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File deleted.
Anyone traveled to Sweden?
What should I expect?
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those aren't things in america though, I think fake tans were semi popular for a brief time 30 years ago, back when it was first invented.
With your arms, or if you're too weak with a forklift. By the way, congrats on your transition, Sweden girls are fortunately trans friendly even if you don't pass.
How do you have to be to operate a forklift?
Seattle is pretty culturally significant along with Massachusetts
Nah he's bang on. Nice try though Magombo.

File: 1589480972754.jpg (41 KB, 513x1024)
41 KB
Tell me your holiday romance stories.
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What's the name of this brittish beauty queen?
You just need to go to calm hostel and I can assure you that you're gonna meet a lot of people
Most of my "romances" are just me hanging out with a girl 1-to-1 and then being too scared to make a move, even when the girls throw themselves at me.

Never knowing is much worse than trying. I don't even remember the failures, only the times that I never tried.
How did you get a work visa?
Berlin natives are super cold. Hooking up with other travelers is really easy there desu

File: 78MiVuL.png (343 KB, 640x480)
343 KB
343 KB PNG
Share your best story from your travels, doesn't matter if it's funny, sad, heartwarming, etc. Anything goes, I'll read em all.

>t. person who had his trip canceled and is completely depressed under 'lockdown'
>in India
>waiting for my train
>get on train
>try to find my seat
>something feels a bit off
>I had paid extra for a better car/seat, the train I was in was suspiciously shitty
>ask another passenger what train this is
>he tells me a name that's different from the one I was expecting
>well, fuck, I'm on the wrong train
>and it's moving
>it had only just started moving, so it wasn't going terribly fast
>fuck it, decide to jump
>can hear the passengers yelling at my stupid ass while I'm mid-air

I plan to visit Montreal plausibly the first week of August.
What should I expect?
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God bless Montreal, I prefer it over Toronto, mind you I’m based in Ottawa
I love Montreal. But every time I go there I am reminded how shit my own city is (edmonton)
I will visit you again my sweet
I wouldnt think they would be anywhere near open by then
Canada is dogshit at the public realm in general but after Google street viewing prairie cities I can conclude that the situation is so much worse out west. I guess that's the trade-off for having the Rockies at your door step. Then there's Winnipeg...

File: 1589420355548.jpg (125 KB, 768x1024)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
>be with gf for 3 years
>always fantasize about italy trip
>never could have because of work prohibitions and what now
>now WFH for the rest of the year pretty much, travel opportunity arises
>gf and I LARPing about living in italy for a few months now that we can
>realize this is my one shot at getting an italian wife and am multitudes more excited about the idea of living there myself than with her
>feel like without a love/romance adventure with some local the trip isn't as exciting

has anyone ever dealt with feelings like this? I've had many romantic adventures in Japan and Mexico but always told myself I wanted to settle down with an italian girl.
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your GF is just as likely to hook up with any dark-eyed Italian guy who starts spouting romantic trite that Italian girls roll their eyes at
true LOL
File: women are horrible.png (223 KB, 602x470)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
They have become so horrible you just cant believe it
they have been for the last 6000 years
>we're likely to see another resurgence of everybody's favorite virus by early autumn, and new lockdowns.
Are you an epidemiologist? No? Then shut the fuck up.

Not sure if I should post this here or on /ck/.
I'm stationed in Korea and I want to eat good. What are the best restaurants on the Pen?
Also general Korea thread I guess.
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what are the women like?
Very accepting towards trans people.
Fuck off mutt. Stay in your Pen, ear in your Pen.
I lol'd

I fucking hate that cuck guy keep asking about korean women
File: 1383224798026.jpg (783 KB, 1000x1500)
783 KB
783 KB JPG
good but boring in bed. the hottest girls will date within their own race. korean girls are shamed if they fuck foreigners so there is a stigma. also you have competition as ther are a lot of korean dudes who are 6 foot + with good fashion and looks.

if you want easy pussy korea isn't the best place but you should still be able to easily bang 6s and 7s if you're not a beta.

File: FullSizeRender 2.jpg (16 KB, 233x174)
16 KB
Good evening /trv/ my name is Chief and I am about to ask a really stupid favor. I would like to get stamps from all around the world. I don't realy have the money to travel, and I dont have any conections outside of my country. Seeing as everyone is going to get my adress one way or another, I should probably just put it here.

4638 Buchanan Dr
Warren, MI 48092
United States

Thanks to anyone who sends anything, I be sure to write back.

