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File: tmp.jpg (333 KB, 998x532)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
I can’t handle living in this shithole anymore, with the mass shootings I want to leave ASAP.
>apartments only cheap in small boring cities
>rude people
>everyone is a retard
>high crime rate
>fags everywhere
>shit transportation
>stressful jobs
>mass shooting everywhere
and many reasons, where should I move to?
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No you're not nigger
I feel safer walking around 95% of middle eastern and european cities than I do walking around every american city with more than 100k people
And the crime rates back it up. USA is on par with latin america and SSA
Just stay where U are mutt:D We dont want u.
Wrong. I only have to get my work visa renewed once every two years.
I think I'm moving to Vietnam & Philippines, bouncing around there with occasional stops for Japland. Really, all I care about is cute asian women, working out, and working on my online businesses. Would be ez to save up cash for real estate when I come back to our special little shithole

File: florida_103098.jpg (6.46 MB, 2560x1920)
6.46 MB
6.46 MB JPG
Give me your honest opinions anons. What do you think about this place?
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Stay out of the left lane you sissy faggot. Left lane reserved for 100+mph only. I didn’t invest in a 500+ hp german cruise missile to get slowed down by you faggots dawdling in the left lane
Was at 1000 North last night. Pictel
Space coast = purgatory
only freedom left in the US is in FL also the nogs mind their own business, have their own spots, and kill each other so yeah. Most Latinos are actually ok. ALL Latinas are total trash the second their foot touches US soil. Basically just avoid EVERYTHING except the Keys south of Boca Raton
also YES worst drivers in the US are in FL (all locations) also if you run or cycle or ride on the roads you will die eventually given enough time and no one will ever stop bc everyone in FL is armed even most of the jews who hate guns so it can end even worse if you try to help.

File: 391156535.jpg (298 KB, 1084x1620)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
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>Athens is the Parthenon and a bunch of modern buildings.

Yup they got it right
the parthenon isn't even in the picture, anon...
Thats not the parthenon, shitshkin. It is the academy of athens. Kys
The centre is best if you want to be in the moment. Areas around Monastiraki, Plaka, Psyri are the best for exploring the culture, enjoying the nightlife etc.

The only other thing I would suggest is staying near the beach, perhaps in Glyfada or near Kalamaki beach. There’s a beach club there that has parties and DJs at night called Bolivar beach club. Super nice desu.
Exarcheia is also pretty cool. A bit rougher but any impromptu parties can be awesome. A big anarchist / arts crowd too if you’re into that

Also, where is the ugliest?
File: P10100481 (16).jpg (252 KB, 1280x960)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
File: P10100481 (9).jpg (222 KB, 1280x960)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
File: gibraltar-border.jpg (64 KB, 820x547)
64 KB
Not sure its the ugliest, its certainly not the prettiest but quite interesting is the border between Spain and Gibraltar - not only do you get to enjoy south american levels of autism - particularly on the spanish side due to the politics, you can also enjoy the battle of the flag poles. And when crossing in to Gib you get to walk across a runway (they're stopping that next year) which is fun unless a plane is coming so you have to wait for it.
File: 4WD-On-The-Beach.jpg (461 KB, 1024x683)
461 KB
461 KB JPG
imagine your country being so gay that it actually touches another country
Korea and Japan

The border is just the sea

File: photo5jpg.jpg (95 KB, 700x500)
95 KB
I'm going to Egham, England in a few days to visit my sister who is in a Erasmus. We're planning to go to London two days (one I'll go alone to enjoy the museums like an autist), and we were thinking about visiting either Cambridge or Oxford. Which would you recommend of the two? Any places near Egham worth visiting? I only traveled to UK before in 2012, when I visited Brighton, Portsmouth and a quick trip to London. I'll only stay for five nights.
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if you are into historical stuff then it doesn't get much more historical than the place that magna carta was signed i.e. runnymede which is nearby. not much to see there though, just a memorial
windsor is pretty close, you can go to see the castle or go to eton and see the rich kids of russian oligarchs marching around in their fancy uniforms
ummm legoland is quite close too
hampton court palace is not far away
if you like cars or planes then brooklands museum is good. it has one of the last concordes in the world
just don't stray too close to slough. it's not fit for humans now as the poem goes
Oxford is more pretty than Cambridge I’d say
Thanks for the info. Yeah, I guess Oxford makes more sense if we use public transport. I had Windsor on my "to visit" list, though she may have gone already.
Egham is terrible, I've been there a few times for the same reason, visiting my friend studying at RHUL. Apart from the campus and the historical knowledge that the Magna Carta was declared there, Egham doesn't really have anything going for it.
If you want something local, then go to Windsor Gardens and Castle (skip Windsor itself). Cambridge will be too far - just take a train from Egham -> Reading -> Oxford instead.
>Not what you asked but if you go to any museum in London make it The British Museum. You could easily spend a full day there and only take in a quarter of it properly.
I know most people prefer the British Museum but personally I think the V&A is the best. Something of everything in there, you will never see everything in one visit.

