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File: descarga.jpg (43 KB, 1200x675)
43 KB
In what city I could find the worst type of neighbors, in the sense of judgment or religious white people who are observing you every time you go outside? I had an experience like this growing up in dallas-fort worth suburbs
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If you know people who are getting murdered, you're a drug using spic or a nog. LA has 4 million people. The murder rate is 6 per 100,000 for 2022, which is exactly average in the US. Washington DC by comparison has a murder rate 10 times higher than LA at 50 per 100,000. St Louis is 60 per 100,000. How are they worse than LA? You have no idea what you're talking about. Stop hanging out with drug users and you won't have problems.
Stop simping for white whore tradcuck.
Billions must die
Naperville Ill. is the worst for this. It's not even close.

File: penang.png (185 KB, 850x508)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
Anyone here been to Penang Island?

I'm starting my next Thailand trip from Kuala Lumpur and then travelling up to Hat Yai, was thinking about spending a few days in Penang in between if it seems worthwhile.
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I enjoyed it. Traffic sucks ass and its a pain in the ass to walk around it but pleasant all the same. Make sure you check out Penang Hill and Kek Lok Si too.
And yes, the food is great, look up local places with good reputations - great stuff in shitty looking places.
LanGkawi better imo
We were there with my bro for a day and I think it was enough. We checked the steeet art, the fort, the park and the steeet food, then we advanced to singapore.
Thanks guys, think I'll at least check it out for a couple of days.

What's better about it?
I go there at the weekend sometimes. Really good food and nice architecture.

I’ve never had an Air Canada flight that wasn’t delayed or outright cancelled. What fuck is their problem?
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For what it's worth I've always had good luck with them taking 4-10 flights per year, but that seems to be an exception.

Anyone have much experience with Porter?
That's definitely a part of it.
That, and a lot of their seniors didn't bother coming back as the company was being cheap and didn't bump up their pay. It was only in the past year that everyone got a pay raise, but it was a day late and a dollar short. It works out better for me since I started out with better pay, but of course the company is paying more money for inferior employees.

They could've saved theirselves so much grief if they weren't so damn cheap.
It’s literally one of the worst airlines as far as hospitality goes. They’re utterly clueless on how to treat customers.

Delays aren't really a thing unless you:

1. Fly in retarded times of the year where everyone else is travelling, like july/august and christmas time.

2. It's a very long range flight like Japan or something.

Overall service is fine, food is nasty as usual but that's economy class in most airlines. Business class is okay but nothing crazy and usually insanely overpriced for what you get compared to other airlines.

But if you do get the line from Frankfurt to YUL/Toronto, every single passenger in the plane will be some fucking ngubu refugee from nigeria, syria or some other third world shithole. It's literally the flight for all the new immigrants with their selection papers to just come into Canada with zero english/french skills and no diplomas lol so the flights are always tedious due to people smelling like shit and behaving like monkeys.

File: mpv-shot0008.jpg (289 KB, 1920x1080)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
>no credit card companies tracking you
>low slut tolerance
>you have to pay bills
>government websites don't use the latest javascript bloat
>people buy from local businesses
>no clothes for her fatass boyfriend
>not enough m3gabyt3z to stream muh netflix
>iphones and playstations are expensive (food is cheap, but not nearly as important)
>sometimes you see a can on the ground
>and the ground isn't always even
>no vegan fast food
>they have a culture that isn't Australian culture
Guys, I thought I wanted to go to Uruguay, but it turns out that the country is literally so problematic. Where should we go instead?
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The vegan thing changed fast.
>be restaurant owner
>couple comes in, one gets a meat dish the other a vegan one
>cook beef, ingredients cost 600 pesos
>cook salad, ingredients cost 200 pesos even when trying to use fancy ingredients
>have them each pay 1000 pesos
Uruguay is also the most Western SA country and maybe has the most tourists per capita, so all that's somewhat popular nowadays.
hehe look at this country U r gay
moar liek "u r gay" amirite hahahahaha
your country is a shithole Joaquín. cope and cry about it
ur a gay op lmao

File: norway.jpg (79 KB, 507x338)
79 KB

Going to Stavanger, Norway in the end of April. Any good stuff to do? I will not be bringing any hiking gear, so I will not go to that rock hanging in between the mountains.

