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File: Eclass-interior.jpg (114 KB, 940x377)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Which manufacturers make interiors like this in recent years? I want wood trim and no tablets
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Seeth harder irresponsible driver. Go run over your kids backing up and save us the trouble in the future.
What a gaudy rip off on an Audi, KEK
Oh, well every gas station I've ever been to uses a wall mounted soap pump.
>Low end Mercs look like a Ford Taurus
>High end mercs are pods filled with screens
This is why everyone well off around here either buys Lincoln or Denali SUVs
Even the more well off poos and chinks here are moving towards the luxury trim trucks. It really says a lot when the shit coming out of Europe is too gaudy for even them.

Is it retarded to pay 10k for a 2wd gmt400 sierra with low miles? Or should I just try to find a 4x4 stepside?
its a 25 year old truck. Its gonna have all the problems associated with being 25 years old. Mileage only goes so far in proving condition.
Depends, what do you want it for? I've noticed Suburbans and Tahoes tend to be cheaper than trucks. Except two door ones ofc.
HOLY SHIT these were $6k MAX a few years back
>Is it retarded to pay 10k for a 2wd gmt400 sierra with low miles?


God I’m so lucky I got my truck way before this inflation bullshit.

Got a 2 wheel drive long bed single cab 12 valve Cummins with 150,000 miles for 5,000$.

Also this guy is right >>26481739
mileage doesn’t mean shit at a certain point. Seals, sensors, wiring, interior, suspension all age independently of mileage.

What matters is a good service record. If you get a truck that’s been taken care of mechanically it’s usually no problem to throw nickles and dimes at aging gaskets and suspension bushings and thermostats if you don’t have to touch your engine diff and transmission.
I loved my '89 silverado sclb but theyre honestly not great trucks in (CURRENT YEAR). Better than jellybean f150s atleast but the engine leaves a lot to be desired and the 96+ interiors are just awful

File: 2WD cuck.png (501 KB, 1280x782)
501 KB
501 KB PNG
>see lifted truck
>immediately think about penises
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Busriding /n/igger.
Oh yes, I'm so glad some poorfaggot incel tolerates me

Daily Reminder I'm on 4chan to bully you nerds because you all refuse to go out in public so I have to come onto your turf to do so. Like this fag, you all of such an inflated sense of self-worth it's unreal. Just look at the guy I'm replying to: unironically sitting his fat ass in a computer chair all day posting on 4chan about his retarded plugins and defending his position that is "you have smol PP for driv big truk".

And Daily Reminder that Shelby Chad (me) makes threads that actually gain traction on this dead board because my superior intellect knows how to rattle you losers.

Crash and die, bikecucks
File: 834.gif (29 KB, 598x800)
29 KB
Name the last time a thread of yours got 2000+ replies, hell even 500 replies.
get a load of this DYEL loser lmao
You are almost as bad as ef fag. Gloating over 4chan is abominable behavior.

>50 cent-Candyshop.mp3
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Why did it take this long for this combo to get posted? Based anon.

File: бимер.jpg (209 KB, 960x720)
209 KB
209 KB JPG

File: toyota.jpg (19 KB, 474x297)
19 KB
Help guys... I have a 2 liter 2001 RAV4 gasoline automatic transmission.

I stopped at the pump to get some gas, and turned the key to turn the car off, but it wouldn't go fully over to off, the radio stayed on but the engine turned off i THINK... then I tried to turn the engine on again and shut off again, but the engine wouldn't start.
Then I tuned the key on an off several times, until finally the radio turned off.
So I got out and filled up the tank, but when I got back in to drive off, the engine would not start, but there was some fan that was blowing like crazy, but not inside the car. It sounded like a fucking jet getting ready to take off. SO I turned it off again, and turned on, and the engine started just fine.

