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File: Queenstown.jpg (106 KB, 800x600)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
is it over rated?
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this is 2eur where I live (about 3.36NZD)
Lmao imagine unironically paying such ridiculous prices for locally grown produce. I don't even pay so much for local produce grown here in Hawaii
You're making Sweden seem cheap. Even a Norwegian would frown at those prices. Yes, I am aware it is NZ$. Is that a normal store?
And what is that, 50 grams of blueberries or are they just huge? Aren't you supposed to write that on the shelf? Don't you have any .... you know... laws?
t. rangitoto yank

About to leave Perth with about $3000 to blow in EU before flying back to NYC.

Starting things off in Istanbul, and ideally to Greece for a while, then work my way through EE up to Amsterdam. Couple things I wanna know are

- could I get by with English in 2nd-tier cities
- is mugging / robbery a thing to worry about

I mostly wanna let loose and go to techno clubs and hook up with a couple easy chicks / backpackers. Guessing everything costs 75% due to virus shit so might as well. *I am not a travel noob have already been through Germany, central EU / Switz, entire Baltics
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The system is so fucked hey, there's nothing transparent about it at all and seems more like a lottery. People who meet all the requirements trying to get back to see dying relatives get fucking denied multiple times.
Some people get rejected 5 times with the exact same application before a random public servant greenlights it.
I'm not OP and left before the pandemic but honestly give your local MP a call to make a plea before being raped by lawyers fees. They can work magic with these things from a few reports I've seen.
Wait you're telling me I can't get into any club just by being a white guy?
i was also thinking how'd that happen, but on the other side me and some of my friends reached c1 proficiency when we were 17.
You won't. And most clubs are still closed up by the chinaflu.

Yes, you'll get by in English anywhere you go enroute to Amsterdam.
You won't get robbed. EE is way safer than western Europe. Greece will probably be the most sketchy (but just Athens and Thessaloniki)
>EE is way safer than western Europe
Imagine believing either is an issue for a sober non-sperg

File: mhmm.jpg (716 KB, 1280x732)
716 KB
716 KB JPG
Man I fucking love the Czech Republic. You guys should come and visit this country. I've been to Prague, Kutná Hora and Pardubice and I feel so safe here. It's also so modern. People are so helpful. And it's quite cheap outside of Prague. And everything is just so organized, pretty and clean. WTF?

I might request for permanent residence here. I thought that the perfect place to retire would be somewhere else, but as I arrived here. Not to mention the Public transport. It's flawless, maybe not the fastest, but it just works, is clean and super easy to use. It also is really cheap. If you are student and have ISIC, it's almost free of charge.

Mhmm, come here. It has everything. Even mountains. Lots of Germans here though.

If you are into nice scenery, meadow or forests. Šumava is place to go.
This country is like idk, 8.5 out of 10. It'd be 9.5/10 if more people spoke English here, but google translate does the job. Most things are also in English automatically. It's easy to navigate.
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The czechs are more pathetic with their israel simp. The Americans make sense because they are the world power, and the intensity of the relationship fits the influence it actually has on the middle east, there is something real behind it.
The czechs ar irrelevant losers simping because of muh jewish friendship
>oh no someone flied a foreign flag during foreign visit, how could that happen
>no it makes sense for me to suck Israeli cock, you don't understand
The absolute state of your brain, lmao.
>>oh no someone flied a foreign flag during foreign visit,
Wtf are you talking about? Czechs love israel to a weird level, especially relative to the countries size and importance. I'm pretty sure the their is a mutual relationship when it comes to laundering trafficking money between them through state funds and banks
>Wtf are you talking about?
About your pic, dummy.
>, there is something real behind it.
Yeah, it is called hasbara funding.
Best ally using other western worlds as a psyop target because "oy vey, we could have another shoah", ignoring the fact that being a propaganda target makes you want to commit another shoah.

ITT the worst countries to travel to. I'll start:
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>Most smelly
>India, Pakistan
File: question helper 2.png (236 KB, 944x1018)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
wait what's the deal with Bolivian women?
North and South America
The picture is not from Lithuania...
Southeastern Alaska and British Columbia

File: 1626886279166.png (68 KB, 250x246)
68 KB
Planning a short Anglo trip but can't decide between Dublin, London and Edinburgh. Just want to walk around a little bit and have some coffee/beer and look at things and maybe try out my shitty English. Any inspiration
Depending on how bad your English is, you could potentially find accents in Dublin or Edinburgh harder to understand, although I wouldn’t let that deter you. Edinburgh has a lot to offer the visitor and is very pretty, also less expensive than London. London is great too, but could be a bit more overwhelming if you don’t have a lot of experience with very large cities. Also extremely expensive. Both have good cafe and drinking cultures.

Never been to Dublin, but people seem to love it or hate it.

