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File: retarded autist.jpg (146 KB, 1280x720)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Thread for discussion about teaching English as a foreign language.

Previous thread
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based, me three

>Would it be retarded to get into Bitcoin now?
It's absolutely going to six figures this year. Just watch Grayscale's weekly published data; their GBTC fund alone has enough capital inflow to force BTC over $50K and that's not even looking at all the OTHER institutional buyers out there like NYDIG. Then there's PayPal, Square/CashApp, and all the other retail-custodial buyers. Exchanges are halting sales because they can no longer obtain more BTC to sell and don't want to play the MtGox "fake a sale now and hope the price drops so we can buy to cover it later and don't get rekt, oh oops now we're bankrupt and the Japanese government is confiscating Mark Karpeles' passport so he can't flee" game. If you look at the price of BTC vs. the amount of dollars being bought by JUST Grayscale, the price has to be $52K in order to balance out daily mining (900 BTC) vs. Grayscale's purchases.

BTW, absolutely DO NOT go to /biz/ to ask about this, it is 100% shills for shitcoin scams who will tell you what this >>1940274 retard is spewing. "Oh no, you missed out on Bitcoin! Buy my shitcoin bags instead, sucker!" Absolutely nobody other than the current bagholders cares about all the shitcoins out there.

I'll give that guy this, though, ETH has at least some chance of not collapsing to zero. Unfortunately its main "value proposition" is that scumbags can create ICO and "DeFi" scams using its tokens. That was exactly why everything collapsed in 2017, because all the stupids were swapping ICO shitcoin tokens back and forth and suddenly they realized they were ALL scams.

>I've met some "teachers" who I wouldn't let within a thousand feet of any child if the choice were up to me.
This. There's a Canadian scumbag in Taipei running a "child modeling agency" to find little kids for supposedly putting into advertising and television. He's a creepy narcissistic weirdo. Even his Facebook advertisement comes across as "holy fuck don't let this dirtbag within eyesight of a child."
just out of curiosity have you noticed that the price stopped going up after Tether stopped printing? you ever wonder why that might be?

did you notice Elon talking about how BTC accounts for .3% of the energy in the world? or Christine Lagarde talking about how BTC is used for money laundering? or Iran blaming BTC for its blackouts?

Have you actually read the RICO lawsuit against Tether/Bitfinex?

Get into XRP XLM and ALGO before it's too late.
LOL tether FUD. Do you really believe Grayscale is buying with Tether? You can look at the stats they publish. They are a regulated Wall Street firm, not some scammy shitcoin exchange.

You shitcoiners are the ones who are going to be destroyed IF Tether ever gets shut down. Shitcoins like "ALGO" are 100% dependent on Tether because they are traded only on shitcoin exchanges that pair them with USDT so that the stupids don't realize how much they're losing out on by not just buying real, actually-worth-something cryptocurrencies.

And there is no "RICO lawsuit" against Tether. The SDNY lawsuit is about whether the company's loans between subsidiaries were legal under U.S. law (even though it's a Malta-based exchange run by Hong Kong Chinese). At most, the outcome will be that they will be forced to stop allowing U.S. exchanges to allow people to hold funds in Tether. This is actually likely because the lawsuit was purely a fishing-expedition pretext to try to stop Tether before it could become an international settlement platform that would replace SWIFT.

t. lawfag who actually does read documents, unlike you FUDtards.
>Get into XRP XLM and ALGO before it's too late.
Oh, and incidentally -- shitcoin shill. XRP actually is being sued into oblivion by the SEC because the SEC classified it as a "security", and hence Ripple's premined shitcoin was an illegal offering.

So much for your FUD. How big are your XRP bags, you literal piece of shit?

