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File: zihua.jpg (10 KB, 320x213)
10 KB
Is this place good for a week or two jaunt? I see it keep getting shilled on social media. Swim in the ocean, drink some good tequila/mezcal, east some good food, maybe see if there's some Timothy Leary acolytes running around. I've been around Mexico so I feel like it won't be jarring in anyway.
Nothing stopping people who own property three and the tourism board from shilling or paying influencers to go there. Most stuff is commercialized in one way or another.
I didn't know if it was worth going to over the Riviera Nayarit or Maya. I've got a lot of vacation time to burn and Mexico's always a good fall back.
Do people (gringos) really go to vacation in Guerrero again? Good for them.

File: file.png (1.16 MB, 1000x625)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
What's the worst thing you've done while traveling?
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>apple pie, which it had been banned everywhere but nipland for over a decade.
except australia
File: 1653123333984.gif (1.23 MB, 285x212)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB GIF
remind me to never travel with any of you fucks ever
I WANT to believe this but have doubts.
I did this too, a lot. Everything except McDonald's is so fucking expensive.
I don't fucking care. Scumbag is the owner of the restaurant because not giving a decent salary.

File: thailand-pass.png (10 KB, 392x214)
10 KB
>you need to get a PCR test 72 hours before you depart
>PCR test takes 24 hours to get results
>Thai travel pass takes up to 48 hours to get approved
>have to check in 3 hours before flight
how the fuck are you supposed to enter this country following their rules
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File: cdcpcr.png (511 KB, 1350x699)
511 KB
511 KB PNG
Is is fraud? Yes.
Is it a victimless crime? Yes.
Yeah I already did but fuck you
You can get the thaivisa when you are already in the country you retard.
No you can’t

File: 51qfxm.png (171 KB, 593x542)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
Whats this monkeyaidpox going to mean for travel?
Should i get away while i still can?
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It's not that contagious and it's been around for a while. Nothing will change.
imagine trusting any injection ever again
this. im not ever getting a vaccine. I mean, I already wasn't since I turned 18 and could refuse my harpy mother.
I've injected my penis into many different women.
We will head into another wave of global lockdowns. Screenshot this.

File: Flag_of_Tunisia.svg.png (61 KB, 2560x1707)
61 KB
I'm going to be here for 4 days.
Other than Star Wars and Roman ruins what's worth seeing here?

Also, what are the women like?

File: InterPalzz.png (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
Anyone still use this site? or is it just bots and creepy fucks larping as chicks now?

Did you ever meet anyone from here or have any good experiences or stories? (like actual legit friends or anything)
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Yea, I got some nudes today from some Russian girl today. Maybe get it from some British chick idk. Got nudes from some Phillippina this week too. First 2 from IP, last girl from Tandem. I got some nudes in past from a Taiwanese (Tandem) and Indian (IP).

Indian girl was a funny one. She would do anything I want, but she legit thought I would marry her. She asked to see my mom continuously on one videocall and I keel telling her no. Annoyed me so much I just ghosted her after.

All these bitches are fuckin stupid sluts. First one blocked me right after, and third one left me cuz I couldnt get too hard for her (lol). Still talkin to second one but she's a manipulative bitch too.
File: LetMePooWithYoo.jpg (14 KB, 530x87)
14 KB
when will you visit him /trv/ ?
so do you just ask for nudes straight up? trying not to get banned
Nah, I give them a compliment first to see how they react, like calling them cute or now that there are hot temperatures make a joke about how hot they are. After that, try to be more sexual depending on an answer.

Usually all these girls messaged you first so there are some chances she might want to do nudes. When I message first, it usually leads to nothing. Now that I think about it, all these girls messaged me first.

I wasnt banned anywhere yet. I was warned on Tandem because I messaged one Chinese girl who told me she was 16 ane she sent me like a pic of her in underwear. A few days later she was angry at me for doing stuff like that to her and reported me so I got that warning lol
fuckin kek. How has he not gotten banned yet?