Thank you. I've been to Tokio and New York but found London to be a bit overwhelming nontheless. Cost is a great point. Leaning towards Edinburgh now.
capital cities are gay, go to a small town or around the villages instead
Idk, but I'd visit London myself because I have the big city itch.
I hate London. Edinburgh was very nice though. I would visit again.

Going to Costa Rica with my friend in March. Neither of us speak Spanish. Can you give me the rundown on any cool things to do there?
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Who has hotter babes? Cancun or Costa Rica?
There's a nature resort off the coast accessible by helicopter owned by an eccentric billionaire. It's quite unique. Admission is cheaper during hurricane season, I suggest you go then.
Just learn basic phrases, and who knows, you might like it there and want to travel more, or visit other Spanish speaking countries.

>Have any cool recommendations?
The things I enjoyed the most out of Costa Rica were:

1) Visiting the colonial style towns/cities around San Jose (like Cartago or Heredia), taking pictures of old buildings, grabbing coffee or traditional food from random cafés and restaurants, and closing up with a few drinks at the pub.

2) Hiking up the mountains (or rather, volcanos, like the Arenal) for that impressive view and occasionally finding wild animals.

Depending on your personality, you might enjoy Puntarenas (beach) more, or the museums in San Jose more. That said, I usually enjoy museums, but to be honest I barely remember the gold and jade museums aside from some specific points. And it's not like I was there too long ago either, it's only been about 2 years.
$150? fucking hell, do Central Americans really?

Anyone been to Lebanon recently? How was it under the current situation?
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do they speak english typically or french?
In Beirut English is common
I was surprised how many gays I saw in Beirut. It seems like the san francisco of the 'middle east'.
Lebanese women would only be interested in marriage.
I'm ok with that, getting old, almost a 30yo boomer.
Does the average Lebbo woman have a rotating spit of meat in their homes or do I still need to buy doner kebabs down the store?

File: 1617839081739.jpg (58 KB, 640x572)
58 KB
sup /trv/ so I just got my crazy check 1600 a month
whats a good country to travel to that the usd goes a long way?
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I just did Street View and it looked less shit than expected
Most se countries?
FtMs are pretty sound of mind from what I've noticed.
Like, if you wanted to be a lunatic cunt you would've just stayed a woman.
>he's actually celebrating that he gets paid half of minimum wage

File: Apuquestion.png (18 KB, 739x568)
18 KB
How important are reviews for you? Do you check them?
Do you give them any credit?
It seems people will either give a good one or need a terrible experience to bother putting one.
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I check for any complaint that is consistently made multiple times
Not at all. Usually I try to find a place when I'm already there, so I get to see firsthand what it looks like.
Traveled for 2 years straight and never had any serious problem.
I read reviews of places I visit but ignore hotel ones unless they're all majorly bad
You can pretty much ignore the outright 1-star ones like
>the bathroom had a crack in it and was dirty!
>there was a small stain on the bed!
>ran out of towels and staff were very rude!
Who gives a shit, I need a bed and that's it
if you find an individual critic or blogger and you agree with their reviews you can apply them to future destinations, but lots of negative reviews seem like they are written by retarded people
choose a place you love - whether at home or abroad, read the negative reviews it got and see how much you agree with them
ive worked in hospitality long enough to know that happy customers will rarely write a review but a buttfrustrated customer will gladly write a 10 page thesis on why the towels werent fluffy enough.
I mostly take them with a grain of salt, but a place that has 90% bad reviews and almost no good reviews is definitely somewhere to avoid, especially if they're about noise or filth.

>be remote worker in Japan
>go to the convenience store, buy a quick meal for like 3 bucks and eat and work in the upstairs area
>go do some arcade to play Tekken and make some middle schoolers cry
>return to apartment and take a quick nap and then a shower
>go to a cafe and so some more work
>eat dinner at a ramen shop
>go to a bar and chill with some drunk businessmen
Is there any other country where I can live a lifestyle like that? I'm pretty much convinced Japan isn't going back
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your mum wasnt larping when i throated her, twas the realest gagging
Imagine travelling all the way to Japan to be a virgin
We got bought out by a company owned by a company owned by Dell (not giving anymore details since I don't want to be doxxed). The tech leads (me and 2 more guys) were offered a position as a specialist, though there's no way to advance out of it, so I moved jobs to a new company as soon as I got a good offer. I'm still a remote worker, though now I'm strictly backend, and not a tech lead anymore.
Are you Brown or something
Now I know you are larping and you are a faggot redditor. Fucking cringe.

