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File: IMG_1024.jpg (2.15 MB, 4032x3024)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB JPG
I have traveled by car for 4months. It is really interesting. However it could be quite devastating sometimes. Like I have to hide from the rain in my car like this
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motherfucker answer me
How do you do this without pot?
you're asking the first question literally every fucking normie asks about vanlife.
use google or your brain, you retard.
File: 20210507_092607.jpg (2.55 MB, 2560x1440)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB JPG
You should get a big 4 season tent and a cot. That's what I'm taking on my van roadtrip, along with a 1 person tent and hammock. I figure the 4 person all season will be great with a cot for big storms, and the other 2 will be used for 1 day stops.
File: 20210425_182224.jpg (2.17 MB, 2560x1440)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB JPG

Gonna be there for a day cuz of a cruise my family and I are taking. What are the best, cheap things to do?
Nassau is going to disappoint you. The whole island just a fucking city, almost exactly like Fort Lauderdale.

Go to the waterpark at Atlantis, go gambling at a casino (which you can do on the ship desu), or go to the beach. Take your pick.
OP here, I'm also trans don't know if that outweighs the economic benefit I can bring to the local community.

File: MapChart_Map.png (1.72 MB, 6460x3403)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
I think I've mapped out my personal world tour. Red countries are a no-go, yellow are tentative, and green are for sure. What do you guys think? I'm hoping I get to experience what every continent has to offer
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>all those red countries
you wanna know how i know you get all your information about world politics from 4chan?
Wow, boomers are getting better at graphic design. They can fill colors now.
I think you give him too much credit. I actually know people who barely know how to use a computer who have very similar mindsets.
People on this board are pretty gullible lmao
File: lol baby.jpg (105 KB, 1200x799)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
bait or not, thanks for the laugh OP

File: live.jpg (140 KB, 1200x800)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Hey voyagers, I (US) am graduating with my MA and a teaching cert next May. I'll be 27, single, no debt and 20k in the bank. I used to live in Brazil and dug the weather. I want to live in a relatively mid/large city - somewhere hot with very mild winters. I don't care about salary as long as I pull at least 50k a year for my first year. Any rec for a place to consider?
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>50k as a fucking teacher
Yea keep dreaming dude
Austin is full of woke faggots, you'll fit right in being from Oregon.
I have the exact same preference as OP and I unironically have an MA in Economics.
Go to San Antonio. All the outdoors of Austin, none of the faggotry of transplants shitting the city up.

Actually, you know what? Stay out of San Antonio. Go to Austin.
I mean i guess if you don't mind being a teacher who lives in a studio apartment and has virtually zero economic future that would be fine, but i don't like living in poverty and i like planning for my future. If i were unfortunate enough to be a teacher, I'd be looking to live and teach in well-off suburban districts that pay their teachers more than 50k.

I’m 24, just graduated university and got the vaccine (yeah, I know). I want to do the “backpacking through Europe” meme thing before I’m too old for it. By June I will have a little over 2000 euros saved up, so I’m looking for advice on how to live frugally but decently on that budget for two months.

I’m happy staying at hostels, I’m happy going for a mix of Eastern and Western Europe, though I don’t want my trip to be like Ukraine or Belarus or whatever where I know it’s cheap but not that exciting. I’m happy staying only in cities, or mixing it with some rural sights if there are any. I would even consider staying for weeks on end in only one place if it is particularly exciting, like Berlin or Paris or whatever. I was thinking Poland-Germany-France, though I’m happy to hear your suggestions. What are some money saving tips? What should I especially look for? I know english and some french.
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>summer long trip
>western europe
>weeks on end in berlin and paris
gonna need more than 2000 euros mate
I did most of western europe in 2 and a half months , Ireland , Spain, France, England, Scotland, Germany, Sweden, Italy, in every country saw about 4-5 cities , my budget was 5,000 including flight (900$), another huge cost was Europe rail train pass I think was close to 800 $.

only regret is that I rushed it too much every 3 days I was on the move , a better time frame for me would have been 3.5 maybe 4 months if I wanted to see eastern europe

your trip seems way more laid back then mine, if your only doing 3 months for 3 countries then that's cool, Idk what traveling tips to give you beside maybe couch surfing might save you money and workaway.com as well i didnt do it myself

also england is ridiculous expensive aint really worth the price , I only liked northumbria and scotland
this 18 is the absolute oldest you should travel
oh forgot to say , there are some website that let you carpool with strangers idk if those websites still exist or uber completely fucked it up , but from 2 german cities dresden to berlin I paid like 15 euros, way cheaper than train
High paying software (frontend) job with low expenses (sharing apt etc). I’m not a billionaire, but when I turn 32, I should be able to get $30k a year perpetually with zero work.

