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what is, in your opinion, the scummiest, most mean spirited city in the US you've been to? i lived in New York for 27 years but we also have our fair share of kind citizens that usually live in Manhattan are from out of town. Most of the scumbaggery comes from the outerborough ethnic groups like the ghetto blacks and hispanics in the Bronx and the working class Italians from places like Staten Island and Bay Ridge Brooklyn

I always thought Las Vegas would be a center of scumbaggery considering all the illegal, terrible shit that happens there even post-mafia ownership. But all the other places I've been to in Nevada have a country feel to it so i dont know if the citizens that live there even things out
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Because retard Foreigners stay in Vegas for two weeks thinking it’s Cancun. Vegas is only enjoyable 2-3 days max. Any longer and you’re going to lose money at an exponential rate.
The fuck? Have you not heard of "impulse control"? I go to Vegas 3-4 times a year, always at least 5 days at a time. I always budget out beforehand how much I'm going to spend for the trip and for each trip day. I have never gone over that budget and usually come home with a grand or two. If you think everyone will "lose money at an exponential rate" you've obviously never been or you're a degenerate gambler and you shouldn't go.
This a million times

Miami is by far the scummiest, fakest city in the whole country. Been living here for 9 years and I can’t wait to move back to my home town in near Vero.

Absolute shit-hole with the most narcissistic, fake, rude, and selfish people one will ever meet. I pray for another Cat 5 hurricane to flatten it or climate change to flood it out. The only thing it’s good for are a couple of clubs hosting live trance/house shows
Jesus Christ, I lived there for 3 years and that was more than enough, how the fuck are you surviving 9?

File: goat.jpg (57 KB, 500x688)
57 KB
Redpill me on Maine. If you can handle the cold, it's the GOAT state, right?
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well, thats a pretty reasonable expectation of any day out in florida.

compared to "warm state social cultures" northerners are cliquish, quiet and unwelcoming.
Figures it comes from a floridatard.
I guess the benefit of being *seen* as unwelcoming is that we have less trash rolling in.
I've been to maine. It's pretty but the whitest (but also "liberal") place I've ever been

>Figures it comes from a floridatard.

im actually from the midwest.

>I guess the benefit of being *seen* as unwelcoming is that we have less trash rolling in.

that, that right there. all of you are like that and thats why Maine sucks.

My only possible destination in the near future is Sweden, so i want advice on where to go for some great nature and possibly culture. It shouldn’t be too far north.
Assuming you're going to Stockholm, there's so much to see in the city; it has more museums than any other city on earth, fun fact. The Vasa ship museum the natural history museum, and the riks museum are all musts.

The city hall is where the nobel prizes are awarded, and is gorgeous; and drottninggatan is a wonderful walk with historic building and beautiful views not far from the riksdag and king's castle.

If you can go a little farther north, Uppsala is worth a visit for its beautiful cathedral and the Anders Celsius museum; the countryside from Stockholm to Uppsala is beautiful, and worth the trainride or car.
Can you refer me to your dealer?

Why do you say that?
File: kalmar castle sweden.jpg (226 KB, 1600x1120)
226 KB
226 KB JPG

File: jySjuNgn-1920.jpg (676 KB, 1920x1080)
676 KB
676 KB JPG
Any of you bros have any wild Vegas stories? I wanna visit someday.
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>But then the families discovered that they could cram their rugrats into the extra room and ruined the hotel
Is that why the sushi guy went crazy and a shot up the concert?
No. Remember it’s not legal in the city limits.
In general Las Vegas has some of the most dead fish hookers around.
Yeah, there are some good ones but don’t expect it, usually way over priced
Is Vegas even fun right now with all the shut downs? I'm not a gambler. If anything, I'd be going for the pools and clubs but I think the pools are basically all closed now because the weather has turned.
I saw Hello Kitty bumming a cig from Spiderman
i used to be a ts escort and motorcycle outlaw there.
whole fuckin scene was wild a f but now i expect it to stay a ghost town forever.
i left a while ago and haven't looked back.

