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File: 1606679973702.jpg (12 KB, 635x67)
12 KB
Are we talking about cars today, guys?
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File: 3c8.jpg (36 KB, 1240x315)
36 KB
Is this the same anon?
The old banner was better
>I have no idea what this is but it's shit
It's not an official banner, just something someone made from another thread that's up right now.
File: zoom2.jpg (46 KB, 710x474)
46 KB
well actually my rotor axels are pretty worn and I should fill some gearliquid in my tank so that I am able to turn my stereo to the max
Nah, I'm going to go to /n/ to look at pictures of trains instead.

File: 1024x768_VW_MKIV_R32_2.jpg (180 KB, 1021x761)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
thoughts on debadging?
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do we really need to have this thread every fucking week?
325i is pretty solid tho. But 320i, 318i or 320d on the other hand...
works on german cars cause they are all fucking identical so your turk ass can pretend your 300 eur worth 318 is a 900 eur 325
325 is fucking slow still cause surprise surprise your 300 horsepower in a 2 ton fat ass appliance is still fucking slow. Based ones just use bimmer as the comfy daily it is instead of being a poorfag.

File: 112332.png (361 KB, 921x634)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
wait, what?
Can we have a Mazdaspeed 2 based on the GT Yaris for a fraction of the price?
Whoa that's all crazy because there's no precedent for anything like this happening ever before and it's not like the current gen mazda2 is sold as the yaris in north america nope that definitely didn't happen
File: 1574627136712.gif (71 KB, 379x387)
71 KB
>previous gen Mazda 2 as Toyota Yaris
>current gen Toyota Yaris as Mazda 2
Wasn't it a rebadged Ford Fiesta previously? Honestly seems like an improvement.
Everything Toyota now

ITT. post car related things that make you seethe

>pic related, when carfags talk about "classics" then end up posting stanced garbage especially anything JDM
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people talking about how well their car handles, when if they had the opportunity to take a corner at speed would barely chirp tires.

It's like it's on rails! it's a go kart!

No it fucking isn't and you are the worst.
otards love peppercorn steelies
File: 1600456508759.jpg (21 KB, 600x350)
21 KB
>car fags that write an essay to how they masturbate to their car
Agreed. I much prefer narrating what my penis feels inside my 1.6L luxury german sedan using Bateman's voice.
File: download (1).jpg (7 KB, 223x226)
7 KB
>Stainless exhaust?.. Nice, that must help with performance.
>No, Paul.. It's for ease of use.
seek help

>engine turns counterclockwise
>engine starts rotating diagonally
>to back up stop engine and restart in reverse

big cam, supercharged ls? or stock cam, turbo ls?
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Small potatoes compared to the Coyote and Voodoo, both of which are renowned for their exhaust note, they redline at 7500 and 8300 respectively.
>renowned for their exhaust note

no they’re not. the Coyote is arguably one of the worst sounding V8s Ford has ever made, the 4.6L was easily the best. and 95% of the people who spew on about the voodoo just parrot the fact that it’s a flat plane crane without even knowing what that means.
Of course the Voodoo is known because muh flat plane. The Coyote is literally-who tier in comparison to ye olde Windsor 302's exhaust note, which was, guess what, pushrod. It had a different firing order than your average SBC and that's why its sound was so beloved.
>shit rods
>sound good
No one wants to hear your one cam boomer engine struggle to breath and then rev to 6k.
Biggest problem with the Gen3, and possible Gen IV engines is the oil control sucks massive dicks. Pushrods pump oil on top of all the valve train and there is no way for the oil to get down back into the sump without becoming a frothy mess or emptying the sump. If you own a truck all that oil just gets into the PCV system and intake, then you get misfires and a quart of oil in the plenum.
It's why any serious 'LS' track bitch just goes to dry sump.
A dedicated oil return would pickup 10HP easy. Not even doing any real work, just getting oil into the sump.
At least Ford put dedicated oil drain backs so it can get into the sump and not adding to the windage and oil aeration.

File: o threadupdated.png (332 KB, 919x737)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
Saturday December 12th 2pm

Meeting at round 1 and hitting the slopes in the area

172 Exton Square Pkwy, Exton, PA 19341

Fagcord link:
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File: joisey.jpg (730 KB, 1920x1080)
730 KB
730 KB JPG
I drive from Philly suburbs to east of Trenton 4 days a week for work and I don't know how you think it isn't the exact opposite. I have to overtake ever other NJ plate from the right because they won't get over. Everything slows down 15 mph as soon as I get over the bridge as if your absolute asshole State Troopers got each and every single one of you whipped.
Jew Yorkers are like NJ drivers on steroids. I have never seen a NY driver on my commute that wasn't either 10 under or 40 over, no in between. And passing lanes just aren't even a concept to them like the whole world is their goddamn cruising lane.
You guys fucking suck.
just joined diskurd

may or may not attend
File: 1583746500285.gif (572 KB, 500x281)
572 KB
572 KB GIF
File: 20200829_170903.jpg (3.35 MB, 4032x2268)
3.35 MB
3.35 MB JPG

File: ertu.png (75 KB, 1200x432)
75 KB
Post comfy chimes. Nothing quite beats 90's Expedition

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e60 chimes are pretty nice, on the other hand, I hate how the turn signal sound is so quiet, and the fact that the stalk does not physically stay in place.
>not wearing seatbelt
Nignog detected.
unashamedly replaced the chime on my 135i with this.
>wahhh beepy noise triggers my autism
Cry more nigger

