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Do you ever regret traveling with your girlfriend?

I meet other women I want to coom with everytime I travel with my gf. Does it get better?

She wants to live in Thailand together, I don’t think I can handle it
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>horse riding in cappadocia
nice, Im gonna do this when I visit turkey
Are you Italian? I wasn't sure if it was just a cultural thing that Italians do and she could defo tell I was English so maybe just being nice? Or did I miss out on that sweet Italian milf cos of my dumb gf :/
I'm pretty handsome and my girlfriend has red hair and a big butt. When we travel, QT's definitely check me out here and there. As usual, it seems to be the 18-24 crowd but I've had a few drunk milfs lick their lips while looking at me. Usually nignogs or locals will hit on my gf as soon as I leave to take a piss. I honestly like it a lot. Makes us feel exotic, kek. I tell my gf whenever some nog checks out her ass, and she tells me when cuties look my way. Once she told me that a girl in Lisbon looked at me and her jaw dropped a little, which is something that wouldn't happen in the US. People might check each other out in the US but we are so douchey here girls try to hide it. Girls absolutely like it when other girls want to bang you, and you can even flirt back *a little* in front of them to get your gf riled up. Although I think if I traveled solo I could still bang random girls I guess, but I get way more attention when I'm with my gf compared to single, and I think my gf is average looking. girls are dumb as hell and would never admit it but they want a guy that can pull other, hotter girls but chose them instead. Definitely a reason to date a girl slightly less attractive than yourself, that way she is always trying to keep you and impress you and is afraid of losing you. If I dated a 10/10 I know that bitch would leave the first time I lost my temper and yelled at her kek
Every aspect of your life would've been so much better with that Italian girl.

Best country (+ points of interest) in Latin America for a small group (2-4) of American college students in December? We have 1-3 weeks (would like to lean more to 3 weeks if possible to really explore). We're interested in hiking and history (both Spanish and pre-Columbian). Although we like to party we don't want Cancun-tier raves (maybe something lowkey with other hostel people or locals?). Ideal budget would be $400-500 max for 3 weeks + airfare.
I speak fluent Spanish so language shouldn't be too big of an issue.

Willing to answer any more q's to help narrow it down.
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Tandil is kinda nice but pretty meh compared to the rest of the country.
Córdoba is pretty nice but I haven't been there since I was 10. I've heard Mina Clavero is pretty nice.
Our North Western Region is the most 'unique' if you will, both in terms of culture and nature.
The 'Litoral' region is nice too if you're into wetlands and jungles.
The southern Andes region is amazing but it's not too different from mountain ranges and lakes in the US and Europe.
very interesting - do you need a car to explore all this or how good are argentinian trains?
On $20/day I recommend Bolivia, even in Peru that's only enough for cheap hostel + cheap food + transport. Or maybe you could do the Inca trail or something like that if you camp and hike all day.
you'll find the hippie pussy in cusco and a couple of other nearby towns with megalithic sites and tourism, but once you leave the cusco are you're pretty much going to be with locals except for Puno on lake titticaca and some of the surrounding towns, if you've never been it will blow your mind, you won't be the same after 3 weeks in this place
As nice as Argentina is, you're not going to get a round trip ticket sub-$500. Your budget is pretty tight OP, Colombia/Panamá/Perú are your best bets.

File: boarisch.jpg (73 KB, 550x440)
73 KB
I have a 6 hour layover at the airport in Munich. Can someone recommend a cheap but good local place to get something to eat.
Should I bring my own candles as iheard Munich will be turning off the light to save gas?
No such thing in Germany. Enjoy your 10 euro gas station sandwich.
>Should I bring my own candles as iheard Munich will be turning off the light to save gas?
cant tell of /pol/ bait or genuine retard
OP here
Neither pol bait or retard. Just an attempt to bring a smile your face over a serious matter. Humour.
You looking for a biergarten, no recommandation around the airport casue never been there but try Google or asks for advice from locals
>Neither pol bait or retard
You are both pol bait and retard.