Are Native American reservations worth visiting?
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File: 1595690247136.jpg (64 KB, 800x600)
64 KB
Florida Native's seem alright.
I never stopped to say hi but I wouldn't say they were out to get me.
like >>1860031

Either way I figure if you don't know anyone there personally don't go. It might end up being a bad time.
No. I work with native detainees and have been to the rez a few times with my native friends. They all hate it there. Reading the files I have read, there is nothing but harassing eachother and drumming up drama to pass the time. Possibly one of the most xenophobic places you could be if you aren't native, and sometimes even then. The reservations i have been to are extremely depressing.
thank god
I've been to Indian country. They're fucking assholes. Stopped into a shop to buy something and the Pocahontas wagie didn't even look at me and tossed the stuff I bought at me. And every goddamn thing is spiritual and sacred. Their gods must be cunts, too.
They're not unified, not always independent, and often can only give suggestions to police departments, and have no real power.

So yeah, they're just like regular cops.

>Have you been to or lived in China? When?
>How was your experience?
>ESL or what occupation in China?
>Anything else
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>You can pay tax on it though. They don't say no to that.
Actually I may have been wrong on that part.

My company wanted me to fly back on a business visa (M) and then change it on spots since I already have a residence permit, But the sources I found back then said it was illegal to enter China while being employed by a Chinese company. Now I only find links saying something about a 3 month rule for making money while on that type of visa.

I ended up waiting for a new proper visa instead of gambling on it though.
That's not at all what I mean. I just feel comfortable in Beijing.
Has anyone here gone through the quarantine? Specifically Shanghai?

I got very mixed responses when it comes to how it works, what kind of hotels or services will be available.
How bad is the air pollution, really? What about other forms of pollution? I've also seen some fucky shit about food safety and practices but is this more of thing for street food or is that a much more widespread problem?
>Has anyone here gone through the quarantine? Specifically Shanghai?
No but I know several people who have.
Basically it's a bit random, different locations have had different rules. Some allowed delivery, most didn't. The staff didn't want to be carrying stuff up to rooms all the time, they'd need extra people just to relay meituan to rooms.
I've seen that some people had nice rooms and some had pretty average ones.
Family are allowed to drop off packages for you E.G. a guy I know got his xbox and lots of snacks delivered
Hot food wasn't allowed to be delivered though.

>How bad is the air pollution, really?
Depends on where you are, some are bad, some are ok.
There aren't really any urban areas that are totally fine but some places are fine most of the time.

Im driving from Genoa to Poznań by car. Ill drive through Austria and Czechia. Redpill me on cities like Mediolan, Werona, Innsbruck, Saltzburg, Linz and prague. Ive got 4 weeks, so i can see stuff between them too. Thanks, will post updates for help
Im in dolomites, ill try to get to Adolf route
Italy is called wlochy in polish?
Yes, it translates to 'hairy'. Niemcy translates to 'its not us/ they dont speak our language'
File: image0-2.jpg (51 KB, 647x640)
51 KB
industrial shithole full of turks and ex yug
outside of corona season touristy, overpriced and the only interesting things are the river and the castle
overpriced, most corona cases outside of vienna, tourism and restaurants are dead because everything has to close at 10pm

enjoy Austria, if you can even get in here currently.

What country should I go to for my colleges study abroad program? (I'm an American btw)
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anywhere with tall blonde babes
Not true. Im in sweden and it fucking sucks.
Ireland. You play 2k in registration fees and that’s it
File: DSC02309.jpg (5.2 MB, 4896x3672)
5.2 MB
5.2 MB JPG
Do something that'd be difficult to do without the program. For example, my last year in college I did an abroad program in Indonesia to do field research on orangutans and other endangered species. Went to remote jungles of Borneo and a ton of other awesome places. My major has nothing to do with any of that, I just wanted to do it.

