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Visiting Latin America?

Post your tips/tricks or questions here
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Depends on location. Generally corrupt cunts due to organized crime but reasonably polite in tourist heavy zones. They tend to have pretty cut and dry interactions. For example mexican police have a couple of things they will harass you about like drinking in public in mexico city. Get caught? 100$ bribe
Not really, 2018 was just a small coup attemp but we are usually cool here. 2021 elections in November may create another crisis but to be honest, everyone here prefers to just post shit on fb agaisnt the government that actually do something.
Damn bros, looks like Argentina is going to shit and fast. Are the truly in the final stages of Peronism before becoming Cuba 3.0?
Do NOT go to Nicaragua the womwn there are batshit crazy golddiggers even more so than from any other country. The only half sane Nicaraguan woman I've ever met was a lesbian that I met in mexico and even she agreed with me that women from her country are not worth it.
If you want south/central america go to costa rica which is right next door but better in every way otherwise just go to mexico its the gold standard with much better food, culture and variety of girls.
Which city in Ecuador is safer, Quito or Guayaquil?

File: Amtrak_Coast_Starlight.png (519 KB, 441x800)
519 KB
519 KB PNG
Anyone ever done it? Is it worth it? Can you hop on and hop off? Also west coast USA train travel thread if there's anything else noteworthy
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File: IMG_20190824_171932__01.jpg (5.35 MB, 3456x3845)
5.35 MB
5.35 MB JPG
I think now's a good time to shill Mt. Rainier and other similar PNW hikes. I've never been anywhere where the natural colors were so vibrant and lush. It makes my Appalachian Trail pictures look like a stroll through Arkansas in February.
File: IMG_20190824_174921__01.jpg (5.22 MB, 4102x3215)
5.22 MB
5.22 MB JPG
The trees man, I miss the trees. I'll be back some day.
>I think now's a good time to shill Mt. Rainier and other similar PNW hikes.
yeah aside from the massive fires that destroyed it
Haven't seen any info about specifically Rainier getting destroyed from fires, but I'm sure a lot of the good ones are just fucked now. You got any source showing what it looks like about now?
Did Seattle to LA. It was a fun novelty thing. Want to do Seattle to Chicago next

Is the Cabot trail in Cape Breton still worth seeing this fall or did the hurricane fuck up all the leaves?
I'd imagine as long as you go before November you'll be fine. I'd worry more about coyotes then fucking wet leaves.
Worst part about Canada is the people, totally devoid of charm, humour, and general sociability
leaves have already started to turn, I'd go within the next couple weeks
Toronto isn't Canada, and the people there aren't Canadian.

It seems alot of you have experience teaching abroad. I'm now starting a literature degree with the intention of doing some teaching afterwards, but recently I've had a desire to do an art degree, does this massively effect my chances of finding a job teaching?
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>How'd you get into banking?
I joined a data analytics consultany on their graduate scheme. The job is quite satifying and it can pay well once you've gained the right skills and experience.
>does the dullness compared to living overseas ever get to you?
My life isn't too dull but it's definitely not the expat ESL teacher life. There's not as much parying or girls. On the plus side I earn more money, I work from home 5 days a week, and my job is far more interesting and mentally stimulating. Plus I don't carry the stigma of being an ESL teacher. I think back nostalgically on my time teaching abroad but that chapter of my life is behind me. I relive those days by shitposting on /trv/.
>Oil rig anons work harder and spend their money faster, and don’t get to date cute girls
Biggest load of cope I have ever seen before in my life. Holy shit.

That's crazy, I have an undergrad in History with a minor in Religious studies, taught in Taiwan (number one) for a year, then came back and started working in finance as well
Not really. I’ve worked on an oil field and I’ve worked in TEFL. I’d do oil rigs to make money fast, but it also ages you fast. You can save almost as much working in Korea or China, and being a human tape recorder for a few hours a day is much easier. Yes, in TEFL you can date girls while you work, and you have your own apartment and don’t live like you’re in a minimum security prison.

