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File: 39c.jpg (82 KB, 640x659)
82 KB
I am new here. I recently joined an expat meme group where people just complain about the locals. A lot of complaining about how hard it is to find a date (apparently locals flaking/ghosting you is a huge thing here) and how hard it is to make local friends. Everything they talk about seems to be the polar opposite of the impression /trv/ gave me (yeah, maybe I'm an idiot for listening to you people). After a month here I fear they may be right. Any non-larpers wanna give me advice on how to make the best of my social life? Keep in mind that my Korean speaking level is garbage but I am currently learning.
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So it's easy for the expat men?
>the reality is that the average black American is much friendlier than his Korean counterpart.
Which would you rather pass walking at night? A group of Koreans or a group of blacks?
>Koreans (just like Chinese and Japanese, basically the "light" Asians) don't bang foreigners
Yes actually they do. Even the fat ugly White dudes get laid in these places.
>Unless you are exceptionally good looking or find the ones with a fetish
t. never stepped foot in Korea
>make friends

File: ip.jpg (19 KB, 474x474)
19 KB
Uhh guys. I bought a $900 flight to the middle east to meet a girl I had been talking to on interpals for a little while. When I told her about the flight, all of a sudden she ghosted me. All my backup girls suddenly disappeared too. I can't get a refund for my flight.

Wat do?
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Loser the thread

You fucked up OP, just make the most of it and stop embarrassing yourself
Another weird loser
embarrassing. i know you're a coomer but it's marketed towards people who don't want to fuck, so of course the people who don't want to fuck will go there dumbass. anyway nice job scaring off your main and the backups, you really are a dumbass
File: 1605466967490.jpg (210 KB, 949x695)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
His main what exactly?
Mind you, this actually happens to simps. Our boi spent money on flight for himself, which is fine. The journey is better than the destination.
>it's marketed towards people who don't want to fuck
Okay mate, final bit of advice from the Turkish girl I dated whilst in my home country. She was studying medicine here and was a turbo-liberal, tattooed and everything, so obviously didn't appreciate the Erdogan talk and naturally I didn't do it. It's good you've studied some Turkish, but don't lay it on thick. Try to play it off as a joke like saying "Cocuk yer elma" and other nonsense phrases, which is cute. This is the approach for thots, which have the highest chance of sleeping with you. If you want a nice, genuine girl, you can be more yourself and see if you click.
>Misc thoughts on Istanbul:
Buy the metro/public transport card and stuff that thing with money (mind you, its very cheap) and you'll be zipping through tie city.
I visited the Galata Konak Cafe & Restaurant rooftop bar with some Arabs, but reading the recent reviews seems as the place has went into a downward spiral, i.e. the amazing view is still there but they charge an arm and a leg for a drink. ₺25/$3 for a coffee. This is a lot in Turkey. I usually use Foursquare to find a place and cross-reference google reviews.
Pre-plan museum visits and similar online. You'll skip a lot of lines and get cheap stuff even cheaper.
Schedule stuff in the evening for the next day and say that you're usually out so you don't spend a lot of time online

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File: lbh.png (5.31 MB, 3008x1104)
5.31 MB
5.31 MB PNG
Whats it like to be a woman 29-35 (my age range) to be living and traveling around Japan?
There's honestly so much misinformation out there, and even in other threads on this board. Can you please just answer these questions I honestly ask:

>Why I be groped on the subway/rail system?
>Is r*pe as common as they say? (or more)?
>Is being 5'09'' 180lbs too big for Japanese men to date?
>How are one night stands seen culturally?
>Will I be acosted constantly by thirsty LBH's? (Something I really am trying to avoid)

I will be teaching English there for at least a year. Is that long enough to learn the language and switch jobs? I don't want to be seen as a loser ESL teacher.
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honestly sis... get married to a jap who's into futa.
LARP or not, this situation obviously exists. Even the girl in OPs photo is a hapa, so she hates her dad, and all White men as an extension. I've read many articles about single expat females that reflect OPs feelings too. I hate this gay earth.
I think you need a reality check.

At 30+, you're not going to look as good as you used to. The fact you're insecure about your age tells me you know this. Most white tourists to Japan 'travelling around' are typically a lot younger, 18-25. This will be your biggest barrier.

Rape there is not common. Neither is groping. It's not common anywhere in Southeast Asia. 5'9 and overwheight gives you no chance in the dating market, absolutely no chance. Asian men having very high standards- you are in for a very rude awakening if you think you're this desirable anywhere in the world, let alone SEA.

