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File: midwest_states_map.png (130 KB, 810x579)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
What is the best midwestern state and why?
All things considered? Michigan. It has the most to offer when you take everything into consideration:

>More coastline than any other Midwest state, or any state in the country.
>The only Midwest state where you can surf all summer (biggest, warmest great lakes coasts) and ski all winter (far enough north to have snow most winter, porcupine mountains in the north, but not as deathly cold as Minnesota.)
>The most beautiful beaches: the rugged Lake Superior coastline to the north and the pristine eastern coast of Lake Michigan (which is much nicer than highly urban, polluted western coast)
>Great mix of cute small towns (Saugatuck, Petoskey), funky midsized cities (Traverse City, Ann Arbor), and proper major metropolitan cities (Grand Rapids, Detroit.)
>Detroit has made huge strides in the past decades, with a nicer downtown than any Ohio cities, less crime than Chicago, and world renowned museums and music venues. You just need to avoid the few bad neighborhoods that are left - true of any city.
>Politically diverse: the urban southeast is highly progressive, the west side is moderate, the north is conservative, and the upper peninsula is a libertarian haven.
>Affordable to visit and live, without having to be several hours away from major cities or coastlines.

It isn't the BEST at everything but it scores quite well across most, if not all metrics.
Wisconsin. Last to legalize weed in the actual Midwest. Means all of our braindead potheads left the state.
>t. Wisconsin pothead
Fuck off, narc
File: hol me back.png (757 KB, 809x795)
757 KB
757 KB PNG
Case and point. Now imagine dealing with one of these in traffic!

What do you do to avoid dangerous situations or getting robbed/ripped off when traveling? Any stories?

I keep a 2 days worth of cash in a money clip in my front pocket and keep a color copy of my passport and some large bills in a non-faggy travel belt (picrel). If I have to bribe a cop or get robbed at gunpoint I can empty my pockets and say "that's all I have".

I set daily/monthly limits on my debit card in case it's lost or stolen. I don't use my main checking account and limit how much money I keep the account. I also have email alerts of all transactions so I know if anything fishy happens.

I don't travel with a credit card, but I have the info memorized if I want to do any online shopping.
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I should also add I got little trackers put into my backpack so if I left it somewhere like the hotel room or on the rack on a train, etc and it got stolen, I could just look at my phone to see where it was.
This happens quite frequently in the US but I've never been liable for any of it thanks to robust consumer protection laws. Gas stations and Vegas and the major problem areas for card cloning. The latter typically isn't on the resorts themselves but ancillary businesses like souvenir stands. Always pay cash there.
As far as the police, if you give them all you got you're absolutely doing it wrong. >>2555288 as this anon said it's a business transaction. You're awfully sorry for the trouble but you'd like to get on your way, and would like to just pay the fine directly to the officer and no you don't need a recept so he can keep any extra for the trouble. You can have $1000 USD in you but don't part with more than that cop earns in a few hours of regular wages. Unlike US cops btw 3rd world cops aren't shit. You can just say you're not going along with their bullshit and unlike the US they don't bust your teeth in.
Debit cards don't have the same protections as credit cards.

Obviously you give as little as you can unless you have no other options. Keep say $100 in your pocket and another $200 hidden. If the officer is extorting you $20 is usually fine. But if he wants a bribe or you to pay a fine of $200 and you only have $100 in your pocket you can offer $60, say you need some money for food and to get home and he'll likely accept it and leave it at that. If you have the full $300 in your pocket you probably won't get away with only paying $60. He's just a corrupt piece of shit trying to get himself some easy money. He's not going to pat you down and strip search you to see if you're lying and hiding money.
If my debit card information is stolen and used fraudulently, I just call my bank, and they cancel the card and charge back any illegitimate purchases. Do banks in your country not do that?
I literally don't do any of that
I don't drink, don't do drugs, don't party, stay home after 8pm, always maintain awareness of where I'm walking and have an ingrained "shadiness sensor" in my head that rings when it feels I'm getting close to a danger area, prompting me to swiftly turn back.
Observe the locals at all times, if they're relaxed and with their phones out then you know you're good, if they look tense, don't show any valuables or the concentration of unsavory characters increases you keep your head low, don't even take your phone out unless strictly necessary (and even then you enter a store or something and check it there) and just bail.

File: sadfrog.jpg (33 KB, 399x388)
33 KB
>you will never get to visit the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh
Feels bad man. Remember to hurry up with your travels, nothing lasts forever.

