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Wondering how you guys weigh in on Arizona.

Considering moving there because there is no/very low covid restrictions, but it could be hell because it's ranked highest for the covid outbreak maybe even for that reason.
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Phoenix and work down there back and forth
9 months out of the year it's fine, was a comfy 65F today with some nice morning showers.
File: XGCuyMs.jpg (732 KB, 1000x750)
732 KB
732 KB JPG
> you'll still be *coof*ing from the dust.
You would have to be walking out during a haboob or into a dust devil for this shit to happen or be the pic related 4channer of pic related. I seriously don't understand this meme, I do about 4 miles of jogging around 4ish times a week when I am in the state. It's completely non issue unless you are severely overweight, smoker, and stupidly out of shape. Hell we have an insane boomer population and snowbirds in their 60's who deal with it all year or during winter.

I can't tell if /trv/ is just parroting the meme of how the housing market is affected due to so many transplants or if /trv/ is really this sheltered when it comes to the world. It's like no one gives a shit living around 3rd world shit holes so long as sex is cheap, but some place that gets a little warm? WHOOO MAMA NO CAN DO 80F IS TOO HOT FOR ME!!! Phoenix is fine you just have to deal with more mexicans and indians rather than mix of whatevers.

Lived in a bunch of places, AZ is fine, not sure why you guys double down on phoenix so much when OP is asking about AZ as a whole. Northern shelf of AZ is stupidly different from the Phoenix Valley and such.
fuck off, we're full
For the restrictions, I go out pretty much every week. Currently, some businesses are running 50%, 75%, or 100% capacity. As long as you just follow the businesses request you are pretty much good. I have not seen anyone disrespect or cause an incident over covid related stuff.

In terms of the high outbreak, it was in line with when the flu vaccinations and the flu season. We have a large old person community in addition to that who would be more vulnerable. If you care to listen to what the WHO says, they came out saying depending on the number of cycles or something a PCR test goes through it can be considered unusable and is something like a 95% to give a false positive.

For the state from like May to September it is above 90F. June to August will get 105F+ and is just dry. Tuscon is a shit hole full of a city and you are basically isolated to that area. Phoenix is not any better, but you have more surrounding areas. Mesa is probably decent if you are single, or if you can get an area around Tempe. I can't speak to the northern areas like Flagstaff and stuff.

You can get decent price flights around the whole country and internationally from Arizona.
I just spent 3 months in Phoenix for work, that was enough for me, unless you play golf it’s a pretty depressing strip mall in the middle of the desert, average food and old population. Sedona and flagstaff are worth a visit, wouldn’t move there either though. Lockdown is def relaxed, only thing which seemed different was wearing masks indoors.

File: tokyo.jpg (83 KB, 960x540)
83 KB
Boys... Japan/Tokyo 2021 Olympics to be Canceled. Who was planning to go? Also, Japan says it is "focused on hosting"... whatever the fuck that means.

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Really no one here was planning to go, maybe like 2-3 anons at most if they weren't larping back when shit shut down.

I was there 4 times in 2019, and even part of early 2020. Everyone assumed it was happening up till about mid feb where people got a bit nervous, in march everyone went lol no.

The fuck are you talking about
I lived there in 2019, you could talk to any one at the bar. No body wanted the Olympics except the government. If course everyone assumed it was happening, that has nothing to do with people not wanting it
HAHA I told you guys this months ago
I agree that most people here probably weren't planning on going to the olympics anyways, but I think the concern is about the implications on allowing tourism that the olympics have.
Yeah if the Olympics get cancelled there is 0 (zero) chance Japan opens up to tourism till Spring 2022

How many have you been to? I'm trying to go to everyone once I don't have to work anymore.

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- historic centre of Brugge
- old Havana
- historic centre of Prague
- Mont-Saint-Michel
- Paris, banks of the Seine
- Loire valley
- Acropolis, Athens
- Budapest

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I do tend to look for what kind of things there are to do/see in the places I'm going, but only at surface level, like just the name and location of said spot and a general description of it. Whenever I'm certain that I'm going to a certain place I avoid pictures and any in-depth information about it like the plague until after I've been there. There are some places such as this one that I would never have stumbled upon randomly because they're so off the beaten path, but I still like to maintain an element of surprise; I never want to know exactly what to expect.
Since people are posting their entire lists, here's mine;

World Heritage Sites visited (65/1121)

Western Europe;
- Mill Network at Kinderdijk-Elshout
- Wadden Sea
- Seventeenth-Century Canal Ring Area of Amsterdam inside the Singelgracht
- Van Nellefabriek
- La Grand-Place, Brussels
- Hanseatic City of Lübeck
- Cologne Cathedral
- Aachen Cathedral
- Paris, Banks of the Seine

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Middle East;
- Historic Areas of Istanbul

Central Asia;
- Western Tien-Shan
- Silk Roads: the Routes Network of Tian Shan Corridor
- Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi
- Historic Centre of Bukhara
- Historic Centre of Shakhrisyabz
- Itchan Kala
- Samarkand, Crossroad of Cultures

Southeast Asia;
- Historic City of Ayutthaya

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
really gives you that "one day you will be entirely forgotten by everyone on earth" feeling

high score so far. you forgot to tell us your favorite one anon.