You sound like a female LBH to me.

get raped you nigger tranny cunt
File: 1618105887975.png (80 KB, 676x560)
80 KB
Found the trannies

File: california_simple.gif (270 KB, 1412x1063)
270 KB
270 KB GIF
While the whole U.S. is continuing on a noticeable decline, in your opinion, what is the reason for the mass exodus from California?
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A bit lower than that. Pre-Covid 3k was near the cost just for rent in a 1 bedroom in the Bay Area, and LA was similarly expensive. Median income gets averaged out a lot by rural areas where prices for everything are generally dirt cheap, but here are a lot of places (Larger cities & tourist towns mainly) where housing supply is not nearly sufficient to meet demand so the COL is ridiculously high, which is where most changes in COL come from if you live in the continental U.S.
Sure there's wealth here, but where do you suppose it's centralized? Distributed between you, me, and the other guys?
Nope. It's all in the grubby hands of the elites in LA and Silicon Valley.
Unironically single-family zoning.
File: some good television.jpg (24 KB, 265x238)
24 KB
>when you've never set foot in california. But hear about it on FOX.
Nice strawman.

File: 1615054641011.jpg (266 KB, 600x600)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
Hey guys, I am a 26 year old uk anon living and working in Birmingham, UK. I have a decent job here but I hate the city and I'm frankly tired of the UK. I've always wanted to emigrate and live abroad. I’m wondering why I'm working here in a job which isn't working towards a future that I want to actually have.
I've decided to change that so I am going to start looking to emigrate from here in 2022. I have about 40k+ in savings which I managed to luckily get in stocks. I have a History (meme) degree but from a decent uni here so it’s not been too much of a hindrance. For the past 3 years I've been working in police intelligence which I enjoy a lot but I can't imagine it's likely I'd be able to use this experience anywhere else due to citizenship constraints. I still have the opportunity to get EU citizenship as my mum is Irish but that’s likely to be a few years wait due to the backlog with the Irish government.
Previously my plan was to do this job for a few years for extra experience and savings before I used my EU citizenship to do a masters in the Netherlands or France and moving permanently to Europe. However, with that possibly now being off the cards I am looking elsewhere. I am open to changing sectors if there’s anywhere where my degree could be useful. I’m also open to re-training. So far I’m looking at Canada or Australia as the working holiday visa means it isn’t hard to go there for a year or two but I’d rather not waste my time doing bar work if I can help it.
Can anyone give any advice? I’d rather not waste my time pursuing frivolous gap year shit abroad but I know that I want to emigrate and I want to start moving towards that.
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>part of france
Why ? Its a litteral muslim slum ?
File: download (1).jpg (14 KB, 284x177)
14 KB
Yeah but you have to live in fr*nce
Well, looks like I’m shit out of luck
I did. You're delusional if you think Mediterraneans have less in common between themselves than with you. Mediterrenean life is not like central or northern Europe at all

File: bruh.jpg (524 KB, 1200x800)
524 KB
524 KB JPG
Is Switzerland as good as I imagine it to be?

Im a 20 year old Aussie and I earn around 400k gross a year through multiple Youtube channels, so money is not really an issue in regards to moving somewhere

My country right now is on a knife's edge with this Covid bullshit and it can either go one way or another. We have literally devolved back to the old days of State Jurisdictions controlling everything, with the federal government too scared to do anything or overrule these seperate states. I am lucky that my state is relatively based, however I don't know how long this will hold.

With that said I've drawn up a conditional contingency plan that involves Switzerland as a potential outcome. I have seen that Switzerland has really solid gun laws, it's a nice first world country with a reasonable amount of tax, and it historically safe from warfare and shit hitting the fan everywhere else which I predict it very well may in the coming years.

I would like to know from people who are residents/citizens of Switzerland if it is really worth the hype in the political sense and what the process is like for becoming at least a resident over there.

I have been there before and I adored the natural beauty of it, however would like to know a bit more about the politics and governance of the country. E.g. how are you guys handling covid? Are there a lot of lefties? etc etc

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Honestly I am worried how many people claims it's difficult to make friends. I'm kind of a loner where I live now and it's quite an open country, I would probably get seriously depressed there
who the fuck cares about friends, are you 12?
Sounds like a larp. In fact I guess at least half of the threads on this board are.
Great country, but I wouldn't want to live there. The German speaking people from Switzerland I have met were decent but had no charm at all.
Can't say anything about the French/Italians in Switzerland, too few experiences.
>can you just skip this retarded shit and talk about something relevant?
The amount of niggers in a country and where they are located is probably the single most important piece of information you need when moving to a country

File: goa-india-425x315.jpg (34 KB, 425x315)
34 KB
Been wanting to go to India for a while now, I've been into mysticism and meditative practices for as long as I can remember so I'm looking for somewhere that's not so much party mode and bustling city life.

