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File: Garmisch.png (13 KB, 1024x768)
13 KB
I just moved to a town near Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Is anyone here familiar with the area?

My mom's best friend's father died recently and the family offered me to live in the house rent free as long as I somewhat take care of the property. It's a huge 600m2 home with a large yard and all I do is cut the grass and trim some trees every so often and they're happy. They also live nearby so I get 3 meals a day for free.

Anyway, what's there to do in the area? I enjoy the outdoors and socializing but at the moment I don't know anyone here. I'm currently B2 in German and I'm starting language classes in Munich so I'll be there 4 days a week.

Any unique locations? Nice drinking spots? Good places to eat? Anything fun in the area?
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Get whores
God I'm SEETHING with jealousy, I want to stay there even if for a little bit : (
Tirol, Austria or Süd Tyrol, Italy are even better. Garmisch-Partenkirchen tends to have too many tourists in normal, non pandemic, times.
Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

File: 1574151107171.jpg (1.06 MB, 1227x1797)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
Got a job offer in Hong Kong starting next year. Is it retarded to go there at this time? Will the political clusterfuck get worse?
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stayed at a newer hostel on the top floor for a night, was very clean despite what I had heard. Really interesting building, I would go again
Hong Kong vagina's are intelligently built to accept White colonizing men.
Yeah when I went it was filled with niggers and brown people. It felt safe enough though, I have been to way shadier places.
no but i've been to LKF so at least 1 out of 2
Based, and Yellow Fever Pilled. Hong Kong is a great place to find a gf, one night stand, find a wife, or all three at the same time!

What is the point of this besides sometimes alcohol being cheap if going international
Why do people buy such over priced shit
I've never had to buy anything in an airport
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This plus not getting hazzled for liquids is the best part.
File: bury.jpg (8 KB, 248x250)
8 KB
stop being an attention whore.
l2me me
I guess it really depends on the border and taxes in the country. I live in Norway. The first thing most Norwegians do when arriving from an international flight is heading to the duty free store to get their import quota of alcohol. Norway taxes alcohol and tobacco like crazy, so you're saving quite a bit of money.
For instance a 1L bottle of Maker's Mark costs 369Kr at my local duty free. 0.75L of the same whisky at the Norwegian alcohol monopoly store(the only place selling spirits in NO) is 499Kr, so almost double the price per liter.

Many "duty free" stores in EU airports won't be cheaper because they're not actually on a customs border.
>he doesnt know
lurk more newfag

File: 53c.jpg (259 KB, 1280x729)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
Just discovered Rambalac on youtube.

Any other comfy channels of people wandering around and not talking into the camera like a fucking vloging faggot?
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Awesome! Thanks anon.
This one was really interesting. It wasn't the travel of the man, but the fish's journey. Neat.
Will search, anon.
What is this image originally from?
Saint Petersburg
the allegory of the cave

File: 1596867108819.jpg (110 KB, 654x658)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
I'm australian and I hate this place so fucking much. My dad is polish so I should be able to get a polish passport. What's the best country in europe for a young man to live? I'm willing to learn a new language.
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I hear Australia doesnt exist... must be propaganda
where do you live now anon?
Man, I remember me and my father talking about traveling to Australia one day. He wants to get some dune buggies and fuck around with them in the boonies and shit. I told him we could do that in Arizona but he hates that place
fuck off you are full
You are not going to find a good woman anywhere. Even if you settle for some broad, your family dream will end up in disaster one way or another. Better give up on that.

So im planning trip next year for my friend who i want to give an awesome experience since he almost lost his vision during annaccident. And i want to rent a car in netherlands or germany, drive through france, over the alps, take the autobahn to berlin and back to amsterdam. Maby stop by Nürbutgring. Any tips for where i could find a decent rent? The reason for going all the way is breaking the 300kmh barrier on the autobahn so need at least a bmw m5 or audi rs6
You'll probably better off asking this question in a car enthusiast forum as doing what you want to do is relatively common on there.
I hope it was no traffic accident or that gift makes zero sense. Buy Nordschleife experience on their official site. You will not be able to go fast on Nordschleife except you have been going there for years. Have an instructor drive with you. Wait until summer. Forget about driving 300 on the Autobahn. Too much traffic, making it dangerous. Nordschleife has a very long straight, do it there.

Also, the route is retarded. Slow driving on packed highways. France and Switzerland have a toll for private vehicles as well and very expensive hotels.

If you just want to drive fast, go to Dubai.
Living in germany and I think >>1876842 is solid advice. Maybe go ask /n/ what they think what kind of car you need. Driving 300 on a regular autobahn is a really good way to kill yourself. I doubt you realize how much more energy 300 km/h is compared to say 200.

If you absolutely want to do it on public roads, drive to east germany, they usually have good roads and little traffic, because they have been leeching money ever since reunification.

Also watch this video of idiots wrecking their cars on the Nuerburgring and explain to me why it cannot happen to you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmoEIyw1HFU

File: 1593627719487.jpg (94 KB, 960x640)
94 KB
If you could live anywhere in the world, but you have to work as a lower middle class wagie, where would you live?
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As long as there isn't a nearby community of wealthy people, I'd pick anywhere in the US with large trailer park communities. Then I'd pick the best trailer park and make my trailer the absolute best in the park. I'd bang as many wagies as possible, and the waitresses, bartenders and fast food working white trash sluts. I'd drive a 1989 Camaro that still burns rubber, and hang out around the high school.
WTH is going on in that looting photo and where was it taken? Anyone know what ms hi e the guy with the hammer is destroying?
If you're stuck as a lower middle wagie, that's not a bad way to do it.
Fuck man, this doesn't sound like a bad idea until of them gets pregnant intentionally to fuck you over. Might be worth getting surgery just to protect yourself.
Most of my choices were already named. Australia is a good place, and of course Scandinavian countries. France is also a good place where you can live on a low wage, and still date and socialize across a wide part of the social spectrum (class is more by behavior, education and interests instead of money).

