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File: femaletraveler.png (531 KB, 627x627)
531 KB
531 KB PNG
How do I stay safe as a female traveler?
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travel with your brother or father at all times. It's just that easy.
you're arguing with yourself
Learn several passages from the Koran
a lot of white women have said they felt safer in some 3rd world countries than in US or Europe.
That's just a more subtle form of white savior talk. This sort of condescending refusal to admit that a brown shithole is dangerous, even when it clearly is. Western women are so mindbroken that even harboring a negative thought about a brown shithole is a sin, for them.

It also has to do with the way women communicate: if you say negative things about something, that clearly means you hate it, and to hate a brown country would be racist. So they fall over themselves praising these places like a local news outlet praises a retard who gets a job at McDonald's.

I've met Eurotrash backpacker girls who walk around the streets of Medellin at night with their girlfriends. This is NOT something you want to be doing. I try to fucking warn them not to, and it goes in through one ear and out the other.


File: 1678540306951446.webm (2.9 MB, 360x640)
2.9 MB
Thoughts on Greece ?
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Why is she walking like retard?
someone told her it's "sexy" and she's been broken like that ever since
You know that bitch rehearsed this and nagged her boyfriend/manager/cameraman over every little element of this shot.
Thats a very blue water
Where's the vid from?

Miles usually updates his Twitter everyday but he hasn’t been active for almost 6 days now. I hope he’s alright.

Callum from Britannica Politica also commented on Miles’ latest vid asking to get in touch with the channel editor, presumably to obtain information about Miles’ whereabouts.
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Fake account set up by him, fuckin pathetic nerd
What makes you so sure?
They've posted about him multiple times since January/February, and make extremely meme-tier posts about "our masculine leaders" and whatnot. TBQH I think Miles is a retard, but if he's behind the account, I have to give him props, because that shit is p funny

still hoping Miles actually loses his head, though--fucking sick of this nitwit, who I'm sure is also behind the recent wave of "WHERE'S MILES???" thread. fucking moron is a transparent attention whore
Its him behind the account, has to be.
Hes just trying to bump up some attention for his next "venture"
faggots currently sucking taliban cock in some cave
is he on Insta?

File: 1656891223314.jpg (216 KB, 1320x880)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
>single man in his mid 20s travels to Thailand
your reaction?
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File: monk.jpg (8 KB, 259x194)
8 KB

Agreed, I have been living like a monk since this experience.

like why? They're STD Magnets. Anal is haram and against god's wishes.
I didn't go bare on the ladyboys, just the women or what I would assume are women.
Why? Just sex alone is so weird. Why not... date someone?
Because they're all fake.

What's the cheapest way to get to Cancun from New Zealand without entering the USA? I can't land in the US because they still have the vaccine requirements.
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>No other country has this issue.
America is not any other country.
Their way of handling border controls is also one reason why it's so easy to overstay any visa and continue to live there as an illegal alien, ahem undocumented individual.
Fuck covid vaccine shills. Imagine still pedalling that shit in 2023. Absolute cattle

Anyways, it's through Chile & then from there to Cancun
there are direct flights from Auckland to Mexico City. i don't get how this is a problem.
I thought your horsefaced PM hunted all you unvaccinated down? Luckily the US' clotshot requirement doesn't apply to citizens. I am a pureblood and they cannot legally prevent me from entering.
Auckland > Sydney via Jetstar $200 AUD
Sydney > Athens or Berlin via Scoot $400 AUD
Athens or Berlin to London via Ryan Air $100 AUD
London to Mexico city $600 AUD

If you're going one way with just carry on and time it right the whole ticket price will cost you around $1300 AUD.

The travel hack to get to/from Sydney to anywhere cheaply or visa versa is to use the scoot cities of Athens, berlin, Tokyo, Seoul or Singapore as stepping stones.