Any wannabe countries you had visited that do not exist anymore? Or territories that have changed hands?
How do you remember them? Have you revisited the area later?
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Azeris are fucking animals. Seeing Turks cope online about not being complete barbaric mudslimes is peak comedy
>any flight before fall 2001
File: jzvcebc9mtv81.jpg (61 KB, 531x640)
61 KB
...and then the vodka ran out
Hong Kong is the obvious one. Though if you've never been you'll probably regret not going in the next couple years while it still has a shred of its old identity. The way pre-handover people talked about Hong Kong ten years ago, and the way pre-2019 Hong Kong gets talked about now, is how they'll be talking about today's HK in the not-too-distant future.

It is sad seeing the last Rhodesians getting old and decrepit. Though white colonial heritage and Southern Africa seems like a marriage that will always endure. Blantyre, Walvis Bay, Swakopmund, North Harare...whatever is going on with the Cape these days its almost impossible to keep up...I don't think they'll ever change really
I went through Transnistria in 2014. I took a picture taking a vodka shot in front of le hammer and sickle flag, but that’s really the main thing I remember about it

File: IMG_0114.png (75 KB, 200x200)
75 KB
Please be careful when traveling in Detroit. I was raped there. During the rape, one of my attackers (there were probably about 14 to 21 of them in total) snapped my spine.
That was 31 years ago Kev. Stop being an alarmist.
They caught him on a frisky night chud. You can't rape the willing
'fraid so

File: japan flag anime girl.jpg (216 KB, 545x542)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
I'm going straight for N1, no point bothering with the lower levels.

Once I'm certified I'll go on Gaijinpot and look for the best paying job in Japan I can get and move there.

Wish me luck. I wish you all luck and a happy life!
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Those are all methods that didn't appear in a traditional Japanese classroom setting because for long Japanese teachers insisted on teaching kanji to adult foreigners the same way as they teach Japanese children for 6+3 years, namely by half-assed frequency and then hoping for exposure to stick.
Thanks for the help. Do you know if Japanese resumes follow a specific format?
They are actually very formulaic and they will throw yours away if it does not follow it. There is also interview etiquette you must follow to at least some degree. You should do some digging on all it
Unironically go find a college class. No matter how many hundreds of hours you spend reading and how many thousands of kanji you learn, you won't be able to form a single sentence if you don't practice speaking, and a class will force you to do that.

File: IMG_0629.jpg (2.12 MB, 4032x2268)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB JPG
Anywhere adventurous i could go to?
No normiefag areas.
41 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>can you please elaborate
love me red sand dunes
this basically sums up my feelings towards the western expat community social life… felt like high school trying to do sneaky drinking and also the drama holy moly. any WACKY stories that came out of my time there with women/alcohol/adventure could be told by a high schooler with a 4x4. this was my first real immersion into an expat community so i didn’t know most of it was par for the course all over the world, but i just remember the overwhelming feeling of “these people suck and i hope i don’t end up like them but also they’re my only friends here.” it’s why i ended up moving back home… i saw my future self living their lives in cool and exotic places with a huge salary and completely unhappy. grateful for my time spent abroad (especially the other countries i was in) but happily boring and engaged (for) now
>and I don't know what ESL means, nor what "flip mains to bang" means.
ESL means "english as a second language" also called TEFL "teaching english as a foreign language" he was just asking if you're an english teacher. Flip mains to bang means he's asking if you've made a filipina girlfriend. There's a lot of filipinas working as maids in places like UAE, not sure about KSA.
As far as where to find them I think apps are popular and it has to be easy with bored foreigners used to a more entertaining society.
>But you'd better like Arabic and Indian food.
I love indian food. Pajeets only contribution to the world.
> they have a large beach here. It's on the coast. NOBODY's using it.
That sounds very nice. I mean, yeah its shitty the Saudis have no reverence for the nice things about their own country but I'd go there every day. I love untouristed, uncrowded beaches.
>the place is not built for tourism
Saudi Arabia didn't even allow tourism until just a few years ago when they started lightening up on their bullshit. They didn't have a visa category for "tourist" only working in there or religious pilgrim. Some people got transit visas as a way to visit saying they were going from Egypt to Bahrain or something but considering the pace Saudis do things I don't expect the country to have much tourism for a while. Now, if I were there, what I'd really want to take home is something from the bedouin community like the copper ware and textiles they make (if they still do this).
Unlike u, im not crying due to having AIDS since ur having gay orgies and sex parties every other day
Remember horny masturbator, u will always remain a kisless virgin

File: yptlogo-150x150.jpg (5 KB, 150x150)
5 KB
Anyone done a tour with these guys? Ive been thinking of joining one of their middle eastern tours, Syria or Iraq maybe. They seem pretty legit but I'm keen to see if anyone has some insights or can recommend alternate companies.
I'm not usually one for tours but I'm also not confident going to some of these riskier places alone.
11 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.

missed the upload

>Pic - Chernobyl, Trans Siberian Tour

If you don't like a topic, don't bother posting. How many Japan and coomer threads are there? Yet whenever someone actually wants to discuss the logistics of traveling to off the beaten path places, it gets swarmed with stupid shitposts. Discussing tour companies IS travel related. I've heard about this company and Caravanistan before so it's not some shill.

