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File: dreux-c-20160325.jpg (1.97 MB, 2000x3000)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB JPG
Why is every black man in Tokyo a Nigerian? What are Nigerians doing there?
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>both Japan and South Korea are expecting a dramatic fall in population caused by their backwards attitudes towards sex & relationships

Wrong. Countries with liberal attitudes to sexuality duvh as European countries have birthrates just as terrible.
He has to work blaming being conservative into every facet of his life.
Huh. Don't they get kicked out after the (presumably quick) divorce?
Huh. So logically, the more old-fashioned these countries were in the past, the lower their birth rates would have been. We'd see birth rates steadily rising with the introduction of things like universal education (boys and girls raised identically), the end of arranged marriage (short term flings in bars replacing family alliances,) women in third level education (and not looking for husbands), women in the workplace (not being mothers) and the adoption of contraception (birth made avoidable) and education in family planning (birth discouraged.)

This is some really smort thinking. Does your thesis have the words "And Here's Why" at the end of its title?
why so many crossed out posts? Is being Black in Tokyo really that offensive to people?

File: 154_pv.jpg (1.68 MB, 2432x1608)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB JPG
Since poverty is rapidly falling down in the developing contries I would like to travel somewhere where it's still prevalent and it's not extremely dangerous.
Please feel free to post your experiences, questions, pics or whatever regarding poverty from any countries you want.

As for me I would love to see underdeveloped houses, unpaved roads, lack of basic utilities, dirtines, slums or rural poverty etc. where I could roam around without immediately get myself decapitated.. Has anyone got some recommendations?
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kek just because the man was based doesn't mean he deserved to die
Honestly just go with the flow. I'd be sure to spend some time in Barreirinhas and really enjoy the lençóis because they are beautiful. As for Ceará, make sure you hit Jericoacoara, it really is a good time. I. Piauí I really enjoyed a multi-day boat trip on the Parnaíba delta. Lots of fun in and around the rivers there. Also, I can't for the life of me remember the name of the place, but driving back to Teresina from Jericoacoara I went to this national park with petroglyphs and cave paintings, very cool.

I would be sure to get on Tinderand set your location to wherever you're going a few days before you get there. Swipe a bunch and have some conversation. No reason you shouldn't have a tour guide with benefits everywhere you go.
I grew up in the states but am half brazilian. Spent about six months wandering around Brazil from top to bottom, and then 2 years living in Rio. If you want to drop a disposable email or something I'd be happy to give you any advice on your travels. Sounds like a fun trip
>As for me I would love to see underdeveloped houses, unpaved roads, lack of basic utilities, dirtines, slums or rural poverty etc. where I could roam around without immediately get myself decapitated.. Has anyone got some recommendations?
Just look at the international crime rates and compare them to the gdp per capita of each country.
Vietnam and China are fairly dirty in some regions whilst having lower violent crime rate than the West.
The real question is Why are smart people dumb enough to voluntarily remove themselves from the gene pool?

File: kantiang-bay.jpg (648 KB, 3951x2634)
648 KB
648 KB JPG
Hey guys

Long story short I was let go from a position i started earlier this month, yesterday. I'm living in Denmark and I'm thinking about saying fuck it and head to Thailand for a few weeks to kick back and write job applications for back home.

Apparently they're open for tourism, so I thought why not.

Do/don't? Need 2nd opinion.

Also, where to exactly? Thx in advance.
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And black
>Apparently they're open for tourism, so I thought why not.

Are you really sure about that?

If you are on unemployment bux, you are not allowed to leave Denmark - unless you file for vacation, and then you won't get your money. It's basically to avoid people going on holiday and pretending to be job seekers.

>t. fellow Dane
Den følelse når vores regering har ødelagt vores internationale ry via Mink -Virus-nedlukning- sagen og vi sandsynligvis er sidst i køen i at komme a advarselslisterne rundt om i verden.

File: choices.jpg (598 KB, 2234x1440)
598 KB
598 KB JPG
I'm really struggling to make the choice in pic related. I'm sure I'm not alone considering just how long bitcoin has been known about on 4channel now, but I can't help but feel as if left just leads to misery and meaninglessness. If anyone has "retired" and done the left option I would love to hear about it since this is a choice which will need to be made very soon.
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>You weren't born in a warzone
But he'll die in one, which I think is his problem.
Retarded small brain comment kys
cash out on bitcoins right away
do NOT cash out your bitcoin you fucking pleb, it's going to be a lot higher in a couple of years when worldwide adoption happens

File: 1607722349482.jpg (206 KB, 1272x686)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
Have you ever traveled abroad without access to a cell phone?
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what kind of music do you like?
Based retard and based Turk
> “I still can’t get my head around why,” says Connor. “It’s just a normal picture with my mates.”

