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I have made some sketches of a streamlined three-wheeler. Main focus: affordability and economy. Three-wheeled format has three key functions:
-allows for extremely aerodynamic shape
-allows for cost and weight reduction (notably traction system is simplified - just single rear driven wheel)
-in most jurisdictions three-wheelers are subject to very lax laws; allowing for more design freedom and lower costs (basically dodging all the bullshit laws mainstream manufacturers have lobbied for to prohibit any small manufacturer from entering the regular car market).

It shall provide a comfort and versatility of a car for 2 people and their luggage while being much cheaper to buy than a car and costing a fraction to drive.

As for now, this is just a concept in form of sketches. I have some drawings and proposals for actual internal design but for now I just wanted to mostly share “the looks” and general concept.

Pic rel long wheelbase version, focused more on inter-city driving.
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Predator 420
>20 minute (claimed) flight time
>seats just 1 person, maximum of 210 lbs
>open cockpit, good luck flying in winter or just when it’s raining
It’s nowhere near a flying car. It’s literally a flying electric scooter. It’s only useful as a toy (neat one, but still).
Not op
I was thinking mostly K-car engines - should be best for fuel economy and relatively cheap, while reasonably reliable. Something similar from chinks or pajeets could be sourced if one wanted to trade some reliability for price reduction. If it would take off, some dedicated engine could be built.
For electric variant - generic shit from China.
Remember, it would weigh about as much as a caterham, it doesn’t need that much power.

File: 100_0078.jpg (2.38 MB, 4608x3456)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB JPG
Offroad general. Discuss all things offroad related such as:

>how old shitboxes with 3k in tires/mods outwheel the new $100,000 and 10,00lb Hummer EV
>redneck engineering
>Copenhagen vs Grizz
>saving hp with e-fan conversions, long tube headers, and cat deletes

Old: >>26453615
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>starter gave out
Did you try tapping on it?
File: OllllllO.png (83 KB, 310x155)
83 KB
Maybe its full of sand
$750 to install lockers and gears per axle seems reasonable instead of trying to do it myself desu. Remember to thumbs down and unsubscribe
: )
I recently paid $2k labor for transmission replacement and install rear LSD

File: 619buOZXPtL.jpg (101 KB, 1000x1190)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
What is this grade actually for?
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Blending low and high to get mid is "common" in the U.S.
There's only 2 tanks at my neighborhood gas station. Mid grade is blended through the pump.
I'm honestly not sure if this is a new phenomenon with modern gas pumps or if it's locale based. When I was younger in a major city there were 3 inground storage tanks.
very interesting info.
in a 90s ecu-controlled ignition with a distributor wouldnt an engine where the manual calls for 87 just advance the timing until ping is detected when filled with 91?
If it's designed for 87 then it will run at 87 parameters and retard spark If there's a fault (like a carbon deposit causing a hotspot/premature detonation).
And a knock sensor is needed.
Fox body mustangs as an example do not have a knock sensor, even though the EEC-IV architecture they run on has the capability to run a knock sensor.
If it's designed for 93 and has a knock sensor it will retard spark to compensate for 87. But it has to knock first which is not good for the engine.
enriching petroleum companies
Thanks for the info bro. I always suspected that putting premium in a regular engine would actually work against you in terms of power and mpg.

File: wat.jpg (73 KB, 750x422)
73 KB
> goto motorcycle dealer to look around and do class
> end up not doing class
> made mistake of giving address
> told me they would not mail me
> months later, I got mail from them
How do I make it stop? I don't have time for this shit.
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I did, of course
honestly Ford's parts site is one of the worst websites I have ever used
I finally after hours found a Ford "Field Service Action" bulletin from 1999 about this issue and found the part number since this document contains the advised inspection/repair procedure and lists all the parts and even the torque specs
so I searched that part number and Ford's OWN WEBSITE says it doesn't fit my truck
there are so many versions and numbers for this bullshit retarded part, water oil cooler, stupidest idea and design I've ever heard of
I've run into similar issues before with my other Ford, where the part numbers change every few years and you get lucky on some site that lists part number supercessions

corporate is supposed to ask for your dealer ID info lol
You're welcome /n/iggers
Could you, in theory, buy a ton of scrap parts and make a car? Say, a honda civic?
Yes, but even at junkyard prices you're paying moreto build than a decent example, it's kind of how junkyards function as a business.
wipers work normally on full speed
on any other speed they will start then immediately stop somewhere other than the fully off position
is it just a bad relay?

