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File: Fotolia_Menton.jpg (144 KB, 650x434)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
I'm from the US and I have half of the credits I need for a bachelor's degree. I need a country that offers CHEAP tuition + dorm costs. I'm probably going to have to study for another 2 years and the amount of money I have to my name is roughly $11k. I assume I'm gonna have to wait out COVID before travel restrictions ease up, but I want to do this pretty bad so I'll figure out a way to do it before then if possible. Also, I would highly prefer if the college is reputable and has courses that are taught in english for a variety of subjects.

TLDR: I need colleges in basically any country (except the US) that offer cheap tuition and dorm costs.
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Slovenia i guess?
Are Iceland universities good? And what about psychology degree, is it useful overseas
Sadly our country is fucked
I am planning on doing exactly what OP is doing. Although I'm in an online US program but planning on living abroad in Eastern Europe for a couple of year. A concern of mine is that I could be labeled as having a "foreign preference" for security clearances and such.
Dane here, a master's in psychology will get you 60-70k USD a year
Bachelor's degrees are useless

Your experiences in cities like Kiev, Lviv, Yaramche, Chernivitsi, Odessa, Kerson

And nightlife
How's the pussy in Lvov?
Large group of friends went there a couple years ago, went to Kiev, Uman, and Odessa. Kiev was pretty good but took a while to figure out where was good, there's not really an obvious city centre like you find in central Europe. Odessa was great but let down by the fact the clubs are Mafia run and scam all tourists so we avoided them. Didn't really get to experience much of the nightlife properly, but still had a good time. Chernobyl was interesting for a day trip. In hind site most of the fun came from just chilling with friends drinking and smoking at zero expense in a nice atmosphere, so no coomer or reddit worth greentexts for you.

Been to Kiev, Lviv, Odessa and Jaremche. 10/10 destination, cheap safe and clean. Looks like western Europe in the 60s.
Pussy is pussy, why would geographic location affect it in any ways?

In my opinion, it’s St. Louis. It’s in the US, which automatically puts it in “most soulless” contention, and it also has a murder rate in the top 10 highest in the world despite being in the first world. Hard to argue that the title can go to any other city.
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Imos pizza is absolute shit
holy fucking based. So much soul. I have to move there.
yeah City of Industry is fucking depressing
File: ad_142950906.jpg (99 KB, 644x481)
99 KB
Bradford England. A post industrial toilet. Mass Pakistani immigration means that every person with any money or sense moved out to Leeds or literally anywhere else and now it's just a weeping sore on the Yorkshire countryside. Don't bee fooled by any nice buildings you see here. 90% of this city is just endless terraced houses filled with runts

No paranormal shit pls. Only real life events like creepy locals, weird environments, bad gut feelings about places you visited etc.
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Amsterdam was pretty shit generally, don't know why anyone goes there
>travel friend asks a local friend where he can buy some weed
>just go to the park and look for the black guys lol
I keep on hearing bad things about parts of Brussels like Molenbeek, but I truly, unironically want to go there both day and night and flesh it out for myself.

I have no doubt that it’s a third world stinking shithole but I question if it’s legitimately dangerous so long as you’re not a woman or beta male whatever.

I’d fucking love to smash some nafri heads in
Tell the paranormal tales wise one.
Yea, actually loved Pery. Would very much like to go back.

Not bad but also not the best in Latin America. if you're trying to bang some hot latinas and don't want to go to a shit hole I highly recommend Panama and Columbia.

Fun fact: Some of the hottest chicks I saw throughout central/south america were Venezuelan expats who left that shitty communist country. Literally almost every country I went to had smoking hot Venezuelan women.

Yea lol, I'm not joking either which is the scary part

File: 4500.jpg (349 KB, 1200x1200)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
South Korea pill me
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i know wtf
thanks for confirming the food in your country is so nausea inducing you have to drown it in an objectively medium hot pepper
Depends entirely on your race. What are you?
it's a video game reference, no need to get your panties twisted in a bunch you retarded nigger.
People are fun once you get past their tough façade and racism. Food is excellent. There is a big club scene, and it is consumer/shopping heaven. basically if you are a normalfag you will love it. I don't even mean that in a bad way, it is just a normalfag friendly place. Thats why women love it so much. I would recommend South Korea over Japan to any women or normalfag. I personally found Japan and even Taiwan/Hong Kong to be much better, and so have my friends, but most women I met enjoyed South Korea more.

