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File: 87-Chevy-Celebrity.jpg (139 KB, 1200x628)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
What is the most soulless car ever made?
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File: 1500842049958.png (200 KB, 356x256)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
The mask slips off
Oi vey
/mlp/ pls stay go
The Ford Five Hundred, sold for a whopping 3 years and loved by nobody.

My vote is an old 4 cylinder ranger. They weren't the best when they were new, but now they're still pretty plentiful and cheap.
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Well there's no doubt that the vulcan v6 was a terrible engine
My 94 2.3 needed a clutch at 185k miles just because the slave failed. Disc had plenty of meat on it and I didn't even resurface the flywheel.

Vulcan was reliable and durable but a little more power than the 2.3 and a little better MPG than the 4.0.
Ranger is probably the worst truck ever made quality-wise. They had no competition due to the chicken tax on foreign quarter tons and used that to push shit down the line to consumers that wanted a small truck.

If I wanted a small, low ford truck, I'd just get a reg cab short box F150 and do a 2 inch lowering kit to it.
Have one with the 2.3 duratec, great little truck.
File: killurself.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
My 94 Ranger was the most trouble-free vehicle I ever owned and I regret selling it last year and I still have an 87 Ranger. The thought that it was worse quality than any S10 or Dakota or any Chevy of the last 15 years is comedy.

File: 5xsabk.png (15 KB, 1027x731)
15 KB
>riding motorcycle
>wave oncoming motorcyclists
>they wave back
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File: 1651238436484.jpg (140 KB, 1024x664)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
>Harley waves at me
>flip xir off
Based. Fuck boomers.
wrong kind of bike fag
File: 1634943271633.jpg (28 KB, 720x680)
28 KB
>group of harley riders on the opposite side of the road
>they wave
>im too busy fucking around balancing my bike at a stop without putting my feet down to wave back

File: mustang 2022.jpg (508 KB, 1920x1080)
508 KB
508 KB JPG
Would you buy a Mustang?
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Buying a car from a detroit thats the main center of white flight and $2 houses

Yeah nah
shit looks gay. like the canyonero episode from the simpsons.
Only the s550 gt
I love the angry predator eyes headlights. Muscle cars aren’t supposed to look cute with circular headlights.
Looks like it

Of course i bought the seals, but nothing else assuming (hoping) it wouldn't be needed.
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Bought a charge pipe only to realize I also need
>New rubber oring for charge pipe
>New vacuum lines
>New diverter valves
>New inlet pipes
>Possibly new water pump(not sure yet)
Even worse is when you fuck something else up while doing a repair and set yourself back.

>FWD car needs new alternator
>Everything says the radiator and AC condenser need to come out for clearance
>One youtube video where a dude says "Nah you ain't need to do all that, look you just have to wiggle it sideways and there's room!"
>Try to follow that, but it was bullshit, end up slipping and wrecking the radiator with the dead alternator

Definitely not my best moment.
If i didn't take out my radiator to avoid that situation, i'd never change my coolant.
>Order input shaft seal
>hope its not pump seal
What the fuck do you mean are those not the same thing?
yeah..... If I fix an issue and another pops up I always go over what I did.

File: download.jpg (345 KB, 600x400)
345 KB
345 KB JPG
Anyone done an LPG conversion before? Considering running my civic on dual fuel until I can snag an insight or crz to swap the system onto.
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You're in the US, you can get natural gas for cheap untaxed from your house supply. Just get a compressor and run cng kit
CNG any different than LPG? The other part about LPG I've liked is its clean burn, I don't like my oil getting worn out super fast, plus fuel dilution sucks in my old motor.
>CNG any different than LPG?
Tank and injection systems are completely different. CNG is stored as compressed gas. Very high pressure. LPG is stored as liquid under pressure at a few hundred PSI. But it needs to be vaporized, which takes heat.

I did an LPG conversion on an old Dodge Powerwagon. It ran great. So well that I never went back to petrol.

