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She deserved it edition
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That's a meme. He hit her according to eyewitnesses and has been found guilty.
>has been found guilty.
I know multiple material witnesses in the trial personally and the whole thing was a farce. Someone pointed a gun at him and he hit the accelerator, the defense assigned to him did nothing to try to disprove the bogus murderous intent given by the prosecution
>I know multiple material witnesses in the trial
Sure you do.
>Someone pointed a gun at him and he hit the accelerator
If someone threatens your life, that does not give you legal immunity if you kill or endanger an unrelated party as part of your escape. He killed someone and got the jail time he deserved.
So did they reverse their suicide decision yet, or is stelantichrist still trying to kill the HEMI after '24
>sure you do
Ya, have beers with them semi regularly and you can find their statements in the court transcripts.
>If someone threatens your life, that does not give you legal immunity if you kill or endanger an unrelated party as part of your escape. He killed someone and got the jail time he deserved.
So, you are a brainlette, let me spoon feed you: the difference between murder and manslaughter charge is massive and the whole thing was an antiwhite witch hunt. Intent matters.

File: 1647541943181.png (934 KB, 853x693)
934 KB
934 KB PNG
Sometimes my engine dies when starting my car unless I hold the ignition for a bit and then give it some gas. Should I be concerned?

File: 20230910_011516.jpg (3.06 MB, 4000x3000)
3.06 MB
3.06 MB JPG
Previous one died. Post your battlestations
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File: DSC_7836-1.jpg (282 KB, 1500x1000)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
passenger door speaker is clearly marked B&O. pic is an old model, last gen.
I think your fly is down
you are astute. My sweater is unzipped yes.

File: 20230925_113910.webm (842 KB, 480x480)
842 KB
Why are they like this?
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Washing meat to get rid of the smell only works with alcohol.
all the white traffic fatalities were caused by trugg fags

shes damaging a public road and costing taxpayers probably hundreds of thousands.
>it'll buff out

File: challenger.png (1.24 MB, 1311x775)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
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I think he means "makes the car" in the sense that the paperwork is pulling the majority of the value compared to the car itself due to being numbers-matching. As-in, the reason why you would want to buy this car is due to the numbers-matching fender tag and the paperwork that proves its authenticity as opposed to there being intrinsic value to the car as a physical entity.
all of that is arbitrary because of the fact that half those parts need replacing. no one really cares about original parts shit other than boomers if the function is still there.
I'm well aware and agree with you anon. Just saying what I think the logic of the seller is here.
Will you post your muscle car if I post mine?
File: 1426946442105.jpg (22 KB, 395x304)
22 KB
>This is a rare item that doesn't have the convenience of an easily known expected value
So, it inherently doesn't have a true value to attributed to it. "muh matching numbers" is meaningless
>they tested the waters trying to see if they could get that price and in the process triggered a bunch of poorfag zoomers
If they're testing waters, why is there crying about "poorfag zoomers"? The market is what's supposed to determine the value of this vehicle, which you said lacks an expected value. This would dictate that those saying they wouldn't pay $50,000 for a rusted out piece of shit are attributing a value to this car as anything less than $50,000, if not significantly less. You cannot cy "poorfag" if potential buyers are not willing to pay for a value you pulled out of your ass if there's no known value
>Either they are willing to wait until someone wants to pay that amount, or they keep lowering the price until someone buys it
>keep lowering the price until someone buys it
Why is he settling to the woes of poorfags? Surely, as we've already established that poorfags need not apply, why would he lower it?
>but it's just supply and demand
You can't claim supply and demand if you have a supply but lack any demand. Collectors aren't buying at $50,000.
Allow me to ask you again, anon; when it doesn't sell, who are you going to blame? The collectors? Zoomers?
You don't own a muscle car.

File: full-65.jpg (642 KB, 1920x1280)
642 KB
642 KB JPG
How come stuff like this doesn't exist in the US? The bed is gigantic compared to a traditional pickemup trugg, I imagine this would be useful in a lot of applications.
44 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
A flatbed on a standard duty pickup isnt really comparable to whats in OPs pic. That has inboard duallies and a fairly long drop side bed. You cant fit that on a regular pickup, and even if you did you would get like 1/3 the capacity
File: hq720.jpg (93 KB, 686x386)
93 KB
What does it use for load securement? Those drop sides won't cut it and I'm not seeing a rail or straps.
it does. transit truck/ 350 truck/ izuzu/ fuso

thing is they are all 20-30k more. Now factor in that most trucks in the US are used primarily for towing and not in bed storage, and you start to understand the emergence of short bed crew cabs. The Truck in the US has done a full evolution from van that tows, to passenger vehicle with trailer attached, back to...say it with me...A van that tows....that sorta looks like a truck.

