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File: ai shit.jpg (820 KB, 2040x1528)
820 KB
820 KB JPG
have you AI generated a pic of your car across multiple eras?

pic related
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What is going on at the back of all these cars? AI glitching out on what to do with the tail?
which AI are you using?
yeah it keeps trying to make weird mixtures between ducktail/lip and GT style spoilers
File: 00138-1832955827.png (1.13 MB, 1208x768)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
latest stable diffusion version with this model

>OH N-
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This image still hasn't been refuted btw
this and the daily blacked raw threads
she looks like a pit mommy
Hell yeah brother
For me, it's train rekt threads.

File: truck_CHAD.jpg (410 KB, 2012x1314)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
>be big rig
>backbone of america
>king of the road
>everyone makes way for you
>can make any last minute turn and carcucks have to wait for you
>fully insured by company
>park like pic related cuz nobody can say no to you
>go 50 in the fast lane, ignore all haters
>in a collision you never get hurt so pickup faggots cannot bully you

name a more based vehicle, I'll wait
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also add:
>has poor sleep from lot lizards knocking on his windows throughout the night
>has every STD known to man
>fears the local daycab Chad who hits docks in 15 seconds while the cuck OTR takes 30min
>tfw I just made $20 sitting here watching Walmart sleeper cab cuck block up the whole alley and trade paint with a yellow pole
>at risk of becoming morbidly obese
>at risk of becoming a methhead
>>gets looked down on for having a job that only requires a high school diploma
this cannot be overstated
rip in peace your sexlife if you are into why women
So I've heard a lot about the driver shortage in the US. Word is that there is a fast track to get a Green Card when a US company decides to hire you.
How difficult is it to get hired if I already have a Canadian Class 1? I know it is recognized in the US, but how much experience? How many drivers from abroad are actually hired?
Lets say I could settle in any state and do OTR or local

File: aca.png (1.09 MB, 1080x811)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
I love my car. Do you love yours?
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It's complicated
Kkona vehje
Just like my women
Spent twice as much of its value in replacement parts so yeah I guess I have to.
I love it when it runs. Usually it doesn't. The wiring is all fucked and it's an insurmountable task to rewire the whole bloody thing, I'm not sure what to do with it.

File: blackwing 635RG.jpg (282 KB, 1659x778)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
>can exceed 300kph with enough room
>limited to under half of that most of the time
>die instantly if you fuck up
>maybe 400k to a fuel tank and not in a straight line

>similarly priced sport aircraft
>can also exceed 300kph and always has enough room
>can cruise near that for hours
>chance to land or pull chute if you have a failure
>over 600k on a tank + reserve easily

Why choose the supercar?
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File: beacon-cafe.jpg (31 KB, 550x309)
31 KB
>needs runway
It's a driveway, just a little longer
>needs hangar
You don't really. Just leave it tied down outside. But, a hangar allows you to build the ultimate shop.
>drive thru
Lots of restaurants on airports/airfields have airplane parking.
Implying most aircraft crashes aren't light sports planes piloted by Doctors and Lawyers with enough money to fly but not enough to afford the fuel to fly every day. You need constant flying to get good, you can't just take it out once a month or so, you need to fly daily to actually become proficient enough to know how to save yourself.

The big redpill about becoming a pilot is the only way to actually become one of the best is to join the military, where they will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a day in fuel to keep you proficient. The only other way is to inherit like Howard Heuges because a first generation billionaire has other things to worry about.
15-year Planefag here
When people ask me about airplanes, I ask them what they want to use it for.

GA (relatively cheap) airplanes usually fall into 3 categories of ownership
>a plane for traveling
You're looking for a plane that can carry and haul ass long distance.
This needs to have 4+ seating and do 150+ kts. Usually these will be light twins some single engine planes can be good for this. Piper Aztec, Cessna 310, beech Travelair/baron/bonanza. The Mooney m20 is pretty fast for a single engine but pretty cramped.
>a plane for local fun
Significantly cheaper because we can sacrifice speed and capacity for enjoyment. High-wing taildragers are perfect for this. Just flying over the lake at 50 feet with your arm hanging out the side is pure bliss.
Think Citabria, porterfield, champ, taylorcraft, etc etc.
We can get into aerobatics, but that's going to increase cost because now we need an airframe that can handle it, and it's got to have lots of engine power.
Don't ask about warbirds unless you're a richfag.
>a plane for training
These are kind of middle ground. They're not particularly fun, can't carry much, and they're slow for long distance travel. But they've got forgiving handling characteristics that makes them excellent trainers.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Thunder_Mustang.jpg (1.87 MB, 1914x1276)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB JPG
> thunder mustang
> 3/4 size of the real one
> still has a v12
> accelerate and climb faster than the real one
> still 2 seater
> top speed 375mph
> 1300miles range
> easy to maintain
> around 600k compare to +3 millions for a real one
fuck me, if I had the money
Planes are really expensive and really boring.
Try flying sometime, no matter what speed you go it's the same boring shit. At least in a car you have a sense of relative speed and can do powerslides and shit.

