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File: LNdCp04.jpg (421 KB, 3333x2575)
421 KB
421 KB JPG
Need a redpill on these. Considering one over an NA Miata and don't know if I'm making a mistake
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Based. Got any vids of your RX8?
if you have other cars, take the plunge, they're extremely fun
but if someone is selling with more than 60k miles, red flag and prepare for maintenance costs
NC Miata>RX-8
NC has the benefit of sharing the RX-8 chassis without being an RX-8.
No vids sorry. I plan to sell the car so I haven't done much spirited driving with it. Turns out having multiple cars costs alot of money which is why both cars are stock.
I can tell these are getting more popular, having owned one for over half a decade I'll give you some thoughts.

Personally, my 8 has been extremely reliable. I have had precisely 0 issues with my car. My advice to you is as follows.

1. If you live in a rust-belt state and this is your only car, immediately get it corrosion treated. Krown, Corrosion FREE, whatever--just spend the money to have it properly sprayed or get a sprayer and thoroughly do it yourself. These cars can and WILL rust rapidly like other Mazdas of their years.

2. Be prepared to change your oil every 3,000 miles and to top off every ~1,000 miles. These cars burn oil via a stepper motor which injects engine oil into the rotor housing to keep the apex and face seals lubricated. Oil choice is a huge subject of debate and is quite tribal. As long as you keep up with it, most maintain the oil type and brand don't matter but I personally only use Royal Purple due to their history with racing rotaries.

3. Buy Idemitsu premix. Every time you go the pump measure out the proper titration for how much gasoline you're putting in the car. For a full tank I usually add 6 ounces of Idemitsu premix. YMMV.

4. If you want this car to last you need to get rid of the stock cat. Immediately mid pipe the car if you can get away with it, or if you live in a strict emissions area you can purchase a high-flow cat like the HJS 0182. It pretty much needs to be the HJS 0182 though as these are pretty much the only tried and tested catalysts that don't build backpressure under the heat of the rennie.

Good luck, I hope you decide to get one, they are great cars for car people. If you aren't an enthusiast and just want something that looks sporty go elsewhere.

What's the least powerful production car that can do 250km/h (155mp/h)?
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File: 144573984782.jpg (25 KB, 440x396)
25 KB
>it's not powerfull, 300 something hp
look at low drag coefficients like the opel calabria, which got ~245 km/h from ~200hp apparently
the 330d only does 242 km/h with 204hp
the 330i does 250 km/h with 231hp

an FD has 236hp and does 250 km/h
a z31 turbo has 228hp and does 250 km/h

you probably need at least 230hp to break 250km/h as drag increases with speed
something modern and slippery like an A4 or a C-class can do 240 km/h with 190hp
I swear it's an American thing to care about top speed. Who cares?
ecobox cope

File: E60 550i 48 V8 360hp.jpg (336 KB, 1379x956)
336 KB
336 KB JPG
Red Pill me on the E60 550i

>About 10k with 100k miles
>4.8L V8, Smooth Shifting ZF 6-sp
>360hp 360tq V8 Growl
>13.6@106 Mph in the 1/4, decently quick won't get smoked by Karen in her Bus or Chad in their Golf R
>Guys on forum say their only issues are fluid leaks

If I buy one, I'll throw some good shocks (aim for Bilstein B6) and good tires. Leave exhaust stock and just detail it. It'll be a daily.
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>just a tune
Like a stock old bmw is not enough to drive you crazy.
They make a 2 piece pipe to replace the old transfer pipe, only requires you to pull the intake manifold.
Looks good but used German cars are very unreliable.
>decently quick won't get smoked by Karen in her Bus

Explorer ST and X3 M40i both run high 12s in the 1/4
only retards buy e60's.
they're so unreliable even those who buy unreliable german trash think they're unreliable.

File: bmw-xm-photos-84.jpg (198 KB, 1920x1440)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Why are the Germans putting lead in their drinking water now?
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The US didn't become a superpower by being like the British. They became a superpower because they refused to be limp wristed eurofags. Adding shit to be more like Europe is retarded. And you can't even say it's fir teeth because you have the worst teeth on the planet
File: aa0.png (148 KB, 800x789)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
lead is a naturally occurring element
Lithium is a naturally occurring element and it's used as a psychotropic drug
China is the numbah 1 market priority. Companies are full sending anything that tests well in China.
>Why are the Germans putting lead in their drinking water now?

Because gas in the showers was too obvious and had been done already.

