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Is Lithuania safe to travel to? Is Vilnius a cool city? What are some tourist things to do there?
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holy shit where has this guy been all my life
Thanks. Will report when I go.
Anyone hear about the ladder scam?
Is that where you forcibly insert a ladder up a girls hole?
Is Lithuania based or not

File: -1x-1.jpg (959 KB, 2000x1304)
959 KB
959 KB JPG
I'm gonna be in NYC for a weekend at christmas time, ive never really been before (passed through and was able to literally walk through times square and look at the empire state building). Whats worth seeing, and is there anything christmassy i should see?
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best bars to get PUSSY?
Go to the south Bronx and see how real people live
Its pretty miserable. There are too many people, all with the same idea, and its freezing. I went there and got super homesick. They had tons of Hanukah stuff in LATE Dec but all the Christmas stuff was corny Santa lights. It had NO soul. There was ONE nativity in front of a Catholic church and they even had to put up a free speech sign next to it. They are godless. The big Rockefeller tree was jam packed. It was depressing. Macy shopping was fun though. All I wanted was to be home for Christmas with my family in the country. NYC is wonderful in June, though.
make sure to tell everyone with big nose "merry christmas!"

File: RB-COMP-HAIR-TRANS-1.jpg (764 KB, 1200x800)
764 KB
764 KB JPG
Anyone ever done a plastic surgery holiday to Europe? How does this work for bean able to find places that you can actually trust
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you might wanna get that lump in the back checked out bro
no they're not you fucking dumbass. are you thinking about warts? still wrong.
Jesus Christ, if you have a chin then just get fit to not look like a basedjack, it's cheaper and safer than this heir transplant shit.
part of me is glad im not the only one who is not getting any results on fin, the other part of me is pissed that it is sold as this miracle dug when it clearly doesnt work for a lot of people.

File: thailand.png (396 B, 354x236)
396 B
396 B PNG
So, Thailand is pretty much closed again for everyone?

Starting 27 November 2021
Due to the recent detection of the new COVID-19 variant "OMRICON" in Africa, the Center for COVID 19 Situation Administration calls for new entry regulations for travelers from the region as follows:
1. The issuance of Thailand Pass for travelers from the following 8 countries will be temporarily suspended. In case of urgency, please contact the Royal Thai Embassy in Pretoria or the Thai mission in your area of residence.
2. The issuance of Thailand Pass for travelers from other countries will be limited to the 14-day AQ formality.
3. Thai nationals traveling from the above categories please contact the Royal Thai Embassy in Pretoria or in your country of residence for assistance.
List of Countries
1) Botswana
2) Eswatini
3) Lesotho
4) Malawi
5) Mozambique
6) Namibia

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You have to install a thai spyware app. Then each day your hotel has to scan it as proofs you're there.
This >>2155638 is true. Be sure to turn off its ability to access your location. Better yet, keep the phone turned off or in airplane mode on any nights you don’t spend at the hotel. I left mine in airplane mode 99% of my sandbox stay and never had any problem.
File: 5.jpg (456 KB, 2092x1477)
456 KB
456 KB JPG
Lol, they literally bulldozed the place, what's going to come in its place?
Pattaya was an unplanned coomer paradise. Phuket is their safe planned coomer paradise they want all the boomers to go to.

They will probably all just move down to some of the villages near pattaya
Will just put the app on my backup phone
Fuck em

Drive with three children on a scooter going 80kph but god forbid some gook should cough for a few days

File: 20210122_152242.jpg (2.32 MB, 4032x1908)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB JPG
I'm an EU citizen and there are a lot of people (mostly 2nd and 3rd world countries) offering money to marry for the Passport. Where can I find them?
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Prenups are a thing.
Im laughing
They are a thing that doesn't do shit.
Elaborate? Remember EU is not the shithole that US is, where laws are very obtuse.

I believe some countries have different prenup laws, just get acquainted with them and marry wherever they're best for you.
Prenups all over the EU have been invalidated if they are prone to leave one partner in "a poor material state".
You can fuck yourself for life with a nonchalant approach to them.

File: california.jpg (262 KB, 2000x1333)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
When did LA go to shit? Was it during the trump era?