File: 1663084963009893.png (497 KB, 512x448)
497 KB
497 KB PNG
what do I do
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File: womaninwater.png (407 KB, 512x512)
407 KB
407 KB PNG
Thank you
Absolutely freezing there might as well visit Antarctica op
you will find something you like at the hoffburg, personally i very much enjoyed the royal armory and roman antiquities
Mostly Israel, one of the shills leaked his IP on /pol/ by accident.
From /pol/. The virgin incels from there spill over to other boards.

File: 0f4.jpg (75 KB, 770x600)
75 KB
Have you ever traveled abroad alone (for non work purposes)
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Can someone give me specific advice on hostels on Cozumel (Mexico)? How do I find the right one with the right vibe? I'm 24 years old and from Germany, would love to meet some people to go to bars or clubs with during the night, and maybe do cool activities like hiking and diving during the day
i recommend checking the google maps reviews, have fun:)
>Since you’re a woman
Are you confused with this anon maybe?
>>2320959 >>2322470

>Is it weird for a guy to do?
No because I did it. I used the website before COVID.
I don't know how much it could have changed
Lmao this was exactly my reaction to reading that. Then to imply that solo travelers are gigachad...kek!
youre a literal npc

File: 1663189199381102.jpg (121 KB, 1078x1348)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Like the title says, I'm traveling to Denmark on friday from the USA, got a hostel, going to see a close friend, but I've never taken a plane before or been out of the country. I'm still new to this, so what should I expect? Any tips for a new traveler? Will $1000 be enough to get me through a week there?
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File: 1663113932265576.jpg (84 KB, 512x960)
84 KB
Thank you kind anon, I guess more than anything I'm worried about flying but thats because I'm terrified of flights. My friend told me people are normally willing to trade seats if you get a window seat though, so that makes me feel a little bit better.
I'm looking real forward to the trip, but I haven't told my family about it, mostly due to them being paranoid qanon retards that think me taking a trip to a foreign country is somehow gonna lead to me getting sold as a slave on the black market somehow, but that's just something they'll have to deal with. Not really relevant to the topic (I guess it kind of is), but I just wanted to get that off my chest.
>Will $1000 be enough to get me through a week there?
Depends on what you and your friend are going to do and where in Denmark it is.
If you are going to bang high end prozzies from the strip clubs in Copenhagen or Aarhus, the 1000 will prolly just last for an hour or less.
If you are fine with a single cheap arse cup of coffee from 7-11 and a horrible sandwich from a discount supermarket and only use your feet getting about, then it last you a few months.

>lead to me getting sold as a slave on the black market
Well Denmark did rape, pillage and enthrall people during the viking ages and later was one of the biggest slave traders in the Americas.... some things change, some doesn't... do you feel lucky?
you'll most probably manage on a 1000 wingwangs, even if you'd stay in copenhagen the whole time - i'm assuming you're flying to and staying in copenhagen. if you do, it's a nice enough city to explore. make sure to check out christiana. it's the touristy thing to do but it's still pretty neat

also, if you have a couple of days to spare, you could check out the country itself. for example the famous chalk cliffs (e.g. møns klint), idk, just search for stuff you'd be interested in

also, well done making the decision to see more of the world. it might seem like a big deal, to leave your country for the first time, but you'll see there's nothing to be afraid of. anxiety is a pretty common thing to feel when flying but as a matter of fact, flying is a pretty safe way of travelling.

have fun!
eat liver
Drink Tuborg. It's better than Carlsberg.

File: 20220919_215500.jpg (642 KB, 3264x2448)
642 KB
642 KB JPG
Uhhh, I took my first flight to Europe and checked into my hotel and see this sign in the bathroom. Wtf? What does this even mean my mind can't really go there. Thinking about just shitting in the shower. Any Europeans care to educate me on permissible bathroom activity
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It would be rude and inconsiderate to make the yuropoor wagies realize how backward their countries are. And as an American I respect and appreciate the servant class
trying too hard with the /pol/ bait pajeet
Which country?