File: twiokgiht.jpg (97 KB, 1114x728)
97 KB
>obtained OBD data
>read articles and manufacturer manuals
>replace some parts
>mark possible problems off the list
>CEL remains
I'm breaking down. I might have to take it to a professional. I don't think the wrench life is for me. I thought tracking down this problem and fixing it would be a nice challenge and a good way to learn but it's just a rabbit hole of bullshit.
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Maybe actually diagnose the problem instead of reading the codes and loading the parts cannon. Sometimes there’s a bit more work involved than going to Vato-Zone, getting the codes read and buying whatever the printout says.
...you did clear the codes after you replaced the parts? Depending on the car CEL will stay lit even if you fixed it.
yea u need to actually learn to diagnose, retard.
I would also like to hear the answer to this one
>>read articles and manufacturer manuals
Anon, search on youtube for you car+problem or search for a forum dedicated to it. Unless your car is very rare there's bound to be a discussion board dedicated to it out there.

File: dsc_8122.jpg (1.07 MB, 1800x1083)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
What car is in this video doing donuts?

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God damn that delta looks clean in blue. Am I trying to hard if I put those white integrale replicas from fifteen52 on my na forester?
>boxy cars, pastel colours
dude is pretty cool
Fifteen52 Integrale's?

thats the name of the wheel. Figure out what your bolt pattern is and see if they even make it in that bolt pattern. Thats it.
they only made those in africa, you'll have to go your ass there and get one.
E30 M3s werent made in Africa, what are you retarded, you nigger

This fella has the same opinion as everyone else on this board
17 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Literally who
>all that text
"I'm a fucking faggot" would've sufficed.
Kek, fucking kike
garbage thread
kill yourself op

File: s10.jpg (230 KB, 720x959)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
Yes, I know the sticky covers this but I'd like some better input than what the sticky has on which truck to buy. I've found three trucks in my price point:
> '98 Ford Ranger XLT, 4cyl 5-speed, 258k miles, $2900
> '98 Chevy S10, 4cyl auto, 214k miles, $3300
> '98 GMC Sonoma, V6 auto, 225k miles, $2250
All run and drive, clean titles, great interiors, decent exteriors. The S10 had a rebuilt head, new alternator, radiator, AC compressor, thermostat housing, and thermostat, all with invoices. Sonoma needs the trans and torque converter replaced but still runs and drive and the seller has both that he bought used but just hasn't installed yet. Ranger is all original. The S10 and Ranger are owned by the same guy.
Not looking for a mid- or full-size, just something to do light hauling and work related stuff. I'd also be replacing parts myself to keep the thing running hopefully forever so that's probably the deciding factor. This upcoming week's paycheck will give me enough spending cash to buy one of them, assuming none of them sell. Which is it bros?
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Ya I was looking at a Vulcan manual today and idk if I should look out for a 4.0 v6 or a 4 banger. Vulcan seems like worst of both worlds but I'm not really doing any towing. Camping trip to the mountains and hauling mountain bikes basically. Prob some landscaping too
I had a sonoma when I was younger, biggest pile of shit ever. the only thing decent on it was the engine.
plastic on the door handle broke 3 times
radiator fell apart twice
seatbelts stopped working
heater stopped working in winter, but started working again in summer
fiberglass door cracked and almost fell apart before I got rid of it
motor mounts broke free, twisted the drive shaft
wiper motor wouldnt work in the rain but would work when it wasnt raining

I only owned it a little over a year, fuck gm
Hard pass then. I think I’m just gonna save up for a while and buy when Im ready. My current car needs a few touch up parts anyway.
The 3.0 vulcan had more hp per liter than the 2.3 or 4.0 of the same year.
But the 4.0 had much more torque.
The only people who talk shit about the vulcan are the min/max crowd. It's a good engine on its own.
I have a 3.0 vulcan with 160k miles that idles so smoothly you'd question if it was even running if I posted a video.
Unfortunately the majority were sold in base model vehicles that were abused.
Poor people are going to buy a new or used XL and neglect oil changes.
Someone with money is going to get the FX4 with the 4.0 and properly maintain it.

