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/trv/, please give me the straight dope.
How is it looking to travel from USA to Canada by car this summer? Am Canadian citizen, passport is good until 2027. Is it worth it? Is anything open for business? Are campgrounds open? Is the quarantine mandatory, or can you really opt out? I want to travel there for my cousins wedding.
So many questions, so few answers.
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>Yes I love curfews and not being able what I want at the store awesome
Lockdowns and masks are not the same thing. I oppose most lockdowns, but masks are completely reasonable.
>going into a lockdown heavy country as an AMERICAN citizen
wow anon you stayed in your hotel for several weeks,great traveling

also canada is pretty much like the US except for some key differences,if you want something in canada,you can probably get the same in your home country
Well we’re the only country actually making good progress with vaccinating everyone, so we’ll be free by Christmas and youll be wearing your cuck muzzle till 2030.

File: default01.jpg (222 KB, 1049x1358)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
Not including the USA. I'm a black guy from a rich western country (not the USA) and I like to meet friendly black ladies. Where would be the best place to do this if the corona travel lockdowns ever end?
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Damn that's based, what's the group?
Elaborate, how does obe even start to flirt with a hijabi muslima? They, and nuns, are kind of my fetish
I have the same question
Not him, but literally same thing as with black girls. Be white and non-hideous. That's it. If you are white white (fair eyes and fair hair), you gonna have to defend yourself against them, since many will be in full breeding mode from the get go. Only extra "issue" is that you should be "known" to them - work in a same company, same building, have shared friends, have someone to introduce you, etc.
I am slavic, very typical type too - pretty pale, hazel eyes and light brown hair and it was always easy to get closer with them. Colleague of mine is a blonde guy with very green eyes and it got ridiculous sometimes. You think it's all about modesty and chastity there, but it's a meme.
t. Worked in diplomacy for Gulf states.
Girls power ranking
Whites>Asians>Arab>Indian>Africans>Hispanic>Polynesians>Natives>abbos>American blacks

File: Burger-King.jpg (46 KB, 578x740)
46 KB
I want to have some position where I am valued, and fuck beautiful local women.
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They're pretty much all solidly shutdown. I'm favorable to the Philippines since they seem to have a particular hard-on for Americans, they mainly speak english and I speak some spanish too, and they are known for having lots of sluts and literal prostitutes. Know anything about jobs there?
All of them.
If you have a university education and aren't a criminal you probably will qualify for most countries with a point scheme for immigration. You don't need to settle for shitholes, they'll just let you in.
Bachelor's degree in what?
I have a Masters in Criminology and it is pretty useless outside the US.
Literally no country will worship you for being American.
Europeans yes, Americans no. Other countries are saturated with your media and are over you.

With the exception of the Philippines this list is wrong.

File: 1602407597617.jpg (2.13 MB, 3264x2448)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB JPG
I want to go somewhere warm for a few weeks. Where are the nightclubs open?
I heard they were open in Cape Verde as of late 2020, is that true?
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Yeah go party in some place with 10 other neckbeards. It is lame.
>Where are the nightclubs open?
just go somewhere you can hire hookers, they still work
I went to some pretty packed clubs in Mexico a few months ago.
I've seen normal bars in Florida packed to the brim
>I've seen normal bars in Florida packed to the brim
Yeah they are open to normal capacity, some are doing well, but as an industry they are still struggling. College bars are probably doing ok but by and large most bars are understaffed and aren't getting customers in as often.
The idea that once you lift a lockdown, life will return to normal is retarded, the virus is still out there and most people take it seriously.

File: csa.jpg (938 KB, 1160x629)
938 KB
938 KB JPG
What's it like in Utah? I read that the state is mostly mormon and very conservative, which I find fascinating. Has anyone ever travelled there and can compare it to other states?
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Lmao at the confederate flag being associated with fucking Utah. I hate north midwestern larpers that want to seem like hardasses by adopting the shitty parts of southern history.
>You can camp for free on any public BLM land
Black Lives Matter owns land in Utah?
File: Unclehank.jpg (4 KB, 310x155)
4 KB
I'm European but I've spent some time in SLC so hopefully I can give you an outsider's view on it compared to the rest of the US.

