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Just landed in Tamarindo. What to do and how to fucking travel in this cunt? Maps don’t ever give a single public transport option
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La Fortuna, active volcano, very touristy, safe.

DO NOT GO OUT TO CAPOS AT NIGHT, there is a beautiful beach in the national park, drive past the people who look like they're park rangers, fake uniforms trying to scam you for expensive parking. Also cool monkeys and sloths.

San Jose kinda sucks, still lockdown. Nice mall but that's about it.
>Traveling around CR is a nightmare. The roads are insanity. My first time there, a landslide had destroyed the highway, and just to turn around to find a detour took 3 hours.

Imagine your gf booking the trip and you have to drive a fucking rental after a madening 8 hour drive to chicago and like 12 hours of flying and little to no sleep for two days, across costa rica during the night and with mountain tops and a brand new car.

Yeah. Fuck that but that's what I had to do.

La Fortuna aka Arenal Volcano

You can drive but you need to understand the gears which isn't hard, lower the number, the higher the incline it's supposed to be on. Spend five minutes on it you'll get it. Also, make sure you have good maps and you should have a "co-pilot" helping you drive and pointing shit out.
Why not at night anon?
>In any case I forgot to take my driver license with me so I think I will have to find my way with Interbus, but lord, transportation is such a nightmare here
Do you not carry your license in your wallet, and bring your wallet with you when you travel? I have two driver's licenses in my back pocket at all times.

I thought about 2-3 week trip through Norway off and on but bros, tell it to me straight. I'm 5"10. Is it too manlet tier to score with the ladies? I dont mind taller girls (bedded a couple 6footers back home) but i wanna know what im getting into.
>inb4 trans
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If you are taller than 5’8 and can’t get laid, it’s your face. Sorry to break it to you.
Travelling for that long through norway doesnt make that much sense if money is at all a factor, and theres honestly not that much worth seeing. Either just fly into one place, stay there a few day, and fly back home, or if you're flying a long way then visit somewhere else in europe with the rest of the time
Im in a similair situation to this guy. Norwegians arent that tall
every country has some goblinas
As tall as the women are, the don't care about height. I saw a 5 foot whatever Mexican American hook up with a tall blond Norwegian in Trondeheim. It was funny watching them dance/hug. His head inky went as hugh as her breasts
Black man here, I am 9'11" and my Scandinavian gf is 7'10". If you're under 7'8" you are completely hopeless. Even girls in Asia are >7' nowadays.

File: att milkers.jpg (157 KB, 831x706)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Is it ever OK to travel just to be with the women of a foreign land?
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the comments in the picture are so fucking pathetic. It is easy to tell that they were written by

a) Pajeets
b) incels
c) fatt ass boomers

or a mix of these categories. Imagine surfing through instagram and losing your shit when you see the tits of some milf in an AT&T advertisement. Pathetic.
>casts woman with huge tits
>"omg how dare you look and comment about her tits"
its the serbian jew double bluff
>trolled for big booba by noncustomers
>buzzfeed tier journalism documents this outrage
>company gets to demonstrate they are morally superior to the audience that actually might care
>Did you make an oath not to?
>I made an oath. Does this mean I definitely can't do it?

No, oaths of fidelity stop at the border of the jurisdiction they are made in. This is a well known legal and moral fact.
>tfw can't enjoy beautiful big breasted women in public places or commercials because autistic fucking retards can't help but spam them on social media
Fuck u retard

File: zanzibar.webm (2.29 MB, 1920x1080)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB WEBM
I would strongly recommend Arssenya:


She and her beautiful family travels around the world, showing hotels, food and beaches as they go.
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No one beats bald and bankrupt
do you watch daily bald?
Yeah, love it, it changes from most vlogs because let's be honest the vlogger is pretty charimatic, can crack a nice joke and doesn't take things seriously. Ive seen tons of vloggers hating on locals because they are rude (understandable when you have a prick pointing a camera at your face while you'redoing your groceries), this guy just brushes it off
I go with Madventures, the 2 insane Finns

File: madventures.jpg (13 KB, 480x360)
13 KB

File: 1403119372079.jpg (79 KB, 716x768)
79 KB
Let's say that I committed a crime in country X and if I ever set foot there again, I will be jailed. What happens if I book a flight to country Y but, for example, an emergency landing causes it to land in X?
Most emergency landings are for technical and medical reasons and you sit on the runway or wait in the terminal. If you want to leave the airport you need to go through border control and they’ll see who you are. A few countries will want to see passenger lists of anyone flying through their airspace and that can put you at risk too, but really only an issue if you’re on an Interpol or a terrorist watch list.
You could be arrested, depending on how serious your crime is and if you are traveling on the same passport of the previous country you did your crime in. Lots of people have the same name so if you aren’t a huge international terrorist or other noteworthy criminal you might not be noticed if you have a new passport.
What was the crime? If they aren’t trying to extradite you to face charges it doesn’t sound serious.
you wouldnt ever set foot on X so no worries anon
If Country X is actively looking for you, why not?

