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Where's interesting to visit in Britain, by car?
>no scotland
>no tourist traps
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>Where's interesting.
Don't give us any clues as to what sort of stuff interests you.
File: edinburgh.jpg (354 KB, 1200x798)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
Why would I be bitter? England has a much richer history than Scotland, far more to see and do, and a good variety of towns and cities with old and modern architecture alike. And desu no I don't really get the attachment to 'the outdoors' in Scotland, given it's just barren hills. There is literally no native fauna of interest, and even England - as densely populated as it is and for all the nature it lacks - has a broader range of habitats, including some that're virtually unique globally.
preston bus station, barnsley metrodome, grimsby arcade, the montagu pyke
topped off with a night out in bradford
>cucky star

File: il.png (196 KB, 933x636)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
Is it possible to just drive around and see cool mountains and stay in small towns for a night or two each
thats what im looking for
also will the weather be too bad this time of year?
this will be my first solo travel and dont have a lot of time off work so hoping its possible to do most of the island in maybe 10 days?
yes, yes, possibly but it would feel rushed. check the weather dude their winters are fucking insane and you'd need to rent one of their big tricked out trucks to get around in it
What he said. Summer would be so much better to drive around in, plus it wouldn’t be dark almost the entire day and you can see the scenery
Go in summer. You can do the golden circle in a day so you could easily see more of it with a longer trip. 10 days is plenty for Iceland, it's not very large.
>it would feel rushed
please enlighten us on all there is to do in population <1000 towns in the middle of nowhere. i seriously want to know

File: Xi-Jinping-China.jpg (130 KB, 1500x947)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
I'm currently planning a trip to China and would be interested to browse some travel content.

Unfortunately, the YT search results are filled with cringeworthy self-obsessed vloggers and CCP shills.

Is there any actually an interesting China content out there?

I'm thinking of something like SerpentZA before he went off the rails. More classy would be good too.
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I want to see your moms white flower very big gf?
>I want to see your mum's white

Please tell me the rest, I'm still learning.
File: QQ图片20230414062538.jpg (183 KB, 1438x1920)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
WHO is that Asian Chad?

File: London.jpg (453 KB, 1920x1080)
453 KB
453 KB JPG
Live in Australia and have been to Japan 2 times. Looking to do Europe now. Would anyone share their wisdom? I'm ignorant of typical Europe tourist traps. At the moment I've thought about Rome, Paris, and London as the good starting cities.
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The big Euro capitals OP mentioned aren't intrinsically tourist traps. Visiting *only* those places in each country is.
Yes but it also depends if you have 3 weeks and want to see a lot of Europe there's nothing wrong with only seeing Bratislava or Vienna or Prague and moving on. He said "European" vacation not Italian or French
You liked London but hated Rome? We would not get along. Rome is easily one the best vacation destinations on earth. Every street has something extraordinary to see on it, a fountain, a church, ruins, a giant plaza, an outdoor market, a fortress. You can wander the streets for days and not see it all.

For a first trip to Europe, I do like the idea someone suggested of doing Prague, Vienna. Bratislava and Budapest. But honestly if you're doing 3 weeks, you could easily do those and also do Italy. Rome, Bologna, Florence, Verona and Venice are all connected by a high speed train.
>Every street has something extraordinary to see
Like what? Niggers trying to sell you shit? In the terms of seeing extraordinary on the streets madrid is much better than rome
Let's be fucking real bro. Madrid is cool, but it's about 20 rungs down the ladder from Rome. There is no equivalent in Madrid to the Roman Coliseum, the Pantheon, St Peter's Basilica, or the Roman Forum. You could add a few dozen more Roman attractions to that list. If someone was visiting Europe for the first time and they want to see impressive historic shit, comparing Madrid to Rome is laughable. The only advantage of Madrid might be that it's slightly cheaper and that might appeal to some impoverished third-world Russian backpackers who were on a $10 a day budget.

