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File: ebin draveller.jpg (171 KB, 996x745)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
>dude DUDE! I am GOING to visit EVERY Country!! Isn't that hella epic? What do you mean it's a pointless vanity project that has been done to death before? No man! DUDE, Watch me spend 10$ and get completely ripped off by locals in Nigeria! I'm as charismatic as limestone!
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Such an obnoxious ginger haired foreskin pirate. Goes to literal shithole countries but says "These people are great, what a cool country, I may have been in fear for my life multiple times but all cultures and people are beautiful".

Why are they like this?
You should check his videos on Brunei, he's such a salty jew over it.
Holy shit, you weren't kidding. My favorite part is at the end where he says "People here are very warm and genuine, so they probably don't know that they live under a dark regime".

Apparently a Muslim country wanting to stay Muslim and preserve their people means nobody there can be happy. I'm sure this guy says nothing about Israelis bulldozing Palestinian villages and banning anything that's not kosher, though.

Not to mention the gall he had to complain about being a non Muslim and getting kicked out of a Muslim place of worship for it.

what's the difference?
drew binsky is one of the few foreign men to married a legitimately attractive filipina

File: seoul.jpg (121 KB, 1000x667)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
My Girlfriend and I are moving to South Korea once the pandemic has calmed down a bit in the U.K. We were meant to go last year but our flights were cancelled and we decided to wait. What can I expect when I finally make it there? I'm white and my GF is Latina, is racism an issue over there? Is there anything else I should be aware of? We're both experienced travellers.
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>moving to a country where you know jack shit about what it’s like there

How about you travel there first retard
American in Seoul here. Would recommend breaking up before going
Yeah, why?
Black man here, why?

File: Florida.jpg (107 KB, 730x486)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Reminder that Florida is open and welcoming travelers.
Our govern is a chad and the cartels and police keep chimp outs to a minimum.
Mask mandates are ignored everywhere except for Miami-Dade county.
Come visit Florida.
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I dident give them a (you)
I'm tired of Tinder being nothing but tourists and instathots
Imagine going to a theme park for a vacation. Literal retard fuel. Musta saw a dank tiktok that convinced you
>no legal weed
>controlled substances are felonies

Good, stay out

File: china.png (31 KB, 2000x1333)
31 KB
Any white people here ever been to China? Are the Chinese polite? I'm interested in seeing the more rural areas of the country.
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How easy is it to knock off loads of pussy as a 6’2 non-autistic white guy?
its overstated and a meme, and the majority of girls are fucking ugly. if you cant get laid domestically then your a genetic dead-end whos destiny is to not reproduce. just kys
File: 1511661078158.jpg (120 KB, 1024x768)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Your such a fag that you would leave them as single mothers, be a real alpha and take care of your kids you queer. Or I would find you top your big white ass
Oh I forgot i cum inside too
But I DO get laid in the states. Frequently. I’m just wondering if it’s ultra EZ mode over there. I suppose you’re saying it isn’t though? Philippines was literally fish in a barrel tier. Is it that easy?

File: 1616760493624.jpg (185 KB, 1024x1014)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
Hey /trv/
My partner and I decided to buy an RV and roadtrip through America this summer, we're thinking June-September. We've never gone on this long of a road trip and only a had full of states.

Would love to hear general advice, but especially advice on stuff that's easy to overlook.
We're going to bring a pistol and rifle, ammo, first aid, all that stuff. We're starting in WA.
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File: 1617837516618.jpg (89 KB, 521x840)
89 KB
Ok samefag

Oh do I know. I have gone through kansas and Texas many times. That's why I want to take it so slow so we aren't "jetlagged" by over driving.
File: hug.png (99 KB, 746x512)
99 KB
>wtf are you bringing a rifle for? They aren't useful for self defense, it's not hunting season, and it's not really practical to carry/use as a grizzly deterrent. Besides, if you don't have it properly stored, several states will seize it from you and give you a large fine to boot.
/k/ommando here, I agree with this guy. Road tripping with a gun is tricky. Gun laws vary wildly from state to state and it isn't always obvious which states are strict and which states are loose on their gun laws. As an example Arizona is permitless carry, no rules about storage beyond the basic "don't point it at people" while neighboring New Mexico makes it a felony to carry a pistol with one in the chamber without a permit. While neighboring Texas specifically exempts motorists from CHL requirements. California bans AR-15s and 30 round magazines entirely and even just driving through the state is a felony if you have one in your possession.
>Muh federal law about just driving through a state
That is a defense in court, the state still has the right to arrest you and make you go through a trial. Even stopping at a gas station violates this law

