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Any anons visited El Salvador before? Got any input or stories? Me and my wife are visiting this week. I have never been outside the country I am kinda nervous and excited.
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Yeah I went to Ilopango a few years ago with the military but got to interact a little bit with the city and locals.
San Salvador seemed nice enough on the way out of the airport. Ilopango is I part of the San Salvador metropolitan area but apparently a shittier exurb. Definitely sketchy to wander around but outside the city was stunningly beautiful, steep valleys, lush vegetation, all that. There's a lot of charm.
It's gotten way safer and I had a friend who's originally from there go with his parents last year, they all had a good time and said they were amazed how much nicer things have gotten. Of course, they're Spanish speakers. On the whiter side of Hispanic but still recognizably Hispanic.
So if you're a total foreigner to the area, especially going as a couple, still observe travel safety at all times and genuinely avoid areas that look unwelcoming.
I'm not gonna say don't do it, you shouldn't be terrified of the place more than say, Brazil at this point, so long as you have some sense. Do your homework on safe areas and don't wander around after dark, keep your money and passport safe.
OP here, leaving from El Salvador today. It was a lovely country! We had a hookup for a local guide, he was a super cool dude he even took us to the club and drove us back at 2am, crashed at our place. I felt safe the whole time, having a guide probably helped . Very friendly people everywhere. Stuff was pretty cheap. They use USD so made things easy. Locals seemed eager to talk to us at clubs and at convenience stores and stuff. Only the hotel staff seemed to hate us from the get go for some reason. People said foreigners from Canada, U.S., Europe, etc. are buying up all the property and pricing out the locals, thats sad. We will return one day! I will be excited to see our new friends we met there again!
>People said foreigners from Canada, U.S., Europe, etc. are buying up all the property and pricing out the locals
This is happening in Colombia too. Is it any wonder, when the average Joe is being priced out of real estate in his own country by BlackRock and other finance Jews?
Bro it's safe but go to europe first you retard. Your first trip outside of the country is to ES? gotta be a troll. I was just there for two weeks and it's awesome but there were places i felt unsafe and i have been to 90 countries
File: jwoodssalv.jpg (82 KB, 594x842)
82 KB
>mandatory pre trip kino

File: Burj_Khalifa_2021.jpg (109 KB, 800x553)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
I don't understand women's obsession with this place. They hate it and say they oppres women's rights constently but at the same time love going their for stupid social media pics.
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Can't wait until AI chatbots and AI porn replace these OF thots.
fuck off back to pleddit faggot, the mods literally delete any thread vaguely related to sex
File: Smith_without_shades.png (309 KB, 1018x431)
309 KB
309 KB PNG
Know what?
Paying to take a shit on girls or engaging in bestiality is some of the more extreme and depraved cases. Usually its vanilla, like one of the cousins turning 16 so you let him choose his favourite influencer to be flown out so he can lose his virginity to her or something like that.
t. Emirati.
There are the rich arabs who pay the thots to have sex with them, and they take pics of yachts, skycrappers, etc. And there are the normal women who enjoy it because of the hype, and because it is a very flash materialistic place, full of luxuty brands, expensive cars, trendy restaurants...
Not much different of why people fly in herds to Paris/NYC/London. The difference is that in those places you could tell people that you visited some museums and fake an interest for art. But truth be told, most people just go for the pics, social validation, showing off, etc.
big buildings
way for them to earn a quick buck

File: 1666378655588655.png (199 KB, 392x536)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
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Worse than chav flights to Mallorca?
I'm American so even a $150 flight is cheap to me. But, can go from Dublin to Toulouse for less than $40 USD on Wednesday. Spend a few days there, then off to Milan for less than $30.
mallorca atleast has some things beyond chav interests
I chose any Belfast airport and even checked departure airports in neighboring countries, which were even more expensive.
direct flight manchester to shannon on 28/3/23 is 16pounds
cork 24pounds
billund 25
nantes 28
brussels 29
belfast 33
jersey 33

File: 3909435.png (35 KB, 512x512)
35 KB
is australia a good place to live, free from prejudice against white people?i am black but i am sick of my country bitching about white people 24/7 because of "privilege", and australia seems like a great fit, because i speak english and live in tropical weather (from Brazil)
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fuck off nigger we're full
OP was talking about people hating on white men, which is much more prevalent in the southern states. In general though that is a pol boogeyman
>i am black but i am sick of my country bitching about white people 24/7 because of "privilege"
Australia is currently having a referendum on whether white people should be allowed to run the government unimpeded, its looking like soon "The Voice" will pass and a part of the government will be permanently reserved for blackfellas. If anything Australia is currently the country fastest destroying white privilege.

