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>sell old car at the beginning of March
>later in the month see it fucked up after a crash on the side of a residential street
>feel bad
>fast forward to yesterday
>get a letter in the mail from an insurance company
>“we need to contact you about your incident”
>eventually realize they’re talking about the old car
>buyer didn’t transfer title before the accident
What do
If the accident wasn’t the driver of my car’s fault, can I get compensation from the crash, or is that fraud?
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>things that totally happened

did you not release the title with the DMV?
Why the fuck do you want an accident on your record retard.
Also the post office
Fucking this. Always file a report of sale immediately after you sell any car. You can do it for free online in most if not all states.
I had a similar situation where I sold an old shitbox that was on its way out. The new owner crashed it into a telephone pole the day after buying it and the power company tried to come after us because the title hadn't been transferred. Pointed them to the Report of Sale I had filed and they fucked right off.

What cars show your power level?
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You have nothing to laugh about
Architects drive these.
>shouldn't of
American education at its finest
Hell yes brother

Desert Hoon Edition

This is a thread for discussing the various aspects of offroading.

Post your rigs or your plans.
Post pics and vids of your adventures.
Compare tires and their pros/cons.
Its OK to booli fake beadlocks.
Post gear you use and if you'd recommend it.
Pastebin: never

Last: >>23844324
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Yeah I don't know if I really want to do this. I'd rather get the Navara for that much of a bother.
I want a 40 so bad reeeeeeee

Yeah I would just do that if I was looking at new-ish japanese trucks
Still ‘ate leafs
Both canadians and leaf springs
>Loving it
good for you they are sky high now i paid 2k over msrp for mine two months ago those running boards came off the second i got home
Nite bump

File: 245264h.jpg (132 KB, 750x912)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
I figured out something weird about premium gas, tell me if my idea is right.
>Tune car so that it required 93
>Use 93
>Massive HP boost (66 poni, 99 tork)
>When I drive around even not gunning it it's ultra smooth
So I had a Merc 300SE and Passat Turbo too, both require "premium"
>Use 93 in them sometimes
>Very smooth cars
I had a MKZ and CTS-V, do not require "premium"
>Use 93 sometimes
>No difference in the smoothness of engine
>Decide to use 86 more often then not

SO: If the car IS TUNED up so that it will be knocking on heaven's door if "premium" isn't used, it it much smoother when premium is used. That's because it has higher compression to begin with which == smoother ride. SO, IF THE CAR ISN'T TUNED UP 93 DOESN'T MAKE IT SMOOTHER?!?!
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Thanks. I'm just shocked how freaking smooth it is. Got me thinking if it's made for 93 it'll be smooth on it. I have no idea why it's like that all of a sudden.
File: 160645056358983978 (1).png (199 KB, 641x666)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
File: AWOOGA.jpg (64 KB, 575x620)
64 KB

where have you guys been in the best enthusiast states?
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I'd be down for a meet-up if /o/ coordinated. I lived in NC for a few years, and moved to Ohio as part of an office transfer with my employer. Always did enjoy the roads down there.

Although I think I spent more time on the mountain roads in VA/WV than I did in NC since I'd often drive up to the midwest and back to visit family etc.
File: Snapchat-1638255893.jpg (1.16 MB, 1215x2160)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
Tried taking the Blue Ridge Parkway from Roanoke VA to Ashville NC a couple years back. That day started cold wet and rainy, with lots of wet leaves on the road. Pretty sketchy. Then I hit a suicidal deer which smashed my headlight. Then it got so foggy that I had to bail. Fog was so thick that I could barely see ten feet in front of me. That stupid deer had me shook too. All in all a bad time so I definitely need to try it again with better weather...and not when the deer are rutting
I've noticed a lot of nice cars in Huntsville, Alabama. Went to a car meet there not too long ago and it was pretty sweet. Some guy had a Viper that sounded great. Good roads here too. I have a shitbox, but I'd be down for a meet.
I live here in coastal/eastern NC and I can't agree to it being the "best enthusiast state" since learning there are other states that don't require annual equipment inspections and allow less than 35% window tint.
sc dosent have inspections, hence why i said carolinas
i dont have it in me to host something like that but i would absolutely attend
also yes the roads are great, but not as scenic

What’s the least jewish car insurance company? I read progressive was good. Going to buy a used car from a private owner.
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Define Jewish. I've been enjoying root. They track you for about a month to see how you drive (I hear its largely based on how much you drive) and charge insurance based on how risky that data makes them think you are. So, they track ya and that's weird but it's cheap af. 2 duis on my record (although no car accidents) and I paid 70 bucks a month for my 98 explorer. Think I'm around 110 a month now with an 08 civic, 96 f150, and 88 bronco (all minimumish coverage). It's like half what most want from me Sept progressive? Maybe nationwide was pretty competitive but ultimately more. Never had an accident so no idea how that goes with them.