Fuck off boomer. Everyone hates you.
Having no phone isn't something I'd even consider. Am a full time solo traveller and it is useful to have maps, translate, Uber,
Tinder, WhatsApp to keep in touch with friends at home. Plus I use my phone as a hotspot if WiFi fails.

This lets you explore at your own pace, sometimes you just want to buy snacks then watch anime, other days you will take a train to a small village and explore an abandoned fortress.

It sounds romantic to go into the middle of nowhere without a phone, but if you don't have at least a map it's dumb as fuck.

File: tasmania.gif (382 KB, 2200x1470)
382 KB
382 KB GIF
What should I do there?
I'm pretty fat so long hikes aren't really an option
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nah Queensland's the florida of Australia.
Tasmania's the fucking Idaho of Australia.
>no reason to go there
>nothing there
>everyone's inbred
though what I will give Tassie though is they have stunning fucking nature that beats anything that New Zealand has. They should've filmed LotR there instead.
>obscure and difficult to get to place
>literally a $20, 2 hour flight from Melbourne
i mean you can see Aurora Australis from the mainland if conditions are right.
Thing with Aurora is shit's random and subject to your location and weather.
You could have perfect conditions and get screwed over by cloud cover.

Basically be anywhere in the bottom half of South Island NZ or anywhere south of Aubrey-Wodonga in Aus and you'll have a decent chance of seeing it at the right time of year, if you have a clear view South.
Really? But they're all fat pigs in Melbourne too, what does this mean? I've actually been planning a Tassie trip but now the chocolate factory is closed and car rental is $500 for 4 days I keep putting it off. Winter seems like a good time to travel, I don't mind rain and I hate people.

File: ryan boundless.jpg (22 KB, 480x360)
22 KB
/trv/ approved youtubers?
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That is ok anon. Thanks for watching.
Interesting premise, anon, and I like the format, but I feel like you talk too much.
One of the better j-vloggers (low bar). His only in japan go channel is pretty much the only walking around channel I watch because he gives some decent information about areas and goes everywhere.

He has some cringe elements like how he is always going on and on about street food or begging for likes in his livestreams but overall he is one of the more consistent j-vloggers in terms of quality of content and frequency of release.
anyone know of any good poland or hungary travel channels?
bald and bankrupt is way better and has more charisma

Which country would you chose between these?
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UK but only because I'm from there and so more familiar with navigating away from the shit parts and into the good ones. For example, UK NHS is trash but if you know the right private providers it's the best out of anywhere I've lived. Basic food also trash but some incredible food if you know where to go.

I suspect a better life is available in Germany if you know the right towns and way to get things. Can anyone who's been tell me if those picturesque little towns like Bamburg and Ramsau are that nice in real life, or if in reality they're just a few nice looking buildings with the rest an overcrowded mess?
>British accents
they vary so wildly
not just britain but all anglo countries - working class accents can be charming or horrendous
educated accents i find quite appealing in most regions
posh accents can be nice or cringe - depends on the individual characteristics of the person

comparing to non native english speakers - only considering europeans, their degree of fluency of course changes things drastically - the only working class english second language speakers i can picture are slavs and romanian
>Basic food also trash but some incredible food if you know where to go.
from sainsbury's "basics" to sainsbury's "taste the difference"
you're say you're a software engineer mate
Wrong. Germans are awkward and unfunny and sometimes cringe but they do have some semblance of personality. Nordcucks are the real autists of europe. Ever try talking to a finn or swede? Its like talking to a wall at a library.

File: Capture4.png (427 KB, 753x382)
427 KB
427 KB PNG
Hello everyone i m french and i welcome one person because i want to learn your language
I host one person for free for short travel within 1 month max. If you interested go join me there : rellyacreativetab.at.gmail com
Please write simply
Cue another missing person.
Nice try anon but not this time
plz dont kil me
am girl

File: 1609357950736.jpg (29 KB, 480x360)
29 KB
I'm flying to Mexico to visit my e-gf at the end of January / start of February. How do I get ready for my trip? Any visa shit I should take care of first? Any COVID crap I should be aware of? Also, I'm technically a Mexican citizen so it shouldn't be a problem to visit, but my only Mexican identification is my voter ID card lol.

