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In Santiago for a few days then going to Atacama. Seems like Santiago doesn’t have a ton going for it? Am I missing something? Also my observation of Chilean girls is that they’re short but lots of big tits and since it’s so hot, not a ton of clothing.
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Yeah, and it’s cool, but there are like 2 days max of worthwhile things to do here. Although when the sun goes down, the nights are very pleasant.
>Seems like Santiago doesn’t have a ton going for it? Am I missing something?
You can go to the little strip club cafes in the shopping centers downtown and fuck the girls in the bathroom for pretty cheap
File: llanquihue.jpg (332 KB, 800x534)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
if you're coming to chile just go to the southern parts of the country, as they do have a lot of natural beauty and they're quite safe compared to places like santiago and atacama, not only that but people overall are just nicer there. you will only end up wasting your time if you visit a shithole place like santiago or the north as they only have niggers and deserts filled with absolutely nothing
Santiago is just for us to try and make a living lmao, the only city in this god forsaken shit country with some hope for getting a job and getting out.
Go literally anywhere else to have a good touring time.
Also we have a bit of a fucking problem with venecos (Venezuelan inmigrants), haitianos (Haiti migrants), Cubans and some other fuckers running from their countries to fuck ours.
So yeah, Santiago is not that good rn
As a white man I'd recommend vina or valparaiso. Valparaiso gets sketchy when its dark but its fine at day time, old colonial town, really nice. Vina is more of a tourist place, very safe, the big beach is nice at night and day.

But the south is for the white man, if anyone goes to chile it should be to only visit the far south. Only place worth anything

File: tourchad.jpg (217 KB, 1242x1394)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
hello, i have a hefty set of layovers on my way to a country (the U.S) but on my way out the layovers are roughly 1hr10 minutes, from the U.S to toronto, and from toronto to munich and from munich to home, will the 1hr 15 be enough to navigate toronto and munich? thanks
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File: leavingcanada3.png (456 KB, 617x346)
456 KB
456 KB PNG
>I got grilled by some jeet customs agent asking why I was there and what the fuck I was doing for tourism, literally my whole plan.

Canada is such a barren, cold shithole, I wonder why tourists come here. Canadian government does a good job at advertising the pristine natural landscape but they conveniently edited out the poojeets shitting in the forest. The world is such a beautiful place, why would you want to visit a shithole like Canada? Even the poojeets are leaving.
My prime motivation was unironically Niagara falls. I thought it was pretty neat along with the whole power plant thing they have over there. The actual city surrounding it is so fucking tacky tho lol. Also caught a Raptors game and it was cool. Toronto wasn't a bad time but I definitely wouldn't live there simply because of the pajeet problem.
As long as he lets people know he's on a short connection and uses the transit zone for processing he's 100% fine.

OP can use flightaware to see the on time schedule for his plane ride, assuming it's US->Canada he should be basically OK. Europe though not sure, he would really need to book it for munich and make absolutely sure staff can help him off first.
thanks for the advice tho, will have to sprint thru it for the canada to europe flight i think
This, I don't get why the fuck they bring up the Canadian tours itt for a 1hr connection. Find the TRANSIT zone. And before you board the first flight, make absolutely sure your luggage is checked in all the way.


File: autour.jpg (16 KB, 400x400)
16 KB
Looking for guidance for my Australia trip. Didn't see anything in the catalog so here we go.

Dunno exactly how long I'll be here, but it won't be much longer than three weeks. I'm more or less confined to Melbourne, but I will be able to borrow a car for day trips and excursions of 4ish days. I think I have a good handle on all there is to do in the city, but I'm looking for any tips on where to go outside the city. I'm keen on seeing scenic areas and interesting rural places. I like to hike and all that, but I'm traveling with a cripple who can only walk short distances. We do have a wheelchair though.

Australia. Discuss

I want to become like an "international businessman" or "dealmaker." I've spent time in lots of different countries, so it's easy to see that some things are just better in one country than in another. EG:
>fruit in Mexico is about 10x cheaper than in the US and also tastes way better
>medicine and consumer electronics is cheaper and better in the US
Why can't someone make a deal to exchange one for the other? This shouldn't be complicated, you just have to talk to people on both sides to set up a regular exchange.
Or more generally, can I get a job for some international corporation based on just being able to live in different places and handle a lot of different cultures? I'm not fluent in multiple languages but I can handle basic conversations. Can I turn this into a career, or is this just a pipe dream?
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It's sounds more like you have a fair idea of what you really want to do but need to find a skill
>You really couldn't get a single interview? That seems odd with your qualifications. Unemployment is super low. Or were you only looking for specific jobs focused on travel?
I've got a top 10 USA uni degree too, so let me demystify this situation a little for you.
The Ivy degree doesn't mean much without the connections to give you a nepotistic hookup. The education isn't the most important part (although it's still world class); they give that away for free online now.

