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File: img_60ee6f73db1fc.jpg (211 KB, 1200x900)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
I didn't hear about it until lockdown and it seems like an interesting way of travel. What do you think?
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This sounds weird
I lived in a motorhome similar to the pic. A Sprinter Sportsmobile for 2 years. Some recommendations: ditch AC, put everything on DC. Inverters and loud and inefficient and always blowing fuses. I never figured out how to do the toilet right. I tried a bunch of different options and unless it's an emergency never shit in where you live. Piss in water bottles. Keep the little marine toilet for female visitors and emergency shits. I liked urban camping and stealing wifi. So keep the vehicle a neutral color, even the awning can give it away as an RV, but that never happened to me. I'd shit at Holiday Inns because they were big enough that I could walk through the lobby without being questioned. Toilets always clean there. I'd get a hotel or motel room every 3 days or so to take a long shower. Otherwise I would sponge bath in the rig. Keep you hair short so you don't look like a greasy homeless guy after a few days.

2 years was fun, but that's all I could take. A lot of weirdos at campsites and a lot of people will treat you like one, if you're a single guy. Don't be too friendly, but don't come off as a quiet psycho. Always say HI to campmates but kinda leave it at that, unless you want to hear their life stories and how their daughter moved to whereverthefuck and got married and blah blah blah. It's always the same story, just different versions.
Are you even allowed to leave your city during an outbreak Chang?
I bump van threads. I try to look out for my fellow vehicle dweller.

also there should be flags on this board.

File: bitwarden-og.png (10 KB, 1800x900)
10 KB

File: 1632399188562.jpg (425 KB, 1080x1350)
425 KB
425 KB JPG
Hey diy, looking for advice on semi " digital nomading". My situation is the following, im in germany and started police training (if i stay there is another question). So i get payed a bit of money but i have to attend online classes. The general timeframe for these classes is around 7:15-16:00 (with a lot of gaps) . So im searching for a country east of germany that is warm, doesnt have to much time difference (up to 7or 8 hours is ok). I thought about thailand or maybe sri lanka. Im not really a coomer. Some westeners would be nice
Is this even a serious question? Thailand has a completly different timezone and is at the other side of the world. Just go to Greece or Turkey
Yes it is serious, Thailand is 7 hours+ so i would have classes maximum till 11pm which is ok for me. Greece seems nice but also cold in december and january
that's a man, look at those legs
You don't know about Sayuri the Brazilian troon? Of fucking course he is a man, that's what makes the picture even funnier.
Consider Georgia

File: Mexicocity.jpg (637 KB, 2500x1563)
637 KB
637 KB JPG
I am white guy whose 5'10 with a 5/10 face.
Can I get latin girls do they go for younger guys ( I am 20).

My Spanish skills are alright I am not super fluent but I can hold basic conversations (it will also probably improve a lot when I am there)
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Or am I? I certainly didn't go to roma or condesa. Stuck up spics, yuck. Saw the fattest mexican lebanese bimbo in La Merced restaurant. And her daughter was like a mini bimbo. Extreme.
I'm so glad this continues on
This. But I will add; Mexican girls are either super sex positive, or looking for marriage. The former proceeds the latter generally.
File: ralkiu22trp21.jpg (95 KB, 1080x1068)
95 KB
so uh

how legit is mileroticos

What is the best Italian city for a great person who enjoys the finer things in life
are you a rich arab or asian looking to waste money? milan is a good time
I really liked Florence, stayed right in the middle next to the church, food was amazing and the city itself is beautiful
Just avoid non-touristy areas in Venice.
Florence, Siena. Honestly Tuscany in general is probably the best place
Venice would be good but there are too many tourists, its not really enjoyable unless you know where to go without many visitors. In the same region you might enjoy Verona, beautiful middle sized city. Milan is you average globohomo big city, Rome and Naples I'd rather not talk about them
Florence is the right answer. It's the right mix of historical and livable - the people who work in venice do not live in what you would consider venice, but the people who live in florence can and usually do. Milan may as well be germany, rome is a meme, and cities smaller than that are awesome but might not have very much going for them in terms of notable art or culture
t. pizza citizen who moved to italy, chose florence, and will probably move back soon

File: Canada-EU.jpg (32 KB, 700x467)
32 KB
I've never been outside of Canada but I decided fuck it I feel like traveling to Europe. I've been wanting to for ages but have never committed. I would be going alone so that's a little nerve-racking. I would mainly like to visit England and France. I speak french.

