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File: hov_lane.jpg (135 KB, 456x295)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
HOV lanes are legalized discrimination against single people.
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>In Texas we don't have HOV
What the fuck are you talking about?
can you still ride a motorcycle in those?
Will this anon >>24033969 ever recover?
How much does one pay as a toll? How far will it be before another toll?
Yes, motorcycles are free but get this, they HAVE to have a transponder too which costs like 50 dollars

File: 1615327090816.gif (897 KB, 800x518)
897 KB
897 KB GIF
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>not killing the guy in the truck to ensure no loose ends
As long as he didn't die noone will give a shit
There is a saying in eastern Europe, normal people can drive bmw, but a retard will always drive bmw
Gorgeous color
This. Left lane cruisers need to die.

File: Kekloster.jpg (2.68 MB, 3600x2400)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB JPG
Don't even get me started with the sporty coupes and sedans.
FWD has always been a staple of outright performance cars and now it'll die.
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It stands for N...not very fast.
It dies because no one buys them.

File: 1603196444101.jpg (52 KB, 750x735)
52 KB
>pulls up as close as humanly possible to your rear at a red light
>will instantly let off the brakes the minute the light goes green only to immediately apply them again after almost bumping into you
why the fuck do "people" do this?
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The virgin larp
>gets the same amount of money regardless of time put in
>100 dollars in 2 hours or 100 dollars in 6 hours

dumb cunt
Not a larp nigger, you should leave (can’t remember if 1m or 0.5m) between the next car in an incline. Most people, especially ones in gasoline cars can’t work the clutch and the gas without falling back a few centimeters. You’re just asking to lose the bumper
dangerously based
I do this only to people put effort into cutting me off to be ahead in the line at the light. And why not? They needed to be ahead of me because they need to get where they're going really fast, so there's no possible way they won't be going flat out the moment the light turns green. Even if I roll forward a bit, they'll be way ahead.

Faceberg Marketplace/ Craigshit thread
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>Body is in great shape.
What people forget to mention is that "old lady" is their mechanics nickname
This is a certified classic.
File: CIMG1039 copy.jpg (183 KB, 1306x980)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Fucking hell that's a mess.
Ironically I had a '74 one of these (up until 6 years ago when I sold it). It only cost me the equivalent of $4,400 and was in perfect working order, albeit with some iffy matt black paint.
I saw one of these in red driving through town the other day. Looks comfy as fuck.

File: Trans_Am_Family.jpg (107 KB, 604x453)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
What was the best muscle car, and why was it the Pontiac Firebird?

>All generations more or less equally good in their own right
>Iconic TV and movie appearances: The Rockford Files, Smokey and the Bandit, Knight Rider
>Grew better and faster with age, later WS6es were putting out far more power than Pontiac claimed
>Didn't cave to the retro nostalgia fad that plagues post-2005 muscle cars and prevents natural evolution
>Died before it could become a globohomobile
>Had a fucking flaming chicken on the hood
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I think this is the first time anyone has ever said a Oldsmobile was the best muscle car.
It was up there. Those 455s were no joke, but the BVICK GSX was better.
Well you likely can't afford cowboys so yea the Pontiac is certainly out of the picture.
The olds 455 was a torque monster. They were also routinely used as jet boat motors
File: file.png (277 KB, 423x249)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
You can thank GM's regular Chevy favoring for that. Olds, Buick and Pontiac all had excellent powerplants, but all the marketing that stuck with boomers decades later is all about MUH BIG BLOCK CHEBBY.

All the Rockets were torque monsters. The 455 in particular also powered the GMC Motorhome.

File: 1620153392529.jpg (74 KB, 640x780)
74 KB
Anyone here ever have a mental breakdown/panic attack while driving?

Had one riding my motorbike recently and wanna hear other peoples stories
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No, if you're capable of having those you shouldn't have a license.
>Anyone here ever have a mental breakdown/panic attack
I'm not a woman or a reddit user so no.
lmao for the amount of sociopaths, schizoids, and paranoids on this board you would think anons would be more sympathetic. I've only ever freaked out on drugs, but one time I got so into the flow of traffic that I couldn't separate the reference points of motion (couldn't tell if I was moving forward or the world was moving backward) and my thoughts became paralyzed. I probably should have stopped, but it was bumper to bumper rush hour. this was after work with only caffeine in my system
Narrow lanes where if you mess up its an easy $500 repair
If you suffer from panic attacks while driving, don't get behind the wheel. The first thing you're ever taught is that if you're impaired you should avoid driving. Emotional states are included in this as well.

