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Do I really need to replace this when I do a new clutch? Kit is twice the price with the DMF. The clutch wasn't even gone, slave cylinder went first. Prob had another 30k on it but Id rather do it now than pull out the engine and tranny again. Clutch place said they wont sell me just the plate. Seems a jew scam.
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File: unsprunghub.jpg (61 KB, 640x480)
61 KB
This is an unsprung hub
Yes, replace it with a single mass flywheel and then never worry about replacing it ever again.
A sprung flywheel has all of the disadvantages of a sprung clutch, except even moreso. The only advantage to a DMF is that it reduces NVH.
Dual mass is a scam designed to force you into scrapping a good car and upgrading because a clutch job just
tripled in price
>Cover plate to retain grease content
>Clutch grease

im trying to find aftermarket ones that have the same three bulb design as picrel but haven’t been able to
any idea what they are or similar looking ones
What bike is that?

File: gfsgsffgsdfs.jpg (37 KB, 688x342)
37 KB
I like hearing the opinions of /o/tists on what cars are good, modifications, racing, etc., but the threads are always full of DYELs, so to separate the wheat from the chaff, what do you bench, and what do you think about cars?
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yes and honestly i was impressed its a perfect fit on the readster, i look minuscule in the f-150 yet i can't fit on the '87 fox body head-wise
350~ in highschool 20 years ago.

Probably half that now.

I drive a small work truck because I now have a small penis and it just fits.

I'm a gearhead at heart but life just didn't work out for me to go that route. Mistakes were made.
He's in good shape, earnestly.
Bench is my worst lift, it didn't come naturally to me, but I can rep 2 plates. My opinions on cars are mainly weld the diff, crimp the rear brake line (or hydro it) carry a spare set and send it, my thoughts on bikes are do a wheelie for the feelie, my thoughts on 4x4's are auto lockers, rock sliders, and send it.
File: images (1).jpg (280 KB, 2500x2500)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
this is some high grade bait

File: Collage.jpg (3.08 MB, 8928x4824)
3.08 MB
3.08 MB JPG
Looking at buying a Honda Post here and we'll tell you our elitist opinions

Need help identifying a chassis

Last Thread

Post Hondas. I have purchased a Honda. It's a manual awd element. I paid too much for it and is has major issues and high milage but is basically rust free on the subframes which is a unicorn for an 03 anything in Nebraska.
>missing overflow tank
>stinks like coolant when warm
>why would you even remove this and sell a car?
>why would you, a dealer, sell a car you got in with no overflow tank?
>metal on metal from front right
>probably wheel bearing from spacers but could be rotors
>no howling but they could be shot but not collapsed. My subaru did that
>clutch feels weird
>foes from soft to hard in pedal travel
>bite point is low on the travel
Going to pick it up Saturday.
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File: s2k_hairylegs_2.jpg (1.39 MB, 1512x2016)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
tomorrow my group is:
me, 2 more s2000s, instructor driving an s2000
Anybody familiar with Honda ct90's? I'm interested in getting one, but not sure I can fit on it since I'm on the taller side
Are those aftermarket headlight sprayers? Why??
If you like it, take care of it. I always wanted one but can't afford yet another spare car yet.

Fix what you can yourself, drive it like you stole it. Fun fun.
>This car does not have subframes
Yeah it does, there's one in the front

Has anyone here had one of these? I’m looking for a ‘06 and I heard it’s got a thunderbird engine. What’s a decent asking price?
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File: Lincoln Zephyr.png (1.34 MB, 1158x585)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
I'm really sad this thing didn't get subsequent generations. It was basically an American BMW 5 series. Lincoln kind of fucked itself. They had this thing and the Town Car then stepped down to having the MKZ and the MKS.

They might start building the new so far China-only Zephyr in Mexico soon since luxury buyers in Latin America still buy sedans like Asians do, so maybe there is a chance we'll still get it in the US.
mkz is another car, fwd, no double wishbones, made in Mexico.
Related : Ford Fusion. Mercury Milan

LS rwd made in USA
Related : Ford Thunderbird, Jaguar S-Type, Jaguar XF
Yes, that why he said it was a step down you ESL peasant.

Lincoln has rarely had anything like autonomy and the period when the LS was relevant wasn't one of them. Ford has never really known what to do with Lincoln which is why it's a perennial also-ran in the market.

Further, at the time Ford also had Jaguar. Lincoln didn't come close to having the cachet to play above Jaguar which left Lincoln being squeezed in the market by Ford from below and Jaguar from above so Ford chose to put resources into Jaguar instead.
step down is a mild term
they killed it

Alum jags are nice too
Dad had one for 3-4 years no issues and pretty nice

Offroad General
Wheelin Thread
4x4 Autism Containment
Wrenchin Zone
Death By Springingsproingen Ahead
Trails Closed Through Spring
Truck Guns, Beer Reviews, And Much More!

