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File: IMG_0204.png (781 KB, 725x725)
781 KB
781 KB PNG
Where did you meet the most autistic girls?
Tell your stories
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Well she looks pretty autistic
this x 1000. this chick started crying a bit when i was fucking her prone bone and i came so fast. she got up and smiled with tears in her eyes shit was sooooo hot
they were faking it. guys who go to hookers are more likely to be turned on by women crying during sex
She was not faking. Only time she cried with me.
We need moar whore pics

File: real travaler map.png (524 KB, 4972x2517)
524 KB
524 KB PNG
post your Realtraveler™ maps
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I spent a week hiking through Tien Shan, and It was beautiful. Bring rain gear if you go in the summer.
File: Realtraveler+.png (376 KB, 4972x2517)
376 KB
376 KB PNG
Significantly better template coming along
File: My Realtraveler.png (379 KB, 4972x2517)
379 KB
379 KB PNG
And here's mine on that template
>driven though
File: all around the world.jpg (307 KB, 871x785)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
How do you do fellow /travelers/

File: flag-of-kiribati.jpg (40 KB, 1000x500)
40 KB
Worth visiting? I mean before tragically sinks
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File: Visa_policy_of_Kiribati.png (45 KB, 1425x625)
45 KB
>needing a visa
Which poorfag country are you guys from?
I haven't actually been to the pacific but I've seen a lot of 'tropical' stuff in the Americas and I've done a lot of reading and it's my impression that all of these "island paradises" kind of look the same and geographic differences within one country bigger than differences between one and other so you'd be better off picking one based on human factors and convenience rather than trying to see every single palm tree-filled beach country there is.
>even african countries have visa free but mine don't
Feels bad to be spic
>Well they have the best visa on the world to this date, so not really a surprise,
They? Best visa? To this date? I do not understand what you mean here. Do you mean that Americans have the best assortment of visa-free access (not really true, but certainly top 10)? That Kiribati has the most attractive visa?
>but what about the other countires? I dont want to have to visit Asstralia just to get a visa.
Where do you come from that you have to go to Australia to get a visa that you are required to have to enter Kiribati? Not, presumably, anywhere in the Anglosphere...
Yes anon, it may surprised you that some people dont live on the "anglosphere", kind of shocking uh?

File: l07x5ry9dme51.jpg (146 KB, 1080x864)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
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>Turkey to talk to some shop owner.
So it was usefull afterall
As an american, these types of discussions are absolutely fascinating to read. So many micro-languages are required just for your people operate their economies on the scale of less than a singe american state. I go entire months without hearing other languages. I moved 2400 miles recently and everyone spoke english the entire way here. Wasting all that cognitive space on redundant words, no wonder the eurozone has no STEM careers, your brains in maxed out on memorizing 10 different words for the same thing. Sorry if I got rude there, its just such a culture shock for me
Learning any language is a meme if you are not planning to use it.

so... if you're planning to use French it's not a meme.
Stem is for midwits
The ''it has more speakers'' is such a terrible measure for any language. Is quantity an indicator of how interesting culture exists in that language? No. Or how financially relevant that language is? No. Or how interesting the people are that speak that language? No. What do you gain from being able to speak with 200 million Africans? Nothing. Meanwhile, you could be reading Russian novels and speak with interesting Ruskies.

Spanish is the most overrated language of all, because literally nobody worth talking to speaks only Spanish.

