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File: Plane.png (169 KB, 417x296)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
Are they really that bad?
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In terms of low cost airline carriers, they’re unironically probably the best to ever do it.

>Extremely frequent flights to pretty much every corner of Europe
>Insanely low costs, often pay more for my transfer to the airport than my flight itself
>Excellent safety and track record

The other thing is, I used to work for a major airport. With delays when it came to most of the other airlines, we’d be talking about LONG waiting times, sometimes even overnight.

Ryanair on the other hand would get their shit going pronto. Either they’d have an engineer straight on it, or a replacement plane within a pretty short amount of time.
Only downside is that in airports the Ryanair gates are usually a 20 minute walk from the rest of the flights. Then there is no airbridge. You will walk out onto the tarmac to board the plane from both ends (back and front). Minor quibbles.
I flew on a ryanair flight once and got sat next to this morbidly obese dude whose girth was so extreme that he was constantly pushing me into my armrest. Luckily it was only a 45 min flight, but I still had a light bruise on my ribcage the next day, no joke.
Apparently they are fine but then this happens to me:
>book first ever Ryanair flight to Italy
>at airport
>flight is delayed by 1 hour
>1 hour later it’s delayed another hour
>1 hour later it’s delayed another hour
>1 hour later it’s delayed another hour
>4 hours later we are finally boarding, huge relief
>as we’re on the tarmac we’re told to wait
>wait another 30 minutes
>get told their aren’t crew so need to go back
>another 30 minutes later the flight is finally cancelled

So it gets worse.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>their helpline isn’t callable on a standard mobile phone contract
The fuck kind of shit is this? Euros explain.

castle tourism thread
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File: rocca1.jpg (320 KB, 1800x1200)
320 KB
320 KB JPG
I am going here next month
Füzér, Siklós, Regéc
File: The-Hohensalzburg-Fotress.jpg (401 KB, 1620x1080)
401 KB
401 KB JPG
i liked hohensalzburg
File: file.png (564 KB, 750x500)
564 KB
564 KB PNG
there is a castle in Aleppo, Syria .
perhaps one of the oldest citadels I have ever seen, they say that the maker of it is unknown( yes it is that old ) yet it survived all those years , I saw the chambers and halls in there they are still in a good shape, the war didn't seem to effect it that much some damage happened of course
You guys know any super secret castles in Croatia? Heading there tomorrow.

why do you do it, glrs? (if there are even any on this board, stop larping faggot)

there are so many obvious downsides to it. stds, getting pregnant by someone you will never see again, someone turning out to be really weird when you're finally alone.

is it part of the vacay experience? being away from home? being free? are you secretly hoping to meet mr right after all?

and this is obviously self-interest but where would you be most open to meet someone for banging in a foreign country? museum, hostel, pub crawl, cafe, randomly on the street? doesn't matter, as long as he's not a weirdo and somewhat handsome?
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i am a man, but the answer is novelty.
the real answer is banging random people for fun in a place no one knows you carries no social consecuences
ill never understand the slut shaming and then complaining about not getting girls
Not that poster, but probably because it's much easier to gauge situations when it's your native culture.
>why do you do it, glrs?
they do it becouse if the basketball team fuck them in a row, nobody knows at home what a slut they are actually
People like to bang on holiday. They're there to have a good time and where nobody back home will find out about it.

File: image.jpg (121 KB, 750x422)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
I'm going to New Orleans in a couple of weeks for a wedding, but I don't have a travel partner. I'll be staying in the warehouse district.

Any tips on survival to ensure I don't get mugged, shot at, being around fentanyl, etc? Or should I just hunker down in my hotel room until the wedding? I know NOLA has so much culture but the crime stats are legit scaring me.

P.S.: I'm also supposed to go to a bachelor party and drinking is expected. Should I make up an excuse to skip the bachelor party? Alone+drunk sounds like a bad combo in nola to me.
How's the cooming in NOLA?
Don't ever be alone on a lonely street.

Lots of Ubers etc., so just go door to door.

French Quarter is generally safe, but stay away from the fringes. Again, lonely streets are a no go.