Going to Antwerp for a weekend, is the nightlife good, and is there a “party” zone?
Munich’s was small and most places closed early, I want to know so I can prepare accordingly

File: c6e.jpg (30 KB, 680x491)
30 KB
Why are so many people fascinated with Japan and everything japanese?
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Because deep-down everyone wishes to live in a homogenous society.
calm down kahled
File: definitivemapofamerica.png (801 KB, 2400x1400)
801 KB
801 KB PNG
It's peaceful and safe unlike most of america
This is just light skinned people vs dark skinned people.

White midwesterners and japanese people are quiet, racist, reserved. This loud american you're describing is not an american, It's an immigrant. Browns are not american citizens, george washington said so.
Kawai desune

File: th (1).jpg (20 KB, 382x225)
20 KB
Anything to do here?
What is interesting in Orlando?
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File: florida sucks.png (192 KB, 400x400)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
I lived in orlando for two years.
Cool shit:
>Gator Golf
>UCF Football (cuties)
>Titanic Museum is a good deal.
>Universal studios is better than disney
Meh shit
>45 min away there is a beach
>Off disney disney stores, they sell cheap souvenirs for people you don't really care about.
>Gun club is overpriced but you can fire a machine gun
>If you are willing to drive the Tampa the ybor strip is really nice if you like colored girls
Shit things
>Disney (Lines lines lines)
>Disney walk or universal walk (overpriced shit)
>Any of the bars in the attractions district (overpriced shit)
Irvine is one of the most exclusive cities in the world though
>near nice beaches
>great weather every day
>almost no violent crime
>best culture in the world every cool clothing and lifestyle company comes from OC or nearby
>nearby Disneyland knotts berry farm sea world magic mountain San Diego zoo
Gatorland is pretty cool
any good local restaurants?

File: 1440180886526.gif (264 KB, 148x111)
264 KB
264 KB GIF
has anyone travelled to netherlands recently via train? I want to go to with friends to netherlands in two weeks but I'm not vaccinated and there's not enough time to get both vaccinations in two weeks since you need to wait inbetween them so i cant take a flight, i know that for germany and other eu countries there are no restrictions if you travel by train, do they check for netherlands? also i assume i cant just fly to say germany or belgium then travel by train to netherlands right
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: NRWTarif.png (758 KB, 979x826)
758 KB
758 KB PNG
There are like 30 different bus and train lines heading to the netherlands from germany and there hasn't been any regulations since 1,5 years. And even then a regular covid test was enough to pass the border. No baggage checks either ever.
Flying into to the netherlands does indeed require the vax though, while germany doesn't even require you to wear a mask on the plane.
If you hit up NRW(Düsseldorf Airport/Cologne Airport) I recommend getting a SchönerTagTicket NRW for 45€. 5 people can take as many trains as they like for a day inside a pretty large region including like 15 dutch cities as well. The largest citys from which you can head further into the country or explore first are Nijmegen, Enschede, Arnhem.
File: Enschede.png (1.11 MB, 1223x689)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
Nijmegen is the oldest town of NL and a worthwhile scroll.
Enschede is retro gamers heaven, with literally 10m scrap metal robots at main station, spacebar a techoclub with set up sega genesis, neo geo, dream cast to hit up and Gameshop Twente 1 floor store 1 floor arcade set on free-play.
Oh and plan your flight according to the SchönerTagTicket NRW, it's only useable past 9am and till 3am. Worth to save some bucks for you two.
File: food.jpg (53 KB, 432x649)
53 KB
Some food recommendations:
- Caramelized biscuit bread spread called speculoos. Pic related is the brand product but every supermarket has a no-name one that's just as good. Coming in smooth, chunky, and literally raw mini cookies supposed to be thrown over bread.
- If you ever hit up a frituur try out hete donder (hot whore) a spiced up meatloaf of sorts or Mexicano a railway looking meatloaf. If you gotta pick a sauce out of the million offered pick andalouse sauce, you won't regret.
Germany to netherlands trains are safu
Ymmv, but I flew into Amsterdam back in August and was surprised that my vaccination info was not asked for

File: 165308262646.jpg (350 KB, 1018x884)
350 KB
350 KB JPG
I've heard mixed things about eating in India. Some people say that EVERYONE will get sick on their trip, and others say that it's not always the case. Many famous travel blog youtubers have gotten very ill, some have gotten so ill that they had to leave the country, or have been hospitalized.

