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>from Thailand superstar vlogger living lush to drunken excursions in Mexico and finally back to a basement in Ohio

Is he, dare I say it, /ourguy/

What went wrong?
nothing really went wrong, he probably would have had a shitty life in Ohio if he just stayed home. Instead he had an interesting run, and it won't be possible to do the same thing after Covid. As far as his personal life goes, he should have buckled down and married a pattaya girl because that is kind of his home, he did good there and got along. It's fucking weird how some people you would never expect just do ok in some other countries, but he meshed with Thailand perfectly and should probably just settle there somehow. He's not going to be happy in the USA.
This guy fascinats me. The way he becomes completely fucking unhinged when he’s drunk and how he always says he won’t drink and does it again. The completely spaced out look in his eyes. he’s like a vlogger-savant. I don’t get how these guys are confident enough to put themselves on the internet and withstand constant criticism and being in the public eye. I look 10 times better than him and dudes like DoMoreLife but they just have no problem putting their UGLY fuckin faces in front of a camera and DRAWLING on about this and that.

It’s insane.

Cheap Charlie knocked out and robbed in mexico

File: maxresdefault (3).jpg (120 KB, 1280x720)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
What makes this chad so based and /trv/pilled? Why is he /ourguy/?
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i hate being american sometimes, most other countries won't keep tabs on their citizens to the point you can just google them and get all kinds of dirt. i wonder what terrorist shit he did? kind of funny those are the charges and the dude just blew some shit up in his video lol
You're a retard. Cheap Charlie is blacklisted from LOS. He's not allowed back because he couldn't afford to pay his visa fees.
I think he was on blacklist for a year only because overstay
yeah it was only a year, and he went to japan looking for a wife during that time

calm down bruh, i don't like to fight over vlogger history
King of Autism Cheap Charlie

Alright boyos I am from DC and have visited the following US places

>Philly, PA
>Portland, ME
>Nashville, TN
>Charlottesville, VA
>Atlanta, GA
>Annapolis, MD

I’m on the east coast, obviously, and my 2021 resolution is to travel more. I am particularly interested in food and history. Where should I go next? Charleston? Albany? Puerto Rico? I usually spend about 2-5 days in each place before going back home. Where should I visit next?

And no, I am not vaccinated. Nor do I plan to be.
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Buzzword. Fuck off, faggot.


Hey brother not sure if you know but 70% of Puerto Rican’s are just Spaniards
That one sounded avoidable tho
Yeah, Ill agree with Charleston here, really comfy old south feel in the port/market district.
Easy, NYC. There are cheap flights from Reagan and BWI, or cheap Amtraks from Union Station

Is Portland still worth visiting or is it a dead city after last summer?
I rented an apartment I can see from this pic and I’m leaving once my lease runs out. It was a fucking disaster. Don’t bother with this shit city and the pretentious as fuck people that live here. It’s cool to get an Airbnb for a month or 2 but do yourself a favor and don’t ever fucking move here.
what draws you to portland? might be found at other locations
the nature and outdoor locations reachable from portland will be nice.
will downtown nightlife, or daytime activity be fun still? no idea
How are the art hoes
Cold and uninterested, every one of them. PNW women are the most hostile I've ever met and not in a hot way.
Lived here for four years and I'd actually say the opposite of this guy >>2063108
>It’s cool to get an Airbnb for a month or 2 but do yourself a favor and don’t ever fucking move here.
As far as West Coast cities go it's the most affordable, with access to the rest of everything out here. Trains run up and down the coast and take you everywhere, the rent is cheaper than Seattle or SF or LA, with comparable amenities to those cities. Employment is easier to find too. But it's far from a tourist destination. There's an interesting music scene and cool bars/parks around town and the light rail will get you most anywhere youd want to visit. Within a week or two, though, you'll run out of neat stuff to find in this city. I'd make it a stop off as part of a road/rail trip especially for some events like the Rose Festival or something at the Japanese Garden. Everything else good and fun, the beach and forests and Mt. Hood/Columbia Gorge are outside city limits anyways.I wouldnt call the city "dead" but downtown is still covered in graffiti and boarded up, save for the area around the university. Even the 7 Eleven right by the justice center, open through every single riot, eventually had to close up shop. That area wasn't much fun before though, and covid probably did more damage to it than the bricks and tear gas.

File: 1*SFJTwKXDJzdbGFNg6gON6A.png (1.08 MB, 1077x885)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
Is It actually that dangerous travelling to South America?
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wow rude

Pretty sure you have down syndrome
Murder rape
This. It also explains the photos. The phone didn't have flashlight mode and they kept using the flash in the photos for light.
Do you really want to tell me that if you get lost you dont use your phone or camera for 8 days to leave a message for your loved ones, only to take a few creepy pictures at night and delete one of them?

