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Cringe Ass Tarantino Movie Edition

>QOTT: What have you been obsessed with lately?

Resources https://pastebin.com/SEDh0A6x
Tagmap https://tagmap.io/tag/ftmg

Last Thread: >>20050136
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Tergnancy is based I just don't like the OP image
I don't mean AAP as in gay but as in relating to the ftm experience
Based taste
Watch better anime
Terje is the only cute 3D mpreg I’ve ever seen

File: sex.png (42 KB, 1828x259)
42 KB
Which one of these sounds more dysphoric to you?

>Doesn't like typical male hobbies or behavior, enjoys female-type socializing more
>Uncomfortable having a male name, likes having a more gender neutral or female name
>Hates male clothes and fashions, prefers female clothing
>Likes being called a girl by others, hates being seen as a male
>Can't have sex as a male, can only feel comfortable being aroused while imagining having a female body or dissociating
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>i will never be intimate with anyone
this is just fucking sad

>i imagine it would be different if i had real dysphoria
fucking brainworms. i cant stand this shit. you're literally saying you're relegating yourself to be alone forever because of your male body but "its not real dysphoria because it's related to sex" lol. this is why I hate shit like >>20061081
>i cant stand this shit. you're literally saying you're relegating yourself to be alone forever because of your male body
? better than transitioning and there being literally no difference because its impossible for me to ever appear as a woman to anyone. agp perfectly describes what i have always felt, that it turns me on to imagine myself with a woman's body, that i'd rather have sex as a woman. that i want people to find me attractive as a woman. those things are all impossible for me in this reality. so it's easier to accept it as a sexuality i can't change and have to just learn to cope and deal with it the best way i can, because the alternative of becoming a woman isn't possible for people like me. it's literally a fantasy. life sucks but it could be worse, could be dead or homeless.
Similar scenario to you, my egg ended up cracking at 28 and I late transfer. Typ
same lol. 28 years old and cracked.

dont discount your chances so much. it would still be better to be on estrogen than testosterone
i'm going to be 29 in july. i fully expect to go through life never being in a relationship or being sexually intimate with anyone. its fine, there are worse fates in life. the thing i want is not possible.

>try on women's jeans
>calves are too tight
>hips are too loose
Welp, time to break out the thighmaster and try again next month.

When is this "feminine fat distribution" supposed to happen again?
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gain 10lbs, then lose 10lbs
dunno if it's trannyscience or not, give it a try and report back
If I don't get results by next month, I'll have to try it.
tranny science not realistic.

done it. still honmoder
File: 1617497771985.jpg (285 KB, 1200x1818)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
Is callinf weight cycling honscience the new /pol/ psyop? It's literaly where 99% of your physical results come from as long as you arent on a patheticaly low dose
I only wear girls jeans but I don't get it, the hips are always too tight and the calves too loose. What the fuck kinda jeans am I supposed to wear

File: 1618439726748.png (403 KB, 512x512)
403 KB
403 KB PNG
ripped my arm open,now i'm bleeding a lot and i made a real mess on the sheets,my mom will be really mad at me tomorrow,but i feel dizzy,it feels so good to me...
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Hahahaha snother cringey youngshit bites the dust.
op hit the STACKS
File: nokiddin.jpg (31 KB, 584x285)
31 KB
op for the books
i want you to know that every single one of your posts brightens my day
Pics of scars or larp

File: 44.webm (841 KB, 576x720)
841 KB
Hey /lgbt/ I'm a feminine gay dude and I'll be turning 20 soon. I've been really torn on whether I should transition or lean into more of an athletic pretty boy look.

The way I see it is transitioning would suit my personality better and allow for better dating opportunities while going for the masculine appearance would make me happier with my self image and maybe work better with my body, I am 5'11 which is rather tall.
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the way you talk about this there’s a extremely high likelihood you detransition within a year...do you even have gender dysphoria??
No guy is going to ask if I can have children lol and any imperfection can be handwaved pretty easily, guys don't know or care.
I'm completely desensitized to this kind of thing and I already went through my whole " gender identity " crisis when I was younger, don't be rude.
You need at least 2 years of HRT to get bottom surgery almost everywhere I'm pretty sure. And unless you go to a good surgeon and you're lucky it won't exactly look like a cis vagina so you're still going to have to tell guys you're trans, which will limit your dating pool to guys open to dating trans girls, which is basically the same group as guys open to dating girls with penises; even if it does look perfectly cis, realistically you're going to have to tell a guy you're in a long term relationship with at some point. You're also neglecting the degree to which any enjoyment of sexuality is contingent on your body: bottom surgery nukes your sex drive, and breast implants will turn your nipples from erogenous zones into insensate chest ornaments. Unless your dysphoria about something is life-or-death, getting surgery to fix it is generally a bad idea.