File: 20210425_211555.jpg (515 KB, 1080x1316)
515 KB
515 KB JPG
is Switzerland or Australia better to emigrate as a latino?
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we're full cunt
Don't come to Australia , we are fucking full.
hows tel aviv this year?
we're full mate dont fucking come here
Go to Europe they love clogging their streets with shit

US travelers will be able to go to Italy mid may, before the EUs travel pass in mid June “let us open before the EU” said the Italian prime minister.

However, pic related is wrong. You don’t need the vaccine. It just makes it easier. If you test negative or recently recovered from Covid, you may enter Italy.
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Didn’t know that. So I can land in Florence and enjoy my time there
I'm literally going to a wedding outside of Pisa on the 28th of May. I'm flying in the day before with a negative PCR test, which is all that's required. I'm a eurofag though.

They're literally allowing wedding parties, so that seems to imply everything's on the up and up.
Some countries will allow for vaccinated travelers without having to quarantine for a week or 2 it seems
Do we have any boots on the ground in Italy?

Are bars and restaurants open?
dude in Milan here
the retarded restrictions are still in place
bars and restaurants are open but only those with outdoor spaces, which means they are always fully booked since the number of tables outdoors is quite small and they are always taken
curfew at 10 pm is still in place

File: 1613153921271 (1).jpg (126 KB, 850x1256)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
any tips or tricks? How can i do this with covid? How much money do I need to start a life there?
Expect a higher cost of living generally.
>How can i do this with covid?
you cant
wait until the virus has blown over.
NZ isnt interested in letting any foreigners in until their shitty countries are back down to zero cases.
They're only open with Australia and some Pacific islands right now because those places are also at zero (or close to it) cases).

>How much money do I need to start a life there?
depends entirely how long it takes you to get a job there and where you're trying to establish yourself.
I moved here with $5k and it took me a good 4 or 5 months to find a job, and that was before.
Most work is in Tourism, seasonal farm/ski/fishing work or trades.
If you have an IT degree or some sort of STEM then you're shit out of luck here. Those pretty much all go overseas to find work.

Min wage is $20/hr now and if you get a good 36 hour week then you'll survive comfortably.
Rent depends a lot, but I'm in one of the more expensive parts of the country and i'm only paying $200/wk.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>I'm in one of the more expensive parts of the country and i'm only paying $200/wk.
fucking how?
luck and a bro landlord.
the best places never make it as far as posting an ad online.
friends tell their friends, coworkers, friends of friends about the best places up for rent, especially in places like ski towns where good places for cheap are hard to come by.
plus it helps filter out weirdos. people much rather get a new tenant in that's a friend of someone already living there, or a guy who knows someone etc than a complete fukken rando off the street.
Why the fuck would you ever want to do that? To be surrounded by some of the most annoying fucks in the Anglosphere? Have a fetish for ungodly fat, tattooed low-IQ Maori psychos? A hankering to live in a place devoid of any actual culture and run by a horse-faced globalist lunatic? Just move to a small to mid-sized town in the PNW.

>Osama and his wife visited the US in 1979 for two weeks
>They were in Illinois and Los Angeles, “and a few other places”

Is there anyone who can help me piece together his itinerary? I want to see where he went, and imagine him stopping at all the brothels and seedy American diners packed with boomers and Vietnam vets.

Pic related, it’s Osama in 1979, the only one publicly known of him in the US.
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Massage parlors don't count
unironically try reddit, there's plenty of specialized historians and such obsessives
Nevada has a few legal brothels
he was probably radicalized after the Mecca hostage crisis in the Haram. iirc saudi arabia was liberalizing prior but the religious nutcases took over as a way to restrain them and prevent a second hostage crisis or a populist wahhabi uprising in the mold of the islamic revolution in Iran
>Mecca hostage crisis
Didn't think about that.

File: true.png (242 KB, 980x510)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
Your 20's are supposed to be the most fun period of your life and yet here I am wasting away in this over regulated nanny state known as Australia. At least the gyms and clubs are open, but I just want to fuck off and travel for a year

When will we be free to over exaggerate our accents again at hostels for pussy? When will we be free to get as fucked up as we want without getting RSA'd out of the bar? Will it ever be the same? Will I ever get to experience travelling while being truly young again? Or will am I destined to be a 30 year old Bali only tourist by the time daddy government decides it's safe for people to travel?

