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So plan on visiting the Florida Panhandle next month for a long weekend, and can’t decide where to go, thinking either Panama City Beach, Ft Walton Beach, or Pensacola Beach. Any locals have any suggestions, never been to either.
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I don't think the correct term is evaporating, but you're right, it dissipates before reaching the ground. Well, usually.
Yeah - dissipates was probably the term I was looking for. I'm not a science fag, but I am smart enough to know that I can go outside or into the ocean without fear of jet fuel raining down on my head. In fact, my 9 year old nephew is smart enough to know that.
Carlos, bed.
Hard pass, bitch.

File: shutterstock_1309273237.jpg (307 KB, 1400x1400)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
Is Los Angeles the most soulless city in the world?
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Part of the reason why Tokyo has relatively low land prices despite positive growth is due to the lax zoning there.
Israel has similarly lax policies to Japan, housing in Tel Aviv is apparently cheap similarly cheap. People and organizations in the US are subject to so many busybodies it's insane.

Want to build a enough housing to increase the city's total stock by 1% in a long-empty lot two blocks from a train station? Nope, not enough parking!
Want to keep your taco restaurant open until 2am instead of 11pm in an area full of college students? Better hope the three old people who list their residences as nearby and actually go to zoning approval meetings don't vote against it!
Think you'll have more privacy in a single-family home in the suburbs than living around a bunch of people in the city? Think again! All the available houses are part of homeowners associations full of nutjobs who will pay even more attention to your day-to-day lives than you could possibly imagine!

It drives me nuts. So much squandered potential.
>t. posted from ChinkHonkystan Niggersburg Pop 5 people 3 cats 2 dogs and the cow
The thread. Also, Toronto.
>What makes a city soulless? Honest question
Either how jealous the city makes you, or lack of monuments/large works.
For me, I think a place is soulless if people have to drive everywhere instead of walking.

File: shutterstock-1022188786.jpg (88 KB, 1050x613)
88 KB
Honestly is this the most underrated place to travel to?

Incels and normies are repulsed by africa , because of same old stereotypes "muh aids, muh poverty, muh violence,

Little do they know, that if youve been to a rough part of the USA or Europe youve already traveled to a sketchier place than west africa.

What perplexes me is that normies and 4chan incels would go to fucking mexico before they go to ghana
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Just a nice picture of a dog drinking a pint
What has a dog drinking a pinto got to do with what I said mate?
Older skeletons were found in Morocco a couple years back; the Great Rift Valley theory now no longer holds water.
That's actually a popular misconception from old data.

File: Japan-2.jpg (267 KB, 1000x667)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
Japan Is Planning To Pay Half Of Your Travel Expenses To Encourage You To Visit


With the international travel picture looking unclear, and tourists a little apprehensive about booking flights in the midst of a pandemic, savvy countries are working to offer incentives to bring visitors back to their shores. First, Sicily offered to pay half of your flight costs to go visit, and now Japan is working on a similar scheme to entice travelers to the Land of the Rising Sun.
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Fuck japan and fuck you op
People want to be hopeful but there is no reason for governments to double down on additional bailouts for airlines when they are going to need one anyways. Anyone expecting their international flight to be comp'd is just not looking into the article
Where does this quote come from? It's not in the article
How would this work? Always wanted to go there
Because fake news has to get clicks

File: Japan_Mailbox_Red.jpg (255 KB, 1149x1513)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
Anybody have any experience with Japan Post? I want to open up a postbox in Okinawa, how hard is this?
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That's what I was thinking about doing. You're probably right
Whys that ?
If you're tryna send shit, go to a lawson or familymart off base

Sometimes if you're command aren't fucktards which they most likely are you can open up a P.O box at the base post office
I think the reason why OP wants a civilian PO box is because there are many businesses that don't ship to military PO boxes.
If that's the case, just use an APO/FPO forwarding business, that's what I did when I was stationed in Sasebo

File: comfyNeet.jpg (19 KB, 253x229)
19 KB
For those fortunate enough receiving neetbucks atm because of the virus, have you planned any trips for the summer?
Where are there countries with virtually no restrictions in regards to COVID of any kind? I know Turkey and Iran, but I want more of a beach vacation.
I have €350 indefinitely to spend a week, any ideas?
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Visit both Iran and Turkey since both have beach.
>receiving neetbux
>going to vacations

Good idea until they arrest you at the airport for welfare fraud and put you in prison
OP here, I will use my backup Pakistani passport.

No face, no case.
Why would anybody want to go to Sweden?