File: travelmap2023jan.png (549 KB, 4972x2517)
549 KB
549 KB PNG
here's mine. i'm 18 years old and travel is one of the only things i actually spend significant sums of money on
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I added an additional shade/colour for those similar to >>2419596.
you've never been to Prizren District and Ida-Virumaa
I taught French as a foreign language. Shit pay, poor conditions, but at least you live abroad for a while and make some memories.
That's an option I suppose.
This guy is trafficking drugs to europe
This guy is trafficking drugs to the US
This guy is trafficking drugs to Canada

File: X46j70o.jpg (116 KB, 964x505)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Leaving the West general thread.(continued)

I live in the USA, how do i get out of this corrupt shit-hole for greener pastures?
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There's a a strong inverse correlation between academic attainment, intelligence, and fertility. It's been this way for decades.
File: dont reply.png (146 KB, 625x626)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
why do u niggers fall for this bait, OP has been doing this for the past 2 years. also made the same about china
Believe in yourself!
I don't know how you can look at the US over the last 70 years and conclude that it's practicing eugenics.
File: jew.not-white.jpg (205 KB, 1920x1080)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
In their own words...

File: images (2).png (5 KB, 291x173)
5 KB
Thinking of about taking a trip to CDMX for a week or two. Planning on staying in La Condesa / Roma.

Any tips? Looking to save money if I can, but will more concerned about staying somewhere safe and posh.
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that's why I'm here anon. redpill me on condesa vs polanco?
The last time I was in Mexico City I really liked riding my bike through the Bosque de Chapultepec.
The entrance to the forest has a lot of activity, the neighborhoods that have access to the forest and that have a high security level are Polanco, Lomas de Chapultpec, Anzures and Cuauhtemoc, they are also neighborhoods with a very low level of marginalization, higher than 0.9717, this These types of neighborhoods are very beautiful and with a frequency of robberies of less than 7 robberies a year.
Other neighborhoods with these same characteristics in the Roma-Condesa area are Hipodromo and Hipodromo-Condesa.
The neighborhoods of La Condesa and Roma Norte also have a good level of security and are beautiful, and although their level of marginalization is very low, their value is slightly less than that of Polanco or Hipodromo, 0.9654.
>level of marginalization, higher than 0.9717
Who the fuck actually talks like this? Just say the place is a ghetto shithole or it isn't.
>Who the fuck actually talks like this?
That's how Mexicans communicate the level of poverty in a place. Foreigners have different usages retard, they say things the way they'd phrase them in their own language because that's the way learning another one works. You'd do the same if your stupid ass ever bothered to learn a language.

Why are you even on a travel board? Since you're clearly ignorant of the fact that other ways of doing things even exist, I doubt you've even left the country.
No every Mexican I talk to communicates like órale wey este puto barrio fue pa la verga wey no mames.

File: 528289617.jpg (178 KB, 1200x675)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
What are some predominantly African American cities in the US that are safe and have a lot of good food, music and culture? I want to visit a US city and actually experience some African American culture. I want to listen to Jazz, eat soul food, go dancing. I'm not interested in New Orleans because it looks extremely unsafe.
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The Dominican Republic or if you have the balls to risk aids, Kenya.
This is the right answer. Also Senegal if you speak French.
And in the US?
Black girls are desperate for dick, if they're not stacies they'll practically rape you once you show the least interest.

But if you actually need to seek them out, DC and Atlanta are probably your best bet.

New York is full of blacks, Puerto Ricans, and Dominicans as well, but opportunities for dating them seemed scarce. I guess it's because they can just take up with a man, while men are ones you'd see coming to better areas to beg and rape women.
Nawlins is a shithole. Only go during mardi gras and unironically carry a gun

File: 1676722191069828.jpg (50 KB, 625x813)
50 KB
>hop in, dude
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File: 1433898711702.jpg (75 KB, 1420x797)
75 KB
>write it off
You don't know what a write off means.
>Why do they smell like death even when showering twice a day?
Water and soap can't penetrate the folds and they're too fat to make the effort.
I regularly fly to the U.S and I'm always scared to be sitting next to a whale. There's always like 40% chance and I fucking hate it.
you mean a wet sponge that smells of vinegar
>Why do they smell like death even when showering twice a day?
Fat people like that usually smell because they don't wash/cleanse/dry properly.

