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say something nice about us pls >>17232461
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>If I had sex regularly my problem wouldn't matter as much

Doubt (x)
Different anon. I'm already doing this and I can feel some pretty interesting stuff from the aneros, but this is as far as I've got.

I don't touch my pp during tho, I thought u were supposed to avoid that? So I usually go soft after a bit.

I'd love for you to elaborate some more. I've been trying for a while but pretty stuck on this step.
Getting stuck is common.

When I got stuck, the problem was that my Aneros wasn't big enough for my anatomy. I had been using the "default" model (Helix Syn)... but then I tried a significantly larger one (DeVice). That extra, constant pressure made all the difference.

(One was lightly pressing against my prostate; the other was vigorously smashing my prostate).

Tbdesu I also got some dildos and prostate vibrators as well (so that I knew for sure what an aroused prostate was supposed to feel like). Honestly you can do this with a dildo.

You need to reach this step first. Get your prostate used to getting massively aroused. Your prostate should feel "hard" (almost like a raquetball), warm, and it should throb.

If you get to that point BEFORE you stick the Aneros in (i.e. if you warm up), then you'll go waaay further with your Aneros session.

Eventually you'll get to the point where you can have nothing in your ass, yet feel your prostate throbbing throughout the day. You can even focus on your prostate and give yourself orgasms that way. It's based.
Well I'm picky so when I find someone I'd fuck I don't think twice. Maybe I just don't know what it's like to be highly desired. Also this been going for days with these specific guys.

File: sad-pepe-640x480.jpg (31 KB, 640x480)
31 KB
>be me
>trans mtf
>dont tell parents
>get depressed
>eat my feelings over the past 3 years
>am a fat ass now
>too ugly to ever pass
Is there any way of saving myself or should i kms now?
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Not OP but did you have to deal with loose skin for losing so much so fast?
I have loose skin yea but I was a fat fuck and would have had it anyway no matter how slow or fast I lost the weight
File: foodplate.jpg (520 KB, 1838x1450)
520 KB
520 KB JPG
actual serious advice:

do NOT try to do some weird diet (keto, IF) before FIRST doing a regular balanced diet. Begin with a simple, basic diet like this: 2 meals per day, with 2 servings of whole grains, 2 servings of veg, 2 servings of fruits, and 1-2 servings of lean meat like chicken or fish, and if you want, healthy oils are fine (olive oil, etc).

Do NOT eat things like enriched grain (white rice, white bread), instead eat whole grain bread, brown rice etc.

Potatoes don't count as veg, I treat them like a serving of grain.

If this diet fails you (which it very well may!) then you can branch of and try other tactics like keto or IF. I struggled with weight loss for many years because I was so hung up on doing a quick TM easy TM diet when I should have just stuck to the basics, and as of doing this diet for like 3 months I'm already back to my pre-depression weight and still losing.
of note, the intermittent fasting of 8 hour eating period was (recently actually) shown to not be effective in weight loss. omad is good but don't bother with intermittent fasting.

also this, you can loose weight on hrt, you cant un masc some things if you wait.
even if it did, you can afford to take time losing weight, masculinization meanwhile is much harder to reverse

File: me.png (406 KB, 840x343)
406 KB
406 KB PNG
Pre-everything FTM here. Is there any hope for me? Will I ever pass? Would losing weight help me pass more?
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You ready to be a man son? You better get comfortable getting punched in your tits and guys trying to finger your pussy cus thats what youre gonna get tryinna be a man
too cute
You'll look like a gay manlet but you're not ugly. And weight cycling works the exact same for trans men and trans women, only trans men should (generally) focus more on exercising their upper body. If you wanna know if transition is the right choice for you, then it's helpful to have a shrink, but ultimately it's only you that can decide if it is. And do research. Lots and lots and lots of research, especially on the effects of HRT and what surgeries are available.
you look like a hon right now, so you'll be fine
you kinda look like Lena Dunham.

Do you wish that you were HSTS?
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Sometimes being a gay ftm makes me feel like less of a man and I wish I was straight and had a gf. But I also love my boyfriend.

If I was HSTS probably could have gotten T much younger and possibly blockers, although they weren't as common when I was a preteen (I'm mid 20s).
Boris, I want to make sweet love to your musky meaty manpucci.
bottom detected
I wish I were cis and didn't have to deal with all this tranny garbage
Me too, an average pretty woman, or fuck even just a more less normal guy whos fine with being a guy

File: IMG_20190616_173416.jpg (4 KB, 120x140)
4 KB
how many times does it take to impregnate a mtf?

I do not think this book is wrong. A lot of cis females are being encouraged to become nonbinary or in more extreme cases ftm because of the trans community being the current “subversive thing”. They go on T then detransition years later to at best become bitter or at worst become a TERF. I don’t think there is anything wrong on requiring stronger diagnosis before giving out T given that it’s much stronger than HRT.