As much as I want to, I'll probably never get to do that again though because of how much planning and research that goes into it. Best decision I ever made. You can do go to Europe and stuff like that easily at any time, and on a better budget. Pick something you won't ever get to do again.
>implying they'll let you burgers in with all of your viruses


File: belarus.jpg (106 KB, 800x450)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
From Canada, planning to go to berlin next month to settle. Was planning to visit my gf in minsk by revolution is fucked. Is it as unsafe as the news presents? She said i'll be fine if i dont go protest areas. But i'm not 100%
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I'm from Minsk. It's safe and even if you'll get caught your passport will save you on the spot.

All you need to know is to stay away from central streets on Saturdays and Sundays to avoid tear gas and rubber bullets.

But If I were you I'd go to Berlin.
>If you cannot speak German, you cannot conduct business in Germany
This does not apply to Berlin. Here everybody has a grasp of the English language and in some trendier, artsier districts people talk English exclusively
I don´t think that you need to speak German to work in Germany. I know enough foreigners who work here without any German skills that would exceed A1. Especially in IT. And especially Berlin is somehow known for becoming more and more "international", what among others issues leads to English being the standard language. I don´t want to say that everyone speaks English on the streets there. But at least the majority can do so if you adress them in English. And in business environment everyone should be fine with English.

What might kill you in Berlin is the prices for apartments when you dont want to live in one of the poor ass shithole areas there (they do exist, but even there it might be costy).

Obviously, life in Berlin and in Minsk must be very different when you keep in mind what kind of politicians rule these cities. I can tell so without ever having been to Minsk.
Thanks, i would like to go to belaurs becuase my girl has place there, and its cheap so ill save alot on money. and get spend time with her. Berlin will always be there.

People on reddit, say they wont even let me enter the country if im westerner. is that bullshit? i carry canadian and eu passport
Thank you this is very insightful ! I've had multiple interviews with radstad companies, and they said me not speaking german is bad, but not being physically there is the problem. And many other interviewers said same thing. So i decided to just go there, and apply to work from there. Fingers crossed, but it increases my chances significantly.

And toronto's rent is ridiculously higher than berlin, london or paris. So its worth it and much cheaper for me

File: download.jpg (7 KB, 224x224)
7 KB
Anyone use this for travelling ? and how safe is it to bring a girl back, review-wise ?
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I just moved to an Airbnb where they are charging me electricity and for an extra guests. I dont plan on paying. How can they get the money from me?
you have to pay cash to the Host for extras if its mentioned in the listing.

They can always raise dispute with Airbnb and can kick you out
Kick me out from the platform or the airbnb? They charge me at the end of my stay
This is bullshit. On airbnb you never have to pay anything in cash - only by credit card on airbnb site. The cost is also paid before the stay, unless it's payment for damage done by the guest.
i used it in japan (several cities), amsterdam, brussels, and norway. it worked out well every time. sometimes i had a whole apartment, or studio apartment; a couple times i was in a place that shared a bathroom with other travelers. just read the descriptions about the places. i don't really think you can get kicked out unless you went completely apeshit. but the description of the place and the owner, plus the reviews, should give you a good sense of what you're getting into. i will say that a time or two i've been stuck outside the place for like half an hour because the check-in instructions were botched. that pissed me off. but in my experience, it's so much cheaper than a hotel that it's all i use.

File: 1596452360423.png (111 KB, 420x344)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
If yes, How was it?
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Oh boy, he sure got me there! Good one, anon, I thought I had you fooled!
Why will kgirls no longer whiteybros? Anyone know?
Also why Kbois now seen as hot
fuckin THIRSTY bros
Yup. It was great. Seoul and Busan were okay, but that small coastal towns and mountain towns were the fucking best. Some of the my favorite memories travelling are in Korea, but I'm a huge fan of hiking and nature-oriented trips. If that's not your thing Korea still has a lot to offer in terms of nightlife, entertainment, shopping, whatever. Pretty nice beaches too.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (82 KB, 1280x720)
82 KB
A picture taken from my country. How do i get out of this shithole? Currently dont have a passport.
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Get out while you can Anon. Its a cesspool.

