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File: 1959_Eldorado_Biarritz.jpg (283 KB, 1024x682)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
Classic Car General - /ccg/

Monday Edition

>For Classics made before '85 although exceptions are made for cars with a body style that started before '85
>Everybody has their own taste, but some tastes are wrong. If you aren't sure if your car is classic or not, it's not.
>US, Euro, Jap, or whatever.
>Post your classic, your work on it, your hackery, and get advice.
>Any and all discussion about classics welcome, but may not necessarily generate responses; don't get butthurt.
>Period correct performance > cosmetics.
>Metal > plastic.
>Classic shitbox > modern shitbox.
>JBweld and RTV can fix anything
>If you see rust there is more.
>Rust and bodywork are the most difficult thing to repair.

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Wait you could do that? Literally just tske their clothes?
If a family would bring in two suits; they'd often ask me to just "get rid of" the second one. I have quite a few nice, designer jackets from the '70s and '80s.

It would also give me an insight into who had passed and would be having sales where I could pick up a new pair of pants.

The most extreme example was the lady who I bought the old Dodge truck from; I got her late husband's Vietnam field jacket and a pair of boots he hated because they were brown. For what it's worth, she offered them to me. Though, it was still a little bit odd driving a dead man's truck while wearing his jacket and boots.
Is it really that much of a job for freaks?
It takes a weird person. Normally not a goth; they wash out when actually dealing with the dead, but the autistic kid who hates talking to people and always seems stiff/wooden. The normal response is "I can see that" when one of us becomes an undertaker.
Interesting. I suppose that comes with most professions. Left over items that are just going to the trash anyway. I picked up a brush bar for my crown vic and a truck box for my dad that way.

Definitely would be an odd thing to be wearing a dead man's clothes and driving his truck at the same time. Not sure how I'd feel about that.

I want bubbletops to come back
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You won't need safety if you don't drive like a dumbass
tell that to the hundreds of millions of females that the drive around the world.
just make women illegal
not illegal, but take away their rights.
I still enjoy a warm wet hole every now and then.
I'm sure some trans posters will disagree.

The RX7 FB and FC are so pretty with a high revving and good sounding engine, I know they have a reputation for destroying budgets but that doesn't change my irrational want for one even at a low budget. Thoughts or experiences?
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rotaries are awesome if you're autistic enough to learn about them through online resources. it's very unlikely to find a mechanic that knows a lot about rotaries and even more unlikely to find a friend who is mechanically inclined. your best bet is doing your own research and learning what they need. very special engines that need special attention but if you treat them right they will be better than almost anything else.
I own two FBs.
Both are 1985 models, one is turbocharged.
As with any vintage car, expect to replace everything rubber in the engine bay and fuel system, plus suspension bushes, fuel hoses etc.
As stock cars they aren't quick at all, and will take a reasonable degree of cash and work to make them quick, but there's a reason they are so popular in club motorsports. Despite the flawed rear end geometry, some simple modifications to the Watts linkage and four forward links (PB&J racing mod) you can eliminate most of the problem binding and get additional articulation out of the rear end. Add a set of coilovers and a stiff front sway bar and you have a very competent setup indeed.
The stock 12A is a very robust engine and will go for upwards of 200k miles by just following the maintenance schedule. To make any kind of power from one, you'll be looking at engine porting and possibly a turbo. Rotary engines are expensive to build so map out any prospective build properly and budget accordingly. The stock trans and rear end arent all that robust but will survive upward of 270bhp providing you're not being a retard and kicking the clutch etc. The GSLSE came with a 13b engine and a clutch type LSD and is obviously the best factory FB, however the other 4.1 ratio rear ends in the 1983 to 1985 cars will take a torsen from an NB MX5, which are readily available.
Rust is an issue on all vintage cars and especially jap ones so take your time with any car you view to inspect for rust (key areas being the pockets under the rear seats esp in cars with sunroof, the A pillars under the trim, and the scuttle panel/cowl where the windshield meets it).
There are some great resources online for modifying these cars due to their popularity in amateur motorsports around the world, and they will always be collectible.
Addendum: whilst controversial for obvious reasons, a V8 swap in one of these cars is a good poor boys route to having a genuinely quick car, which is the reason people go this route versus meticulous porting and expensive turbocharging of the stock rotary. However I personally feel that the rotary engine is a key part of the cars' appeal, and would rather the expense of the turbo route, but I still respect swapped 7s for what they are
Addendum #2: FBs are widely regarded as the better handling platform despite the old-school suspension, and they are 300kg lighter than the overweight FC. If you are looking for a fun old car that you can throw around corners the FB is the better option. The FC is more of a grand tourer than a proper sports car IMO
File: reos_1.jpg (190 KB, 991x487)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
based cars honestly

File: jag_xjr016.jpg (128 KB, 1600x1060)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
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>one pedal
This. The tactile feel of real wood, high quality leather and aluminium/chrome is something that only high end vehicles get right.

