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Ok /trv/, I'm in a crossroad: I'm currently doing an exchange in Sevilla and at the end of April I'll make a trip to Ibiza. At the end of the trip I'll be left in Valencia with 7 days off. I already know Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid (although I don't know the outskirts - namely Segovia, El Escorial and Valle de los Calidos). One of my plans is to know Zaragoza for around 3 days and staying in Madrid for the outskirts (and maybe bang a Russian hooker bigger than me like I did my last time) for the rest of my journey. The other path is to go to Murcia and/or Cartagena for 2 days, than Granada for another 2 days and than Cordoba for 3 days. Which path would you choose?
I also accept suggestions from the cities.gif guy

File: y.png (61 KB, 780x422)
61 KB
Is China done for as an expat destination?

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File: 1678564822081327.jpg (476 KB, 1237x1635)
476 KB
476 KB JPG
report by british firm
>go to foreign country
>complain and bitch about a different culture and political system
>shown the door
If only we did that here in the states
File: 20210623_202554.jpg (999 KB, 2208x2756)
999 KB
999 KB JPG
>move to a foreign land
>demand they change for you
there is rarely smoke without fire in china. someone being awoken by the police in the middle of the night is already on their radar and has triggered a levelling up of their situation. no one gets hassled for shit talking a few times. being a constant pain in ass of someone gets your door banged on.
people bring on their own escalation of hassle. chinese police will try as hard as they can to not get involved and do nothing because they don't want the bureaucracy of escalating. this is the reality of china: you can get away with a lot until you go too far and then you get fucked up.
>speaking out about gender rights and other social issues
sounds innocuous n purpose but no one knows what it involves.

The idea of going to Seattle is better than actually going? Why does it seem like there's a couple touristy things to do then just nothing? I can't think of many hidden gems either, it just kinda exists
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If you're driving Chuckanut Dr is nice. Bellingham is pretty chill. Seattle isn't a very good tourist city. Bruce Lee's grave is worth a visit if you're into that. Ballard Locks is popular. Kerry Hill gives you that iconic pic of downtown. Columbia Center has a nice view but it's not free.
it's a come and go city. There's really nothing of value there if you're staying long term. Most of the buildings are just empty from investors buying it all up and the druggfucks rule downtown.
can I beat the shit out of homeless people here and get away with it
not that I'd win, I'm sure I'd just die a little bitch either way
The best part about Seattle is actually leaving the city in your rental car
dubs confirm

So what do you do when you have a flight very early in the morning but the niggers at Beauvais airport refuse to open it for the night so that i can sleep there? Visit the nearby macdonals until the flight? Buy a lot of cheap 1 euro clothes and make a bum nest somewhere close? No way im paying 50 euro for an accomodation.
This is the poor scum killing /trv/

Entitled and cheap in the most unpleasant way possible
>So what do you do when you have a flight very early in the morning
I arrive very early
>Beauvais airport refuse to open it for the night so that i can sleep there?
I sleep somewhere else
> Visit the nearby macdonals until the flight?
Sure - if they arent open by the time I get there; I suppose I will have to wait nearby
>Buy a lot of cheap 1 euro clothes and make a bum nest somewhere close?
You're going to need 50 euro
>No way im paying 50 euro for an accomodation.
There’s a HotelF1 nearby with rooms for around €43.

Where are you coming from prior to your intended airport camping trip? Why not just stay there and leave very early/late the previous night?
He flies from "Paris" Beauvais, obviously he doesn't have that kind of money.
Ugh, I hate airports that lay claim to a city more than a hour away. But flying into “London” Gatwick myself on Friday, so I’m one to talk. But at least I’ve got a car coming for me.

To OP, I’m not sure I understand how attempting to sleep in an airport could ever seem like your best option. Sleeping in airports anywhere that isn’t at least close enough to designed for the purpose always sucks, even in well-serviced airports that don’t close at night. Are you flying into this airport, with a short overnight layover? Does the last cheapo 4 hour bus connection from Paris arrive eight hours before your check-in time? Are the relevant trains on strike, forcing you to walk there?

Your options if you won’t pay to sleep in a real bed are usually to stay up all night where you were before or get up early there. I have done just a couple of all-night wanders before early flights, and once before a train, and will say that it’s hard to enjoy in most places, and perhaps impossible to enjoy for free. Maybe you can befriend some local anarchists and sleep on the floor of their squat.

