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File: image-32.png (170 KB, 440x369)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
i love vehicles with CVT
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Wife's car has a CVT (Toyota) and I love driving it, it's just so smooth if drive it gently. If you stomp on the accelerator then the engine will thrash but if you just drive it like a normal car then it's incredibly relaxing, like a rubber band, and it always gears down to ~1000rpm for cruising around at town speeds so it's pretty much silent. Closest I can equate is to an EV.
Only one I've driven is a 2020 impreza, honestly pretty good. In "sport" mode it's absolutely haram, tries to simulate gear shifts and just ends up behaving like a typical subaru auto (shit), but if you just leave it in D then it's smooth as silk and gets you going pretty quick given how little output the engine has. Only real issue is hills, it will try to target a low rpm for economy and will hunt back and forth as you try to maintain a constant speed since the power curve of an engine is not linear.
File: IMG_20230315_190358.jpg (178 KB, 1080x1059)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
>They seem to think the gas pedal is an on/off switch and since off is the brakes they are constantly accelerating and the braking over and over
That's literally how you're supposed to drive, coasting is wasted road and lost time
I have two cars with CVTs, both act differently, but both are great.
Wife has a Toyota CHR. It's dumb and ugly but she likes it so whatever.
Drives smooth as fuck. Rpm goes up to 1500 and will stay there under acceleration, then spool down to 1000. Can't even feel it running most of the time. Quiet and smooth.
I have a Subaru Crosstrek, which will rev to 2k until the clutch locks up and drops to 1500, and will stay locked unless it's coasting. Once cruising, it sits at 1000-1100 and does the boxer rumble. "sport" mode just keeps a higher rpm, and keeps the clutch in a locked state at all times.
I know it's bait but you still made me mad

Some dealership owner leaked Stellantis's 10 year plan as presented to dealers on r*ddit.
>ICE sedan with TT I6
This has also been confirmed by workers at the Windsor plant that is gearing up to build it.
>Dodge Stealth as a 3 row Durango replacement (???)
>new Chrysler sedan
Sorry for posting from faggit, it's just where the guy leaked the info.
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600hp, calling it now
god I can't wait to swap a hurricane into my chally wally
they're selling crate kits and everything
imagine the zuuutsutsutsutsu
Look at mr "i love humans" over here
>imagine being this demoralized
I have yet to meet a miata driver that didn't want to kill themselves

File: plates.jpg (136 KB, 1000x1000)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
I've been living out of state for a while and am going to be moving back home but it's quite a long drive through several states and my sticker is out. I did the registration renewal but home state won't issue a new sticker until I pass smog so it looks like i'm just driving around with a long expired tags. How likely is it that I get pulled over for this and what do you think worst case is?
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Just have them handy.
pull over likely? or will plate readers say its all good?
>he thinks plate readers (a fucking computer) will spare him
just expect to get pulled over
never mind i’m retarded. you’re probably fine. who the fuck even looks at the sticker nowadays anyways? half the time they’re covered by shitty dealer frames
what happened in the 1 minute between posts to drastically change your mind like this

I'll start
>BMW E63 interior
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File: 1651587223531409.jpg (197 KB, 1024x768)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
How the do they get away with it? Why isn't audi suing every manufacturer who copied their signature design feature and associating them with normie shitboxes

I would be fucking livid
Say what?
Chernobyl Twingo
ford, toyota, hyundai, and kia are notorious for copy/paste car designs from other brands. like 80% of their current line up is just a copy of other brands, sometimes they mix cars up so you cant tell exactly. the worst part is when they copy each other like ford and toyota (rav4 and escape rears are identical, but the escape copied the front from a porsche cayenne)

>ford fusion looks like a tesla from the rear
>rav4 and ford escape have identical rears
>ford escape copied front of porsche cayenne
>some kia shitbag car looks a dollar store version of the lamborghini urus from the front
there are countless examples

nor crossovers until I saw thing
This land whale
This abomination

If it just had some 35" tires it would be better
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Throughout the 60s 70s 80s, an African Safari Land Rover WAS extreme offroading to the world, as people travelled across the globe to participate

Then Americans wanted to venture out from their farms and go mud bogging in trucks with tractor tires. Look at the little 28" tires the Jeep Wrangler used to come with, and still made it through the Rubicon trail

This new shit really isn't too far off
Kek enjoy your clapped out tin can shitbox deathtrap
>enjoy your clapped out tin can shitbox deathtrap
That chineese luxury car built by poo hands though LAMO fucking ricecakes swear to god
Imagine being in a little CRX Celica Integra RSX Prelude 3000GT Supra Eclipse

>scared tranny is scared
Imagine chasing status with a chineese car KEK. Me I'd rather die than be seen in anything that wasn't built by japaneese men.

