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File: dfc.png (365 KB, 720x754)
365 KB
365 KB PNG
>After controlling for sexual orientation, the transgender groups showed sex-typical FA-values. The only exception was the right inferior fronto-occipital tract, connecting parietal and frontal brain areas that mediate own body perception

This study shows that dysphoria is connected in the brain to body perception and not gender identity. As such even if they identify as male femboys are trannies whether they like it or not.
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Really we need to separate the two parts of "trans": the cross-gender identity and the actual dysphoria.

You can be trans (dysphoric) and still identify as either male (femboy) or female (transgirl). Same animal, two different identities.
Doesn't Hideri literally only crossdress as a sexual fetish?
Hideri crossdresses because he wants to be an idol.
I'm a " femboy "

I literally have no want to be a Woman, there's a difference between masculinity/femininity and biological sex.
daily reminder it's okay to be a feminine male
daily reminder you can be a feminine male without being a tranny
daily reminder feminine males are perfectly fine the way they are

File: f59.jpg (16 KB, 250x243)
16 KB
>tfw you have a serious medical condition
>tfw noone cares about treating it
>tfw socjus coopts your cause in the name of communism
>tfw I am discriminated against for treating my medical condition
>tfw degenerates fetishise a medical disability
>tfw I am confused with purple haired freaks
>tfw there is no support
>tfw I just want not to be in pain
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Using the lumpenprole as a means to an end literally was a radical Communist tactic although I admit it got out of hand for reasons previous Communists predicted.
>purple haired freaks
Why do people whine about not being accepted and insult another group of people in the same breath?
Imagine hating the people who are trying to help you and sucking up to the people who are trying to destroy you
One thing is a medical condition the other is a political position.
I never had any choice in being transgender.
Purple hair is an aesthetic choice to signal which groups you are a part of.
1. NonAmericans use this board you retarded self absorbed burger
2. Bernie's transgender platform is full of idpol. I care far more about proper transgender medical treatment than pronouns garbage. Transgender issues are primarily a medical emergency not a social one.

We can all agree that language is important. But some take it further than others. Such as lesbian trans women who refuse to call themselves transbians. Why? Because they feel othered. They want to be women, and women loving women are lesbians. Not transbians. Also consider that just a couple of years ago, trans people would never call themselves male or female. Since it is was considered more biological. Such as a cow being a female and a bull a male. But trans women do call themselves female now. And it is expected that cis and trans prefixes should be used in special cases.

What do you think? Is the trans language thing going too far?
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Nah. See: intersex women.
gender either doesn't exist or is the same thing as sex. we're dysphoric [assigned sex at birth] and become medically induced intersex.
You sound non-binary
Um, I was born with an intersex condition do proceed to fuck off with your bs. I'm not trans. I have the outward appearance of female and a vagina. My birth certificate has an F on it. Dont ever get intersex ppl wrapped up with your delusional horse shit
This is not a matter of feelings. This is a matter of facts. People who transition have both male and female sex characteristics.

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>I'm already deemed racist by default due to the color of my skin,
no you're not dumb ass
Transbians are usually always hons and gross.
Hahahaha if you say so.

File: download.jpg (7 KB, 229x220)
7 KB
im so fucking sick of nonbinaries trying to force themselves into the trans community. all these cis girls go out and dye their hair blue and tell people to use they/them pronouns for them and change their name to some shit like alyxzander while making zero fucking attempt to not look like a woman and get so fucking mad when you tell them theyre not fucking trans.
Dumb frogposter.
Very based and highly redpilled

Ex-FtM TERF speaks about hurting trans women

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>let’s pretend there’s not an epidemic of male violence by trans women against female people within the trans & queer community
...but, there isn't? It's horrible if this is true and this woman was attacked by her ex gf so brutally. Her ex should go to prison. But this is not grounded in any kind of reality.
Hyperbolization aside, there's definitely a small nugget of truth in that in the sense of mtf screeching about terves having more violent undertones than terf screeching about mtfs.
but thats not an "epidemic of violence" even if true
>ftm detransitions and admits to being a shitty person
why am i not surprised
File: 1569171731125.png (465 KB, 968x968)
465 KB
465 KB PNG
>there's definitely a small nugget of truth in that in the sense of mtf screeching about terves having more violent undertones than terf screeching about mtfs.
well, if this is true then it's not really saying anything. i mean it's pretty fucking obvious. terfs are the ones who aren't minding their own business but go out of their way try to police and shit on other people. so yeah, the people being shit on are obviously going to be pissed and given the powerlessness trans women have that anger can easily express itself in violence.

File: images (6).jpg (31 KB, 620x494)
31 KB
>"A trans girl without a penis is like an angel without wings"
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A penis
turned inside out
You can't just leave those things in to poison a girls body.
my penis was gross
it's much prettier now
That's why you get her silicone implants
Who needs normies, when there are plenty enough appreciators of feminine penis to go around? Delusional troons that think meme surgeries entitle them to heterosexual affection cause much more offense than those that accept their penis and the bisexual men that appreciate it.

(This isn't relevant to transbians either, as they all need to be gassed, feminine penis or not.)

