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File: turkey-flag.jpg (29 KB, 800x400)
29 KB
Alright bros, seems I'm heading to Turkey in June. Only place that seems like it will offer enough interesting things during the coof spoof.

What are the most interesting places to go?

Any under the radar comfy spots?

How hard is it to get by with just English?

Basic coomer question of how easy is Tinder there?

Any recommendations on good hotels, restaurants, places to meet people?

Things to avoid?
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Yes, bröther your work has been noticed and appreciated.
>Interesting places to go?
It really depends how you want to spend your time in the pandemic. Do you want to avoid people or mingle ? But some of the standard interesting places are Haigia Sophia, Galata Tower, Topkapi palace, etc. I would recommend going to Nevsehir (place with the Chimneys. etc) Here you find lots of cool scenery and ancient caves and underground cities of course its even better if you rent a car there.

>Under the radar Comfy Spots?
Diffenetly look up Lycian Way its totally underrated treking route that spans 500km along the coast. But you can trek a portion of it and still see ancient ruins,tombs, and enjoy some swimming and boose with friends ,even locals or tourists on the path.

You can get by with English easily in tourist zones of Turkey, however if you go off the beaten path to other cities where theres not a lot of tourists it can be difficult.
Based on my personal experience Turkish women are Hot, and very curious towards foreign men especially in Istanbul or Ankara. But they are shy and dont know how to flirt or have an engaging conversation in English. This often results in ghosting after matching, but I had this one girl in Istanbul that was fluent and ended up smashing at her place a few days after matching.

>Hotels, Restaurants,people
Always check trip-advisor on some of the hotels in the major cities. Find one thats in the center and has easy methods of transportation to and back between exploration trips. AVOID restaurants near famous landmarks and places, as they will jack up prices knowing that you're a tourist. But try different types of kebabs and other dishes each day, there a wide variety.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Based on my personal experience Turkish women are Hot, and very curious towards foreign men especially in Istanbul or Ankara. But they are shy and dont know how to flirt or have an engaging conversation in English.
never having been, I get this exact impression too anon. Half my charm is my wit and double entendres. Thanks for the tips anon!
What do Muslims do for bc? Is it true the girls all do anal?

asking for a friend

File: yvM2kwig_400x400.jpg (35 KB, 400x400)
35 KB
I really need to be there by June.
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Biden has been talking about opening up travel in mid-May.

yannick fils de pute
I want to go to Austria
File: berlin in a nutshell.jpg (46 KB, 343x281)
46 KB
You will be here when you get drafted and the you will be put on occupation duty in some Belarusian. I hope you like beets.
Where do you need to go?

File: csa.jpg (938 KB, 1160x629)
938 KB
938 KB JPG
What's it like in Utah? I read that the state is mostly mormon and very conservative, which I find fascinating. Has anyone ever travelled there and can compare it to other states?
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It has nice mountains
This poster is right.

Utah is...basically nothing outside of a few major centers. Moab is a blast, provided your...not you. You don't know how to traverse the desert so don't pretend.

If you do. Canyoneering is fun, there's a lot of great views you can see after hiking 10 miles in and 10 miles out.

Uh, The state is empty and will kill you but kinda fun in it's own way. Capital Reef is easy enough to access.
Lmao at the confederate flag being associated with fucking Utah. I hate north midwestern larpers that want to seem like hardasses by adopting the shitty parts of southern history.
>You can camp for free on any public BLM land
Black Lives Matter owns land in Utah?
File: Unclehank.jpg (4 KB, 310x155)
4 KB
I'm European but I've spent some time in SLC so hopefully I can give you an outsider's view on it compared to the rest of the US.

Most are mormon, which sadly means that coffee, tea and alcohol is off the table unless you hang with people that arent mormon and even if you do you will still interact the mormon majority. It's a little odd to "party" with people without alcohol especially if you rely on alcohol as a social lubricant. Regulated alcohol sales and so but the restrictions are less than in a nordic state regarding purchase.

They are not superpushy with trying to convert you but the religion is a bit odd with their 10% tithe but atleast they dont waste it. The temples are pretty nice but churches are to US standards which means substandard.

White, so a general lack of shitty behaviors and probably the most polite and helpful people in the West.
Less fat people than most states/UK. Maybe due to a lack of extra calories from alcohol.

Plenty of ski resorts and most are pretty bad at it so you won't stand out as a begineer or you will shine if you can ski. Smog in the winter. Same car problem as most of the US.