Most are mormon, which sadly means that coffee, tea and alcohol is off the table unless you hang with people that arent mormon and even if you do you will still interact the mormon majority. It's a little odd to "party" with people without alcohol especially if you rely on alcohol as a social lubricant. Regulated alcohol sales and so but the restrictions are less than in a nordic state regarding purchase.

They are not superpushy with trying to convert you but the religion is a bit odd with their 10% tithe but atleast they dont waste it. The temples are pretty nice but churches are to US standards which means substandard.

White, so a general lack of shitty behaviors and probably the most polite and helpful people in the West.
Less fat people than most states/UK. Maybe due to a lack of extra calories from alcohol.

Plenty of ski resorts and most are pretty bad at it so you won't stand out as a begineer or you will shine if you can ski. Smog in the winter. Same car problem as most of the US.

The women are a lot hotter than the males (as in much of the US) so expect an SMV increase but sadly most of these will be married.

Overall it's one of the better US states and a dignified place to live.
Utah is real rough on weed.
Had a cousin get caught just driving through the state, got a criminal record out of it even with a very small amount.

(He is even white! but kinda a dumbass so unlikely to talk his way out of things.)
>The women are a lot hotter than the males (as in much of the US)

File: 1610885276725.gif (751 KB, 1555x2200)
751 KB
751 KB GIF
Which area of Germany should I move to?
I'm currently contemplating where should I study or take up an apprenticeship after summer and am just deeply unsure where exactly I should go as I'm originally from the Ruhr area where my family home still is but am currently stuck in western Brandenburg.
Is Berlin still a place worth moving to or just a dated meme and you can get most it offers elsewhere for far less money?
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Hay guys, can americans transit germany? I want to get a flight to Turkey, but i have a flight connection in germany. Will i be allowed to take this connection with a negative covid test taken with 48 hours?
Yes. Transit does not require testing as far as I know.
File: 1593700424450.jpg (133 KB, 736x952)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
move to a small town in Baden-Wurttemberg, start a small cottage farm

File: costarica.png (60 KB, 700x613)
60 KB
Need to travel to San Jose in a couple of weeks with the intention of completing the residency application process. Bc of rona not sure when all documents will arrive so will probably stay for 6-8 weeks.
I'm male, mid-40s, finances are adequate so I don't want cheap accommodations, a place that is nice and safe to walk around. I play guitar and like to find a nice place to sit and practice like a nice park/parkette. My Spanish is passable and I have been getting by fairly well in Mexico so far. I don't see myself going on lots of adventure outings this visit, so would prefer urban environment with malls, cafes, safe streets, parks. I can uber everywhere. I've been through a lot of shit in the last year and so safe and slightly less adventurous is just fine. Thx in advance.
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Something about latin America is a turnoff to me.
>So I just want a nice neighborhood to stay in for now. Adventure can come later.....
There aren't nice neighborhoods in SJ at least not in the way people in the West think of them. There are respectable "middle class" neighborhoods like Heredia (which will seem like shit holes to a foreigner) and then there are gated mansion/compounds in the hills by 112 heading to San Isidro. Costa Rica is still Latin American dude.
Well then answer it in relative terms - what would be the top 2 safest neighbourhoods?
I am in Mexico city and there are def some nicer barrios here - e.g Polanco, Hipodromo and some that are comparatively much sketchier
>Well then answer it in relative terms - what would be the top 2 safest neighbourhoods?
I'd say it's a toss up between barrios Amon and Aranjuez and Heredia. They are all ugly shit holes, but unless you are actively looking for trouble you most likely won't find any
Hey OP, I think I may know the perfect spot for you.
As everyone has already said, SJ is a shithole. Stay in Lindora. It's a 30 minute ride into the middle of SJ with traffic, so you're close enough that you can go pretty much anywhere in SJ quickly for appointments and doing your paperwork. Lindora is comparable to some places in the US in terms of cleanliness and comfort. You won't have to worry about crime there.
The Terrazas Lindora Mall is nice and there are lots of options to eat. There's a modern, well-stocked grocery store there too. La Fabbrica is a decent restaurant.
The draw back is it's not super walkable and I don't personally know of any parks to sit and play guitar, but I suggest you have a look. It definitely is clean, safe, and comfortable for a westerner. It's not touristy though.


