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File: download.gif (286 KB, 2140x2040)
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I'm going to south Florida in a few weeks and was thinking of staying in Miami Beach, but I hear Covid restrictions are worse in Dade County than the rest of the state. Should I stay somewhere else like Hollywood or is it fine there?
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How are the beaches? Are they open with lots of people hanging out and mingling like normal?
Yes, beaches are back to normal (Cuban types in Speedos laying both sides of the net). You'll feel right at home, OP.
Stay the fuck out.
Ah jeez. Hate to break it to you, but FLA is the worst place to be now. Cases are really high and they are bringing back lockdowns. Check out Texas, they are open for business. Thank me later.
Orlando faggot here. Go to South Dakota or Mississippi they are not locked down at all.

As the Japan General has become almost solely DoD related conversations for the past 3 months, this thread should serve to break things up a little to keep the general thread more general, and allow people to have conversations there without constant detailing to one topic (DoD)
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This anon is wrong. It's hard in the airforce or the army, but if you join the Marines or Navy, there's a good chance you'll go. Marines, you're pretty much guaranteed Okinawa if you want it (which is comfy).

If you're looking mainland, there's Yokosuka and Sasebo, unless you're attached to a Naval hospital, which are good too. Literally just volunteer, as the new batch of Navy kids are homebodies and beg to stay near home (unlike the old days, where you joined to see the world). If you volunteer to go overseas, they'll send you.

If you're looking for after service in the DoD, look into contracting or NAF. You can live permanently in Japan that way, whereas GS or Active Duty requires you have to rotate after 2-5 years.
Yeah, fuck Misawa tho. I'd rather work any other base in Japan than that shithole.
Love Aomori
>t. Used to work in Shariki
kind of a dumb question. So if I manage to find a firm that does private work/contracting for the DoD, how do I go on about telling them that the only reason I want to work for them is to work in Japan/abroad? Like I don't care about their previous accomplishments or their boring-tier projects, I just want an opportunity to relocate.

Also, I think I have asked but I'm in the Architecture field, and studying for the California Exam to get my Architect License. Even with Google, I can only find PAE as an option to work in my field. Does anyone know any private companies that work with the DOD that have architecture positions?
also, I mean Architecture for building design, not Systems Architect, which is what I tend to get when I search on Linkedin.

Are NAF jobs on usagov or some other place? Have secret clearance and sec+ also would suck dick for room and board in shit tier okinawa

No paranormal shit pls. Only real life events like creepy locals, weird environments, bad gut feelings about places you visited etc.
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The city itself was fine, but had a scary at the time, but funny in hindsight experience in Bandung, Indonesia. I'd been traveling around the country and met this girl while down in Pangandaran, and later ran into her in Bandung. We hooked up and she asked me to stay at her place---she lived in a dorm of sorts with a bunch of other young Indos & a shared bathroom, kitchen, etc. Awesome girl & loved to fuck. Early one morning the mosques were in full screech and I was in a fever dream state. Suddenly I heard all these guys screaming out in the hallway and pounding on doors so I woke the girl up. A few moments later, there was this furious pounding on her door and a bunch of guys screaming and shouting on the other side. She got up and opened it and a pack of irate shitskins burst in and started screaming at her, pointing at me, etc. I'm just lying there naked under a sheet wondering what the fuck. She argues with them for a minute or two, then they leave and continue the process down the hall. Asked what the fuck that was---apparently there was a guy living there who was Indian-indo and was dating a girl also living there against his family's wishes. So, they decided on an early morning raid, and not finding him in his room, were looking for him. Good times.
File: abandoned athens.png (874 KB, 602x605)
874 KB
874 KB PNG
i love exploring abandoned shit but this building had a crawlspace that was about 500 ft long and i went in it was pretty spooky
I got lost in Detroit once and saw razor wire on a fucking house.