>from Brazil
Pretty much all Brazilians cannot legally handle Australia, there are only two paths for you people here: Leave or sell drugs

I wish this weren't the case because I quite like visiting the Brazilian supermarket and listening to bossa nova
We're getting there. Anything the US has their claws in, you better expect involvement in counterproductive wars and a lot of berating normal people.
File: If onIy you knew.jpg (35 KB, 680x672)
35 KB
>If anything Australia is currently the country fastest destroying white privilege.

Canada says Bonjour.

File: eurotrip.jpg (15 KB, 480x360)
15 KB
What's the best city in the UK or Ireland for getting absolutely piss drunk and partying? I'm a yank doing a tour of both countries with some friends (we're in our early 30s) in early July and we want to make sure we're spending our Saturday in the right place. I'd say we're more interested in pubs than clubs, but we're up for whatever as long as its not too pretentious.
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>what is gaslighting?
I liked the nightlife in Manchester. Hard drinkers and lots of after-hours parties and places staying open (UK has fairly cautious licensing laws, and most pubs still stop selling booze early by US standards). Manchester was one of the first cities in the UK to establish “24-hour licenses,” although nowhere but a casino is actually open 24hrs.
Leeds is pretty good for old pubs. A lot of them are hundreds of years old and have a traditional feel to them. You'll be in Yorkshire as well so you can do some trips to nearby villages for even more traditional pubs.
Manchester is also good and it's an hour away from Leeds so you could do both
Only a problem if you’re a poorfag
Only if you are chad.

File: file.png (75 KB, 223x226)
75 KB
why is /trv/ so negative, it feels like a depressing extension to /pol/. like is there a single place you fuckers actually LIKE to travel to?
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File: 10278 - SoyBooru.png (70 KB, 452x363)
70 KB
This, the whole country is like that, everyone in America is bitter and afraid
Don't forget the roller coaster
where would this hypothetical mystery virus have come from
the world will never know
Not sure if hes one of these anons but there is the dude that allows posts his sea monkey gf and the one other anon who larps as a chad and goes into every SEA thread to say that yellow fever fags are copers
It's filled with retards who dont actually go anywhere

File: download.jpg (9 KB, 225x225)
9 KB
Moving to Spain, what are my job options? Moving there from Sweden.

I know the job market sucks ass in Spain compared to other north European countries so I need some help, And yes I am studying spanish.
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Why Portugal?
I met a roastie from Ireland who did this, within two weeks she had a gig as a bartender, in two months she had a data science gig in Barcelona. Now all she does is post pictures with her Spanish boyfriend. It probably won't be as easy for you, women live life on easy mode.

And before people say it was because of her abilities, no it wasn't, she had shit for brains.
Just get a remote helpdesk job in Sweden
Fuck off we are full
Got a job offer there, the pay was half of what I'm earning right now. The fun part is I'm from south america, so I actually get to live a comfortable life for much much less than I would in Spain.

Is Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia really as bad as everyone says?
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For me, it has to be Chinggis Khan
File: mongolians.jpg (42 KB, 550x413)
42 KB
Forgot pic
File: 1652891572843.jpg (137 KB, 600x595)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
My favorite music group
Mongolians be calling chinks and ccp subhumans while Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region completely mogs their fake country to hell.
File: 1678139178230824.jpg (37 KB, 262x394)
37 KB

File: new_england.jpg (175 KB, 1200x800)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
What is the best New England city
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Ok the schizo posts about Boston are mine, but I will admit Mass is full of towns like Georgetown, Nahant, and Orleans that are GREAT places to raise a family. You do need money though.

Mass is also hugely underrated for pussy. Boston attracts the best and brightest young women from all over the country, the world even. Xi jinping's daughter went to harvard, malia obama too, a literal princess of the house of orange went to tufts, rich chinese expat girls, mind blowing pussy everywhere. Upper middle class massachusetts also produces some amazing italian-american pussy.

It's still no place for a man in his 20's. All the quality girls leave for college, and when they graduate they go to major cities. It's only fit for raising a family, if you can stand the libtard government.
File: FFXHcOYXIAE2lL5.jpg (131 KB, 1280x720)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
what place in new england is the most like Over the Garden Wall?
can I retire there with 3m usd?
I'm a spic with european grandparents and their respective passports
I want to escape my hellhole and raise my son away from the fences and armored cars
File: 129874280174.png (3.38 MB, 2032x1140)
3.38 MB
3.38 MB PNG
A house in a charming seaside town will run you about a million dollars. You can easily live off the passive income from a $2 million portfolio, once that's out of the way.

