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File: cronulla_riots.jpg (75 KB, 634x374)
75 KB
The last time I was in Thailand, I started a mini gang war between bikies (on scooters) and hotel staff. It was adorable because I don't find Asians intimidating.
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Mines not that impressive but promise Im not a schizo
>Youg bong in vietnam
>Walking back to hotel one day
>Older man who is also a bong suddenly comes around corner shouting "FUCK VIETNAM!"
>Clearly drunk
>Comes towards me and asks if I speak english between shouts because Im clearly not vietnamese
>Decide to pretend I dont and just stare blankly
>He carries on, shouting "FUCK VIETNAM!" along the way
>well that was an interesting encounter
>A day or so passes
>attempting to cross very busy road back to hotel with my friend, haven't quite figured out the hole 'you just gotta go and hope for the best' yet
>the guy emerges on the other side of the road, again seemingly drunk and shouting "FUCK VIETNAM!"
>This time he's with a vietnamese man and woman who are trying to calm him down.
>Friend has never seen him before, we're fixated on him and Im telling him how I've seen him before
>Suddenly here 'OI, WHAT YOU LOOKIN AT!'

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This was almost two years ago. Been ages since I wrote that greentext to my friend.

Take the A36 road till you arrive at Dundas Aqueduct parking lot along the road. Take the stairs down to houseboats. Walk across the Dunas Aqueduct south and walk down to the Monkton Combe school boat club, and head north east along the river Avon till the first tree line that intersects the river at 90 degrees, its in that brush line at the coordinates. Theirs a tree in the field, and if you walk northwest of the single lonesome tree towards the brush line, its inside one of the tangles of tree trunks in that direction.

Funny enough I needed it in Africa because I got held up in Morocco west of Marrakesh and had to fight a guy who gave me a ride, but ended up trying to steal my phone. Ended with me getting my hand stabbed and actually forgiving the guy because I smashed him off his get away motorcycle with my backpack and told him God and the universe was judging his actions to put it simply (I did this in broken Darija? or Moroccan Arabic), so he decided to give up in his post-collision daze and admit his plight as a impoverished criminal.
Some people are just really retarded. Glad none of you got pushed off the island.
>A bizarre encounter I still dont fully understand
What the hell do you not understand in "FUCK VIETNAM"?

File: vegas.jpg (192 KB, 1600x1000)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Going to vegas for 2 nights tomorrow.
What shit show am i in for during covid?
Will the slots at least be a bit looser since no one is going?
>Will the slots at least be a bit looser since no one is going?

No, learn jacks or better video poker, much better odds. They have 9/6 machines all over.
I hope you are staying downtown.

File: Mile High.jpg (74 KB, 1200x676)
74 KB
So I hear a lot about people who have experiences with traveling on plane here but what about those who work the flight themselves? Do any Flight Attendants browse /trv/? What's it like when you're trying to travel abroad? I would imagine it's difficult to go right now but I'm just interested in your stories and how you go about using the benefits to your advantage.
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>can die in a crash

I have to ask, as travelers do any of you worry about it all that much? You know you're going to go one of these days, but in my mind I still feel like the plane is one of the safest ways to travel.

I will confess though I get a little nervous when I think about that one plane that got shot down by a missile.
Not a flight attendant but ground crew for one of the US legacy carriers. Flight benefits are the main perks of the job. Being able to fly anywhere for free is amazing also with the chance getting first class. There are times where I’ve flown to Japan to have lunch and returned back the same day in first class.
It can be hell though if your company plane is packed. You may have to wait at the airport for hours or request a standby ticket on another airline.
>There are times where I’ve flown to Japan to have lunch and returned back the same day
at first i thought this was cool as hell then i realized you probably just had lunch at the airport :/
You can make it to Narita city which actually has great options. I would unironically fly to Japan for Family Mart convenience store food though.
>There are times where I’ve flown to Japan to have lunch and returned back the same day in first class.
If you live in the lower 48 , then mathematically this is impossible.
>LAX-NRT = 11-12 hr flight
>NRT-LAX = 9-11 hr flight.