I'm visiting the USA and spending a week in Los Angelos and it's complete utter shit. I have almost been mogged a few times, I've had homeless lads yell at my face about owing them money, seen people almost be killed, everyone is an arsehole, and worst of all the food here sucks and the beer is terrible. I tried using the rail out here and sat on a wet seat while being harrased by some gypsy to buy some crisps and soda.

Hollywood is an absolute dump and the beach isn't any better. What the fuck /trv/? This is the best america has to offer?
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When the Liberals and Democrats took over... California went to shit like most other major cities. They are now in the process of moving out of their cities to find other places to fuck up.
another delusional tranny posting stupid shit

cities are trash. cities are filthy places filled with retards. this has nothing to do with politics
File: Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho.jpg (1.08 MB, 2000x1332)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
>cities are trash
agree. concrete shitholes are for normies, tourists, thots, consoomers, muh nightlife cumbrains and other kind of dumb trivial people with no fantasy nor inventive
real chads are only found in the deep wilderness
Skid row, 'open drug scenes', tent cities and so on, all just a couple of miles away from the gated mansions of the super-wealthy Hollywood set. I find it disturbing personally.
wtf is that giant green wall on the right?

Any Ukraine chads able to assist in what fun things there are to do in Odessa and Kiev this summer? I’ll be there and looking to hang out with the women too (arguably some of the most hottest in the world). Is watching bald and bankrupt good for learning about that countries nightlife? Dude seems based and unironically redpilled
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Holy shit a King just flew over my house.
Feel free to read the case in detail, it's publicly available.

I hope you do, you'll realize I got fucked over.
I'm asking you for the truth. At what age did those CP pictures get onto your device?
>dodging a damning point of proof
>i was 14 hosting for 4chan
but we know you couldnt have been 14 at that time because we know your DOB thanks to your dox being out
>heh just read the case, i dont have to explain how i have a 4chan user server before 4chan came into existence
Again, never said that I was "hosting 4chan" at the time???, you're just making shit up now because no one is going to fact check your statement. Anyone who wants to can go listen to the stream, look up my case, and easily pull up the testimony from court records from both the govt and our computer experts.

You're just trolling at this point, making things up and twisting language.

My dox were out on /pol/ long ago, I'm all over reddit for trolling the women's march with IOTBW stickers. I really do not care. In fact, given all the IRL activism and trolling I have done, I think I earned my crown, so I'm going to wear it for the lulz.

Again I provided a detailed statement on live stream on this issue, go watch it. If you can't be assed then that's your problem. If you can't be assed to look it up in court records, also your problem.

File: italian_citizen.jpg (44 KB, 1200x800)
44 KB
I'm from the US and graduating uni next semester, with no plans after. However, thanks to my Italian great-grandmother, I can get Italian citizenship and visit anywhere I want in Italy/Europe as a citizen and see all the /his/ places I want before any reponsibility for a family/job.

Anyone here gotten dual-citizenship? Is it worth it?
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Italianon here, we pretty much throw passports at anyone with one drop of Italian blood in them
Is there any limits? I've heard that I can't claim Italian citizenship because my mum doesn't, both of my grandparents from her side are from Italy. How would I claim it if I could?
Fuck I don't think there is a drop of Italian blood in me. How far back in my ancestral line can I go to look for an Italian grandparent that will grant me citizenship?
I hope you are aware it can take up to two years to process your application, bc Italian authorities are swamped.

But you can certainly try. In that case, via your consulate (and with a qualified lawyer by your side), you have to find and hand in several documents, see lists here:
and actual application-form here:
and yes, they want to konw about your lineage as far back as your great-great-grandparents.
But as far as I know, they are not as strict anymore re: needing at least Italian grandparents. It helps if you speak at least the Italian required for "normal" citizenship applications (B1) or you have some sort of business plans esp with Italian contacts on the horizon.
Good luck. (But if you are serious about it - this will take longer than next summer, even if you already have all the documentation ready, so be aware of that.)

Grandparents are more than enough


Do you actually have one?

File: kdozpzsrpst9p62abwb9.jpg (221 KB, 900x1200)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
Which language are you most glad you learnt?