Can someone break down the cost of living in China, including rent, utilities, food etc.?
0 if you rent under a bridge in bumfuck nowhere and eat nothing.
You fucking idiot.
>Can someone break down the cost of living in the US, including rent, utilities, food etc.?
Country's too big so you have to specify a place you're interested in.

The data are crowdsourced by users do not perfectly reliable (I have found the housing prices to be the least accurate, usually skewing a bit low for where I’ve lived and checked), but close enough..
NTA but thanks for the link, the data checks out for the couple cities I looked at.
it all depends on where you are, how much you drink and what you do. you can live on $500 per month if you really had to & shared a terrible apartment or were in a small city.
you want a salary of $2000 per month after tax to even consider going anywhere in china.

File: aeropress.jpg (49 KB, 1032x668)
49 KB
Thoughts on traveling with an Aeropress? I really enjoy coffee. But I find that it is difficult to get good quality coffee sometimes while traveling. I was thinking of grabbing one of these and chucking it in my bag with a grinder. The only problem then is the milk I enjoy with it. Seems like it would be a hassle if moving place to place. But maybe not so bad if I am staying some place for a minimum of couple days. Has a side issue of also needing boiling water.. Which typically isn't bad, most places have a way to get a small amount of hot water for it.

Am I thinking too much about this? While I appreciate the novelty of coffee shops, they can be expensive depending on the place and in Asia extremely hit or miss. Not really needed in places like Colombia where everyone has a fucking espresso bar.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
This seems a reasonable, if coffee-nerd-autistic, thing to do if you’re planning on doing other self-catering things and staying in places with at least minimal kitchen facilities. The grinder seems like it will be more of a hassle than the aero press, depending on where you’re going—if you mean an electric grinder of some sort, there are plug adapters to be considered at the very least, possibly voltage adapters, etc. The burr grinder I use isn’t portable at all, and the smaller one I used before that is still the size and weight of a midsized bottle or can. As you’re already going to have to be at least somewhat flexible when it comes to the beans, having the roaster or whoever grind them for you to store doesn’t seem like it would make the final product undrinkable. You could buy just a small quantity at a time, keep the grounds sealed in something light-fast and airtight.

I dunno. I wouldn’t bother personally, because while I also love good coffee I’m happy to accept variation while on the road, and I can settle for something not as good as I could make myself. But I worked in specialty coffee for a little while, and have known many, many people with exceedingly exacting standards (I have one true coffee-snob friend and former colleague who actually roasts his own micro-batches daily, to say nothing of grinding immediately before brewing), so if you think this is what you need to do to get the cup you want, you might as well.
Yeah it's excessive. If you want a good enough coffee abroad just get a moka pot and decent ground coffee, works on any stovetop and if you get a pan to heat milk, there you go.
You ahould be fine with any instant coffee.
Milk powder?
Seems heavy, but there should be some light weight ones around with plastic case
Changed a lot the last 5 years, for the better. Just coming back from there with a few k of coffee
Sure, pack it in your bag right between your dilator and dildo and bon voyage faggot.
>and some filters.
i have a metal filter which you just rinse.
i have had my aeropress in my suitcase for years, but the reality is that i mostly drink either ground coffee from bought from starbucks or some ground from a supermarket.
lived in airbnbs for a few years while moving around and i could find milk easily in most of asia.

How do you traveler fags cope with moving to a new area
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1632850883313.jpg (320 KB, 720x700)
320 KB
320 KB JPG
>Peak satisfaction at 23, not being married and having a kid

I mean I guess graduating from college and working an entry level was decent but jeez.
For most men (and probably most modern women), peak satisfaction is indeed moving out on your own, getting your first real paycheck, and having money to do enjoyable adult things. And when you're at your first job, all you can see (and others see in you) is potential. The reality of life and the world is still some years away.
>How do you traveler fags cope with moving to a new area
It's one way to renew the feeling of being 23 again, even when you're twice that age.
only for ambitionless plebs, which yeah probably is the average
i did tons of recreational drugs and get the most pussy in my life. I guess I am doing everything right minus never having kids
Very easily. You fly there before you move and check out the area to see if you initially enjoy it or not. If you decide to move there, then after moving you want to integrate yourself somewhere socially, become a regular at places and meet the people who work there because they'll do you favors and help build social connections. Do the same with people you work with, build a circle quickly from repeat exposure and employment until you've managed to acquaint yourself with a good amount of people. Invite them to join you on shit you do for the first time, such as local hiking spots, sports or literally anything else you enjoy doing. It's that easy.