I regret this already
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I will definitely take you up on this offer, assuming you're okay with a lot of US stamps mixed in. I just so happen to have almost an entire stamp collection I plan on selling off. I'm not joking, I'll refer to you as "stampanon" on the envelope when I send it. I can mail this out as soon as tomorrow.
File: 20200524_091901.jpg (1.13 MB, 2656x1494)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
Sent! Just keep the thread bumped for a few days, I want to know what you think of them. If you have a response post it here, I'd rather not dox myself with a return address label.
I hope that's your "I don't want to be doxxed so I'm slightly fucking it up" handwriting and not your actual everyday handwriting.
Nah, it's actually that bad. It's regressed since I went to college and needed to write a mile a minute to keep up with lecture slides.
Bumping because I genuinely want to see if OP replies back to this dude: >>1807447

anyone ever been to the Hokkaido region of Japan? what was your experience?
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Stop simping for Commiefornia, faggot.
>the most liberal state in the us
Not bad actually, Hokkaido women look more attractive than Honshu women on average in my opinion
california fucking blows
t. lived there for 7 years and went back there last year for vacation

bunch of hobo tent towns in all the big cities, human shit on the streets, filthy and dirty, and they're almost all commies too
there is nothing redeeming about your state bud sorry
Lmao retard

File: download.jpg (2 KB, 141x141)
2 KB
Which borders are opening first?! Tell Me! TELL ME!! TELL MMMMEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
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Ok well this took a very sad turn...
Yo would u recommend cancun or mexico city. I havent been to either so idk
Cancun is an american family playground. Very boomer. Really nice stuff and easy to get food with a lot of variety but not as exciting. Tulum to the south is the hip spot though. Skip Chichen Itza if you can unless you really want it. Mexico city is much more interesting if you're young.
I was supposed to go on a 1-month euro backpacking trip this summer.

Hi /trv/

I'm a student at the University of Leon, Spain.

I have to make a survey about tourism and Spain in times of coronavirus.

I would like to ask for your collaboration to carry out this survey, there are only six short questions to know the impact of the coronavirus in the Spanish tourism.


I think the /trv/ board may be an interesting population sample to extrapolate results.

Thank you for your time!
Fuck off, fag.

File: 1589167019941.jpg (21 KB, 442x450)
21 KB

It gets worse every day, it gets worse every year.

A few fucking oldies carked it, just over 100 and we can't go anywhere until 2021.


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I live in Melbourne and work in the city. Before lockdown and working from home, when I'd walk through the city, I'd see so many white guys with Asian girlfriends and maybe once a month I'd see a white girl with a non white guy. Trust me, international students aren't fucking our women its the other way around.
>I'm going to judge every one from a country of 25 million people off one fuckwit I know

Tell me where you're from so I can do the same, dumb cunt.
The bubble is apparently going to take off in September lol, fucking seriously. Fucking seriously.


As an Aussie, FUCK AUSTRALIA do nothing cucks sucking China's cock for a living.

I'll miss my Japan trip and we'll be stuck with nothing but New Zealands for years. Time to ring the local member and abuse him again.
>No Aussies allowed to travel

Might finally actually get to enjoy Bali now. Thanks m8s.
File: gus.png (832 KB, 640x960)
832 KB
832 KB PNG
> Time to ring the local member and abuse him again.

File: download.png (1 KB, 1200x800)
1 KB
according to the russians oin this board(and there are tons of them), russia is free of degeneracy and their women are the "trad" golden standard.

can non-russians who've spent time in russia confirm?
26 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Russia is huge, you can and cannot generalize about it. You want club sluts, you'll find them. You want church girls, you'll find them.

That being said, the degeneracy of the west has not infected them yet. On the other hand, 80 years of Communism effectively neutered the country. Throw in two world wars, and it's a calamity.

Russia is full of paradoxes. There is a recent move by the masses back to Christianity. There is a big difference between city Russians, country Russians, educated and non educated Russians.
90% of Russians are uneducated. It's a like a white Uganda.
Russians don't want to leave their country in numbers any higher than west Europeans do. It's about 20%. Check Gallop polling
Cool story bro

File: maxresdefault.jpg (413 KB, 1100x720)
413 KB
413 KB JPG
>$600 for a an appartment in Tokyo
>here's your hallway ma'am
damn is it really this bad trying to live in a japanese city?
280 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.
Advice was given, don't do it. It's not worth the investment vs a local state/country school unless you're coming from Uganda
She is my waifu
>I can link her old tumblr if anyone is interested

am interested
chris broad is a fucking dork but he's pretty good too

>Live in Southampton
>£800 per month for 1 bed flat

It’s nowhere near capsule tier, but I miss having money.

Who is going to visit HK before China dictates it?
>withdraw extradition bill
>replace it with a Patriot Act bill written by the CCP
another summer of protests incoming

File: file.png (1.41 MB, 1080x719)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
is Salzburg the most kino place in Europe?
Easily the most boring city in Italy.
it fucking sucks. so boring and it has basically no charm, the allies bombed the shit out of it during the war and it shows. its basically a replica.

the fortress is cool though, and berchtesgaden is worth going to.

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