Biggest thing is start partying early. Most shit happens after midnight. Afternoon drinking is encouraged there, and morning drinking is totally acceptable, so no reason to stay out late.

have fun!
Someone should make some sort of gun rental service for tourists in NOLA, like the e-scooters, but for guns, because you're gonna need it if you're in NOLA.

/his/ here. I’m obsessed with the Wild West and plan on heading to the last camp of Claude Dallas tomorrow, starting at 0400. It’s where he smoked 2 Forest Service officers.

But what the fuck is this? No gas stations for 130 miles, the only reliable gas on the way out is 85 miles to Owyhee, an Indian Reservation (not bad, I’ve been there.)

Is this under the assumption that the roads are dirt and cars will go much slower? It’s an empty desert that hugs a canyon so it’s not like there’s a thousand switchbacks.
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Anons the plan now is to go down to near Moab, common destination I know but I know a few secret areas where one of the last Indian battles was fought in the early 1900s and where Harvey Logan smoked 2 cops, also. Will post pics on request, sorry again for the lack of gumption but I’ve heard stories of how easy it is to just fucking die in Owyhee County.
So... did he die?
>Claude Dallas
>Wild West
That nigga was just a turbo autist
This should make it easy. If you're still concerned about safety, get one of those emergency GPS transmitters. And since you have a car, there's no harm in bringing much more supplies than you think you'll need.
>Will I die doing this?
I hope so

File: vienna.jpg (39 KB, 674x382)
39 KB
So i'm going to Vienna, Austria next month for 7 days. Is there enough to do there for 7 days or is it better to visit other cities as well ?

I am planning to spend a day in Bratislava as well just to check it out.

Here are some questions:

1. Is the city/country safe for tourists or is there a lot of crime ?

2. If you travelled there, any recommendations for places to check out ? From monuments, museums to restaurants, i'm open to any avenue if it's interesting and worth the money.

3. Should i rent a car and visit other cities or simply go by train ?

4. Any hotels you recommend ? I don't necessarily have a budget but if i can get good value for money then it's all the better.

5. Are the women there easy ? Not planning to go there as a coomer but if i can meet some interesting women then why not.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Did you finally realize that Vienna waits for you?
Buy a multiple day pass on their hop on hop off tour busses. You can see a lot at your own pace.
You're genuinely retarded and I doubt you've actually been to Vienna
>Kunsthistorisches Museum, Heeresgeschichtliches Museum, Belvedere, Schönbrunn, Stephansdom,
You forgot to mention that those are actually in walking distance from the rain station. Also there are a lot of world famous sezession building everywhere
t. 36 ys old Budapester frequently jumping out to Wien for a day
>t.Viennese faggot
I wish I've never. Last time I was there I saw more Antifa and Pride flags than Austrian flags. Even the trams had little pride flags on them. Pozzed beyond repair

File: First Time Traveling.jpg (30 KB, 600x308)
30 KB
Greetings y'all.

It is my first time traveling, I've never been on an airplane nor left my city. I am born and raised the U.S

Some unfortunate medical circumstances has forced me to travel to San Diego International Airport (SAN) from Miami International Airport (MIA)

What are the best apps/ website to coordinate my arrival/ departure from/ to MIA & SAN, So I can purchase tickets ?


Best Regards.
Just use Google
Kayak is good for flights android web or iPhone
just cough up the 4-500 bucks for the roundtrup you dumb fucking faggot. jesus stop being poor and DELET this thread
Why are there 2 of these same threads but with different origin cities on the front page here? WTF is going on?
Kek. Not being poor would require effort. You're asking a lot from an adult who has never left their city.

I’m 19 yo twink with autism that allows to act insane. I’m thinking i’d travel and film walking through extremely exotic countries/areas to prove to others than even if you are 50kg faggot, it’s possible and safe. Maybe even wear pride flag.

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Same. Except I was 18, 5'9 and looked 15. Slim and 55kg. Now 20. Finally look roughly my age. I wonder what awaits me in life. Never had an issue. Caucasian, Romania. Have yet to visit some South America.