What's your worst airplane travel experience?
Mine was sitting next to a Chinese man who sniffed his nose every 10 seconds, for 11 hours. I almost lost my fucking mind, it was never ending sniffs. Blown your fucking nose, it drove me insane
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10 hrs hungover as fuck to heathrow crammed against the window with a fat couple blocking me in
Unless it was your first time flying- Anyone not traveling with noise canceling headphones deserve your experience.
Land whale in the middle seat, I was in the aisle. Her fat was seeping over to my side, her breathing sounded like she was constantly out of breath and she fucking stunk. Worst part? She got up every 10 or 15 minutes to go to the toilet, I assume from her untreated diabetes.

Offered to swap seats with her after the 3rd time and she started groan speaking about how she paid for that seat and she was staying there.

Although after speaking to the cabin attendant she moved me to a spare seat in buisnesses class, im pretty sure she looked at the ham planet in disgust when I was explaining the situation. Thanks Stacy.
>on a transfer flight from San Fran to Dallas after a no transfer flight from Tokyo
>jet lagged as fuck
>some retarded white lady loudly announces she needs a seat for her kid, which is the seat behind me
>the kid keeps kicking the seat behind me and loudly crying
>she doesn't do shit

Holy fucking shit I wish I did something. Just remembering it makes me seethe.
You deserve it for being too beta to tell that woman to control her spawn

File: coffeeWojack.jpg (49 KB, 645x773)
49 KB
> A few weeks in Italy for school
> Moderate budget
> Beginner in Italian language, can ask basic questions and form simple present-tense sentences
> Interested in nerdy stuff: philosophy, math, Roman history, etc.

I was given the advice of not spending all of my time around other Americans, but I also don't want to spend my time drinking/partying/etc. Where should I go to meet Italians with similar interests where my bad language skills won't piss them off?
Unironically just go up to Italian people and ask them basic questions contextually relevant to where you are/what you’re doing and then segue to, in Italian, “I’d like to learn more xyz”
Has this worked for you in the past? Do you have an example? Maybe this is just me being a pathetic socially-awkward internet person, but this sounds insane to me.
Meetup sites, tinder, college campuses. Come on anon.
bumble friendship setting obviously
Does this work? I tried it and got faggots who were trying to find straight guys to fuck.

What's the best country in this area to save lots of money living in and teaching english? I'm thinking either Thailand or Vietnam, though I kinda want to travel and live/teach all over the place once I'm in the area. Won't be for a couple more years as I'm still in uni, but I'm wondering where the best place would be to lay low, make some good money, and pay off some of my student debt would be?
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Pretty good. It's not as exciting and exotic as most other nearby countries imo (maybe just because it lacks a lot of the craziness of China, which was one of the main appeals of China when I first visited there), but it's enjoyable. I don't think I'd recommend traveling half way around the world just to visit Taiwan, but if you're already in East or South East Asia or planning to travel to other countries too, I'd definitely recommend stopping by for a few weeks.
None of them.

Southeast Asia's golden days are finished. It'll be years at this point before these countries are open and when/if they finally do open, theyre not going to be recognizable and will more than likely just be geared specifically towards superficial, empty, Chinese nu-money and bus tours.
I taught, briefly, at a Thai university a long time ago. It is about the best gig you can get in that country, unless like being a live-in servant to an especially rich Thai Chinese family (the drawbacks of which outweigh the financial benefits in my opinion).

I had a very comfortable life. I did not make anything resembling money.

All my regular-teacher friends ran away to do a season or two in Korea every couple of years for the cash. Pay was 3-5X as much and housing/flights were included.
>More affluent life style? Singapore, Malaysia.

are you saying the teaching wages will afford you a more affluent lifestyle? because I've heard Singapore is overpriced as fuck.

Which of the countries you listed has the best wage $$$ to standard of living ratio
Based. I love taiwan.

Is 31 too young to go to Pattaya and coom? I’m an incel white guy with a good degree and income, every time I masturbate I think of how
stupid the idea of going to Thailand is, but the longer I go without mastuebating, and my sexual frustration builds, the more I want to go to Thailand. I know I should work on myself but honestly I check all the boxes (job, money, gym rat, own place, nice car) and I keep hitting a wall. Dating apps enrage me because despite my efforts and despite dates, I don’t consume alcohol so the dates go kinda boring, and the times I definitely had the in with some girls who blatantly wanted to have sex, I just backed out. I don’t fucking get it what am I doing wrong. Sorry for blog posting but some of you here seem to actually have good advice, I’m one of the TTT dudes and i don’t want to go to Thailand and throw away what could be a good life in the states. All advice welcome thanks for reading
5 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I wasn’t fucked from the go but I graduated in 2015 with a worthless degree, got DQd from the air force when I tried to join, and just job hopped through shit jobs or just didn’t work. I have a type B personality so I kind of just let shit happen and I don’t care what happens
I hear you, not taking shots at you. I mean look at cheap charlie and bar fines and Ben Newton they all threw their shit away hard.