Go ahead, I’m waiting for your thoughtful and well-reasoned counter argument.
Not sure what shithole oil patch you worked in, but when you work on oversea's rigs you generally work only 6 months out of the year, make over 6 figures during that time period, and save it all when you work because you spend 0 dollars while on the job. And if you stay with the company for not even that long you move up quick, where the work becomes physically less strenuous. If you spend your time off in cheaper, but nice, countries like Vietnam, you can live like a king while banking serious cash.

File: 1400962794645.jpg (152 KB, 952x629)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Hi /trv/,
I am going to be out of work pretty soon and was thinking of making use of the last few months before Britain finally leaves the EU and move to Italy for a few months. I have no idea how to move to another country so I'm wondering how it works exactly.

Ideally I plan to collect bennies from the UK and since I dont have to go to the job centre due to corona they wont know I'm in another country and I can use that money (£350/m) for rent. All I want is a small dingy flat or studio, nothing fancy. Something cheap.

So what is the best way to secure a cheap shitty flat? Can I do it without the UK government (or at least the bennie department) knowing i'm living in Italy? Can I even do it during covid?
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If OP wasn't so retarded, he wouldn't have gotten into this position in the first place. If he wasn't so retarded, he'd already have a job by now.
File: Eh3NEJFXYAEHIgG.jpg (162 KB, 2048x696)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
fuck off then you big puff

I also want to move to Italy but not be a bum. Any jobs for someone with a masters in science who doesnt speak italian? Any way to get a foot in the door? Seems like paradise on earth to me.
I don't really see Italy as a hub for science/engineering/R&D. Many Italian scientists & engineers usually end up moving out of Italy for greener pastures.
I guess Milan is the only city international enough that could hire non-Italian speakers for jobs besides from being an English teacher

File: 0fa.jpg (1.05 MB, 3264x2448)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
Is there a career field that goes on expeditions to places like Siberia, Antarctica, around the world?
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Go to Timor, refute Marxism
Get shot in the head and die a myth
I think your observations are a bit off. Every community, be it /b/, 4chan, reddit, India or the entirety of SEA is bound to have a very small number of smart people, that's pretty much obvious. The more numerous a group is, the more chances of finding smart people being nonzero.
That's irrelevant here though, all those communities I mentioned are pretty retarded on average and you're just getting a couple anecdotal examples of smart people which doesn't prove anything.
Is /trv/ smarter and more mature than the average board? Yes, feels like it, that's my experience as well. But while /pol/ and /biz/ might have a handful of smart people, they sure bring averages way down by the amount of retards they ship off to all other boards, including /trv/.

tl;dr not sure why you're defending 4chan so passionately, 4chan is pretty retarded on average
Any advice? That's my dream job but the idea of working for nothing for 2-3 years is difficult to get around.

Which branch? Also, boot
I never worked in the kitchen. But its a pretty small community and if there's one department everyone on station interacts with its the galley, so the whole base is very aware of what's going on there.

Its bad. Nobody likes it. The only reason people put up with it is to get a new job the next year.

File: tenor.gif (2.03 MB, 320x240)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB GIF

Well i used to take a week in Amsterdam once a year.
But now that Freakin Corona thing...

BUT i wanna go anywayzzz, there are probably some restrictions and things to take into account.

So, Amsterdamians people (and basically any1 from the netherlands i guess?) what is up in there?
Do you wear masks?
Are shops and restaurants open?
Are there still ppl on the streets?
Is there any tourism at all?
Where can i check anything in this regards?
Is it real life?
Or is it just fantasy?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Kinda want to do a tour of the endoheric basins desu
Also I am trans if that matters
I am also French
>want to do a tour of the endoheric basins
Just ask your mum if you can sneak a peek at her vagina lul.
Don't bother with that part of Australia, there's nothing there. Central Asia looks good though.
Rekt em

Redpill me on the south of the UK, specifically Bristol and Southampton
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Cringe burger. Don't come.
>Cringe burger
What does that taste like?
very bitter actually. The high acidity diet before slaughter makes it smell too.
All I would do is slum around North Devon doing lines of modifinal and drinking perry. Also planing on like a road trip to Norfolk and Suffolk because some of the towns there have the same name as the area I grew up in.
So basically just traveling for nostalgia purposes. All I have is time and money, so I figure why not. I just dont like the idea of going someplace and everyone is sheltering in place because of the flu.

oh shit I was about to point that

I want to go a few days to Germany but you are supposed to go to the authorities (?), let them know you are there, take a test and wait for 14 days in your residence.

