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File: civil big truck.png (584 KB, 681x372)
584 KB
584 KB PNG
Post obscure heavy duty vehicles ITT
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File: THICC.jpg (273 KB, 1000x667)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
i know the guy
his youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEkKR1Yl0KspagD0qZRC3Ow/videos

his instagram : https://www.instagram.com/zubilo85/

That thing in action is fucking terrifying
Anon he isn’t your dad, he wiped your memory of your real dad. You have been abducted
File: Toyota-Mega-Cruiser-01.jpg (353 KB, 1200x900)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
Just like the Humvee and Toyota Megacruiser (itself an AM General copy), it too has reduction drive portal hubs.

File: Holländer.jpg (205 KB, 1200x675)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
What cars did people in pic related drive in your country?

>Opel Manta B, Opel Kadett GSi, MK2 Golf GTi
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Mullet owner here to give some expert opinions. Currently drive a 1st gen Cummins, but I got a bucket list of shitboxes longer than my glorious flowng mane.

Hell yeah, starting off strong.

>a fucking slowbalt

Cannot deny.

Jesus christ, no. That whale's nog meat. Sisters and cousins only.

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Falcodores and still do.
D'n Opel Manta jonge!
File: hqdefault.jpg (48 KB, 480x360)
48 KB
350 swapped s10s, 302 rangers, dakotas in general.

>could have had a v6tt 2stroke making 400hp+
>extrapolating that outward even more we could have had v8tt 2strokes making 600hp+ while revving to 10k+
>v10/12 2stroke quad turbo making 1000hp+
>nox/emissions and fuel economy oil use no worse than a 4 stroke
>lighter more compact and mechanically simpler
>has a hybrid valvetrain between a 4stroke and 2stroke so can use scavenging but doesn't use crank case so no carbon build up
>sounds based
>makes Ev sois seethe
I wunna see big diesels and petrol i6s with this tech as well
Is this video full of shit or is the auto industry sleeping on this because 2 strokes bad 4 strokes good? Surely with modern tech it could be done right.
Rip 2stroke I judged you too harsh
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I heard about that also. Could be cool as fuck, an NA 2 stroke v6 would sound comparable to an NA 4 stroke v12.
>10k rpm needed to make 600hp....
That doesn't even sound good on paper.
You can pull that many horses from a v8 at half the revs. And you'd have low end torque so you're not trying to launch from a stoplight at 6k rpms.
Why bother except for proof of concept?
>nox/emissions and fuel economy oil use no worse than a 4 stroke
Oh, you're mentally retarded. Carry on.
Here come the cope
I didn't say that the video did
It would sound godly with the right headers
Tldr muh emissions who cares
Stop choking ic engines ffs if people wunna sit in a box and get gassed by boxes with wheels on let them.
Ev just isn't as exciting
https://youtu.be/KoVzFiTCOK8 (4:10 for the start of the race)
This sound is coming from a 1L 3 cyl 2 stroke engine, which makes around 70 hp. Just imagine the fucking SCREAMING from an engine, that's 10 times more powerful, and with F1 tier audio quality.
God, i want 2 stroke F1 engines so bad br/o/s.

File: 20200703_085647.jpg (2.44 MB, 4032x1960)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB JPG
/CCG/ - Classic Car General

"Speedster more like slowster" edition

>Cars are considered "classic" at 25 years old, but a vehicle really needs that certain something to be classic.
>Everybody has their own taste, but some tastes are wrong. If you aren't sure if your car is classic or not, it's not.
>Must treat women like shit
>US, Euro, Jap, or whatever.
>HOWEVER, your Honda Miata doesn't count. 80s+ Hondas are better suited for their own generals as well. Everything else is fair game.
>Post your classic, your work on it, your hackery, and get advice.
>Any and all discussion about classics welcome, but may not necessarily generate responses; don't get butthurt.
>Period correct performance > cosmetics.
>Metal > plastic.
>Classic shitbox > modern shitbox.
>It's required to use RTV. Ignore the haters.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I missed ya buddy, I got me a C3 of my own. Mapped out 90% of the wiring under the dash but I’m stumped with this cruise control BS. I got a pink wire going into the fuse block but there’s an almost identical plug just dirty dangling there, same with the pink and orange wires with black connector. Also I’m jealous of that Rhodie Fal... wish I could go back home and get my parts kit to finish mine!
Fuckin mobile posting forgot pic
>it’s Matte79T/A btw.
holy shit dude we all thought you an hero'd.
good to see you're still alive and kicking.
Just the way the cg is. No barracks and most places.
If it ain't a big block Chevelle i don't see a big deal swapping out small block even for a LS just don't make it a SS clone.