Is it easy to get between these two countries? From what I understand there's a train. How do you go about getting hotels? Do you book in advance or find a place when you get there? Would one week be enough time for a nice vacation or should I plan longer? What kind of budget should I bring? Since my Canadian dollars will be useless. What are some, in your opinion, must see locations?

I really want to just do it but there's so many questions I have. I doesn't help that I have absolutely zero travel experience.
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more popular places in england - highly subjective depending on what you like

Manchester - large diverse city(has the curry mile), famous for industrial revolution importance, most of the buildings are modern or industrial revolution, even though there is up to Roman britain history. Famous football teams. Music history from 70s-90s. Karl Marx was influenced by his time here.
Newcastle - famous nightlife city, the city has a nice aesthetic imo, but no specific major famous building. The "castle" is modest compared to other castles. Famous for the Geordie people, the geordie shore was mtv uk's jersey shore.
Durham - nice small city near newcastle, cathedral, river walk, very comfy.
Northumberland - england north of newcastle, has some nice coastline, castles/fortifications like alnwick (in harry potter), bamburgh, holy island(famous viking massacre), berwick upon tweed (has fortifications, viaducts)
Whitby - seaside town in the north york moors, famous as the landing spot for dracula into uk. nice ruined abbey skyline. has classic seaside attraction junkfoods. There are other towns along this region like staithes, robin hood's bay.
Brighton- small city, south of london, on the seaside, famous for gay and alternative lifestyle. Not far from the seven sisters - chalk cliffs, less famous than cliffs of dover.
Dover - has the famous cliffs of dover and dover castle however the city is allegedly quite shitty.
Is this bait?
it almost always is but if it facilitates a travel discussion it is better than many threads
Why would you think it's bait? I may be retarded but I'm not trolling in the slightest.

File: flags.jpg (2.66 MB, 3264x2448)
2.66 MB
2.66 MB JPG
Has travelling taught you any life lessons anons? What has travelling taught you about yourself and the world?

Impart your wisdom
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Nah dude sorry, I’ve seen enough Koreans, Chinese, and personally experienced Vietnamese ala a two year relationship. They’re all just better behaved. They’re quiet, reserved, respect your personal life and don’t PROBE for answers. They want a smooth and pleasant social surface at all times and it’s very enjoyable to be around. Even when everyone is wrecked in the karaoke club composure remains.

Juxtapose this with the gross, loud, slovenly, horrid behavior of non-scandis and it’s just appalling.
File: 1591851513963.png (591 KB, 640x589)
591 KB
591 KB PNG
That I will never be able to form meaningful relationships with people and I will always be lonely
Here’s a great example today.
>sitting at patio seating so I can people watch while I eat drink etc.
>Anglo and some girl cross the street about 20ft down the street slightly to my right
>I’m sitting up against a pillar facing their direction so I’m basically looking right at him
>he walks down the street away from me but looks back at me FOUR FUCKING TIMES until he’s out of view

This Anglo faggot looked back 4 times in the span of 30 seconds to see if I was still staring in his general direction. WHO DOES THAT? Only a faggot who has some inborn genetic tendency to ACTIVELY LOOK FOR CONFLICT. Any normal person would just assume I was staring off into the passing traffic and people on the street

fuck anglos
> ugly men get jealous and subtly adversarial
i find this incredibly irritating as well, these people can even be your "friends" but once they see you having fun with a woman their behavior changes completely
All the germans i met have been basically socially retarded.

Most europeans i've met other than some french girls have been the worst people I've ever had to interact with.

I'm Canadian and enjoyed the company of Canadians/Brits/Aussies/Americans the most. Then Asians. Everyone else can fuck off.

I agree with your first 2 points.

File: Cugy2buWIAAdrd7.jpg (41 KB, 500x280)
41 KB
I have a paper Vaccine passport from Scotland, 2 doses w/ QR codes. Is this going to be enough to get entry in May without a 3rd booster? I'm reading that Greece wants a 3rd booster if your 2nd was 7+ Months ago. What the fuck is this bullshit, I hate the Alice in Wonderland technique.
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Maybe. We don't know. But everyone knew before the first vaccines were being rolled out that a booster shot would be likely. Most other vaccines have one too.
get it
>You already got 42 jabs. You don't get to pretend like you're a tough man for drawing the line at 43.
Get the booster. Germany e.g. either demands constant testing for everything or a 3rd vacc. so just get it and you'll be getting around and into olaces easier.
Nobody knows yet. Check back when it's almost May.