Can you just go there, skip the quarantine and come back? My plan is taking a bus/train to Germany but idk if it's risky.
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Ever saw someone seethe so hard about a piece of cloth? Not even African niggers who wear nothing but dried grass hate cloth this much.
You are more than free to check the German newspapers. This aprticular story has even made it to international news for just how strong they are going against this woman, which is bullshit.

Anyway, there is random enforcing of the 14 day rule. An american coworker of my gf who came back from the US and lives in Brandenburg received a visit from the authorities every couple of days. However, my sister in Berlin never received an visits after she went to Nicaragua on vacations. It's just a matter of luck.
Show me how you can buy Flixbus or ICE tickets on their websites without putting your name on it and contact information, retard.
buy it at the bus terminal or at the train station you fucking brainlet

File: 1598517564013.jpg (102 KB, 418x597)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Shit on my plan /trv/!!

About to graduate college this coming spring, and I was thinking about getting my tefl and teaching in china. Now heres where my plan gets retarded. I enjoy producing and mixing music. I'd love to go to china and eventually be a white monkey DJ for a year after my contact was up.

Possible roadblock:
>work visa expiring
>clubs aren't open due to covid(idk may be wrong, enlighten me)
>white djs are a saturated market that I'm not aware of, etc.

I realize it's kind of a retarded fantasy, but I honestly want to pursue it while I'm relatively young.

Soo /trv/, how retarded is my plan? What are some possible roadblocks? Give it to me straight.
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>people will shun you, society will be cold to you and businesses will refuse you service
Nah, I'm here, that's not happening.
People ask me where I'm from, I tell them and they're like "cool, X is a great place!"
Even though Xi officially hates my country, the public don't give a shit. They'd just like to send their kids there to study if they could afford it.
Where are you from? I'm assuming you're not Canadian, Australian or American. Also what tier city are you in? There are different factors at play depending on who you are or where you generally stay.
>banned from China for life
It's not life, though a few years is long enough to kill a career there.

>Being in China on a work visa to be a teacher, then working a side hustle is illegal
Most nightclubs are fine, you're usually ok. I know guys who do stuff like that.
Nightclubs do hire Russian dancers officially so it's not impossible to get a visa.
You assume incorrectly.
Tier 2.
Man, you are even more autist than OP

Have any of you guys spent any time in the pacific? (i.e. French Polynesia, Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Easter Island, etc)
Any good? Any suggestions?
18 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Also I was there in summer 2019.
Used to be so much better around 2015 and before. Used to be tons of girls from all over Asia and SEA who were all looking for Western boyfriends, people were getting laid there left and right, kind of almost like an island-wide version of Pattaya. The Chinese ruined it though and turned it into shit with their garbage casino. The locals also became super ghetto. Hopefully this pandemic sets things right again however.
Kinda hijacking OPs thread but I was wondering if anyone can give me information about going to the French Speaking islands to do a French immersion course and scuba dive.

I was looking at New Caledonia as it has cheap airbnbs, cheap flights from Sydney and reasonably price French courses. Although, I wouldn't want to go if everyone there speaks English and will just speak English to me, and if the cost of things like food, drinks activities is really high.
>It was the most expensive of all countries, after Guam. Nature-wise it looked kinda like Australia with dry eucalyptus forests, while other islands look like SEA tropical paradise.
Thank you for your answer. How were the people?
Niue is fucking cool. it's just a giant rock, and by all accounts has some of the clearest waters in the world, and their locals are probably the most chill of all islanders. highly recommended.

File: download (49).jpg (9 KB, 325x155)
9 KB
How was your experience?