The only thing I've had to cope about was my location in the midwest. Economically it's great for everything except flights, they're pricier and they take longer which I fucking hate, but the rest is pretty good.

tl;dr: be social instead of being a loser shut in and you'll be fine

File: Europe-map-2021.jpg (382 KB, 1224x1187)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
Any suggestions for seasonal summer work in EU? I've been finding a few places here and there in Norway and Ireland, but I am wondering if you can suggest anything cool. Pretty much down for anything as long as it pays at least some decent money.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
i knew a 40yo boomer english guy who claimed when he was 20 or whatever in Chioggia italy he got a gig doing like kayak tours
>decent money
not possible. that the thing with seasonal summer work.

however, if you're looking to get some fun and summer sun, just go to spain or italy (although spain in the touristy parts is more lively ) and just ask around for a job. if you're doing all sorts of schemes such as selling iced water and sodas on the beach you are guaranteed to make some money as well.

literally just go to barcelona and ask around the restaurants if they need any help with the kitchen or are in need of servers. go to boat hire places and do the same, ask if they need any guys. sooner rather than later you're going to get hired and possibly get a place to stay and a meal or 2 a day.

tho you might get hoaxed out of work and receive no or little money without a contract. another option would be to contact workforce placement firms and ask around, but you'll mainly get hospitality low tier jobs (obviously)
Norwegian slave labor gets paid 4k a month.
It sounds like you've never actually worked anywhere. You can't just show up in Italy or Spain without speaking the language, unless you're going to be a barman at a very touristic location and serve Deanos all day. People won't hire you if you don't have language skills, besides it isn't really seasonal as you can do that anytime, anywhere.
oh definitely you need language skills, but italian and spanish are among the easiest languages to learn. also, you're overblowing the "entry requirements".

you can totally get by with 20 basic conversational phrases that you will repeat. basic words for greeting poeple, harassing girls and ordering or serving beer.

anything more than that you'll catch on or improvise

File: travelers-diarrhea.jpg (33 KB, 390x250)
33 KB
Do you get the shits while travelling? What do you do about it? I've had mild diarrhea for a week and am thinking about if it's worth seeking medical attention or taking antibiotics.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
are you confident in what youre eating is not giving you hte shits (i dont mean through infection, i mean eating cheese drinking beer etc)
Thank you


I'm not drinking alcohol,
I had bad shits a week ago from a very cheesy pizza but I think that went away, though I've had mild shits since then. I've been suspecting the local water and/or hygeine standards
>Do you get the shits while traveling?
Almost never, and I have never been that cautious. Eaten a lot of Asian and Latin American street food, thousands of individual meals over a lot of years, and have had what might have been food-borne illness just twice. In both cases it was a lot worse than just the shits, though—it was the shits with a prelude of projectile vomiting, putting me completely out of service for a couple of days.

I’m more likely to spend at least the first few days of most of my trips constipated; I think of it as jet lag of the bowels.

>What do?
I have in the past carried Ciproflaxacin, AKA Cipro, which is maybe the best antibiotic for most bugs that give one the shits, and I’ve carried Imodium-style diarrhea meds before, but I’ve never actually used them. If the diarrhea is really bad and doesn’t go away for a week or more it’s worth considering cipro, but I am leery of antibiotic overuse or misuse, and it’s possible that gastroenteritis symptoms come from non-microbe sources too, in which case antibiotics won’t help anyway. Hydrate like crazy and take it easy. If you do take antibiotics, take the whole course prescribed, even if you feel better before you finish the pills. People stopping halfway through is one of the ways we wind up with superbugs and antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
seems like everytime I get to the airport I have to shit. A lot of times the toilet stalls in the delta lounges are full. At ATL terminal T, if you take the elevator up to the delta lounge but walk strait by the entrance, take a left then right you get to the main service hallway above the terminal. To the left is an employee bathroom thats always clean and empty. Has saved my ass a few times.
yeah for a week I had it, it sucked. just dealt with it, but now plan for any future trip to bring meds just in case

