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Where can I visit that has similar vibes to 1970's New York? I know that's like asking for what is the 2021 Kowloon, moments lost in time and distant memory but I just want some place that feels like this movie. I've been working long night shift hours and soon will have a second job so I plan on going on my first vacation in a year or so.

-San Francisco (I live an hour away but haven't been since 2012 and I hear it's turned to shit)
-Phenom Penh/Pattaya
-Calcutta (or whatever they're calling it now
-Dubai (the sickness is there if you know where to look)
-any border city in America or deep south metropolis

Gimmie advice. Don't even want to coom I just want to pop caffeine pills and listen to wistful jazz music on a MP3 Player with autist audiophile headphones and rant about the rain to uncomfortable disinterested strangers while sipping a non alcoholic beverage
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>Yeah, Nepal and India would be interesting to visit but they're kind of gross.

Cairo is filthier than anywhere in India or Nepal.
there's no fucking away its as gross though
>t. designated pajeet
your best bet is to just watch movies set/made back then. like any Scorsese

I live near ny and I think I know the vibe you're describing. lonely/melancholic, even though youre surrounded by people? exposed but cozy and familiar? Its still here. I would suggest coming here fall/end of winter and just trying to live your life. take the subway, sit in the park, read a book, listen to music, look at people.

I would get this feeling most after a long shift on the street (emt) when I drove the hour home at night/early morning over the bridges and by the skyscrapers. its nice

the problem is that you cant force it. the feeling is all in your mind. I'm naturally kinda depressive. you can probably get the feeling anywhere but ny has the advantage that it will always be the largest american city.

I've only been to a few places but kyoto/osaka had a similarish feel (japan was conquered by the same generation that made 1970s ny).
if you really want to, rent a van in ny and live in it for a month. you can drive around at night and no one really bothers parked cars so you can sleep in it.

its also possible to go to one of the mens shelters (like 34th or 168 st) but I would not suggest it unless you want to live very very very rough and get robbed by someone on k2. but that experience would probably get you closer to the real 70s ny

I plan to do it over a year, avoiding planes and hopefully active warzones. I'm not sure about Sudan and Ethiopia, everything else sounds doable. Has anyone here done it? What tips can you give?
I'm from Brazil btw, I'm used to dangerous places but I can't blend in with the blacks.
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every thread in trv/ talks about how dangerous brazil is.. even more than mexico, and mexico is notorious for cartel violence. theres no way you guys are worse than mexico , would i be right in saying that ?
None of the numbers reported are accurate so who the hell knows.

You think those people wacked in the desert ever get included in any census?
Read Paul Theroux's Dark Star Safari. The book is an account of this exact trip. The hardest part according to the book is the desert between Ethiopia and Kenya; bunch of terrorists in the area that shoot at vehicles. Theroux actually gets shot at in a bus there. Other than that the trip didn't seem too bad. Obviously the book is a little dated (2002), but it's still a good read and I'm sure parts of it are still relevant. Paul is also Louis Theroux's dad which might interest you.
>Dark Star Safari

Lol that is like 20 years old. There are plenty of travel blogs available that are way more recent
>I can't blend in with the blacks.
I have bad news.
Guess who lives there?

File: R.jpg (287 KB, 1200x1200)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
I'm looking to travel from Australia to Eurasia. I don't mind where, because I want to just walk across the world and camp. However the borders of Australia are closed due to covid19 and they wont let me fly with a plane. Do you guys have any suggestions or ideas of how you would travel overseas while borders are closed? I'm desperate and willing to do anything really. Do you think I'd be able to charter a boat ride to south east asia, do you think there'd be people willing to for a fair price? I know it sounds stupid but I'd even be willing to use a canoe, I don't value my life much.
>Do you guys have any suggestions or ideas of how you would travel overseas while borders are closed?

Holy shit you all have like 4 or 5 threads about this dumbass shit asking the same question
I skimmed over the catalogue but i should have looked at it better sorry ©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©tuba

File: IMG_5505.jpg (1.52 MB, 1417x1890)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB JPG
would it be safe as a female to ride across europe/russia on a motorcycle and sleep in a tent?
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Yes if you let me follow 2m behind
jfc this used to be a cool board

edgy but still okay

now it's just a bunch of sociopaths from /b/ with the occasional good advice from some oldfag

OP, you should probably get your answers from elsewhere
>OP as an stupid question, born of strong and independent woman delusions.
>Receive ridicule as it should be
>OMG how rude!!

