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File: 20200525_192507.jpg (611 KB, 1080x803)
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611 KB JPG
How do I find a respectable job where I'll be able to travel in my 20s? Do these jobs exist? Pic related is rooftopping in HK last summer
learn to code
then get into cybersecurity
you can do cybersecurity consulting from anywhere in the world
>languages/certs required
please anon, i met a cybersec dude from texas when i was in thailand and he was making six figs working part time while enjoying the poverty tier cost of living. That life seems amazing beyond my wildest dreams. how can i achieve it?
>how can i achieve it?
look it up goofball

here is a breadcrumb
Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) cert is what you want to get started
Asks how to achieve ‘six fig’ salary on 4chan, cringe

File: 122555.jpg (28 KB, 485x309)
28 KB
My fiance and I just broke it off. Not getting hitched anytime soon. In the meantime I want to fuck as many proasties as humanly possible. No budget constraints but I believe spending more than $300 per hr is just silly. I have been out of the game for a while now so help me out here with some updated knowledge of the best places to travel for nookie. No Asia please- I am not into spicy tuna.
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I have heard good things about Germany.

how about healthy good quality? where you know they get checked up regularly and shit.
fuck off to reddit you damn roastie.
Sadly a lot of places where the owner claims they are screened don't necessarily follow through.
You'll also find that in places where sex business has been legalized, a lot of working women haven't bothered to get registered or an ID card because they're too lazy or cheap to be regularly tested.
>comes to my thread
>sees a trans person
>acts all transphobic
How about you didn't open my goddamn thread in the first place? Get out of here.
i hear they are pretty strict about it in Australia and NZ

File: nightlife.jpg (171 KB, 900x497)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
What the fuck is "nightlife"? Can someone explain this to a guy who has never been outside past 8 pm other than when /nightwalking/ in his quiet suburbs? Don't people party the same way all over the world? Why would this affect your choice of travel destinations? What countries are seen as having god tier/shit tier nightlife? Is it worth it to go outside during the night, do you actually meet new people? Do you have to drink to enjoy the supposed "nightlife"?
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so what did you mean by "plenty of pick ups"
Plenty of pick ups if you're attractive and have money. This isn't always the case in Asia unless you're talking about prostitutes.
you know you're talking to a board schizo right? it's some korean mutt incel. dont humor him.
I'm starting to think Koopa might be the Korean incel.
no. koopa is a mentally ill canadian coomer. this one lives in america and is just a massive incel

File: 1589922258968.jpg (138 KB, 700x533)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
What beverage do you drink while traveling?

For me, it's Dr. Pepper
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I bought some at a South Korean airport, I can't even remember what it tasted like so it must have been pretty forgettable.

Since you reminded me of that meal, what are those round sliced vegetables that Asians always serve on the side or in soups? They were very sour and I remember chugging the Pocari after I ate them.
Probably radish
Water, or coconut water.

Who the fuck drinks and pop or sofa. Fucking disgusting
Same. When I travel to Argentina I drink like a gallon of orange soda a day. Idk why but I love it there.

File: 8364896324896234.jpg (238 KB, 1920x1080)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
I'm leaning towards Beijing as of now for its richer history and culture, but I was wondering if you guys had some thoughts. This is purely theoretical at this point given the circumstances of course.
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Sounds like Beijing suits me better as I mostly just go travelling for the historical and cultural aspects rather than just partying in different places. Although I do hear of a lake near Shanghai that is apparently famous for its historical places.
Do you mean Suzhou? I spent a day visiting a friend there, I didn't end up seeing much but the people were friendly and it was pretty enough in the old town.
There or Hangzhou, I'm not sure which as I haven't looked into it much.
Bomb China.
>3 week trip - 1 week, Seoul, my China trip, then 3 days in Tokyo, 3 days in Kyoto and 1 day in Osaka.
jesus fuck. thats a stupid itinerary.

I’m gonna take my gf on a Disney vacation in January. I’m considering Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, Paris Disney, and Disney world. We’d also spend the week doing other things around the city. What park is best?
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Absolutely worth it, beautiful environment and full of Japanese cuties dressed up in Disney outfits for social media snaps.
Disney Sea is my favorite and with good planning you can do most of it in a day
Imma be honest, Disney world aint what it used to be. Last time I wen their was 5 years ago, it was kick ass. The staff was excellent, tbe rides were cool, the shows were great, but from what I'm hearing, even before the covid-19 pandemic, disney world was kind of starting to become shit. Doesnt help that many attractions are outdated as hell (Especially EPCOT) and the fact that the staff is starting to slack off quite a bit. Litter was starting to increase as well as the general hygiene of the parks started to wane. It started to become more noticable when Galaxy's Edge opened. Besides it's blatant disrespect for the IP it represents, Galaxy's Edge is just a glorified shopping area with a star wars theme and a crappy ride. The food was shit, the lightsabers/merchandise were heavily overpriced, and it honestly gave nothing to star wars fans at all, not even fans of the sequels, who this was aimed towards. Bottom line, Disney is starting to lose its grip with their parks roght now. Sorry if Im kind if being overbearing, I understand why you'd go to disney, but as of right now I'd stick with universal Orlando or the japanese disney parks.
>I’m gonna take my gf on a Disney vacation
Women are horrible now anon. Do not get emotionally attached to one. They only want your money. Even if you dont have any now, they know that at some point they can the courts take vast sums of your future earnings through child support payments

Paris fucking sucked during covid-19 and it'll take two weeks to get out of here due to finances.

