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File deleted.
I haven't traveled since before covid. In general how is the tourism scene right now? Does it feel noticeably lonelier in the places you've been?
Stay in your shithole faggot and that pissy mattress too..

File: 1610155361888.jpg (58 KB, 1024x573)
58 KB
where would you rather spend a few months, in estonia or lithuania?
implying all you want is peace, nature, architecture and maybe a girl
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I‘m from Western Europe and lived in Estonia for 14 months. A nice place. You can ask away.
I‘ve also visited Vilnius, Lithuania but can’t really answer anything about long-term stay. I was pleasantly surprised by the town though.
File: 23475834.jpg (227 KB, 964x964)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
>It's one of the nicest cities in Europe.
>Tallinn was cool and the old town pretty sweet
amazing to hear
>pleasantly surprised
how come?
is there an good infrastructure in terms of buses/trains to get to remote places like natural stuff or villages or whater? i dont have a drivers license ._.
did u enjoy eating out? whats nice in estonia to get to eat thats already done?
do u know a nice place to find an apartement for a while superior to airbnb?
found some decent places on airbnb, cheap, good location etc but you never know.
locals i met on tinder so far seemed really cool. so different from the rest of europe, artsy and actually interesting to talk to. did you make the same experience?
how was your impression of vilnius compared to tallinn?
File: prima.png (55 KB, 217x190)
55 KB
>how come?
the old town's architecture has almost a mediterranean feel to it. Food and drinks are cheap. Lots of churches to look at. But I only stopped by for a weekend and didn't dwell deeper than that.

>is there an good infrastructure in terms of buses/trains to get to remote places like natural stuff or villages or whater?
Yes there are busses that take you to the national parks and a direct train connection to every "major" town from Tallinn. Estonia is small, so don't expect more than 1 or 2 spots for sightseeing in those towns. But I still liked the national museum in Tartu and the castle in Rakvere. Google loodusegakoos for hiking trails and camping spots.

>did u enjoy eating out? whats nice in estonia to get to eat thats already done?
Due to tourism, especially from finland (the stag parties that anon was talking about) prices in the city centre are comparably high. Local cuisine isn't really that special desu.

>do u know a nice place to find an apartement for a while superior to airbnb?
You can find offers in facebook groups. Search for "Erasmus accomodation" and "Expats in Tallinn" and the groups should come up. Also kv ee, but not sure about short term.

>locals i met on tinder so far seemed really cool. so different from the rest of europe, artsy and actually interesting to talk to. did you make the same experience?
Yeah true, I guess people are less brainwashed than in some other places and also not as pc. But it's difficult to meet locals because they keep to themselves and only really warm up once you get to know them. Also more connected to nature than where I'm from, where no young person knows how to make a fire.

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File: 1609020960372.jpg (118 KB, 862x1024)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
anon, thanks a lot.
especially for loodusegakoos<3

File: download.jpg (9 KB, 274x184)
9 KB
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The people storming the capitol were cultists and admit to trying to overthrow the govt. Just because they're irl streamers and instawhores doesn't mean they are not performing an insurrection. Calling me names will not change the facts.
>source: dude just trust me
Everyone watched that shit retard. The only actual cultists on Capitol Hill were the ones in the Chamber of Congress.
No, literally everyone there was a cultist
A dog would be better than trump, no one needs to be tricked into thinking anyone is better
qanon is literally a cult

File: agony.jpg (68 KB, 890x839)
68 KB
i am a califag that wants to leave this godforsaken state. too hot, too expensive, too overrated. i plan on moving to another state in a few years to adequately prepare, but where should i do? i thought ohio, but im not good at these kinds of things.
all i want is a state thats not expensive to live in and has reasonable weather. i dont care about politics, so it doesnt matter whether its a red or blue state.
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>i dont care about immigrants or any political issue, as long as people on both sides of the political spectrum keep tossing tantrums online instead of actually fixing the country the way they want
Exactly what changes to the state does OP want the politicians to implement?
High prices are a result of supply and demand. The way I see it (could be wrong), is high demand to live from both the interstate migration of people wanting to live on the coast, highly skilled & wealthy tech workers and illegals on the southern border coupled with limits on supply ala house zoning (can't build apartments up to the sky because people want to retain that nice neighbourhood and environment).

