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Why shouldn't I go buy a 2018 Mazda 6 Touring tomorrow morning? Seems like a decently nice value, I know its not very fast though. Any alternatives I should consider?
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File: HUFFHUFF.jpg (83 KB, 1280x720)
83 KB

Please please please say cope/seethe/weeb oh God please say it.
You get my rocks off like nobody else because you think everybody that disagrees with you drives a Lexus and makes me so fucking rock solid.
I want you so bad Turkanon you don't even understand.
OP, that car looks like a bag of hammered shit. Buy Shelby Mustang GT350. You might say no i done want or need that car. But go drive one. You'll buy it. Immediately have buyers remorse anytime your not driving it. But my God when you are driving it is the only time you truly feel alive anymore. And if you really got big boy nuts. Buy the Shelby F150.
>that schnozzcumber
I wonder who is behind this?
>don't buy a $20k economical and reliable family
>buy a high performance muscle car for 3-4 times as much instead
The absolute state of this fucking board

File: cccc.png (582 KB, 942x472)
582 KB
582 KB PNG
Was it released in your country?
Was it mechanically reliable?

I just found out here in Australia they were not sold at dealerships but have been imported - shocking as they are quite common to see around here....

Those are shit box automobiles in America.
Sold here across the ditch both generations. I have a wagon R I enjoy the shitbox style but fuck my ocd can't handle the non symmetricalness of that one.
Apparently it was sold in Europe for less than a year between early 2010 and early 2011 and then axed due to lacking sales. Makes you wonder whether they've even recouped the costs of getting it tested and homologated. Also I would've expected a vehicle like that to do better here, it's got pretty practical dimensions. Maybe it was lacking a smaller engine option for city drivers, or a diesel.
not cubes but the scion xB is pretty uncommon here in bootleg mexico
It was sold in USA but it wasn't very remarkable in how it drove. Nissans as a whole that aren't GTRs or Z/G cars drove like complete snooze mobiles after the Renault merger

File: 1597069237968.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1048)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
Is crash safety something you seriously consider when car shopping /o/?
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I'm sure there are many (like me and you) who have complete faith in their ability to drive. However, no matter how good a driver we are, there is always someone else on the road who will kill/maim me due to their inability to drive. I want to know how my car will protect me from that person.
>you mean you only wear eye protection when using power tools that put you at greater risk of flying chips or debris?
>what if you get hit by a random nail in the eye while reading the newspapers!
And mandatory in my country. Your registration gets cancelled if you ignore them.
Not at all. I’ve even taken measures that made my car actively less safe like replacing the steering wheel with a wooden Italian one that has no airbag because it looks and drives better
Terrible analogy, unless you drive like a maniac on the weekend and expect an ok crashday rating to save you in every situation.

File: 1568683079281.jpg (483 KB, 1600x1200)
483 KB
483 KB JPG
Welcome to the Auto Vidya General. Join HUEC. Join HUETCC. Join the rally in a month. It's all gonna be fun I promise.

Previous Thread >>22748102


>IP: mumble.get-good.net
>Port: 64738
>Password: 4ch


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rf2 main uglyness is its track art thats why raceroom wins even thou its previous DirectX it has a handcrafted look thats nice like a model train set
oh you mean ams1 nar you wrong but track art in ams1 is nice and not really improved in ams2 desu maybe they will get around to it but shaders help 4 now
File: 1533438186927.jpg (124 KB, 882x731)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
anymore TF reviews


File: CAB90VWC121B0101.jpg (155 KB, 2100x1386)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
How are 06-09 Rabbits as a daily driver? Any experiences with them?

Probably there are more practical choices out there for a low-key commute car but I keep getting drawn back to how cute these fuckers are.
I guarantee whatever one you find is going to be falling the fuck apart
This. Bad idea.