File: 20201128_100848.jpg (378 KB, 720x1029)
378 KB
378 KB JPG
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It's optional to get cover from a third party because it's included in the rego.
So if you buy a car that already has rego, you don't have to go and get insurance for it. That's why most people say insurance is optional, because if the cars registered then you don't have to do anything.
the replies are very telling to the american mindset
probably means NA mx5
easier than listing the exact model year.

like how people say "r32" instead of "1989 to 1994 nissan skyline" or "z31 / z32" so people know which 300zx you are talking about.
That means your state laws is fucked.
Seller digging out the numbers of his physical registration papers should be enough. Those usually have VIN, former plate number and a bunch of other things that is needed to register a temp sign.
>and/or bill of sale
Which you won't have until you have purchased the car in most cases. Most people fall back to printing out standard contracts sourced from various national consumer agencies, which means digital isn't possible.

But registration plates is also the reason why people hesitate to toss them to the DMV once they take the vehicle off the road.
Usually they delay it until the next set of payment for registration, so they still have the plates IF they do sell the car between taking it off the road and selling it.
stereotypes exist for a reason.
bongs cant seem to stop themselves figuratively shouting from the rooftops about "serving the community" or "taking dangerous tems off the streets" whenever one of their many middle aged volunteer cops stumble upon some tradies toolbox and act like they found some hidden IRA weapons cache.

combined with their anal retentive need to regulate and licence nearly every little thing in day to day life along with seemingly having no concept of nuance (stanly knife in the back of a storeman's van being treated as a weapon?) leads to things that while seemingly "normal" to them look either completely absurd or absolutely dystopian to anyone not stuck on that tiny island.

the "form 27B-6" exchange from "brazil" is a perfect example of the bong "loicence" mentality only with the roles reversed.

File: 1594769403535.png (535 KB, 676x662)
535 KB
535 KB PNG
What is the minimum amount of tools required to swap out an engine in the car? Also if you don't wrench much is there step by step guides with pictures on doing this included when you buy an engine?
65 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
I didn’t say I want one. I was referring to one of /o/‘s original schizoposters who was obsessed with making his MR2 into AWD.
I can't seem to find the thread on archive sites. I forgot what to search for to find it. I really want to bust my sides with it again.
That crown vic alignment guy was fucking hilarious. I hope he posts again sometime soon. It always makes my day when I see /o/ schizoposting.
and a jack, jack stands, breaker bar, hammer, means of evacuating the, AC, drain pans for fluids, an engine hoist, and all of the other stuff you forgot.
RTV saved my transfer case which they no longer sell gaskets for. Doesn't leak at all.

File: steeda.jpg (93 KB, 950x650)
93 KB
Worth it or snake oil?
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snake oil. If it worked it would've been on your car from the factory
So it's just a spacer?
>Worth it or snake oil?
If there was any power gain, it was most likely from increasing plenum size. Nothing do to with the swirly grooves.
Placebo, if you want actual gains, then start porting the head etc.

File: 202011281.jpg (366 KB, 1650x1238)
366 KB
366 KB JPG
The 2019-2021 Honda civic Lx's have the prettiest looking wheel covers I have ever seen.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I like these, steel wheels but cut within the outline of the hubcaps, looks like you have alloys.
Steel for winter, those fuckers will eat a pothole and keep going.
Forgot my image like an IDIOT and now everyone is going to laugh at me.
Looks sexy.
I wish we could get a new Honda accord with steelies, those old base model accords with double wishbone and steelies are fucking tough as shit.
GM sedans use these, it's actually a stylish steelie. Why the fuck GM doesn't offer it with a center cap for a sporty(cheap) 'rallye' wheel? But GM is fucking retarded so...

File: IMG_20201129_103953.jpg (331 KB, 1080x569)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
Purposeful looking cars.
This was designed to go fast and kill people.
16 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: theabsolutemadmen.jpg (174 KB, 800x550)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
based trevor
big trev himself would go for a ride with you and assess your driving skill to see if you were worthy of buying the car
Was he even a good driver himself
No. He didn't even have a driving license.
Truly the maddest lad

Rotary general please
all doritos check in
29 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>water temp gauge is useless
>oil pressure gauge is useless
Explains a lot actually.
once you get to the size of 15x9/15x10 with 0 offset, the options go down
companies will widen 3 piece wheels. idk how much it costs.
fuggg those Motives are nice and would definitely work great but they are even more money than the Works
>water temp gauge is useless
Mostly, it doesn't move off of normal until 230f and normal range is 160f-229f. 230f isn't going to cook the engine but if it hits 240f and above you're pretty much fucked.

looking forward to buying it when i can afford it

what should i worry about?
>what should i worry about?

i am aware of the average price tag, im more interested if theres any technical issues i can run into
nice slowbaru what body kit is that?
>if theres any technical issues i can run into

all of it. literally everything on the entire car
>i am aware of the average price tag, im more interested if theres any technical issues i can run into

... absolutely everything breaks and every spare part costs a fucking fortune. The electronics are sketchy, the ECUs are absolutely retarded (a single sensor goes out and your car's getting trailered), oil leaks start at 25k miles -- there's a reason why they no longer use handbuilt English all-aluminum DOHC engines, but just buy V8s from AMG.

There are guys who swap in C6 engines/transaxles into the V8 Vantages, and you can sell the old engine for so much that it's almost break-even

I think it was the Vantage that finally caused Carmax to stop offering unlimited warranties on "exotics"

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