I dont have much hope bros...
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I feel sorry for Aussies. I usually can’t stand them when we cross paths in Asia, but they are still being really fucking screwed. It’s bad enough that Australia is doing shit like not allowing travel even if you can afford to pay a big fee, and making it a criminal offence to return if you’re stuck abroad in the wrong place. But they won’t even let people leave if they promised not to return. Like wtf, they’ve already flexed their power by not letting people back so they could let Aussies leave and keep them out if that’s what made them feel safe. It’s literally a giant prison island. It’s more like China than a Western country.
It's over
t. Australian
No we are hanging him https://www.macrobusiness.com.au/2021/05/morrison-crushes-wages-with-student-visa-reforms/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Daily%20MacroBusiness%20-%20Feed&utm_content=Daily%20MacroBusiness%20-%20Feed+CID_bff4b4bd83691ff6ee256f1b3b080c52&utm_source=Email%20marketing%20software&utm_term=Morrison%20crushes%20wages%20with%20student%20visa%20reforms
you could easily make up some bullshit about a new business. spend some of that money on creating a fake business (or even a real one) that necessitates going overseas for some reason

File: 27367323.jpg (648 KB, 1440x1541)
648 KB
648 KB JPG
Does anyone know anything about Montenegro? I'm looking to go there to get laid obviously. Give me your best recommendations and what you like about it as well as the worst things about Montenegro.

Also I would just like to say I'm a virgin and I am clueless about girls and haven't had a conversation in years with a female other than my mom but according to the internet and pol, women only select for race and height. It's been some time since I have grown any amount so I believe my final height has been reached and I have turned out to be 6'2" tall. I am 100% white, so according to these people I should be successful with women. IDK. Sometimes I feel like the part of my brain that deals with social interaction has been shot through (in zoom class during discussions they call on everyone to talk except me because they know I will fluster and say something cringe). I'm thinking I will run game to the best of my ability as a white American fraternity chad who wears a backwards cap or maybe act like BaldandBankrupt as the charming and enlightened man with charisma. I am scared and nervous about this but I just want to get laid. I am 20 years old and have never had sex.

On the other hand, I've heard getting laid is on hard mode here because the people are apparently quite large compared to the rest of the world. Please tell me if you know whether the dating/sex scene is even harder for men here than it is in the US.

- Can you get laid in a hostel here?
- Is Tinder here used for hookups or do you have to go on multiple dates to unlock pussy?
- Do you need some kind of international driver's license to drive here?
- Any recommendations on where to go in Montenegro?
- Should I just go to Croatia instead? How hard would it be to enter Croatia from Montenegro during COVID-19 (Chinese-Origin Viral Infectious Disease-1984)?
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>Does anyone know anything about Montenegro?

No. Nobody knows anything about Montenegro. Nobody has ever heard of it, or been there, or lived there, or been born there. Absolutely nobody.
Fuck kind of questions are those? Been there for years but the only thing I see from your post is a retarded coomer post
Fuck you.
File: Wow_signal.png (507 KB, 800x400)
507 KB
507 KB PNG
Friend, take some acid or find jesus. Whatever you do get off the internet for a few months. You need to get your values in order before you go chasing slavic rabbits
I don't get the pic

File: Capture.png (394 KB, 597x525)
394 KB
394 KB PNG

starting a phd in the fall and wanted to take the time to travel before servitude.

I've got 3 months carved out, flying into Belgrade and flying out of Prague. pic related is the planned itinerary, but don't really intend to spend equal amounts of time in every country.

looking for stories, experiences and recommendations for the balkans. the current plan is to start in Serbia, head into bosnia, head south, before moving towards ukraine.

thanks and god bless xo~

btw I'm american, 28 proud and white for what that's worth
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jej, based autistic anon
t. guy from sofia

don't know about nationalistic, but its from a venue to venue at this point... like that's not meant to be greasy at all, slightly is acceptable, but yeah, point being I've bought it all over Bulgaria and most places get it wrong nowadays, fucking inept donkeys

You can skip Podgorica, Tirana, Kosovo and Skopje.... From those places I could actually advocate for Albania, but not Tirana, as its a soulless urban shithole without nothing of note or value. Beauty in Albania is found in the south near and around Vlorë and Sarandë. Monkeydonia is just a sad display. If you need help for Sofia/Bulgaria, let me know.
very queer :')

rly appreciate the responses thank y'all

definitely looking to go beyond the capital cities and get into the towns/smaller places.

is kosovo really that bad? Just looking to go there for the historical context
Hey man I tried to get an autist card, but I failed the exam.Кoпeлe,I Grew up in Sofia, tell me do they still sell those godly pizza slices at the corner of Vitoshka and Patriarh Evtimi ?
File: 1591445625615.jpg (199 KB, 1154x775)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
>tell me do they still sell those godly pizza slices at the corner of Vitoshka and Patriarh Evtimi ?
Thick crust.
Thick toppings.
Bulgaria is a pretty good place to start. There are many places to visit around the country. I would also recommend not touching major cities because most of them are shitholes. Just stay in the countryside and travel around. For a place to stay, i have a thing for the guest houses you can find in the mountains, some of those are peak /comfy/. Dont know a lot about tourism in neighboring countries, so this is the only one i can talk a lot about. Come visit some time, its a really nice place to take a break from urban life.

