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in your observation, what type of cars attract women? expatiate on your observation with real life anecdotes and why you feel that way, do not just make random claims
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true, also range rover
File: 1593204283231.jpg (143 KB, 700x828)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
the autism is strong in OP. I don't even know you and you creep me out. So it wouldn't matter what you drove.
women do not care about your car
She might feel competitive if your Jeep is larger than hers
This thread the 14th time this week

File: CTG5.png (2.13 MB, 1600x1252)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB PNG
>pre 2000 only
>no hairdresser cars
Post photos, ask questions, and discuss classic Toyotas in this thread, bonus points if they belong to you.
Previous thread >>22560045
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Yeah that's always been my assumption to about trumpets on fwd Corollas. Would seem to work way better with the stock intake or something similar where you have itbs but the air is coming from somewhere other than the back of the engine bay. I like the idea of carbed 16v 4ages but they would probably just have the same issue. Your Corolla is based and a definite sleeper
File: 1594318286307.jpg (131 KB, 960x540)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Car brainlet here. Can one of you fine gentleman please identify the year, make, and model of the car pictured in this meme?
95-97 Corolla

make is topic of thread
>dont know how to fix this
>cant keep it covered

File: ART EDITION.jpg (184 KB, 1024x768)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
Old: >>22604773
Art Edition
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File: zim hank.jpg (46 KB, 539x720)
46 KB
>then stop sitting in it


File: download (5).jpg (25 KB, 576x320)
25 KB
Is there a more Aesthetic van than the 1984 Toyota LiteAce?
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They call them multi purpose vehicles here in bongland
For me it's the fiat 900t
File: 1992DelicaCali-1.jpg (212 KB, 1000x667)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
same. L300 looks so nice.
File: Fiat900.jpg (95 KB, 960x540)
95 KB
These are tiny AF btw

I'm falling for the 350z meme...

I want one...

But what's stopping me from buying one right now is the fact I've had nothing to do with Nissan's in general other than my old G60 Patrol, I'm just curious about how the maintenance goes for these boys.

Any 350z owners out there got any heads up for me? Any common issues? Is it easy to work on in comparison to let's say... A BRZ?

Thanks for any advice in advance.
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Actually I have no oil leaks at all from both cars.

No oil stains in the garage either.

I have an oil catch can on the 350z.
>"doesnt run" "replaced motor/2nd or 3rd motor"
And it's always these retards who take their car to the track without preparing for it.
The VQDE and VQHR (not the Revup) are rock solid engines for people with common sense.
Do it. Love my 350Z.

Wrenched extensively on my car and an FRS. 350Z is as easy if not easier to work on.

If you wanna beat on the car you’ll need a CSC delete and a diff at the minimum. Change the oil on 5k intervals and keep up on preventative maintenance and you’ll be fine. Main PITA with this car is the galley gasket failing at high mileage/abuse.
I was just joking, my G35 is leaking a bit though. Too lazy to fix it, I’m adding oil either way.

Would you recommend the catch can? I’ve been thinking about that one. A cheap way to control some of the oil consumption? What’s the catch
The catch can is doesn't stop oil consumption.

It stops the oil from going into the plenum and building up in there. Which can ruin your car and cause valve build up on the engine.

File: brake-gallery04.jpg (243 KB, 1920x1280)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
I'm trying to get regular maintenance done on my vehicle and I have questions about brake service. It's a 2012 and I've never had anything like a bleed done, but it's low mileage at 25k or so. I was told during a fluid change the master cylinder was about half full. Do I need to go full bore and get a bleed/lube and all that shit, or should I just top off the brake fluid? Doesn't feel mushy (at least that I can tell, maybe I'm used to it), grabby, or noisy.
Just top it off if the brakes feel fine
If the MC is low there's a leak somewhere; you can bleed them or flush them and it won't fix the leak. Mushy brakes means there is air in the lines; grabby or noisy is a caliper problem most likely. Get the brakes checked by someone who knows what they are doing - topping off the fluid will not fix the problem
Don't listen to this busrider. Top off your fluid, crack open your bleed valves, and drive down the block with them open to purge the old fluid.
The fluid gets lower as your pads wear down, if the fluid is that low then a full check of the brakes is best. Topping it up is pointless until you get it checked.

File: antitheftcontraption.png (92 KB, 1836x1068)
92 KB
I just had an idea for an Antitheft device.
A small tank that holds fluid under the car, If the car gets towed up the tow truck or down the street the fluid is gonna spill. Theres a switch to toggle it so it doesn't spill when driving. You could put gasoline or paint in there so you either know who stole your car or he is simply burned alive in his tow truck.
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A lot of cool shit comes out of your country and it's mostly insane shit. Thanks for the Pattern 83 battle jacket btw, love wearing it in the desert blasting Die Antwoord.
So they wait for you to be going into a store and they walk out past you, like an rfid booster social engineering attack.
File: 1567068270876.jpg (1.78 MB, 3952x2533)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB JPG
>The War Rig has a kill switch preventing it from being driven by unwanted individuals. The kill switch sequence was set by Imperator Furiosa herself. The ignition sequence consists of toggling seven switches as follows: 1st switch - 2nd & 3rd simultaneously - 1st switch, red switch, black switch and ignition switch. Trying to drive the War Rig without engaging the correct sequence will halt the flow of fuel to the engines, allowing the driver only a short jaunt before the engines burn up what remains of the gas within the throttle body.
Sans the 'burn your engine up running lean' part I'm gonna set something like this up in my truck, series of switches and relays that must be thrown in the right sequence or they disconnect key sensors.
>immolate yourself opening your door
Excellent. Humans have evolved to a point where natural selection doesn't work. This is a good way to remove bad programmers from the gene pool
Modern dumb burner phones that can just call/text use barely any power, and 95% of that consumption is the screen. Just sitting, it'll last for 6+ months.
Doesn't matter if the service plan expires, as long as it has a SIM, and thus a number, it works with 'find my phone'.