There will be plenty of Latinos for you to hang out with, if that's what you're looking for. Mexicans are the predominant ones in most of the US, but New England has a more diverse mix: Guatemalans, Colombians, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans.

I'd suggest homeschooling your children so they don't grow up to be mentally ill. American public schools are a real piece of work. There's homeschool groups with lots of discreetly right-wing parents, so that your children don't become stereotypical weirdos. They organize sports teams that compete against local schools and such, family mixers, etc. I ran into one where they paired their children off at like 16, with the understanding they'd marry after college.

Don't pull the trigger on it unless you're intent on living a quiet family life. If you're not looking for peace and quiet, you'll find the routine mind-numbingly boring. Take Vitamin D with some potassium every few days for seasonal depression: the sun sets at 4pm in winter. You might as well just fly home for a month in December to avoid the worst of it.
small town new hampshire probably, although admittedly a lot of the new england small towns are experiencing poverty and drugs which makes a lot of them indistinguishable from a midwest shithole.

Post your best turbulence stories. Did you ever experience something like this?
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not even that bad, had worse landing in chicago last year, latina next to me kissed her rosary she was wearing haha
you started that story off like a right faggot
anyway anon, have you gone on many flights since then?
I always skip sleep the day before my flight for exactly that reason; to sleep through the entire flight.
File: 1639631966740.jpg (182 KB, 666x968)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Bro, I was on a flight coming back home from Europe like ten years ago. Over the Atlantic this fucking plane, out of nowhere, just free falls God knows how many feet. No warning by anybody/anything. Every single person who didn't have their seatbelt on caught air. It's the wildest thing to see everybody just float up all of a sudden. Can't say for sure, but I swear one of the stewardesses hit her head on the top of the ceiling. After that, the turbulence was still pretty bad but that was the worst of it. Lasted like ten minutes. Chicks were screaming their faces off and I made eye contact with this dude a couple rows ahead of me on the opposite isle, and he put his hands up like it's a fucking roller coaster. Smiling and having the time of his life. I almost did it too but low key was pretty freaked out. When that plane landed everybody looked at that one dude like he was insane.... but I knew deep down he was the hero we didn't deserve, but needed.
Do Americans really clap when the plane lands?

File: 3000.jpg (735 KB, 3000x2000)
735 KB
735 KB JPG
If you're traveling in a single place for more than 5 days. Is it a good idea to stay at multiple hotels/hostels?
Small places: I would try to stay the entire duration in a central location

Big places: I might do half-and-half on one side and its opposite

Places with terrible transportation: apply one of the above strategies, but maybe stay the final night as close to the airport/train station as possible
I usually don’t, personally, but I don’t see much reason not to if you feel like it. What I have done on a number of occasions, though, is chosen to stay in different places when passing through the same city more than once on a trip.
just check weekend rates between places and get the better deal, it's nice to experience more than one if you're not a robot normie
in the same city? seems a hassle unless it is by far the most affordable/convenient/only option
its not a big deal other than just having to check out (might interrupt your morning plans) - transport your belongings to next location (will you walk it or need to pay for transport?) - storing your belongings somewhere after checkout/before check in (many hotels are fine for this but not everywhere- sometimes there are pay otpions tho)
my wife likes to do this. it's fucking annoying. if we're only staying for a few days in a place it's a pain in the butt to have to pack everything up half way through and haul everything across to a new place and unpack it again. i never do it when i'm travelling alone.

File: honolulu.png (1.14 MB, 1000x667)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
I was "lucky" enough to be born American. The COL in Hawaii is seemingly higher than NYC, but I mean, you get to live on a fucking island. I've been looking up frugal living in Hawaii and it does seem to be doable, but I'm debating if it's truly worth it. You would literally have to forego AC and heating. You'd basically just work and eat, and pay rent. But I mean, isn't it like that everywhere these days? I don't know. I just want to truly live, bros. Grew up in North Carolina, I'm 23, and I just feel like I need to start over. No degree, no ambition. I just want to try something totally new. I have about $100k in savings. Let's just say I got it from crypto. I'm open to suggestions for other places to move, though. I visited NYC a while back, with dreamy eyes, and it was kind of a hellhole, desu. Pay asinine rent to live in a concrete jungle.

