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File: pepe young bucks.jpg (193 KB, 1080x698)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
Post vacations you went on that were much better than you thought that they would be.
>Be me
>2018 (pre covid)
>Texas faggot
>want romantic getaway with the woman
>Search for shit to do that is about a 4 hour drive away or less.
>New Mexico and the ABQ area
>Stayed at a little casino resort just outside of ABQ (isleta)
>got a midweek room deal
>Expected a small little dumpy casino
>Was pleasantly surprised
>Got a room with a jetted tub
>Casino was pretty nice, lots of fun slot machines
>GF got sloshed at the bar for pretty cheap
>Only downside is that they let people smoke in the casino, but it is divided into sections so it isn't bad

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play it cool man, Northern Idaho is such a hidden gem that we can't let it get out. Perhaps one of the most beautiful places in the US.
Yup, gorgeous caverns.
Both /out/ and /trv/ shilling nm now. It's fucking over.
my favourite thing to do in venice was take the water taxis to all the surounding islands
A country like Hong Kong with sketchy back alleys
Expensive lodging
Rude mainlanders

Super safe everywhere
Cheap af hotels all over
Qt girls
Everyone very chill

Some expat beer brewer guy told me Taiwan is a rare gem in a pile of shit that is Asia, and he was very right.

File: 1599490440878.jpg (119 KB, 1440x1105)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
can someone spoonfeed me what the current status of travel from usa to poland is like? sites say travel is restricted, but i also see roundtrip flights for sale?
I'd like to know also. My guess is that the flights are for nationals that are allowed to enter. I wonder if there have been any anons who risked it and landed in a restricted country, hoping for the best.
why is everyone so interested in poland
there are threads about it here all the time
i mean it's fucking poland for fucks sake
surgery is more affordable there
blame the hooknosed surgeons in america charging premium for simple procedures

yea I thought so too, but there is a online content creator that I follow that was able to fucking vacation in sweden just last month to visit his girlfriend which has the same travel restrictions as poland (i think?) AND he was able to come back to america just fine, so I dont know if he just got lucky or what the fuck is going on with anything

File: Mana.jpg (75 KB, 625x900)
75 KB
Do Nordic people look down on people who like them for being blonde and blue eyed?
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I'm not nordic but everyone assumes my country is filled with blonde hair and blue eyes which is pretty far from reality unless you count peroxide.
>Do people look down on people who like them for being blonde and blue eyed?
In the case of Australia, yeah probably.
Didn't you hear? /int/ is full of circlejerks now, Real Internationalists™ post here now.
I think you just perceive it that way if your from a country with not a lot of blondes. I definitely noticed the higher number in Scandinavia.
File: Mana4gagar.jpg (24 KB, 433x600)
24 KB

Personally I like being fetishised.
I don't find anything wrong with it as long as I'm not being slowed down on my holiday by people following me with their tongues out trying to talk to me. It pisses me of to no end that I MUST be from Ireland because of my hair colour.
this shit deserved a thread ?

File: 2.png (1.75 MB, 1177x861)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB PNG
Has anyone ridden it?
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Don't know what that is
Not worthy of its own thread. Put this in Japan general.

I have traveled it but I'm not going to answer you out of spite.
I'm not even OP but I think this is worth its own thread. That Japan general is shit and nobody reads it
not very bumpy, only a few collapsed segments and a part that goes woooshhhh, wooooshhhh
overal id say its a great road to drive on
you can see japan from it too which is great
File: japanesegirlsloveme.jpg (139 KB, 1486x790)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
yes, would go again. try the citrus icecream, watch the based falcons and enjoy cycling through one of japan's most beautiful regions

File deleted.
As the title states; whats the best capital city to visit and why?

Not limited to this list alone:
>Washington D.C.
>London (my favorite, by far)
>Rio de Janeiro
>Tokyo (probably a lot of Weebs like this one)

Personally I enjoy London because of its multicultural feel, but still rooted in British Traditionalism. Tons of good currys, kebaps, and fish and chips.
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Moscow is probably the coolest capital in that list.
>museums, history, old grand architecture
London, DC, Moscow, Beijing
>megacity amenities and blade runner feel
Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul
Berlin, Rio, Tokyo, Seoul
London, Tokyo
Rio, Hanoi(western incels) Rio, Hanoi, London, Berlin (good looking westerners(no, you're not going to get a ton of jap pussy))
Teir 1: London, Tokyo
Teir 2: Seoul, Beijing, Rio, Berlin
Teir 3: DC, Moscow, Hanoi
What rule was broken? Why was OP's photo removed?