If each state corresponded to a English ceremonial county, which would be which? Use whatever reasoning you wish
I'll start
> North Yorkshire
> Cornwall
New York
> Greater London
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That's an Overseas Territory, not a County.
>west yorkshire = colorado
> A formerly Spanish location now full of Anglo-Saxons.
Idiot the US is nothing like the UK you fucking bellend, you cant make comparisons between the two apart from London/NYC because the countries are so vastly different.

How the fuck is north yorkshire like Texas or Cornwall like Florida, Have you even been to any of these places you smelly dingbat?

This thread is genuinely the most retarded thing going. Sort it out.

File: frozenforest.png (1.6 MB, 1067x800)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
I've lived in a dry, arid country(Rural Australia) for much of my life, and want to experience the polar opposite of this. I have always wanted to see the snowy forests(and snow, for the first time) of the Northern Hemisphere. What country/region would be the best to go to for this? I've considered Northwest Canada, The Ural Mountains/Siberia, Alaska, Finland and Norway. I am a relatively experienced outdoorsman, and capable of doing heavy labour, farm work including using machinery, and working on mechanical devices.
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we do get snow mate, only in a specific area but you can ski and play in it
For the love of god please don't come to British Columbia
Yeah I lived in NY/DC during winter, and of course the snow there is less than places further north but still I had never seen snow in my life coming from Australia so it was still a change.

The thing I didn't realise I would miss the most was the ability to just go outside. In winter, ALL activities have to be indoors - this is not something I had ever really considered. I was used to sitting outside in Australian winter, at the park with friends or at a cafe. Even if it was cold you would just wear more layers and suck it up a bit. When its snowing and mins 16C you can't even enjoy a walk around the block. It began to feel incredibly claustrophobic (ironic I guess considering our current situation lmao, but at least I can still go outside under quarantine)
I went to Anchorage, Denali National Park and Seward. The place is way too massive for just 1 holiday unless you go there for a while. I think Anchorage was the worst part
OP is a sandnigger everyone stop telling it how to get to civilization

File: china.jpg (78 KB, 459x563)
78 KB
My brother lived in Shanghai for 5 years and married a Chinese girl. I visited them for their wedding and spent 4 weeks there. It'll take a small book to describe all the experiences, but following are some which I want to share right now.

1. Chinese people really don't have any sense of private space or lining up. No one followed any eqtiqutte of queues and just stood stomach to butt in public spaces.

2. LOTS of spitting everywhere, indoors, outdoors, in roadside eating joints, restaurants, inside big expensive malls and even in movie halls. (Got to know about movie halls from what brother told me, never visited one during my stay there, but I trust him.)

3. Very racist against dark skin. I am very tanned due to my outdoor work, while my brother looks like a typical white person. His wife's parents and sister had very shocked expression on seeing me and I noticed them in a huddle with her gestutring and talking animatedly while repeatedly glancing at me. My brother later laughed it off saying that they didn't beleive that a white guy like him could have such a brother. Felt the same in restaurants too. In many restaurants and bars, servers nearly ignored me while being polite to brother. We dressed nearly the same, only difference between us being my darker skin colour.

4. last but not the least Pissing and Shitting everywhere !
I have visited 24 countries now in different continents including Brazil, South Africa, Egypt, France, German, India, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, South Kora, Italy, Oman, Tanzania and a few others. But I have never seen people pissing, shitting and spitting like they do in China. Some memorable incidents:
- I was sitting on a bench in a public park in Beijing. It was crowded and people walking and doing usual stuff that they do in parks. I hear sound of running water behind me and see a teenaged boy pissing on plant right next to to the bench on which 2 other people were sitting. No one cared.

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As a general rule, northerners are paler and taller.
Southerners are jungle bunnies, short and dark, closer to Thai or Vietnamese.
I think the jungle bunnies are probably a bit curvier, if only because they're more petite.
blow your fucking brains out, it's the only hope left for you.
File: 1574598558422.gif (62 KB, 156x267)
62 KB
>I have a different opinion which makes your original argument retarded!
ok anon, it's ok not to reply.
Girls from Sichuan are probably the palest, they have a reputation for being the most beautiful because of that
Then that's where I shall go. Thanks Anon

I miss Vegas frens.
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Sure it is, champ. We're the technological innovation hub of the world, the global policeman and enforcer, and the most powerful influence on earth, but yeah . . . we suck.