Anything cool to do in downtown Stavanger? I will stay for around a week, and hope to do some sightseeing and fun stuff.
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stavanger is a discount bergen.
If the conditions are good walk up Preikestolen
You don't need hiking gear to walk up preikestolen, I've seen people in suits and burqas do it
I though the Oil Museum was pretty interesting.
File: brainlets.gif (3.4 MB, 430x242)
3.4 MB
3.4 MB GIF
>going to Norway not for hiking
LMFAO what the fuck are you expecting?
it's a plastic nondescriptive small town, you can see it on Google Maps as well and tour it with Street View, the same experience but without the hassle and cost of going there
I can't believe people can be so retarded
My mate moved to Stavanger and he's the most boring bastard I know

File: 1 TEMPLATE.png (546 KB, 4972x2517)
546 KB
546 KB PNG
Post your travel maps in this thread. Pic related is the official /trv/ Real Traveler Map.

The point of this thread is to share a map displaying your travels. This map is a suggested tool for us to do so, finetuned to what a good travel map could look like. This map is a group effort by our board, and we can only improve it if people reach out to share suggestions or corrections.
People can use the map how they want to, we will not tell anyone how they should colour their map. The colours are more like suggestions, you don't have to use them, and you don't have to use all of them. When and how you use them is up to your interpretation only. You can change the map as much as you want in any way you want. Don't like this map? Upload a completely different one. Up to you. Feel free to write additional information in your post.
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File: treeofcunts.png (476 KB, 4972x2517)
476 KB
476 KB PNG
Why did you live in China
File: SupremeAutismMap.png (566 KB, 4972x2517)
566 KB
566 KB PNG
Only changes from last time:
>moved from India to the U.S. (temporary in the South, moving to New England in the coming months)
>currently on a road-trip to visit family, will visit New England and the Northeast later this week

>planning to visit El Salvador by the end of the summer, want to do Belize and Panama n the next ~year so I can cap off continental North America
>also hoping my wife and I can visit either Europe or Japan in the winter, but depends on our savings and if she can get a visa (she's in the U.S. now but is from a developing country)

Also, inb4:
>taking the bus doesn't count!
I lived in Turkey for a year, which is why the country is largely green--I took the bus all around, and rented a car to explore different off-the-grid destinations. I also hitchhiked through the Balkans when I was 20.
File: travelmapa.png (752 KB, 4972x2517)
752 KB
752 KB PNG
I worked in Chongqing and Chengdu for an IT company but when they didn't let us back into the country in 2020 they let us work from anywhere so a friend invited me to Almaty (I have been there before) and I ended up staying.
2021/2022 was pretty nice to travel in the region, pretty much zero tourists asides from the Russians in March and September 22.

Those stupid booklets we all need to travel. To show other countries we are nice people and won't do shit on our destination. Tell me /trv/ can you travel anywhere with your passport?

51 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
Buying alcohol in the usa in a rural area with a euro passport is fun. I always get fun reactions from the folk.
Do you get a lot of use out of it? What other passport(s) do you carry?

Very curious about people who go for the Caribbean options and why. Lots of people seem to be motivated by tax advantages, but as an American many of those don’t apply unless I renounce my U.S. citizenship, which is not something I particularly want to do, and certainly not just for a Caribbean citizenship.

I haven’t lived in the US for years, but I like being able to come and go there on short notice without hassle. And my PR country has a tax treaty that means that despite filing in two countries I’m not actually paying more.

Anyway, presently carrying just the one passport, from the US. It’s OK. Would like another to grant easier access to some places, but I am not suffering.
I suprised I cant go to russia without visa. Orbán is Putin's biggest asslicker
> I suprised I cant go to russia without visa. Orbán is Putin's biggest asslicker
It’s usually about reciprocity—if the Magyars let Russians in visa-free I assume the Russkies would reciprocate. I don’t think Orban could do it even if he wanted to, though, without at least leaving the Schengen Area. (Not actually 100% sure about that, but I assume Schengen countries have to share a single visa-exemption policy.)
You're spot on.

File: COLOURBOX1194135.jpg (5.13 MB, 3910x2677)
5.13 MB
5.13 MB JPG
Anyone wanna share experiences from Denmark? What did you do and did you like it?

Also coomer tips welcome. Any coomer guides? Is it like Amsterdam in terms of sexwork?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
please don't be transphobic
Copenhagen airport needs to be torn down and the employees shot. Worst fucking airport i've ever had the misfortune to travel through.
Aarhus is nice and just about the only place to which i'd go back but I found Copenhagen itself to be incredibly over-rated, do NOT even think about bothering with the mermaid unless you want to walk for 35 minutes to jostle with an army of squawking Chinese tourists blocking the view of a shitty 2ft statue.
What' s wrong with the airport? I didn't see anything bad of note.

Copenhagen was nice to see, like the other user suggested the airport is a clusterfuck however.

Women in Copenhagen are generally very left oriented and many on the dating apps are hardcore feminazis so you'll have a hard time finding easy hook ups if you're white unless you're a chad looking dude.