If you're going from Ivy league -> random resume pile, you're just another chud in the stack.
Some jobs in the oil and gas industry has you travelling all over the world.
>I want to become like an "international businessman" or "dealmaker.

well my friend then maybe the "Coyote" life is the life for you!

>see breathe taking views in the exotic barren desert of the Mojave!
>guide other adventurous "entrepreneurs" through the beautiful rio grande!
>barter with locals for their pesos or their daughters cunny!
>snort lots of cocaine when your drug mules die to exhaustion you got everyone lost

look out for those pesky border patrol agents gringo!
OP just invented trade. This changes everything.

File: 149803.jpg (684 KB, 2596x1599)
684 KB
684 KB JPG
Hello. Around October or November of this year, I'm going to Paris for first time ever and I want some advice. I'm from Argentina myself and I have been only in Europe just once (traveled to Italy in 2012, with my mom and aunt) but this is different because I'm going alone.

I have the checklist of all the popular attractions, the pantheon, tower eiffel, museum louvre, Cathédrale Notre-Dame, and the opera. So i'm going for the more art/culture interest but also food.

Something people have been saying of Paris is the african and muslim people living there, but I'm not scared, can't be worse than the neighborhood I was raised in argentina. So I'm pretty open to "lost myself" in the city.

Its there anything I should def know? any secret cool spot I should check? cool restaurants?
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You should visit Montmarte, it is unironically the greatest part of Paris by a lot. You should also GTFO paris ASAP and see the rest of France which is far superior to its capital city.
cheap would be under 15€
which is a value for which i can get crepes or sandwiches, for around 10€ in fact
I don't think there's going to be a Paris after today's riots lol
There's riots all the time
im going during a riot/protest/strike kek

File: boat.jpg (508 KB, 1024x768)
508 KB
508 KB JPG
>ctrl F
>no boat thread
does /trv/ have experience traveling extensively by boat for leisure or work? After years of never being in the right place at the right time, I finally was able to take a 90 day contract to work on a quality control boat servicing fisheries up the north Pacific coast to the Bering strait and I'm pretty fucking excited. Besides being stiff, cold and bored as hell, what can I expect? I'm gonna bring dominoes and some high powered binoculars.
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>traveling by boat
nigga you are going to your JOB you ain't traveling. That would be like some poojeet taxi driver posting here about SIRS HOW IS NYC YES? I DRIVE LOT IS GOOD PLACE?
File: 1660108938083053.jpg (1.34 MB, 1714x964)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
I worked on a salmon seiner out of South East AK (Juneau, Hoonah, and Ketchikan) for two summers in 2014 and 2015. It was terrible and the pay sucked for the years I went. Tender boats and fishing boats are a lot different work-wise I can speak much for what you'll actually be doing. The ride up to Alaska and down to Seattle were amazing though. You'll probably go through some narrower passages that cruise ships can't go through.
Can't speak much for what you'll actually be doing.
freelance chief stew for superyachts here - just fucking do it. see the world and get paid
I lived on a canal boat for a couple of years in the UK, I doubt any of that experience would be useful for you though

File: VolunteerOpportunities.jpg (547 KB, 2000x2000)
547 KB
547 KB JPG
Is volunteering worth it? I'm looking to take a break from my current work for a few months but I know if it was just tourism I was doing I'd get bored after a month. Seems I can go to a few places of interest in SEA, India, Central America and even Africa, do some (relatively) relaxing and mundane work and meet new people and all the while get in some touristy activities.

I suppose the biggest question would be what are the downsides and issues with it? I know you have to pay in to it and I get why so I'm fine with that. Apart from that are there issues with the people doing it, or the conditions (knowing well I'm not getting a 5-star hotel or anything).

Would any anon who's done it recommend it?
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>be land owner
>decide to stop paying 1$ a month local workers
>build a cuck shed with 30 beds for Westerners
>they work for free and think YOU're doing THEM a favor for letting them sleep in the cuck shed and eat misshapen vegetables that won't sell
>apply for foreign investments with glowing testimonials about TRANSFORMATIVE EXPERIENCES
>say it's all to help the local community
>pocket the cash
>rinse and repeat until you get too cocky and Western girls complain about you fucking them
>is it worth taking a holiday from work so that I can work?
Out of these:

Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia

Which one am I most likely to get the most pussy in? Balanced against the risk of getting murdered
Does contracting HIV count as murder?

Hi /trv/
I am planning a 1 week Honeymoon in mid May and I was thinking about Rome.
I found a Hotel in the center of Rome and we both love:
Roman classical History, Christian aesthetics, Futurism/fascism aesthetic, whisky/cocktails/comfy bars, local/weird food, painting/sculptures/museum stuff.