Also, one of the main reasons I want to live in Hawaii is because it's actually warm. Blows my mind how people pay all this money to live in cold places.
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>government made it illegal for people to live together
Cool and instead they're homeless because they can't afford rent. It's funny how many "poor" people don't give a fuck about the homeless. All of these worker-rights laws create insurmountable poverty for the least employable people in the country. Minimum wage prices them out of the legal labor market because their labor isn't worth that amount, housing regulations mean they can't go squat in some slum and instead have to sleep outdoors, etc. I mean they help the bottom tier of WORKERS, don't get me wrong, but the people that are below the bottom worker tier get fucked literally to death because they can't dig ditches for 5 dollars an hour legally
100k is a lot to have saved at 23. Use that money to relocate and do a trade apprenticeship like a real man. Don't buy into the CS meme everyone spouts, tradies make just as much and you won't be replaced by Indian tech workers in ten years.
>Don't buy into the CS meme everyone spouts, tradies make just as much
Tradies do well in America, but don't get carried away either
>go to look up what b2 level is
>”confident” in the language, able to be independent in workplace and academic settings
>couple month bender in Latin America will get anon there
Dude are you literally on crack. I’ve taken 6 years of Spanish, 2 high school 4 university. I’m in Spain right now and have been a while. I’m maybe b2, maybe. You can call me a retard or whatever but I’ve met people from the UK/US that have been here for years and can’t speak Spanish for a shit. I’ve met countless people in the UK and US who have been there for actual decades and can’t speak English at b2. Unless anon has some sort of background in Spanish it would take at least 1 year of near total immersion(little to no English speaking area) and night classes all in Spanish to maybe get to b2. Unless you are using a different definition. Because not coming off as a total retard in a uni/workplace setting takes real time and effort, this isn’t just ordering a cafe con leche. Bonus points if he ends up in Catalonia and Spanish means fuck all anyway lmao
Yeah where u buying one in Hawaii fag get a condo or apartment

What's worth checking out from Singapore through Malaysia to south Thailand?

Time doesn't matter. I have about a month to get through here.
Any /trv/ellers been through here?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Thank you kind anon
I may switch things up and spend some time straight to Bangkok since that's not on the menu.
We're heading to Koh Tao for Dive certificates for two months :)
that's the thing captain, there is no plan
Thank you anon
Might spend some extra time in the places you mentioned
A bajillion islands in southern Thailand
>If you’re the sort to learn languages, listen closely before opening your mouth and avoid speaking Thai to people speaking Malay,

it's fine you can speak thai to them since we force them to learn thai in school


My ability to say kop un krab, maw mak mak, and pang mak krab will surely prevent my beheading
>it's fine you can speak thai to them since we force them to learn thai in school
One of many reasons the population down there is so proudly and patriotically Thai. And it’s true that it’s been nearly 30 years since someone (probably one of the many Patani United Liberation Organizations) burned down dozens of schools.

The only beheading I can remember down there was of a police chief.

File: SF 1.jpg (4.36 MB, 4000x3000)
4.36 MB
4.36 MB JPG
What are the most hated trv/ destinations that you thoroughly enjoyed?

I loved San Francisco. It's probably the most divisive city on this board. I followed advice from a thread someone posted here and I hiked Muir Woods, biked around Angel Island, hiked the Tennessee Beach trail, we ate at Tacolicious in the Mission, we did a rafting trip on the Russian River and then got a Pliny the Elder on draft at the Russian River brew company and we took the Alcatraz tour. It was fucking great. The weather in September was amazing 10/10 would recommend.

My second choice for a hated /trv destination I enjoyed was Las Vegas. We ate some of the best asian food Ive ever had in chinatown. There were so many good places. Ramen Sora and Viet Noodle House really stood out. We hiked Red Rocks. We did Area15. We rented guns at Battlefield vegas and did target shooting. I got a happy ending massage on Spring Mountain Blvd in Chinatown, we saw the hoover dam, we hiked a slot canyon on Mount Charleston, we saw live bands on Fremont Street. 10/10 trip. But the black meme is real. There are a LOT of black people on the strip just standing around. We avoided it.
37 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
I went to Temple too kek. I mean growing up there you do learn to walk around looking pissed off so no one fucks with you and i feel like people like this dude >>2427013
walk around making eye contact with everyone and probably wearing some pink spandex cycling leotard or something and then they're surprised when someone fucks with them
>high school downtown
Prep? FTP faggot
Oh nice. I went to LaSalle
>Michelin starred restaurants
I literally can’t stop Eating dicks: the post

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