I’m not hating on the idea of Thailand but as an incel the perception of it changes depending on my mood, like if I go a month with no female interaction (or worst, from the shit show of being blue balled via text on dating apps) I think fuck it I’ll just go to Thailand and score that sweet TTT. But when I coom I just think Thailand and the idea of it is retarded and start focusing on building my life.

How the fuck do I channel sexual frustration for good?
To me it seems like you have an unhealthy relationship with sex, and I'm guessing you most likely watch porn. I'd seriously recommend reading this if you want to see sex/masturbation in a new light: https://easypeasymethod.org/
Not trying to shill btw, I'm only mentioning it because I had the same mindest as you, of only wanting to coom in sloots when I hadn't jerked off in a while, and I found it helps dispel that mindset.
just fuck some girls at the local asian spa
better than flying halfway across the globe to do the same thing
>Is 31 too young to go to Pattaya and coom?
The largest demographic I saw was 65yr white guys. If anything you'll be the youngest one there.

Ciao i miei amici!

I’m in northern Italy until september, any of you want to meetup?

Tell me a bit about yourself and where you are in northern Italy, I’ll start:

I’m a 26 year old engineering student from northern Europe, i like Tom Waits and hate the Italian Green Pass, in a small town near Padua right now.
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I dont want to meet with murderers or pedophiles, thanks
I am planning on going to a few cities in Italy in August and I consider myself a pretty decently knwolegde person when it comes to Italian history and architecture (majored in history, wrote my undergraduate thesis on an aspect of italian history) but meeting with 4channers makes me nervious....don't want to get my picture taken and end up as a meme.
Also, you guys are usually racist retards
is french better to learn than italian?
>Ciao i miei amici!
Italian is much prettier, but unlike French it's used only in Italy.

File: Mr Bald.png (962 KB, 1200x674)
962 KB
962 KB PNG
what makes him such a polarizing figure?
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How is he a sex pest? Just because he gets laid? He doesn’t even pay them so how?
he's gonna get that broad he travels with killed or kidnapped
Don't know who that it
same, I am sure. His comments are botted and he goes to places like mega hotels that are empty and blatantly used to launder money. He acts as a vlogger with a dumb/outgoing personality all while collecting info. The guy speaks multiple languages and clearly acts dumber than he is. He is a CIA asset.
>The guy speaks multiple languages
Other than his native english he just speaks russian, and some broken hindi.
It seems impressive to a monolingual amerimutt that can't even pronounce the 5 basic vowels of russian, not impressive at all for an european

File: yup.jpg (136 KB, 1910x998)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Does anyone keep traveling the same route over and over? For example I'm going from one country A to country B, then from country B to country A, then from country A to country C then from country B to country A. (In the meantime I get from country C to B)

The flight crew is still the same, except 1-2 people that rotate. They sometimes look at me. I wonder, what is going through their mind. xD
>Does anyone keep traveling the same route over and over?
I have a few flights I have been on many times, but I mostly mix it up—because I live in Switzerland, work in California, and have family in Massachusetts, I have been on the Swiss nonstops between Zürich, SFO, and BOS half a dozen or more times in the last handful of years. It’s pretty nice once you have status (I don’t presently because COVID, but I have in the past); the crew gets to know you a bit. Used to have a similar experience on Singapore flight 1 or whatever it was—nonstop SGP SFO. They’re really nice to you the second or third time through.
many people do for work, family, vacation homes

File: 1627140022783.jpg (94 KB, 500x457)
94 KB
does anyone have a good like phrasebook for traveling around europe? I can only find books for a single langauge but I want one that has like lots of european langauges

I would just use my phone but I don't want to rely on it on my trip because the battery drains fairly fast
open ended travel or you have destinations in mind? there are generic most popular european language books, but some books are grouped by regions like scandinavia for example

i like lonely planet
dk travel

probably best to do instore browsing to see what you're looking for
if there isn't one for all of europe, then I guess the mediterranean
>the mediterranean
just get a spanish one and pretend you don't know the difference when you're in Portugal and Italy, throw in some funny vowels with the Portuguese and hand gestures with the Italians and they literally won't know the difference either anon.
File: 71Qv9LVpSoL.jpg (131 KB, 806x1175)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
of lonely planet books on amazon its more or less 10$

western europe phrasebook - dan, dut, fre, ger, gre, ital, nor, por, spa, swe, tur - surprised greece and turkey included but i guess its the most popular travel languages