Canada is an up-and-comer for this. The leafs I know were getting $2000/month on top of low wages during Corona, and that appears to be turning into a universal basic income of $500/week for anyone earning under a certain amount (but you need to start paying it back once you earn $24/year, so it dries up by the time you earn more than $38k/year). Whether Canada can pull it off long-term like Scandinavia remains to be seen.

Is North Korea some kind of meme country people visit to brag about?
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Back to r*ddit you go
>tfw no juche gf
fuck off incel
Take your meds, tranny.

What is the best place in whole Portugal to live in. I wanna get there
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>best place in whole Portugal
Madeira Island
Lagos. Definitely Lagos
>Valencia, portuguese city facing the atlantic
I once spent hours writing couch surfing requests for a host in Porto just to see that I was looking for the Brazilian Porto. Shit was embarrassing and annoying
They have a city they call the portoguese Venice. Forgot what the name was. Pretty cool city. Also they have a student city. Thing Coimbra was the name. That is very neat.
Granada or malaga
based portugal anon

File: ENZBJdzU4AAmdy5.jpg (71 KB, 828x697)
71 KB
How is travel in Iran for western non-Muslims and non-Iranian Shia Muslims visiting shrines?
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Kys you dumbass burger faggot
File: wsnaxm0hpwx21.jpg (724 KB, 3600x1700)
724 KB
724 KB JPG
>yes we obtain our historical knowledge from pol posts and think events and leaders known to a fourth grader with access to wikipedia is some esoteric knowledge, why do you ask?

I love how this thread is incessantly shadow-bumped after the /pol/ discussion has left.
File: Iran 95%.jpg (708 KB, 2048x1540)
708 KB
708 KB JPG
With the exact same replies?
File: ME PHENOTYPES.jpg (551 KB, 1920x1080)
551 KB
551 KB JPG
Check the archive and this exact post has been posted before lmao

share experiences

optional hard mode: no china or india
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Outside of Europe, US, and Canada, nobody really gives a shit about the six gorillion.
Lol in this thread

Liberals bash white peoples despite the fact they know better than to travel to Africa or India
File: holohoax.jpg (197 KB, 857x919)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
I'm in Europe and I only care about it because of pic related.

Aussies travel a shit ton. WTF are you talking about. We travel nearly more per capita than anyone besides euros with countries 5 minutes away.
He didn't even mention the white socks.
Nice try

File: cover8.jpg (244 KB, 1600x1013)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
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In Italy 90% of tourists are confined to a couple cities in any given province, its really easy to find towns and cities with barely any foreigners around. I like to spend time in Google earth just checking out everything I see and finding new places to visit like that.
Nice pics, what is the exact location? I love the 15-16th century Italian fortresses
What are some good and informative non-pophis works on early Florentine history?
If you go from Parma to the National Park in the Appennines of Tuscany-Emiglia by car you will pass by that castle.
It’s a nice zone. Both Emiglia-Romagna and Tuscany has some lovely landscapes.
La Giostra is the best restaurant in the city (in the country imo)

I heard Covid shut it down sadly but if it reopens you should go there

Fun city, i was there in my mid 20s and there are lots of college aged girls

why does nobody here talk about russia? ive just decided i kinda wanna do a short visit there and was wondering what to expect, where to stay, what to do, see etc. just the basics really.

was also considering going during the colder months for whatever reason. thoughts?
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How much Russian do I need to get by when visiting? What about outside of major tourist areas?
Obviously as much as it possible.

Obviously as a least you're able to explain yourself with gestures.
Bald is no street guy, if he can do it while waving a camera around I'm sure most people shouldn't have too much trouble.
I went in 2017. Flew direct from Moscow, stayed in Yalta for a week. Very pretty, of course. Otherwise maybe just a little sleepy as it seemed most things were oriented to boomer/retiree demographic (although I was there in the off season).
Georgia is a great place, great food, and long history/culture

Can't seem to find a simple, clear answer.

Can Americans transfer to connecting flights in the EU still or not? Any fellow Murricans had a connecting flight in Europe recently that can verify?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Paris is not in lockdown, yet. They “simply” close restaurants in Marseille and that’s it for now. Still pretty fuckingn retarded though.
As for Paris airport, only terminal 2 is open so transiting is possible. Terminal 1 and 3 are close. I take the plane every week in France.
frankfurt, yes, as long as youre flying out to a non-schengen country and/or country open to americans, same day, there will be no need to go through customs, your airline will transfer your bag for you. Your airline will definitely let you know if you can't transfer through the eu connection airport.
De Gaulle airport is the worst airport in te fucking world and I've been to shitholes like venezuela.
The french workers are rude, everybody smells like shit, the signals are all wrong, there are no bathrooms in some parts of the airport, a friend had to pee in the hall. There where homeless people, negros drinking wine on the floor, weird chinese men asking for money.
That airport was worst than the most horrible part of my country.
No, because Frankfurt is also in the world.
I am a Venezuelan who has been to Paris and I have no fucking idea what you're talking about.

File: IMG_4991-768x1024.jpg (246 KB, 768x1024)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
How bad is the situation of English in France? I don't speak French, how would it be to take a road trip through the French countryside without speaking French, for example? I can speak Spanish, English and Catalan (and some German).
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I looked. she still looks great, what is wrong with you

Damn where'd I put that Michel Thomas CD?
They're all on Youtube, aren't they?
I've got foundation, vocabulary, advanced and builder.
You’ll get refused a lot. People will straight up just ignore you. There’s shockingly so many people there who don’t know a single word of English.
>t. Asshole French family

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