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How cheap is Turkey now that the lyra is so debased? How easy is it to have anal sex with Turkish girls if you are a 6’ tall brunette white guy?
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bump for interest
Turkey was great, highly recommend.
Aren't Turkish girls super conservative, and Turkish guys super thirsty and jealous of foreigners?
Bros where in Turkey is best aside from Istanbul?
they are
but thats a good thing

So I might move to Somaliland soon, anybody been there either as tourist or worked there and has some tips?

Wouldn't be my first african country to live or visist, but in eastern africa I've only been to ethiopia, i'm guessing the difference is there
You're going to hate and be bored to tears if you're not Muslim, and maybe even then. At best you'll impress dorks at parties with stories of "being to Somalia." If you're an NGO type expected to be jerked around and ridiculed unless you're important enough to directly facilitate theft.
Not an NGO type, but are you speaking from experience?

Why would I be bored?

I'm aware Brazil has a sizable white population in the southern states area, is it safe & worth traveling to? Brazil notoriously has a high homicide rate. Also I'm interested in Florianopolis, how is it over there?
Florianopolis is one of the few tolerable places. Other states like Parana and Rio Grande do Sul are decent picks although the latter is on decline for a while now. But don't forget: the country is a living meme and you're never 100% safe.
You're probably better off asking people on int, that board is like 20% brazil and much more active, plus it will be people with actual experience instead of larpers pretending they got laid a ton when they really fucked 2 prossies and then went home
One anon from Mexico used to talk on this board about Latin America a lot. He would always put his username as Taco Pal.
Fuck, really? He was insufferable on /jp/.
How about Sao Paulo? I've been told by a Brazilian Rio's really not worth it crime wise, and you're basically walking around with a target on you as a white tourist

40 million people. Roughly as internationally irrelevant as 1 million Estonia.
Never mentioned on /trv/ except when shamelessly (or shamefully rather?) self-promoted by my poor insecure little countrymen, dying to be noticed

What went wrong?
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Really enjoyed PL myself. Went from Krakow to Warsaw. From there to Bialystok and from there to Suwalki and on to Lithuania. Felt really safe and people were nice. Was generally quite like Germany where Im from, but still different. Prices were low and people friendly and helping. I will definetly come back.
Poland is one of the places I hope to hop around in when I start living a more nomadic lifestyle
any city in poland is just a worse praha
Big Booba available for sure, tall will depend I think it's gonna be middle range mostly, but they do exist
Literally just go to the main square at night and walk around. They'll come up and ask you

If Andorra is outside of the Schengen area and tourist visas last 3 months, could I live in Spain for 3 months, move to Andorra for another 3 months, then back to Spain and so on? all legally?
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On day 89, you go to Andorra and ask for an exit stamp from Spain. Then you return to Spain (or France) without any further stamps.
On day 179, you go to Andorra again and ask for exit stamp, as if you were in Andorra for the whole 90 days.
This trick is used mostly by people who want to stay in Spain for a long time, I searched on Russian forums and got plenty of discussion on this trick.
How is Andorra? Sounds like a boring shithole especially for 3 months.
It's a nice place, mostly people go there for skiing and for duty free shopping. Of course it's not so fun for three months if you want entertainment or partying, just like any other small town.
ah makes sense. Also I think Spain has this stupid thing if you stay there illegally long enough you can get legalized?
Yes, but also it's used by snowbirds (people who want to spent winter in Spain, but need a bit more than 3 months allowed).

File: Mexicocity.jpg (637 KB, 2500x1563)
637 KB
637 KB JPG
I am white guy whose 5'10 with a 5/10 face.
Can I get latin girls do they go for younger guys ( I am 20).

My Spanish skills are alright I am not super fluent but I can hold basic conversations (it will also probably improve a lot when I am there)
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OP here, also note that I am trans (MtF) if that matters.
You will be surprised with how easy, and ready to meet Mexican girls are. In America, it’s the same thing, if you’re attractive. I’m 5’9ft but with gorgeous curly hair, and a 9/10 face making six figures. You’d essentially be living my life, if you lived in Mexico. However, you need to improve your Spanish. While yea, you need to let a girl do most of the talking for you on a date; you at the very least should understand 80% of what she says so you can answer questions so you aren’t a mute.

Two things you need to do. First get tinder & bumble. Then, take actually good pictures of you clearly in the USA. You want to stand out as “the foreign guy”.
Unironically there are some tranny prostitutes near my house here in CDMX.
Real OP here...

Any tips to improve my Spanish I mainly learned from doulingo so I can read Spanish text pretty easily but hearing Spanish is hard beyond simple conversation.

I tried a vpn in Latin America and did really good so that fills me with a lot of hope
Also they need to be well over 300lbs. It’s the magic number for me, a 290lbs sapling won’t do it for me.

File: rtjfhfjfjfj.png (1001 KB, 1152x599)
1001 KB
1001 KB PNG
an alleged sex tourist yt traveller
anyway is the person at 8:24 a tranny?
full ass beard on such a soft face and those eye expressions lol, is the tranny treatment available in Lithuania?

