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File: Toddler-Tantrum.jpg (24 KB, 500x270)
24 KB
>Ruins your Flight/Hotel/Play/Zoo/Aquarium/Landmark/Dining experience
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Trees are bastards.
god i only fucking hope
Just fucking say you don't want us to be angry at you.
Don't get me fucking started on trees.
yes please

File: Capture.jpg (66 KB, 1238x502)
66 KB
Thinking about buying an Amtrak pass and traveling up and down the east coast a bit. Anybody have experience using amtrak to travel? Or would it be better to just use a car?
>Or would it be better to just use a car?
Look up where the amtrak stations are
Weigh if you actually want to visit there

nah I mean unless you are a sperg who LOVES trains no way would I pay that much USD. Maybe if it was $99 or even $199 it might be a cool deal for fu but for $500 I just couldn't out of principle
>500 destinations
You want to go to Minot, ND, or even better, Stanly?
what's the sexpat scene there like? Are there any Tight Dakotian Dilfs (TDD's) to spread my superior Black sperm in?
It's Stanley* Anon, and I'll have you know they have a somewhat acceptable pizza place and a tiki beach themed bar there so it's a can't miss!

File: irish guy.jpg (120 KB, 1300x936)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
I'm an autistic person from Finland and one thing that bothers me about travelling is that any place I go to looks bad in comparison to my homeland. In Finland streets are clean and everything is hi-tech and works with your smartphone. Then I go to a supposedly civilized place like Paris and there's litter on the streets, stores close way too early, nothing's open on mondays, people only take cash, everyone's too loud...

When I travel, I want to go to a place with higher standards of living than what I'm used to, not lower.
Where should I go? My dream country would be cold throughout the year, highly civilized, very clean, and where people are quiet on the train. As an autistic Finn, I hate it how loud other cultures are. I've been thinking of Japan, Iceland or the Faroe Islands.

I was just in Ireland and it was okay. Not sure if I'd leave Finland over Ireland but it was still an enjoyable experience. Dublin was a bit grittier than I had thought but smaller cities seemed very comfy. I still remember a certain church at the heart of Dublin where I'd always spot druggies puking and littering in broad daylight.
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If I were to reside in Switzerland it'll be in Luagno for easy access to Milan, rest is uptight boring boarding school vibes with zero social life and autisitc people.
is it even possible 2 travel 2 north korea as burger
So this “Irish guy” image you have used is a Scottish actor playing a Scottish guy in Trainspotting which is set in the Scottish capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh.
Edinburgh is by far the most filthy capital city I’ve seen in Europe. The real problem is the sheer volume of dog shit in some places.
>If I were to reside in Switzerland it'll be in Luagno for easy access to Milan, rest is uptight boring boarding school vibes with zero social life and autisitc people.

Locarno is a MUCH nicer town than Lugano IMO, but you are correct that Ticino is the least autistic canton in Switzerland. That said, the cost of living down there, despite being maybe 10-15% cheaper than it is in Northwestern Switzerland where I live, is maybe 300% the cost of living on the Italian side of the border.
No italian politics is worth the cost, and Milan is like an hour away from either Locarno or Lugano, very reasonable weekends commute for fun. I've known actual swiss people with no friends in other cantons. Autism is minimum to be said about the culture there.

Hey /trv/, I just need the kick out of the door to do something great.

Put shortly : I want to travel across my country Norway by foot or local public transport. That means walking and only trams, city bus or ferries if necessary. Ultimately my budget is somewhere in the 10k-20k range, 20k being if I sold most of my belongings and investments.

I am in decent shape, headstrong most of the time have no problem being alone and I'm definetly not gonna miss home.

This wouldn't really be a hike I guess seeing as I'd walk through cities and use roads. So no need for a big backpack or a kitchen kit, I would most likely eat food from restaurants and shops as I travel.

I really just need good tips for doing this and some encouragement to start the journey

File: 501611.jpg (76 KB, 640x428)
76 KB
Anyone ever been to Iran? I don't know why but these country has a hold on me. I really want to see it for some reason.
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>tfw job requires security clearance
Wish I could go for funsies but that would mean getting put on a list probably.
File: 1636345199010m.jpg (105 KB, 1024x498)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
You will seethe about us until your vaxxed induced heart attack drops you like the fat redditor sack of shit that you are in a few months lmao
Will you experience the constant harassment from salesmen and beggars you get in the Arab world?
Is it legal to bang Iranian girls?
Depends. If you are white you have no chance. Black guys are much better off in Iran

>those wishing to visit must have undergone three Covid vaccination shots and be part of a package tour with a fixed itinerary, FNN said Friday, citing multiple government officials. The limited resumption of inbound tourism will be treated as an experiment and, if infections do not spread, the program would be expanded, it said.

wow its fucking stupid and gay.

