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File: d3xp5a9ghhe41.jpg (261 KB, 863x867)
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Hello. I'm from Europe and want to move to US. Got around 250k. Wich city should I chose? I want one without too many niggers, spics and faggots.
What's the most conservative and white city in the US?
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Which are the top two nicest cities in the former USSR
Yea but I don't speak russian/ukranian
OP here, forgot to say I am a trans woman btw. Is there any city without faggots that's trans friendly? Spics and niggers tend to be quite transphobic as well. I don't pass yet, I will once I get my hormones.
You missed to chance to have the first post, kys
I made the first post though? The one with the funny anti spic frog. Are you blind or are all transphobes like this?

Is there much to do in Kanazawa?
you can kill yourself in many ways
Best sushi in Japan

Are the Bahamas a chill place to vacation?
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on resort absolutely
duno about going local
SEA is full of disgusting sex tourists, no thank you.
The Bahamas is shit. Everything has a "nice" facade that was built around the year 2000, which crumbling crap just behind it. Every "local" on the beach is there to try and sell you drugs. Almost every beach is private, which may sound nice, but in reality you get tired of your own beach. Also its boring AF. Go to Hawaii instead.
I knew a guy born there and he said its just alcohol and existential crises nonstop.
Really? Thought it would be a chill place to smoke weed and chill

File: leipzig.jpg (13 KB, 284x177)
13 KB
Looking for some recs for my next trip. Also how easy it is to study abroad in Germany as an American?
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Bump for interest, I'm going to study in Germany next year. I'm applying to Leipzig, Hamburg and Freiburg. Are these good cities or am I dun goofin?

I am living near Passau.
Beautiful area. Tousist business is rising.
Altschauerberg in Emskirchen is a well-kept secret pilgrimage place.
Bump for answers
freiburg is small and boring as fuck, hamburg is expensive, leipzig is nice but filled with hipsters who can't afford living in berlin

File: The_Strip_LD_t1024.jpg (98 KB, 740x600)
98 KB
50+ time Vegas goer here

Turning 21 in 2022 so I'm sure that this corona shit will blow off by then. Any tips on which hotel I stay on the strip? The only one I ever been was The Venetian hotel for cousin's graduation a few years back and usually we stay at the Westgate hotel just 5 minutes off the strip. I always wanted to stay at the Bellagio but I'm having interest on the Cosmopolitan right next to it. Is there a must besides gambling when you turn 21? I know the city from the in and out but usually can't enjoy the better plan of since I'm not old enough for gambling.

Any advice?
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cringe thread from a cringe little bitch
>Go rent a motorcycle and ride it up Mt. Charleston
lol what a stupid piece of advice
Christ man that's 2 years from now. Who knows what the strip will look like by then. Create this thread in a year and a half and we can talk.
Yeah does he live in the next town over or something? I don't think I've been anywhere I didn't basically live in 50 times, maybe not even half that.
>50+ time Vegas goer here

get a fucking life

I'm thinking of traveling to Latin America. I speak a decent amount of Spanish.

The choice is between Colombia (Medellin and Bogota) and Mexico (Mexico City and Guadalajara). Help me pick or pick somewhere else.
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Roatan is nice
>I want to try some authentic Commie cigars.
You can get good Cuban cigars in literally every country except the US. Quality varies and there are fakes in circulation, but chances are good that you can get something authentic and impressive almost anywhere that isn’t the USA.
post pic of your face and i'll consider it
your post gave me autism, thanks
Mexico is supposedly opening back up soon. Worth it?

File: nep.jpg (179 KB, 1160x773)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
Recommended or no? What have your experiences been?
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this is /trv/ after all, hasn't anyone asked about the girls or hookers yet?
What's the situation with girls, nightlife, and hookers in Nepal?
lo there you go, asking the importat.

Honestly I don't give a shit about hookers, I truly want to hear about the people and the cool treks in the mountains you can do. Also, temples? climbing? best time of the year to visit? that kind of jam
File: mountainface.jpg (4.09 MB, 5184x3888)
4.09 MB
4.09 MB JPG
Had an amazing time there.
A few days are good to see around Katmandu and Bhaktapur, then get away from the noise and air pollution (it's actually nothing compared to India's chaos) to the villages or go trekking.
People were very friendly and kind, one time I missed the last bus to the village I was staying in and one dude offered me a ride on his scooter if I pay half for gas, and we stopped on the way to smoke a joint from plants he was growing and had some laughs and at the end he didn't even want money and said god send him to help me. Still kind of annoying in touristy places, just don't mind all the folks approaching to try sell you stuff or kids walking with you and then asking for money.
Pokhara is nice if you want to chill for sometime and Lumbini has really beautiful temples. The mountains are the real shit though, like a different world. Try trekking at the very start of the season so they're not full of people. I did Annapurna Circuit at the end of march- start of april and there were people but I could walk the trail for hours not seeing anyone and it was nothing compared to the stories I heard from people who went in the middle of april for example. Also cheap as fuck.
File: 49169543277_e6e70fd476_o.jpg (1.81 MB, 6000x4000)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB JPG
I was in Nepal (Everest region then Kathmandu) for a month in November/December.