The women are a lot hotter than the males (as in much of the US) so expect an SMV increase but sadly most of these will be married.

Overall it's one of the better US states and a dignified place to live.

File: robert_fett.jpg (91 KB, 570x855)
91 KB
In which country do the people actually like German tourists? I feel we are the retards of the world that get made fun of as soon as we're out of the room
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>US tourists shouting USA in every establishment
You must not have met a lot of Israeli's. They're even worse.
Last time I was in a small hostel in Serbia there were two Germans, one was a weird AfD type in his 50s who jumped right into incel talking points within a few minutes of meeting, the other was a super cool guy probably in his late 20s who I later joined in finding a way into a closed football stadium.

Of course the type of tourist is influenced by the destination and if you go to resort areas you're gonna find trashy people from everywhere, but if you go to less touristy places and meet some Germans they'll be the same variety of weirdos as any other nationality
With the possible exception of Israelis, maybe the most annoying fucks ever, and don't even get e started on their pathological need to plaster a leaf all over every inch of their carcasses.
Nice cope, Bong.
>I feel we are the retards of the world that get made fun of as soon as we're out of the room
That goes for a lot of European countries, especially the Western European ones, but it isn't that bad.
Improve your accent a bit that you say they and not zhey, have some humour, be fit, dress well and everything is fine,

File: maine.jpg (170 KB, 2560x1400)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
Trying to plan a two week trip to main. Just looking for a general run down of the state: what's cool, where to go, what to eat, etc. It will be me and two other friends. We want to camp for at least part of the time. Budget is 2k a piece, or 6,000 dollars total.

Bonus: We will be traveling from Ohio and would like to make a little bit of a road trip out of the drive out. If you have any recommendations on anything in between that would be great too, don't have to go into detail or anything. We were thinking we might check out Boston or Providence or somewhere like that.

Lastly: Covid info. Part of the reason for wanting to camp and for choosing a more rural state to go to was because we're burnt out on covid shit. What can we expect people to act like about it in Maine? Will we be hassled about masks?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Maine is kind of divided on the mask thing, as it is about everything else politicized, but people in the tourist towns will definitely give you shit for not wearing a mask. They see their livelihoods at stake.
Acadia is the obvious choice. It's going to be unbelievably crowded this season but if you're willing to hike more than a mile from the road you'll hardly see anyone. I'd recommend staying at any of the private campgrounds on the island vs the two inside the park.
All the towns along Route 1 are adorable. Check to see if there are any music festivals in Rockland during the dates you'll be there. Deer Isle is pretty great, and you can see if the Stonington-Isle au Haut ferry is running; there's another chunk of Acadia you can see out there.
If you want to avoid crowds entirely (aside from crowds of mosquitos), go check out the new national monument, then report back and tell me how it is.
I can't rec anything specific in Portland, but definitely go there.
File: basedbros.jpg (66 KB, 800x500)
66 KB
Dude this is the hookup, thanks anon
Def will take the advice on camping.

Is "Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument" the new monument you meant, that's what showed up when I googled "Maine new national monument". Either way I'll make a case with the guys to scope it out for you bro.
AFAIU there's nothing there whatsoever, just swamp. I mention it instead of Baxter State Park because the latter can be crowded. Don't go if staring at sphagnum moss doesn't excite you.
aight, we'll play it be ear as we go I guess.

File: Malaysia-Flag.jpg (4.34 MB, 3968x2240)
4.34 MB
4.34 MB JPG
The reasons for this is (1) Malaysia is a Muslim majority country, its difficult to live here especially if you're born Muslim but don't really believe in the religion/an atheist. Essentially I have to live a double life and its killing me. (2) Race is a big thing here, and I'm mixed-raced (1/2 Malay, 1/4 Chinese, 1/4 Thai). I'll never belong in any community no matter how hard I try. (3) Malaysia's a middle income trap. I'm going to be working for 14hrs a day for only $700 as an auditor.

Currently 21y/o, can speak 3 languages(malay, mandarin and English) just finished my ACCA(accounting), planning to work 3 years for experience first.

