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File: irish coast.png (660 KB, 700x464)
660 KB
660 KB PNG
I want to buy land on the Irish coast then live of the rest of my days in peace there. Is Ireland a good place to live this cozy lifestyle? I don't get why a country so empty is so expensive
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Why don't you actually face life on its own terms instead of running away in your final years like all the boomers
>living my entire life being a productive member of society and raising a family isn't facing life on its own terms
epic reply anon, you're so deep and insightful
Cape Breton would be a good alternative if Ireland is too expensive.
please leave us out of this
Ireland provides a life worth living. Cape breton is basically canadian midwest. Souless

File: 34534533345.jpg (679 KB, 1875x1210)
679 KB
679 KB JPG
I was thinking about moving back to my old college town, but I dunno if it's depressing to live in one past your 20s. For perspective it has a total population of 200k and a student population of almost 35k.
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West Chester. Villanova. I doubt either of those is where he’s talking about though.
Corvallis is comfy as well
College towns rule
I live in a college town. It used to be cool until the hippies started electing white guilt progressives who turned my city into a magnet for every schizophrenic fentanyl addict in the midwest.

The only good thing is my house value is skyrocketing so hopefully one day i can leave this shithole.
You in Champaign?

File: snapcrack-spinal-health.jpg (22 KB, 1024x643)
22 KB
Suffered a spinal injury in the Phillippines. Any suggestions?
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I got a random text on my number from someone wanting to fight me. Sent him to a random condo in BGC. Fairly certain he showed up. He stopped reading my messages at the appointed time when I asked if he was the spine snapper. Coincidence? I think not.
YES [ x ]
NO [ ]
I got a spinal injury in Vietnam and had surgery there. Would’ve cost a fortune if I had done it in the states so that might be a blessing in disguise for you.
I accidentally the whole spine. Wat do?
Go to the hospital
Makati Medical Center
St. Luke’s Medical Center BGC
My personal recommendations

File: file.png (13 KB, 1200x764)
13 KB
>Be me 23 yrs old guy bored and depressed.
>decide to visit Estonia because I had some free time while in Europe.
>mfw it was one of the best places I've been too .
>all people are welcoming and they speak English
>a lot of beautiful girls I am talking elf like
> you feel like your are in lotr because how old and cool the old town in Tallinn looks.
>cheap alcohol compared to where I came from.
a very underrated country imo also there's a very few fags compared to other eu countries.
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File: 1677990340193755m.jpg (97 KB, 1024x533)
97 KB
>>a lot of beautiful girls I am talking elf like
I remember I went and some super hot girl serving me at a restaurant kept saying how she liked australian guys.
Most young people were gone though during that time, something to do with them all being busy working during their summer holidays

I didn't really pick up on it though cause im autistic
I fucking kneel
Also do you seriously think that the losers on this board are capable of ruining anything? France is now half african and it's the coomers ruining things? Get your head out of your ass
File: 80oquw.jpg (91 KB, 800x450)
91 KB
at least a quarter of the regulars here are 30+ karens having meltdowns because cooming discussion isnt censored like it would be on reddit or facebook

it must be the normie-tier subject matter that draws them here from other boards on 4chins

File: IMG_5441.png (274 KB, 709x457)
274 KB
274 KB PNG
Who the FUCK does this Filipino think he is documenting Japan like hes local?
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Based and factpilled. Also a flex that he impregnated a Japanese chick considering he’s not even white, so he probably had to work twice as hard to get half as far. Impressive, nonetheless.
out of all the SEA folk I've met they have the best English
I like Ken Honda Japan better. He's a real local Japanese.

>t.lived in Japan 2007~2019 and saw my company go from being 95% anglos to 60% flips.

Japan did the right move. They won't be surrounded by rapist sexpat anglos anymore.
There is no such thing as "rape". God put a hole in women and made then weaker than us, because he intended for us to hold them down and fuck babies into them.

File: central-america-map.gif (46 KB, 750x600)
46 KB
Is it worth traveling?

Which country has the best for my interests in terms of:
>beaches; specifically snorkeling or scuba diving with coral reefs
>hiking trails; to atop a hill or mountain with a nice view
>nightlife; rooftop bars with a view of the city skyline
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Just a weird country. It's actually not recognized by Guatemala, hence the dotted borders on Google Maps. I didn't know that. They speak English. It just seems to be a hideout for weirdo fugitives like McAfee and the beaches are mid and full of fleas.

Interesting country that is one of the more accessible ones. It is mostly indigenous Mayan and has plenty of ruins, and it has a place where you can watch an erupting volcano at sunrise.