File: milkyway.jpg (123 KB, 629x419)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
I went to a dark sky park a little while ago and I was absolutely underwhelmed. 12 hours of driving to see faint wisps of the milky way. Turns out all the "cool" night photography photos are long-exposure shots that capture things the human eye aren't capable of seeing. Even though there actually were a bunch of stars, it really wasn't that big of a deal. I rate it a 3/10. Maybe next time I'll go to Iceland and try to catch an Aurora Borealis.
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Did you really think you'd see what your pic shows? Lmao.
you're supposed to keep your phone off and actually let your eyes adjust to the darkness, zoomzoom
Hate to tell you this, but the Aurora Borealis is in the same ballpark. Sure, you do see the colors and see them moving, but it's much better in long exposure pics.

The only thing that didn't disappoint was a total solar eclipse.
thanks bro
Sounds like the US or Europe, in which case you have so much light pollution you won't see shit anyway.
Go to outback Australia or the Yukon. Maybe New Zealand if you're willing to spend a few weeks hiking into the ass end of the Fjordland

what's driving between provinces like right now?
tried to make it in nb, but corona ruined it and a family emergency in bc means I'm going to be moving by driving my truck in october
I know there's a big thing when I cross into quebec, and then another one in ontario?
Cutting it close there anon some storms can fuck you.

Also driving across canada is more boring than driving in the US, for most of it there is actually nothing where at least the 40 has some interesting pit stops. Decent food, steaks specifically, in the mid west.
I did a bit more research, only province that has a strict 14 day quarantine is manitoba, but I can drive through that province in 5-6 hours so hopefully they'll let me through

I know, but I'm not crossing the border into america
it's mostly bc that I'm worried about weather wise, I know it starts snowing in october in the mountains, but it doesn't usually stick until november

File: tenor (1).gif (728 KB, 220x220)
728 KB
728 KB GIF
This place just seems kinda terrible. At least southern Ontario. Prefer some place without flouride in my water, thatd be cool. Iceland and denmark are basically impossible to move into with a Canadian citizenship. Also no offense, but perhaps a country that hasn't been raided by the middle east people.
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Hahaha, you're not only an insufferable faggot, but delusional too.
>This place just seems kinda terrible. At least southern Ontario.

Sounds like a problem with your perception.

>Prefer some place without fluoride in my water, thatd be cool.

I think that rules out most developed countries, here's a page from the American Dental Association about why we put fluoride in water.

>Also no offense, but perhaps a country that hasn't been raided by the middle east people.
I'm not sure what you mean by "raided". In terms of demographics, Toronto, one of the most multicultural and diverse cities on Earth, has a an Arab population of about 36,000 according to the 2016 census. This is about 1.3% of the total population. For comparison there are more than twice as many Latin American Canadians living in the GTA.

If your only criteria are no fluoride in the water and no people from the middle east may I suggest Devon Island in Nunavut. The world's largest uninhabited island. Guaranteed free of any people, regardless of ethnicity and the only fluoride in the water is the 1.2-1.4 mg/L naturally found in seawater.

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make enough money so you don't have to use the bus, lol, those people are your peers

full of racist coked out/drunk natives who hate you for being white, no thanks
not if you are in a mine or some shit like that. Its all grumpy old white dudes like you. You'll love it.

File: Nassau B.jpg (1.65 MB, 2848x4288)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB JPG
What should I do in Nassau, Bahamas if I only have 10 hours?