On another note, am I weird for wanting to move to Mexico? I know it's a shithole but honestly so is the USA. Might as well live in a comfy and cheap shithole with my USD savings than continue being depressed here is my idea... thoughts?
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CDMX its shitty
Puebla is full of crime.
Just like Detroit
Huatulco its better.
No land crossings
Use Google

File: FB_IMG_1610771651554.jpg (68 KB, 1000x1000)
68 KB
>used to travel constantly
>spent 1.5 years in Asia
>broke up with GF bcos quarantine fucking blows (were liberal shut the fuck up) (and there was a lot more to this but that's not important right now)
>now thinking of south America for 1.5 years

What's south America like? I was thinking of Colombia and working my way south. Any tips or whatever?
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i came to brazil in december and it was probably among the best decisions of my life. granted, I came almost as soon as I turned 18 so not really much life experience. still here if u wanna meet up maybe
Watch your topnot Pilgrim.
File: El Risitas.gif (501 KB, 220x274)
501 KB
501 KB GIF
Trump lost
I don't care.
File: 1608959187914.png (283 KB, 750x1013)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
Why is this suddenly a political thread, the only place I'm /trv/eling in a political thread is over to OPs house to violently invert his, and their bvll's rectal passage and leave a shit stain on their shared bed and rental car

File: IMG_1389.jpg (218 KB, 750x1334)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
Ok im flying out there and i hear about it so. Tell him what's going on. I should know ok.I've ben their in 2010 and 2008 and it's quite pretty . But i need to mnow about the inner city. "Urban" people. Dig?
File: 1ny5ewup15m31.jpg (57 KB, 750x781)
57 KB
File: 42dyzo23s0y31.jpg (19 KB, 640x229)
19 KB

File: pepe-squished-sideeye.jpg (7 KB, 240x240)
7 KB
How the fuck do I get into the philippines right now?
I will bribe whoever I need to, up to 50,000php (1k usd) to get a fucking usable Visa right the fuck now.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I'm in the UAE. I can probably find a hooker to mosque marry for a month and get in that way. Thanks bud.
fuck off pedo
You`re old as fuck but you still frogpost. Pretty pathetic right?
File: 1590077741363.jpg (132 KB, 600x718)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
>You`re old as fuck but you still frogpost. Pretty pathetic right?
Stop having sex right now!!!!

Looking for some good cities to live in for the medium term, longer than a vacation but shorter than settling down, something like 6 months to 3 years.

Melbourne looks like fun. I like artsy fartsy shit, ethnic food, nature. I like Aussies too and I live in Asia so it's not too far off the map. Probably easier to swing by to New Zealand once and a while too
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Escapism from this fat left wing shit hole.
I want to fuck around in Saigon for a bit too. Seems cheap and the food is good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4tL2G9BrVk
Nis, Serbia

It's cheap, the food and beer is great and if you make an effort to learn some serbian the locals are friendly. It's also central in the balkans and easy to do weekend trips to neighboring countries. Every other balkan country is an 6 hour bus ride away.
My votes are either Rio de Janeiro or San Diego. Both cities have access to beautiful nature, great culinary scene and nightlife, and beautiful people. Both expensive for their countries, but I think they're worth it.

File: 1584716129584.png (763 KB, 761x761)
763 KB
763 KB PNG
I want to live 6 months in either Vietnam or Japan. Will try learning the language 4 months before then build upon it once I live there. What would be the best pick between those 2 factoring in:

Cost of living(rent, food, transportation like renting a motorbike)
socialising with natives(both male and female)
Language learning curve and general usefulnes of it.
I'm freelancing at the moment and will have an income of around 400€ once I get there, which will slowly increase, and of course what's in my bank account should something unexpectant happen.
I want to live in a big city, but I'm fine with one room and not center location. As long as I have a small kitchen and place for a laptop, I'm fine, altough quality of living is still a factor I would need to consider.

Don't know if it matters but I'm 21 years old.
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Just go to Japan faggot. Why did you ask the question if you already had your mind made up. Holy shit a thread died for this?
I didn't want to rule it out because of what I thought 200 bucks and the thread helped me to make up my mind and choose vietnam. The thread would have died anyway but you dumb nig nog had to bump it
Because it's pretty chill, lots of good restaurants and bars (especially when you include nearby stations like Nishi Ogikubo and Mitaka) has pretty much anything you need to do (besides raging nightlife), access to lots of green spaces all over western Tokyo, easy access to central Tokyo. And for the Japs, it's also a status thing. Sure sounds better than living in Adachi.
Not in the cities where the best paying jobs in the world are though.
Threads die all the time, anon. This is 4chan, not reddit. And even then old threads are kept in archives anyway.

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