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So i will be in Elizondo in August and will have to take a return trip from Frankfurt back to Asia. I'm planning on driving, and have about 10 days or so to get there. so i can turn this into a road trip. Im looking into small medium towns, architecture, culture. not really interesting in large cities. what do you recommend that is on the path
ive not been but had a list of places i might look into if i pass through without too much deviation from your route.

you go on the border of Alsace region and black forest region. lots of touristy places to visit there.

if i was in Alsace i would look at
Strasbourg , Riquewihr, Colmar, Equisheim ,Kaysersberg, Ribeauvillé
Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle, Hunawihr , Andlau, Obernai

Limousin area
Uzerche, Ségur-le-Château, Curemonte, Collonges-la-Rouge, Château de Val

Aquitaine area
Beynac-et-Cazenac, La Roque-Gageac, Domme, Limeuil, saint-cyprien (dordogne), Castelnaud-La-Chapelle, Saint-Jean-de-Cole, Saint-Amand-de-Coly, Périgueux
Dune du Pilat, Salignac-Eyvigues, Saint-Émilion Monolithic Church, Montignac-Lascaux cave art.

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File: 1653125843791.gif (990 KB, 320x240)
990 KB
990 KB GIF
Hey anons, I'm looking to make a roundtrip from Binland-L O N D O N-Paris and then Copenhagen. I think flights/buses would cost me around 150-200€.

Can anyone help me to budget for other expenses? What would food/drinks travel inside cities cost? What about museums etc etc? How easy are the girls?
London and Paris are both super expensive.
How so? Cheapest motel I found was 40€/day
london advice follows
>What would food/drinks travel inside cities cost?
anything from dirt cheap to more money than you could ever imagine
plenty of places offer all you can eat buffets etc
just google best cheap eats london or something. the timeout website is a good place to start.
>What about museums etc etc?
the permanent collections of most well known museums in london are free. british museum, tate modern, tate britain, national gallery, v&a, science museum, natural history museum, etc etc.
you have to pay for special exhibitions
>How easy are the girls?
go have a cold shower

Visiting Norway and Sweden for two weeks. What should I avoid like the plague, Im looking for nature and small towns not browns and city life.
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Why avoid Malmo?
Mean streets
Shitskin capital of Sweden. If you want to visit a nicer town near Malmö, just go for Lund. It’s a university city so full of retards but it’s a pretty town with a nice museum to do. The sea is not too far as well if you take the car.
Why would you go to the worst immigrant concrete ghetto in the country?

>hurr durr why would I avoid downtown Detroit? uurrrr

Thanks lads I'm going to Sweden S to N then cross to Norway N to S by train, and I'm indeed skipping all major cities. I'll start saving for food because I'm poor.

Leaf here, looking to travel to Europe this summer. Was gonna fly to the UK then take a connecting to Amsterdam, but I noticed their vax requirements call for your second jab to be within 270 days…

Are they strict with checking your proof of vax there? Is Klaus Shuabs influence just too op
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EU traveller here. No they are not strict, at all. It’s usually the airline that checks. Nobody gives a shit about the meme flu in Europe except one or two retarded countries. All of the few requirements are just some administrative bullshit that even the copa don’t want to bother anymore. So it’s usually the airline that checks.

Like the other anon said, fly to another restriction-free country. Basically all Scandinavian countries (including Norway and Iceland), Ireland, Hungary, and possibly another one or two I missed.

Now that you mention it, you said it’s a connecting flight to the UK. Why not just take a direct flight to the UK? The UK has zero restriction regardless of the country.
And also usually, there’s no restriction if you’re in a transit, iirc.
Most EU countries to the East of Germany/Austria/Italy are over the pandemic, you can use any of them to get into the EU without additional bureaucracy, see the Kayak map.
flew to france from uk recently
didnt fit in their definition of vaxxed so the rules asked for a lateral flow negative result
no one checked any vax status on either side of the border, so i paid for a home testing kit that no one checked.
Fly to somewhere like Ireland, then say you want to go to Italy, you have to get a rapid antigen test that's valid for 24 hours gives you a digital certificate
Thanks all. We did it Reddit!