File: 1610155361888.jpg (58 KB, 1024x573)
58 KB
where would you rather spend a few months, in estonia or lithuania?
implying all you want is peace, nature, architecture and maybe a girl
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Tallinn has had many foreigners for a decade now. They don’t really care as long as you are white. English language is everywhere and it’s easy to get by without knowing Estonian.
Formatting mistake, the old town is nice, but Estonia is farther away from the rest of Europe than Lithuania, although it's nowhere near a deal breaker.
>tallin was just a general eastern block city
Nigga did you even visit the old town? It's one of the nicest cities in Europe.
Visited Estonia on a student exchange trip circa 2006. Had fun although I can't remember the name of most of the places I went. Tallinn was cool and the old town pretty sweet. The town we stayed for most time was in bumfuck nowhere though, it was called poltsammaa or some shit like that

File: pattaya.jpg (79 KB, 800x534)
79 KB
You had 30 years to visit Pattaya, hope you took this opportunity because it will never be the same.
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....that's fair, but Pattaya is in Thailand, anon.
you're so retarded it isn't even funny. i have fucked over three thousand LBs
>pattaya is a shit hole.
no nigger. shithole is the name of your homecountry
Governments will sacrifice anything for the boomers, new virus mutations and a lack of transmission prevention from vaccines mean that tourism is dead. And green parties are on the rise everywhere, you're talking about airlines being too big to fail but there will not be another bailout for Lufthansa next year when the Greens are sitting in the German government. They'll be downsized and nationalized or just sold for scrap. The loss of income due to tourism is a downward spiral which will evaporate the basis and demand for it.
>covid will end the conditions of poverty that cause millions of women to migrate to shit holes and sell their bodies to be pissed on by fat aussie tourists

File: poster.jpg (354 KB, 1224x1224)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
How do you deal bros?
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>travel around the globe
>three weeks
>brainfried by /pol/ memes and vernacular
Do everybody a favor and hang yourself
Have a life worth living at home. I usually look forward to getting back home because there's lots of things I miss.

The racism is justified when you've been around the world and come home to find the lowest of society inconveniencing everyone again and again
Plan the next trip and set off again
>Have a life worth living at home.
Well fuck you too man

In which Canadian city do you advise me for a short expatriation ?

I'm French and I want to have a little experience in Canada, to improve my english.

Taking covid in consideration, in which city should I go ? Jobs offer are principaly in Quebec city, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa
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Montreal is by far the best option of those cities imo. Quebec City is a very cool place but not the spot to improve your english. Toronto is aight. Please avoid Ottawa, it's the most boring place I've ever been to.
>Is there dangerous districts ? So If I understand, Toronto has same symptom as any other big city; lot of job and money, but immigration, violence...

there's virtually no violence in any Canadian cities, they're all very safe. Immigrants generally stick to their own shitty neighborhoods and you wont even notice them.
Toronto is not very violent compared to most other big cities.

desu, Toronto is a pretty nice city. The stereotype is that everyone else in Canada hates Toronto, and everyone in Toronto hates the rest of Canada.

I'm from Toronto btw.
go to montreal if youre french
we dont want you in ontario
im from ontario
i want a french friend

File: map.png (544 KB, 4972x2517)
544 KB
544 KB PNG
What do you all do for work that allows you to travel so much? I'm 21 and work a casual job so I can easily take 2-3 months off to travel, but teenager jobs aren't forever and I want to be able to keep travelling.

How do you do it?
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Do you have any advice on finding copywriting gigs?
i worked at Yardarm Knot in Naknek. Fuck that. Never again
buy XRP XLM ALGO and QNT. do it now, especially XRP. you can use Kraken until the 29th
I'm a software engineer. I'm also black and trans, so I make less than my white & Asian colleagues. It fucking sucks, but $300k is better than nothing, I guess.
why those specially? i am brand new to buying crypto but i want to make some sizeable investments this year. any other advice you can give is appreciated, like when should i buy BTC?

File: 1603296131220.png (269 KB, 501x605)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
What are some legal ways to get around the travel restrictions? I want to go party in S. Korea and Taiwan, they seem to have shit under control and bars/restaurants are open. Even clubs in Taiwan. Europe is completely cucked for the foreseeable future, so guess I'm going to Asia.

