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File: Europe-Map.png (199 KB, 4688x3994)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
What's the best place to visit here as a single male in his early - mid 20s for a 2 week vacation? Ideally meeting lots of people and being able to say it improved my perspective on life?
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Spain was fun the moment I was there
where is the most fun in italy? i was in rome for a few months, i liked it but it was more of a go to museums kind of place to me
thanks lad hope you make it back soon
i live in hamburg but a lot of my friends are moving to berlin so i'll probably visit this summer
Memrise taught me how to say "The Technoclub". I didn't know that's why...
You guys have any good clubs to check out in Barcelona? Im not into high-end stuff, techno place would be ideal but anything goes if its reasonably priced and not full of posh assholes or british/american tourists.
Can you wear hats?

File: cairo.jpg (109 KB, 700x500)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Planning to go Cairo at the end of October, any tips?
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I really wanted to do Luxor but I couldn't fit it in with what little time I have. I figure I'd do Luxor and go along the Nile one day when I'm not as pressed for time. I decided Alexandria because it's closer so I can do a day tour and it's a lot cheaper.
the people I met who went there said it was underwhelming
File: nefertari.jpg (67 KB, 514x337)
67 KB
It is and it isn't. Most tours do the usual tombs to cut costs and they can be a bit underwhelming, the tomb of Queen Nefertari costs more but is well worth it.
I meant Alexandria. Luxor has amazing sights
Anyone know if its worth buying cigarettes/alcohol at duty free for people bothering you? If yes, which cigarettes do they generally smoke or alcohol do they drink?

File: 154358763924065.jpg (188 KB, 1000x600)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Can you redpill me or give me advices about Marriott? I am considering staying 1 night at one of their hotels and check if the money is worth it. Also, would you think they are the equivalent of McDonalds in hotel industry?
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Hey bro. Current titanium here. Lifetime platinum in 3 more years. How I miss SPG.
I've met Lifetime by years, just a few nights short. I'm looking forward to it

I don't buy the nastalgia for SPG though, it's almost always through rose-colored glasses. SPG had its problems, as did the original Marriott awards, but it was the merger years that had so many sweet spots for redemptions and you got the best of both worlds. Now all we get is being Bonvoyed on a regular basis...
Marriott's are generally nice and have comfortable beds.
They're not McDonalds. McDonalds is like Red Roof Inn.

Just because they’re a chain doesn’t mean it’s shit. Chain restaurants are usually shit and I generally avoid these except for trying once, if said chain doesn’t exist in my country or elsewhere.
Hotel chains, on the other hand, are often quite consistent and have ok quality as worst (for most of them). Thing is, it’s often run differently than restaurants. The hotel owner defines a budget but doesn’t want to get fucked with management issues (which are obviously the biggest issues with hotels) and chains usually provide efficient management for the owner.
I used to wanting to travel in indie hotels but apart from higher ends or very exceptional cases, they are often subpar, by my standards anyway.
I mean I try to view hotel as something the least personal possible, as long as service is useful/helpful, the bed is comfy, the room is clean. Everything else is bonus.
Bonvoy Chads represent

File: can.jpg (31 KB, 1280x720)
31 KB
So I'm a British national looking to enter Canada (Alberta) for a few months to hang with a girl I used to be sweet with, problem is I'm not vaccinated thanks to Europe being perfectly traversable to me now and never really going outside of that. How hard will it be for me to get in without the jab? Also anything about Alberta and Canada for a first timer is appreciated <3
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cool it with the racism bro
Alberta fucking sucks everything is flat and looks like concrete but Banff is pretty cool
The dates on my fake vaccine card are never too early and never too late, it also features the required injections of the correct product to be accepted in the target country, no less and no more.
fake cards encourage the system to continue just like real ones
That's why you only use them to cross borders and avoid going to places that use them for more than that.

File: hawaii.jpg (225 KB, 1600x900)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
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will you be camping or staying at a hotel? Will you be making your own food or going to restaurants?
6k MINIMUM if you are hoteling it and not renting a car. If you are camping, maybe 3K, but I’m not familiar with campsite rates.
Flights range $39-79 one way between Islands. You can lower the cost by using flight miles.
Costs go way up outside of Oahu because lodging is geared toward luxury as opposed to camping.
Food is 20% more expensive. Dairy is double.
All of the major islands have a bus system, but outside of Oahu they are very infrequent and picky about which routes they serve. The Hele-On bus for instance won’t go to any exciting places more than once or twice a day.
You can rent a modest furnishedfinder for 2k, a nicer one for around 4
Food is expensive especially if you drink things like milk that have to be largely imported. Assuming 100/week for groceries and transportation costs I'd say 5k is a safe number.
YMMV depends on how much you want to spend and what quality you're looking for. Look it up moron
File: 5aef890a3353f.image[1].jpg (159 KB, 1000x750)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
How does this sound for a cheap solo trip:
>Land in Honolulu
>See Pearl Harbor
>Fly to Hilo
>Visit Volcanos National Park and other interior stuff
Am I missing anything big along the way?
Any advice for VNP?

