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File: unnamed.jpg (52 KB, 512x342)
52 KB
criminally underrated edition

post off-road pics
discuss off-road things
nobody cares about your mom's suv
previous >>24335033
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Opinion on rear radius arms?
T. Want to throw my leafs in the trash
I'll stick with the 4Runner. The first batch of Bronco's are bound to have issues coming out the gate and 2020 did Ford no favors.
I've been meaning to sell my Chevy S10 to get a Blazer like pic related for off-roading. Is it a good cheap option for around $3,000? I never see people on here recommend it though I like how it looks and want something familiar.
based. green chili posters rise up. looks like cruces.

between new cars having AIDS like in-car advertisements, chink quality electronics, tiny high strung turbo motors, mandatory gps, and overall looking like mongoloid shit I can't see myself buying anything manufactured after 2010 ever again
where are the unimogs

File: 30O8JZ2P.gRgVATNYg-(edit).jpg (360 KB, 2080x1386)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
>buy a nice expensive sports car
>pick a boring ordinary choice of color like silver or grey for it that you see on shitboxes everywhere

Why people do this?
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Absolutely this. I've heard that 997 turbos in guards red are actually rare up to the point they command a premium.
Because I want a nice car for myself not to impress someone else. Also if you get it to impress women youre fucked anyway because the only people looking after you and taking pictures are dudes. Especially annoying if you park it somewhere and faggots start taking selfies. Fucking hate these dirty leeches. And then you have to walk up to them and go through that retarded "Ahh hahaa no worries its fine. No I dont mind dont worry but can you stop?"
Fuck I hate peasants so much...
It hurts to see that thing in the snow. God I want one so bad
Because I want the car that I like, not the car that you like.
Fuck you, those aren't NPC cars.

>mfw an american lectures anybody on proper driving techniques
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>56% of americans live paycheck to paycheck and 61% have less than 1000 USD in savings, so your post is cope

And yet we are still richer than the average europoor
Who is we son? Just cause GDP per capita is higher doesn't mean everyone by default has a higher standard of living than countries with lower GDPs.
And in Germany 40 percent live from paycheck to paycheck. Yet when you compare German and American paychecks it's not that clear.
If they count only the money that someone puts somewhere with actually investing into anything, then it's a useless stat for a country that has probably the biggest citizen investment culture in the world.
And they all chose that life through buying everything with interest-bearing debt like private schools, financed cars, mortgaged houses, and credit cards for food, clothes, televisions, games, toys, gadgets, gizmos, etc or by renting/leasing and paying for something which has no ROI.

Nobody is born in debt, having to live paycheck to paycheck.

The bleeding hearts would have taxes raised to help people with their own private financial issues, but they're just that, private financial issues. It's none of the government's business being involved in such matters and it would only hurt those they claim to want to help. These people don't have any financial sense, throwing more money at them via government/taxes won't solve their problems, it will only kneecap and hold down those who can rise above by over-taxing them for succeeding. It's deincentivization.
Third worlders and yuros just shouldn't be allowed to post

File: 1626693307688.jpg (470 KB, 1600x1200)
470 KB
470 KB JPG
m...m... m......mmmmmm...mmmmmmmmmou...........mouse car
File: Nyanborghini.jpg (259 KB, 1024x576)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
Mau5 car.

Which of you own the shittiest car in all of /o/
File: ca5.jpg (117 KB, 1080x1331)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
All my l'automobiles are french I secure victory in this competition by definition
Anyone who owns a gook car.

But there's plenty of shit boxes here. Some nice ones too
File: EPCvQ0KXsAU9023.jpg (236 KB, 1200x922)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
i'm proud to know that i'm not poor.
File: jalopy.jpg (22 KB, 468x219)
22 KB
Not anymore, but two of my previous cars were a 2001 Hyundai Accent hatchback and a 1996 Honda Accord, both of which looked like something from a far cry game.
I own a rusty second hand 2002 Peugeot 206 that's been through 3 accidents and has been flipped over in one of them, it's still going tho and currently it's parked because I probably fucked it when I drove it for 300km through 47°C heat about 2 weeks ago... Meh

post beautiful engines
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like it.
>transversely mounted V8
Why is the engine the wrong way around?
File: .jpg (48 KB, 800x600)
48 KB

which one has been the best in the last years and why is it ford?
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GM has the C8, FCA has the TRX. Ford has?? An Escape with an ugly body slapped onto it?
There are something like 600k police officers in the US, even if every single one of them was issued a vehicle AND these vehicles were replaced with new ones every single year that's still a fraction of the number of new cars sold in the US each year.
he must be lucky. usually german built cars are worse than mexican ones.
Makes sense. I just thought it was a larger portion of total yearly sales.
Camaro is literally an electric sedan and the ls doesn't go in the vette anymore.