File: americunts.jpg (954 KB, 1043x1136)
954 KB
954 KB JPG
Americunt here, is there anywhere worth living in this shithole country? Goddamn everywhere I've been sucks ass.
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The border of Henderson and Las Vegas as a good Hispanic community, which means good restaunts, groceries stores, and fine young latinas.
I would much rather live in a hispanic community than a black one where you'll get shot. Asians community are nefty too but they have ugly ass women and i get tired of cheap toxic asian food.
i lived in rapid city, SD for about six years. i liked it way more than i though i would, considering i was there for work. good internet and country if you like forests. the only downside being the natives and the fuckton of bikes in august for the sturgis festival.
has anyone heard a girls cherry pop
last night awhile entering a new girl who was a virgin im pretty sure i heard an audible pop
I've never met a Californian before, why are they so disliked? It's a big state with more people then the country I am from has.
Can you elaborate

File: map.png (557 KB, 4972x2517)
557 KB
557 KB PNG
I'm moving to Georgia(USA) whats the best airport to fly out of for cheap flights? Cheap intl locations to fly to?
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actually im double trans bigot. educate yourself.
Where are you flying from, dingus.
Use a flight aggregator website like kiwi or kayak you absolute sperg. No trannies are NOT accepted anywhere on earth
Atlanta, you retard
You've only been to 13 states?

File: 15531413441.jpg (29 KB, 474x474)
29 KB
Why doesn't Serbia quarantine visitors?

File: spag.jpg (66 KB, 437x437)
66 KB
Gonna move and work in Italy next month, for at least a year. It's an engineering position in Milan.
Are there any kind Ital-anons that can tell me what I'm in for ?

How's the city, the life in northern Italy, maybe some obscure nice things to see or to do ?
Anons from around the world are welcome to post as well !
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Tell us moar about your hobbies or activities, plenty of different styles of living are possible in Italy

I'm an italianon and work in engineering too, the company has some expats and official language for written comms is english, I guess it will be close to what you will get.
You may encounter some people in your team speaking in italian, it sounds rude but most times it's just that it is more efficient and instinctive to speak the native language with connationals.
It can be weird at times.
northern italy is beautiful
living there, overall positive experience if you accept negatives of italy with humor. the annoying italianness of people still present in milan but not as bad as southerners.
Milan is more restrictive in their hours for buying food. often difficult to get a late afternoon lunch not at a chain or takeaway.

young educated people frequently know English or people in customer service industry. But most senior really educated people will know english as well if have a job that has international interactions - academics, business.
your dating prospects would select for girls that like foreigners because they would have learned english likely by having a study abroad or lots of travel in youth.

despite the reputation of a pretentious fashion city - there are plenty of cozy food and entertainment venues, and semifashionable places that dont break the bank - takes a bit of effort to discover these.

aperitivo is very common in milan -mistranslated as happy hour- buy an expensive drink and get access to a buffet - vary widely in quality some are more just a trendy place to impress people, some you can get a whole meal like 2 euros extra for your drink

duomo - central square of city for picture of the duomo, crowded, annoying africans and gypsies looking for tourist marks. has museums in vicinity. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele - beautiful shopping mall.
La Scala opera house is just on the other side.
Luini's panzerotti often has a line but its a "thing to do in milan" so get one atleast.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Corso Buenos Aries - supposedly the longest shopping street in milan - lots of average priced designer brands with some niche independent shops and cafes/gelateria/fastfood.
Side streets off of Buenos Aries often have some tasty cheap eats - Spontini is my favorite pizza, but looking at list of best pizza in milan i havent had 80% of them.
Loreto is where mussolini's dead body was displayed
Citta Studi - popular place for students to live
Centrale - central station is impressive building. Parasites around but not worse than major european tourist destinations. Definitely an african neighborhood inbetween centale towards beunos aries - Eritrean restaurants are not bad.
There is a Chinatown but i've never been
Brera - historical bohemian art district - posher neighbourhood, has Brera art musem and academy.
Corso Como and Porta Garabaldi, apparently nice nightlife area where wealthy people go
Castello, has a pedestrian street almost right in front of it seperated by a large interesection, and behind it is beautiful city park Sempione.
At the other end of Sempione is another posh nightlife area - Porta Sempione is a nice arch.
Via torino starting from duomo in the direction of porta ticinese, another shopping street with name brand stores, similar but lesser than corso beunos aries.
Porta ticinese lots of places to eat and drink, some hipster stores
Colonne - roman columns that sit out front of a large church san lorenzo and square - in nice weather very common for people to sit in the square and drink or smoke and socialize - common student aged area but not everyone. many bars or windows or smoke shops that will sell you a cheap beer or cocktail to go.
Porta Genova and Navigli another food and drink area, very nice to spend an evening. Navigli are canals - leonardo da vinci involved. there are more navigli in the city but there are two main ones.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: sip.png (54 KB, 325x247)
54 KB