Mods PLEASE do something about these low quality posts. Thank you.
>Uotsig Rioizzya Totsyag
File: 1645928390736.png (161 KB, 497x497)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
Other than North Korea, which of their tours of their tours offer the best value for money? For the anons who have experience with them.
Well that depends on what interests you.
Places like Moldova or Northern Cyprus can easily be visited without a tour, but it can be more fun to visit those lesser visited destinations with people who share similar interests.
If you want to go to Turkmenistan (or Iran as an Anglo), you'll need to go with a guide anyway, so there they're competitive, I guess.
I have no idea about their island tours, you're probably paying a lot for convenience there.

What based travel websites still exist where people actually have real takes on shit?
>No social media faggotty
>No seo blog spam
>No woke censorship

Googles fucking dead, and you can't find anything any more.
12 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>old /trv/ would be nice
This. Pre-pajeet jannie /trv/ was so much more chill
>manoids who use "racist" in its original communist sense
don't belong on this website
bought a lonely planet guide for mexico, 90% of it was (definitely not, absutely never) sponsored-review businesses that I didn't give two shits about. at least I could roll joints on the mexican beach with my 1993 lonely planet guidebook, it had bible pages. this 2019 one was thick and coarse and printed on copy paper
unironically how do we perform a coup against a janny? /int/ had an awful Russian janny and the others ousted him one day, but I'm pretty sure this place only has the pajeet, so who do we moan to?
the newest ones are almost completely worthless. glossy finish, lots of color and pictures, but just worthless content. the most exotic destination I've seen is Nepal, which is barely in the realm of what requires a guidebook. the new format is totally unnecessary, it has no practical information.

extremely disappointing. its basically a stocking stuffer gift cless grandparents buy their kids because it looks fancy. oh how the mighty have fallen.

File: download.png (2 KB, 275x183)
2 KB
I am going to Lebanon for a week in Autumn. Any advice on what to do and what to see? I imagine Tripoli, Beqaa Valley and Baalbek are worth a visit as well?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
All good tips thanks! I guess knowing the real price of thongs is going to be complicates. Is it as bad as Egypt?

How is transport between the main cities?
Real price? If you mean it as the bargin price than its way better than egypt, people usualy dont automaticly want to get 5x amount of money just because youre a turist, remember that lebanon is not an arabic country, yet. Having said that, Places like tripoli is 90% arabs, but otherwise its pretty mixed, still just expect to recive a higher price if you look like a wealthy american.
When it comes to comunication safest bet are mini buses (they can overcharge you tho) or hiring a car with a driver. Driving through beirut in the morning and afternoon (8-10 and 15-17) is pain in the ass and will take you 2h each time because of the traffic jams.
Lebanon is really something else, you got a few places that look like french riviera, they are pricy, well kept and mostly filled with kids of the richest lebanese families, while most country is worse than nepal tier when it comes to electricity, ammenities and hardships, not counting the ruins/civil war damage thats present almost everywhere.
You might have your spine snapped by Hezbollah if you let your guard down.
All I know of Lebanon is western Sydney. Is it that bad? Or does Sydney just bring out the worst in wogs?
File: Photo from Maher.jpg (86 KB, 1080x904)
86 KB

File: Consoom-lv2.png (262 KB, 1076x646)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
What's are some uncommon items you like to bring with you when traveling?

I only travel with a 25L backpack so I bring one of those Heroclip Carabineers. You can get knockoffs on AliExpress for about $5. They let you hang your backpack anywhere, on a bathroom stall door, on a table, on a chair, etc.

I also like to bring a spork, a pair of chopsticks, a silk pillowcase (comfy) which doubles as a laundry bag, a travel belt with a plastic buckle for going through metal detectors and to hide money if you have to bribe a cop or get robbed (an actual
belt, bit one of those gay slings/fannypacks), a USB flash drive (dual type A and type C to transfer files from my phone) with important documents so you can easily get things printed, a stain remover pen, and I keep a laundry dryer sheet in my bag to keep things fresh (last a few weeks).
52 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Fight me then motherfucker. Meet me somewhere. My cube army will NOT be silenced.
What's not to like? They keep all of your clothes compact and in one place. I understand if you're using a suitcase like a retard, but for us backpack chads they're quite handy.
I have a different invention that keeps things together in one place, it's called a BACKPACK. It's like a 'packing cube', only it has staps on it and I can wear it on my instead of carrying a load of 'cubes' in my hands in front of me like an utter pudding.
>... instead of carrying a load of 'cubes' in my hands in front of me like an utter pudding.
I didn't think I was talking to this big of a retard. Like I said before, you put the cube in your backpack.
No. I don't put the cube in my backpack. I put the stuff I would have put in the 'cube' straight into my backpack, because the inside of my backpack is not made of some corrosive material. This saves me carrying the extra weight of extra layers of bags around.

