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Both older ones and newer ones. They seem to be very hated or unpopular in America but loved in Swedistan
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The average working class Swede, like any other working class people, prefers comfort and practicality without paying out of the ass for it. Which is why the V70 was the favoured car at the time, and still is for second hand Volvos.

The general consensus about Volvos is that they look like grandpa cars and are often driven by the stereotype. Nowadays this still holds as the hipsters and generally weird people end up driving the second hand ones, as it is a lot of value for money and they often remember their parents owning one.

Yeah I have one aswell. I always thought I was into BMWs until I drove several and concluded the suspension is stupidly firm and makes for a rather uncomfortable daily driver. They are not overly reliable, they have their faults. Thankfully a lot of information can be found on forums. Interior quality is average and the mileage on most of them is pretty damn high. This does not equal ''well maintained'' as most of the owners are indeed cheapskates who just want a large car on a budget.
the suspension part is about BMWs or Volvos?
BMW likely. Mine (328i) was also hard and it's uncomfortable on bad roads. I switched to non runflat tires and the ride quality became much, much better. I also noticed a ~25% increase in fuel mileage around town.
Runflats are shit but BMW loves em.
Back up this comment, S60 for about six years now and it’s by far the comfiest seats and ride I’ve had. That said when I switch over to winter tires there is a noticeable difference. You can’t underestimate the tire selection on the ride quality.

File: 1651757248605.jpg (1.17 MB, 4372x1630)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
Look how they massacred my boy...
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Mudslims buy the most gaudiest shit too.
Knowing Honda, they'll release the one on the left as an Acura in the states
It went from opel to ford
File: sbogan1kcfz01[1].jpg (40 KB, 959x482)
40 KB
Car design is such a meme at this point.
File: 02130051990003.jpg (88 KB, 1024x682)
88 KB
I saw one of those old Saturns this morning. I guess that was kind of cool 25 years ago.

>Youtube: hey,would you like to see a pov of a pice of shit car in a pice of shit continent driven by a "pro" driver ?
>holds the steering wheel the whole time like in pic rel
>holds his hand the whole time on the stick even though its automatic and dosent have a manual mode
>every guy that walks by this car just puts their hand on it
>speeds up even though the streets are full of pedestrians
>uses horn as a turn signal
>every intersection he crosses as he has prioriy

Just what the actual fuck did i watched? My fucking eyes are burning,holy fuck.
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>holds steering wheel sideways to go straight
I kneel
this summer because they had literally zero water
look it up if you don't believe me
>most powerful country in Europe
>has neither gas nor water nor any way of producing food
File: 1658988371154466.png (362 KB, 850x478)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
>driven by a "pro" driver ?
More like driven by a poo driver
>blessed post
>blessed digits
>blessed pepe
I kneel.

File: 1652076245131.png (500 KB, 640x480)
500 KB
500 KB PNG
Yeah tablets are shit. What's the best integration of a screen in a car, then?
No, "no screen xd" does not count.
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>hates softshit
>teslas are full of pleather
This is one of the worst examples of a model 3 interior I have seen
With the physical wheel and buttons
the belly is notorious, 2 chins, das it
Lexus does a pretty good job of integrating the screen

Wheelin Thread
Wrenchin Zone
4x4 Autism Containment

Go Outside Edition

Get that rig out of the driveway. Find a trail. Go somewhere new. Did I cross over onto private property? Who cares! They should have put signs up.

Old >>25794964
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[Distant whistling]
Looks like Spain
I've been thinking of a 3rd gen Tacoma. should I go for a 2016-2017 model or is there something worth the upgrade in a 2019-2020?
(I don't want a current year model)
That's all personal preference (other than lol frame recall).
I like 2nd gen ranger more than 3rd gen but can't stand 1st gen as an example.

>Starts crying before driving
>Does a u turn in the lane of the roundabout
>Drives the wrong way in a roundabout
>More crying
>She's petted by the previous worst driver

What kind of examinators do they have in canada? Holy shit,what sane person would give her a fucking permit?
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The real problem isn't the number, it's the kind of immigrants being brought it
File: Darris.png (281 KB, 411x546)
281 KB
281 KB PNG
genuinely hilarious and infuriating.
average /o/ user who feels no accountability. imagine the people on the roads that drive comparably to this kid with no self awareness purely to fuel their ego and think it's admirable.
Driver Learned the Art of Lying and Crying from Chinese Immigrants
How long have you been driving? If you are new, then it's excusable; if not, you just need to stop being a pussy.

File: KIMG7530.jpg (2.6 MB, 4160x3120)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB JPG
Dad's gf has a '00s S60. U-LEV car, which is all emissions nonsense. All of the fuel lines are internal to the tank.

I was fisting that tank past my god damn elbow to undo this thing to take it out and repair it, because a new tank is ~$2,000 and backordered for a year.

The quick disconnect cracked and just totally broke.

Fancy pants digitally controlled heatgun to get the old fitting off, an oetiker clamp for added safety, improved addedness, and added improvedness on the new fitting.

Even then, the nipple's retention lip is so close to the regulator body I had to trim part of the new fitting.