How Did Covid kill travel for you?
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1) we fon't use frogs on this board, if you are using them here you are probably a newfag unknowligly posting garbage
2)if you are mentioning you're unvaccinated there's a good chance you belong on >>/pol/ or >>google.com. I'm unvaxxed too but I've had no problem with travel and I'm pretty sure I've never mentioned it on this board (partly because I barely post here anymore).
3)you're right that the sexpat generals have always been a thing here despite what these faggots keep saying >>2244233 >>2244429 >>2244450
(STOP POSTING THE BIRD THING IN EVERY FUCKING THREAD), I think the main problem with this board right now is tourists from other board just come here with out checking the sticky or generals and just posting there dumb fucking thread with no context and no plan to actually go anywhere, they just got horny and decided to post a coom thread, then leave. I think that's what killed the sexpat generals, that people just kept making their own threads rather than posting in them.
I'm not as much as an old fag as you, was only here a few years before the coof, but I sadly think you're right. I remember when I discovered this place and I was really annoyed by how slow it was, since it was by far my faviroute board, full of people like me having relatively 'intellectual' discussion. Now I long for the slowness back. You're right that the whole internet has gone to absolute shit over the last few years, now that every kid gets an iphone for there 5th birthday so they can spend all their time on reddit and youtube, and now 4chan too. The average age of an internet poster over the last decade must have dropped from 30-40 to more like 13-14. I miss the golden age of niche interest internet forums, now they're all dead and none of them had quite the same feel as /trv/ and 4chan generally.
some of us are legit coomers who travel to fuck whores.

just because you're a frustrated basement dweller who gets no sex with hot women, it doesn't mean you have to act salty.

also, this board has tons of coomer threads back in the day and it didn't have incels like you bitching about it
>some of us are legit coomers who travel to fuck whores.
Why don't you go to the country-specific forums for boomer sexpats then?
>sex with hot women
None of the scores I've seen posted here are 'hot'. They're all goblinas.
>this board has tons of coomer threads back in the day
No, it didn't. There were a lot of 'how do I get waifu in Japan' though. You're all fucking newfags that need to gb2/Reddit.
2016 election and covid tourists, unfortunately
i just use the archives to find info about travel destinations now, nu-trv is dogshit offtopic shitposting now
Not that anon (I’m the oldfag).
>Why don't you go to the country-specific forums for boomer sexpats then?
Like many said many times, there used to be a sexpat general. And 4chan has always been the place in which you can (could?) talk about more sensitive things, hence why it was interesting. I mean you don’t get many places in which you read about sexpat adventures in SEA and two minutes later you read about some birdwatching report in Zambia.

Like this one >>2245550 , a bigger issue is how the board is used and you cannot entirely blame it on “coomers”. You guys complain about “coomers” but I don’t see them any worse than stupid faggot shit like “going to spain for 5 says what should I do” or “going to iceland next week what can I do there”, with barely any information (interest, where specifically, budget, car rental etc). as if everything had to be served on a silver platter with a full package.

True sexpats, whether you like it or not, have a legit reason to travel, and they existed way before zoomers are born. I met sexpats, and while they are morally questionable (and some may be just downright disgusting), I cannot deny how sexual tourism can be a true purpose of travelling, just like food trip, birdwatching or van camping. It’s a niche, a questionable one, but it’s a legit purpose of travel and some people did travel a lot mostly for that purpose; at the end of the day, they did travel and they did see shit. It existed for a very long time and hence why there was a general.
Now, today, like most of the internet, the board went to shit not only because of coomer threads but also with very generic threads (and generic answers such as “nice but expensive”). There’s not much discussion anymore. It’s the general quality of the internet that has severely dipped.

File: rainy seattle.jpg (310 KB, 1920x1200)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
Any Seattle bros on here? I'm an engineer that received a job offer from a startup in the Seattle metro. Only shitty part is that it requires me to move there. Cost of living looks awful compared to where I am in the midwest, and the politics seems very reddit. I'm also a single straight white man, early 30s, from what I've read the dating scene there for men is atrocious. However, I love chilly/rainy weather, coffee, the outdoors, and the start up that I'd be working for has potential to do some incredibly groundbreaking shit and their culture seems awesome. Any seattle bros have any insight/advice?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
How's the dating life?

I like Asian culture, as in not weeb shit, but in they work hard, mostly intelligent and value strong communities, contributing and hard work, and they really don't start shit. Also I want to bone their women. Don't mind hipsters other that woke-leftism. Also I want to bone their women. I don't really care for nogs, and genuinely try to avoid them. For every positive interaction I've had with them there's probably 10 negative ones. I live in Kansas City and they're always up to some shit. I used to live in Westport which was like a cool trendy bar/restaurant area and then they came in and now it's a crime infested shithole. I don't want to bone their women.
File: images.png (3 KB, 220x193)
3 KB
>I like Asian culture, as in not weeb shit, but in they work hard, mostly intelligent and value strong communities, contributing and hard work, and they really don't start shit. Also I want to bone their women. Don't mind hipsters other that woke-leftism. Also I want to bone their women. I don't really care for nogs, and genuinely try to avoid them. For every positive interaction I've had with them there's probably 10 negative ones. I live in Kansas City and they're always up to some shit. I used to live in Westport which was like a cool trendy bar/restaurant area and then they came in and now it's a crime infested shithole. I don't want to bone their women.
I lived there for a couple years from 2011 to 2013 and it was OK. I am from MN originally for context.