What do you enjoy most from traveling?
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You guys do doughnuts in parking lot?
Unfortunately, this. I’m a genuine pleb. Don’t get me wrong, I would still go if casual hookups were off the table, but it’s definitely part of the experience. It’s more than just the sex, in truth the build up is so much more delicious. God I miss traveling.
showing off on instagram
being away from my shitty life

File: Epticecus.png (81 KB, 256x256)
81 KB
Is it safe for a brown man to visit Poland?
I'm not as black as African american but I am kind of dark skinned. Will I be safe? Will people beat me up lol
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If you're just going there for sightseeing etc you'll be fine. But you probably are a sexpat like everyone else.

Polish guys don't like foreigners fucking or dating their women (same goes for most countries in Eastern Europe). If you're black it's a lot worse. There's a real risk you'll get beaten up / mugged if you're out with a Polish girl or at a nightlife area trying to score some pussy. I'm a white Westerner and I've had trouble in Eastern Europe so it's not a joke. They have thugs that will not think twice about knocking you out.
True but its justified hate and necessary if our countries will last. If people give you shit, blame the fucking immigrants because without them travelers like you would be treated better. With diversity, everyone loses.
Really? I'm white and plan to visit eastern europe soon. I dont plan on going for sex but if the opportunity arises...
Should I be worried?
It depends on the city/country. Riga and Sofia can be rough. Poland is not too bad but I had a bad experience in Warsaw. I've not been to Ukraine or Russia yet.

Don't drink too much and be careful which bars and clubs you go to. Look at google reviews - if you see reports of "thuggish bouncers" or "discriination against foreigners" then don't go there. If you avoid bars/clubs/alcohol altogether then you'll be fine.
Thanks anon!

File: malmoee.jpg (192 KB, 690x920)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
From a teenager's POV

This your video? Pretty entertaining
good video
>t. OP's proxies

Once you can travel again somewhat normally, where should I go if I'm a fairly broke, 22-year old university drop out (at the moment) that never really traveled?
Spent most of the last few years as a practically friendless shut-in, am a legit sperg and just really want to see the world before deciding on what I wanna do with my life and spending the next 50 years in some office, lab or workshop.
Also, I'm German, so no college debt I need to repay first.
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Maybe save your money - you probably won't be able to do anything substantial for a while. Once you can, use that money to go through SEA - Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, etc. Its cheap and pretty wild. To be honest, I'd recommend this kind of thing over an autistic culture like Japan because it will bring you out of your shell a bit and give you an opportunity to meet outgoing people instead of awkwardly sitting silently with a bunch of weebs.
Morocco is good if you are a sperg, as the people are super friendly and you will find friends no matter what. It’s exotic with beautiful nature, and you can travel there with almost no money.
bro just look at flixdeals, 14 euros per ticket. then go to amsterdam and or paris, approach girls, drink something, take pictures, go home.
belarus seems pretty cheap

File: 1588237381941__01.jpg (147 KB, 1024x681)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
What state has homeless people who are most down to hang out and drink with a traveller?
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I think you are looking for Prague
I agree with that one. Seattle had some friendly homeless people, but it's also the only place I've been where homeless people have followed me for blocks.

Do you guys wear masks while travelling around?
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So am I
Yes but only because of air pollution :/
No, unless a business I enter requires it (but only small businesses. Who cares about megacorps?)
What can go wrong?

Where does he and his Julie travel to?
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Borat and Ali G were hilarious though.
I remember the first time I saw Borat was in the the theater. It was literally the funniest shit I had ever seen. I was physically in pain leaving the theater from laughing so hard.
>Where does he and his Julie travel at?
Not only does he mock everyone and got this close to causing an international issue when the Kazakh government saw Borat, even his pseudonym is so Jewish a recently beheaded chicken can't help but notice.

Focus on Gene Simmons first.

File: 1589664483576.jpg (1.42 MB, 2400x2400)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB JPG
What's left?

I feel Europe is like the endangered rain-forest -- half chopped down and the rest inhabited by brown people.

What parts of Europe are still Europe?
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because then you have to live in brown people coutnries?
daily reminder that posts like these are made by discord trannies. they post links to these threads in their discords and get everyone shout /pol/ at everything. ignore them.
where did you go in Europe that you haven't seen original culture? Genuinely curious
>I have one hell of a time finding local delicacies.
I guess colonialism is European culture. But seriously, there's plenty of Mediterranean restaurants in the Mediterranean Europe, plenty of East Slavic restaurants in Eastern Europe, hell, plenty of fish and chips, English breakfasts, Scotch eggs, pork pies in London.

>When I'm out drinking, the bars usually play American music instead of European music.
well, not gonna argue with that, this is an actual problem. I try to go to bars with live music whenever there's a chance
if you disagree with me you're a discord tranny
This. A good faith conversation on race is literally impossible if anyone at the table isn't a member of the race discussed.

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