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File: travelwithchris.jpg (147 KB, 1280x720)
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147 KB JPG
I think travel with Chris is the best travel channel. It is heartwarming to see how friendly and humble he interacts with locals
bumping for best yt content

File: 20230829_081619.jpg (53 KB, 680x664)
53 KB
I'm on vacation from today (11/9) to 26/9 and have planned absolutely nothing. I'm based in Europe, I would really love advice on last minute options. I really don't care, let it be unique but affordable.
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Take a walk in the woods
>Thessaloniki and Athens have good weather right now. Go there.
This. Best place to be.
>I would really love advice on last minute options.
Just go wherever the bus takes you.
>I would really love advice on last minute options.
Go to Ibiza
>I would like to visit a medium or small sized but very interesting city

File: turkishembassy.png (304 KB, 499x367)
304 KB
304 KB PNG
What should I do during a 16-hour layover in Istanbul?
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the blue mosque
Turki ladi sexy me ranjeetpoohindupowergmail
This sounds lovely
Try a bathhouse

File: i9cmbmo3j8b11.png (2.12 MB, 1920x1080)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB PNG
I'm thinking of taking an action packed trip to Detriot this weekend. What should I do there?
Go to McDonald's
Ford Factory Museum, then get blasted on commercialized edibles in your hotel room watching the Robocop series while real Robocop happens just outside your window

The movie franchise or the TV series?

File: IMG_3201.jpg (501 KB, 2560x1650)
501 KB
501 KB JPG
Only positivity here

I went to Prague this past May and the museum has a huge room featuring rocks which were very cool, and there was a dark room to display fluorescent rocks. You go behind a curtain to enter the room which was quite small. But because it had to be dark people kept bumping into each other and it was funny af so you just hear laughing and get bumped in a small room with glowing rocks.

>No coomer posts allowed!!
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I was in the army and guys who went overseas said the cash vendors kept this shit in Afghanistan.
File: dune-fight-gif.gif (3.68 MB, 934x394)
3.68 MB
3.68 MB GIF
Are you French Canadian or Celtic Canadian?

UK is under Germanic Occupation, English or England is the only Germanic language in Celtic Ireland Scotland, Northern Island, Semi roman Waleish, and the exiled Norman-French. Im friends with Waleish, Irish, and Scots, who connect with Templars who are French connected. Lusophones mi gusto mucho also.

Im from the Philippines ancestral prince guard of a French Lusophone, royal name in exile.

I know Crusader State French Escrimé is now Kalis Escrimá.

Denis Villenueve of Canada is using Kali Escrima Balintawak since he knows.

>I know Crusader State French Escrimé is now Kalis Escrimá.
>I was in the army and guys who went overseas said the cash vendors kept this shit in Afghanistan.
Did you see any action? Ever kill a man?
bump, I wanna know

File: a0921151836_10.jpg (420 KB, 1200x1200)
420 KB
420 KB JPG
In what place could I move to where they would give me

-a place to live
-a job
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Only medicine and food can be given. See a charity clinic and a food bank.
You must seek your own place to live, your own place to work, and your own place to learn.
In sweden everything is free
Soviet Russia
prolly Cali or New York


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File: obsessed.png (186 KB, 738x848)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
mental illness
>Americans crave walkable cities, that's why they go to disneyworld.
No, They want to drive everywhere
Looks like a ripoff roman town

My family and I are moving soon and wanna do some cool stuff on the way. Any anons that live in, or have travelled, the area, would love some suggestions for stuff to do. We've seen some of Yellowstone, but will likely detour to see more of it. We've seen Rushmore and Crazy Horse.

Any recommendations greatly appreciated. National parks, landmarks, monuments, museums, etc.

Picrel is the general route, though like I said, detours are certainly on the table.
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The Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art in Great Falls Montana
Huh, I lived in Great Falls for 4 years and never knew that was there. Wish I had gone.

