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File: sk.png (1.8 MB, 1253x800)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB PNG
South Korea General
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Korean food is by and large garbage
I keep reading this, and yet, korean food is actually amazing. Please explain this discrepancy.
Or, are you just simping for Japan and their piece of fish on rice (overrated, senile country).
I fully agree.
Korea isn't the be all and end all. Every country has its ups and downs, but its so irritating how many people who proclaim themselves experts on both, or even just Japan, shit on Korea.
No, it is far from perfect, but it does have a lot going for it Japan doesn't. Japan, as much as I genuinely love it, is deeply flawed. So is Korea. Korea deserves better than the shit heaped on it by weebs.
Y-yes Mr. Agent Keln, that's, that's the guy who did those horrible things to me >.<
File: FMJ.jpg (56 KB, 508x450)
56 KB
>setting me up
next time they say something I'll mention it

>join a knitting group or caligraphy or hiking group
I live close enough to Seoul that I can commute there for weekly stuff on the weekends. I was looking into taking a dance class so I'm gonna inquire tomorrow over kakaotalk. I was also thinking hiking since its free and I enjoy it and I wouldn't be completely new to it like dancing but I think dancing is a more tangible skill where I'd be in more intimate situations with people. I can aslo go to dance nights and meet girls there, Allah willing.

Hopefully they have stuff for beginners at the dance school. Was thinking bachata since taking Salsa first cold turkey would be crazy.

But Poland has truly become the best country for tourism!

Or is everyone on this board just a sex tourist?
Well Poland is good for sex tourism too, PRIME Ukrainian hookers go for 300 zł.
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Was the water sufficiently warm given its September and also Indian summer?
lol as a Polish expat I granted my Polish cousin her wish and took her to NYC. We had an AirBnB in Brooklyn and it was something to walk back to the apartment at 2am and see all the trash on the street, which doesn't get cleaned for days (if ever). she also saw all the niggers panhandling for cash or trying to sell drugs/mixtapes,
I think I cured her of NYC/America-is-the-best fever and she ended up getting engaged to a nice Polish grug.
I recently hitchiked through Poland and had a great time. Im not big on sex tourism, but damn the people there were friendly, the food was filling and everything was cheap.

You're no fun at parties but the experience. It's unique, sure you can go else where but Poland stood differently for me
literally just Prague for poor people
Thats how we polish males feel, hearing all the time how much of a whore average p0lka is

File: lost_in_translation.webm (34 KB, 500x278)
34 KB
Can you still move to Japan even if you don't like karaoke?
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No, sorry. They test you on this.
You don't have to interact with people when going outside. Shockers. No, asking for food on a restaurant and buying stuff from stores isn't "interacting with people".
>dumbass got the deluxe room when all rooms and prices are clearly listed
They employ Jap WW2 vets with alzheimers to bayonet gaijin that don't take part in karaoke to keep the vets minds active. Don't fuck around, OP
they make you sing karaoke at immigration to prove you deserve entry

File: 1nu1mt.jpg (38 KB, 400x388)
38 KB
Finally uploaded my first travel video. Should have done it years ago but I finally did it and I'm proud with the result.
Just my xioami 11 ultra, a laptop to edit the video and davinci resolve software (free). I bought a mic too but it literally broke my first month. Fortunately it wasn't too important.
>what video setting when filming?
No idea. I just filmed.
>any problems?
Learning to edit took a long time. Had to look up a lot of YouTube. I'm very happy with the finished result.
We are all going to make it bros. Good luck to everyone!
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File: 1694715312206469.jpg (44 KB, 720x576)
44 KB
I think it depends which Xiaomi you buy. If you buy a flagship pro or ultra it will have stabilization. The Xiaomi 11 despite being old has very good stabilization. I'm watching the footage now on my laptop and am satisfied with it.
Would you prefer I start talking about cooming? I've seen many threads here about people talking about wanting to travel vlog but many seemed to preoccupied with the small things. I just want to encourage others.
>Would you prefer I start talking about cooming?

Actually yes. That's STILL better than blogging about your blog.
why not post it?
I just want to encourage others. :(
Next month I will if there's a relevant thread about it. I want to post more videos. Currently editing my second video.
I used my smartphone and a cheap gimbal to make a video of walking around some cozy back alleys in Tokyo in the muddle night. I intended to upload it to youtube, but upon checking the footage I noticed it was complete shit because the gimbal only stabilized in one dimension and also the sound quality was shit. Ahhhh I should have prepared mire before my trip. I still might upload it but with the sound cut out or something. Especially my footsteps were way too loud

File: casa-map.jpg (1023 KB, 1729x2268)
1023 KB
1023 KB JPG
Okay, /trv/, I need your help.