File: IMG_3422.png (1.14 MB, 2556x1179)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
Hey chuds. Florida man here. Where’s a good place to show my girlfriend snow for the first time that has some cool things to do and not expensive?
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>not expensive
Aint happening, you're going to spend about $120-200 a day per person to go skiing, much more if you go to some super high end spots, and that's just for the day pass. Hotel, meals, transportation, and maybe even gear rental is not factored into that price range at all.
>good spots?
Colorado and Utah are the ways to go. Salt Lake City already hosted a winter olympics too so they've got the olympic park available for tourism but Colorado has better air and livelier outdoors/small towns.

If you want to genuinely forego skiing/snowboarding (why would you if she's never seen snow before) then you can go practically anywhere, but then it depends on budget and desire to go to X place than anything else. You also want to wait a while and go around Jan/Feb, not a lot of snow (if any) yet.
I'd personally just book a cozy cabin somewhere and spend the weekend making snowmen and fugging by a fireplace. I assume neither of you are competent in snow sports, so I would just relax and stay comfy
This early in the season, snow cover can be rare, but if the Southern Appalachians get a good winter storm, they would be the most logical destination for a Florida man and his boyfriend.
are you planning to drive, fly, or fly then drive?

i would look at what your flight options are, see what ski resorts are reachable from the better flight options
you of course dont need a mountain resort to enjoy the snow, but more guarantee

if you dont want to be stuck in the snow and want an option to escape it maybe lake tahoe?

if you are driving the closest to you are the smoky mountains, there are some ski resorts, but if you drove all that way you could drive a little further too
Over here the snow is free. In fact, I can´t get rid of it. Greetings from le Finland. :^)

File: Aussie.png (92 KB, 263x206)
92 KB
My biggest problem are the bugs.
Are they a big problem in the civilized zones?
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>Can this meme die? There's fuck all bugs outside of the bush, and no one's died of a spiderbite since the 30s.
By bugs he means all the asians.
The reality is that due to politics and the internet most of the "west" is homogenised culturally. Your experience in Australian cities will be almost the same as any other western city (including most of europe)

If this was 15 years ago I'd say Aus had it hands down for lifestyle and ease of life, but wages have not fended of inflation, and the weight of importance of realestate as wealth, coupled with the Howard government's hamstringing of apprentiship schemes has left us with a massive bottle neck.

If you come here chiselled and care free the chiselled and carefree lot will swoop you into their part of Australia and you'll have a fantastic time lounging at their beach houses and working in their cafes. If not go pick fruit and live in a tent. If you wanna come here and work white collar it is tye same the world over.
>good looking traditional women who won't go for

It would take me until the heat death of the universe to finish typing out my laughter at this naivety
CBD is full of Asians but it's always been boring. Go to the outer districts. It's great
Western sydney here
Can confirm that ALOT of Indians have moved here especially during the 2010s and there seems to be no sign of it slowing down.
Many of those food delivery bikes riding on the roads like they are in Mumbai or something, usually with a disregard for other traffic