You're asking for cheap living (ie low demand or high supply) and good weather (ie coastal). Those two things are diametrically opposed and practically on the extreme sides of the spectrum. Pretty much everybody on the same boat as you wants the same shit you want and so the demand (ie price) is going to be high. Anywhere nice has already been taken. Maybe you're willing to compromise on other stuff, like a entertaining the idea of a totally different country.
>op makes whiny post asking for help
>people give advice etc
>op turns out to be a bitchy little shit
every fucking time
>go back to mexico
>kill yourself
>why are you attending law school
>leave california
the fuck kind of advice is this. the fuck is wrong with you people. only two people have provided actual answers. going to another board where people actually have a brain cell to spare
>why dont you actually try to fix cali
>coming from a californian trying to flee his shitty state to ruin other states
This guy is mostly right, though i managed to leverage my average law school and grades into a 160k/year in house position, my experience is quite rare among my peers. Most are rotting at 60-hour a week soul-crushing law firms.

If you can’t even decide between law school and med school, and you’re basing where to go to school on the city’s COL, you should seriously consider whether this is a good idea.

If you’re that worried about COL just don’t apply to schools in NYC, SF, etc. In terms of opportunities compared to COL, Chicago is probably your best bet, but you’re up against grads from top schools and transplants all competing for the same jobs.

>have to take and pass a test 5 days 4b fight
I swear to God if someone gets me sick and makes me waste 1000s on my reservations I will kill someone
Yep, fucking inconvenient

File: file.png (3.56 MB, 1909x925)
3.56 MB
3.56 MB PNG
Any interesting things to look at/do on google maps/earth?

pic related some valley in Italian Switzerland
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You must check out the terrain from San Antonio de Los Cobres to Antofagasta de la Sierra, Argentina.
The most insane landscape on earth

Also glaciers in Switzerland, Tibet, Arunachal Pradesh, Alaska's Brooks Range are dreams
>pic related some valley in Italian Switzerland
I was there a few months ago, in a little village above Minusio, pictured on your shot. Recommended, although if borders are open the Italian sides of the lake are about 1/3 the price.
File: point roberts.jpg (189 KB, 1294x606)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
I'm a fan of random exclaves, although I haven't spent much time in most of them--pic (related) is Point Roberts, Washington, connected by land only to British Columbia, Canada.
it's just a stupid political border drawn on a map centuries ago between politicians for power reasons, there's nothing special there
>I was there a few months ago, in a little village above Minusio
definitely NOT recommended, high alpine valleys like Valle di Blenio are WAYYY more wild

File: cronulla_riots.jpg (75 KB, 634x374)
75 KB
The last time I was in Thailand, I started a mini gang war between bikies (on scooters) and hotel staff. It was adorable because I don't find Asians intimidating.
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This was almost two years ago. Been ages since I wrote that greentext to my friend.

Take the A36 road till you arrive at Dundas Aqueduct parking lot along the road. Take the stairs down to houseboats. Walk across the Dunas Aqueduct south and walk down to the Monkton Combe school boat club, and head north east along the river Avon till the first tree line that intersects the river at 90 degrees, its in that brush line at the coordinates. Theirs a tree in the field, and if you walk northwest of the single lonesome tree towards the brush line, its inside one of the tangles of tree trunks in that direction.

Funny enough I needed it in Africa because I got held up in Morocco west of Marrakesh and had to fight a guy who gave me a ride, but ended up trying to steal my phone. Ended with me getting my hand stabbed and actually forgiving the guy because I smashed him off his get away motorcycle with my backpack and told him God and the universe was judging his actions to put it simply (I did this in broken Darija? or Moroccan Arabic), so he decided to give up in his post-collision daze and admit his plight as a impoverished criminal.
Some people are just really retarded. Glad none of you got pushed off the island.
>A bizarre encounter I still dont fully understand
What the hell do you not understand in "FUCK VIETNAM"?
You're an idiot
I knocked out a teacher in Bangkok who tried to get me and my girlfriend on a "special city tour" and ran away

File: 1610678141562.jpg (92 KB, 1080x720)
92 KB
Which would you choose if you had to?
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Choose for what? Work, retirement, vacation?

Work: Chicago has more options.

Retirement: Nashville is a hell of a lot cheaper and more tax-friendly.