File: checklist template.png (2.2 MB, 2559x1103)
2.2 MB
2.2 MB PNG
Come one, come all autists. Got this one from the traveler's map thread but figured it could use a thread of its' own; for if simply visiting places isn't enough for you.
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>Does a bj count for the sex one?
bj is not sex
File: trvachv.png (2.38 MB, 2559x1103)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB PNG
Pretty average, all my travelling has been with a gf, really wanna go either alone or with guy mates next time
File: 1611252874544.png (2.38 MB, 2559x1103)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB PNG
Wasn't there supposed to be a covid achievement on this thing?
jesus christ lad, i remember seeing your posts in 2013

i feel fucking old
File: that's nice dear.jpg (8 KB, 243x207)
8 KB
Wow, you're so cool.

File: 1516270911262.jpg (5.04 MB, 6000x4000)
5.04 MB
5.04 MB JPG
Bar's Closed Edition
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Partying and underage hookers? Not really my thing.
What's the redpill on north v south? Always wanted to spend a few months in vietnam but always envisioned ho chi minh city for some reason. /trv/ seems to consistently favor the north but the youtubers I watch and other travel forums seem to favor the south
File: hanoi.jpg (870 KB, 1300x742)
870 KB
870 KB JPG
I posted this in the last Vietnam thread
>In my experience, people are divided on which they prefer. I personally prefer Hanoi, but have met plenty who disagree - including on points I find contrary to my own experience. (I haven't lived in Vietnam FWIW)
>For my taste, Hanoi has a better vibe with the ancient buildings, colonial buildings and smaller streets with traffic and people blending together. The culture feels more authentically Vietnamese too, less Americanised. I experienced fewer people hassling me too - in Saigon I had scammers and beggers bugging me every few blocks, and in the tourist area prostitutes were aggravating - constantly trying to drag me into brothels. In Hanoi people will try to sell you stuff and offer "massages" but when you say no they understand and piss off.
>In terms of Saigon, it felt less authentic because of all the modern large buildings. There was a weird smell too, and I saw so many rats and cockroaches. It really put me off. I think its worth a short visit, but I wouldn't stay long.
The tl;dr is - the north is better imo but it comes down to personal preference.
right.....wht not try liberia faggot?

File: hawaiian-islands-map.jpg (287 KB, 2092x1373)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
How is traveling to Hawaii now? Are places open? Will I be shunned by the locals? I'm in the US and just want to escape
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Big island resident here.
This anon >>1942061 knows what their talking about.
I’ll say that pretty much everything is open, a lot of food places on my island are take out encouraging, even if they are technically allowed to have eat in dining many just aren’t doing it. People who cater to tourists will love to see you, a bunch of other people will not be stoked, but I don’t think they would harass you to your face. Maybe talk shit on Facebook.
If you don’t have your COVID test results from within three days of your departure date with you when you land the authorities are supposed to just put you right back on the plane and send back, happened only once so far that I’ve heard, about six weeks back. Probably because the couple didn’t want to do the quarantine.
Masking isn’t really enforced outside of buildings, but if you are walking near other people like on a sidewalk without a mask that’s not really smiled on. If you can be distanced nobody seems to care where I’m at, just keep it handy for when you have to pass people on a trail.
Beaches are actually kind of busier overall than usual, in that more people are going every day, but the crowds aren’t actually getting as big as they usually do on a weekend.

Stairway to heaven: I think the state should just buy it and make it an official hike that you have to sign a waiver to do. I’ve never done it myself but I’d like to. If you are going to Oahu there’s a bunch of awesome trails up in the mountains above Manoa, you can get an u we to drop you off up at the top of tantalus drive and just hike around and finish by going down to the bottom backside of Manoa valley and getting another ride back to wherever you are staying.
>If you don’t have your COVID test results from within three days of your departure date with you when you land the authorities are supposed to just put you right back on the plane and send back
I remember a guy from my state got deported back here because he was retarded and skipped the 14 day back in may or something. I remember being told about it by everyone because I had planned to revisit BI at the exact same time but didn't get a chance to buy a ticket when it went down.

