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SAG - South Ameirca general

What's your favorite country/city in SA?
Best/worst experiences you've had?
Underrated/Overrated spots?
Unmissable experiences?
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I'm going to be going to peru and probably bolivia by the end of this year hopefully. Most likely I'll be there about october-december sorta time. I understand this would be the wet season, would that cause any problems or anything I should consider? I don't like heat and sun so I'm fine with it being a bit less hot/sunny and the occasional downpour, but it won't cause problems with traveling around in the mountains will it, visiting macchu picchu and cusco and stuff like that? I've also got a couple eager peruvian cuties lined up from interpals, but it almost seemed to easy. How do I avoid getting my organs harvested? Any other general tips would be welcome, I've never been to LATAM before, but I know spanish.
its not hard. even Colombian guys jest if you're American you get ass here. Just be American. Also, please join a gym. It's really not that hard.
File: victi.png (277 KB, 504x1133)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
not really, Peru has higher street crime.
I think he meant not with prostitutes. Unitedstatesians are not a novelty in Colombia at all, and a lot of them aren't attractive (fat, old) and/or can't speak Spanish. Most Unitedstatesians coming to Colombia don't get anything unless they pay.
what's the best country in SA then?

What’s your funniest third world exploitation story
>funniest 4chan travel stories (no clickbait)
I once paid the equivalent of $14 for a whopper meal in ulanbataar.
I felt exploited but great burger though
I once paid the equivalent of a whopper to a 14-
Um, forget it.
Go on
Actually second world but this is what my dad experienced for a job-related travel to the USSR:
>be in Kharkov hotel
>tip 20$ to a member of staff after asking her for soap
>10 mins later the room is filled with soap bars
>my dad didn't realize 20$ in the USSR at the time were like tipping an entire wage

File: Costa Smeralda 16x9.png (1.83 MB, 1600x901)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB PNG
Is cruise shipping the most retarded thing you could do during vacation?
imagine its full of women (or traps, twinks if you like) and they are ready to fuck anytime during the trip. that would be fun
Chilling on a boat seems pretty cool

I just wonder how easy it is to get MILFs and GILFs on one.
It is a very stress-relieving experience. Just do nothing all day except recreational activities, isolated from he world, served of everything.
It's not the best choice if you want an adventure in cities or nature.

File: Small Town.jpg (112 KB, 901x600)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
What places in the US, or in the world, have the best small towns to live in with a nice community to be apart of? Towns that are great places to raise a family. I thought some small towns in the Midwest and in West Virginia were pretty kino.
I like the idea of attending a small town church where we have all types of events and church fellowship dinners. A place where my kids could have a bunch of local friends they can go and see regularly. Nice local nature to explore in a place you can safely leave your windows open and doors unlocked. An area that is more pure and innocent where the focus is more so on community and simple living.
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I wonder if some small Utah towns fit this bill well if you convert to Mormonism.
lots in Wisconsin
>Lake Geneva
>Eau Claire-Altoona-Chippewa Falls
as far as the mountain west goes these towns have

1. all been turned into vacation rentals. even if you're not priced out they are just transient places with a core group of locals who probably don't even want to be there. tourist trap towns like whitefish, wallace, sandpoint, leadville etc.

2. are full of californians who have ripped out whatever small town character you are fantasizing about long ago. bozeman, breckenridge, etc.

3. meth/opiod epidemic destroyed them, many such cases

upper midwest is probably your best bet, but its not really a sexy place. im not gonna spoofeed you that much but just be aware the mountain west is done. not only is it socially ruined the whole thing burns every summer.

>upper midwest is where it's at
no it's not. i'd say colorado is more OP's speed. or try Minneapolis
Minneapolis is a very liberal place though and pretty urbanized.

File: Budapest.png (313 KB, 518x734)
313 KB
313 KB PNG
I'm deciding between four airbnbs that have high ratings but are in different locations. For a stay of one month, which location (marked in their respective colored circle) do you think is the best?
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Yeah this is the apartment building I would be staying in in the Palace District - it does look a little drab on the outside but the interior seems nice enough.
File: apartment_palace.jpg (105 KB, 1200x772)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Oops, forgot to attach pic
>Palace District
Your yellow dot is inside of Jozsef korut, but I'm pretty sure I drove past that building this morning, and it's outside of Jozsef korut. That area is firmly nyolcker. It wouldn't be at the top of my list of places to stay as a tourist.

