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File: calais-707145.jpg (31 KB, 640x481)
31 KB
Isnt this shit just begging for you to get hijacked? All someone needs to do to steal such a car is stick a wide piece of cardboard on the road at night and wait for you car to forcibly stop even if you don't want to stop.
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You can. At least you can in my car.
they meant it's not a concern because no one is really gonna go do this, but that's why they're wrong
i don't know how you derived that meaning from that quote, but ok, here's your (You)
A gas chamber might be more efficient but nothing is more entertaining than loading up a T*sla with undesireables and crashing it into a wall. Now that I think about it electric cars are literally built for genocide since they cremate the bodies after the crash in a nice hot lithium fire

File: 1592433979793.jpg (29 KB, 539x960)
29 KB
If you were going to buy a late 80s/90s car with pop-up headlights, what would it be?


t. shopping for a shitbox
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it's not an electrical issue. its your vapor canister is clogged and pressure builds up in your fuel system
I like how easy it is to drop the engine. I might do it someday, but I want to keep it stock for autocross and it doesnt have leaks other than a oil leak that I see no fresh oil from and a minor leaking axle seal.
already checked the vapor canister, it's fine
Somebody buy this 2 owner, unmolested, sweet machine
I had 95 Z28 that would do something similar. I gave up after a few months and let my uncle fuck with it. He said he messed with some wiring under the dash and it seemed to fix it, but he didn't explain exactly what he did. My cousin has it now and I don't think they have any problems with it anymore. Has a coilpack conversion on it now, too.

File: 1511899930263.png (529 KB, 1080x1108)
529 KB
529 KB PNG
>Show someone Rally
>Oh, it's like Drifting!
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I watched Initial D and I learned that drifting is really, really fast. You can even beat F1 drivers drifting, those guys are stupid.
I could smoke anyone in my Corolla, including GT race cars because I know how to drift and they don't.
Who even needs that grip? Hundred years of racing and they haven't figured out how to really race, like the Japanese did.

They say drifting wears out tires more. Why do you even need tires? Just run bare wheels. And you should just put 3 wheels on a car for more drift, or better yet, rotating shopping cart wheels.
>lowered shopping carts
>only 3 wheels
>ones constantly shaking
>tipping over around corners

ahhhhhh now this is reeaaal racing
File: f1 1960 Monaco GP.jpg (171 KB, 1200x800)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
>f1 drivers are so dumb, why don't they do real racing?

... but there's no ground cable. How can I add one br/o/s?

Put a self tapper in the frame and run a “whatever gauge” you have around wire from self tapper to device and you have a definition reference point for ground.

But I wouldn’t even worry about that, all your cars equipment is grounded, if you’re plugging in some aux bullshit you aren’t gonna fry anything.
This is neat, what search terms did you use? Gotta get my last taste of ali before China gets nuked.
I'll try that anyway but you're most definitely right, it's not gon fuck anything up but I don't want my stereo to buzz whenever I plug my phone in. Thanks!

Not sure if it exists for other car makes as it's made for a Mk5 Golf/Rabbit but I just searched for a "golf 5 aux" and voila! Pretty sure there must be an equivalent for your car.
it looks like the yellow cable is ground, so it is grounded via radio
You don't need one, it's a plastic housing and the input itself is earthed through the connector that goes into the radio.

File: image.png (680 KB, 1104x338)
680 KB
680 KB PNG
Eurofag here,

Looking into buying a 2 seater sports car. Not really into jdm cars, pretty much only looking at German cars.

From what I have considered it comes down to a tie between a Mercedes SLK and an Audi TT.

Which one would you pick and why?
(any other suggestions are also welcome)
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Used SLKs are all falling apart. They are owned by women so they werent maintained and they are Mercs so they are shit. Do not do this
Both are not real Porsches btw
Lmao what? I can understand you being butthurt because you see middle age women driving a car that is more luxurious and comfortable than what you will ever be able to afford, but now you’re triggered by the Cayman GT4 too? Does Porsche only produce the 911 Turbo S? Is that the only Porsche? Piss off Faggot.
"Porsches are boring and for boomers" Well then what would you suggest? OP asked for a German car two seater and an Audi, BMW, or Mercedes are 10x more boring and are even more so for old men than Porsches are.
Have you seen the 992? If anything Caymans and Boxsters are more true to 911s of the past than any other modern Porsche.

File: scruffy.jpg (12 KB, 200x200)
12 KB
>Car calls for premium only on the lid
>put 89 in
arrest me
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So that’s how they sell syrup in Canada.
Vettes require 91 but it's very common for boomers to put in 89. Just depends on the car.
better than octane boost ya know
>drive a Ford with tiny displacement eco-boost motor
>1.5L 4 cylinder making a whopping 189 HP
>Always put 93 octane in it
Probably placebo, but I've never been steered wrong putting higher end fuel in my car.
There's your problem.

