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File: 1519631170621.gif (617 KB, 498x498)
617 KB
617 KB GIF
Is it better to buy the highest trim level or the base model of the next one up? When is it worth it and when is it not?
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Depends, what car are you considering? What options do each trim level offer/omit, and what's the price difference? A few examples
Honda Fit 09-13
The difference between the base and Sport trims are pretty minor. Both have the same engine and transmission, and the interiors are nearly identical. The Sport is available with
-different body kit (front bumper, fog lights, spoiler)
-16" alloy wheels
-shift paddles if automatic
-optional navigation which would be horribly outdated nowadays
-different colored headlight bezels
In the used market, Fits regardless of spec will go for a fairly consistent price depending on condition, location, and mileage. If you want what the Sport offers, you won't be paying much more if at all for a base in similar condition.

BMW 1 series E82:
128i: N52 I6 NA
135i: N54 I6TT open diff
1M: N54 I6TT LSD, wide fenders, insane price premium

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In my sister's case she's looking for a commuter. Typical zoomer wants all the tech and features but the Camry is the better car.
Highest trim because the dealer might actually have one in stock.
These days there is rarely any reason to go for extra stuff trim unless it's a different engine and you really must have more horses. However if we're talking 4 banger with a turbo or without, i will always choose without as turbos are kind of a pain. Used to be you had to go to higher trims just to get power locks, windows and ac. All of that is standard for most makes now. Alloy wheels? I don't give a shit.
File: 6ne68cicgcy51.jpg (26 KB, 552x510)
26 KB

Never pay for software, most features can be flash unlocked through the ECU for almost no money, aftermarket head units with Apple Car Play or Android Auto are also better than a lot of OEM infotainment systems right now.

Heated, leather-upholstered seats can be installed in most cars for under $2k, so it's not worth the money unless it can be added as an individual option.

Powertrain hardware like an added LSD, upgraded engine option, or reinforced clutch will always be cheaper to order stock. Not only is the OEM getting the parts cheaper than you ever will thanks to economies of scale, they're installing it as the car is being assembled, whereas you will have to disassemble the car, buy the upgraded part, replace it, reassemble the car, and hopefully sell your used part for the same result, and if you fucked up the installation, factory warranty won't cover it. The only time this doesn't apply is if the car is old and the parts will have to be replaced soon regardless.


I'm against drunk driving but in every car even non offenders?
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File: 71VpuC+c-DL.jpg (248 KB, 2560x2560)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
>>someones not going to work today
This is the new world order, where people are treated like criminals before they do anything wrong.
>camera that tracks eye movement
>camera that doesn't track eye movement
>terrifying government overreach
Conservatism at its finest.
*laughs in weed*
File: 1671609714892842.jpg (72 KB, 540x960)
72 KB
>only detects alcohol
lmao even

What have you done to your machine?
What do you plan on doing?

I changed the clutch cable on my motorcycle today, the old one looked ROUGH (can fetch it out from the garbage can if anyone is interested)
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File: IMG-20230328-WA0016.jpg (1.45 MB, 1836x3264)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG
Brand new lower radiator hose started separating followed by a brand new aluminum tensioner elbow blowing apart. I have just enough faith to leave this at 5psi overnight.

Fuck Americans for selling us all out to the chinks. Next junk engine i buy I'm just throwing it in because the 20 year old shit is better than anything on the shelves now.
nigga i got work. only fuck wit /wrg/ weekend warrior
File: 20230327_171157.jpg (739 KB, 1600x1200)
739 KB
739 KB JPG
I found a pin spanner wrench that mostly fit my van diemen clutch slave cylinder. Filed the pins so they did fit, then found that the adjustable thing just collapses when you apply torque since they are slots rather than pin holes. Then I tried it the cool way. Alas, it broke. Machinist bro is now making me a special tool.
Cut a hole in my hood for my blower with my plasma cutter
Had to put a new wheel bearing on the ol express van the other day
313 bucks for this bastard

File: 2345234.png (3.88 MB, 1976x1229)
3.88 MB
3.88 MB PNG
>*hits bump in road*
>*dumps gravel all over the road*
>*cracks your windshield*
>not responsible for damage
>nothing personnel kid
why are these faggots allowed on the road let alone with uncovered loads?
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Hey man. Serious request here. I am very unhappy with the fact that I barely have a high school education and could not get any decent vocational training. Like you I could only get a job driving a truck. It's not a gravel truck, but it's still just as much a mind numbing driving job for mediocre underachievers who will never go anywhere in life, just like yours. It's amazing how much self confidence you seem to have despite the fact that while our circumstances are similar, I feel like such a loser because of it that I want to kill myself every day. You cope with the soul crushing failure to be anything in life that matters, and I need to know how you do it. How are you, as much as if not an even bigger loser than me, so aggressively proud of our shitty truck driving life? How do you so easily take credit for things that have nothing to do with you? How can you act proud of just being a simple minded and easily replaceable cog in the machine? I can't do it. I want to know your secret. Please share it with me.
In most states it's illegal to drop anything other than water (which includes ice/snow) or feathers.
Just because he has a bunker sticker that says "lol, not my problem" legally means nothing.
If he causes damage he's 100% at fault.
But people never take the time to sue because the time and cost versus just earing the cost of a windshield or insurance deductible isn't worth it.
I doubt that dumbass will even read everything you wrote.
>I doubt that dumbass will even be able to read everything you wrote.
Don't hate the player, hate the game.
Need my fucking rocks, simple as.