Odensee was fine for a day but and nothing more lol. Plus the women in Odensee and its surrounding areas are strange af, usually mentally unstable and a lot have depression issues for some odd reason. I didn't match with a single girl there that wasn't batshit crazy. Only reason i was there is because i rented a car and drove around the country all the way to Aalborg which a chill place to visit.

For sex work i don't suggest that as most of the local escort sites are in danish and it's a lot of bait and switch or straight up scams. Plus the "bars" that offer those services are sketchy as fuck and you'll be more likely to get robbed than getting your dick sucked.

File: hu67b69hqx911.png (469 KB, 854x480)
469 KB
469 KB PNG
hey /trv/, Im planning to travel on my second ever trip in the summer with my gf and wanted to know what your recommended spots to visit for comfy, relaxation or places that are genuinely soothing whilst being fairly inexpensive.

I went to turin/milan last summer for a few days and it was nice but my friend is boring af and I didn't really get to experience the "life" much besides hitting tourist spots.

Do you guys have any recommendations? Good food is a must! I don't mind places with nice tourist spots/tours etc.

omg silly me, I totally forgot to mention that I am trans and my girlfriend is also trans, we’re a lesbian couple so please provide trans friendly suggestions. Toodloo sweeties!
most comfy imo is some countryside with a lot of sun and a lot of green grass and a lake or possible a creek. nothing beats the feeling of laying on the grass on top of a thin bedsheet, or leaning into a lawnchair and getting in a few beers before catching a nap
Nong Khai, Northeast Thailand, on the Mekong River just about across from Vientiane, Laos is peak comfy for me. A bit of a border-crossing backpacker scene, but still fairly quiet, great food, appealing riverside biking or walking. Several smaller towns in the area are actually even better (Nakhon Phanom in particular), but Nong Khai is easily accessible by rail.

Small cities and midsized towns all over NE Thailand fit the bill for me—much less tourist traffic than the North or the beaches and islands. But the region is kind of an acquired taste, mostly countryside, hot and mostly flat, not on the sea, still much rougher around the edges and far less English-speaking than the banana pancake zones. So getting around isn’t perhaps as smooth and comfy as elsewhere, but it’s chill once you arrive.

On other sides of the world, I feel similarly warmly about Oaxaca, Mexico (I prefer the city itself, but there’s also a little beach resort area at Puerto Escondido a short flight away), Lucca in Italy (also with beaches an hour or so away, this time by rail), the barely-in-Greece island of Samos, and Vieques and/or Culebra, Puerto Rico, which are perhaps the most relaxed islands in the Caribbean. Culebra is arguably prettier (the few built-up areas on VQS are largely kind of dumpy) but Vieques is bigger and feels like it has a little more local life to it. Neither is dominated by resorts or offers much of anything to “do.”

Of this list, Puerto Rico followed by Samos are probably the most expensive, but none will break the bank.

File: PXL_20211002_164520464~3.jpg (2.71 MB, 4032x3024)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB JPG
Burger King hostel
10 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
11 is a actually pretty late for that area. I went during COVID so it must've just closed early. Came home from visiting the eagles nest one day at it was closed
Is that normal in Europe? McDonald's here opens at like 5 AM.
There's really not much in this area, like 7k people.
There are no hash browns at German Burger Kings. Maybe in the UK they might have them. https://www.burgerking.de/menu I am lazy to even look up what you mean by cinnamon, but I assume that's also not on the European menu.

It varies within Europe, too. In Hungary the chicken is superior, no wonder they sell it simply grilled, too. But in some other countries the beef is better.

Depends on the area. It's a small ass town in Germany. Even in Berlin BK only opens at 9am. There are a few 24/7 McDs around Europe, mostly along highways. And all the rest varies a lot. I don't think 5am is a usual opening time, though. 7am is more like it.
File: 1677463497994.png (173 KB, 1891x604)
173 KB
173 KB PNG
From looking at the German Burger King website, it appears that they don't have breakfast at all, which kind of explains the 10:00 AM opening time. So it's less to do with that it's European, and more to do with it not serving breakfast. I should add that US Burger Kings do have a breakfast menu, hence the culture clash earlier.

File: donePepe.jpg (20 KB, 306x306)
20 KB
>put in passport application in late January
>passport is still "in processing" since March 5
>going overseas next Thursday
>passport status website says to call if you are traveling in 14 days or less
>call (20 times, because they have ONE incoming line, and if you two people call at the same instant, you get a busy signal), system says over 1 hour wait, press 1 to have an agent call you back when you are next in line
>press 1
>"We're sorry, that functionality is not available at this time. Please stay on the line."
>stay on the line for a fucking hour and a half
>Finally get on the call with somebody
>she tells me that the passport information service can no longer view passport statuses, and I just have to go off of what is on the passport status website, and that I can't book a 1-day in-person appointment until 5 days before my travel
Fuck the state department. Why the FUCK did they tell me to call 14 days out? My friend who's traveling next week got to make an appointment last Friday because he DIDN'T put in a fucking passport application. How does THAT make sense? REEEEEEEEEEEEE
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Well, fortunately this is a one-time thing, assuming I croak before I have to renew my passport.
If you have a trip within 90 days, and you DON'T have your passport, you need to pay extra for them to process your shit ASAP. I thought this was common knowledge, apparently not.

