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File: 1634996213831.jpg (16 KB, 474x316)
16 KB
Share websites, apps, whatever you want.
I'm looking for the best service/website to book international flights from Europe in particular, last time I used Google Flights.
Look up on Matrix/Kayak and then book directly on the website of the airline in question.
Don't forget that some LCCs won't be listed in the aggregators, you got to check them separately.

File: th-3541560435.jpg (27 KB, 474x329)
27 KB
the family and i are all unvaxxed and we want to travel to paris. mostly just for vacation but my wife specifically wants to shop at all the high end french brands (hermes for example).

i heard they lifted the covid injection requirements to enter the country. what about going into restaurants, shopping areas, or normal tourist things, do they still have the "health pass" to prove you took the 7 jabs? or move about freely without showing papers / digital mark of the beast?

hoping to travel there in winter.
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Is it the one same guy making these antivax threads?
No, but only one remaining pharma shill, the rest have moved on to the current thing.
File: brainlets.gif (3.4 MB, 430x242)
3.4 MB
3.4 MB GIF
i was just trolling for my FPWP
File: èh garçon.gif (772 KB, 640x560)
772 KB
772 KB GIF
If this winter is very harsh Paris might be nice, might snow. Awful summer brings awful winter doesn't it?
You'll be fine without a pass. Nobody cares anymore. I'm just glad wearing a surgical mask is no longer a social faux pas and people wash their hands more often, only good things that came out of this embarrassing set of years.

File: bc.jpg (91 KB, 669x446)
91 KB
/trv . Anything interesting to do in Istanbul ? ..

Heard you can get some fortune telling , voodoo stuff going on .
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5’10 is basically 6’0 anyway. Most women can’t tell height kek
Yeah that was a great palace. Was Hagia Irene covered in blankets when you were there too? Like the entire ceiling was covered for ‘birds’ I couldn’t look very well.
Nice bro. If women can fake their entire face, hair and nails I don’t see a problem at all with some boosted shoes.
the nationalism of the 19th and 20th century doesn't have the same connotation as today. right wing nationalist movements have almost always ended in disaster or been so destructive it makes everyone go to the opposite direction
How's the escort scene? What site/app to find them?
How's Tinder or bumble? I'm a pale 6ft 3 Auburn/ginger lanklet. Will I find any fanny in Istanbul if I stay for say... 4 nights?

If not is the bar/pub/club scene any good?
You won't. Life weights then go.

File: lsd.png (2.03 MB, 1024x1024)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB PNG
..i mean flying with acid.
How do you fly with LSD.
whats best, on tab or liquid in vials.
why didnt you get got?
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I was not expecting a picture of a burrito... I thought that was going to be a high tec piece of equipment.

Yeah maybe so, but I believe they have to also adjust the parameters and insert the values of what to specifically look for. So it was some nerd at LAX that threw the whole book at it, pardon the pun, and threw the codes for LSD because he hates those damn hippies.
File: IMG_20170619_194526.jpg (2.09 MB, 3264x2448)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB JPG

Just through air waves? Just like zamalamadingdong bam bing bong? Seems a little too magical for an xray machine. I think you are telling stories now. The Israeli's...
File: IMG_0773.jpg (1.11 MB, 1920x2560)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
This is why you must shove it up your butt and not fart.
The rectum will keep it air tight and from escaping into the air for the machine to detect.

File: 1663028179747960.gif (3.65 MB, 625x352)
3.65 MB
3.65 MB GIF
First time postet here, which is better? Im flying abroad in a weeks time.

I've had some issues with my nose before and would like to avoid all nose painful swabs if poss. Whats the best way to proceed?

The pcr test gives me a 72 hour window, and the antigen test gives me 24 hours, prior to boarding. Thanks anons
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>npc cattle
Pick two.
The test to take is the one specified in the country's entry requirements.

Rapid PCR tests are available at airports these days. I've found them to be reliable (2 hours). You usually have to book ahead of time.
fly to dublin from england, fly to barca from dublin.
I did that last time, they still wanted the certificate

I hope so too, the EU and schengen area can enter without a test, but England needs a test

Spain is where im heading, but even if i get a connecting flight they'll see my passport and demand the certificate

There is, but its three times the price, and im poor.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I just want to add im extremely anxious and stressed. Im having to go alone, im going through psychosis, and this just adds to my anxiety.