On the tracking shit though, you're supposed to let em track you 100% of the time but I've since got a new phone a year or so ago never downloaded the app again they ain't said shit.
Why does this thread get posted every day? And why are there geico and progressive shills every damned time? These are universally understood to be the worst insurance companies in the marketplace
a big gecko cock? jeez. stories anon?
Yeah, I don't believe everyone loves these companies. Progressive kept jacking my rates every year even though they had no reason to and I could barely afford minimum coverage after a while. To get them to drop it is a huge ordeal where they bounce you around to different reps yo try selling you home or renters coverage before "finding some discounts" and lowering the cost just to start raising it again. I finally switched to farmers for slightly better coverage and a lower premium. Its still a huge ripoff but the rates have been consistent if nothing else.
I've >>23894519 had good experiences with progressive personally. Can't remember if I had nationwide first or progressive but they're affiliated somehow cause after my dui my agent said to switch saved me 30 bucks a month. One of them penalizes that more than the other I guess idk how that works.

Anyway as for geico that's easy.

Depends who you are. Bro works for government gets crazy cheap insurance.

(no it's not a conspiracy that's actually simply why they're called that)

The last old school barge, this shit is so /comfy/
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File: 1613278602367.jpg (3.5 MB, 4160x3120)
3.5 MB
3.5 MB JPG
Yolo for sure bro, tell her to live it up. When my grandfather passed away my grandmother decided to bite the bullet and buy a last gen 99 Firebird with a 5 speed, she's had it the last 20 years and I just recently bought it off her since she's getting too old to be comfortable in it.

So grandmas Firebird is now my lifelong project and I'm replacing it with a nice little Lexus SUV for her and my mother to scoot around in until I find a decent Challenger for them to cruise in style with and doesn't require a fucking crane to help their old asses in and out of...

the Firebird and Stratus both require you to literally fall into the seats as they both sit so fucking low to the ground, not good for a 75 and 48 year old women. A tiny SUV for the winter and a sexy purple Challenger will keep them occupied while I turn the Firebird into a fucking Auto Cross road racing monster and keep the Stratus R/T tucked away and looking pretty for years to come.
F body has seriously grown on me the last couple years. Looks great
File: s-l1600.jpg (108 KB, 800x533)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Thanks! she's a great little car, nothing in comparison to its real deal Trans Am WS6 brother but that's nothing some suspension components and a V8 swap cant change. Once I'm done it will be a bit more potent than a factory WS6 at least when it comes to suspension and brakes for starters.

gotta get a set of seats for it for my first mod. Stock seat is blown out from 20 years of a hefty woman daily driving it so I'm cruising the junkyard every weekend to try to find a nice sporty set of seats out of something like an Audi or the like. Car came with semi-power buckets but they leave so much to be desired and even when new weren't too comfortable by any means. The V6 models had a less supportive version of the full power WS6 seats and I'm not gonna bother dropping almost a grand on a set when I can pull some gorgeous leather seats out of a luxury car for practically nothing and weld them/wire them into the Bird.


rode into Atlanta, stolen tags and almost out of gas...
I’m okay with that. Also, doesn’t the Chrysler300 classify as a barge?

The Fuck is a Wheel Edition

Something something spacers
Something something tires
Something something bolt pattern identifier
Something something check out these cool suppliers of wheels

You creative types know how to has these generals out i'm just a retard with an idea

I would suck peepee for TEC Speedwheel GT8s with the locking center cap
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Man that's great
r p f 1
Why do golf owners have the absolute worst taste in wheel/tire fitment?
Those are improperly fitted tires
Car looks too reserved so they go full retard.

does anyone here like tarded bikes?
You have a containment thread use it.