We are doing keto before the wedding and ending it with pizza, lasagna, pasta, gelato etc. would hopefully be an amazing climax.
Any recommendations for excellent food is very welcome.

We are both Scandis, and therefore slightly autistic, and the stories about peddlers and people getting in your personal bubble is usually not a problem, but on a romantic getaway, it might sour the mood.
Any recommendations on how to avoid this, at least most of the day?

We are going to be there for Ascension, we are not religious, but appreciative and interested in Christianity in general.
Any advise on how to best experience mass or the atmosphere

Any stories and experiences of Rome are welcome as well.
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>Also I was fined in the subway for making a selfie fucking cops
Things that didn't happen: the post.
The best way to see Rome is by segmenting the heart of the city and exploring it one day at a time. It should look something like this:
>Vatican City + Sistine Chapel + Castle St. Angelo
Try to get into the extra tours in the vatican like the catacombs, grottoes and gardens.
>Foro Romano + Coliseum + Palatine Hill + Circo Massimo
Move after to the Bocca della verita and get some carcioffa a la giudia (artichokes judaism style) at the jewish quarter. The jew restaurant with a guy doing nothing but peeling artichokes will be the one to eat at.
>Trastevere at night is great for restaurants and overall nightlife
>Campo e Fiori > Piazza Navona > Pantheon > Chiesa di Sant Ignazio di Loyola > Fontana di Trevi > Palazio Quirinale
Seriously, don't miss the Ignacio of Loyola church, that roof and dome are painted to look 3d. Della Palma is a nice gelatto shop north ofthe pantheon, the cafe Tazza D'oro north of the pantheon is good too.
>Spanish Steps + Via del Corso & Condotti, Piazza del Popolo > Villa Borghese

This lets you see the majority of the heart of Rome in 4 cramped days. A good Christian stop is the Scala Santa, the Vatican unironically paid to have the stairs removed from Pontius Pilate's home and then flown over to Rome so you can kneel up the stairs just like Jesus did. The closer your hotel is to the Pantheon, the better.
Ora by Night (best bar), Nais, Salotto42 and NODO were my favorites. ORA is the must go to bar.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Thank you for the nice recommendations and tips.
And especially a huge thanks, or "Grazie", to this madlad
who hit it out of the ballpark. Very cool.
A hired travel guide couldn't do a better job.

We found a pasta making workshop with a granny through Airbnb, as well as a mosaic workshop.
You're welcome for the ballpark recs. I wish I could remember more in terms of restaurants to recommend but it's been a while. I actually lucked out, a distant relative on my dad's side was a priest who had been working for the vatican for over a decade when we visited and he helped us tour around. He got us the catacomb and grotto tickets, and even officiated the renewal of my parents vows in the polish chapel grotto. The scala santa and church right across it are the only real points of interest in that area. Additionally, most restaurants will be just fine but be sure to ignore any that have a guy outside advertising the place as those tend to be tourist traps. There are some great spots near campo de fiori and around piazza navona, highly recommend hitting that area and particularly Trastevere.

While it's a packed 4 days it's worth doing since you've done a good portion of exploration and can reasonably do whatever with no rush and a great idea of where everything in the city is. There are plenty of palaces and museums worth checking out if you're into that, and if you're willing to blow a ton of cash on a meal there's the Cielo restaurant/bar overlooking the spanish steps as its a rooftop bar/restaurant in the Hotel de la Ville. Great spot and views but fuck its pricey.

File: nueromancervrroom.jpg (246 KB, 850x1057)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
anyone want to get a girlfriend in ukraine? i can help you get any kind of girl you want! single mom with a brown son, 18 year old virgin with traditional values, tatted up club skank, icy cold hearted gymnastics bitch, vapid gold digging big boob russian speaker, anything you want! hit me up with any questions.

/OHG/ - Organ Harvesting General
File: KingOfKiev.png (597 KB, 1842x1722)
597 KB
597 KB PNG
It isn't OHG, its this guy making a return under a new name
File: KingOfKievCaseDetails.png (212 KB, 1844x1292)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
I'm surprised he's back and trying to pull off his scam mid-warzone. I thought he would have fled the country, especially since he ran away from Kiev to Lviv when the invasion began.

Dunno why but my last thread about SK was deleted.
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>wash it out in the sink.
Are you stupid? Just flush it down the toilet.
>See pic related
>No pic
I really don't have that much time but I'll try to. I'll be taking the ferry to Hakata in Fukuoka tomorrow evening and then will visit a few cities (only one day each) on the way to Tokyo (probably Osaka, and also considering Kyoto / Hiroshima / Yokohama).
Which one of the cities do you think is worth it?

wwyd if the kid comes 20 years later


File: 1678978651457.jpg (262 KB, 1000x1000)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
Going to visit Greece for a week at the end of this month. I guess it's too cold for a beaches yet so I want to focus on Architecture and Hiking. Any recs what places should I visit, any beautiful nature sites?

