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File: IMG_20220520_122634.jpg (290 KB, 1080x1044)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
I really want it :((((
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I already both this one lol and it's too small for me even on the largest size. But still cute
ask him
also, nice get
become my gf this looks based af
send link I want this
Buy it yourself ya mooch!

You will let the nice barber cut your hair.

You will take off that silly skirt and put on your big-boy pants.

You will be that pretty lady’s husband.

You will leave this board forever.

You will be a good boy for Mommy, won’t you?
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I’m up for everything except cutting my hair. I love my hair and I get tons of compliments on it.
File: enf10yj538n61.png (561 KB, 607x885)
561 KB
561 KB PNG
God I hope so
I think this is what i needed to beat this. Don't need to repress anymore. I can be a chad and proud. Thank god.

this is not intended to be standoffish, just observation
I have what most trannies desperately crave (aside from my genetic predisposition and phenotype)
I have supportive family and friends
I have ffs and all other surgeries covered through my supportive parents
I started at a relatively young age (19)

It never mattered what I look like, that just made the attacks focused and personalized. Given my behavior people would hate ANYBODY in my position that I take extremely for granted. And my complaints that seem big to ME are trivial to yours.

I get it now
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maybe :)
i do get singled out by this board tho
Absolutely beautiful

File: 20220515_213735.jpg (23 KB, 480x360)
23 KB
>be boymoder in hs (im 18)
>have crush on close male friend
>decide i don't want to hide anymore
>come out as trans and explain what boymoding is
>this has developed in him often teasing me about it when no one can notice
>gropes my tits when no one can see
>can't actually fuck him because he has a girlfriend
this has turned into a stressful situation.
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Ok you can be my little sissy friend, deep with infatuation for her charming, yet taken brotherly friend.

I wont smack you around, or squeeze you to hard... as long as I hear a whimper at least...
you're kinda weird anon
it's perfect but only except for the fact that he has a girlfriend and has always claimed to be straight and still claims to be completely straight even though i look like a boy. it confuses me so much

maybe he's just toying with me idk
File: 20220321_011307.jpg (2.23 MB, 3264x2448)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB JPG
Read my posts, in a faggy voice.
It's less weird like that.
Although I am a strange cat, strangely charming too...
go away i mean irl

ye true lol it'd be so much better if he was single. i wouldn't be that surprised if he's toying w u, but he does seem to be attracted to you so ykno, who cares if he's straight or not /shrug
u r virgin???

File: 1469799271411.gif (960 KB, 640x360)
960 KB
960 KB GIF
I hate tops, they're so mean to me...I still want to suck their dick though but they're mean.
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You niggas are far too gone
File: 1653058643667.jpg (595 KB, 1778x1268)
595 KB
595 KB JPG
Assume the revolting and intimate position!
Gentle tops exist, perhaps rare, but you'll find someone some day.
i am. i can only get off to trannys and erp on this board

pls add me
Neither accepted my request, wish you more luck.

File: FR7H5FkXEAQzDLB.jpg (253 KB, 720x960)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
Why do so many pooners want to transition into being MtF trannies/femboys? Is the MtF aesthetic the ultimate gender expression?

Can FtMtF ever reach the same level of GAMism of geniune MtF trannies?

Is the pooner fantasy of being a tranny harmful to actual trannies?
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File: 20220520_150550.jpg (463 KB, 1080x1440)
463 KB
463 KB JPG

Who is the most jealous, mtf trannies wishing they could just be a girl, or ftmtf pooners who wish they could just be a tranny?
I don’t think they’re talking about picrel
Whichever one of them that keeps making these threads kek
File: 20220520_150930.jpg (231 KB, 1082x1827)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
FtFemboys cannot compete.
File: EiUBL_dXcAAsgpv.jpg (502 KB, 2048x2048)
502 KB
502 KB JPG

Rosie and Trappy are outliers. Have them next to your average tranny and they stand out. Most other trannies do not look as good and most wish they were AFAB instead. Ftfemboys are living the dream.

I think if I was born 20 years earlier, I would probably be normal
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I didn’t realise I was trans until I was 18, so that’s pretty much what life was like as a teenager. I hated myself and felt disgusting but I didn’t know why. But at least I was normal and not a freak
And if it was 20 years later medical procedures would be better and maybe societal attitudes too. Right now is the perfect in between of "you can transistion successfully but you need to be resilient af to make it through without roping"
i disagree there. you're not a freak. part of a small minority of the population which has long been subject of persecution and demonisation, sure. but i think i would feel far more like a freak if i never knew that it was an actual thing that some people are. my mind would wander, "what if it's just me? what if i'm genuinely alone in the universe, and by some stroke of horrific luck my brain grew in funny and i'm the only person who will ever know this reality?" and that sounds far more terrifying to me
also fuck i nearly got trips :(
>I hated myself and felt disgusting but I didn’t know why.
yeah and if you were born 20 years earlier you would have figured out the why 20 years later, and now you'd be here anyway, but older and manlier