I mainly care about the food and culture and don't have a lot of interest in the beach and buildings.
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>I mainly care about the food and culture
You won't find that there then. The Bahamas is a shit hole made for poor fucks who think they can actually have nice things, but in reality cannot.
I used to go with my GF to the Atlantis. We called the waterfront, 'Cocaine Alley'. Almost impossible to walk it without getting offered 2 or 3 times, especially if you're smoking a cigarette. Did way too much of it because it's so pure. Go really wrecked a few nights and lost my head.
really the only thing of note to do in the bahamas is diving/snorkeling
going on a cruise? nassau is the default port, it's super boring, just go snorkeling
the most authentic culture is to be an american getting apocalyptically drunk at senor frog's

Try cracked conch, conch fritters, any other seafood, johnny cakes, rum cake, rum and the many cocktails that include it, peas n rice, guava and other Caribbean fruits

i would consider the massive hotels to be part of the modern nassau culture and atlantis looks very impressive
multiple forts - fort fincastle seems to be the highest rated, near queens staircase.
pirate museum, slave museum, national art gallery, junkanoo expo?
walk past parliament square and governors house

This is some weird haggard psychedelic caribbean folk musician from 1970s bahamas

File: 2019-9.jpg (369 KB, 1600x900)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
Has anyone here been to Tomorrowland ? I plan on going there in 2021. What was your experience ? How do I prepare best for it ? What should I bring along with ? Is Belgium expensive ? And most importantly: How does one get some tickets ?
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File: 1595841072248.png (51 KB, 864x864)
51 KB
I can smell the newfag on you. Lurk for another 2 years before posting again.
That's right, that's what you're supposed to say to election tourists.
>Has anyone here been to Tomorrowland ?
i've tried but its always a day away
File: 1595696731574.jpg (446 KB, 1470x1451)
446 KB
446 KB JPG
>election tourist
More like a normie tourist that lost his vacation due to to leftist hysteria. See you in November.
>stop fucking with my dreams ok
ok, the earliest a vaccine exists is end of this year. Then it has to be seen how long such an immunity works and a sufficient amount of people has to be vaccined. This will take MINIMUM the entire next year.

so earlierst you will be able to attend tomorrowland is 2022

File: hostel.jpg (57 KB, 500x375)
57 KB
Hey anon, welcome to the /trv/ hostel. How many nights?
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>just like at home
>plays Wonderwall
might be here for a while, need a place to crash while my house gets treated for bedbugs. gawd am i itchy tho
Most people can’t even play it right
i prefer male(female)

Where should my girlfriend and I live? Arizona, Michigan, or Colorado?
let me guess your "girlfriend" is lauren southern and she'll learn about you any day now from your simping her youtube videos
shutup brown
Michigan has less tax
Michigan has more juggalos
My vote is michigan

but lauren is my gf

Have you ever visited Africa?
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where to go for the best guys? what's that like there? are they cheap?
I wasn't snapping pictures of girls when I was there. From what I remember the most beautiful women I saw were on those places.

I’m traveling to Serbia soon. First time.

Any scams or dangers I need to watch out for? I read there are fake taxi scams at the airport?
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
In Stari Grad there's the Flamingo, which is excellent Chinese. And there's La Taqueria for Mexican, fantastic tacos. They somehow found an actual Mexican as the chef who knows the difference between Mexican and TexMex. So no burritos.
I was in Croatia for a few years before coming here, and Croatians just can't figure out international cuisine, so I've been starved all this time.
Is there Uber/Lyft or some other alternative in Belgrade
You won't run into any scams but taxis might charge you euros instead of local currency.
Chicks are hot and most of the young people speak English.
A downside for an American would be, that almost everyone in Balkan area smokes cigarettes.
been to both of those places when I was hangover, and they are pure trash, cant believe you would come all the way to serbia and eat an incredibly poor version of food from your own country, let alone recommend them to people from your country. Americans should not be allowed to enter serbia

Im travelling to Serbia this december to visit my LDR whos Russian

Any serb bros here know of cute romantic spots in the city or just cool date ideas?

Reynisfjara is a top contender so far but I'm open for ideas. TIA anons
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In your hotel room.

What a shitty question
What does your gf like? Outdoors stuff. Waterfalls?
City centre. Do what suits her.
I bet you're American you retard. Have to spoon-feed every thing to do with Iceland
two words: Prenup
Not at the Blue Lagoon. I got pubes on me there.
Actually clever


Thanks, this place is out of this world.

Just because your a fat, lonely, loli loving incel doesn't make you any less douchey cunt.

Possibility, thank you.

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