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Has anyone managed to avoid the $2000 extortion without being vaccinated coming back from Europe? I can't get the jab because I'm immunocompromised and there are no other exceptions.
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The past months arriving by flight in Canada it was supposed to be mandatory hotel quarantine at your own expense. But they give contracts to their cronies for an expensive hotel with subpar service and subpar health precautions for a so called quarantine hotel (maybe you don’t care are about that but you are paying for it).
I believe it will change soon do just be at home quarantine. Shortly in August they will trial fully vaxxed Americans no quarantine so you would assume for Canadians too but not read about it.

To avoid hotel quarantine you could have driven across USA Canada land border and quarantine at home for some reason it’s different.

Also many airports people just declined the quarantine and sometimes they were given a fine. It ranged from less than 2k allegedly to maybe 3k. However people were clsiming if you challenge s the fine it would be unconstitutional and not upheld in court but don’t know any details about that topic.
Surely it would be completely unconstitutional to charge a Canadian citizen entry into their own country because they don't have a vaccine?
i'd say probably but i duno any rules about stuff, or if there are two conflicting rules which takes precedence
Quarantine hotels will end on Aug. 6, I think. So maybe if you're unvaxxed you'll have to quarantine but it won't be in a shithole overpriced prison hotel.
Vive le Québec libre

Fug C*nada

This has never seemed realistic to me. Is there any way to make a bindle actually practically work or is it just a product of clown cartoon logic?
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yes there are a lot of ways for it to work. it's a good way to pack up if you want to bring a massive blanket to sleep on or something because you don't have to pack the blanket, you use the blanket as a pack instead. try doing it but not using a stick, just use your imagination and it will make sense. Maybe use a drawstring or something?
Never gonna make it as a hobo bro
>TFW no Rick Owens or Prada hobo bindle to ride the rails with
I also thought how cool it would be to walk around the world with just one of these. Monitoring this thread.
have you tried actually tying one in real life. all you need is a stick and a piece of cloth. figure it out for yourself instead of making dumb threads.

yes, it works, yes they are kind of like a backpack when you are too poor to have a backpack. and if you use a stick/staff instead of a twig like in your pic it doubles as a walking tool/defensive weapon.

File: 0d1p5jrpycn31.jpg (86 KB, 1051x807)
86 KB
What countries in Europe can a amerifat actually move to with little effort?
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Basically if you make 5000 a year you can live like a king in many places in europe that aren't the only city in the country.
>if you make 5000 a year you can live like a king in many places in europe
5000 Troy Oz of gold a year?
>be American
>allow millions upon millions upon millions of broke ass immigrants from all over europe to settle in USA despite not speaking a word of english, having zero education, zero skills, heaps of dependents, etc
>none of these countries allow Americans to immigrate unless they jump through hoops and have some kind of in demand skill
wtf what a shitty deal
This. Euros are socially awkward doormats. Do whatever you want.

I have zero drive to travel the same way most of you (claim) to want to. The people who just want to get laid I can understand but I've had religious experiences in fucking parking lots, I just want to vibe even if that means in the middle of bumfuck nowhere.

I'm guessing this loses it's appeal if your a wagie who has to go back in the cagey and your trips are just an hedonistic attempt to dissociate yourself from this but I've never been attracted to the "lets only visit cosmopolitan world cities but in 3rd world shitholes. I have more respect for the SEA degenerates than some of the upper middle class "i'm a marxist/neo-liberal" but still super catty status obsessed and materialistic people I see here who would be better off as plant food in a cambodian rice field.

Me? I just want to enjoy a train ride and listen to aphex twin.
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>trv always sucked
I disagree. There were always shit threads but the quality was much higher overall when I first started coming here in 2014. I don't think it just turned to shit one day, seems it was like a steady decline.
your very basic musical tastes don't make you an intellectual. you are just a sour grapes autist who will die alone. like what even if is this gay ass thread. you sound like you're 19 desperately trying to impress strangers.
keep seething plebian
keep being "17 and deep"
keep being lame and gay fag only 17" is the length of collective dick you take on the daily lmao

File: HowToSayHello-thumbnail.jpg (500 KB, 1280x720)
500 KB
500 KB JPG
jeez, i want to fuck Fiona and Constance so much
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No. Average is 7. 6 is a D. If they're below a 6 that's a failing grade and they're unfuckable.
Props to you, anon, for owning up to your post-fap clarity.
To me, anything in the 5 or 6 area means they have a good body, but ugly face, or a highly attractive face, but "meh" body. 5 and below means they don't have anything physically attractive going for them in either the body or looks department. But that's just me, obv.
I'm finally cured then.
if you were redblooded, you would want to fuck 6s

File: kitasenju.jpg (607 KB, 2880x1800)
607 KB
607 KB JPG

I've taken a picture of the terminal station in downtown Tokyo so please watch it.
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put the tittle in english and you will get views
this is really comfy in a way I can't completely explain. well done anon
Love videos like this, I sit in my room in the dark with headphones on and watch hours of videos like this pretending I'm there
use a normal aspect ratio next time, Christopher Nolan
Thank you for your feedback and I will use it as a reference.
I uploaded another video. In Kawagoe, the old townscape remains and it is a place to entertain the visitors.