Me and my other male mate have booked up to head here in February for ten nights. Whats the weather usually like? What are some must visit places? What should we be wary of?
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>Bangkok scares me a bit off due to the mass coomers. I bet the hotels there are all shit overpriced
Completely wrong on both counts. Bangkok is a big city and the coomers stay in their containment zone for the most part, and hotels are good value because they're very overbuilt.
>Is SR like Hanoi?
Only in that the streets are dusty and dirty in both, but other than that they're very different places.
File: 1652967989269.jpg (76 KB, 1024x646)
76 KB
I'm currently in Patayya. That is (no joke) the average girl you will see here. I wouldn't bang them even if I was drunk. On walking street I saw only two local girls I would even consider being with. Of the two i saw one was a 9/10 and the other a 7/10, unfortunately they both already had customers so I couldn't really do anything. The expats I talked with here told me it used to be a lot better before but being the boomer expats that they are they might just be remembering Patayya through nostalgia goggles. Of the hundreds of women I saw here 90% I wouldn't fuck even if I was drunk. The standards on this board for women is pathetically low. The guy who boasted about fucking the fat filipina goblin is proof of that.
Pic unrelated.
I haven't been back since pre-covid but just from the pictures the girls look super sub-par. I hear most of them went back to the village and never came back.
So Bangkok sounds like a better option at this moment then?

This energy is growing everywhere in the USA.

Including New York and Los Angeles. The NPC era is over. The truth is, everyone is a god and infinite multiverses of their own unique love. The best way to explain it is in the USA in 2022 people are so non-conformist and self expressive that it’s Halloween every day always and forever. The spirit world is one with the earth.

Go have fun. All boarders are opening!
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y r u geh?
I want to breed that guy on the left.
I fucking hate the way you talk and I hope either WWIII begins or space travel starts so I don't have to put up with your narcissism.
File: polish_girl.webm (2.05 MB, 576x1024)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB WEBM
I love cute femboy traps so much. Where in the US can you find a lot of them?

Anywhere in the northeast?
i like your attitude friend, you'd be fun to roadtrip/mushroom trip with

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this is the post
The Americas have a long way to go until they actually safe for tourists.

Reminder these countries were literally slave mega-corporations. I'm talk pure capitalism of enslaving other humans. Almost always based on the color of your skin. This has rotted the absolute shit out of the citizens brains. You can not live in such a violent culture and not cause generational brain rot.

Maybe in 300 years after these countries racemix more and become more one-faced and create history that doesn't involve slavery and more so become more used to having modern technology are they going to be actually places with wealth and happiness.

And yes I include the US in this. US is the exact same but they got rich from WW2 and are uninvadable.
You can still walk around the US at night if you're white and have your phone out in public. What makes SA dangerous is that you may become a target for the thugs just because you stand out as a tourist. Professionals will track you down to your hotel too.
>just give up all your luxuries and dont go anywhere unsafe and do a 3 year gym program to get shredded and then maybe you'll be safe in latam

Id rather be a fat degenerate coomer in SEA
It's pretty easy to bag MILFs wherever you go. They're grateful for the attention and are usually the best in bed.

File: images(19).jpg (5 KB, 208x242)
5 KB
Wanted to ask where the best places for a mid 30 guy and mid 20s gf. We'd like to bang some girls in 3ways and wanted advice/suggestions.
>18 and up, and honestly even 18 is too young for me. I'm not into kids and don't want to hear about it.
>I'd prefer girls who aren't being forced into threesomes. Paying an economically disadvantaged girl to hang out is one thing, banging a sex slave is a turn off.
>countries with other stuff to do would be preferred. I want to travel for more than just sex
>the protocol for that country also appreciated kind of like there being a way to deal with bar girls or what is unacceptable in some countries
I'm in the same situation, Tinder sucks for this kind of shit.
File: Mematic_20220521_124550.jpg (836 KB, 1429x1801)
836 KB
836 KB JPG
Following, I'm in the same situation. I'm 27, girlfriend is 26. We tried Tinder briefly with no luck but I don't know how else to try.
anywhere with hostels and loose backpacker women, so basically anywhere. not like this is just going to be super easy, but i suppose if you're charming and good looking (as is your woman) its within the realm of possibility.

but I want you stop and think about your question. there's no country on earth where the culture is for women to be enthused about being a unicorn for you and your western gf. do you realize what a stupid fucking preposterous notion that is? there is no "best place" for this and the fact you think there is means you and your probably-non-existant-gf are way too fat/autistic/slovenly/american/etc. to make these threesomes an attractive idea for any woman (even prostitutes).

Every time I interact with American tourists or travel to the US, 90% of the interactions I have with these people end in an argument is some other unpleasant experience. They seem to get really upset if you say something either a.) they don't agree with or b.) they don't understand. While other cultures have people that just brush these things off and turn the other cheek, Americans seem to be extremely vengeful and emotional, wishing bad things on people that they, again, either don't agree with or don't understand. Most of the time it's annoying but sometimes it gets scary (during my last trip, some black guy started mumbling profanities at me because I was speaking another language to someone).