>El Salvador
Interesting place that is often forgotten. They use Bitcoin as currency and put anyone who remotely looks like a gangster in a concentration camp, so apparently it's extremely safe now. Seems like an authentic, adventurous place that most people don't bother going to because of it's dangerous reputation, but the people are wonderful and very attractive for some reason compared to the other countries.

Just seems too unsafe to be worth the trip. The few I know who went there had a miserable experience there. There's some interesting sites but really no infrastructure for tourism because they know the violence is so bad that no one really goes there. Apparently good food.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>but really dangerous?
Guatemala is dangerous even compared to Mexico. Even rural areas even are plagued with crime and violence that does target backpacker norteamericanos who want to climb a volcano.
This is actually good advice desu. There are nice parts of the country. You should still go. One issue is its hard to avoid going through shitholes and things like taking intercity buses leave you in a shitty part of town Guate City.
They're really different countries. Panama isn't like the rest of Central America and CR isn't either. Panama is a lot more like DR culturally, its more caribbean and has been influenced a lot by Americans and caribbean blacks. CR is more european and people there have more european attitudes about things like the environment whereas Panama is easily the most Americanized part of latam, imo, they like TGI Fridays and shit like that there. Panama has very bad social inequality, even for latam standards. It's the richest central american country but the wealth flows to the few and its obvious.
Nowhere in Central America isn't humid and hot AF unless you stick to high altitude places. Go near the ocean heat and humidity gets oppressive. It's worse in the rainy season. The wetness isn't relieving at all, it just rains a shit ton then steams you with heat.
If you're going that far why not go to all of them. They're not that big but ground transportation does take forever there. The only one I don't think is worth visiting is Honduras. But you have to go through a tiny part of it to get from El Salvador to Nicaragua but with the border crossings it could all day. I personally liked Panama especially outside the capital and except for a few places like Bocas and Boquete people weren't used to foreign visitors. The canal is interesting infrastructure but Panama City isn't that special, like a dirty Miami though Casco Viejo was cool, like a french quarter with prostitutes.
this is the lowest effort post I've ever seen holy shit. if you haven't been to any of the countries and know nothing about them other than what a YouTuber said in passing, then don't post.
thanks your responded to a couple of my points, and i thought your post was helpful.
>why not visit all of them
cos money, time, effort. i'm not keen to move to quickly thru places and as I'll be working pretty hard before and then after i'll want to chill for a bit. but i can be flexible so i'll more as things go...

Next Year, from April to June, I'm planing to travel overland through all of them. Is it doable? Are there buses running between the countries?

I'm Brazilian and I speak spanish. Will I be mugged?

any cool insider tips, hidden gems, dank restaurants, things to buy that are actually worth it, all that type of shit
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Could I take a cab to places outside Rome like Tivoli, Garden of Ninfa, Bracciano? I don’t want to sit on trains.
For 100euro instead of 20euro train
Public transport outside city centre Rome is fine
that’s fine. where do one get these cabs from?
I'd recommend around Piazza Barberini. It's close to all the main sites, very lively and you're next to Via Vittorio Veneto which attracts the rich and instagirls.
go to the ryder cup

Does /trv/ have any based banners?
Don't think I've ever seen one.

If not:
>What'd make good content for one?
>How should it look?
>How do we submit one?
Obviously you haven't paid attentions to the banners much if you haven't spotted the realtraveler in Japan.

File: weird.png (270 KB, 591x521)
270 KB
270 KB PNG
Student at a top 5 world university in the USA here.
I have one semester (4 months) to study abroad anywhere I want fully covered by financial aid.
Got any good ideas for places that are travel hubs but also fun? I narrowed my choices down to (in order of interest):
Bologna, Italy
Madrid, Spain
Not going to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or any boring USA clone shit. Has to be in Asia or Europe.
>Doesn't want boring
>lists boring
is this a troll post
Bangkok if male.
You already made this thread you little faggot
South and West Turkey are nicer than you expect
Spain is cool
Bulgaria is better than you think
The Netherlands is a really nice country, but might bore you and has a pretty dreary winter
If you wanted to adventure, you could always try the nicer parts of the African continent. Places like Tunisia even have ready access to Europe

File: i9cmbmo3j8b11.png (2.12 MB, 1920x1080)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB PNG
I'm thinking of taking an action packed trip to Detriot this weekend. What should I do there?
Go to McDonald's
Ford Factory Museum, then get blasted on commercialized edibles in your hotel room watching the Robocop series while real Robocop happens just outside your window

The movie franchise or the TV series?
Buy weed legally at the dispensary. Get high as fuck (totally legal) and bask in the ruins of one of americas greatest cities.