File: 77iy4b0af2d31.jpg (420 KB, 2048x1536)
420 KB
420 KB JPG
I'm the Sub-Zero with the ice sword. Pretty sure I'm the most attractive person in the pic. Do you agree?
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I want to fuck the blue ninja with the big tits
Katana wins purely by having humongous fucking tits
Kitana...why? :(
>most attractive person in the pic
you can barely see anything, what are you talking about?
Post face
Bro the hottest by far is the guy with sunglasses

File: 9.jpg (98 KB, 1280x720)
98 KB
Straights tranners, have you managed to find a boyfriend? How hard was it?
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does it count if I'm dating one of my former best mates
Does you boyfriend know you were a fucking slut?
Yes. Granted I only had my first this year, and both have been post-SRS.
I found my current bf off tinder on accident. We connected over bad dad jokes and music. He's bi and his last partner was a trans guy, and the trans stuff has never been an issue. He's said he actually prefers my vagina over cis ones.

It's been hard to find someone of value, especially on Tinder. Most of the people I found there pre-op wanted nothing to do with a trans chick that wouldn't top them, and the few women I matched with were the same. Meanwhile most guys just don't understand what post op means. It was kinda hard to find someone of value, especially given I'm in a small town. I was lucky af and my BF and I have been dating for almost 3 months now and I'm so happy with him.
Naah she is really average. Just look at this pic >>14387257

If you are trans, single, want to be in a relationship and currently not in one you are literally just being extremely lazy or extremely picky.
>average tranny gets probably more than an order of magnitude more matches/likes than 9-10/10 chads
It’s over

File: kei.png (240 KB, 540x540)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
How do I become a passing crossdresser without full-on transitioning?
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One needn't "look feminine"; simply 'not masculine'.
Before: https://i2.wp.com/luck-it.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/17m-5.jpg?resize=611%2C800&ssl=1
After: https://cdn.worldcosplay.net/211008/kxvihwwpgvjyfqgbulhdfurxhvtzmvxgwyeourgh-740.jpg
Hardly requires god-tier genetics.
>hides face
>low quality
Literally anyone can pass in a picture, OP is asking about passing irl. This isn't possible without taking estrogen at a young age or taking estrogen with god-tier genetics
first pic looks really feminine, you just proved their point
Dude, if that were a female, you'd say the face looks masculine.
No one is going to look at that face and that adam's apple and be like "Well, this is probably a female, hurr durr."

File: angryanimeboy.jpg (19 KB, 400x400)
19 KB
Why do straight transgirls get all the boy attention? Its not fair, bottoms need attention and love from boys too!
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Boys are prettier than girls though
File: 1573092659220.png (209 KB, 570x769)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
>bottoms need attention and love from boys too!
If only bottoms were less annoying and less promiscuous, only then would they be able to receive wholesome love from boys.
That's wrong. Boys are masculine, which is not pretty. Only feminine boys are pretty.
Lol, right? In my experience trans women are openly ridiculed. If they kinda pass, they might get fetishized online, but in actual real life they're treated like gross freaks who are trying to manipulate others around them... On the internet it might sort of work, but in person-to-person interactions, i think most people are more than happy to call them out on this predatory shit. I know i would.
>masculine, which is not pretty
Now THAT is wrong

File: IMG_5631.png (172 KB, 503x458)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
>Lots of therapists/professionals say that if you have extreme urges to self harm, you'll do it eventually. So keep a sterile blade in a spot thats hard to access for when the day comes.
>Get sterile blade
>About to take it to safe place
>Stare at blade
>Brain turns off
>Cut for the first time

God damn it. My friends are gonna be disappointed in me if I ever tell them.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
No they advise you to use ice.
Nice larp /pol/
Why don't you do something else like snap yourself with a rubberband rather than mark your body up with disgusting wounds and scars?
shut up retard, the adults are talking about something complex
calm down drama queen.
u just cut urself for some cool brain chemicals.
big whoop.
get a life.

File: jump.jpg (35 KB, 365x512)
35 KB
I saw a pic here a while back and I haven't been able to find it since. It listed traits that gay guys who are into older guys most likely have. It was pretty spot on with me and I'd like to see it again. Does anyone have it?

File: 1551229742586.png (1.46 MB, 800x1135)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
> no tripfags or namefags
> don't /pol/ post
> don't ask if things are "masc", it's more about attitude than appearance
Other than that, let's get underway shall we?
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File: 178853.jpg (388 KB, 800x1200)
388 KB
388 KB JPG
patrician taste
What's this pic from, guy's hot.
Tales of Berseria
Fuck I'm Welsh and people used to say I sounded like Edward Kenway. Was a nice comparison ngl, Black flag was amazing

File: 1569966131466.png (58 KB, 1000x1000)
58 KB
Is it worth going on HRT just for the mental health benefits? I'm 22 and will never be able to pass a female even with surgeries (177cm, broad shoulders, massive head, very long face, huge chin, neanderthal brow, etc) but if it would help me at least function and not kill myself, it would still be worth it. Already made plans to rope at the end of this year, so if I still felt as shit it wouldn't matter anyway.
14 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
its over
Are there actually mental effects? I thought it was a cope for people who won't get any physical changes from hrt.
Based on this photo (mind you front facing cameras are notoriously bad for warping and lengthening faces) you could pass with ffs and makeup. I'm not saying it's in the near future or easy, but I think it's possible.
I like the sweater and blouse. :)
I'm convinced someone is trying to force a meme

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