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File: 227.png (504 KB, 680x468)
504 KB
504 KB PNG
19 year old incel virgin here. Also a 2nd year uni student who translates Japanese porn into English to pay the bills.

When the pandemic ends my plan is to go to some major Japanese city and just use HelloTalk, Tinder, etc. to find Japanese people to meet up and do things with (especially women), and I want to do that as much as possible within those 3 months, thoroughly embarrassing myself in the process, hoping that I'll make some friends and interesting memories out of it, develop my character, improve my Japanese, and maybe even have some sexual success with Japanese women while I'm at it (what with me being a somewhat exotic and interesting person in Japan as a westerner who knows Japanese to a fairly high degree). If I don't end up having the sex by the end of my trip, I guess I'll end up going to Tobita Shinchi and fucking a prostitute anyway so it's not really that big of a deal.

I have 5 figures in savings. So money shouldn't be too big of a problem for me, but at the same time I want to penny pinch as much as possible simply because I like being frugal. With all that in mind, what city should I stay in for the best experience, what are my cheapest options for accomodation (assuming that I don't mind staying in hostel dorms, etc.), and what are some other things I should do to have the best possible experience while I'm there.

I'm sure there are some jaded expats here who have something insightful to say about the subject.
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Get a load of this manlet. 9'11" is the manlet cutoff in any developed country.
>19 year old incel virgin here
Same, expect I have no job and live in my bedroom 24/7, wow isn't like great
>19 year old incel virgin here
>want to go to japan
>use tinder
you sound like me 4 years ago, guess what?
nothing happened
>Angloid slags

No, the incel wasn't a joke. No normal person speaks like that Anon. I'm really not joking here; the way you speak marks you as an arrogant white boy who's convinced himself that speaking some broken ass Japanese elevates him to a level that his other flaws are covered.

Even if you do speak it fluently, and without a certificate from a reputable organisation saying you do then assume you don't, I need you to understand that your ego is bigger than it should be. You are not special because you speak another language. Be kinder to people, and you'll probably have significantly better success with women. Take a second and try to exercise some empathy, and it'll get you really far.

For example, imagine if you called a person you were speaking to an "Angloid slag". Do you think it would hurt their feelings and make them upset? If so, then you shouldn't say it. If you practise using empathy and kindness as a skill, you'll notice people like you more. And right about now you've probably checked out of reading this comment, which is really unfortunate, considering that empathy and kindness are two huge values that are important to Japanese people. When you get over there and you struggle, you'll see what I mean. I hope you still enjoy yourself.
lol thats still manlet tier
where im from its 12"

I used to be a huge airbnb fan. Super cheap stays in the middle of downtown areas or massive cabins in the mountains for little as well.

Now, I go on and my would've-been $85 condo in Atlanta turns to $211 at the checkout for bullshit "cleaning fees." Not to mention the parking situation is always a nightmare, the owners' communication is a toss up, the place can be completely unlike the photos and description, and AirBnB couldn't give a fuck.

Booked a hotel for $150 in the same area.

What happened?
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>Uber and Airbnb suck now

They went public and have to turn a profit now. Gone are the days of unlimited VC cash subsidizing our trips and stays. Now they have tp pass those costs to us and satisfy Wall Street.

They went from socialism (subsidies) to capitalism (pay out of pocket)
I don’t find the prices at all competitive in the US (I just came back from paying out the fucking ass for an Airbnb in San Francisco), but for multiple bedrooms plus kitchens plus laundry facilities Airbnb is still my go-to when traveling, because I usually travel with my wife and two kids and insist on this stuff most of the time. We use it all over Europe, and have had very few bad experiences.

If I were traveling alone, I would use hotels. But traveling with my family, I find hotels rarely cut it if we’re staying more than a night or two maximum.
>They went from socialism (subsidies)
It’s not socialism if it’s a bunch of guys on Sand Hill Road passing out the subsidies as an investment in their future profits, rather than the government, it’s… Not sure what. Maybe feudalism.
wtf, really?
Ausfag here who is white and gets ubers semi regularly. It's a scam. The uber driver can't see how far the trip is until the trip is actually accepted. So if it's a short trip, they'll either cancel and eat the fees, or try to convince you to cancel so they get to keep 10% of your fee. It's the same as cabbies who reject short trips; they don't make much money off it so they figure it's not worth their time.

