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I look like pic related almost 1:1 with blond hair. I’m also 5’8”.
Is it a good idea to go to Southern Europe to find a qt gf? Are Italian qts as obsessed with height as mutts?
I’m rich eastern euro if that helps (and not trans)
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>Are Italians as obsessed with height as mutts?
wops are shorter than americans on average so probably not AS obsessed no. but understand this OP, the highest tier women will always be obsessed with height, no matter what nationality.
Are you a lesbian like pic related?
>I’m also 5’8”
Fresh new cringe post nice
I'm 6'3 and 190lbs with no tattoos, I wonder what my chances are

File: catildo.png (112 KB, 256x256)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
What the fuck is the PGL Wifi Password, I have a friend in the UK staying they and they're being fags and won't give it to him. Anyone ever been there and actually got it?
Sent it to you in a PM
I'm not new to 4chan.
Thanks, worked on my box
I have a friend who is trans and he got into the Professional Gaming League, OP. He plays Age of Empires. Maybe try that? Not sure if it helps.
nm found it

File: degeneracy.jpg (2.25 MB, 4000x2667)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB JPG
I am a 22 year old recent graduate and I would like to solotravel for the first time. I have around $20,000 saved up and just started a new job, and would like to go to either SEA, """"backpack""" across Europe or go to Colombia/SEA. I would like to monger a bit when I am abroad but ideally just want to experience new culture and talk to new women/party. Is the latter feasible in Western Europe or am I confined to only SEA and Eastern Europe for this? I am relatively successful with women but I would prefer to get away from American tier levels of entitlement and fatties. Which of these regions would be the most feasible and entry level for a newfag solo traveller with the above in mind? Sorry for the potential retardation I am a burger with little travel experience and just want to get the fuck out of here.
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With that much money, you could do pretty much everything here in Colombia and stay for a long time. I don't know if it's a place for you since I don't know your goals and plans.

The nightlife and food are godlike in big cities. The cities are ugly af and somehow insecure so you won't walk around that much, besides specific places. We're also pretty big in nature if you like camping, climbing, and whatnot. People tend to love foreign people so it will be easy for you to hook up or simply make new friends.

I think you can handle yourself well enough without knowing Spanish, but you would have to move around places frequented by teens or people with money.
I speak a little bit of Spanish and currently learning through Italki. I started a new job so at most I can take 2 to 3 weeks off. With this in mind you think LATAM would be a better choice? Or visit the places you mentioned in Europe for that duration?
What exactly were you stressed about?
You could spend a year in Thailand for 20k easily whether you fucked hookers or not. The thing that will burn your cash the quickest is hookers by far
you're a time traveler?
Safety Not Guaranteed

File: hawaii-big-island-map.jpg (148 KB, 483x527)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Going to the Big Island in Hawaii in a week, any suggestions on places to go? Already planning to check out most of the popular beaches and do some stargazing on Mauna Kea
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I'd worry more about the brushfires than the volcanoes. Seems like the brush brushfires happen more often each year and get worse too
Hawaii is based of the fortnite map??

I really want these tough guys that come into these threads to be straight up braddahs from Nanakuli side typing these posts into their iphone 5s while stealing wifi from mcdonalds. You're probably a hapa bitch living in mililani, fuck outta here
Fuck you fuckah
I ain't no hapa faggot from Mililani
I from Waianae and I will kick any of your haole faggot asses if I see ya

Get back in your prius, Wang

File: asuka wallpaper.png (423 KB, 1920x1080)
423 KB
423 KB PNG
These fucks want me to Quarantine for 14 days even though I've gotten only negative test results in the past three days what a cucked shitty fucking country, any loophole around this? I walked through the border as well if that makes any difference, they said that they will be sending agents out to make sure i'm in quarantine is that actually true or just posturing?
>they said that they will be sending agents out to make sure i'm in quarantine is that actually true or just posturing?
it's true, my friend works for a security company and his job is to go to the houses of people who are meant to be quarantining and making sure they are home and able to answer some questions, there are many people working for his company and his company is one of many who have been hired to perform this task
funny thing is he is a huge conspiracy theorist and believes this is all tyrannical bullshit but chooses to be a cog in their wheel because the pay is good and he was unemployed
Kill yourself faggot go home.

File: rynair.jpg (15 KB, 474x266)
15 KB

wtf is this some kind of trap? I can buy so many flights all around Europe for as low as $5 to 15. And I would be OK fine, ryanair. But this is not a direct flight! It goes to UK and then to the destination, Germany for instance. And it still is for ~$10 on avg. WTF? How can this be worth it? My country -> UK -> Germany for $10 LOL?