I do not notice this behavior with other cultures. Americans are the only ones who do this.

Has anyone else here had a similar experience with Americans? Is it something to do with their notoriously bad parenting/schooling or is it more of a medical illness? Is it safe to safe that most Americans have ASPD?
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Are Americans even human?
wtf are you on about europeans living sheltered subsidized lives? what not having to calculate your taxes as a worker and instead vaing the employer paying directly to the state or what are you talking about? most people are poor asf and live hard lives. maybe the brats you met a party in a tourist trap are like that but the majority of people live normal lives. i guess it helps that theres not schizoid gun nut around the corner who will shoot you for no reason
excellent example of what that guy was saying
to be fair they're not allowed to name the jew there. calling them americans is actually kind of clever
It's doubtful.

File: caption.jpg (107 KB, 700x465)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Going to Athens for 7 days with the wife (Birthday Present)
We will be doing all the usual touristy shite, but im really looking forward to the food in Greece.

Ay favourite eateries or restaurants? I might end up eating Gyros for 7 days straight
11 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
The fuck are you talking about? Certain shitty areas I noticed had Indians/Pakis around, but SIGNIFICANTLY less than ANY major Western European city that I've ever been to. Plus what you said about the acropolis is a straight lie lmao, you just buy the ticket and head straight in.

Don't care.

Bro, I'm from a shit part of London and I know a sketchy area where I'm in legitimate danger when I see one. Been to them all over Europe. Stayed in the Northern part of the city centre of Athens. Walked around from 11pm - 4am probably three of 4 times, iPhone 13 in hand, hundreds of Euros in my pockets, I never once even came across a single person that gave me a bad/aggressive/weird/sketchy vibe. Not even once. Walked around the dreaded Omonia square, again 2-3am and grabbed souvlaki, saw a few niggers shooting up but I've seen that in every major European city. I didn't even have anyone ask me for change/money whilst I was there.

Either it's two things. Either you're just a complete fucking pussy that's scared at seeing someone that looks slightly rough OR I'm just extremely lucky and just happened to never come across a single dangerous situation despite walking around these supposedly dangerous areas at the most dangerous times. Yeah, first one sounds most likely.
For having an opinion? Fuck off. I love Greece but Athens is the worst city in that country and that's even according to other Greeks.

>Hes from Londistan
No wonder your perspectives are skewed. Also the thing about the acropolis is true, or at least it was when I visited. Maybe things have gotten better since then but I wasn't even allowed to visit other open air ruins without being asked to show vaccine paperwork. They wouldn't even accept my PCR test from a few days before. Luckily for me I was mostly traveling in the countryside and visiting site where they didn't bother with any of that.
Misafir is a great restaurant. Pretty much all you can eat, drink and shisha for 6 people and it was only €250.
for romantic dinner with a view go to the top of Lycabettus hill (there is a cable car you can take)

also I really enjoyed the art museum
i also had a great time in Athens both times i visited, really fun nightlife (randomly met a few British fighter pilots and went to a club where there were some models from a Miss Universe style pageant there) and i just enjoyed walking around the different parks and city squares and whatnot. even at 1am there were old men sitting around playing backgammon and cafes open and people playing guitars. it just seemed very alive.

i know in recent years it's had more problems with addiction and crime (this was back in 2008 and 2010 when i visited so pre-refugee crisis) but i imagine some of the beautiful things are still the same. one of my best travel experiences was meeting a group of greek hippies right underneath the acropolis and smoking joints and walking around, i still keep in touch with a few of them online

>When will Japan open to tourists again?
>Ok, but seriously, when will Japan be open to tourists?
Probably sooner.
>Japanese news
>News by gaijin for gaijin

>How do I travel by public transportation?
Use Google Maps within cities, install the Hyperdia or Jorudan app for intercity travel
>Dude, what should I see in ________?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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This is your mind on Anglo culture.
Shut the fuck up motherfucker I will talk about masks as much as I want and there‘s nothing you can do about it except bitch and whine like a baby. Boo fucking hoo go choke on a dick faggot.
>Can chu hi and other drinks over ~14% alcohol have been banned for the last 2 years sadly, still a lot of drinks at 9%
Just get whiskey/whatever and cola/whatever like normal people do. Or go to a bar.
Would graduating from language school and passing N2, maybe N1, help with getting a corporate career? I’m not a programmer, don’t really want to learn to code.
What else beyond a pulse and Japanese language skills would you bring to the table?