Even states like Alabama (which is gun friendly) have steep fines ($6,000) for "carrying" a pistol in a vehicle without a permit, which includes keeping it in an unlocked container regardless of if it is loaded or not. Mississippi has weird laws about carrying guns too
Bear spray is generally unregulated, or at least unregulated to the point that your average police officer will overlook it. I have personally road tripped from Texas to Philly and then Philly to Florida both times with an Uzi, Ruger Security-9 and an AR-15 and the amount of time I had to waste driving around certain states like Maryland where AR-15s are illegal was a pain in the ass. Leave the gun at home unless you are planning on looking up gun laws for every single state you drive through and you don't mind driving completely around certain states.
Do you save this bullshit copypasta to keep it handy to pretend you know about guns? Most CCWs will let you carry from Idaho all the way through Pennsylvannia, if not more if you have some kind of enhanced carry permit. The rest are generally fine with keeping guns in the trunk, you don't even need FOPA so long as you stick to non-salty weapons. The only states that are actually mean about it are New York and New Jersey, and upstate New York is pretty chill culturally about guns so just try not to get pulled over in east coast urban shitholes, that's it. Also just stop being a pussy, if you carry a gun you will have to be okay with breaking laws from time to time (generally laws that were only meant to be enforced on gangbangers).
Also you're wrong about New Mexico, you don't need a license to carry in vehicles at all. They have a law that treats it the same as your house, same as Colorado and Utah (soon to be obsolete with constitutional carry), plus open carry is guaranteed by the state contitution and there is a general culture of not giving a fuck.
I just checked and you are correct, they may have changed it recently.
Still, the overall point remains, Nebraska requires a permit to conceal carry in a vehicle and open carry is a guaranteed pullover culturally.
OP never implied he had a CCW, even if he did, Washington has one of the worst permits out there.
Go ahead, check it out. Fucking Nebraska doesn't even accept those.

File: Cv4OE7FWYAACZsn.jpg (290 KB, 800x1200)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
Why is everyone so excited about 'muh hustle and bustle' in New York City? Chances are, you're not from New York City and the locals will hate you. NYC 'culture' died in the 90s and 2000s. The sitcoms and movies lied to you.

Career oriented?
You don't need to actually live in new york to do anything anymore. Wanna work in finance? Go to North Carolina or Florida or Chicago. Want to work in tech? remote work from literally anywhere else. Want to work in marketing or some other random corporate function? Pick a B-Tier city and enjoy actually having enough money to have a life. Want to pursue the arts or cinema? Move to Atlanta or Austin.

Want to sightsee?
Go to a natural park. Go to Singapore, London, Tokyo, or Istanbul if you want to see urbanization that's actually aesthetic.

Want diversity and muh 'ethnic food'?
Go to Mexico City. Got to the cities above. Go to the actual countries of where these food and people came from and get the real deal.

Want to see hip youth culture?
It's dead. Hipsters, artsy kids, bohemian personalities all went the way of the dinosaur with the internet. Sub cultures don't exist. Everyone is more or less the exact same now. Unironically if you want to see real quirky authentic characters get your ass in the country and talk to some farmers and welders.

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Why? Are the girls there easier?
not really sure. they just are. some people speculate because there are more girls than guys there but I don't know if that's actually true.

It's because of ratios. There's more single women in their 20s than there are single men in their 20s in NYC. There's one or two more US cities like this where you can have the same selection of pussy for half the price but neither of you deserve to know.
I deserve to know though.
Half the price and half the quality

Hey all, I'm a 23 y/o college student from Chile in my last year of Industrial Engineering, and I'm planning on leaving for West Europe in 1-2 years since by then I'll have my degree and shit.
I've been reading about going on a Working Holiday to any European country and it seems to be that the only real requirement is having the money for the program, which, luckilly, is not an issue for me atm.
There's also the possibility of going abroad to study a postgrade at some european university, but I feel like the Working Holiday should be my first option, given that there's an age restriction on the program.
While both options don't seem that complicated to achieve, they only offer a limited time in Europe and I'm more than willing to leave my country.
What's the best/smartest way to actually get to stay on an european country? Is it viable to make my degree "valid" in another country or should I find someone to marry in that country?
Has anyone here made it?
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>do a second master in France (tuition 500 euro per year)
>then do a PhD with your Prof
>spend five years there
>apply for citizenship

>get a job during your master internship, French companies don't hire out of the blue
>live there for 5 years, apply for citizenship and you're free to go everywhere in the EU at anytime.

