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File: CC-50-006-800.jpg (359 KB, 800x538)
359 KB
359 KB JPG
Would it be cool to have an electric car conversion that replaces the engine but keeps the clutch and gearbox, and the electric motor idles at 700 rpm ? So it can be driven like a normal car
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Make sure you shift to keep in the peak range torque.
if you want to be Eco friendly and cool, convert to Hydrogen internal combustion
File: 1555792742270.gif (1.68 MB, 366x275)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB GIF
>and the electric motor idles at 700 rpm
Also there is a flywheel so it drives like a real engine revving up
God no. I'm never converting my 'Cuda to run electric. Hydrogen, maybe, if Toyota can get her to run on it

File: 1678031905485410.jpg (78 KB, 640x409)
78 KB
Defunct electronic appliances will need to be reused and here's how: automotive burial service.
An all-in-one funeral car, casket and mobile cremator with a single payer fee.
Free fire works included for guests and spectators.
This will be a total game changer to the automotive industry.
File: dusttodust.jpg (74 KB, 691x565)
74 KB
Just drive into the quarry as god intended
Imagine being cucked like that in the afterlife by being taken on a toaster on wheels for your final ride. My last wishes will definitely include "hearse must be powered by V8" somewhere.
I found out when my father died that our little hometown funeral home's hearse is a Cadillac with ten feet of hood and quad exhaust pipes. Had he known that I think he might have thought twice about wanting to be cremated instead.

Why have midsize trucks become so fucking expensive in the last few years?
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People want trucks really bad and smaller trucks are an affordable entry point. Most people buying smaller trucks would probably be buying RAM/GMC 3500s or F350s if they could afford it.
Nobody wants to buy your shitty bloatware.
Those who owned minitrucks realized they suck.
Anything that they "do", something else does better.
95% of people realized that a Subaru Forester, an F150 or even a damn Camry would suit their particular needs better.
Hilux/Ranger/S10/Hardbody are the automotive equivalent of "jack of all trades, master of none".
Democrats don't want you to drive. They want you on the bus or the train.
This is like Audi tier depreciation. I'd still take a shot with it considering its a Genesis/Hyundai and not a flaming pile of german crap

Integra fans on life support.
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File: 1678868097532566.jpg (10 KB, 189x292)
10 KB
>trading a honda engine for a kia engine
The TLX Type S is slow AF
you hypocrite. you've started many topics without mentioning those same children.
>RWD 6 cylinder with actual displacement vs FWD civic pretending to be a luxury car

Shouldnt be surprising at all. only downside is no manual transmission
This. OP probably just didnt know they like GT sports sedans over sports compacts. the Stinger has a lot more tuning potential than the TLX Type S anyways though I prefer the TLX styling and AWD system a lot more

>a Honda built by Mercedes Benz in apartheid South Africa
Yeah I'm thinking based
Seconding the based aspect
South Africa has a lot of cool BMWs as well
7 series with the M88
In the event of an all out nuclear war, the only things surviving are cockroaches and these

File: AbandonedPeugeotSkyline.jpg (323 KB, 1757x673)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
Congratulations, your landing was a success, and you have made your way to the abandoned Fukushima exclusion-zone.

Your mission now is to find interesting cars in the exclusion-zone to bring back to the United States with your "borrowed" car freighter. All the cars are abandoned, and there is not a soul around - this is your chance to get those JDM-dollars! Or maybe you will find other treasures?

Hop onto Streetview and show us what you find and what you'd bring back!
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Why would i want a car with the steering wheel on the wrong side
>tfw your mitsubishi minica was hit by a flying doghouse that landed down the street
I can understand the French cars but why do they have a boner for Volvo's?
Not that they're bad, just doesn't seem to be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of crowded cityscapes.
Dust to dust,
grass clippings to grass clippings...
File: 2335.jpg (218 KB, 1489x666)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
Eh, much the same as french cars I reckon - its viewed as a bit exotic, a bit unusual, and the japs generally view the swedes in a good light

File: StuffedPants.jpg (434 KB, 1920x1080)
434 KB
434 KB JPG
Did...did he seriously stuff his pants?
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File: 1580493524115.png (67 KB, 436x361)
67 KB
Anon, is that no-beard's mom in the back of the car?
pretty sure it is, that or he's into gmilfs.

Given it's PA, it's probably his sister motherwife.
does he only review cars owned by other furries? I've never seen him with an owner who wasn't a freak.
He is limited by who is willing to interact with him in person.
Other guy probably doesn't want to be seen as racist

File: wwg.jpg (55 KB, 830x543)
55 KB
Time for some DIY.