I'm from Persian/Indo-Aryan descent so I figure I could fit in quite well, however I don't speak any Hindu. I mainly want to go there to live at some point, and just dream about going to some relaxed beach like environment and meditating with a bunch of cool guru dudes lol.

I was thinking maybe South Goa, Varanasi, or Puducherry? Any insight guys? I'm only just starting to research what I can so if there's anything I can take into account, please let me know.

My budget hopefully, if I'm only travelling at the time is maybe $10,000 AUD at most - and that was me thinking it's too much.

I don't drink really or like partying, even more so I don't really buy anything like clothes and stuff but just little knick knacks here and there.

28 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Tbh you sound like a pretentious douche bag. People give some input and you act like a cock sucker. Just go to india and figure it out you fuckwit.
>We will search your deepest shakras for true meaning
Doesn't that always lead to shoving things up your anus?
Street cleaning will help me learn? How
It is great.

She lives in Taipei, Taiwan
50 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.

Completely under raided post
>when she is getting her phd and is going to work
Not planning on being a lazy shit. And she would tell me to go fuck myself if I ever suggest she stay home. I respect that.
>not going to get fat, she is extremely paranoid about health and is fitness fanatic.
If anything its me trying to keep up with her.
As much as you may claim I am naive I am very aware of the situation. We share similar visions for the future and work and actively discuss plans for work, education, children, and finances. We communicate our concerns and plans and we discuss them, we leave no stone unturned and do not hide anything from each other. We call eachother out when it needs to happen. And I am aware of the the false build up for LDR. I've done it a few times now where we had to we reused to being around each other. But once you get passed all of that. Its so so so worth it. We build eachother up, we are constantly trying to improve ourselves and each other. There's a reason I am absolutely crazy about her and she is crazy about me. No one else does it for me. Just wish I could be with her again.
Nice blog lady
What the fuck are you on about?
It's an analogy you cunt

File: 1593297870316.jpg (33 KB, 710x400)
33 KB
>been a few days now
>still no thread
fuck it cunts
So Travel between Australia and New Zealand is opening up the Monday after next (19th).
What are your plans?

Any Aussies gunna visit NZ?
Any Kiwis gunna go to Aus?
Visiting friends?
Going skiing in NZ?
Hitting a beach in Aus?
Or just need to get out?

Apparently Air New Zealand said almost all their flights are booked out already since Jacinda announced that they'll open.
111 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Both Australia and New Zealand will be left as prison islands because of covid.
Their approach to trying to completely contain an airborne virus has been totally heavy handed and over the top.
Their lack of vaccination means while the rest of the world gets moving this year, you guys will be stuck travelling your own islands for years, segregated from the rest of the world unless you want a 2 week quarantine when you get back

Fucking hilarious. Enjoy

they'll open, it'll come with them kicking and screaming but they'll do it. neither are economically self sufficient enough to just go it alone, as alluring as the possibility might be.
Well this is the beautiful thing, they can't. They have stuck to the "zero covid" strategy that they can't change now or people will rightly say what was the point of doing it for over a year and wrecking the economy?
If aus changes they get the travel corridors to NZ taken away or vice versa.

2 prison islands, miles away from anyone with no travel and no chance of leaving.
You can leave you just can't return unless you pay for a first class ticket
>Need to pay for a 2 week hotel quarantine irrespective of where you fly in from
> Hotel spaces limited per state / month
>Would cost $10k and 4 week's holiday for 2 weeks abroad if you can even find hotel space and hope your flights aren't cancelled

Kek. Enjoy your isolation to stop you from catching the meme coof

File: 1602407597617.jpg (2.13 MB, 3264x2448)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB JPG
I want to go somewhere warm for a few weeks. Where are the nightclubs open?
I heard they were open in Cape Verde as of late 2020, is that true?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 29a.png (16 KB, 645x770)
16 KB
>Yeah that’s not true and you’re a fucking idiot
this is simply false, you can go party every night in Tampa if you want.
Yeah go party in some place with 10 other neckbeards. It is lame.
>Where are the nightclubs open?
just go somewhere you can hire hookers, they still work
I went to some pretty packed clubs in Mexico a few months ago.

>saw this boat that said “new mystyle” on the side.

Anyways, songkran is in full swing. Already say a kid who was probably 12-13 years old getting attended to by medics for some serious road rash on his arm.