It makes enough sense too. bobbed 5th wheels are popular with hot shot truckers and expedite haulers.
>9th largest economy
>most of its population lives in favelas, which is pure squalor rampant with crime and gang activities
even the poorest americans live in better conditions, being homeless in america is being an outlier
b-but at least they get to fuck donkeys!

File: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.gif (473 KB, 500x384)
473 KB
473 KB GIF
ITT: We laugh at autotragic drivers.
93 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
im about to buy a civic si tomorrow as my 1st manual, how easy it is to learn on it?
Will i become a manual chad?
not everyone needs to go really long distance all the time and it is actually more fun and engaging to drive than your average auto because you don't have to wait for the auto to figure out what it's doing before you get power. No shift lag, perfectly linear power that builds quickly. And who cares about some minor percent range loss for an old car, it's a nonissue when you can charge it to full whenever you want at home.
If you’re not a retard, you should be able to just get inside and drive, simply knowing how it works in general beforehand.
>not everyone needs to go really long distance all the time
For those few that don’t ever leave their vicinity, maybe. I personally would find even something like a Tesla unusable as a car.
>it is actually more fun and engaging to drive than your average auto
Don’t know about average, I have driven a couple of European DCTs (no ‘traditional’ automarics) and a model 3. Model 3 was the single most boring car to drive in my life. DCTs while not perfect in fully automatic mode (lack of anticipation), could be switched to semi-automatic mode; some even had paddles.
>And who cares about some minor percent range loss for an old car
I’d guess that after some 10-20 years it would be much more than that. My point is, battery degrades similarly as mechanical components in an ICE car. And while a mechanical failure in an ICE would lead you waiting for a tow, a battery failures are usually much more dramatic than that.
the whole arm or is there enough to sew a pirate hook on there

What were they thinking?
29 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: maxresdefault_1.jpg (21 KB, 1000x560)
21 KB
File: 50-chevy-3100-4227-h.jpg (1.8 MB, 3788x2525)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB JPG
They tried to capture the nostalgia of all boomers and failed miserably.
File: 1689617130024902.png (276 KB, 1150x1158)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
I like it
Somebody's gotta show those roofuckers how to make a proper ute.
I always liked them.

File: 1695170978547.jpg (110 KB, 1280x720)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Trying to get a new car, but can't decide between these two. Which one would you go for?
58 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
The Toyota RAV4 is the better vehicle
>Which one would you go for?
would rather take the bus than a shitty npc cuckover.
Cutting costs on the rear suspension (and increasing cargo space, which everyone bitches about even though they probably never actually use it) so that they can keep using nice materials in the cabin. "Feels good to drive" isn't about how it performs in da twistiez, it's about shit like heated ventilated seats that make the whole car smell like the driver's pussy. Remember, these cars are made to appeal to women, as women are the vast majority of new car buyers, and women couldn't give two tugs of their husky's cock about suspension layout
NPC Car 1
NPC car 2

so many choices
When RAV4's or CRV's outsell half tons you can call me a retard. Until then only retard is the one spending $40k+ on a lifted Matrix or a lifted Fit.

File: a day without women.webm (2.77 MB, 640x360)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB WEBM
>Inflation and money printing
>Supply constantly decreasing
>Demand (in the form of mass immigration) constantly increasing
If anything they're just going to keep going up
23 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>cars are a consumeable product
>people in america drive the shit out of them
>’omg, why do people think they need to replace their tools when they wear out?!’
enjoy communism, lmao
>if you want it done right, gotta do it yourself...
I'm getting sick of hearing this, because I'm doing exactly that more and more with each passing day. Why is it some nobody with no initial skill or experience has a fighting chance against someone who does x, y and z for a living?

This is supposed to be skilled labor, right?
>new cars have data collection
>force old cars to die off
>make used market prices higher than msrp
>make older used market prices 5x what they use to be
>force ads that appeal to idiots with societal image issues
>everyone buys new cars
>everyone gets data mined
The psyop is social media.
That's why you let your parents buy new and you buy their used car.

File: Camera_20230923_033043.jpg (725 KB, 1080x1826)
725 KB
725 KB JPG
33 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
if you aint got autodimming side mirrors you're definitely in a true shitbucket
t. barge from 2001 has it
There is no stopping the truggs
This is why I need a Toyota Matrix.

When dumb fools like this try to blind me, I just pop open the glass hatch.. Push a button to a contraption I made… and a mirror slowly lifts from the bottom of the trunk and points directly back at the truckfag.

He gets blinded instead and has to back off or switch lanes, or even better, he’ll even swerve out of control and crash into a ditch.

It’s that simple, anons. The Toyota Matrix: It’s Something Else™
>sack of doorknobs
holy kek. I haven't laughed this much in /o/ since a long time ago. Thank you doorknob anon.
Another reason why a Toyota Matrix XRS is a grand option for this scenario. A nice sized Sunroof to throw your bag of doorknobs at your local truckfags.