If you had to choose a western metropolis to move to as a young man, which one would it be? I'm thinking of either London or New York but I'd like to get some inputs, thoughts, and first hand experiences from trvanons
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at time just being abroad in a totally new situation is enough to make you do things you would never do at home, in fact even just to speak another language is akin to wearing a different personality
10/10 women are all taken.

The average is 7/10.

Still better than somewhere like the multicultural hellhole that is London where women average 5/10.
No idea. I have nowhere I have to be and nowhere I want to go. I’ve been rotating the couches of various family members for the last year and a half.
doesn't sound like a sustainable lifestyle
It’s not, but like I said, I don’t know where else to go.

File: general-info_2.jpg (57 KB, 1180x885)
57 KB
This is the Dead Sea, the most dangerous body of water on the planet and a famous travel location. No life can survive in it. If you drink the water, you will die. If you get the water in your eyes, you will go blind.
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i dont get it
>Definition ofalkaline

>:of, relating to, containing, or having the properties of analkalior alkali metal:BASIC
>especially,of a solution:having a pH of more than 7
What happens if you have bruises?
They are healed instantly.

File: 1321314299001.jpg (60 KB, 666x968)
60 KB
I'm good all the way up to 7 hours.
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I mean, unless that is small enough to be your carry-on? I guess you could surrender it at the gate, because otherwise it would be in checked.
Life hack: purchase a giant Tolberone from duty free, ask for a plastic bag, return it without said plastic bag. Repeat 20 times = 20 free plastic bags. Make holes in the bottoms of 19 of them. Put the last plastic bag on your feet = boom. Free sleeping bag any airport in the world.
I can comfortably hang around an airport (assuming no lounge or dayroom in an airport hotel is on offer) about three or four hours. If there’s a good lounge I can manage maybe six without complaining. I HAVE hung around in airports for as long as ten or twelve hours, cannot recommend to anyone sane. Nowadays in the very unlikely event I wind up with such a long layover I try to make an excursion into the city if I can. But I avoid that kind of nonsense.
In a lounge, 3-4 hours max depending on the quality of the lounge. A good Delta SkyClub I can do 3+ hours, some random shitty overcrowded Priority Pass club, less.

If my flight is any later than that, I am booking on a different airline or pushing it a day and sleeping in a hotel overnight. I don’t wait around at airports.
Actually audibly chuckled. Thanks, anon.

My family is going to Taipei for holiday this year, might be August or September.

It will be a week, so right now I’m trying to make a tour for my family.

Do you guys have any suggestions? My family really love foods. Thanks a lot.
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this. its 10 days quarantine now. maybe they havent bought their tickets yet. Taiwan's minister of health chen shi zhong is a retard. but OP is a bigger retard if they fly in and end up quarantining in a hotel for 7 days before flying back home.
OP clearly specified that he was just considering his options. My money, with the whole pox thing and the current state of affairs regarding covid cases, is on them closing again and having a lockdown by july.
You should be far more concerned about your and their health and welfare as a result of the "vaccine".

My Taiwanese parents won't enter the country (because we're Americans obviously) once they figured out the scam is to sell and coerce people into experimental "vaccines" 2-3 times a year and told our relatives to come visit them in the US instead
So you just shift the injection burden to your relatives or are they US citizens that aren't affected by the mandate by the Biden regime?
File: 7028888099_336df1869e_k.jpg (472 KB, 1365x2048)
472 KB
472 KB JPG
Lived in Taiwan for a couple years and love the Island. Try to check out the Keelung Night Market if you can for great food, short train ride out of Taipei.