I never walked alone at night though, but never had an issue either.
I think it's not even about the looks or age, it's about your whole persona or your friend was simply just extremely unlucky or something. I wonder if I'm ever going to get held at a gunpoint or something, at least a fun memory.
I looked it up if you are curious
>On 31 March 2008, Pippa Bacca disappeared in Gebze in Turkey during an international hitchhiking trip to promote world peace under the motto, "marriage between different peoples and nations".
She went through EU fine then first arab country she is dead
Mutt education everyone
I guess I should have said sandnigger or muslim instead
fucking retard are you one of those immigrant in EU? fuck off
What are you doing there?

Thoughts? Recommendations? Best bars, clubs, restaurants, etc?
12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
the dullest, most normie recommendation possible for glasgow.
How's the cooming in Glasgow?
Why dont you recommend shit instead then faggot?
Born and raised in Glasgow find it fairly boring. Edinburgh is far better for tourists. Glasgow has the city centre and the West End. The former is fairly busy but working class, the latter small but posh.

I'm Australian. I was thinking about checking out South Africa, maybe doing some study there. Will I die? What are the safest cities?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Australia and South Africa have a lot of cultural similarities. It's very common for people from both countries to go to the other. I guess it's just a common question because we hear that South Africa is full of bloodthirsty poor people who murder everyone outside of gated communities but then the Saffies say it's a good place to visit.
>I guess it's just a common question
Must be something about Australians wanting to visit foreign countries and wondering if they're going to die before jumping on the plane.
Well I think its reasonable. Some Aussies went to Mexico for a holiday and ended up chopped to bits and burnt in their van. Are you going to answer the question or just be a dog?
>Some Aussies went to Mexico for a holiday and ended up chopped to bits and burnt in their van.
Strange.Don't see many Aussies making threads about visiting Mexico and potentially dying. But somehow 'two' Australians start a thread thats almost identical about a country in Africa.

>Are you going to answer the question or just be a dog?
The question was answered by the South African anon in the pic posted if you bothered to read it. Unless you're ESL and can't understand the words.
Australians are kind of naive. This came up in the "is Australia safe" thread, unlike Americans, Australians don't instinctively know what to look for that indicates a particular area a no-go zone. Plus Australians drink a lot and like to fuck around after getting piss drunk and that's how the get themselves into trouble in countries that are "safe" to the extent that you take a lot of precautions and don't let your guard down.

7/10 here witb 7/10 gf wana try a mff threesome in seminyak but unsure if thats really a thing

Any massage palours or bars to reccomend
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
There's a decent number of escorts on Tinder/Bumble in Bali, one of them offered me a 3some with her friend, just gotta ask if they're cool with girls they don't know. Start swiping, you'll know you've hit whore gold if they're eager to get the chat moved to whatsapp.

"Plus Plus" or ++ seams to be the code in Indonesia for finding the right kind of spa. Do you know anything about the x-houses? I've read ?some houses with x after the house number are brothels?
They still have instructions at Bali arrivals for everyone to install the spyware app and then have it ready to show when they check your passport and vaccine cert. However they didn't check the app, only my passport and cert. And nobody checks the app to enter anywhere either. Just install it just in case they ask to see it at the border so you can show the launch icon.

I had it installed but could never get it to work btw. Complete shit app. That's why they stopped using it I guess.
Nah, don’t even need to install it anymore
Seems to be the case. Just webpages and airport signs still imply it's required but nobody has asked for it even once. In arrivals everyone was busy reading the signs and trying to install the app while I just walked past them, nice timesaver.

File: nomad.jpg (247 KB, 2000x1334)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
No retarded homo redd*tors allowed.