File: asddaf.jpg (411 KB, 1600x1000)
411 KB
411 KB JPG
Hey /trv/, /k/ommando here. Got a contract to work in Kuwait pulling basic security, pays well but nothing super secret and fancy. Doing it mostly for the travel opportunity and have the first country I'd like to visit pegged, the Czech Republic. Anyone on here know good services or programs that aren't garbage to get me to a point where I can hold a convo in the native language?
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that being said, if you're still interested in learning, Duolingo is good for practice but does fuck all for teaching the grammar, I used the "Česky Krok za Krokem" textbook too, it seems to be the gold standard of Czech textbooks
its czechia now dumbass amerifat
Cool stuff
I'm waiting for them to rename it "Czechowhatever".
This is funny. I'm Czech and I worked both security in Kuwait and for Kuwaitis here. However, I can't see any reason to learn the language. It's notoriously hard to learn, especially for Anglos. Hell, it's hard even for us. Pretty much majority of population speaks English in bigger cities. Villages not so much. Still, learning few Czech phrases can easily make your trip way better, but that is applicable to any country and any language.
>I'd like to visit pegged
I can recommend good dommes for that

File: new trv map.png (544 KB, 4972x2517)
544 KB
544 KB PNG

In anticipation of the New Caledonia referendum, I started working on another update of the Real Traveler's™ map. That referendum failed, but it turned out to be a sizeable update nonetheless. As usual, many changes are in African countries I've yet to see anyone visit in these threads. South Sudan changed their subdivisions just days after I posted the previous African update, I was thrilled as you can imagine. Another major change is the Nagorno-Karabakh war which saw them lose three provinces and Azerbaijan gain two new ones.

I also changed the text of the color categories to avoid confusion when filling out the map, and a version and date of last update in the upper left corner to better keep track of which map is the most recent.

Pic related is the new complete template. In the next post I will also include a simple .png file that you can copy and paste over your old map in MS Paint so you can update the map without having to fill in everything again. This requires that you have the most recent map though.
>how do I know if I have the most recent map?
If Norway has 11 counties, South Sudan has 32 states and there are two islands attached to Taiwan's southern Taitung County, you have the most recent map. If any one of those three is wrong (18 Norwegian counties, 10 South Sudanese states OR no Taiwanese islands), you do not have the most recent map and copy-pasting the .png file over your map won't help. All three has to be present, just two of them means the map is outdated. You'll have to use the new complete template.

>added Lefke Province of Northern Cyprus
Because Cyprus is too small on the map, I had to add a few pixels to the island to fit a new province.
>added Slovenia's 12 statistical regions

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I've been on this board long enough that I don't want to fry my eyes looking at tiny details. It's a fun map/concept but it needs to be improved.
Just stop being a smartphone cuck.
>do we really need all 500 little tiny three pixel provinces in Croatia or Guatemala?
The current map is 4972x2517 pixels, and is 544 kilobytes.
The maximum allowable image size on /trv/ is 10000x10000 pixels, and up to 8192 kilobytes.

If visibility is such a problem, then how about we just make the map bigger? We don't "simplify" regions here. The whole point of the map is to be as autistic as possible.
File: slovenia.jpg (51 KB, 857x520)
51 KB
The thread hit bump limit, so I'll make a new thread with the new update soon. Just to be sure, the map of Slovenia should be reverted to look like pic related, right?

Scaling up the map in Paint would also scale up the borders, so I would have to redraw every single black and grey line on the map. It would take forever and not look good either. There's probably an easier way to do it with another program, but I only know Paint, lol.

File: 04-24-vagabond-01.jpg (1.61 MB, 2500x1875)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB JPG
Is Vagrant/Vagabond travelling really worth it? Hostels are generally cheap as fuck and the good thing about Hostels is it's easy to find travel compatriots there and get laid.
I did camping/vagrant in London and just found myself bored and alone for a week, so I went to a hostel and got laid and a qt3.14 travel comrade in my first night there.
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Did you forget about the American that was accused of stealing the NK poster from the wall a few years back?
>Worst case scenario I think is the Norks grab me and I get put in a hotel for a few weeks until they trade me back to my country.
Absolutely not the worst case scenario
embrace the smegma.
it is worth it
do it and report back
Now like super lucky you are fucking dreaming case scenario

Hey /trv/,

Looking for some advice on travel in Kenya. I'm currently in Turkey and planning to fly to Pakistan in early February, where I'll stay for about 30 days. I've since bought a ticket from Karachi to Nairobi and am planning to stay 2-3 weeks in Kenya, then another 2-3 in Tanzania. There is also a chance--albeit small--that I may carry on to see parts of Zambia and Zimbabwe, too.