>But at least I was normal and not a freak
you were the same person as now, you just didn't know who you were

File: LBVAyIe.jpg (442 KB, 2066x3060)
442 KB
442 KB JPG
Almost all the women in my family have very small boobs and I am nearly flat myself after 2 years of HRT how do I cope
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HRT Pellets (if possible)>200 MG prog>Weight Cycle>Implants (if desired)
I'm on 100mg prog, is that low, am I retarded? And how do you weight cycle? I get the idea, lose weight for a few weeks then regain it for a few weeks and work out consistently. But how do you actually do that? I can never keep weight on, I always float around 120.
Domp cycle. I don't know what it means though but everyone here says it.
Cope like any normal flat woman
find a gf who likes flat girls

File: 18776.png (43 KB, 460x324)
43 KB
Let's have another Southeast US lgbt thread
Let's be frens
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But if you can put forward a good argument for moving to NC instead I'd consider it, I just assumed it would be more of the same shit as SC.
NC now is just as expensive as when I lived in LA lol
any ms tranners?? drop the discord maybe
Just move to northern SC lol
It's still hot as fuck up there
Anyone 828?

File: 1653075441027.jpg (480 KB, 2048x1360)
480 KB
480 KB JPG
people holding big signs outside saying things like
how would you feel and what would you do? Asking for a friend.
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Id thank them for helping those who have been misinformed or groomed into becoming trans
Experiencing normalfags try to insult or attack me is like having a puppy try to attack you, it's just cute and funny. An average day on this shit website will have 10x more vitriol and condensed hatred spouted at you than some dumbass holding a sign
They're honestly right about the first and last points. The prep sucks.
Start throwing rocks at them, weaklings! If you want to prove that homosexuality is immoral, then win by force! And they are weak and idiots, then. DIE
And dont even get me started on the pain of walking past a mirror.

File: 1653046831639.jpg (102 KB, 702x484)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
>when the top says he deserves attention too
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If you KNOW you're getting into a booty call, and fall in love anyway, you're an immature idiot.
File: image0 (3).jpg (48 KB, 567x554)
48 KB
>when the top learns that i can lactate
dont talk to me forever.
You're pushing 50 stop acting like a woman unless you want to die alone
File: shockedpepe.jpg (64 KB, 460x397)
64 KB
>when the bottom starts lactating

I love how people thinks I’m a failed male cause I trooned when I actually succeeded. Women are obviously better than men and men who decide to remains as such are just weak willed copers
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I made this thread
>before you either go off on murder sprees or killing yourselves.
Tried it, failed
I really don't like this whole life thing
You know most of /lgbt/ is forever alone (not a projection). Why post a picture like that with a cute boymoder hugging her boyfriend, you'll just trigger the tears, knowing they'll most likely never have that.

File: IMG_20220425_101958.jpg (31 KB, 360x313)
31 KB
Since freezing sperm is hella expensive cant I just jizz in an ice cube tray put it in the freezer and call it a day?
why not jizz in a woman?
chris chan did this too
Not ready yet
Cum ice cubes diet for ultimate woman body

File: 1653013071389.png (721 KB, 819x916)
721 KB
721 KB PNG
wagmi tranny bros
95 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
You are gay! No but lack of social awareness and fuel for transphobes is enough for me to condemn someone. And ofc now they're preaching how cultish we are even though I'm just a regular 9-5er trying to have my nice quiet little life. They could just as easily shut up and go be cis. They don't need to bring anyone else down with them.
>but what about how random ugly people affect my needs
>me me me
ITT fuel for transphobes
I'd get where you were coming from if this was your run of the mill detransitioner but this person obviously has some form of cognitive disability. They keep falling into different communities and parroting popular talking points because they don't know any other way to fit in. There's a good chance that they genuinely do not know any better and the validation circles they keep joining are the ones to blame. I understand the reflexive disgust at people who act like this but theirs is probably a hellish existence. Can you imagine being constantly hated and scorned by everyone but not having the capacity to know why or how to change it?
People detransitioning is one of the saddest things to me. It's basically always the same, I was ugly and everyone hated me so I went back. It's so rarely that wasn't for them.
Yeah that makes sense.

Oh God shut up. He's the one who always has to be in the spotlight and out and like the other anon said, clinging to whatever new group he comes across. Next week he'll be MGTOW. Yeah I care about my life and other transwomen who just want a lowkey and chill existence. How shocking.

Have you read his new novel? It's like a Dutch version of Lolita with a young pooner as the Lolita --written by a pooner himself
46 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Thx! You too, i hope we make it :)
>Its a period piece
>set in 2004

Don't post shit like this it makes me want to actually poon out
File: 20211115_153217.jpg (1.06 MB, 1125x1500)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
Do it, coward
Lol, i felt that too

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