File: images.jpg (6 KB, 174x174)
6 KB
Why is this place so obsessed with SEA of all the food is so insufferably spicy? I've had to resort to eating at pubs and fast food amerimutt chains. I could just do that back home why so you all take holiday to somewhere that is both so hot humans have no reason for living in and has food that's near impossible to eat or digest?
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The only women I've shagged in he pas 6 months have been Japanese and they don't have STDs you fuckwit. Japanese are some of the cleanest healthiest people here, I'm sorry you are so burger brained you can't actually think of what black man is fucking your cousin you just had sex with after driving a Ford 150 around town being a arsehole to everyone and making sure that you will die alone happens as you are so far no one would want you. But the world is different once you leave that place.
Not bad for bait. 5/10
>so insufferably spicy
You can pick the chilies out of your meal, LOL. Nobody's forcing you to eat them.
>so hot humans have no reason for living in
Tell this to the folks who live in Arizona or Texas, LOL. Southeast Asia in winter has a very comfy climate if you have great circulation and little body fat. It takes some acclimation at first if you are coming from a cold dry place. However, A/C to sleep comfortably is non-negotiable.
Hottest temp I've seen here in PH is about 91 or 92 F. I walk for many kilometers a day and very rarely drip sweat, even on sunny days. There is often a bit of breeze as well. Biggest complaint is the extreme noise level and clouds of exhaust pollution along the roads, which has given me a phlegm problem.
The dewpoint in Bangkok is currently 65 F, which is very dry by Thailand standards. Usually it is in the low to mid 70s in winter. Here in Angeles it is currently 72 F, somewhat humid but still very tolerable. By comparison, the US Gulf Coast in summertime regularly sustains a dewpoint of 77 F or higher, with last summer enduring weeks of dewpoints as high as 83 F. Anything over 75 F is classified as "miserable" by weatherspark; in practice, it means that sweat only accumulates on your skin and doesn't cool you off.
like Mexico spicy or worse?
The red chilies they have here in the Philippines are fucking gnarly. In Mexico, chiles are blended into salsas, where their spiciness balances perfectly with the tomatillos and other ingredients and enormously enhances the flavor of whatever food the salsa is applied to. Here, the chili peppers are either diced and mixed in with the food, or passed out whole with the meal.
Mexicans are consummate chile connoisseurs, and the best varieties of chile on Earth are all from Mexico or former Mexican territories.
Asians were introduced to chili peppers a few hundred years ago, and have yet to master their proper use outside of masochistic chili-munching practices.
BTW, red chiles burn the tongue and asshole and often manifest indigestion, while green chiles only burn the throat and aid in digestion of meats.

File: Iowa Pacific excursion.jpg (455 KB, 1024x769)
455 KB
455 KB JPG
I'm tired of riding Amtrak shitboxes when I go on vacation and don't feel like flying, even sleeper class feels like soulless garbage. I want to experience riding in style for once. What are my options for classic 40s-60s streamliners (overnight preferred, but daytime excursions will work too)?

I live in California btw, but I can travel.
5 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
There some in arizona that do the grand canyon tour, many in the rockies, and use >>>/n/ for this
Don't send him to /n/, he'll never see a post again. There are threads over there that are literally over a year old.
File: Fuckyoutrvpolice.jpg (79 KB, 750x500)
79 KB
Op, ignore this jackass. Half of this board is some variation of Japan thread and that's just fine, but if somebody ventures even slightly out of the rules this dickweed made up in his head he tries to chase them off. Here's a pic of the Indian Pacific out of spite. Let us know what your plans are, OP.
OP here


The Canadian might be doable. I need to find a new job and get my passport renewed first though.

Retard question, do I still have to show my vax status to get on Canadian trains?

t. pureblood


Australia is gonna be way too expensive to me. Sorry.
>Retard question, do I still have to show my vax status to get on Canadian trains?
no they dropped the charade

File: cyprus.jpg (65 KB, 1280x960)
65 KB
Is it good or is it a britbong/g*rman infested dump?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Russia lost
Give it up. Ukraine is done. Putin won. Even the leftist MSM admits it
>Give it up. Ukraine is done. Putin won
Yeah nothing says winning like a 3 day war turning into 2 years. Not being able to defeat Ukraine is actually a sign of strength
are you also fleeing your country's 3 day special military operation?
Classic Mediterranean features, typically dark brunette hair ranging from straight to wavy to curly, very lovely to speak with and helpful.
If you're looking for sex though, it's also that typical Mediterranean culture of oversexualised men constantly competing for women who're culturally enforced to not put out easily, leading to most men (local and foreign) to fucking the tourists who come here instead. There was a study in 2016 which supported this too.

