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File: stopthat.jpg (203 KB, 1692x603)
203 KB
203 KB JPG

chang was playing games on his phone while his tesla was on autopilot and died

I go and find on google maps where the accident occured


looks like someone else is checking his phone as well
You don't check your phone while you drive, do you?
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>check my phone
>use my phone
Only while I'm working though, I fall into the exempt category of "emergency personnel"
stats show its the distraction of the call that is the killer, not holding the phone or anything. so good job on justifying why youre a cunt
>drive stoned
>smoke while driving
>eat while driving
only if my gf passes me the food ready to bite in
>looking at phone while engine is on
I am such a pussy I wont even change shit tracks on spotify until I get a red light
don't have one
work phone stays at home in a drawer

File: 0978968.png (61 KB, 891x282)
61 KB
So a fren is looking to get into shitboxes and is looking at like a 66 Dart with the 273. Anything he should know before diving headfirst into it? Seems like a good starter classic.
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Mopars definitely aren't the cheapest option when it comes to parts.
Ford or chevy is for sure the way to go for a first classic. Lots of chevys you can practically build out of a catalog. Anything by Mopar, AMC, Studebaker, or other wacky ass companies is guaranteed to be a parts nightmare in most cases.
If he wants a fun shitbox to work on probably a good idea to avoid any carb engines.
>tripfaggot acts like he knows everything about cars to his peers
>comes here to ask

File: t69nqjwo3qu31.jpg (81 KB, 700x1009)
81 KB
These cunts live everywhere inside my car, from under the trunk cover to the bonnet.
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This thread was great.
ozone treatment and steam blast every inch of the car
Is that a fish tank bruh in the middle of the dash?
put me in the screencap bro good as thread bro damn this shit is good damn great thread put in screencap man
Better yet; install two.
Post pics.

>stop 2 car lengths behind the next car at a stop light
>slowly inch up till arrival at the bumper of the car in front
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Holy shit I see this all the time.
Or when they come to a stop a good few feet after the line to feel like they're getting ahead of traffic only to jerk off the gear stick when it's time to go
Nobody? I was taught to do this as well but I'm too lazy to, I only do it in extremely heavy traffic. You should actually be thankful when people do this. They're making a buffer zone in case the person behind them wasn't paying attention and slams into them at high speed. That way they have a gap between them and you, as they are both forced forward from the impact, and might have enough room to not hit you. Of course they don't really give a shit about you when they do this, and it's just so the insurance is less complicated because they only have to deal with one collision and not two, but it still benefits you when people do this. You could fucking drive away without a scratch instead of being rear-ended. Be thankful.
You..... Have no idea how insurance or driving works, do you?
Based fucking retard

Stop when you ought to stop and stay stopped. A normal safe following distance is enough.
You should be able to see the tires on the car in front of you if you're scared about being pinned in or something.
'Doing something nice' is how traffic dangerous, that's where the term 'wave of death ' comes from.

All you need to do is what's expected of you an literally nothing more
this is /o/, nobody here has a license

File: file.png (618 KB, 775x418)
618 KB
618 KB PNG
was Polonez peak car design?
File: 5uz5pn1wj6551.jpg (49 KB, 960x540)
49 KB
Polonez body was done by Giugiaro, so yes

>pic related
i wish designs like that to come back
Whatever you think of the design the execution was famously horrific. Cut your knees open on sharp panels horrific
Mom's spaghetti?
awesome design

it has varsaw pact soul and italian cool design

love it

File: IMG_0027-1024x768.jpg (159 KB, 1024x768)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
>drives a cylinder-let car
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Drive a 2.5 Jetta, takes a beating everyday I drive it.
what is happening there anon
happens to 3 cylinder engines too

eww gross
both the girl and engine choice
File: 6.0-V12-engine.jpg (199 KB, 940x600)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
Its simple. You either have 12 cylinders or you dont. Everything else is just dogs barking over scraps.

ITT: Car features that used to be mindblowing but now nobody cares

>6 disc changer cd player
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I testdrove a kia with one during summer, it was really really nice. You get bad swampass during summer in leather seats and it pretty much made it non-existant
That was the only thing I liked though, and it would have forced me to get 8k of options so I said fuck that
Muh pedestrian safety
Majority of new cars sold today have very poor visibility outside and most of all it is nearly impossible to figure out the dimensions of your car because of the shape. It's easier to reverse a van or box truck, because the car actually ends where it ends in your mirror, unlike on a Qashqai or CX-3 for example
ah, the old sack warmer. My FJ80 had one
>if I was buying a new car I'd definitely want it
all new car sold have to have it.

File: G8-08134300LSWC_1200x.png (660 KB, 1200x1005)
660 KB
660 KB PNG
>found a car I'm planning on buying
>look into what I'd want for it mod wise
>basic shit like a set of long tube headers, exhaust, cam, and air intake
>cam would be 3-400$ by itself. 700$ with valve kit.
>intake is like 150$ for a nice one that pulls from under the front bumper
>exhaust + headers would be 2100$
Fuck me. I've heard there's not much point in doing a cam if you aren't doing headers but ouch.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Because if somebody has done it, odds are it's been driven hard.
Good luck lol.
Seething nocar
You are buying a 12 year old muscle car mate, it's going to be clapped out either way. Might as well save some money and install time.
>So slow
Post car
>$3000 for a bunch of mods that will do absolutely nothing without shelling out another $1000 for a proper tune

File: 20210121_174624.jpg (363 KB, 1080x641)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
Why are new Audi/bmw/mb cars so goddamn ugly? Are there really people who unironically go into a dealership and pay for these cartoonish cars?
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this type grille looks way better than that regular one
Mad Cuz Poor: The Post
kek. Not only the cars look like they made for Instagram posts but the faggots who like it also speak like Instagram posts
rather drive an instagram post audi than a reddit hyundai or jap shitbox

MB has completely lost it, all their cars look like featureless bars of soap on the outside and RGB-laden screens and cheap-looking design on the inside. It is absolutely staggering how shitty they've gotten.