>It's my first time traveling alone so maybe it is better for me to stay in a quieter area since I'm not a party-goer and it might be a little slower-paced.
Assuming they're accurately placed, green dot will get you kind of sleepy, middle class, residential neighborhood. If that's what you're going for, then it's a decent choice. Blue dot (assuming it's correctly placed) is a pretty cool part of town with stuff to do without being a party district like Jewish quarter. It would still be my choice, but I'm not the one taking the vacation.

Overall, Budapest is a safe and fun place, and I think it's a great destination for your first time traveling alone. Enjoy your trip!
Anon thanks so much for your help. I will be going to the blue dot area - you have been so helpful.
im curious why as your first time alone you are staying a month

File: 21332.png (306 KB, 374x528)
306 KB
306 KB PNG
Honestly, what is the most underrated country for travelling.
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Laos is the most underrated country in SE Asia. 4,000 islands and Bolaven Plateau in the south and Muong Ngoi in the north, Luang Prabang is kind of touristy but justifiably so, it's absolutely beautiful and a good jumping off place for shorter trips. I really liked Vientiane too, cool vibes. Vang Vieng is the backpacker party hellhole but if you're into that scene it's easy to lose a week in debauchery there. just don't eat the mushrooms

otherwise I think equatorial africa is underrated because people hear africa and think dangerous or whatever. really loved Uganda and would love to go back. Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda etc are all beautiful.
I do want to go to Africa how much did your travels cost you and did you ever feel unsafe
>Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda
How the fuck are these so expensive.
never mind
please come to romania

File: province-of-barcelona.jpg (245 KB, 1400x564)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
My gf and I are going to Barcelona/Madrid this summer and want to check out the clubs. What do guys usually wear out, and are there any dress codes to be aware of? Also, any recommendations on spots to check out or avoid? Thanks
Also we are trans if it matters
it is entirely dependent on the individual venue - large cities will have multiple subcultures for nightlife
you can wear fancy stuff to be on the safe side
you are more likely to be turned away by places that have a dress code than turned away by places for being too dressed up

I think it exaggerates a little, but mostly true. 90% of japan is shitty towns with one main road with a pachinko, combini or two, chain restaurants and car shops, with old people making up most the population .

Its literally like flyover states in every way. Yet i noticed people posting lots of videos and images on instagram these days of random suburbs in Hachoji or any random boring place with millions of views.
33 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
oh god this is bad. This reminds me of my own shitty commuter town
whats up with the people that are mindbroken at the idea of japan being a good country
i'd hope people would be smart enough to see whats desirable about it but i think there's people that just want to be contrarian for the sake of it so its not worth spelling out
Only non-yellow fever faggots thinks this is the case, kys robot.

YWNBAM. (You will never be a man.)

Somewhere in Asia live fanatic ameriboos that fit the opposite picture and King of the Hill is their favourite anime.
Bottom image is present at least once in every prefecture except maybe Yamagata.
Top image with Eneos and shit is present in every single prefecture, mostly along national highways. The thing that no one realizes is that the two places might well be in comfortable walking distance in Japan.

File: irish guy.jpg (120 KB, 1300x936)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
I'm an autistic person from Finland and one thing that bothers me about travelling is that any place I go to looks bad in comparison to my homeland. In Finland streets are clean and everything is hi-tech and works with your smartphone. Then I go to a supposedly civilized place like Paris and there's litter on the streets, stores close way too early, nothing's open on mondays, people only take cash, everyone's too loud...

When I travel, I want to go to a place with higher standards of living than what I'm used to, not lower.
Where should I go? My dream country would be cold throughout the year, highly civilized, very clean, and where people are quiet on the train. As an autistic Finn, I hate it how loud other cultures are. I've been thinking of Japan, Iceland or the Faroe Islands.

I was just in Ireland and it was okay. Not sure if I'd leave Finland over Ireland but it was still an enjoyable experience. Dublin was a bit grittier than I had thought but smaller cities seemed very comfy. I still remember a certain church at the heart of Dublin where I'd always spot druggies puking and littering in broad daylight.
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>If I were to reside in Switzerland it'll be in Luagno for easy access to Milan, rest is uptight boring boarding school vibes with zero social life and autisitc people.

