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File: 1627400653930.jpg (170 KB, 2880x1920)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
When you go on vacation with your parents, do they get:
1. 1 room with 2 queen or king beds
2. 2 hotel rooms
3. a suite

(I'm asking from an only child perspective, those with a lot of siblings of course might be different)
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On the flipside, as a parent, whether I shared a room with my kids depends on if I was trying to smash the wife. One day, maybe two, I might share a room. 2 or more, kids get their own room and I am smashing. Exceptions are if traveling alone with kids, then may share. This was all kids below the age of 18.

One way to split the difference is stay in places where this more than one bedroom. Or a bedroom and pull out couch. One room and still smashing moms
awww little babby
I'm 45
My brothers are 37 and 42
My sister is 35

On vacation we always have 1 king
>When you go on vacation with your parents

I don't.

Next thread.
I'm also 38, wtf.

I would go on vacation with my parennts, unless it's a shared house, like a swiss chalet in the Alps.

I've worked in China for about 10 years now and am looking to work in Taiwan. I'm 37 years old and have a misdemeanor marijuana arrest (no conviction from deal with lawyer, about 2 grams on me at the time) from when I was 18 years old. The record shows up on fbi criminal background checks. Does this exclude me from working the country completely? Other than that record from almost 20 years ago I'm squeeky clean. Thanks to Amy advice you can give.
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>Look at the US conservatives who want to play pretend that segregation and slavery have no bearing on black people today, like it was a fad and not continued as systemic problems. I never mentioned overlooking systematic issues now did I?

You don't know what you're talking about.
What do you have to say about the "re-education" concentration camps in xinjiang? Western propaganda?
I can’t even imagine living my life like this.
living life like what? successfully with money invested?

Might be real, hard to fully know since 1. Chinese prison system info isn't fully public and 2. Leading researchers (Adrian Zenz) don't open source their info either and avoid peer review at all costs.

Based on the public info that is available, there probably are several thousand in prison for supporting separation groups in the region. The authorities have made announcements on these while some individuals and groups have expressed these people as martyrs or heroes, primarily because it's usually part of a Muslim extremist group, Wahhabi movement, or jihad of sorts.

These people and perhaps those with close association, are often Uyghur but not always and do include Hui, Kazakh, and even Han Muslims that want to establish a caliphate in the area.

China attempts to deradicalize ppl in poverty that do not speak Chinese and are at risk areas of radicalization by offering vocational institutions, many of which are called in foreign media as the same as re-edu camps. The difference is one is voluntary and the other is not. The ones that are not, are just prisons.

Many peasants see the first as a free opportunity to learn the country's language, trade skills for better jobs, and free meals and accommodation. You can actually see these same institutions throughout the country as they're targeted for the unemployed and poor, not just Muslims or Uyghurs.

Inb4 wumao. I just live here and was curious about the prison system so went out of my way to find out the difference from both the govt and local people.

File: cuba.jpg (138 KB, 1000x667)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Anyone here been to Cuba? What resorts would you reccomend what I'm really looking into is that but I wouldn't be against visiting Havana is it worth it?

stay the fuck out of the resorts
also if you must waste time and money for resort, you can book cheap package deals (flight+hotel) out of canada.
How is the situation there, has it calmed down? Wouldn't want to get stuck in a third world country in the middle of a revolution.

File: redwood.jpg (763 KB, 1080x1080)
763 KB
763 KB JPG
In 3 months I am permanently leaving America for good and don't plan on ever coming back.

Before I go, I figure I may as well see some sights. What're the best things worth visiting before I leave?

Right now I'm mainly just planning on a road trip through California/Oregon/Washington and British Columbia, (with pit stops driving out to Yellowstone, Redwood, Yosemite) since that looks lithe only truly beautiful region worth visiting.

Anything else worthwhile?
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Are you going to Ireland? Is that because you just happen to have Irish descent or what? Just curious how you decided where you’ll go.

One of my favorite sights to see in our glorious country is your mom’s pussy, OP. I am a frequent visitor and enjoy it quite often
Can you leave now so you can stop making these fucking threads?
no thanks, aus is even more pozzed
Zion is boring as fuck. And all the LA dipshits have invaded southern Utah. Fuck California

File: 1605843535571.jpg (27 KB, 546x640)
27 KB
What exactly do people find appealing about Florida? I spent a week in Tampa to visit my grandparents and the place sucks.