File: 1680002401429.webm (972 KB, 1280x720)
972 KB
>made in Americ-ACK
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the front axle and every component on the brakes is completely mangled and destroyed lol. that truck is totaled and goes to the scrapyard where it belongs
File: 1680045130995.webm (1.01 MB, 600x320)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB WEBM
That dude picked up a felony for causing an accident and then fleeing the scene. Bad impulse control, but good recovery skill.
i remember when the wheel on my dad's 400 euro shitbox fell off
thankfully he was just leaving the driveway so it was no big issue
it was the wheel bearing and we replaced it in a span of a day and while we were there we replaced the brake discs and pads
best thing is that the bearing cost him less than 10 euros
A lifted chevy, with big wheels sticking out past the fenders, in California.
Mexoid goblin hands put that wheel on. 100%

Decent daily and occasional track car?

Seems like it’s aimed at an M3?

Anyone actually tried it?

I’m considering one as I need space for kids and also a track car. This has a lot of space and decent 450hp/4000lbs power to weight.
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That's got nothing to do with the build quality. That's just people trying to keep up with the current fad.
they're still seen as more luxurious and desirable than the germans.
who also aren't built very well.
Both are atrocious which is why luxury trim trucks outsell them 10-1.
>occasional track car
no lol, tracks are starting to ban them
>They’re undervalued massively as enthusiast drivers don’t want them
kek i wonder why. maybe partly because the tesla takes almost twice as long as the M3 to do 100-130 mph. all of its power is under 60 mph where you'll spend about 3 seconds at the track. the faster you go the slower it gets, literally the opposite of what you'd want in a track car.

*record scratch*

*freeze frame*

Yep that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up here?
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cuz some little dick with a lifted truck decided to act a fool
>*record scratch*
>*freeze frame*
>Yep that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up here?
Thank you reddit millennial will Smith fresh prince tamigotchi only 90s kids will get this dae remember Dixie cups?
>gets out in the position most likely to sling his head into the concrete
shaved skin on your arms is probably better than endless headache and spine pain but that looks almost fatal
Why didn't he just hit the brakes?
He was trying to kill himself and police were too pussy

File: cravisnbobhead.png (734 KB, 1052x735)
734 KB
734 KB PNG
What kind of car would they drive?
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they would go get a beater from mega motors where they think the downpayment of $1000 is the cost of the whole car. they take the payments out in stewart stevensons name only for the repo man to come and take mr stevensons new tesla a week later, before beating him up in the confusion.
pretty good, but B&B would never have $1000 in cash. The closest they'd get to having a car is when Beavis steals the keys from his mom while four guys from the VFW hall are running a train on his mom
>is aware of the 2011 and 2022 reboots
kinda cringe bro
not at all. B&B is based, regardless of the decade
Butthead would get a 96 month loan for a gen 2 Camaro that didn't run, Todd would steal all the good parts off of it, and then when Butthead couldn't make the payments Beavis would set it on fire for the insurance money. It wouldn't cover the loan, but the boys would discover that bankruptcy is "cool."

File: 2020 Lexus LM Minivan.jpg (235 KB, 2064x1321)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
File: lexus lm300h.jpg (43 KB, 800x450)
43 KB
File: lexus-lm-interior.jpg (66 KB, 1000x563)
66 KB
That grill
all of a sudden the bmw grills don't look so bad

File: fae.jpg (22 KB, 600x630)
22 KB
>got a rental cause i have to move to a different city
>remember i havent driven a car in a year and a half
>only experience is in small town driving
If I scratch this shit it will leave me financially ruined.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Just make sure that nothing else is where you want the car to go. Mirrors, blindspots, signaling. You'll do fine, anon.
buy the collision damage waiver, fool.
If not just women, but old women are driving every day you can too. Get a manual to hold yourself accountable and at attention but we know you're too chicken shit for that
youll be fine homie. but get the insurance fr.
If you can afford the insurance on it, just rent a uhaul lol
I didn't drive for two fucking years because I didn't have a job so I had no money for car insurance or gas. After two days of driving I was driving as if I had been driving everyday for the last 2 years, my driving and reverse parking was flawless, I could move with such ease. So I don't understand what your problem is. Unless you're one of those retards who only knows how to drive automatics then I could see why you would have a problem.