File: cate.png (25 KB, 142x131)
25 KB
> own a dodge avenger 2013
> live in chicago, cold as fuck winter
> work delivery
> want a remote start to warm up my car faster
> am retard about cars
> go to dealer, ask them to install
> "sorry this model is too old and can't be remote start"
> ask another mechanic, same thing
> couple months later
> getting home, press the lock button more than twice
> car starts
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When I asked car toys a couple of years ago, they could add remote start to my 1996 model year cars. I think basically any car with power locks and obd2 can have it added aftermarket. But cool you already had it
My '92 obd1 Blazer S10 had a remote starter. I would imagine they need a million bullshit ass safety interlocks these days hence the need for obd2. My Blazer definitely didn't have any of that and would remote start in drive or reverse lol.
>2013 chrysler product

Not much has changed since 2013 to be honest. I feel like that was the last year of innovation and everything has been kind of stagnant since then.
Innovation is hard and expensive we let the Chineses do that now

I'm seeing these all over Craigslist lately. What's going on? Why is everyone getting rid of them at the same time?
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It’s the Jaguar 3.9L motor that was in the Lincoln LS. It makes decent power but it’s mated to what is now a dated 5 speed automatic. They were quick once, but it’s not anymore.
File: 20211127_145214.jpg (1.08 MB, 1441x1441)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
I wanna do this to one
I remember I really wanted one when I was a little kid. It looked classic but was a modern car. Wish Ford brought it back, would have been a cooler introduction to electric power instead of the Mach E
Beautiful cars. Horrible engine. It's from when Ford owned Jag, and the stupid assholes had the brilliant idea of putting a Jaguar engine in it.
Boomers are being removed and their children / grand children have no interest in Grandma and Grandpa's weird old ford.

File: vlcsnap-error433.png (817 KB, 1280x720)
817 KB
817 KB PNG
SUV and big truck faggots, why do you do this?
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100% this. Anyone who can't just adjust their projector lights down a little has shit eyesight and needs to change their diet
t. V8 Yota 4runner with a family to protect
Forgot to quote and say I like your eyelids. It's refreshing to see a flat slope instead of the gay angry shit like pic related.
I'd like to get a Lexus IS F someday and try to make similar neutral lids, or do one to my current 4runner. Anything you recommend? Should I use vinyl?
File: IMG_0042.jpg (366 KB, 1280x1073)
366 KB
366 KB JPG
This is close to what I have in mind. Kind of want it to look like an E53
File: 1.jpg (303 KB, 2048x1536)
303 KB
303 KB JPG
thanks, i like em too, they're not perfectly straight but i bought them on ebay for 13$ so i cant complain. These came pre made, only needed paint, ive seen people use vinyl wraps and if it's applied well it can look good, but of course that depends on the design of the car itself and the shape you make them. Personally i always think they look best if they're the same color as the car, but black can also work as an easy solution
>6000 lumen flashlight
[x] doubt

Is this a good idea, /o/?

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what a fucking retard
he hasn't even been close to needing government subsidies and the american government has a habit of obliterating businesses
why the fuck would he be considered a retard lmao

the dumb niggers i share this board with, god damn
>he hasn't even been close to needing government subsidies
apart from all the ones he took, right?
literally never happened
it was fabricated by the transport department to prep the future of the ev industry
What a bunch of political sellouts in this thread. Lol

File: Dmxf4_wUYAAdX3w.jpg (159 KB, 1080x1350)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Is this a good rule for /o/tomotive purchases?

In our modern stimmy world, people are paying whatever for whatever cars, but at the same time not everyone is actually "rich". They just temporarily have a little bit more gibs and are blowing their loads on discretionary purchases when they shouldn't be.

Prices are ridiculous and I don't like the feeling of getting buttraped.
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dont bother. poor people are used to wearing walmart tier trash and thinking its 'good quality' because it isnt hand-me-downs.
File: 1444202866117.png (179 KB, 917x871)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
>muh gibs muh gibs
theyve been gone for months. blame the gooberment churning out trillion dollar bills in house. unemployment fags arent springing for $6k used corollas either btw we just have scalpers on every fucking corner of the used market now. every little capitalist wants their slice of the pie
File: grandmasonfireyeetfam.jpg (98 KB, 450x608)
98 KB
$20 was hyperbole- I really hope you don't actually think you're getting what you pay for with a brand name as inflated as those shoes
If you're not retarded, you know I'm right- no matter how comfy they are, they're a waste of money to look like a chink grandma

File: tempo.jpg (85 KB, 640x480)
85 KB
What is the most "disposable" car you've ever seen?
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Early 00's Ford Tauruses. Everything that could possibly go wrong, has gone wrong on them, and even some new things I didn't even know could go wrong. My work has like 6 of them, all complete shit.
>Cam gears press-fit onto cams.

Seriously though, those olf SHOs were cool otherwise.
>T delivery intern.
You will never be hired.
Cars are trash but its been keeping me employed since the start.
except if its a peugeot 504 or 404.
It's not 2005 anymore, blue LEDs are dirt cheap. Using little LED beads with tiny injection molded optics is cheaper than blowing oldschool sealed beams or using HIDs with complex reflectors.