The South Korean indie scene is tiny and underdeveloped and has been in existence significantly less amount of time in comparison to Tokyo or Osaka I have absolutely no idea what that other anon is talking about. Even Korean indie bands acknowledge this fact. I know because I lived in Japan and had many friends in bands, and this knowledge is coming from my Japanese friends who played with some South Korean bands in Japan. In regards to nightlife, yeah South Korea is better for clubbing and shit like that, but the underground music scene in Tokyo is simply bigger.

How was it overhyped to you? What kind of shows did you see, what area of Tokyo, what kind of venues?

File: map.png (154 KB, 1458x948)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
I'll start
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Weird, I'm in Florida and moving up to NC for work. I welcome the change though
Nevada fag here. Curious what you hate about it particularly. Stuck in beige stripmall hell atm.
Cheers man, NC is a solid place. Little of everything. Do you know what area you'll be in?

I'm eyeing Tampa/St.Pete. My job is portable so my main considerations are: is it sunny and warm, are the local politics not too batshit, and is there fun stuff to do?
File: Yes.png (130 KB, 1436x957)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
The cities in Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Kentucky are dumps too. Philly? Memphis? Kek.

File: 1578783094400.webm (2.01 MB, 320x400)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB WEBM
European student here, currently applying for the year abroad. Initially I thought the US would've been the best place to go to but all the info I have on it comes from the media and 4chan that basically make it seem like a shithole on the decline. BLM riots, MAGA, COVID conspiracy theorists, affirmative action, income inequality, lazy fatfucks are all making it look horrible and now I'm considering simply doing an Erasmus somewhere else in the EU. Is it really as bad as it seems?
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If you don't live as a NEET leave this site and never come back
new hampshire
Hello anon it seems like you have been consuming too much of the big nose media state I would recommend s.California New York City Boston Sam francisco chicongo (dangerous but beautiful ) try to pick a wealthy state with a nice vacation era you’ll have a better Tim
No, it's not like the memes. I'm not even going to type out a lot, I'll just say that LA, NYC, Chicago, and Detroit don't represent the whole country. They are also hundreds, if not over 1000 km, apart.
Based, fuck NASA retards

File deleted.
Flights on the 3rd. No breaks on this train. Out of the frying pan into the fire. Cleansed. The entry will be thoroughgoing. Arduous, but I will never falter
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You're right, someone that looks like that photo would be a sexpat. Well done.
Porto Alegre is amazing for punting!
Out of 66 hookers I fucked 10 raw so use that metric as you see fit
>The guys a vegan and then turns around and complains about eating overly processed food.
The first "vegan" I ever knew was a coworker who lived on potato chips and Diet Coke. I'm sure he's dead by now. He was the second-unhealthiest person i knew, the worst being a chick I knew who was a diabetic and would eat two plates of french fries and then shoot up half a vial of insulin to keep her blood sugar in check. Needless to say, she weighed about 400lbs.

File: Trip.jpg (325 KB, 1369x873)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
I will be taking this trip flying into Kalispell, MT at the end of January. I know this is not the ideal time of year to see Glacier Nat'l Park and Yellowstone but this is the only time I can go.

Are there any must see stops along the way that are not as well known? I've been told about Canyonlands and Teton but are there anymore through Utah and Colorado?

Also I don't really see anything to do between Mt. Rushmore and St. Louis. Anyone know of anything between there or any cool things in Omaha or Kansas City?
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>it can’t be that bad

Northern winters are brutal and if it starts snowing it dumps. It’s nothing like Alaska but it could really shit up your plans if you don’t have a plan which I’m thinking you might not have a plan.
Mount rushmore is the biggest waste of time, i would never recommend it unless you cut across and end up on the north shore in MN. St Louis is no fun as well.
I thought I'd see Mt. Rushmore, Devil's Tower, Wind Cave, Custer Park, and drive east to see Badlands. It's either that or drive straight through Kansas.
and it may be the last time in my entire life I'm anywhere near South Dakota.
last bump

File: Reno.jpg (752 KB, 1600x1200)
752 KB
752 KB JPG
What is Reno, Nevada like?
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lol okay op
reno is a great destination if you want to go 4x4 driving and want a base of operations. You are within an hour and a half of thousands of miles of trails.

I would do Auburn > Reno > Tonapah > Moab if I was going to do an awesome off road trip.
depressing. Whenever I go to the other side of the sierras to Nevada, I'm overcome with depression suddenly and feel relieved upon returning to the Cali side.
I remember reading the description of it in "Lolita" and thinking that he was being generous.