File: goose.jpg (2.11 MB, 2537x2537)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB JPG
Anyone else go on nighttime drives when you're feeling down? Very therapeutic.
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I used to when I was single. Now I just cum in my wife and the world becomes okay again
no, i'm a wagie and must be in my cagie in the early morning.
Kind of, but it’s only a 30 minute drive to the house of the woman I’m having an affair with.
I like to go driving at night to find crack whores in my town. They're fun and inexpensive
No, first of all if I drive at night I don't go out because I feel "down" because I'm not a faggot. I usually go out because theres not a lot of cars on the motorway and I can really push my car to the limits. But here in the UK it usually sucks to go out driving just for the sake of driving because theres no scenery its just fields or buildings, its really shit here.

I've always thought they were cool but the reveal tonight gassed me up a bit. There are a fair few 2008-2015 Challengers up for not a whole lot of money ($10k-15k, sometimes below). Are they actually worth it/good cars? I've never driven them before since most of my interest is in older stuff.
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Post your car anon
File: b13.jpg (92 KB, 680x868)
92 KB
dog bless
Manual or auto? Did you get the Performance Handling Pack with the LSD?
If so pull the ESP fuse and do a fuckin donut nigga
>Is it aftermarket?
Yes. And stupid expensive for that.

The guy at the dealership said it would take 3-4 months for delivery.

I went with
>granite crystal metallic
>performance handling
>technology group
>plus group
>harmon/kardon sound system
>4c nav display
Final total with taxes 68,193$ CDN
It’s still cheaper than the widebody with no options whatsoever which comes up to 84,204$ CDN, and I haven’t even started fueling it yet. Flared fenders aren’t worth 12,000$ more, no matter how cool they look (and the standard challenger looks sleek on its own too).

I would love to have been able to afford it but that’s too much for me. I am happy with my R/T. I hope it’s true that it’s easier to mod and tweak.
R/T Scat Pack?

You libertarian fags on /o/ won't like it but this is great news

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drunk driving is a meme perpetuated by MADD roasties bc their retard 15 year old son with undeveloped motor skills killed somebody.

I can't even imagine how much alcohol I'd have to drink to be unable to drive, maybe downing an entire bottle of vodka but then I'd probably throw up first anywa
Your logic fails on the fact people crash while sober.
>Imagine giving your hard earned dollars for this voluntary
We've been here before with seatbelt interlocks and after a few rapes and murders that women might have been able to escape from except their car wouldn't start because of the interlock the rule was rescinded. This will fail the same way except that somebody will have to die first, as usual.
Fatal accidents happen even when people are sober. Congress should make a law that all cars can't hit things. You know, with imaginary technology. This solves everything forever.

I have a hyundai elantra 2014 with around 27000 miles on it. Worth around 10-12k. Is it worth it to upgrade to something like a Lexus es350 from 2013 or 2014 with around 100k miles for 20k? Or is it a brainlet move to pay more for an older car with more miles
why not a toyota camry for like 18k from a few years ago?
Prices for those are pretty similar to the Lexus. 2015-2017 camries maybe like 20-30k less miles and better fuel economy. Other than that the Lexus is better in like all ways. Looks better, much quieter, and interior is way better
Can't go wrong either way they are better than a Hyundai
The 2012 ES350 and Avalon were much more reliable than 2013/2014 models.

As the other anom said I would go for a V6 Camry with the lowest mileage your budget can take you.

If you're looking at Lexus' you'll want an XLE Camry. Avoid SE/XSE models as they will have a harsher ride for no real gain in sport/soul.

File: not my problem.webm (937 KB, 556x720)
937 KB
Oopsie, missed my turn :)
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Story behind that vid?
Even so he could have used a little more finesse.
where can i find more dashcam footage on the internet?
one motherfucker did this at the fair in town. He leaned back too far and rippen through that canvas ceiling above him. I guess it fling him about a block away before he landed in somebody's yard.

They still use the same machine, but there's a huge duct tapped patch over one of those triangles in the ceiling.
did the cop stick his gun in that guys mouth while telling him his miranda rights?