Is it even worth staying at a hotel? I got a cabana near Homonu during 'winter' and it was great. cheaper too.
>Obese natives can't eat shit food like Spam because mask covers mouth, cheeks, triple chins.
>Angry that white man spends his money there and understands that porous masks don't do shit.

I can't for the life of me decide who is lazier and more stupid: Island natives or Continental ones.

Inb4 "Just because they have a broken toilet in their front yard doesn't mean thay are't a proud people.". Fuck that...lazy is as lazy does.
Only reason staying at a hotel might be worth it is if you really wanted to do some spa type stuff or are super into golf and got a package deal. All the beaches are public access by law, so it’s not like the hotels have exclusive super beaches.
You dont NEED a hotel
I think they cracked down on Airbnb more recently but in the beginning of airbnb in hawaii 90% of the listings were a room in the hosts house. I imagine this has changed since Covid as its riskier. Sometimes they dont outright say it, sometimes they dont mention they have multiple rooms their renting out and your sharing a single bathroom with 3-4 other guests. Happened to me in big Island. They also either had no hot water tank or it was just always empty as everytime i showered the water was ice cold.
The places are cheap so you might not mind.
Sometimes they'll even rent you their car for 20 bucks a day, if theyre really strapped for cash, though i think these kinda people arent on their anymore because of the more recent tax law or whatever.
If youre traveling alone, probably not. If youre traveling with someone, i would suggest it though.
Also it depends if you're renting a car or plan on taking the bus and where you want to stay on the island.
If you're renting a car it might not matter or matter regarding parking fees, but if youre planning on taking the bus (on Oahu) you should be within walking distance of a bus stop with multiple lines or a stop with the 55/52 (circle island bus; comes every 15-30 mins). You might find something cheap in waimanalo or Hawaii kai but the bus that goes by comes once an hour (if at all), you might have to change buses 3 times to get anywhere and or an uber might be impossible at certain hours when you miss the last 10pm bus from ala moana or downtown.

File: EtVyeEs.png (1.67 MB, 1082x1306)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
Hello fellow citizens of the world!
This is a thread to share your favorite quirky things you do when you travel!

Me personally, I always check out McDonald's in every country I visit just to see what's different (did you know in Singapore they service rice if you order it????)
What's yours?
26 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
For souvenirs, I try to collect random items from local businesses. Such as coffee mugs, t-shirts, stickers, pens, reusable shopping bags, etc.
File: kowloon_img.jpg (493 KB, 800x600)
493 KB
493 KB JPG
>in Hong Kong I did get a milkshake from a Mcdonald's stand in a park.
Kowloon Park, right? I had an Ovaltine McFlurry there.
They have rice in McDonald's Hawaii too. They also have a choice of SPAM or Portuguese sausage, eggs and rice for breakfast. And seasonal teriyaki burgers, they used to be all year round. Really disappointing that they aren't anymore. Strangely the one at the Dole Cannery had hot dogs, it's the only place in the country I ever saw hot dogs. It's gone now. Otherwise they have everything else I've seen at American McDonald's around the country.
I do this too friend, I was bummed when I went to Montenegro and found out there is no McDonalds in the whole country.
I do the reusable shopping bags too. Not those ugly black ones with neon city name printed 100x times but ive noticed a lot of europe has a plain white/cream colored cotton tote, with the city name and an old drawing of a view printed on it, little doodles of each major city and their names or map of the city.

I actually get a use of them and they normally only cost 1-5 euros. A bunch of states, cities and stores are slowly going bagless and i keep a few in the car. Plus i can use them to wrap stuff in my suitcase, such as wrapping any clean clothes away from dirty clothes on the way home. Or putting my plane pillow and magazine in as i prefer to check the rest of my stuff vs dragging it around the airport.
I dont need 20 random mugs, i normally dont stick stickers and i know ill never wear a random Latvia tshirt.

File: cathedral.jpg (1.56 MB, 2304x3456)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG
What's the hidden gem of US cities?
34 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'll second Charleston SC
The one gold nugget that almost all Americans try to keep hidden from tourists is Memphis, TN.
This but Dubuque is better than tourist trap Galena.
File: Zimmerman2.jpg (591 KB, 1600x900)
591 KB
591 KB JPG
what do you like about it? how many times have you been?

which building did your ex-gf live at? i promise i won't knock. you used to live there?