Weird, noncey, and annoying. I fucking hate it.
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SULEV bmws have a forever warranty on emissions crap, i think. You might do some research on volvos to see if they do the same.
>dads gf

He's a mechanic. Has almost always been a mechanic. Why do you ask?
>backordered a year or more
lmao don't fucking remind me

Not your typical weeb /o/ thread but what do you boat fags prefer inboards or outboards whats the pros and cons
>big block V8 obsessed boomers and all the Finnegans that wish they were one
>anyone else, especially reasonable people
also, outboards are nice because they are easily portable moduals that can be replaced or worked on
they limit the amount of seacock/through-hull maintence and overall are just nice
the only reason to have an inboard engine is if you have a large ship or some kind of racing powerboat
all small pleasurecraft like aluminum fishing/pontoon would be retarded to opt for an inboard rather than out
>Large (>50') live aboard or sport fisher
>Everything else

Anyone know if you can bump start an outboard? I know it can be done with a twin engine inboard
like towing/pulling a boat with no working starter in the hopes the water turns the prop fast enough to kick the motor over?
I doubt it, unless you can get the dead boat fucking flying across the water

probably depends on a lot of factors like the gear ratio between the prop/engine and size/pitch/number of blades on the prop

File: fgnfgnnfg.png (281 KB, 1199x900)
281 KB
281 KB PNG
I have a net worth of around $170k. I recently sold my car. It was inefficient. I've been looking into getting a Chevy Bolt EV 2023 for $28k. It's apparently an AMAZING car. I need a car. A lot of people don't seem to realize this, but Teslas are pieces of shit. And it's not even close. If people did the research on profit margins on those things, they beat out most other companies by far. They're trash. They break easily. And the self driving is a meme. And in a car? You should be relying on yourself. Thoughts, bros? With how high gas is, I feel like an EV is a lot better with how often gas prices fluctuate.
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If you're going to get a BEV, the Chevy Bolt is probably your best option. It's been around for 10 years.

You're right that Teslas are trash. And frankly Tesla has really hampered the progress of BEV adoption by trying to market and make their cars as edgy luxury cars instead of reaching the wider customer market by making small and cheap econo BEVs. This would have been a big seller especially in cities where space is tight and city MPGs where BEVs perform best. And they would have reached demand from city utility and business vehicles.
File: 1664115499095.png (94 KB, 1080x1006)
94 KB

Fortunately stelantis is picking up the slack in the cities. The fiat 500 e is already selling extremely well and the upcoming jeep avenger will likely sell extremely well too. It will also be interesting to see what Alfa has in the works to kick Tesla out of the luxury market as well.
I have a networth more than you and I'm still driving my 2006 camry with 340k miles. Cars are a jewish trick.

Dave your money and buy a classic if you enjoy motoring. My project car is a Mk2 vw golf. Love it

File: PHEV Plug-in.png (219 KB, 1920x1080)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
Worth it? Why or why not?

Are they that efficient irl?
>pic attached

The worst it can happen?

Why are they being discontinued?

Will we get new ones with solar roofs?

Your personal opinions/experience? Any advice?

ty anons
21 replies omitted. Click here to view.
And that's irrelevant to this discussion. If someone is buying a new car, for whatever reason, then it makes perfect sense to buy a PHEV
>Worth it?
What do you mean by "it", Peasant?
The purchase. The amortization - breaking even. The future of PHEVs, whether they'll still be cucked by eco policies bc they're still "combustion" even though they're amazingly efficient.
I have a Volt and I love it. Going back to pure gas would suck. The first hand experience makes reading the endless FUD on the internet that much more ridiculous.
California specifically mentions that PHEVs are allowed but have to be able to go at least 50 miles on a charge, this should help weed out shitty PHEVs like that Wrangler, but I wished they made that minimum requirement higher

File: 1663905805196204.jpg (152 KB, 667x1004)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
what does a family turn a car into?

You have 4 passanger seats; you do plan on having a family right anon?
I already had a family with your mom. Too bad she had a son that turned into a troon. But I don't need to remind you son. Yes I still think you're a boy. I've seen your penis.
Hell no I'm not having a family.
File: post-5059-1264032777.jpg (744 KB, 1600x1200)
744 KB
744 KB JPG

File: 1567727407675.jpg (313 KB, 1080x946)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
I really like test mules and their "mystery" behind them
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are we getting the rx9 soon timetraveler?
mid engine?
File: PXL_20210820_124231072.jpg (1.33 MB, 2592x1944)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
One for the britfags.

Austin Metro body with mid engine as the test bed for the MG F.

>it's okay when Porsche does it
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One is a fat piece of shit that only women and dinwitted men buy, and the other is a fat piece of shit that only women and dinwitted men buy.
They're the same and your breath probably smells like cum.
yeah but it looks like an egg
>cancelled i6 rwd platform
>the 911 is literally a fucking bargain in comparison for what it is (it’s still overpriced if you ask me for what it is).
So which is it, a bargain, or overpriced?
are you illiterate?

Pic related but black is black. Shop says a rod was thrown. $9200 to replace engine. They offered to buy it for 1000$. Am I being ripped off
40 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1378091251285.gif (2.66 MB, 350x262)
2.66 MB
2.66 MB GIF
> The new remanufactured engine and oil pan is 9200

$9200 for a 5.3. Find a new shop. The shop owner must have just bought a boat or owes the mafia money.
I don’t even know how this is a question.

You can get an engine and swap it for $800 including a machine shop checking out the engine. Spending $9,200 is beyond retarded, hell you can put a fucking supercharged V8 into the truck for that cost.
what the fuck is it a built engine making 700 na hp? thats literally the only possible logical reason just the engine is 9 grand. that shop is kiked to oblivion, run far and run now.
Truckfags can't understand that you don't daily drive a fucking truck
I unironically have both nearby.

My neighbor is selling his 1998 Thunderbird Super Coupe for $10,000. It has a lot of custom suspension work and is definitely unique. Problem is it did have some flood damage and sat for a few years. He was telling me this car is just waking up at 135mph and can top out super fast on the highway, is that true?
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You engineer shade from trees?
How much do they pay you for that?
He obviously makes mad stacks of cabbage.

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