What happened and should I be worried?
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Well, I am actually not quite sure about that... :-/
>fan blowing like crazy, but not inside the car
so it was the radiator fan blowing? Ok that just means that your engine was getting hot from you turning it on and off so many times.
I did this once. I even ripped out my dash to try to hotwire it. Then I realized I had left it in park. I dont drink anymore

File: e90.jpg (206 KB, 1320x707)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
Everybody always says bmws are unreliable but at the same time people where I live daily e46s, e36s and old 5 series all the time. Surely an e90 will be more reliable than those since it's newer. Is it possible at all and if so are there specific models which are better or worse in terms of reliability? Or does anyone know a 4 seater rwd car available in Europe that is superior and in the same price range
True, depends on condition, get a pre-facelift 325i or 330i, a C-class (not as agile, manuals are rare) or some small Lexus (same)
Of course its possible. Ha ha. I'd say the E90 is only roughly equally reliable as to the older cars, despite being newer, because its more complicated.
They both have a roughly equal number of problem areas that should be preemptively addressed if you want them to be reliable. The biggest difference is that addressing those problem areas typically costs about twice as much on the E90 compared to the older cars.
Of course, by far, the biggest factor on cars this old, is how they were maintained and serviced by the previous owners.
Besides that, with BMWs, generally the simpler, more base models were much, much more reliable than the more luxurious, higher performance versions. In the E90 range for example, I'd say the ones with naturally aspirated engines (N52) are significantly more reliable than the turbocharged N54 and N55. Start getting into V8s and up, and you typically get much, much less reliable. The one ecxception to this rule seems to be the newer turbocharged 4 cylinder engines, which seem to be worse than the 6 cylinder ones.
Absolutely. I still see a lot of E90s and E60s on the road.

File: E30M3_dtm.jpg (431 KB, 2048x1536)
431 KB
431 KB JPG
Post your best of 80's-90's DTM
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I don't remember if this one is from the BTCC or what but I like the livery
File: inrw-dtm.jpg (696 KB, 1920x1280)
696 KB
696 KB JPG

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WRC is faster

File: 1677888065763746.webm (2.8 MB, 934x716)
2.8 MB
ITT motorsport webms.
No drifting trash.
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Hell Yeah.
File: rallyguy.webm (1.54 MB, 640x360)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB WEBM
File: Prost Pit stop 1990.webm (2.71 MB, 1280x720)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB WEBM

> First mistake: being on reddit
> Second mistake: asking for car advice on reddit and immediately saying, "do not suggest a mini van / station wagon
> Third mistake: calling out faggots for not reading the god damn instructions.
I'm not buying a mini van. I'll never buy a mini van. I spent the first 5 years of my driving life driving a fucking mini van and station wagon. I don't care if they're practical and family oriented.
Shit faggots on reddit say
> You're not cool, get a van.
I was never cool to begin with.
> Mini vans get better fuel economy than the alternatives
On the highway they do which is where I do none of my driving nigger faggot
> They're better for families
So are 7 seater SUVs and at least I get the benefit of a
Why do so many useless faggots tell others to buy shitacular mini vans and station wagons when both are ugly, drive like shit, and get the same fuel economy as non gay alternatives in places where they'll be used the most like cities?
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File: main-bus-pass-375x400.jpg (47 KB, 660x400)
47 KB
Does it look like this?
File: LoveMeRideSimpleAs.png (963 KB, 804x560)
963 KB
963 KB PNG
If you insist...
bread on hood. if that really is your car, you made a good car look faggoty as fuck.
go back to plebbit, nigger.
minivan>>>>giant pile of shit>>>>>bicycle>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SUV
fuck you, mini vans are awesome

Why aren't metal bodies a thing on any pedestrian cars
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Oh, and environmental and safety standards.
What's a pedestrian car?
my car has a metal body

File: 7598534086_52a1f7c671.jpg (40 KB, 499x236)
40 KB
You're not allowed to use a truck on autocross!
It is not the right tool for the job!
They are slow and heavy and not even fast
Why are they allowing this???
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Here's your free you
The Ranger has double wishbone front suspension.
That looks like a modified truck. Doesn't that guy know that it would be cheaper and better to just sell the truck and buy something meant to go fast? Why would someone do something like this?
I mean let's be honest
Trucks handle just fine and are ironically pretty well suited to autox and drift events.