Great Falls is a shithole, btw. It's where Washington and Oregon ship all the homeless and meth heads to try and get rid of them.
You missed out, I'm glad all the methheads have some culture
Central Montana Historical Museum in Lewistown
>Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture in Spokane

File: 1683695279922032.jpg (94 KB, 540x674)
94 KB
What's the best hour to visit the historic center of, let's say Warsaw, without it being loaded with tourists?
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Say if the museum starts at 9, I'd say be there at 9. However, if the musem starts a bit later it sucks having to wait. So maybe wait until 10.
>let's say Warsaw
There are better museums in Prague
Like? Which?
sex museum
Think about when it would be most convenient for you to go there, and do the opposite of that.
You are, after all, a tourist.

File: open_box_21_35.jpg (58 KB, 700x700)
58 KB
I was at Colombia and started to get a taste for cigars , so I was thinking , I have 2 passports a American and Mexican , from what I know if you travel with US papers to Cuba the US Gov. might put you on a list , but could I go under the radar if traveling with Mex papers ?
I plan to do 3 days , 1.Arrive and rest , 2.Buy my cigars and rest, 3.leave

Is is possible or am I doomed to buy from the middle man?
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A wide range of factors from flavor, nicotine concentration, quality of leaf, processing of the leaf, the actual rolling, aging, proper humidity and climate... There's really too much to consider. Ultimately, a good cigar is a cigar you enjoy just like a good bottle of alcohol is one you enjoy. If you don't even know what makes a good cigar, then you're really wasting a lot of money on something you won't appreciate, sort of like paying for a shot of OFC when you've only had whiskey sours in your lifetime.
>if the wine makers left france, the country would still produce good wine
Because it would still operate on capitalism, not under commie shitfests where quality control does not exist. The people replacing the fleeing winemakers must produce cheap garbage or expensive quality, or they'd go bust.
>the climate and terrain
Are impactful but if you're a shit grower, don't control humidity, don't dry and age well, don't control for leaf quality when you roll, you'll have a shit cigar. Just because a wine is made in france does not make it a premier grand cru, just because a cigar was grown and rolled in cuba does not mean its an amazing cigar.
>quality control is an issue for non-cuban capitalists
>cuban cigars will be fine with zero quality control commies
I really will never understand this level of dick suck for the origin of a product. Cubans can be quite good, very good even, but not so much to the point that you genuinely need to fly over to buy them. The big fame comes from JFK and the embargo, but that's literally because mass industry hadn't moved away as the full embargo began in 64 and the commie revolution happened in 59. Big names like Padron didn't come into being until 64/65 in Miami once they all fled the country. Every reason to get a cuban cigar pre-embargo besides climate and soil ceased to exist the second the embargo began, because the titans of industry moved and restarted elsewhere.

They only started making Cohibas during Fidel Castro's regime. The fake "cohiba" sold in the US has nothing to do with the Cohiba lineage.

You can get Cohiba in Colombia so no reason to go all the way to Havana.
I'm not american. I get cuban cigars where I live (a far wider selection than the ones of other countries like DR). And as a 10+ years smoker I don't see the lack of quality control you so much talk about. All premium cuban brands are fine, the exception being the ones that are mass produced (the same must happen in other countries) in absurd numbers, like monte 4.
Yeah, the industry titans moved out and produce their cigars in other places. Still, Romeo y Julieta, Partagas, Cohiba, Montecristo... are all cuban brands that produce great cigars. Ok, socialism sucks, I get that. And Cuba sucks for a cuban living there. Still a great place for cheap tourism and a great cigar producer though.
Yes. I like Guantanamero Decimos

File: 640px-Tashkent_EN.png (70 KB, 640x327)
70 KB
I've got a long layover in Tashkent, so I'm going to try to see some stuff after I've gotten a couple of hours of quality sleep. Is there anything that's a must-see there? Anything I should avoid? I'm generally in for any type of sightseeing, food, or museums.

This is my first time in a former Soviet state outside of Russia, and first time in Central Asia generally, so I'm actually kind of excited.
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That’s a great question. It just turned out to be the cheapest reasonable flightplan for me between NYC and Malaysia for the day I was flying. I couldn’t begin to speculate on why.