G-Body. Nobody will bat an eye if you replace an Olds 307 in a Cutlass or Regal, 301/305 in a Grand Am/Prix, or 305 in Malibu, Monte, Camino

Why would anyone buy a Fiat Chrysler?
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I got that mug cheap cheap
>Posting your license plate on 4chan
This is why you don't buy FCA, because you're not fucking retarded
>Says the 500 is fun
>Complains about the 124 Spider's engine
>both cars have the same engine, except the 500 is fwd
Also, both the lag and power issues are easily solved with a simple flash tune.
RIP in peace anon

$5 says it ties into epstein somehow
Italian here, and bro do I have bad news for you...

By removing the clutch pedal.
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Uh, so basically what the Model T did 101 years ago?
voice controlled manual transmissions when?
why not just make an automatc with a fake H pattern to satisify /o/tists
The first Saxomat-equipped cars were sold in '56
File: unnamed.jpg (37 KB, 512x383)
37 KB
prostate controlled manual transmissions when? oh wait its already here

File: 1498977423698.png (6 KB, 486x451)
6 KB
Ricing out your ride, stancefaggotry and lifted trucks are already old news, what's the next big retarded fad for cars?
90 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Bluetooth headlights
using a car on a subscription basis. Yes Volvo/polestar/Nissan are playing with this idea, but it'll catch on. Either directly with the manufacturer to get a newish BMW every 1/3/6 months at different price tiers, or new companies will pop up that have cars across various manufacturers. All app and delivery based, insurance, maintenance, and roadside included. Basically long-term rental cars one after the other, but they will avoid using the word "rental"
it always starts with pandering to the worst people.

the laziest, dumb, most dangerous drivers always drive the direction of the design.

It'll be something like an onboard popeyes chicken sandwich microwave.

or a ... idk... what do fat women like?

well its on the one hand i guess the laziness and ineptitutde of consumers as well as giving more power to the government and corporations.

so i imagine there will be onboard prostate exam. Like a camera just goes straight into your asshole from the seat.

An on board mircrophone that send you a court summons if you call another driver a racial epithet.
File: 1594370825635.jpg (272 KB, 1080x1616)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
Don't post that riceburner here ever again
based and bluepilled

File: unknown-2.png (74 KB, 537x274)
74 KB
My first manual is being delivered tomorrow and I'm confused why there is so much contradictory information about the proper way to come to a stop.

Shift to neutral and coast and use the break, or downshift through all the gears first?

If the latter is true, wouldn't that be hard to do or take a really long time if you have to come to a stop abruptly?

Since I'm a friendless burger in the middle of a pandemic I can only learn from YouTube videos and internet articles.
250 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
40 yo boomer. I pulled the clutch on my 270km Cobalt last year, it was still holding well when I changed it. Anyway I downshift through the gears, my trans was supposed to be trash as well but lasted that long. Anyways I would downshift through the gears like I always have if I was learning again.
Coasting in neutral is fine in town, for example coming up on a red. Coasting down a freeway offramp from 90 in neutral is not a great idea.
The only thing you need to know, don't get stuck in traffic after leg day.
not everyone drives a shitbox with a 5k rev limiter cleetus
>all while getting paid 42k euros a year
I'll take my 98K USD and full beenfits nigger
>ie literaly any job that's not for wagie cucks