File: 1686295858721567.jpg (43 KB, 498x397)
43 KB
>get a job offer in Japan
>pays well and good conditions
>think "all the weebs surely can't be wrong" and decide to take it
>move to Japan
>fun for a while
>2 years now
>traveling around temples and shrines that all look the same is no longer exciting
>salary is worthless abroad due to weak yen
>struggling socially because it's nearly difficult to form any kind of connection or relationship with people
>99% of people have a brainless insectoid attitude to virtually everything in life and do not form own opinions
>local food got boring as fuck
>girls are very cute but also offensively vapid
y-yeah I'm thinking it wasn't as good as 4chan.org told me

any anons figured out the secret to a good life in Japan? I'm willing to give it a solid try before packing up and going somewhere else.
319 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
They just have a different way of thinking. Going to Japan and expecting people to be as opinionated and politicized as in the West is pretty retarded. You're supposed to do some research before taking such an important decision as moving to a foreign country.
not old enough for that
>wants to be a salaryman slave and get treated the same as the indoctrinated japanese men he works alongside
oh no, at worst you may have to ask for a translator in a government office! what a horror. truly unliveable
I'm >>2581123. Appreciate the explanation.

I have to say congrats, you've clearly put in the work and effort and you're living what many weebs here would aspire for. I don't even want to move to Japan, I just had a huge phase where I was seeing if it was possible to beat the current gig I've got now whilst living in Asia (primarily HK / China / Taiwan / Thailand). I pretty much ruled Japan out after reading way too many reports of devs who moved there warning about the long hours and 996 culture similar to China.

I think it's possible if you make it to FAANG and internally transfer or another large company but again, you have to be seriously talented (or Indian) to land those roles which fortunately I'm neither of.

For example my current role I take home £4.3k a month after tax and I work maybe an hour a day on average, fully remote, one meeting in the morning video off for 20 mins.. so on a purely financial standpoint I couldn't justify the move. Now I know you probably earn a lot less than that and you probably save a lot less per month, but your quality of life is probably tenfold better than me in the UK, and I'm arguably in the top percentile for my age.

How much is your rent? and how much do you save per month? are you extremely frugal or do you actually have enough to live aswell as save?

File: download (27).jpg (14 KB, 275x183)
14 KB
I grabbed a last minute flight and I'm headed to Bangkok for a week to celebrate my birthday. I've been a few times and seen all the usual tourist stuff/temples/coomer zones. I'd like to spend some time checking out a bit more of the "real" Bangkok. What haven't I seen yet? What's cool and out of the way? Where are the best restaurants and markets that generally get bypassed by white degenerates like me?

Give me all your best Bangkok intel!
File: F9YuDvoXYAAD1Ir.jpg (67 KB, 950x636)
67 KB
>Give me all your best Bangkok intel!

1 week?
might as well not go
Boat noodle alley. Go there. Eat until you explode. Die happy
This. /Thread.

One month minimum. I’d kms to get on a plane for 24hrs just to putter around for a week. Get a better fucking life LOL

File: USVI girls.jpg (99 KB, 639x689)
99 KB
I just got back from 5 months of digital nomading in latin america and am planning to do some more later this year. But I sort of want to wait a bit before asking for another stint. In the meantime I was wondering would IT care if I want to USVI or PR? It's technically in the USA and when I move around states they never care so I assume I don't need approval.

Anybody do this? Did your IT department care? I move around states all the time and know that's fine I only need approval when going abroad.
Have you been doing anything to cover your tracks?
No I just tell IT I'm going to be in xyz country for xyz months and it's good. I probably don't have to but I just want to wait a month or two before asking for another bunch of months to work abroad. I figure they don't give a shit but I don't want to push it
Very few people are actually digital nomads. I can't find any statistics but you probably number in the hundreds of thousands, a few million at best.
You're better off asking in a dedicated forum.
I flirted with the idea of becoming one but I gave up when I realized how much hassle you need to go through, plus these types of jobs don't really represent opportunities since they're typically only accessible to those who are already well-off.
And y'all getting replaced by AI soon enough anyways. They're coming for you, codemonkey.