Prev >> 25428247
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File: 20220424_202236.jpg (912 KB, 2560x1440)
912 KB
912 KB JPG
Sorry m8 just a humble Lexus.
File: 20220425_160549.jpg (1.3 MB, 2560x1440)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
I do see the resemblance now that you say it.
nice land cruiser
what engine
Are FJs considered LCs?
2UZ w the vtek yo

File: 1652785531736.jpg (74 KB, 720x960)
74 KB
I've trashed this shitbox around countless of times and the CVT still works fine, the difference is its made in Japan

Are burger niggsans programmed to fail on purpose?
>Are burger niggsans programmed to fail on purpose?

American highways demand high horsepower for acceleration and passing, for the American market they gave that little shit a VQ35 lmfao making like 260 horse and WAYYYYYY too much tourq for that cvt. Nissan cvts with 4 bangers are fine usually.

Are Japanese light trucks safe in accidents or is there truth to the claim that your legs are the crumple zone?
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I'm not a pussy so idc
damn that sucks
no one cares
You won't be going fast enough in that to worry

File: 70buickGS455.jpg (48 KB, 600x283)
48 KB
OK /o/, got old and wanting a large, soft, car with lots of power but built within the last 10-15 years. The less the manufacturer cared about 'ring times and sporting pretensions the better.

pic related but far too old
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File: 2004_buick_regal_gs.jpg (929 KB, 1600x1200)
929 KB
929 KB JPG
CTS V has the power but they went too sporting on the suspension. 5 series isn't quite it for me. 7, S class, A8 are closer to it.

>whatever the fuck Buick has to offer that isn't a crossover or suv
That's all Buick is now. The last closest approach in modern cars that I'm aware of to what I'm looking for was the 97-04 Regal GS but I'm wanting more than the 230 or so hp it had stock and no longer in the mood for mods.

I suppose the 300 C is also in the vein of what I'm wanting but they only look good in the S version which gets the firmer suspension.
The Lincoln Continental always looked really nice. No idea how much power or made.
Challenger, obviously
have you looked into volvo's stuff. if you're old you can probably afford the maintenance anyways
I've looked at them but the weak trans is a turn off and the air suspension parts are largely NLA and what's the point of a Continental without that? It's like a Citroen without the hydropneumatics.

Got one. Firmer than I want. I also look almost as ridiculous getting out of it as I do an S550. Maybe it's the suspenders, idk.

Good point. I haven't looked at the more recent stuff.

Is warming up your car a meme? Do you do it after a cold morning?
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Where i live we purchase DEFA, or WEBASTO if its a diesel heater.
Pretty sure there are other brands as well.
This, these are the same notherfucker who generally don't care about longevity of the motor, thank God my nighas at Honda don't do auto stop start because that's gonna fuck up at some point if you intend to keep the car more than warranty.
imagine being this retarded. i didn't think it was possible
I live on a slight incline, so I slow roll my cars / bike down the street in neutral, it's never enough to move the temp gauge, but it gives them a good 20-60s to warm up and pump oil, then baby them until they come up to temp.
My Corvette has rpm warning indicators and I wait until it's at 4k rpm before I drive so about 3-5 minutes on a 50 degree day.

File: Caterham.jpg (854 KB, 1280x960)
854 KB
854 KB JPG

File: s-l500.jpg (44 KB, 376x500)
44 KB
Best book for learning how cars actually work?
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wikipedia unironically
File: 9781408515181-us.jpg (39 KB, 368x500)
39 KB
This (you can pirate it btw)
John B Heywood, Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals
I have a pdf I found online
Unironically this. You will never fully learn cars out of a book. The best way to pick up concepts and wrenching is with a shitbox and a service manual.
Just think about it. You'll figure it out. Fire push piston down

will anything bad happen if i bring my engine up to redline and turn key shut it off while its running at redline?
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File: 1648856167254.gif (191 KB, 273x115)
191 KB
191 KB GIF
No it's not, it was a temporary solution to flooding on early rx8's before mazda released an ecu update that reduced fuel at cold idle which completely fixed the issue.
Why are you asking anon desu?
It at least can at least slightly decarbonize your spark plugs if your carb is super rich. Helps starting the next time.

What is the best vehicle for me? I am a father of two with a third on the way, and I’m past the point in my life where I care about coolness or aesthetics. I want something that:
>has good AWD/4WD system for snow and ice, winter is nearly half the year where I live
>can comfortably fit three children in the backseat, and eventually three teenagers
>decent mileage, doesn’t need to be the best ever
>comfortable seating for daily commute
>reliable as long as I follow manual’s maintenance intervals. If a vehicle can’t reach 200k miles with common sense maintenance, I don’t want it.
>preferably doesn’t rely on high-octane gas
>no modern driver assist tech, automatic start/stop and braking gets in the way more than it helps
From what I can tell, 90s and early 00s subarus are the best fit, but I’ve driven a few older outbacks and found the acceleration to be very lacking when weighed down with full passenger space and cargo. Not for “fun”, but simply accelerating to get onto the highway was lackluster. What else fits a similar niche?
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4Runner, Sequoia, or LX470
Last gen Ford Taurus
Y? Ur fag
The actual people's car of north America. The dodge grand caravan with the seats that lay flat.
>costs as much as MSRP even five years later
nothin personnel, losers
I drive a 3rd gen and the mileage is pretty shit, but I've never seen single digits

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