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File: 1610885276725.gif (751 KB, 1555x2200)
751 KB
751 KB GIF
Which area of Germany should I move to?
I'm currently contemplating where should I study or take up an apprenticeship after summer and am just deeply unsure where exactly I should go as I'm originally from the Ruhr area where my family home still is but am currently stuck in western Brandenburg.
Is Berlin still a place worth moving to or just a dated meme and you can get most it offers elsewhere for far less money?
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What do you want to study?
For mechanical engineering i suggest muinich and for the apprenticeship bmw in Dingolfing (if you can speak German).
Du sprichst sogar besser als manche Deutschen
Vienna is full of bottom of the barrel migrants, even in the better places like Grinzing.
Just go to Switzerland, it's a better Germany
What do you guys think of Dortmund?

What are the most Overrated Travel destinations /trv/?
Australia honestly has to be one of the most boring ass places on earth.
The environment isn't particularly interesting, pretty much looks identical to California, super sterile, ultra expensive cities, nofunallowed nanny state so there isn't even particularly much interesting to do, cities practically have no nightlife or street culture.
The only thing I would rate Australia on is amazing food quality, even the McDonalds there is honestly better than In N Out or Five Guys.
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southern france and the rural areas are cool in terms of cultural activities and places to visit
the local frenchies there are cool and hate the parisian criaturas del tartaro
it's basically a more expensive Vegas on a cluttered beach minus all the fun vegas shit.
it a traffic jam with a view. off trail is a lot of fun but only if you're really into nature.
the peripheral parts of england are not diverse, its mostly the industrial column in the centre of the country from london to manchester
southwest is not very populated and beautiful.
corvin castle mogs any castle in the uk

Going to Miami in a month. Will be staying for 10 days. Looking to party it up and have a good time, in order to make up for the past year. What’s life like down in Miami right now? Is it true it’s as if covid doesn’t exist? My friends there keep posting video of parties and clubs on their social media feed. I guess what are the best clubs and beaches in Miami? What are some good food spots to hit up? Open to suggestions.

You will get yelled at by maskfags but everything is open. Enjoy the $8 beers, shit service and las criaturas.

Going in early April and taking the wife and kids. What am I in for?
File: Paradise Lost.png (43 KB, 627x533)
43 KB

Rude people, shit service, high prices

File: BASED_DEPARTMENT.jpg (40 KB, 410x598)
40 KB
Hows Tijuana? Cost of living is cheap AF and your right by the US if you goods/services/jobs.

Thinking about getting a cushy remote IT job and living there.

Worst part of Mexico. Absolute trash town. All the garbage of Mexico and central America just builds up right on the border, this congregation of human garbage leads to a dangerous, drug infested and human/drug trafficed warzone. Mexico is a gigantic illusion. Mexicans have no concept of political organization or honesty, bribery is part of their culture. Out of all the places to choose in Mexico, why the fuck would you pick a garbage border town? Anyway, Mexico will never change, they will make up excuses for their cultural flaws, then flee to the United States so they can complain about White America like the fucking cowards they are.

I apologize for my negativity, i should at least give you some recommendations if you wanted to live in Mexico. Go past the border towns to states like Jalisco, Oaxxaca and Nayarit. Guadalajara is great, Mexico city is intimidating, outside the cities its the wild west.
All the same problems you have in California (leftist counts, virtue signaling and other faggotry) combined with all the problems of mexico. It's an epic shit hole but if you must go there at least go to playas de tijuana rather than tijuana itself
Hows the bitches there?

File: desert.jpg (407 KB, 1920x1280)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
describe your experience traveling in a desert
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>I fucked up the ozone getting here so I might as well shit in the stream
okay zoomer
File: white-boy-dreads-13.jpg (33 KB, 1000x646)
33 KB
Go sniff your own farts and project elsewhere Sebastian
Beautiful sky at night with so many visible stars.
But extremely cold
File: IMG_20190928_161848.jpg (2.33 MB, 4032x3024)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB JPG
Been to a few deserts, because im a despicable brit I got drunk and obnoxious in all of them