Depends on whether your interest skews towards the ancient or the medieval to modern, I suppose.

File: nihonbashi.jpg (235 KB, 1200x630)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
Bros, I'm going to Tokyo for a couple of weeks in July and need some accommodation. Do you have any recommendation for a place (ryokan maybe?), ideally in Minato or Chuo but anywhere with a good connection to Nihonbashi is fine.

Preferably not too expensive, but not too shabby either. AC is a must since Japan is stupid hot in summer. Any good experiences or tips?
I have a great recommendation for you:
Post this again in the general and you'll get answers and autistic discussions how your trip will look like in July.
>Any good experiences or tips?
Yes. Check the catalogue for the existing Japan general before making another asinine thread.
stay at a ryokan in asakusa like everyone else. asakusa line stops right at nihonbashi.
Japan is open?
It's not. Not for individual tourism at least.

File: _20220519_131339.jpg (116 KB, 1279x880)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
My flight is going to stop there for 18 hours, arriving in the morning of a workday, so options should be available. Any must sees or dos for such a quick stay in town?
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eat pljeskavica
The airport is very far away from the center, be sure to give it 1-2h or more in high traffic (rush hours), or 30-45m in low traffic (night/early morning).

You can visit the castle and some museums with the time you have, but it's slightly rushed.
I take it you mean by car/bus. Is there no subway option?
Visit one of the many American arms cafes.
No, there is no subway. Only trams and buses for public transport, and they suck major dick.

File: triumph.jpg (89 KB, 750x500)
89 KB
Not sure if /o/ is the right board to ask or this one...

So, I am in my mid 30s now, have enough money for a (good touring) motorbike and I live in northern Germany. I would like to make a tour through southern France, Spain and Portugal. I don't have biking buddies but my wife might come with me.

How do I plan a trip like that? In particular, how do I avoid hotels where my bike will get vandalised? In the past I have seen lots of shitty places located in actually expensive cities/districts via AirBnB, so I don't know what to look out for.
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Monitoring this thread, I'm making a trip this summer myself on my ancient honda ST1100.

I expect to just stay in hostels mostly, probably calling them ahead of time to ask about parking. I'd like to go camping too but my bike is the worst one imaginable to go off the asphalt with, so I'll have to see about that. I don't know why you're worried about vandalism, but maybe you know something that I don't. Maybe you could look for hotels that have a parking garage?
The first problem you're gonna have to deal with is being German. You're gonna have to stop being German immediately.
I have the impression that it would be fun to not plan it at all.
just start driving bro, pack outdoor camping gear and merino socks

The Wolverine State is the most based state. It's natural beauty is almost unmatched in the USA with sand dunes, Great Lakes, Mackinaw Island, woods and idyllic countryside, waterfalls, lighthouses, plus the entire mostly uninhibited upper peninsula. What is a US state that has as much soul or better small towns?
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Fucking kek at "muh liberal" memes. People are only "liberal" in Ann Arbor and Metro Detroit. I grew up in a small town, and it was fucking awful. Most of my neighbors were morons, nobody ever walked or bicycled outside (we had like .25 miles of sidewalk). And, like most of rural "muh conservative roots" Michigan, there was a MASSIVE opioid and meth problem. Multiple kids from my high school graduating class died from heroin and and shit. I also had a university class with my county sheriff's daughter, who said most of her dad's department didn't do much besides tackling drug cases and related crime (burglary, domestic abuse, etc), because a significant minority of people out there don't do anything except work menial jobs and then get high after work.