i used to live in chicago. my landlord used to take me to a secret club where you need a password to get in. the club was started because it was in a white neighborhood and too many mexicans started moving in (i heard gunshots and saw gangs everyday). i met a bunch of crotchety old amerikkkans there, some hells angels, the middle aged bartender lady told me she got pregnant at 15 but went to catholic school so she pretended she was fat until she went into labor, then ran away from home. best mexican food i've ever had (not saying much). it stinks of corn tortillas when you step off the train. it had that hood phenomenon where the bad people were murderous thugs but the good people were like saints in the flesh. lots of drunks and junkies around and would call me ugly or a faggot while i would walk to the train or the grocery store. the younger teenagers who weren't old enough to be in gangs would chase me around and throw fireworks at me. my neighbors were this old central american couple with a beautiful potted garden all along their front stoop. i will stop the blog post here but suffice it to say i have mixed feelings about chicago and almost entirely positive feelings about the rural parts of illinois and the illinois government is run by mentally deficient fuckwits voted into office by a similarly disabled electorate

what's better about dubuque? what do you like about it that you don't like about galena/
A certain resturaunt at Beale Street in Memphis Tennessee have sunday night big band performances played by world renown jazz and blues musicians. Free with the meal, its not advertised either. WOM

File: 9644964-3x2-940x627.jpg (61 KB, 940x627)
61 KB
Was the Southeast Asia travel meme invented by Australians?
17 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I mean yeah.
When (before the virus) you used to see $30 flights to SEA all the time why wouldn't you?
I did a trip to Taiwan on a whim once because of a Jetstar Friday deal. Only cost me like $80 return.
Wtf is a travel guide? A Sherpa?
Actually Indonesia was set up by a lot of American GI’s like vietnam.
It was a mix of Australians and Americans looking for surf breaks mainly.
Where can I read more about kimchi raping pho girl?
Lai Dai Han

File: Mile High.jpg (74 KB, 1200x676)
74 KB
So I hear a lot about people who have experiences with traveling on plane here but what about those who work the flight themselves? Do any Flight Attendants browse /trv/? What's it like when you're trying to travel abroad? I would imagine it's difficult to go right now but I'm just interested in your stories and how you go about using the benefits to your advantage.
56 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>browse Thailand and Philippines threads
This is good to hear!
>mostly browse /pol/
>not gay
>what are timezones?
When are you going to realise that Americans main language is money.
They do not speak a second language usually so just wave cash about to communicate with foreigners, food service workers and poor people. Yes it’s a tautology I know.

Best U.S. state for winter/snow tourism? Am I too late for snow? I'm a southernerfag and genuinely don't quite understand how snowy weather works. I've never seen snow snd was hoping to see some this year in the northeast or possibly Colorado. One of the original 13 would be very fun too, I hear Boston is good. I would be interested in flying and finding a small town to lodge for a few days and enjoy the snow and the outdoors, with a small downtown area to walk and check out.
just check out alaska in the spring-summer when the weather is more forgiving, but still plenty of snow in the colder parts. nature is also supremely beautiful and you get more sunlight in the summer than anywhere else
Alaska if you're a red blooded man. New Hampshire if you're an elitist liberal.
>Best U.S. state for winter/snow tourism?
Park City, Utah

File: 20201213_101051.jpg (4.54 MB, 4032x2268)
4.54 MB
4.54 MB JPG
Why is FL the most based state in the US?

paid shill. How does it feel to be part of the 50 cent army?
Being full of insane crackheads, entitled boomers and rich millennials is based?
File: YES.png (146 KB, 540x439)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
>Being full of insane crackheads, entitled boomers and rich millennials is based?
You forgot the badass gators and no income tax

File: Polar_(2019)_poster.jpg (100 KB, 250x370)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Could Mads even save it?

Anyone here know or are affiliated with these guys? What do they offer legit travellers who are members of their club? Thinking about joining once I start travelling.
Uh . . . hello?
Fuck you, faggots.
No one is interested in your gay club anon
It's not my club you stupid faggot bitch anon.

How do I flee the US in a hurry and with a thousand dollars?
36 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Fuck. This is pathetic.
I mean, Juarez is a dump, but you'll be out of the country.
bump for interest
You're one of the good ones. But you know the majority of your people are out of control.
>Real question, how do I move all my money out of the US so it isn't in the hands of the imminent Socialist takeover?
I am sorry for feeding you, but if this were actually a real question, and you were really a human thinking that the Biden (or any other mainstream Democrat) administration represents anything like socialism, I would be forced to tell you that you understand very little about how economics and politics work. For example, I do not think you understand what socialism is, nor that Joe Biden spent most of his career representing a state whose main claim to fame, apart from being slightly larger than Rhode Island, is a friendly legal framework for the incorporation of businesses.
>t. political economist, would-be socialist, neither excited nor worried by imminent theoretical "takeovers" except maybe one at the hands of ill-educated armed dipshits, not least because there aren't going to be any. This is business as usual at worst, repairing recent damage with slightly improved institutions at best.

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