France has a lot of Latinos and Paris is filled with Spanish speakers. Also learning French is not so hard for a Spanish speaker.
>no matter how prestigious your degree is in Chile, it'll be completely worthless in Europe, even more so without solid job experience backing it up
Absolutely true.
North Africa just doesn't have the correct data collected.
>France has a lot of Latinos and Paris is filled with Spanish speakers.
I didn't know that, thank you anon
you have a mail to contact you?

Thoughts on lake baikal?
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File: _MG_9599.jpg (1.8 MB, 2736x1824)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB JPG
Granted, but I hope that doesn't change too much.
unironically,visit in january,its too cold for most tourists to go,most of the locals will be stuck inside dying on vodka,and just ski at the lake,that place is one of the best places to go to if you want a “Winter Wonderland”
Visit this place while you still can. It will follow the Aral Sea’s path into extinction within the next decade, as Chinese is using the lake for bottled water services worldwide. Putin is allowing it because he needs money to counter sanctions.
There's comparatively little tourist infrastructure. So I'd go sooner than later before the Chinese turn it into another shopping district.

If you're experienced with camping and the outdoors and you can speak Russian, then I'd recommend it. There's a couple of neat national parks near the border if you want to get a more Mongolian/Buryat experience.
>Chinese is using the lake for bottled water
I'm gonna take a shit in the lake.

I just want to swim in the ocean, work out, and get drunk all day.

I make about $300/month off stock dividends and about $200 running an online business that only takes me about 10-15 hours per month to manage. While this isn't a lot by myself, with 2-3 roommates I could afford to live near the beach in Mexico, Costa Rica, or Ecuador.

Anybody down to do this anybody? Anybody have any experiences to share regarding this topic? Any funny stories?
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I’m pretty jealous. 500 is 15000 baht. If you want a small room all utilities included that’s kind of out of the way, lowest you’re gonna find is like 3-4 thousand baht.

So now you have 11,000 baht. Meals are like 3-4 dollars. If you eat 3 times a day that’s 12 dollars. 360 dollars. That’s 10,800 baht. So you now have 200 baht. You can survive, but that’s it.
How is it traveling if you just stay in one place and live like a broke retard?
My advice: delete this thread, wait a week, and repost it phrasing it as "group house" or "live with roommates". You've poisoned the well with calling it a commune.
I mean, really its not a 'commune' as people understand it with a clear authority and rules regarding work and food. That's more like small scale feudalism but I get down with that.
>I honestly have no idea how people spend so much money.
especially when it's coworkers who get paid the same as you.
I save money every month just fine and all my coworkers who get paid exactly the same as me are always complaining about having to live paycheck to paycheck.
its cuz they go to bars to drink $13 pints of beer, fucking 4 nights a week

File: cover1.jpg (211 KB, 800x450)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
>be me 28
>take astrazeneca vaccine in canada
>four weeks later they ban it for anyone under 55
>will never get my second dose
>won't get to travel anywhere this year

God damn
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kek im 28 and took AZ too in the UK but i will still get the 2nd dose because our government knows the danger is a fucking meme

Sorry Canada
>the country that wont legalize weed and gives you a risky experimental jab is the one that cares
about ending lockdown yes
I'm 23 and I got both of my doses back in January lmao

Working in a hospital has it's perks sometimes.

File: costarica.png (60 KB, 700x613)
60 KB
Need to travel to San Jose in a couple of weeks with the intention of completing the residency application process. Bc of rona not sure when all documents will arrive so will probably stay for 6-8 weeks.
I'm male, mid-40s, finances are adequate so I don't want cheap accommodations, a place that is nice and safe to walk around. I play guitar and like to find a nice place to sit and practice like a nice park/parkette. My Spanish is passable and I have been getting by fairly well in Mexico so far. I don't see myself going on lots of adventure outings this visit, so would prefer urban environment with malls, cafes, safe streets, parks. I can uber everywhere. I've been through a lot of shit in the last year and so safe and slightly less adventurous is just fine. Thx in advance.
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I just need to be there to do the various things required for the residency application. Because of COVID everything takes longer and so the arrival time for the various documents will be unpredictable. I don't want to travel around until the application is complete. I dont have a Costa Rican address to give the document courier unless I stay at a hotel. Sending documents to the Immigration ministry in pieces is just asking for everything to get lost
Maybe I'll do daytrips from my base in SJ but I need an address there to receive documents and they will be coming in at various times plus I dont know yet when my various appointments will be. So I just want a nice neighborhood to stay in for now. Adventure can come later.....
Something about latin America is a turnoff to me.
>So I just want a nice neighborhood to stay in for now. Adventure can come later.....
There aren't nice neighborhoods in SJ at least not in the way people in the West think of them. There are respectable "middle class" neighborhoods like Heredia (which will seem like shit holes to a foreigner) and then there are gated mansion/compounds in the hills by 112 heading to San Isidro. Costa Rica is still Latin American dude.
Well then answer it in relative terms - what would be the top 2 safest neighbourhoods?
I am in Mexico city and there are def some nicer barrios here - e.g Polanco, Hipodromo and some that are comparatively much sketchier