>in bedouin camp in morrocan sahara
>been driving through morroco for a week now in shitty rental car
>arrive in shitty dust town in border of desert
>get some camel tour and an overnight stay in a camp
>while the locals are preparing dinner break out the spirits that we've been saving since arriving in the country
>get pretty rowdy and start offering it to the desert people
>half of them are teenagers who dont give a fuck about islam and want to try it
>they get drunk much fun was had

>couple years later go to Jordan
>rock up in wadi rum and find local lad who runs the usual pickup truck into the middle of desert
>ride in back of pickup like terrorists around the park for a few hours

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>like when we passed through a village where they had some goats and we started making goat noises for no reason at all.

i know this feeling, simple and human

File: colombia.jpg (149 KB, 1074x799)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Any anons in Colombia right now? Me and a couple digital nomad friends are planning a trip to Medellin, are things safe down there? How's the social scene for Americans currently with Covid going on?
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Black bitches are the best, I love it when they ask to be called nigger, that shit is so hot.
Based cuckold.
I know right? Being a white racist is like a cheatcode for fucking black girls.
I'm not a honky
You okay fren? This is a friendly non-racist board, you like to fuck white chicks, some white anons here like to fuck black chicks. No bad judgement is passed here, and nothing's wrong with a little interracial loving.
true. i dnno why but 2 of them wanted to do role play slave nigga virgin and white master taking it.

File: 115511.gif (1.18 MB, 300x169)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB GIF
what country has the most scenic drives?
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you've obviously never traveled the US.
there are a lot of different cultures across the 50 states.
if you think Newark New Jersey is the same as northern Idaho or Salt Lake. Utah then you're an absolute whining prat.
wow that is amazing! who would have guessed that white men taming Europe thousands of years before the pilgrims landed on Plymouth rock would put them thousands of years in the lead.

ya silly cunt.
the united states has everything when it comes to biomes. snow, deserts, high mountain deserts, forests, rain forests, planes, valleys, mountains of all shapes and sizes, beaches, ... even the big cities range from New York, Portland, and DC to fuckin detroit. They have it all.

every race & religion. it's bonkers. anyone who says the US isn't diverse or that it doesn't have culture is a pretentious cunt who hasn't traveled the united states.
File: image-10-6-1024x640.jpg (176 KB, 1024x640)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
Lots of great drives mentioned in this thread already.

I'd like to add Northern Pakistan. Margalla Hills and Karakorum Highway all the way to the Chinese Border, someone else mentioned the drive to Kashgar is also good if you want to continue.

Sri Lanka is another place to mention.

Amazing drives. Lots of scenery, food and towns in a fairly small area to cover (compared to coast to coast usa or aus)

The alpine lakes in northern pakistan are especially kino
niger, nigeria and schwartzwald in germany

name a better western european capital for tourists than rome
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I can see how, it's pretty run down and rough in areas but I quite like that.
I liked the fact that it was a nice size, you could get lost there for days and the people are super friendly.
Theres also the crazy amounts of history there which is very impressive.
Good food and good drink also help any city. It's pretty cheap and the weather is good.
All in all too marks from me
>Munchen,Germany. Comfy ,safe and lots of beer

Also, Copenhagen is comfy af.
he means country Capital, brainlet.

All quiet because the farang rats have a paywall and quarantine to go through but the tight Thai teens (TTT) still need some money <3
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post the video or I'll run you over with my car
happened to me in Brazil
They’re gonna be ugly rotten milk smelling slav dogs with curdled milk acne ridden skin. These tight Thai teens make me go fuckin nuts. I saw this girl already and she was such a bitch she started playing with her phone when I was fucking her and for some reason in retrospect it really fuckin turns me on so I’m gonna see her again and tell her to act bored and play with her phone while I fuck her. There’s this jav porn called oblivious bitch academy and now I get it. Can’t wait.
That luggage under her eyes
larp or not, I love the enthusiasm anon. glad that you've escaped the west and are free enough to enjoy TTT. Happy for you xoxo

File: maneatsonion.jpg (47 KB, 940x627)
47 KB
Can somebody give me good reasons why Australia isn't all that great to travel to, or to live in? I dream of moving to Aus one day.

It seems literally perfect - high wages, great weather, insane scenery, beaches and nature.

I dream of moving there and all I see are so many Australians complaining about the suburbs being slightly boring (they're boring wherever you are) or milling around in the rain in London when they could be spending every day by the beach.

