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File: tenor.png (142 KB, 360x346)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
>coworker: Anon wanna see my new car?
>me: Your car? Don't you mean the bank's car
>starts seething

Why are zoomers so pathetic?
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File: daveramsey.jpg (146 KB, 640x400)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
I'll tell you hwhat, youngster. You got a good head on your shoulders and you are ahead. of. the. game. Buy my book and you will STAY debt free and build wealth
And then everyone clapped
I wish my gentiles were as great as you two
File: 20190606_173232.jpg (525 KB, 1739x1304)
525 KB
525 KB JPG
You know who also has great credit? My boomer parents. They live paycheck to paycheck and have multiple credit cards and mountains of debt. They couldn't handle an emergency vet bill when their cat got sick.

My credit is 659, but I have no debts, $10k in the bank, and my household income (take home) is just over $12k a month. Going to buy myself a really nice piece of automobile in cash in a couple of years. (what should I buy?)

Don't play the happy merchant's games.
Get a honda accord or a camry for cash, they're nice enough but not gonna bankrupt you if it needs repairing.

Show and tell
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Got t boned by a Mexican national in a Ram 1500 in my 2010 Tacoma. I had to crawl out the passenger door because the driver side wouldn't open. He was insured and it was an I4; so he kind of did me a favor. Timing was inconvenient though.
Tried to make it through train tracks as the gates were coming down, got rekt like a fuckin retard
insurance still paid out more than i paid for the car :^)
File: Snapchat-2076041650.jpg (724 KB, 1320x2560)
724 KB
724 KB JPG
>driving back from early morning doctors appointment
>on curvy back road
>space the fuck out
>slide off road after exiting a turn at like 20 mph
>back wheel catches a ditch and i gently roll over onto the hood
>windshield shattered
>frame damage around windshield
>headlights broken
>insurance totals it and gives me 3800 for a 94 miata i spent 2 grand on and i keep the car
exocet when?
File: Snapchat-386726726.jpg (558 KB, 1320x2560)
558 KB
558 KB JPG
i just cut the windshield out, pushed the frame back out with my feet, bondo'd, repainted, and had a new windshield installed for about 200.
the soft top was a bitch and i broke some of the trim in the process, but i bent that back into the right shape as well and it works. leaks a bit now, though.

Have any of you guys purchased from a used car dealer? I’m about to check out a car from one with -decent- ratings and was curious about what to expect.

What were your experiences like?
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Stay away from salvage
Where you buy it doesnt matter. Its history does. If they are too cheap to provide a full carfax fuck em. Carfax may not show everything, but look at what it does show. Regular service.

I purchased aused car from a high end used dealership. I told them i was pre approved. Showed them the financing yadda yadda. They were cool about having a pre purchase inspection done. Flew to the city. They picked me up and the airport. I signed paper work and drove home.

Good advice. I also think you shouldn't buy the car if the dealer doesn't let you take it for a thorough inspection at a mechanic of your choosing.
First car was from a used dealer, second one was from private sale. I'll never buy from a used dealer again, car turned out ok but not great, about average reliability but the thing guzzles oil, i should've listened to my instincts when i looked at oil but i was in a rush (also very bad while looking for a car).

Second car boring but super reliable, it's been over a year and a half and i have not had to do anything at all besides basic maintenance. Got the car for way cheaper than possible at a used dealer, and got to talk to the person who actually knows the car's history.

Honestly OP, unless you live in a small town or rural area with few craigslist/facebook market options, you're way better off buying private sale. It'll be way cheaper and you'll be less likely to be fucked over. Used dealers job is to get good at polishing turds, you may find a diamond in the rough but even then you'll pay alot more for it.
Some old cars can get a salvage title just from being keyed or a cosmetic dent in the bumper or something like that. It can be fine if it's one of those situations but you have to know what you are looking for.

File: EcCyBVbX0AAGSYk.jpg (669 KB, 1000x666)
669 KB
669 KB JPG
Jesus fucking Christ, what happened? Its not even some piece of shit M Sport Package travesty, but a genuine BMW M4.

Why does the market consider this car so undesirable?

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>work on basic shitboxes all ur life
>finally get to work on an actual car
>"wtf this shit is too complex for me"
>AllGermanCarsAreHardToWorkOn.wav (on repeat)

get better or kys
dumb nigger logic, i expected nothing less
UK used car market is probably the cheapest in the world. The next most important thing is that BMW never sell their cars at sticker price in the UK. When that car was new it probably went with 20 percent off the sticker price.