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I hope that they were instructed to not visit the funeral and that they were not personally friends.
you get paid more for shorts
i just want shorts of women winking and blowing a kiss at the camera, before turning around, bending over, and blowing a huge ass stinker into the mic.

the best tiktok i have ever seen in my life, was a woman beating the shit out of a Mannequin, and then farting on it. none of those gay ass music shorts.
Only this vs that and build biology was good.
Anyone who makes that onions face and/or clickbait titles (i.e. Scotty)

File: WAAQKOBi.jpg (207 KB, 1620x1124)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
All my younger "car guy" friends give zero fucks about any american or european cars (aside from e30s of course) and it makes my brain melt. They're nearly all local mechanics too
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more for me
No one would give a shit if EA made RUF Unleashed instead.
Nah, everyone I met that drove a V8, turned out to be a huge faggot, also lots of faggots in Hondas for some reason
>>V8 like classic American luxoboxes
Why do you lie so blatantly, dog-eater!
Save for a handful of examples North America made absolutely dogshit cars
Theres a reason the bailouts happened

File: nissan-altima-coupe-10.jpg (112 KB, 1980x1061)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Buy them before people catch on.
Also see: Renault Laguna Coupe
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k swap it and itll be a damn hoot

its pretty much the same car subframe, control arms, hubs, brakes, rear trailing arms etc all swap over. its funny how the 7th gen gets shit on for the suspension but the RSX is the same.

nice speedo

>blaming the car because you're a bad driver
>jdms of that era
Yeah dude like the last gen celica and the RX8 you fucking retard
Gets walked like a fat bitch after a date with Pierce Brosnan next to a 3.5 Altima with literally TWICE the horsepower out put and more than double the tourq.

It’s better at saving gas though I’d imagine.
What's there to catch onto? Those things are absolute turds.
You want a sporty Altima, at least get a SE-R.
it will forever be a cope car and stay cheap like the 200sx

File: 1678283271517433.png (657 KB, 750x784)
657 KB
657 KB PNG
Why is this so true?
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Go back >>>/n/
>doesn’t care what vehicle she has

Stopped right there. Giant SUVs are a status symbol, showing that you give no shits about how wasteful you are because you are successful enough to afford it. It’s also safer all things equal to drive a bigger car, which is how their rational minds justify it. Your suburban woman example is completely retarded. She could choose to drive a used minivan from 10 years ago that is only perhaps slightly less safe because it is not as big. But this person DOES care about appearances. And giant SUV is not her only option, are you actually retarded?

It’s the rare person who does not think about whether or not others regard them as “doing well.”
hopefully you'll die horribly in a road rage incident, but you won't even get outta your cuckmobile you weak faggot troon.
File: media_FqKbKy0XwAAjOFl.png (101 KB, 1000x1000)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
nothing worse than being stuck in uphill jittery traffic with a manual

File: 1663212665945324.png (1.61 MB, 1920x1080)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
Welcome to the Auto Vidya General, the thread for discussion of racing and driving games.

Previous thread >>26454312


IP: mumble.get-good.net
Port: 64738
Password: 4ch


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Assetto Corsa 2 won't have mod support
calling it right now.
What game is this in?
the Alpine VGT is surprisingly real fucking good
I can't believe how poorly optimized DR2 is for VR.

When are we going to start mandating everyone to carry torque wrenches?

It’s clear that full grown men don’t have the capacity to be responsible when modifying their vehicles, so why not force these people to be adults? some of us have children.

fucking incels.
9 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Other than powertrain internals you don't need a torque wrench. And for most powertrain internals you can use a cordless impact. The only time you'll get fucked is transmission internals. Those bitches need to be torqued correctly.
t. Auto tech
>"of course you cant have slicks and drive on the road, its too dangerous its okay they're not allowed on highway use"
>"RREEEEE what do you MEAN you want to make it illegal to make my truck 3ft taller on fucked up made in china circus stilts! You also don't want my heckin 4banger boosted 40psi and blow up on the road rreeeeee!!!!!!"

You're probably trolling but you're right. Some modifications need to be made illegal. Cat delete is no big deal for safety, but a big no no. Why shouldn't backyard shit heap builds be treated the same way? Lifted trucks are a complete fucking hazard and should get your truck towed and license suspended though.
I have four torque wrenches in different sizes and torque ranges. I've stripped enough threads and broken enough bolts thanks.

let me guess. one of the A countries? America? Africa? Australia?
Kys my nigga

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