You're a git. There's zero reason you couldn't have done this sooner. That panic attack is totally on you.

No we don't have sympathy for the mentally unsound.

Get an alignment then. If your car doesn't reliably track in a stable direction you gotta get that shit fixed.

Post your favorite grand tourers
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File: IMG_E7882.jpg (130 KB, 832x541)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
I love me some Japanese 80s
But I’ll tell yeah now, the rx7 was never a GT you Hutterite
File: 1189_10159731_0[1].jpg (88 KB, 560x336)
88 KB
Based as f

We all love to talk about how the interiors on different cars stack up and how design trends can be bad, but has it ever literally been a dealbreaker for you when buying a car? When I was younger I was a Ford guy and obviously wanted a mustang. I was looking at new edges since they were like 3k and after sitting in one and seeing pic related and touching and hearing all the cheap plastic I didn’t want a new edge anymore. Has this happened with any of you?
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GM electronics are notoriously shitty, ive owned a Trailblazer, Cavalier and Tahoe and my dad has owned a SIlverado. Every single one of them had some type of electronic issue at some point that required so much more to be replaced.
I haven't had an issue yet. What year's were your Chevys? The 08-14 year trucks were when GM was poor and got bailed out, they probably cheaped out on everything.
04 trailblazer, 08 Tahoe, 07 Silverado and 01 cavalier
Mine has the same shit but I swear it doesn't do a godamn thing.

File: 1619034401723.png (306 KB, 597x559)
306 KB
306 KB PNG
Dad's talking about getting a RAM again...
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>caring what your parents drive

I see them like twice a year OP, don't tell me you still....live with your parents?
It's just two circlejerks that noticed eachother
Amplified by the US' with me or against me mentality

Grab life by the horns bro
Fuck you I still want one.
Chrysler products are just sneakily branded euro trash

File: roll.jpg (96 KB, 1200x768)
96 KB
Turbo lag is part of the fun of a turbo car

Body roll makes a car entertaining
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i'm wondering as well, it's nonsensical to me
that was a purpose built rally car that was going to slowly rot away in a showroom, instead it's in Valhalla. Block is based.
Drunk driving immigrants would also hit your shit less if you didn't let them in, dipshit
Wow and homophobic too.
Flying cars are a terrible idea. With how bad the average person is at driving, if we gave them air time then they'd be reenacting 9/11 every day. Maybe flying motorcycles wouldn't be too bad, because it's just you and the wind, no bodywork around you.

File: 5978_36.jpg (62 KB, 700x700)
62 KB
I want to swap a dual carb engine into my efi car and i would like to get a air fuel ratio monitor to make sure it's tuned correctly. Is there anything decent I can get for 200-300€?
The AEM one on Amazon is the gold standard. No reason to get anything else, unless you want to cheap out and get a chink ripoff.
AEM or Innovate. You'll find most are around the same price anyway... remember you want a WIDEBAND setup which will mean a wideband sensor too

What the fuck was Chrysler on during the early 1960s?
A roll. Those cars are spectacular.
Watch this it’ll explain it.
Same as ford with the edsel shill faggot

How will the JDM community react when he bulldozes over these mint Skyline?
23 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>I get the feeling he may have some connections with the local PD and has access to siezed vehicles that would have been sent to the crusher anyways.

lol @ you actually thinking this. you watch too much youtube.

R34 GT-R's dont get seized anymore unless your doing some serious criminal activity that involves it. While they might not be federally legal, they really arent top priority by ICE at the moment. so please save the misinformation for instagram you retard.
Why aren't more people importing and driving them if it's that easy?
Who is this and why should I care
>>>24033637 (OP) #
>>JDM community
>thats not a thing
>>when he bulldozes over these mint Skyline?
>its his money who cares what he does with it. the fact that you made this thread makes you look like a nut hugging faggot. (also some other faggot posted this alread)
>>"hey guys the 'jdm community' is going to be so butthurt right guys?! haha"
>you are a nigger.
>>>24033658 #
>>Well this site is pretty into JDM including Faggit and all those channels like Donut Media,
>also wrong.
>>>24033643 #
>>>24033675 #
the video will probably recoup his losses anyways

What is the ultimate sleeper car?
152 replies and 44 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: californio-1870s-2.jpg (52 KB, 693x366)
52 KB
Anon, where do you think cowboy culture originated from?
>Which one is the better investment?
neck yourself
Easily a shitbox Honda Civic with K20 turbo.
I'm going to leave one in the garage until they are worth many times more
You forgot to add ugly as sin

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