File: IMG_3069.jpg (105 KB, 828x621)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
I wanna see what you drive

I myself drive a Peugeot 206 from 2006. Its my first car and quite happy with it. What should I do with it?
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Protip if you go to home depot and buy some canvas drop cloth for painting and fold it into a few layers, you can use that instead of racks to strap shit to your roof if you should ever need to.

Of course not if you spend your days worrying about the slightest thing happening to your paint, but if you are the kind of person who uses a car like a tool and understands that it's not going to ruin the paint.
>removes roof rats
>let me just haul this new lumber for that warped deck board
>whoops its 16ft long
>better strap it to my r-
Through the magic of buying two of them, I don't have to worry about that
What is that? Not something we get stateside
File: IMG_20210211_130211-01.jpg (1.3 MB, 3472x1352)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
Went back to old reliable my vx commies kept blowing engines when it happened the 4th time I swore off gm push rod shit and I'm sticking by that

File: jewishman.jpg (6 KB, 183x275)
6 KB
whats the point of leasing a car?

>monthly payments are almost the same as in a long financing plan
>except you get a yearly mile limit, cant mod it, cant use it for certain activities
>at the end its not yours and you have to give it back

Why the fuck would anybody lease a car when you can just get a 5+ year loan instead?
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File: 1624314213390.jpg (274 KB, 1216x2800)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
I've worked in finance for 10 years and spent six of those focused on consumer lending. Leasing has a time and a place, but it's absolutely not the best thing to do for the average person in a normal market. Some anons already brought up good points regarding accounting aspect and businesses, salespersons, etc. Here's what I recommend to people considering buying vs leasing:

>Finance Factor
This is the cost of borrowing the money for the lease. The lease is literally paying for expected depreciation + (((interest))). If the finance factor is very low, you can potentially have positive equity if you trade in or 'sell' the car before the lease ends. This is especially relevant today, where used cars are comparable to new cars in price. That won't last forever, but it has been ongoing for the last three years. Make sure your lease allows you to buyout the vehicle at end of term.

>Brand new models, major revisions, untested technology, etc.

These are reasonable times to lease if you're otherwise considering a purchasing a brand new car. ALWAYS check the finance factor. You don't want to be paying a huge markup just to see if you like a car.

>Down payment??

Don't put much money down. Look for as close to $0 down as possible. Expect to pay around $1,500 down for documentation, delivery, taxes, first month payment, registration, etc. Negotiate everything, including the above fees. End of the month is the best time to buy or lease. Most dealerships have tiered sales crediting at the dealer and sometimes salesperson level, so if they only need a few more sales to push them to the next tier (more $$ per car sold) they'll work to make a deal. End of month, end of quarter, end of year are best times.

>Why put little down?
Leasing a car with low down payment means you don't have much on the line if some four legged menace runs out of the woods and wrecks you or a texting soccer mom t-bones you. Cars totalled. No down payment lost. Get GAP insurance.
We will keep having this thread as the only reason non-businesspeople lease is "Cause how else can I pretend to own a brand new BMW XDDDDDDDDD my friends think im rich now despite living in the same apartment they do XDDDDDDDDDDDD"

In the context of /o/ the only reason why leasing comes up is for poor fucks to pretend they're rich for a while
>you have sole title
You do not. The title is literally in the bank's name and they keep ownership of the title because they are the legal owners of the vehicle. It's their legal property. You purchased it with their money. That makes it their property. It doesn't become your property until you pay them back with your own money. Notice how it's not until then do you get the title? Do you even know what a title is? Have you ever payed off a car before?
Offering up your car that you own as collateral for a personal loan is not the same thing as getting a loan to go buy a car. Americans are financially illiterate. Just one big goyim farm to milk dry.
File: afr-321-rust-monster.jpg (186 KB, 672x936)
186 KB
186 KB JPG

I think I laid out another good reason above. Buying a car that you're unsure of wherein the lease costs close to or literally nothing is fine. Also want to point out that these are not ordinary times. Used cars are up like 20% in the last 18 months. Fix your shitbox but sunk costs are a thing. Those of us who deal with PicRel have an additional problem that literally becomes unfixable after a point. I'm buying a brand new car and wasting money to do so when my engine fails. I may end up leasing a soïtruck but no way am I buying one brand new when QC isn't solid yet.