To the best of my knowledge, Kenya has a nationwide 10pm-4am curfew which is rather strictly enforced. Other than that, it seems, businesses--including bars, pubs, and tourism facilities--are running as usual.

I don't have a huge budget and probably will not go on any expensive safaris; one of my friends did his Peace Corps service in Tanzania, and said similar activities can be done in Zambia for far, far less money (e.g., $30-$40 for a safari in Zambia that'd cost $500+ in Kenya or Tanzania). I guess the natural background isn't quite as nice, but whatever.

I am tentatively planning to rent a piece of shit 150cc or 250cc motorcycle from Nairobi, which I'll take for the entire time I'll be in Kenya. Hell's Gate National Park seems like an interesting first destination--it's not far from Nairobi, you can explore the park without a guide and even camp there, and I won't have to worry about getting rekt by lions. Any ideas on where to go after that?

Honestly, I'd like to spend a few days just in Nairobi. I like big, filthy cities (for the most part), and would like to get drunk the locals.

FWIW, I've been to sub-Saharan Africa before, but I mostly just stayed with my Peace Corps friend in Tanzania.
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I've also heard that Kenyans are pretty friendly tbqh
>and the locals are incredibly racist towards whites.
Huh? But I was told you can't be racist towards whites.
I'm really interested in Sudan, but I've heard its dangerous - can you elaborate on this?
If you want safety don’t go to the biggest cities when you visit developing nations
Probably are, he probably expected people to worship him for being western

File: 1608534990126.jpg (127 KB, 1080x1232)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
How do you ACTUALLY move to another country? There are lots of guides that say "just obtain a job and housing and live there for X years lmao" but

>How do you find a job without being there
>How do you obtain a residence without being a legal citizen

Pissing into the wind on Linkedin doesn't do shit. Give me the real guide.
50 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I just realized I work from home and can live wherever I want, as long as I visa hop
The very general rule of thumb is that you have to bring skills to the table that makes you a more attractive candidate than a local even after factoring in the time your employer has to spend on the visa paperwork, and also possibly the complications of you speaking a different language than the company's working language. The whole English teacher thing is by far the easiest way to accomplish this, since it doesn't require much in the way of special skills, but obviously it's not a great way to make a living long-term.

Aside from just working in your field until you're an expert and have the clout to get a job abroad, there are a few other ways to get your foot in the door though. I'm starting a job abroad soon because I participated in an international internship program in university a few years ago, and they were willing to hire me full-time because I was already familiar with the company and software, and had at least a little head start on the language. If you have the chance, find some sort of similar program, make professional connections around the world, and they could turn into job offers if you make a good impression.
just learn anouther language like German, it really is not that hard
can you even speak irish? worthless faggot

Great advice anon. The moral of the story is to hustle! If i can add on a bit and say that teaching English may be your best bet in getting an initial visa in the first place, then moving onto a different job.

I always thought applying to school in said county would be a good way to get the initial visa. But still, not sure.

My plan is to teach english at first to get the visa in Eastern Europe, then find a different job.

File deleted.
I haven't traveled since before covid. In general how is the tourism scene right now? Does it feel noticeably lonelier in the places you've been?

I’ve got a car, no debt, and a fair amount of money saved up. My entire life I’ve lived in a small rural town, but now that I finally have the money to leave, I’m not sure where to go. Alright with any place as long as I have access to fast internet. Also before people ask

>Just get a job
Where I live, I can’t. Literally no one hires during normal times and ESPECIALLY not during the pandemic. I only managed to save this much from a part-time job that I got let go from

>$10k isn’t a lot in a city.
I know. I’m fairly frugal, I don’t buy anything I don’t need. I’ll be looking for a job almost immediately upon moving.
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>Shill your country. At the last second, you mention "Oh, but actually you have to live here, work, and learn the language!"