>depending on unfireable bureaucrats to be efficient

lol, lmao even
Should've paid the 50 bucks you cheapskate. It's what separates us from all the Mexicans that want to hop across the border to visit tio Julio or whoever
Yea this is the most desperate thing ever. I would never bank on the efficiency of a government to get me my shit back in a timely manner.

OP knew this would happen he was just to delusional to overcome reality

Do y’all watch irl live streams? If so what do y’all like about them/ find entertaining? Is there countries or cities you’d like to see live streamed or activities?
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
shill tubers pls go

also, kill yourself
File: 882.png (47 KB, 415x434)
47 KB
I watched a bit when they were new, but nowadays the novelty is gone and they're not interesting.
I occasionally get recommended a video from that cute Chinese girl which have so far been decent.
By far my most watched content is Rambalac walks which I appreciate whenever I can't fall asleep in the middle of the night. He also has some autism about pushing the limits of online video quality, so that's something else that makes me check his videos.
It's unreal, I see retards donating money to them too in the chat.

File: pepe-chinois.png (94 KB, 624x434)
94 KB
Thinking about doing a master in international politics or international relations in Beijing. I've seen and read that they give really good scholarships and private appartments to foreign students, so sound like a good life for 2 or more years, also my gf is chinese and probably will live there with me.

Do you guys know if there is a big disadvantage when you search for a job in Europe with a Chinese master diploma? I don't know if I want to live in China, but I love the culture.

Do you think I'll be able to find a job there? Helping chinese bussiness to enter to latam or stuff like that.

I already have one bachelor degree from Chile and one diploma in politics from France.
14 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
you fell for the "empircal ONLY" meme?
that's STEMcel shit

My buddy and I studied public policy and are product managers now, because-yes-any moron can make things up as they go along. We're just hired to do that. chads only
Don't be naive, there are millions of Americans with degrees in shit like Communications and they are doing fine, they end up as project managers, business analysts, product managers, all kinds of stuff that somebody has to do.

Study what you like people. Don't try things you don't like and can't do (like STEM).
bad advice. a very small proportion of people who choose to get a degree in communications end up being happy with their choice
>a very small proportion of people who choose to get a degree in communications end up being happy with their choice
where are you measuring this?
Also, can you not be a top tier comms major? Why not?
Does anyone here know about this Taiwanese scholarship program? There's $1000 monthly stipend.


File: 1679268307990367.jpg (529 KB, 1057x1827)
529 KB
529 KB JPG
Why is there a sitgma against nice relaxing places as boring? It's like people that make travelling their identity also deliberately want drama, it's like they're so sheltered they deliberately seek danger for some reason.
16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
romanian countryside/mountains in late spring or summer

Freetown, Sierra Leone
Everywhere that is developed, not a city and not an agriculture wasteland.
Spa's are all over the alps, take your pick.
What kind of nature do you enjoy? What does chill mean to you?
among hostel dwellers?
Any small hilly town less than 2 hours 25 minutes from wherever you live will provide at least one nice hotel with a quiet area to “relax”. Going abroad to relax is retarded.

File: 2023-03-25_13h13_02.jpg (68 KB, 603x326)
68 KB
Is 7 days in Amsterdam too much? I'm not going whoring or smoking. Looking at trip advisor, there's not a lot of do, Things to Do in Amsterdam. The number 1 thing is Anne Franks House. whcihc doest fill me with hope. I brought some back Eurostar tickets and did it originally for 7 days, but i figure i could just get a return a couple of days earlier. Just going by myself. thoughts?
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
my 7 day trip
>stayed 3 days in Leidseplein
>train to Utrect day trip, train to Cologne, Germany 1 day
>2 days Amsterdam Centraal
100% of 4chan users dont matter, as do their opinions, but Anne Frank house is not worth it. You stand for hours in a queue just to view a single room then leave
if you aren't going to be a degenerate, go to Den Haag instead. Amsterdam is kinda a shithole.
Just go to Haarlem, Utrecht or the Hague
7 is pushing it unless you have someone that can give you a ride to the beach. Bloemenfel it’s called or something. As for the dam, you rent a bike and explore the place. It’s flat. Fun for about 3 days

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