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File: Small Town.jpg (112 KB, 901x600)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
What places in the US, or in the world, have the best small towns to live in with a nice community to be apart of? Towns that are great places to raise a family. I thought some small towns in the Midwest and in West Virginia were pretty kino.
I like the idea of attending a small town church where we have all types of events and church fellowship dinners. A place where my kids could have a bunch of local friends they can go and see regularly. Nice local nature to explore in a place you can safely leave your windows open and doors unlocked. An area that is more pure and innocent where the focus is more so on community and simple living.
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This. Libs and foreigners are out to ruin it
Daily reminder there is no escape from the police state
File: FQyu7cQVsAUi-UQ.jpg (299 KB, 1963x1807)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
There is no perfect place, but there are 'good enough' places all over the US. I really mean all over, almost every state has something like this. It takes time to integrate yourself, and you will be disappointed in the quality of the people and the lack of actual community that you might expect. This should not stop you, I encourage you to find your home OP. Just keep in mind while you are looking that community requires energy, that any existing community would be smart to keep you at arms breadth for a long time. Godspeed.

You're either a glownig or you like doing the work for them.

>Yes, there is no hope, just live in the pod. Fuck off, the more people who reject the system the harder it is to fuck them.
Michigan has some of the best small towns. Probably New England too.

>those wishing to visit must have undergone three Covid vaccination shots and be part of a package tour with a fixed itinerary, FNN said Friday, citing multiple government officials. The limited resumption of inbound tourism will be treated as an experiment and, if infections do not spread, the program would be expanded, it said.

wow its fucking stupid and gay.

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gardasil vaccine gave women cancer 10-15 years later. Huge class action lawsuit against it.

You're literally a retard if you think getting the covid vaccine is just gonna make you drop dead instantly. Anti-vaxxers don't think that either, you idiot.

It damages your organs and brain and will cause you to decay faster.
Go eat some asbestos.
>not filling your jailbreaked German car with cheap Russian gas while wearing your BK crown
Sucks to not be a thirdie for once.
>New variants come from unvaccinated people so no
imagine being this far into the game and still coping like this
>appeal to authority
>same authority that got caught lying several times throughout the whole ordeal

Is there a destination that fits this?

>tropical or warm
>legal weed
>no undesirables

I see spain and maybe Thailand
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Weed is decriminalized in two Australian states: Southern Australia and Northern Territory, those fit four category pretty good.
>brits and australians

Plenty of places inland without tourists where you'll be the only white boy. You'll need to speak Thai though, or constantly use Google Translate. You'll probably get bored too unless you're the solitary type. Great fun though if you take a hooker with you.
Uruguay is the answer you seek. Look it up.
used to be?
>>no undesirables
Mutually exclusive.

File: maxresdefault-4.jpg (253 KB, 1280x720)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
I'm considering going to Cape Town soon, it looks stunning however the crime make cities such as detroit seem like disneyland. Is it worth going to?
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Are you look like the gender you transfered into? Then yes. Otherwise there will always some problems.
Be sure to see the penguins. They're so cute and adorable. :)

>Go south to the Cape of Good Hope for great seaside cliff views where the two oceans meet and where The Flying Dutchman sank

Yeah, but watch out for the baboons. Those can be some vicious motherfuckers.
>Yeah, but watch out for the baboons. Those can be some vicious motherfuckers.
Anybody who treats wild animals like Disneyland mascots will get their face swiped.
>stop watching fox news
Bro you don’t know shit. I’m from Johannesburg and I moved to Cape Town a few years ago (Don’t live there now) - The amount of crime I experienced first hand in the 3 years I lived there, was more than I had experienced up here in Johannesburg my entire life up until that point (23 years), and I was out and about the city often in JHB so that’s saying a lot. Fuck Cape Town. The people and city are bullshit, the only thing worth going for is the sea - and the nature is better at places an hour or two away from the actual city.

tl;dr would not recommend, look for places outside of Cape Town or along the South Coast like Knysna / George etc
t. South African from Johannesburg who lived there for 3 years.