Lithuania is one of the more socially liberal countries in Eastern Europe and LGBT people are generally quite accepted in Vilnius, but I'm pretty sure that guy is just really autistic, kek.
that JohnyFD aka Johny Wolf (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Z8NrQXUJ-E) scammer* is so cringe... no wonder he payed bald good money to appear in his videos and grow his cringy ass youtube channel...

he scammed sooooo many people in the digitalnomad world back in the good old phucket scene days
>hate a man on the internet
>religiously watch his videos
>notice one line said by this person 8 minutes into a video
>take a screenshot of the video, go to 4chan to post video and criticism

You understand how much of a clown you are, right? You are investing way too much of your time hating a guy who doesn't even know you exist.

File: descarga.jpg (12 KB, 286x176)
12 KB
In February I'm moving to Italy, but to get my cittadinanza (my grandparents are Italian), I need to fix residence in a commune that knows how to do it and I still can't decide. Any advice to rent something and fix residence, I'm mainly interested in the commune of Loano-Savona, but I don't know what to do.
Go for it, but dont expect a faster process from a comune in a bigger city. I would say its way easy in a small town, they have less shit to handle day to day.
Do your JS application through the consulate in your home country and then move over there.
if you are Argentinian or American there is Facebook group, end of the thread. btw Italy isn't like Germany or France, it doesn't worth it man

>most popular dining place by number of reviews
>hookah place
What's the problem?
/trv/ loves hookahs, wrong board
I kekd pretty hard. 8/10 picture + content combo
What country is that?

Hookah places are über cringe but sadly they are everywhere in central Europe now. Full of degrading whites too. Pathetic kneelers.

Always funny to see the local turkish gangsters/tough drug dealers smoking strawberry flavored stuff

File: 1623611966981.jpg (446 KB, 828x785)
446 KB
446 KB JPG
What the hell am I supposed to do on a 9 hour flight? I can't sleep on public transport.
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Go back to fucking Reddit you quivering losers

dont sleep the day before at all. thats what i do always and sleep as soon as i sit on the seat
I'm worried I'll be so sleep deprived and fucked in the head I'll forget something important when I'm at the airport.
Fuck off rapist

Any /trv/ approved things to do in Cologne, Germany? I'm going there with my boyfriend in December.

Of course, since you are all weirdo virgins and have no one to travel with, I wouldn't be surprised if you got nothing to contribute.
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Köln is a shithole and literally the refugee hotspot of Germany.
Check out the Dom I guess, that's neat enough. Otherwise there's nothing really special about Köln.
tits or gtfo
Buy 4711.

Eat Dönner.

Get molested by northafrican migrants in crowded Christmas markets.
Honestly by saying you're from /adv/ that makes me think you're a girl.
I think that's the only board on this site that even has women
Köln is known as the best place for white cuckholds to travel with their girlfriends and let them get groped by muslim ''migrants''. Perfect place for your bf.


Jokes aside, they have excellent local cuisine: Dönner Kebap and Durum. Excellent german drinks too: Ayran: you must try it.

File: germany.jpg (50 KB, 1400x1075)
50 KB
Hey anons,
Need some urgent advice here.
I got my last dose of the vaccine on the 9th of November. I have a flight to Germany due to land on the 23rd of November (tomorrow morning, hence the urgency). These two dates are 14 days apart. Germany requires vaccinated travellers from the UK to have had their last shot of the vax "at least 14 days ago". Interestingly the UK has the same policy, but specifies on their government's website that the day you got the jab does NOT count as one of the 14 days. Am I fucked here, or can I still go?
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I think I'm going to head to the airport in a hour and check with them, hopefully I can go.
Well a negative PCR could help but the question is where are you from as there are different restrictions for every country.
Hotels, Restaurants are no longer allowed to host you till day 15 after the the second jab etc. It's a complete mess with some Länder (states) already declaring more or less a full blown lockdowns for everyone. Shit is escalating on a daily base.
I went to the airport and asked, they said it should be fine. I'm at a layover in Spain currently, haven't had any problems.
Hopefully I make it back before an actual lockdown is declared
Hope it all goes well. Enjoy.
To hijack ops thread. I currently in Berlin where I'll be starting work in January but want to fly back home to Greece for holidays. Do you think there will be a lockdown and I might not be able to come back on time?

Hello anons, so here are my questions regarding traveling to Turkey:

> Is it safe to go now?
> Is it true their currency is at historical low which makes it cheaper for an European like me to consoom there?
> How is istanbul?
> What are good places to travel to?
> How are the women there?
> Is it illegal to date Turkish women?
> How is prostitution there? Is it illegal to fuck their women for money?
> How are the people in general there?
> Is there any chance of getting robbed?