What are my options bros? I'm looking at Singapore, but they actively look down on my kind. Vietnam and Philippines looks comfy but need more research. Feel free to ask me about Malaysia, I'll try my best to answer.
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that video is from aceh in indonesia, which is known for being hardline islamic
in malaysia i think they only have a similar "morality police" in kelantan state which is mostly backwards malays living in corrugated iron shacks but they don't have much real power
>I don't know how they know you're Muslim,
everyone in malaysia is issued with an id card at birth. it says on the card if you're a muslim or not.
>but if you are Muslim then different, more restrictive, rules apply to you in Malaysia than non-Muslim
sharia law largely only applies to muslims so there are some differences for example in genting highlands there are casinos- the only ones in the country. muslims are not allowed to enter. the casinos mainly target chinese visitors- the chinese love to gamble. but the muslims get other advantages over everyone else that it kind of offsets the few things they can't do
>offsets the few things they can't do

One of those fee things is bang a chick in a hotel room. That's pretty big
families cost ***shrugs***. Legacy is not cheap
Go to the UK, Germany, Sweden, or Canada. They're always welcoming Muslim refugees.
Where in ML do you live?

Anyone been to Bahrain before? Heard there is a good level of hookers but besides that nothing.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Where's the best place to meet these girls?
Which ones. It varies depending on nationality. Theyvalm have their own spots. Even Arab/Muslim available
>Even Arab/Muslim available
From Iraq, Syria, Libya I guess? Why does Bahrain allow this, I thought Dubai was for whores?
hav you tried uk or canada? theres a lot of prostitution running rampant through the british colonies...
Morocco, Libya, Lebanon.

There's a bridge that connects Saudi Arabia(KSA) with Bahrain, their money and KSAs ir pretty much tied (1 BHD = 10 SAR), so on the weekends the country is flooded with Saudis spending their mlm money, and doing all the things they can't do in KSA.

I think of Manama, Bahrain as a more down to earth Dubai

File: bama.jpg (37 KB, 400x267)
37 KB
I'm going to be working in Birmingham for two months this summer. Looking for recommendations for places to live, eat, drink, go out, whatever.

Fwiw, I'm a grad student, late 20s, coming from the northeast.
what part of town is your job in? summer is hot as balls there fyi
File: bham.jpg (60 KB, 612x408)
60 KB
Job is right in the middle of downtown. Not sure where I should stay yet, though. I will have a car, so I don't necessarily need to live nearby, but I'd be looking for a neighborhood that has decent access to restaurants and nightlife.
buy a plane ticket to la

stay in la

birmingham is for illegals and gypsies and jews they will get bombed one day and you will be an accomplice

File: Ukraine2.png (345 KB, 1200x807)
345 KB
345 KB PNG
Some of you bros are alright, but its time I have to go back to Ukraine. I was there in 2014-2016 fighting commie fucks, and now I have to go back again. I will be posting my combat photos here since its technically considered traveling and I just happen to have some fun while doing it.

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>has barely enough money for a house in a shithole
>financially secure
hope you get fleeced by an ukranian golddigger for being a fucking retard
I remember you. You're the kc Norwegian guy right?
No, I'm the American guy. Amazingly, a lot of guys pick up wives in the Ukraine. It's the bridebasket of the former Soviet Union.

seethe harder, faggot
leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech u stupid illegal go get ur papers dumb stupid hick

File: 81T4jBj5AkL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (190 KB, 1258x1500)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
>eurofag with EU passport
>not vaxxed

what are the best countries that would accept me without a c19 test or quarantine?
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covid test isn't a big deal to do, you better should at least be open on the covid test, it's better than the covid vax
File: IntranasalInfection.jpg (168 KB, 558x392)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
But thats how they infect you with the coof
>But thats how they infect you with the coof
Amazing! They’re not doing a good job, then, though, because I have been tested three times in as many countries and they keep coming up negative.

Oh, and some countries are evidently only asking for an antigen test—that one’s just cheek spit if you’re lucky.
"brain tickled" yeah fuck off
I took an old covid test I got for work and just edited the HTML to change the dates. I'm going to Belize next week, fuck yea

Never traveled before. My passport appointment is on Thursday, so I’m gonna start searching for an apartment tenant to sublease my current rent so I can move out and live in foreign countries for a while.

How long did it take for you to receive a passport and when did you apply for it? I’m hoping since it’s Covid less people are getting them so it’s quicker
15 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Literally 6 months cause Canadian bureaucracy is fucking retarded. They kept making mistakes and not telling me about it. Then because "Canada" it was my fault and I had to give them the new correct paper work that they fucked up on. I honestly hate my country.
>Usually less than four weeks.
>couple weeks for me
>Five working days, usually quicker
>2 weeks.
>got mine renewed. approx 100 days from the day I mailed out my app to the day I received my new one.
>A month?
>3 months apparently

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Tbh I think the post lady is retarded because everyone avoids her and she’s a mask obsessed boot licking mongoloid so dunno. I forgot how she said I could track the passport so it could very well be 2 to 4 weeks expedited
It depends. There's regular processing that takes months and then there's expedited processing that takes a few weeks. Then you can go to federal building that can process passports and you can have it within 24 hours to a few days. It also depends if you are doing a new passport or a renewal. New passports take longer to process than a renewal.
if you have a out-of-country flight in less than two weeks you can get an emergency passport, got mine in like 4 days.