File: thailand-pass.png (10 KB, 392x214)
10 KB
>you need to get a PCR test 72 hours before you depart
>PCR test takes 24 hours to get results
>Thai travel pass takes up to 48 hours to get approved
>have to check in 3 hours before flight
how the fuck are you supposed to enter this country following their rules
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I was talking about the visa if I wanted to stay more than 30 days, but it says on the site that you can't apply for a visa while already in the country. I dont know what to do for the accommodation part if I'm planning on getting random aribnbs as I travel the country
You can extend a tourist exempt entry (or a 30-60 day visa) one time within the country by visiting an immigration office, filling out a few forms, and paying 1900 baht.
If you arrive soon, get your 30 day extension, and your extension is due to expire less than 3 weeks after July 25, you can also apply for a 60 day covid extension for 1900 baht. The covid extension program has been in effect for almost two years, and every 2 months they keep extending it. It will probably stop soon but who knows. I've been in Thailand for over a year using it. Even if the covid extensions stop, you can still get one 30 day extension per visit.
As for your accommodations, book a single night at a hotel for your first night and use that. They don't expect you to prepay for all of your hotel bookings before you even get the visa.
It's possible they are more strict on visa applications from countries that don't have the option of tourist exempt entries. Do they ask you to upload proof of accommodations or just want the name and address? If the later, you don't even need to book the hotel in advance.
Oh wow you’re sure you can extend a tourist entry? I wasn’t really seeing anything regarding that. You get one tourist entry a year, so I was thinking about staying for a month, going to Vietnam, then coming back if I feel like it with a visa, if that’s possible. I don’t think they asked for proof. I’m coming from the US. If I can extend the tourist entry, then I don’t really see any reason to get a visa
If you are a citizen of a country eligible for visa exempt entries, there is no limit how many times you can enter the country per year by air. By land, there is a limit of two per year. Every time you enter visa exempt or on a tourist visa, you are allowed to extend it by 30 days for 1900 baht.
Read this for the official rules: https://www.thaiembassy.com/thailand-visa/thailand-visa-latest-update
thanks for the link. I keep seeing conflicting informations and the US travel website is shit.

There's a lot of disgusting threads here about literal sex tourists, and a bunch of threads about incel losers asking for advice on how to get laid in hostels or in Japan.

So could we get one - just one - thread going for us ladies? Where are the hottest and easiest guys around?
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Depends how fat you are. Nobody wants to bang fatties (male or female)....except black guys for some reason.
File: images (18).jpg (17 KB, 460x455)
17 KB
jamaica or Dom rep? Might have to apply to work at the hostels there.
>Mfw they don't let my pasty ass in
>I'm not going to write it all again
Yes you are. And with extra juicy details this time. spill the beans.
Come over to the UK and I'll show you a good time ;) Unless you're a tranny

How are you guys not ashamed being monolinguals when traveling? Literally the world thinks your retarded and have a handicap?

I literally speak 4 languages and i think its too little and i still feel retarded.

So /trv/ why havent you learned a foreign language? It isnt even hard now that we have internet
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File: 1648187096310.jpg (52 KB, 641x556)
52 KB
I'm not saying that english gets you everywhere, but if you had to choose one language to know, english gives you the most opportunities to communicate with others
Missing the point dumbass, which is learning a language can still enrich your life and be helpfull even if your native tongue is English
That's because this shit is too easy. I'm not 5 years old. Give me something on my level your retarded faggot
Yes, I have to turn women down.
Next question.
I know that, which is why im learning one currently.

File: kurtcaz.jpg (120 KB, 1280x720)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
How has he not gotten murdered yet?
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Not the same guy but I agree.

Every point on your list in just angry cope/poison.

If you were half the man you seem to think of yourself as, I don't think you'd have written the comment to begin with--or the many similar comments I suspect you post on this board.

Just be your own man and thrive without worrying about whether or not it makes sense for someone else to enjoy content that you don't.
so many dudes on here hating on people who actually travel. i feel like the haters are usually one of two categories

1.) basement dwellers who never leave the house

2.) married men who are stuck with their dumb fat bitch aging wives and are jealous they can't travel the world to fuck hot whores.
Kurt Caz.

He's quite fun to watch. Doesn't go to the usual tourist trap shitholes but random places.
1) what is an RT? A RealTraveler™?
>Saving more money and working out daily bc I have shit to do and responsibilites but already have 3 upcoming adventures booked out and paid in full
Is the most cope thing I've ever seen and I think you might not be being ironic.
Imagine being this heated over someone who you don't even know. Probably should just end it cleatus

My job is sending me there for a week, I speak Spanish so I'm good on that front

What's there to do after work hours? Ideally want great food and comfy spots to talk to chicas (no hookers, don't even care about cooming just want to meet locals).
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brainlet moron
True. Same, traveling bean.

Seconded. I go to MX every time I go see family in Puebla because it's cheaper to fly there and then get a bus to my mom's house. I always visit the zócalo and see the pyramid ruins, but I'd love to have a map to see other parts of cdmx

I hope you stay there OP and ever come back. Fuck you and everyone that supports that cartel ruled goblin hovel.
Polluted nd unsafe
post your pic
Use Googlemaps, pendejo

File: 800px-Guam_regions_map.png (523 KB, 800x995)
523 KB
523 KB PNG
Going to be staying in Guam for a few months for work and wanted some advice for things to do in my downtime (could be a lot).
What're some fun things to do?
Any cool Guam stories?
I went to Guam for work as a NOAA contractor, friends went as National Park Service guys. Are you a DOD contractor? Almost everyone who goes for work works for the feds.