It says you can travel there if you're there for business or humanitarian shit. What can I do? Can I volunteer or something? FUCK I WANT TO TRAVEL AND GET OUT OF SHITTY AMERICA.
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Take the autism vaccine, OP. Sure, your balls will shrivel up and you'll probably die from it, but some day (((They))) might let you travel, bwahahahaha.
they have shit under control because they don't allow subhuman mutts like you in
Not any more, Taiwan just had some doctor get it and spread it to at least two other people. By next month the whole country is gonna be in a China style weld-everyone-inside lockdown.

Not joking. I'm already buying extra food to freeze so I'll have something to eat while locked in. These stupid monkeys are going to overreact just like every other government has, and it's all for just the fucking common cold.
Up to 5 now, with nearly 200 hospital workers being asked to quarantine or "self-manage" themselves.

focustaiwan dot tw slash society slash 202101180018

fuck the antispam filter, why do you hate an official Taiwan government news website you fucking piece of shit
Go to the border with Mexico and get a smuggler + fake passport lol

File: choices.jpg (598 KB, 2234x1440)
598 KB
598 KB JPG
I'm really struggling to make the choice in pic related. I'm sure I'm not alone considering just how long bitcoin has been known about on 4channel now, but I can't help but feel as if left just leads to misery and meaninglessness. If anyone has "retired" and done the left option I would love to hear about it since this is a choice which will need to be made very soon.
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>£500k is enough to live well in a developing country, and I'm confident we will hit £50k EOY.

The only logic for Bitcoin seems to be that the worse things are the better the value of Bitcoin was. Regardless you're essentially betting at this point and shouldn't be so careless with your money


Yeah it could, and Bitcoin could also get banned or taxed by the government or burst which means you end up poorer.
Pretty sure Bitcoin isn't taxed is it? I really hope it;'s not in the UK.
You'll have to look it up but it gets taxed just like any other commodity in a lot of countries. The age of cashing in crypto at 0% tax is long gone.
In the UK crypto goes down as your capital gains so the first £12k are free, the rest you get taxed on.
No such thing as cashing out anymore
For fucks sake. I really despise the UK sometimes
>wait what do you mean the NHS is in crisis, police do fuck all, crime is at all the highs, roads are a mess, housing is unaffordable, millions will lose their jobs and you won’t ever get a state pension anon?

Even if most people are vaccinated.
Even if most people are vaccinated
Even if most people are vaccinated.
Even if most people are vaccinated.
Even if most people are vaccinated.
Even if most people are vaccinated.
“I think that that is a big question. I think that the answer is probably no,” he told ABC TV.

And he concedes the big reason is that even though the vaccination will stop people getting the virus, we still don’t know if it will stop them spreading it to others.

“I think that we’ll go most of this year with still substantial border restrictions – even if we have a lot of the population vaccinated, we don’t know whether that will prevent transmission of the virus,” Professor Murphy said.

Fuck Australian tourists.
Why are you surprised?
You're just returning to your origins as a prison colony.
If I'm vaccinated and I go to a country with many people who aren't vaccinated, I might still spread it by having contact with those people.
What this means is that in the coming years, we won't be able to go wherever we want, just to countries with high vaccination rates.
The WHO is pretty pissed at the moment because poor countries aren't going to have access until long after rich countries. This basically means that coomers won't be going anywhere for a long time unless they want to pay big bucks for EU and Kiwi prostitutes.
Wow I hope most of the world opens up and we can have some time traveling g the world free from Australians.

“How ya goin ’?”

Would urban exploring in the Thessaloniki train cemetery be cool?
If you wear sunglasses, and smoke Marlboros is would be pretty cool.
you have to pretend you're not impressed for it to be considered cool

What are the most Overrated Travel destinations /trv/?
Australia honestly has to be one of the most boring ass places on earth.
The environment isn't particularly interesting, pretty much looks identical to California, super sterile, ultra expensive cities, nofunallowed nanny state so there isn't even particularly much interesting to do, cities practically have no nightlife or street culture.
The only thing I would rate Australia on is amazing food quality, even the McDonalds there is honestly better than In N Out or Five Guys.
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Population: you
For me... western and northern europe has been the biggest meme. Sweden, UK, France, Germany, Belgium...