Especially the case if you enter the airspace of Country X.

There are two similar, yet different examples: On one hand, you have Evo Morales, on the other hand, you have Meng Wanzhou.

I would kinda like to visit all 7 continents. I have been to Asia, Europe and North America. I don't have much interest in Africa or south America. I have a few questions.
#2 I kinda want to visit a cathedral in Colombia but Its kinda rural. Worried a bit about Crime. I had a old Colombian lady suggest I go to Bogota instead. I also kinda want to visit Chile. So what would be my best option.
#2 I know there are quick tour boats to Antarctica. What would be the best way to get there. Argentina is closest but the county is a mess and south is very rural. Australia and New Zealand would be nice but I assume boat rides are rare.
#3 Africa is really unappealing and it seems to me the best two options are Morroco or Tunisia . Is one better than the other? Is there somewhere between than those two?
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I think you would be fine in Colombia, especially in rural areas. Crime is higher in cities, and it's not as bad as you might think, just gotta have common sense. Try to go around with natives tho, always helps and people won't charge you extra if you're buying something.

Obviously there are shady af places you should avoid completely, but you need to ask for those or do a small research online.
Correct. Its pretty cool you guessed it.
thousands of people go there, it's pretty mainstream.

I don't understand the lady suggestion, what does Bogota has to do with Las Lajas. Las Lajas is a few kms away from the Ecuadorian border.
I got mixed up. It had been a few months since I looked it up and forgot the location
Have a friend who went to Antartica about two years ago. Don't know exactly how much he spent but probably around £5000. How much will the price realistically move?

File: 1617881488602.jpg (117 KB, 639x692)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
I'm genuinely curious about this country and plan on going when travel restrictions are lifted.

Any anons been? How was it? According to the govt its a lvl 1 travel advisory as opposed to the lvl 3 advisory for the caribbean islands. Which means Vanuatu has very low crime.
I'm considering maybe moving there but have never been.
Is it really low crime and are the ppl just friendly?
They're not really africans from what i can tell but some kind of mix between pajeets and islanders which may explain the low crime levels.

Can any anons confirm if Vanuatu is worth setting up shop at?
I haven't been there yet, will be heading there for fieldwork when corona-chan chills a bit but my best mate is a Solomon islander which is pretty similar culture wise and I know a bunch of Vanuatu fellas too.

They're Papuan/Melanesian, genetically about as far from Africans as you can get, been living there for millenia. Massive ethnic diversity but most cultures there have blended with Austronesian south east Asians culturally and linguistically.

Vanuatu and the Solomons are still pretty underdeveloped but they've held on to their traditional culture so society is pretty cohesive, everyone has enough to eat and their governments are reasonably functional. If you're ambitious you can move to Australia or New Zealand. Vanuatu in particular is at least as safe as rural New Zealand. Melanesian culture is more laid back and less hierarchical than Polynesian culture e.g. Samoa or Tonga, people are tolerant. My mate took his white gf to Honiara last year and she loved it, everyone was kind and made a fuss of her and she never felt creeped out.

According to the bro there's not that much to do in town other than get wasted on kava and hang out in the markets, but there's nice forest to walk in, amazing diving on reefs etc. There's all kinds of weird cultural shit further out in the islands too like the dudes on Tanna who bungee jump off huge towers with springy vines tied to their ankles.

If u have any other questions I can ask my mates I guess

you should take up land diving

File: th.jpg (9 KB, 300x200)
9 KB
My family and I are planning a trip in about 3 months to spend two to three weeks on the East Coast. We plan on spending a few days in Boston and New York City. My question to /trv/ is two-fold. 1) Are there any other places nearby (within range of a few hours of either city) worth visiting? 2) For those in the know, how open are those areas atm with Covid? Thanks in advance to any anons who answer.
I'm trans btw, not that it matters lol
Why would you plan a trip to a place and not know what you want to see?
those are literal hellscapes right now.