If they wash, they just use your ol' regular shower gel or soap, and it's not going to do much, they won't scrub when they need to. They don't use antibacterial soaps, even handwash is better for fatties underarms, crotches etc.
Then when it comes to drying, they don't dry off properly, if they have folds, they don't get dried, crotches, asscheecks etc all get abandoned. Where they can they should be using talc/drying completely.
Lastly there's the case of post-washing products, they don't use deodorant properly, if they use anti perspirant they put it on while wet/damp, never fully dry. They put anti perspirant on anti perspirant because they don't scrub or understand different bases to get rid of old AP. Your usual fatty will just spray a bit of body spray then sweat.

It's just easier to dry a body when you're not overweight, less towels, less folds, less to deal with. Honestly, if you're overweight, nix the body hair, scrub, use different products, plan out when you're going to wash and set aside time for drying.

File: UnoRoacho.png (52 KB, 1272x1116)
52 KB
>cancels your flight
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The q*tari cuck fears the TVRKISH BVLL
File: Jetstar_logo.svg.png (68 KB, 2560x713)
68 KB
>book flight
>Check in for flight
>Get boarding pass
>Sit at gate until 20 mins before flight
"Flight cancelled lol, nothing personnel, come back tomorrow"
File: Lufthansa-symbol.jpg (204 KB, 2000x2050)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
>flight got canceled month before trip
>auto rescheduled on similar flight plan
>still want to make adjustments
>one quick phone call with cutie and have everything sorted out
First time ever using Lufthansa but not a bad start so far
File: file.png (12 KB, 309x163)
12 KB
>Book flight
>choose my seat
>check in for flight
>enough room
>cute girls with bright smiles serving me actually decent meals for flight meals
>for fucks sake, ANOTHER meal? It's like the third one, I just can't eat anymore, calm down guys
>flight ends up being 1h shorter than planned
Would fly again
File: TAP-Portugal-Logo.png (23 KB, 1280x720)
23 KB
>hey faggot, hopefully you don't have anything planned later because we're probably going to be delayed
>a schedule? What the fuck is that?

File: maxresdefault.jpg (175 KB, 1280x720)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
Which country would you do a working holiday visa to permanent residency in.

I only speak English so am leaning towards Ireland for the EU/UK working rights after 5 years.
Is there a better option so I don't spend the next 5 years in an overcrowded damp and miserable swamp?

I'm an accountant (skill shortage) so would only need to work there for 2 years before I become permanent.
(I already have work rights in NZ and Aussie so don't want either of those, preferably Europe).
Have fun in this shithole
There's so much more to this that should influence your decision and us giving you advice, for instance, your ethnicity, your preferences, etc

>your ethnicity

>your preferences
Good salary, dual passport option, best quality of life, (I'm not talking NZ style quality of life where it's high but only applies to millionaires).

Hey /trv/ Has anyone traveled to Turks lately? How hard do they look at your vax card? Can you show them a pic of your card from your phone or do you need the actual card? Cant believe they still require a jab to get in....
they put you in jail and jab you in the bum
sorry about your downs
Go to Bahamas instead. More islands to explore and no vax card needed.

I am going on a one month road trip soon and I plan on using gyms for showers, toilet, parking lot to sleep in. Has anyone else tried this? Got any tips?
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in fairness, I don't think you're really justified in calling someone fat for not knowing about planet fitness >>2423831

I didn't mind too much. the worst thing about it for me (ironically, considering the rest of this message) is its effects on sleep, diet, and training. of course, there's shit you can do on the road, but consistency and repeatability take a dive, and if there's anything you want to do that you need special facilities or equipment for, good luck. even something like hill sprints--not an especially frou-frou training tool, you know? but I've spent a lot of time wandering around looking for good running hills when I was on the road.
Detected fat incel

Regardless. Planet fitness is a low cost gym. I don't care what type of ppl goes there. I go there to get muscle. Get water. Take a shower and use free wifi.

Don't ever reply back to me you fat piece of shit.
OP, I hope you aren't seriously planning on degrading yourself by setting foot in a Planet Fitness
He's just a fat scared retard who knows nothing of the outside world
Car insurance, car tags and registration, reason you're there, etc

File: 5.jpg (31 KB, 500x421)
31 KB
how do you deal with racism when traveling?
34 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Shut the fuck up, towelhead.
I be white
I'm white so Idk

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