File: mazatlan.jpg (1.09 MB, 3765x2118)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
How is Mazatlan for tall white guy who speaks little Spanish? I've been to Mexico in few places, but this seems like it might be dodgier.
*gently taps your shoulder*
So how are you guys who want to go to central/South America not worried about being viciously killed by blood-lust descendants of Aztecs? This absence of concern continues to boggle my mind.
soipussy have sex
it's fine, I was there wandering the streets until 2am, buying weed from locals and making friends in the night
just say "buenas noches amigos, que hacemos?" or some friendly shit
honestly pretty boring town, beach is nothing special, architecture is uninspired, didn't see many pretty girls, not much of the same cultural zest you'll find in jalisco, oaxaca, chiapas, puebla, michoacan, cdmx etc.
I was kind of looking for an alternative to Tijuana, while pushing my limits.
Pretty boring. White girls do sex tourism there, though. They just go hunting for brown, young mexican cock at the Zona Dorada area.

File: 1567979296128.png (38 KB, 656x755)
38 KB
We're never gonna travel normally again, and not travel at all for a few more years
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And you know what they all have in common? They all have extremely low intelligence.
>excuse me chud, only 40% of hospitalized were vaccinated

how is this an own
there are indeed pro vaxx people, you are wrong
I've heard it's more like 99% unvaxxed who are hospitalized or dying from covid in Canada.

I'm going travelling in less than a month, cope harder.

File: 1626854732715.png (1.23 MB, 720x960)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
Nothing really stood out to me that was easy. SK still has the fucking 14 day quarantine, and Germany also has quarantine reqiurements.

Belgium has no requirements so I was thinking of going there. Also Denmark is pretty easy going but it seems boring.

How's Belgium? Is it good right now or is everyone afraid of super delta aids virus
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>hurrr durr just quarantine yourself to an unreasonable degree even though there is testing widely available because reasons
I'm not going to travel somewhere and spend 2-3 weeks in a hotel room before I can even step out into the city and explore you fucking retarded nerd.
Why you're probably working from home already, what's the issue. Gives you time to ensure you have places to visit, review an itinerary, fully adjust and not use any possible vacation time during.

You basically lose nothing other than maybe a 1000 bucks on a 2 week stay.
>all of the Americas except Chile/Argentina/Uruguay
>95% of Europe
>most of Africa
>95% of the middle east
>even India is opening up
There is nothing restrictive right now unless your only reason for traveling is to buy Asian hookers
You're probably spending 2-3 weeks at home working, what the fuck is the big difference? Either way if you're gonna be a pussy about it just be a fucking pussy and don't travel. Bitching on the interreddits is not gonna change shit, retard.
Pretty obvious you retards work at McDonalds or have never been employed.

WFH doesn't mean you're locked in your home 24 hours a day. You can go walk outside, go out with friends after work, walk around the city you live in.

Quarantine means you literally cant fucking leave your room/certain hotel areas for 2-3 weeks depending on the country you absolutely retarded morons. Can you not see the difference?

File: 1626063830693.jpg (110 KB, 604x788)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
What would you do if you had $5000 to spend on a month long vacation?
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They literally risk being labelled as (statutory) rapists. It is a self preservation method.
File: 1620422631860.png (245 KB, 676x539)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
>cheap air bnb in vegas 700 bucks a month we'll say 1k
>buy a truck for 1k register it in a different country where its free. 200 bucks in gas maybe
>jack off all day and shitpost on my phone all day
>go to shows at night 1k
>Eat off of 1.8k for the rest of the month while visiting my friends and mooching off them
File: 1606282135597.jpg (139 KB, 683x1024)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
>800 bucks for a round trip from lax to tokyo
>700 bucks for an air bnb
>slam pussy weekly 1k
>eating 1k
>bus pass 20
>arcades whatever else I have
>$50/day on food


>airfare ($300)
>food $10x30 ($300)
>liquor $5x30 ($150)
>cocaine $20x30 ($600)
>whores $35x30 ($1050)
>5 star hotel $40x30 ($1200)
>driver $10x30 ($300)
>policia networking ($50)
>unlimited cellphone plan ($20)
>rest on entertainment

Wanted to make a trip to Medellin from the USA in mid October. Probably 5-6 days, and have some Colombian American friends/ connections there. Any recommendations or advice? Language barrier is no issue since I'm near fluent in spanish and also have extensive travel experience in Mexico.

My main concern is that governments are gonna restrict travel over the delta variant since Anti Vax retards have once again made the USA a hotspot. From western news Civil unrest there seems to have died down but any colombiananon info will be helpful
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just learn to be safe
Just booked my flight to Bogota for next Monday. Return flight is at the end of the month. Gonna book my first hotel for at least 5 days and see where I go from there. Want to go to Medalin.
you the real retard if you think Thailand is on any level the same safety level as Bogota or Medellin..
ashy hands typed this post
>Gringos ruined medellin and turned it into like a dangerous version of thailand
Anon, it's always been the sex capital of Colombia, and it's always been dangerous...

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