Please help
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Lol I just asked a belarussian guy I know and he has never heard that word. You have no clue what you're talking about.
Pizza face
File: 14934959.jpg (305 KB, 1440x810)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
"Prince gums? No, that's not a word. Don't say it again, you'll look stupid"
Belarus literally means white Russians. They are the true Rus
"Ladder scammers"

File: iStock-1019413572_web.jpg (189 KB, 1440x640)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
Is it really as bad as people say?
30 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Not when you subtract the gays
Lots of lesbians and harem girls for saudi/russian/chinese oligarchs so i think it evens out
These guys nailed it. Food scene is good but other major cities have it beat out.
Atlanta's culture is redneck and ghetto, and people who think they are redneck or ghetto

Is Israel kino? Tel Aviv Looks Lush and comfy as fuck. Easily the most appealing place to live in the middle east.

Do I have to marry a jewess to be allowed to live there?
44 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
what happen after 30?
People become "old" after reaching that age, at least according to this board
Wait what? Didnt know that. personal experience or what

Well in Israel most people get married a lot younger than in the States or Europe.
this retard tier propaganda is so tiresome. What do I have to gain from anonymously saying Israeli girls are hot. 18 year old girls have phones right? Hot ones like to take selfies and post retarded shit, same as any country. Of course the hot ones are more popular..

Go on tiktok and look for a while and you will find so many ugly or plain israeli girls, doing their stupid dances or whatever in their military barracks.

File: cdmx vs sao paulo.jpg (162 KB, 1280x720)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Apparently CDMX/Sao Paulo are really thriving right now, I've heard people compare them to NYC/Berlin before due to the art/music scenes. Is this true?
Eager to hear anecdotes from anons who've lived there. How safe/developed are they? What's the social culture like over there? Any other lifehacks I should know about?
Thanks in advance!
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File: sp.jpg (684 KB, 934x756)
684 KB
684 KB JPG
Here. Green's for safe, yellow for caution, red for alert. The western green area is the triangle I mentioned beforehand where most of the nightlife happens. From Pinheiros to Brooklin on the margins of the Pinheiros River it's skyscraper city, where all the modern corporate HQ's are located; the surrounding neighborhoods of Moema, Itaim, Jardins and Alto de Pinheiros are therefore the poshest in the city, with mixed business, commerce and residential (condos).

The western green area is more quiet and residential. Aclimação is like an oasis in the middle of the city, tons of recent korean immigration. Ipiranga has some of the oldest streets in the city, as it lied on the old mule path down to the coast. Parque da Independência marks the spot where brazilian independence was proclamated, and Museu do Ipiranga (closed for renovations) warrants a visit.

You have some underground venues at Lapa, Barra Funda and Downtown that may pick your interest. Otherwise there's very little reason for a tourist to leave this area:

Morumbi is also posh, but it's not really worth it facing the traffic. Some big concerts still happen at SPFC's stadium in Morumbi, but these days they're usually happening at Palmeiras FC's stadium near Barra Funda.

Butantã hosts the city's public university, but don't bother visiting, the campus is gigantic and has a lot of empty undeveloped land, making it a bit dangerous.

Brás and Mooca are historic immigrant neighborhoods, but the former is basically a rather sketchy mass shopping district, and you can experience the italian influence of the latter in Bixiga, closer to downtown.

Up north beyond the Tietê river there's a memorial park for the Carandiru massacre, if you've seen the movie. Cantareira state park, which offers hour-long hikes amid old-growth Mata Atlântica forest for some great viewpoints, is probably the only good reason to leave the circled area. The zoo / botanic garden down south are nothing to write home about.
Oh and the F1 races at Interlagos are so fucking far away, that I wouldn't even bother.
File: downtown.jpg (734 KB, 1019x769)
734 KB
734 KB JPG
Detailed map of downtown. I think it's worth it visiting downtown for the history and architecture, but you gotta know where you're walking. Like I said, if it looks like it's going down, probably best to not go further. I'll highlight some critical points:

The japanese neighborhood of Liberdade is quite safe around the metro station. It's usually packed during the day, and during the night there's people walking around for the restaurants. Just beware if you go to a concert here don't go walking around at 2am, the homeless population in the surrounding yellow area has skyrocketed recently, wait for an uber near the crowd.