Is it kino?
is that paul dano in his camper van from prisoners?
no its noah caldwell gervais
hmm, thread dropped in that case
dangit man you were my only reply

File: IMG_20211106_081821313.jpg (2.3 MB, 4640x3472)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB JPG
Stuck between my second vaccine and my 14 day post wait time. But I have a job that wants me me on the other side of the country. I am unable to fly or train. I live in Canada. What are my travel options. I am looking at Poparide. Anyone have experience with this app? Looking at Montreal to Vancouver.
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I feel dreadfully niggered.
Help me niggers
Hope the second vaccine gives you a clot and you die.
Have you tried killing yourself, vaccinated cattle?
burn down Ottawa you coward

File: fe3.jpg (110 KB, 747x1214)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Daily reminder to ALWAYS have a fake identity when cooming abroad.

If you are in Asia and you're there for the long haul litterally never caln yourself your birthname.

I just ended a relationship with a borderline half japanese bitch in Taiwan and she threatened to call my job and tell them I raped her. This is not the first time it happened, as it seems i am a fucking magnet for asian psychos and asian psychos are a complete different fucking league from the ones we have at home.

If you have stuff to do that includes your ID and you can't do it alone due to the language barrier ASK A FRIEND, never your girlfriend, EVER.

>mfw she told me she will find me on linkedin (she saw my fake first and last name on facebook and thought that was it)
>mfw i told her to do it
>mfw nothing happened and nothing ever will
>mfw there is no FUCKING way she will ever find me now that i've moved in another neighborhood and enjoying my coomlife
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> If anything, i've helped that girl so many times emotionally, financially and physically I actually believe I am a cuck for putting up with her for so long.

Ok now it's even clearer. You're a RETARDED cuck.
>>being 30 years old and STILL being a degenerate coomer
File: fernando.png (37 KB, 155x178)
37 KB
the cooming never ends, anon.
It's so easy to tell this is larp. A crazy bitch like that would literally look you up using your fake name on day 1, when she can't find anything about you on any social media platforms she would ask you about it and then what? There's millions of westerners traveling the world meeting girls and stuff every single year (well except during covid obviously), and the reason you barely hear about this shit is because it pretty much never happens. But also, if it actually happens to you then just let her call your work and then explain the situation to the human resource person (or your boss if you work at a smaller company).. it's not like they will randomly trust some girl that can barely speak english over an employee they have invested time and money in, especially not if you can explain the situation well and maybe provide some texts to show she's crazy.. because you will 100% have plenty of texts from those kind of bitches.
Also if you're scared about this then just keep that in mind as you meet girls and try to force them to text as much as possible while dating, and always text with calm and reason even if you're fighting over texts since that will make you look like the innocent person in case something happens later on. But again, this is literally nothing to worry about and using a fake name if you plan on dating a girl for a longer period of time is a terrible idea
>when ... then what?

A lot of people use nicknames on social media. Not everyone is retarded enough to use their actual name, and neither should you be that retarded, crazy bitches or no crazy bitches.

>because it pretty much never happens.
What do you mean, you "barely hear about this shit ? Are you even there ? Every other fucking day i hear of an expat getting fucked over by his gf/wife back here. Ever hear of parental child abductions ? Are we actually questioning the idea that batshit insane dragon ladies are a thing ? And i'm the fucking larper here ?

>But also, ...of bitches.
She doesn't need to speak english (it's a local company), and her english is very good. They may not randomly trust some girl but the hassle of getting someone calling your job is incredibly stressful because she could tell them anything in a believable enough way, and if HR is convinced you can be in serious trouble. And even after all of this, because East asians are the non-confrontational wusses they are, they might simply decide not to deal with your shit and cancel your contract renewal, leaving you potentially jobless and thus, visa-less. Many, many fucking uncertainties here that can be solved by simply turning a Stan into a Dan. Not only that, but what about your family?

>Also....a terrible idea
Look, simply put, I'm at a point in my life where I can simply pretend i'm someone else, as I live litterally on the opposite side of the planet to where everybody knows me. I did one simple thing : change my nickname when i'm dating and hide my identity, particularly my family name, to those who do not need to know it, i.e anyone outside of work. There are INSANE fucking people out there. I just broke up from a 3 year relationship last year, and i'm done with these for a while, because i'm pretty sure i'll be leaving the country for Singapore or Japan once the Covid dust settles.