File: 1458982466856.jpg (69 KB, 645x425)
69 KB
I'm tired of being poor in Russia. Everyone is alcoholic and salary is dogshit. Where can I move to?
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Literally any of them, with the added benefit of not having HIV.
> In China they would be thrown in prison and forced to slave away making shoes for Nike.
Imagine actually being this brainwashed. Holy kek are mutts a lost cause. Next you'll tell me Bin Laden orchestrated 9/11 cause of "muh freedumb!".
File: 1652828846164.jpg (166 KB, 1080x564)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
>There are no "homeless" in the U.S
This is how you win the game.

anglo with 3+ years history in russia here

>stacks of paperwork and bureaucracy for everything
agree, cant argue with that

>unfriendly people, especially towards non-russians
depends who you are, im a white anglo and people were always excited to meet me or indifferent

>cops looking for bribes, especially towards non-russians
never experienced this, even had moments where i told the cops i was an anglo and pretended to not really understand and they just let me go.

>roaming street dogs
exists in shitty provincial areas

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1644500636626.jpg (151 KB, 632x852)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
How do I know if my flights are on the same ticket?
I'm booking packaged flights through Expedia, and it's my understanding that if there's delays and I'm on the same ticket + I miss a connecting flight, the airline has to put me on the next plane free of charge.
For example:
>Dublin to Helsinki (Finnair)
>2hr layover
>Helsinki to Haneda (Japan Airlines)

Am I safe in the event of any delays?
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both finnair and jal are members of oneworld alliance which means they have co-ordinated support and so on. helsinki has a specific oneworld support desk so that would be your first port of call in case of any delays on your flight from dublin. they will generally try to support you but of course it does not have to be on the "next plane" since of course that flight might be fully booked. both finnair and jal are airlines with a generally good reputation so it is unlikely that you will have any problems barring natural disasters, ww3 etc
I wonder if there's a way to check (before booking /payment) if connecting flights will have the same 6 character ticket number?
Believe Expedia call it a confirmation number / booking ID
Play stupid games (booking on OTA), get stupid prizes (your reservation is fucked)

What is so hard about booking a multi-city trip on your own on the airline's website?

If you answer is you're a poorfag, you deserve the streetshitters on Expedia if you have the misfortune of talking to them

FWIW, when the PNR is joined, missing any part forfeits the upcoming legs. They will help if it's not your fault such as due to delays, etc.
ffs anon this is a travel board not a be a cunt to everyone who asks a daft question board
we're all just trying to get somewhere
If you do everything you're supposed to(show up on time, have correct docs etc.), but something out of your control still fucks up, just go to the counter with your ticket in hand.. like anyone else?

I think it exaggerates a little, but mostly true. 90% of japan is shitty towns with one main road with a pachinko, combini or two, chain restaurants and car shops, with old people making up most the population .

Its literally like flyover states in every way. Yet i noticed people posting lots of videos and images on instagram these days of random suburbs in Hachoji or any random boring place with millions of views.
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Just stupid idiotic WEEBS

I'll bite.
I think your viewing this from a white American pov. In other languages, top pic IS interesting. I've had lots of friends come from different countries and marvel and American cities. They want to try eating at Denny's like in the movies, they want to see downtown, walk in the stupid little parks and take pictures of abandoned barns. It's terrible for us, but for them it's new.
The same thing happens to western people in Japan. They want to see the strange new architecture, try the quirky sandwiches, or eat ramen like in anime. And eventually they get bored, like (you)
There's flattering pictures of colonial Mexican architecture too. In fact, Mexico is pretty popular among Japanese people, since I keep running into them whenever I visit.

Cant tell it apart from half of Japanese towns
Well thank god, I transitioned to female! Your validating words are very welcome.
Most cities in the West and SW are laid out in a grid, queer. Eurofags go to Disney World or New York and think they've seen America

File: brickell1.jpg (323 KB, 1920x740)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
Leaving for Miami soon where I will have 2 days in the city before going on a cruise. Never been there before, what should I do? Not interested in nightlife/partying. Would like to walk around some nice waterfront/downtown areas at night, eat some local cheap food, go to the beach (which one?), visit a cool historic or cultural site, just get a feel for what the city is like and maybe go to a museum or aquarium, something indoors for the middle of the day when it's too hot.
Fuck you sound like an old boomer fag
you're barely even traveling
for your type of trip, literally just google "what to do in Miami other than club"
here faggot,
Which ship
>historic or cultural site
Nowhere in Miami Beach is cheap. Drinks at a hostel bar at $15 and food is $30/plate. No street vendors. There are some street art areas if that’s your thing which don’t cost much. Can’t speak for the aquarium or museums. Overall, Miami is a very uptight city full of rude New Yorkers and Latin Americans with money. I would probably take the train up to Hollywood, Delray Beach, Jupiter, or West Palm for more affordability and better vibe. Splurge on some stone crab claws though.