Thanks for helping everyone

File: download.jpg (14 KB, 333x151)
14 KB
>paid 7€ for a toothpaste
>no price tags on products
>price is defined by how western you look
>people seem to have fun with whatever they do
>you don't need a guide, just talk to locals
>women have the most beautiful feet ever
>best humus
>good bread, lasts long
>goes to jewland
>gets jewed
Which parts of the town did you like most?
File: 1651268043674.jpg (17 KB, 323x324)
17 KB
it is an interesting city to visit - has pros and cons as a tourist
>>best humus
agreed. when i worked in israel i ate it with basically every meal. the only other places that have come close are lebanon and saudi arabia
>>women have the most beautiful feet ever
pictorial evidence required
Did you go to the Foreskin Museum where they keep parts of all their infant vicitims?

File: 2jws6l.jpg (11 KB, 250x250)
11 KB
I've traveled to the Japan, Spain, Italy, Israel and Egypt - only have Turkey, Greece and Israel left on my bucketlist. After I'm done I want to dedicate the rest of my travels to the North America region, especially my country.
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t. Scottish

been up 25% of the munros and visited Hebrides, Orkney, Shetland

This is way more than most Scots ever see which is sad. Leave the central belt once a year if lucky
> you don't even know that there are things in the world that aren't shities neither farms, things like mountains, glaciers, wilderness, deserts, outdoors activities, astronomy, geology, abandoned buildings and structures
You got me! I wasn’t mocking kneejerk hatred of cities in a facile and childish way, I just had no idea that there were things other than cities and agriculture. I sure fell into that trap you mention.
>old buildings
Aren’t abandoned structures also old buildings at heart?
>diseased whores
Eww, no thanks.

And there are whores in the countryside too, y’know. I assume they’re farmers’ daughters.
Been to 6 of the 10 provinces, no territories. Planning on doing the maritimes next year, that will leave on Saskatchewan left, although who knows when I'll get to that
about half the provinces

File: 1534349575141.jpg (2.36 MB, 1500x1466)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB JPG
Right now I'm planning a winter trip to India. Through Varanassi, Kashmir, Darjeeling, Rishikesh, and Kerala. I think a few of those cities will be quite cold in December.

Kind of wondering how much time I should spend in each location, roughly. Usually this isn't a concern for me because I enjoy food tourism and "living" in new cities, but it seems like I will barley be able to eat anything in India since the risk of pooping yourself is incredibly high (I plan on only eating one meal a day at 5 star hotels, and even then I am planning on getting poisoned).

So I'm not really sure how about I should do this. I'm planning on spending 2 days in each city, perhaps more in Rishikesh since maybe I can enjoy hiking and some more scenic stuff.

Also I've heard mixed things about New Delhi, I will likely have to fly in and out of there, and some people online and here are saying GET OUT ASAP while others say it's worth touring a bit. Since I can not eat anything while I'm there, which is one of my main joys while traveling, maybe I should limit my time there?
File: brainlets.gif (3.4 MB, 430x242)
3.4 MB
3.4 MB GIF
>posts Dickhead Spencer
fuck off with your Chud in Chief, chud.

Do you guys watch any travel YouTubers? I watch a bunch of ambient walks
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i watch a bunch of walking videos too
yurop / east asia mainly
the best ones are the ones shot in the middle of heavy rain, comfy as fuck
For me, it's bottom right.
Will definitely need to add this too my repertoire
driving videos
Based 4K walk enjoyer

Is this a good place to visit for a Britbong?
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File: Tolosa_Oria_2009-09-09.jpg (646 KB, 1600x1200)
646 KB
646 KB JPG
Vitoria isnt worth it in my opinion, but I cant say the same of the northern part.

San Sebastian is a gorgerous city, i just moved to there and I really enjoy it. I would recomend doing a coast tour from San Sebastian to Bilbao visting all the coast towns. This area is known for its gastronomy and green landscapes although is very rainy.

My impresion is that streets and houses generally look preaty, this being a wealthy part of the country they probably take care of their apperance

Towns wich I can personally recomend:
-Ea (small and cute town)
Seconding Bilbao. Very nice city, also has great food.
here's captain retard again with his one gif
Euskalfag hemen, 10 last years living at Iparralde, now I moved to Quebec for work reasons. I miss the muga so much... Not gonna lie. Best place to live in all Shitspain.
San Sebastian was a good time. Bilbao was okay you could honestly cut it out. San Juan de Gaztelugatxe is a great excursion.
Not Basque but shout out to Potes

What are the best times to travel to avoid other tourists?

