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File: 1600910149110s.jpg (6 KB, 250x140)
6 KB
A picture taken from my country. How do i get out of this shithole? Currently don't have a passport.
[Lots of good info last time, running it again.]
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Your country is the size of a continent. If you don't have ties to your local area and are willing to leave forever, why not star by going to a place where you can save some money? Texas and Florida have no income tax. You can probably slum it and makes some money there.
OP, you should prepare yourself for the possibility that it's not any better elsewhere. This world is an evil place, maybe the next will be better.
Well Canada is poop too Amerimutts.
Don't come here.
You have so many options within the US to pick up and move to. What State are you from?
INB4 travel restrictions reinstated.

Redpill me on Rota Spain.
Going there in a few months for the next couple years.
I knew some piece of shit Puerto Rican dude who got stationed there. From what I've been told though it's an awesome fucking place to be. Don't sweat it man.
i don't know anything about burger base but the region
great place to take up golf
seville is the coolest city - hot as fuck in summer
cadiz is super comfy
gibraltar is a nice novelty but if going far away
malaga is nice tourist spots, the idea of waves of british chavs wasn't prevelant in the city, there are resorts to the south that it is likely true like torremolinos
caminito del rey is a canyon cliff walk just north of malaga - it is now a safe tourist spot, it used to be a daredevil spot.
marbella is a rich yachting town that might also attract wanna be flash people. - uk press tries to show costa del sol is now costa del crime as it is the "retirement" location for london criminals
tarifa is a small town -most southern point, noteable for kite surfing, port for ferry to morocco
in andalusia there are pueblos blancos - white villages that a few are quite nice - there are some more famous ones ronda (bridge), arcos de la frontera, zahara de la sierra, grazalema (sierra grazalema is the mountain range), Setenil de las Bodegas (town carved into rock cliff), vejer de la frontera. ubrique is another in the grazalema mountains.
huelva is not particuarly interesting to tourists so if you want to avoid them. that coast is much quieter, big estuary in that area
donana park is a lot of wetlands and birds
bolonia - beach and roman ruins
the southern part of portugal called algarve has lots of beach holiday destinations, quiet or bustling

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In my opinion, it’s St. Louis. It’s in the US, which automatically puts it in “most soulless” contention, and it also has a murder rate in the top 10 highest in the world despite being in the first world. Hard to argue that the title can go to any other city.
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Hartford is both soulless and a shithole. New Haven is also a shithole, but has some semblance of a soul.
Saw some images of this shithole on that doc about the Yorkshire Ripper. Good god do Bradford and Leeds look like unbelievable cesspools.
File: 20170311_woc097.png (221 KB, 1190x934)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
Soullessness is tough to quantify but I've found that there's a strong correlation between a place being soulless and meth abuse. Anywhere where people feel the need to smoke that shit in order to get through their day pretty much sucks.
Wrong image but whatever. Meth/heroin, it's the same shit. People get into that sort of thing because the place where they're living is a cultural void.
File: 1389984207748.png (67 KB, 640x450)
67 KB
>1 person ODs in Big Bend Nat'l Park
>county's statistics are fucked

File: aus.png (23 KB, 1200x600)
23 KB
Is there anything unique about Australia compared to the US? I don't know much about it but based on the little I've seen it looks like nothing but an inferior version of the US. Am I missing something?
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Speak for yourself, shitcunt.
seconding this. i work in a hostel and i always meet people going to/from surfing trips in Western Australia
australia's not going the path of degeneracy.
australia's problem is the corrupt as fuck Liberal govt selling the country for short term gains.
In the US, the people are all trying to kill you. In Australia, everything else is also trying to kill you.