Locarno is a MUCH nicer town than Lugano IMO, but you are correct that Ticino is the least autistic canton in Switzerland. That said, the cost of living down there, despite being maybe 10-15% cheaper than it is in Northwestern Switzerland where I live, is maybe 300% the cost of living on the Italian side of the border.
No italian politics is worth the cost, and Milan is like an hour away from either Locarno or Lugano, very reasonable weekends commute for fun. I've known actual swiss people with no friends in other cantons. Autism is minimum to be said about the culture there.
File: dasd.png (581 KB, 769x487)
581 KB
581 KB PNG
Then you will love Singapore. Break trivial rules such as littering or talking in metro will get you fined and a few days in prison.
File: mfwbruges.gif (1.23 MB, 285x212)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB GIF
singapore has the everything closes too early problem though

File: boh.png (44 KB, 171x128)
44 KB
I will be in Rome this july and i don't know anyone from there, I can speak enough italian ton survive the trip and to not need a guide or anything, if someone is in the same situation drop your discord to talk and make we van hangout
17 replies omitted. Click here to view.
what did i see then? Cincinati? we can all enjoy the journey in our own way. whats the minimum time frame / amount of activities according to you?
For Rome? 4 days minimum. There are some stops you can do in a day or two, Prague being a great example of a 2 day stop, but pretending there's no minimum is just retarded.
>hey guys I saw some of the bahamas while flying on a plane and I even spent a few hours on one of the islands, this means ive seen the bahamas now and can form an opinion of it now
literally a brainless take
File: 1522925890538.jpg (40 KB, 700x713)
40 KB

I'll be in Rome for 7 days next week, any tips beyond what I'm listing below?

>hanging out in night time trastevere + climbing the hill for that comfy city view, also want to be chilling at isola tiberina
>vatican city + museum (we have tickets), castel sant'angelo (no tickets pre bought)
>piazza del popolo, villa medici, villa borghese park + galleria borghese (we have tickets)
>Palatine Hill, foro romano and surrounding area (circo massimo, altare della patria etc.) + colosseo (we have tickets)
>Of course random places like trevi, pantheon, piazza navona, mausoleo di augusto + museum next to it.
>We're thinking of a day trip to Pompeii. Been there before long ago, but my gf hasn't experienced it yet. Mite b cool.

The above aren't necessarily all combined on 1 day per listing by the way. I'm just clustering stuff together that's nearby.

We're staying near Villa Aldobrandini, so should probably be okay with walking everywhere. Been to Rome a couple times before and I just love walking around the city.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Per favore Rome anons
>I'm Roman

So i will be in Elizondo in August and will have to take a return trip from Frankfurt back to Asia. I'm planning on driving, and have about 10 days or so to get there. so i can turn this into a road trip. Im looking into small medium towns, architecture, culture. not really interesting in large cities. what do you recommend that is on the path
ive not been but had a list of places i might look into if i pass through without too much deviation from your route.

you go on the border of Alsace region and black forest region. lots of touristy places to visit there.

if i was in Alsace i would look at
Strasbourg , Riquewihr, Colmar, Equisheim ,Kaysersberg, Ribeauvillé
Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle, Hunawihr , Andlau, Obernai

Limousin area
Uzerche, Ségur-le-Château, Curemonte, Collonges-la-Rouge, Château de Val

Aquitaine area
Beynac-et-Cazenac, La Roque-Gageac, Domme, Limeuil, saint-cyprien (dordogne), Castelnaud-La-Chapelle, Saint-Jean-de-Cole, Saint-Amand-de-Coly, Périgueux
Dune du Pilat, Salignac-Eyvigues, Saint-Émilion Monolithic Church, Montignac-Lascaux cave art.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: a.jpg (25 KB, 840x470)
25 KB
I’ll try to be brief, but am willing to elaborate on any of this if it helps the discussion. Some elements of this are anonymized or deliberately changed for anonymity.

I always thought my end goal was to end up [cool hipster west coast city USA] but personal reasons or work have always barely stopped me. I am now at the point where I am making the money to go and have no relationships holding me back. But in the last 2-3 years, my hopes of actual long term happiness by way of owning a house have disappeared. I was absolutely positioned for a dream home in some cool west coast city until COVID. I could still have a lesser house or rent forever but that is not a reality I worked for.