Interests include but are not limited to : meeting other people, drinking (reasonably), cocktails and mixology, tea and pastries, architecture and places of cult, music (playing and listening), cinema, ttrpg (DnD), wh40k, fashion ...
That's it for the socially acceptable hobbies.

I'd gladly add some more niche things like Internet/anon culture, bdsm, cosplay.
File: rember.png (90 KB, 286x255)
90 KB

Thank you so much for the nuggets of intel, kind anon !

The few guides I read only mention a couple of places at a time, your posts are very useful to me. I'll make sure to check out Spontini !
A lot of the things you mentioned appeal to my normiest interests, this gives me a solid list of places to start with.

My job will be located just north of Chinatown by the looks of it, so I'll take the time to visit this part of the city aswell, I'm curious.

I survived living and working in Japan as an euroanon, I'm sure I'll be able to manage northern Italians just fine (hopefully).

File: McCandless.jpg (31 KB, 761x403)
31 KB
What is your honest opinion about him?
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>>1877242 (cont'd)
And as far as "Into the Wild" and McCandless, Krakauer made up all that nonsense about wild sweetpea plants, there's no indication McCandless ever ate any or got poisoned by them, and half the rest of the book is conjectures about McCandless's state of mind and desires. It's all just Krakauer projecting his own desires and delusions on some stupid kid who died. He could probably write the same book about some Seattle heroin addict passed out in front of Pike Place Market, only it wouldn't be as exciting because there wouldn't be any Alaska in it.
>>1877242 again
> Boukreev received the [American Alpine Club's highest award for valor, the David A. Sowles award] for his "repeated, extraordinary efforts in searching for, then saving the lives of, three exhausted teammates trapped by a storm on the South Col of Mount Everest." Boukreev was further cited for his "valiant attempt, at great personal risk, in going out into the renewed storm in one last-ditch effort to save his friend and expedition leader Scott Fischer."
> Burleson and Athans received the award for their "willingness to abandon their own summit attempt," and for their "rapid climb to the South Col, where they administered life-saving treatment to the exhausted and horribly frostbitten Beck Weathers." The climbers were further cited for safeguarding Weathers' descent down the upper Lhotse Face, where Ed Viesturs and Dave Breashears of the Everest IMAX team took over the evacuation.

Weathers was Krakauer's teammate. Krakauer cowered in his tent and did nothing to help anyone, including especially Weathers. I'll note also that Krakauer is a raging leftist who disliked Weathers because of his politics.
There is no awfulness in On The Road...

try reading it again in 5 years
I love how his bus became a thing of wonder in Alaska so normies that try to take selfies died getting there and that they had to helicopter it outt.

Fucking funny as fuck.

File: MOVING TO SERBIA FOR 2020.jpg (1.6 MB, 2184x1230)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB JPG
I was really surprised how nice it is here, life is normal, nothing weird going on here politically as far as I can tell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3oUxx4hDg4
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Serbia is trash though. Landlocked and on the Balkans? God really hates them.
all those countries are such fucking hermit losers still fighting over faggot conflicts from the stone age.
You pansy little twink I'd bully you and push you around if I met you in public
Lmao at being a "youtuber"
I'll shit in your mouth and send the video to your mother you pathetic twink boy
how much to fk an hot 18-25 serbian girl hooker
They're nowhere to be found. Not even any happy ending massage parlors. I suppose you could ask a girl directly if she'll fuck for cash, but it's a big risk to your safety. Might work 25% of the time, depending on how much you offer.