Discuss maintenance/repairs/projects here.
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nvm I figured it out
08 tiburon. I get to diagnose whats hopefully a coolant leak or potentially a rocker or head gasket failure. heres hoping its the cheaper failure.
Burping the cooling system, opaque coolant in the radiator. This always means a head gasket issue?
How hard is it to work on a 2008 Pajero? Stuff like changing brakes, filters, belts.
Watch some Youtube vids.

I always say brake jobs are a good first step for anybody who wants to get comfy wrenching beyond oil changes. They’re not hard, after the first wheel you figure it out and can knock out the other 3 pretty quick, and you can save $500 easily with a socket set and a C-clamp.

Filters should be easy enough, and belts on a V6 or V8 in an SUV shouldn’t be too bad, belts are most annoying in certain transverse engines when you have motor mounts and shit in the way.

What is the best "driver's car" in history. I'm tlaking the car that was the closest thing to perfect in terms of raw driving feel and enjoyment. From the balance to drivetrain to shifting feel to throttle response to noise, everything about driving.The car that you had to be most in tune with, but also didn't have all the hand-holding that modern cars tend to.

I'm guessing some sort of old school porsche or BMW?
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>be you
The problem with the E30 M3 is the lack of rear pliancy. It’s not capable of following the road imperfections or handling weight transfer as well as an E36 due to the limitations of the rear trailing-arm design. So in the wet or on extremely high-grip surfaces where you end up with high lateral Gs, the rear lets go. But the E36 has no such issues. The tires just grip up because they can trace the road properly. Early BTCC E36s ran S14s in them and then in 1995 they changed over to S42B20's, the racing variant of the M42B18 motor.
It's the McLaren F1 and it's all thanks to this
>a quality response
>on /o/
>in 2023
File: 325i_linder_dtm_1994.jpg (34 KB, 440x230)
34 KB
So the BTCC class stayed as a 4 cylinder class then? I know thats why the M3 got the S14 instead of a hypothetical S20, but didn't realize the e36 was also under the same requirements.
I've driven the E36 M3 with the S52 but not hard enough to know much about it, (it was one of the cars I learned manual on). I remember liking how the interior is really driver oriented.
My e30 is great but I really dont have enough experience with e36s to say which one I feel is "better". I have heard that the e36 interior is shit in terms of quality though.
I'm still surprised that no BMWs made it onto your list.

Redpill me on a OBS 2door Yukon/Blazer
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You said lowered fag
4door is ugly
OBS is 70s-80s

that's literally every car from the 90's
That wasn't mr
No, those are called Squarebodies.

File: challenger.png (871 KB, 1135x834)
871 KB
871 KB PNG
I think it's already happening.
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not just that. oxygen is needed to survive but at the same time it is also damaging pretty much anything it touches (oxidation). Your body also gets oxidised by oxygen, and for this it has repair mechanisms in place that are running 24/7 to fix the damage. Antioxidants are used in both engines and bodies to combat the effects of oxygen. Unfortunately for us, these repair mechanisms eventually fail with age and you eventually die.
It's a defense mechanism against being alive.
They buy JDM cars on loans, then crash them trying to drift in the mountains, then they get paid out by insurance and buy another.
I'm not joking, I know people who have done this, zoomers are driving JDM prices up as much as anyone else.
>will the death of boomers drive down the price of classic muscle cars?
To some extent. They will still definitely hold value simply due to a dwindling supply but there will be less overall demand from younger generations for them. Wouldn't be surprised if many start coming up for sale at huge bargains because of boomer children selling off cars they got from inheritance.
No, think of them like art. Jews buy paintings and sell them to each other for crazy prices as "investments" even if they're worthless. They artificially inflate the market for tax and insurance scams. That's what they're doing with classic cars now. With boomers' help, as usual, because they're the most lead poisoned retarded cattle ever created.

>What engine should we put in our sports car?
>Just reuse some shit from our trucks lmao
Do americans really?
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The only reason American cars sell is because of geography.

Like the dodo on a tropical island experienced gigantism because of abundant resources and lack of predators. It evolved into a large useless bird.

Because of USA’s abundant oil resources and tariffs on imports, American trucks/SUVs have evolved into bloated useless vehicles in the semi-captive market.