What a god awful mess those places are.
>The environment isn't particularly interesting
a whole continent?
>England in general just isn't all that good for Medieval/history stuff or Castles.
where is somewhere good for medieval/history stuff?

>UK probably has the worst castles of all of Europe.
who would you rank above? france, germany sure. your first point was about england now you say uk so scotland doesn't count on your castle comment. spain? Ireland?
>The UK has the worst tourist attractions overall.
i could never convince you, but i post things of interest to me



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File: 1609357950736.jpg (29 KB, 480x360)
29 KB
I'm flying to Mexico to visit my e-gf at the end of January / start of February. How do I get ready for my trip? Any visa shit I should take care of first? Any COVID crap I should be aware of? Also, I'm technically a Mexican citizen so it shouldn't be a problem to visit, but my only Mexican identification is my voter ID card lol.

On another note, am I weird for wanting to move to Mexico? I know it's a shithole but honestly so is the USA. Might as well live in a comfy and cheap shithole with my USD savings than continue being depressed here is my idea... thoughts?
39 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Can you only fly down? Can you drive through the border from cali right now?
$55 a night is a ripoff man
Maybe he meant $55 pesos, lel
Can someone tell me how restrictions are in Mexico right now? I'll travel to Tulum for a week but would like to go to another city for a few weeks, I was thinking about going to Ciudad de Mexico but I don't know how the restrictions about covid are there, I'll be working from there so I would like to go to restaurants after work and I've heard restaurants in CDMX closes at 6 pm (I work 8 hours a day), is it the same in other cities? I'm tempted to go to Guadalajara instead.
I don't care about safety since I'm south american. All I care is not having to deal with being indoors all day, so if the only restriction there is is having to wear a mask I'm okay with it as long I can go out.
Mexico City is the strictest place in the country. Guadalajara has a curfew.

You need to be smarter like the anon above and pick a place like Puerto Escondido or smaller. How is not abundantly clear after almost a year of this bullshit that big cities are not the place to be?

File: dreux-c-20160325.jpg (1.97 MB, 2000x3000)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB JPG
Why is every black man in Tokyo a Nigerian? What are Nigerians doing there?
38 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>mandate companies hire quotas of African migrants to their C-level boards to encourage more positive behaviour
good bait
Based. Also black guy here. Thinking about divorcing my white wife to go pick up a Japanese girl. Thoughts?
they need to take russian migrants. sakhalin and kurils are russian already. when they allow russians to move to hokkaido it will be better for everyone
Christ. That's as bad as letting in Africans.

How many have you been to? I'm trying to go to everyone once I don't have to work anymore.

Better pic
I forgot this existed. Thanks, I hope to visit some of these once COVID is over. I love reading the articles and looking at the images on the site.
File: scan0054.jpg (443 KB, 1165x818)
443 KB
443 KB JPG
yes it's like jet fuel for itchy feet

apparently this is a WHS because Le Corbussier designed it. it's the national museum of western art in japan.
>summer palace
>great wall
>imperial citadel, hanoi
>trang an landscape
>hoi an
>my son
Surprised the Forbidden City isn't on the list.

File: russia.jpg (6 KB, 600x400)
6 KB
Saving up for a solo visit to Russia. My favorite part of visiting places is meeting locals and having a few drinks with them. Some places this is easier than others. Are Russians open to drink with strangers/foreigners? Is it easy to strike up a conversation with one at a bar?
60 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Do you think Russia will open up for travel by spring or early summer? Based Belarus is fully open.
Don't take the trains. It is a waste of time.
How so? A more detailed answer would be appreciated
uncomfortable, stink, you gotta socialize with some random retards who will be drinking and smoking 24/7. unless you are masochist russian trains get old quickly. no people are not gonna be your friends. this is russia my friend
t. autist

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