I returned last year and the city was almost unrecognizeable. What was left of its soul has been completely sucked out and much of the metro is an actual homeless wasteland. I say this without any exaggeration.

Even if they offer you a nice wage your CoL will be high as fuck--not just rent but eating out etc. Everything you've heard about the dating scene in true. I had an alright time there in my early 20s but it would be absolute hell for a 30s white male trying to find a decent wife unless you're willing to dote on an ABC or hairypitted SJW.

The people are also generally pretty pretentious and weary of outsiders unless you're super into a particular shared niche.

It's basically like Cali but with only 3 months of potential sun per year instead of 12...and everyone is miserable.
File: Stop it.gif (867 KB, 320x180)
867 KB
867 KB GIF
I've been all around the US. It's the worst hellscape in the entire US. The ennui is intense. EVERYONE is a techie who does nothing in their life. People walk around like lifeless zombies. There is no life to be found. Moving to NYC was like moving back to Earth from Mars, people are real and have personalities.

There's a lot of disgusting threads here about literal sex tourists, and a bunch of threads about incel losers asking for advice on how to get laid in hostels or in Japan.

So could we get one - just one - thread going for us ladies? Where are the hottest and easiest guys around?
62 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
It wasn’t funny.

I’m not going to write it all again but I found a host on Couchsurfing when I went to Bali. I got there and he was a teenager who lived in a two room house in a slum and we ended up sleeping together for the week. Kinda awkward.
>Venezuela is s great place for getting a tan low body fat Latino dude to beat that pussy up for local Minimum wage
Interested lol.

Idk about rent-a-rasta but the local guys and tourist women do like each other.
They’re scared of us
File: 699.png (17 KB, 427x400)
17 KB
>Hey dude, could you seek some professional help? Some of us get laid, I'd love to have more women making threads on /trv/, so piss off.
Unironically piss off back to r.eddit or onlyfans or twitch or wherever the fuck you came from and don't come back.

File: thailand.png (5 KB, 250x250)
5 KB
Never been to thailand before
planning to spend 3 weeks here, with the last 2 in bangkok, and 1st week in another area
which city would you recommend ?
phuket is out of the question as I can't get my airline to reroute there
77 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
nvm American airlines say 640 then you go to the site and its fucking 2800 god damnit I guess the best idea I have right now is to go somewhere in Europe and stay there for a few days then go to Bangkok
Been looking for awhile now. Seems like Qatar airlines has the best prices $850 one layover
If I get a flight in a week is that enough time to get a visa and thaipass?
Its a bitch that you need the accommodation information to apply for the visa. I dont want to get denied. I was planning on traveling around the country getting airbnbs. How do I get around this?
>what to do here?
Bang trannies

I have not been to Las Vegas since before I was of legal gambling age. Am planning a 3-night stay, and looking for ideas of where to stay. I am Marriott Plat, Hilton Diamond, IHG Diamond, Wyndham Diamond (and by extension Caesars Diamond).

Would like to stay at same property for all 3 nights, most iconic and on-strip if possible. For a long time I thought Nobu was the place I wanted to stay at, but after realizing only suites and up have deep soaking tub I looked around and now I'm not so sure. This is not supposed to be an expensive trip, so I am not going through my Virtuoso agent.

Any suggestions for properties (where status makes a difference is a plus) for low cash rates? I've become very enamored with the Venetian with IHG offer https://www.ihg.com/content/us/en/deals/hotel-offers/venetian-palazzo. Pic also related, I'm thinking of booking at the Cosmo before they leave Marriott
97 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Luxor is shit tier, dude.
Does the cosmo minimize the nigger to slut ratio?
There's gonna be niggers. If you want minimal niggers then Wynn would be your best bet, but I dont know how many sluts that property attracts. I've seen niggers at MGM Grand and Delano recently.
>how do I travel within an entirely black country without seeing any black people
File: stay.png (365 KB, 837x871)
365 KB
365 KB PNG
I usually stay at Mandalay, but host offered me good freeplay at MGM so I'm headed there.