Vacation: Chicago has a much wider variety of and higher quality of restaurants, and more things to do, but also higher risk of being violently attacked by [oh looks like some jannie has been deleting posts with that word here]. Be VERY careful downtown and don't wander into any [wrongthink word] neighborhoods ever. Don't go in winter.

>The Illinois teachers pension plan, run by the state, is in a deficit of $241 billion.
LOL keep paying my mother's pension, fuckers. Every additional hundred and thirty thousand she gets annually is another hundred thousand (post taxes) in my pockets whenever she finally kicks it.

>Stay the fuck out of Chicago and stay the fuck out of Illinois.
They aren’t really comparable so it depends what you’re looking for.

Chicago is a “major” city with a huge mix of ethnic groups, high taxes, a somewhat coherent transit system, great food and architecture, etc. Some of the highest rated school systems in the nation can be found in the Chicago suburbs.

Nashville is more of a “regional” city. Lower cost of living, more homogeneous population, smaller and quieter city with less to do. Chicago Republicans like to move there.
between those two? Nashville
>smaller and quieter city with less to do
Really the only thing to do in Nashville is listen to modern "country" music, which is complete shit anyway. There are a few tourist attractions like the Grand Old Opry and the Andrew Jackson stuff if you're into ancient history and probablywouldhavebeenanaziburnitdownandsmashthestatues stuff.

The main reason Nashville is safer than Chicago is because so many people in Tennessee carry guns.
>There is a reason Houston is about to pass it in population.
More spics?

File: siemreappubstreet.jpg (498 KB, 1600x1066)
498 KB
498 KB JPG
Has anyone traveled to Cambodia recently?
What was the process like? Did you travel on a tourist or business visa? How are things in the country? Are most things locked down, or are you able to go out and visit the pubs?
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Yeah, it's almost as if history is a thing that occurs, isn't it? Time passes and you never step in the same river twice. Opportunities pass by, the industrial revolution continues to infiltrate every corner of the world, until one day every Amazonian tribesman has a Twitter account and a favorite news anchor.
all comes tumbling down tumbling down tumbling dooownnn
If that were true, AIDS wouldn't have spread around the world to millions of people because there aren't that many fags out there.
There's plenty out there. I'm replying to one right now.
No! You are the faggot! A stupid whiny faggot that fags out over dumb shit on 4chan! You’re probably 10 years old and want to be a faggot when you grow up!

My 30th birthday is coming up and I'm in fuckin Brooklyn and miserable.

I just wanna pay as little money as possible to be on a beach anywhere tropical and do drugs in February. What the fuck can I do?
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File: slide-1.jpg (411 KB, 2000x667)
411 KB
411 KB JPG
Florida keys look cool
I'm not American though, so you tell me
what do you have against florida? and yeah if you really want a getaway then >>1941407 Hawaii would be the logical choice in-country
Only if you want to see 250lb drunk grandmas walking around topless...
>this is a 10/10 in america
A lot of what I know about Florida has been living in Orlando for two years, but it just seems like the food sucks, it's still America, the people are dumb, and it's overpriced.

I have this romantic idea of the carribean that I'm going to be drinking tropical drinks, I'm gonna be a foreigner, and I'm going to get cheap coke and bliss out on the beach for a long time for my 30th birthday

File: bay.jpg (1.06 MB, 1890x1106)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
What are the best cities in the US for art? Opera houses, concert halls, art galleries, museums bookstores, lively culture. Does this still exist in the US?
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A giant buttplug is not art, euronigger
most prestigious orchestras: nyc, chicago, boston, philadelphia, cleveland

Looking at some top opera houses in usa
Metropolitan Opera House, NYC
War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco
LA Opera, Los Angeles
Lyric Opera, Chicago
Bass Performance Hall, Fort Worth
Chicago Civic Opera House

Some other impressive theatres
kauffman centre, kansas city
fox theatre, detroit
central city opera house - central city colorado outside denver

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Why are eurotrash shitters so fucking stupid, anons?
only answer
high culture hangs on by a thread in LA, SF, DC and Chicago, but it burns intensely in NYC. I've been to the opera twice since I moved there. It's popular, the opera house is packed every weekend. I've seen ballet too. More artists in NYC than any other American city. There's no comparison. It's one of the art capitals of the world.

