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File: t950.jpg (292 KB, 1815x856)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
Why do Americans call their utes "Trucks?
Are they poofta faggots who want to play pretend truck driver without getting a truck license?
Their "Trucks" are not trucks, pic related is a truck.
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This is good cause for breaking the principal defense act between America and Australia.
If you weren't an idiot then you'd know a "truck" is any vehicle designed to transport cargo or passengers. Legally speaking, everything except motorcycles and roadsters are trucks.
That's the same word though just spelled differently because it's a different language. We don't call them a different word.
Japanese invented sushi, we call it sushi, we just don't write it as 寿司
File: 1609434236956.jpg (62 KB, 640x630)
62 KB
Truck is short for 'pickup truck', you drooling retard

File: 2012-09-08_13-12-54_510.jpg (92 KB, 1024x577)
92 KB
You must post ITT if you have an EV or PHEV.

Pic semi-related: 2013 Chevrolet Volt. Not mine but looks just like it.
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>Doug demuro

Go back
I have a M3LR, and I love driving it, but all the stories about houses burning down because of overnight charging catching EVs on fire makes me scared as hell.
Chances are he's driven more cars than you.
I thought that was just the Bolt and Kona EV with LG batteries?

I'm getting one
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Looks ten times better than the old one
S2000 happy face vibes
>head gaskets
Show me on the doll where the head gaskets hurt you. And at 10 o'clock your favorite nurse will come get you to take you to your favorite tomorrow session.
File: pkwp5r5f9bh41.jpg (25 KB, 562x561)
25 KB
Nah I went to the bank the other day so it's stuffed full of some of the 50s and 20s I asked for. Not sure what that has to do with your continual cope.
do you have more info or source for that Japanese reviewer?

also, how can there be a difference in engine response when it's the exact same engine and map?

File: 5073179812_bb75d16c53_b.jpg (128 KB, 1024x659)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
You... do bend your license plate, right?
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File: airflow.gif (48 KB, 850x244)
48 KB
it wont generate downforce there you clown
I used to on my dirt bike, because it kept hitting the ground.
Then it fell off god fucking knows where and I haven't bothered getting a new one
>You... do bend your license plate, right?
Not intentionally, but I've had my license plate bent by car washes.
Tfw can't bend my plate because they're made of plastic here.
I don’t bend the plate itself, aside from the slight bend to get the kiwi plate to fit in the jap slot
>holder bent up as far as is legal
>thick patina of filth and soot covering it
>plate lights have thin layer of black spray paint to reduce their functionality to the bare minimum
>large jap bumper covers the top and edges pretty well

You can make it pretty hard to see without vandalising the governments property lol

>smell burning transmission fluid
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>driving 70mph
>look in right mirror and notice my brake light cluster flapping about in the wind
Yeah except when it's time to go again and the car doesn't.
happened to me more times that i would like to admit
holy kek
File: 1540831589275.jpg (31 KB, 469x469)
31 KB
kek reminds me when my front bumper fender had a loose, rusty and squeaky bolt that i forgot to tighten. itwas making a sound like my head was dry of oil and the entire engine was just tickity as fuck.
>mfw hearing it at idle at a intersection after a hard run on some bendy roads
>pull into gas station expecting dipstick 99% dry
>passenger side fender shuts up after i smack the fender liner

File: 1628076074314.jpg (709 KB, 2320x1740)
709 KB
709 KB JPG
Super 4 edition!

>Motorcycle Questions & Answers
>Motorcycle Routes & Meetups
>Motorcycle Dating Advice
>Tendy rating services
>Motorcycle Vulva Rating
>Motorcycle Adventures
>T.nogf motorcycle
>Motorcycle anime girls
>Motorcycle Pics & Boring Webbies
>Motorcycle Hot Opinions
>would you buy a ktm discussion

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My dbt sticker has been on my helmet for a solid year now, one of the little bars rubbed off but that's about it. You sure you're not just retarded?

Thats what you get for buying stickers for your vehicle. The appropriate amount of stickers any bike/car should have is zero.
File: 20210805_131602.jpg (3 MB, 4032x3024)
3 MB
baiku baiku baiku baiku
Dumb tripfag

>debuted north of 100k
>can now be had for around 40k
Is a used F-Type the best value for a premium sports car?
Yeah but they are so cheap because of the maintenance and reliability
There's a reason they depreciate so much. Either way, you'll be paying.
Only one I’d get is the R and I’d imagine it’s a basket case out of warranty.

File: '89_Beretta_GT.jpg (599 KB, 1600x1200)
599 KB
599 KB JPG
I'd rather have a mint Beretta than any Corvette
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That window size is so awesome. Cars these days have windows like armored trucks
File: Punto 176 GT.jpg (1.92 MB, 2560x1920)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB JPG
Fiat Punto GT
Yeah because people prefer not dying when they get in an accident
just like don't get into an accident brooo
Too bad they're unobtainium in the US.