Example: BMW M2, brand new, for £38k on the road from Stratstone Leeds. Mate of mine bought it. £44k sticker price. No negotiation, they just lopped that off.
Why are they so undesirable? Isn't that obvious? Who wants a car that lives on the bed of a truck? Who wants a car that needs repairs every 2,000 miles? Who wants a car that will empty out their 401k every time something goes wrong? Of course it's undesirable. It's BMW.
The real question is ... What does this mean for the Supra in America?

File: hss9vmedppoio50vtea.png (1 MB, 1134x652)
1 MB
Why do burgers push the BMWs are only designed to last 50k miles meme?
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>Nu Camrys unironically ride worse than equivalent Hondas, Hyundais, Nissans, Fords or Kias. They're only better than the trash Passat and Malibu abortions.
Because that's when the maintenance costs ramp up.
fuck off europoorphag. We dont need your stinkin bmw that will break down by 40k. Shit lasted that long because all of those shops hours put in those shit fucks u fuckin phag
Only maintenance required for a Toyota is the oil, fluids, and brake pads. Eurofags don't understand that their oh-so-precious BMW is viewed as unreliable trash outside the Union.
Import a Euro-spec BMW then, if your police state allows it, that way you can drive a BMW that will actually last you for a long time and you can avoid hopping into a Toyota

Has anyone gotten their car repainted?

I have a 6k car with the correct engine and general good condition but its the wrong color. I think its gonna be a keeper for me and ld like to install a decent bumper kit on it too.

Tell me all the reasons why lm retarded for wanting to drop some 3k on repainting a car thats worth only about 6k itself.
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Don't fucking do it. Not worth it by any fucking stretch of logic.

You are right, though, about the price of doing it yourself. I've rattle canned a few trucks for less than $300, including prep materials. They look like shit, though. My advice is to look into auto hobby shops nearby and see if anyone is looking for practice painting jobs. Offer a couple hundred bucks on top of supplies to someone with some experience doing it.
Would you wrap it
How much l look at it? Quite a lot of course. I often daydream how it would look in red when l see it.

Wrapping? I feel thats a nice temporary solution. But definitely wont have the depth of a good paint.

A student job is not a terrible idea. Its a rather modern shape and l dont have any graphics so could be easy enough for an amateur. I would like to do it properly to metal though so if they fuck up it needs to be a complete redo from metal again.
does it make you happy?
then do it.
But nietzche said life is suffering, or something.

>1989 Ford F-150
>Bought it for cheap
>had a hard time starting up but once you got it going it could drive, would occasionally cut off if you sat for too long or put it in reverse
>Wanted to fix it so I got a new map sensor and IAC
>Cranked it up and it has no problem staying on, but the RPM is pretty damn high
>Change out the TPS
>OBD1 codes still flashing for 23 and 53

Haven’t cranked it up yet because I need to buy a gasket for the throttle body but does anyone know why it’s still giving me this code?
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If this does not work, try making a block off sandwich plate for the egr valve on the intake plenum side. my egr valve was letting too much exhaust gas through it. good luck.
Only asking because I've had problems with those cheap china IACs. Sometimes the plunger doesn't extend all the way, or it doesn't seat properly or it extends once and stays closed after. You check for vacuum leaks?
Bump, heading to the parts store now
Guide on how to do that? Not to be spoon fed but most of the videos about these old trucks are turbo boomers who don’t show you how to do anything.

Will be doing so after i get the gasket
What engine?
I would just leave the battery disconnected for a minute or two. The ECU almost always stores its learned trims in short term memory, and will reset to factory trims if it loses power

File: 02812081990003.jpg (74 KB, 1024x682)
74 KB
What do you think is the most boring car ever made?
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civic and accord too?
File: 1593663419415.jpg (233 KB, 1024x958)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
u dare mock the infamous prelude. you lil shit ill rape ur hatr ass from any part of the globe you fucking jiggabo warm shit smelling motherfukr let me find your dog and rape his ass 2 you fucking useless fuking monkey piss brain faggot how dare you disrespect the honda prime machine .speak outtaline again and me and my hakr friends will 911 ur throught withour rough love stupid fuking aborted faggot snot bitch suc a amputated russian ballsak i h8 ur urkind faggot
He literally said prelude and integra, but not the civic or accord. I think he is insane
The early 90s Hyundais.
They're so boring I can't even remember what they were called.
yeah its called bait
Jetta. Anything VW really.