I think it's pretty safe that these rules are true: 1) Drink only bottled water (from a safe store/hotel) 2) Don't each street food, especially street food with raw veggies/fruit that could be washed 3) Don't get shower water in your eyes or mouth and brush your teeth with bottled water

But besides these points, how unsafe is it? I mean for me, eating local is a big part of why I love to travel. I would hate to stick to only hotel food. I'm ok with not eating street food, but are restaurants unsafe as well? If I'm only going to travel India for 2-3 weeks, I'd hate to spend 4 days of it or more stuck in a hotel room pooping my brains out because I accidentally ate a shred of raw lettuce.

Can someone give me a realistic breakdown of what it will be like eating in India? I've travelled to some pretty extreme places before, with touts and scammers, so I'm not too worried about that, but I am worried about getting "deli belly" and having to go to the hospital.

What do?
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>a week
why do people still go to india?
I had none and ate nothing but cheap biryanis. No street food, though, and I also took zinc with each meal. Not even an aphrodisiac like zinc was enough to make Indian women look attractive to me, but it does have some anti-microbial effects.

I also didn't drink anything with ice in it. Wasn't that common sense, back in the day? The ice is sometimes from tap water.
none is strange way to say 200% chance

File: zillow.jpg (279 KB, 1920x899)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
So many have these have popped up over time and I have no idea what's going on. Small pieces of desert land are selling anywhere from $300 to almost half a million dollars. New Area 51 site confirmed?
>Bureau of Land Management auctions off thousands of acres of open desert land
>private bidder wins auction
>he subdivides land into parcels and puts it on Zillow
>parcels closer to main roads and/or with easier utilities access are more expensive
>homesteaders buy the smaller and more affordable parcels
>commercial developers buy the big parcels close to I-40 and other main roads
>Today (You) post this thread here
So, what you're saying is that there's going to be some commercial structures there in those lots in the near future?
by the main roads yeah, lots of demand for storage units in the area
like I said, most of it is gonna get sold to individuals, some people are going to build houses on the land they buy, others are just going to sit on it and wait for the land to appreciate in value
t. have family in Mohave Co
also, check out the unincorporated community of Golden Valley for how it'll turn out
looks like a hand of Han Solo in carbonite

New /trv/ler I’m 24 male and recently returned from a 2 week trip to Spain, went to Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga solo and really enjoyed it. Thinking of travelling again in November for a week, what is good place to visit ? Oh btw I’m from Canada and unvaxxed so some destinations wont be possible to visit for now like US or Brazil.
File: brainlets.gif (3.4 MB, 430x242)
3.4 MB
3.4 MB GIF
>Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga
you're gonna post this in every thread, arent you?
Don't know about Malaga, but two weeks in those cities are a quite good lenght as much as you include some day-trips (Toledo, Segovia, etc.)
tourists smell
Are you homosexual? Do you have monkeypox?
Try to lower saturation of the image because it looks dark

So after doing some research it seems that even the cheapest hostels and food in Germany are uber expensive.

I will be spending 35 days this winter in Germany, is 3k euros enough to get by for that long?

I can go anywhere in the country but would prefer Stuttgart.
21 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
You should be using hostelworld to search for hostels not google
most of germany you should be able to get one for $20-30 a night possibly less in other cities
*possibly less in the big cities
It’s because they’ve run out of energy dumbfuck.
That would be true if these weren't accepted in 2020 and 2021. Sorry rabbi, your time is burning up.
lmao look at OPs retarded ass mug in the top right corner

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