What's the issue with budget gas like United Oil with the same octane as non-budget gas? If it has filler, what is the filler? Google is not giving me specifics.
Ethanol and horse cum
There isn't any difference.

I go to the expensive gas station in my area because it's well lit so there are never any niggers there
File: 1574490895119.jpg (291 KB, 961x1280)
291 KB
291 KB JPG
is this you?

File: preludetimecap.png (410 KB, 798x537)
410 KB
410 KB PNG
How much would you pay for the last year of the last generation Honda Prelude with less than 5000 miles on it? It's even the Canadian market only SE trim which was only offered in 2001.

>20k canadian pesos
>would probably take 15
So like $3k USD? Sounds about right.

Do new mazdas rust? I live in CO
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What's the oldest daily driven car you have seen in Colorado?

Buy that.
I live in GTA and drive a 2015 Mazda 3 for 5years
Nothing major, just a few scratches underneath the rocker panel start to rust a bit
theres only new SUV's thats it. Occasionally you'll see a boomer in a porche or a mclaren but thats about it. However if im not feverishly masturbating in the nice white neighborhoods Ill see some pontiacs by my house in niggerville.
sup senpai
foco here
Anything past the Ford-era Mazda is your goal. Basically, Mazda model years 2013+. Dont you dare touch a Mazda in the Ford era.

File: yamaha.jpg (45 KB, 1187x1200)
45 KB
Got myself a Yamaha
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File: 1280px-Pleiades_large.jpg (254 KB, 1280x923)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
does it rumble?
Mines got classic plates
based fuckin setup, wow. how do you like the cp-80? i've only played one once and it was super out of tune but i still loved it

File: jnym8vx1gco31.jpg (109 KB, 1080x1331)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
yeah, I daily a dodge demon with the ECU flash on 100 octane race fuel and with drag slicks with no passenger seat
I daily the v6 8-speed auto version on 89 octane and wank to tranny porn.

File: Camaro.jpg (8 KB, 274x184)
8 KB
Thoughts on CB radios? Are they obsolete now or is it still a somewhat good idea to pick one up?
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HAM is best considering the current state of the world. If we all had hams, we could communicate after the EMP kills the grid and coms. Some are even capable of tx/rx data packets.
Apparently no one uses them anymore. Meaning truckers. Old ones say all the slang is gone and its not the same.
it's just truckers if they're still using it

In australia it's truckers and caravan folk but people only get them for emergency help as we have repeaters so if you're out 4WDing
how do you use a cell phone for the same purpose as a CB?

File: received_641181629810603.jpg (845 KB, 4060x3045)
845 KB
845 KB JPG
Red interior is best interior.
If you think otherwise you are wrong.
Thank you, good night.
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As long as there's no wood trim, I like any colour. Wood trim is fugly.
>no touchscreens
>no heated/cooled seats
>no blind spot monitoring
>no navigation
This is nice! Good looking interior for a Fox.
I had 1986 Cherokee Pioneer 4x4 with GM 2.8 turd. Beautiful red interior. I beat the bejesus out of it.
>tfw you can’t have a glorious green interior

File: 20200709_163430.jpg (25 KB, 555x305)
25 KB
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what other option is there? all there is are cringy insufferable "personalities" and tasteless trust fund kids
File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (57 KB, 1280x720)
57 KB
THITHS is all the NEW 2020 pasta ATARI. THITHS car has a 0-60 speed of 5.5 seconds, WAYE faster than the 1979 pontiac firebird Trans am/t top, now with thiths car there is a little hatch under the hood that opens up rear seat glove box, and THAT is one the weird and CRAZY quirky things about thiths car, and better yet, you can get the PREMIUM EDITION of THITH CAR FOR only 9.8 MIL
His level of autism and lack of being in “character” like others is refreshing.
>Starting with the weekend categegory this car is fucking dogshit and it gets a 1/10
>The interior quality is cheap plastic but when Land Rover does it it’s rugged interior for an off road car that breaks down every 5 minutes
but seriously this

So i'm pretty sure this happened to my 2012 impreza, 92k miles:


I had the recall done about 3 weeks ago, and since then the check engine light has come up 3 times

the first time they said the spark plug cracked when they rebuilt it

the second time (after replacing that spark plug) they said they didn't' really know, but they 'hard reset' (or some such shit) the computer and drove it 12 miles and it was fine

I pick it up today and drive it twice (like 7 miles home and then 5 ish miles to the grocery store and back later on)

on my way back, right around mile 12 of having the car, it starts bucking like it did the other times (in second gear, stick), the check engine light comes up and oscillates between blinking and steady. also cruise control and anti traction lights (also like the other times)

I'm going to bring it back to Subaru tomorrow but I wanted to get some feedback if anyone has some?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.




Tow your car into the dealership before they try to claim that you caused the damage through negligence.
What's the code it's giving?

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