I'm in my early 20s with dual EU and UK citizenship thanks to my parents. I'm fed up with the UK and I'm definitely interested in a change of scenery, something I've been considering for the past few years. I work in the logistics industry which seems to be pretty niche and in-demand.

By the end of 2022 I hope to move somewhere on the continent, ideally a fairly big city with lots going on. I don't speak any other language so I'd like to have a rough idea of where would be good to move to so I can learn the language and get fluent. Obviously wages are important and it's something I want to take into account, so Eastern Europe wouldn't really be an option.

I'm currently thinking Berlin, Hamburg, Vienna or Zurich, although as I say I don't really know which would be more suited for a foreign worker in terms of easing into life or making friends. Has anyone got any ideas or experiences?

Many thanks
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Not because the language is easier no, simply due to the job markets in those cities seem to beat out most other Western European cities unless we’re talking Scandinavia which I’m not interested in.
I am also from the UK with dual EU citizenship. This makes it a lot easier for us. I have booked my flight and a month's worth of accommodation in Portugal for near the end of this month. I don't plan on ever coming back. The main reason(s) for me choosing Portugal is because the tax laws for crypto in Portugal are non-existant, and that's where all my wealth is. Also its cheaper to live and generally less fucked than the UK in most ways.
You will considering people everywhere outside the UK yo be rude probably.
I lived in both Vienna and Graz. Graz is VERY boring. Unless you enjoy hiking every weekend its not worth it. Also not as many expats as in Vienna.
Try a Spanish city, if you can find a decent job southern Spain is kino

Has Brexit fucked London forever? What city will be the next international melting pot 10-15 years from now that’s still worth raising a family in?
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I am weird but I couldn't live in a place with left-hand drive
Yes, London is a void. Just a place where Russians and Arabs store wealth, there is no culture, no innovation. Its just nice restaurants and shopping. It's a kind of a Dubai with shitty areas full of blacks and muslims.
Museums? I don't get the appeal of museums...
The City trades way more forex than anywhere else in the world, more $ is involved than the stock exchange, thats the main reason its the financial centre
>arts on display
It's not so hard anon

File: IMG-20210404-WA0001.jpg (137 KB, 958x1280)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
I was thinking of retiring early at 31 to start a family.

What country can I start a family in 30,000 after taxes?

I was thinking china, vietnam or phillipines.

I have a fantasy to lay women 10,000 for every kid they have with me
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Okay, I'll try and greentext it for in order not to get derailed by myself.

>get to know yourself first, your abilities, wants and needs
Make sure your ducks are in a row and of course you leave room for improvement for yourself, because life is a never ending challenge
>start searching for a compatible woman
I understand this is the tricky part. There are many approaches to this, but I strongly believe it is a numbers game. The more women you meet in general, the higher the chances you'll find a compatible one, so here we go.
>start meeting women and having a genuine interaction
Give the time of day to a more varied sample, from thots to the so called conservative women, and be wary of initial impressions. Once you're done with your judgement, cut fast and move on. You'll improve your judging skills as well.
>the interactions themselves
Get to know her past and her desired future, if things get serious get well in with her family
>don't let the perfect be enemy of good enough
While family is a good achievement in and of itself, it should not be your end goal. Things that will give you fulfillment are better left to something infinite, to keep you hungry for more and to seek satisfaction in it, rather than family, where you might not find it and end up divorcing yourself from that family, figuratively and literally
>general suggestions
Avoid cities, time and again have proven to be the worst of the worst experience.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Whats the argument against starting a family in a foreign country? Other than culture and language.
Between countries in socio-economic parity? Logistics probably. Who is moving where and why? Obviously the girl has family back in France or UK or whatever. Are you ready to do transatlantic flights? Are you transferring possessions left and right? It's probably better for children to grow up in a constant environment where they can develop long-lasting friends, hobbies and schooling, etc.

Between countries in socio-economic disparity? Too long to list.
this is kinda dumb though. my parents are mixed, sort of. both are white but one is Argentine, the other is from Italy. grew up speaking Italian at home, in the USA, and learned Spanish in school, along with Portugese for fun as I got older. i would date and marry many a women, they dont have to be white, and if they were white i woudnt need to stick to my own country. seeing that I have dual citizenship i could go abroad.

the only big negative about starting family in a foreign country is the lack of familial ties. unless you make good money and make a concerted effort to have your kid spend summers abroad so he can get to know his family before turning 18 and not caring, then its fine. the other big negative is language, and choosing which your kids will learn to speak. your kid will obviously have to learn the mother tongue of the country you will raise in him, but what will he speak at home? what if your wife teaches him a language you is not intelligible to you? will you learn it? what if you want to teach him a language so he can communicate with your side of the families relatives? etc, etc, etc
This is too based !

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