File: 1656891223314.jpg (216 KB, 1320x880)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
>single man in his mid 20s travels to Thailand
your reaction?
167 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
mhmmm, of course you're not
Shit bro I love paying for models to have sex with me, zero shame here
There's nothing to be ashamed of, but ignorant people will still attack us.
Dude, bargirls are no different than strippers. It’s the exact same personality type. It’s not like you go to a gogo bar and there’s a bunch of meek shy girls getting manhandled by gross men. It’s slutty girls laughing and smacking each other’s asses. When I went to nana plaza last year I saw the same girl three nights in a row. On the last night I bought some lady drinks for her friend and her friend was laughing at me and making fun of me saying the girl I fucked told her I was a pussy in bed and I need to smack her around more.

Stop talking about shit you know nothing about and accusing random men of being borderline sexual predators. Fucking judgemental retards like you are why I desperately want out of this shithole known as the west. You have all of these preconceived notions about what something is like and you use that to virtue signal.
correct takes

Bought my tickets to fly out in July, need help on shit to do/see. Not a huge anime nerd or anything though but I do like it, cars and plants are more of my style. Also what's the urbex scene out there? I love roof tops, trespassing and urban or suburban camping. Also is $100 a day reasonable if I'm cheap?
Bump , I’m going to Japan for 3 weeks in June and July and would like to see what people say to you

Teaching English abroad general

Thought I should bring this back
89 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
I’m planning on getting the CELTA before applying for JET
Are you trolling? The purpose of JET is to bring barely skilled but enthusiastic and friendly newbies into areas of Japan that have trouble attracting and keeping teachers. With a CELTA, you can find a better job and pick your location, even if you have no experience. Not to mention, if you list you have a CELTA on your JET application, you're almost sure to get rejected. They usually reject overqualified applicants. You'd fight an uphill battle to convince them you won't cut and run after getting posted to a small town and spending half your days commuting to different schools.
Is 30 too old? I basically just need something to do for a year while I wait for the next cycle of graduate school admissions.
It's weird to me that this question is asked all the time.
>is xx age to old to have a job?
NO. ESL isn't some special bullshit. It's just a job. You don't have to love teaching, most people don't love their jobs. It's a means to an end.
Huh, okay then.

What should I do then? Because I was thinking a CELTA would help me get into JET more.

Where should I look for jobs if I get the CELTA then. I’m very worried for following into something that’s scammy.

File: iStock-472209533.jpg (277 KB, 1258x833)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
What's the best Canadian city to travel too in the summer?
25 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.

>Indian wearing a shirt with Chinese lettering

I could have sworn it was Hongcouver until I read the filename
niagara falls
only valid place
Haven't been to Thompson despite living in Manitoba for five years, but from what friends and family can tell me it is a prime contestant for "biggest shithole in Canada"

I missed you, creampie poojeet. Tell us a story
halifax. it's nice to be on the water in the summer.

File: WagonTrain.jpg (30 KB, 450x206)
30 KB
Alright. I propose two nomadic routes if you are an American. There is the obvious SoCal to Washington route so I will not mention it.

We have Hawaii to Alaska, your working season will be in Alaska as long as you can tolerate the weather, you then boat or fly back to Hawaii while you work on one of the islands and wait for the next season towards Alaska.

Then we have South Florida to Kentucky to Upper Peninsula. This is a four season route, 2-4 months in each area depending on weather and work prospects. This is much more do-able, much easier, but less "hardcore" than the other nomadic option. The "Kentucky" option could be any of the more central/appalachian areas, they are very very pleasant in spring and fall.

Of course there's endless routes assuming you don't care about weather, these two routes allow for conditions tolerable enough that you could simply camp or sleep in a vehicle and save money on rent.

What are the pros and cons of living in Florida?
66 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
I can't wait for 2004 2.0... One or three need to hit Miami, one in Tampa and one needs to Charley across the state and drown everyone in Orlando.
I live in Tampa, I accept the risk, I'm ready
Fuck no I'm not. My insurance premiums are at an all time high and I've lived here for almost 20 years. You fucking niggers need to stop wanting more hurricanes to hit because it's obvious you own no property
File: 1679609266819436.jpg (611 KB, 1080x1660)
611 KB
611 KB JPG
Florida is a failed state and Ron Desanctimonious is a total loser.
Great travel advice Jared
Your syphilitic game show host will never be president again

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