Simping hard won' t get your dick sucked.
you've just not simped hard enough
have sex incel.

im going to start off in keulen and end in amsterdam after a week. i want to see the old art and castles and stuff, but also i want to fuck lots of escorts. what are the best places to go to satisfy the dual natures of my trip?
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we're full of frogs already, so fuck off pls.
I’m only gonna be there for like 9 days bro
go to antonio strasse in aachen
try actual brothels in the netherlands (privehuis)
are the girls in brothels better looking as opposed to online booking? im finding a lot of online escort listings in belgium but not that much in the netherlands for some reason

File: file.png (78 KB, 569x341)
78 KB
What's the absolute fastest way to get EU citizenship so I can live where I want in Schengen? Besides marrying a local. I'm Canadian if it matters.

I'm tired of having to go 3 months in 3 months out of schengen all the time.

What are my options? Someone here must know some little-known loophole or method. Help me out, please.
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>It's supposed to be a drawn-out process though, and who knows how much it would cost.
Yeah, naturalization just about anywhere requires years in-country. Even citizenship by descent (from a living Irish citizen grandparent, so it’s just a question of documentation and registration rather than naturalization) can take over two years to process.

Everyone I know who’s not from Ireland and has an Irish passport (one a dual UK-US citizen, the other two Yanks) had a parent born there.
>Having italian or Irish grandparents
I have Irish grandparents and my mother was an Irish citizen when I was born so I qualify for an Irish passport via foreign birth registry, but I just recently looked into it and all registrations are on pause due to COVID and typical it took 12-18 months to process before COVID, additionally due to Brexit more people are applying than ever before. So it’s going to take a while. Fuck.
Golden Visa scheme. I think in Portugal you need to buy a house over 300k€ and that's it. Afterwards sell it if you want.
>Golden Visa scheme. I think in Portugal you need to buy a house over 300k€ and that's it. Afterwards sell it if you want.
It’s €350K, soon to go up, and it can’t be in Lisbon, Porto, or on the beach. Plus the “Golden Visa” isn’t a track to citizenship, it’s just a residence permit (so you don’t, for example, have right of free movement/residence anywhere in the EU outside of Portugal—you have to live there). I don’t think you can sell the property and keep the visa, either.

Residence can be pretty good too—I am a Schengen-area resident and have no regrets, and I considered this program back when I wasn’t sure I would be granted permanent residency—but it doesn’t confer the same benefits as an EU passport.
I'd say 2-3 years to get an Irish passport at this point

File: 1634660258836.jpg (215 KB, 640x1136)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Which US cities have the easiest women for a sex tourist to pick up? I’m single and work remote, middle aged. I like to travel around. Where else can I go? I use Tinder and Bumble to find women. Pic rel so many trans in Portland. Below are my results:

Atlanta: lots of fat housewives, lots of black girls who want a white sugar daddy
Vegas: good luck during real estate conference and other big conferences, but overall not as good as expected.
Miami: solid. Lots of divorced milfs and tourist
Orlando: Dry. Fucked a couple of big tot tied goth girls who worked at Disney World

Where else would be a good city in the USA to target women?
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>Almost identical to something you'd see on GTA.
GTA 5 did a great job at representing actual places and the people who you find there.
not worth it avoid these nevada brothels at all costs since you have to negotiate prices. you looking at $700-1000/ hr for some used up whore with a shitty attitude.
The issue with online dating is the ratio of male to female (76% male in the US) is so skewed it borders on tragic and if men were a more selective on right swipes this would be less of an issue.

Even more challenging is seeing that seismic shift to online dating. I remember when people would be ashamed to say they were online dating and that was relegated to the desperate. Today I'm the "weirdo" for not having much of a online dating profile.
File: 1622854807175m.jpg (62 KB, 1024x768)
62 KB
montreal girls are as feminist in US cities, but I had no problem getting attention from the chicks from both stateside and quebecside

File: 1606412762026.png (37 KB, 800x400)
37 KB
Is it possible to visit Afghanistan now?
Would it be any good?
Did I miss out on not going there before the Taliban took over?
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If you're white I would avoid it for a few years until things get settled. If your from a coalition country I would avoid it altogether.
So did I miss out by not going to it during the collapse and pulling a Lord Miles?
It's fine but on the first day there you've got to go up to the biggest, thickest neck guy in the bazaar and behead him.
File: 1629057230172.jpg (50 KB, 662x960)
50 KB
What happened to Miles? Haven't been lurking since forever.
He got adbucted and beheaded upon returning to Bongistan