I also lived in Central Arkansas (small town, not Little Rock) and it was the same shit: everybody was retard-tier stupid (but admittedly very friendly), insanely religious, and addicted to either an opioid or meth. My best friend is a doctor at the regional clinic and he said most of the time he's in the ICU or ER, most emergency cases are drug related.

Liberal cities and states have their own problems, but at least you're not surrounded by literal inbreds. Boo-hoo, there are homeless people and dindus, you just ignore the homeless people and if you have a college degree and half-decent job, you don't have to live around dindus anyway.
Michigan inexplicably combines the unbridled liberalism and poor governance of blue states with the racism, homophobia and blandness of red states. Plus it's flat except up north and the weather is depressing 9 months of the year. There's a reason so many people are "from" Michigan.
File: images (4).png (6 KB, 204x247)
6 KB
>Imagining a Michigan with no income tax, complete gun freedom, and a complete free market makes me sad what this state became.
Yeah, this would have totally fixed all the problems. If only Michigan had a "free market" the American auto industry wouldn't have been wrecked by the Japanese. GM and Ford had the designs ready for better, cheaper, cars but they were unable to use them because the Governor of Michigan stopped them.
Michigan unironically has lower income and sales taxes than most red states, is heavily conservative outside of big cities (and most of these rural conservatives are methheads and heroin addicts), and has basically no firearm restrictions

File: 6571520NoeS3BK.jpg (587 KB, 1200x893)
587 KB
587 KB JPG
Bros, want to go to mongolia to larp as chingis in july. Anyone been? Any tips and recommendations? Want to see the naadam festival, and be free on the steppe. I've been a horse a few times, but I'm no way near proficient.
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Uh I was "fine" there, it just fucking sucked. If you ask someone for directions there, or any simple, normal tourist question, they react like you're throat fucking their grandmother and kicking their dog with Google maps open
I shudder to imagine what a Mongolian runway walker wears. OP better stock up on some 2002 Sacramento Kings NBA Champion t shirts
>I shudder to imagine what a Mongolian runway walker wears.

The skins of dead animals, what else?
When I read that "skinned alive" chapter from "Windup Bird Chronicle" I decided not to visit Mongolian steppes, ever.
White devils do not belong in the Altay. You will be consumed alive by Tengri.
Heed my warnings.

Hi. I'm visiting NYC right now for a few weeks and I'm wondering if what you hear online or see in movies about Asian Massage Parlors is true? I see a bunch of those places in Chinatown and I'm getting ideas walking by but is there any way to know which ones offer happy endings other than going into multiple ones at random in hopes you find the right one? Is this something that only comes up during the massage or can you ask at the reception before paying? I've never done anything like this so I literally have no idea how this works, how much it costs and if it's even still a real thing. Any tips? Is it worth it (like are the girls even attractive)? Thanks anons.
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File: fms.jpg (205 KB, 1280x720)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
i live in flushing can confirm. this place is overrun with whores like a bad apartment has roaches. just off the main st 7 stop there's a dozen within eyesight as soon as you step out of the station. the corner of 40th road and main st has a minimum of 3 hookers standing around 24/7. there's at least 20 AMP within a 10 minute walk of Flushing Main st. one of the mamasans even lives in my building i see her all the time.

the whole area is kind of shady. obviously the sex workers, but there's always drug dealers, some tweakers, at least 5 people passed out on the side walk because so many fentanyl distributors live in the area. recently a bunch of gypsies showed up, their kids run a pick pocket scam on the old chinese ladies. one guy asked for money because he had a heart attack, i gave him some choice words and he called me a faggot. the one upside is that there aren't any joggers so i've never heard any guns here. it's sketchy but it's pretty safe unless you're shooting fentanyl.

this place is crazy but i like chinese food (poossy) so i kind of love it.
>Why the police don’t break it up i don’t know. I can only guess corruption because this shit is very obvious and very prevalent.
>because police have actual crime to stop or investigate. Not tracking down if some anon coomed or not for $$$
>Fat envelopes keep the police looking the other way. It is the politicians and judges who get the most.
I don't even think the cops get paid off.

I think they have better shit to do (which potentially includes doing nothing)

The metagame of all work in the US is now to do as little as possible while still making enough to live and maybe even invest.