File: 1679955712275.jpg (272 KB, 599x767)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
Does /o/ have a good source for finding PDFs of Haynes Manuals particularly pic related?
15 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Chilton was a bit better before they were bought out, but now they're basically the same thing.
Imagine working on a car without knowing what you want to fix.
You would do much better to go on eBay and find a copy of the Factory Service Manual for your vehicle. Well worth the extra money.
look at >>26481274
Being unable to comprehend coming across unexpected problems is just proof that you've never picked up a wrench in your life.
Like going into a job expecting just to replace a radiator and ending it after doing head gaskets, rod, and main bearings.

I have made some sketches of a streamlined three-wheeler. Main focus: affordability and economy. Three-wheeled format has three key functions:
-allows for extremely aerodynamic shape
-allows for cost and weight reduction (notably traction system is simplified - just single rear driven wheel)
-in most jurisdictions three-wheelers are subject to very lax laws; allowing for more design freedom and lower costs (basically dodging all the bullshit laws mainstream manufacturers have lobbied for to prohibit any small manufacturer from entering the regular car market).

It shall provide a comfort and versatility of a car for 2 people and their luggage while being much cheaper to buy than a car and costing a fraction to drive.

As for now, this is just a concept in form of sketches. I have some drawings and proposals for actual internal design but for now I just wanted to mostly share “the looks” and general concept.

Pic rel long wheelbase version, focused more on inter-city driving.
84 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
Predator 420
>20 minute (claimed) flight time
>seats just 1 person, maximum of 210 lbs
>open cockpit, good luck flying in winter or just when it’s raining
It’s nowhere near a flying car. It’s literally a flying electric scooter. It’s only useful as a toy (neat one, but still).
Not op
I was thinking mostly K-car engines - should be best for fuel economy and relatively cheap, while reasonably reliable. Something similar from chinks or pajeets could be sourced if one wanted to trade some reliability for price reduction. If it would take off, some dedicated engine could be built.
For electric variant - generic shit from China.
Remember, it would weigh about as much as a caterham, it doesn’t need that much power.

File: VW ID Buzz.jpg (56 KB, 820x540)
56 KB
Does it have SOVL bros?
as much as a microwave oven
Globohomo forced this on VaG. So no

Also, millenials that would buy an EV hippy can don’t have money or kids so idk who this is for
Hipster surfers and transgender folk, probably. I don't think they'll trick boomers who want to relive their youth into buying an EV.

File: 100_0078.jpg (2.38 MB, 4608x3456)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB JPG
Offroad general. Discuss all things offroad related such as:

>how old shitboxes with 3k in tires/mods outwheel the new $100,000 and 10,00lb Hummer EV
>redneck engineering
>Copenhagen vs Grizz
>saving hp with e-fan conversions, long tube headers, and cat deletes

Old: >>26453615
184 replies and 65 images omitted. Click here to view.
>starter gave out
Did you try tapping on it?
File: OllllllO.png (83 KB, 310x155)
83 KB
Maybe its full of sand
$750 to install lockers and gears per axle seems reasonable instead of trying to do it myself desu. Remember to thumbs down and unsubscribe
: )
I recently paid $2k labor for transmission replacement and install rear LSD

>Buried deep on Page 135 of a $1 trillion spending bill that mainly adds EV charging infrastructure is a small provision that could make a big deal for automakers. Passed last year, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act asks that within three years, new cars would be equipped with drunk-driving deterrents automakers don’t yet know how to comply with.

>As reported by Automotive News, the technology to passively detect if drivers may be drunk could be years away, although efforts are underway to offer the tech as soon as 2026.

>"To be honest, I think it took everybody by surprise, not only in our company, but at all the OEMs and Tier 1's that this legislation appeared," Mike Franchy, North American director of supplier Asahi Kasei told Automotive News.

>His company is working on a detector like a breathalyzer to monitor the ethyl alcohol content in the driver’s breath. Similar to an interlock device already on the market, the system could be embedded in a door or steering column.
41 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
why is it called kia boys if it applies to all makes and models?
This also enjoy waiting 8 minutes for it to warm up before you can even start your car
If you get caught fucking with a breathalyzer now you go straight to jail.
this won't become an actual law you dipshit. remember the required vehicle-to-vehicle communications clause that was buried in another gigantofuck bill that had to be in place for all cars a few years after it went into effect?
where's our AI driven internet-connected cars? where the fuck are they? surely if it's law it's going to happen right? they NEVER change this shit when they realize it's impractical, the tech doesn't exist, it's politically unfeasible or (insert excuse here), nah it'll definitely 100% be in all new cars in 3 years, bet your house on it bro.
how will an authority know you've been fucking with it? how would they be able to tell between genuine malfunction and tampering?
are they going to train police officers to be mechanics and give them obd readers?
if my child gets into my car and physically breaks the sensor, is he going to jail?
it is not illegal to modify or remove federally-mandated automobile equipment, it is illegal for someone to sell you a vehicle knowing it has been modified this way, but you can do whatever you want to your car as long as it passes your local state inspection process (that may require at least some of that equipment be extant and testable)
the wildly varied inspection stringency in the us is going to render this thing pointless
it's best purpose will be annoying people until it's finally repealed

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