No timestamp but four fingers in the picture is for 24th of May for all of you.
Thanks, Leaf. Happy 2-4 weekend. Where will you go after France? Maybe Italy or Spain?
Do French people normally drink wine out of an old-fashioned glass?

File: Alaska.png (250 KB, 3047x2197)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
Lived in Oregon a bit, fairly affordable, people were fuckton more humble than in California.

What's some of the most low key states to live in and slow down, preferably where humble people can be met more often?
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File: 2f7.jpg (31 KB, 601x508)
31 KB
Got you, and I won't give anyone else the bright idea
Not Alaska, that's for sure.
Also SW Louisiana (Acadia) is a decent place to live.
Upper Michigan is absolutely based and underrated. If you can handle the isolation and enjoy a fuckton of snow this is the place to be.
Northern Wisconsin is quite nice. Anything above Eau Claire is pretty peaceful.

I'm 22 years old and worth about £150k. I have never been to a city outside of the one I grew up in and the one I went to university in, KHHV until 6 months ago, only took up hobbies a year ago, no close friends etc. Childhood was beyond fucked up which probably caused a lot of this, have had loads of time and opportunities to go out with people, have sneed, go travelling etc but turned them all down for ages.

Anyway starting medical school in a few months and part of me really wants to reject my offer (cannot defer) and experience everything I've missed out on while I'm still young, mainly traveling since could do the rest at uni anyway. Is this a good idea or would it likely be overwhelming? I know this might sound really dumb but my social experience is minimal
Working to be a software engineer in Tokyo. I feel you dude, I was the exact same. My advice? Go with it. Its your best shot really and the thrill of it all will create a journey of a lifetime. I'd recommend travelling to Finland, Japan, Canada and France.
Its always gonna be overwhelming but you gotta risk it for a biscuit.
Yet again, be thoughtful also.
Get a stable job and save some cash too.
Finish med school. You have your whole life ahead of you for travel, but med school may be an opportunity you miss out on.
You are in a tough situation bro. I was in a relatively similar situation as you, down to the amount in savings, and age. I turned down going to university in my small hometown to travel and focus on social experiences I missed out on, and while I do not regret my decision, and had an amazing time in my 20s, it could have gone either way. You have to think about what you value more, medical school and a future career in that field, or travel and social experiences while youre young. You may not get a chance to go to med school again, but if you waste away the rest of your youth going to school and not having the experiences you crave, thats shit as well. If you dont go to med school, there will for sure still be career opportunities in the future after travel, but will there be travel opportunities after med school, i think this is more doubtful. I dont know about how much time off doctors get, but I would assume not much.

>You have your whole life ahead of you for travel
And he has his whole life ahead of him for career and school. Travelling in early or mid 20s is 100x better than in your 30a or 40s.

File: 1492614154834.png (183 KB, 375x375)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
ITT we discuss making the most out of travel as social retards with little to no prior human interaction.

Do share tips and stories of getting out of your comfort zone and having good experiences when travelling. What would you suggest to autists going travelling for the first time? What do you do when you're offered to go to a night club but hate crowds and dont know how to dance? etc
My personal advice would be to try hitchhiking.

It seems daunting being stuck in a car with some stranger but its actually pretty fucking cool. Because if you just travel on bus and trains you very rarely talk to people which gets rather depressing quite quickly but hitchhiking you are forced to talk to people and you get to meet locals and learn about the local area. Also often the people driving you will be very happy just to talk about themselves and the place they live so it doesnt matter much if you lack speech skills

One time I got picked up in southern Utah by a rather unassuming bloke then after a bit he proceeded to tell me how the area we were in was run by a polygamist cult that he grew up in and gave me a tour of the area. Such a random and memorable encounter that could only come about by hitchhiking. Usually its hard to meet interesting people but when you hitchhike they come to you
I have aspergers.
I've travelled through Asia twice on my own. Its actually pretty easy desu.

Mods this is 100% /trv/ related because it deals with one of the essential methods of travel.

>Why did 9/11 cause ALL governments to enact extreme security measures, when there were many more terrorist incidents in the 70's that did not cause any increase in security?

>Why has CoronaVirus caused a complete lockdown on essentially all international travel when H1N1 and other outbreaks did not?