I’m ftm.
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>you denying me of this is typical male entitlement and abuse"
I feel like a LOT of terf views come from projection.
Terfs, like ftmtf detrans project a lot of their hatred of feminism as some sort of universal female experience. Why? No clue, but wow you’d rhink they almost never talk to regular girls ever. Its just like how incels retreat to their parents basement to only communicate with their own kind, shit is really reality distorting
Terfs are just femcels
Their hatred of feminism?
> Terfs not transitioning

If someone goes through life having homosexual thoughts and desires but never acts on them are they actually gay? Comparatively if someone goes through life thinking about and desiring to kill people but never murdering anyone are they a murderer?
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We're not talking about sin we're talking about being a murderer
You cannot commit murder in your heart.
i love this pic

with how much the cumboys talk about gay sex every single episode without getting sick of it one or all of them must be at least bi
"committing something in your heart" is the christ-approved form of thoughtcrime. Ridiculous bullshit.
stav is outright gay
unfortunately that dude also wants to fuck kids

File: 1599971293399.gif (1.46 MB, 800x450)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB GIF
if i give you my everything will you come back?
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what makes you think it's best for both of your well beings?
I probably need to get off this board, this is giving me irrational ideas

I hope things work out for you one way or another
Because things were so perfect before i relapsed into flaws i tried to run away from
was it perfect for them too?
only ever spoke fondly about it and even claimed to have faith, shame that seemed to disappear over the time apart.

Anyone else share his sentiment? I'm not trans, I just like looking this way?
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michael (and whitney and anna nicole) are irreplaceable
He was an HSTS just didn't took hormones and compasate it with tons of surgeries
based af
Nope, they actually preferred women lol. Very much bisexual

File: fatJBP.jpg (497 KB, 1090x1107)
497 KB
497 KB JPG
any other guys bisexual but never identify as such because the people who do tend to be skinnyfat chapocel basedboys?
>skinnyfat chapocel basedboys
Imagine saying that to someone from the 1950s
They had their own weird slang back then. Regardless, let's not get bogged down in jargon.
Shouldn't have used so much jargon then. It has disincentivized my answering your question.
No point openly identifying as bisexual if you're male. You're too gay for straight people and too straight for gay people. It's an immediate turnoff for women, even to bisexual women.
Just say you're straight. It'll save you a lot of trouble.
chapos are sad brokebrain sexless things

File: uxyx8zhqc6o51.jpg (425 KB, 1692x2591)
425 KB
425 KB JPG
How do you deal with the fact that you'll never pass and attract straigh guys?
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oh i want bisexuals and lesbians idc if she’s cis or trans just that she has a big heart, is smart and subby
he insists on it because he says it's his property
that's true
yeah it's always better when your guy's figured that sorta stuff out
>t. straightbifag
I'm pretty obviously "straight" don't you see my trip?

File: 2dpwzw.jpg (60 KB, 964x912)
60 KB
When I tell someone I'm bi they basically start calling me "fag" or just see me as a gay man who doesn't wanna accept his homosexuality. Even women who knew that I liked women when I wasn't publicly out as bi when they acknowledge that I'm bi they ask me "but are you gay or not?". And gay men just typically tell me "give it a few years and you'll be a full blown gay".

No, I don't look/act effeminate, I'm just a normal guy.

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Are all bisexual women lesbians then?
>a woman who is sexually attracted to other women; a gay woman.
Because most men who say they are bi are just gay thats why.

Bisexual men exist; it is scientifically possible to observe bisexual genital arousal in some men. That doesn't change the fact most men who 'identify' as bisexual are not in fact bisexual.
If you like cock, that's what determines your sexuality, thus bisexuals are basically androphilic

Bisexual man = homosexual man
Bisexual woman = heterosexual woman
Straighties aren't really people. They're neurotic as fuck about their sexuality

File: images (20).jpg (7 KB, 193x261)
7 KB
Why does every ftm ( not trenders that pretend to be femboys) all look like this?
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Terje is best
Simple as
Mae from Night in the Woods.
I like him :)
And this is why I'm t4t
>every gay team's i know looks like a fat lesbian
>every straight trans i know looks like a hot man
Well. Shit.

File: Ei62VNmU0AQYDbY.jpg (212 KB, 1920x1080)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
>lf nanami touko gf to be extroverted direction in my life
File: halloween.png (77 KB, 500x333)
77 KB
>lf adrian hlaváček bf to be cute theatre boy in my life
need it so bad

File: attractiveScale.jpg (80 KB, 1024x507)
80 KB
men find lighter skin attractive, and apparently women prefer darker men.
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File: IMG_20201001_011004.jpg (290 KB, 1024x507)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
fixed according to my eyes and brain (female)
trying to write on a shit phone kek i didnt even notice how awful some of the numbers look until now
Pre-transition: race wasn't a huge part of deciding if someone was attractive or not, id be open to dating a black or asian guy just the same as i would be open to dating a white guy

Whilst transitioning: race wasn't a huge part of deciding if someone was attractive or not, id be open to dating a black or asian guy just the same as i would be open to dating a white guy

Post Transitioning: race isn't a huge part of deciding if someone was attractive or not, id be open to dating a black or asian guy just the same as i would be open to dating a white guy

What the hell is this low iq racebait?
Your taste in females is shit. But then again, you are a women so you wouldn't know.

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