How much would it cost to buy and import a Century once it becomes legal?
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Old luxury cars are the most pathetic thing you can drive
There is a guy with a limo version on here, but he said it has some century only parts and it would need custom work done to fix it.
I’ve owned 3 generations of the Lexus LS I want to own a 1gz car not another uz
I plan on only having it as a weekend car since it’s right hand drive. I’m ready to stockpile all the parts that I will need if anything breaks.
File: dr-evil-gif-18.gif (766 KB, 244x244)
766 KB
766 KB GIF
one MILLION dollars

File: adsasdasd.jpg (151 KB, 997x742)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
questions that don't deserve their own thread

OP wants to be spoonfed edition

I got a 2011 Subaru Forester XT Sports today as my first car, pic related. I want to do some fun stuff to it.
An anon mentioned a MagnaFlow Muffler - which model would you guys recommend?
That same anon recommended getting gold wheels. What's a place to look for those?
Any other things you guys would do? Body kit up front and a new intake system?
>inb4 OP is a faggot
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Did you read the story? The HHR has a towing capacity of about 1000 pounds and the guy said he was using it to move a trailer over double that. Generally speaking, if you see a hitch on a car like that it's going to raise some eyebrows because people will womder if it was used for something it shouldn't have been... And it was. I'm sure it's different for a truck or SUV so long as you're using quality parts.
File: jeep-floor-panel-rear.jpg (22 KB, 434x456)
22 KB
Hi br/o/s, quick question. Why do floors have the raised rows in them, and if I'm going to cut out rusty floors, can I replace it with a flat panel or do I need these rows?
I understand why you hate it, but that's still cool as fuck. where did you find it?
People have done something like this, but with the final drive in the gearbox and another in the diffs. So basically incredibly low geared. I think they're used off road.
GReddy makes the best Subie exhausts. Reeaaly deep, kinda quiet, nice rumble when driving in gear.

my BMW was stolen. what can i do?
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File: gigachad.jpg (56 KB, 1068x601)
56 KB
Which BMW was it
Does it matter? They're all shit.
Ask around the local mechanics and junkyards
yes it does, know it all fuck face

In this thread, we thank General Motors for their contributions to the automotive world
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Twice that. 15-20k lbs. It's built on a commercial Kodiak truck chassis.
Commercial weight indeed. That's three axle territory. Holy shit
File: GOD MACHINE.jpg (1.84 MB, 3575x2740)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB JPG
Blessed thread

Thank you GM for the best engine of all time
File: boats.jpg (2.94 MB, 3072x2304)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB JPG
GM has blessed me with boats, and a 6L V8 that will be going in the caprice. with a total of *5 wires* to get it running. they really did make it easy.

File: FIAT_PANDA_.jpg (139 KB, 1052x702)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
this is the greatest car that was ever and will ever be designed
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we have continental weather, so winter are still kinda cold, except in the southern regions
It also depends on elevation, mountainous parts of Sicily get considerable snow in the winter
first series assymetrical grile leaf sprung ones are very rare
keep in mind the old pandas were made until 2003, so most that run are from the late 90's
anyways the fiat panda is indeed the greatest car that was ever and will ever be designed
They don't survive in wet conditions, I saw these fiats rust out at 5 years old
Yep sheet metal lasts a lot longer in Italy, loads of old unrestored Minis around.
You need to change the subframes out on those with every oil change in the UK.

Thoughts on 2015 Kia Optima European 1.7 diesel version? I have an opportunity to get one for 9k bongbucks with only 40k miles on the clock.
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i'd automatically disregard any American opinion or words, those people are dumb sheep, KIAs are decent and if you do alot of miles everyday I'd definitly go with the diesel
>i'd automatically disregard any American opinion or words, those people are dumb sheep
Based and redpilled
kia after 2010 gets high ratings retard
Are you me? Also looking at this car
Which is basically what i said, retard.

File: file.png (29 KB, 830x239)
29 KB
2020 i am forgotten
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Maybe more practical, but wagons look weird and hatchbacks are just plain ugly. There should be only be three types of cars - sedans, coupes and minivans.
>his wife's kids
Man I wish they were only my wife's kids.
Hatchbacks and wagons are far more practical. And coupes look better and are sportier.
Iooks good to me

Are these any good as a weekend car? You can pick these up dirt cheap now.
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It's a name, retard. It's called "the modular"
all ferds should drive like a f150 like how all hondas drive like accords or volkswagens golfs
hey crow
They seem to be fine assuming it's not a rebuilt title, and as another anon has said, find an older buyer/boomer to buy from. Otherwise the GT was probably thrashed and who knows on the maintenance? North of 150K miles I'd be leery unless they have some papers to show what kind of work has been done, or if another motor was put in.

The 3v is not the 2v as far as going indefinitely with regular maintenance, but it's not a horrible motor either. As a weekend driver I say hell yeah, DD just depends on the way it was kept.

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