I go to this bar staffed by two sluts because they let me sit right up on the beach with a long chair and they’re really friendly and accommodating

Tight sluts are in decent supply. I got a gogo girls line before paradise agogo closed and smashed her out earlier today for a cool $60. No bar fine. She has a tattoo that says “fuck ass” emblazoned across her butt cheeks but claims she doesn’t actually do that she’s “just a crazy girl.” Bitch looks like a beat version of Carmen Electra. Pretty based

All in all, whether songkran is a super spreader event is whatever. These whores will always spread their legs and it’s just super.

>how’d you get here?
Tourist visa + currently on ED visa with brown envelope money sticker price
31 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
as nobody is doing much travelling these days, maybe theres room for varied ontopic content.
Is it easier to get a 90 day STV when in country? They want a fully booked accommodation to apply here.
Book a shitty hostel in a cheap area at worst or something with good cancelation terms. Or figure out a fake booking. I used a fake onward flight for my TR application
Trekkie sass is part and parcel of this board
Whatever faggot. Fuck off this thread and let the man tell his stories.

How do you survive long flights >12 hours? Is sleep possible?
149 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
I've flown Sydney to London about 11 times in economy, its about 24 hours including a short layer over in the middle. You guys need to man the fuck up desu
Alcohol and Benadryl

Just get hammered then pop two Benadryl, you'll pass the fuck out and wake up at your destination. It's easy.
you make this joke word for word every time it's relevant but also admitted you have hemorrhoids can you shut up now jesus
>On another note, I have heard that Singapore Airlines is excellent but haven't experienced it myself.
Accurate, and Changi is on a very short list of contenders for best airport in the world in case of layovers.
Long layovers are kind of a thing of the past (thought maybe the coof will bring them back), but I would say Singapore is arguably the world's best long layover city too. Long layovers really were one of those cool "inconveniences" that just disappeared about ten years ago that a lot of people miss. When you talk to people of a certain age who did a lot of travel in their youth you'll find all of them have spent tons of time in cities like Singapore, Chicago, London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong despite often never consciously deciding to travel to them.

The option was spending two days on a layover somewhere or spend $1,800 more on your flight. Also this whole business of daily nonstops is a relatively recent invention. Some airlines would only do every other day or even once weekly flights to certain destinations.

Either way, even back when Changi was not Disneyland: The Airport people would intentionally fly Singapore Airlines so they could lay over in the city when travelling between the USA and SEA or India.

File: Korea Japan.png (672 KB, 836x527)
672 KB
672 KB PNG
Keep any TEFL questions in this general to avoid clogging up the board
Potential subjects of discussion:
>Japan vs Korea: Which one is better to teach in?
>How is living in China as an English Teacher?
>Which Southeast Asian country is the best place to teach in?
72 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
How much money is enough to live decently and save when teaching in China?
Its boring right now since there is a 10pm bar shutdown time and a max-4 person rule. It was fun in the fall but since December COVID cases have been hovering between 400 and 600 and haven't went down.
I'm hopeful that they'll relax restrictions once old people get vaccinated (especially with the conservatives sweeping in the Seoul mayoral election), but rn they're vaccinating at the speed of smell. The government said that old people should be vaccinated in Q2 and people who work with kids will get vaccinated in q3, but we'll see if that happens.
you trying to bang some pale-skinned korean bitches?
I may be vaccinated in my home country by August (when intake happens)

Maybe, but not very hard. I don't want to be a foreign creeper.
Mna, I've realized Japan is the worst country in the world to be a foreign English teacher in terms of.. everything, ignoring shit like warefare and nignogs. What is the appeal? Its literally the worst option for anything more than a few years.

/trv/, please give me the straight dope.
How is it looking to travel from USA to Canada by car this summer? Am Canadian citizen, passport is good until 2027. Is it worth it? Is anything open for business? Are campgrounds open? Is the quarantine mandatory, or can you really opt out? I want to travel there for my cousins wedding.
So many questions, so few answers.
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 29a.png (16 KB, 645x770)
16 KB
Let me guess snowflake, your fragile white lungs can't take a thin cloth?
File: 1601528770380.png (106 KB, 1000x800)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
bruh the mask
Does anyone actually find these funny?

File: queen of mongolia.jpg (355 KB, 1280x1280)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
I want to hear your HOSTEL stories -- whether they are comfy, funny, crazy, wholesome, or whatever else.

It has been more than a year since I stayed in a hostel and I really miss them.
43 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
She gave me the "I'm on my period" business at one point when it was getting hot and heavy. I didn't press the issue. I wasn't sure if I had an STI at the time so I didn't risk it. A month later a wart popped up down there so I guess it's a good thing I didn't risk giving it to her.
>I know it's satire but I need to point it out and laugh at it to feel superior
winters the best time to surf wtf are you talking about
it was depressingly clear bait, too...
/trv/ nerds provide some stories I’m bored as hell

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