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File: ext_G7X_deg04.jpg (50 KB, 960x540)
50 KB
Pic related, and EVs in general, make the IDEAL daily drivers. You cannot dispute this any longer, it's optimal to have a basic bitch EV for commuting to work in order to keep miles off your sports car(s) and/or motorcycle(s). If you sit in traffic in a fast car, you are a cuckold who cannot afford a proper commuting vehicle. Anyone who disagrees is a broke bitch or worse a /n/igger

No waiting at gas stations, it charges in your garage overnight
Brandon gives you $7500 off your taxes for buying one, and $1500 to put in a charger
Can remote start to preheat/precool while still inside your garage

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>take the stop, buy the coffee, stretch your legs, smoke a cig if applicable to you, relax

why would I do this when I can drink coffee and smoke cigs in my car? holy fuck
>Plug in
>large heavy expensive battery
>have to haul it around everywhere
>tiny 4-banger ICE is struggling to charge it
>MPG worse than pure ICE when it's depleted
>have to haul around the entire ICE drivetrain when it's not
>bbbut muh cheap electricity
Take the non-plugin pill.
No i still think they're retarded. I'm just saying in theory, I would not mind it if it's cheap, i can fix it easily and cheaply, and I can instantly charge it. Maybe the last thing will happen but that's probably going to fuck the life of the battery so give and take. Right now, the only reason car companies have for trying them is to do money grab bs like tesla, so no, they will be a dumb decision over a civic for at least 50 years.
>still no bread posted by any of the EV shills
>You pull in, fill up with gas, go to the bathroom, get food/beverages, and get back in the car and on the road. Shouldn't take more than 10 or 15 minutes at absolute maximum. Anything more will severely extend your travel time.
This is already the case at the current generation chargers. The typical time spent at a 250 or 350kW fast charger is 10-15 minutes for cars that support them.
The typical time spent at an older generation 150kW fast charger is 15-20 minutes. Slower 50 or 75kW chargers tend to be more like 30 minutes to an hour, but they're also generally places people take longer stops.
Next-generation 600+ kW fast chargers are currently being deployed, but that's mostly future proofing for the next-generation 1000v architecture cars.

I've owned a Tesla for 5 years. I've never had to wait in line to charge, and in my experience at the most common place I stop to fast charge by the time I've gone in, used the bathroom, gotten coffee and gotten back to the car its ready to go. It doesn't really make sense to make longer 15+ minute stops at 250kW chargers most of the time because by the time you've been there 15 minutes the charge rate is under 75kW and you have well more than 2 hours of range. So if your car has 3-4 hours of range on the interstate at the start of the day, a single stop at a 250kW station is usually enough to extend that long enough to get home, or get you to the point you want a longer stop.

In my experience, long range BEVs are great for road trips. Just like how long range and short range BEVs are great as daily drivers. What lets BEVs down right now are day trips around 300 to 400 miles round trip because within a 100 mile radius of many places the fast charging infrastructure can still be lacking unless you're driving between cities on direct routes.

I studied HARD to learn everything there is to know about cars. I was the opposite of a wrenchlet. I could tell you how every single part operates in a car down to the molecule diagnose problems like nobody's business.

>get into automobile industry after studying for a few years
>find out the automobile industry is beyond BEYOND garbage and the people in it are BEYOND bottom-feeder trash (not humble, rather, morally trash)
>I'm expected to scam customers and do a bad job
>leave the automobile industry
>well at least now I can fix my family's cars with relative ease.
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I expected some places to appreciate quality over quantity but I couldn't find one.
You MAY be able to find something prioritizing quality in a select few high end car restoration shops.
I came to the same realization a few months ago...
>>I'm expected to scam customers and do a bad job

There are many better ways to turn wrenches for a living then fixing cars for retail customers.
>I expected some places to appreciate quality over quantity
This is never true. I work in a lab and process people's tissues and other stuff that costs thousands of dollars to remove and generate data that is used to treat diseases and the only thing anyone cares about is cases in cases out. Quantity over quality. It's the same everywhere.

File: smallIMG_2287.jpg (558 KB, 925x617)
558 KB
558 KB JPG
I can't decide between a mk1 Audi S3 or S4. help
all s3 and s4 in my area are around 8k€-10k€ but all the seller comments are like:
>yeah it didnt pass the inspections so, hehe, its negotiable
id say s3 if you want to get better mpg
S3 is more fun. S4 has the retarded engine placement that makes it understeer as fuck, even with quattro.
they should have put the biturbo v6 in the S3
They did that with the TT as a one-off prototype. Don't expect to be able to replicate it in your home garage though.