File: e2e.jpg (89 KB, 600x797)
89 KB

When will Japan be open for US tourists?
When will Bald visit Japan?
Why is Japan better than Korea?

Copypasta FAQ:
>Where should I stay in Tokyo?
Anywhere on the JR Yamanote loop line.
>Is Hiroshima+Miyajima worth it as a day trip from Osaka/Kyoto?
Not really, it's too rushed and you should probably just stay the night there.
>Is Miyajima worth visiting when the floating torii gate is under construction?
Yes, it's still a great place to visit.
>"Dude what should I see in ________?"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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surely this must be a troll. Those aren't muslims.
Roppongi used to be one of the most affluent residential districts when the foreign population was mostly whites and embassy workers. Then that formed ethnic hotspots for shitskins to infest and its been quickly going to hell since about 2005 or so.

The good news is Japs have been voting nationalist for decades now, and when they see this shit and want them out.They aren't inborn masochists obsessed with social abstractions like Caucasians.
Can white dudes still get decent J girls? Heard all they can get nowadays are leftover girls
Are you handsome? Can you speak Japanese? Are you an autist? Where would you be going? All of these will impact the answer I'd give you. I would say the answer is generally "yes", but don't expect anything if you're a fat blob who can hardly hold a conversation in English, let alone Japanese.
To add, MY PSU is pushing 10 years right now as well.

File: 1600366237378.jpg (14 KB, 300x324)
14 KB
I dont understand you fucking sexpats; a pussy is a pussy it all feels the same.

Everything is human, its just the surface that looks different. Unless you sickos want to start fucking animals instead then you can feel some strange and exotic pussy.

I hope you get decapitated in these shitholes, because taking advantage of the poor is your only way to access pussy. Pathetic.
82 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
I pay my dogs in kibble and orgasms.

People really actually do this. It was simping before OnlyFans existed.
>force their own barely-pubescent daughters into paying off the family's debts by being whores.
god thats so fucking hot. i love how thai women willful accept their role as workhorses and bangmaids while thai dudes just lounge around in hammocks all day or have childish and psychotic tantrums over infant-tier slights.
am in philippines rn
i am tired from too much sex
thats the thing
the people bitching about “sexpats” are mostly women. otherwise jealous dudes who cant sexpat for whatever reason, or bearded backpacker sightseeing cucks

if u any if the above fuck u t.t
Explorer’s Log. Day 159 after lockdown in the Philippines. Today I woke up in a half drunken stupor. Phone was buzzing on top of a ripped open bag of popcorn, the popcorn bouncing and vibrating and generating more noise. Girl from Tinder was calling. Went to loo to lay a big egg, shower then 30 minutes later pick her up at gate. Ordered pizza and fuck. Girl wolves down 1/2 the pizza despite being quite thin. Asks for second round, finishes with super long bj after i cum and i cum a second time. I ask if she can introduce me to more girls but she declines. Most do but some dont.Asks for grab money only, girls will be fucked silly just so they gorge on pizza. After gorging on more pizza myself I lay another egg (my after-lunch poo) and prepare to meet another girl in 2 hours. Will update Explorer’s Log post coitous

File: IMG_1058.jpg (2.16 MB, 4032x3024)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB JPG
is 32 too old to stay in hostels?
77 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
My hostel hadn't had a Code B in almost 15 years.
99% of the time people bring in the bedbugs themselves anyway, usually in their unwashed dreads and laundry after theyre done backpacking Cambodia for 3 months without showering trying to "feel the chakras".
File: 16014040972186987.jpg (72 KB, 744x752)
72 KB
>I make 7 figures, am a 3 time Mr. Olympia champion and have a 16 inch cock. I'm a complete loser, right guys? Haha, totally not a humblebrag.
Imagine being such a smug cunt that you unironically do this...
>highschool friends
Imagine being such a basic bitch that you're still actually in contact with any of your highschool friends.
band? Hostel?
Do you like your gear? If you do, don't fucking stay at hostels, your van will be broken into and you'll lose everything the first night.
Do like normal bands and find some chick to stay with.
pull my finger