File: bhutan.jpg (198 KB, 1139x846)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Wish I could live in Bhutan bros. I would join a monastery and disappear into Buddhism.
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>asking this on a bhutanese fingerpuppet IRC
just disappear in a thai monastery or laos or burma, cambodia
File: 1640946554435.png (84 KB, 1128x394)
84 KB
Someone already did it. He got arrested.
well yea if you're waving money around and taking chartered busses like a tourist.. *rolls eyes*
go to Laos (Luang Prabang has lots of temples) instead. if you're serious, you can stay in a temple for a few days or even weeks as kind of an appetizer. Vietnamese temples also let you do this. you just have to adhere to the schedule where you wake up early, spend time in meditation, and do some work around the temple like chopping veg or cleaning the floors. i did this twice for a few days each time, once in a temple outside Phan Thiet vietnam and another time in Luang Prabang. comfy desu

/trv/ bros I need help picking an all inclusive place in Aruba. I've never been and I have never stayed at an all inclusive resort.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I don't have a budget I'm worried about. I want to know what is the best bang for the buck and which resorts to avoid and which are diamonds
No one who uses the term "bang for your buck" also doesn't have a budget.
But if you literally don't care about price just go stay at the best rated on TripAdvisor
You clearly don't have any money. Just cause someone has money doesn't mean that want to blow it irresponsibly. If you don't know anything about Aruba, and you don't know anything about what to look for in an all inclusive stay then don't comment. I didn't ask how to book a trip. I asked for opinions on resorts. You are literally wasting your breath shits crazy.
Not even him but you do obviously have a budget you delusional poorfag, you're no oligarch with your bang for your buck question and worrying about responsible spending. You're not getting any satisfying answers until you work out what your limit is, otherwise it's an endless game of "yeah I don't think golden water taps are worth the 20 grand, can we have something less perfect?"
He already told you. If you don't have a budget then go to the one with the highest rating on tripadvisor. Why are you being so purposely dense? Do you enjoy arguing with random people on the internet?

File: Knossos.jpg (2.37 MB, 3456x2592)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB JPG
Hello /trv/ I am going to Greece for 13 days in July and I'm trying to decide which island to visit. I want to party but I'm also interested in history so I feel torn between Mykonos and Crete. I was also wondering if taking a ferry instead of a plane is worth it. I know a ferry would waste some time but it seems like it might be a cool way to meet people. Any recommendations on restaurants, how long to spend in Athens, and which historical sites (Delphi, Epidaurus, Mycanae, Olympia, Mystra, Corinth) are most worthy of a daytrip from Athens are also appreciated. I was thinking of maybe staying in Napflion to daytrip to different areas of the Peloponnese.
Go to Mykonos for partying and hooking up
You can fill the whole 13 days on crete alone, so you might havetoo much to do if you are the "completionist" type. Nicest/most historic towns in Crete are Rethymno and Chania imo, Heraklion is a basic big modern city not worth your time.

File: 1621110856154.jpg (78 KB, 468x600)
78 KB
Howdy /trv/.
European here who never got a driver's license. Can I simply get a driving test anywhere in the EU, or only in a country where I have an address? Further, can this license then be used all throughout the EU for any car?
Thank you for any input and have a grand day!
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>I am currently living outside of the EU and plan to return soon
Can't you take the test and get the license at your current place of residence and then convert it?
Ch-chzecked! Thank you anon, this is grand information. Any idea if I could take a driving test and receive the license without an address?
Also for >>2245464
I am currently living in Australia, where one drives on the other side of the road like in the UK, and I was thinking it'd be much easier to do it on EU style roads, but would live in Scandinavia, where I just assume costs for licenses would be higher? Maybe I am overthinking it, but if I could do it cheaply and with less bureaucrazy somewhere south like Greece or Albania, that would be groovy.
Don't just look at the price of the exam, consider also the cost of any required driving lessons and most of all, the pass rate. These vary wildly in the EU. Some countries have turned repeat exams into a business, others let pretty much anyone walk away with a license.
checked, nice digits
Do you know where it might be easiest to attain a cheap license for an anon who drives well as a learner but might need a driving test?
Related to OPs question but I wonder what EU country has the easiest driving test I'm guessing somewhere like Croatia or Spain or something I know some eastern euro countries have intense workshop type things that are easy to fail

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