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File: Untitled.jpg (614 KB, 1484x617)
614 KB
614 KB JPG
what route should I take back?
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Stick to the great lakes, look up the california zypher line on amtrak and enjoy.
In that case, I'd propose something like this.
> NYC through PA to Pittsburgh and Cleveland, big steel towns with a lot of 19th century history. Virtually all the steel and oil tycoons from that era lived in this regions and built mansions here.
> Chicago, which is a top 5 city in the US. World-class art museum, Michellin-starred restaurants, and some of the most important architecture of the 20th century. The region has at least 3-4 UNESCO sites purely for architecture.
> After Chicago it gets a little boring, the idea is to get to Wyoming but you can audible with stops to Madison, Minneapolis, or Rapid City (some Cowboy history here, with the Black Hills and Mt Rushmore in the area).
> After Rapid City and crossing into Wyoming, you'll have some more options ultimately leading to Yellowstone. An option I've done in the past was Devil's Tower (famously in Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind), which I think is worth a half-day's drive. Yellowstone itself can be a multi-day thing, but if you want to keep it short you can take the eastern entrance to the park and drive north around the lake (3/4ths of a circle). This will take you out the southern exit by Grand Teton National Park, also optional.
> Continue south through Utah, most of which is directly next to a national park. Some of these are world-class such as Zion National Park.
> Finish through Vegas and back to LA.
Depending on your interests, you might also drive from Yellowstone up to either Seattle or Portland ("meh" cities imo, but with healthy tourism sectors). Doing either would allow you to drive down I5, which could include stops by Crater Lake, Redwood National Forest, or Yosemite.
I'd love to take the train, but I'm gonna be driving, because I really want the freedom to explore.
I'll look into the great lakes. Any good party towns with strip clubs and other such shenanigans?
thanks. My back is wrecked, so camping is outta the picture, any comfy hotels along that route?
>Depending on your interests, you might also drive from Yellowstone up to either Seattle or Portland ("meh" cities imo, but with healthy tourism sectors)
I may as well. I have a good friend that moved out to Portland.
I can also see if I can get in touch with some homies in mendo and humboldt.
File: only way.png (572 KB, 1804x953)
572 KB
572 KB PNG
Ive done every route across the US several times. Definitely take this route, but dont skip the national parks in Utah. Arches, Bryce and Zion are fucking epic. I modified it slightly
this, avoid driving through nebraska and iowa at all costs, it'll make you want to kill yourself unless you do it in the middle of the night when there are just trucks on the road

I can't decide where to go. Why is the world so big. Every single time when I want to book tickets to place A I start getting regrets cause I won't see place B, so I cancel the booking.
How can you decide?
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>How can you decide?
what type of vacation do i want? culture/beach/ski etc or just anything different than home?
do i have anyone i'd like to visit
where can i travel direct flight
what flight is at a reasonable time
what flight is a good price
based on those airports - what is a reasonable place to travel to with least hassle?
do i need a visa or is it stressfree
am i worried about crime there
is the destination expensive compared to another one if its a 50/50 choice
Due to my work I can only travel in august for two weeks. If I go somewhere it needs to be pretty good, cause I know that 12 months of wagecucking will follow.
Indecision of this magnitude is typically a sypmtom of depression. You may want to work on that first and foremost.
It might also help to plot out every place you could possibly want to visit, then rank them and pick a year for each one so you know you have something to look forward to rather than regret.
Hit multiple spots on a trip. I went to 4 cities between Portugal and Spain over two weeks and had a blast.
I am only interested in Central Asia and the Caucasus at this point.
Based first trans poster best poster

Travelling from Nashville towards Atlanta tonight. Don't expect to need to get all the way there. Any good cathouse/ escort services along that route? And/or, is Eros a decent site for finding a quality and safe companion for am evening?
God I’m so glad I’m in Thailand I’m never giving any western woman I dime of my money
Good. Less incels for me to deal with when I'm in Nashville.
> escort
> in the Bible Belt
Good luck with that.
heading from atlanta to dallas next. any clubs/houses/suggestions for that overland trip, throw it in this thread.

I'm travelling to Sicily for a week at the start of October and looking for advice from you legends!

I'm flying into and out of Palermo and going with a buddy or two.