From here during the day you can safely walk to the historic triangle. You'll be passing right by a red area, Praça da Sé with its Cathedral, lots of homeless and people up to no good. You'll be fine if you keep to the left sidewalk and don't stop to loiter, lots of people do this path by foot. This area is called the historic triangle because the old city was centered around São Bento's Monastery (green), the Franciscan Convent (yellow) and Carmo's Convent (red). The jesuit school which founded the city is in yellow because there's usually police around, but it's right on the border of the red area. Otherwise the triangle is pretty safe, lots of popular commerce and old corporate HQ's here. You can go up the Martinelli and Afonso Arantes buildins for incredible views of the city.
Instead of going down into the valley (of Anhangabaú, quite dangerous), you may safely cross into República via two bridges: do Chá (passing the Opera and City Hall) or Santa Ifigênia. Santa Ifigênia is a popular tech shop street, not worth your time. Beware, it ends right at Cracolândia. You don't want to venture into the green area right by Cracolândia, as it's just a shopping area (clothes). The best korean restaurants in town are at Bom Retiro, but you can only get here safely by car.

Turn into Ipiranga avenue instead. República is the bohemian neighborhood of old, housing old-school retail and offices. Traditional restaurants and bars. Sleazy porn theaters and prostitution abound. The crossing between avenues Ipiranga and São João is famous. There are underground-scene shopping galleries, good for record shops. You can pass by República square, but don't go inside, as it has become a homeless encampment. Copan and Itália buildings are on the same block. There's a rooftop restaurant in Edifício Itália, but you can get similar night views in Pinheiros, for much cheaper. Estadão's pork sandwich is a staple of the city.

Talking about food, if you wanna taste the city's other staple sandwich, the bologna sandwich at the Municipal Market, you'll have to get dangerously close to the red area. You go down a steep incline (Ladeira Geral) near São Bento Station and go down the crowded 25 de Março shopping street so you can approach the market from behind, instead of via the dangerous Estado avenue.

If you wanna go to Paulista avenue from downtown, take the yellow line at República station instead of walking the Consolação or 9 de Julho avenues. They may seem safe sandwiched between green zones, but it's really not due to all the buses connecting downtown to the city's deep southwest. See in the map "Paraisópolis" and "Heliópolis"? Those are the city's two biggest favelas, and some of the biggest in all of Brazil.
>le chaos is so wacky and random
no, shut the fuck up, it is torture and whoever romanticizes misery should fuck off to a favela and get brutally murdered.
t. third worlder sick of this shit

File: drt1qf.jpg (64 KB, 1146x603)
64 KB
Damn, things are so dangerous now. Barely anymore yellow countries :(

File: neck.jpg (63 KB, 544x720)
63 KB
Do I ned to book a double room or does it not matter?
Do I need to ask at reception if I am allowed to bring someone back?
Is it frowned upon or totally accepted?
17 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I stayed on Las Ramblas in Barcelona and they were very clear not to bring a woman in I just met.
Not a problem as these were not great looking hookers. They looked like aids carriers from Africa.
thats my point. DO NOT book any hotel that has an additional "guest fee" a lot of times these are brothels that have a hidden or not hidden hourly rate too.

So I'll say it again for you retards... DON'T BOOK shithole hotels in shithole parts of the town do you research jfc inbreds
the fuck?

In the US you book a room, you can bring as many people as are allowed in the room (usually 6).
Do euros really have to pay per person in the room?
>there are only 2 parts of the world.
You haven't been around much if you believe that "cram in as many as you like into our hotel" is an international concept.
Yo book a room, the room has a maximum population, you can bring up to the maximum pop. Simple as.

File: eTYbYbn.jpg (64 KB, 732x763)
64 KB
Lads I can't help but wonder, is dating a girl from France or UK or even Italy worth it? I have an affinity for girls from that culture (real girls, not your typical washrag feminist shit).

I'm Russian living in cancuckia. Are there any apps that I can find to help?
15 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You know what doesn't help? Watching historic shows with lovely british women on screen. I definitely can't be helped.

Should I buy bumble or tinder and 'passport' myself to the UK? Idk how that would fair
>Russian wants to date girls from the UK
just don't
Hilarious, looked up a twitter thread for it and most of the comments are crazy cat ladies seething.
online dating is a bit of a rigged game unless you are outstandingly good looking or have this well managed perfectly curated album full of photos of yourself.

your better bet is just to go, which you are absolutely still allowed to do as an America even in the coof times
File: british chicks.jpg (265 KB, 904x954)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
they seethe because they know he speaks the truth

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