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They’re finding every possible excuse to have the least tourists possible. It’s obvious.
Jesuschrist this is worse than visiting north korea
>they invade my country
>but I cant go to their country
It's honestly not fucking fair.
This has nothing to do with the meme flu.
hawaii is super expensive anon
>my country is neutral
Oh my sweet summer child

File: hostel.jpg (107 KB, 900x600)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Haven't had one of these in a while.
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Install Tinder and show me you can pull 200 matches with hot women. You're trolling and deluding yourself at this point.
> Probably like 160 at this point
How do you not have a million STDs if you tend to rawdog and cum inside?
>I took a Korean girl's when I was in seoul a few years later
>You're not just the creepy guy, you're now the creepy old guy. If you allow yourself to be seen that way at that point in your life, you probably deserve it, since you should know better by then.
Dangerously redpilled
Who the fuck are you to tell him what being a Chad means, loser?

Can anyone recommend some third-world places with a strong english-speaking population that I can visit? Not talking about right now necessarily with covid restrictions. Mainly looking for the ones with the third-world-country benefits - cheap/good food and maybe whores. Is the Philippines worth the hype? I hear about it all the time and I assume it's because it meets most or all criteria (english speaking, cheap food, whores).
>maybe whores
aaand thread ruined

File: allergy.jpg (129 KB, 1500x1310)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
What are the best places to travel to avoid severe seasonal allergies?
the high plains of Peru and Bolivia
this fucking mouth breather...also stop posting about Antarctica I'm impregnating every penguin on that iceberg

File: vienna-digital-nomads.jpg (395 KB, 1500x844)
395 KB
395 KB JPG
Because let me tell you, I have and it was a wonderful experience. As someone who had frequented Paris, Vienna was just a bit more Paris in every way. Food was good, drinks are good, and the palaces are spectacular. The people were so friendly. They were of great help and very kind. Now it is smaller than Paris, but everything is of a higher standard. Also, it's so safe. An outstanding city overall.

A bonus is to take the train out to Salzburg. Pictures don't do the place justice as there is a noticeable incline due to the nearby hill/fortress. It is notable for being home to Mozart's birthplace.

I think a regret I have is not having seen a live concert. Some recommendations I would give would be to try the Sachertorte, go to the various cafes, and see the Palaces!

If you're deciding to travel to Europe, don't overlook this gem!
(Inb4 I'm a shill for the Austrian tourist bureau, I'm writing this up because I had a great time and want others to enjoy their time and money spent. I have been to places such as Venice, Spain, Paris, and Vienna was like a breath of fresh air, so-to-speak).

Here's a video of a guy walking through Salzburg
Expedia Travel Guide
Wolter's World
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So you say that if you want to experience Bratislava you should fly there first and then take the train to Vienna or Budapest?
Salzburg is beautiful, I agree. Thankfully, only rich people go/live there so no turks /niggers.

Vienna in general while real nice people is turk and bosnia central.
And British pound is worth more than the dollar despite Uk being the size of one US state. What isn your point?
>>muslims galore
Vienna is probably the best metropolis in Western Europe regarding this issue
I’ll take muslims over niggers

File: 1651824602741.jpg (48 KB, 828x628)
48 KB
where should I go to learn Spanish in 6 months for cheap
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spanish is piss easy
DuoLingo is a good start. All these apps gamify language learning to hold your attention better. Easy to make it a habit, and a good tool for repetition & vocabulary.

Maybe drill it 30-60 minutes a day for a couple months to get started, but imo you'll still eventually need a language teacher. I use Preply and you can expect to pay $10-15 an hour for an online teacher.
Spanish is easy and a beautiful language.
Let me guess, you think Thai sounds good?
>spanish is piss Ese

Best places to go to experience and partake in bizarre religious ceremonies and rituals?
Only place I can think of is the voodoo scams in Haiti where they drench you in milk and toilet cleaner.
Ideally ceremonies that are for the residents of the country, and not to scam retarded tourists like myself.

Please share your personal experiences as well.
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Goto tibet or japan for the kino buddhist temple rituals
tibet is notorious for human sacrifice though so watch out
>tibet is notorious for human sacrifice though so watch out
lol what? First I'm hearing of this, are you sure you didn't fall for some Chinese propaganda?
Isn’t Tibet a bitch to get in to
Parts of it are open as part of China mostly the north. The other parts including Lhasa are restricted to operated tours that can be quite spendy. Chinese citizens can travel freely there (Tibetans and foreigners cant).

