations when it's your native culture.
>why do you do it, glrs?
they do it becouse if the basketball team fuck them in a row, nobody knows at home what a slut they are actually

And why?
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I recommend going to Innsbruck instead for a day trip
if you are a girl i'll be your friend
t. living here
Anyone in dresden? Ill buy you a beer tonight:)
Answer with a throwaway mail

Tell me about Laos. How does it differ from other SEA countries? What can I do there? Dos and donts? Tips? Stories? Please share
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Knew a missionary there

Illegal in Laos. She’s lucky they didn’t throw her in jail. Laos China Vietnam in all of theses countries it is illegal to proselytize.
How is the creampies in Laos, anyone has done it?
No, Ranjesh, no-one has done it.
These people are brave. I once spoke to an Afrikaner whos friend had gone to do missionary work in Afghan of all places
Sounds like a decent country. Even Vietnam, however conservative showed me shades of licentious behavior.

Pretty much exclusively in HCMC, though.

Just booked my flight tickets to Japan for next april. Before I start booking hotels i'd like to hear what you consider the optimal itinerary for 12 full days in Japan. It's my first time there. I will arrive and depart from Tokyo. Open to everything.

Much appreciated.
The optimal itinerary for you is to head to the Japan General and look for info there.
Thanks, didnt know about it.
12 FULL days?
What will you do??!?!
Lay flat for 4 I recommend
Maintain your energy levels

File: images.jpg (11 KB, 249x202)
11 KB
The main thing I learned in Europe is just how fat and ugly American women are
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Obesity in the US correlates with socioeconomic class. The more poor people you're around the fatter they usually are.
Europe land area: 10,180,000 km2
Contiguous US land area: 8,080,464.3 km2
did you forget your meds again
you don't look manly/brutal, you look like a massive fucking pussy with an ugly effeminate face
Shut up he looks ok. Not bad at all

File: 92563004_2.png (320 KB, 1100x1100)
320 KB
320 KB PNG
Is this the prototypical German upper-middle class suitcase?

File: 42461.jpg (69 KB, 550x367)
69 KB
I am travelling to India, and I will have to spend a full day (6am-6am) in the chaotic city before getting away from it.

I've already been to the Lotus Temple and the Red Fort few years ago. Any suggestion for things to do in a day?
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I moved out a few years ago
Ah India, the birthplace of diarrhea
Go on the poo tour
Here's what I would do with 24 hours in Delhi. Get a room at the Holiday Inn at the Delhi airport. Stay inside my room and watch English language TV, drink bottled water and only eat snacks that I brought with me (muesli bars, pretzels, chips) or pre-packaged imported brands that I recognise. When it's time for my flight out of Delhi check out of the hotel, check into my flight, go to the boarding gate and get the fuck out of that shithole and never return.

File: VN_TW.png (3 KB, 240x240)
3 KB
Looking to do an asia trip, went to Japan in 2019 and it seemed like the most easy mode place in Asia to visit, safe,clean, western friendly food, easy to get around, plenty of english, etc.
Looking to spice it up a bit, and either do Taiwan or Vietnam. Taiwan seems alot like Japan, Vietnam seems like the total opposite. There's seems like more cool shit to do in Vietnam and it would be cool to live like a king in a poor country, but honestly no joke I'm scared about dying crossing the street. Taiwan seems like the safe route with plenty of nice city and nature attractions although not as adventurous. I have two weeks of vacation time and a $5k budget, thoughts?
14 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I've been to both, $5k budget is overkill for two weeks.
Due to its colonial roots, Taiwan does feel more like a budget Japan. Vietnam feels like the wild west in comparison.
Unless you have experience riding a motorcycle/moped before hand, I would not recommend riding in Vietnam, too easy to get flattened by a semi truck. Besides if you are spending that kind of money just take grab to be on the safe side.
It's really just whether you want developing or developed. Both are great. That budget should be enough to be pretty comfy in either. If you're a bad enough dude to use your own transport, it's easy to get scooters in both. I rented a scooter for two weeks in Taiwan for like $150 and it was fun. Tarako Gorge is a trip
Two weeks for 5k should be more than enough for both, you could easily stretch that for 2 months like the other guy said. Although you'll be able to stretch your money far more in Vietnam methinks.

I'l speak for taiwan since that's one i know of, but like you said, it'll be pretty redundant with Japan as it's basically a rural province of JP in aesthetics and culture. They just happen to speak mandarin.

Taiwan isn't that safe road-wise either, some people really drive like assholes there. I wouldn't jaywalk there to be honest. On another note, Cooming won't be an issue in both places but you'll drown in pussy in Vietnam.

Taiwan is great if you're planning to stay there for a while and want to take things slow. If you really want to spice it up, you should go to Vietnam. But you wouldn't regret your choice if you went to Taiwan anyway.
>honestly no joke I'm scared about dying crossing the street
Traffic in urban VN is no joke at all. I find it’s best either just to plunge purposefully into the traffic and let it part and flow around you like a river, and/or follow an old vendor lady with baskets on a pole over her shoulders.

If you do get hit, I have it on good authority that if you need to choose between being run down by a cyclo or a motorbike, choose the bike. Cyclos stop slower and have sharper edges.

>cock related—he’s from Hanoi
Vietnam is pretty cool OP! Haven't gone to Taiwan so can't comment, but the food here is amazing- personal favorites mostly come from around Hue (central VN). People are friendly and patient when I try to speak VN with them.
You won't get hit by anything. Not accounting for cars, you can probably close your eyes and cross the street just fine 9/10 times. People dodge you on autopilot.

File: 2b.jpg (99 KB, 668x446)
99 KB
You told me i would get beheaded in the street.
Did i get /pol/ed?

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Yes. Paris is really great and now is the time to go since they are cleaning the streets for the Olympics. Had great time there this summer.
>GTA but IRL

Im here right now, pic related. My only other reference point is American cities and Paris blows them all out of the water. I really like it here. Scared to talk to women cause I can’t speak French but that’s another problem.
This entire board consists of angry ricecels trying hard to tell anyone that the west is practically "doomed", and China #1

Only a fool would take that seriously

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