Redpill me on the 100 series Land Cruiser
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Idaho doesn’t rustc
what if you have a dedicated dd a dedicated shitfun 4x4 and a dedicated suv 4x4 in your qualifications this would be a larp see how this works anon
underage or busrider/poor take desu senpai
File: rejected_his_message.jpg (73 KB, 447x447)
73 KB
Kek this always gets them btfo
>noooo I have to daily drive an offroad car
>I can't afford a dedicated trail rig this SUV with 200k miles only costs $20k
>I want to drive on the street with mud terrains noooo
>but its really reliable so it will be cheap to maintain even if it gets 14 mpg and costs 20k and has 200k miles on it
>b-bus rider
Imagine thinking 14MPG is a point of concern..

What does /o/ think about Genesis? I like the look of their cars. They seem to be pretty reliable. Most importantly, they have a pretty cool logo.
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It's the same goddamn material used in the manufacture of both vehicles.
There's a mix of HSS, mild, and aluminum bonded by various epoxy adhesives and spot/bead welds.
This is true for every brand including Toyota, BMW, VAG, Stellantis, FoMoCo, Hongda, etc.
Use a clip tool to remove your front fender liner and you will discover either an open-cell foam spacer or bag of polypropylene filler if you don't think I spent years in a hot metal box fixing the bastards.
This guy gets it. I've worked in auto plants before. The differences between different modern cars are miniscule outside of design.
better looking than most of their competitors for sure
>Korean shitbox
You'll die if you crash.
For the price, I'd rather buy a used Alfa Romeo Giulia Q.

>dont make em like they used to
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Thank fuck 80s were the ugliest decade
excuse me what
He said "thank fuck 80s were the ugliest decades"
He said "thank fuck 80s were the ugliest decades“
Nice shoop / rendering. Did prior design actually make one?

File: jag_xjr016.jpg (128 KB, 1600x1060)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
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Gated shifters make my dick hard.
>plastic buttons
The nb1 LS package is peak Miata interior imo.
Ok anon, what do you think is the peak aesthetic interior?
>user serviceable plastic buttons

File: gauges.jpg (360 KB, 600x1200)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
Which one is best?
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>getting caught
The prices are a bit steep, for a miata. I thought I got ass raped at 4.5k but that's nothing, my 1990 1.6l is worth 12k now.
>Using speedo as an indication for how fast a car is
My dude. You need to be ≥18 years old to use 4chan
>implying miatas haven't skyrocketed in the past 2-3 years.
Craigslists has people with rusted out barely running NB's asking for 7k. The only clean ones at a decent price are often auto.
Why is it automatic?
because I wasn't going to spend more than 30 seconds looking for an example of porsche's discount italics font on their gauges.

Most of my favorite cars are ones this board associates with women : minis (crossovers included), fiat 500 (same), miatas, small SUVs like the Compass, RAV4 or crosstrek, etc...
At the same time I hate Audis post 2010, Mercedes and BMWs.
Although my dream car is a mid-size Pick-up truck (unusual for EU), what does this say about me?
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
It means your a fag who comes to image boards to validate your opinions on things.
But I didn’t expect anyone to validate my opinion, especially not on this board.
it says that you're probably a homosexual. but everyone else here likes miatas too so you'll fit right in.
I’m a 100% straight (but hideous so never been with a girl). I forgot to mention I like the modern beetles too.
But again I like corvettes as well...
It means you need to learn that nobody cares

I want a RWD Toyota for my next car, and have narrowed it down to three possible choices:

>picrelated, 86 but with an amount of horsepower that I don't think is stupid, but it's a new model so it might have fucked up issues like what happened with the first versions of the FR-S
>the old version of the 86, reliable and lots of spare parts out for it, but I don't like how little horse power it has for a "sports" car, also I've had trouble finding used ones that aren't modded to shit
>IS 300, RWD and has enough seats for proper road trips, also can be had used for a reasonable price, but is much heavier and might not be great for drifting bullshit

Which one should I go with, /o/?
34 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm 6'0" and when I sat in one it felt very cramped even though at the time I was borderline anorexic, also the trunk space is way too small for me. The 86 has seats that you can fold down and then fit four wheels in the back, and when I test drove it I didn't feel cramped at all.
based retard
I felt comfy in the nd2 and I am 6'0, but if that's how u feel go with the 86 then
I'm 6'4" and I felt just fine in the 86 even though the seat was never quite right and if I had to drive all day maybe my leg leaned against the center console not quite right. One time I almost caught air over some very newyorkian roads and I almost hit my head on the roof liner.

But not everybody has the same proportions or flexibility. It was honestly one of the most comfortable cars I've driven even though it was clearly made for somebody smaller.

do yourself a favor, when it snows, gain access to a miata with an LSD and throw it around

then do the same with a car with 4 doors and an open differential

will change your opinion of the IS and other lame ass 4 doors forever

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