File: poster.jpg (354 KB, 1224x1224)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
How do you deal bros?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Plan the next trip and set off again
>Have a life worth living at home.
Well fuck you too man
By all means, import these animals enmasse to which ever shithole you hail from so they can be spared from the racism.
Literally the only thing that gives me hope and good feelings is planning my next trip. It honestly really does break my heart coming back to the US. People are instantly mean, everythings dirty, every single peice of media is telling you to be angry about somthing and to die if you dont care.
I may have a nice comfy home now in the woods, but nothing actually makes me happier then setting up a new trip and looking up all the cool shit to do. Even if its months/a year away.
File: 1606200794444.png (31 KB, 425x349)
31 KB
>The racism is justified when you've been around the world and come home to find the lowest of society inconveniencing everyone again and again
>By all means, import these animals enmasse to which ever shithole you hail from so they can be spared from the racism.
go back

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I probably won't get the vaccine because I'm unsure of its safety since some of them seemed rushed. Though, I very much doubt that the vaccine is the mark of the beast, anon. I'm fairly sure the mark will leave no room for ambiguity. Everyone WILL KNOW for sure. Not Schizo type conspiracy posts on FaceBook. It will be a clear and solid declaration of your allegiance to the Antichrist.
Pfffff, no fucking way they will implement a vaccine passport when even vaccinated you could still carry the disease an be contagious to others.

Fucking European politicians are showing their true mediocrity in full swing with this crisis.
>even vaccinated you could still carry the disease an be contagious to others
The vaccine passport could still be a good idea in this case. Imagine many people in Greece carry covid but are immune through vaccination. What will happen if Greece receives a bunch of, say, American tourists who did not get the vaccine? Those tourists would end up sick, and might take up hospital beds that would have gone to those Greeks who refused the vaccine or who belonged to the 5% for whom the vaccine was ineffective. Tourism can easily return back to normal if the receiving country vaccinated everyone who wants to be vaccinated, and if the tourists themselves are also vaccinated. However, covid will not go away, and there will always be some people who will need to be hospitalised for it, since the vaccines are 'only' 95% effective.
>Thinks vaccine passport is actually meant to stop people from spreading disease
>The most powerful being in the universe that will accept you if you seek Him
>Permanently destroyed by a ml of liquid

So this is the power of schizophrenia.

File: 1603889180106.jpg (620 KB, 1300x1009)
620 KB
620 KB JPG
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread
>also known as /sqt/ (Stupid Questions Thread)

For (almost) any and all of your one-off questions that pertain to travel.

If your question is specific to a popular destination (such as Japan, Thailand, Italy, France, etc.), check to see if there's a relevant general before asking it here.

If your question is administrative in nature (eg. visas, passports, customs/immigration, airport/airline policies, etc.), try to be as specific as possible. Such information may include, but is not limited to: your nationality, where you're going, any layover points, etc. These details do get missed quite often, and they sometimes can make a difference.

If you are planning a trip and would like some help, try to have some idea of what you want to do. Nobody here can read your mind; you need to give us your hobbies & interests, at least.

All information in this thread and any external URLs are meant to be for reference only. Use at your own risk.

Previous thread: >>1868603
Sticky: >>609350

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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As a digital nomad while maintaining a super high quality of life? Portugal, Spain, Taiwan. Place I hardly ever see mentioned is Istanbul.
How is visiting South America (particularly Chile & Argentina) without a good grasp of Spanish? I'm mostly interested in nature so I would love to visit and go hiking, but am more worried about traveling there than more highly developed countries
You aren't gonna get any unless you're Japanese.
Normies leave
I went in February and enjoyed my time there, but I really only stayed in the big cities. Checking out some of the smaller towns/villages would have been worthwhile.

In Bogota, I stayed in Santa Fe. A girl refused to meet me there because she said that sector was insecure. I walked around that area, and it was fine, but a little run down. She wanted to meet me in the Rosa Area or 93 Parque. Those areas were cool, but I would say Bogota as a whole doesn't need more than a few nights. Medellin and its surrounding towns/villages were far more interesting.

Didn't care much for Cartagena.

Would urban exploring in the Thessaloniki train cemetery be cool?
If you wear sunglasses, and smoke Marlboros is would be pretty cool.
you have to pretend you're not impressed for it to be considered cool

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