As far as social and hormonal transition goes, it's also not really a good idea unless your dysphoria merits it. Girls have an easier time getting laid, but getting a serious relationship is way easier as a man. Dating as a girl is a string of men lying to you about the level of commitment they're looking for, and if you're trans it's the same but 10x more. You say you have some dysphoria, but unless you're downplaying it it doesn't sound that bad? You say being a man would be better for your self-image tho which sounds like you really are more of a man at the root of it. (ik you're 19 and you think not believing in gender identity is enlightened and edgy but you still have one, disregard it at your own peril)

>No guy is going to ask if I can have children lol
Can tell you haven't dated straightoids lmao. Straight people are obsessed with children, it will come up in the first few dates I can almost guarantee, especially if there's any possibility it might be a serious relationship.
You seem to be projecting a lot, not everyone is the same. I personally don't care much about gender, I'm me no matter what and I'd be happy to live as a guy or a girl as long as I know I'm living the best life I possibly could.

I already have a pretty non-existent sex drive, my nipples aren't sensitive either and so this is irrelevant, I'm a bottom.

I've dated as a gay man and it's absolutely terrible, my options are very limited and those options in and of themselves are usually not quality. Do you think gay men don't lie either? Men are men and the only difference is there's way more straight men than gay men and straight men are socially accepted more.
>Can tell you haven't dated straightoids lmao. Straight people are obsessed with children
I'm a dude, I have male friends, no early 20-something guy wants to or even thinks about having children. This isn't the 1950's.
>as long as I know I'm living the best life I possibly could
That's the thing tho, you won't be living the best life you possibly could if you're living life as the wrong gender
>I already have a pretty non-existent sex drive, my nipples aren't sensitive either and so this is irrelevant, I'm a bottom.
Gender dysphoria can suppress your sex drive, you shouldn't give up on enjoying sex at 19. Also wtf since when are bottoms not horny lol

Fair enough tho, men are men. The big difference you're missing tho is that gay men date men whereas straight men date women, so there will always be a cis woman waiting around the corner for when your straight bf wants to actually get married and settle down. The few straight men even willing to publicly date a trans woman still don't treat us as serious life partner material. Gay men might be shitty (I dated a few pre-transition too) but at least some are actually interested in having a serious relationship with you.
>no early 20-something guy wants to or even thinks about having children.
Maybe, but early 20stg guys grow up. Altho I don't think that's as true as you think, guys don't tell each other intimate shit like that ime, you'd be surprised what they actually think underneath the masculine façade.

The only real answer is to take the gynephilia pill desu, women are just better romantic partners.

File: 1617578884863.png (33 KB, 831x637)
33 KB
Why are ftms so thirsty for mtfs?
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>fuck my holes
with what?
>I think what's more common is ftm eggs dating repressors/future trannies.
That was my first relationship lol
File: SOsad.jpg (42 KB, 500x539)
42 KB
>tfw no ftm to fuck me till i cum with his dick
why live
shared experiences, acceptance

File: Orochimaru transformation.jpg (190 KB, 2500x1575)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
>Do I passssss frenssssss?
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It’s implied he’s using lab-grown White Zetsu bodies.
File: 1601732900164.jpg (149 KB, 1242x1667)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Aren't White Zetsus still living clones of Hashirama? And plenty of them are pretty friendly, how is Naruto ok with that it still seems super fucked up.
>dead-eyed AGP stare

File: 1618369952238.png (90 KB, 450x393)
90 KB
>gay bottoms have to deal with gay tops
im so sorry sisters
I'm a nice gay top.
Why you bully me?
im a gay bottom and I was just shitposting
im sorry
Yo, there are good gay tops, some of them are the best people I've known.

t. A filthy bottom

File: 1611369205483.jpg (133 KB, 640x783)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
>be me
>disgusting person
>try to improve myself
>someone points out I'm disgusting
>lose confidence to improve
>grow more disgusting
Never stop improving, even when other people find you disgusting. You’re not doing it for other people, you’re doing it for yourself. You deserve the best version of yourself and don’t let anyone else tell your otherwise.
Love you anon.