Requesting Dubai anon (Chinese-fucking one ) ITT.
Where should I stay in JBR? All apartment hotels are 5k usd+ which I can cough up but don’t wanna be a sucker. Is booking.com decent for this? Can u recommend a place?
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
But you have to live there 180 days to maintain Dubai remote worker visa.
What’s BGC

Also how do I pick chicks here, I have shitton likes on tinder some of them are Nigerian scams but some legit

Do I invite them over to my jbr suite?
>I left cause Chinese girl got a bit crazy
Guangzhou girl? Summertime-fall 2019?
What is there to do in Thailand? Dubai is more expensive but I don’t wanna keep my lease too forever there, probably gonna fly out when hot season starts

File: bernie.jpg (86 KB, 750x764)
86 KB
>be me, 7 maybe 8/10 caramel colored mexican, swimmer, fit
>meet elderly american couple at local beach. they're super nice and generous
>they sound sincerely interested in the little knowledge I have about international stuff (e.g. did you know that Finland uses Euro but Sweden and Norway do not, their currency is called Krona)
>they talk about traveling all across Western and southern Europe, mediterranean islands, Brazil, Australia, Asia... so many awesome, interesting stories! they also have a great sense of humor.
>they invite me to sleep in their hotel room
>all the other young people i was supposed to be hanging with are nowhere to be found and haven't called me, they're too busy getting laid maybe
>i lay down on the hotel room's couch and fall asleep immediately
>next morning elderly couple is having breakfast in bed, naked
>they say they're into cuckold stuff and want me to get jiggy with the wife's ol' dusty baby-cave and poop-chute
>i'm visible disgusted. this must be a nightmare
>i respectfully decline and they show me the door
>they both caress my chest, arms and groin for a minute and insist I get schwifty with them
>i try to think of the benefits of saying yes, but i can't, i'm so disgusted I feel like throwing up
>i walk out the door and they slam it behind me
>they probably were angry for feeding me and putting up with my loud snoring (maybe farting too?) for nothing (lol)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
There’s two types of people I hate in this world. Heterosexuals and you.
Should have at least masturbated for them Pepito!

File: trullo.jpg (326 KB, 1200x690)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
I'm organizing a bachelorette party for my sister in Italy, advice on where to go? Anyone have any experience on this? Given the Covid situation we would have thought that it could be combined with the organization of a bachelor party ...
30 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
torna su pol cavernicolo
Don't forget to visit the Subappennines, the Monti Dauni
Monti Dauni
What kind of party will it be?
Are you trying to get her laid one last time or is it a more respectable outing?
Definitely the first one

Just landed in Tamarindo. What to do and how to fucking travel in this cunt? Maps don’t ever give a single public transport option
11 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.

La Fortuna, active volcano, very touristy, safe.

DO NOT GO OUT TO CAPOS AT NIGHT, there is a beautiful beach in the national park, drive past the people who look like they're park rangers, fake uniforms trying to scam you for expensive parking. Also cool monkeys and sloths.

San Jose kinda sucks, still lockdown. Nice mall but that's about it.
>Traveling around CR is a nightmare. The roads are insanity. My first time there, a landslide had destroyed the highway, and just to turn around to find a detour took 3 hours.

Imagine your gf booking the trip and you have to drive a fucking rental after a madening 8 hour drive to chicago and like 12 hours of flying and little to no sleep for two days, across costa rica during the night and with mountain tops and a brand new car.

Yeah. Fuck that but that's what I had to do.

La Fortuna aka Arenal Volcano

You can drive but you need to understand the gears which isn't hard, lower the number, the higher the incline it's supposed to be on. Spend five minutes on it you'll get it. Also, make sure you have good maps and you should have a "co-pilot" helping you drive and pointing shit out.
Why not at night anon?
>In any case I forgot to take my driver license with me so I think I will have to find my way with Interbus, but lord, transportation is such a nightmare here
Do you not carry your license in your wallet, and bring your wallet with you when you travel? I have two driver's licenses in my back pocket at all times.

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