I want to go to Prague solo next year but I'm an incel and it upsets me when I see happy couples being romantic and enjoying themselves. When are the best times to travel around Europe when there are no tourists?
File: brainlets.gif (3.4 MB, 430x242)
3.4 MB
3.4 MB GIF
>how to avoid other tourists?
by not going to tourist traps like that
Avoid from mid-february (Valentine's day) to september and avoid december because of christmas.

So you have october, november, january and maybe march.
General rule is September to some extent (a lot of old people thought) October, November, December up until Christmas, late January, February (not everywhere), March.
Then from April onwards it’s slowly becoming overcrowded.
I have found the second week of May or mid September to be aces for this in Europe while also having solid weather.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (105 KB, 1280x720)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Do you carry an extra phone for travel? Say for going through police states?

Do you pay for roaming (like a normal person) or do you fumble around with multiple SIM cards like streetshitter because you're so cheap you buy one for voice and one for data?
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Has anyone actually done a wipe and restore after arriving? I'm terrified that my two factor auth apps will fuck up or something and if that happens i will be fucked
> Has anyone actually done a wipe and restore after arriving?
Arriving where? More importantly, why? I know at least a hundred extremely well-traveled people. I know a total of one who has experienced authorities trying to mess with his phone, and he’s a swarthy Canadian of partial Lebanese descent with an Arabic-sounding middle name who was landing in Israel. He got a lot of extra personal attention from immigration.
>I'm terrified that my two factor auth apps will fuck up or something and if that happens i will be fucked
Are you more terrified of this, or of some imaginary state bogeyman looking at your browser history? Have to make that calculation yourself, my paranoid friend.
>land in Oman
>get taken aside by security after clearing immigration
>"unlock your phone for us, sir"
>they look confused
>"you must unlock your phone for us, sir"
>no, I don't. Are you going to arrest me?
>"you will be arrested unless you unlock your phone for us, sir"
>ok, arrest me
>"sir you will go to jail if you do not unlock your phone, you must do it now."
>"sir do you understand you will be arrested if you do not unlock your phone"
>yes, go ahead
>"sir there is a fine if you do not comply"
>no thanks, go ahead and arrest me

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>land in Oman
>get taken aside by security after clearing immigration
>"unlock your phone for us, sir"
>"Sorry but I do not know the code"
You didn't just pay the "fine" and be on your way? Let me guess, fine is $20 USD and $10 USD baksheesh is ok sir? Sorry we can not give you a receipt.

Looking for country, preferable 20C Average. No shit winter. Rents below 300 euro per month. Cash the norm. No stupid question. I don’t need high quality. Just quiet place where i can lay low with savings for few months. And not complete shit hole. Cape Verde sounds cool, but shit visa policy.

1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
The jungle in Zaire or Central African Rep. Burundi.
What country are you from? If you're looking to stay more than a couple months, that will influence choices due to visas. Of the countries on your map, Albania, Yugoslavia, and the Soviet Union would all be reasonable.
South Yemen is incredibly, highly recommended
Will look into, thanks

Europe. Slav. Balkan is great and all. The winters, not so much. :(
If you can't afford a quality trip to a world-class city like London or Brussels for a couple of weeks, you have no business travelling. Get your priorities straight before spewing your laziness and ineptitude everywhere else in the world.

File: images (1).jpg (19 KB, 300x168)
19 KB
Thoughts on Mallorca, Spain?

I'm here now I came for beautiful cycling roads, which there definitely are. MA-10 is the best road I have ever ridden on. The mountains and beaches are a nice setting

Palma is a shithole though and the people are generally pretty unfriendly compared to the rest of Spain. I have been here 2 days and have 2 more anything I should do? I have my bike and bus for transportation
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>The center has a Popeyes, McDonald's and Burgerking store fronts.
i'd be surprised if european cities of similar size did not have a bunch of global fast food shops in the center.

>I’ve heard the Spanish islands are trashy in general.
trashy spots exist but there are just only isolated pockets
there are comfy slow towns or quiet resorts too
but there are british and german party cesspits also
Don,t come. Its shit
File: brainlеts.gif (3.4 MB, 430x242)
3.4 MB
3.4 MB GIF
Palma is awful and maybe the shittiest city I have been in western Europe. The locals are all depressed and it's filled with drunk french, British and Germans.

The small towns on the island are comfy, I think I stayed in Estroles it was nice. I do remember there being a disproportionate amount of tour de France larpers on the island
i heard that the water there don't taste like what it oughtta

File: 456363.png (1.36 MB, 1241x799)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
why are they like this?
What's the problem?
Just don't let them exit the transit area and deport them back to where they came from if they don't take their connecting flight.

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