How do I overcome driving anxiety?
Some fat bald boomer in a tank top in a Chevy Tahoe followed me for 20 minutes after I accidentally cut him off honking the whole time. Finally lost him after parking near a starbucks that had 2 cop cars nearby.
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File: 1618575554772.jpg (198 KB, 2048x2731)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Get good.

I have 98 hp but can take turns like like Mario Andretti. So everytime someone chases or races me I pull away through the curves and pussy boomers or jackass bmw 320i drivers can't follow out of fear of rolling or breaking something. Once you've shown your lack of regard for personal safety they bitch out.
they can be stronger than you think
Go to the mountain on the 'twisties' and make him flip his ass over on the touge.
I was in a grocery parking lot a few weeks ago and was letting people cross at the crosswalk and some guy 4 car lengths behind me laid on his horn because my car slid back a few inches from where I stopped part way up a speed bumb and I flipped him off out the sunroof and maybe shouldn't have but oh well. He was so far away and it's not like my reverse lights were on so he's a bit retarded anyway.
File: wtrOD.gif (1.95 MB, 260x168)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB GIF
>get a gun
>roll down your window
>flash gun to the person following you
You'll never see anyone braking harder in your life.

/o/ please help. I really like FWD but all the AWD/RWD keep making fun of me. How do I cure myself? I've driven all 3 before.
Race them in snow

File: Daimler-1-motorcycle-1.jpg (415 KB, 1520x1474)
415 KB
415 KB JPG
Any motor vehicles that predate the Ford Model T from 1908.

I like this little gremlin.
Just wish they made it with a real engine that drives the wheels.
Such a charming little thing
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File: Chevrolet-Volt-trasera.jpg (211 KB, 1280x720)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
Really? I see them almost every day in California. I have a first gen.
Yeah, well. I don't live in America, so there's that
>Shame that it's apparently a straight up terrible car
I've only heard the exact opposite actually. The few owners I've met said that it was an amazing thing.
Maybe it's just cope for buying an EV
I bought an i3s for my mother, it’s great for what it is. It has fantastic visibility without being a massive suv. Enough space for groceries and dry cleaning. Peppy at real world speeds. Skip the range extender imo.
Same car as the Vauxhall/Opel Ampera.

BMW i3 really would have been a great car if they'd not hit it with an ugly stick and made a 2+2 coupe version in addition to the crossover to be more competitive with the Model 3.

File: feature.jpg (75 KB, 1152x726)
75 KB
I don't want to live in the future it's like having nightmare goggles bolted to your head.
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imagine being 26 and still being a maximalist.
just get both.
I looked up the cost per 100km and it's 27kw which is the equivalent of 4-4.5 litres. Now, that charger there claims they're limiting it to 150kwh because there's so much strain on the grid so it's anybodys guess how they'll compensate and if nuclear power plants are off the table the next best thing is price adjustment which'll also affect everyones energy consumption at home.
> if nuclear power plants are off the table
They aren't.

Charging stations of the future are going to be like GRIDSERV, combination power station, grid storage, EV charger, and convenience store with indoor / outdoor dining.

They'd be generating electricity, and buying electricity from the grid when its cheap to charge up their batteries. Then as long as the power going into cars doesn't exceed the stored energy in the batteries there's no problem. In the future they could even off load energy from on-site solar or a SMR to produce hydrogen, or synthetic fuels which could then be used to run cars that can utilize them, or act as long term storage.
>Charging stations of the future are going to be like GRIDSERV, combination power station, grid storage, EV charger, and convenience store with indoor / outdoor dining.
im so happy ill be kill before this happens i now embrace death
Why? Quick gas station style top ups are nice for day trips, but being able to take longer breaks without having to make an extra trip to a gas station is pretty comfy on a long trip.

File: drive graham 2.jpg (203 KB, 1200x750)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
>buy first car 50 days ago, specifically because everyone says it's an amazing car to drive
>have only driven it twice since then

Have motorcycles spoiled me for driving cars? The same trip on a motorbike takes at least 2/3 less because I can filter past megacity traffic, it feels more engaging, and I don't have to worry about parking. Also, maybe I have autism or something but with a giant windscreen in front of me with all its reflections, it kind of feels like I'm driving around in a fishbowl, whereas on a motorbike I keep my visor up under 60mph and enjoy the wind blasting my face

I haven't driven a car in the three years since getting my licence so perhaps it's just a matter of getting used to the vastly slower pace of a car and the feeling of being limited by the flow of traffic? Should I plan a massive road trip in the car so I can learn to enjoy driving on twisty country roads?