Fuck off.
Go to San Antonio, anon. It’s a little expensive but it’s one of the nicest affordable cities in America. You don’t really have to worry about bad weather other than the occasional thunderstorm. Great food, low crime, and awesome history if that interests you.
If you go to the Baltics, just skip everything and head straight for Tallinn.

File: 0OR.jpg (176 KB, 1600x900)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
That's my goal
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sounds a lot like cape cod. especially the opiates and rich people being dicks about coastal property. The law here is they only can restrict up to the high tide line, but its seldom honored.
File: 79545_xgaplus.jpg (363 KB, 1152x769)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
I live in a medium sized city on the coast. Had enough to do to have actual city life, but the beach/dunes are 15 minutes by bike away.

Plenty of (international) job opportunities as well.
File: DSC_0015.jpg (1.39 MB, 4032x2272)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
I live in the Shonan area south of Tokyo which is great. Specifically I've lived in fujisawa and hiratsuka. They aren't exactly super small or quiet though. Further southwest in the izu peninsula is a lot quieter and really nice.

looks great
Nice and redpilled

Soon goverments will only allow tourists with vaccine passports and probably I will not get the vaccine until 2022 as a 29 yo guy without any health problem.
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Trannies are known bugchasers so most likely they would get covid with pride.
File: 1595449062021.png (54 KB, 717x550)
54 KB
Yeah, american men need to be more european in nature
That sucks, Anon.

I feel pretty lucky. I'm a 27-year old graduate student. I also contract for a friend's home care company. I literally only work two hours per month--remotely, too--but since I was hired as an employee rather than a contractor, I have vaccination priority.

Not in the U.S. right now, but I'm going to get vaxx'd as soon as I'm back. The notion of vaccine passports is fucking retarded, though--young people are the lowest risk, won't get the vaccination the longest, and will be prevented from doing shit for the sake of saving a year or two of life for octogenarians
OP, obesity is a high risk factor for vaccination. Dont worry you qualify.
My shithole country just announced that people wiill get the vaccine in SEPTEMBER.
fucking september
I want to kill myself bros

I am going to study and then probably work and stay in either Germany or Canada.
Canada will be colder and farther from my home country.
University life will be better. Ottawa university has a lot of clubs (they even have an anime club where they bing watch anime together) and joyful people.
I speak French.
In the other side Germany has a good weather compared to Canada and closer to my home country.
The university life will be worse as I heard Germans just study and head home but the university will be better academically with more opportunities (Technical university of Berlin).
I will spend the same amount of money in both countries and I am currently B1 in German.
I am from Tunisia.
Which one do you think it will be better in the long term ?
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File: pepe-tux-stops-you.png (70 KB, 446x435)
70 KB
You are the one acting like a nigger here.
I am in favor of Canada because salaries are so low in Germany.
last year 1,4m german left Germany seeking better salaries abroad.
Everything is cheaper in Germany.
>german bureaucracy
>nothing compared to Tunisia
Just you wait. Especially if youre in a district with a lot of foreigners

heres my experience
>white trash racist alcoholic workers; probably paid minimum wage and rarely are at same job 1 year later
>"anon, your last name is also german! Your basically german hahaha"
>screeches at any asian or dark skinned person; despite them being fluent in german because worker called out their name wrong which left everyone in the waiting room just staring at each other

>building one. No take a number system. They open at 8. They collect all passports who are there before 8. Call in random order. Get there after 8? occasionally ttheyll ask for more passports to collect and add to the pile. Pray you know the way your name will be butchered in german otherwise youll overwait by 2 hours before they show your passport to everyone in the hall. Security might collect the first 2-5 passports and make sure you go first but not always.
>building 2. Wait in lobby downstairs. Office is on 4th floor. At 8am doors to elevator and stairs open. 40+ people bum rush to the 4th floor and then line up to take a number. Pray youve shoved enough grannies to be called within 2 hours. You gain nothing by coming earlier than 2 mins.