File: scam.png (2.68 MB, 1920x1080)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB PNG
How much of a scam is this?
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He is just a scumbag to be fair most people don't do this when they sell a car
File: trolled.png (24 KB, 220x183)
24 KB
you're sick in the head
maybe its like a title transfer thing, here in australia you dont need to do that unless its been unregistered for a while
Depends on your state. In Maryland you need an inspection every time it changes owners, emissions every few years. In Virginia it's an annual inspection. DC is a free for all of unregistered vehicles.
It's varied. I live in Indiana and have never had to do an inspection or emissions on anything I own. I bought an old jeep from some dude in Chicago that I took apart before I registered it so a cop needed to come over and write the vin down to confirm it was the same shitbox I said it was. That's it.

File: 1678898489496602.jpg (16 KB, 600x548)
16 KB
>my primary vehicle is an electric scooter
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>Day 72 and the Autobots don't suspect a thing.
And? My current primary vehicle is a bicycle. I still have project cars and motorcycles. Bicycle is free transport anywhere I feel like going. Public transport is below 3 bucks and better when the weather is shit out.

Gotta have money to enjoy cars, there is no shame in having an electric scooter as primary transport.
you are still better than the many eternally sour grapemoded nocar busriders here
>30 down bike trails
In mph? Do you guys have unlimited speed on them? Here in Sweden they are cucked at 20km/h and 250W (fatties need not apply)

I drive a shitbox 03 Accord and I've been looking for a Mercury Grand Marquis. See my old neighbor is selling his 2014 impala for 10k. I can probably talk him down a few hundred but I only have 5k. Should I borrow 5k from my pops? I know it's is very literally a grandpa car but having a under 10 year old car at 19 seems real tempting to me
No, wait for the Grand Marquis. You're 19 years old, 10k is way too much money for you to spend on a car. You should be able to find an impeccably maintained Grand Marquis under 125k miles for 5k, even a late model one like a 2009 or 2010.

Keep this in mind, The Grand Marquis is a rear wheel drive panther platform. The Impala is front wheel drive. Yes it'll probably have some more features like a backup camera, but it won't be as fun and enjoyable to drive.
why are you asking from here, just buy impala if you want it or keep your accord.
For the love of God don't buy a Ford

>tacos are 30k
>ancient rusty ones are like 15k
>Maverick backordered for years
>even old Saturn's and Buick's cost a lot now
>could pull the rear seats out and treat it as a trugg or a camper.
Minivanpill me, could I get a clean van for $7000 or less in the Northeast that isn't a rusty piece of shit?
I know Honda's are known for tranny issues, but not sure about anything detailed on anything else.

What does /o/ spray on their exhaust to keep rust away? For me its this pic related. A bonus is it smells really good as it bakes on.
I'm trans btw, if that matters
black charcoal grill paint
>implying I live in some shithole where rust is an actual concern

File: images (12).jpg (10 KB, 300x168)
10 KB
2015 Mazda 6 with 140k miles for 10k euro prices, bum deal or okay for todays market? Desperately need a car.
The price is low for today's market.
Also, maybe tell us which engine it has, you retard
File: chanbara_striptease.jpg (195 KB, 700x993)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
2.2l diesel, manual trans
This 2.2l twinturbo diesel engine had issues of fuel injectors seals failure causing diesel fuel to leak into engine oil causing dilution and engine oil strainer clogging. Oil dilution and DPF clogging caused by repeatedly driving short trips. These are 3 cause of engine to prematurely blow up. If you decide to buy this engine anyways, then replace fuel injector seals soon as possible if those seals have not been replaced yet. Also make sure that ECU does have the latest software update because it changes the operation of the DPF system little bit. Take the car for 70 mile drive every 3rd day. This engine is not built by factory for short trips, its built for longer distance driving. The DPF regeneration failures leak diesel fuel into engine oil. As far as I know these issues apply to 2008-2014 year models, probably even some of the 2015 models.

This engine can easily be ECU tuned to produce 220hp and above 500Nm. In european countries Mazda tells owners to replace engine oil and fiter every 20000km, but in reality engine oil should be replaced 15000-18000km.

File: file.png (355 KB, 750x465)
355 KB
355 KB PNG
>be me
great post

More American trucking in Ruski
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File: 21012443.jpg (548 KB, 1440x1000)
548 KB
548 KB JPG
File: 19377487.jpg (1.15 MB, 1600x978)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
they don't call them internationals for no reason
I bet they could fit a fucking staircase in there for the second floor

File: 1665764661973838.png (63 KB, 709x531)
63 KB
I am currently selling both of my cars, I plan on moving to a place where I wont need cars to get around and I can also borrow cars for free essentially, anyway :