File: evo_vs_sti.jpg (1.54 MB, 4800x1600)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB JPG
the great 2004 debate
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It literally has IRS retard
then why did crash rate remain the same? cannot blame the rear end now.
unironically, source.
Also the terminator was likely driven harder a lot more than the regular mustang, whereas only some normal mustangs get hounded.
File: po.jpg (473 KB, 2600x1872)
473 KB
473 KB JPG
The real winner of 2004

I lost one of my jobs to rona and my car got repossessed. Taking bus right now, but I am saving and seems like another $1,200 stimulus is coming. I need something cheap and reliable o. Please help.
1.2k Civic with no mods
>seems like another $1,200 stimulus is coming.
No it's not
Go suck dick for cash or something
1200 dollar stimulus comes >>> all cars become 1200 more expensive

File: o thread.png (340 KB, 919x737)
340 KB
340 KB PNG
Join us for the yuge fuckin summer meet at the World of Beer in Exton, PA on Saturday July 25th. Grab some brews n eats, and then hit the slopes of the almighty semi familiar west chester area.

We usually do monthly meets. We can move locations depending on interest, as this one works the best for a majority. Harrisburg probably aint a bad spot for everyone either.

Join up and remember not to be a faggot.
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Bring literally anything. It doesnt matter what it is. It's a get-together.
File: SPOILER_PNJLhj2N4Og-1.png (374 KB, 548x587)
374 KB
374 KB PNG
The more variation in the cars the better imo.
I didn't know there are so many west chester fags on /o/. Its weird there are other 4channera within a mile of me
Idk if he's doing one this because of covid-19
We are all semi-familiar with the semi-familiar West Chester area.

Hello, we're Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers, and we're here to discuss Cars, Car repair and the
And the...

File: 1590781247654.png (3.03 MB, 1920x1080)
3.03 MB
3.03 MB PNG
Get your automotive unpopular opinions out here I'll start

The New Edge Mustang aged better than the S197 Mustang

Pic Unrelated
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File: solo-black_01.jpg (172 KB, 1400x938)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
I'm one of those drivers and I'd much rather drive something similar to a EMV Solo. I don't care if it uses gas or a battery pack to power the motor because my commutes are less than 50 miles. That and I don't need to haul large amounts of stuff when I'm just shopping for myself. The boot's actually bigger than what I truly need.
I hard agree when it comes to Harley brapmobiles and crotch rockets at their million rpm redline flying down the highway
I have driven one and honestly I love them I just don't like the same stuff as >>22615204
I really liked the Dodge Magnum and if Dodge kept making it alongside the Charger everyone would love it.

File: silvia.jpg (65 KB, 640x480)
65 KB
Saving up for a project car to bring back home, pretty much set on A Silvia. S13 is pretty dope, but I like the more agressive headlights on a kouki s14. Any thoughts /o/?
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Thead title should have been
>"You have USD$____ and you are living in Japan, what do you come home with, /o/?"
See, I was thinking about a buying a clean type R hatch, but back in the states Civic owners are really ricey, and i don’t want to be associated with that. Chasers are pretty based, will not lie.
Yeah, probably could’ve worded the thread better. Well, tough titties.
Type R guys and general honda guys are distinguishable generally
WTF that thing is perfection

File: 1550415592086.jpg (72 KB, 960x543)
72 KB
Cabover Pete with the reefer on and a stickfag hauling logs edition

>34 tonnes of stale Loves rollerdogs
>44,000lb of company driver tears
>Swift: Best in holding up traffic on the 285
>If you haul dry van, the terrorists win

Looking to get your CDL? Trucking school if you can get a loan or have money, Prime, Roehl or Knight if you can't. Avoid Swift, CR England with their 3 bunk trucks, US Express, Western Express and any other mega that pays you shit wages in lieu of training and sticks you with a driver-facing camera which most of them do. You WILL get stuck with an automatic restriction if you train with a megacarrier, which can be removed at a later time.

>Bitcoinfuelhauler's destination is excellence, at 62mph
>Primefag channeled his autistic 4chan trolling powers on the CB radio and hurt some fat chicks feelings
>Truckerfag is still cleaning the jizz out of his beard
>Oilfag is collecting the GDP of a former Communist Soviet bloc in detention pay
>Sippers still sipping
>EF makes eleventy billion dollars while fucking his slam piggy on the frame rails of his stretched Pete

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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not possible on this board
woah howdy bois, didnt know this thread was alive, hope youre doing well, sucking that cheap fuel down, eatin them roller doggies
File: IMG_20200609_065645_NR.jpg (255 KB, 464x764)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
>I drive with my Jake brake on
File: Truck_Hijack.jpg (275 KB, 1920x816)
275 KB
275 KB JPG

I actually do, I really hope mine doesn't look like that I've grinded it a few times but nothing with force on it. I won't Jakeshift but I do leave it on in 10th in case I have to stop in a hurry, and it has saved me a few times already.


You too, fuel is a little more now than it was during COVID but it's still hella cheap


I'm not *the* Truckerfag but we're all Truckerfags


>Can't even get automated sinks to work right

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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