I have $100k to spend on a car. I've got an 03 Camry with 300k miles that I don't plan on getting rid of, but now that I've saved up a lot of money I want to treat myself. I'm caught between blowing money on a Cybertruck tri-motor when they come out or something like a vintage Lamborghini or Ferrari as I've found a few in the $50k or cheaper range. If you had a $100k budget what would you buy?
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Audi R8 maybe?
>cyber truck
Just kill yourself.
....maybe he should purchase a bus, get CDLs, and customize his bus, and do a one-man bus route for fun.
>vintage lambo or ferrari for 50k
No vintage lambo or ferrari that's worth 50k is one you'd want to own
the fucking M*ndial

File: WsMIws3KZyyXVpJ4.jpg (119 KB, 800x600)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
What do you think of the Toyota RAV4? Is it a decent type of car?

Can you sleep in the back?
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If it's a 4WD model that is a pretty good price. Do check the common problem spots before dishing out that kind of money, and, of course, try to talk them down a bit.
Thanks so much.

And yes, it's 4WD.
in here to say rav4s are disappointment, atleast the newer ones
The “Definition” of masculinity with regard to cars has changed over the decades. Back in the early 50’s and 60’s light, spirited roadsters were the definition of British masculinity. Now it’s huge 3 tonne American trucks.

File: CARVANA-MAIN_i_1.jpg (190 KB, 1900x1266)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
What does /o/ think of online car buying services like Carvana? Is ordering a car online the future?
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Are you too afraid to buy a car in person?
Thats how you get bent over and gapped. Which most bormiea loves anyways.
File: 12198257.jpg (42 KB, 500x366)
42 KB
how do they get the car out
you put a quarter in and a car pops out the bottom.
as the world evolves to be more online reliant the auto industry must evolve too. Also funny haha "i hate gays"

ITT: chad accessories
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bad dragon collection on the rear deck lid
these are only allowed if you have engaged in sexual activities in your vehicle

What do you think will be out of your reach with next few years?
>406 Cope
It's still dirt cheap but it's getting more and more hard to get
File: AE '86.jpg (295 KB, 1200x800)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
AE '86
An e36 M3, Estoril Blue in particular. Starting to see really good examples go for almost 20k and I'm poorfag. Saving as much as I can but more important stuff comes first
Fuck, forgot pic
>986 Boxster
there's still a plenty of 5k Boxsters here and there but the past two years those are getting fewer and fewer
File: images (4).jpg (39 KB, 739x415)
39 KB
FJ Cruiser

Are wind deflectors worth it?
I'm looking into them but I'm having a hard time deciding. Do they allow you to crack the windows at 70 mph without getting (too much) wind noise? Is the air flow from the cracked windows actually noticeable? How much can you open the window and have the deflectors still work?
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I thought these only existed as "accessories" for stance fags just like the thules
Those are mostly for when you are out 4x4ing and bogging deep you don't get the mud from your tires right in the open window.
I probably wouldn't have a car without them because I don't like AC and like having my windows down. Some cars look better with them some look like shit. It's personal preference. They're kind of boomer/grandpa accessories like a truck canopy but they work.
Theyre for rain, and visuals. 9 out of 10 times they actually look pretty good.

File: red-car-myths.png (25 KB, 1200x628)
25 KB
Is it true what they say about red cars? More tickets, higher insurance, cop magnet, etc.

Do you have any personal experiences? Did you buy a red car and regret it?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Did you get pp in ur bum?
I think there are a lot of other factors at play, such as market demographics for your specific model.

If you compare two cars that are the same make, trim, etc, then usually yes the red cars statistically get pulled more, get into more accidents, and have slightly higher premiums as a result. compared to say a dark green, beige, or white car.

But is this because cops pull red cars more often, or just that people that buy red cars drive like jackasses more often? Which is the cause and which is the effect?

My cheapest car to insure is an 86 dark Red metallic corvette. Roughly 216USD per Period. My most expensive car to insure is my 1987 200SX SE (black) at roughly 340USD per Period.