File: boymoder.jpg (23 KB, 500x500)
23 KB
>TFI describes its "Loving Jesus" teaching as a radical form of bridal theology.[23] They believe the church of followers is Christ's bride, called to love and serve him with wifely fervor. But they take bridal theology further, encouraging members to imagine Jesus is joining them during sexual intercourse and masturbation. Male members are cautioned to visualize themselves as women, in order to avoid a homosexual relationship with Jesus. Many TFI publications, and spirit messages claimed to be from Jesus himself, elaborate this intimate, sexual relation they believe Jesus desires and needs. TFI imagines itself as his special "bride" in graphic poetry, guided visualizations, artwork,[24] and songs.[25]
Is it okay to be trans and Christian?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
it was originally called "teens for christ" and it started off in california. i think it's just a covert child sex ring
File: (((berg))).png (8 KB, 314x271)
8 KB
Sexuality has no place in divine love. This is a materialistic slander of the divine marriage of christian mystics.

>Is it okay to be trans and Christian?
Imagine being so AGP you make a cult around it.
>Is it okay to be trans and Christian?
Yes but a lot depends heavily on how you interpret doctrine and more importantly, how other Christians or Catholics perceive you is heavily influenced by their own takes on doctine (which almost universally will be negative to your existence).

Occasionally you might run into someone who understands that being trans is just a form of intersex disorder essentially and thus by implication repressing=crossdressing and to not transition is immoral but these people are rare. Most people have no use for us tranners in their cosmology and thus don't care to think hard on either us or doctrine.

dead thread redheads edition
half the thread is larping moids anyhow

REMINDER: We have a constant influx of trolls here. Do not reply to them. Do not reply to them. Do not reply to them. They are only here because they want to watch you freak out. Ignore any bishits, males, or tranners that try to shitpost here

(old) Discord: https://pastebin.com/P644WESi
(new) Discord: https://pastebin.com/TxeWQdj1
Tagmap: https://tagmap.io/tag/cislesbiangeneral

Recent news:
>being sad and fat
>anon is a loser afraid of their parents yet thinks a girl will be attracted to that
>hatred of straights
>places to dance are still closed

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Not fat, just want someone to go to share outdoor hobbies like camping and hiking with. Being fat is basically my only deal breaker in dating.
would a penis be a deal breaker?
only fat one i guess
I love your trans gf too.
Yes. One penis is not enough!

File: just.jpg (10 KB, 480x360)
10 KB
I tried all the things /pol/ told me would make dysphoria go away and they didn't work, it's only worse
it's time to die bros
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>fucking pimozide
N = 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm just saying, if OP is going to stubbornly suicide instead of taking her girl pills, she might as well try pimozide first. Get that N up to 2
Yeah, no shit you "started" having dysphoria when you first heard about it. Your tiny child brain can't put into words what the thing that you feel is. I knew there was something different about me from the age of 7, but didn't realise that "I'm disappointed that I'm not a girl" was anything worth saying to anyone until years later and by that point I'd already internalised negativity around trans people and took even longer to accept that I was one of them.
>go to pol
>they tell me to kms
>go to lgbt
>they tell me theyd kill themselves in my situation
Atleast youre not in the top 1% of unlucky geners.

File: 532.png (1.23 MB, 760x890)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
Seen picreal on /pol/ and it kind of made me horny?
Am I gay?
29 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I'm only 19 myself. How old do you think pic is?
Honestly, just kill yourself, your life has gone down the drain.
I'm not killing myself. That is a sin against god.
Looks like a 12-15yo boy
Sauce is greek femboy by Sabu. You're welcome.

I’ll start
13 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
bi m
bi f
Cis l
Bi mtf
Bi man
Gay man

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
He passed but he was my big fatty fat fat :(
this is my doggy :)

File: ok.png (11 KB, 715x699)
11 KB
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sounds like a lovecraft monster
I don't know. I guess "Clockable"? It means basically the same thing but it has a more widespread usage in the (non-4chan) trans community and doesn't have the same history of being used as an insult. "Hon" originated from a meme phrase that supposedly was frequently used to patronize other trans people on more hugboxy forums like Susan's ("you look great hon!"). Eventually it ended up in /tttt/'s bargain bin of borderline slurs along with ayden and AGP.

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