Not to mention all the actual paperwork and files youneed to submit. Spoiler; theres no way to have all the paperwork done on the first visit because the packet you need to fill out has to be done ahead of time and cant be done in their office because youre holding up the line. Packet is also on special papers so cant be found/printed online.
Switzerland is nearly impossible to get into without European citizenship. Just go to Canada and aim for the USA.
Yeah but cost of living in Canada is insane. Overall the quality of life is probably better in Germany.

File: Flag-Belgium.jpg (33 KB, 800x694)
33 KB
What's it like living in this country? How are immigrants treated?
What are most of the jobs available and how easy is it to get a job?
How many languages and which do you have to know to live in some of the biggest cities here?
140 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
Madre de Dios....
Your statistics won’t save you in literally any district of Antwerp or Brussels now. You absolute fucking retard.
I've lived in Belgium for years before leaving.

>How are immigrants treated?
Immigrants from civilized countries are mostly treated the same as citizens. Immigrants from shitholes are a protected class, especially if they statistically commit a terrifying amount of crime.

>What are most of the jobs available and how easy is it to get a job?
Nothing special compared to any of its neighbors.

>How many languages and which do you have to know to live in some of the biggest cities here?
Technically, 3 : French, Dutch and German. However, 95% of Belgians here have never met someone from the German speaking part of the country. So basically if you go to the north of the country (Flanders), you need to speak Dutch (English will be enough for basic interactions) and if you go south (Wallonie), you want to speak French. In Brussel, the capital, you mostly speak French, then Arabic, then Dutch. But it's technically located in the Dutch-speaking side.

Also the weather is absolute garbage.
Coming back to the thread because I forgot : Belgium's institutions are, BY FAR, the worst in the world. No country has, to my knowledge, managed to be such a clusterfuck that not a single citizen can explain to you how anything works. There are so many different governments, with so many different things to do, that only apply to specific parts of the population. Every issue has to go though the language barrier. Your taxes quickly go to 50% just so that 12 people can do the work of 1 person in administration, and to support a Muslim family of 7. This country is a joke that makes no sense, it can spend 2 years without a government and nobody realizes it.

But the average Belgian has a very good sense of humour, which blows my mind given the fucking country they live in but it's something I kept noticing. Maybe due to the beer ?
just partition the country to France/Netherlands and end the misery

File: magic.jpg (53 KB, 696x232)
53 KB
Disney World will end it's Magical Express service in january 2022. Mears said that they would continue to transport people from MCO to the resort but what other alternatives are there?
32 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>a 100% negative impact on customers
Sure, losing the free service sucks, but ultimately train tickets for a 10 mile trip won't be pricey.
The problem with the train is that it only goes to Disney Springs. So you'll need to get your bags, take them on the train, then bring them through Disney Springs (which could be a fair distance depending on where the station gets built), then take your bags onto a Disney bus, and then finally reach your hotel. This is going to be a pretty poor option for families, and even individual travelers will have two separate waits to get to their hotel. Funnily enough, anyone staying at a partner hotel in Disney Springs will actually have an easier commute than an on-site guest with this method.

There's also the point of traffic within Disney World. There are going to be far more Ubers and rental cars on the roads within WDW now, and that could cause issues at peak seasons.
>stay offsite
>bedbug ridden shitholes
>try to take your wife and kids in an uber
>50 dollars PLUS tip 20% each passenger
>75 dollars each way
>smelly dude fucking driving like a maniac
>best hope you have insurance because likely to get in an accident which will be 300k burger bucks for medical bills since no healthcare

Yeah besides staying at the park is way better since they have disney themed drinks and stuff
There are plenty of offsite hotels nicer than the All Star resorts for lower cost, and you now need to uber to your Disney hotel anyway.
i come from a lower middle class background and my parents saved up to take me to disney for a week back in 2000. i was 7. it was my favorite vacation with them. we did have to stay in one of the cheaper hotels, the all star movies resort, but i'm glad they got us an onsite hotel. i think it would hve been worse had we had to stay in kissimmee or wherever

another year we stayed at the contemporary, which was just okay. but i can't imagine staying offsite if i'm going to disney. who cares about saving a couple hundred bucks on a vacation that will probably cost a few grand anyway? especially when penny pinching will make getting around less convenient

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