I've once literally been in a 10 minute conversation through the app's messenger with a driver trying to convince me that his phone had broken, and that I needed to cancel the trip asap so I didn't get charged. I told him (politely at first and then literally) to go to hell, and in the end he had to cancel the trip after 10 minutes, which hurts their rating a lot. Plus I reported the cunt for trying to scam me. The worst part is, if I'd been in a rush that day, I probably would have had to cancel just to get to wherever I'm going on time.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that uber is shit, a lot of drivers are literally just ex cabbies who jumped ship to the new big thing, and they're still trying to make all their old tricks work.

After multiple years of working soulless office jobs and losing any sense of fulfillment, I’ve strongly considered doing seasonal gigs for different locations around the US.

Do any anons have any experience or are currently doing this? I’ve done summer camp gigs in the past but am considering doing other temp jobs like state/nat’l park gigs, ski resorts, hotels/hostels, and ranches. Bonus for free room and board.

I’m aware that the jobs aren’t paying top tier, but I’m stingy with my money anyways and have a healthy 60 grand saved with no debt in case shit hits the fan.
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bro did you even read what I said? I didn't say get an office job faggot. Just don't pick a retarded job were you're doing nothing wasting years of your life. You can still be a helicopter mechanic or something that's not in an office environment and build a career/learn skills. You sound like a pussy so try and fix that before you enlist at least
I’ve heard about hurricane relief jobs out there, particularly in the Carolinas. Mostly cleaning up shit like debris but also re-roofing or repairing houses
I was going to bother replying but you’re clearly a retard and can’t follow what we were talking about so it would be a waste of time.
Any tips for getting Jon to seasonal logging work in Canada? I’m a burger and realize there’s probably visa fuckery involved
into* not Jon
Guess I’ll kill myself for being a phonefag

Who has been and how did you like it? Always seemed like an interesting place and I was thinking of checking it out for a week or two.
What are some non obvious things to see or do? Is it safe? What parts to avoid? How are prices? How do they feel about Americans? Spanish level needed? How is the women and the tinder scene?
US embassy should be safe
File: 1627831200178.png (102 KB, 399x400)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
sorry I've never been
File: 1627316705174.jpg (89 KB, 972x845)
89 KB
I liked it a lot. Probably the best city in the americas. Apart from that, when I was there (2019) there was this feeling that the place is booming. I am native spanish speaker so I didn't have any problem but I asume that with english you should be able to get around easily. Non obvious things to do for me are side trips in the areas around. I visited Tula, Teotihuacan, tepoztlan (not to be confused with tepotzotlan), Cuernavaca, Xochicalco, Taxco and Xochimilco. There are many more places around that I didn't have time to visit. Within the city I found cool the Roma hood, which is the hipster kinda place right now. There are many ruins within the city too; Templo Mayor, Tlatelolco, Tenayuca, Santa Cecilia Acatitlan, Piramide del Cerro de la Estrella
, Pirámide del cerro Mazatépetl
, Ruinas de la pirámide de Mixcóac
, and so on. The museum is simply amazing, definitely a must if you ask me. I didn't have time to visit the southern neighbourhoods like Coyoacan but I heard only good things about them

Im going to visit Cape Town this December.

Yes i know SA is dangerous, i live here, im used to it.

Im working with like 2-3 thousand ZAR max (200 USD). Planning on staying there maybe three weeks. What do? Hoping that theres some cheap hostel available where i can party with some European tourists. Like the sea. like nature, like history provided it isnt whining about apartheid related kak, cant be arsed about wine tasting and all that old auntie stuff.
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I live in SA but not in Cape Town.
What is that ugly thing?
I almost thought of not helping OP because his pic is too ugly but I didn't want to be mean. It is incredibly ugly though.

How is SA? Will I be safe as a white guy?
>How is SA? Will I be safe as a white guy?
Yes - unless you're an idiot with no street smarts that heads straight to Hillbrow and the like.
They dont call it "Baby's First African Country" for nothing.
*Babby's first

Has anyone gone here?
I’m planning to go for 2 weeks in mid January.
Is it safe?
Should I rent a car?
Honestly information on the web is so scare for this place so I’m not sure what to expect.
Also is it possible to live here as an American?
Just a thread to discuss American Samoa
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Where are you from that you needed a visa?
How different is American Samoa from Samoa?
Fucking Burgers

Go land grabs!