I get that exotic cities like Johannesburg, Karachi, Lagos and Caracas make Detroit look like Park Avenue by comparison, but seriously... Razor wire on a fucking house?
>Drive into countryside
>Set up tent next to car
>Get black out drunk in tent
>Wake up next morning, drive home
Do Americans really?
>it's funny how people think civilization is the default for humanity and not abject poverty and misery.
This is my big take home message from travelling, that civilization isn't permeant or irreversible. Scared me going to these places and studying history and seeing how areas can go from the heights of wealth to third world, and many times the change happens very quickly, within a single lifetime. The fact this could, or rather IS, happening to my country is fucking terrifying.

Is Myrtle Beach open enough where if I'm required to be in the area I should spend a weekend or is everything to point I might as well do my business and drive back home?
Things to do? I've wanted to go since the 3rd season of Eastbound and Down.

Your experiences in cities like Kiev, Lviv, Yaramche, Chernivitsi, Odessa, Kerson

And nightlife
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It's great. I live in Kharkiv. I'm Black, so it was a little hard to integrate at first, but now all the locals have a nickname for me. They call me "the Black guy". I will probably be moving to Minsk with my Belarusian wife later in the year.
I'm over the irritation phase and now just find this troll kinda funny.
seething whitoid
And i have aids if that matter

File: 1611218729636.jpg (373 KB, 1575x1134)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
Which place in europe should i go to get the best food.
I thought about :
1. Italy
2.the uk
I dont like frog legs and getting beheaded.
Where should i go ?
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regional and socioeconomic variations are so broad, if you can't find good food in a first world country you're a cunt
Italy number one for their pastashits and salads but if you're a carnivore then Spain #1 by far
Desserts Tier List:
Cope more surrender monkey. You live in a cultureless,cuisineless slum.
>having any place on that list ever.
Apart from that is slavic food any worth ?
i like paczki - jelly donuts that come after lent or something like that

File: South.png (19 KB, 330x204)
19 KB
Worst Cities in the South

-Including Texas, Florida, and Oklahoma
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I lived in Orlando up until the middle of 2019, so no idea on masks and such. My biggest complaint about it is how absolutely terrible the service industry is. Waiters don't give a fuck, people aren't friendly, everybody seems to hold you in contempt for being in their place of business. You even see this with the staff at Universal. I'm pretty sure it's because Puerto Ricans just have a shitty culture, but I've never been to Puerto Rico so I can't tell for sure.
The one exception is Disney World, but they seem to train heavily to break that habit, and they fly in a bunch of college students from around the country to bump up staffing levels, so you have regular Americans working there as well.
>I'm pretty sure it's because Puerto Ricans just have a shitty culture
what the fuck is the issue with Puerto Ricans and their shitty attitudes? Everyone of them that I’ve meet has had a huge fucking ego and acts like they’re shit doesn’t stink. They’re also the type of brown people who think that if they shit on other brown people (such as cubans, mexicans, haitians etc) then maybe the WASPs will finally accept them into the white race. They’re like house niggers who are bad at their job yet suck up to massa at any given opportunity
Florida or NC?
That's a dumb question, one's a major city in the top 10 largest in the country, the other's a small town in BFE.
It's like saying
>San Antonio
Texas or New Mexico?
Why's that?

This exists in 2021?
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ever been in kabukicho? it's too late for that
Liam Wong’s book is incredible I’m so glad he made it as I can’t go back right now obviously. He shares on post processing at the back of book.
You'd want to be out of your mind to get involved with drugs in Japan. Japanese are strictly anti-drugs. Youtube Japanese prisons. It sucks hard.
According to my Japanese friend (talked about two weeks ago) people have more or less given up. Lots of crowded bars and restraunts etc. They never took that it seriously relative to the rest of the world to begin with.
since then theres been a new lockdown in tokyo.