Talk about:

- Legally skirting tax
- Cashing out in crypto without KYC
- Building an online biz
- Freelance work

Post about real boot on the ground experience. Keep your basement arm chair theory to yourself. ie ... if you stay in a third world shithole for 6 months on a tourist visa, said tourist country isn't coming for you for tax (even if the rule book says 6 months means you have tax residency)
256 replies and 32 images omitted. Click here to view.
How do you avoid somebody else booking the place after two nights?
Reserve using a different account and cancel as soon as you know that you don't want to stay?
Phoning in from Annecy right now. I am on my second week as a digital nomad working for a US centric company. Right now my biggest hurdle is trying manage time zones. I am experimenting with a split working day - morning for solo work and late evenings for meetings. Wake up at 10am and bed time at 2am. Also, why the fuck do they not sell protein powder in grocery stores? The lack of gym culture here is the only annoying part.
Yea, I feel like a great way to get a social boost or meet people when you first get to a location would be to maybe stay at a hostel for a weekend or so and mingle. Otherwise, a more private dwelling during the workweek.
AirBnB always seems so risky though with shit like >>2333202
7 days. Initially only the wifi was out but now the water is off. I renewed for 7 days since it was cheap and I’m already here but now that the water is out I don’t want to deal with the host anymore. He’s been responsive but for the infrastructure he’s providing the apartment is barely worth half of what I’m paying.
In third world countries if you aren’t a retard (have to be careful of getting robbed) you can just hang out, be white, and people will be receptive to you. In Europe, Canada, and maybe the US, it is different because why would any of them want to deal with someone who won’t be there after a few months?

And also that they won’t hire people out of their metro area (even tho the work is remote)
Little do they know I have 6 months of travel already booked and since my legal residence address is my mothers house, I am technically not living outside of the metro area
Also why are CEO boomers so gay? Even tho the work is 100% remote the dude is hellbent on making people live within driving distance to some shitty office park in a suburb of a crappy city. Fuck that, ya boy is going to Mexico for three months
What are your guys’ working remote situations like?
25 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Maybe this is cope.. but I feel like most companies are smart enough not to do this. If only because loser middle managers can't micromanage people with a 10 hour time difference. Maybe traditional companies that need tech will do it, but actual tech companies, that are run by actual engineers, won't.
And when you say IT, if it comes down to getting a degree is better to steer towards Computer Science or something like Information Systems (security, IT guy), assuming your goal is JUST getting a remote job that pays well?

I'm a bit biased towards going with Information Systems, but I know Computer Science is pretty juicy.>>2333081
>not approved to move out of metro area

Kek what country are you a slave in?
File: 21444.jpg (88 KB, 628x477)
88 KB
shit like this is why my goal is to become a freelancer. that and tax evasion
CS is “stronger” than IT, in terms of degrees. I have a CS degree, which is supposed to equip you for a software engineer / programmer job, but I did IT instead (a step down), and then I half-stepped-up to DevOps. Being in IT with a CS degree makes you a very strong candidate. CS is a better degree and harder too. A guy with an IT degree will be less likely to get a CS job, whereas a guy with a CS degree can get IT and CS jobs easy.

File: iFxYjja.jpg (380 KB, 1300x929)
380 KB
380 KB JPG
Thread dedicated to language exchange apps/websites.


QTCRAWLER (for interpals):

Did you ever meet anyone from here or have any good experiences or stories?

What's your general experience with those apps?
Previous Interpals Thread: >>2297959
183 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
she doesnt live in crimea you dolt
how could you even talk to her with 400+ messages?
1. be attractive
2. don't be unattractive
The good thing that following these rules on IP isn't as difficult as on other platforms, as the competition can be on atrocious levels.
Gotta love ultra tight posh and snobby Korean pussy
hello sirs, how do i get gf like natalia, please kindly advice

File: bc.jpg (91 KB, 669x446)
91 KB
/trv . Anything interesting to do in Istanbul ? ..

Heard you can get some fortune telling , voodoo stuff going on .
47 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
the nationalism of the 19th and 20th century doesn't have the same connotation as today. right wing nationalist movements have almost always ended in disaster or been so destructive it makes everyone go to the opposite direction
How's the escort scene? What site/app to find them?
How's Tinder or bumble? I'm a pale 6ft 3 Auburn/ginger lanklet. Will I find any fanny in Istanbul if I stay for say... 4 nights?

If not is the bar/pub/club scene any good?
You won't. Life weights then go.
I've been lifting everyday since your post btw.

Does Tinder have great success here? Anyone got any stories?

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