File: miami.jpg (547 KB, 1433x909)
547 KB
547 KB JPG
What are some things to do here?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Tons of great beaches and parks
Nice gardens
Great food
Interesting architecture
Should keep you entertained for a few days
Wynwood boating golf extra legal substances nightclubbing

Thats about it
Getting robbed
Get mugged by someone high on bathsalts

File: 1623202680094.jpg (487 KB, 1261x1920)
487 KB
487 KB JPG
Vancouver, Chicago, London, or Boston? Vancouver would have the advantage that it's cheaper.
16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Puerto Rican
Assyrian (5x as many Assyrians in Chicago than London)

Just off the top of my head. Your turn.
Vancouver has nice beaches, parks, mountains, trails etc. if you're into the whole nature vibe. Lots of cool walking paths, bike paths etc. But the social scene and city life? Dead
File: ccbuild.png (3.21 MB, 1000x1334)
3.21 MB
3.21 MB PNG
chicago has robust public transportation, you can get to anywhere within two-three bus or train rides and a bit of time
there's also plenty of ridesharing UBER and lyft shit
chicago also has plenty of good food, from the random hole in the wall mom and pop restaurants to the fancy three starred michelin shit (alinea is the go to for weirdo, molecular gastronomy inspired food experiences)
you can find lots in chicago, gothic stuff, deco, brutalist, all the hits
Chicago for price and interesting big city amenities. Downside is natural setting, weather, crime, and overall "mediocre" Midwestern vibe it has given off for the last 50 years or so
Vancouver for natural setting and weather. Downside is price, the people, and the actual city itself. Boring and soulless.
Boston is great for history, walkability, decent public transit, safe, educated populus. Downside is weather, the people, culture that gets a little stale quickly, not much to do compared to others, feels "provincial" especially compared to some other American cities like nyc, DC, Chicago, LA, SF, ect.
London has the culture, the people, the history, the excitement, the amenities, great public transit, safety(compared to American cities). Downside is price, weather, and people depending on your opinion
Best place for what? To visit or to live? Both depend primarily on your interests and preferences. To visit I would say London. To live I would say Vancouver, mostly because I would rule out the other places for being too cold.

File: english museum.webm (2.89 MB, 1280x720)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB WEBM
what are the best museums in england?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Go back to pol
Try telling them that their "ancestral land" is bronze age ahistorical fiction and that their real homeland is whatever place on earth they invaded palestine from
V&A museum
File: look at this dude.jpg (210 KB, 1200x848)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
The best museum, IMO, is the Pitt Rivers Collection in Oxford. It's literally just the storage rooms of the anthropology department, which is exactly why it's so fucking cluttered with random weird shit from every culture the empire could get its grubby hands on. They've got a hilariously outdated machine which forces a bunch of foreign religious idols to bow to you when you donate to the museum. It's great.
I also recommend the Wallace Collection in London, which has a healthy balance of cool weapons and armour as well as 18th century furniture imported from China and that kind of stuff. The Foundling Museum is great for an obscure bit of London history you wouldn't necessarily think about.
The V&A is definitely the best big museum IMO.
Literally the worst museum. It's so fucking dull, holy shit. Nothing but tanks and muskets and dreary khaki.
It's pretty cool. Like you said, it's literally just a bunch of weapons and armour. I love that shit but even I only went like three times, and I go to uni in Leeds.
>damn do you get cool colored kangz larping in british red coats in that museum too?
Obviously, it's the IMPERIAL war museum. Think about it for a single second, anon. There were a million fucking Poos in our Indian army alone. It's not like making a half black guy dress up in maille. If anything they focus too much on the English and Scottish soldiery.
t. Rakesh

File: 20210731_194116.jpg (3.47 MB, 4032x1908)
3.47 MB
3.47 MB JPG
Went to Hawaii. Every restaurant that isn't fine dining tastes like generic Asian food, but with the distinct flavor of grease in everything. Garlic shrimp appears to be popular here, but it's been like pure grease every time I've tried it. Meals don't come with vegetables aside from the green peas in your rice, but a lot of places will give you a side of macaroni salad. I guess it's supposed to count cuz it has the word salad in it. It's like all the Asian people here got together, homogenized their cuisine, and then decided it needed to be like 9X fattier. Some of their public restrooms have cool toilets with built in bidets.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Not OP but the Hawaiian car rental industry sold off too many vehicles during lockdown and is scrambling to try to have enough stock to serve people which is resulting in jacked up prices.
Japan literally gets all their food from America so I never understood the meme
>Not going to the Ile Maurice instead

There was no plate lunch place you liked? Mochiko chicken? Loco moco? Spam musubi from 7-11 with guava nectar to wash it down? Actual good, marinated poke instead of the bastardized shit they have on the mainland? Dried aku? li hing flavored candy? Goma ichi ramen? Mochi ice cream? Shave ice?