It perplexes me daily.
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Chinese can fuck off.
what's there to explain?
it's full of Australians
too many prawns (celestials)
Actually it's more like trying to sell someone on going to the mojave desert and driving around
Interesting, we here in America are also full for non whites

File: IDF 1.jpg (145 KB, 564x768)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
how is israel dating wise? any impressions?
29 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
uhhh.... based department?
I am living in Israel and pretty good looking guy in my early 30s. It is really hard to be honest unless you speak very very good hebrew. Israelis are very clicky, very within their group, and yes there is really REALLY hot israeli girls but most of them are married in their mid 20s and the hot younger ones have uber chads, and they are even more not into older guys.

Also Israeli men are very handsome and extremely alpha. I think if you are super good looking at 18-21 and you come here, you can probably hook up some if you know lots of israelis, or in some uni program, and are part of a group/groups. But if you are in your late 20s and early thirties forget about hooking up with anyone other than some weird chicks on tinder.. And speaking of tinder, tinder here is absolute shit and most people dont use it to date, they date in groups of their friends.
I am an american guy by the way who lived in israel when I was 18-22 and then back again now that I am 32... I should also not in that 10 years time, israel has changed a whole lot, and now it is full on instagram american autism
If you're black you'll do girl. Israeli girls worship the BBC hard.
DANGEROUSLY based, bruh

What are some old style middle eastern settlements like Old Jerusalem?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Ebril Iraq - Kurdistan, city has a central elevated mound that is referred to as a citadel but looks like an old town inside it

Aleppo Syria, who knows when it will be ok to visit or if the cool stuff is destroyed
but it is an ancient city, also has an elevated citadel.

Krak de Chevaliers - Syria, is a crusader castle, not really near a large settlement its more a daytrip. damaged by shelling during this civil war, apparently not to bad
There's actually not a lot of Moorish architecture left in Southern Spain. The cities and little towns do feel somewhat middle eastern but their street layouts honestly predate the Arab invasion and even Rome. Most of the cool architecture you see in Southern Spain is Mudéjar which is a Muslim/Christian hybrid architecture created by Christian Spaniards in the post-Reconquista era. Also I don't know what you're talking about with minarets in Sevilla. There aren't any.
>Also I don't know what you're talking about with minarets in Sevilla.
its probably Giralda and Torre del Oro
Interesting, Mudejar is a new concept to me.
But the Giralda was definitely originally a minaret. Compare it to the Koutoubia.

File: 1611861250537.gif (2.2 MB, 225x320)
2.2 MB
2.2 MB GIF
>have a well paid online job - work a month on month off pretty much €3k per month minimum
>Have $300k in Bitcoin

This just sort of came together recently. The online job is so easy I can work full time and still do it.
I never have to worry about saving money anymore.
What should I do with my life now?
>t. 39yo oldfag
15 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Not him, but this is not 00s anymore, there are plenty of people who can give you a good advice on anything if you know how and where to ask and filter obvious shitposting.
1%/hr with stablecoins? please elaborate. i also have crypto gains (less than you) but figured i could also pretty much retire and travel by doing what you just described.
You have no one but anons to seek advice from? Now that’s perfect.
>1%/hr with stablecoins? please elaborate. i also have crypto gains (less than you) but figured i could also pretty much retire and travel by doing what you just described
Algorithmic stablecoins. They give rewards every epoch. It's really the very forefront of crypto right now. You need to watch this. Can't really explain here. This is what defi summer will be.

this is the only show letting me enjoy travel and see the world without leaving the house. does anyone have any other shows like this?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Stfu you limpdick slag
departures (mostly the first season) although it is dated. I also really like Bald and Bankrupt
How Not to Travel Europe - series on youtube by GeoWizard
I haven't seen the show you're talking about so I don't know how similar it is, but essentially 2 guys trying to cross europe whithout spending any money on transportation, and completing challenges along the way

Amazing race bro. Literally the best reality show. Some Kiwi tells you 'meet me in fucking Bratislava where you'll do a cultural activity. Then go to Lesotho and climb a mountain.' idk why more people don't watch it.

I cant watch travel shows. They make me want to drop everything and take off then and there.

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