File: 124977.jpg (548 KB, 2560x1600)
548 KB
548 KB JPG
Rank Latin Countries

Historical Sites
Architectural Style
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Holy based
Lmao this is pretty bad
In what universe is Costa Rica not near the top safety wise, much less under Nicaragua when costa ricas biggest issue with crime is precisely Nicaraguan immigration

I have the rare oppertunity of being able to work from home (anywhere with internet).. who knows how much longer

I would be alone.. im american, i do have money, im handome, tall for CA standards, reddish brown hair (can pass as a spaniard).. can speak Some spanish.. not experienced traveling..

Im imagining doing a few month tour..
Would like Safe. Not too expensive. Cheap plane tickets. And maybe even some sex tourism, as ive never done that before.

Any advice?
Also anyone want to get a group together to stay at the same places/watch eachothers backs?

Where should i go..
Mexico? Tijuana? Cancun?
Puerto rico? Cuba (can i go with an american passport?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Have you seen a brazilian womans face?

My only response to that is this:

There are three sides of Mexico. The first is where everything is super-clean and pristine, there is no poverty and the neighborhoods look like the more well-to-do communities of California’s southern coast. This is the Mexico I love. The resort we stay at is in this part of Mexico.

The second side of Mexico is the part where the buildings look like some gave up on them halfway through construction. There are dirty, half-clothed, malnourished kids hanging around everywhere and you may see a three-legged dog running about. People live in ramshackle shacks made of cinderblocks and rusty, corrugated steel that make you wonder if they even have running water. This is the part of Mexico you see when you leave your upscale resort or seaside villa to visit some Mayan ruins or any of the other random points of interest in the Mexican countryside. You feel relatively safe because you are with your guide, but you are fairly certain if you were caught alone in these areas after dark, you would definitely be robbed of everything you own. There is always a subtle sense of relief when you return to your resort or seaside villa knowing you saw how ‘the other half’ lives and escaped unscathed.

And then there are those places in Mexico where, should you ever have the misfortune to wander into, you would most likely never return. Places where pickup trucks dump piles of headless human bodies on street corners in broad daylight as a show of force to the police and rival gangs. Places where cartel violence reigns supreme. Places were killing someone is as casual as buying a cup of coffee. Places where the murder rate is so high, that the cops do not have the time, much less the actual interest, in solving the dozens of unsolved homicides that pile up on their desks like cordwood the week before a Texas homecoming celebration. You know… Places just like Tijuana.

File: 1583849762680.jpg (59 KB, 640x854)
59 KB
2020 was the last year I had. I was making so many plans, I knew that I could finally start living and enjoy youth before I get old. It was the last chance that I had, and it was ruined because of disgusting fucking Chinks and their fucking coof.

I want to make the life of every Chinese person I meet living hell. What is the best way that I can accomplish this? Advice appreciated.
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Based and checked
stfu nigger
30 this year
oh yes good laowai bat eating very natural for good luck respect china food
30 is the new 23. Just don't be fat or bald.

File: pepe frances.png (10 KB, 225x225)
10 KB
I'm a Spanish 23yo who was raised in Brazil.
My college will have only online classing for the next 6 months.
My brother lived in Ireland for the past year and worked as bicycle deliveryman and studied english. I want to do the same in France for some time. What cities are big enough so they have those delivery apps and is not extremely expensive
and full of arabs or blacks?
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>imagine wanting to live among chechens

Has diversity come to Quimper too?
It's been a few years since I lived there.

Anyway I doubt it's worst than Brest, and Brest is far better in that regard than the rest of France.
i'm also a student going to France (not much of a choice for any other country), I've applied in Poitiers, Limoges and Clermont-Auvergne. did I fuck up in location choices lol
not too bad of a choice desu
I lived in Clermont-Ferrand for a year in my late teens, was okay i guess
But according to these locations you seem to dislike big cities
yes i saw a few students talking about how big city universities are always crowded and its a nightmare using the facilities, and with coronachan going around i didnt think crowds was the best idea lol, but yeah i do prefer the calm small town life a lot more. Thank you for your answer btw helped me ease my mind.

When the coof has eased I plan on spending approx a month in various Mediterranean and Middle Eastern places. Got a few questions:

How much time did you feel to be satisfying for each of these places? I've been to western Sicily before but the east and the other countries would be new to me.

