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File: AYO.png (147 KB, 409x206)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
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But women make all the decisions. That's why everything is a crossover.
>Mustang-inspired CUV
Don't buy new cars.
Nah Yuropoors feel that way because Musk is raping the German car economy.
I think Mercedes had it really going for them but now that I looked at the newest E-class it takes styling bits from the CLS and CLA and I don't really like them. overall, and I hate to admit this, Mercedes has the nicest cars and with only subtle changes they could be very decent. The AMG GT should lose the rear wing, it makes it look ricer-ish and they could have used a pop up spoiler. otherwise no complaints

the yaris GR is absolutely fantastic and I like the new camry if it doesn't look like this actually >>22407826
test in women = more cucked features

mitsu mirage

File: 14827ab-1.png (656 KB, 664x824)
656 KB
656 KB PNG
Are you locked down with nothing to do? Are you sick of watching your chinese cartoons? Is your car not fun to drive? Well I have the solution for you! I have purchased a 32 slot Assetto Corsa dedicated server and have spent the past two days finding and personally testing mods of JDM classics from the 80s/90s. Come and revel in nostalgia as you race against other /o/tists around the legendary Gunma Cycle Sports Center, best known from "Best Motoring." Think you've got what it takes to put down the fastest lap? Then put your bandwidth where your mouth is!

All of the cars should have download links through Content Manager,
All of the japanese DLC pack is required
Here is a link for all data.acd files for cars on the server if there are any missing from the mods: https://mega.nz/folder/8YZUAKpJ#6MfT3vA0dlIfaeok3uRPXw

Previous thread >>22393564
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The blue thing means recent, I was wrong before
Best car, even in a game it's an absolute pleasure to drive. Think that mod was ripped directly from Gran Turismo which helps.
That makes more since, haven't use onedrive inforever. And idk who said you have to sign in to download but thats not true at all.
The initital-d car pack is absolute garbage in my eyes. They handle like crap
Ur mom handles my crap.

I am having a rather hard time finding out how to become a GT/F1 race car driver. I would appreciate it if anybody would drop a line with some solid information.
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Start with rally racing, anyone can do it.
How much does something like this cost?
F1 champion Damon Hill only started racing cars at age 24 and started in F1 at age 32. But it helped that his dad was also a F1 champion
he also did that 28 years ago, in 2020 your F1 champion dad would probably still need to be a billionaire to make it happen

Does your house have a garage?
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yeah but the three car-sized sections of my family's garage are reserved for
>my dad's car
>my dad's stuff
>my dad's indoor golf driving range simulator

the rest of us park on the driveway
lmao unironically know someone that has a setup like this right beside their trailer. Based if you ask me
how much for the land rover? post more photos pls
"Corridor rooms" are my pet peeve with newbuilds in the UK. Good luck getting a room wider than 14 foot for under 500k
>son has a gilet fixation
LMAO his chest is cold but his arms aren't? What a faggot.

File: glory.jpg (220 KB, 1200x900)
220 KB
220 KB JPG

>few years ago
>4 mile stretch of arterial road near me completely fucked with cracks and potholes and shit
>traffic cones go up one day
>awesome, they're finally gonna tear it all up and repave it
>instead of ripping it up they spend all fucking year slowly going down the road making patches literally every ten feet
>after a couple years the entire road is all bumpy and uneven as hell
This shit isn't normal, is it?
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>>americans working out why privatisation is dumb

Because the government owns the roads?
you voted, right?
>americans working out why privatisation is dumb
Government roads and government workers, why did you even bother posting?

It's Pennsylvania isn't it?
not true.
>live in the shithole that is long island, new york
>taxes are fucking sky high, only bested by LA and SF
>roads are dogshit
>schools are broke
>police is using equipment that's would be considered far out of date by 3rd world standards
its a shame, really.
there's pretty much no crime and everyone's conservative or moderate, its the fact we have to pay taxes to the island-shaped tumor in between the state and the actual island that ruins it
>>police is using equipment that's would be considered far out of date by 3rd world standards
Unions are cancer and are the root cause of corruption.

>live in the city
>most of my trips are <50 mi
Honestly why should I not get a Tesla?
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Theyre very nice luxury cars. But consider saving the money and buying a Soul EV instead.
File: 2154_00561.jpg (34 KB, 500x330)
34 KB
>luxury cars
applies to comfort, not cost
3 holes is better than 2 fag
Depends on the quality of the hole
>cold weather reducing range
>darkness preventing solar charging viability
>still a big market
You confirm everything I said.

File: basedsabre.jpg (896 KB, 1024x682)
896 KB
896 KB JPG
So I've pretty much narrowed the choices down to:
>1996 (Preferably) LeSabre/Park Avenue
>1990-1996 LS400
>1992-1997 Grand Marquis
So obviously the LS400 is a very reliable car, like the others and I'm leaning towards it, but how is the ease of maintenance on it? Are parts like cabin air filters expensive?
oh, so you still need to be spoonfed?
alright looks like the ls400 is the winner, maintenance is a little harder but parts are the same and the ls400 is gonna be the best car.

You have 10 words to explain to me how to use a car with a gear stick and clutch!
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But OP I do

Mahnigga.jpg I want to find a toll card for my ETC
Push clutch all the way in
Shift into a gear
Let go off the clutch slowly while simultaneously stepping on the gas a little
clutch, gear number, gas, slowly less clutch, go, repeat.
I don’t even have a problem with manual gearboxes it’s the annoying cunts that have to tell everyone about them. Just an example had a huge faggot in a uni class telling people “yeah I had to drop out of college years ago because my arm broke and I couldn’t drive stick with one arm.”