Looking for food, beauty and a bit of nightlife- where should we go? Are the hostels any good?
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Some people like that it is a loud italy/mafia shithole
sicily is a shithole, I recommend you don't go there

t. Sicilian
Are the women still hairy sasquatches, or have they finally discovered what waxing and razors are? No offense.
Me and my wife are planning to visit either Sicy (Palermo or Catania) or Rome. As Rome is the more expensive chocie, we are leaning more into Sicily, also thinking we could see more of the true Italian life, more than we would probably see in Rome. The problem is the wildfires are cirrently raging in Sicily and we're not sure there will be much to do once we arrive (2 or 3 weeks from now). Should we go with Rome? We can afford it, but we like not to throw our money away just because we go to a popular place. We also considered Bologna at the beginning, but were told that it's quite boring and travelling to different cities is somewhat expensive as well (at least by train).
rome is great, but can be crowded and stressful also.

particuarly for bologna if you take a train about 1 hour duration, its like 15- 20 euros give or take, but even if it was a bit more - it could still be less expensive than staying in rome. Spending 30-40 euros when you do a day trip vs paying rome prices.

if you don't want to do day trips, you could consider staying in a city for 3+ days then move to the next one. If it is truly boring before that time is up you could do day trip. (or you could do most of the trip in rome and then stay in one of the smaller central italy hill towns or florence)

Bologna is in a central location and well connected by train. Verona, Florence, Milan, Ravenna, Rimini (beach resort), Mantua, Ferrara, Modena, Parma

Verona is also a central well connected location. I love the city - Has a roman ampitheatre. can get to rovereto, trento, bolzano. Padua, Venice, Bologna, Milan.
More importantly its near Lake Garda - train from verona to Peschiera del Garda is an old venetian fort town, there are ferries to other destinations on the lake - limone sur garda, malcesine( with monte baldo), riva del garda. Sirmione is an attractive area you might need bus or taxi from nearest train station.

File: Palma-de-Mallorca-1.jpg (516 KB, 1920x1080)
516 KB
516 KB JPG
I'm going to Mallorca for a few days in the fall (for nearly free), where else should I go if I choose to extend my trip a few days? I'm American and I've never been to Europe. I'm trying to not spend an absurd amount of money, but it seems dumb to fly all the way across the Atlantic and stay on the island. I'll be with a friend, we both are really into cooking/food and open minded about destinations. Barcelona is very close, but I'd like to maybe take a train from there to somewhere different (Copenhagen looks cool, Belgium looks cool, maybe Italy?)
Neither of us have been to Europe so any advice or suggestions would be a huge help.
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Cambridge - East England - easy access to Stansted airport, famous university city has lots of nice sites, academic history, little traditions. could visit ely or bury st edmunds nearby. just outside of town going to a country pub for a meal is the best (sunday is ideal but busy) like The Cock at Hemingford Grey. 1 hour from london if you are into it. London has many famous attractions, lots of things to do, but it is expensive crowded and not relaxing - depends on your point of view.

Salzburg - while Vienna is the more famous city with more attractions, salzburg might be the better location. 2.5hr journey between could do both. Salzburg is a very comfy city itself with a castle, nice old town, mozart history. nearby there is the austrian lake district - Salzkammergut area most famous town is Hallstatt.
Salzburg is near Germany's Berchtesgaden - nice alpine town has Nazi's eagles nest, near a national park with konigsee lake.

Bavaria From Salzburg you could get to Munich - Bavaria's most famous city. In Bavaria there are many attractions you could go to the mountains for things like zugspitze. There is the "romantic road" that goes from Neuschwanstein to Rothenburg o.d.t. to Wurzburg - meanwhile there are still other famous baviarian places like Nuremburg and Bamberg
There is a lot of things to do in Mallorca, and mainland Spain, maybe trying yo go to the other point of Europe is a bit too much. Also in fall the weather im northern europe is going to be shit.
Good idea, lots to think about. Still deciding how long I'll be there. I definitely will be centering the trip around food, a little bit of history, and nightlife.
Awesome list. Estonia looks beautiful. Probably wont end up in UK unfortunately, maybe next time.
Probably signed up to hear a time share package

I wish I was one of those people that could travel around the world alone and enjoy himself without anyone else. The sense of freedom and independency...