File: images (19).jpg (30 KB, 739x415)
30 KB
hey anons
I'm going to NYC for a long weekend in May. I have saved for this trip for a while and I want to go all out.
My only question is where would be the best spots to look for a nice bag of coke?
Enjoy the screaming homeless and rampant crime, fucking idiot
honestly can't wait
File: 1612669592455.jpg (91 KB, 750x738)
91 KB
Are you going to eat street food?
That's the only reason I want to go to NYC.
Pizza, hotdogs and churros from street cart type vendors.

Banging some drugs sounds pretty awesome while doing so
for sure, i dont plan on eating in a fuckin applebees or whatever. planning to do basic tourist shit for a day then explore the seedier side for the rest of the time. i can handle myself, and i do just wanna get fucked up and pretend im patrick bateman for a night. without murdering anyone with a chainsaw
I was thinking of doing this same exact trip for my birthday, but without seeking coke unless it finds me. Any clues for finding such a occurrence?

File: moscow.jpg (322 KB, 1600x1200)
322 KB
322 KB JPG
I will travel to Moscow in summer, more specifically in the first part of august. Any tips on what to visit? I don't speak Russian but I can kind of understand the writing (Eastern European faggot here)
Will I be able to get some bitches there? Will I be treated nicely by the Russians? Any hidden gems that I can see? I will be staying for 2 weeks.
What do I need to be careful with, especially now with the tensions between Russia and the so called west?
34 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Tretyakov gallery, Izmailovsky fair for souvenirs are also worth a visit.
If I had the chance, I would like to look for the building where Tetris was created and make a "Communist Nomenklatura" tour, where they show the houses of former Soviet leaders
>will I be treated badly for speaking English?
No but most people won't understand you.

>Romanian bitches love this as they see western man as talking ATMs, is it the same with Russian zoomers?
It's the same with all women in CIS countries, and not only when it comes to western men. Basically, if you're with a woman (especially a hot one), you have to pay for everything and it's not disputed.
Russian women generally aren't into hookups, although the ones in bars, clubs and other night venues may be different. For more or less serious relationships, speaking fluent Russian is a must in most cases.
I met this retarded Kiwi gigachad in Krakow who agreed to go to a strip club alone from people that approached him in the street. They drugged him and took his phone and shit and he woke up in some kind of mental hospital and had to bum money to buy some bullshit phone to download Whatsapp and contact his family. I liked the guy but I don’t know how you could be so retarded. I here talk about street smarts and is it literally just shit like this? I can’t believe people are that retarded.
People can get extremely retarded when drunk and/or horny.

File: 1669480667712546.webm (614 KB, 640x640)
614 KB
What languages are actually important to learn for travel?
Languages from countries, where everyone speaks English, are useless. Just like languages from small countries that are not spoken anywhere else
41 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Protip: If you're in a place where Russian language knowledge is useful then you are in a shithole and should gtfo asap
in no particular order, other than the obvious English:


Specialized but still relevant

Maybe I'm biased from living in Aus, but I've found that in every city here, NZ and across Asia until you reach central Asia there'll be at least one area where Mandarin is the most spoken language, whether it's an "official" Chinatown or not. Not sure if the same applies for Europe or the US outside of New York and Cali though.
if you speak one latin and one slavic language, central and southeastern europe is navigable. you'll be able to read and point to shit you need. unless you're in hungary or albania
>Cyrillic derived language
wow you're sure a well-informed individual, aren't you, spic nigger?

File: rocky point.png (2.17 MB, 1476x982)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB PNG
Is Mexico really that dangerous? Thinking of going to Rocky Point soon. Any tips to avoid being killed/robbed etc.? Going with my family that's white.
Rocky Point is stupid safe, the place is far enough away from cartel shit.

Mexico is safe unless you go looking to play stupid games and usually end up winning stupid prizes. If anyone asks you if you want to make some quick cash for taking shit back into the US just say no.
Just go where wealthy Mexicans go. Upper crust spics are as white as they come, and behave like wealthy people
You'll be fine if you stick to the tourist areas. No you don't have the life skills to go off the beaten path and yes you will die.
It's totally safe bro, nothing to worry about.

one of my buddies from Germany worked in Puebla and fell in love withthe country. He even got a tattoo and goes there at least twice a year for partying and holidays. It's cheap, the cocaine is good and if you speak Spanish everyone loves you. He says there are gunshots every other night but he never got in trouble with the Narcos. He even befriended some who sold him good weed and coke lol

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