BMW is teetering at the edge, everything they make is pigfat and their newest designs are some of the worst I've ever seen. My neighbor paid nearly 60k for a 430i and I want to strangle him, the dealer, and the designer of that car.

Audi still makes good looking cars and has the best interiors in class, but jesus christ are they edging towards having absolutely nothing fun or interesting in their lineup. All their offerings are so muted compared to what they could be. Still currently the best of the three.

tldr buy a poorschuh

File: 1571866145203.png (194 KB, 813x609)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
So you are saying that they can remain at optimum engine speed forever in a drag race, and always beign the fastes around? That sounds awsome, why would you not buy them?
They are all made out of glass.
They can do that with the proper tu ing, of course. But now we have karens complaining the car doesn't shift and they all make fake shifting whici intentionally cuts power so it seems that it shifts, kind of defeating the advantage if cvts.
And also the reliability is still a big issue, no one wants a car that grenades its cvt at 100000 km and which costs a lot if money to fix - that's if anyone will touch it.
this and they only put them on boring engines that sound like shit

Does anyone here have experience withs mercedes GLE’s? When I speed up, this icon of my car comes up to my display dashboard and the hood blinks red along with a beeping noise. I have no ides what it is and can’t find any information about it, can anyone offer any advice?
it prolly thinks ur hood isn't latched. maybe something with the sensor that checks the hood latch? u still have warranty?
It only happens when I speed up so I doubt that its that. Thankfully I do, but it’s 22:00 at where I am and cant call anyone or do anything about it and I need to drive home
Check the hood, slam it hard and see if the error still appears. Most likely some stupid sensor of the hood is dirty or went bad. How old is the car?
>closed hood sensors

I get that the engine needs to suck air through a filter, but how does putting it inside a box help? Seems like it would reduce airflow, making the performance worse?

Also I've seen a lot of images of turbos without any filters. That seems like a very bad idea to me. Wouldn't dust get into the combustion chamber if turbo is free to suck whatever it wants?
30 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
How you liking the GMMG? Considering it for my 350 TPI turdgen. Got just a Borla muffler on it right now but it's incredibly quiet.

Also get some tubular LCA's and panhard rod with poly bushings, they make the car so much better :^)
Also are you still running the factory 10 bolt? I wanna upgrade but damn the prices are up there and its not something id be able to do on my own.
File: 1611338457850.jpg (1.86 MB, 4032x3024)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB JPG
The GMMG sounds perfect! I have a long list of mods to do this summer.
Yeah factory 10 bolt still. Not enough power, or traction, to worry yet.
Yeah about 2.5 to 3 feet. It makes oil changes and stuff like that easier
Swapping out the rear end on these cars is easy.
Undo control arms on axle, undo shock bolts on axle, remove driveshaft, remove panhard rod off axle, remove brake lines, remove parking brake lines. Can be lowered out with a floor jack.

File: download (2).jfif.jpg (10 KB, 291x173)
10 KB
I'm considering buying a VW golf.
Only problem is I'm 197CM (6'4) and 100kg (220lbs).
I don't fit in my mums Carolla which I've been driving ever since my car broke down.
Do any of you have any relative experience with this?
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Thanks for the responses anons.
It feels great, hey?
I'm down 25kg, and also putting on a fucktonne of muscle lifting daily.

Unironically can fit 4 adult males at 6ft or slightly over with very little issue or if a fifth needs to sit centre. It opened my eyes to how dumb crossovers actually are as a design philosophy when I got an MQB platform hatchback
what years/gen should be avoided? iirc mk6 golfs and gtis had loads of little engine problems
Mk5 golf has plenty of room. I've driven my 6'3 friend plenty of times and he fits fine. You should test it out beforehand regardless though.
I'm 6'4 both mk4 and mk5 lots of leg room. Lots of head room. Lol at passenger behind.

File: xr.jpg (35 KB, 1280x720)
35 KB
endurochads rise up edition

>Motorcycle Questions & Answers
>Motorcycle Tips & Tricks
>Motorcycle Gear & Accessories
>Motorcycle Pics & Webms

Useful sites for scrubs:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
309 replies and 110 images omitted. Click here to view.
shit thread
Buy a bike that wasn't stolen
oh I was unaware you worked for triumph. please, do go on.
I ride a naked bike of the freeway. I like the feeling of being blown around like a plastic bag
Completely agree, i ride a somewhat nice bike but that doesn't gice me the right / wish to park like a faggot projecting

File: 1611079862962.jpg (47 KB, 600x637)
47 KB
Yup, I just starting screaming to myself in the car again.
whenever im by myself in my car i just recreate the pig calling contest
I wish I could still scream. I can't flex my vocal cords and do a loud squeal anymore. I have to groan in a different way.
Can't properly sing either.

you have HPV in ur throat
I remember talking to myself and singing and acting a fool so much in my car that I caused some condensation to form.
Anxietyfags need to go.

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