File: img97o.jpg (55 KB, 710x710)
55 KB
What do you do about your plants when you travel for >1 month? Last time I was gone for 3 months and felt like a huge burden on my friends, who assured me it was no big deal to water weekly, but honestly a lot of the plants need water more than that, but I could not ask them for more help. I kind of wish I didn't have any plants anymore, but I have invested a lot of time and money in them. This has been something I think about a lot every time I want to leave the house for more than ~10 days.
They have those auto-watering systems you can invest in. On the cheap end is a plastic spigot and water bottle that'll drip water into the base of the soil slowly over the course of a few days or weeks. On the extreme other end you can buy a bunch of arduinos and moisture sensors and set a water source to add water and take readings for you while you're away.

To be honest I always wanted to set up a home network of sensors for my plants. It'd be cool and useful but on the other hand I enjoy the zen of watering my plants and inspecting them for changes.
I have no problem watering peoples plants because it excited me to jack off in other peoples apartments and beds. They do have auto watering solutions though and if it's 3 months or less they have DIY solutions online you can scale up a bit.
Bring them with you
Watering bulbs. They might die, but who the fuck cares. They're plants.

People that travel a lot don't usually have pets. I guess in your case if you're really attached to your plant collection, you can either travel with the risk that they die or you can stay home.
>They might die, but who the fuck cares. They're plants.

File: knightscoop.jpg (69 KB, 1024x640)
69 KB
What's Japan like? I don't know anything about it except from what I've seen from Knight Scoop. So I'm guessing it's anime hentai consumers and Japanese businessmen in suits in the big city and soft spoken traditional Japan eldery couples in the rural towns.
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Bug colonies
does it have cockroaches
i hate cockroaches
File: 1618741393973.png (29 KB, 741x568)
29 KB
what does japanese pussy taste like bros?
Soi sauce
The one piece of advice I have is to engage in everything, don't be passive.

All it takes is a little head nod or a greeting and you could be spending the rest of the day with a salaryman downing drinks.

I went to a 100 year old candy store run by an old lady the other day. I was just browsing, etc. but the second I asked her something in Japanese we started chatting for like a half hour, she was showing me the inside of the bulding, telling me its history, etc.

Japanese people always say Americans are ストレート, and I just embrace it. Obviously don't be fucking obnoxious, loud, or annoy people but just a little push goes a long, long way

I heard in the city near me they’re giving hotel rooms to homeless people and that sounds fucking awesome how do I get into that shit?

I just found out my friend was in one and he got stabbed and was on the news. They just let you live right in the big expensive ass city for free
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Stop being so poor and having friends that get stabbed.
It's a thousand times more degenerate than the coomer threads.
Leave these rooms for people that actually need it and go get stabbed in the streets you vagrant bitch
>Leave these rooms for people that actually need it and go get stabbed in the streets you vagrant bitch

i hate to side with OP, but who needs rooms more than the homeless?
Fuck the homeless desu
this. they should all be eradicated

File: 1626818782685.jpg (311 KB, 1080x1585)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
Your thread for:
* "they're finally opening up / no they're not" arguing,
* "I just want to see historical sites BTW where do I find hookers" cooming,
* "help she says she's pregnant wat do" desperationing.
* "I impregnated dozens of teens" LARPing,
* "you disgusting pigs just can't satisfy a white queen like me" roastieposting, and
* "Duterte sucks open the fuck up" ranting.
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I find it remarkable how some thai girls think foreigners travelling to BKK are looking for something long term. I've known one girl with a circumspect personality who doesnt seem to understand that BKK is a joke. why would a google employee in his 20s settle for a bratty thai babe that has negative earnings potential
I wouldnt mind settling down with a cute Thai lady in Bangkok at all. In fact I almost did before COVID fucked everything up.
>why would a google employee in his 20s settle for a bratty thai babe that has negative earnings potential

I'll take my chances with a thai girl rather than deal with the constant mind fuckery of western girls.
> lockdown blues
everything is pretty much open. If you haven't been partying these last few months like your life depended on it you missed out.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (90 KB, 1280x720)
90 KB
Where can I go to experience this:


Anyone here has ever been in one of these things? Do they let in non-muslims?
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
> t. never lived in a muslim country
They are no joke the worst fucking people. You dumb /pol/tards have memed yourselves into thinking Islam is based, Im gonna laugh my ass off when you all convert and move to SA
>limp dicked tranny got traumatized by a muslim's firm handshake
Every Muslim country I have visited has been clean, strict, and they had control of their pet Africans. There was also an underground but accessible sex scene.