Please mention the passport you bought, experience, apprx cost and purpose.
68 replies omitted. Click here to view.
250k is actually the cheapest price for a citizenship.
Cambodia citizenship is shit though, it's good only if you want to hide there forever from someone. For travel it's bad because you need visa anywhere, while with St Kitts or Dominica passport you only need US and Canada visa, but don't need visa to the EU, UK and Japan.

NO, $100k is the cheapest option. Antigua, Dominica, etc. But its going to cost like $150k if you add in the various fees.

Nobody in their right mind would buy a Cambodian citizenship for 250k
I'd rather buy Cambodian citizenship than citizenship in some vulnerable, impoverished, stagnant, shithole nigger Caribbean islands under the backyard influence of the US/UK/Europe any fucking day.

Cambodia has more investment and money making opportunities, ASEAN membership, has a much better work and business culture, is better developed, things actually work there and shit gets done, doesn't have absurd island import duties on everything, actually has a culture (don't be fooled by dread locks and reggae music, the Caribbean has no fucking culture whatsoever) and has much lower violent crime. Who gives a fuck about visa's to the EU or the UK, the whole point of buying citizenship and moving abroad is to get away from these tyrannical shitholes, not run closer to them.
>Nobody in their right mind would buy a Cambodian citizenship for 250k

Watch and see where the West is versus Asia 20 years from now and see if you change your mind.
99% of people who buy citizenship are people who try to run away from tyrannical shitholes such as China and Russia and don't want to wait long for EU/UK citizenship (where you have to live for ~5 years before you get one).

File: seif-ak-unsplash.jpg (4.33 MB, 5184x3456)
4.33 MB
4.33 MB JPG
Ni Hao!

Travelling in China is hugely underrated and I can't wait to go back! delicious food, friendly people and deep history spanning so much land your adventure could take a lifetime if you let it.

For those of you who haven't been to China, I'm going to leave some recommendations when visiting the country.
For those of you who have been, Please join in the recommendations for w/ pictures if possible :)

Discussion is welcome, I understand China has its points of failure, just remember people are separate from their government. Let's try to keep the thread topical and respectful :)
126 replies and 30 images omitted. Click here to view.
It’s just something I’ve thought about for years. I originally wanted to go when I was single, very poor, and overall a loser. Life just continued on, and I’ve improved a lot. The thought has never left me though. I just feel like I’ll regret it if I never go. I’ve pretty much hit all my goals here and honestly feel like I’m working towards nothing.
This, The fucking confusion meeting girls in university that said they came from 'Chinarrr'. And none of them were self aware enough to realize they had an accent... it took some years before I met someone that explained it for me.
>honestly feel like I’m working towards nothing.
That's my experience in China so far. Compared to other places I lived around EU or Asia where I still have social circles and friends, where learning the language or being outgoing actually paid off.
Surely learning mandarin is worth it? I see China as probably the #1 spot in the world to be conducting business out of. I always thought it would be nice if I could get into some importation or sales job there. That’s a big part of it for me as well, networking. Maybe I’m just deluded, but it seems like a pretty okay place to be, at least temporarily
Not previous anon but that's how I'm taking it more or less. Learn the language/culture, gain network and contacts, good to learn business and sales especially customer service when there's 000s of other businesses and customers and trying to stand out and figure out how to draw in new clients customers. I like it here and want to stay as long as possible anyway.

Should I move to the area? Seems nice.
looks cute, might visit later
Getting real fucking sick and tired of these low effort threads
100 inches of snow a year
Went to college here for a couple years before transferring. Flag has a ridiculously high COL with the minimum wage being $13/hr (will be $15.50 by 2022) If you like shit skiing and even shittier people then this is the place for you.
TONS of Cali libtard transplants love to move here for some unknown reason. I'd say half the people you meet here are originally from CA. Terrible food options and a tragic street layout. The downtown scene primarily consists of 'botique' bars where your average waitress (if you can even call them that) will serve you food & drink covered in the armpit hair she doesn't shave.
> 100 inches of snow a year
this is only on mt. humphreys
Only good if you have a decent remote job or work for some of the very few businesses there that pay worth a damn aka NAU

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