To people who have bikes and cars: do you'll know what I'm talking about?
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whoever told you that was an amazing car lied to you.
As an MR-S owner I will tell you it's going to feel a lot slower than pretty much any bike unless you're going balls out on twisty roads. I have a 2zz in mine and the extra power and tighter gearing helps but it's by no means fast at anything other than cornering. It will not be fun in traffic but if you can do some autocross or find some good backroads near you you can have a lot of fun with it.
Got you contrarian faggots are so annoying.
maybe, but I'm not the retard that got memed into buying a shitty MR2
It seems pretty much everyone praises its handling and says it feels like a go kart or something. Also it's dirt cheap in bongistan, way cheaper than its nearest rival the MX-5 which now has a meme tax attached to it.

t. not the guy you replied to

File: VW 1-litre concept car.jpg (87 KB, 1024x768)
87 KB
Is there a market for extreme aerodynamics and fuel efficiency?
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Yeah and it’s called getting a stick shift 4 banger turbo diesel hood luck
fuck off
>Schlör, an engineer for Krauss Maffei of Munich
>unveiled to the public at the 1939 Berlin Auto Show
Yeah, it was turbo doomed. It would have survived if it was a executive pet project, instead of a dart throw.
Then again:
If not for the war, it would most likely have seen some production, and "ugly" would have been offset on the aero on the autobahn.
>Consuming gallons of battery per trip
Amazing photo
File: volt-moon-discs.jpg (58 KB, 690x394)
58 KB
Most aero mods make drag worse. What's the last time you saw moon disk wheels in fashion?

File: 28060734-640.jpg (50 KB, 640x480)
50 KB
If car designs nowadays didn't have so much unnecessary flashiness, fake vents and plastic, they would they look like 90's cars again just bigger and bulkier given safety regulations.
It seems like they're just trying to make the roads look like some shitty cyberpunk game or like bladerunner or something

I guess car designs had to change to make ugly modern architecture not look so out of place
The ugly lines hide the ugly blobs they're plastered on
Slap a blackout kit on the fucker and boom now all the styling is muted and you can't make out what the car looks like.

Hot take but that L series looks better than a good 60% of modern pedestrian cars.
This. Inb4 Toyota fanboys rage, the angry toyota grills on corollas looks gay and obnoxious.
What is aerodynamics for 300?
>that L series looks better than a good 60% of modern pedestrian cars.

File: 20210723_111604.jpg (852 KB, 4160x3120)
852 KB
852 KB JPG
I just changed my hood support strut, what have you wrenched on today /o/?
Your mother
I took my battery to advanced auto to get it charged and see if it’s time for a new one or not
Front hub assemblies tomorrow.

I do not miss press in wheel bearings.
Pic rel
interior detailing on '05 forester. going to defog the headlights this evening and touch up some rust spots, and try to paint the wheels tomorrow. want to sell it and figure making it look like it was well taken care of will make it easier to sell

File: hqdefault.jpg (13 KB, 480x360)
13 KB
post chicks in cars
103 replies and 44 images omitted. Click here to view.
I feel so inadequate
>knowing anything about animals
They don't, they find them cute, that's all their motivation
one of my all time favorite album
Don’t forget her big juicy rack
File: file.png (2.38 MB, 1080x1080)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB PNG

File: Volvo-C30-T5-3.jpg (290 KB, 2048x1492)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
What cars have given you endless issues or have you been severely unlucky with.

For me its Volvo. Buy old Volvo that has been babied and well serviced. Everything that could go wrong with a car did and caught fire within a one month period.
Try my luck later down the line with a C30. Throwout bearing shits itself, changed clutch then timing belt snapped 15k later.
Buy cheap beater Hyundai and thrash because don't care, absolutely nothing breaks.
Volvos are shit cars my man, here in California they are always driven by niggers (when used) and yuppie cumskinned transplants from the midwest (when new).
My pre-facelift C30 has been the most reliable car I've ever had
My first car, a 2000 Volvo shat itself while driving up a hill.
Well shit.
So I can expect my Volvo to shit the bed now. Always happens right after I find out there is an inherent issue.
And I just got rid of my second car.
Don't panic. Mine had problems galore and the parts are expensive as all hell here but my friends XR5 (Focus ST in the rest of the world) with the same engine was magically bulletproof and he never serviced it.

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