File: b192abfda2x81.jpg (230 KB, 2000x1200)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
I have been thinking about going through the southern cone as a first time properly travelling.

However my worry is, as a britbong, will argentinians be hostile to me because of the whole islands conflict thing? I know it was 40+ years ago now but I think there's still a lot of bad feeling over their loss.
My main concern is getting beat up by some peronist boomers while travelling alone. Am I just being paranoid? Is this a valid concern?
26 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Idk man literally all my friends speak english, our accent is awful tho, but if you don't care about some broken english you will be fine.
There are bars where you are supposed to speak in different languages but spanish in palermo or so, never went there but if you are that worried about not connecting with argies that could be an alternative.
go for cash/WU
If you don't matter in arrive in "Malvinas Argentinas" airport in Ushuaia, I think it is ok for you.
Nobody will care.
Now book a flight to Jujuy, I need that sweet backpacker Airbnb revenue
Argie here. No one with at least half a brain cares.

File: 1689594958560496.png (1.26 MB, 981x1476)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
I wanna do culinary school and take italian language lessons and fully immerse myself into italian culture. Is bologna a good starting off point? ive never been to the north, only rome and amalfi coast. whats best there any and all insider knowledge please? i know nothing of the city? lots of migrants? is it busy? how easy to get around the country? is it a major city? expensive? is it safe? is it hard to bang women? any and all info appreciated
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>d Bologna got best restaurants by far.i dont talk about, 1-2 best establishments but overall food expirience, so its safe to bet that its good place for
>good food and bars. good train connections across Italy.
How is the train station?
>it's got the oldest university in Italy and the West
which one is older?
Just watch italian cooking videos on YouTube and use duolingo/google translate. Bologna is a dump and all those courses in any country are just tourist scams.
File: bologna3t.jpg (423 KB, 750x497)
423 KB
423 KB JPG

It's a great city, one of the last major cities in the country not yet ruined by mass tourism. Major train hub, almost every single train running between Milan and Rome stops there, with Tuscany, Marche and Veneto regions nearby.

If you don't get laid in Bologna you won't do it anywhere else. Picrel and add about 25k university arthoes.

File deleted.
Thank you.
central america is full of weird looking goblins, at least go to south america if you want to coom
I'm actually particularly attracted to the Peruvian and Olmec phenotype, but thank you anyway.
File: 5e320595330df-672261.jpg (68 KB, 603x400)
68 KB
Panama. Do you like the african phenotype? Panama Carnival and while the country is only 10% black, they heavily participate in anything that involves dancing and shaking their ass.
never tried black before. May as well try it out while I'm there. So the panama carnival is the one to see? does it happen just before lent?

File: gc.jpg (9 KB, 220x229)
9 KB
I'm considering going to Gran Canaria sometime in Winter ( maybe Christmas and new year)

maybe for 2-3 weeks

I'm just planning on chilling out and fucking around

any advice ? stories ? wins ?

File: PepeBTC.jpg (143 KB, 400x560)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Good salary but how tf am I gonna access Binance? Apparently no VPNs work.
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>40 white guys
Really? In a city of like 15 million or something? Sounds like a turbo JBW city!
>fat hillary clinton loving american women.
also if you like beat boxing you are in luck
Dude. i'm literally beat boxing rn about how it was her time
Anything else to say? Sounds like you are unhappy with not enough expats.
>Fuck you, making a post asking for advice and refusing to provide even the most basic information about yourself
Why don't you ask Chonganon? I'm sitting here in my basement smoking a cigarette trying to summon the energy to find a sock to wipe the cum off my belly before my mom gets home. That's my priority.
Sounds like you are Chonganon, trying to gather information on me. How about "no", Chonganon?
i've not in chongqing. i just know it doesn't have an expat scene. it just has some expats.
i was being legit about the beatboxing, i wasn't dismissing it.
I mostly just talk with foreign students or local Chinese. Expats (in general) are condescending losers.
We have a small latino community. I don't really talk with them despite being a spic myself though. Keep in mind that the expat community took a huge hit during COVID and is just now recovering.

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