Too bad I’m too much of a retard and too afraid I’ll get lost or kidnapped, or get robbed and left without money and no way of getting back, and spend the rest of my life homeless on some unknown street in a foreign country.
I am one of those people but I don’t have the money or the time. I had planned to go from country to country for a year at a time teaching English but then coronavirus fucked me. Now, I’m going to be an old man before I get to go anywhere.
Its because you never tried it so far. Just do it
>Too bad I’m too much of a retard and too afraid I’ll get lost or kidnapped, or get robbed and left without money and no way of getting back,
plan shorter trips to safer countries. my most exotic solo location was croatia. mostly I just travel around europe looking at museums and sitting at coffee houses in the old city centres
>and spend the rest of my life homeless on some unknown street in a foreign country.
research your country's embassies and your "citizen service". there are bureaucrats in the foreign ministry that specialize in rescuing retards stranded in foreign countries
Take small steps anon.

File: trip.png (512 KB, 1021x725)
512 KB
512 KB PNG
Hi /trv/,

I've spent the majority of the past two years abroad. I'm tentatively planning to return to the United States next week. I left my motorcycle at my grandparents' place in Western Massachusetts, and will be riding to central Arkansas, where I'll stay with a friend until late November or early December.

I don't want to spend more than 4-5 hours per day in the saddle, so I'm planning to do the journey over the course of some 4-5 days. I'm looking for suggestions on the most interesting places to stay along the way. Good food, good drinks, nice nature--whatever, as long as it's halfway interesting.

My route is flexible, but I'd prefer not to go back via I-90, since the scenery is dogshit past the Adirondacks until I hit southern Missouri. However, I'm not very familiar with the Appalachians, and I don't know what cities are worth checking out along the way.

Was thinking, tentatively:
>Springfield, MA --> Harrisburg, PA (or somewhere more interesting lol)
>Harrisburg, PA --> somewhere between Roanoke, VA, and Knoxville, TN
>??? ---> as close to Memphis as I can get
>Memphis ---> Rednecksville

Don't mind going off the highway for scenic rides along the way

File: E7zjFLsXEAQNOT-.jpg (79 KB, 747x889)
79 KB
Anyone have any pictures or info on the supposed riot at SJU? Glad I never stooped so low as to fly Spirit.

>flight delayed/canceled
>chimp out in the airport and guarantee that no flight will depart for the foreseeable future
Nigger and spic logic, everyone
man Puerto Rico is full of niggers
>finally get to leave PR
>heh, sorry kiddo. We've go some """delays"""
can't blame em
Let’s make them the 51st state! They will be a wonderful addition!!
nothing on youtube bout this, weird, i was expecting to find some more spirit airlines fights or something

File: russiaaskquestion.jpg (88 KB, 800x600)
88 KB
So I am a native speaker of russian and live in Minsk. For a school trip any good buitiful places in cities or in the nature.

Meet up thread for fellow /trvl/ers. Post your location and you may find like minded people

I currently am in Greece, Creta. A town named Malia and around a 30 min drive from Iraklion. I'm from Germany and 21 years old, but I don't really care a about age as long you are nice to talk to. If you are interested write me a mail at trvmeetup881@protonmail.com
36 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
> your meds
take them sir
I was recently in Mykonos and some restaurants only allowed vaccinated people inside. Hopefully you have a handy QR code from your country.
I read a person's blog about living and working in Parikia for several years ( https://lifeinanopenairlunaticasylum.blogspot.com/2011/ ) ... He describes the locals as 'professionally mental' and the entire town as an open air lunatic asylum. I thought he was exaggerating until I met the guy I mentioned. I couldn't have hallucinated the guy I men, he was too damn strange (even for me).
Yeah, crypto coomers are low testosterone dickless faggots.
The US only gave me the signed vaccination card. I wonder if they would accept that. No QR code on it.

How the fuck do women travel so much? I always get random instagram thots showing up on my page that do nothing but take slutty pics and travel. I figured they would have like an onlyfans or something but they don’t have anything.

I mean even like I used to make a bunch of money and got a bunch of 10xs on crypto and even I’m scratching my head. I could go do it but why the fuck would spend $5000 to go take a picture of my ass in front of a hotel and slut around some beach filled with n*gs

These women all have like horny 60 year old dudes that give them credit cards right? Even if they were getting money from parents or slutting around on the internet I doubt they’d go swipe it like it’s nothing on stupid overpriced hotel stays and stupid shit

I would need to be a millionaire to start blowing money on stupid shit like that
86 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
I’m a rich guy who would really like to find girls to travel with. It’s actually very difficult. If I ask girls that are straight up hookers, they usually want some money on top of the trip. So you figure, a few hundred dollars for the flight plus nice restaurants a nice hotel. That should already be enough. When they want money on top of it, I just tell them no.