What car is this, I want it.
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you imply theyre 40 and not 14
Shit I forgot about the Berlinetta.
Late 80's Imponte Ruiner
It's called a Sandstorm by the now defunct company called Darude.

I really like this aesthetic
What do you think?
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Is that a Quantum synchro?
Old guayines (states) had SUV leves of practicallity with small hatch levels of comsumption as well as dirt cheap reliabilty. Too bad they aren't that safe (unless made by BMW, Volvo or Mercedes-Benz).
File: b13.jpg (131 KB, 912x513)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Name a more versatile (pun intended) car than the nissan B13 chassis. Sold as a speed hatch (Pulsar GTI-R) a sporty coupe (2000 GSR/Lucino GSR), van, vannete, sedan, pickup, you name it!
Man, I got this close to buying a set of BMW bottlecaps (but in 4x100, from an E30), but decided to go with a set of Ronal R8s instead.
Chinese licensed Audi.

Hey /o/
If I have a 22 yo Corolla E11 and nearly no mechanic experience and I decide to replace my suspension by myself (except for putting springs on shocks because I'm not suicidal) along with replacing any additional suspension part that looks like ass (I dunno the car makes sounds and drives like a boat on bumps) what is the chance that the suspension will fail when I'm going at highway speeds and I die in a horrible fireball?
Buy a spring compressor and have at it
Nah, as I said I'm too much of a pussy to go anywhere near these things. I'm going to get a shop to put my springs on. I meant everything else but putting springs in shocks

Did you know, the USSR built up St. Petersburgh and other cities with electric trolleys rather than busses so they could cut the power and prevent mobility in the case of an uprising? Same thing here, EVs make no economic or environmental sense, but they will remove another one of those pesky degrees of freedom the goyim have.
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Airplanes don't have to worry about Jamal in an Altima running a red light
No, Tesla's repair costs have consistently been so high that they often have much higher premiums than their contemporaries
When any fender bender with your car costs $10k, those costs add up real quick
planes have 3 degrees of freedom, much more space to fly around, a lot less obstacles, there's a lot less of them, more technogical gadgets doing the work, and overall the training and rules for aviation are way harsher than for cars, which makes for the most important point: airplanes aren't flown by retards
When did lithium become rare? Shit is infinitely recyclable and common. Cobalt is the resource bottleneck but even that's being phased out in certain chemistries to avoid supply issues. Since ur ESL, reserves are stockpiles, not how much is on earth.
lmao literal cope reply about semantics kys

File: 1670362409737615.webm (1.16 MB, 1274x670)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB WEBM
Who was in the wrong?
23 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Driver is 90% at fault. While the train was probably moving a bit early the car is 200x more maneuverable than a train. In fact he could have just stopped or slammed the gas to avoid collision but instead he took the limp wristed middle road and got hit. There's really no excuse for getting hit by a giant wall with lights and horns.
thanks fren
instinctively scared of getting raped by the road pirates that may be watching
the driver would have still gotten hit if they didn't brake, they just would've moved the point of impact to the rear of the car. those intersections give the train an additional 5-10 seconds after the intersecting traffic light has turned red before the train signal will turn "green". the trains usually run on separate signals from the traffic lights for cars, because trains take longer to slow down, they can't rely on the short yellow of a car's traffic signal.
the train driver was not paying attention, they may have been tired since it was likely the end of his shift.
I always speed up to get through yellows anyway
I would have survived with no damage

File: globohomo.jpg (256 KB, 1080x611)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
looks a bit better than ongoing one
they changed headlights and body lines
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
they didnt even try on that render. the grille has a completely incorrect perspective, just look at the logo in comparison to it. and the fact that its going on top of the headlight
this would look decent in person i bet. especially with a chrome delete
Looks like an Accord coupe trying to sniff a buttplug out of a stripper's asshole
>grille is too big
>bumper is too busy
>headlights are too feminine
The rest of the car is passable. Let's hope they get it right next generation lmao
Don't insult the Accord
File: 01591098845.jpg (827 KB, 1024x1024)
827 KB
827 KB JPG
The body lines still suck, rear fender looks bloated because of how the rear window is smaller and curves up