>shit weather (no, constant heat and sun with high humidity all year with no seasonal variety is not good weather)
>landscape flat as a pancake
>cities consist of ugly highways and strip malls
>rural areas full of snakes and alligators that can kill you
>insects and reptiles are relentless
>pretty but crowded beaches
>people consist entirely of rednecks, old farts, ghetto trash and straight fucking lunatics (I'm sure we've all seen the Florida Man meme by now)
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I agree, Florida is a shithole. Why anyone would willingly live there escapes me.
exactly. like I said, shithole
Cheap and shit weather
The weather. Also, cheap if you stay out of touristy areas. That's about it.
>nooo not the hecking mosquitoes and redneckerinos noooo
>whre's muh diversity and black people's restaurant

KYS faggot jew
Not everything I a veiled swipe at white people. Nobody doubts there are classless folks of all races. In a predominantly white country most of the worthwhile and shitty places are going to be predominantly white. In my experience there are a lot of really decent redneck folks though, I live in Boston and would prefer their company to many of the more "sophisticated" upper class folks I live among.

File: shutterstock_1129136732.jpg (58 KB, 1200x800)
58 KB
Im planing on visiting almaty, anybody here ever been there?
Any tips/stories/recommendations?
And are there any other cities worth visiting besides it and astana?
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I really want to do some wilderness stuff out in Kyrgyzstan especially hiking. Going around seeing rural places as well.
>so you spend thousands of dollars to go to the other part of the world to see some chinks.

How do you know where I am located?
99% of normies here are from muttland/europoor/aussie
There's absolutely no reason to visit Bishkek.
>bro why are you talking about travel on the travel board, there are other websites for that

File: 1586295291365.gif (1.26 MB, 600x370)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB GIF
I'd like to go somewhere for about a week this fall. Flying out of Montreal. Have been looking at Miami and New Orleans, warm major cities with no covid restrictions.

Any thoughts /trv/?
You're likely to get mugged at either place, so I'll say New Orleans. It's a whole other world. It's culturally more interesting.
Depends what youre looking for really. If you want a week of expensive partying and beaches than obviousy Miami. Youre from Montreal so you'll probably be unimpressed by nigger orleans but it has some nice french culture sprinkled in.
Yeah I dont drink anyone so it wont be partying in any case. Just chilling out and exploring
I meant New Orleans.damn
I like the voodoo and bluesy shift. But I'm a weirdo.

tldr /trv/ my mom just became a flight attendant for one of the biggest airlines here in the US. I can now fly standby on any flight with seats for pennies and wanna spend my weekends abusing that privilege. Where should I go if I can't take any extended trips but can go basically anywhere?
are you allowed to bring extra large luggage or specialty luggage?
you should take up outdoorsy hobbies - golf, ski/snowboard, scuba, hunting, camping - anything with a large case you'd have to spend extra on. cost of your flights could go to buying new equipment

many usa cities seem like they have nice history/local food/enough tourist attractions - but the people seem awful

File: hugosailingboat.jpg (160 KB, 1280x720)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
Hello /trv/

I have been thinking about doing a day-skipper course with the RYA and then doing some /trv/ as crew on my next sally. I wanted to know if any of you had done this, if you would recommend it and any tips to someone who someone who has only been reading RYA handbooks and watching YT content so far?

I speak English, Spanish and a bit of German and French and I would most interested to start learning around the Mediterranean.
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>Is that coastline (including Sete) not considered Riviera?
not at all. its very different. coasline is straight wth shallow lakes inland
>Was Biscay any harder when you were in Brittany
yea we go 3 m waves i puked my guts out for the entire belle ile/ ile d'yeu crossing
>I was looking at either going to Gibraltar or somewhere in Andalucia for training
wait, its possibl to train there in english?
> I've been reading handbooks
hanbooks wont help desu. you'r better off learning: buoys ,boa parts,feux de routes, the safety equipment ,priorties/traffic at sea by heart and practice your knots
Ah well that is my rosbif geography then, I always just called that entire stretch into the Mediterranean, the Riviera.
Did you do any sailing in the channel when you were in Brittany? You don't need to be a sailor to know it's quite infamous for bad weather.
Yes, RYA have several certified schools working out of Gibraltar. I wouldn't mind taking the courses in Spanish (especially if they are cheaper) but it seems more practical to learn in English.
Are there any resources you would recommend I use then? I've got a few months working here to earn some travel money so plenty of time to hopefully get a bit of a head-start.
>Did you do any sailing in the channel when you were in Brittany?
yea it was fine apart frm the part nar bréhat. had a lifting keel so we managed to beach on islands
tide is a bitch.
>Yes, RYA have several certified schools working out of Gibraltar.
where ca you see their bases?
>Are there any resources you would recommend I use then
idk i useda big sailing manual that this school lends. but i'd say th thing you usefor your motorboat licence an stuff about knotw online is fine. you only need like 3/4 of them daily
buy sea sickness medication though. not homeopaty. actual medication
Really? Big waves or just a strong current? How big was the keelboat and how many of you were training on it?
Just google search RYA school Gibraltar, there are 3 or 4 schools operating there and I've seen a couple recommended above others on sailing forums. There are also English language schools in Marbella and Alicante for your guiri expats. Most of them will do a 2 week course for 1500 euro.
Ditto, I've made the mistake before although I'm not sure how effective medication can be. I've been practicing reef, bowline and clove hitch knots. I used to do these a lot when I was a kid doing scouting and outdoor work so these came quite easily. Any preference for medication so when the time comes I know what do shop for?
>Big waves or just a strong current?
3/4m waves but it wasdue to the tide+current near bréhat. the islan is comfy af heaven on earth.
>How big was the keelboat and how many of you were training on it?
elan E4 i tink it was 34ft we were 4/5 in brittany
in séte i had adufour 325. we were 2 to man it. none of the boats are equipped with automatic pilotbcause my schol thought it a a bitch way to sail nd that saling 2 nights without sleep was th chad way.
this was th school btw https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Les_Gl%C3%A9nans
>how effective medication can be.
mercalm works well but it makes you sleepy af
> I've been practicing reef, bowline and clove hitch knots.
yea those are the ones do buy books t read while on sail. big ones.