Thanks for the suggestions, anon!
Tashkent airport isn't far from the city center, so you can exit the airport, check in again (if needed) and then take a taxi to Amur TImur square from where you can take the pretty nice metro to the other places after taking a look at the statue and the Hotel Uzbekistan in the background.
failure on the mods part; the "trans btw" was at least bait worthy. this other shit is just low effort spam at this point
I used to correspond with an Uzbek guy who I worked with in an American national park in 2016. He lives in Germany now, but visited Uzbekistan last winter. He says Tashkent is undergoing a boom, with new construction everywhere. The city definitely looks modern on Google Street View. Accessing downtown from the airport looks extremely easy.

Chorsu Bazaar is accessible by subway. It is the main Bazaar in Tashkent and it should give you an idea of how are bazaars in Central Asia. You'd also get to see the only subway system in central asia and its beautiful stations. Try to have some Plov at the bazaar.

If you're going by taxi, try going to the Museum of Victims of Political Repression. Not for the museum itself but the park around it is very beautiful, with the riverside and Tahskent tower visible.

Lastly, Almir Temur Square and Hotel Uzbekistan. These are the main things you could see.

File: Essen.png (657 KB, 778x745)
657 KB
657 KB PNG
I'm going to an event in Essen soon and decided to stay in Germany for 3 extra days to go sightseeing a bit around this area (flying from-to Düsseldorf). I'd like to go hiking in nature and/or see old schlosses and similar architecture. Not terribly interested in city centers and crowded places. What are some neat, hidden things to see around this area?
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It'll be a TESA job, he won't pay German taxes.
why wouldn't he last a year? is Germany getting nuked?
ausfag here haven't done much travelling but im going to try and get a working visa and live in Germany for a year which would be the best city?? was half thinking Berlin but have heard its expensive af and worried it could be overated

>i love house music and that scene
>i love nature and shit

if that helps you decide
90% of Americans that come to Germany through the US military in some capacity always leave within the first 12 months. Their common complaints are the following:
>it’s boring
>no food diversity
>the grocery stores are too difficult to handle
>the language barrier is too much
>they miss home
Without fail they all say this and without fail they all do the following:
>never leave post/base
>never learn the language
>never travel within Europe only back to the US

I’ve been here 13 years and it’s always the same story and it’s all so tiring.
Berlin is overrated and expensive. Try Someplace in western Germany.
My landlord just upped my rent by 20% since I’ve been living there for three years. He can get fucked, I’m buying a place.

London has some beautiful regency architecture
17 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>I can’t tell you how many run-ins I had with aggressive crackheads, urban youth in Gucci bags and balaclavas zipping around for someone to rob on e-scooters, watching the odd drug deal or a zombie with a needle in their leg slumped out some alley way.
Did this happen in Kensington or just nearby? I live relatively nearby and go there often, but I've never seen anything like that. Maybe like 1 homeless guy sitting around at most
>urban youth
what did he mean by this
NYC depends. Sometimes yes, and then there's whole commercial districts or market rows or parks, or in the case of Manhattan, Central Park, separating the neighborhoods from each other.
Gloucester Road usually.
you're right, it isn't funny anymore, its become life and death
better to be racist and look uncool than catch a knife in the kidney

File: poh-wtz04198_038.jpg (176 KB, 1050x737)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
Already planning on going to Braunes Haus, königsplatz, Haus der Kunst, etc. Could use some suggestions for not-so-normie places.
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Wow, where is it?
>Already planning to visit the eagle's nest
While you're in Berchtesgaden, check out the Schlossplatz. It's pretty and there's a memorial to fallen soldiers from the region. These are common in small Bavarian cities, not so much in the other states according to a friend of mine.
I took a train to Innsbruck after 24hrs in Munich. Much nicer city and landscape
For those of us who will probably never visit dachau, what’s the laugh?

File: cringe.png (1.61 MB, 1194x775)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
Why are expats so fucking cringe
>Why do people go to Thailand anyway?

No fucking idea
damn bro who forced you to watch expat youtube videos all day? are you alright? do you need to get in touch with the police?
File: cringe2.png (1.09 MB, 1196x730)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
Anyone here on /trv/ married and in Thailand? Whats your story
File: IMG_6690.jpg (40 KB, 505x247)
40 KB
>sickly bald faggot hiding his bald head with a hat
>”things didn’t go well for me”
I am so surprised!

Get a hair transplant or fucking die LOL
what happened to him?

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