Thanks for the answers.
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Does this work? Never used Tinder
Where are good places in Istanbul to find good counterfeit stuff like watches etc? I don’t care it’s fake if it’s actually okay quality and cheap. Also do you have to haggle for this stuff?
> ubergirls
All the girls look chubby and charge 300 euro. Does not seem worth it.
Lira crashed about 50% in the last few months.
I went there only speaking English. No problem at all. Some small restaurants might will likely have staff that don’t know English but they often have picture menus, and people are used to tourists and make an effort to communicate. I found a lot of people spoke English and Istanbul was actually far more modern than I expected, great subway and ferry system and dirt cheap even before this recent currency crash.

File: BlZGrgnm.jpg (13 KB, 320x168)
13 KB
gday, few years ago I wrote short stories of the trips I took through a number of countries on my way to 40030 km by bicycle. Decided to translate them into English and post here since it was my great joy to make a few threads here back in the day.

Few bits of background information from the original thread:

>Two months ago had a chance to choose redundancy at work. That gave me an unexpected freedom and some extra money- not a lot by any means. Decided for the better or worse that this might be my best chance to cycle around the world. So I set off from UK two weeks ago with the route pictured in mind and a goal of 40 030 kms from that by bicycle.
>Did a 23 day trip across Europe 2 years ago with around 100 euros (2400km by bike and 2400km by hitchhike) and shared it here afterwards. That plus some other cycling trips around the edges of Europe is the extent of my experience.
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File: 2.jpg (173 KB, 1000x668)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
I cycled through Eastern Europe before this trip, have some kino photos lying around. Here's a truck driver in Poland
File: 17.12.09 crossing.jpg (193 KB, 1400x788)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
13 Namibia

>December 2017

>Immediately after arriving in Namibia I splurged on a beetroot juice- it took me down with diarrhea for the next 24 hours, but the setback didn't keep first impressions from forming. I can't believe this is a real country! Vastness and lack of people, ocean and ancient deserts, BMW 645 cabriolets coasting along and bats hiding in my shower. The waysides towards Windhoek are decorated with mountains of woodcarvings at the feet of which the sculptor makes his 900th wooden elephant- each of these mountains are like an ethnographic open-air museum! The Green noise is as loud and prevalent as ever and giant directionless beetles keep bumping into my chest or forehead just to stagger a bit and continue on their lazy way to their beetle-homes. The waysides otherwise empty and quiet for hundreds of kilometers host a set of concrete table and benches every now and then. It feels civilized to eat at a table from time to time. These resting spots also have blue and white barrels for travelers to put trash in. Sometimes locals find it fitting to drop a dead dog in there, or a dozen young chickens.

File: 17.12.11 zogi.jpg (221 KB, 1400x788)
221 KB
221 KB JPG

>Last 30 km before Windhoek seemed like the most dangerous bit of road in the whole of Africa- better not to be anywhere near these mad drivers with my bicycle. Took a breather to gather my courage and met Wilson who's driving from Congo. He offered a lift towards Windhoek where he intends to visit his daughter. I joined the occasion and we arrived just in time for the sunset- the city looked like a pink pearl sitting on a sandy river bed on the background of hills around it.

File: 20171222_133625.jpg (1.87 MB, 3264x1836)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB JPG

>After I had rested for a week, skies must have gotten news about me leaving towards the desert and immediately served up a 6 hour long rainfall which I managed to spend in one of the police checkpoints obsessed with drugs & guns. There I slept on the concrete floor next to millions of moths and one homeless guy- a blessed company. Was quick off the tarmac and the quiet hundreds of the sands greeted me without a word from all directions like they would greet one of their own. However just after a few days the windy road towards Sesriem introduced me with the "desert tourist" vehicle stream. Never have I met nicer dust makers! Desert fauna here, too, is quite lively. I see oryxes and other horned beasts from afar, but ostrich and meerkat families cross the road right in front of me.

File: 20171223_084112.jpg (1.76 MB, 3264x1836)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB JPG
Unlike in Egypt and Sudan, here I'm visiting desert at the height of summer. Heat is immense, and makes cycling a whole another adventure to tackle

/trv/ he guys,
I m in Australia but my visa is not available anymore, I would like leave the country without begin stopped by the customs officer. My idea is to come back with a new visa. Someone hear about a case like mines?
File: 1631009064495.gif (1.75 MB, 300x225)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB GIF
you done fucked up
what options did you have before letting it expire? they have reportedly been forgiving on renewals due to covid.

you might get lucky if you can slip out, but I wouldn't count on it. everything is on high-alert right now
>Visa expired in Australia
no joke, Aussie immigration officers dont fuck around.
You'll probably get raided at 4am by immigration in the next few days.
t.when I was a uni student, a Papua New Guinean dude in our dorm's visa expired and Feds tracked him down within a week and kicked his door in at 4am, threw him on a bus to the airport at his expense.

Your best bet would be to apply for some sort of new visa while in Australia, at least while it's being processed it'll buy you a little bit of time.
are you white? if not get out and stay the fuck out
You can apply for a new tourist visa while being in Australia. Your best bet is whatever official has to click "okay" doesn't look at your file too closely.
Worst case, that fails, you pay a hefty fine to even be allowed on your flight out and you're blacklisted for 10(?) years.

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