File: matt carwow.png (968 KB, 1280x720)
968 KB
968 KB PNG
Is he based, /o/?
14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
he's alright, gets fairly straight to the point with videos and isn't clickbaiting, and sometimes races shitboxes as well, i approve
mashallah habibi
maximum cringe, this dude is a literal midlife crisis on television, nothing of value is created here
Fuck he made his jimny tacky.

Just do hotlaps on some circuit and compare the results, fuck your throttle mashing contest. But i guess that takes some effort and skill so a drag race it is.

My fellow rust belt dwellers. Winter is upon us. I come bearing the word of our lord and savior the Blaster Surface Shield. He will protect us from the salt Jew in this time of need.
10 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
This, I live in a area where we put a shitload of salt down and temps will go into the 40s the week after, we have 1-2 storms where a shitload of salt is dumped on only for the temps to hover around high 30s-low 40s.

So it's always above freezing when the sun is out. I always rinse my cars off with water once a week because at that point it's worse to leave the salt deposits on the underbody.
And spend all that money on a process that's easily done by the factory??? When only 1/3 of the country has these problems??? And make cars that don't need to be junked after 5 winters???
Not when you live far enough into the sticks that they use sand instead of salt.
>Why is it impossible for car manufacturers to make a rust proof car?
I assume by "rust" that you include the broader category of all types of salt-related afflictions on cars.

You already know gold is about as strong as you can be against rust. Nevertheless, Galvanic Corrosion attacks even Gold. It isn't just the simple chemical reaction that occurs when salt (any of ionic solution minerals) is present. This is why a stainless steel body is still ineffective. You will stop that reddish rust you associate with rusted steel, but galvanic corrosion will still occur from the salt.

Mineral-rich water is the Electrolyte for GC:
>I always rinse my cars off with water once a week
Rinse more often! Your car is only free from salt between the time you rinse and the next time you go onto a salty road. So, if you rinse once per week, you get home at 5PM and rinse. Then you drive to work on the salt road at 7AM. That was 14 hours of no salt out of the week of 168 hours which is 8% of the week being salt free. Now, if you added a pump sprayer to your work commute, you would have salt only during the time you were on the road to work or coming home from work. OK, it's farfetched to say the pump sprayer is 100% good at salt removal, but it will remove enough to at least help.

You can see that the strategic expenditure of a few minutes at the proper point in the day results in far fewer high-salt hours for the whole week.

I want to tastefully lay frame in the 96 LeSabre my grandma left me but nobody makes a kit and the struts are like 2 ft long so I can't use universal air struts. What would /o/ do? Does anymore make custom struts? Or am I going to have to do some serious welding?

File: 1982-Challenger.jpg (73 KB, 900x600)
73 KB
Japanese Challenger
>because murricans couldn't hire the right ppl to make better cars.
America gets all it's ass-rapings worth for refusing to hire the right ppl.

>enough room to sleep in the back/transport large items
>no overcomplicated electrical bullshit (engine wire harness, unnecessary sensors, etc.)
>not overpriced for in the US
What vehicle comes to mind when you think of these /o/?
28 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Maybe I'm confused then. I don't know shit about cars but I was under the impression that if they're fuel injected, there's a wire harness for the engine & fuel injectors that has a fuck ton of wires under the hood. Yours must be fuel injected because it's fairly new. Thanks for the info btw

For instance, I just did an engine swap on an '02 Camry with my uncle the other day. Engine works perfectly fine, guess what's causing it to die while running? An electrical short on the engine harness that we can't find for the life of us, & a new engine harness costs $700. Hence why I've been looking into something more reliable.
*Yours must be fuel injected because it's fairly new, so that's why I'm confused there's no wires

fuckin elaborated

If you go back to the 80s, you have vacuum lines in addition to half to all of the electronics they are just older and harder to replace. Plus gotta add in rust, miles, etc cause its current year now. Your 20 year old camry has a wiring problem. Big deal. A 40 year old camry is rusted out under powered and has electrical problems. Go back to my brother's 1966 Volkswagen- guess what? It had electrical problems. He put more miles on my car borrowing it to get to work, fetching parts from 40 miles away, towing the vw than he put miles on his car. Plus half the miles he put on that pos involved finding parts or getting someone competant to fix it. And when tje car worked "properly" it was pretty slow, noisy and not comfortable. Plus you had to rotate the fuses as you drove to keep the lights working cause the fusebox was rusty.
I see, tanks for sharing that. Welp, I had this completely ass backwards in my head. Considering how high gas prices are I guess a "reliable" car these days is something just with great mpg
You do need wiring for injectors but it's not as big of a problem as you think. Beats dealing with a carb any day, and that's not to mention shitty vaccuum tubes that come with any carbed engine. The wiring on older ones basically just tells the injectors On/off based on where in the engine cycle it is. I mean they were able to do this on diesel engines in the 1940s.
Also a harness for $700 is not that crazy of a fix.

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