File: 20211018_203512.jpg (326 KB, 900x951)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
Hey /trv/

What happens here?
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>All those fucking hyphens
>Traditional regions like Auvergne mixed with made-up geographical names like Rhône-Alpes
>Champagne, Lorraine and Alsace simply called "big east"
>Brittany missing its historical capital
I'll admit some are actually an improvement on the pre-2014 regions but it's still subversive revolutionary trash designed to destroy regional identities for an overarching "French" identity that may as well be Algerian at this point
To get back on the topic though everywhere within that circle is a great part of the country to visit
Heaven on earth

Very beautiful places, shitton of historical sites, and lots of wine.
>grand est

Where are the best rub n tugs in Macon/Wayne/Oakland county (MICHIGAN)?
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You look like you have AIDS. Try stg or eskwatallegeter. Most amps are old and ugly ladies. It's easier to just go from one to the next and find them. I would look in richer areas, although there are randomly hot chicks in some of the others. Try downtown shadier areas where they probably sell crack.
Use usasexguide / rubmaps / rubratings. Even the strip clubs are fs near you. Not in Detroit proper but down in Dearborn/ Inkster. / End thread
So, in Macomb County you can get a happy ending at 14 mile and mound. Pretty decent too.

If you like a finger in you, they do that. Nothing more though. Gone over a dozen times. Candy was the best
When are we meeting up for the 313 TTTs?
This isn't traveling lol

Is it a nice place?
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Can you elaborate? How are the strip clubs? Are there any underground brothels? Also I’ve heard that montreal women are less bitchy and prettier than goblina mutts have any experience with them?
Bars and restaurants are open at 50% capacity until November when they'll be able to function at full capacity. But the best time to enjoy the nightlife is in spring/summer when people go nuts after 5 months of frozen hell.
They get a pass because they speak french, so they are the main cohorts of low education immigrants who shit things up for everyone. Especially the haitians.
I can't speak to the quality myself because I haven't adequately explored, but what I can say is that it's a very prominent part of the culture. Someone who's lived here a bit longer than me mentioned that part of the city's history was that this was like THE rest stop for people coming and going further into the country way back in the early settler days and what not, so there were plenty of burlesque and sex based entertainment and that evolved and such. Basically, if you walk down any major street downtown, like huge touristy places even, you'll see many different shows and services just out there in the open. Like a strip joint on top of a fastfood joint and stuff.

With regards to how attractive the women are? Absolutely. Women here on the average are ridiculously gorgeous. A 6/10 here is like an 8 where I came from. And it's great because most of the men here are skinny manlets so you kind of feel like a king amongst them.
One of my buddies moved there recently and he said that the pozzing situation is much worse there than it is in NYC. He said alor of the women all have short hair and LGBT is way more rampant, and that most people are in open relationships and shit like that until like the age of 40. Is this just French degeneracy or globohomo pozzing? Idk the couple of times I went to montreal I did not get this impression at all and there were hot white women everywhere and the minorities that were there were nice MENA Christian and non mullato/crazy Syrian and Lebanese Muslims with beautiful trad women. I guess shits changed in the last 3 years but I hope it isn’t the case. Nowhere seems safe anymore

File: GettyImages-946087016.jpg (379 KB, 1200x900)
379 KB
379 KB JPG
I'm working in NY right now and got the weekend off, flying my gf out for a few days.

What are some must sees/dos? We're doing the obvious ones; one world trade center, statue of liberty, times Square, grand central Park, etc.

But is there anything else worth checking out?
Visit Park Slope area in Brooklyn for Beautiful views and trendy restaurants.

Domino Park is a new waterfront park area that gives great view of manhattan

Shore Park is a nice walking area under the Verrazano bridge.

free Ferry ride to staten island

File: nyc.jpg (154 KB, 1400x720)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
How is NYC in 2021?
60 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
New York is the only US city I'm excited to see IRL. All other cities just seem like an endless sprawl of McMansions.

t. German, never been to the US
>just ignore 60% of the city and it's nice xD

By that definition, NYC can be nice as well
>SF was great 15 years ago but even that's fallen.
with the except of the homeless problem, whom they ejected to the surrounding cities. a lot of homeless actually did stay away from SF until covid.
>All other cities just seem like an endless sprawl of McMansions.
Those are all suburbs, not cities. If you're not a total architecturefag, the NYC skyscrapers and high rises are interchangeable with skyscrapers in any other large city in the world. They're all office buildings and condos when veiwed at ground level, not the Hagia Sophia or Taj Mahal.
Chicago had some of the most interesting architecture of anywhere I've been in the U.S.