I'm going to Dubai for work in December and since I'm going to that region I want to take the opportunity and travel a bit further east and visit Asia. Flying out of Dubai is fucking expensive, therefore I've made a shortlist of the places I'm willing to visit and I need your help choosing. I have ~6-10 days available for the trip.

Khatmandu (Nepal) - Very high on the shortlist, but if I go there I have hike/trekk the Himalayas and I'm not sure if it will be feasible in December and in such a short trip without spending 5k.
Samarkand (Uzbekistan) + Tajikistan - I'm considering flying there and also go to Dushanbe or Toshkent mostly for hiking in the mountainous regions but again, I'm worried about the weather in December. Are those countries even safe? I have no idea.
India - I'm mostly considering Mumbai or New Dehli, but I'm indifferent about where I go in India, flight prices are basically all the same.
Islamabad (Pakistan) - Probably the most realtraveler© option. I would like to hike in the north, but again, the weather. Also, I'm a mega pussy so I would like to join some sort of tour to the mountains which I'm afraid will cost too much.

I call on all realtravelers to help me choose.
I haven't been to Tajikistan or Uzbekistan but have visited the other three countries on your list. Did a 10-day motorbike trip in Nepal, spent 6 months in Pakistan, and lived in India for several years.

If you're going in December, the weather should be reasonably pleasant across the Subcontinent, at least outside of the Himalayas. You can more or less go where you'd like, although--as you said--higher-altitude locations could easily be problematic. Considering this, I think it'd be helpful if you provided a bit more information about your actual interest and intent. Do you just want to go hiking, or you after anything else?

FWIW, Islamabad isn't much of a "Real Traveler" option. It's probably the single most sterile city in South Asia. There isn't much to do there. The hiking trails north of the city are pretty nice, but they're not exactly prime trekking, either--you get great views, but you'll be disrupted every 20-25 minutes by screeching Punjabis heading out into the bush to drink, picnic, or take TikTok videos.

I doubt you'd be able to do any hiking in Northern Pakistan that time of year, either (the same is 100% true for India). I did the Rakaposhi base camp hike in 2021, and there was several feet of snow on the slopes in May. There's no way you're going high into the Himalayas and taking a pleasant stroll that time of year.

File: IMG_3723.jpg (680 KB, 1500x1000)
680 KB
680 KB JPG
I’ll be going to SF with family for a wedding this coming weekend. We’ll be staying in between Knob Hill and the Financial District. We will have our own car (in secure parking; unlimited entry/exit).
I would prefer attractions that provide free or cheap secure parking but I’ll take consider all recommendations.
>inb4 “SF is a crime a poop-ridden dystopia”
I know.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It's San Francisco; you shouldn't need to drive anywhere, as other anons have pointed out. I haven't been to SF since February 2016, when my dad flew out from the East Coast for a business trip and I met him at the airport, stayed in his $500/night Hilton suite on Union Square. The Tenderloin was gnarly, but the rest of the city was cool. These days a lot of places have gone out of business, sad to see...
Be a true Californian traveler and sleep in your car. Alternately, unless you plan to get absolutely trashed on the Fisherman's Wharf, there is no reason you can't go for lodging outside the city on a one-day visit.
I will be visiting the Bay Area via Amtrak in November...unfortunately with only a 13 hour layover, mostly spent sleeping after the overnight train ride from Denver. My shitty motel on the outskirts of Oakland cost me $72 after taxes.
I lived in SF for 4 years. Twin Peaks is the cliche spot everyone goes to, and it's a legit great view of the city, Oakland, all-around, but there is tons of crime there (car break-ins). There are constantly Polizei there but doesn't even stop 'em.

Nearby is Tank Hill which I recommend as a more chill less-trafficked alternative (almost no traffique).

SF VA Hospital has great views towards Marin if you go to the back. Near there is also Land's End which is cool. And Cliff House.