So basically everything was great and degeneracy was kept in the closest as it should be.
>So basically everything was great and degeneracy was kept in the closet as it should be.
Based hypocrite.
One thing i've learned is that muslims are typically very welcoming, like most folks.
I am friends with a local lebanese muslim restaurant owner. During Ramadan, I greeted him, "Ramadan mubarak" which is basically their "Merry Christmas." He was genuinely pleased, shook my hand then had a laugh at two guys eating in the corner. "These guys are bad muslims, eating before sunset." The two guys eating were laughing and saying things like "don't tell on us." Good folks.
I wish I could have gone to Syria before Obama/Bush/Globohomos. I heard Syria was (is?) an amazing country.

File: 2014_FalloutNV.jpg (80 KB, 960x600)
80 KB
I'm taking a 4 day vacation alone to Vegas in about a month. Any suggestions on places to hang out or things to do outside of the obvious gambing, going to shows, buffets, etc.
I definitely prefer old vegas all things considered though the strip has its share of fun and interesting things to do.
Get out of the tourist areas just off Fremont st and you run into bars with more locals than sunburned tourists.
A friend told me to hit Robertos near UNLV next time I go. Said they have an amazing carne asada burrito.
I really think pot has fucked Vegas more than they expected and the last time I was there was 2019. It was bad then. Certainly isn't better from what I gather.
If this is your first time, just walk across the front of Caesar's palace. It's far more immense than I had imagined. It shocked me, honestly.
Best free show on the strip is the bellagio fountains. Just have to sometimes fight the dirty dirty bums to get a good view.
Hoover Dam is impressive.
There's great hiking outside of the city. I'd wait until late September to attempt it, though. The weather starts to cool slightly.
Bus service is cheap, fast and clean. Don't shy away from them.

File: 1626063830693.jpg (110 KB, 604x788)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
What would you do if you had $5000 to spend on a month long vacation?
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These bitches sell themselves for fairly little if you aren't a slob, OP could fuck her and still have enough to go south america
anon, most of us aren't chads, we're mongers, too fat, old, short, ugly, shit clothes, bad BO, breath, lazy, autist, deformed, diseased, bad teeth to get with our own women so we have go abroad.and spend our betabux. that said i've just self-coomed and now i don't see the point in chasing hookers half way round the world and then paying them the hourly rate of a surgeon.
It's impossible now to find a girl who isn't some social media whore
Spend two days somewhere, lol.

File: maxresdefault (10).jpg (105 KB, 1280x720)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Like does it really? I've always had a chip on my shoulder about people who "travel", especially women. It's so common now for people to just spend their 20s flying across the world and just flexing on everyone that they're more worldly than others and having hostel sex and those "priceless experiences" that can only be had in Germany, Africa, SE Asia etc. I know one girl who spent the past 10 years living and working in Europe, Africa and the middle east and went back to the USA for maybe 8 months of that decade. I know another dude who just peaces out to Mexico or Costa Rica for 2 months a time every year and he's my age (30).

Ive had no real desire to do the backpacking and travelling thing. I have a passport, I've actually lived abroad when I was a kid, and I don't mind taking a week or two every so often for a mild vacation - but I made life choices that just make that lifestyle so unattainable (took loans out for college, got a good job with that risk, still paying it off but I make good money). Like I don't want to take a "risk" and quit my job to backpack or volunteer in Thailand for a year.

Is travelling really that such an amazing thing? Am I shut in? Am I missing out? Are these people really that better and braver than me?
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sad , why not just save and quit your job and travel for a few years?
this guy gets it , even 350K is enough for a first world country assuming you live with roomates and own very little
yep, I'm from a shithole country however I've set things up so that I'll reach that point when I'm 40 the latest
and with even the slightest improvement or getting a decent wage I'll get that at around 35 or a bit earlier
at that point just fuck off and do whatever you want, you can travel everywhere with 1k a month if you don't fall for the I NEED to live in a single flat in the center of tokyo to really appreciate NIPPON
>but our system is set up that it you dont grind in your 20s youre gonna be a loser your entire life
This is 100% false. Maybe if you fuck around until you are 40 you will be a loser for life. These days more and more people are entering the workforce in their mid to late 20's as opposed to early 20's. More and more take gap years. More and more pursue post graduate studies.

In my country they pay you to go to university after age 24. So I worked odd jobs and travelled until 24. Now after my finishing I am doing a graduate's degree and will finish when I am 30. Gonna be a loser for life? I don't think so. Why is your outlook on things so fucking grim? You honestly need to get off this website and talk to actual people more.
File: 1625700598916.jpg (99 KB, 700x700)
99 KB
>Yea those people trying to have fun and adventure in their lives. They are the worst especially if they have a vagina.

File: world-map.gif (125 KB, 1200x715)
125 KB
125 KB GIF
What country will you be visiting first when (if) the world unfucks itself?
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France. At this very moment it is possible for vaccinates. But I'll wait this delta evolution or until august to book a flight.
Japan, Italy or France, whichever I can get 4 cheap
Are things open there though? Like If I go I want to be able to enjoy restaurants, clubs,bars.
Bucharest was hopping af. Streets packed with bars on each side and no masks in sight. Way cheaper than France too. Like 2 USD a beer.
Norway, the best country in Europe. Specifically I will visit Bergen, the best city in all of Norway without question.

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