Instead my most recent plan is as follows. Move to the eastern USA in a city I don’t like at all, but has low cost of living, low taxes, and a good airport. Basically live in an apartment that is a glorified storage unit, and plan on being gone 80% of the time. I need to be back in the USA for approximately one week per month and I’m hopelessly attached to too many of my belongings to live out of a suitcase. I plan on working the USA-based job on USA time (so, South America/Europe/Africa mostly) and pretending nothing is different. I do not think this is the best way to be happy permanently, but I have no other ideas. Part of the reason I want to hang on to my belongings/identity is because I would like to have a house, a wife, a dog someday in the USA, but what I will not do is pay a flipper double what he paid in 2018 to do so. I consider myself well traveled and am not concerned about safety/language/etc as much as I am solid internet access and legal issues like visas. I have been running it around in my head to no end and simply cannot decide if this life is attainable, wise, or to any degree better than renting in [cool west coast city] waiting for some unlikely drop in real estate.
>Why not just live abroad full time
I have a great job that pays great but it requires me to be in the US frequently
>Why not just get a hotel when you do come back then, and get rid of all your stuff
I think that 3 hotel nights or whatever a month, plus the hassle, is not as good as just spending $1000ish to have a live-in storage unit type of setup that also serves as a legal residence and mailing address. Maybe I even decide to spend two weeks or an entire month in it at times… a lot of flexibility
>Why not rent in a place you actually like for this monthly return trip
I don’t think the cost makes sense, but equally important, being on Pacific Time for work would mean for incredibly late nights even in Europe, and really limit social life/sanity the further east I go. Is this a valid concern?
>What about the cost of flying home every month
I don’t like it either. This is part of what I need your help on. Right now $1000 airfare + $1000 rent a month + $1000 foreign rent a month sounds like a more satisfying lifestyle than $3000 a month to live in LA, for example.
>You are never going to settle down and find a wife if you do this, and you are never going to be free if you still come back to the US where all your junk is
I know. I’m not sure what to do.
As an example, go to somewhere cheap in South America with lots of luggage. Find an Airbnb and settle in. Try and enjoy myself. When work thing comes up, don't even pack up and check out, just fly back. Travel within US to accomplish work. Then fly back to Airbnb. If this country gets old, find a new one to go to. Maybe it doesn't and I end up renting in the same country for a year, who knows.

File: 1653125843791.gif (990 KB, 320x240)
990 KB
990 KB GIF
Hey anons, I'm looking to make a roundtrip from Binland-L O N D O N-Paris and then Copenhagen. I think flights/buses would cost me around 150-200€.

Can anyone help me to budget for other expenses? What would food/drinks travel inside cities cost? What about museums etc etc? How easy are the girls?
London and Paris are both super expensive.
How so? Cheapest motel I found was 40€/day
london advice follows
>What would food/drinks travel inside cities cost?
anything from dirt cheap to more money than you could ever imagine
plenty of places offer all you can eat buffets etc
just google best cheap eats london or something. the timeout website is a good place to start.
>What about museums etc etc?
the permanent collections of most well known museums in london are free. british museum, tate modern, tate britain, national gallery, v&a, science museum, natural history museum, etc etc.
you have to pay for special exhibitions
>How easy are the girls?
go have a cold shower

Visiting Norway and Sweden for two weeks. What should I avoid like the plague, Im looking for nature and small towns not browns and city life.
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Why avoid Malmo?
Mean streets
Shitskin capital of Sweden. If you want to visit a nicer town near Malmö, just go for Lund. It’s a university city so full of retards but it’s a pretty town with a nice museum to do. The sea is not too far as well if you take the car.
Why would you go to the worst immigrant concrete ghetto in the country?

>hurr durr why would I avoid downtown Detroit? uurrrr

Thanks lads I'm going to Sweden S to N then cross to Norway N to S by train, and I'm indeed skipping all major cities. I'll start saving for food because I'm poor.

Leaf here, looking to travel to Europe this summer. Was gonna fly to the UK then take a connecting to Amsterdam, but I noticed their vax requirements call for your second jab to be within 270 days…

Are they strict with checking your proof of vax there? Is Klaus Shuabs influence just too op
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
EU traveller here. No they are not strict, at all. It’s usually the airline that checks. Nobody gives a shit about the meme flu in Europe except one or two retarded countries. All of the few requirements are just some administrative bullshit that even the copa don’t want to bother anymore. So it’s usually the airline that checks.

Like the other anon said, fly to another restriction-free country. Basically all Scandinavian countries (including Norway and Iceland), Ireland, Hungary, and possibly another one or two I missed.

Now that you mention it, you said it’s a connecting flight to the UK. Why not just take a direct flight to the UK? The UK has zero restriction regardless of the country.
And also usually, there’s no restriction if you’re in a transit, iirc.
Most EU countries to the East of Germany/Austria/Italy are over the pandemic, you can use any of them to get into the EU without additional bureaucracy, see the Kayak map.
flew to france from uk recently
didnt fit in their definition of vaxxed so the rules asked for a lateral flow negative result
no one checked any vax status on either side of the border, so i paid for a home testing kit that no one checked.
Fly to somewhere like Ireland, then say you want to go to Italy, you have to get a rapid antigen test that's valid for 24 hours gives you a digital certificate
Thanks all. We did it Reddit!

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