Should I keep my 205 GTI and fix the engine problems, leaky sun-roof, clutch-wire, broken seat-slider and slanted rear axle? Or should I sell it? I should have the money for it all, but I also have a place to store it until it is fixed and money isn't really a problem but I dont really care whether I fix it or not, I just want it to work or want it gone.
What do you want to do anon?
Well I dont need both cars, and all I am going to do for the rest of my life is code, workout and take care of my grandparents. I have no interest in racing or cars beyond having some fun in any slightly loosely sporty car. As I said I either want it sold for the price I sold it or get it back in working order. It would be nice to drive aslong as it literally passes MOT, is reliable enough without having to screw it apart every year and recieves no modifications other than what is necessary to make it a car that people can enjoy to sit in or drive. Looks dont matter at all, so I am not painting it, styling it or repairing any missing decal if I were to keep it. Some fucker tried to give me 3500 euros for it despite it actually being driveable despite all the fuckups, its just a ticking time bomb. To put it into perspective, a similar car that was sold here was around 10k. I am asking for about 8k. It could easily be worth alot more if I fix it up enough to pass MOT + being reliable enough but as I said, I dont care if it goes or not
keep the 205 and fix it
also stop posting frogs
sell it so it becomes someone elses problem
File: DSC_1063.jpg (1.57 MB, 2992x2000)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
But it does run, its just that the fuel-system is acting up so I need to do a bit of electrical checking and it should start reliably, next problem is clutch-wire and then there is the oil-leak but any car runs with oil leaks. I just hope its an external leak and not an internal leak, I mean id rather it be a seal like the head-gasket or something. But I will see, I have been offered 5k as the highest bid so far.

Is a new Mustang a good first car? How is the handling/steering on these cars?
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8th gen SIs are so fucking overpriced nowadays
The first car I regularly drove and learned to drive in (though I didn’t own it) had more than that. It’s really not an issue.
What? An NC mx5 is the most forgiving RWD cars to be stupid in.

Practical Daily?
>Camry wagon
>corolla sportivo
>Mazda 3

“Sports car”

These are just suggestions as I don’t know the US market so there would be US specific shitboxes that i’m not aware of.
>if that was your first car then you either started driving at 24 or daddy bought it for you
Makes no sense. Having a miata at 16 is totally reasonable for a kid to buy on a mcjob during peak /o/ miata. I was a junior in highschool in 2008 when I got my first car, an NA FC RX7 for $1200. A miata would have been around the same price and affordable after one summer of working for a teenager. My second car while still in HS was an 89 IROC Z. Sounds like you're a lazy kid or zoomer that spent his time and money on videogames instead of driving around and getting laid.
>first Sports car
would be a mustang good choice in this case?

Now that millennials are about to lose their overdrafts, what's the smallest vehicle with a toilet and shower?
10 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I had a roadtrek 190 with a toilet and shower. Was pretty comfy actually.
File: 1617137851260.jpg (353 KB, 1061x1189)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
>tfw no rear facing ass tube mechanism to spray taco bell shits on tailgaters like a frightened octopus
Do the jannies themselves make these posts? What a sad existence.
why has no one thought of human litter boxes? Perfect when you dont have running water
dimitri………it’s called a bucket…

how did boomers react when Dodge announced this?
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>"oh golly gee is that a n-"
>*takes out third mortgage on house*
>"that's a new challen-"
>*empies out college finds and pulls out of roth IRA at a heavy loss*
>"that was my dream car as a kid!"
>*votes to gut pensions, 401k, social security for gen X and onwards*
>"I'll have the top end model please! Yes the automatic of course."
>*car rots in garage for years,rarely driven to preserve value, and is sold at an estate sale for a teenager to wrap around a pole*
Just don’t want the value to depreciate son.
File: 33328.jpg (564 KB, 3000x1800)
564 KB
564 KB JPG
old boomer neighbor owned a real one back in the day
said it was a horrible piece of shit that he couldn't afford to keep cause it kept breaking
just like the new ones
Dodge never changes
My pops largely shunned shunned nu dodge after "the Krauts took over" and they axed plymouth, although he secretly enjoyed the neon SRT-4. He was never really interested in the new challenger since to him, it was just a crude mockery of the original mopars that are no longer made. He only just recently started being accepting of late model dodges after I Iet him drive my police auction charger with a few simple mods.
>it was just a crude mockery of the original mopars that are no longer made.
Eh I'm whatever on them but I don't think they did a bad job for a modern interpretation. Pretty typical American Muscle, RWD with a big V8 and styling wise it was pretty faithful to the original.

>"the Krauts took over"
Ironically wasn't even the case by the time the Challenger came back but being how boomers are the damage was already done. Funny enough the challenger had suspension parts and some other stuff from the W220 Mercedes chassis. The 5 speed they took from Mercedes was also better than any piece of crap automatic Chrysler had at the time.

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