I need to get to Barcelona from Zermatt, Switzerland. I was thinking Southern France. Nothing in France is planned yet though. What's the best way to get to Spain through France? Looking to spend a few days there too.
Is wine country worth driving to?
14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
do you need to speak french if you go off the beaten path?
Depends on what you want. But yeah, at least some basic french would be good. People are quite chill there tough, its the mediterreanen after all.
How is Montpellier?
File: italy-map.jpg (349 KB, 900x1118)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
OP here, got some good leads thank you everyone.
Is there anything good in pic related area?
Theres a big NP, there Aosta valley, theres Piemont outside Turin, there is one of the most besutiful lakes I ever swam in Corps, there are the Hautes-Alpes,..
If you are into cycling its the archetype of the mountainside of Le Tour and Giro there

>pre covid
>be traveling around EU and Asia with barely any money, sleeping in tents, couches, hostels, exploring
>wish i had monies to fund this but didn't mind because i was having fun
>decide to take a hiatus for a year because of life reasons
>meet a girl
>covid happens
>move in with girl
>covid over
>girl wants my babies
>also got job that's completely remote and pays nicely. Basically can live as a nomad and sustain myself fully
>cant leave on my travels because girl wants stability and a home, pets, furniture, children, a mortgage

Anons I keep daydreaming everyday about traveling like i used to except with money in the bank but I can't because of this girl. I want to impregnate her but fuck sake I want to be on the road too. Im not into this stability shit. Anyone ever been in this position?
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>And it even affects men. You can totally feel how being close to the baby relly calms and relxes you, but on the other yand makes you super protective. All hormones man.
This is why it's important to stay away from pregnant women. The hormone changes will sap your ambition and testosterone. Whenever I get a girl pregnant, I move to another country, or at least another city.
When i said their brains melted, i meant that basically everything they amounted for basically fucking disappeared the second they got a kid and a father that provides. They might come back to their senses but they will never regret the idea of having a kid even if it set their careers and lives back by 5 years or worse- they became housewives. A man definitely will, hence all these mens fucking losing it as they reach as they reach 40 because all they fucking did was work to pay the bills and tuition fees and fucking a woman that doesnt even care anymore. This is also why some younger women, especially the high skilled ones, are terrified about having to undergo this shit before they have a stable position somewhere. The oxytocin rush fucks with your brain. Theres also this thing where depending on the culture the woman is basically desexualized when becoming a mother, and so the only thing left for you is to look for a mistress because your wife sure wont give you none.

Fuck, i litterally told my mom the other day to deal with that gray hair she was growing out of pity for my father who is always dressing nice, busts his ass off at the gym while all she does is fucking walk in the morning and take a shower every two days. Bless em both but this is exactly the kind of shit that makes a brother leave her for the 30 year old secretary that just seem to care more.

Thats why you gotta wait a little, because as time goes you'll have more experience to recognize who will be willing to be a real partner and is not just using you to get the full mother experience.

Take your meds, schizo. The only thing you will ever give birth to is a brain tumor. That would explain your delusions of having sex in the first place.
>Take your meds, schizo. The only thing you will ever give birth to is a brain tumor. That would explain your delusions of having sex in the first place.
Nah, I talk about my offspring sometimes, usually when asked in a relevant thread, but those threads get deleted. You and I simply have differences of opinion on the necessity of being present for more than holidays and milestones. Don't get bent out of shape over it.
I'll say this: good women are hard to come by. First try to negotiate like a month of travel a year if that's important to you, and if you can't then you'll have to make a choice. 1) think about your priorities 2) fucking communicate 3) think about what future you Will thank you for

Personally I'm galavanting around the US and all I can think of is how I'd like my gf to be sharing this with me. How much I'd like to be painting minis with her tonight or bringing her to a dinner with all my friends.

I wish I had stayed, but I'll be back soon enough and she's waiting. Go be happy anon, whatever that means to you.
>my father who is always dressing nice, busts his ass off at the gym while all she does is fucking walk in the morning and take a shower every two days.

Based daddy

File: Colombia.png (886 B, 1200x800)
886 B
886 B PNG
Can we talk about this country? Would I be safe in there as a blonde guy?
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Looks like a homosexual saudi man wearing a wig. I think he means blonde European
>That pic
>Venezuela has less blonds than Colombia
Shitty bait
t. veneco.

Nosotros gozamos a sus mujeres por 10 USD.
It's not safe.
Wow Colombians dress like shit
Most people in general do though

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