File: 1599423517645.jpg (47 KB, 416x416)
47 KB
Is the (northern)Seattle area a bad idea for 2 years? I've recieved a reasonable financial aid offer from a school there. It is almost certainly the best I could possibly recieve, but I've read so many awful things about their weather, wildfires, politics, homeless problems, and even them. I did not want to go to the west coast but it's ironically the best choice, financially, so I am at an impasse.
I'd save $400 per month after everything, easily, and that is with only 10 hours per week from a work-study position on-campus(and food stamps). This is zero debt. I'd require 20 hours per week off-campus to come close to saving $400 each month anywhere else.
196 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 443422058305.jpg (260 KB, 2000x1404)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
I live in Jacksonville FL and absolutely hate it here, lived here my whole life and wanted to move.
I work in the Cannabis industry and have been thinking of moving to Seattle. This thread has been real informative thanks.
Sounds like Seattle has it's pro's and con's but here in FL (especially this past year) it's fucking atrocious here and I can't wait to leave.
Does anyone know or have any info about working in the Cannabis industry in Seattle? Also what is the bad part of town to avoid in Seattle?
dude weed lmao

>what is the bad part of town to avoid in Seattle?
Yes I do, thanks for the worthless info you fucking clown.
I used to be a pharmacy technician and now I'm working at a Medical Cannabis company. I want to live in a state where Cannabis is legal for recreational use, for more job opportunities.
FL is the absolute worst I can't stand it here and want to move sometime next year.
File: Seattle.jpg (36 KB, 493x474)
36 KB
There aren't neighborhoods that you need to avoid in Seattle like you would in cities with a lot of violent crime. It's not like Chicago where you have real ghetto neighborhoods with gang issues and safe neighborhoods, it's more like SF where there's just a general citywide homeless problem that's a nuisance. Just shoot for one of the circled neighborhoods. That's the central part of the city that's going to be all of important stuff. The ones closest to downtown are going to the most homelessness but whatever, they never tried to fuck with me physically. They mostly just loaf on the street and break into parked cars while everyone is sleeping. I didn't circle University District because it's full of shithead college kids.
>>what is the bad part of town to avoid in Seattle?



File: Tijuana.jpg (361 KB, 1280x720)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
So once COVID shit is done, I'm thinking of quick jaunt to Tijuana for the first time ever.

>Be me:
>bucket-list motive

The plan would be to fly from Vancouver, BC to San Diego and walk across the boarder. Check out Tijuana for a night or two or three, cross the boarder again, fly home.

Prices (if they hold, after this COVID shit is done) seem reasonable enough to pay for the flight ($350 CDN round trip). Hotel seems reasonable for Peso prices ($100CDN/night).

I guess my only concern is the cultural, legal, and other technical points I might be missing.

How easy is it to walk across the boarder back into the US with a Canadian Passport? Is it a harder process than, typically through an airport?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
43 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
can you tip girls extra to fuck raw or get BBBJ. I went there for 36 hours of mayhem with my friends in 2016, and BBBJ wasn't the standard, so whats your experience been with that? If i can't get raw suck and fuck id rather just wait for thailand to open
I mean you have to be pretty ballsy to fuck a prostitute raw IMO. But i have heard you can pay them extra to not use a condom. My friend banged some chick raw but she didn't charge him for it. I had a chick give me a bbbj raw without me even asking for it. And so did my friend with a different chick. So yeah I think you could do that
Are there any rumors on when HK is reopening?

I need to fuck some bimbos soon.
Where's the red light district in Cabo?

Maybe 'm not researching hard enough, but I can only find a strip joint across the street from Cabo Wabo..."Mermaids"? Doesn't look that exciting, anything crazy like HK?
KYS you fucking tranny. Bald is based.

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