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Denmark + Sweden roadtrip - must do/see?
For Denmark: Take a trip to Himmelbjerget. The nature around Silkeborg is absolutely lovely.
The west coast of Jutland on a windy day is really nice too.
In general the countryside of Denmark is really nice, and the country is so small you can't really go anywhere wrong. The bigger cities are pozzed as fuck.
Swedistan reporting. Stay the fuck out of south up to at least Helsingborg. Extremly nice biking oppertunities in all of Sweden. Cars do avoid you, not you them. I would say see All castles and ruins biking by the sea up to Göteborg.
t. seething country bumpkin
Copenhagen is nice.
Norway seems like the best place to road trip desu

File: 1589480972754.jpg (41 KB, 513x1024)
41 KB
Tell me your holiday romance stories.
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Dont be such a bitchboy
File: jess2.jpg (23 KB, 640x640)
23 KB
This is the lewdest thing you will get.

Sorry if I broke your imagination of her still longing for you. She also has some kind of e-relationship with a Czech guy now.
Lmao this can't be real

When is it my turn to fuck this monkey face broad?

she cucked him with a churka bull during their trip to georgia, didn't she?
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Have sex, seething w*stoid incel
>mentally unstable
true, only a mentally unstable girl would ride freight trains in Mauritania with a mid 40s British man, this is what makes her based
vagrant holiday's alright
t. vagrant holiday
But yeah I agree those vids are good I just wish he explored back areas more instead of going from city to city.

Had Tokyo in November.
Myanmar in July
And plans were underway to take a trip to the Hallowed land, the UK.

We're not going anywhere. Borders are shut, isolation orders are enforced by the Gestapo and Corona is and will remain uncured for a lengthy amount of time.

The medical fraternity is fucking retarded. When they rushed a SARS vaccine it fucking accelerated the disease. More chance of tits on a bull than a vaccine.

If we have to fly with retarded social distancing rules many airlines will go broke or jack the ticket prices hugely, many are going out of business now which means more price gouging and less competition.
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Japan is already calling of the state of emergency and daily cases are dropping
That's all fine and well, but who's to say when they'll open their borders to international travel again. Even if they do open back up say, before the end of the year, there's still other factors to consider. Will they require visitors to quarantine? Will they require proof of negative COVID-19 tests? Both? Nobody fucking knows, and this uncertainty is killing me on the inside.
Spain announced opening the borders to foreign tourists (not only from the EU) in July - the prime minister said so it's quite credible. They won't require to quarantine obviously (it's impossible - basically requirement to quarantine is the same as not opening the border at all because absolutely nobody will go if they have to quarantine), but a test might be required in some form.
Yes there is
Looking at Bangkok > Phuket for around a month around late October and maybe coming back by Thanksgiving. Do you guys think I'm fucked?

Where to travel June 19-28? Work is forcing me to use my vacation before June 30 due to everyone hoarding hours.

Iceland may be reopening June 15. The Caribbean and Mexico too but those are for poor tourists. I just want beautiful beaches or mountains. Both would be a plus.
I’m in the same boat, but I was allowed to push my vacation back to November/December. I’m traveling to Buenos Aires, but idk if it’ll still be on lock down and if I’ll be forced to quarantine.
Go /out/.
Grab your tent, hammock, tarp or whatever and go innawoods for a few nights with a bottle of whisky and a bag of weed.

What cities have the best skylines?
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Clarifying prolly natural gas plants right.
No, that looks like it's coal fired
why are you so mean?
i'm just a power plant engineer anon
File: miami-skyline.jpg (38 KB, 415x332)
38 KB
Visited Miami for the first time a few months ago and was pretty impressed. There were a handful that really stood out architecturally

File: penisu.jpg (79 KB, 750x400)
79 KB
Up until now I was in the process of signing up for a Japanese language school, though it seems as if going in October is going to be a bad idea because of chink flu, since I don't want to be stuck in the second wave. Now that does suck balls, but it might be a blessing in disguise, since now I might be able to better prepare for Japan (ie. study japanese harder so I can start learning at the language school at a higher level, and potentially also be able to get a job after). I know that delaying is a better idea. In fact, it will probably be better to only go there after I'm well off finantially, but I was waiting for this for so long, and now I just feel like shit for having to delay (or potentially cancel) my plans.

That's all, thanks for letting me blow off some steam.
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File: covid.png (157 KB, 910x982)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
You chances of dying from COVID specifically are retardedly low, this is from the CDC
https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm source

Generally you're fine unless you have a weakend immune system or in at risk groups of 55+
To me it always just seemed like "pay us some money, and we'll put you on a visa until someone hires you", which isn't that bad of a deal, everything considered.
I'm not scared of getting it, I just don't wanna be locked up all day inside the 8m2 apartment I'll probably barely be able to afford in the aftermath of the corona.
They’re literally fronts to bring in migrants from 3rd world shit holes to do shit like jockey registers at 7/11. That’s the kind f job you’re going to get.