It's a crappy, boring little town which only existed to suck money out of rich Bay Area Californians who wanted to gamble. Tahoe is nice, but Reno has nothing worthwhile in and of itself.

>all you can eat sushi
Conveyor belt sushi is best sushi, said no one ever.

Hey lads, I saw this picture and was wondering if anyone recognized this town. Thanks so much!
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It's the city of Resized
literally nothing special about it
Detroit MI ca. 1890
Looks like Çabër

File: 1607722349482.jpg (206 KB, 1272x686)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
Have you ever traveled abroad without access to a cell phone?
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This is practically how I travel. I do bring my phone, but I don't bother with SIMs or data. My phone is functionally identical to a smaller, shittier tablet when I'm abroad. For internet access, I just use my hotel's wifi, or wherever I can get wifi.
Same here
It has never been a problem for me
I just search a few things I know I will need ahead of time -- such as directions -- and take screenshots

If I get really lost, there's always wifi available somewhere.
You’re a good man and so is he.
No, but I didn't use a sim in Korea because Seoul has wifi fucking everywhere.
what kind of music do you like?

File: lord-shiva.jpg (93 KB, 1024x573)
93 KB
Post your stories and experiences while travelling or living in India. I will be visiting at some point so all info is appreciated.

Are the southern states really more interesting than the northern ones? Which city/state did you like the most?
Which vaccines (if any) did you get before arriving?
Have you been to any ashrams/gurus while staying there? Are the Himalayas worth the visit?
Describe encounters with scammers/ corrupt police/ shit bureaucracy/ transportation issues if any.
How is Covid in India? Any serious arrival restrictions or mandatory tests?

Share whatever else you find valuable or interesting.
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When I am getting my vaccines for India should I get them one at a time or it wouldn't be problem to get them in the same day? That is for Hep B and C, tetanus and maybe a few more that I am considering
The caste system was not important through most of indian history. During gupta times body collectors were the only ones treated in an 'untouchables' way based on proffession. Respecting brahmin authority was the defining feature of what we might today call 'hinduism'. There are 4 castes today which are not based on skin colour
Vaccinations are not like a cocktail. Your body needs time to get used to them
You can get some of them at the same time. Especially thoss without active components (Almost all apart from Yellow Fever). As long as you don't go to a shithole doctor, they should be able to tell you which to combine. Assuming you are not going to jab yourself with blackmarket vaccs.
You should be able to get most of them at once. As the anon above me said, Yellow Fever is the only one the doctor told me to a bit careful about--it's not uncommon for people to feel a bit under-the-weather after getting the jab. Personally, I had no problems. I think the two-dose typhoid-oral inoculation gave me a slight fever, but I was otherwise fine.

At any rate, you should be able to get most in a single trip. FWIW, you don't really need a Yellow Fever vaccination for India--I don't think it's common practice. However, you DO need a YF certificate if you'll be traveling to/from sub-Saharan Africa afterwards.

I think your Hep, tetanus booster, and typhoid should be fine. Buy some doxy once you're in India, if you're going into the boonies or elsewhere with substantial malaria risk. Dunno how much Malarone costs where you live, but the price has skyrocketed in the U.S. IIRC, I got a two-month supply on my first-ever trip to India for like $30 USD, now two weeks is like $500+ and not covered by insurance kek

File: images.jpg (4 KB, 225x225)
4 KB
did someone advertise this board somewhere? why is it so busy now and why are there so many /int/-style baits
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I don't know what to tell you, Anon, if you think that destroying the global economy--while increasing already-existing wealth inequity--is worth a few elder lives. While I don't believe we should not be taking any precautions whatsoever, I don't understand how you're so comfortable being disallowed from simply traveling overseas when you likely face no risk from COVID yourself.

We should've put elderly people and people with diagnosed conditions into voluntary lock-down, allowing those who consent to receive extended cash benefits. Meanwhile, everyone else could've gone on with life.
This board is definetely faster recently, and its all shit threads. The fact that no one can travel anywhere should mean thia board almost stops, but here we are.
Guess ehat fuck head, millions of people die every year, the people who are dieing of covid were very close to death anyway. Your over reaction is because you tiny chimp brain didnt evolve to comprehend sheer vastness of planet earth
nice typo retard, who has the monkey brain now??? >:)
sexpats get shitposty when they cant coom internationally

>travel opens up again
>you can go anywhere in europe for three weeks
where would you go?
what would you do?
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conditional on season
Why would I want to go to that muslim infested shithole
To be fair its not all pozzed. Just the western NWO surveillance state parts.
>Why would I want to go to that muslim infested shithole

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