Where the fuck do pilots and train operators live? How the fuck do they 8 hour trips every day and have a house and get back home after?
Railroad employees only work a section of track typically, so they might spend every other night in a hotel or they might make a return trip and be home every night. Depends.

Pilots spend a lot of nights in hotels and typically they live in a major hub city like Chicago, Frankfurt, etc.
Pilots don't fly as much as you think, especially if they are flying international. 2 or 3 trips a month.
Two or three flights a month would be on the very low end. Realistically its more like five or six flights a normal month for long hauls. There are two crews for long flights, they actually have little berths on the plane they get to rest in that you probably have never (nor would ever) noticed.

Travelling with your GF has to be the biggest unknown mistake you can make. After staying in hostels for over a year i can almost guarantee you will get cucked if you do this.
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If you can plan a half day for each day, and maybe a free day once a week, its god tier.

Like, in a group, plan a group breakfast/brunch, or a dinner, but not the whole day.

Given the group time to do whatever each person wants, then report back to everyone at some pre-planned meal/gathering.
File: boomer9.jpg (26 KB, 505x393)
26 KB

Do you also recommend using handshakes to get jobs?
File: orcs27.jpg (98 KB, 603x599)
98 KB
sounds like orc projection
I started to never plan for anything and it's the best. I just take my time and enjoy myself. It's so much better than planning everything out, it makes me feel constrained.
what got deleted?

File: china.png (31 KB, 2000x1333)
31 KB
Any white people here ever been to China? Are the Chinese polite? I'm interested in seeing the more rural areas of the country.
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Why waste time on the dark web? Just go to a local print shop with degree certificate paper and print off something for a mid tier uni like some state school or Hamilton college.

Dunno if it'd work as the visa requires original degree so I guess you're taking the risk if embassy/consular actually call up that uni. Or maybe they look for fake ones, dunno.

Could look for someone with the same name as you and hope they went to uni and make a fake degree from that school if you're willing to try.

If your work experience is actually legit then shouldn't worry too much for an ESL job at some shit tier 3 city. Unless you've been a burger flipper then you should get out tvr and go back to r9k.

The degree needs to be notirized. In other words, a fake printout would not work.
When I was in Dalian I met a Scotsman who had a forged degree. Looked like shit, printed vertically, more like a certificate than a degree, but he was a happily employed ESL teacher for years.

That was then. China has gotten a lot more stringent in regards to checking credentials, but it varies from city to city, and it doesn't always make sense. Living in a shithole and hour's bullet train south of Beijing, plenty of non-native ESL teachers doing just fine. But go to Chengdu in Sichuan and they will hunt you down as a non-native, which is weird since the southwest is generally the chillest part of China culture-wise.
>>cars in Hangzhou see I'm a foreigner with my chinese friends and stop to let us cross the street

This has never happened. The way people drive in China is absolutely nuts.
>The density of the cities is mind blowing. Huge apartment blocks as far as the eye can see.

I suggest you take the high speed rail at some point - I did Guangzhou to Hong Kong.
You pass by these huge apartment blocks for hours speeding by on a train, really gives you a sense of scale.

File: 1615054641011.jpg (266 KB, 600x600)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
Hey guys, I am a 26 year old uk anon living and working in Birmingham, UK. I have a decent job here but I hate the city and I'm frankly tired of the UK. I've always wanted to emigrate and live abroad. I’m wondering why I'm working here in a job which isn't working towards a future that I want to actually have.
I've decided to change that so I am going to start looking to emigrate from here in 2022. I have about 40k+ in savings which I managed to luckily get in stocks. I have a History (meme) degree but from a decent uni here so it’s not been too much of a hindrance. For the past 3 years I've been working in police intelligence which I enjoy a lot but I can't imagine it's likely I'd be able to use this experience anywhere else due to citizenship constraints. I still have the opportunity to get EU citizenship as my mum is Irish but that’s likely to be a few years wait due to the backlog with the Irish government.
Previously my plan was to do this job for a few years for extra experience and savings before I used my EU citizenship to do a masters in the Netherlands or France and moving permanently to Europe. However, with that possibly now being off the cards I am looking elsewhere. I am open to changing sectors if there’s anywhere where my degree could be useful. I’m also open to re-training. So far I’m looking at Canada or Australia as the working holiday visa means it isn’t hard to go there for a year or two but I’d rather not waste my time doing bar work if I can help it.
Can anyone give any advice? I’d rather not waste my time pursuing frivolous gap year shit abroad but I know that I want to emigrate and I want to start moving towards that.
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The desert is not the Mediterrenean no. There is more similarity between Oran and Nice than Nice and London or a hut in a northern european forest.
Or just go there on holiday and never leave, work at sweatshops in the Midlands with the other low skill migrants.
I’m white (Irish) and have an English name so they won’t let that slide
its a hellhole just like the rest of this failed state.
who with a decent mind would choose francistan/africa in europe of all places?
maybe southern germany then?