I'm recently divorced, from the US in my late 20s, looking for somewhere to escape the crazy place I'm living in for a few weeks or months over summer and maybe winter (I know Ukraine will be feezing, I don't care). I dislike my job, the politics, location and utter insane hysteria surrounding me in my state.

I've heard good things about Ukraine.

Extremely cheap in comparison to "the west" or at least where I am, good looking people who are mega based, low mask compliance (is this true?), interesting cities to explore etc.

Only problem is I've heard there have been lockdowns within the last year? Is everything open at the moment? I don't want to arrive and be trapped in my room if that were to happen with a lot of hassle. Are there any no-nonsense cities where people will just get on with life? I don't want to be shouted at wherever I go by angry babushkas or Slavic wrestlers for daring to breathe without a mask on like I do here in Walmart by angry people... Only other downside is Ukrainian and Russian are hard to learn as an English speaker, so do many people speak English?

Am I getting carried away or should I book my flights and hotels ASAP? I don't have any goals for being there, I'm a boring person with a small amount of savings to last a few weeks. I just want to enjoy and live my life somewhere different for a while, learn something new, I have never left the US but up for an adventure and it'll be for self development reasons like confidence building.

Anyone with info please inform as much as you can, Cпacибi!
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it really isn't unless you're from a third world country like the US. i pay 10 euros/year for mine and it's valid everywhere, not just in ukraine.
cap, whats hard about Ukraine then? The only thing that is hard is poverty. People just dont have money. Otherwise its comfy.
1. Buy house in Ukraine or Georgia
2. Make so much money in West
3. passive or occasional income of at least 300-700$ month - easily done.
4. Retire in Georgia or Ukraine. Tadda.
Also learn Russian, but that won't be that hard as I already know two slavic languages.

Georgian, not so easy. (probably)

What’s the safest way to travel with a large amount of money traveling lmaooo

I want to move across the country and I don’t got time to fuck around talking to landlords finding an apartment and fucking around blowing money or staying in sketchy Airbnb rooms. I want to just show up and be able to pay like 6 months rent upfront and just check the place out make sure everything is okay

I only have 2 local banks near me and theyre smaller local chains I won’t be able to withdraw anything where I am and I have no idea what I’m doing so also can anyone tell me how the fuck to find an apartment across the country lmao. I have a little bit of money but I’m not rich or anything

Like do I just padlock this shit up or shit. I know I probably don’t have anything to be worried about but I would be fuuuuucked
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I actually tried to do something very similar. When I offered to pay exactly 6 months up front everyone was sketched tf out immediately. I had zero success trying to do this bc landlords, property managers, and others who rent have liabilities and require credit, background, referrals, bank account info, etc. esp during this eviction mortatoirum.

>Where are you trying to rent (approxiamtely)?
>what are you considering budget-wise?
>When do you want to move-in?
>the money is the easy part you can do wire transfers or carry it on you right next to a gun.

There's plenty of options. You will need to find a landlord who will just have you fill out a 1 page rental agreement, take a first month and security deposit and thats it.

I would avoid mentioning the 6 month deal. It will also protect you in case landlord tries to evict you in 30 days. Anymore questions feel free to ask.
>I actually tried to do something very similar. When I offered to pay exactly 6 months up front everyone was sketched tf out immediately
Where the fuck did this happen? I used to pay several months up front in Chicago to various landlords for years; they were elated to get the money since it meant they wouldn’t have to bang on my door for it.
that's what I thought too like how fucking stupid can they be I am literally giving you all thousands of dollars up front but yeah they were not having it. I just wanted a sense of security and not have to worry about paying rent every month. None of them could accept cash. Almost all of them were property mgmt companies others were real estate agents who were also property managers. When I did find a landlord who took it he would only accept first month and security deposit and do month-to-month. It wasn't an upper class area but it was very nice and they prob had zero problem finding dual income renters. It was def not a Chicago type city.