File: Aruba_World_Wind.jpg (141 KB, 1007x928)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
I'm going to Aruba in a few weeks with some friends. Any recommendations?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
My mom and dad went there I can give them a call and ask them if you likje.
im pretty sure something important in the malibu run supply chain is there
Casinos, beaches, slutty Dutch women
Where can I rent a basic local apartment with wifi there?

Never been to Africa but might visit a friend in Kenya and there's a chance we do some othert country in east africa (Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, etc). I know the gist for safety in Rwanda and Uganda. Tanzania we'd do with Kenya. I'm not sure what to think about Ethiopia. How safe would it be to travel quite a bit (Harar to Gondor distances). I've always wanted to see lalibela.
Ethiopia is cool they have lot of cool music like Mulatu Astaatke or Mahmoud Ahmed
File: _MG_1157.jpg (111 KB, 1499x1000)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
>How safe would it be to travel quite a bit (Harar to Gondor distances).
Used to be safe as the irregular flare-ups of regional tensions were usually in places you'd have no interest in. Not sure how the situation is nowadays, I expect there's heightened military presence and there'll be more checkpoints in the aftermath of the war. Going by reviews from local agencies, most of the north appears to be open to visitors again. Should be safe all in all. Poverty in Harrar can be shocking and the place can feel rough around the edges due to homeless people high on qat, but locals are generally friendly. I enjoyed it in the end.
>I've always wanted to see lalibela.
Stomped all over my lukewarm expectations and left them sprawling and bewildered in the dust. Top tier, try to visit a weekend. Hit the Friday or Saturday market, go out with the locals if you like, then on Sunday visit the churches for mass.

>Erta Ale volcano, Danakil depression
File: _MG_7936.jpg (265 KB, 1499x1000)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
Cool thing about Harrar are the hyena's. Pic taken without zoom.

Come to think about it, I made a thread about the trip here on /trv/:

Eastern Africa has serious shit going on. Especially Kenya. They are having massive riots and instability over food and wages (basically nobody on the bottom rung of society can afford to eat).

A bunch of long term white residents of Kenya have already up and left. Malindi and mtwapa are currently ghost towns since most of the mazungu left during covid and then now because of the peasant revolt.

Idk it might not be affecting the tourism sector but take a closer look if you are traveling along and rural. Lots of extremely angry and desperately poor and hungry people about.
My good friend from Seattle went to Ethiopia and got jumped twice. Not very wise to go to Africa as a White Man

tell me about your experiences drinking alcohol on vacation in Sharia law countries

Ignore the image it's high res your just drunk
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
It's interesting too. I bet muslims in those countries get more of a kick from
buying smuggled alcohol or making their own.

I've seen people in places with legal weed say that it was more fun when it was illegal
It being illegal gatekept all the autistic retards, trannies, computer programmers and such from it, because obtaining weed required actual social skills.
They simply bought through an intermediary and paid double the price. The black market always delivers when there is money to be made. In North Carolina, where my brother lived, the (invariably black) drug dealers hired drone pilots to deliver coke and meth to strung-out rednecks living innawoods. The rednecks would pay with CashApp or similar.
Where it is illegal, the guy who had the 420 connection was always the center of a social circle, which is what made it so much fun. You smoke far less when you are puff puff passing, so the light & goofy social phase predominates.
Now with it being legal, all that is gone. People buy top-quality weed from a dispensary and don't stop puffing until they are blitzed.
Never been there but I know Brunei allows you to bring in a certain amount (2L) per day, so you can go over to neighbouring Malaysia and buy drinks and bring them back. Can't have them in public so indoor drinking for you.
Crazy how making things illegal makes people use their brain more and subsequently making them smarter for a certain situation. While making things legal makes people more braindead.
I noticed after weed became legal in my state, having convos with the DUDE WEED LMAO people started to get worse.

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