my beater grand marquis made it through the winter but not unscathed. got it stuck in a ditch and completely wasted the a/c compressor getting it out. not gotta spend money replacing all the a/c components on a beater car thats worth MAYBE 2000 dollars. still a perfectly good winter beater but i want something nice for the summer with working a/c. another panther is an obvious choice but something smaller entertaining to drive would be nice for a change.
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Warms my heart to see the chally wally faggot get castigated every time he shows up.

Just lmao at him being a junk yard janny. Explains why he is here phone posting almost 24 hours a day. Seriously, mention a V6 Challenger at 10am or 10pm and he shows up within an hour.
>Even they got tired of his ass and exposed him in /o/
QRD on the chally faggot. What pathetic details did they expose exactly.
Cope gaymer fag
File: 1616535901106.jpg (20 KB, 480x480)
20 KB
comedy gold
File: lookatthisfag.gif (2.88 MB, 375x250)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB GIF

>I hate EV's, they are completely pointless overkill that is just a huge waste of money, just buy a car that actually meets your daily needs
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
OP is poor and brown
File: Renault Twizy (2).jpg (82 KB, 800x533)
82 KB
i posted it before, this is the only car you need
I have to take both my Great Danes to the vet tomorrow.
they can run beside it, quit making up excuses.
Shit car because doors and windows are an option.
I live in a place that rains when it is not snowing.

From June 1, 2023, Iranian cars will start to be sold in Russia. Their prices will range from 1 million to 1.7 million rubles. The Saina sedan and Quik hatchback are modernized 1986 Ford Festiva/Mazda models.
13 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I would too if it cost less than 15 grand
>The Saina sedan and Quik hatchback are modernized 1986 Ford Festiva/Mazda models.
That would make them better than most models lada has produced and even more so the chinese electric cuckovers other russian brands assemble
If only they didn't rape the looks of the original
they also made it rwd over time
That was only a few cars produced in Iran. It was basically a 405 body on a different, older, RWD chassis (I think it was a Hillman of some sort). The typical 405 that was produced in Iran and is now produced in Azerbaijan is still FWD.

File: IMG_1230.jpg (1.56 MB, 2016x1512)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG
Do you practice #weight reduction?

22lbs out of the ass end, destroying the perfectly engineered balance and making it drive like a pickup truck.
(idk I haven't taken it out since I did it last evening)
86 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 242308.jpg (525 KB, 2048x1536)
525 KB
525 KB JPG
this summer AWS is coming off
cruse control also
huge taper deck/amp too

got to replace the 80lbs driver's seat and 60lbs passenger seat

if I have the courage, I'll remove the stupid dash and all those 90s plastic switches
Using a 6lb lithium battery on my race car faulted in a crazy improvement with steering response.
(26lb loss vs lead acid batt)
Hard to say the exact lap time improvements, I'd guess I picked up 0.2 seconds or so.
File: 20230315_235800.jpg (671 KB, 1737x1158)
671 KB
671 KB JPG
20lbs off the wheels made it comfier over bumps and I don't give a fuck about lap times or quarter miles. It's more fun now, anyone who modifies their non-race vehicle and does it just for MUH PERFORMANCE is a fucking faggot. Does driving it post-change feel better? Mission accomplished.
File: Before.png (1008 KB, 940x788)
1008 KB
1008 KB PNG
My Autocross car actually has better ride quality now.
Crazy how dropping about 10% of the weight makes such a huge difference.

Haven't raced it yet though.

worthy opponent for lamp post stealing twingo
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I have to admit, I'm surprised my car still runs after all the overloading I've done to it. The only guideline to overloading I know is "drive slowly". Ground clearance and wheel rub are secondary concerns.
>The only guideline to overloading I know is "drive slowly". Ground clearance and wheel rub are secondary concerns.
True, a speed bump you would barely notice can become an impassable obstacle depending on the overloading
He should get stiffer springs in the rear
unjustified expense
>has flag

It's safe

You just know
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>middle east to get away from sheer stupidity, arrogance and insecurity
At least I won’t have to see the faggot flags every time I leave my house
You'll see them all the time from your window.
Kill yourself mentally ill tranny
Fucking Other Races: Dogs vol.2, now available on Barked.com

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