Why are cars so fucking expensive?
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he’s talking about your lack of liquidity in a round about way anon
just bought a new 2022 base civic lx with no options that should be arriving next month for $25,500 , all sales tax and fees/plates etc included

.. was gonna pay cash to avoid interest rates (even though they're pretty low right now but I'm cheap) , couldn't bring myself to see that much money leaving my savings account so got a 3 year loan at 1.9% for 680/month. just gotta suck it up for 3 years.

back in the day I would've just bought a 10/15 year old shitbox for 5k and drove that around for 4-5 years with minimal maintenance but motherfuckers asking too much money for their used cars.. its honestly cheaper to just buy new at this point if you plan on keeping it long term
File: conspiracy.png (188 KB, 1130x840)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
>nanny state sticking its nose in cars
Across basically all industries, the regulations are written by their lobbiests since they hurt newer and smaller companies disproportionately. In the case of cars, all the required bullshit pushes the price of cars up enough the average person needs to finance the cars and finance is literally the majority of all automakers profits.

File: Clarkson[1].jpg (140 KB, 1920x1080)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
so he admits to liking american cars now.

eurobros.... to celebrate this occassion what murikan are you getting? for me it's a Camaro ZL1. it's like a BMW, but good
30 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I'll trade you a Ford Raptor for a 2021 Focus ST and an eastern European mail order bride.
throw in a trailer and a white trash female that hasn't been ruined by meth yet and you got a deal
He always liked them. Being a celebrit he is mandated to say a thing or two about them in a snarky manner.
I know he always liked them, he has never been as excited as he was in his old viper review, I'm just saying now he outright admits american cars are good, no more snarkyness
That's because Amazon cuts his cheques.

>buy pressure washer
>washing brush from autoZone

>wash my car at home in my drive way
>end up soaking in sweat
>its not even hot outside

What gives? This didn’t happen when I washed my car at the coin car wash
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Huge ass head. Busted teeth, blesched hair. Also a broken back just to somewhat give the hint of ass cheeks. If that's how normal bitches look in your area I'm truly sorry, anon.
>buy a shower head
>get a long Hose and connect it to your bathroom water outlet
>shower your car gently
>This didn’t happen when I washed my car at the coin car wash

The coin car wash has less power than your pressure washer. And you spent more time lugging things around at home whereas there's nothing to carry at the coin op since even the weight of the hose is suspended.

The coin op also operates in a covered tunnel-like area. The water mist bouncing up cools the air for an evaporative cooler effect. As you walk around, the effect is cooler than if you are at home exposed to the sun and warmer air.
T. Homo erectus
not that anon but there are fit men with more ass than this flappy ol hag

File: ExnJMZyXMAAfL7b.jpg (63 KB, 960x720)
63 KB
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I love that Luanne is an absolute genius when it comes to cars but no one really acknowledges it and she just enters beauty school because she thinks that's what she should do. Best line was "aunt Peggy I found this solenoid from a 77 Cadillac in the laundry, should I put it in the whites or darks?"
They kinda just left that plot line alone after a few seasons
>when i drive the car hard, i wish that i had more aggresive cams to help the engine breathe better up top, but at the same time i don't want to deal with the rough idle and poor fuel economy at low rpms
>honda: hey we have the thing just for you
>lol fag
cmon now
>boomhauler about to show hank why propane is only used for appliances that stand still
File: 06a885f91a83da14d.png (229 KB, 450x500)
229 KB
229 KB PNG

Almost all manufactureres use variable valve timing systems, it's just that honder has a famously branded ones. It's just like sneezies and kleenex, or bumrubs and charmin.


File: 1627603657675.gif (564 KB, 800x430)
564 KB
564 KB GIF
My fucking sides, idiots now actually pay for an old Toyota more than for a mint Ferrari from the same era https://japanesenostalgiccar.com/toyota-supra-a80-turbo-sells-for-201000/
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Lol wtf is a Ferrari dude they all just rot apart and you can't even do shit with it. You can buy a billet block for a supra.
t. projecting neet
I'm not the one seething because a rich person bought a collectible car
>actually pay for an old Toyota more than a mint Ferrari
but how much will they pay for the Toyota in spare parts down the line?
>implying that that Toyota will ever be driven

Is it even remotely feasible to daily one of these things?
>Inb4 muh emmpeegees
I live in a state where gas is relatively inexpensive
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File: 1627362595543.png (247 KB, 689x428)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
Bruh the parts store on my way to work has carbs on the shelf, what are you talking about lmao
>Tell me you drink onions milk without telling me you drink onions milk
They did diesel swaps on the American cars
Like I said not every body is some tornado bait flyover not living in the rust belt. Lets see your 70's car then.
holy shit you don't know what you're talking about

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