Then go catch a Red Wings game

hello so I read a long time ago this internet blog about japanese sexual tourism. Seemed legit and complete, and it had first person reviews of all kind of places and services. It was a rather modern website for the subject (nothing shady). Maybe I saw it for the first time at the porn dude web but don't remember. Someone knows the name of the blog?

thanks in advance anons

> pic semi related

File: realtravelA.jpg (3.12 MB, 4032x3024)
3.12 MB
3.12 MB JPG
Do you ever bring your own roll of TP to the hotel, just in case?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
When traveling around SEA, yeah, I usually do keep one of those square-shaped packs of tissues in my bag. Lots of cheap hotels in SEA either don't have toilet paper or just like 1/4 roll.
>washing your ass before you wipe the shit off, rather than afterwards in the shower like a White man
Typical disgusting Turd Worlder
>t. shit smudges all over his ass because his sphincter is broken from endless anal sex so he has to wipe wipe wipe wipe wipe wipe wipe
File: 1688413911443238.png (59 KB, 645x374)
59 KB
I actually bring my own flushable wipes. I still get to wipe my ass with paper AND I get a thorough cleaning. Best of both worlds.

>inb4 "they're not actually flushable and are really bad for the pipes"
Not my problem.
Same, even the same brand.
Can't trust airports/planes/hotels/etc to actually stock enough toilet paper, or quality paper. I ran out completely one time in an Airbnb - saved only by the wipes I brought. Now I always carry a pack on a trip, even packing a small set in my work bag.

File: 9686954654.jpg (240 KB, 2000x1334)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
Latin America vs. SEA vs. Eastern Europe
Which kind of expats are best for each of these regions of the globe?
47 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Can't tell if this is a joke, the boomer expats here are fucking degenerates
I really liked my time in nam, they honestly have the coolest vibe of the entire region, apparently visas are a bit retarded since covid though
>Poland and its neighbors because it's full
Is it really that bad? Baltics/Slovakia too?
Well all the pure stuff gets sent to the USA and the profit motive is all the same. If retards will pay the same regardless? Just sweet talk them and split the product up
I'm in the US. How do I get some of this pure snow? Asap.fail shut down and I've been forced into sobriety.
>I want to have sex and fuck a seemingly endless stream of young girls like a pornstar
>easiest to get the highest number of lays with fresh young eighteen to twenty one year olds? Preferably ones with nice faces and great asses that'll make me want to blow enough load that you could jump rope with it.
lol, you just described Latin America like a wise old man who knows it well.
Latin America is for chads, SEA is for child molesters, and Eastern Europe is for chuds.

File: 1694290590726063.webm (2.71 MB, 384x480)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB WEBM
how do you lot get around with your passport and other documents?
do you trust them just tossed in your day pack?
I've only traveled once and I just got this big leather bifold which was uncomfortable and still too small for IDP and Japan's comically large bills
16 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Initiating violence against a pack of criminals is usually a bad idea, as they will gang up on you and may use weapons. Best bet is to notice them as soon as they notice you, and make it clear that they will not be getting away with anything. They won't even try.
>In Colombia, I carried my passport everywhere I went, even when headed to the hostel bathroom to take a piss.
lmao a photocopy is completely fine in colombia. failing that a $20 bribe is enough for pretty much anything except murder
Any recommendations for under the clothes stash wallet? Sounds like a really good idea
in most countries you're legally required to always have ID on you
>Unless you're going to Western China I wouldn't worry much.
if you get stopped you tell them it is in your hotel room because it is too valuable to take out and they take you to your hotel so they can see it. you should have a picture on your phone for them to look at and this will usually make them chill out but they'll still take you back to your hotel to look at it just without any anger. chinese cops are chill if you know how to act.
you aren't going to be in a restricted zone or a pass-needed zone and not be without a guide so there is no need for any hassle.

File deleted.
What is it like to live in Australia?
34 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's just chavs, they abuse random people in the street, deal vapes hand to hand, carry knives
I don't think Australia has any specific diseases you're likely to get. It's very clean generally. There's a lot of dangerous wildlife but relatively easy to stay safe. Don't come if you're afraid of big spiders though.
>bro just inherit a house lmao
they only exist in the shithole coastal cities
any that try to move to country towns get their asses kicked and thrown out of town pretty quickly
fuck off footnigger

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