File: images (62).jpg (28 KB, 580x435)
28 KB
With a Honda Super Cub™ you can go anywhere you want
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You're obese, get a harley
Unironically want one of these but I'd probably be killed by some retard in a lifted truck or SUV.
I'm probably just going to try to find some 50cc puch or something as a project and keep minimal money into it and just ride it around at night since there isn't as many people out.
File: critical repair.jpg (2.36 MB, 3277x2458)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB JPG
no, they're mine!
/lit/ predicted this

Here are some specs of the Emrax 268 electric motor (not used in pic related).
>Length: 91 mm (3.6 in)
>Diameter: 268 mm (10.6 in)
>Dry weight: 19.9 kg (43.9 lb)
>Power output: 230 kW (308 hp) peak, 100 kW (134 hp) continuous
>Voltage: 250 V nominal
>Best efficiency: 98%
>Power-to-weight ratio: 11.6 kW/kg

Would Emrax 268 make for a Based electric car?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
could make a mean gokart.
what, no love for the zombie 222? though as for production evs, yeah, they are all pretty boring, like the taycan is sorta cool, but its pretty much the only one so far. But I will say, the spark ev, despite its fuckin abysmal range, does have an absolute metric assload of torque for its size, which is pretty hilarious. Also the upcoming ev pickups are pretty interesting, between the r1t with its stupid amount of cargo space and tank turn, then the hummer ev is just a new hummer, which is pretty cool, and the cybertruck (while I have a shitload of problems with it) has a pretty cool design and the simplicity and durability of the body is pretty cool, I hope they end up making an even more basic and practical version, because if they could even just have removable sail panels and a flat roof I would buy one, also an option for no rear air suspension would nice.
they're heavy AF and drain way too hard under spirited driving, I just can't like them.
Why not replace the steel parts with aluminum ones? That will cut down on weight, for sure.
Are you talking about the Zombie specifically or EVs more generally?

Because EVs get lighter as batteries improve, and they're still way more efficient when driven in a spirited fashion than gas cars. They're just let down by only having 1/4 the stored energy, but that's increasing soon to 1/2 which will make a big difference.

Do you need snow tires for FWD?
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They were blizzaks. It just broke the fronts lose and gave up. The subaru will dig and go.
I use snow tyres on a chevy sonic it made a world of difference for my snowy commutes.
Is it snowing right now? Go for adrive and accelerate through a turn at 35 mph and find out
We're mid April, do you think you can make it until next winter without?
File: 1617228984075.jpg (55 KB, 640x673)
55 KB
Nah op you dont need SHIT bald summer tyres fron a dumpster are fine and dont bother changing your oil either its just a jewish scam

Trucks from united states and around the world.
Real work horse no bullshit hard ridding sons of guns could be small medium and large pick ups
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Bad children get the mud seat
File: canon SKK.png (77 KB, 440x440)
77 KB
>neutral color
>bench seat
>single cab, long bed
>inline 6
like the ferrari F40 is a great car but it would be bad to hit a deer
Much rather drive some ancient toyota piece of shit shilled way too hard on here
That's literally any manual subaru
only thing missing is
>LSD or rear locker

File: fort.jpg (107 KB, 940x319)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
I've got an appointment to kick the tires on a 2004 ford torus for 1500 bucks this saturday. the seller says nothing much is wrong with the car except for a slight oil leak.
What are somethings I should look out for when looking at the thing?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The AX4S liked to shit the bed, I think by 2004 they were all AX4N, which while similar wasn't as bad.

The previous gen 3.8 + AX4S was a recipe for sorrow. The 3.0 Vulcan didn't have enough power to break much.

The Vulcan has a tendency to pop head gaskets around 200k, but if you just replace them you're good for another 150k.
File: FuknTrue.jpg (147 KB, 1080x1322)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
>it really does! thank the car when it let's you drive it home without issue.
Any car you pay under $2000 dollars for is going to be shit.
These cars are a nightmare to work on and you're better off getting a escort. But if the car has been well maintained and everything replaced semi recently its not a awful deal.

File: itsavic.jpg (223 KB, 1440x810)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
Is it even worth getting a surplus Crown Vic anymore?
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Not him but I've dailied a P71 before. They have stiffer suspension and sit a little higher. The interior is very comfortable just like all panther bodies, but it's definitely shittier. I'd recommend a P71 if you want a really cheap car or a hoon project. If you want something that's enjoyable to daily, I'd go with a Grand Marquis or Town Car
>tricking out grand ma cars
Don't forget the spotlights
Prices have gone up at the auctions. You get a lot of car for the money though. I like mine.
No cop larpers get the rope

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