>Handful of crowded breaks full of SV techies on costco foamies or mals who ditch their board every wave or drop in on you
>Meth head locals who want to fight over mushy 3-4 foot waves
>Fat boomers on SUPs sitting 30ft beyond the lineup taking every set
>Retards on foils coming to take your head off or cut your board in half
>Cant go in the water after it rains due to sewerage runoff
>Sit in traffic forever, cant park anywhere

>Only some of the above, all contained in isolated pockets of Sydney

File: istanbull.jpg (12 KB, 275x183)
12 KB
I need to spend two months in Istanbul starting from beginning of February. I am not going alone so I need a 3-4 bedroom apartment. What is the best way to do it? Is airbnb good? In my experience its great for 1st world countries and is basically an overpriced scam in 3rd world countries. Is there some website which is way better? How would you handle this anon?

Also general Istanbul/Turkey thread.
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link to the FB group?
link to FB page?
my old roommate was clubbing on the same street half a kilometer away the night that those terrorists shot like a hundred people (inshallah) she didn't even hear about what happened until she woke up hungover the next day

File: 1606830191358.gif (785 KB, 400x225)
785 KB
785 KB GIF
I can't find Constantinopel on Airbnb, what do?
Hey anon i am from Istanbul. I am not experienced on Airbnb so i am not going to comment on that but you can stay in local hotels if you want since current exchange rate is very inflated.
(1USD=7.41TRY) With this amount of money you can find hotels (or motels if you prefer) on a wide scale and since tourists are not included on COVID-19 restrictions you can go wherever you want without much trouble.

File: 1602444850637.png (554 KB, 647x483)
554 KB
554 KB PNG
People who have traveled recently, in your experience how is tourism doing? By that I mean I like meeting other travelers when traveling so I'm worried it'll be lonely right now. Pls advise
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What the fuck are the Indian / Paki / Flip workers doing in Dubai now? Is the government helping them? They must be barely surviving.
slave labor
It's hard to explain without it sounding insane, but like 2/3rds of dubai are basically indian/filipino colonies, and they have their own entire communities and restraurants and shit. They work at malls and hotels and construction but the rest of the time they pretty much just, like...have their own city, in a city.

I really don't know what to make of it, but I picked a spot in the middle of a filipino colony area by accident and it turned out to be basically like being in the philippines except about 10x as expensive. They even have jollibee.
I've been in Turkey since August. We didn't have any restrictions here from the day I arrived until the end of November. From a social perspective, things were great--I met a whole lot of people, went out almost every night, and had a good run of freedom. I'm fortunate that two of my close friends from the States came to visit in December and January, respectively, as they kept me company once the government went back to business closures, curfews, and weekend lockdowns.

Thankfully I'll be leaving for Pakistan on Friday, and from what I can gather, people there don't so much as bother wearing masks.

Will do a month there, then go back to the States for 30 days. Need to get a student visa, and will vaccinate against COVID (I technically work for an assisted care home, so I'm entitled to priority vaccination). I'm going to fly straight to Tanzania in April.
Visited Cancun for the holidays and it's the same it has ever been, filled with american tourists doing the typical touristy things. Only difference was the facemasks. Literally everything else is the same.

File: darien.jpg (1.12 MB, 2880x1620)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
Why can't they build a road through the Darien Gap?
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Ships aren't environmentally friendly though. A road must be built.
They could. There's just not much reason to do so.
...to handle the massive traffic that needs to d rut I've from Panama to northern Colombia.
Opening transport links between Medellin and Panama City would be a net positive. Roads and rail are generally the most economically beneficial public works projects for a region as a whole.

File: ugly.jpg (160 KB, 1200x797)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
What is better to travel Asia or South America
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Want to eat good food everywhere and not feel like you're constantly going to get fucking murdered?

SE Asia ftw.
some of my fondest memories are riding around stopping by food stalls and pigging out. another 5 blocks...pig out. the food is better than sex.
>Kylo Renncat
t. Salim
I am Peruvian and I wholeheartedly agree with him. You underestimate malicia indigena.

My dream is to live in París but I'm brown (latino) and I don't wanna to be discriminated. I love French literature.
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>I don't wanna to be discriminated
You say
>I don't wanna be discriminated against
I would'nt go
You would be litterally the Only brown person in Paris, you would always be an outsider
Dont. Europe jas no culture nowadays. They listen to our music, speak our language.
>imb4 yuropoor cope
You know its true.
France has no culture apart from terrorism and petty criminality.
Dont its an african hellhole . it has no culture anyway. European culture doesnt exist outside of the usa.