File: rawImage[1].jpg (227 KB, 2048x1365)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
is this a good place to buy tires?
35 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yes they have Michelin, Bridgestone, and BF Goodrich mainly, and one of them is always on sale at any part of the year. Good tires, but still pricier than the second-tier brands when on sale. After you buy them, you get free tire rotations for the life of the tires.
it is since air is 78% nitrogen already. but costco does it for free so nothing lost.
Tbh I mostly like it because if you live somewhere where it gets cold enough, my tires don't seem to deflate as much and activate my low tire warning on my dash
the wings & sauce are shit, any korean fried chicken joint in strathfield or the city annihilates them. they're like dominos tier "wings"
also our hotdogs here are all pork, not beef
but i will say, costco rotisserie chicken is incredible, blows everyone else out of the water. don't know why coles and woolies insist on putting the garbage-tasting stuffing inside every chook.
what's even crazier is coles is doing vegemite flavoured roast chickens now
ayy fellow sydfag. dominos tier is correct; i don't mind the costco wings but if you can get it from other places definitely go for those.
i thought hot dogs were always made from pork and that beef came after
had no idea about vegemite chickens, sounds wild. the tandoori hot roast chicken from woolies is not too shabby. Actually has some pretty nice stuffing, default stuffing is awful for sure. i keep forgetting to call up woolies to see who makes the chinese wings, those are fucken great and i wanna make my own. My mum and bro hate costco chicken, they think it tastes "artificial" kek.

File: charging.jpg (679 KB, 2400x1600)
679 KB
679 KB JPG
electric cars require large heavy batteries. the average weight of which is 1,000lbs, with some weighing as much as 2,000lbs. for example the new electric ford f-150 weighs 1600lbs more than its gas-powered equivalent, and the tesla model 3 awd weighs around 500lbs more than a similar gas-powered car like the bmw 330xi.

the energy required to move an object x distance or at x speed is determined by the weight of that object. for example, the amount of energy required to propel an object weighing 3200lbs 60mph is 522 kilojoules. bump that to 4200lbs and it's now 685 kilojoules. that's a 31% increase in the amount of energy required.

so not only are you increasing the amount of energy needed to drive every electric car on the road, but instead of getting that energy from a local source (the engine in your car), you're generating it sometimes hundreds of miles away in a coal or natural gas steam engined power plant, then transporting it over a lossy network of wires and transformers before storing and using it in your car.

and it's not like these power plants are much more efficient than a gas-powered engine. coal and nuclear plants are around 33% efficient at converting fuel to usable power, with natural gas around 43%. all the rest goes to waste heat. meanwhile modern combustion engines are around 30-35%, with diesel engines being closer to 45%. with electric cars, the motors in those are only around 80% efficient, and there are numerous other losses involved, such as losing 14% just during the charging process.

add all these losses up and in the end the electric motors actually end up being less efficient than a modern gas-powered engine. now add 500-1000 additional lbs to the car on top of that and the end result is upwards of 30-40% more waste heat generated driving an electric car over a gas-powered car. so now for my question. keeping all of this in mind, how are electric cars supposed to help address climate change other than by making it worse?
218 replies and 36 images omitted. Click here to view.
90% of a 40% efficient power plant is 36%. and considering how aggressively people drive their teslas with instant 500 ftlbs of torque, they definitely demand more energy to move around than typical cars (driven by typical people). fast acceleration and braking like teslas do damages the road also. so more road repaving which uses bitumen aka petroleum.
It only needs about 50 extra gallons of oil compared to an ICE car, which is 25% more, to produce. That's made up within a few thousand miles. If this part was included the ratio wouldn't be affected since cars drive about 75,000 miles over the course of their life on average.
>said anon, not realizing the price of electricity has been also climbing steadily and the world has nowhere near the infrastructure to fully switch everyone to electric, third world DEFINITELY not switching, so the whole muh environment argument also goes out the window

I hate electrotards like you couldnt believe.
>the energy required to move an object x distance or at x speed is determined by the weight of that object.
Not quite, that's only the inertia for the acceleration. At speed, wind resistance becomes the determining factor
Or we could just solve all this by switching every power plant to nuclear power and using carbon capture plants

It's become a soccer mom SUV.
9 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I could be wrong but isn't the new Bronco built off the new Ranger platform, too?
It's made on the Ford T6 platform which the Ranger shares so yes but it's not a Ranger although they are related.
File: 209_8845_I1[1].jpg (228 KB, 1024x768)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
So basically the Ford Everest that they sell outside America?
The Everest is on the same platform as well!
And an F350 is derived from an F100.
Are you trying to btfo yourself?

2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
An old android with find my phone permanently running, connected to a large power bank that's in turn connected to the accessory power. All wrapped up in duck tape like a key of coke.
File: neutral.png (247 KB, 449x478)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
and nothing of value was lost
Yeah, you can get a data only plan for like $15 or $20 a month from ATT. Probably even cheaper from a less jewy carrier.
airtag innit https://youtu.be/n9XVFWGjaLw
Don't even need a plan. Just put some prepay credit on it and set it up to reply with its coordinates when prompted. You could pre configure some kind of remote access and only buy the plan once your car goes missing.

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