My gf wants to go to svalbard. Please help me to convince her it sucks, I hate cold
25 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
yeah snow
Thanks for input. I think I am slowly brainwashing her and we will go to thailand. The stuff with my sister was nothing extra. I told her its a spam like those "I hacked your webcam as you masturbate now pay btc" and she believed it. Also she was mad as fuck that somebody used her photo and acts like her innocent little brother would upload it anywhere
Man up and make her happy.
>Take a cruise instead
No cruises during winter as most of the archipelago outside the Isfjord and *maybe* the Bellsund freezes over. Vessels staying into November is very rare. IIRC even the day trip RIBs go on a few months' hiatus.

Try to find a guide for D1&2 and ask around Longyear for a guide to dayhike up to Platåberget or so. The tourist office will be able to point you to someone. Everything else you can do on your own. Hike up Fjellstua when the weather is good for a nice look over Tromsø and take the cable car back down. Or don't, I'm not a cop (as far as you know).

>I think you can get tax free alcohol in Longyearbyen on Nordpolet
Alcohol is about 50% cheaper than mainland Norway, indeed. As a non-local you're only allowed to buy a certain amount. Bring your boarding pass too, as otherwise you won't be served.

Also yes, just buy good clothes and then man up, ya big pussy.
She wants to go in winter? Why not just go to Iceland or Tromso? Less logistics and there are some creature comforts.

Svalbard should be visited in the summer when you can get around the archipelago with more ease and maybe get to see polar bears in addition to the scenery.

File: 822378373878.jpg (70 KB, 1280x720)
70 KB
Moving to new york later this month, what are some must go places that aren't generic tourist spots (ie statue of liberty, empire state, etc..) . I'll be staying for around 4 months and I want to get the most of it. Also bars and night life spots would be good to know
File: nami.png (30 KB, 97x95)
30 KB
Lol you posted a show about the mafia set largely in Jersey.

You can look up the michelin guide to NYC for food. There's a ton of 1 and 2-star places that won't fuck your wallet up, and should be pretty easy to get a reservation to. Try and eat at any of the Danny Meyer restaurants if you can. Blue Smoke is way overrated though.

The meatpacking district has historically had a great number of clubs, so search around there and go wild. Here's a few clubs and bars I like:
-village vanguard, tokyo record bar, blind barber, beetle house, club blond, fraunces tavern if you're a history buff.

You should go to death & company for drinks at least once. It's overpriced to many, but they're the dominant force in the cocktail industry.

Go to the High Line and walk it. I like that it leaves you off in a very walkable part of the city. The biergarten under it can be great fun for a bunch of people.

The best pizza in the city is in the Bronx, but if you don't want to go there then you'll be hitting up the tourist spots like Bleeker Street(still pretty good pizza)

While it's cliche, NYC really does have some incredible museums. They're tourist spots for sure, but keep an eye out for the crazy amount of artist spotlights and events that they host.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 468644568465.jpg (146 KB, 1300x1389)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Thank you kindly

File: maxresdefault.jpg (94 KB, 1280x720)
94 KB
Is he ournguy?
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
i don't like him, but he makes good content, so i watch him sometimes. He's to arrogant. I'm liking Sabbatical more these days
Agreed. Bug-eyed lanky tech worker/CIA agent who speaks every goddamn language and picks up African queens from rural villages. He's about as Real Traveler(tm) as youtube gets.
I've been getting into him lately too. Honestly put parts of Africa/Jamaica way higher on my to travel list than they were before.
>Is he ournguy?
Lol absolutely not. He looks like he could earn more profit and attention from doing Onlyfans (I bet he has a juicy white cock) than traveling random places in extremely normie countries.
ok i watched some more videos and he says he is half half, german south african

So ig born in germany then the parents moved to SA

Comfy channel

File: 1558096427587.jpg (180 KB, 682x1057)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
I went to Japan in 2019 and one thing I really noticed was the number of signs, warnings and instructions everywhere, often lovingly hand-drawn. I found it really cute and I wish I had photographed them all. Please post any you have, dumping some I have saved and will try to find my original photos.
38 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
man i would be happy enough if people even used headphones in germany.
Fuck those back of the buss motherfuckers just listening on their shitty speakers
Who the fuck ever throws toilet paper in the bin?
countries with bad plumbing or that used to have bad plumbing but the habit survived.
koreans I heard
came here just for the kanji desu

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