File deleted.
I was idling with it for a bit and I heard a slight clanking??

Not sure if I should be concerned. I recently went to the mechanic for an oil change, break replacement and windshield replacement.

Here is the video https://youtube.com/shorts/xfnN7VC5hSw?feature=share
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I’m spending my days organizing my life and getting ready to move. I have a lot of shit I need to sell/organize/get rid of and it’s really mentally taxing and draining.

The rest of the time I’m reading books to get a better career and going out and enjoying my hobby (hiking) and possibly attending meetups cause it’s a bit dangerous alone. Also cooking, making appointments etc.
in my personal opinion it sounds like your exhaust is rattling, like perhaps the hangers are detached or something. It can be fixed pretty cheap, just tell an exhaust shop or other kind of auto shop your issue and what you think it is and have them deal with it.

you don't sound very privy to be getting under your car, getting black soot all over you hands and face and trying to do it yourself, so yeah.
>my life is so much harder than everyone else's because I do pretty much the basic shit I need to get by.
Does it really need to be fixed? The day I posted this I went on some gravelly roads, only driving up to 50km/hr (30mph) but I think that’s what caused it because I didn’t notice it before

Really sucks that my car basically broke from a one time trip. Maybe I need a different car but the prices are up the wall rn.

Being what is essentially a hoarder in the middle of moving their entire life across the country isn’t exactly “basic shit” lmao
>Does it really need to be fixed?
get something long and hard (ahuehuehue), seriously though ideally a long screwdriver or something like that. if you can get under it, have the car idling and touch the tip of the screwdriver to various bits on the car where the noise seems to be coming from. Put your ear up to the handle, the screwdriver will act like a doctor's stethoscope and let you hear a surprising amount of shit. should make it much easier to narrow down what exactly is rattling/clanging. it's unlikely, but hopefully it's not the engine making that

i daily drive a white 2010 ford e-250 ama
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Absolutely basef Euro
at that time i had said van, a pickup and an alfa romeo. you cant get more different cars, if i got bored with one swapping to any other for the next week was like buying a new car.
got that pickup and a rustbucket land rover these days, my festival days are long gone.
What kind of car do you drive
>a white 2010 ford e-250
a white 2010 ford e-250
>the things i would do for an extended e350 cargo.....
so whats the deal with the e350? thats a v10 right? whats the mpg's on that? must be close to 10 average, right? I've always dismissed the 250/350 over mpg concerns but damn, look at the fucking size of this thing

We needed a second one edition
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File: 1603241226529.jpg (901 KB, 1382x922)
901 KB
901 KB JPG
>The modern Ford lightning isn't pic rel
I hate the retards at the ford hq so much it's unreal
Not forgotten, just crazy expensive and kust 200 produced for my country so thanks but no thanks
Thanks guys
S10 is doing well, about to pull the trigger on lowering spindles and tires

F250 timing chain job is wrapped up, still knocks, still has egregious blowby, typical ford, just filled the entire crankcase with 50/50 lucas and atf, ill give it 5k miles and just write the bores off as fucked

will pull some more of the front clip off the '04 E350 van, swap the brakes onto the '92, and might get the cab unbolted here soon, would like to start tearing the vt365 down and see why its hydrolocked, would be pretty nice to delete the egr, slap some seals on it, and swap the F250 with a semi-reliable untunned low mile diesel
File: 1672003495496796.gif (715 KB, 387x301)
715 KB
715 KB GIF
>12 hours from creation... i am forgotten...
Is truckgen a facade?
op didnt put any of the info from the previous thread and also didnt link the previous thread
Colorado or Frontier for a new trugg? I’m leaning towards the Frontier personally.
t. S10 enjoyer

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