How do you guys cope with the fact many of you will never be able to afford a "cool" vehicle? I'm a dishwasher and I don't know how I'm going to be able to afford a new 911 at any point in my life. Thinking about doing a lease even though I've heard it's a poor use of your money. I just want to know how it feels to be rich.
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this fucking is hilarious, you comment how bad he is at driving, and he goes "hurrr durrr you jealous cuz I got money xD"
buy chainlink you mongrel. even a dishwasher will get rich of it.
File: opensource.png (1.29 MB, 897x597)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
I have volkswagen insted of a car but I am very grateful for it. 170 horses.
File: OP.jpg (88 KB, 642x1443)
88 KB
Having a cool car is both easy and cheap, but that's when you know about cars and the many hidden gems the industry made over the years.
It's much harder when you're a pathetic waste of blood and organs that only sees cars as means of winning dick measuring contests. Get absolutely fucked, asshole, scum like you; but successful, is why classics get more and more expensive for normal, genuine enthusiasts.

With all my heartfelt hatred
t.cool but obscure car owner
>eating tacos with a fork
Why are richfags such subhumans?

Im in the process of selling my B7 RS4 Avant and on the lookout for a new car.

Problem is the only car that is tempting me at the moment is the B8 RS5, which only comes in auto.

Ive never owned an auto before and on the few occasions of driving one severely disliked it.

Any decent recommendations for next car?
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in the same predicament. looking at a car that has zfs 8hp in it with flappy paddles. the shifting is incredibly smooth in automatic and the paddles are responsive but it feels a little awkward going from driving standard to that. still unsure what i want to do
Stronic is good, the shifting is stupid fast. Mine is starting to rattle and will probably die soon at 200k kms.
Honestly audi autos are nice in the S and RS lines. I drive an S3 as my daily first auto car i've owned its great the power, smoothness etc. Having the padels is also great fun. However i have a manual classic so i can hop in and enjoy a manual car too. If you want power auto is the way really!
The blackwing is turbocharged dude, you’re thinking of the older gen
CT5-V is confirmed to get a supercharged Blackwing

I'm a unfortunate owner of a mk4 gti. It's the awp engine, with a ko3s. As a daily driver, is it worth modding it to stage 2? Specifically, the gonzo stage 2 tune.
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Closer to 2900lbs lol.

Spend money making it handle well, it'll make it more enjoyable. Do TT/R32 spindles to fix the fucked up suspension geometry and a Quaife.
Why spend a stupid amount of money on meme parts to make a pigfat numb FWD grocery getter "handle well" when you could just buy something that's not outright terrible to start with?
Why bother modding a car when a 15 year old $3000 600 will blow it out of the water?
>straight line fast
>dont need handling
>stage 2

File: weebcuckmobile.webm (2.18 MB, 360x640)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB WEBM
Do weebs think this looks good?

Why do they publicly announce their mental illnesses?
165 replies and 26 images omitted. Click here to view.
So, what would your itasha theme be?
sports fans and weebs are equally trash. Then again I wouldn't really trust a weeb to spot me at the gym or to wing me at a bar.
>Tesla with matted wrap of muh /ak/
please stop sniffing ajax
is that a 1999 Toyota Avensis?

Alright /o/ it’s time for another exciting edition of Should I Buy

I’m looking for a 2003 and up model Town Car that I can cruise around with on weekends and take on long trips. Idk why I think TC’s are so cool but they are to me. I found this 2003 one for $3k, has 80k miles, was owned by a grandpa, and looks very clean inside and out. Should I buy?
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
That’s good to know
Be very careful of rust under the car. These things do rot out pretty hard. If it passes a careful rust inspection then just pull the trigger TCs are a very reliable and comfortable car.
Bro that car still has 300k miles left. These cars are still used as cabs in NYC. I saw one with I kid you not. 473k miles.

This is correct, however that piece is known to still fail as plastic/aluminum aren't very compatible.

The main part that fails is the plastic/rubber portion above cylinder #8. It warps/melts for whatever reason, and then you start pissing coolant out, which in turn may fry your coil packs on that bank.

t. owner of a 2004 Town Car ultimate, purchased with 80,xxx miles, was owned by old people. Family member also has a 2004 with low miles, and the same exact thing occurred. Pretty simple job minus the crash bracket bolt, which is a PITA to get out.
File: 2018-11-07 18.48.24.jpg (431 KB, 888x1112)
431 KB
431 KB JPG
Pic related, this shit gets fucked, see rubber piece is sticking out in the middle of the red circle.

Does /o/ like Porsche 928's?
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He was compelled. Trust me.
File: 968cs.jpg (1.87 MB, 4032x3024)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB JPG
OP is an idiot.

The 968 CS is pretty based btw.
Porsche realised the 968 was selling slowly because it was to expensive, heavy and comfort oriented. So they added a simpler clubsport variant with a more basic interior, bucket seats and slightly stiffer suspension, and it was actually cheaper than the regular 968.
And it would easily keep up with any NA 911
The 968 ist the 928s facelift
Wrong, the 968 is essentially a 944 facelift.
928 is ugly FR garbage

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