My daily driver is a 1986 200sx XE Sedan in mist blue, the ultimate old person car, at 240USD per Period. The corvette with more than double the displacement and double the HP is cheaper.

Why Is the Vette Cheaper? My assumption is most people with an 86 vette are boomers that keep it in the garage, waxed, and drive it 5 miles a month to cars and coffee so they statistically have very few wrecks.

I have not gotten a ticket in any of these cars. But I do get pulled over a lot in the blue car, presumably due to the tint which is 35% VLT stacked on the factory in glass 95% vlt
This. Good, comprehensive post. One thing I might add is that cars that are more likely to be purchased in red, i.e. sports cars are more likely to attract all of OP's concerns. Just a theory though.
at the macro scale of markets like the US, it does play out that way, except red got overtaken by white a few years back

>Want to buy a small truck
>Hilux not available in the US
>Cheapest Tacoma within 100 miles is still $5K with 160K miles
Pic related. What the fuck man? Why are there no cheaper trucks. Everything on CL that's cheaper than this is a little rusted pile of junk.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Just get an older half ton. They're still small by modern standards. If that's "too big" for you then maybe trucks aren't for you.
Toyota tax. I just sold my 84 ranger with a 5 speed, v6, and 4x4 and it took months and only got 1,500 despite having new tires and a bunch of new parts. If it had been a Toyota someone would have bought it for 5k after 3 days of being listed.

S10s and Rangers are both pretty decent trucks in their own ways, usually they require a bit more maintenance. They're also everywhere with common engines so parts are very easy to find.

The 4.3 is a torquey sucker and can take a good beating. And I've heard nothing but good about the 4.0 in the ranger.

t. Blazer owner.
is 2WD/RWD only a meme? I can only seem to check two of these boxes:

>Ford Ranger or Toyota
>boomers aren't selling their mid size trucks and are just running them until they get 400k miles
It's unironically cheaper to buy a new Tacoma than a used one sometimes.

Truck bed keeps squeaking like a sunuvabitch whenever I take it out on bumpier unpaved road. Bought it in May and haven’t had any issues, actually been really satisfied with the purchase. This weekend I’ll have some time to take a look at it, any suggestions for what to keep an eye out for?
File: sweetie.jpg (6 KB, 225x224)
6 KB
It's just new, it'll make new car noises for the first year until things settle in/loosen up a bit. GM has very poor quality control so it's not unusual for brand new vehicles to sound like old jalopies. I would recommend crawling underneath it to lubricate the bushings, check the frame mounting points where the box attaches, double check to make sure nothing is loose, and then trade it in for a Tundra so you don't have to worry about it breaking. Tundras can twerk at over 140mph and still maintain their structural integrity.
Couldn't hurt to grease in between the rear leaves. Hammering a prybar/screwdriver in between them usually works well, just don't get your fingers stuck
Operating as designed, m8.
File: 081991002075.jpg (71 KB, 900x900)
71 KB

My civic lease is ending next year and I want to get into something with a lot more power. I dont care about reliability, to and from work is roughly 6 miles. Is this the best bang for my buck? Roomy, because I'm tall and fat, under 40k, v8.
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File: beechmont_f150.jpg (67 KB, 699x523)
67 KB
Even a Charger has some semblance of handling
>shitty as fuck to drive
I’m pretty sure you’ve NEVER driven one
>big as fuck
WHOA STOP THE PRESSES a full size sedan with a giant v8 is heavy
>heavy,awful handling
See above
>shit turning radius
It has about the same turning radius as a car the same size. It’s literally a powerful four door daily/tourer. You are seething for what? Consumerbase aside, the 392 is a proven naturally aspirated powerful engine and probably the only RWD v8 sedan left in America. Only gripe is they don’t come in manual
new f150s actually handle mildly well, theyre like driving a subaru
they handle like fucking garbage, just like every other truck out there
Except the Ridgeline which handles like an SUV

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