I don't really travel with anything on me, just me, phone in my left pocket and wallet in my right pocket. I dont care about anything else.

wth is this? do you have some insight? where is the profit made from?
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>wtf is this some kind of trap?
Not really. Ryanair and other budget airlines are actually quite open & transparent about their pricing and policies. You may have heard of countless passengers getting "fucked" by these airlines, but I can damn-near guarantee you that they didn't read the fine print. As long as you're capable of that, there won't be any surprises.
Cry more stupid nigger
it has become expensive.
i bought some many tickets at 99cents (yes without the airport fee) in the good old days
It's pretty common with budget airlines/budget airports. Checkout on a map where "London" Southend is.
Budget airlines in general, whether it's Ryanair or Wizzair or other, are great if you travel vanilla - one small suitcase and a backpack and you make sure they fit perfectly and are below max weight. If you need additional luggage, better switch to a normal airline. You will save money in the process and have generally better experience.

This is a thread about truck campers. Ill start the convo in the next post.
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I have access to both a camper van and a full sized rv. What would be better for a coast to coast road trip? Gas money really isn't a concern.
File: kimbo.png (1.21 MB, 1200x630)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
I like the idea of having a non-towable but they seem pricy compared to just getting a trailer. And then for half tons it seems like suspension upgrades are a good idea.
I saw some methhead looking homeless person with a beat up 90s pickup with a homemade version of this made from sheet metal and plywood in Key West not long ago
I would not use a half ton for any real camper
I fail to see how gas money would not be a concern, and that would be a significant difference. But assuming that’s actually true, also consider the following:
-a camper van will be easier and less stressful to drive on narrow or crowded roads
-a camper van will be easier to take into population centers and park wherever
-an RV will have more space to walk around in and will feel less claustrophobic
But also consult >>>/o/ and >>>/out/ since this board has been overrun by LARPers

File: 1561593687603.jpg (224 KB, 1440x960)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
Gonna be traveling to Berlin for like 2 weeks, tell me what to do and if anyone wants to meet up to party.

Gonna be honest only going to get fucked up and party
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that's hell expensive
I went to a nice FKK in a small town and it was 10 euros to enter and 50 euro to fuck. The place was crawling with young, attractive romanians. Had a sauna, outdoor patio lounge, bar etc.
Artemis has every ethnicity and they're all hotter than the bumblefuck whorehouse you were in. Plus you'll be in berlin and can enjoy more than whoreing
fuck... ill be in berlin soon and this is tempting but i am on a budget. khhv so i really want to have sex
are they allowed to fuck right now during covid?
Thanks for this, didn't know it existed.

I was trying to make this thread way earlier, but the captcharino just did not let me. So, what are the pros and cons of these affordable slavic destinations?

I've never been either, but already booked for Kiev as I had gf from Ukraine before and you know, it's nice and cheap so why not?

Also for me it's a direct short flight to Kiev, but not Belgrade and probably enough hastle with the covid shit so...

Speaking of that, that's also a thing to consider in this equation. I think I remember seeing stuff that Serbia basically does not give a shit everything is open and all. Ukraine is a bit more strict, need proof of full vaxx or test and need to buy local health insurance, which is very affordable.
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Just type in English. You're not impressing anyone retard.
Maybe not, but нeгp like you seem to getting upset.
>Maybe not, but нeгp like you seem to getting upset.

File: 1621055924559.png (492 KB, 640x724)
492 KB
492 KB PNG
I'm not even sure if its worth traveling solo anymore. Sure there's some interesting times, but mostly its boring and lonely.
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this, it might feel pathethic or too low for your standards or whatever, but makes meeting people possible
even just shit you find for day trips, no need for the full 20 days gadventures/intrepid/whatever

sometimes I overstay the end of program or book some days before to have some solo time, then hop onto the group thing
Cons: it's costly and subject to a schedule
Pros: its's subject to a schedule and has guaranteed human interaction
i bought an x100v and started writing about travelling. it's autistic, but if youre the protagonist of you own story it gives you way more purpose.
I'm actually considering going to Spain, Greece, Italy or Morroco solo for a week. But the thing that's stopping me is that I dont want to hit the bars/clubs on my own.
I'm going to Romania in October by myself. Hoping I'll have a decent time but who knows with how things are going.

File: RealtyBites.jpg (29 KB, 360x360)
29 KB
Where should we move to when we make our crypto gains and rule the world anon?
I'm more of a big city person than a homestead type. But proximity to mountains/beach/forests is a definite bonus.
Where out there still has affordable housing? I like the looks of New Zealand a lot but I have a feeling it's not cheap.
I'm from the EU and only speak English.
>when we make (your) crypto gains
LMAO have you look at what is happening to cryptos recently? Everything is on the way to zero, baby
I moved to Malaysia on a tech visa as an IT freelancer and cashed out of crypto. Zero capital gains for me compared to 30+% at home. If you are a US citizen it's a bit more complicated because they hound you everywhere, best to just get an accountant.
Also look up NomadCapitalist he's got a fair few videos on places to go and destination advice.
That said, life in Malaysia is sweet as fuck even on a western min wage. I pay US$150 a week for a brand new 3 bed apartment on the 40th floor overlooking the ocean. Everyone speaks English, even old people in rural areas.
You're about 10 days too late there sport. Look at a chart.
I don't know why but Asia just feels like a cop out though. It's like it's TOO easy. And the whole fetishising of white people creeps me out. Makes me think of 60 year old white loser men. Your friend's dad.
>more of a big c*ty person than a homestead type
it's the exact opposide retard, the more a place is rural the more you can do outdoors activities rather than rotting in a concrete shithole
The exact opposite of what? Can you actually read?
I prefer cities. I've lived in Finland - I know what rural life is like and I do not like it. Yes it is nice to have space for outdoor activities but it's also extremely isolating and people who live that far from others are always fucking weird.