If you want my advice, get a degree and some really work experience work for an international company and try to get a real job.
I am from a third world shit hole, but I think I might actually have a shot at teaching English (not a native speaker, but I can speak at a native level).

Do they normally consider teaching online as valid past experience?
I've never been an English teacher. But teaching English is at roughly the same level as Jockeying a register.

File: 20190505_120533.jpg (7.6 MB, 5312x2988)
7.6 MB
7.6 MB JPG
Post your best videos from Iceland! :D
Have you considered killing yourself?

File: edm fest.jpg (362 KB, 3000x2000)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
What is /trv/'s thoughts on traveling to Music/EDM Festivals?

Anyone here have any past experience to share?

I know Coachella is normie tier at this point but I can still imagine it being a fun experience to camp out in the Coachella valley with friends and experiencing it together
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The more mainstream side of those are but there are great acts from those genres around that put on a good show.
While I do want to go to TML one day just because, the acts you mentioned in the end could be all seen at Awakenings or through carefully planing during MMW or ADE.
Have you been to Ultra Miami or EDCLV?
get off of the internet once in a while and see some shows and you might change your tune
It's not like there are some acts that you can only see at TML that make it so good, it's just the sheer scale and vibe that makes it unique. Haven't been to either of those as I decided to return to Europe last year instead of going to the states but they're definitely on the bucket list. General consensus seems to be that TML is better than both from the people I know who've been to them.

TML gets a lot of misdirected hate from a bunch of plebs who've 9 times out of 10 not been there. Sure there's a lot of generic EDM crap there but there's that many different artists that it's impossible to find something you don't like unless you actually just don't enjoy electronic music. Every person I met there or know outside of TML who's been say it was one of the best experiences of their life.
Care to recommend some? I think I might be a bit stubborn though. I've had people say "bro really not all dnb is bad check this out" and then link something that doesn't sound very jungle. Still willing to give it a chance though.
>noo tomorrowland is the shit it's not just EDM
>it also has tech house and progressive house!! oh and anthem house which is hella EPIC! wait for the dROP UGHHHH
typical tomorrowland goer

File: Epticecus.png (81 KB, 256x256)
81 KB
Is it safe for a brown man to visit Poland?
I'm not as black as African american but I am kind of dark skinned. Will I be safe? Will people beat me up lol
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ur fine, i had a really black, long dreaded friend in poland and no one ever started any shit with him, even when he got lost and was pissed drunk roaming around bus stops trying to get back home
same thing with girls i met there, although one did have an old dude chatting her up quite a bit in a bus stop alone at 3am so ofc she got scared

people might not like you but i really doubt ud get beaten up or told to leave in any of the big cities in poland because of ur colour
Don't go. You have the rest of the fucking planet.
can you guys just stay in your ghetto inner cities please? I really don't like leaving america only to be confronted with the same dangerous violent eyesores i was intent to be leaving behind when i traveled the world as my privilege as a white man
Are you from a western country? As obnoxious as it is usually, maybe get one of those flags you can embroid on to a jacket or something.
just make sure to have your bus tickets if you're in Gdańsk, I love this city, but the ticket inspectors are fucking assholes, it's not even racism, they are as assholish as possible even to natives, and if they see a tourist they take advantage of them being confused

and be careful with women in clubs, some Polish incels might get terribly offended and try beat you up.
and all the cities have some less safe districts, I guess

Paris fucking sucked during covid-19 and it'll take two weeks to get out of here due to finances.

No timestamp but four fingers in the picture is for 24th of May for all of you.
Thanks, Leaf. Happy 2-4 weekend. Where will you go after France? Maybe Italy or Spain?
Do French people normally drink wine out of an old-fashioned glass?

File: shutterstock_1309273237.jpg (307 KB, 1400x1400)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
Is Los Angeles the most soulless city in the world?
141 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Can you see the teal marks I made? Those are the ‘soul’ having parts.
Get the idea? The city has Massive endless sprawl, more than fucking Tokyo if you include the nighorboring cities. But without the density or z depth or massive transit of Tokyo.
>My neighborhood is OK with one or two human families at best but everyone else is an automaton who keeps to themselves
>everyone else is an automaton who keeps to themselves
This is true in every big city, but 2x for Los Angeles.
Like my map shows, you can write off 80% of the city as a no go zone, unless you have a friend there, in which case you drive directly to their house in a hour commute , go nowhere besides their house, and drive directly back.
I do not suggest LA for tourists.
For a city this size, the soul parts are redicioussly small.
Now let’s talk logistics.
I used a topographical map because so often it’s left out. The mountains between the “valley” (white gettho on map) and “the basin” are not small, and there are only so many roads over them, and they are all jammed. It’s not really viable to go between them much.
Not that going west<->east is any better. The data shows the traffic is the worst in the country. To go anywhere outside your immediate area for anything besides work is considered an outing.
The people who live here tend to like Los Angeles, but that’s because they have carved out for themselves all these side restaurants and joints that have incredibly good food and experiences for incredibly cheap. But they are all invisible to drones and out of towners.
So why does LA have (mostly) no soul? Well 85% of it is gettho or Mexico. Another 10% is transplant careerists that will only be here 10 years. Another 3% is ultra rich people in their maid houses and country clubs.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Every house has bars on its windows, electric pay scooters left on everyone's lawns, it doesn't seem to have any theme besides being a dump