Authentic Asian food on Irving St from 19th-26th Avenues.
Alcatraz and Scoma's seafood restaurant is down there it's a bit spendy but is well worth the it if you want to try local seafood

Coit tower
treasure island (you can see the skyline from a very unique angle)
Zodiac killer sites there's one near downtown
others in vallejo
drive over the golden gate and bay bridge
Berkely (see how utopian wokists live)
Little Italy (Italian Restaurants)
ride a cable car
winchester house (san jose)
visit silicon valley apple and google
Mavericks surf spot largest waves in the lower 48 when the swells are right
this weekend is end of baseball season, Giants had an average team, will be hosting rival LA Dodgers who are good this year.
but since its end of season on a weekend against a good rival, maybe it will be tough for reasonable tickets
File: Apple think different.jpg (55 KB, 739x1049)
55 KB
Don't steal more than $999 of shit per day

File: capture.jpg (40 KB, 500x375)
40 KB
Hey /trv/
I wanna go on fun/business trip to africa and try to build some connections of some sort to get into private security. The thing is I don't know shit about Africa, what would be the best places to go about this? I have a friend who's worked there before (somalia and niger delta) and we both want to try make something work either starting our own business or doing some short term contract work. I got my pilot license but need more hours and ratings if i really want to do anything in that regard.

But anyways what places do you recommend I check out in Africa for connections?
7 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
add portuguese to the list after you are done with flight lessons if want that to be possible.
Like the Ukranians that African operators hire speak any portugese...
>Go to South Africa, demand for private security in Johannesburg is huge
They don't hire foreigners.
great, you compete with draft dodgers with nothing to set you apart. good luck getting in a seat with that.
Check out flying for high end safaris in Kenya. They need both pilots and security for VIP customers as the shit is super expensive. Bonus is Kenya is safe.

These people have their own small planes to go from Nairobi to Masai Mara:

Have you gone to another country for dental tourism? Anyone had an implant procedure on Eastern Europe to Turkey? What was your experience? Is it worthy? LatAm fag living in the USofA here
28 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I just checked with. clinic across the Laredo TX border and their price wasn't really that much different (like 40% cheaper tho). Plus is not like I can do any tourism in TX. At least Rumania and Turkey offer some history and great food
Dude! do you have any contact number/clinic name?
That's wild! Thanks Anon
File: 1606779476860.jpg (56 KB, 640x596)
56 KB
What country is good for this in SEA? I'm thinking Thailand, but I'll go anywhere that saves me from ridiculous Australian prices and won't fuck me up

I've never travelled before either, if that comes into it
>over someone in a shitty border town
You act like Los Algodones is Tijuana. Algondones exists entirely, 100% for its dental tourism. That's the entire town. It has the most dentists per square mile of anywhere in the western hemisphere. If you live in America within driving distance of Yuma, AZ it's a walk right across the border.

>I was considering Mexico too but I've heard horrible stories of drug gangs
Do you live in fear of going outside in your town because of what goes on in Philadelphia? What goes on in Sinaloa (Mexican State) is irrelevant to Cancun/Los Algodones. Those regions live and die on tourism and pay what it costs to keep the cartels out of their business. If you want work done your two major choices in Mexico are Algondones and Cancun that's where pretty much all of the clinics that cater to Americans/Canadians have set up shop. I got $7500 (quote in hand from an American scam artist/dentist) worth of dental work done for $1900 in MX. Travel was $1000 so I'm still waaaay the fuck ahead. Very happy with the work and it's been great for years. American dental prices are so fucked these people are out of their minds with their prices. Dentistry is literally the oldest medical profession in existence, it's not THAT difficult to justify their prices.

>they all gave me estimates for total moth rehab at about 24k total
>I figured my total outlay was about 19k
You fly first class and bang influencer escorts the whole time or something? That's a lot for All-on-4 in MX. My clinic of choice charges $10k for an All-on-4 right now.

File: 1682168514935.jpg (108 KB, 800x533)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
work says they'll send me to a conference here if I want. should I? doesn't look like there's much to do.
30 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
The Alhambra, in Granada. Maybe Ronda, in Málaga. That's it
>lots of guys mean mugging foreigners and looking for trouble
LOL, another pussy who can't handle being stared at.
>dirty streets, graffiti, migrants and bums, pretentious locals, genuinely sketchy at night
You have described virtually any sizable Hispanic city. Good to know that Spain isn't as superior to their former colonies as they pretend to be.
People talk a lot of shit about Barcelona, like they do about every major tourist destination. But being bored and having nothing to do while visiting has never been one of the complaints about the city.
thats fucked up
Andalucia shits so hard on Catalunya it's not even funny.
The only things in Barcelona that you can't find better elsewhere in Spain: top class expensive restaurants (Spanish food is kinda simple and dumb in general), Gaudi architecture.
That's literally it.
Crime is also put of control there, so much worse then really anywhere else in Europe I've been.
Also wine in Catalunya sucks hard, holy shit is it bad.