File: thetruth.png (76 KB, 182x149)
76 KB
How do I get over this? Coming back home to my shithole and being subjected to the horrific dating conditions, politics, and banality of everyday life is crushing my soul.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
File: malecrime.jpg (64 KB, 750x878)
64 KB
Of course
Just keep travelling and never stop.
This. The second im back from a trip, i start planning my next. Work for a while to replenish funds, while researching my next desgination!
Start planning your trip as soon as you're back. I find that planning a trip is just as, if not more exciting to me than the actual travels.
Then go live in the rockies and hunt elks ffs

File: japanese-onsen.jpg (326 KB, 1300x957)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
Is it possible to go to a non-gay public bath/bath house? I like the feeling of a good sauna and bath, especially after hitting the gym. I know Japan has a strong bath culture, and knows how to do it right. I want to check out a good bath, relax, and go have a good meal after, without having to worry about some gay dude trying to grab my hog. Recommendations?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Archimedes Banya in San Francisco is co-ed and it's alright
bath-houses, onsens and hot springs arent gay in most of the world.
it's just where you go to relax, get warm, clean up and if you're with friends or coworkers, talk business/politics/vidya/sports.
the whole "gay bath house" thing is either a greek or turkish stereotype that Americans are obsessed with, because Americans cant comprehend the idea of people just being casually naked around strangers without thinking it's gay somehow.
Imagine being this closeted

This anon has it mostly right as there are gay bath houses
yes, there are many in Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea
Any of them are co-ed (men and women naked) or is it a myth?

File: 1428535034231.jpg (31 KB, 500x333)
31 KB
hey /trv/, first time using this board and second time travelling on my own
i'm gonna fly to turkey tomorrow and if you have a vaccine certificate older than 14 days (which i do) you can enter the country without getting tested
i wanted to make sure they accept the EU digital covid certificate and i swear i can't find that info anywhere
i tried asking the airline's customer service and according to them i might run into issues at the airport because my certificate "doesn't have a signature" but i have no idea if that was just the dude being completely clueless or i'm actually gonna have issues with that
every source i've found online (including the airline that's gonna fly me over there) says you need "a proof of vaccination at least 14 days before the date of travel" and that's it, no mention of signature and no mention of the type of certificate they do or do not accept
did any fellow yuro go to turkey recently? i'd like to know if i need to get tested asap or not
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>feel like i could write "i got vaccine i promise
The eu certificate is not as shit as the us. It has a qr code with the exact time and location of getting the vaccine.
yeah the airline warned me about that government form, it's all good (but still, thanks for the heads up)
honestly i'm 99.9% sure the vaccination cert will be fine but i'm visiting someone important to me and i won't have a chance to do it for another 8 months so i didn't want to risk it
got tested anyway so i should be set, at this point i'm pretty sure i took literally every single precaution imaginable, i'm ready to fuck off in about 10 hours
Dude once more. I literally came back from turkey last week. You show the form, the qr code, you are good to go
I was there 30 days ago. They didn’t even ask for any of my vaccination or PCR test in documents. I talked to another girl who had just flown with a big group and she said they didn’t ask anybody for anything. I think the only point of failure here would be the airline denying you at boarding, but it seems very unlikely that they would do so. With vaccine you should be fine

Also, OP, be prepared to argue with your airline. I flew Pegasus from Barcelona to Istanbul about 9 days ago, and the flight crew was insisting that I show a negative PCR test. The woman at check-in initially refused to believe that I could substitute the test requirement with a vaccination certificate, but after making some phone calls, she accepted it and let me in.

Nobody in Turkey asked or cared. In fact, things here have relaxed a lot since I left in January 2021. A lot of people don't bother wearing masks anymore, and most police won't say anything to you about it, either.

File: 1627400653930.jpg (170 KB, 2880x1920)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
When you go on vacation with your parents, do they get:
1. 1 room with 2 queen or king beds
2. 2 hotel rooms
3. a suite

(I'm asking from an only child perspective, those with a lot of siblings of course might be different)
28 replies omitted. Click here to view.
On the flipside, as a parent, whether I shared a room with my kids depends on if I was trying to smash the wife. One day, maybe two, I might share a room. 2 or more, kids get their own room and I am smashing. Exceptions are if traveling alone with kids, then may share. This was all kids below the age of 18.

One way to split the difference is stay in places where this more than one bedroom. Or a bedroom and pull out couch. One room and still smashing moms
awww little babby
I'm 45
My brothers are 37 and 42
My sister is 35

On vacation we always have 1 king
>When you go on vacation with your parents

I don't.

Next thread.
I'm also 38, wtf.

I would go on vacation with my parennts, unless it's a shared house, like a swiss chalet in the Alps.

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