File: map.png (154 KB, 1458x948)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
I'll start
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>500 round trip, tops, from any metropolitan area on the mainland
Delusional retard
>t.never been to Hawaii
Hawaii has that, but it’s just retarded Samoans who chimp out
If you can't afford to live in MD you can't afford Oregon. Cali transplants have made rent and house prices absolutely insane.
So you think the Oregon coast is shit tier but the homeless camp known as Portland is decent? I don't follow that logic at all.
>Name three FL beaches that have anything on Poipu or Lanikai
Clearwater, Sanibel Island, Marco Island

File: unnamed.gif (25 KB, 512x380)
25 KB
Guys, would you recommend good youtubers showing us real american life across the states and not just touristic routes shit.
Wolter's World
Most Americans never travel anywhere, so this is not /trv/-related.

File: 1610885276725.gif (751 KB, 1555x2200)
751 KB
751 KB GIF
Which area of Germany should I move to?
I'm currently contemplating where should I study or take up an apprenticeship after summer and am just deeply unsure where exactly I should go as I'm originally from the Ruhr area where my family home still is but am currently stuck in western Brandenburg.
Is Berlin still a place worth moving to or just a dated meme and you can get most it offers elsewhere for far less money?
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>There's nothing a 1 million person city has that a 100k city doesn't
Germany is a shithole.
chill out Chayim
For clarification, I'm german and already here.
Halt den Mund du schwul.

I’m a little bit autistic and obsessed with Russia and I dream of escaping there one day to fuck around and travel alone. I’d love for my friend to come with me but realistically I’d enjoy being alone. How safe would it be? Would Russian men show interest in a young girl being here alone? I’m not saying I’d reject any male attention thrown at me but I don’t want to be paranoid the whole time about drunk gopniks hitting on me. I want to visit cities and towns full of old soviet buildings and memorials and just enjoy the atmosphere of it all. Riding the trans Siberian is definitely one of my options. I can speak basic Russian, so conversation with a local would be no problem. Anything about solo travelling in Russia would be nice.
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yeajh right
Same here, but you could also try the other routes going farther East.
Also look into taking the BAM instead of the Trans-Siberian. The BAM goes north of the Baikal and generally goes across a more desolate area with more interesting scenery... it has a different vibe, but you will miss out on some cities like Irkutsk for example.
File: transbam6.jpg (95 KB, 444x232)
95 KB
To illustrate, the BAM is the green path. You will still end up in Vladivostok but a few hundred kilometers before Irkutsk you deviate from what is known as the Transsiberian railroad.

Welcome to /rcg/, a place to discuss all things roller coasters and amusement parks.
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>I'm way bigger for good theming and immersion and prefer things like dark rides and simulator rides
A Universal park is better for you
>However if you arent asian i found a lot of characters will run over to you and let you/make you take photos with them ignoring the 20 Japanese kids waiting patiently in line.
Hahahaha based
X2 or Tatsu probably. I'm surprised CA only has a single hyper and it has no gigas.
Its big enough that it doesnt feel small but its not huge where you need a car/bus to get you to disneyland/magic kingdom.
Plus i like the California screaming/Incredicoaster, tower of terror/Guardians of the galaxy, soarin, grizzly river run, toystory mania. Everytime ive been i could spend two days and still have stuff to do and it still feels different and like its own park. Im not a huge cars fan but the area does look pretty cool.

I also really liked the bugs life area with the caterpiller ride that was scented that they got rid of it.

Plus californias weather is nicer than florida. I hated the random midday showers that would just FLOOD the park because they had a shit drainage system.
Th west coast has too many good things. Gotta let the other coast have a few positives.

At least you aren’t in the middle of the US where parks are hundreds of miles in between each other.

File: 6areas.gif (78 KB, 482x635)
78 KB
What happens here?

Looking at going to Baja California Sur in March for a few weeks.
Looking at

San Jose Del Cabo
Cabo San Lucas
La Paz
Todos Santos

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