>propane comes in little tanks at the store
You're not going to use a system like that for anything other than a small engine.
>takes heat to vaporize
If I recall correctly, LPG vaporizes due to the pressure drop in the cylinder, cooling things down significantly. Would it need a separate heater?
>won't use store tanks on anything but a small engine
Fair, I was trying to describe its commonality here. I run a small Honda as a daily. My state has a few dozen LPG stations. Now CNG and LNG are a different story.

Alright I want something that can handle trails n shit without getting stuck on a dumb rock or slip on roots. But I don't want to deal with shitty mpg. What are my options
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Any subaru worth a shit will have an lsd or two and those come with tarbos so they are meme taxed. Just get a compact offroader like a Suzuki.
Not CVT shit. I'd get an old Jeep or an early 2000s F150 for off roading. Pretty solid and modern feeling enough. Good Storage and can have 4 people. Id personally lean towards early 2000s f150 with the 5.4 and crew cab. they are affordable and can do some off roading without stress.
File: mqdefault.jpg (10 KB, 320x180)
10 KB
That videos a bad example. Grandpas going 1 mph up a dusty hill and wondering why it can't keep going.
So that heavily modified hard parker is a better example?

File: FTPm4YgXEAMbrJL.png (5 KB, 680x453)
5 KB
I am a high risk driver due to letting my insurance lapse for months on end. If someone else was to insure my car under their name would any funny business happen from me being high risk?
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Is Hefty Lawsuit what you named your dick?
Here's what someone in my province did. Maybe it'll help you out.

Basically, his insurance was high as shit for multiple speeding tickets. He went to his doctor, said he feels like a woman now, and got his gender changed to female. Never took hrt, never chopped anything off, still lived everyday as a guy. Just all official documents now said he was a woman. He called his insurance company. His insurance rates got reduced a bunch. Don't know if these loopholes still exist, but if they do, go for it.

TL;DR become a tranny
If you're not listed as a driver and they suspect you were the primary driver they can refuse to pay out, or even go after the buyer for insurance fraud.
Tell him to enter some women's sporting leagues as a side hustle.
>If someone else was to insure my car under their name would any funny business happen
Beware of being countersued for fraud. The insurance company doesn't do this; it is the state government that will take the evidence and then the proscutor files the court case. So you cannot sue the insurance company for defamation of character.

As to money, the insurance company would refuse to pay out if the policy has such a requirement that other drivers are NOT insured. The insurer will force you to sue them for the insurance money AND you cannot charge them legal costs since there is reasonable doubt on their part. Also, some insurance companies only insure cars owned or assigned to the policy holder. The assignment must be stipulated in a Rider that is attached to the policy. This is pretty standard approach in my state especially since corporations will assign a car to certain employees, and those employees are responsible to have car insurance for driving that car.

>Which gender identity flag is this?
>It's my personal flag that represents ME and MY queerness

Leftists usually hit and run. That's their personality anyways.

File: nissan-z-1-4181864364.jpg (539 KB, 1920x1280)
539 KB
539 KB JPG
They did it the madlads.
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>It's a BMW, of course it has a higher quality interior than Nissan.
BMW has never had a better quality interior than Nissan except maybe before the 90s when Nissan was Datsun.
BMW interiors are fucking terrible unless you get full leather and even then it is pretty shocking how many creaks and rattles develop with age. It's not awful but it's not remarkably good either.
I like the back so much I am considering buying it over the new GTI.
This guy gets it. Retards here are complaining about it as if they're about to drop $60k-$70k on a Supra
same. seriously a butterface with a very nice shapely behind, just like my wife. maybe I'll buy one just to match her

File: OIP (1).jpg (13 KB, 474x266)
13 KB
>I am forgotten
Why did craigslist have to dig its own grave? I hate FB market so much.
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Friendly reminder that glowniggers glow so that they’re easier to run over at night
>mods are so dumb they STILL havent realized craigslist is misspelled in the sticky
The mods are to protects shills, trolls, and bots. They're mods are to prevent teamwork and action. The mods are here to discourage and suppress real worthwhile discussion.
>listed my car on Craigslist
>guy wants to meet up and look at car
>30 minutes after we were supposed to meet i get a call from him
>incomprehensible vietnamese accent
>eventually make out that he's saying "I'm lost i can't find you where is the address"
>see the same gold accord drive past the parking lot for the 5th time
>"are you in a gold accord?"
>"ya ya berry losdt"
>"I see you. Just park there and I'll walk to you"
>"no no i find de address"
>eventually have to follow him in my car and honk at him to pull over
>67 year old vietnamese dude with more wrinkles than my nutsack
>looks at car
>"engine mount rattle. expensive to fix"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Browns mills is such a shithole lmao god I hate new jersey