The girls that are not straight up hookers usually would go just for the free trip, but they have to work and can’t just take off. So in the end, as a rich guy who is totally open to this sort of thing I think it’s not actually as common as people think it is
If you're a pretty girl who can get trips around the world, just for fucking some older dude, you shouldn't be surprised. Hell I knew a guy who fucked some older broad, just because her husband was rich.

I'd do it too if I was one, but I'm a guy who has to earn money for it. Whatever, I hope one day I'm rich enough to keep my harem, lol
>How the fuck do women travel so much?
that's a question i've always asked myself. Seems like they're either in college or just out of it and not poor as fuck yet have been all over the globe. Granted, the same tourist photo spots every girl seems to go but still.
>random instagram thots
oh, that's why dude. They get paid to do those trips. Tinder, insta and snap are known to pay influences like this.
you don't eat your kill on the spot?
god this is pathetic, I own a full frame mirrorless and the only time I am using it with a bitch is while I'm taking back shots

File: flags-03.jpg (84 KB, 800x415)
84 KB
Is Venice worth it or is it an overrated tourist trap?
21 replies omitted. Click here to view.
i do
it is a tourist trap again, last year was the perfect summer to check it out. Even locals said they never seen it that empty then.
Here from last year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6m9XJ8eNqY&list=PLHPl0SFKkUjMVjUMGYgTYiKcrvjx0ZykA

yeah it's great. Go in the winter and there's less crowds, and as someone who's not a fan of winter I'd say it's the best time of year to see it.
get the vip package that includes little boys
>tourist trap
tourist trap doesn't mean its crowded with tourists, it means that it is a superficial attraction to get tourists to stop but does not have much value for its overpriced charges.
seeing a famous historic city and its main square, royal palace and grand cathedral are not tourist traps
maybe the shitty souvenir shops and meme gondola rides are tourist traps

File: 1615843259086.png (706 B, 280x280)
706 B
706 B PNG
Hello. I've never been outside of my country (NZ) before, so after I graduate I'm looking at traveling a bit and will probably do a working holiday visa somewhere too for a longer experience in that place. What advice do you have for someone who has never experienced the world? Where do you recommend as a good spot to set up base in? This would probably be for 3 or 4 months depending on how the finances work out.
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
And ideally a place with completely lax or non-existent COVID measures for maximum enjoyability. Don't count out Eastern Europe.
me personally, i'd go to western europe - many tour companies need engish speaking guides. i knew someone who did kayaking in italy. i knew someone who worked in a bar in scotland

many kiwis go to canada and usa mountains to do a ski season, in summer the hotels do golf and mountain resorts that need workers too.

in resort locations, like cayman islands you always meet waiters from all over the world on working holiday.

im sure if you liked south east asia there would be opportunities to work as a guide or something you can learn like surf instructors, but probably not the shitty hotel jobs like you can get in the west
Honestly, if you don't mind not making money directly from it (but you would be saving a lot from it by having a room & free food), look into helping out on a farm. Your hours would be half of working at a resort so more free time, you could stay with a family that goes out to do cool shit, and learn actually useful skills instead of being a busboy or the like.
>Just go work in america
on what visa? lol, NZ has no working holiday visa with USA man
>minimum wage and competition with locals
>cheap weed
>expensive car insurance depending on the province
>lowest taxes of the commonwealths

>no visa needed
>better wages
>dodgy employers
>expensive everything
>2nd lowest taxes of commonwealths

>no overtime, minimum wage, but holiday pay of 8%

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: dbn3o9zgdgd71.jpg (99 KB, 1080x1440)
99 KB
is the us canada border open for travel this august?
for the brappsed
He's a big guy.
for you, maybe

it should be in the next couple weeks, my virologist aunt is coming from Vermont to BC on the 15th, has flights booked and everything.
>my virologist aunt
Why hasn't your aunt cured the rona then? I'm going to come over and kick her.

My favorite travel show clip ever is Huell Howser at the Bagdad Cafe, which despite its name is somewhere in the Mojave Desert.


Everyone in the video is a character. I especially like General Bob, who seems legitimately angry to be interviewed.
73 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
On the whole, it's a pretty good thing that Huell Howser existed.

The best cameo appearance in any movie ever.
good lord this thread has been going for 6 months now
Nobody knows anything about Huell Howser except me.
>he's also this hilarious guy who says really obvious things, sticks his mic way too close to people's faces, and never seems to be unhappy about anything ever
He also interrupts people constantly when they are trying to talk. I have his shows on auto record, lots of good stuff.

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