Is that russia or Detroit?

>don’t have a passport

Kek you are fucked
Pls learn a language and actually assimilate. Don't be a terraforming fag that complains about automatic gratuity and narrow chairs until you've recreated the zambo libertarian favela you fled.
How hard is it to get in China, or other Asian country?

File: 1600427152080.jpg (42 KB, 480x471)
42 KB
covid-obsessed currently?

I'm from England and we are mostly very pathetic and scared of covid, strong support for lockdown measures etc. Some of my friends still won't leave the house since march, srs.

I'm leaving the country for most of winter. Where in the world is most chilled rn and has the most normal way of life? Chances are we won't be hearing about those places in the news because it's all about panicked locations, but I bet some countries dgaf. Where?
78 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Definitely not an insta narcissist. Looking for somewhere developed enough though that my internet won't cut out but somewhat chill though. Yucatan Peninsula seems like the best bet. I"d prefer to be on the EST as opposed to out in Cabo.
Its a tourist town or a place for extroverts. It has a ton of good restaurants and places to go out. I'm nit into this scene, the only reason why I'm not staying is because of the heat, it is hot as fuck, I have a wet shirt the minute I walk outside.
What would be another good place around there that should have stable wifi? I don't want to spend the winter locked up in the northeast if I can help it.
I went again to a new one and managed to negotiate down to 40$ but ended up tipping her 10$ because she was nice, managed to crack my back and I didnt have exact change for the equivalent of 40$ in pesos. On a slow day I can definetly get to thailands price of 30-35$. The massage quality is not the same though.
Depends on your budget but I think playa del carmen is as good as it gets down here. My expectations from Mexico are very low right now, it doesnt feel like a good long term place and its not my thing/habitat. Too hot, too touristy, too much crime or fear of crime plus endless ripoffs and poor quality. Tacos are extremely overrated, they're horrible.
On a second thought, avoid Playa d Carmen, this place is full of Jews, expect to get fleeced on airbnbs, hotels, shops, money exchanges and everywhere they put their hands on. I'm booking the next flight out of here once my airbnb rental is done.

File: caribbean.gif (53 KB, 728x445)
53 KB
if one would visit the caribbean for 10 days and keen on getting an overall feel for the place that would strike a balance between not spending the whole time moving around and not sitting on a beach like a bored boomer than what islands would you suggest ?
I would suggest not going to the carribean going somewhere else if thats what you want.
Alternatively, does anyone know how I could visit lots of them in succession, are their regular flights between them? I'm trying to visit every country.
>I would suggest not going to the carribean going somewhere else if thats what you want.
what do you mean ?
It's hard to get from one end to the other without transferring in Miami (the worst airport in the world). I tried to go from Belize to St Lucia and finally found a route through Puerto Rico, but it wasn't worth the hassle.

Most places are still restricted, but I'd recommend San Pedro (Ambergris Caye) in Belize. Should be open by the end of next month. It's basically an island town and most people drive around in golf carts. The town is funky and groovy. Some nice resorts just out of town and they supply golf carts. Caribbean (spiny) lobster dishes in every restaurant. The tourists are all blissed out and friendly. The town has a lot to offer and you can escape back to your beach resort at the end of the day. Gotta fly into Belize City and then a short flight to San Pedro.

On many of the other islands you can start to feel a bit trapped at the resort because it can be unsafe to go exploring.

Oh shit niggas, Azerbaijan invaded Armenia!

>that feel when you will never get to visit Artsakh
I hope Armenia, Russia and Iran partition Azerbaijan and finally rid the world of that joke of a country.
File: 20200927_134803.jpg (51 KB, 1080x837)
51 KB
If you play both sides you can't lose
Armenia has been preparing for this for thirty years, and in a time of political uprising and instability the highly unpopular Azeri government probably won't take a risky action without being sure they'll be secure against their own people.

It'll probably die down almost immediately like in 2016

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