Once in awhile someone posts how great and safe Vegas is. News flash for intelligent people: blacks and marijuana have permanently destroyed Las Vegas. Don't travel there. Don't spend money there. It is currently one of the shittiest places in America, and yes it is a blue democrat run state with genderbender bathrooms.
79 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah man, Amsterdam is like a mythical adventure, you'd never get complete retards rocking up there.
>But the police look after their own in this country.
It's not the police who decide how long they stay in prison.
Basically means they have enough pull with the prosecution that this case will get prosecuted, the evidence the police present will be airtight, and the judges are typically biased in favor of law enforcement.
Lol, I’ve lived here 36 years and didn’t hear anything about this. Then again, i barely leave my house these days other than to go to the gym and grocery store.
File: 1640728975800m.jpg (79 KB, 623x1024)
79 KB
>and the judges are typically biased in favor of law enforcement.
Hey look, a time traveller from 2003

File: IMG_9252.jpg (972 KB, 1170x1069)
972 KB
972 KB JPG
hello, I am planning on traveling to Korea solo. As a girl, what can I do expect, and what are some ways I can make it a smooth trip? And where are the best places to meet a cute korean oppa?
43 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
that's absolute nigger cope, latino movies can get as violent if not worse (because real life is like that too)
the only detail we need to discern now is if OP is 300lbs or 400lbs
The real answer is that those countries are oppressive, highly unequal societies.
Asian rage finds expression in cinema while in LATAM it's IRL
this is a man
>Asian rage finds expression in cinema
You can read the article by logging in with google.

Oh boy oh boy. I hope none of you are planning to travel next week.
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>and blacks are extremely racist and horrible at customer service
Bong here. I was in Detroit bus terminal once. I couldn't understand how anybody could remain in a job and yet be so idle and rude. True learning experience.
>I couldn't understand how anybody could remain in a job and yet be so idle and rude.
because they have to put up with entitled suburban white Karens all day, all week, all month, all year.
>because they have to put up with entitled suburban white Karens all day, all week, all month, all year.
Yeah no Jamal
Exactly this. The world surprisingly goes on during a government shutdown but the media acts like it's the end of the world.
that does not in any sense say "it's likely a bill will be passed that will allow for additional funding to keep things open another 45 days"

File: descarga (3).jpg (10 KB, 300x168)
10 KB
Japan judicial system/prison general

As lot of gaijin end up in the japanese draconian judicial system, this theard it to tell your story with it.

Japanese law allows for the detention of suspects for up to 23 days before indictment. Detainees are not allowed to request bail for the period and are subjected to interrogation throughout without lawer
In Japan, criminal suspects face severe abuses in pretrial detention. Authorities routinely strip them of their right to remain silent, interrogate them without a lawyer, coerce them to confess to crimes through repeated arrests, and deny them bail – resulting in detention for prolonged periods under constant surveillance in police stations. More than 99 percent of trials result in convictions.

Fuchu prison where most gaijin face their jail time:

120 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
and spine snappers
File: Mancandream.png (350 KB, 500x843)
350 KB
350 KB PNG
so many anons were imprisoned in Japan...
I just lost my virginity to one literally like three hours ago then got some McDonalds
White as fuck don't know any Japanese
>mildly jacked
>superior caucasian
>borderline chad face
>nice haircut
>benis just out of view

Yeah I'm thinking that's based

File: 1694596643340.jpg (30 KB, 800x450)
30 KB
What are the cons of living in Australia
51 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's not the United States of America.

Cost and libtards. I am very seriously considering moving to jungle Africa or the Amazon to avoid libtards.
Well, it's more like Puerto Rico, except if the Puerto Ricans had no independence movement while also having no protection.
lmao KEK
>I'm moving to Europe not muttistan.

EU is becoming a real mutt stan, an Islamistan, sadly.

Why is Poland so much better than the rest of Eastern Europe?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
borders to germany. also large parts of poland used to be part of the german reich. germans built anything of value in that shithole directly or indirely. same with romania but not to the same extent
because they are the most conservative country of "western" europe

they told feminists to fuck off, they told muslims to fuck off
Poland isn't eastern Europe.
File: 6f5ra5j6dfr81.jpg (26 KB, 622x348)
26 KB

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