The good news is it actually ended up saving me a shit ton of money this way bc I was able to close on a house in 3 months. And landlord was like see ya later good luck.

So in conclusion try to find a month-to-month landlord who will take at most first and last and security and go with that until you can/want to change your living arrangement.
Uh huh

Where was this, exactly?

So has anyone arrived from an amber country and just not bothered to book the two tests?
They check that you've booked them at the airport, I'm pretty sure
They check before you board.
Stay at home bongs. You fuckers already ruined us with the delta here in portugal.
When I came back they checked I had tests booked but apparently they're more lax with it at the moment

>blaming the people going on holiday instead of your own government letting them
they checked before i got on the plan and when i arrived so book em.
i 'took' the tests by barely wving the stick in my nose - came back ok. i think they just want the cash.
bonus info: the guy cme to my house once asked for my passport. i said no he said he'd report me, no one came again.

What’s the worst that happened to you, anon?

When I was in Cambodia a few years back I was being a dumbass and wasn’t paying attention. I was about to wash my hands in the bathroom and I cranked the hot water on, but got distracted for 15 secs or so. Without thinking I put my hands under the water which was now hot as fuck and got a nice little burn on my hands
53 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Probably because he's a poojeet
Flips and Thais are fucking retarded though. And after 8pm half the natives on the road are loaded on booze or shabu. Biking in SEA is nothing like riding a gay little vespa in a Euroshitter town
>Local 13 year olds drive in the Philipines without any problems whatsoever
And they also die without any problems whatsoever. Talk to some locals and ask them if they know anyone who died on a road accident, 100% of the time they will say yes and they'll explain a horror story.

I barely value my life so I drive, but I avoid driving on highways and big roads where trucks zoom past you at night at 120kmh where the limit is 40.
Put out a $5k finders fee and I'll find it for you
Same. Road rash in Thailand.

While millions of weebs worldwide have been locked out of Japan for 1.5 years now and will be unable to travel for the rest of the year at least, tens of thousands of Olympic contractors and athletes went to Tokyo. The first thing they did when they got there? Logged on dating apps to fuck local women, of course.

How does this make you feel?
75 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
What's with the deal with the cupboard beds and the Israel team shitting on them and pissed the Japs so much?
Not quite total fuck fests, but about 75% of athletes take part. 10,000 athletes, roughly 100k condoms, the math works out to ten fucks over about 2-3 weeks. High but expected. Usain Bolt reportedly celebrated a win with an entire Swedish water polo team or something.
So you are presented facts and you respond with crying? Incredibly jealous and pathetic, Japs love Americans and consider them their greatest allies and lovers, cope.
File: 1593155806911.png (46 KB, 1200x1000)
46 KB

>How does this make you feel?

Empathy. I'd definitely do the same, they got the cheat codes for jap pussy. They're not why the japanese goverment is fucking retarded.
Go bait on Pol ching chong

File: unnamed.jpg (26 KB, 512x285)
26 KB
planning to go on vacation alone. any tips? experience?
20 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Its very normal for people to call a boyfriend/girlfriend their partner as they get older. Not everyone in a relationship is married or in high school.
I'm Australian and the only time I've heard people in other countries bring up American politics is when American liberals start groveling about Trump.
>Find a hotel near an airport
>Go to the bar around 9pm
>You'll probably find a bore/lonely business traveler
>Get laid

Use your daytime hours to explore and see the sights or whatever. Then find a new hotel bar for the evening.

Rinse and repeat.
real travellers always travel alone, tourists travel in herds like cattle
Don't listen to most of these faggots.
Get Google Fi for your phone plan. Free international just about everywhere. I have used in Bean, Colombia, Bong, Spic, Frog, Wop, and NotKraut. Free text, data, phone, just pay your normal rates.
Do stay with others unless you don't like people. Use tinder or grinder or whatever to expand your circle.
Eat local. Eat street. It will always be serviceable and cheap. It won't kill you if you get it hot.
Luggage = Backpack only. Don't even bring anything else except a daypack that fits in your backpack. I recommend Kelty. Boyscouts makes cheap Ouray knockoffs but you'll have to modify to remove BSA shit.
Don't drink local water you haven't boiled for over 1 min.
Download offline Maps on Google so your data doesn't hamper your ability to navigate.
Bring a compass, mirror, whistle, life straw, and first aid if you're gonna be innawoods or hiking more than 1 mile away from civ.
Oh, also don't be a dipshit and go hiking in summer in Arizona. You likely won't live, even on a girly hike.

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