>hit a very minor bump in the road.
>Sounded like someone dropped a box of bolts and metal plates

What the FUCK happened? Made it the next 60km with zero issues, engine sound fine, handling is fine I can't tell if it was just the stuff in my glove box rattling or my car just shat the bed.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Never mind I figured it out desu
Probably a heat or dust shield that doesn't normally move around enough to make any noise.

Was sounded like front left end of the engine.
Tire could have kicked up some debris and it bounced around under the car.

File: 1611222499380.jpg (295 KB, 1599x1066)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
Are they really that bad? Considering one as my first car.
42 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: Untitled_22.png (972 KB, 841x774)
972 KB
972 KB PNG
>Just have £4-5k spare for apex seals
You know that 5k gbp is over 6k usd right?
Learn to read. Old ass pic, seethe.

Nice response. Care to point how how Im wrong?
File: 341577_1993.jpg (162 KB, 1000x500)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Owning a 12a doesn't qualify you to speak about renesis engines or their costs. completely different engines what different sets of problems. I owned an rx8 for 6 years and wrench on fd's.
File: 20171128_133759.jpg (955 KB, 1836x3264)
955 KB
955 KB JPG
Dont care. Anon is a dumb cunt for thinking apex seals cost $2000 like what the fuck.
I will shit on all retarded anons.
File: 20150404_161211.jpg (1.73 MB, 3264x1836)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB JPG

File: 20220522_121135.jpg (247 KB, 1036x777)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
Honda Fit
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
He wasn't fit at all, scrawny little autistic mall worker- but I am
Shits a mini-mini van. There's no way the fit is more aerodynamic than the Civic.
Boomers just wanna have fun
Millennials hate everything
Zoomers just wanna have fun
File: IMG_9762.jpg (270 KB, 1647x927)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
>There's no way the fit is more aerodynamic than the Civic.
Your Civic would be more aerodynamic if you lower that shit.
Hey slamfam I told you in that thread I go "off roading" and need ground clearance. You wouldn't even be able to get to my zip code.

I’ve been driving for 11 years and I don’t know what spark plugs look like. I imagine they look like earplugs.
17 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Will we ever reach a time when hoods are rendered permanently sealed and cannot be opened without voiding the warranty?
>just report him
I've been driving for 20 years. they look like, uhhh, little cylinder things with threads on them. I think?
Glowniggers you mean?

File: 20211119_160902.jpg (2.73 MB, 4032x3006)
2.73 MB
2.73 MB JPG
>what are you working on?
>what are your plans?
>post projects
>talk about tools
131 replies and 67 images omitted. Click here to view.
The two in the center here are for hoses. They work pretty good for certain plugs and shit too. The one with the wire and the other red and black one are for hose clamps, those gay springy clamps. The one with the cable will reach hose clamps in retarded spots, then lock the clamp open so you can use your hands to work the hose off whatever it’s attached to.
I need to wait about a month for the poly to fully harden before I try that.
I sanded and painted instead of wrenched. I removed lug nuts I guess
>removed fender flares and sanded the lower trim to prep for adhesion promoter and raptor liner later
Cab corner covers still fits like shit because its only fasted at the top because the bottom of the corner does not exist.
Paited my corroded element wheels vatozone"matte copper" which is actually metalic orange. When I buy new wheels I want dark bronze.
Other side. A horror show. The big flares cover it thought. That fiberglass filler is not joke. I did a hole in the rocker and it came out great. Smeared the extra in the rust holes to stop whatever water gets under the flare from running down the back of the bed side.

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