Mediterranean europe phrasebook - alb, cro, fre, gre, ital, mac, por, sln, spa, tur

central europe phrasebook - cze, ger, hun, pol, slv, sln

eastern europe pharsebook - alb, bul, cro, cze, hun, mac, pol, rom, rus, slk, sln

estonian latvian, lithuanian phrasebook - languages in title

File: 227.png (504 KB, 680x468)
504 KB
504 KB PNG
19 year old incel virgin here. Also a 2nd year uni student who translates Japanese porn into English to pay the bills.

When the pandemic ends my plan is to go to some major Japanese city and just use HelloTalk, Tinder, etc. to find Japanese people to meet up and do things with (especially women), and I want to do that as much as possible within those 3 months, thoroughly embarrassing myself in the process, hoping that I'll make some friends and interesting memories out of it, develop my character, improve my Japanese, and maybe even have some sexual success with Japanese women while I'm at it (what with me being a somewhat exotic and interesting person in Japan as a westerner who knows Japanese to a fairly high degree). If I don't end up having the sex by the end of my trip, I guess I'll end up going to Tobita Shinchi and fucking a prostitute anyway so it's not really that big of a deal.

I have 5 figures in savings. So money shouldn't be too big of a problem for me, but at the same time I want to penny pinch as much as possible simply because I like being frugal. With all that in mind, what city should I stay in for the best experience, what are my cheapest options for accomodation (assuming that I don't mind staying in hostel dorms, etc.), and what are some other things I should do to have the best possible experience while I'm there.

I'm sure there are some jaded expats here who have something insightful to say about the subject.
45 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Jesus Christ. This is so pathetic.
oh shit, we larping now? ok ok.
Can confirm OP! I was the hot chick he banged. I've had better.
If you weren't a social retard/repulsive you'd know that 'man meets woman in nightclub' stories are ten a penny for the average guy.
>Japanese women have standards which are particularly high when it comes to foreigners.
I have an easier time in Japan than at home(England) though, I don't really feel this is the case
Sounds like you got it all figured out anon. Have fun getting your dick wet.

File: lovly.jpg (856 KB, 3675x2450)
856 KB
856 KB JPG
has anyone done this?

there are better and cheaper ways to do that, but am all in. I'm that type of that guy that loves to move places at all times, I love visiting new airports, getting to airports, finding where the gates are, going through security checks, I love being in an airplane, I love take off and landings. Whenever the pilot announces "Take off" I get this really nice adrenaline rush, it makes me feel really good. Like orgasm LOL. It's so fucking awesome. Airports are also fucking lovely, most often I just feel the good vibes, families going on vacation, very peaceful. They are also usually clean and minimalist. They are usually similar and easy to navigate, but they are also so different. Sometimes people feel nervous, but I think its is the best part of the trip LOL.

Also, not to mention those flight attendants, they are very nice looking, charming (positive energy!) and take care of you if needed.

I also have no problems falling asleep inside a plane, its actually pretty comfy, so I could always visit a city, explore it, then book some planes and sleep few hours here and there. I hate routines and this is unorganized, good. You never know where you end up in ~3 days.

Once I feel like staying for longer or taking a little break, I could always return home or book hotel for longer.

hm, i hope there is nothing wrong with me. Anyone shares the same thing? Merely just hobby I find interesting.
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Definitely not. It’s part of the trip you should should enjoy too. Don’t let it disappoint you or discourage from flying.

I personally find the worst thing getting to the airport, I haven’t found a reliable ways at all times so I had to rely on taxi, but then it’s the best.
Thank you. New to me!!
Price is fucked 2-4x more expensive. I usually buy water and bear it. I laugh at the price and move on.

Price of foods is usually less higher, still not normal price but it seems to taste better for some reasons lol.
I guess this opinion is rather unpopular https://www.reddit.com/r/unpopularopinion/comments/gmkatd/i_love_airports_and_long_boring_flights/

I'm honestly shocked that so many people dislike flights!! What????? HOW? Thats the best thing and on top of that, best thing to relax too. HOLY SHIT. I just figured, people watch movies or listen to music, why would you?!!

WTF. You guys are weird. This is the best thing, flying, airports. Best best best.
Short dude detected
Also: long haul is a different ballgame
Yeah bro, you have to be autistic. No one enjoys being packed in a flying tin can like sardines. They endure it because they need to be somewhere.
Not to mention the amount of radiation that accumulates from flying everyday.

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