I really hope you're not >>1797846, because I'd argue that all 3 of those places also have just as shit people, smog, crime, and (blatantly) outrageous living standards.

I do think Vancouver is a (little) nicer in terms of people/smart growth compared to the other parts of the PNW and LA, but I'd also argue the cost of living is even worse than all of the aforementioned places (including LA). And yes, this is factoring in the PPP of both the CAD and USD.

Most cities in the States are shit, honestly, but I'd say San Francisco takes the cake in terms of soullessness. LA is right behind them in the pecking order.
Please explain to me how Vancouver is more expensive than California. I always hear Canadians say this and then I look at property value in Vancouver and decent looking condominiums start at 500 or 600k CAD which is basically affordable on a Taco Bell salary here in the states so I don’t understand why you think it’s expensive

File: HelloTalk.jpg (8 KB, 299x168)
8 KB
Is it good for meeting Azn qt's?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Do enlighten us, o wise senpai.
I understand. That being said I gotta be conscious of any links I send out too.
Not him, but you listed a bunch of communication apps. A closer analogy would be Tinder. HelloTalk is for meeting people to do language exchanges.
>South Korea

>Japan, Taiwan, select SEA countries

>Hong Kong
I don't want this shit on my phone ever.

>Mainland China
He probably knows what it is man. He just wants to know if it’s any good for picking up chicks and I would say the answer is no. Generally the people on that app are genuinely on it for academic purposes and yellow fever shitheads are the reason why my mandarin studies are now with some faggot named Brian instead of 起二娃

File: 8dy5w2vojqn41.jpg (239 KB, 1506x2016)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
When do you guys think the Strip will reopen?
67 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
I managed to slip in to vegas in December. Didn't even know there was a virus spreading until feb.

have to say, vegas itself was meh and ended up avoiding the strip. but I had to stay at the lucky 38-strat for reasons I even went to nevada in the first place.

did the whole loop, cant recommend it enough but I can stand driving for hours on end. even got some glass cola bottles from wallyworld before goodsprings. Highly recommend you check Valley of Fire too. Even did Zion.
If you didn't visit the strip, you didn't do Vegas. Your opinion means nothing.
File: 1479489898348.jpg (34 KB, 480x514)
34 KB
>Florida is glorious, easily in the top 3 best state
Boohoo, I took 1 drive down it and it looked terrible.
Shut the fuck up, nerd. You didnt do shit.

File: 1587144682638.jpg (43 KB, 800x534)
43 KB
How can I experience Korea and Japan properly? I don't just want to go sight seeing, I want to live life with locals and see what their societies are really like. How can I do this? I want to avoid foreigner bubbles and drifting around like a purposeless loner.
30 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
how many bangs?
For me, it was pretty easy in Korea. I made so many friends whenever I went there.

Japan though, it's a different story. Even the people I knew for some time still don't feel like they're genuinely my friends.
How easy is it to get laid in both countries?
I've gotta ask, are all of you guys white or asian?

I remember back in China hanging out with my white friend, and it was kinda crazy how much attention he got, people coming up to him asking him to teach them english and stuff.

Meanwhile as an Indian looking latino.... I definitely didn't get the same treatment. I can speak fluent Mandarin too.

I made lots of male korean friends too, they taught me how to speak Korean, so i can definitely communicate in it. But none of the girls were really interested in that.
I remember my friend telling me like, the reason that girls didn't like me is because I didn't look like 인싸 (Insider), he showed me a picture of a tall, white blue eyed german guy, and then he said "You know, if you looked more like this, then you definitely wouldn't have a problem"

I... don't really know what to think anymore
>I... don't really know what to think anymore

You’re a smart guy. You should know what to think. Some cultures like some skin tones. You’re living and traveling in countries that put a high value on white European features. You would get more attention if you were in countries where those white Euro features are the norm, because there you’d be more exotic. parts of the Caribbean, South Asia, Africa ... these are all places you could go to get the D-list celebrity status you seem to crave. Life isn’t fair, anon. Don’t compare your experiences with a good looking German model. There are lots of ugly and fat white guys who don’t do well either.

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