Now seems like a dicey time for Lebanon, but it's been high on my list for a while. Has anyone been recently? Is there notably more misery and insecurity there due to the economic crisis and explosion?

Iran. THE country in the Middle East I'd like to visit but I'd sadly lose my Visa waiver for the US. Is there a way to go and still keep the waiver? Say, by using a second passport and flying or going overland from Turkey? I think ultimately it's worth losing the waiver so long as it's easy to get a tourist Visa. I do like the US and would want to visit more places there.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Cheers, anon. I'd figured that Western Sicily would have better sandy beaches but good to know there are still some options.

Glad to hear you had a great trip. I was thinking more about flight records than passport stamps - if the US would have any access to flight logs including Iran. I imagine they would if you leave from the EU but perhaps not from Turkey. Either way, I think I'd rather visit Iran and just interview for a tourist visa for the US.

Anyone have experience with Jordan or Iraqi Kurdistan? I'm getting excited imagining a world where we can travel again and thinking about a longer Middle East trip.
Same situation here, I am a bad goy for visiting a no-no country.
You can still travel via Canada or try to get a tourist visa, if you're from a first world country and have travelled under the visa waiver before, you'll get a 10 years visa.
This thread made me research Tunisia. Now I definitely want to go there. Thanks, OP.
Thanks, anon. While those places you listed are all ones I'd like to visit, I've never been to a desert before and think inland Tunisia would be a good opportunity to see that kind of landscape. I'll look into potentially going inland as well.
File: IMG_20180712_184858.jpg (4.76 MB, 4608x3456)
4.76 MB
4.76 MB JPG
not him. the tunisian desert is beautiful, however it's recommended to visit it in winter because of the heat.
otherwise the Palermo-Tunis trip is one of the most emblematic trips you can take through the mediterranean. Both cities are a concentrate of the mediterranean sea, and give a glimpse of the past. i recommend that you learn a bit about the naval history in the area, from the greeks and carthage to corsairs and modern mafia links.

t. lived and worked in several of the countries on both sides

Was he /ourguy/?
19 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>haha ebin, I got him reddit, didn't i ? :)
Keep seething nigger
woah man don't get personal
Holy shit. This is actually genuinely a profound realisation to me. I've not seen this deep quote on Reddit yet, but I think it's going to turn out to be one of the more important things I've ever read, thank you.
New around here?
>Talking about your travel plans on a travel board
Checked and redpilled
Even more based and very nearly checked

File: 1572787068646.jpg (90 KB, 898x960)
90 KB
Corona notwithstanding, where could you travel while finding work on the way, Golden Boy style? The quarantine makes me want to vagabond long-term when it all ends
Depends on where you're from. You could find seasonal work on any farm in America if you wanted to see the country in 6 month blocks at a time.

File: image.jpg (1.4 MB, 1600x1062)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
Moving to reykjavik in 2022 for college. Pretty excited about it. Any anons been to Iceland, and what’s your experience been like? I’ve learned that it’s a pretty expensive country
66 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I’ve talked a few times through email with the university I have in mind, they respond within a couple days, don’t know why they wouldn’t respond to you. No I don’t speak Icelandic, and I’m just going for an English degree, meme degree but it is what it is
dont mention it, but at the same time the Eve fanfest is also worth checking out if I get a chance.
something like 20,000 neckbeards decend on iceland and apart from the obvious video game stuff they also have conferences, panels and talks from world famous scientists, physicists, astronauts and they even have a big DJ event called the "Party at the Top of the World" where they have a massive neckbeard rave for a few nights.
Also there's a statue in the harbour that has the name of every single Eve Online player written on it.
is it true that you can get laid like crazy as a (white) foreigner due to the fears of incest?
We know who our relatives are, there is no fear of incest. Regarding getting laid see >>609360
>and I’m just going for an English degree, meme degree but it is what it is

You don't plan to stay longterm then?

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