File: Screenshot_5.png (2 KB, 703x424)
2 KB
Any Lithuanian anons? I'm here for 10 days and its my first day today and it seems very chill. The people are very nice too.
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File: vaxpass.webm (2 MB, 450x800)
2 MB
Did they finally give up on the clot shot bullshit?
Oh great, the antivax shill from /pol/ is here again. He literally has no life, the only thing he does is post his shit all day long hoping Putin will reward him one day with a virgin tradwife.
>Oh great, the antivax shill from /pol/ is here again
Who is this person that lives rent free in your head?
My webm is from less than 6 months ago, so my question is completely relevant and valid
That webm is older than 6 months retard.
no joke this is what happened: there was a court case due concerning government overreach and corruption. Day before the trial was due to be heard they dropped all the vaxxpass bullshit and then day of trail they said there is nothing to hear because there are no rules anymore. Not even fucking kidding. Absolute shithole.

File: a.jpg (25 KB, 840x470)
25 KB
I’ll try to be brief, but am willing to elaborate on any of this if it helps the discussion. Some elements of this are anonymized or deliberately changed for anonymity.

I always thought my end goal was to end up [cool hipster west coast city USA] but personal reasons or work have always barely stopped me. I am now at the point where I am making the money to go and have no relationships holding me back. But in the last 2-3 years, my hopes of actual long term happiness by way of owning a house have disappeared. I was absolutely positioned for a dream home in some cool west coast city until COVID. I could still have a lesser house or rent forever but that is not a reality I worked for.

Instead my most recent plan is as follows. Move to the eastern USA in a city I don’t like at all, but has low cost of living, low taxes, and a good airport. Basically live in an apartment that is a glorified storage unit, and plan on being gone 80% of the time. I need to be back in the USA for approximately one week per month and I’m hopelessly attached to too many of my belongings to live out of a suitcase. I plan on working the USA-based job on USA time (so, South America/Europe/Africa mostly) and pretending nothing is different. I do not think this is the best way to be happy permanently, but I have no other ideas. Part of the reason I want to hang on to my belongings/identity is because I would like to have a house, a wife, a dog someday in the USA, but what I will not do is pay a flipper double what he paid in 2018 to do so. I consider myself well traveled and am not concerned about safety/language/etc as much as I am solid internet access and legal issues like visas. I have been running it around in my head to no end and simply cannot decide if this life is attainable, wise, or to any degree better than renting in [cool west coast city] waiting for some unlikely drop in real estate.
76 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah I mentioned that, without knowing what his field is it's very hard for me to give usable advice here. Again, if DN is that much of a passion you must be willing to change jobs or fields.

>I'm still willing to take the risk. I just don't think it's as easy as "find another job" or "ask your boss" as the era of everyone looking the other way is over... or at least, out of self preservation, I'm going to act like that is the case.
Been working since I was 16, with 12 years EXP and a good resume my position protects me from dumbshit. Again like I stated, you often will need to be more than a front line data entry/pick up the phone guy. I've had 4 jobs and just go to another one if something isn't workable since my linkedin and other contacts have a net for me, I'll talk with a staffing or recruiting agency and just go boom done. Like in Japan on the spot during some bar talks with some japanese people I was listing off my industry certs and got a job offer on the spot for a laughably low 55k/yr BUT HEY FREE JAPANESE VISA!!!!

For this life style you're going to need to build your resume out and stand out, not trying to sound mean here but that's just the way it is.
I appreciate the criticism because this actually makes me feel better. Last week I had someone ask me if I wanted to work for them at a bar (not a job offer yet). I think my resume is finally getting legit. Even if I was the most employable person in my field, I still don't like changing jobs. The last time I changed jobs it was for a big raise and I still lost sleep over it. I don't like change when it comes to something so fundamental as source of income. Living in another country short term I can handle.
File: 1635210211177.png (482 KB, 1024x850)
482 KB
482 KB PNG
Hope you make it, understand a lot of people unless they just land into a weird position or bust their ass for some industry certs and shit to become this way, it's a fuck ton of work. It's why 99% of people keep DN of a pipe dream.

Best of luck anon
Why not just retire early with all ur money youre making?
The only way I could retire "early" would be to slog through another couple decades and then live cheaply. Does not sound appealing, I'd rather enjoy what youth I have left.

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