It's like a not-as-good Hawaii, the environment is in bad shape from people abusing it, too many filipinos, and gives off a sub-standard, Asia-vibe to some degree. They have CBP upon entry, and United (formerly Continental) is the monopoly carrier (the adventurous can try the Micronesian island hopper). Banks are the same as Hawaii, no mainland ones. Food prices are nightmarishly high.

Go to the beach. The water is very warm and many people learn scuba diving there
File: 1653238371764.jpg (4.75 MB, 4608x3456)
4.75 MB
4.75 MB JPG
I was there last year in December. It's a poor man's Okinawa which is a poor man's Hawaii.
Yeah, I'm subbed to some DoD work.
Just had my first day of wandering; the beaches were very nice. Really havent left the Tumon Bay area yet, but a coworker said there was decent hiking in a couple places too.

File: thailand.png (5 KB, 250x250)
5 KB
Never been to thailand before
planning to spend 3 weeks here, with the last 2 in bangkok, and 1st week in another area
which city would you recommend ?
phuket is out of the question as I can't get my airline to reroute there
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If you have a US passport, yes. Idk about other countries.
yeah I'm in the US. I'm just leaning toward doing 30 days though because I dont know what to do about the airbnbs for the visa application.
Jesus Christ, dude, you dont need a visa. You come for 30 days, here you rent whatever airbnb you want but tell them to make tm30 form and send you screenshot.

Then you chill for a week, fill three forms, make a photo of your face, attach tm30 and passport scans. Then you pay 1900 baht and bam, it is 30 + 60 days.

I am living like that here for six months. Few forms, 1900 baht, bam+ 60 days.

And some people did it since the start of pandemic
I'm in Thailand for 2 months and I just want to leave this shithole. Some of the ugliest women in the world here. Anybody been to Indonesia? What's it like?
>Then you chill for a week, fill three forms, make a photo of your face, attach tm30 and passport scans. Then you pay 1900 baht and bam, it is 30 + 60 days.
what 3 forms?
I did like 30 days and apply for 30 day extension then flew out and fly back in for the extra stays....

Visiting Norway and Sweden for two weeks. What should I avoid like the plague, Im looking for nature and small towns not browns and city life.
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Shitskin capital of Sweden. If you want to visit a nicer town near Malmö, just go for Lund. It’s a university city so full of retards but it’s a pretty town with a nice museum to do. The sea is not too far as well if you take the car.
Why would you go to the worst immigrant concrete ghetto in the country?

>hurr durr why would I avoid downtown Detroit? uurrrr

Thanks lads I'm going to Sweden S to N then cross to Norway N to S by train, and I'm indeed skipping all major cities. I'll start saving for food because I'm poor.
Come to Ålesund ser
File: 1577798650155.gif (112 KB, 403x360)
112 KB
112 KB GIF
Well you better bring plenty of money, cuz Norway is expensive as shit no matter where you go. Sweden is a bit cheaper if u wanna see nice nature and less shitskins go to Norrland or Lappland. Perhaps u will meet some autistic sami tribe or something.

File: file.png (1.16 MB, 1000x625)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
What's the worst thing you've done while traveling?
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I don't fucking care. Scumbag is the owner of the restaurant because not giving a decent salary.
yeah i wasn't intending to cross any borders that day but the bus driver had different ideas
he said it was because the roads were better across the border
abandoned my travel mate in a pub to go fuck hookers
please tell the full story lmao
how tf does this even happen
Zoomers law

File: 21332.png (306 KB, 374x528)
306 KB
306 KB PNG
Honestly, what is the most underrated country for travelling.
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>Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda
How the fuck are these so expensive.
never mind
please come to romania
You sound like human trash, yet you judge those people for their own apathy. We are all guilty of each other's sins.
> We are all guilty of each other's sins.
Bolivia. You can go swim in Lake Titicaca.

File: TE357f.jpg (69 KB, 660x440)
69 KB
Leaving the West general thread.

I live in the USA, how do i get out of this corrupt shit-hole for greener pastures?
99 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
How can I, low wit no degree poor person, go forward on this plan you laid out?
it was detroit about 12 years ago
believe it or not that site has been cleaned up significantly
Is the USA basically collapsing?
You probably don't deserve to ditch the sinking ship. You'll leave the United States with its shit on your boots and then get it all over another country.
Unironically parts of eastern Africa that are developing and urbanizing

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