Do you ever drive around with a doggo?
39 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
>pooped instead in my back seat
And the bond was formed bff
I love burbans. Had a couple straight legged, one diesel was a diesel and the other a 350. Had one IFS tbi with a supercharged big block. It was an absolute beast.
File: IMG_0002.jpg (605 KB, 2576x1932)
605 KB
605 KB JPG
Yes, she loves to ride with me. She usually sleeps in the backseat.
Is she natural? My 4 y/o GSD would like to meet her. He has his balls. He's a working line. Horizontal back. All black. Tan socks. Looong panther tail. 120 lb lean and tall. He still has a 6 foot vertical.
>no faggy dog breeds
Based well done /o/tists

File: 1592140761828.jpg (584 KB, 1242x1208)
584 KB
584 KB JPG
Hey /o/, while getting my car safetied I learn it in fact does not comply with regulations in many areas and is gonna cost upwards of $2000 to fix. It's an old Mazda6 and has 230000+ km on it already. Should I:
>finance cuckbox mitsubishi mirage or something similar
>pay through credit card to fix old shitbox
>go to stealership and finance another used vehicle to save my shekels
I don't have the money or desire to put 2k down on a car I spent 2k on in the first place to acquire. Wat do?
23 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Dude that's fucking retarded. Cut away the sharp shit and bondo.
Bondo it or just get fender flares if you can
lol I did this last year now not sure what to do in august
this, embrace the shitbox life and learn to do backwoods body work
you don't need to understand the language
just do this right before inspection, mounting foam will cause more rust in near future, but from what you posted it's not an issue

Opinions on the 2008 Dodge Charger?
27 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
It looks like a First Order stormtrooper helmet. I like it in spite of that.
The only thing wrong with the current charger front clip is that it needs the 4 circular 'retro' headlamps like this
File: 1594210834224.jpg (43 KB, 750x686)
43 KB
Get the RT or SRT, if you get the V6 guaranteed will not hold value worth a shit
The hood

File: kek.png (97 KB, 737x1154)
97 KB
>he uses harbor freight jack stands
i shiggy diggy
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I once made wood ramps out of 2×10's. They were heavy af but strong.
>the replacement jacks for the recalled ones are now recalled due to welding defect(s)

>jack stands
>not owning a 4 post lift
I figure if I put 6-8 of them under the car they can't all fail
By adding more, you increase the chances any one will collapse and trigger a cascading failure. It's safer to use as few as possible and balance the load.

File: 2021-BMW-4-Series-12.jpg (76 KB, 875x492)
76 KB
It doesn't look that bad anymore, howeever i'm still concerned about the M3 and M4
i'm concerned they still won't beat a certain 2 door 4 seater pushrod powered bowtie badged coupe
>It doesn't look that bad anymore

it hasn't changed anon

Sage this chink shill shit bread

File: Ecgw_H3UMAAXzu2.png (448 KB, 640x480)
448 KB
448 KB PNG
What car brand is this? I can't find the logo anywhere
12 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
280z or 280zx
That looks like a rat
There are cheap and widely available here, locally they are known as "hot carls"
why would you let a Jew in your car?
what kind of fucking retard buys a rat for $6,000?

File deleted.
why is /o/ such a terribly slow board? Considering 4chan is a site whose traffic is composed by 99.9% of men in their 20s and late teens, i would think /o/ would be as fast as /pol/

I know most women dont care about cars, but do most men not care about cars either?
30 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Slower is better far less shitpost threads in comparison to boards like ck I swear to God ck is just a bunch of ADHD kids shit posting about fast food.
File: 082.gif (980 KB, 305x320)
980 KB
980 KB GIF
tfw no big tiddy gf with an S3 to drive me around
Don't forget the tits though
coomers don't need a 10mm, just their wanking hand
>the other 180 days they are literally sitting infront of their computer watching hentai
I exist therefore I must coom
Stop comparing this board to others, you can see traffic statistics for each board if you Google it and it's hardly THE slowest. If anything it's at a perfect spot, /diy/ and /out/ are slower yet still have a dedicated following, I think we'll be fine.
Anything besides the the hell hole that is /v/ or shit post central that is /g/ that comes with having immense traffic. A truly bad board is /biz/, everything besides the generals is pajeets shilling shit coins and dumb fud/pump N dump threads.

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