File: unnamed.jpg (132 KB, 512x332)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
going to Birmingham, AL next week for a business meeting. Turns out I am going to stay for about a week (Wednesday-Monday morning the following week)

Does anyone have any pointers on what I can do for fun there? Any good food spots?
Barber Motorsports Museum, if you are into that stuff. I haven't been yet, but it's my plan to go. after corona.
you know Alabama just lifted their mask mandate right? they are super chill about the masks and faggotry of corona restrictions

Bham is an awful shithole. I'm sorry anon. This is coming from an Alabamian.

For food, stick to Alabaster and Vestavia Hills. For recreation, stay in the Touristy areas in the cities aforementioned. Go out of the city if you want something of substance.

If you have free time and like outdoorsy shit, Wind Creek State Park.
No, I don't know. I am from EU and there was (maybe still is) a travel ban to USA. Also I want to visit some other places in other states and I don't think it would be enjoyable with all the restrictions and possible lockdowns,...
>touristy areas
>vestavia hills

File: você foi a escolhida _.jpg (334 KB, 1080x1097)
334 KB
334 KB JPG
Never lived in a rural area before, moving to the Hudson Valley area. What's living in upstate NY before? When I visited a few years ago, I fell in love with the nature. Also, is Albany a total shit hole
>is Albany a total shit hole?
Even if it is, you can easily drive out and within 10 minutes you're already in the nature, a thing not possible in nyc
Considering you have a city of faggots ruling over you and deciding how your life is run, I wouldn't even consider living there.

File: cover1.jpg (211 KB, 800x450)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
>be me 28
>take astrazeneca vaccine in canada
>four weeks later they ban it for anyone under 55
>will never get my second dose
>won't get to travel anywhere this year

God damn
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kek im 28 and took AZ too in the UK but i will still get the 2nd dose because our government knows the danger is a fucking meme

Sorry Canada
>the country that wont legalize weed and gives you a risky experimental jab is the one that cares
about ending lockdown yes
I'm 23 and I got both of my doses back in January lmao

Working in a hospital has it's perks sometimes.
now its better i dont have fever or anything but still. even palau has internationally recognized vaccines passports and we dont. i trying to get the local administration involved but its a nightmare

Is Israel kino? Tel Aviv Looks Lush and comfy as fuck. Easily the most appealing place to live in the middle east.

Do I have to marry a jewess to be allowed to live there?
45 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
People become "old" after reaching that age, at least according to this board
Wait what? Didnt know that. personal experience or what

Well in Israel most people get married a lot younger than in the States or Europe.
this retard tier propaganda is so tiresome. What do I have to gain from anonymously saying Israeli girls are hot. 18 year old girls have phones right? Hot ones like to take selfies and post retarded shit, same as any country. Of course the hot ones are more popular..

Go on tiktok and look for a while and you will find so many ugly or plain israeli girls, doing their stupid dances or whatever in their military barracks.
Tel Aviv is a shithole and Jerusalem will be boring/a nightmare if you arent a monk
instead you should:
>Get a Tzimer (how they call a b&b/motel there) in the north and golan heights
>dont bother with airbnb. se tripadvisor/trivago/classic whatsapp message or email
>lots of shit to do. gun ranges, horse riding, 4x4 rides, hiking, cities and nightlife wouldnt be hard to get to nor find
>Druze folks have the best local food if thats what you are after
Wish you luck OP

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