It’s that simple, anons. The Toyota Matrix: It’s Something Else™

Does anyone work on these on the regular?

Truck starts up and idles fine, I can redline it with no hiccups. When I put it in drive, I have to baby the throttle to not stumble and stall. Dies if I try to go faster than 25 or open up the throttle too fast. Starts right back up.

Already changed the fuel filter, and the tank side of the fuel line didn’t siphon all the gas out so I think the pump is still good.

I already have the factory service and diagnostic manuals, but figured I’d go fishing for anyone who’s had the issue before
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
And there's no test port to test fuel pressure.
Just replace the pump.
It's 5 bolts to drop the tank.
>90's GM
It's *always* the fuel pump.

Well, unless it's out of gas because the sender is wrong that is.
Seems to me like its dying under transient-load conditions, which to me means something is fucking up ur mixture thus your fuel trims are carrying the weight of burdon in the ecu for making sure the mixture is correct, instead of that job being primarily of the load sensor/injectors working properly

Check your ltft and stft while driving see if they swing around like crazy (+/- 20%)
It's tbi right? Look at the injector spray pattern and see if its shitty. Might be able to tell if fuel pressure is weak
not going to get live data anyways without probing

honestly sounds like ignition coil is weak, had a similar issue with a nissan pickup and did all sorts of fuel system troubleshooting, would run perfectly fine if it was running rich enough which just fueled further speculation into a fuel system malfunction

fuel systems usually have hard faults unless you have something peculiar like a corroded wire dropping power to the fuel pump, my s10 throttle body was pissing more than the injectors themselves and you couldnt have known it wasnt perfectly fine until the pump died.

these are pretty well documented if you want to get the tools out and start probing sensors, a google search of "tbi chevy xyz spec" will net a hundred results, the basic principals didnt change much so dont be concerned about the forum topic being a 1990 or a 4.3 or whatever

Imagine owning a diesel vehicle and actually paying for fuel
i just have to wait 4 more months
i'll be getting rid of my learner's license in january and be finally able to drive something with more than 109 horsepower
and by that time i'm selling my diesel, fuck diesel god i hate diesels so much
had to change the bosch(high pressure fuel) pump and it wasn't a fun job because i had to remove the intake and retime the two timing chains after removing that piece of shit
this is the first and last time i bought a diesel, mark my words
my brother
you need 1.9 tdi, good engine, yes?
1000bhp possible all the time proved
4.7l/100km on highway, is easy
you understand?
Used filtered oil master race

>out on first date with a girl
>she's wet and says she's ready for your benis
>think it's a good idea to speed through red lights almost hitting people
>crash and die
Why do people drive like absolute niggers, I would never fly through a red light even if it's empty at 3am
145 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
unless first responders tell them to turn off the reefer we would usually ask the driver to leave it on. often cops and firefighters (and the driver, understandably) aren't considering the reefer unit, so when he calls we'll ask him to inspect it, particularly its fuel tank. at some level its the driver's call, since its his ship and he's responsible for not making the situation worse.

in a fatality the drivers shift is over. full stop. I'll come to whever he is and repower the load. if the tractor is disabled I'll show up in a spare tractor to repower the trailer. believe it or not that trailer, despite looking pretty fucked up, is probably road legal and certainly will roll just fine even if its not legal (idgaf, I'll ride dirty with shit like that and expect the cops to be understanding).

in the OTR world I'd repower the trailer to a yard, customer service would work a new delivery date and we'd either repower the trailer if it was in good condition (they usually are, even in the nastiest wrecks 4 wheelers simply stand no chance against a loaded trailer) or take it to be crossloaded into a new trailer. if the new driver wanted a new trailer we'd crossload. this looks like a sysco truck, they have other considerations.

if the power unit had to be deactivated and it were a hot day the load would be lost and insurance would cover it. from there it would either wind up in the dump or at your local farmers market.

hope that's a good enough answer anon, have a blessed day.
It'll have to go to the consignee first so that they can reject it or not. I they reject it then the trucking company will try to sell it at reduced price to somebody. If it's sold at a reduced price then the covering insurance company will be billed the difference. If no one buys it then the insurance company will be billed the full value.
File: loaf2.jpg (160 KB, 740x987)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
well that answers the decapitation question.
hey mang, dose weels fo sale?

I'll start:
>Jewish knuckle sandwich
Is when you grab a handful of coins and toss them back at the person that's tailgating you
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
no jews would ever throw coins like that
>no jews would ever throw coins like that
But jews will jump in front of the car behind you to pick up the coins and get ran over. Then the driver will be sued into oblivion by the dead jews 3 lawyer cousins.
File: 1625624424817.jpg (52 KB, 500x375)
52 KB
>acting like a child on the road
based dead kikes
shooting tires out

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