Nigger did you even try? Hawaii has some of the best comfort food. It's like the deep south but asia. It'll kill you but damn it's good.
Yeah but who the hell would pick Thailand over Hawai’i?

File: china africa conquest.png (1.83 MB, 1526x1685)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB PNG
Old thread is dead, long live the new thread.
158 replies and 31 images omitted. Click here to view.
hopefully when they lift this, they'll let a lot of people in
I'm dating a real cutie in the UK but she's meant to return to China in late september, do you think its likely she wont be able to return now?
File: cctv ban.png (37 KB, 1562x192)
37 KB
isn't that a good thing for you, due to bagina? Regardless, I don't think it'll last long. CCP already declared victory over covid so they can't report many new cases. If they can't report this, it's unlikely they'll keep up the ban for very long but the sources say it's both entry and exit ban for now.
Thats what i mean, i want her to stay longer.
What city are you both in? If she's in London I've probably fucked her already

File: 1608945731643.png (222 KB, 1275x1275)
222 KB
222 KB PNG
thinking about going to iran for a week or so, anyone else been there? had a few questions
>whats the food like?
>are the people friendly to tourists?
>what are the roads like, i plan to hire a car
>i dont speak any farsi or arabic, does the average iranian speak passable english or french?
>whats crime like do i need to be on my toes for muggers and shit?
38 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
This thread degenerated into hornyposting fast
No, you guys wont get easy pussy in Iran, just cause they are hit by sanctions and are "poor", first of all, the really poor people are the most conservative ones, so that angle of attack is useless.
Secondly, Iranians value social circles, status, family and culture a lot, they aren't just gonna fuck some random foreigner because he is cool and has money, some extremely liberal upper class Tehran sluts might, but they know more interesting people than some random low budget visitor from /trv/.
If you speak farsi and are of Iranian descent, have connections, friends and family there, but live in the west you will be able to slay, but not as some random visitor.
Not saying its impossible to get laid, its just going to be a lot more effort than most other countries.
First of all, practically all Iranians are poor right now due to good goy mutt sanctions.
Second of all, I heard differently.
Thanks for the (you), but I was asking about finding a wife that values family there, not railing some party slut
whats the best time in the year to visit iran? with nowruz or christmas?

File: map.jpg (74 KB, 639x438)
74 KB
I've done some international travel, but never really done much domestically. Pic related is all the states I've been to.

Looking to explore the western half of the USA. Where do you guys recommend?
11 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>whore mother drags you around from state to state while she works as a lot lizard blowing truckers for $5 a pop

So accomplished at the age of 2!
Arguably the worst state in the union.
Western half of the US? I'd have to recommend Hawaii, if you can afford to do it right.
Chicago is a great tourist town. Just dodge the gay nigger/soi shit and the bullets and you'll be fine.
So you’re just here to shit on peoples’ recommendations even though you gave zero criteria for what you want to see? Fuck off you stupid faggot.

The 37 year old waiter

>Has never heard of a fast pass in his life
>"115 minutes? Wow, that's a doozie!"
>Kids toes are bleeding; just fucking waits
>Doesn't even stop to get food or water, just goes to the next ride to wait
>Doesn't talk on the line, just waits
>Doesn't plan out the trip so he has to stand and wait 20 minutes to not miss the fireworks
>Waits till the very last moment to leave the park, has to wait an hour to get on the monorail
15 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
He says while consuming American media for the rest of his life
Non-argument. We are all subject to the world we live in. That doesn't mean it wasn't a mistake.
Imagine still being a waiter at 37
completely agree desu
You are pathetic.

File: Queenstown.jpg (106 KB, 800x600)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
is it over rated?
161 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
this is 2eur where I live (about 3.36NZD)
Lmao imagine unironically paying such ridiculous prices for locally grown produce. I don't even pay so much for local produce grown here in Hawaii
You're making Sweden seem cheap. Even a Norwegian would frown at those prices. Yes, I am aware it is NZ$. Is that a normal store?
And what is that, 50 grams of blueberries or are they just huge? Aren't you supposed to write that on the shelf? Don't you have any .... you know... laws?
t. rangitoto yank

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