Oldfags of /trv/ what was it like before 9/11? Will this coronavirus be the next 9/11 ushering in permanent changes in how airports treat travelers?
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That's a little relieving at least, Whatever the truth is behind shit like 9/11 or this virus, its always a good thing to hear the mainstream being challenged. Are normies finally starting to wake up?
That's encouraging to hear. I think a large % of people realise this is hoax plandemic but they're too scared to say it openly.
Lmfao retarded burger detected.
It was inevitable that they would eventually take actions to prevent hijackings. If the Taliban didn't do it, some other group would eventually have done the same thing. The security measures went too far and are not effective enough, but that's life.

I get it, the numbers are low, but it's hard to argue that without any lockdown of any kind, it wouldn't have infected half the world in a matter of weeks. If they started lockdown later, it would have become inevitable eventually as well.

Permanent changes will come. I don't expect them to be as disruptive as the 9/11 changes. Body heat detectors were already implemented at a few major airports (NRT for example), airplanes already have hospital-grade HEPA filtering systems that entirely recirculate the air in the cabin every three minutes, masks are honestly a good idea for air travel even when there isn't a pandemic (I'm pretty sure last time I got sick was from flying), and a few other minor recommendations will be all it takes for people to feel comfortable flying. 9/11 shook peoples trust in being in a plane at a much deeper level.
Rectal cameras are being brought into use at some locations because they know how common it is for drug mules to shove it up there. So look forward to a free colonoscopy in the near future.

Whats the cheapest place I can go to and be staying on the beach. I'm looking at cuba and flights are $400 and airbnbs are like $20.
define "beach"
Sand and water to swim in the ocean.

File: 348s.jpg (23 KB, 348x348)
23 KB
Can anyone give me suggestions for Chicago and what travelers should know?
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the deep dish pizza is mostly a goof. It's like Navy Pier, we just go take our out of town relatives to see it/ eat it once a year, like Thanksgiving
Meh. I like it and I live in river north. Grew up on the southside and always had a thing for it.
Haven't heard of it being called exactly that, but that's probably Lou Malnati's. People put it up there with Giordano's as the best pizza in the city (although everyone has their own place). Giordano's is more well-known, so it makes you look more discerning to direct people to Lou Malnati's. Both have a pretty nice handful of locations at this point, so you shouldn't have to go too far out of your way if you want to check them out.
>Little Village
Lol I lived in that shit hole in 2017 and it was so rundown. It was mostly poor wholesome Mexican families which was nice

they're both chains. If people are looking for Chicago style, not touristy chain i send them to Ricobene's, (and try the chicken parmesian my personal favorite)

but go straight there, dont take any detours, except maybe sight seeing in China town

File: download (26).jpg (38 KB, 474x281)
38 KB
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Most people in cities are poor. The populace of cities dont take care of anything, either
My state is literally 1 place to avoid and you're fine lol
did my whole two masters here just finishing up. Lund is nice, stockholm is a great city. Gothenburg reminds me of frisco. Theres not much else, unless you end up in malmo which is shitty and full of commie block neighborhoods. Up north if you like the wilderness you can have a great fucking time though. I had fantasies of staying here but after two years I don't think so
>rude people
Hmm, curious. Most of the people I meet say that the hospitality here is overly positive.
Because of the humidity or why ???

File: DzJqSkmU8AA6HJ4.jpg (94 KB, 1200x1200)
94 KB
>been saving to make a two month trip to the UK for my 30th
>not a terribly seasoned traveler, but learning to save, find good options
>driving around Scotland
>Bonfire Night
>seeing old family and friends
>this Corona shit happens
>assume it will be at least together by September to go
>but now this crap with the 14 day shelter to travel to the UK when they clear up a bit means it's all cocked up on that end
I mean, maybe I could work to expense for it, but then two weeks in a fucking London flat would be boring as shit. Is my trip dead?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>virus is clearly fucking things for months/years to come
>retard books a trip anyway
i hate that these threads are like 70% of the catalog now
Not worth it unless pubs and clubs are open, and I don't know if they will be. Strong appetite here for continuing lockdown.
I'm personally wondering if travel from Canada to the U.K. and Ireland will be allowed for non-essential travel by May of next year. I was planning to go again this year before the travel block and now a possibility of a lift doesn't seem likely till at least Christmas.
If you're into /out/ stuff things will be open by then, restaurants and pubs probably not, museums idk
I posted this in early May and still think the timetable is more or less accurate.
>Honestly I don't see international travel coming back before October.
>June Germany, Austria Switzerland (maybe some scandis like Denmark and Finland and Poland) will reopen for travel of nationals and permanent residents of those countries
>September we might see the Schengen zone open up again for intra Schengen travel for citizens and permanent residents with only a few restrictions, also US/Canada probably Mexico gradually opening up for travel
>October, oversea and international travel gradually reopens but there will still be a lot of places that will have a 14 days quarantine for people from X or a complete travel bann for Y.

The only change I would make is:
- Mexico is still a wild-card, they're open but it's completely possible that other countries will shut the doors to/from Mexico at any moment and with 2000+ new cases per day for over a week it gets more and more likely.
- South America will mostly be off the table till January with the exception of Uruguay that could start to reopen soon for intercontinental travel

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