I plan on buggering off in my van. Hopefully for a long time. I will be going around Europe for a while but eventually I want to end up somewhere that I can stay for a bit longer to get a better idea of day-to-day life there because, without sounding too cliché, I like talking to people about their lives, values and history of where they live. I think to do this properly and respectfully I will need to learn the language but as I am a retard and learning Spanish in school felt like walking on broken glass, I want to maximize the amount of 'value' I can get out of learning the language.
I'm considering either Russian, Mandarin, Japanese or even Persian but honestly I'm open to any language. I'm looking for someone to sell it to me and give me a bit of mental masturbation material so I can imagine all the places I will go, things I will do and people I will meet so that I can decide which one I should learn.
35 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I was offered a lot more money somewhere else, but yes, I regret it.
You could definitely speak English in Germany. OP has English too; German & Russian both cover a lot in the east, if he's looking to learn something else.
>German & Russian both cover a lot in the east,
I get that Russian will cover a lot of the ex-soviet bloc, but how would German be helpful at all there?
It really depends on what you want to do. A language is useful when it comes to bonding with the people speaking it. If for some reason you don't think you'll have much contact with said people then maybe find another language and another people you think you'll be likely to connect with (by living in their country for example).

e.g, Korean is fucking useless anywhere beyond korea, but if it's your wish to live there, then maybe you should postpone that spanish learning and focus on your korean, even if spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

Therefore there is no language that is the "most worth learning".

I learned French, Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic and i'm getting started with Japanese. I worked in Dubai, Hong Kong, Paris and Taipei. Spanish is always useful no matter what because the hispanohablantes suck at english. But you get the gist of it.
File: cis_ticket.png (32 KB, 450x199)
32 KB
German used to be a commonly taught foreign language in the USSR and some people may have spent some time in Eastern Germany as soldiers or students.
Even now international organisations that grew out of Soviet organisations use German as a "neutral" language that uses the Latin alphabet.

Normally I don't support non-Western over Western, but it looks like the Maldives does everything better.
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Looks like a shithole
You ever travelled anywhere son?
Sounds pathetic, little wagie. Did you take some under 21 year old snatch there to impress and make memories with?
I am just waiting for that cryptoposter who seethed being a "MILLIONAIRE" while having 1.0005 million dollars to his name, to come in and yell at you
only one seething here seems to be you, if he has a million, he's a millionaire. What's your net worth again?

File: 1605185720436.jpg (143 KB, 760x521)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread
>also known as /sqt/ (Stupid Questions Thread)

For most of your one-off questions that pertain to travel.

If you want to discuss or argue about COVID-19, vaccines, or politics, take it to another thread or even another board.

The answer to most questions regarding COVID-19 travel restrictions is "We don't fucking know."

If your question is specific to a popular destination, check to see if there is a relevant thread before asking it here.

If your question is about an administrative or procedural matter (visas, passports, customs/immigration, airport/airline policies, etc.), try to be as specific as possible. Such information may include, but is not limited to: your nationality, where you're going, any layover points, etc. These details do get missed quite often, and they sometimes can make a difference.

If you are planning a trip and would like some help, try to have some idea of what you want to do. Nobody here can read your mind; tell us your hobbies & interests, at least.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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border run: when your tourist visa runs out out, go to another country for one day, then return to refresh visa to another full tourist stay.
I meant Wikitravel but both are useful
What are the chances that Egypt will get locked down due to the Optimus Prime variant? I think you can still get in now but I don’t want to be stuck there too long, eg countries banning flights from Africa. How was Egypt in prior lockdowns for tourists?
File: 1365975415034.png (10 KB, 432x494)
10 KB
Maybe I should make a thread for this but what's the best place for escorts in Miami, preferably ones that do outcall? As I will be staying at a hotel for one night.
File: Syria_RedTurk_GreenKurd.png (417 KB, 1280x1058)
417 KB
417 KB PNG
Would I be able to enter Turkish-occupied (red) or Rojava-occupied (green) Syria from Turkey? Those areas are stable, I'm not looking to go to Idlib.