You should go back to R*ddit.
File: mutt.png (379 KB, 1052x1137)
379 KB
379 KB PNG
>We're the technological innovation hub of the world, the global policeman and enforcer, and the most powerful influence on earth

Not anymore, China has already overtaken you on tech and will soon be the largest economy in the world. You're getting your 5G AI tech from Huawei. The US has fallen.
just two more weeks
>Not anymore, China has already overtaken you on tech and will soon be the largest economy in the world. You're getting your 5G AI tech from Huawei. The US has fallen.
The funniest thing I have ever read, especially given the current circumstances of the world.

China has overtaken the US on tech! LOL. Please - keep these jokes coming. I need the entertainment.
>You're getting your 5G AI tech from Huawei.
Actually, no they aren't. In fact, the US government has specifically prohibited that. So has much of the rest of the world.

I'm planning a day trip for somewhere in the UK with someone and I'm looking for a place that's got beautiful architecture and would be great for a nice explorative day trip, with decent restaurants and possible "lowkey" spots if possible.

Does /trv/ have any reccomendations?

I'm a Londoner but haven't really explored much of the UK outside of cambridge and oxford for day trips. My options I'd considered were bath, canterbury, and such but I'm really keen to have other suggestions that aren't too far from London essentially e.g. 3hrs+ travel.
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How much tourists come each year?
Three, sometimes as many as five if it's a busy year. Then you get the farmers protesting about their 'country way of life' being overrun by hordes of interlopers, with their music too loud and their buildings more than three storeys tall
Now would be a great time to visit the Cotswolds now that the German and Chinese tourists have fucked off.

Why do people recommend Inverness? There's literally nothing to see in the city; it's the most bland, generic settlement in Scotland. Even the surrounding region isn't that great compared to other parts of the Highlands.
if you're a poorfag you can get a seat rather than a bed for around 50 quid each way. they're not amazing but slightly comfier than standard train seating. take a sleeping pill with you for the trip.

as someone who has lived in both cities, you should absolutely skip aberdeen in favour of edinburgh.
No idea, it's not like Oxford, Bath or Cambridge if that's what you're wondering.

File: IMG_4171.png (1.73 MB, 1236x2165)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
>Where can i find this?
>How much would this Tier charge for 1 hour?

i give up bros... Prostitutes wont reach this beauty-level... at this point I don't care how much they even charge for 1 hour i just want them to be 10/10 for fuck sake.

Help me out /trv/ where can i get his?
P.S Budget isn't a issue
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>>1808717 #
>>1808723 #
I very politely disagree. If you go to Philippines or Vietnam or Cambodia, you can still find girls who simply don’t know their worth. Spread a little money around and you’ll find a driver who will take you to a 10/10.

Have you ever been to Thailand go-gos? The higher tier ones have really hot girls. Those girls are castaways from the local scene, which isn’t open or visible to the average bargain baht sexpat. The hottest go-gos were getting slammed by local hiso and mafia for several years before they reduced themselves to meeting farang. And those customers weren’t even paying as much as farang do, they were just being hoarded. With the right amount of money, you can get the pre-go-gos too. And in my experience, that $150 you mentioned is about the right price
girls this pretty have live on easy mode. they find some guys to take care of them and upgrade their lifestyle.
File: 1567527817510.jpg (43 KB, 480x480)
43 KB
So I am a conplete degenerate.
I want to fuck a girl with a prolapsing anus.

Which country provides the most broken girls that might offer this service?
Please no niggers.
Yeah just ask a taxi driver in the Philippines to take you to where all the models are at. I’m sure that works.
Either the women in your country are truly hideous, or you've got a truly shit taste.

File: image.png (2.22 MB, 1600x1000)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
Where is the best place to stay in Greece for a few months if I'm looking for:

>hottest as possible
>very close to the sea
>has all amenities like a normal city (gyms, shops etc)
>not overrun by tourists (but I don't mind some)
>can rent a nice place for myself max $1.2k / month
>good internet

I just want to rent a place where I can chill and work (I work online), enjoying the warm weather.
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
the fuck would I go to cold ass canada for
Try Crete, will get you covered with just about anything.
I was thinking of Crete.

Any town suggestions? I know of Chania and Heraklion. If it helps narrow it down, I'm 22, single (not really interested in nightlife though), just want a really pretty coastal town.
Agios Nikolaos, Rethymno.. Pretty comfy. You can not go wrong either way, Crete is a big island so there's plenty of choices and stuff to do in overall.
Thanks anon. I found some nice looking places in Crete :)

File: 81628252816271.jpg (70 KB, 540x568)
70 KB
So why do people complain about this country so much, their cities look cool and cyberpunk, their temples look awesome, their mountains are beautiful
My only complains are the toilets, the blatant contrast between cities and villages as well as dubious food origins but otherwise it's pretty cool politics notwithstanding
262 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
Come on, why does it have to be /pol/? Chink tourists were spitting and yelling next to us before /pol/shits started spilling over.
I don't deny China's natural wonders but goddamn the people just suck ass. Also they're absolute cunts with HK and Taiwan which are perfectly good destinations full of cool people. Not gonna say it's impossible to find nice mainlanders, though would you say America is full of great smart people just because you have a handful of friends from there?
It's not a coincidence that Westerners so heavily criticize the only relevant power that isn't aligned with Americans.