Drop the tariffs and the Japanese/Germans will club the big three into extinction, just like the dodo.
Or Americans do more as everybody is not entirely dependent on daddy gov to take care of them and give the the 600 square feet they need to live.
File: doubt.jpg (29 KB, 960x500)
29 KB
prove it
>hurr durr I’m a retard
The post
Oh wait, I was wrong. If a turbo 4 is hitting 300 hp factory it’s doing pretty good, most are 240-280. There’s basically zero consumer grade V8 engines sold today that make less than 300.
>My complaint with the coyote is its like 3x more expensive than the LS and LT.
as of today on carpart.com:
cheapest '10-'12 Camaro LS3 =$5070
cheapest '10'12 Mustang 5.0 =$4760
pic rel

Dodge should release a modern version of this to compete with the C8 corvette.
much like the viper, it would be a hard sell in a corvette dominated world.

hi, I have pic related and I found out the hard way that the convertible top has drains you need to check and clean out every so often. after a recent rainstorm, I found a bunch of rainwater flooded onto the floor beneath the seats, about 3/4 inch on the driver side and just some puddles and dampness on the passenger side. I vacuumed out as much as I could and used towels to soak up as much water as I could, cleared the drains out of course. but now my carpet is fucked, it's still very damp and after a few days it's starting to smell musty. I suspect I will have to gut the interior to pull out the carpets entirely

is there anything I can do to help dry this shit out before I go and remove the carpet? I've tried DampRid and baking soda but that doesn't seem to have done shit after about 24 hours (also don't know if I should leave the car closed or open when using that stuff). I don't have a garage but live in a safe neighborhood so I could potentially leave everything open and let it sit in the sun for the next couple days, it's supposed to be sunny.
Did you set up a couple of fans to blow on it the last few days? You're going to get that musty smell no matter what you do, but if you can dry it out you can get an upholstery shampooer and go to work. I managed to (sort of) bring back the carpet in my 30 year old landcruiser, and I'd imagine it was in much worse shape than yours
>Did you set up a couple of fans to blow on it the last few days?
nope, I don't have fans and I'd only be able to run them during the daytime so I don't know how much that will help. it wouldn't be too late to buy fans right? I just need to get it dry and then I can try the carpet shampooer you mentioned. if that fails yanking the carpet out is probably for the best
Stupid question because I don't own one of those, but is the carpet glued/bolted down in any fashion or does it just rest on the body? If you can remove all the carpet by simply pulling the seats and sliding it out, absolutely do that. If it's more of a process than that, just give it as much air flow as you can. You will be tempted to use heat, but that will increase the bacterial growth rate...you don't want that. If you can get it dry and clean you *may* be able to get away with that.
When I bought my house the first thing I did was pull up every square inch of carpet because carpet is gross. Turns out that in the master a waterbed must have broken at some point because although the carpet was dry, and didn't show any signs of it, there was wall to wall mold growing under it. I had to paint the entire thing in killz like 3 times before I felt comfortable putting floor down.
>is the carpet glued/bolted down in any fashion or does it just rest on the body?
don't know, haven't looked into how to remove it yet. although I took apart some of the interior in order to get to the drains, and that was really easy. oh well, it's just a 2-seater so it shouldn't be too much work. fuckin tough lesson learned

thanks for your advice, I almost used a hairdryer to dry some of the wetter areas and now I'm glad I didn't.

Everyone knows that car prices have skyrocketed in the past few years. Cars that were once cheap enthusiast’s picks are now out of reach for the average person, and what once were “affordable” dream cars are now commanding supercar prices. Many of the most popular cars have doubled, or even tripled in price over the past 5 years. Even regular shitboxes have gone way up in price.

The average Joe is getting priced out of this hobby. It’s even worse for young, would be car guys trying to get their first “real” car.
What, if anything, can be done to remedy this problem? Is the age of the car enthusiast truly over?

306 replies and 37 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Blame the faggot new car buyers for buying suv's
>it's the new car buyer's fault that jews made it illegal to make fun cars
This is part of the democrats agenda. They don't want you driving your own car. They want you in mass transit. If you must drive, then you'd better drive an EV.

So basically car ownership is gradually slipping away from the grasp of the average Joe just like home ownership.
File: 4thworld-1024x476.png (70 KB, 1024x476)
70 KB
it's turning into a fourth world country, and has been doing so since the mid 1980s
I wished everything in America wasn't fucking politicized, can't you people just enjoy things without HuRR DrUmPf DiD iT DuuuHHHH LeTs Go BrAnDoN

god damn you faggots are insufferable
A good third of the country is watching Fox or CNN all day. The other two thirds are staying informed through vapid social media whores and conspiracy theorist youtube channels. So "no" to answer your question.

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