Vegas is fun if you go expecting it to be what it is, not trying to transform it into something else.

How should I prepare?

Where is the best chicken place?
15 replies omitted. Click here to view.
My other option was Memphis let’s put it that way. There’s also a ton of jobs in Nash and I got a decent raise.
This was true 30 years ago. It’s a very average tax rate for very above-average standard of living
Will have to give it a try

Taxes are well spent for the most part. Schools are good, Healthcare is good, Infrastructure is good (could be better), jobs pay well. What more could I ask?
>healthcare is good
oh no i fell down at my job and have a 50,000 hospital bill

don't hit someone or i go to jail for 20 years!

File: IMG_4356.jpg (1.18 MB, 1080x1080)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
What pro tips to /trv/lers have re: packing?

Some topic starters:

> Packing a suit into backpack
> Optimal amount of socks and jocks
> Getting everything into hand luggage in winter
> Whether to roll or fold clothes
> Dealing with dirty washing
Plastic bags
Put your shoes in them to keep your clothes clean.
Put your toiletries in them in case one of the bottles open and accidentally spills.
Put your dirty clothes in them to separate them from your clean ones.
Travel with rubber bands, they help save space when packing
I like rolling my clothes, but the main advantage is I can easily spot the shirt I want instead of digging through a pile. Maybe no advantage if my shirts were mostly the same color.
I try to add an extra couple of days underwear and at least one extra shirt than the days I expect between doing laundry.
When I first started traveling to tropical countries, I wore shoes. I needed a lot of socks. Now I wear sandals with an ankle strap - nothing fancy, but I only need enough socks for exercise days. (Like 3 pairs per week.)
Protip for a suit - put it in a clear plastic dry cleaning bag and the airline check-in will ignore it, as though you're carrying a jacket over your arm.
Keep your non-prescribed pharmaceuticals in your pockets when going through customs. They usually only look in your bags. Carrying a suit helps too.
pepper spray
more pepper spray

File: 1652593348976.jpg (21 KB, 420x518)
21 KB
I just skimmed through the entire catalog and arrived at the following conclusion:
Travelling is for people who've got too much money and free time on their hands, who don't enjoy life at home.
12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
they go outside
>who don't enjoy life at home.
yea man im a wagie in england
What job did they have anon?
Just judging by the men I know they all meet their wife either through friends or school.

If you aren't in school, and have no friends then yes your chances of meeting a woman is very low. People go on 4chan because they have no friends, so they use this website as replacement for friends.

When people who use 4chan get the urge to be social they open up 4chan. When normies get the urge to be social they call up their friend and make plans to hang out.

File: potatoniggers.jpg (12 KB, 275x183)
12 KB
Ireland bros, I'll be visiting the island on holiday around christmas time this year. Looking at spending at least 2 weeks in one town just to get a feel of the countryside. Where in Western Ireland should it be? Not looking for Cork sized, but not as small as Dingle sized. Been thinking Tralee. Suggestions? Criticisms? Warnings? LEt me know please. I will be staying in Cork at least one night just to go to an early house.
No real suggestions, as I live in Meath and haven't travelled to the country lately, but 2 weeks in one town seems silly and regrettable. Our towns are small. Also good luck with their accents. Some of those Southern and Western boggers are impossible to understand.
Unfortunately you won't get nice weather at Christmas, otherwise you could do the coastline but I'd imagine it will be horrible to do during the winter.
Westport is nice enough, maybe somewhere on Donegal? Do you plan on renting a car? Anywhere in Ireland is basically driveable within a few hours.
I Denice >>2244109
I second Donegal OP. Glenties is a gorgeous wee village in Southern Donegal and it’s situated near really nice beaches and about a half an hour drive from Slieve League.
File: 1646711884317.jpg (90 KB, 1024x1023)
90 KB
>winter in Ireland
>visiting beaches
>climbing mountains
Good luck
I've been to Dingle for a few days before and had no significant issue talking to the locals. That's got to be as "country" as one can get in Ireland, no? My main thing with staying in one village for several weeks was moreso to get a feel for the area and try and get a work visa and do a 6 month stint in the growing season at some farm in the Western part of the isle.
Also, I've been there around Christmas time before and it was wonderfully cheery. It's my type of weather, desu.
Yeah I intend on having a Corsa or the like. I'll keep Donegal in mind as I like the rocky areas.
eh, it;ll be pretty decent.

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