File: 1638987952769.jpg (76 KB, 1024x576)
76 KB
Has anyone here ever done a home or farmstay through sites like workaway / helpx? How was it? Is it easy to get in or is there a lot of competition for the good spots? Did you have a decent work life balance or is it basically slave labor? Please share any experiences you've had anons. I'm 21 right now, kind of in a rut and want to try something new for a few months. The money doesn't matter to me.

What are the best and worst things about new zealand?

Honest answers only
13 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Australia's fucking huge, that doesn't make NZ small.
>most popular hikes/walks/huts are constantly booked up full by foreign tourists.
I want to visit when they open up in winter. Is it really this bad? I'm not planning to do any of the great walks, I want to go backpacking on the south island on trails that don't need a reservation. Will the huts all be full of people?
File: 1607615726695.jpg (439 KB, 1080x1316)
439 KB
439 KB JPG
>I want to visit when they open up in winter
a lot of them close for winter.
the time to do the trails, tramps, hikes and tracks in NZ is Oct ~ May
The most popular ones like the Routeburn, Keppler, Milford etc are usually booked out Nov~Mar and that's with the borders closed.
Once the border opens then yeah good fukken luck, just book really early and hope the weather holds

The TA (Te Araroa ie: the trail that goes the length of the whole country) is busiest in Jan and Feb, when 50~80 year olds clog it up for some reason.

>I want to go backpacking on the south island on trails that don't need a reservation.
Should be mostly good then bro, just literally depends on which huts and what time of year it is.
Milford, Keppler and Routeburn are like 90% of the traffic, so just avoid those.
oh to add, a year's DoC (Dept of Conservation) pass is $50.
just get one of those instead of paying $5 or $10 at each hut or campsite you go to.
>a lot of them close for winter
I expected that, but I'll just call the DOC office ahead to ask for the conditions. I'm sure there will be plenty of places to go hiking and see nature still. I also imagine lake tekapo will be unbelievably stunning in the winter time.

any Americans living in PR here? Is it a good place to live? Can I get by without a car in San Juan? How is their Covid policy?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Be amerimutt
>Not even knows PR.
/trv/ ladies and gentlemen
Puerto Rico is not a good place to live. It's very dangerous. Even Logan Paul was shot at in the nice, "high end", area.
PR girls remind me of Flips in their capacity to get knocked up.
PRfag here. Its not a good place to live. It's a great place to vacation, but PR is not the place to be. Even if you set aside the massive crime and sketch factor there are several serious structural issues plaguing the country that makes settling in PR a nightmare. We can barely keep the power grid functioning with frequent blackouts happening near daily in some parts.
>can i get by in san juan without a car?
You'll be using uber endlessly at which point a car might be less expensive than endless uber charges.
>covid policy
Fucking sucks. Super strict and changes on whim. Lockdowns were sudden, then 7pm curfew, then 9pm curfew, banned sales of alcohol on the weekends entirely at one point, now I hear of bars requiring proof of vaccination to enter and some new phone app being pushed as the new way to avoid having to carry around the physical card with you everywhere you go.

PR gov is strict on covid and is bipolar in terms of just how strict with new and temporary regulations constantly coming up. These can include the beach btw as they have previously banned going to the beach on sundays (but only on sundays)
>i live here as a gringo
>it's fine
>yes you can with the help of uber
>it's gay
fuck off we're full

Are there any unvaxxed expats here that could shine some light on how hard it is currently to have any fun in Thailand as an unvaxxed? I am not talking about a small 2 week vacation but I want to spent some proper time there. Might even buy a special permits visa to stay longer. I just want to know what it's like there at the moment. I can imagine the former tourist spots of the big cities are ghost towns but what about the smaller islands or outside of the cities. Does the police enforce covid rules hardcore? Things like these are of interest to me.
58 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Go outside the major cities and the ladyboys are thirsty. Within the major cities they’re all P4P.
>You can vaccinate against it though, to reduce the risk.
Are you mixing up herpes with HPV, or is there a new vaccine I need to get asap?
Isn't HPV a form of herpes?
No. Two completely separate entities. I hope with all the new vaccines coming out somebody actually introduces something useful so most STD's become eradicated.
With the huge boost in resources we got into researching mRNA technology, we could very well be seeing lots of new kinds of treatments in the coming years.

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