Working harder is nowhere near incentivized for many people.
yeah no investigation means no evidence. nobody really cares about whores selling pussy when gun violence and robbery because of the [redacted] running around is so high
I feel fine, sure it messes with the mind a bit when it comes to dating since I can't tolerate bullshit, but my dignity is not dependent on mongering.
hello fellow mongers,

why do Vietnamese ra’s have long nipples?

Early 20s guy traveling solo spending June in France, two weeks in Paris and two weeks in Nice.
What are good neighborhoods in Paris that I should look for places to stay in? I plan to use airbnb so I can just have a place to myself for cheaper than a hotel and safer than a hostel.
I'm thinking college type vibes, young people and bars, things like that.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The obvious answer for a "college feeling" answer is anywhere in the fifth or six arrondissement - there are open street parties every night in Rue Madame though people present are going to be slightly younger than you. Rue Mouffetard, place de la Contrescarpe might be better. Lots of museums and cultural experiences to have there as well since you are close to the center of Paris. It is going to be expensive though.
File: 1620535414518.jpg (37 KB, 520x388)
37 KB
I think countrysides are boring and have no desire to see them. Just wanna go to cities and then the beach
I've been in NYC a long time but honestly I'm still kinda spooked by European ghettoes. Maybe just because I'm more used to American ghettoes. Montmartre seems cool for the art scene, I'll check it.
Thanks, I'll check out prices in these areas.

Also, in general, how receptive are Parisians to people who know basic, kinda broken French? Would they be mean?
Parisians are dirty cunts, you might as well just plan to go somewhere else now while you have time
Montmartre isnt ghetto, the side to the east of it is, Gutte d’or and barbes or whatever they are called.
Paris sucks for student and party life. Go to Rennes or Lille or Bayonne for that life.
Paris is for people to work and for niggers
>mfv all Niggas like cities

File: Tbilisi-travel-alamy.jpg (850 KB, 1960x1226)
850 KB
850 KB JPG
What are some good cheap and safe countries to travel to?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Armenia, pretty much all the Balkans.
no, it’s a travel board.
how dare op ask a travel question on a travel board ?
Balkans, Peru, Ecuador

File: 1629459293712.jpg (215 KB, 1600x1062)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
>Hagia Sophia - Upper Level closed. Mosaics covered. Weeping Column closed.
>Basilica Cistern - closed
>Chora museum - closed
>Pammakaristos museum - closed
>Boukoleon Palace - closed
are there any historical greek sites actually open in Istanbul?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: orthobro.jpg (32 KB, 353x353)
32 KB
All of Istanbul is Greek
Turds are subhuman. The fact they converted agia sophia to a pedo worshipping trashcan speaks volumes to turdish mentality. I honestly dont see them as humans. I hope the roaches perish.
Porphyrigenitos Palace is open (pretty boring though).
Palace Mosaic museum is open.
I don't know how different it is from the Basilica Cistern, but Theodosius Cistern is open to the public.
Golden Gate is under renovation, but you can still enter and even walk around in some unsecured areas of the towers that they probably mean to block off at some point.
And of course there's the Theodosian walls all along the city, many places you can climb on the top of the walls since locals have broken the locks/removed the fencing, just beware packs of stray dogs that hang around the walls.
>The fact they converted agia sophia to a pedo worshipping trashcan speaks volumes to turdish mentality.
Wait, I thought they converted it to a mosque again?
are the dogs dangerous

File: strasbourg.jpg (162 KB, 1000x672)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
I'm going to Strasbourg for five nights in October. Primary reason is to see a gig on the weekend, but have extended my stay either side by a few days.

I'm interested in cuisine, history, sport (will see an RC Strasbourg soccer match if my stay coincides with a home fixture) and decent places for a drink or two of an evening.

Also, I know very little about the surrounding countryside or nearby towns, so any recommendations on that front (accessible by public transport) would be welcomed.
Take the tram to nearby Kehl in Germany just for the novelty of it.
Yeah go to Le Tren and go to Colmar. Strasbourg is boring.
Wear a hijab to blend with the locals
Visit the European parliament. It's unused most of the time and a great piece of architecture.
Strasbourg is excellent, it's such a beautiful town to walk/bike around by itself, definitely checkout the parliament and the cathedral. Great Restaurants, better value and quality than Paris.

I went when the Christmas markets were on, so there was more to do. For 5 days you're probably going to want to explore the surrounding area.

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