I've heard a theory that because Illinois is so plain, they put a lot of attention to building interesting shit.

File: 1634509524083.jpg (24 KB, 400x267)
24 KB
So I'm a full blown nut case that will eventually meet the same fate as Chris McCandless

This is in the U.S.A.

I wish to travel nomadically with the seasons, without a vehicle. Working for money wherever I go. I am a good laborer with basic skills.

I figure a inflatable kayak/bicycle combo would be the best, however recently I've heard about pack goats and these little fuckers will carry your gear while you walk, and shit, I'd rather just walk at that point.

So for nomadic hobo type lifestyle, whats the verdict? Blow up kayak + bicycle OR pack goats??
7 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I can't imagine a scenario in which paddling down a river would be more efficient than going by road unless you're inna jungle. Also do you know how fucking heavy inflatable kayaks are? At least get a packraft.

Realistically all you want is a bike though
It's not about efficiency I am not trying to keep up with the fucking shift work world lol
please do this OP and post here about it. Looks based as fuck.
File deleted.
The goat idea is unbelievably based please do it anon
Kill all trannies

File: BlZGrgnm.jpg (13 KB, 320x168)
13 KB
gday, few years ago I wrote short stories of the trips I took through a number of countries on my way to 40030 km by bicycle. Decided to translate them into English and post here since it was my great joy to make a few threads here back in the day.

Few bits of background information from the original thread:

>Two months ago had a chance to choose redundancy at work. That gave me an unexpected freedom and some extra money- not a lot by any means. Decided for the better or worse that this might be my best chance to cycle around the world. So I set off from UK two weeks ago with the route pictured in mind and a goal of 40 030 kms from that by bicycle.
>Did a 23 day trip across Europe 2 years ago with around 100 euros (2400km by bike and 2400km by hitchhike) and shared it here afterwards. That plus some other cycling trips around the edges of Europe is the extent of my experience.
88 replies and 48 images omitted. Click here to view.
Posted first paragraph of Ethiopia, haven't woken up yet. Here is Kenya:

>First 500 meters in Kenya already seemed like a "return to civilization"- a choice of words that was met with a surprise by a woman I talked to in a shop. "You call this civilization?!" she laughed. Truth be told, she had just returned from Dubai where she had traveled for work, so I can imagine (but not know) her perspective. Northern plains are rather desert-like and it contrasts greatly with the brightly coloured houses covered from top to bottom by adverts in a very "african" English. Almost every shelter is a mangled mess sitting on the red sand with a motorcycle parked in front of it. While riding the bus I sat next to an unbelievably beautiful woman- she scared me at first, but then I fell in love. There was something very aesthetic in those cheekbones and the jaw, the wide smile and eye whites that seemed extraordinarily white because of the background of black hijab. A showy touch was brightly coloured toe-socks for the convenient use of flip-flops. Arriving at her destination she was met by a similarly looking woman- are they of some common ethnic group or perhaps just sisters? Unlike Ethiopia where everything gets swallowed by darkness at night, here roadside attractions welcome travelers with neon lights and loud music.


>After crossing the equator I noticed an increase in traffic density, no- it was noticed first by my lungs the lament of which I started hearing only after a headache joined in. Previously undiscovered fact about crossing the equator- roads seem to all go slightly downhill afterwards. Also I finally feel like I'm REALLY far from where I started. Every morning now makes you think in different terms than before, to be ready for what seemed impossible yesterday, to question yourself, others, and your own motivation. This process seemingly erodes what makes me human- the image of it disintegrates before my eyes like a thin sheet of coloured paper through which now the sun dazzles my eyes. Perhaps this sunshine is but scars left in my brain by the exhaust gases of passing diesel trucks I inhaled HARD a few times.

File: 20171110_175630.jpg (2.37 MB, 3264x1836)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB JPG

>During the night I camped next to a crocodile zoo, was woken up countless times by some birds (?) and their blood-curdling shrieks- I guess celebrating the coming of Rain Season because since that night it started raining. Unrelenting "ferengi!" cries from Ethiopian children have morphed into more manageable amounts of "mzungu!" and I happily take cover from rain together with the local kids.

Kino thread desu

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