File: 1600910149110s.jpg (6 KB, 250x140)
6 KB
A picture taken from my country. How do i get out of this shithole? Currently don't have a passport.
[Lots of good info last time, running it again.]
230 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
>if you don't care about money much

what do you mean by this?
Someone else told me this, and I think it is a common destination.
For Americans? Not really. The number of American expats in NZ is extremely low, I lived for a few years and encountered very few of my countrymen relative the amount of British and continental Europeans.
Wages are pretty low and costs are pretty high. If you have expensive hobbies or like to live lavishly its a terrible place. If you are OK with flying coach, owning an old car, not having the nicest things its fine though.
Sounds reasonable.

File: .jpg (845 KB, 3438x1930)
845 KB
845 KB JPG
31 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
You got BTFO and now you're coming back to double down. Do yourself a favor and don't reply again.
There are lot of foreign/white men dating local Mongolian women in Mongolia?
>>1991736 here, do they not have maps in your country because you're too poor? Did you have Mongolia confused with Japan? Is Kazakhstan east Asia also? Does Tajikistan count as south Asia?

Maplets, when will they learn.

Get on some anti psychotics it will help you out alot.
Women are whores the world over

German government announced that in a few weeks vaccinated people will be able to travel anywhere without quarantine and tests. If you travel to virus areas like South Africa or Brazil you need to bring a negative test before you return. But no quarantine. So basically free travel.
23 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Were tourists even that noticeable outside of a few select places and a few city districts? Tourism always felt like an afterthought of an afterthought in Germany, perhaps more so than any other country I've been to that wasn't Malawi. Its actually a huge part of the appeal imo.
Vaccinations aren't immunity. They won't stop you from catching corona nor will it stop you from spreading it. All vaccinations do is help your body recover from it.

These people thinking there's a cure are fucking retarded beyond all belief. We can't even cure the fucking common cold, nevertheless any form of pneumonia/flu.
Sydney Syndrome?
Nothing you said makes any fucking difference we need to get hospitalization rates down so that hospital systems don't fucking collapse you absolute retard

A year in and everyone should grasp what's going on now for Christ's sake

File: biz (9).jpg (75 KB, 482x427)
75 KB
i have a mental block stopping me from traveling? i just have so much fucking anxiety and im afraid to do anything different away from my rounte and ive just been a lazy shit for so long now i havent done anything.

what the FUCK do i do? i have a greyhound outside my house that goes to the major city and from there i can get an airbnb, get on a plane, do anything but im such a pussy. i wanna just fly all over the place leaving whenever i feel like it and look for a new place to live.

i tried getting on it today and idk if it was cause im tired or anxiety but i was just overheating like a bitch and pouring sweat everywhere and breathing heavy for 3 hours and i just kept trying to cool down while packing my shit and i just gave up because i started having anxiety walking out of the door and just fucking pouring sweat everywhere overheating.

it sounds good in the morning and im ready to go then as it gets time i just start thinking of everything that can go wrong, freaking out, paranoid, anxious as fuck, start thinking it wont work, something will go wrong
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Start by just going on a casual adventure to another town or a nearby state, you'll learn that it isn't a big deal
You actually sound like you should visit a doctor. Not trying to be a dick but you might find some meds to ease you back into returning to become a functioning human being again.
yeah i need anti anxiety meds but idk how the fuck to get it prescribed and im in amerishit and i actually need stronger shit like a benzo not that fake shit
>how the fuck to get it prescribed
I'm no american bit for us it would be:
1. Book an appointment with a doctor specialized in mental illnesses
2. Share what you shared in the OP
3. Say you need meds to get on your feet
4. Get it prescribed.
Where do you live anon? I can show you around, and how to travel.

I just book my first plane ticket somewhere and first night stay and then I leave the rest to just figure out.

Honestly having money is the best thing, literally nothing can go wrong, besides death which would be great. Next best things are being white and male, after that shit goes on easy mode.

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