Any self-respecting developing people cannot afford to be an internally divided and inefficient gridlocked "democratic" puppet of the West with no power, a cucked country like another Philippines or India. It's a sad truth, but "democracy" is only an excuse to bring the third world under the influence of first world parasites. You are convinced that China is a paragon of arbitrariness and injustice, yet China's supposedly disgusting one-party state has brought more starving people out of poverty than any country in the world.

Unshaven pussy is only the beginning.
>China's supposedly disgusting one-party state has brought more starving people out of poverty than any country in the world
Whilst true, and I wouldn't deny that the party has the welfare of the people in mind in some respects, they put the people's interests second to their own.
There's also a perspective that the Chinese people lifted themselves out of poverty by adopting free market reforms and the CCP only helped by stopping being communist. From this point of view, they were preventing alleviation of poverty and are now asking to be thanked for stopping fucking things up.

I don't entirely subscribe to either point-of-view, the Chinese government has lots of well-meaning and competent people in it and they swallow the propaganda about helping the people, which means that many bureaucrats believe that their job is to do the best for the public, which is why the pandemic response has been so effective in China, once local party officials were overridden (assuming that you don't take the view that federal government kept a lid on the truth and let Wuhan burn until everyone was home for chinese new year where they could be easily contained). The political and security departments of the government are completely different though, those are just fucked up.
>Any self-respecting developing people cannot afford to be an internally divided and inefficient gridlocked "democratic" puppet of the West with no power, a cucked country like another Philippines or India. It's a sad truth, but "democracy" is only an excuse to bring the third world under the influence of first world parasites.
Who could argue with these bulletproof points. Nobody wants to be a cuck puppet state to the west.

It's a coincidence all major news outlets are controlled by the state. That makes it just easier for the news to report more accurate on what the perfect state is doing. Only puppet states needs free press to question what their failed and corrupt leaders are doing. It's a coincidence the judicial system have a 99% conviction rate, any abuse of the legal system is impossible in a perfect state. It's for sure better than the west who doesn't even kill their convicts. It's a coincidence 80-95% of foreign media is banned in China, typical puppet states that may want a nuanced opinion on global events. Thank God.. I mean Xi.. for saving us from this flood of fake news that still never could infect our perfect system. After all it's perfect and no reason for you as a citizen to inspect it.

This is all for your own benefit, we are perfect. We will never be a cuck puppet state.

>yet China's supposedly disgusting one-party state has brought more starving people out of poverty than any country in the world.
We are lucky that the perfect party brought 500,000,000 to richness beyond measure that those pigs in west still consider to be extreme poverty level. It's a coincidence the gini index is higher than any other nation, including the capitalist pigs in USA.

>Unshaven pussy is only the beginning.
I agree comrade. First we clear the cockroaches from HK, then we kill that Tsai Ingwen bitch. The world is ours soon, we are perfect.
>Any self-respecting developing people cannot afford to be an internally divided and inefficient gridlocked "democratic" puppet of the West with no power, a cucked country like another Philippines or India. It's a sad truth, but "democracy" is only an excuse to bring the third world under the influence of first world parasites.
China delayed their economic development, just so they could avoid becoming cuck states like Taiwan, HK, Singapore, Korea or Japan? Self respect, tankie bro.

File: 8262815283401602.jpg (70 KB, 739x415)
70 KB
I heard that Singaporeans discriminate against foreigners that take up permanent residency in their country (especially those from Asian countries), is this true?
87 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
>but id legit rather move to Bangladesh than Singapore
Your bait was successful, I see
That would make China less likely to do business with them. Singapore is trying to play the nice guy so that maybe both girls will keep him as a beta back up.
>I was quite satisfied with Singapore before corona.
I don't think anyone's satisfied with their country during corona. Take it easy, anon, of course an international crisis feels like shit to you.
It is?
I did not have that experience anon. What did you profile look like? Singapore was the worst my Tinder game has ever been, and I upgraded and have visited over a dozen countries.

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